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41832: CHOMSKY, NOAM - Reflections on Language
40960: CHOMSKY, NOAM, EDITED BY C. P. OTERO - Language and Politics Expanded Second Edition
17144: CHOPRA, DEEPAK - The Way of the Wizard
7005: CHOPRA, DEEPAK, M. LD. - Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, the Quantum Alternative to Growing Old .
31746: CHOQUETTE, C. A. & CHRISTIAN GAUSS - A Short History of French Literature a Translation of Daniel Mornet's Histoire de la Litterature Et de la Pensee Francaises
102: CHOTZINOFF, SAMUEL - Toscanini an Intimate Portrait
28364: CHOTZINOFF, SAMUEL - Toscanini an Intimate Portrait
42224: CHRIMES, S. B. - Lancastrians Yorkists and Henry Vii
18093: CHRISOPHER, MILBOURNE - Esp, Seers & Psychics
40511: WOMEN'S FELLOWSHIP OF THE FOUR CORNERS COMMUNITY CHAPEL UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST - Thank Heaven for Home Made Cooks Yummy Recipes. A Book of Favorite Recipes
39309: CHRISTENSEN, TIFFANY - Sick Girl Speaks Lessons and Ponderings Along the Road to Acceptance
40748: CHRISTENSEN, CLAYTON M. & JEROME H. GROSSMAN, JASON HWANG - The Innovator's Prescription a Disruptive Solution for Health Care
24103: CHRISTIAN, DAVID AND WILLIAM HOFFER - Victor Six, the Saga of America's Youngest, Most Decorated Officer in Vietnam .
29670: CHRISTIAN, C. W. - Makers of the Modern Theological Mind: Friedrich Schleiermacher
38165: CHRISTIE'S - Christie's Impressionist and Modern Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture (Part I) Tuesday, 30 April 1996
34301: CHRISTOPHER, DAVID L. - Winning at the Track Revised and Updated
36348: CHRISTOPHER, WARREN - Chances of a Lifetime a Memoir
36902: CHUBB, PERCY, 2ND - Who Hath Desired the Sea? a Compilation of Journals
38106: CHUEN, MASTER LAM KAM - The Personal Feng Shui Manual How to Develop a Healthy and Harmonious Lifestyle
11662: CHUJOY, ANATOLE - The Dance Encyclopedia .
627: CHUNG-CHENG, CHOW - The Lotus Pool
36588: CHURCH, W. H. - Many Happy Returns the Lives of Edgar Cayce
9807: CHURCH, F. FORRESTER - The Seven Deadly Virtues, a Guide to Purgatory for Aetheists and True Believers . .
24958: CHURCH, JIM & CATHY CHURCH - The Nikonos Handbook
29201: CHURCH, AUSTIN H. - Guillet's Kinematics of Machines Fifth Edition
33045: WOMEN'S FELLOWSHIP OF THE KINGSTON CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH - The Pot Boils Kingston Kraft Kooks Presents More Favorite Recipes
36957: JAMESTOWN NAZARENE CHURCH - A Taste of Heaven a Collection of Recipes By Jamestown Nazarene Church, Jamestown, Ky
40021: CHURCH, JOHN A. - Descendants of Richard Church of Plymouth, Mass.
32512: CHURCH, F. FORRESTER - The Devil & Dr. Church a Guide to Hell for Atheists and True Believers
36263: CHURCH, AUSTIN H. - Elementary Mechanical Vibrations
42079: CHURCH, FERMOR & PEGGY POND CHURCH - When Los Alamos Was a Ranch School
40733: WOMEN OF BISHOP SEABURY CHURCH - Bishop Seabury Church Cook Book
41232: CHURCHHILL, WINSTON S. - Great Contemporaries
37254: CHURCHILL, WINSTON EDITED BY DAVID CANNADINE - Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat the Speeches of Winston Churchill
135: CHURCHILL, PEREGRINE & JULIAN MITCHELL - Jennie, Lady Randolph Chruchill, a Portrait with Letters
10042: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - Their Finest Hour, Vol. 2, the Second World War .
10040: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - The Grand Alliance, Vol. 3 of the Second World War
17994: CHURCHILL, RANDOLPH S. & HELMUT GERNSHEIM - Churchill His Life in Photographs
35329: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - Closing the Ring Volume 5, the Second World War
25237: CHURCHILL, WINSTON - La Deuxieme Guerre Mondiale, Tome Premier L'orange Approache D'une Guerre a L'autre 1919-1939
16331: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. EDITED BY F. W. HEATH - Great Destiny Sixty Years of the Memorable Events in the Life of the Man of the Century Recounted in His Own Incomparable Words
3217: CHURCHILL, ALLEN - The Literacy Decade .
41681: CHURCHILL, JAN - On Wings to War Teresa James, Aviator
40152: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - The Second World War, Complete in Six Volumes the Gathering Storm, Their Finest Hour, the Grand Alliance, the Hinge of Fate, Closing the Ring, and Triumph and Tragedy
34197: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. , COMPILED BY CHARLES EADE - The Unrelenting Struggle War Speeches By the Right Hon. Winston S. Churchill , C.H. , M.P.
40073: CHURCHILL, RANDOLPH S. - Winston S. Churchill, Volume I, Youth 1874-1900
33603: CHURSINA, IRINA - Saint-Petersburg Peterhof. Tsarskoye Selo. Pavlovsk
30177: CHUTE, MARCHETTE - The First Liberty a History of the Right to Vote in Americxa, 1619-1850
42180: CIANO, GALEAZZO EDITED BY HUGH GIBSON - The Ciano Diaries 1939 - 1943 the Complete, Unabridged Diaries of Count Galeazzo Ciano, Italian Minister for Foreign Affairs, 1936-1943
29866: CICERO, MARCUS TULLIUS & C. D. YONGE - Select Orations of Marcus Tullius Cicero Literally Translated By C.D. Yonge
32587: CICERO - Select Orations of Cicero. Teachers' Parallel Text Translations the Four Orations Against Catiline, the Oration for the Poet Archias, and the Oration in Favor of the Manilian Law
28028: CICIRELLI, VICTOR G. - Helping Elderly Parents the Role of Adult Children
38230: CIOCHON, RUSSELL & JOHN OLSEN, JAMIE JAMES - Other Origins the Search for the Giant Ape in Human Prehistory
10305: FAMILY CIRCLE - Christmas Treasury 1988 .
10303: FAMILY CIRCLE - Christmas Treasury 1990 .
10304: FAMILY CIRCLE - Christmas Treasury 1989 .
15113: CISNEROS, HENRY G. , EDITOR - Interwoven Destinies Cities and the Nation
18865: CITRO, JOSEPH A. - Passing Strange True Tales of New England Hauntings and Horrors
3059: CLAIBORNE, CRAIG - Craig Claiborne's Favorites from the New York Times, Series Ii .
8288: CLAIN-STEFANELLI, ELVIRA AND VLADIMIR CLAIN-STEFANELLI - The Beauty and Lore of Coins, Currency and Medals .
