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064876: SIMON, WILLIAM E. - A Time for Truth
010641: SIMON, JAN - Men and Medicine in the Middle East
020440: SIMON, BRIAN (EDITOR) - Psychology In the Soviet Union
073864: SIMON, OLIVER (EDITOR) - Signature - A Quadrimestrial of Typography and Graphic Arts, 5, New Series, 1948
Pb3187: SIMON, FREDERICK J.; HARRISSON, JOHN; KIFFIN, MARK - The Steak Lover's Companion: 170 Savory Recipes from America's Greatest Chefs
Pb6409: SIMON, ARTHUR - Harvesting Peace: The Arms Race and Human Need
074973: SIMON, ROGER L. - The Lost Coast: A Moses Wine Mystery
080659: FLEXNER, SIMON AND JAMES THOMAS - William Henry Welch and the Heroic Age of American Medicine
037631: SIMON, ROBERT B. (CATALOGUE BY) - From Palace and Chapel: Important Old Master Paintings
040596: SIMON, ARTHUR R. - Faces of Poverty
Pb5324: LYONS, JEFFREY; SIMON & SCHUSTER FIRESIDE - Jeffrey Lyons' 101 Great Movies for Kids
053353: SIMON, CLARE - Oh, The Family!
014307: FREDRICKS, SIMON AND BRODY, GARRY S. (MD'S), EDITORS - Symposium on the Neurologic Aspects of Plastic Surgery
044627: SIMONDS, NINA - China's Food: A Traveler's Guide to the Best Restaurants, Dumpling Stalls, Teahouses, and Markets in China
079988: SIMONDS, FRANK H. - History of the World War: Volume Two (2): The Making of Middle Europe
Pb7444: FRANK H. SIMONDS, LITT.D. - Can America Stay at home?
042900: SIMMONS, SIMONE WITH HILL, SUSAN - Diana: The Secret Years
073921: SIMONS, GUSTAVE - What Every Woman Doesn't Know
057714: SIMONS, PAULLINA - Tully
015141: SIMONS, GARY - Be the Dream
040350: SIMONSEN, S. J. - Among the Sourdoughs - SIGNED
Pb217: SIMONSON, MARIA; HEILMAN, JOAN RATTNER - The Complete University Medical Diet/#08384
049950: SIMPSON, LESLEY BYRD - Many Mexicos - Fourth (4th) Edition Revised
049886: SIMPSON, NORMAN T. - North America Country Inns and Back Roads - 20th Year, Revised Annually (New England, West Coast, Canada, Middle Atlantic, South, Midwest, Rocky Mountains)
044143: SIMPSON, NORMAN T. - Country Inns and Back Roads (Continental Europe): Including Some Castles, Pensions, Country Houses, Chateaux, Farmhouses, Palaces, Traditional Inns, Chalets, Villas, and Small Hotels
081856: SIMPSON, PHYLLIS - The Hail Mary
Pb1908: SIMPSON, NORMAN T. - Country Inns and Back Roads : North America, Twenty-Fifth Year, 1990-91
048244: SIMPSON, ELIZABETH LEONIE - Notes on An Emergency: A Journal of Recovery
040803: SIMPSON, J.G. - Fact and Faith
058234: SIMPSON, COLIN - The Lusitania
020647: SIMPSON, EILEEN - Orphans - Real and Imaginary (GIFT QUALITY)
083801: SIMPSON, EILEEN B - Late Love: A Celebration of Marriage after Fifty
065129: SIMPSON, JAMES B. (COMPILER) - Contemporary Quotations
054547: SIMPSON, JEAN I. (PH.D.) - The Frozen Food Cookbook and Guide to Home Freezing
009424: SIMPSON, FRANK L - Massachusetts Law
075604: SIMPSON, A.B. - The Love Life of the Lord
083817: SIMPSON, JOHN - A Fine & Private Place
085985: SIMPSON, MONA - The Lost Father, A Novel - Uncorrected Proof
050534: SIMPSON, CLARENCE O. (MD) - Toothsome Topics - SIGNED
067697: SIMS, W. HINES - Song Leading
Pb3681: SIMS, LESLEY - Agent Arthur's Island Adventure
