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041292: BACH, MARCUS - Because of Christmas: A Personal Portfolio of Yuletide Remembrances (Signed)
036218: BACH, MARCUS - The Circle of Faith
Pa1253: BACH, GEORGE LELAND; TEECE, DAVID J. - Economics: An Introduction to Analysis and Policy
048728: BACH, MARCUS - Had You Been Born in Another Faith: The Story of Religion as it is Lived and Loved By Those Who Follow the Path of Their Parental Faith
047695: BACH, S. J. - The Metabolism of Protein Constituents in the Mammalian Body
067803: BACH, J.S. - J.S. Bach Matthaus-Passion
036303: BACH, JOHN R. (MD) - Pulmonary Rehabilitation - The Obstructive and Paralytic Conditions
Pb323: BURT BACHARACH - The bacharach And David Songbook
039459: BACHELDER, N.J. (SECRETARY) - New Hampshire (NH) Agriculture. Twenty-Third (23rd) Annual Report of the Board of Agriculture from November 1, 1893 to November 1, 1894.
074132: BACHELLER, IRVING - Father Abraham: A Tale of the Last Years of Abraham Lincoln
059340: EDITED BY BACHELLER, IRVING - Best Things from American Literature
062919: BACHELLER, IRVING - Keeping Up With William: In Which the Honorable Socrates Potter Talks of the Relative Merits of Sense Common and Preferred
054051: BACHELLER, IRVING - In the Days of Poor Richard
071136: BY THE AUTHOR OF "REVERIES OF A BACHELOR - Dream-Life: A Fable of the Seasons
Pb7236: JUNE MASTERS BACHER - No time for Tears
042503: BACHRACH, JUDY - Tina and Harry Come to America: Tina Brown, Harry Evans, and the Uses of Power
051045: BACKER, DOROTHY ANNE LIOT - Precious Women
P000278: BACKHOUSE, ROBERT - The Big Book of Bible Facts
Pa639: BACKUS, WILLIAM; CHAPIAN, MARIE - Telling Yourself the Truth
050790: BACON, EDWARD - Archaeology: Discoveries in the 1960's
071315: BACON, FRANCIS - Francis Bacon: The Essays or Counsels, Civil and Moral, of Francis Ld. Verulam - Viscount St. Albans
022471: BACON, EDWARD - Digging for History
060699: BACON, LORD - The Essays of Lord Bacon, Including Ornamenta Rationalia, or Elegant Senteces.
046512: BACON, BENJAMIN WISNER (D.D., LL.D.) - The Founding of the Church (Modern Religious Problems)
029162: BACON, ROBERT - Publication No. 7: For Better Relations With Our Latin American Neighbors: A Journey to South America
012385: BACON, EDGAR S. - Your Child's Teeth: A Guide for Parents
072003: BACON, HARRY ELLICOTT (MD) - Anus, Rectum, Sigmoid Colon - Diagnosis and Treatment
059986: BACON, HENRY - The Dumb Betty Lamp and Other Stories
084289: BACON, LORD; DEVEY, JOSEPH (INTRODUCTORY DISSERTATION AND NOTES) - The Moral and Historical Works of Lord Bacon, Including His Essays, Apophthegms, Wisdom of the Ancients, New Atlantis, and Life of Henry the Seventh
012260: BACON, LEONARD WOOLSEY - Discourse in Memory of Henry Leavitt Goodwin
084378: BACON, HARRY E. (MD) - Essentials of Proctology
060090: BACON, WALTER - Highway to the Wilderness
049583: BACON, WILBUR DE TRUDE - 31 at 31
049582: BACON, WILBUR DE TRUDE - 31 at 31
049581: BACON, WILBUR DE TRUDE - 31 at 31
036195: BACON, BENJAMIN W. - The Story of Jesus and the Beginning of the Church: A Valuation of the Synoptic Record for History and for Religion
075293: BACON, PAUL VALENTINE - A German Grammar For Beginners
079006: BACOVCIN, HELEN (NEW TRANSLATION) - The Way of a Pilgrim and The Pilgrim Continues His Way
049835: BADEAU, JOHN S. - The Lands Between
005563: BADENOCH, ALEC W. (MD) - Manual of Urology
055831: BADT, F.B. - Bell Hangers' Hand-Book (Third Edition.)
