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078748: BUGIALLI, GIULIANO - Giuliano Bugialli's Foods of Tuscany
039090: BUHL, DR. FRANTS - Wilhelm Gesenius' Hebraisches und Aramaisches Handworterbuch Uber Das Alte Testament
083326: BUKENYA, AUSTIN - The People's Bachelor (Modern African Library 20)
045533: BULFINCH, THOMAS - Age of Chivalry; or Legends of King Arthur
023500: BULFINCH, THOMAS - Oregon and Eldorado; or, Romance of the Rivers
Pb5830: BULGER, DOROTHY - All About Breeding Cockatiels
005474: BULKLEY, ABBY ISABEL - The Chad Browne Memorial Consisting of Genealogical Memoirsof a Portion of the Descendants of Chad and Elizabeth Browne with an Appendix Containing Sketches of Other Early Rhode Island Settlers, 1638-1888 - SIGNED
050188: BULL, KATHERINE - White Silences: Poems, a Play & a Tale (Signed)
P000132: GEORGE BULL - Venice the Most Triumphant City
Pa1544: BULL, SCHUYLER - Through Tsavo: A Story of an East African Savanna
Pb1440: CLYDE ROBERT BULLA - Squanto Friend of the Pilgrims
Pb6252: BULLA, CLYDE ROBERT - A Grain of Wheat: A Writer Begins
058990: BULLEID, ARTHUR - A Text-Book of Bacteriology for Dental Students
045952: BULLETT, GERALD (EDITOR, INTRODUCTION) - Silver Poets of the Sixteenth Century
050028: BULLITT, DOROTHY - Filling the World: Six Steps from Loss to Fulfillment
058491: BULLOCH, JAMES D.; NEW INTRODUCTION BY VAN DOREN STERN, PHILIP - The Secret Service of the Confederate States in Europe (or) How the Confederate Cruisers Were Equipped - Volume I (1)
004623: BULLOCK, ALEXANDER H. - Address of Alexander H. Bullock, Before the Literary Societies of Williams College, 1864
083161: BULLOCK, ALAN (EDITOR) - The Doubleday Pictorial Library of World History: Civilization from Its Beginnings
070431: BUMM, DR. ERNST - Uber Die Entwickelung Der Frauenspitaler Und Die Moderne Frauenklinik
055188: EDITED BY BUMSTED, J.M. (PH.D.) - Documentary Problems in Canadian History: Volume II (2) Post-Confederation
070212: BUMULLER, DR. JOHANNES - Die Urzeit Des Menschen
048075: BUNDESEN, HERMAN N. (M.D.) - Toward Manhood
Pb20: BUNDSCHUH, RICK; VON TRUTZSCHLER, E. G. - A Youth Ministry Crash Course: Everything You Need to Know from Adolescence to Zits
Pb5701: BUNDT, NANCY - The Fire Station Book
075955: BUNDY, WILLIAM P., EDITOR - Foreign Affairs - Winter 1982/83, Vol. 61, No. 2
075956: BUNDY, WILLIAM P., EDITOR - Foreign Affairs - Spring 1982, Vol. 60, No. 4
075954: BUNDY, WILLIAM P., EDITOR - Foreign Affairs - Summer 1979, Vol. 57, No. 5
075805: BUNDY, WILLIAM P. (EDITOR) - Foreign Affairs Summer 1980, Vol. 58, No. 5
062675: BUNDY, WILLIAM P. (EDITOR) - Foreign Affairs - America and the World 1981, Vol. 60, No. 3
062676: BUNDY, WILLIAM P. (EDITOR) - Foreign Affairs - America and the World 1979, Vol. 58, No. 3
062673: BUNDY, WILLIAM P. (EDITOR) - Foreign Affairs - America and the World 1982, Vol. 61, No. 3
062674: BUNDY, WILLIAM P. (EDITOR) - Foreign Affairs - America and the World 1978, Vol. 57, No. 3
084724: BUNIM, JOSEPH J. (MD), EDITOR - Research and Education in Rheumatic Diseases
012118: BUNIM, JOSEPH J. (MD), EDITOR - Research and Education in Rheumatic Diseases
060840: BUNKER, M.N. - Handwriting Analysis: The Science of Determining Personality By Graphoanalysis
011397: BUNN, PAUL A. (MD), EDITOR - A Symposium on the New Dimethoxyphenyl Penicillin
046223: BUNNER, H.C. - Airs from Arcady and Elsewhere.
