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055031: YOUMANS, ELIZA A. - Second Book of Botany. A Practical Guide to the Observation and Study of Plants.
071609: YOUMANS, JOHN B. (MD), GUEST EDITOR - The Medical Clinics of North America - Syphilis and Other Venereal Diseases, May 1964
075487: YOUNG, DAVID P. - Sweating Out the Winter: Poems By David P. Young
081490: YOUNG, DONALD F. - Introduction to Applied Mechanics: An Integrated Treatment for Students in Engineering, Life Science, and Interdisciplinary Programs
059977: YOUNG, MRS. VIRGINIA D. - "Beholding as in a Glass" - A Novel
017645: YOUNG, A. G. (MD) - The Diagnosis of Smallpox
001076: YOUNG, A. G. (MD) - A Working Guide Against the Communicable Diseases
069697: YOUNG, AGATHA - Scalpel: Men Who Made Surgery
043653: YOUNG, DIANA (EDITOR) - Cartographies: Contemporary American Essays
045813: YOUNG, JARED W. - Random Verses: A Selection from the Poems Written By Thirteen Members of our Family with Eight of Mine added for Good Measure (Signed Presentation Copy)
037819: YOUNG, MARTIE W. - Asian Art: A Collector's Selection
071265: YOUNG, DOUGLAS - Between Sundays
015461: YOUNG, A. G. (MD) - Twenty-Third Annual Report Upon the Births, Marriages, Divorces and Deaths in the State of Maine - 1914
015462: YOUNG, A. G. (MD) - Twenty-Fourth Annual Report Upon the Births, Marriages, Divorces and Deaths in the State of Maine - 1915
057381: YOUNG, SAMUEL - God Makes a Difference
054638: YOUNG, WILLIAM - Ah, What Riddles These Women Be!
Pa215: ERNST & YOUNG - The Ernst and Young Tax Savers Guide 2001 Custom
Pb1001: YOUNG, LEONTINE R. - Wednesday's Children: A Study of Child Neglect and Abuse
085186: YOUNG, MITCHELL - EDITOR - The War on Terrorism - Turning Points in World History
049521: YOUNG, ANDREW - The Green Man
055496: YOUNG, ERIC BRETT - The Murder at Fleet
068618: YOUNG, EDWARD E. - The Poetical Works of Edward E. Young
084066: YOUNG, FRANCIS BRETT - Mr. and Mrs. Pennington
032879: YOUNG, ANDREW W. - First Book on Civil Government; Being an Introduction to the Government Class Book. Designed for the Younger Classes in Schools.
031097: YOUNG, WM. - Picturesque Architecture - Picturesque Examples of Old English Churches and Cottages from Sketches in Sussex & Adjoining Counties
014034: YOUNG, L. H. - Remarkable Events in the World's History, Collected and Compiled from Authentic Sources
083202: YOUNG, JEAN - Woodstock Craftsman's Manual 2
040332: YOUNG, NORMAN - Creator, Creation and Faith
068701: YOUNG, RUTH - Daisy's Taxi
073797: YOUNG, MIRIAM - No Place for Mitty
024896: YOUNG, MARGUERITE - Moderate Fable
077994: YOUNG, ROSE E. - Henderson
077840: YOUNG, STARK - So Red the Rose
Pa110: WARREN C. YOUNG - A Christian Approach to Philosophy
071749: YOUNG, ARTHUR R. (EDITOR) - This is Art Education: 1951 Yearbook
022295: YOUNG, JAMES (MD) - A Text-Book of Gynaecology for Students and Practitioners
051716: YOUNG, KAY - Horse Talk
049654: YOUNGER, NELDA (EDITOR) - Harvest '61: Poems, Essays, Short Stories (The University of Houston)
021819: YOUNT, LISA - Cancer
019884: YOURCENAR, MARGUERITE - Two Lives and a Dream (Rare Collectible Advance Uncorrected Proof)
069579: YOURCENAR, MARGUERITE - Dear Departed - A Memoir
069909: CHU-YUAN, CHENG - Communist China's Economy 1949-1962: Structural Changes and Crisis
016918: CHU-YUAN, CHENG - Mainland China - Why Still Backward?