084337: BAEDEKER, KARL - Great Britain Volume I (1) Southern England, East Anglia (Baedeker's)
Pb1338: BAEHR, THEODORE; GRIMES, BRUCE W.; RICE, LISA ANN - The Movie & Video Guide for Christian Families
Pb5437: ARTHUR O. BAER - here and Away
Pb6744: BAER, GENE - Gene Baer's Wild and Wonderful Art Lessons
023115: BAERNREITHER, J. M. (TRANSLATED BY ALICE TAYLOR) - English Associations of Working Men
065591: BAETCKE, GUSTAV B. - Identification Guide to Common Minerals and Rocks of Virginia - Information Circular 3
048648: BAFFIE, FATHER EUGENE; FITZPATRICK, FATHER JOHN (TRANSLATOR) - Virtues and Spiritual Counsel of Father Noailles, Founder of the Congregation of 'The Holy Family of Bordeaux'
079452: BAGBY, GEORGE - Honest Reliable Corpse
050883: BAGDIKIAN, BEN H. - In the Midst of Plenty: The Poor in America
042354: BAGDIKIAN, BEN H. - Double Vision: Reflections on My Heritage, Life, and Profession
084848: TRANSLATED BY ROBERT BAGG - Euripides Hippolytos
061293: BAGLEY, CHARLES R. - Famous Women of France
083932: BAGLEY, PAT - I Spy a Nephite
085497: BAGLEY, J. J. - Henry VIII and His Times
023107: BAGSTER, HUBERT - Doctor's Weekend
030776: BAHL, ROY (ED) - The Fiscal Outlook for Cities: Implications of a National Urban Policy
Pb3550: SIR PHILIP MANSON-BAHR - synopsis of Tropical Medicine
070559: MANSON-BAHR, SIR PHILIP H. (MD) - Manson's Tropical Dseiases - A Manual of the Diseases of Warm Climates
069960: MANSON-BAHR, SIR PHILIP (MD) - Synopsis of Tropical Medicine
003699: MANSON-BAHR, PHILIP - Researches Upon the Production of Malaria Antigen for a Complement-Deviation Test
077528: BAIERL, REV. JOSEPH L. - Grace and Prayer Explained - According to the Munich or Psychological Method (For Children of the Intermediate and Higher Grades) An Aid to Catechists
046551: BAILEY, BERNADINE - Picture Book of Connecticut
046549: BAILEY, BERNADINE - Our Nation's Capital
046550: BAILEY, BERNADINE - Picture Book of Connecticut
046548: BAILEY, BERNADINE - Picture Book of Mississippi
031470: BAILEY, VERNON - Beaver Habits and Experiments in Beaver Culture
075125: BAILEY, BERNADINE - Austria & Switzerland: Alpine Countries
055873: BAILEY, FRANCIS LOUIS - A Planned Study of Teachers for Vermont - SIGNED
045929: BAILEY, PHILIP JAMES - The Mystic and Other Poems
082995: BAILEY, ALBINA - Dressing Dolls in Nineteenth Century Fashions
074596: BAILEY, TEMPLE - Wallflowers
074399: BAILEY, ANTHONY - The Low Countries (The Horizon Concise History)
033509: BAILEY, PAUL - PUBLISHER/EDITOR - Long Island Forum - April, 1959
073128: BAILEY, RALPH - Crossroads
026951: BAILEY, CAROLYN SHERWIN - From Moccasins to Wings - Stories of Our Travel Ways
052114: BAILEY, A. R. - Bailey's Handbook - Universal Questions and Answers
048730: BAILEY, NEY; FISCHER, SHARON (EDITOR) - Faith is Not a Feeling
067396: BAILEY, GWEN - What Is My Dog Thinking? (GIFT QUALITY)
P000108: MATILDA BAILEY - The Mastery of Reading
075441: BAILEY, CHARLES P. (MD); WALTON, J. HAROLD (MD), EDITOR - CIBA Clinical Symposia - Surgery of the Heart
050025: BAILEY, DAVID S. (ED.D.); COOPER, SHARON O. (R.N., M.S.N.); BAILEY, DEBORAH R. (R.N., B.S., B.S.N.) - Therapeutic Approaches to the Care of the Mentally Ill - Edition 2
038176: BAILEY, JOYCE WADDELL (GENERAL EDITOR) - Handbook of Latin American Art - Manual De Arte LatinoAmericano (A Bibliographic Compilation)
040003: BAILEY, WM. H. (MD), SECRETARY - Transactions of the Medical Society of New York for the Year 1869
083645: BAILEY, L.H. - Botany: An Elementary Text for Schools
054560: BAILEY, EMMA - Country Gardeners' Cookbook: For the Gardener Who Likes to Cook
065407: BAILEY, EMMA - Sold to the Lady in the Green Hat
063921: MILNE-BAILEY, W. - Trade Unions and the State
084176: BAILEY, JEAN - Cherokee Bill: Oklahoma Pacer
066652: PARKER, HORATIO; MCCONATHY, OSBOURNE; BIRGE, EDWARD BAILEY; AND MIESSNER, W. OTTO - The Progressive Music Series, Book One (1) Enlarged Edition
061237: BAILEY, BERNADINE - Picture Book of Florida
060358: BAILEY, TEMPLE - Fair as the Moon
039542: BAILEY, KENNETH (PH.D.) - The Ohio Company of Virginia and the Westward Movement, 1748-1792: A Chapter in the History of the Colonial Frontier
081633: BAILEY, TEMPLE - Silver Slippers
078782: BAILEY, ELAINE - The Red Balloon (Dream Time Tales)