063872: BUNNER, H.C. - Zadoc Pine and Other Stories
004728: BUNTING, RUSSELL W. - Oral Hygiene
044214: BUNTING, IAN (GENERAL EDITOR) - Into His Presence: Spiritual Disciplines for the Inner Life
068015: BUNTING, JAMES E. (EDITOR) - Private Independent Schools: The American Private Schools for Boys and Girls - The 1955 Year Book
036654: BUNYAN, JOHN - The Pilgrim's Process
034112: BUNYAN, JOHN - The Works of That Eminent Servant of Christ, John Bunyan - Volume II
034111: BUNYAN, JOHN - The Works of That Eminent Servant of Christ, John Bunyan - Volume III
P000082: SYLVIA K. BURACK - The Writer's Handbook
Pb4815: BURAK, CARL S.; REMINGTON, MICHELE G. - The Cradle Will Fall: One Woman's Story of Her Descent into Madness Following the Birth of Her Baby-And Her Remarkable Inspiring Recovery
Pa1635: BURAKOFF, ALEXIS - On the Ice: Kids' Views and Interviews With Famous
042216: BURCCOLI, MATTHEW J. - The O'Hara Concern: A Biography of John O'Hara
Pb3929: ROBERT BURCH - Queenie Peavy
Pb7474: BURCH, MONTE - Complete Guide to Building Log Homes
Pb7288: BURCH, MONTE - Basic House Wiring
054283: BURCH, MONTE - Waterfowling
076106: BURCH, JOHN C. (MD), EDITOR - Transactions of the Southern Surgical Association, Volume LXII (1950)
076105: BURCH, JOHN C. (MD), EDITOR - Transactions of the Southern Surgical Association, Volume LXIII (1951)
047224: BURCHARD, R.E. - The Sargasso (Inscribed, Signed & Rubber Stamped By Author)
082660: BURCHARD, PETER - Bimby
039654: BURCHARTZ, MAX VON - Soldaten Ein Bildbuch Vom Neuen Heer
058571: BURCHFIELD, ROBERT - The English Language
074595: BURCHILL, GEORGINE; ETTINGER, WILLIAM L; SIMER, EDGAR DUBS - The Progressive Road to Reading: Introductory Book Three (3)
Pb7629: JACOB BURCKHARDT - La Civilisation De La Renaissance En Italie 3
Pb7630: JACOB BURCKHARDT - La Civilisation De La Renaissance En Italie
Pb7628: JACOB BURCKHARDT - La Civilisation De La Renaissance En Italie 1
057635: BURDA, R.W. - Clinemark's Tale (Review Copy)
036837: BURDEN, SHIRLEY - I Wonder Why...
081336: BURDETT, CHARLES - The Beautiful Spy. An Exciting Story
042676: BURDETT, OSBERT - The Two Carlyles
005819: BURDETTE, WALTER J. (MD), EDITOR - Primary Hepatoma
005930: BURDETTE, WALTER J. (MD), EDITOR - Etiology and Treatment of Leukemia: Proceedings of the First Louisiana Cancer Conference
047475: BURDETTE, WALTER J. - Viruses Inducing Cancer
023344: BURDICK, EUGENE - The Blue of Capricorn - SIGNED
050709: BURDICK, JENNIE ELLIS - What Shall We Have To Eat? A Practical Plan for Choosing the Right Foods for Every Occasion
076988: BURDICK, EUGENE - A Role in Manila: Fifteen Tales of War, Postwar, Peace, and Adventure
076460: BURDICK, WM. L. - Handbook of the Law of Real Property
036538: BURDIN, JEAN - A Course of Medical Studies - 1803
000341: PAN AMERICAN SANITARY BUREAU - Inter-American Conference of Professors of Hygiene
036470: BUREN, PAUL M. VAN - Theological Explorations
059743: VAN BUREN, PAUL M. - The Edges of Language: An Essay in the Logic of a Religion
074035: BURGER, NINKI HART - The Executive's Wife
050084: BURGESS, THORNTON W. - The Adventures of Grandfather Frog (The Bedtime Story-Books)
074338: BURGESS, THORNTON W. - The Adventures of Sammy Jay (Old Mother West Wind Series) - The Bedtime Story Books
Pb2176: BURGESS, THORNTON W. - Burgess Bedtime Stories
012506: BURGESS, ERNEST W. (ED) - Aging in Western Societies
082774: BURGESS, GELETT - Goop Tales (Alphabetically Told)
084897: BURGESS, MARY - Soul to Soul: A Soul Food Vegetarian Cookbook
069305: BURGESS, FRED W. - Old Prints and Engravings (The Home Connoisseur Series)
085529: BURGESS, THORNTON W. - The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse (The Bedtime Story Books)
084163: BURGESS, ANTHONY - The Novel Now: A Guide to Contemporary Fiction
054289: BURGESS, ANTHONY - Any Old Iron (Review Copy)
054291: BURGESS, ANTHONY - You've Had Your Time: The Second Part of the Confessions
054298: BURGESS, ANTHONY - The Devil's Mode: Stories By Anthony Burgess
077936: BURGESS, THORNTON W. - The Adventures of Unc' Billy Possum (The Bedtime Story Books)
059812: BURGESS, GELETT - Ballade of Fog in the Canon (The California Poetry Folios - Part One)
036743: BURGESS, PERRY - Lepers and Leprosy
080193: BURGESS, THORNTON W. - The Adventures of Bobby Coon - A Bedtime Story-Book
013188: BURGESS, LINDA CANNON - The Art of Adoption
080190: BURGESS, THORNTON W. - The Adventures of Old Mr. Toad - A Bedtime Story-Book
