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001478: PENICK, HARVEY; SHRAKE, BUD; SHRAKE, EDWIN - The Game for a Lifetime: More Lessons and Teachings
005482: PENNELL, JOSEPH - Pen Drawing and Pen Draughtsmen: Their Work and Their Methods a Study of the Art with Technical Suggestions
006747: PENNELL, JOSEPH - Etchers and Etching. Chapters in the History of the Art, Together with Technical Explanations of Modern Artistic Methods. Fourth Edition
001339: PEPER, GEORGE - Golf Courses of the PGA Tour
001951: PEPER, GEORGE;JOHNSON, JOHN - Golf Courses of the PGA Tour - Second Edition
006960: PEPYS, SAMUEL - Diary and Correspondence of Samuel Pepys, F.R.S. Secretary to the Admiralty in the reign of Charles II and James. (Complete in 4 Volumes)
001308: PERELMAN, S.J. - The Last Laugh
005342: PERFECT, CHRISTOPHER;AUSTEN, JEREMY - The Complete Typographer: A Manual for Designing With Type
006402: PERHAM, MARGERY - Lugard: The Years of Authority 1898-1945
006787: PERL, JED - Man Ray (Masters of Photography, 8)
007175: PERLS, FREDERICK S. - Gestalt Therapy: Excitement and Growth in the Human Personality
005372: PERRETT, BRYAN - A History of Blitzkrieg
007115: PERRY, BARBARA STONE - North Carolina Pottery: The Collection of The Mint Museums
006638: PERSE, ST-JOHN - BIRDS. With reproductions of four original color etchings by Georges Braque, Translation by Robert Fitzgerald
004460: PERSHING , JOHN J. - My Experiences in the World War: Vol. I & II
005721: GIOVACHINNI, PETER & BOYER, BRYCE L.;BOYER, BRYCE L. - Psychoanalytic Treatment of Schizophrenic Borderline and Characterological Disorders
001998: PETERDI, GABOR - Printmaking. Methods Old and New - Revised Edition
001001: PETERS, THOMAS J.; AUSTIN, NANCY K. - A Passion for Excellence: The Leadership Difference
001627: PETERS, MARGOT - May Sarton: A Biography
000587: PETERS, ELLIS - The Summer of the Danes
002930: PETERS, ELIZABETH, WHITBREAD, KRISTEN (EDITORS) - Guardian of the Horizon
004705: PETERS, JAMES E. - Arlington National Cemetery: Shrine to America's Heroes
004759: PETERSEN, GORDON A. J. - Guide to U. S. Navy Insignia and Decorations
004758: PETERSEN, GORDON A. J. - Guide to U. S. Army Insignia and Decorations
001687: PETRAS, JAMES F.;LAPORTE, ROBERT - Cultivating Revolution: The United States and Agrarian Reform in Latin America
004927: PETRUCELLI, ALAN - Liza! Liza!: An Unauthorized Biography of Liza Minelli
000568: PFETZER, MARK; GALVIN, JACK - Within Reach : My Everest Story
006552: PHELPS, AUSTIN - The Theory of Preaching: Lectures on Homiletics
003854: COLETTE; PHELPS, ROBERT (ED). - Belles Saisons: A Colette Scrapbook
005025: PHILIPPE, DANIEL;JULLIARD, CLAIRE - France from the Air
001482: OPPENHEIM E. PHILLIPS - Mr. Marx's Secret
000311: PHILLIPS, WILLIAM H. - Film: An Introduction
006964: PHIPPS, COLONEL RAMSAY WESTON - The Armies of the First French Republic and the Rise of the Marshals of Napoleon (4 Volumes)
004406: KRONHAUSEN, DRS. PHYLLIS AND EBERHARD - Erotic Book Plates: 109 Miniatures from International Private Collections
002563: PICASSO, PABLO. GLIMCHER, ARNOLD (EDITOR); GLIMCHER, MARC, (EDITOR) - Je Suis Le Cahier: The Sketchbooks of Picasso
004614: PICKTHALL, MOHAMMED M. - Meaning of the Glorious Koran
004015: PIDGEON, NORMAN L. - Alpha to Omega: (Beginning to End)
002867: PIERCE, JOE E. - Life in a Turkish Village
005910: ST. PIERRE, MARK;SOLDIER, TILDA LONG - Walking in the Sacred Manner: Healers, Dreamers, and Pipe Carriers-Medicine Women of the Plains Indians
000483: PIERSON, GEORGE WILSON - Tocqueville in America
003997: PIERSON, JOHN;SMITH, KEVIN - Spike, Mike, Slackers & Dykes: A Guided Tour Across a Decade of American Independent Cinema
007026: PIETSCH, PAUL - Shuffle Brain: The Quest for the Holgramic Mind
002377: PIEZ, KARL A.;SPORN, MICHAEL B. - Transforming Growth Factor-[beta]s: Chemistry, Biology, and Therapeutics
007162: PILE, JOHN - Drawings of Architectural Interiors
006040: ST. AUGUSTINE. PILKINGTON, J.G., TRANSLATOR - THE CONFESSIONS OF ST. AUGUSTINE. In the translation of J. G. Pilkington with an introduction by George N. Shuster and illustrated with paintings by Edy Legrand.