059562: BAILEY, THOMAS A. - Voices of America: The Nation's Story in Slogans, Sayings, and Songs
067914: BAILEY, JOHN - Post Scripts From the Saturday Evening Post
Pb7679: NEVAJAC BAILEY - The Save Your Horse Hand Book
Pb7354: THOMAS A. BAILEY - The art of Diplomacy
018363: BAILEY, WILLIAM B. - Modern Social Conditions
053649: BAILEY, CHARLES PHILAMORE (MD), EDITOR - Diagnosis and Management of the Thoracic Patient
035315: BAILIK, HAYYIM NAHMAN; TRANSLATED BY DANBY, HERBERT - And It Came To Pass: Legends and Stories About King David and King Solomon
068598: BAILY, SAMUEL L. - The United States and the Development of South America, 1945-1975
034447: BAILY, LESLIE - Gilbert and Sullivan - Their Lives and Times
058308: BAIN, LESLIE BALOGH - The War of Confusion
047758: BAIN, LESLIE BALOGH - Chaos or Peace
036909: BAIN, F. W. - A Digit of the Moon
026459: BAIN, ANN KAHRS (GEORGE W. BAIN) - Lameness Was Not A Leash, Anne Kahrs Bain, 1902-1984 - Complete Two Volumes
046037: BAIN, DONALD - Locusts and Wild Honey - Poems
059763: BAIN, ALEXANDER - On Teaching English: With Detailed Examples and an Enquiry into the Definition of Poetry
Pb4054: CARL E. BAIN, EDITOR - The Norton Introduction to Literature Combined shorter Edition Questions and Suggestions
035640: BAINBRIDGE, JOHN - Biography of An Idea
066296: BAINBRIDGE, JOHN - Another Way of Living: A Gallery of Americans Who Choose to Live In Europe
021113: BAINBRIDGE, WILLIAM SEAMAN (MD) - Chronic Intestinal Stasis Surgically Considered
079721: BAINBRIDGE, BERYL - Injury Time: A Novel
008511: BAINBRIDGE, COMMANDER WILLIAM SEAMAN - Sixth International Congress of Military Medicine and Pharmacy 1931
Pb6467: BAINS, RAE - Ancient Greece
Pb3814: BAINS, RAE - Molecules and Atoms
036490: BAINTON, ROLAND H. - Pilgrim Parson: The Life of James Herbert Bainton (1867-1942)
020085: BAIRD, NANCY DISHER - David Wendel Yanell - Physician of Old Louisville
072023: BAIRD, A. CRAIG - Discussion: Principles and Types (First Edition)
052466: BAIRD, PAT - Disney's Cooking with Mickey & Friends: Healthy Recipes from Your Favorite Disney Characters
035576: BAIRD, THE REV. ROBERT (ED) - The Christian Union, and Religious Memorial, Vol. I
077762: BAIRD, SISTER MARY JULIAN - The Refuge of Beauty: A Book of Marian Poems
067785: BAIRSTOW, EDWARD C. - Counterpoint and Harmony
029367: BAIRSTOW, JOHN E.N. - Practical & Decorative Woodworking Joints
063227: BAISNEE, JULES A. (SELECTED BY, INTRODUCTION) - Readings in Natural Theology (The College Readings Series, No. 7)
081979: BAK, HEDI - You Shall Be My People
081582: BAK, HANS - Malcolm Cowley: The Formative Years, Uncorrected Proof
020199: BAKAY, LOUIS (MD), EDITOR; KLEIN, DAVID M. (MD), ASS'T EDITOR - Brain Tumor Scanning with Radioisotopes
027770: WITTMANN, FOLKER H., EDITOR; COORDINATORS CHARLES C. BAKER & PETER KOMAREK - Transactions of the 9th International Conference on Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology/Lusanne, 17-21 August 1987, Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology, Volume N, Mechanical and Thermal Problems of Fusion Reactors
050588: BAKER, STEPHEN - I Hate Meetings
050240: BAKER, MARK - Women: American Women in Their Own Words
043478: BAKER, DAISY - Travels in a Donkey Trap
069664: BAKER, SHERMAN - Bradford Masters
007199: BAKER, CHARLES E., JR. - Physicians' Desk Reference for Nonprescription Drugs 1981 PDR (Physician's)
009294: BAKER, R. ROBINSON (MD), EDITOR - Current Trends in the Management of Breast Cancer
061623: BAKER, A. B. (MD), EDITOR - Clinical Neurology in Four Volumes, Complete 4 Volumes
076843: BAKER, RUSSELL - Growing Up
026760: BAKER, RACHEL - The First Woman Doctor
009788: BAKER, CHARLES WHITING (DAVID KINLEY, EDITOR) - Government Control and Operation of Industry in Great Britain and the United States During the World War
071530: BAKER, HOWARD - Howard Baker's Washington: An Intimate Portrait of the Nation's Capital City
026197: BAKER, MRS. WOODS - Fireside Sketches from Swedish Life
063742: BAKER, MAY ALLREAD - The Gift of the Year (Signed by Author)
041867: BAKER, NELSON B. - What is the World Coming To? A Study for Laymen of the Last Things
074984: BAKER, LAURA NELSON - The Special Year
041696: BAKER, ERIC - The Faith of a Methodist
043404: BAKER, RUSSELL - There's a Country in My Cellar