063691: SIMS, EDWARD R. - A Season with the Savior: Meditations on Mark
077833: SIMS, NAOMI - All About Health and Beauty for the Black Woman
039358: SIMS, WILLIAM J. - Mathew Henry Wilson, 1814-1892 - The Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin Volume 37, Number 4, Hartford, October 1972
076970: SIMS, MARIAN - The City on the Hill: A Novel
077096: SIMS, PATSY - New Orleans: The Passing Parade (Signed By Mitchel Osborne, In Slipcase)
Pb3281: LESLEY SIMS - The Dark Dark Knight
063830: SINAGEL, MICHAEL - Daniel Defoe and Middle-Class Gentility - SIGNED
Pb1397: SINATRA, NANCY; GENERAL PUB GROUP - Frank Sinatra: An American Legend
085046: LEWIS, SINCLAIR AND HOWARD, SIDNEY - Sinclair Lewis's Dodsworth, Dramatized
085493: SINCLAIR, ANDREW - The Available Man: The Life Behind the Masks of Warren Gamaliel Harding
032129: SINCLAIR, CLIVE - The Brothers Singer
073971: SINCLAIR, CHARLES G. (MD) - Microbiology and Elementary Pathology for the Use of Nurses
057365: SINCLAIR, BERTRAND W. - The Land of Frozen Suns, A Novel
062669: SINCLAIR, UPTON - Sylvia: A Novel
066325: SINCLAIR, ANDREW (TRANSLATOR) - Selections from the Greek Anthology
053569: BURLESON, DAVID SINCLAIR AND CASH, LAURIE - Adventures in English: Grade Four (4)
053570: BURLESON, DAVID SINCLAIR AND CASH, LAURIE - Adventures in English: Grade Five (5)
075249: SINCLAIR, BERTRAND W. - The Hidden Places
071745: SINCLAIR, UPTON - Damaged Goods - The Great Play: "Les Avaries" of Brieux
Pb47: SINCLAIR, MICK - Fodor's Citypack Chicago
010798: SINDELAR, JODY LOUISE - Differential Utilization of Medical Care By Sex: A Theoretical and Empirical Study
045642: SINDEREN, ADRIAN VAN (L.H.D.) - Foundation Stones
020195: VAN SINDEREN, ADRIAN - Africa - Land of Many Lands
019075: VAN SINDEREN, ADRIAN - The Fifth Year - A Further Chronicle of World War II
019063: VAN SINDEREN, ADRIAN - A Voyage Through the Azure Seas
017873: VAN SINDEREN, ADRIAN - Our Highest Purpose SIGNED
062831: VAN SINDEREN, ADRIAN - Behind the Scenes at a Horse Show
018786: VAN SINDEREN, ADRIAN - A Yuletide Phantasmagoria
020530: VAN SINDEREN, ADRIAN - From the Canal to the Horn - The Story of South America
Pb1981: SINETAR, MARSHA - Ordinary People As Monks and Mystics: Lifestyles for Self-Discovery
065692: SINETAR, MARSHA - Reel Power: Spiritual Growth Through Film
081811: SINETAR, MARSHA - True Wealth (4 Audio Cassettes)
033066: DE SINETY, LE DR. L. - Traite Pratique de Gynecologie et Des Maladies Des Femmes
044445: SINGER, JANET - Cheer Leader
085703: SINGER, ISAAC BASHEVIS - Alone in the Wild Forest
006266: SINGER, GLORIA ANNE - Karen Horney 1885-1952: Her Contribution to Psychoanalysis
061793: SINGER, AMANDA - Ozark Legacy
085157: SINGER, ISAAC BASHEVIS - In My Father's Court, A Memoir
055601: SINGER, ISAAC BASHEVIS - Shrewd Todie and Lyzer the Miser & Other Children's Stories
060171: SINGER, I.J.; TRANSLATED FROM THE YIDDISH BY SAMUEL, MAURICE - The River Breaks Up: A Volume of Stories
084062: SINGER, AMANDA - Ozark Legacy
058742: SINGER, ERIC - A Handwriting Quiz Book: Graphological Exercises
013077: SINGERIE, ANN - Woman Alive - The Fixit Book
