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34818: HOOK, D. D. , EL AL, EDITORS - The Ecology and Management of Wetlands, Two Volumes Volume 1: Ecology of Wetlands. Volume 2: Management, Use and Value of Wetlands
30618: HOOK, SIDNEY - Out of Step an Unquiet Iife in the 20th Century
17298: HOOK, DONALD D. & LOTHAR KAHN - Book of Insults and Irreverent Quotations
30510: HOOKER, JOSEPH L. - Singing the Rosary, Audio Cassettes Completely Vocalized and Orchestrated Version of the Holy Rosary
40547: HOOKER, RICHARD D. , JR. , EDITOR - Maneuver Warfare an Anthology
21299: HOOKS, BELL & CORNEL WEST - Breaking Bread Insurgent Black Intellectual Life
41299: HOOPER, JAY F. - Introduction to Plcs Second Edition
7731: HOOPER, VAN B. - Ideals Scrap Book .
20244: HOOPES, ROY - Ralph Ingersoll a Biography
3361: HOPE, BOB - Five Women I Love, Bob Hope's Vietnam Story .
3363: HOPE, BOB WITH MELVILLE SHAVELSON - Don't Shoot, It's Only Me .
3364: HOPE, BOB - I Owe Russia $1200 .
35846: HOPE, ANTHONY - The Prisoner of Zenda Being the History of Three Months in the Life of an English Gentleman
29521: HOPE, ALICE - Princess Margaret, Revised Edition the Story of a Royal Romance
41320: HOPE, RONALD - The Seaman's World Merchant Seamen's Reminiscences
37392: HOPF, JOHN T. - The Newport Mansiions of the Preservation Society of Newport County
21918: HOPF, ALICE L. - Misplaced Animals and Other Living Creatures
10499: HOPKINS, BUDD - Intruders, the Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods .
30130: HOPKINS, J. G. E. - The Scribner Treasury 22 Classic Tales
29673: HOPKINS, ROBERT A. - Metric. . . In a Nutshell
27630: HOPLEY, SAMUEL P. - He Built an Altar the Story of Cathedral of the Pines, Rindge, New Hampshire and Its Founder
9382: HOPPER, HEDDA - From Under My Hat .
41615: HORAN, DANIEL P. , O. F. M. - The Franciscan Heart of Thomas Merton a New Look at the Spiritual Inspiration of His Life, Thought, and Writing.
37469: HORCHOW, ROGER WITH A. C. GREENE, EDITOR - Elephants in Your Mailbox How I Learned the Secrets of Mail-Order Marketing Despite Having Made 25 Horrendous Mistakes
20012: HORCHOW, ROGER WITH PATRICIA LINDEN - Living in Style in a Time When Taste Means More Than Money
37335: HORCHOW, ROGER WITH PATRICIA LINDEN - Living in Style a Time When Taste Means More Than Money
12936: HORGAN, PAUL - Great River, the Rio Grande in North American History, Volume 1, Indians and Spain .
28395: HORGAN, PAUL - Encounters with Stravinsky a Personal Record
42559: HORN, HENRY E. , EDITED BY CARL F. W. FICKEN - Hornucopia: Selected Writings of Henry E. Horn, with Cd
29473: HORN, PAUL WITH LEE UNDERWOOD - Inside Paul Horn the Spiritual Odyssey of a Universal Traveler
36019: HORN, ALFRED ALOYSIUS, EDITED BY ETHELREDA LEWIS - The Life and Works of Alfred Aloysius Horn, an Old Visiter Book I the Ivory Coast in the Earlies
38543: HORN, DELTON T. - Digital Electronic Music Synthesizers, Second Edition Tab #2695
37443: HORN, DELTON T. - Laser Experimenter's Handbook, Second Edition Tab No. 3115
37915: HORNE, ALISTAIR - Death of a Generation Neuve Chapelle to Verdun and the Somme.
10141: HORNE, ALISTAIR - A Bundle from Britain .
17648: HORNER, JOHN R. & JAMES GORMAN - Digging Dinosaurs
37562: HORNUNG, CLARENCE P. - Treasury of American Design Two Volumes in One. A Pictorial Survey of Popular Folk Arts Based Upon Watercolor Renderings in the Index of American Design, at the National Gallery of Art
31854: HORNUNG, CLARENCE P. - Hornung's Handbook of Designs & Devices, Second Revised Edition 1836 Basic Designs and Their Variations By One of America's Foremost Industrial and Graphic Designers
35023: HOROWITZ, JOY - Parts Per Million the Poisoning of Beverly Hills High School
33178: HOROWITZ, DAVID & LAURENCE JARVIK, EDITORS - Public Broadcasting and the Public Trust
8191: HOROWITZ, LAWRENCE C. - Taking Charge of Your Medical Fate .
41391: HOROWITZ, ROGER & ARWEN MOHUN, EDITORS - His and Hers Gender, Consumption, and Technology
34794: HOROWITZ, DAVID & LAURENCE JARVIK, EDITORS - The Politics of Bad Faith the Radical Assault on America's Future
41357: HOROWITZ, JOSEPH - Wagner Nights an American History
18937: HOROWITZ, PAUL, EDITED BY WILLIAM M. SYLVIA - Letters, Lectures and Love a Compendium of Memorabilia
29006: HOROWITZ, DAVID A. , EDITOR - Left Illusions an Intellectual Odyssey
38046: HOROWITZ, IRVING LOUIS, EDITOR - Science, Sin, and Scholarship the Politics of Reverend Moon and the Unification Church
34025: VAN DER HORST, AREND JAN WITH MARCEL MALHERBE - The Tulip Symbol of Sun and Spring
30030: TER HORST, J. F. - Gerald Ford and the Future of the Presidency
33350: HORTON, ANDREW - Laughing out Loud Writing the Comedy-Centered Screenplay
25981: HORTON, TOM & WILLIAM M. EICHBAUM - Turning the Tide Saving the Chesapeake Bay
36409: HORTON, C. W. , SR. - Signal Processing of Underwater Acoustic Waves
36609: HORTON, DOUGLAS & RICHARD M. FAGLEY, FRED S. BUSCHMEYER - Frederick Louis Fagley a Tribute
14312: HOSKINS, MARGARET - Shaping Up to Happen
40159: HOSMER, LARUE & ROGER GUILES - Creating the Successful Business Plan for New Ventures
10565: HOSOKAWA, BILL - Old Man Thunder, Father of the Bullet Train .
26323: HOSOKAWA, BILL - Nisei the Quiet Americans
40569: WOMEN'S BOARD OF MANAGERS OF THE BRIDGETON HOSPITAL - Best Things from Best Cooks a Collection of Fine South Jersey Recipes
33773: NEW YORK HOSPITAL - New York Hospital Formulary 1937 Second Edition
36552: STAFF OF THE SOUTH COUNTY HOSPITAL - The South County Hospital Cookbook a Collection of Recipe Favorites from the Staff
40281: HOTCHKISS, JOHN F. - 500 Years of Golf Balls. History & Collector's Guide Including a Reprint of: The Curious History of the Golf Ball By John Stuart Martin
460: HOTCHNER, A. E. - Papa Hemingway
3362: HOTCHNER, A. E. - Sophia, Living and Loving, Her Own Story .
34238: HOTCHNER, A. E. - Choice People the Greats, Near-Greats, and Ingrates I Have Known
24029: HOTTES, ALFRED CARL - Climbers and Ground Covers Including the Vast Array of Hardy and Subtropical Vines Which Climb Or Creep
36853: HOUCK, CARTER - Warm As Wool, Cool As Cotton Natural Fibers and Fabrics and How to Work with Them
33122: HOUGH, HENRY BEETLE - Soundings at Sea Level
461: HOUGH, RICHARD - Winston & Clementine, the Triumphs & Tragedies of the Churchills
21957: HOUGH, JOHN, JR. - A Player for a Moment Notes from Fenway Park
8146: HOUGH, RICHARD, EDITOR - Motor Car Lover's Companion .
39244: HOUGH, RICHARD - Dreadnought a History of the Modern Battleship
30425: HOUGH, HENRY BEETLE - Vineyard Gazette Reader
41992: HOUGH, GEORGE A. , JR. - Disaster on Devil's Bridge
39936: HOUGH, JOHN, JR. - A Player for a Moment Notes from Fenway Park
16122: HOUGH, JOHN, JR. - A Player for a Moment Notes from Fenway Park
34541: HOUGH, RICHARD - Edwina, Countess Mountbatten of Burma .
32743: HOUGHTON, JENNIFER, EDITOR - Ramp Plans Learn How to Build: Vert, Street, Mini, Launch, and Bowls`
25464: HOUK, ROSE - Eastern Wildflowers a Photographic Celebration from New England to the Heartland
25465: HOUK, ROSE - Wildflowers of the American West a Photographic Celebration of Nature's Beauty
24684: HOUNSHELL, DAVID A. & JOHN KENLY SMITH, JR. - Science and Corporate Strategy Du Pont R & D, 1902-1980
29207: HOURANI, ALBERT - A History of the Arab Peoples
19142: HOUSE OF COLLECTIBLES, THOMAS E. HUDGEONS III, EDITOR - Official 1983 Price Guide to Comic Books
41955: HOUSE, COLONEL & CHARLES SEYMOUR - The Intimate Papers of Colonel House, Arranged As a Narrative By Charles Seymour Volume 1: Behind the Political Curtain 1912-1915. Volume 2: From Neutrality to War 1915-1917
42586: PEACE DALE HOUSE - Peace Dale House Favorites a Collection of Recipes By Peace Dale House, 1221 Saugatucket Road, Peace Dale, Rhode Island
41771: HOUSEMAN, JOHN - Final Dress
27730: HOUSEMAN, JOHN - Final Dress
10768: HOUSTON, JULIE, EDITOR - Woman's Day Prize-Winning Quilts, Coverlets & Afghans .