000281: PINERO, ARTHUR W - Letty: An Original Drama in Four Acts and an Epilogue
002830: FRANCES PINTER - The Conditions of Agricultural Growth; The Economics of Agrarian Change under Population
004025: PINTER, HAROLD - The Proust Screenplay - A la Recherche du Temps Perdu
000540: PIPHER, MARY BRAY - The Middle of Everywhere: Helping Refugees Enter the American Community
001812: PLATH, IONA - Decorative Arts of Sweden
004056: PLATO (TRANSLATED BY PERCY B. SHELLEY) - The Symposium on Love or the Banquet
003818: PLATTS, MITCHELL - The Illustrated History of Golf
006617: POE, EDGAR ALLAN; BARRETT, ELIZABETH; COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE; LONGFELLOW, HENRY W.; LOWELL, JAMES RUSSELL; BRYANT, WILLIAM, C. - Graham's Magazine of Literature and Art Vols. 21, 22, 23, 24. July 1842 - December 1843
006063: POGNON, EDMOND - Les Tres Riches Heures Du Duc De Berry; 15th-Century Manuscript
002378: POLDINGER, WALTER - Compendium of Psychopharmacotherapy
005774: POLIAKOV, LEON - Harvest of Hate: The Nazi Program for the Destruction of the Jews of Europe
006295: POLLIN, ROBERT;LUCE, STEPHANIE - The Living Wage: Building a Fair Economy
006661: POLLOCK, GRISELDA - Mary Cassatt
001507: POLLOK, ROBERT - The Course of Time
001844: POLMAR, NORMAN;BREYER, SIEGFRIED - Guide to the Soviet Navy
005450: POMERANTZ, CHARLOTTE - A Quarter-Century of Un-Americana
004419: PONKO, VINCENT - Ships, Seas, and Scientists: U.S. Naval Exploration and Discovery in the Nineteenth Century
002496: POOLE, STANLEY LANE - Social Life In Egypt - A Description of the Country and Its People
004403: VON DER PORTEN, EDWARD P. - The German Navy in World War II
005055: PORTER, ELIOT; HARWOOD, MICHAEL - Moments of Discovery: Adventures With American Birds
003297: PORTER, ELIOT; ABBEY, EDWARD - Appalachian Wilderness: The Great Smoky Mountains
005803: PORTER, ELIOT - Forever Wild: The Adirondacks
002888: POSPISIL, LEOPOLD - The Kapauku Papuans of West New Guinea
002986: POTTER, JACK M., MAY N. DIAZ, GEORGE M. FOSTE - Peasant Society: A Reader
002002: POTTER, E. B. - The Naval Academy Illustrated History of the U.S. Navy
005445: POTTER, E.B. (ED.) - The United States and World Sea Power
002045: POUND, ROSCOE - Law Finding Through Experience and Reason
005504: POWELL, JOHN WESLEY; PORTER, ELIOT - Down the Colorado: Diary of the First Trip Through the Grand Canyon
000305: POWELL, ANTHONY - Volume I Infants of the Spring & Volume II, Messengers of Day
001983: POWELL, JOHN WESLEY; PORTER, ELIOT - Down the Colorado
007107: POWELL, ROBERT - Earth Door Sky Door: Paintings of Mustang
001990: POWER, ETHEL B. - THE SMALLER AMERICAN HOUSE: 55 Houses of the Less Expensive Type Selected from the Recent Work of Architects in all Parts of the Country
003356: POWERS, J. F. - Prince of Darkness and Other Stories
006171: PRABHUPADA, A. C. BHAKTIVEDANTA - Srimad Bhagavatam : Third Canto
003858: PRASINOS, NICHOLAS - My Pot of Gold
003159: PRATER, DONALD A. - Thomas Mann: A Life