32350: CLAIN-STEFANELLI, ELVIRA AND VLADIMIR CLAIN-STEFANELLI - Chartered for Progress Two Centuries of American Banking, a Pictorial Essay
30544: CLANCY, TOM - Clear and Present Danger, Audio Cassettes
35655: CLARK, WILLIAM S. - The Fiftieth Anniversary Edition, Roger Tory Peterson Hawks of North America Collector's Lifetime Edition Bound in Genuine Leather
1171: CLARK, JUNE VENDALL - Starlings Laughing, a Memoir of Africa
5412: CLARK, DAVID H. - The Cosmos from Space .
13129: CLARK, JAMES F. AND WILLIAM O. DRUM - Structured Basic with Study Guides and Problems .
10951: CLARK, ROY WITH MARC ELIOT - My Life, in Spite of Myself!
41234: CLARK, RONALD W. - The Huxleys .
41548: CLARK, KIM B. & STEVEN C. WHEELWRIGHT - The Product Development Challenge Competing Through Speed, Quality, and Creativity
42412: CLARK, WALTER - Photography By Infrared Its Principles and Applications. Second Edition
26463: CLARK, WILLIAM R. & MICHAEL GRUNSTEIN - Are We Hardwired? the Role of Genes in Human Behavior
26622: CLARK, MARY HIGGINS - Moonlight Becomes You . Audio Cassettes
28247: CLARK, ROBERT E. & JOANNE BRUBAKER & ROY B. ZUCK - Childhood Education in the Church Revised and Expanded
28672: CLARK, WESLEY K. , GENERAL - Waging Modern War Bosnia, Kosovo, and the Future of Combat
28902: CLARK, DAVID RIDGLEY - Lyric Resonance Glosses on Some Poems of Yeats, Frost, Crane, Cummings and Others
30092: CLARK, MARY HIGGING . - Biological and Health Sciences Report of the Project 2061 Phase I Biological and Health Sciences Panel
36790: COATS & CLARK - Pillows for Beginners Seams Sew Easy
30340: CLARK, KENNETH - Practical Pottery and Ceramics
31290: CLARK, WILLIAM BELL, EDITOR - Naval Documents of the American Revolution, Volume 2 American Theatre: Sept. 3, 1775-Oct. 31, 1775. European Theatre: Aug. 11, 1775-Oct. 31, 1775. American Theatre: Nov. 1, 1775-Dec. 7, 1775
34805: CLARK, EDIE ET AL - At Home in New England
29700: CLARK, GORDON HADDON - In Defense of Theology
40796: CLARK, WILLIAM ELLERY - The 1966 Terrapin Volume 65 Footprints of a University
39741: CLARK, EDIE ET AL - A View from Mary's Farm a Collection of Essay from Yankee Magazine's Beloved Writer
34555: CLARK, RON - The Essential 55 an Award-Winning Educator's Rules for Discovering the Successful Student in Every Child
27478: CLARK, LEONARD - Mr. Pettigrew's Train
36118: CLARK, BRUCE - Tales of Maritime Maine the Vanished Years of the Maine Coast Brought to Life in Three Absorbing Tales
39878: CLARK, GORDON H. - William James and John Dewey Second Edition
10706: CLARKE, ARTHUR C. - Arthur C. Clarke's July 20, 2019, Life in the 21st Century .
11666: CLARKE, MARY - The Sadler's Wells Ballet, a History and Appreciation .
33595: CLARKE, ARTHUR C. - Imperial Earth
634: CLARKE, GERALD - Capote, a Biography
15977: CLARKE, J. HAROLD - Getting Started with Rhododendrons and Azaleas .
9981: CLARKE, J. HAROLD - Getting Started with Rhododendrons and Azaleas .
7932: CLARKE, ARTHUR C. AND GREGORY BENFORD - Beyond the Fall of Night . -
23632: CLARKE, MARY & CLEMENT CRISP - Understanding Ballet
5260: CLARKE, ARTHUR C. - 1984: Spring, a Choice of Futures .
29515: CLARKE, ROD - Carved in Stone a History of the Barre Granite Industry
11667: CLARKE, MARY - The Sadler's Wells Ballet, a History and an Appreciation .
32115: CLARKE, PETER & SUSAN H. EVANS - Covering Campaigns Journalism in Congressional Elections
41036: CLARKE, BOWMAN L. & EUGENE T. LONG, EDITORS - God : The Contemporary Discussion Series God and Temporality
38113: CLARKIN, JOHN F. & GRETCHEN L. HASS, IRA D. GLICK, EDITORS - Affective Disorders and the Family Assessment and Treatment
40064: CLASSON, FRANK - Surface Mount Technology for Concurrent Engineering and Manufacturing
38738: CLAUSEN, LARS - One Wheel. Many Spokes Usa By Unicycle
35438: CLAWSON, MARION, EDITOR - Modernizing Urban Land Policy Papers Presented at an Rff Forum Held in Washington, D.C. , 13-14 April 1972
36200: CLAY, C. S. - Effect of a Slightly Irregular Boundary on the Coherence of Waveguide Propagation.
36193: CLAY, C. S. - Propagation of Band-Limited Noise in a Layered Wave Guide
36209: CLAY, C. S. - Array Steering in a Layered Waveguide
39631: CLAYTON, JOHN - New Hampshire War and Peace
42283: CLAYTON, LAURALEE & WARNER P. LORD WITH STEPHEN P. ELLIOTT, EDITOR - Madison: Three Hundred Years By the Sea Farmers and Fishermen; Sailors and Summer Folk, Madison, Connecticut
29806: CLAYTON, GERALD - Looking and Cooking in Provence
32409: CLAYTON, KEITH - The Crust of the Earth the Story of Geology
38387: CLELAND, JAMES T. - Preaching to Be Understood
15597: CLEMENS, SAMUEL L. - The Jumping Frog and Other Stories and Sketches
27901: CLEMENS, W. A. & G. V. WILBY - Fishes of the Pacific Coast of Canada Bulletin No. 68, Second Editiion
28348: CLEMENT, GILL - Jewelry Making
30838: CLEMENTS, WILLIAM M. , EDITOR - Ministry with the Aging Designs, Challenges, Foundations
5646: CLERKIN, MAUREEN, EDITOR - World Encyclopedia of Horses .
33717: O'CLERY, HELEN, COMPILER - The Ireland Reader
35301: CLERY, VAL - Windows a Feast for the Eye and the Imagination
34493: VAN CLEVE, SPIKE - 40 Years' Gatherin's
12651: CLEVELAND, REGINALD M. AND S. T. WILLIAMSON - The Road Is Yours, the Story of the Automobile and the Men Behind It .
34720: CLICK, JAMES, ET AL, EDITED BY JONAH KERI - Baseball between the Numbers Why Everything You Know About the Game Is Wrong
37841: CLIFFORD, KAREN - Becoming an Accredited Genealogist Plus 100 Tips to Ensure Your Success
42374: CLIFFORD, MARY LOUISE & J. CANDACE CLIFFORD - Women Who Kept the Lights an Illustrated History of Female Lighthouse Keepers
27114: CLIFFORD, JAMES L. - Young Sam Johnson
29745: CLIFT, JOHN R. - The Alienation Box
4831: CLINCH, NANCY GAGER . - The Kennedy Neurosis, a Psychological Portrait of an American Dynasty .