7676: HOVATER, SHEA JONES - Hardships of a Woman Plant Worker .
30351: HOVEY, TAMARA - John Reed: Witness to Revolution
12938: HOVING, THOMAS - Tutankhamun, the Untold Story .
18737: HOVING, THOMAS - Making the Mummies Dance Inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art
3122: HOWAR, BARBARA - Laughing All the Way .
32107: HOWARD, EVAN DRAKE - Centered in God the Way of Jesus. The Way of Life.
458: HOWARD, MARGO - Eppie, the Story of Ann Landers
459: HOWARD, JANE - A Different Woman
8182: HOWARD, ELLIOTT J. WITH SUSAN A. ROTH - Health Risks .
10575: HOWARD-WILLIAMS, JEREMY - Crewing for Offshore Racing .
33289: HOWARD, DICK - The Specter of Democracy
25871: HOWARD, FRANCES M. & RUTH C. MCKAY & BEACON HILL GARDEN CLUB - Hidden Gardens of Beacon Hill
26055: HOWARD-WILLIAMS, JEREMY - Sails, Fourth Edition
26431: HOWARD, HELEN ADDISON - Saga of Chief Joseph
26544: HOWARD, CLARK - Love's Blood the Shocking True Story of a Teenager Who Would Do Anything for the Older Man She Loved - Even Kill Her Whole Family
33709: HOWARD W. SAMS ENGINEERING STAFF, EDITORS - Transistor Substitution Handbook
39313: HOWARD, ANDREW R. - Covered Bridges of Connecticut a Guide
33524: HOWARD-STROBEL, MARY M. & TERRY G. SIMPSON, TIMOTHY P. DILLINGHAM - The Narrow River Special Area Management Plan Adopted December 8, 1986. Addendum, Effective November 28, 1989
28759: HOWARD, JUDY - Substance Abuse Treatment for Persons with Child Abuse and Neglect Issues Treatment Improvement Protocol (Tip) Series 36
37152: HOWARD, ELIOT - Territory in Bird Life
35183: HOWARTH, STEPHEN - Men of War Great Naval Leaders of World War Ii
40578: HOWARTH, DAVID - We Die Alone a Wwii Epic of Escape and Endurance
34184: HOWARTH, MAGGY - The Art of Pebble Mosaics Creative Designs and Techniques for Paths and Patios
39831: HOWE, FREDERIC C. - The Confessions of a Reformer
33079: HOWE, OCTAVIUS THORNDIKE - Argonauts of '49 History and Adventures of the Emigrant Companies from Massachusetts 1849-1850
457: HOWE, HELEN - The Gentle Americans, Biography of a Breed
4822: HOWE, IRVING - A Margin of Hope, an Intellectual Autobiography .
11758: HOWE, M. A. DEWOLFE - The Tale of Tanglewood, Scene of the Berkshire Music Festivals .
12939: HOWE, IRVING - World of Our Fathers .
31889: HOWE, NANCY J. - Dear Owie
30602: HOWE, LOUISE KAPP - Pink Collar Workers Inside the World of Women's Work
40813: HOWE, MARK DE WOLFE, EDITOR - Holmes-Laski Letters, Volume Ii Abridged By Alger Hiss the Correspondence of Mr. Justice Holmes and Harold J. Laski 1916-1935
36912: HOWE, STEVE & ALAN KESSELHEIM, DENNIS COELLO, JOHN HARLIN - Making Camp a Complete Guide for Hikers, Mountain Bikers, Paddlers & Skiers
12775: HOWE, M. A. DEWOLFE - Who Lived Here? a Baker's Dozen of Historic New England Houses and Their Occupants .
40799: HOWE, ROBIN & PAULINE ESPIR - Sultan's Pleasure and Other Turkish Recipes
36899: HOWE, RUSSELL WARREN - The Koreans Passion and Grace
29038: HOWELER, CASPER - X-Ij-Z Der Muziek, X-Y-Z Der Muziek
30357: HOWELL, BETH PRIM - Lady on a Donkey
455: HOWELLS, W. D. - Literary Friends and Acquaintance
42154: HOWELLS, WILLIAM DEAN - Their Wedding Journey with Illustrations By Clifford Carleton.
23908: HOWLAND, LLEWELLYN, EDITOR - A Book for Boston
35306: HOXIE, LOUISE M. - The History of Peace Dale, Rhode Island
29041: HOY, JOHN C. & MELVIN H. BERNSTEIN, EDITORS - Financing Higher Education the Public Investment
38501: HOYLE, JAY - Mark How a Boy's Courage in Facing Aids Inspired a Town and the Town's Compassion Lit Up a Nation
35124: JESUS HOYOS F. - Plantas Ornamentales de Venezuela
3367: HOYT, HARLOWE R. - Town Hall Tonight .
17525: HOYT, ERICH - Meeting the Whales the Equinox Guide to Giants of the Deep
20215: HOYT, EDWIN P. - The Battle of Leyte Gulf
33750: HOYT, EDWIN P. - Guadalcanal
8508: HOYT, EDWN P. - Asians in the West .
38689: HSI, CHU & DANIEL K. GARDNER - Learning to Be a Sage Selections from the Conversations of Master Chu, Arranged Topically, Translated with a Commentary By Daniel K. Gardner
30895: HSIAO, DAVID K. , EDITOR - Advanced Database Machine Architecture
37627: HUBBARD, STEPHANIE - Bluff Island Rescue Service
31630: HUBBARD, ELBERT - Little Journeys to the Homes of Famous Women
1565: HUBBARD, L. RON - Chld Dianetics, Dianetic Processing for Children
1562: HUBBARD, L. RON - The Humanitarian, the Road to Self-Respect
3067: HUBBELL, HARRIET WEED AND MARCIA GAYLORD NORMAN . - Treasures of the Shore, a Beachcomber's Botany .
25680: HUBBS, CARL L. - A Check List of the Fishes of the Great Lakes and Tributary Waters, with Nomenclatorial Notes and Analytical Keys University of Michigan Museum of Zoology Miscellaneous Publications No. 15
14212: HUBER, RICHARD M. - How Professors Play the Cat Guarding the Cream, Why We're Paying More and Getting Less in Higher Education
28138: HUBER, FREDERICK C. - Light Color and Life for the World
21958: HUBER, JON & JOYCE HUBER & CHRISTOPHER LOFTING - Best Dives of the Western Hemisphere
36725: HUBERMAN, JACK - The Quotable Atheist Ammunition for Nonbelievers, Political Junkies, Gadflies, and Those Generally Hell-Bound
32180: HUCK, ALBERT, REVISED BY HANS LIETZMANN - A Synopsis of the First Three Gospels, Ninth Edition English Edition
40999: HUCKFELDT, ROBERT - Politics in Context Assimilation and Conflict in Urban Neighborhoods
17360: HUDAK, CAROLYN M. & GALLO & LOHR - Critical Care Nursing, Fourth Edition a Holisitc Approach
16242: HUDNUT, JOSEPH - Architecture and the Spirit of Man
30499: HUDSON, RICHARD M. & RAYMOND LEE - Gloria Swanson
34179: HUDSON, F. S. - The United States of America the New Certificate Geography Series, Advanced Level
40194: HUETTNER, SUSAN A. - Alimony Summit 2010 Seminar
37452: HUFF, DARRELL & THE EDITORS OF DREYFUS PUBLICATIONS - How to Figure the Odds on Everything
41522: HUFFINGTON, ARIANNA STASSINOPOULOS - Picasso Creator and Destroyer
28566: HUGGETT, MILTON & JAMES M. PYE - A Concordance to the American Book of Common Prayer
42171: HUGGINS, MARYALICE - Aesop's Mirror a Love Story
40374: HUGGINS, WILLIAM R. - Getting Tough Customers to Yes Proven Methods for Making Your Toughest Customers Your Best Customers
42489: HUGHES, ROBERT - Lucian Freud Paintings
12035: HUGHES, THOMAS - Tom Brown's School-Days.
12940: HUGHES, ROBERT - Culture of Complaint, the Fraying of America .
21372: HUGHES, JONATHAN, EDITOR - The Men and Machines of Indy Car Racing: Cart 1991-92
37182: HUGHES, THOMAS P. - Medicine in Virginia, 1607-1699
31423: HUGHES, RICHARD E. - The Progress of the Soul. The Interior Career of John Donne
36805: HUGHES, JONATHAN, EDITOR - The Vital Few the Entrepreneur & American Ecnomic Progress, Expanded Edition
41083: HUGHES, CAPTAIN WAYNE P. , JR. , USN, RETIRED - Fleet Tactics Theory and Practice
29857: HUGHES, SELWYN - Jesus the Light of the World
40356: HUGHES, ROBERT - Things I Didn't Know a Memoir
40840: HUGHES, SPIKE - The Toscanini Legacy a Critical Study of Arturo Toscanini's Performances of Beethoven, Verdi and Other Composers with 192 Musical Illustrations
13497: HUGHES, RUPERT - The Biographical Dictionary of Musicians .