001728: PRATT, H.G. - Hawaiians an Island People
006376: PRATT, NORMA FAIN - Morris Hillquit: A Political History of an American Jewish Socialist
004367: PREBLE, GEORGE HENRY - SIGNED - ALS - History of the Flag of the United States of America, and of the Naval and Yacht-Club Signals, Seals, and Arms, and Principal
001882: PREHODA, D. B. - West Of The Moon, A Border Patrol Agent's Tale
002108: PRESCOTT, ORVILLE - In My Opinion: An Inquiry into the Contemporary Novel
002784: PRESS, IRWIN;SMITH, M. ESTELLIE - Urban Place and Process: Readings in the Anthropology of Cities
002462: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA PRESS - Making Muslim Space in North America and Europe
000571: PRESSBURGER, GIORGIO - The Law of White Spaces
006937: PRICE, LUXOR - The Quoks
001719: PRICE, REYNOLDS - Roxanna Slade
000224: PRICE, GEORGE - The World of George Price, The: A 55-Year Retrospective
001973: PRICE, CHRISTINE - Made in West Africa
003842: PRICE, REYNOLDS - The Foreseeable Future/Three Stories
004558: PRICE, ALFRED - Luftwaffe Handbook 1939-1945
005462: PRICE, LORNA - The Plan of St. Gall: In Brief
005083: PRICE, REYNOLDS - The Collected Poems
005472: PRICE, MARLA - Milton Avery -- Early and Late
002980: PRIDE, J.B.; HOLMES, JANET (EDS.) - Sociolinguistics
007052: PRIEST, ROBERT - American Photography 13
001897: PRIOR, MOODY E. - The Language of Tragedy
004566: PRIORESCHI, PLINIO - Man and War
005130: PROCTOR, SAMUEL D. - The Young Negro in America: 1960-1980
000635: PROSE, FRANCINE - Hunters and Gatherers
002717: PROTHRO, EDWIN TERRY - Child Rearing in the Lebanon - Harvard Middle Eastern Monographs VIII
001332: PRUCHA, FRANCIS PAUL. - A Guide to the Military Posts of the United States, 1789-1895
001914: PRYDE, DUNCAN - NUNAGA - Ten Years of Eskimo Life
003450: PUDOVKIN, V. I. - Film Technique and Film Acting
005093: BREAD AND PUPPET - Bread and Puppet: Stories of Struggle and Faith from Central America
000988: JAYAKAR, PUPUL & IRWIN, JOHN - Textiles and Ornaments of India : A selection of Designs
004676: PURCELL, L. EDWARD;PURCELL, SARAH J. - Encyclopedia of Battles in North America, 1517 to 1916
004584: PURVES, ALEC A. - Medals Decorations and Orders of the Great War 1914-1918
005620: PUTNAM, ROBERT - Early Sea Charts
004858: PYM, BARBARA - Civil to Strangers
004491: QUARRIE, BRUCE - Hitler's Teutonic Knights: SS Panzers in Action
004059: QUAYLE, WILLIAM A. - The Prairie and the Sea
000802: QUICK, AMANDA - Affair
002561: QUINN, EDWARD - Picasso at Work. Introduction and Text By Roland Penrose
004263: QUINT, EMANUEL - Jewish Jurisprudence: Its Sources and Modern Applications - Volume I
005185: QUINTANA,RICARDO - Oliver Goldsmith: A Georgian Study
002500: PLATT, RAYE R. AND HEFNY, MOHAMMED BAHY - Egypt A Compendium
002255: POLK, WILLIAM R. AND CHAMBERS, RICHARD L. (EDS) - Beginnings of Modernization in the Middle East - The Nineteenth Century
003005: KOREY, S.R. AND NURNBERG, J.I. (ED.) - Neurochemistry. Progress in Neurobiology: 1.