062836: BAKER, GEORGE - H.R.H. Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh (Red Lion Lives)
P000353: BAKER, RUSSELL - The Good Times
Pa068: BAKER, RUSSELL - Growing Up
042861: BAKER, RAY STANNARD - Woodrow Wilson, Life and Letters, President: 1856-1890 (Illustrated)
081618: BAKER, CHARLES E., JR. - Physicians' Desk Reference 1979 PDR (Physician's)
061942: BAKER, NICHOLSON - Vox: A Novel
075977: BAKER, GEORGE E. (MD), ET AL - The Medical Clinics of North America, New York Number, May 1951 - Gynecology and Obstetrics
Pa498: STEPHEN BAKER - How to be Analized by a Neurotic Psychoanalyst
080270: BAKER, JOHN H. (EDITOR) - The Audubon Guide to Attracting Birds
060969: BAKER, WILLIAM H. (MD), EDITOR - Diagnosis and Treatment of Carotid Artery Disease with Special Emphasis on Noninvasive Diagnosis and Surgical Technique
045391: BAKER, C.H. (EDITOR) - The Art Treasures of Great Britain
068549: BAKER, RACHEL - America's First Trained Nurse - Linda Richards
081373: BAKER, HERSCHEL - The Later Renaissance in England: Nondramatic Verse and Prose, 1600-1660
060306: BAKER, RICHARD E. - Field Guide to Birds and Wildflowers of Casco Bay and Peaks Island
059936: BAKER, ROBERT H. - Simon Newcomb's Astronomy for Everybody (A Star Book)
003349: BAKER, HENRY B. (MD) - Typhoid Fever and Low Water in Wells
011095: BAKER, CHARLES E., JR. - Physicians' Desk Reference for Nonprescription Drugs 1982 PDR (Physician's)
059286: EDITED BY BAKER, ROBERT A. - A Street Analysis of a Strapless Evening Gown - And Other Essays for a Scientific Age
083052: BAKER, CYNTHIA LEE - Sweet Maker Moon: A Novel
072989: BAKER, E.M. - The Shadow of Half-Moon Pass
081640: BAKER, HETTIE GRAY - Your Siamese Cat
069650: BAKER, AUGUSTA - The Golden Lynx - And Other Tales
057226: BAKER, NEWTON D. - Frontiers of Freedom
044291: BAKER, ALONZO L. (PH.D.) - Religion in Russia Today
054526: BAKER, ROBERT H. - An Introduction to Astronomy - Sixth (6th) Edition
044935: BAKER, JANICE (COMPILED BY) - Salad: The Taste of Summer
083650: BAKER, JUSTINE - Microcomputers in the Classroom (Fastback 179)
074243: BAKER, JOHN H. (EDITOR) - The Audubon Guide to Attracting Birds
075344: BAKER, MARK - Sex Lives: A Sexual Self-Portrait of America
084104: BAKER, NEWTON D. - Frontiers of Freedom
Pb515: BAKER, JASON D. - Bakers Guide to Christian Distance Education: Online Learning for All Ages
055790: BAKEWELL, ELIZABETH; BEEMAN, WILLIAM O.; REESE, CAROL MCMICHAEL - Object, Image, Inquiry: The Art Historian at Work
041935: BAKKE, MARY STERLING - A Sampler of Lifestyles - Womanhood & Youth in Colonial Lyme - SIGNED
045544: BALACI, ALEXANDRU - Mantegna
066974: BALASSA, BELA A. - The Hungarian Experience in Economic Planning: A Theoretical and Empirical Study
076624: BALCH, WILLIAM RALSTON - The Complete Compendium of Universal Knowledge
051453: BALCH, WM S. - A Manual for Sunday Schools. To Which is Added A Collection of Hymns.
070120: BALCHIN, NIGEL - Who Is My Neighbor?
052826: BALCOMB, RAYMOND E. - Try Reading the Bible This Way
Pb6619: LETITIA BALDRIGE - The Amy Vanderbilt Complete book of Etiquette
053679: BALDRIGE, LETITIA - Of Diamonds and Diplomats
075949: LUCKE, BALDUIN AND SCHLUMBERGER, HANS G. (MD'S) - Atlas of Tumor Pathology: Tumors of The Kidney, Renal Pelvis and Ureter
030880: BALDWIN, A. L. - Geodesy - The California-Washington Arc of Primary Triangulation
005821: BALDWIN, R. W., AND BYERS, VERA S., (EDITORS) - Monoclonal Antibodies for Cancer Detection and Therapy
048020: BALDWIN, BRUCE A. (PH.D.) - It's All In Your Head
039643: BALDWIN, ALFRED L. - Behavior and Development in Childhood
Pb1890: BALDWIN, EDWARD A.; BALDWIN, STEVIE; FAMILY WORKSHOP, INC. - The Great Counted Cross-Stitch Book
037014: BALDWIN, JAMES MARK - The Story of the Mind (Library of Valuable Information)
074871: BALDWIN, FAITH - Blaze of Sunlight
026775: BALDWIN, LELAND D. - The Adult's American History - Pragmatic Democracy in Action
010001: BALDWIN, SIMEON E. - Three Historical Papers
004109: BALDWIN, FAITH - Skyscraper
061993: BALDWIN, FAITH - Beauty
012559: BALDWIN, LOUIS - One Woman's Liberation: The Story of Fanny Burney
069739: BALDWIN, THOMAS - Kickoff!
038092: BALDWIN, THOMAS W. (AB., S.B.) (COMPILER) - Vital Records of Natick, Massachusetts (MA), To The Year 1850.