40630: HUGHES, ALBERT, B. A. , D. D. - Jesus in the Revelation
40816: HUIE, WILLIAM BRADFORD - Three Lives for Mississippi
37889: HULER, SCOTT - Defining the Wind the Beaufort Scale, and How a Nineteenth-Century Admiral Turned Science Into Poetry
36041: HULL, BARBARA & JANET STRAUSBERG - The Connecticut Quilt Search Project Cookbook a Collection of Favorite Recipes from Connecticut Quilters and Their Friends
3172: HULL, GEORGE F. - Bonsai for Americans .
12499: HULL, GEORGE F. - The Language of Gardening, an Informal Dictionary ,
12500: HULL, GEORGE F. - Bonsai for Americans, a Practical Guide to the Creation and Care of Miniature Potted Trees .
21818: HULL, THOMAS G. & TOM JONES - Scientific Exhibits
36661: VAN DE HULST, H. C. - Light Scattering By Small Particles
38308: HUMBLE, ROBERTA MUDGE - The Right to Crow a Look at Rhode Island's Firsts, Bests, & Uniques
36970: HUMBLE, RICHARD - Submarines the Illustrated History
40177: HUMBLE, ROBERTA MUDGE - The Right to Crow a Look at Rhode Island's Firsts, Bests, & Uniques
35058: HUME, HELEN D. - American Art Appreciation Activities Kit Ready-to-Use Lessons, Slides, and Projects for Grades 7-12
3246: HUME, IVOR NOEL - Martin's Hundred .
35205: HUME, EDWARD - The Day After Vhs Cassette
10307: HUMEZ, ALEXANDER & NICHOLAS HUMEZ - A.B. C Et Cetera, the Life & Times of the Roman Alphabet .
31397: HUMISTON, FRED - Windjammers and Walking Beams
38083: HUMMEL, RUTH SHARP - Our Plainville Heritage
9618: HUMPHREY, DERKE - Dying with Dignity, Understanding Euthanasia .
18701: HUMPHREYS, NOREEN KENNEDY, ED. - Carson City Historical Cook Book
1722: HUMPHRY, DEREK & ANN WICKETT - The Right to Die, Understanding Euthanasia .
20463: HUMPHRY, JOHN A. - Library Cooperation . The Brown Universitiy Study of University-School-Comm Unity Library Coordination in the State of Rhode Island
19333: HUMPHRY, DEREK - Dying with Dignity Understanding Euthanasia
3485: HUN, JOHN GALE AND CHARLES RANALD MACINNES - Logarithmic Trigonometric and Other Tables .
37460: HUNGERFORD, EDWARD - Transport for War 1942 - 1943
31120: HUNT, LEE M. & DONALD G. GROVES, EDITORS - A Glossary of Ocean Science and Undersea Technology Terms
2660: HUNT, MORTON - The Universe Within .
12115: HUNT, CHARLOTTE - Tremayne's Wife .
10388: HUNT, NORMAN BANCROFT - Native Americans, the Life and Culture of the North American Indian .
18251: HUNT, WILLIAM LANIER - Southern Gardens, Southern Gardening
27414: HUNT, CHARLES B. - Death Valley Geology, Ecology, Archaeology
28554: HUNT, JOHN DIXON - The Wider Sea a Life of John Ruskin
30330: HUNT, FRAZIER - The Untold Story of Douglas Macarthur
30611: HUNT, BERNICE & MORTON HUNT - Prime Time a Guide to the Pleasures and Opportunities of the New Middle Age
27662: HUNT, DANA ESER WITH SAIRA MOINI & SUSAN MCWHAN - Aids in Probation and Parole Issues and Practices in Criminal Justice June 1989
35614: HUNT, DAVID - Radical America Vol. 8, Nos. 1 & 2: Organizing for Revolution in Vietnam Study of a Mekong Delta Province
41079: HUNT, CONSTANCE ELIZABETH WITH VERNE HUSER - Down By the River the Impact of Federal Water Projects and Policies on Biological Diversity
1721: HUNT, MORTON - The Affair
1532: HUNT, MORTON M. - The World of the Formerly Married
41179: HUNTER, MIC, EDITOR - The Sexually Abused Male Application of Treatment Strategies Volume 2
33490: HUNTER, RICHARD - World without Secrets Business, Crime, and Privacy in the Age of Ubiquitous Computing
22016: HUNTER, RODELLO - A Daughter of Zion
6733: HUNTER, MARGARET KING AND VIRGINIA W. WILLIAMS - Your Own Kitchen & Garden Survival Book, the Energy Saver's Guide for Making Things Better .
33617: HUNTER, ALLAN - Tony Curtis the Man and His Movies
34435: HUNTER, WILLIAM L. - Master Handbook of Digital Logic Applications
42431: HUNTINGTON, SAMUEL P. - Who Are We? the Challenges to America's National Identity
37645: HUNTINGTON, EMILY - The Cooking Garden a Systemized Course of Cooking for Pupils of All Ages, Including Plan of Work, Bills of Fare, Songs, and Letters of Information
470: HUNTLEY, CHET - Generous Years, Remembrances of a Frontier Boyhood
8175: HURDLE, J. FRANK - A Country Doctor's Common Sense Health Manual .
16370: HURLBURT, ALLEN - Layout the Design of the Printed Page
37488: HURLBURT, SARAH - The Mussel Cookbook
35066: HURLBUT, REV. JESSE LYMAN, D. D. - Hurlbut's Life of Christ for Young and Old a Complete Life of Christ Written in Simple Language, Based on the Gospel Narrative
33259: HUROK, S. WITH RUTH GOODE - Impresario a Memoir By S. Hurok
32293: HURST, A. A. - The Music of Five Oceans
15753: HUSER, VERNE - River Running
41798: HUSON, PAUL, EDITOR - The Coffee Table Book of Witchcraft and Demonology
39396: HUSSAINI, MOHAMMAD MAZHAR - My Little Book About Islam Elementary Level
41940: HUSSERL, EDMUND - The Crisis of European Sciences and Transcendental Phenomenology an Introduction to Phenomenological Philosophy
32861: HUSSIAN, RICHARD A. - Geriatric Psychology a Behavioral Perspective
40635: HUSTON, RUTH - Observations of God's Timinng in the Kentucky Mountains
30231: HUSTON, PAULA - The Holy Way Practices for a Simple Life
41029: HUTCHINGS, ARTHUR - The Baroque Concerto Revised Edition
25115: HUTCHINS, ROSS E. - Caddis Insects Nature's Carpenters and Stonemasons
2401: HUTCHINSON, BRUCE - The Far Side of the Street
30586: HUTCHINSON, JOHN - The Imperfect Union a History of Corruption in American Trade Unions
19098: HUTCHISON, BRUCE - Mr. Prime Minister, 1867-1964
1879: HUTH, ANGELA - Infidelities
34930: HUTHMACHER, J. JOSEPH, EDITOR - The Truman Years the Reconstruction of Postwar America
33777: HUTSON, CURTIS, COMPILER - Great Preaching on the Resurrection
31416: HUTTON, J. THOMAS, ET AL - Preventing Falls. A Defensive Approach.
35244: HUXLEY, ALDOUS , EDITED BY DONALD WATT - The Collected Poetry of Aldous Huxley
2740: HUXLEY, ANTHONY - House Plants, Cacti and Succulents
31311: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Two Or Three Graces and Other Stories
35945: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Brave New World
1207: HYAMS, JAY - War Movies
13006: HYAMS, EDWARD AND GEORGE ORDISH - The Last of the Incas, the Rise and Fall of an American Empire .
39356: HYATT, JESSICA CROWELL - "My Vineyard" My Early Years on Martha's Vineyard Or Thinking Back
8189: HYBELS, BILL AND LYNNE HYBELS - Fit to Be Tied, Making Marriage Last a Lifetime .
469: HYDE, H. MONTGOMERY - Oscar Wilde
8178: HYDE, MARGARET O. - Foster Care & Adoption .
20420: HYDE, DAYTON O. - Yamsi a Heartwarming Journal of One Year on a Wilderness Ranch
38907: HYDE, MARGARET O. AND JOHN F. SETARO - When the Brain Dies First .
41985: HYLAND, WILLIAM G. - The Song Is Ended Songwriters and American Music, 1900-1950
39326: HYLANDER, CLARENCE JOHN - The Algae of Connecticut State of Connecticut State Geological and Natural History Survey Bulletin No. 42
36275: HYLTON, WILLIAM H. , EDITOR - The Rodale Herb Book How to Use, Grow, and Buy Nature's Miracle Plants
38683: HYMAN, B. D. - My Mother's Keeper a Daughter's Candid Portrait of Her Famous Mother .
37994: HYMAN, LIBBIE HENRIETTA - A Laboratory Manual for Elementary Zoology
28210: HYMAN, ROBIN - Ntc's Dictionary of Quotations
18674: HYNES, H. PATRICIA - Earth Right Every Citizen's Guide
24025: HYNES, SAMUEL - Flights of Passage Reflections of a World War Ii Aviator
468: IACOCCA, LEE - Iacocca, an Autobiography
31163: IACOCCA, LEE WITH WILLIAM NOVAK. - The Iacocca Tapes, an Autobiography Six Audio Tapes
32159: IACOCCA, LEE WITH CATHERINE WHITNEY - Where Have All the Leaders Gone?