40045: CLINGMAN, ARTHURLINE & JEAN BANKER, JUDY MCINNIS & JOHN SHAW - Chappell Hill Historical Society Silver Anniversary Cookbook
40746: CLINTON, CATHERINE - Mrs. Lincoln a Life
41842: CLINTON, BILL - Back to Work Why We Need Smart Government for a Strong Economy
17047: CLOUSER, JOHN WILLIAN & DAVE FISHER - The Most Wanted Man in America the Florida Fox
18884: CLOUTIER, JAMES - This Day in Oregon Daybook of Oregon History Featuring Hugh Wetshoe
36734: CLOUTIER, JAMES - The Best of Orygun Or, Learning How to Say 'oregon' So Everyone Won't Think You're from New Jersey
4865: NORTH AMERICAN FISHING CLUB - Find Fish Anywhere, Anytime
41629: CULROSS COPPER CLUB - The Third Culross Community Cook Book
25732: WESTERLY YACHT CLUB - Treasures from the Land & Sea
42232: YE KINGS TOWNE GARDEN CLUB - A Book of Favoite Recipes Compiled By Ye Kings Towne Garden Club in Commemoration of Its Fiftieth Anniversary (1934-1984)
33596: SOUTH KINGSTOWN HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC BOOSTER CLUB - A Book of Favorite Recipes. S.K. Cooks: Favoite Recipes from the South Kingstown High School Family
42550: RHODE ISLAND FEDERATION OF GARDEN CLUBS - From the Garden to the Hearth
26259: CLUTTERBUCK, RICHARD - Living with Terrorism
36534: EDITORS OF EASTMAN KODAK CO. - More Joy of Photography 100 Techniques for More Creative Photographs
13074: LINCOLN ELECTRIC CO. - Procedure Handbook of Arc Welding Design and Practice, Sixth Edition 1940 .
41064: SANGAMO ELECTRIC CO. - Instruction Manual Alternating Current Watthour Meters. Second Edition
31706: WILCOX ELECTRIC CO. - Instruction Book for Receiver F3 Equipment Covered By This Instruction Book Was Manufactured By Communications Equipment Corp.
41418: SIMPLEX WIRE & CABLE CO. - The Simplex Manual Containing Tables and Data for Electrical Engineers, Contractors and Wiremen
8888: TIFFANY & CO. / - Tiffany Table Settings .
29063: COAD, PETER & EDWARD YOURDON - Object-Oriented Design
29074: COAD, PETER & EDWARD YOURDON - Object-Oriented Analysis Second Edition
31244: COAKLEY, MARY LEWIS - Mister Music Maker, Lawrence Welk
41802: COALE, SAMUEL C. & ELLEN M. GOWER - Agawam Hunt: The First Hundred Years 1897 - 1997
42269: COALE, SAM, EDITOR - Adrian Hall: The Man, the Muse, and the Moments at Trinity Rep
19708: COATES, JOSEPH F. & JOHN B. MAHAFFIE & ANDY HINES - 2025 Scenarios of Us and Global Society Reshaped By Science and Technology
38434: COATES, KEN & ANTHONY TOPHAM - Shop Stewards and Workers' Control Being Volume Two of Industrial Democracy in Great Britain. A Book of Readings and Witnesses for Workers' Control
26025: COBB, IRVIN S. - Exit Laughing
12419: COBB, IRVIN S. - Exit Laughing .
14818: COBB, IRVIN S. - Many Laughs for Many Days Another Year's Supply (365) of His Favorite Stories
20408: COBB, IRVIN S. - Roll Call
38090: COBB, KIRKPATRICK - Ike's Old Sarge the Story of Ike's Old Sarge As He Was Known to Press and Radio.
2729: COBB, IRVIN S. - A Laugh a Day Keeps the Doctor Away .
30660: COBB, IRVIN S. - Many Laughs for Many Days Another Year's Supply (365) of His Favorite Stories
31150: COBB, IRVIN S. - Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!
35992: COBB, P. , COMMANDER, EDITOR - H.M. S. Dreadnought the First Five Years
6727: COBB, HUBBARD AND BETSY COBB - Vacation Houses , What You Should Know Before You Buy Or Build . .
35895: COBB, J. STANLEY & KATHLEEN M. CASTRO - Shell Disease in Lobsters: A Synthesis
38363: COBB, IRVIN S. - Local Color
5388: COBLEIGH, IRA H. & BRUCE K. DORFMAN - The Dowbeaters, How to Buy Stockes That Go Up .
27913: COCHE, A. G. - Fao Training Series 6: Simple Methods for Aquaculture Soil and Freshwater Fish Culture
25256: COCHRAN, LESLIE H. - Publish Or Perish: The Wrong Issue Agendas, Alternatives, Applications, Actions
37952: COCHRAN, BERT, EDITOR - American Labor in Mid Passage
39934: COCKBURN, ALEXANDER - Corruptions of Empire Life Studies & the Reagan Era
39342: COCKBURN, ALISTAIR - Crystal Clear a Human-Powered Methodology for Small Teams.
4778: COCKSHUT, A. O. J. . - Man & Woman, a Study of Love and the Novel 1740-1940 .
25100: COCQUYT, KATHRYN - Little Freddie's Legacy
25645: CODDINGTON, DEAN C. & DAVID J. KEEN & KEITH D. MOORE & RICHARD L. CLARKE - The Crisis in Health Care Costs, Choices, and Strategies
23848: CODDINGTON, DEAN C. & DAVID J. KEEN & KEITH D. MOORE & RICHARD L. CLARKE - The Crisis in Health Care Costs, Choices, and Strategies
41327: CODEVILLA, ANGELO M. - Between the Alps and a Hard Place Switzerland in World War Ii and Moral Blackmail Today
36991: CODLING, DAVID & GREGORY COURTNEY, EDITORS - Jamieson's Shetland Knitting Book 2 21 Handknitting Designs in Pure Shetland Wool
38084: COFFEE, GERALD - Beyond Survival Building on the Hard Times - a Pow's Inspiring Story
12158: COFFEY, DAVID J. - Cats .
2939: COFFIN, PATRICIA - Nantucket .
32278: COFFIN, ROBERT P. TRISTRAM - Apples By Ocean
35283: COFFIN, BOBBIE - Rider Or Horseman ?
8113: COGNIAT, RAYMOND - Renoir .
25769: COHAN, BARBARA - The Christmas Revolution
15772: COHANE, TIM - Bypaths of Glory a Sportswriter Looks Back
39559: COHEN, BARRY M. & CAROL THAYER COX - Telling without Talking Art As a Window Into the World of Multiple Personality
37413: COHEN, BERNARD H. - Models and Methods of Bilingual Education
39481: COHEN, STAN - 8. 6 the Great Alaska Earthquake March 27, 1964
39515: COHEN, ALAN, EDITED BY JILL KARMER - A Deep Breath of Life Daily Inspiration for Heart-Centered Living
33844: COHEN, BARBARA & LOUISE TAYLOR - Horses and Their Women
11673: COHEN, SELMA JEANNE, EDITOR - The Modern Dance, Seven Statements of Belief .
20098: COHEN, DANIEL - The Ancient Visitors
8391: COHEN, RICHARD M. AND JULES WITCOVER . - A Heartbeat Away, the Investigation & Resignation of Vice President Spiro T. Agnew .