Pb2041: SINGH, LAVE; LEIGH, KELLY - Oracle 7.3 Developer's Guide
008836: SINGLETON, EDWARD B. (MD) - X-Ray Diagnosis of the Alimentary Tract in Infants and Children
003392: SINTON, LIEUT.-COLONEL J. A. (MD) - A Report on the Provision and Distribution of Infective Material for the Practice of Malaria-Therapy in England and Wales
003516: SINTON, LIEUT.-COLONEL J. A. (MD) - The Action of Atebrin Upon the Gametocytes of Plasmodium Falciparum
060011: SINYKIN, SHERI COOPER - Slate Blues
Pb4249: SIPIERA, PAUL - I Can Be an Astronomer
054140: SIPORIN, MAX (D.S.W.) - Introduction to Social Work Practice
010075: SIRACUSA, CARL - A Mechanical People
058182: SIRICA, JOHN J. - To Set the Record Straight: The Break-In, the Tapes, the Conspirators, the Pardon
072783: SIRJAMAKI, JOHN - The Sociology of Cities
066763: SIRNA, ANNE LORIMER - Chap Woman's Almanac (Alwomanac): Pilot Handling Throughout the Year
051740: SISSKIND, MITCH - Visitations: Stories By Mitch Sisskind (Review Copy)
046108: SISSMAN, L.E. - Scattered Returns - Poems By L.E. Sissman
058017: SISSON, WARREN R. (MD), CHAIRMAN - Child Health Services and Pediatric Education
067325: SISSON, ROSEMARY ANNE - Agnes Nixon's The Manions of America
Pa1095: PAULA ELIZABETH SITTS - The Glad Season
084336: SITWELL, SACHEVERELL - La Vie Parisienne: A Tribute to Offenbach
037820: SITWELL, SACHEVERELL - German Baroque Art
049519: SITWELL, EDITH - The Wooden Pegasus (Review Copy)
025560: SITWELL, SACHERVERELL - Splendours and Miseries
054338: SITWELL, SACHEVERELL - The Hunters and the Hunted
046110: SITWELL, EDITH - Poems New and Old By Edith Sitwell
085052: SITWELL, SACHEVERELL - Baroque and Rococo
001673: SIVAK, MICHAEL V., JR. (ED) - Endoscopic Sclerotherapy of Esophageal Varices
015667: SIVIERO, RODOLFO - Jewelry and Amber of Italy: A Collection in the National Museum of Naples
015666: SIVIERO, RODOLFO - Gli Ori e Le Ambre Del Museo Nazionale Di Napoli
Pa621: SIZER, THEODORE R. - Horace's School: Redesigning the American High School
Pb1954: SIZER, THEODORE R. - Horace's Compromise: The Dilemma of the American High School
016342: SJOSTRAND, FRITIOF S. - Electron Microscopy of Cells and Tissues - Vol. I: Instrumentation and Technique
085558: SKANCKE, JENNIFER - At Issue Series - Alternatives to Prisons (hardcover edition)
041623: SKARD, BJARNE; JORGENSEN, HERMAN E. (TRANSLATER) - The Incarnation: A Study of the Christology of the Ecumenical Creeds
081443: SKELTON, EUGENE - The Ministry of the Small-Group Leader
047125: SKELTON, JOHN; PRINCIPALLY, ACCORDING TO THE EDITION OF THE REV. DYCE, ALEXANDER - The Poetical Works of John Skelton: Principally According to the Edition of the Rev. Alexander Dyce. In Three Volumes. Volume III. (3)
050798: SKIFF, FREDERICK WOODWARD - Landmarks and Literature: An American Travelogue
046292: SKILLERN, ROSS HALL (MD) - The Catarrhal and Suppurative Diseases of The Accessory Sinuses of the Nose
083579: THE SECRETARY'S COMMISSION ON ACHIEVING NECESSARY SKILLS - What Work Requires of Schools: A Scans Report for America 2000
027734: SKIMMING, SYLVIA - Sand in My Shoes
083676: SKINNER, CORNELIA OTIS - Bottoms Up!