002942: STEIN, MAURICE R. ET AL - Identity and Anxiety: Survival of The Person in Mass Society
005262: PAQUETTE, EDWARD R. & BAINBRIDGE, CHARLES G. - Honours & Awards: Canadian Naval Forces World War II
004156: RABINOWITZ, LOUIS I., GROSSMAN, PHILIP - Code of Maimonides: Book Five, The Book of Holiness
004161: RABINOWITZ, JACOB L. - The Code of Maimonides: Book Thirteen, the Book of Civil Laws
004415: RACHLIN, SUSAN - The November Pogrom KRISTALLNACHT 1938 - 1988 Educational Resource Guide
006417: RACINE, JEAN - OEUVRES DE JEAN RACINE. Précédées des mémoires sur sa vie par Louis Racine. Nouvelle édition ornée du portrait en pied colorié des principaux personnages de chaque piece. Dessins de Mm. Geffroy
002962: RADIN, PAUL - The World of Primitive Man
002964: RADIN, PAUL - The Autobiography Of A Winnebago Indian
005306: RADLE, SHIRLEY L. - Invisible Woman: Target of the Religious New Right
002959: RADWAN, SAMIR - Agrarian Reform and Rural Poverty: Egypt, 1952-1975
005854: RAHNER, KARL - Studies in Modern Theology
000508: RAINES, HOWELL - Fly Fishing Through the Midlife Crisis
001476: RALEIGH, JOHN H. - The Plays of Eugene O'Neill
001889: RAMOS, JORGE - The Other Face of America: Chronicles of the Immigrants Shaping Our Future
003801: RAMSAY, W. M. - St. Paul the Traveller and the Roman Citizen. Fourth Edition
001696: RAMUS, DAVID;HARPER COLLINS - Thief of Light: A Novel
002612: RAND, HARRY;GORKY, ARSHILE - Arshile Gorky: The Implications of Symbols
005411: RANDI, JAMES; CLARKE, ARTHUR C. - The Faith Healers
005766: RANSOM, JOHN CROWE, ED. - The Kenyon Critics Studies in Modern Literature from The Kenyon Review
005660: RAPAPORT, DAVID, AND GILL, MERTON MAX - The Collected Papers of David Rapaport
001757: RAPOPORT, ROGER - Citizen Moore : The Life and Times of an American Iconoclast
002712: RAPPAPORT, ROY A. - Pigs for the Ancestors: Ritual in the Ecology of a New Guinea People
004221: RAPPAPORT, S. - Jewish Horizons
007185: RASPONI, LANFRANCO - The Last Prima Donnas
001575: RATCLIFFE, RONALD V. - Steinway
003896: RATNER, ROCHELLE - Sea Air in a Grave Ground Hog Turns Toward
006540: RAY, MAN - Man Ray
003687: RAY, MARCIA - Collectible Ceramics: An Encyclopedia of Pottery and Porcelain for the American Collector
003442: RAYMOND, PEARL L. - Palmistry Explained
007207: RAYMOND, WILLIAM O. - The Infinite Moment and Other Essays in Robert Browning
006429: RAYMOND, STEVE - The Year Of The Angler And The Year Of The Trout: Tales Of Fly Fishing, Rivers, The Environment, And Life
002516: READ, HERBERT - Selected Writings: Poetry And Criticism
002704: READ, MARGARET - Children of Their fathers: Growing up among the Ngoni of Malawi
003212: READE, CHARLES - Peg Woffington. A Novel
006082: READING, THE EARL OF - Across the flood; the Right Honorable the Earl of Reading at the Lotos club, New York
000939: REAGAN, MICHAEL D. - Science and the Federal Patron
006525: REBECK, THERESA - Theresa Rebeck: Complete Full-Lengths Plays 1999-2007 - Volume 2
005554: REBORA, CARRIE - John Singleton Copley in America
000165: REDFIELD, JAMES - The Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision Further Adventures of the Celestine Prophecy
001691: REED, REX - Valentines & Vitriol
003177: REED, JOHN SHELTON - Surveying the South : Studies in Regional Sociology
005007: REED, JOHN SHELTON - The Hudson River Valley
001468: REES, RONALD - New and Naked Land: Making the Prairies Home
005414: REGAN, GEOFFREY - Military Anecdotes
004708: REGAN, GEOFFREY - Great Military Disasters: A Historical Survey of Military Incompetence
005900: REICHERT, VICTOR E. - Tower of David 1964
001299: REID, ELWOOD - If I Don't Six