059751: CHUNG-YUAN, CHANGE - Tao: A New Way of Thinking - A Translation of the Tao Te Ching with an Introduction and Commentaries
Pb5686: SCHLOFF; YUDKIN, MARCIA; SCHLOFF, LAURIE; YUDKIN - Smart Speaking: 60 Second Strategies for More Than 100 Speaking Problems and Fears
Pb3124: YUE, CHARLOTTE; YUE, DAVID - The Igloo
041904: YUHAUS, CASSIAN J. (C.P.); WRIGHT, MOST REVEREND JOHN J. (S.T.D.)(PREFACE) - Compelled to Speak: The Passionists in America Origin and Apostolate (Centenary Edition, Canonization of St. Paul of the Cross)
067852: INO, YUICHI AND KOIKE, PROF. SHINJI (EDS) - World's Contemporary Architecture - Latin America, Volume 11
035716: MITO, YUICHI AND TAMURA, MINORU (EDS) - Social Theories of Orthodox Writers
085794: INO, YUICHI AND KOIKE, PROF. SHINJI (EDS) - World's Contemporary Architecture - Italy Spain, Volume 9
067853: INO, YUICHI AND KOIKE, PROF. SHINJI (EDS) - World's Contemporary Architecture - France, Volume 10
008739: YUNIS, JORGE J. (MD), EDITOR - New Chromosomal Syndromes
059378: YURICK, SOL - An Island Death
036990: SAINT-YVES, LEONARD DE - Selected Writings of De Sade
005043: ROSA, JEAN (EDITOR), BEUZARD, YVES & HERCULES JOHN - Development of Therapeutic Agents for Sickle Cell Disease
061053: COUSTEAU, JACQUES-YVES AND DIOLE, PHILIPPE; TRANSLATED FROM THE FRENCH BY BERNARD, J.F. - Dolphins: The Undersea Discoveries of Jacques-Yves Cousteau
081446: YZERMANS, VINCENT A. - Jesus and Caesar Augustus: A Legend
085721: ZABARSKY, M. - Past Into Present, Paintings - SIGNED
034201: ZABRISKIE, ALEXANDER C. (ED); FOREWORD BY THE PRESIDING BISHOP - Anglican Evangelicalism (Publication No. 13)
073777: ZACHER, ROBERT VINCENT - Advertising Techniques and Management
005946: ZACKS, SUMNER I., (MD) - Atlas of Neuropathology
006361: ZACKS, DAVID W. (MD) - Photo-Radiography in Search of Tuberculosis
071477: ZACOUR, NORMAN P. - Petrarch's Book Without a Name: A Translation of the Liber Sine Nomine
079267: ZAFIROPOULOS, SIMONI (EDITOR) - Greece in Poetry - With Paintings, Drawings, Photographs, and Other Works of Art
068265: ZAGALA, BOLESLAW (EDITOR); KSIEGARNIA, NASZA - W Oczach Dzieci - Through The Eyes of Children
083274: ZAGER, MELODY - Growing up at Gold Creek: "the gonna people": a true adventure of the Alaskan frontier
064899: ZAGOREN, RUBY - Chaim Weizmann: First President of Israel
080244: ZAHL, PAUL A.; FOREWORD BY KRUTCH, JOSEPH WOOD - Coro-Coro: The World of the Scarlet Ibis
Pb829: ZAHLER, DIANE; ZAHLER, KATHY A. - Test Your Cultural Literacy
085672: ZALBEN, JANE BRESKIN - Happy New Year, Beni
064901: ZALBEN, JANE BRESKIN - Ben's Little Library - A Jewish Holiday Boxed Set (In Shrink Wrap)
Pb1906: ZALESKI, PHILIP - The Best Spiritual Writing 2002
071878: ZALK, R. LOUIS; INTRODUCTION BY CARNEGIE, MRS. DALE - How to Be a Successful Widow
065929: ZALL, P.M. (EDITOR) - A Nest of Ninnies - and Other English Jestbooks of the Seventeenth Century
Pb4262: ZAMBONINI, FRANCA - Teresa of Calcutta: A Pencil in God's Hand
038889: ZAMBRANA, MALLEEN; VAZQUEZ, ANTONIO ZAMBRANA Y - Coleccion Los Zambrana, Tomo X - Los Zambrana - La Republica de Cuba
062270: ZAMEENZAD, ADAM - The 13th House
006913: ZAMENHOF, STEPHEN - The Chemistry of Heredity
076881: ZAMENHOF, L.L.; ELDONO, NAUA - Fundamento De Esperanto
050635: ZANDEN, JAMES W. VANDER - American Minority Relations - Fourth (4th) Edition
Pa1614: VANDER ZANDEN, JAMES WILFRID - Social Psychology