28713: IANNI, FRANCIS A. J. - The Search for Structure a Report on American Youth Today
39389: ICHIEN, MUJU & ROBERT E. MORRELL - Sand and Pebbles (Shasekishu) the Tales of Muju Ichien, a Voice for Pluralism in Kamakura Buddhism
12331: IDEALS - Friendship
37930: IDLE, ERIC - Hello Sailor
37543: IDRIS, YUSUF, EDITED BY ROGER ALLEN - In the Eye of the Beholder Tales of Egyptian Life from the Writings of Yusuf Idris. Studies in Middle Eastern Literatures - Ten.
1599: POPE JOHN PAUL II - Prayers and Devotions
1600: POPE JOHN PAUL II - Crossing the Threshold of Hope
38337: 50 CENT. CURTIS JACKSON III. - Playground the Mostly True Story of a Former Bully
29067: ILYIN, DONNA & THOMAS TRAGARDH - Classroom Practices in Adult Esl Volume 2 in a Series of Classroom Practices
12296: IMBOURG, PIERRE - Van Dyck .
38042: IMBRIALE, ROBERT - Motivational Marketing How to Effectively Motivate Your Prospects to Buy Now, Buy More, and Tell Their Friends Too!
33156: IMMERMAN, RICHARD H. - The Cia in Guatemala the Foreign Policy of Intervention
5292: IMPERATO, PASACAL JAMES - What to Do About the Flu .
32482: D'IMPERIO, DAN - The Country Antiques Companion
38059: IMUS, DON & FRED IMUS - Two Guys Four Corners Great Photographs, Great Times, and a Million Laughs
24666: SOTHEBY PARKE BERNET INC. - Persian, Chinese and European Rugs and Carpets, Saturday, June 28, 1980 Sale Number 4404
12646: SOTHEBY PARKE BERNET INC. - Oriental Rugs and Carpets, January 20, 1979
28755: INCIARDI, JAMES A. - Screening and Assessment for Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Among Adults in the Criminal Justice System Treatment Improvement Protocol (Tip) Series 7
33644: INCLEDON, LORI - Strength Training for Women Tailored Programs and Exercises for Optimal Results
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34354: INGE, WILLIAM - Four Plays Come Back, Little Sheba. Picnic. Bus Stop. The Dark at the Top of the Stairs.
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24847: JACOBSEN, CHARLES W. - Check Points on How to Buy Oriental Rugs
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28301: JEFFREY, NAN & KEVIN JEFFREY - Free Energy Afloat
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27536: JENCKS, BARBARA - Celebration of Life the Best of Jottings
27537: JENCKS, BARBARA - Celebration of Life the Best of Jottings
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18903: JENSEN, JEFFRY - Hispanic Americans Struggle for Equality Discrimination
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25049: WATERS. JOHN F. - Exploring New England Shores a Beachcomber's Handbook
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26737: JOHNS, LESLIE - Plants in Tubs, Pots, Boxes and Baskets
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8891: JONES, THEODORE A. - Racing for the America's Cup, 1974: The View from the Candy Store .
41688: JONES, ARTHUR FREDERICK, EDITORIAL CONSULTANT - The National Geographic Book of Dogs
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24652: JONES, WILL - Wild in the Kitchen a Cookbook By Will Jones
4802: JONES, JAMES W. . - Filled with New Wine, Che Charismatic Renewal of the Church .
24810: JONES, TED - Challenge '77: Newport and the America's Cup
25162: JONES, RICHARD GLYN, SELECTOR - Poison! the World's Greatest True Murder Stories
25793: JONES, CLAUDIA - Parents Are Teachers, Too Enriching Your Child's First Six Years
33107: JONES, HERBERT - The Well of Being Poems By Herbert Jones
29258: JONES, LEROY P. , EDITOR - Public Enterprise in Less-Developed Countries
29308: JONES, SALLY - Legends of Cornwall
30764: JONES, STEVEN G. - Cybersociety Computer-Mediated Communication and Community
33853: JONES, SUZANNE NORTON - The Art of Western Riding
40634: JONES, RUSSELL BRADLEY - Proclaiming the New Testament Volume 5 the Epistles of James, John, and Jude and the Book of Revelation
37171: JONES, TRISTAN - Encounters of a Wayward Sailor
41319: JONES, HERBERT G. - Old Portland Town New and Revised Edition
25427: JONES, NEAL T. , EDITOR - A Book of Days for the Literary Year
1808: JONES, JEANNE - Jeanne Jones' Food Lover's Diet
38118: JONES, LEROI & LARRY NEAL, EDITORS - Black Fire an Anthology of Afro-American Writing
38533: JONES, EDGAR - Jesus the Rock of Offense
40066: JONES, JAMES EARL AND PENELOPE NIVEN - James Earl Jones Voices and Silences
35765: JONES, FRANCIS S. - Escape to Nowhere
31089: JONES, S. FLOOD, ET AL, EDITORS - The Cathedral Psalter Chants
26689: DE JONG, MEINDERT & MEINDERT DEJONG - Hurry Home, Candy
9818: DE JONGH, NICHOLAS, EDITOR - The Bedside Guardian 38 .
13222: JOOSTEN, TITIA - Flower Drying with a Microwave, Techniques and Projects .
40698: JORDAN, DIANN - Sisters in Science Conversations with Black Women Scientists About Race, Gender, and Their Passion for Science
36106: JORDAN, PHILIP D. - The Evangelical Alliance for the United States of America, 1847-1900: Ecumenism, Identity and the Religion of the Republic. Studies in American Religion Volume 7
7572: JORDAN, TED - Norma Jean, My Secret Life with Marilyn Monroe .
12337: JORDAN, E. L. - Hammond's Nature Atlas of America
42061: JORDAN, JAMES B. - Through New Eyes Developing a Biblical View of the World
23056: JORDAN, RENE, EDITED BY TEN SENNETT - The Pictorial Treasury of Film Stars; Marlon Brando
37095: JORDAN, CLARENCE - The Cotton Patch Version of Matthew and John Including the Gospel of Matthew (Except for the 'begat' Verses) and the First Eight Chapters of the Gosepl of John
22501: JORDAN, V. CRAIG, EDITOR - Tamoxifen for the Treatment and Prevention of Breast Cancer
32570: JORDAN, WILLIAM R. , III - The Sunflower Forest Ecological Restoration and the New Communion with Nature
33362: JORDAN, WILLIAM H. , JR. - What's Eating Your House Plants? a Guide to Controlling Indoor Plant Pests
39512: JORDAN, VERNON E. , JR. WITH ANNETTE GORDON-REED - Vernon Can Read! a Memoir
39805: JORDAN, MICHAEL WITH MARK VANCIL, EDITOR - I Can't Accept Not Trying Michael Jordan on the Pursuit of Excellence
19213: JORGENSON, KREGG P. J. - Very Crazy, G.I. Strange But True Stories of the Vietnam War
42346: JOSEPH, MAY & JENNIFER NATALYA FINK, EDITORS - Performing Hybridity
28498: JOSEPH, WILLIAM A. , EDITOR - China Briefing the Contradictions of Change
39648: JOSEPH, FRANCIS - The Destruction of Atlantis
7133: JOSEPHSON, MATTHEW - Stendhal Or the Pursuit of Happiness .
40201: JOSHUA, JOAN O. , F. R. C. V. S. - Cat Owner's Encyclopedia of Veterinary Medicine
25617: JOSLIN, ANNE DUBOSE - Ambushed Why George Herbert Walker Bush Really Lost in 1992
28783: JOUBERT, STEPHEN J. - Final Hope Gaining Control of Your Aggressive Dog
31511: JOUBERT, LORRAINE, ET AL - A Creative Combination: Merging Alternative Wastewater Treatment with Smart Growth
38384: PROVIDENCE JOURNAL - Seeing Providence Founded By Roger Williams 1636
2287: WALL STREET JOURNAL - The Wall Street Journal Book of Chief Executive Style
26690: PROVIDENCE JOURNAL - In Perspective .
13019: JOWITT, THE EARL - The Strange Case of Alger Hiss .
36591: JOY, CHARLES R. , EDITOR - Music in the Life of Albert Schweitzer with Selections from His Writings
31306: JOYCE, JAMES - Exiles a Play in Three Acts, Including Hitherto Unpublished Notes By the Author, Discovered After His Death, and an Introduction By Padrais Colum.
29119: JOYCE, ROBERT D. - Encounters in Organizational Behavior: Problem Situations Pergamon Management and Business Series Vol. 2
39343: JUAREZ, MIGUEL - Colors on Desert Walls the Murals of El Paso
28388: JUDD, NAOMI - Naomi's Home Companion a Treasury of Favorite Recipes, Food for Thought, and Kitchen Wit and Wisdom
40775: JUDD, ROMIE DUSTIN, PH. D. - Setting the Stage for Johnny to Read
42042: JUDSON, HORACE FREELAND - The Eighth Day of Creation Makers of the Revolution in Biology
28952: JUKES, THOMAS H. - Molecules and Evolution
39514: JULYAN, ROBERT & MARY TEUEVER, EDITORS - Field Guide to the Sandia Mountains
38429: JUMSCAI, M. L. MANICH - Popular History of Thailand
28029: JUNG, INA - Der Okologische Wassergarten Ein Biotop Im Garten
34334: THE JUNIOR LEAGUE OF OWENSBORO, KENTUCKY - To Market, to Market Home Again, Home Again
25504: JUNOR, JOHN - Listening for a Midnight Tram John Junor Memoirs
42364: JUPTNER, JOSEPH P. , CHIEF EDITOR - U.S. Civil Aircraft Volumes 1 - 6 Atc: 1-100, 101-200, 201-300, 301-400, 401-500, 501-600
38049: JURAVICH, TOM & KATE BRONFENBRENNER - Ravenswood the Steelworkers' Victory and the Revival of American Labor
38267: JURAVICH, TOM - Chaos on the Shop Floor a Worker's View of Quality, Productivity, and Management
42300: JUSTER, NORTON - So Sweet to Labor Rural Women in America 1865-1895
23387: JUSTUS, MAY - Peter Pocket and His Pickle Pup
485: JUXON, JOHN - Lewis and Lewis, the Life and Times of a Victorian Solicitor
12288: JUXON, JOHN - Lewis and Lewis .