002082: REID, D.C. - Money and Organisation
005686: REIF, JANE - Tibetan Terrier Book
006228: REIK, THEODORE - Psychology Of Sex Relations
006120: REILLY, PATRICK - Jonathan Swift: The Brave Desponder
001915: REINFELD, FRED - The Complete Chess Course
005958: REINHARDT, NANCY S. - Danish Literature : Saxo Grammaticus to Isak Dinesen
002288: BENESCH, REINHOLD ET AL. ED. - Sulfur in Proteins - Proceedings of a Symposium Held at Falmouth Massachusetts, May, 1958
006407: REISCHAUER, EDWIN O. - Ennin's Travels in T'ang China
001729: REISS, BOB - The Coming Storm: Extreme Weather And Our Terrifying Future
007063: BOGUSLAWSKA-SWIEBOCKA, RENATA AND TERESA CEGTOWSKA - KL Auschwitz. Documentary Photographs
002074: FELS, RENDIGS & HISHAW, C. ELTON - Forecasting and Recognizing Business Cycle Turning Points
003386: RENSCH, ROSLYN - The Harp: Its History, Technique and Repertoire
002052: NATIONAL BUREAU OF ECONOMIC RESEARCH - Economic Research and the Development of Economic Science and Public Policy. Twelfe Papers Presented at the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Meeting of the National Bureau of Economic Research, June 6 and 7, 1946, New York
002071: NATIONAL BUREAU OF ECONOMIC RESEARCH - Foreign Trade Regimes and Economic Development: A Special Conference Series on Foreign Trade Regimes and Economic Development
002083: NATIONAL BUREAU OF ECONOMIC RESEARCH - Finance and Capital Markets
002106: NATIONAL BUREAU OF ECONOMIC RESEARCH - The Role of the Computer in Economic and Social Research in Latin America: A Conference Report of the National Bureau of Economic Research
006444: RESNICK, MIKE - World Behind the Door : An Encounter with Salvador Dali
006210: GANS-REUDIN, E. - Chinese Carpets
004126: REWALD, JOHN - The History of Impressionism
006522: REXROTH, KENNETH - The Collected Longer Poems of Kenneth Rexroth
001231: REY, HENRI-FRANCOIS - The Mechanical Pianos
003981: REYNAL, MAURICE - Modern French Painters
007221: REYNOLDS, STEPHEN M. - The Biblical Approach to Alcohol
001735: RHOADED, DENNIS K., LEAVECK, MICHAEL R., HUDSON, JAMES C., EDITORS - The Legacy of Vietnam Veterans and their Families: Survivors of War : Catalysts for Change : Papers from the 1994 National Symposium
002079: RHOADS, JONATHAN E., M.D., HOWARD, JOHN M., M.D. - The Chemistry of Trauma
003176: DE RIAZ, YVAN - Book of Knives
003522: RIBOUD, MARC - Capital of Heaven
000742: RICE, ANNE - Taltos: Lives of the Mayfair Witches
000036: RICE, ANNE - Lasher
003172: RICE, EDWARD - Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton: The Secret Agent Who Made the Pilgrimage to Mecca, Discovered the Kama Sutra, Brought the Arabian Nights to the
004372: RICE, A. L. - British Oceanographic Vessels, 1800-1950
000741: RICE, ANNE - Servant of the Bones
001049: RICE, ANNE - Servant of the Bones
000034: RICE, ANNE - The Tale of the Body Thief
003505: RICH, ADRIENNE CECILE - The Will to Change: Poems 1968-1970
006379: RICH, ADRIENNE CECILE - What Is Found There : Notebooks on Poetry and Politics
006981: AVEDON, RICHARD & TRUMAN CAPOTE - Observations
002604: RICHARDSON, JOHN - G. Braque
002040: RIEFLER, WINFIELD W. - Money Rates and Money Markets in the United States
007097: RIEMAN, TIMOTHY - The Complete Book of Shaker Furniture
006876: RIESENBERG, FELIX - Vignettes Of The Sea
005785: RILEY, JAMES WHITCOMB - Out to Old Aunt Mary's
005784: RILEY, JAMES WHITCOMB - Rhymes of Childhood
004626: RILEY, DAVID L. , LT, USN - Uncommon Valor: Decorations, Badges and Service Medals of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps
005419: RIMINGTON, CRITCHELL - Merchant Fleets. A Survey of the Merchant Navies of the World