Pb5113: THORNTON W. BURGESS - Tommy's Wishes Come Tre
Pb5115: THORNTON W. BURGESS - The adventures of Paddy the Beaver
080191: BURGESS, THORNTON W. - The Adventures of Reddy Fox - A Bedtime Story-Book
080192: BURGESS, THORNTON W. - The Adventures of Prickly Porky - A Bedtime Story-Book
Pb805: BURGESS, ANTHONY - This Man and Music
051551: BURGESS, THORNTON W. - At Paddy the Beaver's Pond: A Book of Nature Stories
Pb5470: BURGESS, ANN W. - Sexual Assault of Children and Adolescents
059129: BURGGRAEVE, AD. - Precis De L'Histoire De L'Anatomie
018748: BURGHARD, F. F. (EDITOR) - A System of Operative Surgery - Complete 4 Volume Set
082445: BURGHARDT, WALTER J. - To Christ I Look: Homilies at Twilight
081602: BURGHARDT, WALTER J. - Towards Reconciliation
041305: BURHOE, RALPH WENDELL (EDITOR) - Science and Human Values in the 21st Century
004584: BURK, JOHN - Bunker-Hill or the Death of General Warren
050997: BURKE, PHYLLIS - Family Values: Two Moms and Their Son
047396: BURKE, CHARLES - Aggression in Man
078205: BURKE, THOMAS J.M. (EDITOR); PREFACE BY FREMANTLE, ANNE - Beyond All Horizons: Jesuits and the Missions
059497: BURKE, JOAN MARTIN - Civil Rights: A CBS News Reference Book - A Current Guide to the People, Organizations, and Events
Pb2703: BURKE, PHYLLIS - Atomic Candy
053273: BURKE, THETA - Sounds Of Yourself (Signed By Author)
068052: BURKE, EDMUND - Speech on Conciliation with the American Colonies - Ten Cent Classic
034323: BURKE, CARL F. - Don't Turn Me Off, Lord (and Other Jail House Meditations)
062194: BURKE, MARY P. - Reaching for Justice: The Women's Movement
061019: BURKE, EDMUND; EDITED BY CORNELIUS BEACH BRADLEY - Burke on Conciliation with the Colonies (The Academy Series of English Classics) - Complimentary Copy
Pb2591: BURKE, PHYLLIS - Atomic Candy
051730: BURKE, KENNETH - The Complete White Oxen: Collected Short Fiction of Kenneth Burke
012727: BURKET, LESTER W., WITH S. GORDON CASTIGLIANO - Oral Medicine: Diagnosis and Treatment
058301: BURKETT, ELINOR - The Gravest Show On Earth - ADVANCE READING COPY
Pa1857: BURKETT, ELINOR - The Gravest Show on Earth: America in the Age of AIDS
076869: BURKETT, WILLIAM R. JR. - Sleeping Planet
043376: BURKETT, WARREN - News Reporting: Science, Medicine, and High Technology
057046: BURKETT, EVA M. - American English Dialects in Literature
067760: BURKHARD, OSCAR - Readings in Medical German
080036: BURKHART, ROY A. - From Friendship to Marriage: A Guide to Youth in His Search for Friends and a Life Mate
048714: BURKHART, ROB - To Be Like Jesus: Developing a Christian Life-Style
Pb8020: KATHRYN W. BURKHART - The Child and the Law Helping the Status Offender
Pb6966: DAVID G. BURKHOLDER - Young Man, be Strong
072287: BURKLE, HOWARD R. - God, Suffering, & Belief
072775: BURKS, ALLISON L. - Tight Rope
057629: BURLAND, BRIAN - Love is a Durable Fire (Review Copy)
062225: BURLAND, BRIAN - A Few Flowers for St. George (Review Copy)
030441: BURLAND, C. A. - Man and Art
079622: BURLEIGH, ANNE HUSTED (EDITOR) - Education in a Free Society
050887: BURLEIGH, ANNE HUSTED (EDITOR) - Education in a Free Society
065658: BURLESON, CLYDE W. - The Day the Bomb Fell on America: True Stories of the Nuclear Age
068854: BURLINGAME, ROGER - Backgrounds of Power: The Human Story of Mass Production
Pb2583: BEN LUCIEN BURMAN - rooster Crows for Day
050780: BURMAN, BEN LUCIEN - Miracle on the Congo: Report from the Free French Front
057573: BURN, HAROLD (MD) - Our Most Interesting Diseases
008402: BURN, J. HAROLD, MD - The Background of Therapeutics
017211: MR. R. H. BURNE AND PROF. G. ELLIOT SMITH, MD - Descriptive and Illustrated Catalogue of the Physiological Series of Comparative Anatomy Contained in the Museum of The Royal College of Surgeons of England, Vol. II, Second Edition
050493: BURNELL, ELAINE H. (EDITOR) - Asian Dilemma: United States, Japan and China - A Special Report from the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions (Volume II, 2, Number 5)
Pa069: BURNELL, IVAN G. - Power of Positive Doing : Twelve Strategies for Taking Control of Your Life
010160: BURNES, AMELIA PETITTI - The Economics of the Connecticut Hospital Industry: Competition, Structure, and Performance
039879: BURNET, GILBERT - Some Account of the Life and Death of John Wilmot Earl of Rochester, Who Died July 26, 1680. Written By His Own Direction on His Death-Bed. To Which is Prefixed, An Account of the Author's Life.