071408: BALDWIN, ERNEST - Dynamic Aspects of Biochemistry
029642: BALDWIN, LELAND DEWITT - The Story of the Americas: The Discovery, Settlement, and Development of the New World
057278: BALDWIN, MERCY - Gray Songs
067493: BALDWIN, FAITH - The Heart Remembers
079674: BALDWIN, FAITH - Blue Horizons
075958: BALDWIN, JOHN C. (MD) - Pediatrics for Nurses
006870: BALDWIN, FREDERICK A. (MD) - Some Unusual Localizations of Tuberculosis
Pb971: FAITH BALDWIN - self-made Woman
Pb7576: BALDWIN, WILLIAM - The Hard to Catch Mercy
004698: BALDWIN, DOUGLAS O - She Answered Every Call
003562: BALFOUR, ANDREW (MD) - Hygiene as a World Force
070480: BALFOUR, MARIE CLOTHILDE (EDITOR) - From Saranac to the Marquesas and Beyond
003483: BALFOUR, ANDREW (MD) - The Tropical Field: Its Possibilities for Medical Women
003517: BALFOUR, ANDREW (MD) - Some Tropical Lacunae
050940: BALL, EDWARD - Slaves in the Family
080056: BALL, EUSTACE HALE - The Gaucho
020067: BALL, JAMES MOORES (MD), EDITOR - Annals of Ophthalmology / Ophthalmic Science - Vol. XV, January 1906
023935: BALL, ROBERTA L - History of the Union Memorial Hospital 1854-1932 and the Training School for Nurses 1890-1932, Volume One
084515: BALL, M. V. (MD) - Essentials of Bacteriology - Saunders' Question Compends, No. 20
034018: BALL, ELSIE - Friends at Work: Leader's Manual - Co-operative Vacation Church School Manual for Junior Vacation Church School Groups
080055: BALL, JOHN (EDITOR) - The Mystery Story
057163: BALL, MILNER S. - Lying Down Together: Law, Metaphor, and Theology
Pb6488: BALL, SARA - Animals in America
072449: BALLANTINE, RICHARD (INTRODUCTION) - Yachting: The Photography of Beken of Cowes
P000235: BALLANTINE, RICHARD - Richard's New Bicycle Book
071295: BALLARD, WILLIAM W. - Comparative Anatomy and Embryology
080591: BALLARD, ANNA WOODS - Short Stories For Oral French
050157: BALLARD, VICE-ADMIRAL G.A. (R.N., C.B.) - America and the Atlantic
076870: BALLARD, W.T. - Murder Las Vegas Style
078499: BALLENGER, HOWARD CHARLES - A Manual of Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology
049213: BALLERINI, ANTONII - Opus Theologicum Morale in Busembaum Medullam - Volumen VI, Sectionem VIII
047623: BALLERINI, ANTONII - Opus Theologicum Morale in Busembaum Medullam - Vol. V
009381: BALLIET, LEE - Survey of Labor Relations
004539: BALLIN, ET AL. - Truth About Germany: Facts About the War
040305: BALLING, A.L. - Abbot Francis Pfanner
025857: BALLINGER, WALTER F., II (MD) (EDITOR) - Research Methods in Surgery
077706: BALLOU, BENEDICT - "Whom My Soul Loveth" Monthly Holy Hour Reflections and Prayers for Priests and Religious
078308: BALLOU, BENEDICT - "Whom My Soul Loveth" Monthly Holy Hour Reflections and Prayers for Priests and Religious
035618: BALLOU, ROBERT O. - The Nature of Religion
075686: BALONOV, PROFESSOR - Conditioned Reflex Regulation of Human Cardiac Activities - in RUSSIAN
082515: BALSKUS, PAT - Mary's Pilgrim: Life of St. Peregrine
Pa1273: BALTER, MARIE; KATZ, RICHARD - Nobody's Child
075358: BALTER, DR. LAWRENCE - Linda Saves the Day - Understanding Fear (Stepping Stone Stories)
067780: BALTZELL, W.J. - Noted Names in Music - With Concise Biographical Data on the Noted Musicians of Today and the Most Noted of the Past (The Pocket Music Student)
067683: BALTZELL, W.J. - A Complete History of Music: For Schools, Clubs, and Private Reading
038278: BALYEAT, RAY M. (MD) - Allergic Diseases - Their Diagnosis and Treatment
021609: BALYEAT, RAY M. (MD) - Hay-Fever and Asthma - Their Cause, Prevention and Treatment
082781: DE BALZAC, HONORE - The Droll Stories
084339: DE BALZAC, HONORE; EDITED BY GOSSE, EDMUND - The Two Young Brides (The French Classical Romances)
065778: DE BALZAC, HONORE; EDITED BY RHYS, ERNEST - The Country Doctor (Everyman's Library - Fiction)
Pa982: HONORE DE BALZAC - Don Juan; or, the Elixir of Long Life, and Other Stories
080201: DE BALZAC, HONORE; TRANSLATED BY MARRIAGE, ELLEN; PREFACE BY SAINTSBURY, GEORGE - The Chouans (Les Chouans) and The Conscript (Le Requisitionaire) - The American Collector's Edition.
082157: BALZAC, HONORE DE - Droll Stories - Thirty Tales
076141: DE BALZAC, HONORE; INTRODUCTION BY SAINTSBURY, GEORGE - The Works of Honore De Balzac: The Member for Arcis, The Seamy Side of History and Other Stories (University Edition)
081038: BAMATTER, F. - Das Tonsillenproblem Im Kindesalter: "Tonsils In Or Out"
058158: BAMBERGER, BARNARD J. - The Story of Judaism
Pa1063: BAMFORTH, NICK - Trusting the Healer Within
080529: BAMONTE, LOUIS J. - Leader's Guide for Your Faith: A Popular Presentation of Catholic Belief
047777: BAN, THOMAS (MD) - Psychopharmacology - SIGNED PRESENTATION COPY
039302: BANACH, JERZY - Die Musik in Den Bildenden Kunsten POlens
076269: BANCROFT, AARON - The Life of George Washington, Commander in Chief of the American Army, Through the Revolutionary War; and the First President of the United States. Two Volumes in One.