42163: COHEN-SOLAL, ANNIE - Painting American the Rise of American Artists, Paris 1867 - New York 1948
26092: COHEN, RICHARD E. - Rostenkowski the Pursuit of Power and the End of the Old Politics
26859: COHEN, ALLEN C. - Marketing Textiles: From Fiber to Retail
29804: COHEN, SACHA - The Practical Encyclopedia of Paint Recipes, Paint Effects, and Special Finishes, Updated Edition the Ultimate Souce Book for Creating Beautiful, Easy-to-Achieve Interiors
30326: COHEN, DONNA & CARL EISDORFER - The Loss of Self, Revised and Updated Edition a Family Resource for the Care of Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders
31211: COHEN, PAUL R. & EDWARD A. FEIGENBAUM - The Handbook of Artificial Intelligence Volume 3
40982: COHEN, RICHARD - Israel Is It Good for the Jews?
40170: COHEN, ANDREW - A Deal Undone the Making and Breaking of the Meech Lake Accord
9722: COHEN, ROGER AND CLAUDIO GATTI - In the Eye of the Storm, the Life of General H. Norman Schwarzkopf .
9853: COHEN, WILLIAM S. AND GEORGE J. MITCHELL - Men of Zeal, a Candid Inside Story of the Iran-Contra Hearings .
30806: COHEN, LENORE - Passover to Freedom
32064: COHEN, WARREN I. , EDITOR - Intervention, 1917 Why America Fought
33013: COHEN, WILLIAM S. AND GEORGE J. MITCHELL - Of Sons and Seasons Poems By William S. Cohen
3152: COHEN, WILLIAM A. - Building a Mail Order Business . Second Edition a Complete Manual for Success
35467: COHEN, STAN - Borglum's Mountain a Pictorial History of the Mount Rushmore Memorial
8828: COHN, PETER F. AND JOAN K. COHN - Heart Talk, Preventing and Coping with Silent and Painful Heart Disease .
27331: COHON, J. DONALD & MOIRA LUCEY & MICHAEL PAUL & JOAN LEMARBRE PENNING WITH MICHAEL PAUL, EDITOR - Primary Prevention and the Promotion of Mental Health in the Esl Classroom, a Handbook for Teachers Preventive Mental Health in the Esl Classroom
34611: COILE, D. CAROLINE - The Jack Russell Terrier Handbook
131: COIT, MARGARET L. - Mr. Baruch
19860: COL, NANANDA FRANCETTE, M.D. - A Woman Doctor's Guide to Hormone Therapy How to Choose What's Right for You
39324: COLANERI , JOHN & VINCENT LUCIANI, REVISED BY MARCEL DANESI - Barron's Foreign Language Guides. 501 Italian Verbs. Third Edition. Fully Conjugated in All the Tenses in an Easy-to-Learn Format Alphabeticall Y Arranged. With Cd-Rom.
2860: COLBERT, EDWIN H. - Evolution of the Vertebrates, Second Edition
39555: COLBERT, EDWIN H. - Fossils of the Connecticut Valley the Age of Dinosaurs Begins (Revised Edition) . Bulletin No. 96
35513: COLBY, JEAN POINDEXTER - Mystic Seaport the Age of Sail
10552: COLE, MARTHA L. AND JACK T. COLE - Effective Intervention with the Language Impaired Child .
40605: COLE, JOHN N. - Striper a Story of Fish and Man
28338: COLE, WILLIAM GRAHAM - Sex and Love in the Bible
7008: COLE, LUELLA - The Psychology of Adolescence .
5384: COLE-WHITTAKER, TERRY - The Inner Path from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be, a Spiritual Odyssey .
26364: COLE, MARGARET - Beatrice Webb
32431: COLE, FRANKLIN P. , COMPILER - Prayers Broadcast By the First Radio Parish Church of America on the Maine Broadcasting System
34597: COLE, H. S. D. , ET AL, EDITORS - Models of Doom a Critique of the Limits to Growth
30681: COLE, THOMAS R. & SALLY GADOW, EDITORS - What Does It Mean to Grow Old? Reflections from the Humanities
41878: COLE, MARGARET - Growing Up Into Revolution Reminiscences of Margaret Cole
30789: COLE, ROBERT E. - Japanese Blue Collar the Changing Tradition
20827: COLE, ANN KILBORN - Antiques How to Identify, Buy, Sell, Refinish, and Care for Them
35412: COLEMAN, TIM - To Catch a Bass
38290: COLEMAN, TIM, COMPILER - Offshore Fishing Reprints from the Fisherman
40508: COLEMAN, TIM - Bass from the Beach Volume Ii
29314: COLEMAN, JAMES, EDITOR - Connecticut Women Writers the Red Fox Review Vol. Ii No. 1 Fall 1984
36216: COLEMAN, REED FARREL - The James Deans a Moe Prager Mystery
14681: COLEMAN, VERNON - Life without Tranquillisers
2781: COLERIDGE, NICHOLAS - The Fashion Conspiracy .
1170: COLES, K. ADLARD - Heavy Weather Sailing .
18432: COLES, K. ADLARD - Heavy Weather Sailing .
21991: COLES, GERALD - The Learning Mystique a Critical Look at "Learning Disabilities"
42060: COLES, WILLIAM A. - East Meets West American Impressionism Fleischer Museum
26156: COLES, K. ADLARD - Heavy Weather Sailing . Revised and Enlarged Edition
37873: COLES, JOAN & CLARENCE COLES - Johnson/Evinrude Outboards 1973-91 Repair Manual 60-235 Horsepower. 3-Cylinder, V4 and V6, 2-Stroke Models. Includes Jet Drives
2666: COLES, GERALD - The Larning Mystique .
37719: COLES, ROBERT - The Political Life of Children
18958: COLES, ROBERT, EDITED BY MARGARET SARTOR - Their Eyes Meeting the World the Drawings and Paintings of Children
22143: COLET, JOHN & JOSHUA ELIOT - Vietnam Handbook
30667: COLETTE - The Thousand and One Mornings
33242: COLETTE - Claudine at School
39246: COLFORD, PAUL D. - Howard Stern King of All Media, the Unauthorized Biography
28646: COLIN, DIDIER - Dictionary of Dreams, Interpretation and Underestanding 3500 Interpretation S to Understand the True Meaning of Your Dreams
32188: COLLAR, N. J. , ET AL - Threatened Birds of the Americas, Third Edition, Part 2 the Icbp/Iucn Red Data Book
34239: THE CO-OP HANDBOOK COLLECTIVE - The Food Co-Op Handbook How to Bypass Supermarkets to Control the Quality and Price of Your Food
36161: FELLOWS OF HARVARD COLLEGE - Harvard College Class of 1949 Twentieth Anniversary Report
36160: FELLOWS OF HARVARD COLLEGE - Harvard College Class of 1949 Fifteenth Anniversary Report
38589: RHODE ISLAND COLLEGE - Rhode Island College Alumni Directory - 2004 Sesquicentennial 1854-2004
39130: RHODE ISLAND JUNIOR COLLEGE - Creation 1971 Yearbook of the Rhode Island Junior College
130: COLLIER, PETER AND DAVID HOROWITZ - The Roosevelts, an American Saga
5984: COLLIER, PETER . - The Fondas, a Hollywood Dynasty .