068906: BURNET, SIR MACFARLANE - Natural History of Infectious Disease
084521: BURNET, ADAM W. - The Lord Reigneth: The Russell Lectures for 1944 on the Book of Revelation
002137: BURNET, F. M. - The Integrity of the Body
Pb873: DANA BURNET - The Pool
051118: BURNETT, FRANCES HODGSON - Little Lord Fauntleroy
Pb2298: BURNETT, GEORGE - The Breadman's Healthy Bread Book: Use Your Bread Machine to Make More Than 100 Delicious, Wholesome Breads
059916: BURNETT, RUTH - The Picolata Treasure
069078: BURNETT, RUTH - The Nurse and the Talisman
061196: BURNETT, FRANCES HODGSON - Emily Fox-Seton: Being "The Making of a Marchioness" and "The Methods of Lady Walderhurst"
077852: BURNETT, FRANCES HODGSON - The Head of the House of Coombe
085566: BURNEY, FRANCES - Cecilia, or Memoirs of an Heiress - Three Volumes Complete (1,2,3,I,II,III)
085567: BURNEY, FRANCES - Evelina or The History of a Young Lady's Entrance into the World, Two Volumes Complete (1,2,I,II)
058066: BURNFORD, SHEILA - One Woman's Arctic
043081: BURNFORD, SHEILA - The Fields of Noon
079506: BURNHAM, CLARA LOUISE - Jewel's Story Book
058213: BURNHAM, WALTER DEAN - The Current Crisis in American Politics
075845: BURNHAM, GEORGE - To the Far Corners: With Billy Graham in Asia
085072: BURNHAM, JACK - Beyond Modern Sculpture
048521: BURNHAM, SOPHY - A Book of Angels: Reflections on Angels Past and Present and True Stories of How They Touch Our Lives
Pa1949: BURNHAM, BETSY - When Your Friend Is Dying
079285: BURNHAM, WILLIAM H. - The Normal Mind: An Introduction to Mental Hygiene and the Hygiene of School Instruction
035920: BURNHAM, GEORGE; INTRODUCTION BY GRAHAM, BILLY - Billy Graham: A Mission Accomplished
062804: BURNHAM, JAMES - American Opinion - The Web of Subversion
031496: BURNHAM, WILLIAM H. - The Wholesome Personality: A Contribution to Mental Hygiene
049985: WILSON-BURNHAM, ARDITH E. - Hot Winds of the Sacramento Valley - SIGNED
Pb3686: BURNHAM, SOPHY - Angel Letters
058039: BURNS, GEORGE W. - The Plant Kingdom
051004: BURNS, JAMES MACGREGOR - Edward Kennedy and the Camelot Legacy
080957: BURNS, ROBERT E. - Catholics on the Cutting Edge: Suggestions for Survival
018298: BURNS, EDWARD - Restoration Comedy: Crises of Desire and Identity
022414: BURNS, RALPH - Any Given Day
Pa1867: BURNS, MARILYN; WESTON, MARTHA - I Am Not a Short Adult!
036967: BURNS, JOHN (MD) - The Principles of Midwifery; Including the Diseases of Women and Children - Volume I
042862: BURNS, JAMES MACGREGOR (EDITOR) - To Heal and to Build: The Programs of President Lyndon B. Johnson
Pa807: BURNS, DIANE - Trees, Leaves, and Bark
079135: BURNS, MICHAEL - Gemini
Pb2466: BURNS, TEX - Body Guard: A Devlin Kirk Mystery
Pb8010: BURNS, JAMES MACGREGOR - Edward Kennedy and the Camelot Legacy
Pb7277: BURNS, JAMES MACGREGOR - Roosevelt:the Soldier of Freedom: The Soldier of Freedom
053890: BURNS, ROBERT F. (SECRETARY OF STATE) - Laws of the State of Rhode Island Pertaining to Corporations and Partnerships - Excerpts from the General Laws of 1956, as Amended
046070: BURNS, BESS HUGHES - Childhood Days (Signed By Author)
050441: BURNS, WILLIAM A. - Man and His Tools
016016: BURNSHAW, STANLEY - My Friend, My Father
005499: BURNSTOCK, G. (ED) - Purinergic Receptors
056586: BURR, AMELIA JOSEPHINE - Hearts Awake the Pixy: A Play
Pa1680: BURR, WESLEY R.; KLEIN, SHIRLEY R. - Reexamining Family Stress: New Theory and Research
079152: BURR, ANNA ROBESON - Palludia
065863: BURR, FRANK - Ministerial Service Book for the Use of Ministers of the Gospel
016450: BURR, NELSON R. - Pioneer and Princetonians
035344: BURRAGE, HENRY S. (D.D.) - True to the End: A Story of the Swiss Reformation
036429: BURRIS, M.A. - The Science of Tendencies or of The Spiritual
004089: BURRITT, ELIJAH H. - The Geography of the Heavens, and Class-Book of Astronomy
049960: BURROS, MARIAN - You've Got It Made
Pb6929: BURROS, MARIAN - You'Ve Got It Made
074799: BURROUGHS, JOHN - The Complete Writings of John Burroughs - Vol. X (10): The Light of Day (Wake-Robin Edition)
083083: BURROUGHS, JOHN - The Writings of John Burroughs: XII (12): Literary Values and Other Papers
083084: BURROUGHS, JOHN - The Writings of John Burroughs: XI (11): The Light of Day: Religious Discussions and Criticisms from the Naturalist's Point of View
083085: BURROUGHS, JOHN - The Writings of John Burroughs: XIII (13): Far and Near
083086: BURROUGHS, JOHN - The Writings of John Burroughs: XIV (14): Ways of Nature
083087: BURROUGHS, JOHN - The Writings of John Burroughs: XV (15): Leaf and Tendril
074818: BURROUGHS, JOHN - The Complete Writings of John Burroughs (Wake-Robin Edition): Vol. XVI (16): The Summit of the Years
075040: BURROUGHS, JOHN - The Complete Writings of John Burroughs - Vol. II (2): Winter Sunshine (Wake-Robin Edition)
079462: BURROUGHS, JOHN - The Complete Writings of John Burroughs, Wake-Robin Edition: Vol. XIX (19): Under the Apple Trees
028171: BURROUGHS, BRYSON - The Metropolitan Museum of Art Catalogue of Paintings
011465: BURROW, GERARD N. (MD) - The Thyroid Gland in Pregnancy
033171: BURROWS, WILLIAM E. - Exploring Space: Voyages in the Solar System and Beyond