066314: ZANGWILL, O.L.; EVANS, B. IFOR (GENERAL EDITOR) - An Introduction to Modern Psychology (Home Study Books)
080820: ZANZIG, THOMAS - Sharing III: A Manual for Volunteer Teachers, Revised Edition (Sharing the Christian Message: A Comprehensive Four-Year Religious Education Program for High School Students)
044340: ZANZIG, THOMAS - Catechist's Theology Handbook: Confirmed in a Faithful Community
010495: ZAPFFE, FRED C. (ED) - Journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges - Vol. 9, 1934
044218: ZARAFONETIS, CHRIS J. D. (MD) (ED) - Proceedings of the International Conference on Leukemia-Lymphoma
079361: ZARCHY, HARRY - Let's Go Boating
071527: ZAREMBA, JOSEPH - Mathematical Economics and Operations Research: A Guide to Information Sources - Volume 10 in the Economics Information Guide Series
059208: ZASTROW, CHARLES - Introduction to Social Welfare Institutions: Social Problems, Services, and Current Issues
049971: ZAVIN, THEODORA - The Everybody-Bring-A-Dish Cookbook: Menus and Recipes for an International Eat-In
020558: ZDANSKY, ERICH (TRANSLATED BY BOYD, LINN J.) - Roentgen Diagnosis of the Heart and Great Vessels
Pb7551: ZEIER, JOAN T. - The Elderberry Thicket
Pa257: ZEINERT, KAREN - Amistad Slave Revolt and American Abolition
049035: ZELAZNY, ROGER - Changeling
Pb975: ROGER ZELAZNY - Doorways in the Sand
016409: ZELICKSON, ALVIN S. (MD) - Electron Microscopy of Skin and Mucous Membrane
039716: ZELIGS, ROSE (ED.D.) - Glimpses Into Child Life: The Twelve-Year-Old at Home and School
041668: ZELIGS, DOROTHY F. - A History of Jewish Life in Modern Times For Young People
047553: ZELIGS, MEYER A. (M.D.) - Friendship and Fratricide: An Analysis of Whittaker Chambers and Alger Hiss
013249: ZELIGS, MEYER A. (MD) - Friendship and Fratricide - An analysis of Whittaker Chambers and Alger Hiss
055943: ZELIGS, DOROTHY F. - A History of Jewish Life in Modern Times for Young People
081902: VAN ZELLER, DOM HUBERT - Approach to Prayer & Approach to Penance
042233: ZELLERBACH, MERLA - Rittenhouse Square
072748: ZELLMAN, HENRY E. (MD), GUEST EDITOR - The Medical Clinics of North America - System Disease and the Gastrointestinal Tract
080002: ZELLNIK, MIRIAM - Tinkertoy
031828: KUNISAKI, DR. TEIDO; NAKAJIMA, DR. HISASHI; INOUYE, DR. ZENJURO AND NISHIBE, MASUJIRO - An Experimental Study of Inoculation with B. Influenza on Monkeys
058316: ZENNER, PHILIP - Sex Education: Education in Sexual Physiology and Hygiene: A Physician's Message - Revised Edition
073548: ZERBE, J.L. - Elements of Commercial English
P000194: ED ZERN - To Hell with Hunting
012578: ZETTERBERG, HANS L. - On Theory and Verification in Sociology
Pb1105: ZETTL, HERBERT - Video Basics 3 With Infotrac
057948: EDITED BY ZETZEL, JAMES E.G. - Transactions of the American Philological Association, Volume 113, 1983
031292: ZEVI, BRUNO - Saper Vedere L'Architettura
031291: ZEVI, BRUNO - Architettura e Storiografia
014001: ZIAI, MOHSEN (MD), EDITOR - Pediatrics
Pb6187: ZIBART, EVE - The Unofficial Guide to New York City
075388: ZIDAN, DR. AHMAD A. - The Battles of the Prophet (Based on Authenticated Early Sources)
051348: ZIEGFELD, ERNEST (ED.D.) - Art in the College Program of General Education
078885: ZIEGLER, DR. ERNST - General Pathology
032575: ZIEGLER, J.L. - An Authentic History of Donegal Presbyterian Church Located in East Donegal Township, Lancaster Co., Pa.