042281: SKINNER, CORNELIA OTIS - Madame Sarah
056181: SKINNER, CLARENCE R. - The Social Implications of Universalism
056132: SKINNER, CLARENCE R. - The Social Implications of Universalism
068344: SKINNER, DAVID B. (MD), ET AL - EDITORS - Gastroesophageal Reflux and Hiatal Hernia
050401: SKLAREW, MYRA - From the Backyard of the Diaspora (Inscribed & Signed By Author)
060431: SKLEPOWICH, EDWARD - Black Bridge: A Mystery of Venice (Uncorrected Advance Proof)
Pb3693: SKOGLUND, ELIZABETH - To Anger, with Love
046364: SKOGLUND, ELIZABETH - Where Do I Go to Buy Happiness? Insights of a Christian Counselor
064224: SKOLNIK, RICHARD - 1803: Jefferson's Decision of the United States - Purchases Louisiana
021790: SKORPEN, LIESEL MOAK - Mandy's Grandmother
071931: SKORSETH, THERESA - The Birds of Storm Hill
071282: SKOTTOWE, B. C. - A Short History of Parliament
050172: SKOTTOWE, B.C. (M.A.) - A Short History of Parliament
Pb1244: MARK SKOUSEN - The 1979 Insider's Banking & Credit Almanac
022457: SKRAINKA, PHILIP (MD) - Up-To-Date Medical Information for the Home
041724: SKRINE, JOHN HUNTLEY - What Is Faith? A Hermit's Epistle to Some That Are Without
054322: SKVORECKY, JOSEF - The Engineer of Human Souls: An Entertainment on the Old Themes of Life, Women, Fate, Dreams, the Working Class, Secret Agents, Love and Death (Review Copy)
Pb3356: JOSEF SKVORECKY - The bass Saxophone
P000415: SKWIRE, DAVID; WIENER, HARVEY S. - Student's Book of College English : Rhetoric, Readings, Handbook
Pb2652: MAGGIE SKYE - Collections
029746: SKYNNER, A. C. ROBIN - Systems of Family and Marital Psychotherapy
Pb91: SLACK, SUSAN FULLER - Japanese Cooking
041964: SLADE, EDWIN KECK - The Way of Life: The World's Greatest Drama From Paradise Lost to Paradise Restored
012110: SLADE, W. W. - The Making of a Mechanical Optician
084182: SLADEN, CHARLES F. - Our Tenants (Inscribed & Signed Presentation Copy from Author with Signed Letter)
005435: SLAFTER, CARLOS - A Record of Education.; The Schools and Teachers of Dedham, Massachusetts, 1644-1904
012677: SLAMECKA, NORMAN J. (ED) - Human Learning and Memory: Selected Readings
065522: SLATE, JOSEPH - The Mean, Clean, Giant Canoe Machine
023633: SLATER, ELIZABETH - Quest (The Yale Series of Younger Poets)
046367: SLATER, MARY - Caribbean Cooking for Pleasure
066828: SLATER, JOHN F. - A Letter of Fifty Years Ago
057767: SLATER, MARY - The Caribbean Islands
053080: SLATER, MICHAEL (EDITOR) - Dickens 1970: Centenary Essays
076152: SLATTER, JOHN (EDITOR) - From the Other Shore: Russian Political Emigrants in Britain, 1880-1917
041389: SLATTERY, CHARLES LEWIS (D.D.) - The Gift of Immortality: A Study in Responsibility (Raymond F. West Memorial Lectures)
047024: SLATTERY, CHARLES LEWIS - Certain American Faces: Sketches from Life
073892: SLATTERY, MARGARET - One In Seven
014129: SLAUGHTER, FRANK G. - Surgeon's Choice
016377: SLAUGHTER, FRANK G. - Sword and Scalpel
081288: SLAUGHTER, FRANK G. - Epidemic!