075327: BURROWS, REV. ARTHUR S. - Jesus and What He Said: A New Bible Analysis
073074: BURROWS, ROBERT B. - Microscopic Diagnosis of the Parasites of Man
060261: BURROWS, BENJAMIN (MD), GUEST EDITOR - The Medical Clinics of North America - Symposium on Chronic Respiratory Disease
Pb662: BURROWS, TERRY - Total Guitar Tutor
049551: BURSTEIN, A. - Unpastoral Lyrics (Signed By Author)
Pb1921: BURSTINER, IRVING - Mail Order Selling: How to Market Almost Anything by Mail
065725: WIELAND-BURSTON, JOANNE - Chaos and Order in the World of the Psyche
P000069: NATHANIEL BURT - Wyoming
070968: BURT, STEVE; WALRATH, DOUGLAS ALAN (GENERAL EDITOR) - Activating Leadership in the Small Church: Clergy and Laity Working Together (Gift Quality)
023913: BURT, UNCLE BILLY (LUNT) - Gotta Minute? Gut One Fur Ya... (GIFT QUALITY)
068170: BURT, RONA - From Roots and Ashes, the Gardens Grow - A History of Sporting Activities In and Around Kensington Rink, 1900-1979
071850: BURT, STRUTHERS - Philadelphia: Holy Experiment
084178: BURT, KATHARINE NEWLIN - Still Water
067964: BURT, C.A. (EDITOR) - Business Correspondence: The Underlying Factors of the Art; Practices and Methods in the Various Departments of Business; Systems for All Needs; Treated By Eminent Authorities
057533: BURT, OLIVE W. - Physician to the World: Esther Pohl Lovejoy
070036: BURTIS, THOMSON; FOREWORD BY KLEMIN, ALEXANDER - Haunted Airways (Teen-Age Mystery Classics)
028685: BURTON, MAURICE - British Mammals
037114: BURTON, SIR RICHARD F. (TRANSLATER); FOREWORD BY RAU, SANTHA RAMA; INTRODUCTION BY SPELLMAN, JOHN W. - The Kama Suitra of Vatsyayana: The Classic Hindu Treatise on Love and Social Conduct
081394: BURTON, KATHERINE - Difficult Star: The Life of Pauline Jaricot
078269: BURTON, KATHERINE - With God and Two Ducats: The Story of the Corpus Christi Carmelites in Three Countries, 1908-1958
074070: BURTON, MARGARET E. - Women Workers of the Orient
084657: BURTON, MARION LE ROY - The Problem of Evil - A Criticism of the Augustinian Point Of View
077607: BURTON, KATHERINE - According to the Pattern: The Story of Dr. Agnes McLaren and the Society of Catholic Medical Missionaries
Pb1879: MAURICE BURTON - life in the Deep
071252: BURTON, ELIZABETH - The Elizabethans at Home
069231: BURTON, MARGARET E. - New Paths for Old Purposes: World Challenges to Christianity in Our Generation
026242: BURTON, WARREN - Helps to Education in the Homes of Our Country
041439: BURTON, CHARLES EMERSON - The Message for Our Day: The Bearing of Science on Religious Faith
040087: BURTON, KATHERINE - Whome Love Impels: The Life of Pauline Von Mallinckrodt, Foundress of the Congregation of the Sisters of Christian Charity
080633: MILTON; BURTON, K.M. (INTRODUCTION) - Milton's Prose Writings
040185: BURTON, MARION LEROY (PH.D., D.D., LL.D.) - Our Intellectual Attitude in an Age of Criticism
009436: BURTON, JOHN F., JR (EDITOR) - Industrial Relations Research Association, 1990
009428: BURTON, JOHN F., JR - Industrial Relations Research Association, Proceedings of the 1991 Spring Meeting, April 25-27, 1991, Chicago, IL
061099: SELECTED AND ARRANGED BY STEVENSON, BURTON - The Home Book of Proverbs, Maxims and Familiar Phrases
070755: BURTON, PHILIP - The Sole Voice: Character Portraits from Shakespeare
Pb7087: JANE BURTON - The Color Naure Library Horses
051299: BURTON, WILLIAM (F.C.S.) - A History and Description of English Porcelain
070000: BURTT, EVERETT JOHNSON JR. - Labor Markets, Unions, and Government Policies
062066: BURTT, EDWIN A. (EDITOR, INTRODUCTION) - The English Philosophers: From Beacon to Mill
069281: BURUMA, IAN - Playing the Game
P000226: BUSCAGLIA, LEO F. - Loving Each Other
Pa062: LEO BUSCAGLIA, PH. D. - The Disabled and Their Parents: A Counselling Challenge
Pb7101: BUSCAGLIA, LEO F. - Seven Stories of Christmas Love
Pb7013: LEO BUSCAGLIA, PH. D. - The way of the Bull
054294: BUSCH, FREDERICK - The Mutual Friend
070520: BUSCH, DR. MORITZ - Bismarck - Some Secret Pages of His History, Volume II (2)
035374: BUSCH, FRED W. - : Minerva Presents a Diploma to Eve
075970: BUSCH, FREDERICK C. (MD), REVISED BY - Kirkes's Handbook of Physiology
Pb403: BUSCH - A Taste of Life
018075: BUSCHKE, FRANZ (MD), EDITOR - Progress in Radiation Therapy - Vol. III
Pb1406: CHILTON R. BUSH - Newspaper Reporting of public Affairs
043378: BUSH, CHILTON R. - Newswriting and Reporting Public Affairs
019245: BUSHA, CHARLES H. (ED) - An Intellectual Freedom Primer
071480: BUSHNELL, HORACE - Work and Play: Literary Varieties I
008694: HART, ALBERT BUSHNELL AND CHANNING, EDWARD (EDS) - American History Leaflets - The Exact Text of the Articles of Confederation with the Franklin and Dickinson Drafts
008695: HART, ALBERT BUSHNELL AND CHANNING, EDWARD (EDS) - American History Leaflets - Documents Relating to Territorial Administration
041752: BUSKIRK, JAMES DALE VAN (M.D.) - Religion, Healing & Health
045341: BUSKIRK, AMY - Charles Russell
041099: BUSS, EDWARD A. (CONSULTING ENGINEER) - The Morgan Memorial Co-operative Industries and Stores, Inc. Annual Report, 1913 - A Survey of the Work of the Institution
067544: BUSSLER, LUDWIG - Praktische Harmonielehre in Vierundfunfzig Aufgaben