043678: ZIEGLER, PHILIP - Mountbatten
064156: ZIEMAN, IRVING - Founders to Bounders: Boston in Rhyme (Signed)
011619: ZIEMAN, STEPHAN A. (MD) - World Surgery 1950
064885: VON ZIEMSSEN, DR. H. (ED); TRANSLATED BY ALBERT H. BUCK, MD - Cyclopaedia of the Practice of Medicine, Vol. I: Acute Infectious Diseases
073389: VON ZIEMSSEN, DR. H. (EDITOR); BUCK, ALBERT H. (MD) - EDITOR OF AMERICAN EDITION; BARTELS, PROF. CARL AND EBSTEIN, PROF. WILHELM - Cyclopaedia of the Practice of Medicine, Vol. XV: Diseases of the Kidney
044610: VON ZIEMSSEN, DR. H. (EDITED); TRANSLATED BY ALBERT H. BUCK, MD - Cyclopaedia of the Practice of Medicine, Vol. VI: Diseases of the Circulatory System
072623: VON ZIEMSSEN, DR. H. (EDITOR); BUCK, ALBERT H. (MD) - EDITOR OF AMERICAN EDITION - Cyclopaedia of the Practice of Medicine, Vol. IX (9) - Diseases of the Liver and Portal Vein
085815: VON ZIEMSSEN, DR. H. (EDITOR); BUCK, ALBERT H. (MD) - EDITOR OF AMERICAN EDITION - Cyclopaedia of the Practice of Medicine, Vol. VIII (8): Diseases of the Chylopoetic System
086098: VON ZIEMSSEN, DR. H. (ED); TRANSLATED BY ALBERT H. BUCK, MD - Cyclopaedia of the Practice of Medicine - Vol. V: Diseases of the Respiratory Organs
073377: VON ZIEMSSEN, DR. H. (EDITOR); SCHROEDER, PROF. CARL; BUCK, ALBERT H. (MD) - EDITOR AMERICAN EDITION - Cyclopaedia of the Practice of Medicine Vol. X - Diseases of the Female Sexual Organs
064878: VON ZIEMSSEN, DR. H. (EDITOR) - Cyclopaedia of the Practice of Medicine, Vol. XIX - Supplementary Volume on Hygiene and Public Health
077161: VON ZIEMSSEN, DR. H. (ED); TRANSLATED BY ALBERT H. BUCK, MD - Cyclopaedia of the Practice of Medicine, Vol. II (2): Acute Infectious Diseases
056139: ZIESK, EDRA - A Cold Spring - Advance Uncorrected Proof
036628: ZIFF, WILLIAM B. - He the Maker
055169: ZIFF, WILLIAM B. - The Gentlemen Talk of Peace
Pb1049: ZIKMUND, WILLIAM M. - Business Research Methods Fifth Edition
036910: ZILBOORG, GREGORY (MD) - Mind, Medicine, & Man
031133: ZILBOORG, GREGORY (MD) - Sigmund Freud - His Exploration of the Mind of Man
080462: ZIM, HERBERT S. - The Big Cats
Pb5054: ZIM, HERBERT SPENCER; SHOEMAKER, HURST; IRVING, JAMES GORDON - Fishes: A Guide to Fresh and Salt Water Species
076906: ZIM, HERBERT S. - Monkeys
Pb7892: HERBERT S. ZIM - The Universe
081330: ZIMBALIST, NANCY (EDITOR) - Broadway & Off: The Theatre Magazine, October 1984 (Theatergoer Guide - Complete Broadway Reviews)
065543: ZIMELMAN, NATHAN - I Will Tell You of Peach Stone
081827: ZIMMER, E. A., - Die Durchleuchtungstechnik Der Thoraxorgane
Pa1337: NORMA ZIMMER - Norma Norma Zimmer Tells Her Story
Pb2717: ZIMMER, JUDITH - Free Weights: The Free-Weights Training Program and Buyer's Guide
Pb1204: LIBBY ZIMMERMAN, CHERYL HYDE, ETC. - Reading in Human behavior And the Social Environment
064444: ZIMMERMAN, JACK M. - Hospice - Complete Care for the Terminally Ill
059903: ZIMMERMAN, J. G. - Solitude - Volume the Second
Pb7941: ZIMMERMAN, JERRY - Books of Records
Pb4055: ZIMMERMAN, MARTHA - Should I Keep My Baby?
066622: ZIMMERMANN, ERICH W. - Conservation in the Production of Petroleum - A Study in Industrial Control
076369: ZIMMERN, ALFRED - Learning and Leadership: A Study of the Needs and Possibilities of International Intellectual Co-Operation (Signed By Author)
070687: ZINDEL, PAUL - The Amazing and Death-Defying Diary of Eugene Dingman
017510: ZINER, FEENIE - Within This Wilderness
071721: ZINER, FEENIE - The Pilgrims and Plymouth Colony
025061: ZINN, GLADYS AVERY - The Life Story of a Pioneer Iowa Doctor
057349: ZINNER, STEPHEN H. (MD) - How To Protect Yourself from STDs
081481: ZINSSER, WILLIAM - Writing with a Word Processor
068920: ZINSSER, HANS (MD) - Infection and Resistance
068921: ZINSSER, HANS (MD) - Resistance to Infectious Diseases
084527: ZINSSER, HANS (MD) - As I Remember Him: The Biography of R. S.