011218: SLAUGHTER, FRANK G. - That None Should Die
Pb2794: FRANK G. SLAUGHTER - Tomorrow's Miracle
078067: SLAUGHTER, FRANK G. - Lorena
054361: SLAUGHTER, CAROLYN - The Banquet
021201: SLAUGHTER, FRANK G. - Flight From Natchez
064029: SLAUGHTER, THOMAS P. - The Beautiful Soul of John Woolman, Apostle of Abolition (GIFT QUALITY)
025312: SLAUGHTER, FRANK G. - Plague Ship
Pb3809: SLAUGHTER, CAROLYN - A Perfect Woman
057761: SLAUGHTER, FRANK G. - In A Dark Garden
011220: SLAUGHTER, FRANK G. - Code Five
005975: SLAUGHTER, FRANK G. - Surgeon, U.S.A.
059601: SLAUGHTER, FRANK G. - That None Should Die
000419: SLAUGHTER, FRANK G. - The New Science of Surgery
039253: SLAUSON, ALLAN BEDIENT (COMPILED UNDER THE DIRECTION OF) - A Check List of Foreign Newspapers in the Library of Congress
079678: SLAVITT, DAVID R. - King of Hearts
026826: SLAVITT, DAVID R. - Physicians Observed
040984: SLAVSON, S.R. (EDITOR) - The Fields of Group Psychotherapy
064091: SLEIGHT, MARY B. - The Knights of Sandy Hollow: A Story for Boys
073573: SLEIGHTHOLME, JOYCE - The Sea Wife's Handbook
042274: SLICER, THOMAS R. (M.A.) - From Poet to Primer: The Centennial Cycle, 1809-1909: Poe, Lincoln, Holmes, Darwin, Tennyson, Gladstone
030396: SLICER, THOMAS R. - One World At At Time: A Contribution To The Incentives Of Life
011898: SLIOSBERG, A. - Les Algies Des Amputes
078145: SLOAN, RAYMOND P. - Today's Hospital - A Guide for Trustees, Administrators, and Volunteers
081645: SLOAN, W.W. - A Survey of the New Testament
066186: SLOAN, ROBERT J. - Unf Whit Sword: More Pleasure Quizzes
036038: SLOAN, HAROLD PAUL - One Gospel for One World
Pb6521: GLADYS SLOAN - Three Nights of Love
081572: SLOAN, SUSAN R. - Guilt By Association, A Novel - Advance Reading Copy
062366: SLOANE, WILLIAM MILLIGAN - The Treaty of Ghent, An Address
048823: SLOANE, ALLAN (ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY) - Time To Run: Adapted from the Original Allan Sloane Screenplay
P000496: SLOANE, PAUL; MACHALE, DES, MILLER, MYRON (ILLUSTRATOR) - Challenging Lateral Thinking Puzzles
083743: SLOBODKIN, SALEM; PREFACE BY EBERHART, RICHARD - Meditations on a Great Man Gone - And Other Poems
085180: SLOBODY, LAWRENCE B. (MD) - Survey of Clinical Pediatrics, Second Edition
085346: SLOBODY, LAWRENCE B. (MD) - Survey of Clinical Pediatrics, Third (3rd) Edition
079614: SLOBODY, LAWRENCE B. (MD) - Survey of Clinical Pediatrics, First Edition
050539: SLOCUM, LOREN - No Greater Love, Being An Extraordinary Mom - SIGNED
080894: SLOCUM, PERRY D. - Birds of North America and How to Photograph Them: 100 Species: Volume I (1)
014976: SLOMAN, LAURA GILLMORE - Some Primary Methods
037035: SLONIMSKY, NICOLAS - Little Orchestra Society - Program Notes, 1947 1948
032413: SLONIMSKY, NICOLAS - The Road to Music
069630: SLOTE, ALFRED - My Robot Buddy
Pb887: SLOTE, ALFRED; BERSON, HAROLD - My Trip to Alpha I