001491: RIPLEY, ALEXANDRA - Scarlett: The Sequel to Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind
001820: RISKO, ROBERT;SESSUMS, KEVIN - The Risko Book
002576: RITCHIE, ANDREW CARNDUFF - Abstract Painting and Sculpture in America
002659: RITCHIE, ANDREW CARNDUFF - Charles Demuth
005256: RITCHIE, DAVID - Shipwrecks: An Encyclopedia of the World's Worst Disasters at Sea
003946: RITSOS, GIANNES;FRIAR, KIMON;MYRSIADES, KOSTAS - Yannis Ritsos: Selected Poems 1938-1988
002011: RIZZI, ENNIO A. - Design and Estimating for Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning
001885: ROBBINS, ALEXANDRA - The Overachievers : The Secret Lives of Driven Kids
002164: ROBBINS, D. V. - God Left Town on a Tuesday: The Ravings of a Creator Gone Psycho
006508: ROBBINS, ROYAL - THE WORLD DISPLAYED, IN ITS HISTORY AND GEOGRAPHY; Embracing A History Of The World From The Creation To The Present Day. Two Volumes In One
000976: ROBE, LUCY BARRY - Co-Starring: Famous Women and Alcohol
002077: FERBER, ROBERT & VERDOORN, P.J - Research Methods in Economics & Statistics
002330: LEVINE, ROBERT AND BARBARA - Nyansongo: A Gusii Community in Kenya
004069: CRAFT, ROBERT AND ARNOLD NEWMAN - Bravo Stravinsky
000184: BISHOP, ROBERT & ATKINS, JACQUELINE M. - Folk Art in American Life
004014: LOWELL, ROBERT AND BARZUN, JACQUES - Racine's Phaedra and Beaumarchais's Marriage of Figaro
005816: BISHOP, ROBERT & ATKINS, JACQUELINE M. - American Folk Art: Expressions of a New Spirit
000761: ROBERTS, BRUCE; JONES, RAY - New England Lighthouses: Bay of Fundy to Long Island Sound
004806: ROBERTS, MICHAEL L. - US Navy Submarine Patch Guide: U.S. Navy Ships and Submarines
000136: ROBERTS, S.C. - Holmes and Watson A Miscellany
001697: ROBERTSON, E. ARNOT - Devices and Desires
003949: ROBINS, CORINNE - The Pluralist Era: American Art, 1968-1981
005826: ROBINSON, JANCIS (ED) - The Oxford Companion to Wine
007195: ROBINSON, PAUL - Opera and Ideas: From Mozart to Strauss
005944: ROBINSON, NOEL; MOBERLY, WALTER - Blazing the Trail Through the Rockies: The Story of Walter Moberly and His Share in the Making of Vancouver
000679: ROBINSON, PETER - Playing With Fire
001488: ROBINSON, WILHELMENA S. - International Library of Negro Life and History., Historical Negro Biographies
001613: ROBINSON, RONALD; GALLAGHER, JOHN; DENNY, ALICE - Africa And The Victorians: The Climax Of Imperialism
002595: ROBINSON, EDWIN ARLINGTON - Poems, Selected with a Preface By Bliss Perry
005873: ROBINSON, EDWIN ARLINGTON - Cavender's House
006081: ROBINSON, CHARLES - The Pharaohs of the Bondage and the Exodus
004722: ROBLES, PHILIP K - United States Military Medals & Ribbons
006440: ROBOTTI, FRANCES DIANE - Chronicles of Old Salem: A History in Miniature
001077: RODGERS, EUGENE - Beyond the Barrier: The Story of Byrd's First Expedition to Antarctica
007159: RODIN, AUGUSTE - Rodin. Phaidon Edition
003888: RODITI, EDOUARD - The Delights of Turkey
000524: RODRIGUEZ, RICHARD - Brown: The Last Discovery of America
006535: ROMERO, JOSE LUIS - Las ideas politicas en Argentina
002094: ROOT, ELIHU - Men and Policies: Addresses
006424: ROPER, MYRA - China - The Surprising Country
006644: ROREM, NED - The Paris Diary of Ned Rorem
006643: ROREM, NED - Music and People
003533: ROSE, ALEC (ED.) - My Favourite Tales of the Sea
000592: ROSEMAN, M. - Detectionary: A Biographical Dictionary of Leading Characters in Detective and Mystery Fiction, Including Famous and Little-Known Sleuths, Their Hel
004282: ROSEN, MOISHE;PROCTOR, WILLIAM - Jews for Jesus
001357: ROSEN, JOE - The Capricious Cosmos : Universe Beyond Law
002490: ROSEN, GEORGE - The History of Miners' Diseases: A Medical and Social Interpretation