069797: BANCROFT, GRIFFING - Vanishing Wings: A Tale of Three Birds of Prey
Pb5179: ROBERT ERNEST COWAN, ANNE BANCROT AND ADDIE L. BALLOU - The Forgotten characters of Old San Francisco
085166: BAND, ORA - EDITOR - Reader: Modern Hebrew Prose and Poetry
062964: BANES, CHARLES H. - Annals of Miles Ancestry in Pennsylvania and Story of a Forged Will
026300: BANFI, ANTONIO - Galileo Galilei
070312: BANFIELD, FRANK - The Westminster Biographies - John Wesley
059104: BANFIELD, EDWARD C. - Political Influence
073939: BANGERT, ETHEL E. - A Time to Dance
067057: BANGS, ELLA MATTHEWS - The Bells of Memory
067220: BANGS, JOHN KENDRICK - A House-Boat on the Styx
Pa812: BANK, MIRRA - Anonymous Was a Woman
082172: BANKS, GLENDA - Helping Your Child Through Separation and Divorce
040306: BANKS, REV. LOUIS ALBERT (D.D.); CUYLER, THE REV. THEODORE L. (D.D.) (INTRODUCTION) - The Saloon-Keeper's Ledger: A Series of Temperance Revival Discourses
051095: BANKS, HENRY H. (MD) - A Century of Excellence - The History of Tufts University School of Medicine, 1893-1993; SIGNED
071041: BANKS, LYNNE REID - Casualties: A Novel
Pb773: F.R. BANKS - The New Penguin guide to London
043345: BANNER, LOIS W. - Finding Fran: History and Memory in the Lives of Two Women
009634: BANNERMAN, ROBIN M. - Thalassemia: A Survey of Some Aspects
041838: BANNING, DR. W. - Typen Van Zedeleer
069601: BANNING, MARGARET CULKIN - I Took My Love to the Country
046290: BANNISTER, ROGER - Brain's Clinical Neurology, Third Edition
Pb3891: POLLY BANNISTER, EDITOR - Yankee's Country Fair Cookbook
Pb7618: BANNISTER, JO - A Bleeding of Innocents
051171: BANNON, LAURA - Mind Your Child's Art: A Guide for Parents and Teachers
081048: BANNON, LAURA - Baby Roo
079063: BANNON, LAURA - Baby Roo
Pb6982: BANTA, MELISSA - Colin Powell
044211: BANVARD, REV. JOSEPH - The Comprehensive Question Book, on Prominent Biblical Events, From the Creation to the End of the World.
044210: BANVARD, REV. JOSEPH - A Topical Question Book, on Subjects Connected with the Plan of Salvation, Arranged in Consecutive Order; With Hints for the Assistance of Teachers. Designed for Sabbath-Schools and Bible Classes.
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056324: BEDINGFIELD, VERY REV. EDMUND - The Life of Margaret Mostyn (Mother Margaret of Jesus), Religious of the Reformed Order of Our Blessed Lady of Mount Carmel. (1625-1679.)
063166: BEDNARSKI, SISTER GLORIANA - Listening for the Lord: A Catechesis for a Praying People
061279: DE LA BEDOYERE, MICHAEL - George Washington
077681: DE LA BEDOYERE, MICHAEL - Christian Crisis
080840: DE LA BEDOYERE, MICHAEL - Francois De Sales
063180: DE LA BEDOYERE, MICHAEL (EDITOR, INTRODUCTION) - The Future of Catholic Christianity
044490: BEE, HELEN - The Developing Child - Fifth (5th) Edition
080815: BEEBE, CATHERINE - The Story of Mary, The Mother of Jesus
073830: BEEBE, CATHERINE - Do You Like to Open Packages?
067804: BEEBE, JOHN; FOREWORD BY ROSEN, DAVID H. - Integrity in Depth
077918: BEEBE, CATHERINE - Days of Praise for Mary Our Mother
069453: KEYES, NELSON BEECHER AND GALLAGHER, EDWARD FELIX - Hope of the Nation: Two Volume Set - Our American Heritage and Our Christian Heritage (In Slipcases)
034484: BEECHER, HENRY WARD - Evolution and Religion. Part I (1). Eight Sermons, Discussing the Bearings of the Evolutionary Philosophy on the Fundamental Doctrines of Evangelical Christianity.
037085: BEEMAN, ROBIN - The Lost Art of Desire
075929: BEER, GEORGE LOUIS - The Origins of the British Colonial System 1578-1660
Pb3210: KATHLEEN COSTELLO BEER - What Happens in the Spring
074703: DE BEER, G. R. - Vertebrate Zoology
049649: BEERBOHM, MAX - A Defence of Cosmetics
079849: BEERBOHM, MAX; PREFACE BY CLEVERDON, DOUGLAS - Zuleika Dobson (or) An Oxford Love Story (In Slipcase)
070191: BEERS, LORNA - The Crystal Cornerstone
054181: BEERS, HENRY A. - Initial Studies in American Letters
042674: BEERS, DAVID - Blue Sky Dream: A Memoir of America's Fall from Grace