16821: COLLIER, RICHARD - Duce! a Biography of Benito Mussolini
37572: COLLIER, PETER & DAVID HOROWITZ - The Kennedys an American Drama
33496: COLLIER, RICHARD - Eagle Day. The Battle of Britain. New Edition August 6 - September 15 1940
42433: COLLIER, JAMES LINCOLN - Benny Goodman and the Swing Era
36723: COLLINGE, WILLIAM, PH. D. - Subtle Energy Awakening to the Unseen Forces in Our Lives
29388: COLLINGWOOD, JANE - Get Fit Stress Management
34068: COLLINS, WILKIE - Four Books: Armadale. The Dead Secret. Man and Wife. A Rogue's Life.
40062: COLLINS, ROY & SUSAN CLEMENTS - Medicinal Wild Plants of Rhode Island
25136: COLLINS, L. A. - Collecting Books in New England an Introduction for the Beginning Collector and the Home Library Builder, with Directories of Used Book Shops and Annual Used Book Sales
7156: COLLINS, JOAN - Second Act, an Autobiography .
16239: COLLINS, LARRY R. AND JAMES K. PAGE, JR. - Ling-Ling and Hsing-Hsing Year of the Panda
5787: COLLINS, PAT - How to Be a Really Nice Person Doing the Right Thing - Your Way .
5278: COLLINS, JOAN - My Secrets .
37863: COLLINS, JACKIE & TAYLOR CALDWELL, COLLEEN MCCULLOUGH - Three Novels in German: Lucky Boss. Die Gesellschaft Im Blizzard. Dornenvogel.
7010: COLLINS, JOAN - My Secrets .
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39019: CRAIG, JEAN - Between Hello and Goodbye a Life-Affirming Story of Courage in the Face of Tragedy
26395: CRAIG, JENNY - Lifestyle Counseling Program Sixteen Audio Cassettes
34999: CRAIG, JAMES V. - Domestic Animal Behavior Causes and Implications for Animal Care and Management
36916: CRAIG, ELEANOR - One, Two, Three the Story of Matt, a Feral Child
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40868: CRAMER, JIM WITH CLIFF MASON - Jim Cramer's Stay Mad for Life Get Rich, Stay Rich (Make Your Kids Even Richer)
35211: CRANDELL, STEVEN - Silver Tongue Secrets of Mr. Santa Barbara
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11684: CRAWFORD, CAROLINE - Folk Dances and Games .
38699: CRAWFORD, PATRICIA - The Homesteading Recipe Book
36808: CRAWFORD, DEBORAH - Pepper! the Story of a Parakeet
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16228: CRAWLEY, AIDAN - De Gaulle a Biography
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33483: CREASEY, JOHN - The Masters of Bow Street
12161: CREATON, DAVID - The Beasts of My Fields, the Happy and Hilarious Memoirs of an Animal Farmer .
16644: CREATURO, BARBARA - Courage the Testimony of a Cancer Patient
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38959: CREMER, JAN - Jan Cremer Writes Again
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33074: CRENSHAW, BEN - A Feel for the Game to Brookline and Back
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30505: CREVIER, DANIEL - Ai the Tumultuous History of the Search for Artificial Intelligence
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36481: CROCKETT, MARILYN & DIANE TERMAN FELENSTEIN WITH DALE BURG - The Money Club How We Taught Ourselves the Secret to a Secure Financial Future - and How You Can, Too
37858: CROLIUS, PETER C. , EDITOR - The Rhode Island Scene
38882: CROLIUS, PETER C. , EDITOR - A Wickford Anthology
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14236: CROSLAND, MARGARET - Ballet Carnival, a Companion to Ballet
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1678: CRYTSER, ANN - The Wife-in-Law Trap
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40377: DA SILVA, LADIS - An Island Kingdom
42251: DABNEY, VIGINIUS - Richmond the Story of a City
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35954: DAHL, DEL - The Complete Poodle
23136: DAHL, CURTIS - Robert Montgomery Bird
34236: DAHRENDORF, RALF - Reflections on the Revolution in Europe in a Letter Intended to Have Been Sent to a Gentleman in Warsaw
8120: DAIGH, RALPH - Maybe You Should Write a Book .
14636: DAIGH, RALPH - Maybe You Should Write a Book .
39757: DAIGNAULT, FRANK - Striper Hot Spots the 100 Top Surfcasting Locations from New Jersey to Maine. Second Edition
26535: DAIMENT, CAROL, EDITOR - Jewish Marital Status a Hadassah Study
26121: DALE, ALZINA STONE - Maker and Craftsman the Story of Dorothy L. Sayers
42147: DALEY, ROBERT - Prince of the City . The True Story of a Cop Who Knew Too Much
42146: DALEY, ROBERT - Prince of the City . The True Story of a Cop Who Knew Too Much
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38385: DALLBY, ANDREW - Dangerous Tastes the Story of Spices
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20421: DALRYMPLE, BYRON - Fishing for Fun
21675: DALRYMPLE, BYRON W. - How to Rig and Fish Natural Baits
30290: DALRYMPLE, LEONA - Uncle Noah's Christmas Inspiration
32145: DALRYMPLE, LEONA - In the Heart of the Christmas Pines
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19112: DALY, MAUREEN - The Ginger Horse
36307: DAMJAN, MISCHA & RALPH STEADMAN - The False Flamingoes
786: VON DAMM, HELENE - At Reagan's Side
33681: VON DAMM, HELENE - At Reagan's Side Twenty Years in the Political Mainstream
36787: VON DAMM, HELENE - At Reagan's Side Twenty Years in the Political Mainstream
40293: DAMON, JOHNNY WITH PETER GOLENBOCK - Idiot Beating "the Curse" and Enjoying the Game of Life
171: DAMORE, LEO - Senatorial Privilege, the Chappaquiddick Cover-Up.
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21038: DANFORTH, HAROLD R. & JAMES D. HORAN - The D.A. 's Man
622: DANIEL, CLIFTON - Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen, a Memoir
9383: DANIEL, CLIFTON - Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen . A Memoir
41114: DANIELS, NEIL - Linkin Park an Operator's Manual. The Ultimate Guide
2796: DANIELS, JONATHAN - Washington Quadrille
11041: DANIELS, MARY - Morris, an Intimate Biography .
41630: DANIELS, ROGER - Guarding the Golden Door American Immigration Policy and Immigrants Since 1882
41860: DANIELS, SUSANNE & CYNTHIA LITTLETON - Season Finale the Unexpected Rise & Fall of the Wb and Upn
35470: DANIELS, JOSEPHUS - The Life of Woodrow Wilson
42335: DANIELS, ROBIN - Conversations with Menuhin
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40239: DANIELS, BRIAN - Thoughts of an Average Joe
39319: DANIELS, MITCH - Keeping the Republic Saving America By Trusting Americans
1416: DANIELSSON, BENGT - Gauguin in the South Seas
9435: DANILOFF, NICHOLAS - Two Lives, One Russia .
35012: DANLER, KARL ROBERT - Begegnungen Mit Fritz Rieger
9351: DANNEN, FREDRIC - Hit Men, Power Brokers and Fast Money Inside the Music Business .