003499: ROSEN, KENNETH - Voices of the Rainbow: Contemporary Poetry By American Indians
001912: ROSENAK, MICHAEL - Commandments and Concerns
007037: ROSENAK, CHUCK; ROSENAK, JAN - Museum of American Folk Art Encyclopedia of Twentieth Century American Folk Art and Artists
003524: ROSENBERG, DAVID - A Poet's Bible: Rediscovering the Voices of the Original Text
004871: ROSENBLUM, ROBERT - Transformations in Late Eighteenth-Century Art
004986: ROSENSTOCK- HUESSY, E. (ED.) - Judaism Despite Christianity
004600: ROSIGNOLI, GUIDO - Ribbons of Orders, Decorations, and Medals
004601: ROSIGNOLI, GUIDO - Air Force Badges and Insignia of World War 2
004603: ROSIGNOLI, GUIDO - Army Badges and Insignia Since 1945
004563: ROSIGNOLI, G. - Badges and Insignia of World War II: Airforce Naval Marine
004286: WEISS-ROSMARIN, TRUDE - Judaism and Christianity: The Differences
006811: ROSS, MICHAEL FRANKLIN - Beyond Metabolism: The New Japanese Architecture
004002: ROSSEN, ROBERT - Three Screenplays: All the King's Men, The Hustler and Lilith
006754: ROSSI, ERNEST LAWRENCE - The Psychobiology of Mind-Body Healing: New Concepts of Therapeutic Hypnosis. Revised Edition
004879: ROSSITER, CLINTON - Marxism: The View from America A critical study of Marxist teachings about man, society, government, and History
002046: ROSTOW, W. W. - British Economy of the Nineteenth Century
000686: ROTH, PHILIP - Our Gang (Starring Tricky and His Friends)
002794: ROTH, STEPHEN (EDITOR) - Molecular Approaches to Supracellular Phenomena
003953: ROTH, SANFORD;ROTH, BEULAH - Portraits of the Fifties: The Photographs of Sanford Roth
004374: ROTH, JOHN - Holocaust Chronicle: A History in Words and Pictures
005833: ROTHENSTEIN, WILLIAM - Men and Memories: Recollections of William Rothenstein: Vol. I, 1872-1900; Vol. II, 1900-1922
004808: ROTHENSTEIN, MICHAEL - Relief Printing: Basic Methods, New Directions
004066: ROTHER, RAINER - Leni Riefenstahl. Die Verführung des Talents
003964: ROTHER, RAINER - Leni Riefenstahl: The Seduction of Genius
001722: ROTHSCHILD, MICHAEL - Rhapsody of a Hermit, and Three Tales
005303: ROTTMAN, GORDON - U.S. Army Special Forces 1952-84
003070: ROUECHE, BERTON - The Neutral Spirit: A Portrait of Alcohol
002594: ROUECHE, BERTON - The River World, and Other Explorations
006885: O'ROURKE, P. J. - Age and Guile Beat Youth, Innocence, and a Bad Haircut: Twenty-Five Years of P.J. O'Rourke
000225: ROWELL, GALEN - The Art of Adventure
006438: ROWLING, J. K. - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
001567: ROWSE, A. L. - William Shakespeare A Biography
001282: ROWSE, A. L. - The Annotated Shakespeare: 3-Volume Set
000552: ROZAN, S. J. - Winter and Night
002875: RUBIN, MORTON - The Walls of Acre: Intergroup Relations and Urban Development in Israel
002698: RUGH, ANDREA B. - Family in Contemporary Egypt
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005884: VAN VORIS, JACQUELINE - Constance de Markievicz in the Cause of Ireland (Signed)
007109: VOSS, MR. FREDERICK; REYNOLDS, MICHAEL - Picturing Hemingway: A Writer in His Time
003173: VROOMAN, JOHN J. - The Promised Land: The Story of the Palatine Emigration from Their Rhineland Homes to the Hudson and Schomarie Valleys
005600: HOBBS, GEORGE W. AND ELLIOTT, BEN E. - The Gasoline Automobile
001013: GIACHINO, J. W. & HENRY J. BEUKEMA - Engineering Technical Drafting & Graphics (Second Edition)
002163: JOHNSON, J.B., BRYAN, C.W. AND TURNEAURE, C.E. - Theory and Practice of Modern Framed Structures . Part 1 Simple Structures
000053: FORMAN, W. & B. - Exotic Art
006088: TROTTER, W. & SMITH, T. - Eight Lectures on Prophecy (From Shorthand Notes) New Edition