072586: BEERS, HENRY A. - From Chaucer to Tennyson: English Literature in Eight Chapters with Selections from Thirty Authors
027610: BEERS, HENRY P. - The French & British in the Old Northwest - SIGNED
072829: BEERY, RAY C. - Practical Child Training - Part 9: Easy Lessons for Developing Body and Mind
019650: BEERY, RAY C. - Practical Child Training - Part 14 - Easy Lessons for Teaching Morality
Pb6079: BEESLEY, AMANDA - Something New: Reflections on the Beginnings of a Marriage
072861: BEESTON, A.F.L. - A Descriptive Grammar of Epigraphic South Arabian
016962: L. VAN BEETHOVEN - Concerte Von L. Van Beethoven in Partitur
049697: VAN BEETHOVER, LUDWIG - Ludwig Van Beethoven, Op. 92 Symphony No. 7 In A Major for the Piano, Level 4/5 (Piano Classics by the Great Masters! (In the Original, Uncut Length)
081280: BEETLE, CLARA (EDITOR) - A.L.A. Cataloging Rules for Author and Title Entries
Pb5524: BEGARNIE - Karate
057216: BEGBIE, JOAN - Walking in the New Forest
049359: BEGENT, PETER J. - The Romance of St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle - 15th Edition
026518: BEGG, CHARLES - Sprue - Its Diagnosis & Treatment
032310: BEGIEBING, ROBERT J. - The Strange Death of Mistress Coffin - A Novel
Pb1787: BEGLEY, ADAM - Literary Agents: A Writer's Guide
066172: BEGLEY, EVELYN M. - A Prickly Tale
048735: BEGUIRIZTAIN, P. JUSTO (S.J.); COLLINS, JOHN H. (S.J.) - TRANSLATOR - The Eucharist Apostolate of St. Ignatius Loyola (Inscribed & Signed By Translator)
075904: BEHAN, DOMINIC - My Brother Brendan
082035: BEHM, BILL - The Night Jesus Was Born
Pb3216: FRANCES L. BEHNKE - The question and Answer Book of Magnetism
073895: BEHR, EDWARD - The Good Frenchman: The True Story of the Life and Times of Maurice Chevalier
013895: BEHRENDT, H. (MD) - Diagnostic Tests for Infants and Children
044723: BEHRENS, HELEN KINDLER - Diplomatic Dining
068554: BEHRENS, CHARLES F. (MD) - Atomic Medicine
067537: BEHRMAN, S.N. - Portrait of Max: An Intimate Memoir of Sir Max Beerbohm
027318: BEHRMAN, S. N. - Portrait of Max
056251: BEIBITZ, THE REV. J.H. (M.A.) - Gloria Crucis: Addresses Delivered in Lichfield Cathedral Holy Week and Good Friday, 1907
065396: BEILBY, LORD BISHOP OF LONDON - A Charge Delivered to the Clergy of the Diocese of London, at the Primary Visitation of That Diocese in the Year MDCCXC (1790) The Second Edition.
079344: BEILENSON, NICK - Celebrating Whales: An Introduction to Cetaceans
031717: BEILIN, YOSSI - Israel - A Concise Political History
085611: BEINER, STAN J. - Sedra Scenes: Skits for Every Torah Portion
079263: BEINHAUER, WERNER - El Espanol Coloquial (Biblioteca Romanica Hispanica II. Estudios Y Ensayos)
059953: BEINING, TASHA - Our Miss Williams
046857: BEIRNE, JOSEPH A.; DOUGLAS, SENATOR PAUL H. (INTRODUCTION) - New Horizons for American Labor
Pb5207: BEISER, KARL - 25 Ski Tours in Maine
067175: BEISER, KARL - 25 Ski Tours in Maine
022576: DE BEKKER, L. J. - The Serio-Comic Profession
071420: SCHICK, BELA AND ROSENSON, WILLIAM (MD'S) - Child Care Today
069444: BELA, GUNDA - Muveltseg Es Hagyomany - Studia Ethnologica Hungariae et Centralise Ac Orientalis Europae, IX
074076: BELAIR, RICHARD L. - Double Take: A Novel
036364: BELCHER, ANNE E. - Blood Disorders
049006: BELDEN, L. BURR - Goodbye, Death Valley! The Tragic 1849 Jayhawker Trek (Publication No. 5)
067252: BELDEN, BERNARD R. - Seven is a Handy Figure - Teacher's Manual
082833: BELEW, LELAND F. (EDITOR) - Skylab, Our First Space Station
070717: BELFIELD, WENDELL O.; FOREWORD BY PAULING, DR. LINUS - The Very Healthy Cat Book: A Vitamin and Mineral Program for Optimal Feline Health
081952: BELFORD, WILLIAM J. - Special Ministers of the Eucharist
052415: BELFRAGE, CEDRIC - Away From It All: An Escapologist's Notebook
019640: BELITT, BEN - The Five-Fold Mesh
039521: BELKNAP, JEREMY - The History of New Hampshire, Volume I
071345: BELKNAP, RALPH L. - Effective Use of Church Space: Church Buildings in a Time of Energy Shortages and High Costs
074825: BELL, A.N. - A Knowledge of Living Things, with the Laws of Their Existence.