35941: DANZIGER, DENNIS - Daddy the Diary of an Expectant Father
32225: DANZIGER, JAMES & BARNABY CONRAD III - Interviews with Master Photographers Minor White. Imogen Cunningham. Cornell Capa. Elliott Erwitt. Yousuf Karsh. Arnold Newman. Lord Snowdon. Brett Weston.
21180: DARBY, WILLIAM O. & WILLIAM H. BAUMER - We Led the Way, Darby's Rangers
37512: DARD, PATRICE, EDITOR - Culinary Art and Traditions of Switzerland. Private Edition a Selection of Recipes . Typical Regional Foods. Characteristic Aspects of the Country.
8536: DARDIK, IRVING AND DENIS WAITLEY - Quantum Fitness, Breakthrough to Excellence .
33485: DARDIS, TOM - Harold Lloyd the Man on the Clock
31022: DARLING-HAMMOND, LINDA - The Right to Learn a Blueprint for Creating Schools That Work
17281: DARLINGTON, DAVID - Angels' Visits an Inquiry Into the Mystery of Zinfandel
36639: DAROM, DAVID - Beautiful Plants of the Bible from the Hyssop to the Mighty Cedar Trees
17855: DARVAS, NICOLAS - How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market
41770: DARVAS, NICOLAS - Wall Street: The Other Las Vegas
35389: DARWIN, CHARLES & CHRISTOPHER RALLING - The Voyage of Charles Darwin His Autobiographical Writings Selected and Arranged By Christoher Ralling
33346: DARWIN, CHARLES - Journal of Researches Into the Natural History and Geology of the Countries Visited During the Voyage of H.M. S. Beagle Round the World Under Captain Fitz Roy, R.N.
40022: DARWIN, CHARLES - Journal of Researches Into the Geology and Natural History of the Various Countries Visited By H.M. S. Beagle Facsimile Reprint of the First Edition
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34360: DATTA, DILIP - Finite Math for Liberal Arts, Second Edition
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34248: DAUDET, ALPHONSE - Little What's-His-Name ( Volume Ii) to Which Is Added the Belle-Nivernaise, How Jarjaille Went to Heaven and Other Stories the Works of Alphonse Daudet, Champrosay Edition, Volume Vi
34182: DAUDET, ALPHONSE - Monday Tales the Works of Alphonse Daudet, Champrosay Edition, Volume Xx
42067: DAVENPORT, THOMAS H. - Thinking for a Living How to Get Better Performance and Results from Knowledge Workers
41662: DAVENPORT, WILLIAM WYATT - Gyro! the Life and Times of Lawrence Sperry
34915: DAVENPORT, JOHN ET AL - Champions of Freedom the Ludwig Von Mises Lecture Series, Volume 2
23214: DAVENPORT, THOMAS H. - Process Innovation Reengineering Work Through Information Technology
26061: DAVENPORT, MAJOR C. - The Foot and Shoeing Film Strip Book No. 6, a Pony Club Publication
1854: DAVEY, HAROLD W. - Contemporary Collective Bargaining, Third Edition
29551: DAVEY, CHARLES - David
25892: DAVEY, T. H. & BLACKLOCK & SOUTHWELL - A Guide to Human Parasitology for Medical Practitioners, Eighth Edition Revised By T.H. Davey
33299: DAVID, JAY - Inside Joan Collins a Biography
3307: DAVID, SAUL - The Industry, Life in the Hollywood Fast Lane .
3308: DAVID, LESTER & JHAN ROBBINS - Richard & Elizabeth .
5702: DAVID, LESTER AND IRENE DAVID . - Ike & Mamie, the Story of the General and His Lady .
4741: DAVID, HENRY R. , EDITOR - Child Mental Health in International Perspective . ,
32996: DAVID, LESTER - The Lonely Lady of San Clemente the Story of Pat Nixon
8777: DAVIDOW, WILLIAM H. AND BRO UTTAL - Total Customer Service, the Ultimate Weapon .
35215: DAVIDOW, WILLIAM H. - Overconnected the Promise and Threat of the Internet
2736: DAVIDSON, BILL . - The Real and the Unreal .
35350: DAVIDSON, KEAY - Carl Sagan a Life
9798: DAVIDSON, BILL - Indict & Convict, the Inside Story of a Prosecutor and His Staff in Action .
25388: DAVIDSON, JOSEPH B. - Horsemen's Veterinary Advisor
25643: DAVIDSON, JEFFREY P. - Marketing to the Fortune 500 and Other Corporations
28657: DAVIDSON, MARSHALL B. & MARGOT P. BRILL - The American Heritage History of Notable American Houses
5514: DAVIDSON, JOY - The Agony of It All, the Drive for Drama and Excitement in Women's Lives .
31695: DAVIDSON, WILLIAM - Successful Indoor Gardening: Exotic Flowering Houseplants. Exotic Foliage Houseplants.
32422: DAVIDSON, MAYER B. , M. D. - Diabetes Includes 30-Minute Video & 128-Page Reference Book
25103: DAVIDSON, TERRY - Conjugal Crime Understanding and Changing the Wifebeating Pattern
37668: DAVIDSON, MICHAEL - The San Francisco Renaissance Poetics and Community at Mid-Century.
15618: DAVIDSON, JOSEPH B. , D. V. M. - Horsemen's Veterinary Advisor
36111: DAVIDSON, CHANDLER & BERNARD GROFMAN, EDITORS - Quiet Revolution in the South the Impact of the Voting Rights Act 1965-1990
35648: DAVIE, MICHAEL - Lbj a Foreign Observer's Viewpoint
25137: DAVIES, J. G. , EDITOR - The Westminster Dictionary of Worship
5662: DAVIES, NICK - Death of a Tycoon .
30783: DAVIES, RUSSELL T. - The Grand Series Two Dvd
8483: DAVIES, RHYS - Print of a Hare's Foot, an Autobiographical Beginning .
33404: DAVIES, D. W. - Elizabethans Errant the Strange Fortunes of Sir Thomas Sherley and His Three Sons As Well in the Dutch Wars As in Muscovy, Morocco, Persia, Spain, and the Indies
38037: DAVIS, BURKE - Sherman's March
32974: DAVIS, KENNETH CULP - Discretionary Justice a Preliminary Inquiry
35255: DAVIS, PAUL D. - When Your Corporate Umbrella Begins to Leak a Handbook for White Collar Re-Employment
2121: DAVIS, CHARLES GILBERT - The Philosophy of Life .
35347: DAVIS, STEPHEN - Jim Morrison Life, Death, Legend
41275: DAVIS, KENNETH S. - Dwight D. Eisenhower Soldier of Democracy. A Volume in the Leaders of Our Time Series
11597: DAVIS, WILLIAM C. AND THE EDITORS OF TIME-LIFE BOOKS - The Civil War: Brother Against Brother, the War Begins
11708: DAVIS, MIKE - Mike Davis at the Royal Ballet .
41836: DAVIS, REVERED T. E. , EDITED BY JIM HAMILTON - The Battle of Bound Brook 1777
10923: DAVIS, BENJAMIN O. , JR. - Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. , American, an Autobiography .