34664: KABEL, GRACE C. - Baskets in Miniature Authentic Reproductions to Weave. Eleven Lovely Basketry Projects - in Miniature
42212: KACZYNSKI, VLADIMIR - Distant Water Fisheries and the 200 Mile Economic Zone the Law of the Sea Institute Occasional Paper No. 34
12501: KADANS, JOSEPH M. - Encyclopedia of Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts and Seeds for Healthful Living .
32637: KADOHATA, CYNTHIA - Cracker! the Best Dog in Vietnam
25717: KADOR, JOHN - Yoh-Jan Pao, Navigating the Noble Road
31949: KAEL, PAULINE - Hooked
23346: KAEL, PAULINE - 5001 Nights at the Movies a Guide from a to Z
30338: KAFKA, FRANCIS J. - How to Clothbind a Paperback Book a Step-By-Step Guide for Beginners
40643: KAGAN, ANNIE - The Afterlife of Billy Fingers How My Bad-Boy Brother Proved to Me There's Life After Death
23700: KAGAN, SHARON L. & NANCY E. COHEN, EDITORS - Reinventing Early Care and Education a Vision for a Quality System
25585: KAGIN, EDWIN - James Wallace of Macalester
33785: KAHANER, LARRY - Audio and Video Interference Cures
18837: KAHANER, LARRY - On the Line the Men of Mci - Who Took on at & T, Risked Everything, and Won!
1956: KAHANER, LARRY - On the Line the Men of Mci - Who Took on at & T, Risked Everything, and Won!
17822: KAHLER, SONJA - Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the Memorial, Commemorative Edition
38019: KAHLILI, REZA - A Time to Betray the Astonishing Double Life of a Cia Agent Inside the Revolutionary Guards of Iran
36838: KAHN, SHOLOM J. , EDITOR - A Whole Loaf Stories from Israel
11741: KAHN, E. J. , JR. - Year of Change, More About the New Yorker & Me. .
11841: KAHN, ALBERT E. - Days with Ulanova, a Unique Pictorial Portrait of the Great Russian Ballerina .
13020: KAHN, ROGER - The Passionate People, What It Means to Be a Jew in America .
13361: KAHN, ROGER - Joe & Marilyn, a Memory of Love .
28561: KAHN, KENNETH - The Carny Kid Survival of a Young Thief
5420: KAHN, GILBERT ET AL - Filing Systems and Records Management .
32242: KAHN, ANNETTE - Why My Father Died a Daughter Confronts Her Family's Past at the Trial of Klaus Barbie
33243: KAHN, E. J. , JR. - The Merry Partners the Age and Stage of Harrigan and Hart
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9180: KAISLER, STEPHEN H. - The Design of Operating Systems for Small Computer Systems .
18292: KALES, EMILY & DAVID KALES - All About the Boston Harbor Islands
29958: KALES, EMILY & DAVID KALES - All About the Boston Harbor Islands
30309: KALIAN, ROBERT V. , EDITOR - A Bicentennial Review of Rhode Island Freemasonry
26392: KALLIR, OTTO - Grandma Moses New Concise Nal Edition
41557: KALSCHED, DONALD - The Inner World of Trauma Archetypal Defenses of the Personal Spirit
27959: KALSTONE, SHIRLEE A. - The Kalstone Guide to Grooming All Toy Dogs
24883: KALTENBACH, MARTIN & RONALD E. VLIETSTRA - Concise Cardiology
482: KALTENBORN, H. V. - Fifty Fabulous Years, 1900 - 1950, a Personal Review
6082: KALTER, SUZY - How to Take 20 Pounds Off Your Man .
41354: KALTMAN, AL - The Genius of Robert E. Lee Leadership Lessons for the Outgunned, Outnumbered and Underfinanced
40299: KAMEN, IRA & RICHARD H. DORF - Tv Master Antenna Systems Installation & Distribution
37958: KAMERMAN, SHEILA B. & ALFRED J. KAHN - The Responsive Workplace Employers and a Changing Labor Force
28883: KAMETANI, TETSUJI - The Chemistry of the Isoquinoline Alkaloids
28109: KAMINSKY, STUART - John Huston, Maker of Magic
9903: KAMMLADE, WILLIAM GARFIELD - Sheep Science .
13023: KAMPE, FREDERICK - Divorcing the Dictator, America's Bungled Affair with Noriega .
40180: KANE, GEORGE E. , EDITOR - Modern Trends in Cutting Tools
40627: KANE, J. HERBERT - Life and Work on the Mission Field
36815: KANE, TOM - My Pamet Cape Cod Chronicle
481: KANE, ELIZABETH - Birth Mother
12221: KANE, HENRY B. - A Care for Nature, Creatures and Happenings in a Suburban Back Yard .
42560: KANE, PAIGE - Howie in Newport a Cricket's Alphabet Journey Through the City By the Sea
26008: KANE, ROD - Veteran's Day a Viet Nam Memoir
8945: KANE, ELIZABETH - Birth Mother, the Courageous, Intimate Story of America's First Legal Surrogate Mother .
32020: KANE, ROD - Veteran's Day a Viet Nam Memoir
37485: KANE, DENNIS C. - Readings in Early Greek and Roman Philosophies
27702: KANEDA, FUJIHIKO - Easy Hiragana First Steps to Reading and Writing Basic Japanese
36386: KANFER, FREDERICK H. & BRUCE K. SCHEFFT - Guiding the Process of Therapeutic Change
30702: KANISS, PHYLLIS - Making Local News
25102: KANITZ, WALTER - The White Kepi a Casual History of the French Foreign Legion
31941: KANNENGIESSER, CHARLES, EDITOR - Early Christian Spirituality Sources of Early Christian Thought Series
32724: KANT, IMMANUEL & JOHN T. GOLDTHWAIT, TRANSLATOR - Observations on the Feeling of the Beautiful and Sublime
22488: KANTOR, MARTIN, M. D. - Diagnosis and Treatment of the Personality Disorders
39962: KANTOR, MACKINLAY - Andersonville .
40517: KANTROWITZ, ARNIE - Under the Rainbow Growing Up Gay
42373: KAPLAN, MARTIN O. , V. M. D. - Barn Stalls, Rock Walls and House Calls a Country Veterinarian's Wit and Wisdom
480: KAPLAN, JUSTIN - Lincoln Steffens, a Biography
41151: KAPLAN, EUGENE H. - A Field Guide to Coral Reefs of the Caribbean and Florida the Peterson Field Guide Series
11978: KAPLAN, JOEL AND GEORGE PAPAJOHN AND ERIC ZORN - Murder of Innocence, the Tragic Life and Final Rampage of Laurie Dann .
17960: KAPLAN, JOEL , ET AL - Murder of Innocence, the Tragic Life and Final Rampage of Laurie Dann .
33771: KAPLAN, HAROLD M. - The Rabbit in Experimental Physiology Second Edition
32423: KAPLAN, NORMAN M. , M. D. - High Blood Pressure Includes 30-Minute Video & 128-Page Reference Book
34371: KAPLAN, STANLEY H. - Test Pilot How I Broke Testing Barriers for Millions of Students and Caused a Sonic Boom in the Business Community.
28949: KAPLAN, SHELDON J. - The Private Practice of Behavior Therapy a Guide for Behavioral Practitione Rs, Applied Clinical Psychology Series
18270: KAPLAN, NORMAN M. , M. D. & ELLIN LIEBERMAN, M. D. - Clinical Hypertension, Fifth Edition
38270: KAPLAN, WILFRED - A First Course in Functions of a Complex Variable
32340: KARAS, JOZA - Music in Terezin 1941 - 1945
25319: KARATSU, HAJIME - Tough Words for American Industry
2117: KARLINS, MARVIN & LEWIS M. ANDREWS . - Biofeedback, Kturning on the Power of Your Mind .
38280: KARMALI, JOHN & MOHAMED AMIN, DUNCAN WILLETTS, BIIAN TETLEY, DAVID ROUND-TURNER - Beautiful Birds of Kenya. The Beautiful Animals of Kenya. The Beauty of the Massai Mara Three Nature Titles
41062: KARNOW, CURTIS E. A. - Future Codes Essays in Advanced Computer Technology and the Law
31912: KARON, JAN - A New Song
29464: KARP, DEBORAH - Heroes of Modern Jewish Thought
29492: KARP, DEBORAH - Heroes of Jewish Thought
38811: KARR, RONALD DALE - Lost Railroads of New England New England Rail Heritage Series, Second Edition
1994: KARRASS, CHESTER L. - The Negotiating Game, How to Get What You Want .
30802: KARRASS, CHESTER L. - In Business As in Life - You Don't Get What You Deserve, You Get What You Negotiate
31453: KARSHAN, DONALD - Prints the Smithsonian Illustrated Library of Antiques
40421: KASAHARA, HIROSKI & WILLIAM BURKE - North Pacific Fisheries Management Rff Program of International Studies of Fishery Arrangements, Rff/Pisfa Paper 2
9367: KASCO - Dog Owners Guide .