005992: WADE, MASON - Margaret Fuller, Whetstone Of Genius
003615: WADLIN, HORACE G. - Carroll Davidson Wright: A Memorial
007191: WAGNER, RICHARD - My Life
006465: WAHID, SIDDIQ - Ladakh: Between Heaven and Earth
003676: WAIN, JOHN - The Life Guard - Stories
003441: WAITE, ARTHUR EDWARD - A New Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry: Their Rites, Literature, and History/2 Vols in 1
007173: WAITES, ELIZABETH A. - Trauma and Survival: Post-Traumatic and Dissociative Disorders in Women
003479: WALCOTT, DEREK - Collected Poems 1948-1984
004624: WALDRON, WILLIAM H - The Old Sergeant's Conferences
005653: WALKER, ALICE - Now Is The Time To Open Your Heart (Advance Uncorrected Proofs)
007285: WALLACE, WILLIAM E. - Michelangelo: The Complete Sculpture, Painting, Architecture
000533: WALLACE, CHRISTOPHER - The Pied Piper's Poison
002936: WALLACE, ANTHONY F. C. - St. Clair: A Nineteenth Century Coal Town's Experience With a Disaster-Prone Industry
001659: WALLER, ROBERT JAMES;WARNER BOOKS MYSTERIOUS PR - Puerto Vallarta Squeeze: The Run for El Norte
003010: WALLERSTEIN, IMMANUEL - REVIEW Volume 1 Number 2, 1977
003269: WALPOLE, HUGH - Above the Dark Tumult: An Adventure
001275: WALSH, STEPHEN - Stravinsky: The Second Exile France And America, 1934-1971
003502: WALSH, CHAD - The Unknowing Dance
001274: WALSH, STEPHEN - Stravinsky: The Second Exile France And America, 1934-1971
006371: WALSH, JOHN - Poe the Detective: The Curious Circumstances Behind "The Mystery of Marie Roget"
005648: WALTHER, INGO F., ED. - Impressionism : Impressionist Art 1860 - 1920 (2 Volumes in Slipcase)
004650: WALTON, GEORGE H. - The Tarnished Shield: A Report on Today's Army
003463: WANIEK, MARILYN NELSON;NELSON, MARILYN - The Fields of Praise: New and Selected Poems
003483: WANIEK, MARILYN NELSON - The Homeplace
004877: WARD, BARBARA - The Rich Nations and The Poor Nations
002797: WARD, RUSSELL A. - The Aging Experience: An Introduction to Social Gerontology
003840: WARD, SIR A.W.; WALLER, A.R. (EDS.) - The Cambridge History of English Literature - 13 Volumes (of 15)
007212: WARD, HILEY - Documents of Dialogue a Source Reference Book of Catholic-Protestant Relations Today
001046: WARING, JANET - Early American Stencil Decorations: A Reissue of Early American Stencils on Walls and Furniture
000233: WARMACK - Atlas of Medieval Europe
005379: WARNER, PHILIP - Secret Forces of World War II
003594: WARREN, HOWARD C (ED.) - Dictionary of Psychology
005144: WASSERSTEIN, WENDY - An American Daughter
002446: WATERBURY, JOHN - Egypt: Burdens of the Past, Options for the Future
007152: WATERFIELD, HERMIONE; FORBES, CHRISTOPHER - Faberge Imperial Eggs & Other Fa
005000: WATKIN, DAVID - Radical Classicism: The Architecture of Quinlan Terry
001411: WATKINS, PAUL - Night over Day over Night
006215: WATKINS, SYLVESTRE C. (EDITOR) - Anthology Of American Negro Literature
000733: WATKINSON, RAY - William Morris as Designer
003625: WATSON, ALDREN A. - Country Furniture
006100: WATT, DONALD BEATES - Intelligence Is Not Enough: The Story of My First Forty Years and of the Early Years of the Experiment in International Living
002533: WAUCHOPE, ROBERT - They Found the Buried Cities: Exploration and Excavation in the American Tropics
000130: WAUGH, EVELYN - Vile Bodies
003144: WAUGH, CHARLES;GREENBERG, MARTIN - The Newbery Award Reader
003211: WAUGH, EVELYN - A Little Learning. The Autobiography: The Early Years
003216: WAUGH, EVELYN - Tourist In Africa
003247: WAUGH, EVELYN - The Diaries of Evelyn Waugh. (Edited by Michael Davie)

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