072941: ZINSSER, HANS - Rats, Lice and History
068919: ZINSSER, HANS (MD) - Infection and Resistance
083992: ZION, GENE - All Falling Down
085766: ZIPPERSTEIN, STEVEN J. - The Jews of Odessa - A Cultural History, 1794-1881
061470: ZIRBES, LAURA - Teachers for Today's Schools
074687: ZIRKLE, RAYMOND E. (EDITOR) - Biological Effects of External X and Gamma Radiation, Part I
074684: ZIRKLE, RAYMOND E. (EDITOR) - Effects of External Beta Radiation
026450: ZISKIN, DANIEL E. (D.D. S.) - Handbook of Pulp Symptomatology and Diagnosis
073807: ZISTEL, ERA - The Good Year
Pa1204: ZITZEWITZ, PAUL W.; MURPHY, JAMES T. - Physics: Principles and Problems
045907: ZIVANCEVIC, NINA - More or Less Urgent - Poems By Nina Zivancevic
034808: ZMIJEWSKI, CHESTER M. - Immunohematology
021400: ZMIJEWSKI, CHESTER M. - Immunohematology
075796: ZOETHOUT, WILLIAM D. - A Textbook of Physiology
086196: ZOLA, GARY P. (EDITOR) - Women Rabbis Exploration & Celebration
073137: ZOLA, EMILE - Roman Contemporain Realists, Vol. VII and VIII (7,8): A Page of Love
055518: ZOLAR (WORLD'S MOST POPULAR ASTROLOGER) - Numerology Dream Book
078771: ZONDEK, BERNHARD - Clinical and Experimental Investigations on The Genital Functions and Their Hormonal Regulation
Pb7632: TWILIGHT ZONE, SCHATTENLICHT - Unheimliche Geschichten v. Stephen King, Joyce C. Oates, Robert Bloch u. a.
084804: ZOOK, NICHOLAS - Houses of New England Open to the Public
058807: ZORKOCZY, PETER - Information Technology: An Introduction
085685: ZORNBERG, AVIVAH GOTTLIEB - Genesis: The Beginning of Desire
085930: ZORNBERG, AVIVAH GOTTLIEB - The Particulars of Rapture - Reflections on Exodus
Pb5180: ZOTTI, ED - Know It All!: The Fun Stuff You Never Learned in School
031810: ZOUTENDYK, A. (MD) - Haemolytic Disease of the Newborn in South African Europeans and Bantu, 1946-1960
014633: HARSANYI, DR. ZSOLT AND HUTTON, RICHARD - Genetic Prophecy: Beyond the Double Helix
039000: ZUCCHINI, GUIDO - Italia Artistica, Monografie Illustrate - Bologna
042597: ZUCKERMAN, SOLLY - Monkeys, Men, and Missiles: An Autobiography, 1946-88
058613: ZUCKERMAN, SOLLY - Nuclear Illusion and Reality
Pb7970: ZUCKERMAN, SOLLY - Monkeys, Men and Missiles: An Autobiography, 1946-1988
061184: ZUELKE, RUTH - The Horse in Art
029920: ZUIDEMA, GEORGE D. (MD) - The Johns Hopkins Atlas of Human Functional Anatomy
069221: ZUKER, ELAINA - The Seven Secrets of Influence
083793: JOHN R. ZUNIGA AND JOHN M. GREGG - GUEST EDITORS - Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinics of North America - Clinical Trials in Orofacial Neurotrauma
P000401: ZUNKER, VERNON G.; NORRIS, DEBRA - Using Assessment Results for Career Development (Counseling Ser.)
013989: ZUNKER, VERNON G. - Career Counseling: Applied Concepts of Life Planning
Pa889: ZWACK, JOSEPH; NIXON, C. ROBERT; CONRY, ROGER D. - Annulment: Your Chance to Remarry Within the Catholic Church
050305: ZWEIBEL, ALAN - Bunny Bunny - Gilda Radner: A Sort of Love Story
023048: ZWEIG, DR. FERDYNAND - The Israeli Worker: Achievements, Attitudes and Aspirations
031135: ZWEIG, STEFAN - Freud - La Guerison Par L'Esprit
016624: BAND, ZWEITER ET AL - Handbuch Der Neurochirurgie - Rontgenologie - Einschliesslich, Kontrastmethoden

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