2825: KASHA, AL AND JOEL HIRSCHHORN - Reaching the Morning After .
4870: KASKIE, SHIRLI - A Woman's Golf Game .
10917: KASPER, SHIRL - Annie Oakley .
39328: KASTON, BENJAMIN JULIAN - Additions to the Check-List of the Insects of Connecticut State of Connecticut State Geological and Natural History Survey Bulletin No. 60, First Supplement to Bulletin No. 31
28616: KASZYNSKI, WILLIAM - Route 66 Images of America's Main Street
8203: KATAHN, MARTOIN - The Rotation Diet, Lose Up to a Pound a Day and Never Gain It Back .
5715: KATAHN, MARTIN - One Meal at a Time .
9497: KATCHADOURIAN, HERANT AND JOHN BOLI - Cream of the Crop, the Impact of Elite Education in the Decade After College .
3125: KATES, BRIAN - The Murder of a Shopping Bag Lady .
40568: KATHY - A Cat Named Pate Based on Actual Events
12374: KATKOV, NORMAN - The Fabulous Fanny, the Story of Fanny Brice .
28711: KATON, WAYNE - Panic Disorder in the Medical Setting
20340: KATONA, EDITA WITH PATRICK MACNAGHTEN - Code-Name Marianne an Autobiography
28681: KATSH, ABRAHAM I. , EDITOR - Bar Mitzvah Illustrated
17888: KATZ, MICKEY WITH HANNIBAL COONS - Papa, Play for Me the Hilarious, Heartwarming Autobiography of Comedian and Bandleader Mickey Katz
7945: KATZ, DONALD - Home Fires, an Intimate Portrait of One Middle-Class Family in Postwar America .
30558: KATZ, ELIHU & GEORGE WEDELL - Broadcasting in the Third World Promise and Performance
38805: KATZ, DONALD R. - The Big Store Inside the Crisis and Revolution at Sears .
40487: KATZMANN, ROBERT A. , EDITOR - Daniel Patrick Moynihan the Intellectual in Public Life
29171: KAUFELT, LYNN MITSUKO - Key West Writers and Their Houses the Influence of Key West and Its Architecture on 20th-Century Poets and Writers from Ernest Hemingway to Thomas Mcguane
28764: KAUFFMAN, JANICE FAY & GEORGE E. WOODY - Matching Treatment to Patient Needs in Opioid Substitution Therapy Treatment Improvement Protocol (Tip) Series 20
18235: KAUFFMAN, JAMES M. - Characteristics of Children's Behavior Disorders
41531: KAUFFMANN, STANLEY - Living Images Film Comment and Criticism
35683: KAUFMAN, BOBBIE & AGNES WOHL - Casualties of Childhood a Developmental Perspective on Sexual Abuse Using Projective Drawings
41664: KAUFMAN, MOZART - Fighter Pilot Aleutians to Normandy to Stalag Luft 1
8202: KAUFMAN, RICHARD CLARK - The Age Reduction System, Including the Age Exchange Diet, a Complete Program to Help Slow, Halt, Or Retard Aging .
38888: KAUFMAN, SHERWIN A. , M. D. - Sexual Sabotage How to Enjoy Sex in Spite of Physical & Emotional Problems
28445: KAUFMAN, GEORGE S. & MORRIE RYSKIND - Of Thee I Sing, Compact Disc Jack Carson, Paul Hartman, with the 1952 Broadway Cast
1797: KAUFMAN, WILLIAM I. - The "I Love Garlic' Cookbook
35035: KAUFMAN, STEVE & YOGI KAUFMAN, PHOTOGRAPHERS - Silent Chase Submarines of the U.S. Navy
19739: KAUFMANN, WILLIAM J. , III & LARRY L. SMARR - Supercomputing and the Transformation of Science
28025: KAUFMANN, KLAUS - Kombucha Rediscovered! a Guide to the Medicinal Benefits of an Ancient Healing Tea
25257: KAVALER, LUCY - Freezing Point Cold As a Matter of Life and Death
10059: KAVANAUGH, JAMES - The Birth of God >
2632: KAVANAUGH, FATHER JAMES , JAMES KAVANAUGH - A Modern Priest Looks at His Outdated Church .
30081: KAWABATA, YASUNARI & RUDYARD KIPLING, SINCLAIR LEWIS - Nobel Prize Library Yasunari Kawabata, Rudyard Kipling, Sinclair Lewis
34763: KAWAGUCHI, KEIZABUOR & KAZUTAKE KYUMA - Paddy Soils in Tropical Asia Their Material Nature and Fertility. Monographs of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University
38592: KAWAMURA, AKIYOSHI, JR. , EDITOR - Fluorescent Antibody Techniques and Their Applications Second Edition
35758: KAWASAKI, KEITH, SENIOR EDITOR - Why We Serve: A Portrait of the Army National Guard
40133: KAY, ROSS - Smashing the Hindenburg Line the Adventures of Two American Boys in the Last Drive. The Big War Series
37150: KAYE, BARRY - Die Rich and Tax Free over 50 Powerful Concepts for Wealth Creation & Preservation
40751: KAYE, MARVIN WITH SARALEE KAYE, SELECTORS - Ghosts a Treasury of Chilling Tales Old and New
37390: KAYE, AARON M. - Just Like a Woman and Other Short Stories
39307: KAYNAK, ERDENER, EDITOR - The Global Business Four Key Marketing Strategies.
8629: KAZANJIAN, DODIE AND CALVIN TOMKINS - Alex, the Life of Alexander Liberman .
40930: KAZANJIAN, KIRK - Value Investing with the Masters Revealing Interviews with 20 Market-Beatin G Managers Who Have Stood the Test of Time.
40262: KAZDIN, ALAN E. , PH. D. - Parent Management Training Treatment for Oppositional, Aggressive, and Antisocial Behavior in Children and Adolescents
479: KAZIN, ALFRED - New York Jew
11802: KAZIN, ALFRED - New York Jew .
23825: KEANE, CHRISTOPHER WITH DOTTIE THORSON - The Huntress the True Saga of Dottie and Brandi Thorson, Modern-Day Bounty Hunters
32445: KEARTON, CHERRY - The Island of Penguins
6846: KEATING, BERN - Florida .
30028: KEATING, BERN & DAN GURAVICH - Inside Passage Text and Photographs on the Flora and Fauna of the Inland Waterway to Alaska
40455: KEATING, DAVID MICHAEL - The Valuation of Wetlands Second Edition
36904: KEATINGE, RICHARD W. , EDITOR - Peruvian Prehistory an Overview of Pre-Inca and Inca Society
29191: KECK, LEANDER E. & J. LOUIS MARTYN, EDITORS - Studies in Luke-Acts
39097: KECKEMET, DUSKO - Ivan Mestrovic
35315: KEE, ROBERT - The Laurel and the Ivy the Story of Charles Stewart Parnell and Irish Nationalism
33035: KEEBLER, ROBERT S. , WITH MICHAEL A. LANGLOIS - Living & Learning Achieve Retirement and Education Security. Practical Answers from America's Foremost Retirement Planning Advisors. A Special Edition
10845: O'KEEFE, BERNARD J. - Shooting Ourselves in the Foot .
10186: O'KEEFE, BERNARD J. - Nuclear Hostages .
42456: O'KEEFFE, TIMOTHY J. - Battle Yet Unsung the Fighting Men of the 14th Armored Division in World War Ii
3890: KEEGAN, JOHN - The Price of Admiralty, the Evolution of Naval Warfare .
34499: KEELER, HARRIET L. - Our Garden Flowers a Popular Study of Their Native Lands, Their Life Histories, and Their Structural Affiliations
41360: KEELER, ROBERT F. - Newsday, a Candid History of the Respectable Tabloid
35838: KEELER, MARY FREAR, EDITOR - Sir Francis Drake's West Indian Voyage 1585-86. Series Ii, Volume 148
16483: KEEN, MARY - The Garden Border Book
35402: KEEN, SAM - Learning to Fly Trapeze - Reflections on Fear, Trust, and the Joy of Letting Go
29279: KEENAN, JOHN - Feel Free to Write a Guide for Business and Professional People
38330: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Flying Saucer Mystery Nancy Drew Mystery Stories
39395: KEENE, DONALD - Landscapes and Portraits Appreciations of Japanese Culture
39419: KEENE, DONALD - Some Japanese Portraits
1718: KEETON, KATHY - Woman of Tomorrow
41492: KEGAN, ROBERT & LISA LASKO - How the Way We Talk Can Change the Way We Work Seven Languages for Transformation
41068: KEGLEY, CHARLES W. , JR. & GREGORY A. RAYMOND - How Nations Make Peace
39594: KEHDE, KARL - Smarter Land Use Effective Techniques for Enhancing Proposed Projects. Better Neighborhoods. Less Sprawl. Fewer Lawsuits. With Cd.
39809: KEIG, NITA - Women's Liberation and the Socialist Revolution
14836: KEILLOR, GARRISON - Lake Wobegon Days
14837: KEILLOR, GARRISON - Lake Wobegon Days
14838: KEILLOR, GARRISON - We Are Still Married Stories and Letters.