17524: DAVIS, MARY KAY & HELEN GIAMMATTEI - More Needlepoint from America's Great Quilt Designs Featuring Coverlets and Samplers
19122: DAVIS, MARY KAY & HELEN GIAMMATTEI - Needlepoint from America's Great Quilt Designs
20172: DAVIS, HARMER E. & GEORGE EARL TROXELL & CLEMENT T. WISKOCIL - The Testing and Inspection of Engineering Materials, Second Edition
20184: DAVIS, WILLIAM C. - The Orphan Brigade the Kentucky Confederates Who Couldn't Go Home
41648: DAVIS, TOM - The Little Book of Fly Fishing
8808: DAVIS, BURKE - To Appomattox, Nine April Days, 1865 .
21283: DAVIS, DEERING, & STEPHEN P. DORSEY & RALPH COLE HALL - Alexandria Houses, 1750 - 1830
42046: DAVIS, MILES WITH QUINCY TROUPE - Miles the Autobiography
22397: DAVIS, KEN & TOM TAYLOR - Kids & Cash Solving a Parent's Dilemma
24783: DAVIS, PHIL, PHOTOGRAPHER - The University a Photographic Essay Composed of Pictures Selected from an Exhibition Displayed on the Campus of the University of Michigan on the Occasion of Its Sesquicentennial Celebration.
25515: DAVIS, BURKE - Gray Fox Robert E. Lee and the Civil War
26011: DAVIS, DEANE C. - Nothin' But the Truth More Yankee Yarns
26935: DAVIS, HENRY K. - K-Rations, Kilroy, Kp, & Kaputt: One Gi's War
27465: DAVIS, M. P. - A Long Honeymoon Among Lepers, Outcastes and Aborigines
28966: DAVIS, HAROLD - Photographer's Publishing Handbook
32589: DAVIS, H. W. CARLESS - Charlemagne (Charles the Great) the Hero of Two Nations
36366: DAVIS, PHILIP - Memory and Writing from Wordsworth to Lawrence
32017: DAVIS, THOMAS W. - Experimentation with Microprocessor Applications
32667: DAVIS, SAMMY, JR. & JANE AND BURT BOYAR - Why Me? the Sammy Davis, Jr. Story
41108: DAVIS, ERNEST - Representing and Acquiring Geographic Knowledge Research Notes in Artificial Intelligence Series
42390: DAVIS, PHILIP J. - Mathematical Encounters of the Second Kind
42083: DAVIS, EMPIE, & FRAN HATCH, LYNNE KNAUSS, JANE MACINTYE, BETSY MCDERMOTT, STEPHANIE RAKE - Willett Skillet Favorite Recipes from Friends of the Willett Free Library, Saunderstown, Rhode Island
25038: DAVIS, BURKE - The Billy Mitchell Story
36344: DAVIS, CORTNEY & JUDY SCHAEFER, EDITORS - Between the Heartbeats Poetry and Prose By Nurses
39694: DAVIS, GRAHAM & PENNY BONSALL - Bath: A New History Town and City Histories
10813: DAVIS, SCOTT C. - The World of Patience Gromes, Making and Unmaking a Black Community .
10492: DAVIS, WILLIAMS - The Rich, a Study of the Species .
41273: DAVIS, NUEL PHARR - Lawrence and Oppenheimer
17266: DAVISON, ARCHIBALD T. - Choral Conducting
41613: DAVISON, RONALD - Synastry Understanding Human Relations Through Astrology
7119: DAVISON, JANE - The Fall of a Doll's House .
39700: DAWLEY, ALAN - Class and Community the Industrial Revolution in Lynn
38239: DAWSON, BUCK - The Complete Book of Dry-Land Exercises for Swimming
38164: DAWSON, ALEXANDRA D. - Land-Use Planning and the Law
3079: DAY, CLARENCE - Life with Mother .
5644: DAY, RICHARD - How to Service and Repair Your Own Car .
12886: DAY, ROBERT B. - They Made Mormon History
25493: O'DAY, DEVON - My Angels Wear Fur Animals I Rescued and Their Stories of Unconditional Love
39284: DAY, CHON WITH ALFRED F. LOOMIS - What Price Dory?
5359: DAYAN, MOSEH - Moshe Dayan: Story of My Life .
11477: DAYAN, YAEL - Israel Journal: June, 1967 .
36250: DAYTON, TIAN, PH. D. - The Drama Within Psychodrama and Experiential Therapy
36595: DAYTON, WILLIAM A. - Notes on Western Range Forbs: Equisetaceae Through Fumariaceae
5594: DDUGAN, JAMES - The Great Iron Ship .
11710: DEAKIN, IRVING - At the Ballet, a Guide to Enjoyment .
11711: DEAKIN, IRVING - At the Ballet, a Guide to Enjoyment .
14237: DEAKIN, IRVING - Ballet Profile
32511: DEAKIN, IRVING - Ballet Profile
27596: DEAL, TERRENCE E. & KENT D. PETERSON - The Leadership Paradox Balancing Logic and Artistry in Schools
40973: DEALTERIS, JOSEPH T. - Evaluation of the Performance of Fishery Resource Capture System Marine Fish Behavior Selected Articles. Afs 521 - Fall 2004
40972: DEALTERIS, JOSEPH, PH. D. - Introduction to Fisheries Technology for Scientists and Fishermen
30616: DEALY, FRANCIS X. , JR. - The Power and the Money Inside the Wall Street Journal
5531: DEAN, LOU - Angels in Disguise, a True Story .
7884: DEAN, MAUREEN WITH HAYS GOREY . - "Mo" a Woman's View of Watergate .
14235: DEAN, BETH AND VICTOR CARELL - Dust for the Dancers
18353: DEAN, DAVID J. - The Air Force Role in Low-Intensity Conflict
20758: DEAN, JAN - The Gardener's Reading Guide
315: DEANE, ETHEL - Byways of Collecting.
27963: DEANE, PHILIP - Constantinos Doxiadis Master Builder for Free Men
31880: DEANE, MARJORIE & ROBERT PRINGLE - The Central Banks
32341: DEANGELIS, LEN & KATHRYN WOOLEY DUTTON, LINDA LEBRUN - Art League of Rhode Island Third Annual Members' Exhibition 2003
3582: DEANGELIS, BARBARA - Secrets About Men Every Woman Should Know .
37211: DEAR, I. C. B. & M. R. D. FOOT, EDITORS - Oxford Companion to World War Ii
41289: DEAR, I. C. B. & PETER KEMP, EDITORS - The Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea Second Edition
3938: DEAR, WILLIAM C. & CARLTON STOWERS - Please Don't Kill Me .
42331: DEARDORFF, DANIEL - The Other Within the Genius of Deformity in Myth, Culture & Psyche
25745: DEAVENPORT, EARNEST W. - Eastman Chemical Company Free Enterprise Working for the Common Good, a Newcomen Address
5553: DEBAIGTS, JACQUES - Interieurs Actuels Pour Vieilles Demeures, Alte Hausernew Eingerichtet, New Interiors for Old Houses .
7024: DEBETZ, BARBARA, M. D. & SAMM SINCLAIR BAKER - The Dr. Debetz Champagne Diet .