Pb4821: GERADO BUSTOS - Yucatan and Its Archaeological Sites
082955: BUTCHER, RUSSELL D.; FOREWORD BY EWING, GEORGE H. - New Mexico: Gift of the Earth (Review Copy)
068669: BUTCHER, EARL O. - Neuroanatomy
073443: BUTCHER, FANNY - Many Lives - One Love
064578: BUTCHER, DEVEREUX - Exploring Our National Parks and Monuments
051509: BUTCHER, PHILIP (EDITOR) - The Ethnic Image in Modern American Literature: 1900-1950 - Volume II (2)
064718: BUTCHER, GRACE - Rumors of Ecstacy... Rumors of Death (Presentation Copy)
051508: BUTCHER, PHILIP (EDITOR) - The Ethnic Image in Modern American Literature: 1900-1950 - Volume I (1)
010900: BUTKOWSKY, ALAN - Power Memory: Techniques for Total Recall
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048941: CARLSON, JOEL - No Neutral Ground
060724: CARLSON, RICHARD - Don't Sweat the Small Stuff... 3-in-1 Boxed Gift Set
Pb1699: CARLSON, NANCY L. - Loudmouth George and the Big Race
068224: CARLSON, CHUCK - Chuck Carlson's 60-Second Investor: 201 Tips, Tools, and Tactics for the Time-Strapped Investor
060898: CARLSON, RICK J. (EDITOR) - The Frontiers of Science and Medicine
052563: CARLSON, GEORGE L. - Jokes and Riddles
036800: CARLSON, PAUL R. - Before I Wake
051726: CARLSON, ROSALIN - Creative Knitting and Crocheting
082691: CARLSON, ERIC R. (GUEST EDITOR) - Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinics of North America - The Comprehensive Management of Salivary Gland Pathology
083775: CARLSON, BERNICE WELLS - The Right Play for You
029838: CARLTON, W.N.C. - Pauline: Favorite Sister of Napoleon
066286: CARLTON, CHARLES - Bigotry and Blood: Documents on the Ulster Troubles
076118: CARLYLE, THOMAS - The French Revolution: A History
056382: CARLYLE, THOMAS - Past and Present
035730: CARLYLE, THOMAS - Past and Present
039208: CARLYLE, THOMAS (PREPARED FOR PUBLICATION); FROUDE, JAMES ANTHONY (EDITOR) - Letters and Memorials of Jane Welsh Carlyle - Two Volumes in One
021329: CARLYLE, THOMAS - The Works of Thomas Carlyle - The French Revolution, A History
021330: CARLYLE, THOMAS - The Works of Thomas Carlyle - The Life of John Sterling; Latter-Day Pamphlets
049244: CARLYLE, THOMAS - The French Revolution: A History - Two Volumes Complete
063018: CARLYLE, ALEXANDER (EDITOR) - The Love Letters of Thomas Carlyle and Jane Welsh - Vol. I (Volume 1)
056899: CARLYLE, THOMAS - Critical and Miscellaneous Essays. A New Edition, Complete in One Volume. (The Modern British Essayists, Vol. V.)
081985: CARM, FR. ROBERT COLAREST. O. - Novena on the Spirituality of St. Therese
045837: CARMAN, DOROTHY WALWORTH - Chickens Come Home to Roost
048579: CARMAN, JOHN SPENCER (MD) - Rats, Plague, and Religion
048580: CARMAN, JOHN SPENCER (MD) - Rats, Plague, and Religion
077071: CARMAN, RUSSELL D. (MD) - The Roentgen Diagnosis of Diseases of the Alimentary Canal
070552: APOSTLES OF OUR LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL - Eucharistic Vigil Guide
083707: CARMER, CARL - A Flag for the Fort
070372: CARMER, CARL - The Farm Boy and the Angel
047328: CARMICHAEL, LEONARD (EDITOR) - Manual of Child Psychology - Second (2nd) Edition
050599: CARMICHAEL, SUZANNE - The Traveler's Guide to American Crafts West of the Mississippi: A Traditional and Contemporary Selection
Pb2437: CARMODY, JOHN - How to Handle Trouble
072304: CARMODY, DENISE LARDNER - Women & World Religions
065271: CARMODY, ROBERT I. (SR.) - Clock Plans - Book I (1)
069103: CARNEGIE, DALE - Dale Carnegie's Biographical Roundup: Highlights in the Lives of Forty Famous People
058545: CARNEGIE, DALE - How To Stop Worrying and Start Living
008494: CARNER, DONALD - Planning for Hospital Expansion and Remodeling
047713: LANDIS, CARNEY (PH.D.) AND PAGE, JAMES D. (PH.D.) - Modern Society and Mental Disease
Pb5712: CARNEY, OTIS - The Fence Jumper
082544: RITTNER, CAROL AND ROTH, JOHN K. (EDITORS) - From the Unthinkable to the Unavoidable: American Christian and Jewish Scholars Encounter the Holocaust
070950: DORAN, CAROL AND TROEGER, THOMAS H. - Open to Glory: Renewing Worship in the Congregation (Gift Quality)
018652: GRONEMAN, CAROL AND ROBERT N. LEAR - Corporate Ph.D.: Making the Grade in Business
060937: PAUL AND CAROLINE - Letters to A Lady in the Country Together with Her Replies
035428: VON CAROLSFELD, JULIUS SCHNORR - Bible Pictures, A Series of Illustrations
054284: WARRENDER, CAROLYN AND STRICKLAND, TESSA - Carolyn Warrender's Book of Stencilling
069218: CARON, L. DONALD - Visions of My Mind
040180: CAROTHERS, J. EDWARD - The Pusher and Puller: A Concept of God
050344: CARPENTER, STEPHEN H. - An Introduction to the Study of the Anglo-Saxon Language, Comprising an Elementary Grammar, Selections for Reading, with Explanatory Notes and a Vocabulary
047183: CARPENTER, FREDERIC I.; BOWMAN, SYLVIA E. (EDITOR OF THIS VOLUME) - Eugene O'Neill - Twayne's United States Authors Series - Revised Edition
038005: CARPENTER, RHYS - Greek Sculpture: A Critical Review (Illustrated)
074621: CARPENTER, FRANK G. - Europe (Carpenter's Geographical Reader)
070774: CARPENTER, WILLIAM B. (MD), ET AL - Carpenter's Physiological Inferences &c.