27489: KEIMENOY - Greek Bible Stories Eikonotpaoihmenh
39591: KEITH, ARTHUR BERRIEDALE, TRANSLATOR - Rigveda Brahmanas the Aitareya and Kausitaki Brahmanas of the Rigveda
34189: KEITH, JOAN E, CHAIR, COOKBOOK COMMITTEE - Defense Mapping Agency Hydro/Topo Center, Providence Office, Civilian Welfare Fund Council Cookbook
38115: KEITNER, GABOR I. , M. D. , EDITOR - Depression and Families: Impact and Treatment
40094: KEIZER, MILTON, EDITED BY MARGO GARBER - Rhode Island Hunter Education Manual Student Edition
32912: KELEMAN, STANLEY - Bonding a Somatic-Emotional Approach to Transference
14141: KELEMEN, PAL - Baroque and Rococo in Latin America
42296: KELEN, EMERY - Peace in Their Time Men Who Led Us in and out of War, 1914-1945
41882: KELLAND, CLARENCE BUDINGTON - West of the Law
617: KELLER, DAVID NEAL - C. Paul Stocker, His Life and Legacy
40282: KELLER, GARY WITH DAVE JENKS & JAY PAPASAN - The Millionaire Real Estate Investor Anyone Can Do It - Not Everyone Will
32830: KELLER, CHARLES E. & TIMOTHY C. KELLER - Birds of Indianapolis a Guide to the Region
36232: KELLER, ALLAN - Scandalous Lady the Life and Times of Madame Restell, New York's Most Notorious Abortionist
9541: KELLER, WERNER - Und Die Bibel Hat Doch Recht, Forscher Beweisen Die Historische Wahrheit .
33304: KELLEY, ROBERT E. & O. M. BRACK, JR. - Samuel Johnson's Early Biographers
35128: KELLEY, DAVID L. - Kinesiology Fundamentals of Motion Description
7998: KELLEY, KITTY - The Royals .
12961: KELLEY, VIRGINIA WITH JAMES MORGAN - Leading with My Heart .
17740: KELLEY, VIRGINIA WITH JAMES MORGAN - Leading with My Heart .
42038: KELLEY, ROBIN D. G. - Thelonious Monk the Life and Times of an American Original
31389: KELLIN, SALLY MOFFET - A Book of Snails
32286: KELLNER, GEORGE H. & J. STANLEY LEMONS - Rhode Island the Independent State
34906: KELLNER, DOUGLAS - The Persian Gulf Tv War
39733: KELLNER, GEORGE H. & J. STANLEY LEMONS - Rhode Island the Independent State
40203: KELLOGG, GENE - The Vital Tradition the Catholic Novel in a Period of Convergence
4594: KELLY, AMY - Eleanor of Aquitaine and the Four Kings .
16614: KELLY, AMY - Eleanor of Aquitaine and the Four Kings
41864: KELLY, MARY PAT - "Good to Go" the Rescue of Scott O'grady from Bosnia
21791: KELLY, JOHN - The Wi Creative Gardening Series: Perennials
24942: KELLY, SUSAN - The Boston Stranglers the Public Conviction of Albert Desalvo and the True Story of Eleven Shocking Murders
24946: KELLY, ORR - Hornet, the Inside Story of the F/a-18
41169: KELLY, FRANCIS, ET AL - Victory in Christ Third of the Series: The Challenge of Christ
29103: KELLY, ROBERT - Finding the Measure
38832: KELLY, LIZ - The Seeker's Guide to the Rosary
33930: KELLY, THOMAS - Empire Rising Ten Audiocassettes, Csl 744
3653: KELMAN, CHARLES D. , M. D. - Cataracts: What You Must Know About Them .
33829: KELSEY, DAVID STONE - Kelsey's Rural Guide a Practical Handbook for the Farmer, Granger, Suburbanist, and All Town Folk Who Enjoy Outdoor Life and Hope for a Rural Home
41192: KELSO, LOUIS O. & PATRICIA HETTER - How to Turn Eighty Million Workers Into Capitalists on Borrowed Money
27603: KEMBLE, EDWIN C. - Physical Science, Its Structure and Development Volume 1, from Geometric Astronomy to the Mechanical Theory of Heat
34711: KEMMER, RICK - A Guide to Paddle Adventure How to Buy Canoes, Kayaks, and Inflatables, Where to Travel, and What to Pack Along
24674: KEMP, P. K. - Sailing - Volume I: Cruising; Volume Ii: Racing
38407: KEMP, ANTHONY - The Unknown Battle: Metz, 1944
35695: KEMP, PETER, EDITOR - History of the Royal Navy
38450: KEMPLER, GEORGE - A Self Guided Tour of the Rhode Island State House Including a Brief Background on the Founding of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
39668: KENDALL, ROBERT L. , EDITOR - Selected Coolwater Fishes of North America Proceedings of a Symposium Held in St. Paul, Minnesota March 7-9, 1978, Special Publication No. 11
21733: KENDALL, PARK - Gone with the Draft Love Letters of a Trainee
28668: KENDALL, SARITA - Ransom for a River Dolphin
42523: KENDRICK, V. BEN - Flight from Death and Other Missionary Stories
26888: KENDRICK, J. MICHAEL & DAVID R. VEERMAN, DEBBIE BIBLE, ET AL - E D G E : Every Day God Experience
36297: KENDZIA, THOMAS - Gathered in God's Name Christ the King Parish Membership Directory. 50th Anniversary: 1950-2000. 180 Old North Road, Kingston, Rhode Island.
27677: KENGOR, PAUL - God and George W. Bush a Spiritual Life
473: KENNAN, GEORGE F. - Memoirs 1925 - 1950
13024: KENNAN, GEORGE F. - Around the Cragged Hill, a Personal and Political Philosophy .
35943: KENNAN, GEORGE F. - The Nuclear Delusion Soviet-American Relations in the Atomic Age
35997: KENNEDY, HAZEL WADE - Bird's Eye View of Edgewood
472: KENNEDY, MOORHEAD - The Ayatollah in the Cathedral, Reflections of a Hostage
5554: KENNEDY, CAROLE - Psychic, Awakening the Power Within You .
6349: KENNEDY, EUGENE - Sexual Counseling .
13688: KENNEDY, LUDOVIC - Very Lovely People, a Personal Look at Some Americans Living Abroad
41669: KENNEDY, MOORHEAD - The Ayatollah in the Cathedral, Reflections of a Hostage
20851: KENNEDY, ROGER G. - Men on the Moving Frontier
34205: KENNEDY, MONTY - The Checkering and Carving of Gunstocks the Fourth Booklet of a Series on the Design and Assembly of Custom-Built Firearms
25757: KENNEDY, DANIELLE WITH WARREN JAMISON - How to List & Sell Real Estate. Cdrom Included. Executing New Basics for Higher Profits
26023: KENNEDY, GERALDINE - Hartmattan a Journey Across the Sahara
34719: KENNEDY, EDWARD M. - True Compass a Memoir
38691: KENNEDY, CLAUDIA J. & MALCOLM MCCONNELL - Generally Speaking a Memoir By the First Woman Promoted to Three-Star General in the United States Army
13928: KENNEDY, LUDOVIC, COMPILER - A Book of Railway Journeys
25586: KENNEDY, D. JAMES - Messiah Prophecies Fulfilled
38667: KENNEDY, JOHN W. - The Torch of the Testimony
38160: KENNEDY, EDWARD, EDITED BY THOMAS P. COLLINS, LOUIS M. SAVARY - A People of Compassion the Concerns of Edward Kennedy
39787: KENNEDY, WILLIAM - O Albany! Improbable City of Political Wizards, Fearless Ethnics, Spectacular Aristocrats, Splendid Nobodies, and Underrated Scoundrels
28068: KENNETH MACKSEY, IAN V. HOGG. - Tank Force, Allied Armor in World War Ii; Barrage, the Guns in Action; the Guns 1939-45 Ballantine's Illustrated History of World War Ii
31259: KENNEY, CHARLES C. - Riding the Runaway Horse the Rise and Decline of Wang Laboratories
14103: KENNY, ROBERT W. - Town and Gown in Wartime
33658: KENNY, HERBERT A. - Newspaper Row Journalism in the Pre-Television Era
33711: KENT, PETER & TARA CALISHAIN, CHRIS PIRILLO - Poor Richard's Guide to E-Commerce Geek-Free, Commonsense Advice for Doing Business on the Internet
23665: KENT, T. J. , JR. & HOLWAY R. JONES - The Urban General Plan with a Bibliographic Essay on the Urban General Plan
28464: KENT, GEORGE O. - Bismack and His Times
7868: KENT, ROBERT WARREN, LL. B. - The Fine Points of Real Estate Brokerage . 200 Money-Making Methods
38256: KENT, LOUISE ANDREWS - Country Mouse
32257: KENT, NORMAN WITH SUSAN E. MEYER, EDITOR - 100 Watercolor Techniques
36329: KENT, JOHN - William Temple Church, State and Society in Britain, 1880-1950
39945: KENT, WILLIAM, REVISED BY JOHN FREEMAN - London for Everyman with 48 Pages of Coloured Maps
31094: KENT, CHARLES FOSTER - The Shorter Bible. The Old Testament
29771: KENYON, KARL W. - The Sea Otter in the Eastern Pacific Ocean
40527: KEOGH, JAMES - Getting the Best Education for Your Child a Parent's Checklist
24696: KEPLER, ANGELA KAY - Sunny South Maui a Guide to Kihei, Wailea & Makena Including Kahoolawe
37397: KERASOTE, TED - Merle's Door Lessons from a Freethinking Dog
24653: KERBER, LINDA K. & ALICE KESSLER-HARRIS & KATHRYN KISH SKLAR, EDITORS - U.S. History As Women's History New Feminist Essays
42558: KERCHNER, RUSSELL M. & GEORGE F. CORCORAN - Alternating-Current Circuits Third Edition
38936: KERCHNER, CHARLES TAYLOR & JULIA E. KOPPICH, JOSEPH G. WEERES - United Mind Workers Unions and Teaching in the Knowledge Society
21204: KERFMANN, WOODROW - The Doberman Pinscher
42345: KERKHOVEN, R. M. - Morphological and Evolutionary Aspects of Neuropeptidergic Systems, with Particular Refefence to the Pond Snail Lymnaea Stagnalis
21192: KERN, FRANCIS G. - German Shepherd Dogs
34767: KERN, RUSSELL M. - S.U. R.E. - Fire Direct Response Marketing Generating Business-to-Busines S Sales Leads for Bottom-Line Success
42237: KERNAN, MICHAEL - First Due: Baltimore Baltimore City Fire Department
29833: KERNEN, ROBERT - Building Better Plots
9825: KERNER, FRED - Stress and Your Heart .