13746: DEBITETTO, JAMES, DVM AND SARAH HODGSON - You and Your Puppy, Training and Health Care for Puppy's First Year
26036: DEBITETTO, JAMES, DVM - Puppy Owner's Veterinary Care Book
39571: DEBLIEU, JAN - Wind How the Flow of Air Has Shaped Life, Myth, and the Land
21609: DEBLIEU, JAN - Meant to Be Wild the Struggle to Save Endangered Species Through Captive Breeding
34579: DEBO, HARVEY V. & LEO DIAMANT - Construction Superintendent's Job Guide Wiley Series of Practical Construction Guides
5726: DEBOLD, ELIZABETH, MARAIE WILSON, IDELISSE MALAVE . - Mother Daughter Revolution, from Betrayal to Power .
39456: DEBREU, GERARD - Mathematical Economics Twenty Papers of Gerard Debreu. Econometric Society Monographs No. 4
40761: DEBUSSY, EDITED BY ISIDOR PHILIPP - Petite Suite 4 Original Pieces for Piano Duet . No. 1830.
34156: DECHANT, BETSY, EDITOR - Women and Group Psychotherapy Theory and Practice
10564: DECHANT, EMERALD - Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading Disability .
40407: DECKER, DANIEL J. & DANIELA B. RAIK, WILLIAM F. SIEMER - Community-Based Deer Management a Practitioners' Guide
40154: DECRISTOFORO, R. J. - Woodworking Techniques Joints and Their Applications
38863: DECURTIS, ANTHONY & JAMES HENKE, HOLLY GEORGE-WARREN, JIM MILLER, EDITORS - The Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock & Roll the Definitive History of the Most Import Artists and Their Music
34650: DEE, JAMES H. , JR. - Colonial Concord a Study in Pen and Ink
26981: DEEN, EDITH - All of the Women of the Bible .
7397: DEEN, EDITH - All of the Women of the Bible .
40375: DEEN, EDITH - Great Women of the Christian Faith
37770: DEES, MORRIS WITH JAMES CORCORAN - Gathering Storm America's Militia Threat
38807: DEES, MORRIS WITH STEVE FIFFER - A Season for Justice the Life and Times of Civil Rights Lawyer Morris Dees .
34862: DEESE, JAMES - Psycholinguistics
7483: DEFOREST, ORRIN - Slow Burn, the Rise and Bitter Fall of American Intelligence in Vietnam .
15941: DEFOREST, ORRIN AND DAVID CHANOFF - Slow Burn the Rise and Bitter Fall of American Intelligence in Vietnam
42183: DEFORGES, REGINE - Poemes de Femmes Des Origines a Nos Jours
33473: DEFRANK, THOMAS M. - Write It When I'm Gone Remarkable Off-the-Record Conversations with Gerald R. Ford
34779: DEGENERES, ELLEN - The Funny Thing Is . . .
3468: DEGENERES, ELLEN - My Point. . . And I Do Have One .
41578: DEGH, LINDA - American Folklore and the Mass Media
32437: DEGLER, CARL N. - At Odds Women and the Family in American from the Revolution to the Present
12168: DEGUINE, JEAN-CLAUDE - Emperor Penguin, Bird of the Antarctic .
42503: DEHOS, BILL & PATRICK SPIELMAN - Carving Large Birds
19850: DEIGHTON, LEN - Blitzkrieg from the Rise of Hitler to the Fall of Denmark
26277: DEJONG, MEINDERT - A Horse Came Running
9980: DEKKO, DOTTIE - The Fast Lane Diet, the 14-Day Weight Loss Program for People on the Go .
39575: DELANEY, FRANK - Simple Courage a True Story of Peril on the Sea
35982: DELANEY, EDMUND - The Connecticut River New England's Historic Waterway
33516: DELANEY, FRANK - The Celts
5258: DELANY, SARAH AND A. ELIZABETH DELANY WITH AMY HILL HEARTH - Having Our Say, the Delany Sisters' First 100 Years .
5680: DELANY, SARAH, A. ELIZABETH DELANY WITH AMY HILL HEARTH - The Delany Sisters' Book of Everyday Wisdom .
16342: DELASSUS, JEAN-FRANCOIS - The Japanese a Critical Evaluation of the Character and Culture of a People
42324: DELAY, TOM WITH STEPHEN MANSFIELD - No Retreat, No Surrender One American's Fight
34896: DELGADO, AIDAN - The Sutras of Abu Ghraib Notes from a Conscientious Objector in Iraq
42562: DELL, ETHEL M. - The Rocks of Valpre
41602: DELL, ETHEL M. - The Desire of His Life
40970: DELOACH, NED WITH PAUL HUMANN - Reef Fish Behavior Florida Caribbean Bahamas
42480: DELPH, SHIRLEY & JOHN DELPH - New England Decoys
30782: DELSOHN, STEVE - The Fire Inside Firefighters Talk About Their Lives
31429: DELTON, JUDY - Kitty from the Start
39139: DELUCA, JOHN, EDITOR - Fatigue As a Window to the Brain
26691: DEMAIO, HARRY B. - B2b and Beyond New Business Models Built on Trust
41387: DEMARGNE, PIERRE - The Birth of Greek Art a Volume in the Arts of Mankind Series
41556: DEMARIA, ALFRED T. , EDITED BY ROBERT FREIBERG - How Management Wins Union Organizing Campaigns
32091: DEMARQUEZ, SUZANNE - Manuel de Falla .
11405: DEMARTINO, MANFRED F. - Human Autoerotic Practices .
32408: DEMETZ, PETER - The Air Show at Brescia, 1909
26394: DEMILLE, NELSON - Up Country Abridged on 6 Cassettes
29946: DEMING, BARBARA, EDITED BY JANE MEYERDING - We Are All Part of One Another a Barbara Deming Reader
30520: DEMING, KATHLEEN - Start Your Own Catering Business
33015: DEMOTT, BENJAMIN - Supergrow Essays and Reports on Imagination in America
1676: DEMOTT, BENJAMIN - The Imperial Middle
41207: DEMPSEY, REV. MARTIN - Champion of the Blessed Sacrament Saint Peter Julian Eymard
33018: DENGROVE, IDA LIBBY & FRANK W. MARTIN - My Days in Court Unique Views of the Famous & Infamous By a Court Artist
32502: DENISOFF, R. SERGE & GEORGE PLASKETES - True Disbelievers the Elvis Contagion
41721: DENISON, REV. FREDERIC , A. M. - Westerly (Rhode Island) and Its Witnesses for Two Hundred and Fifty Years. 1626-1876. Including Charlestown, Hopkinton, and Richmond, Until Their Separate Organization, with the Principal Points of Their Subsequent History
37950: DENKER, JOEL - Unions and Universities the Rise of the New Labor Leader
4906: DENLINGER, MILO G. - Your Cocker Puppy, Care and Training .
29539: DENLINGER, MILO G. , ET AL - The Complete Doberman Pinscher Revised Edition
24460: DENMAN, CHERRY - The Little Green Book
33175: DENNING, HAZEL M, , PH. D. - Hauntings! Real-Life Encounters with Troubled Spirits
36697: DENNIS, DARLENE - Host Or Hostage ? a Guide for Surviving House Guests
42298: DENSMORE, FRANCES - The American Indians and Their Music

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