005490: CARPENTER, MRS. JOSIAH - Gravestone Inscriptions Gathered By the Old Burial Grounds Committee of the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in the State of New Hampshire - SIGNED
082775: CARPENTER, FRANK G. - Around the World with the Children: An Introduction to Geography
074264: CARPENTER, ALLAN - The New Enchantment of America: Idaho
074266: CARPENTER, ALLAN - The New Enchantment of America: Nebraska
Pb1454: HARRY A. CARPENTER, ETC. - Our Environment Its Relation to Us
047297: CARPENTER, MARY; NEUBURG, VICTOR E. (GENERAL EDITOR) - Reformatory Schools: For the Children of the Perishing and Dangerous Classes and for Juvenile Offenders (The Social History of Education)
057802: CARPENTER, LIZ - Ruffles and Flourishes: The Warm and Tender Story of a Simple Girl Who Found Adventure in the White House
048115: CARPENTER, WESLEY M. (MD) - An Index of the Practice of Medicine
067448: CARPENTER, PAUL S. - Music: An Art and a Business
055113: CARPENTER, HOYLE - Teaching Elementary Music Without a Supervisor
043429: CARPENTER, MALCOLM B. (MD) - Core Text of Neuroanatomy
074335: CARPENTER, FRANK G. - Around the World with the Children: An Introduction to Geography (Revised)
026406: CARPENTER, EDWIN H. JR - Copper Engraving in Mexico During the Late Eighteenth Century: An Inventory of the Engravers Found in the New York Public Library
070997: CARPENTER, WILLIAM B. (MD) - Elements of Human Physiology, Including Physiological Anatomy
033870: CARPENTER, PHILIP L. - Immunology and Serology
046965: CARPENTIERI, C. LOUIS - Roses in My Patches
P000173: JEAN CARPER - Miracle Cures
059280: CARPER, JEAN - Your Miracle Brain: Dramatic New Scientific Evidence Reveals How You Can Use Food and Supplements to: Maximize Brain Power, Boost Your Memory, Lift Your Mood, Improve IQ and Creativity, Prevent and Reverse Mental Aging
052149: CARPER, THOMAS - From Nature - Poems - SIGNED
084850: CARPER, PROFESSOR THOMAS - From Nature (Johns Hopkins: Poetry and Fiction) - SIGNED
051360: CARR, CONSTANCE (EDITOR) - Children Can Work Independently - Bulletin No. 90 of the Association for Childhood Education International
072071: BAKER-CARR, JANET - Evening at Symphony: A Portrait of the Boston Symphony Orchestra
067633: CARR, HARRIETT H. - The Mystery of the Aztec Idol
067122: CARR, FRANK G.G.; FOREWORD BY THE EARL OF STANHOPE - The Cutty Sark and the Days of Sail
081114: CARR, EDWIN HAMLIN - Putnam's Handbook of Expression: For the Enrichment of Conversation, Writing, and Public Speaking
070721: CARR, WILLIAM H.A. - The New Basic Book of the Cat
069670: CARR, JOHN DICKSON - Till Death Do Us Part: A Dr. Fell Mystery Story
021785: CARR, DONALD E. - Death of the Sweet Waters
085515: CARR, HARRY - Old Mother Mexico
Pb1315: ROBIN CARR - Mind Tryst
004063: CARR, ROBERT SPENCER - The Bells of Saint Ivan's
061839: CARR, ANN - A Glut of Tomatoes & Salad Vegetables
058283: CARR, EDWARD HALLETT - The Soviet Impact on the Western World
028618: CARR, ELMENDORF L. - John C. R. Kelton - A Boy's Life
083154: CARR, H - The Brothers Bulger: How They Terrorized and Corrupted Boston for a Quarter Century
056778: CARR, JOHN DICKSON - The Lost Gallows
076441: CARR, EDWIN HAMLIN - Putnam's Phrase Book: An Aid to Social Letter Writing and to Ready and Effective Conversation, with Over 100 Model Social Letters and 6000 of the World's Best English Phrases
032445: BAKER-CARR, JANET - Evening at Symphony: A Portrait of the Boston Symphony Orchestra
012873: CARR, PAT - The Grass Creek Chronicle
027985: CARR, C. S. (MD), EDITOR - The Columbus Medical Journal - January, 1909
071839: CARR, ALBERT Z. - Truman, Stalin and Peace
Pb2062: RACHEL E. CARR - Creative ways With Flowers
085488: CARR, WALTER LESTER - The Practice of Pediatrics in Original Contributions by American and English Authors
056741: CARR, JOHN DICKSON - Death-Watch
055080: CARR, RACHEL E. - Creative Ways With Flowers: The Best of Two Worlds - East and West
070624: CARR, WILLIAM H.A. - The New Basic Book of the Cat
051160: LE CARRE, JOHN - The Night Manager: A Novel
085039: JOHN LE CARRÈ - The Russia House
Pb5618: LE CARRE, JOHN - Our Game: A Novel
061789: CARRECK, MICHAEL - Blaze of Glory
037307: CARREIRO, MARY E. - The Psychology of Spiritual Growth