019803: BELL, ROBERT (MD) - The Deputy Physician: A Complete Household Guide for the Preservation of Health and Treatment of Diseases
022272: BELL, MADISON SMARTT - Doctor Sleep, A Novel - SIGNED (GIFT QUALITY)
033397: BELL, J. BOWYER - The Long War: Israel and the Arabs Since 1946
076432: BELL, W. COSBY - If a Man Die
023364: BELL, R.C., EDITOR - Diaries from the Days of Sail (GIFT QUALITY)
066748: BELL, FREDERIC - Jenny's Corner
059070: BELL, MARVIN - A Probable Volume of Dreams: Poems By Marvin Bell
030567: BELL, JOHN (MD) - EDITOR; COLEY, JAMES MILMAN, MD - AUTHOR - The Select Medical Library (New Series) and Bulletin of Medical Science: Coley on Infants and Children
072156: BELL, MARGARET - Margaret Fuller, A Biography
083698: BELL, SALLIE LEE - By Strange Paths: A Novel of Old Louisiana
043884: BELL, QUENTIN - Virginia Woolf: A Biography
080392: BELL, PEARL DOLES - The Love Link
P000399: JAMES D. BELL - Kialogue: a Thematic Approach to Writing
Pb1229: BELL, DAVID S. - The Doctor's Guide to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Understanding, Treating, and Living With Cfids
066642: BELL, CORAL - Negotiation From Strength: A Study in the Politics of Power
066283: BELL, ANTHEA - The Floral Companion
071372: BELL, ROSELYN (EDITOR); FOREWORD BY HERTZBERG, ARTHUR - The Hadassah Magazine: Jewish Parenting Book
Pa1541: BELL, DANIEL - Winding Passage: Essays and Sociological Journeys, 1960-1980
083056: BELL, KEN - Not in vain
062755: BELL, NEIL - Winding Road
062068: BELL, P.R. (EDITOR) - Darwin's Biological Work: Some Aspects Reconsidered (Science Editions)
Pb1557: NEILL BELL - The book of Where or How to be Naturally Geographic
Pb1588: BELL, QUENTIN - Virginia Woolf; A Biography
077555: BELL, LETTICE - Go-To-Bed Stories
066836: BELL, HILARI - The Book of Sorahb II - Wheel - ADVANCE REVIEW COPY
Pb5063: BERNARD IDDINGS BELL - a Man Can Live
085378: BELLAH, KARIL - Clinical Health Issues Handbook
Pa037: BELLAH, ROBERT N. - Habits of the Heart : Individualism and Commitment in American Life
013703: BELLAK, LEOPOLD - Conceptual and Methodological Problems in Psychoanalysis
Pa2040: HENRY BELLAMANN - Floods of Spring
057743: BELLAMY, FRANK - The Caribbean (Cadogan Guides)
059117: BELLAMY, EDWARD - Talks on Nationalism
011379: BELLAMY, EDWARD - The Student's Guide to Surgical Anatomy and Operative Surgery
021161: BELLANTI, JOSEPH A. (MD) - Immunology
081845: FLYNN, BELLE AND O'CONNELL, PEGGY - When Is the Singing Part? (A Take-Me-To-Church Mass Book for Preschool Children)
077493: BELLER, ANNE SCOTT - Fat & Thin: A Natural History of Obesity
053843: BELLISSINO, CHARLES - Pasta Sauces
Pb7258: BELLO, IGNACIO; BRITTON, JACK R. - Topics in Contemporary Mathematics
085509: BELLOC, HILAIRE - Napoleon's Campaign of 1812 and the Retreat from Moscow
054224: BELLOC, H. (HILAIRE) - Mr. Clutterbuck's Election
054279: BELLOW, SAUL - Ravelstein
057833: BELLOWS, ALBERT J. (MD) - How Not To Be Sick - A Sequel to "Philosophy of Eating."
059460: BELLOWS, ROBERT P. - The Architectural Forum - Memorial Tablets
012758: BELLOWS, JOHN G. (MD), EDITOR - Cataract and Abnormalities of the Lens
059108: BELOFF, MAX - The Great Powers: Essays in Twentieth Century Politics
Pb4370: BELSHIN, LEON - The Complete Prostate Book: Every Man's Guide
079722: BELSKY, DICK - One for the Money
043669: BELT, ELMER - Leonardo the Anatomist
077145: BELTING, NATALIA M. - Verity Mullens and the Indian
079108: BELTRAN, PROF. JUAN RAMON - Revista Argentina De Historia De La Medicina, Ano II, No. I
079109: BELTRAN, PROF. JUAN RAMON - Revista Argentina De Historia De La Medicina, Ano II, No. II
079110: BELTRAN, PROF. JUAN RAMON - Revista Argentina De Historia De La Medicina, Ano II, No. III
079111: BELTRAN, PROF. JUAN RAMON - Revista Argentina De Historia De La Medicina, Ano III, No. I
079114: BELTRAN, PROF. JUAN RAMON - Revista Argentina De Historia De La Medicina, Ano IV, No. I
079115: BELTRAN, PROF. JUAN RAMON - Revista Argentina De Historia De La Medicina, Ano IV, No. III
079107: BELTRAN, PROF. JUAN RAMON - Revista Argentina De Historia De La Medicina, Ano I, No. III
079112: BELTRAN, PROF. JUAN RAMON - Revista Argentina De Historia De La Medicina, Ano III, No. II
079113: BELTRAN, PROF. JUAN RAMON - Revista Argentina De Historia De La Medicina, Ano III, No. III
079106: BELTRAN, PROF. JUAN RAMON - Revista Argentina De Historia De La Medicina, Ano I, No. II
079105: BELTRAN, PROF. JUAN RAMON - Revista Argentina De Historia De La Medicina, Ano I, No. I - SIGNED
Pb5613: BELTZ, BOB - Daily Disciplines for the Christian Man: Practical Steps to an Empowered Spiritual Life
074835: CUZZORT, BELVA AND TRASK, JOHN W. (MD) - Health and Health Practices
Pb3197: DAREY-BEMBE, FRANCOISE; BEMBE, JOHN P. - Day by Day with God
073788: BEMELMANS, LUDWIG - Welcome Home! (After a Poem By Beverley Bogert)
011357: BEMENT, HOWARD (ED) - Burke's Speech on Conciliation with America
009379: BEMIS, EDWARD W - Cooperation in New England - FIRST EDITION
060231: KHADER, AICHA BEN ABED BEN AND SOREN, DAVID - Carthage: A Mosaic of Ancient Tunisia
081848: BENARD, ROBERT - A Catholic Education: A Novel

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