35489: KERNODLE, PORTIA B. - The Red Cross Nurse in Action 1882-1948
7543: KERR, WALTER - The Shabunin Affair, an Episode in the Life of Leo Tolstoy .
39922: KERR, JAMES W. - Illustrated Treasury of Rail Rapid Transit Systems and Cars of North America
42172: KERR, JEAN & SPENCER SMITH - Union Oyster House Cookbook Recipes and History from America's Oldest Restaurant
38889: KERTESS, KLAUS & ROBERT ROSENBLUM - Willem de Kooning an Exhibition of Paintings
40434: KESSELHEIM, ALAN S. - The Wilderness Paddler's Handbook
37636: KESSELRING, ALBRECHT, FIELD-MARSHAL - The Memoirs of Field-Marshal Kesselring with a New Foreword By Kenneth Macksey
35072: KESSLER, RONALD - Laura Bush an Intimate Portrait of the First Lady
1990: KESSLER, K. O. AND NORMAN CARLISLE - The Successful Inventor's Guide How to Devellop, Protect, and Sell Your Invention Profitably
40779: KESSLER, DAVID P. & ROBERT A. GREENKORN - Momentum, Heat, and Mass Transfer Fundamentals
35164: KESTER, DANE R. , ET AL, EDITORS - Wastes in the Ocean Volume 5: Deep-Sea Waste Disposal
29478: KESTING, JURGEN - Luciano Pavarotti the Myth of the Tenor
36887: KETCHUM, BOSTWICK H. & DANA R. KESTER, P. KILHO PARK, EDITORS - Ocean Dumping of Industrial Wastes Marine Science Volume 12
27878: KETCHUM, BOSTWICK H. - The Water's Edge Critical Problems of the Coastal Zone
28551: KETCHUM, BOSTWICK H. - The Water's Edge Critical Problems of the Coastal Zone
31454: KETCHUM, WILLIAM C. JR. - Boxes the Smithsonian Illustrated Library of Antiques
31455: KETCHUM, WILLIAM C. , JR. - Toys & Games the Smithsonian Illustrated Library of Antiques
14943: KEVIN, ROBERT - The Inverted Pyramid a Study in Christian Semitism
21406: KEW, RICHARD & ROGER J. WHITE - New Millennium, New Church Trends Shaping the Episcopal Church for the Twenty-First Century
27981: KEY, DAVID M. - The Creation and Re-Creation of Music a New Approach to Music Fundamentals
12138: KEYES, FRANCES PARKINSON - Steamboat Gothic .
30744: KEYES, LANGLEY CARLETON, JR. - The Rehabilitation Planning Game: A Study in the Diversity of Neighborhood
40890: KHACHATURIAN - Three Dances for Solo Piano from the "Maskerade" Waltz. Mazurka. Galop. Kalmus Piano Series 9493
32662: KHANDKER, SHAHIDUR R. & BAQUI KHALILY, ZAHED KHAN - Grameen Bank: Performance and Sustainability World Bank Discussion Papers , Paper Number 360
29187: KHAYAT, MARIE KARAM & MARGARET CLARK KEATINGE - Lebanon, Land of the Cedars Second Edition, Revised
31000: KHOURI, NOMA - Honor Lost Love and Death in Modern-Day Jordan
498: KHRUSHCHEV, NIKITA - Khrushchev Remembers
10366: KIDDER, TRACY - Among Schoolchildren .
6232: KIDDER, TRACY - Among Schoolchildren .
8860: KIDDER, TRACY - House .
4380: KIECHEL, WALTER, III - Office Hours . A Guide to the Managerial Life
6314: KIELAN-JAWOROWSKA, ZOFIA - Hunting for Dinosaurs .
41742: KIERAN, JOHN - Not Under Oath, Recollections and Reflections
12220: KIERAN, JOHN - An Introduction to Birds .
12223: KIERAN, JOHN - Footnotes on Nature .
12333: KIERAN, JOHN - An Introduction to Wild Flowers .
12224: KIERAN, JOHN - Footnotes on Nature .
37252: KIERAN, JOHN - John Kieran's Natural History of New York City . A Personal Report After Fifty Years of Study & Enjoyment of Wildlife Within the Boundaries of Greater New York
37251: KIERAN, JOHN - John Kieran's Natural History of New York City .
40129: KIERKEGAARD, SOREN EDITED BY HOWAD V. HONG AND EDNA H. HONG - Fear and Trembling. Repetition Kierkegaard's Writings, Vi
41019: KIERNAN, FRANCES - The Last Mrs. Astor a New York Story
18027: KIESS, HAROLD O. & DOUGLAS W. BLOOMQUIST - Psychological Research Methods a Conceptual Approach
35442: KIEV, ARI - The Courage to Live
25778: KIGHTLY, CHARLES - A Mirror of Medieval Wales Gerald of Wales and His Journey of 1188
35983: KILEY, DEBORAH SCALING & MEG NOONAN - Albatross the True Story of a Woman's Survival at Sea
11004: KILHAM, LAWRENCE - Never Enough of Nature .
35446: KILIAN, PAMELA - Barbara Bush a Biography
1235: LORD KILLANIN - My Ireland, a Personal Impression .
36882: KILLEN, PATRICIA O'CONNELL & JOHN DE BEER - The Art of Theological Reflection
33831: KILLILEA, ALFRED G. - The Politics of Being Mortal
16690: KILMAN, ED AND THEON WRIGHT - Hugh Roy Cullen a Story of American Opportunity
38744: KILPATRICK, WILLIAM A. - The Big Tax Lie, Taxes Aren't Destroying America - the Tax System Is .
18049: KILPATRICK, JAMES J. - The Foxes' Union and Other Stretchers, Tall Tales and Discursive Reminiscences of Happy Years in Scrabble, Virginia .
33309: KILPATRICK, JAMES J. - A Bestiary of Bridge
23172: KILPATRICK, JAMES J. - The Foxes' Union and Other Stretchers, Tall Tales and Discursive Reminiscences of Happy Years in Scrabble, Virginia .
41300: KILPATRICK, DAVID - Creative 35mm Photography How to Use Equipment and Techniques for More Exciting Pictures
1740: KILPATRICK, WILLIAM K. - Why Johnny Can't Tell Right from Wrong
40931: KIM, YONG CHOON, PH. D. - Oriental Thought an Introduction to the Philosophical and Religious Thought of Asia
39776: KIM, SOO YEON - Power and the Governance of Global Trade from the Gatt to the Wto
37751: KIM, YONG CHOON - The Ch'onndogyo Concept of Man an Essence of Korean Thought
27923: KIM, YONG CHOON - Oriental Thought an Introduction to the Philosophical and Religious Thought of Asia
31294: KIM, CHONG SUN, EDITOR - Taoism and Contemporary Issues
33919: KIMBALL, D. L. - I Remember Mamie
41997: KIMBALL, ARTHUR REED & WILLISTON WALKER, THEODORE SALISBURY WOOLSEY - Papers and Addresses of the Society of Colonial Wars in the State of Connecticut Together with Necrologies and Two Unpublished Diaries of Service in the Old French War, Formng Volume I of the Proceedings of the Society
32276: KIMBLE, GEORGE H. T. - Our American Weather
24331: KIMBRELL, JAMES, EDITED BY CHERI KIMBRELL - Barbra, an Actress Who Sings, Vol. Ii, the Early Years Unauthorized Biography of Barbra Streisand
14186: KIMBROUGH, EMILY - Forty Plus and Fancy Free
30575: KIMELDORF, HOWARD - Battling for American Labor Wobblies, Craft Workers, and the Making of the Union Movement
28739: KIMMEL, WAYNE A. - Need, Demand, and Problem Assessment for Substance Abuse Services. Technical Assistance Publication (Tap) Series 3.
30947: KIMMERLY, JANET, EDITOR - Wnyf with New York Firefighters 3rd/2008
22232: KINAHAN, SONIA - The Overlook Guide to Winter Gardens
5476: KINDERLEHRER, JANE - The Art of Cooking with Love and Wheat Germ (and Other Natural Foods) .
28220: KINDLER, HEDWIG - Puppen Und Tiere Aus Wolle Und Stoff Vergnugliche Basteleien Fur Gorsseund Kleine Leute
37962: KING, JONATHAN & JIM STOTT, KATHY GUNST - Stonewall Kitchen Favorites Delicious Recipes to Share with Family and Friends Every Day
42354: KING, IRVING H. - The Coast Guard Under Sail the U.S. Revenue Cutter Service 1789-1865

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