082681: CARRICK, CAROL - The Washout
078093: CARRICK, ALICE VAN LEER - Collector's Luck, Or, A Repository of Pleasant and Profitable Discourses Descriptive of the Household Furniture and Ornaments of Olden Time
Pa1744: CARRICK, MALCOLM - Splodges
051646: ALBRECHT-CARRIE, RENE - Britain and France: Adaptations to a Changing Context of Power
079701: CARRIER, A.H. - Monument to the Memory of Henry Clay
070398: CARRIERE, WINIFRED - Cats 24 Hours a Day
080071: CARRIGAN, ANA - Salvador Witness: The Life and Calling of Jean Donovan
057015: CARRIGHAR, SALLY - Icebound Summer
065650: CARRIGHAR, SALLY - Home to the Wilderness
076893: CARRIGHER, SALLY - Home to the Wilderness
062184: CARRILLO, SANTIAGO - Eurocommunism and the State
019817: CARRINGTON, EDMUND - James Hatfield and the Beauty of Buttermere: A Story of Modern Times with Illustrations By Robert Cruikshank - Three Volumes
037578: CARRINGTON, HEREWARD (PH.D.); EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS - Little Blue Book No. 419 - Life: Its Origin and Nature
031933: CARRINGTON, HEREWARD - Little Blue Book No. 524 - Death: and Its Problems
063828: CARRINGTON, GEORGE C., JR. - The Immense Complex Drama - The World and Art of the Howells Novel
035810: CARRINGTON, W.L. (M.D.) - Psychology, Religion, and Human Need: A Guide for Ministers, Doctors, Teachers, and Social Workers
076813: CARRINGTON, RICHARD - A Biography of the Sea: The Story of the World Ocean, its Animal and Plant Populations, and Its Influence on Human History
059515: CARRINGTON, RICHARD - A Million Years of Man: The Story of Human Development as a Part of Nature
Pb1016: LEWIS CARROLL & MARGARET SIDNEY - Alice in Wonderland & Five Little Peppers and How They Grew
085614: CARROLL, SARA NEWTON - The Search: A Biography of Leo Tolstoy
075703: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass
078126: CARROLL, GLADYS HASTY - To Remember Forever: The Journal of a College Girl, 1922-1923
020679: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
044160: STONER, CARROLL AND PARKE, JO ANNE - All Gods Children: The Cult Experience - Salvation or Slavery?
085520: CARROLL, GLADYS HASTY - As The Earth Turns
078095: CARROLL, GLADYS HASTY - The Book That Came Alive
081580: CARROLL, JONATHAN - The Wooden Sea - Advance Uncorrected Proof
052895: CARROLL, GLADYS HASTY - Man on the Mountain
065389: CARROLL, GLADYS HASTY - The Book That Came Alive
082266: TOLMAN, STELL W. CARROLL AND HART, ESTELLE M.; EDITED BY CARROLL, CLARENCE E. - Around the World: Book Four (4) for Fourth and Fifth Grades (New Century Geographical Series)
031546: CARROLL, HERBERT A. - Mental Hygiene - The Dynamics of Adjustment
077510: CARROLL, PATRICK J. - Heart Hermitage and Other Poems
000053: CARROLL, ALFRED LUDLOW, MD - Sewage Disposal and Contamination of Water Supply
Pb7881: RUTH AND LATROBE CARROLL - Runaway Pony, Runaway Dog
049372: CARROLL, PAUL (EDITOR) - The Young American Poets: A Big Table Book
Pb4201: CARROLL, SUSAN - The Courtesan
084181: CARRUTH, WILLIAM HERBERT - Each In His Own Tongue
082977: CARRUTH, JANE - My Book of the Pied Piper
Pb6229: JANE CARRUTH - Chippy goes to the Dentist
047407: CARRUTHERS, MALCOLM (M.D.) - The Western Way of Death: Stress, Tension and Heart Attacks
073567: DES CARS, GUY - La Dame Du Cirque - Roman
052167: CARSE, ROBERT - Turnabout: A Novel
083567: CARSE, ROBERT - Ocean Challenge: The New U.S. Merchant Marine
071756: CARSON, PATRICIA - The Fair Face of Flanders
064099: CARSON, WILLIAM HENRY - Hester Blair: The Romance of a Country Girl
062777: CARSTEN, F. L. - The Rise of Fascism
073250: CARSWELL, CATHERINE - The Life of Robert Burns
010581: CARTER, SUSAN BOSLEGO - Academic Women Revisited: An Empirical Study of Changing Patterns in Women's Employment as College and University Faculty, 1890-1963
085020: CARTER, HODDING - Man and the River: The Mississippi
044216: CARTER, RICHARD - Breakthrough: The Saga of Jonas Salk
Pb2026: ANGELA CARTER - Wayward Girls & Wicked Women
078039: CARTER, ISABEL HOPESTILL - Shipmates: A Tale of the Seafaring Women of New England (Signed By Author)
076420: CARTER, DAVID - Butterflies and Moths (Eyewitness Handbooks)

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