Pb843: SLOTE, ALFRED - Matt Gargan's Boy
040254: SLOYAN, GERARD S. - How Do I Know I'm Doing Right? Toward the Formation of a Christian Conscience
080525: SLOYAN, GERARD S. - Speaking of Religious Education
078211: SLOYAN, GERARD S. - The Three Persons in One God (Foundations of Catholic Theology Series)
063430: SLOYAN, GERARD S. (EDITOR) - Modern Catechetics: Message and Method in Religious Formation
082011: SLOYAN, GERARD S. - Speaking of Religious Education
021285: SLUNG, MICHELE (ED) - Fever - Sensual Stories by Women Writers
058379: EDITED BY SLUNG, MICHELE - Women's Wiles: An Anthology of Mystery Stories by the Mystery Writers of America
072032: SLUNG, MICHELE (EDITOR) - Fever: Sensual Stories By Women Writers (Complimentary Copy from Author)
054948: SLUSS, JOHN W. (MD) - Emergency Surgery
Pb1366: WILLIAM J. SLY - More World stories Retold
055037: SLY, WILLIAM JAMES (PH.D.) - World Stories Retold for Modern Boys and Girls (With Practical Suggestions for Telling)
Pb7793: VAN SLYKE, HELEN - The Best Place to Be
Pb6894: VAN SLYKE, HELEN - Always Is Not Forever
010357: SMALBRAAK, J. S. (MD) - Trophoblastic Growths
Pb3647: SMALL, BERTRICE - Enchantress Mine
085716: SMALL, AUSTIN J. - The Web of Murder
054336: SMALL, DAVID - Alone: A Novel
Pa372: SMALL, HOWARD I.; HENGEN, NONA L. - Monty's Pal
Pb1092: SMALL, BERTRICE - Deceived
061961: SMALL, DAVID - Almost Famous
049610: SMALL, MARIANNE B. - Through the Years in Verse
076566: SMALL, CAROLYN (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - The Sokokis Warrior 1941: Limington Academy, Limington, Maine
076567: SMALL, CAROLYN (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - The Sokokis Warrior 1941: Limington Academy, Limington, Maine
Pb7227: SMALL, TERRY - The Legend of John Henry
012897: SMALLEY, GEORGE W. - London Letters and Some Others, in Two Volumes Complete
083437: SMART, NINIAN - Philosophers and Religious Truth
077548: SMART, NINIAN - The Phenomenon of Religion
077424: SMART, NINIAN - Beyond Ideology: Religion and the Future of Western Civilization: Gifford Lectures Delivered in the University of Edinburgh, 1979-1980
P000199: SMART, WILLIAM - Eight Modern Essayists
037798: SMART, TED - Scotland Through the Looking Glass
034325: SMART, JAMES D. - The Old Testament in Dialogue with Modern Man
003946: SMEETON, MARY A. - Bacteriology for Nurses
071146: SMELLIE, K.B. - Great Britain Since 1688: A Modern History
065188: SMELLIE, WILLIAM; INTRODUCTION BY WARE, JOHN - The Philosophy of Natural History. With an Introduction and Various Additions and Alterations, Intended to Adapt it to the Present State of Knowledge.
069730: SMIDDY, F. G. (MD) - The Medical Management of the Surgical Patient
058694: SMILES, SAMUEL - Self-Help: With Illustrations of Character and Conduct
075143: SMILEY, E. THOMAS - Tree Structure and Mechanics Conference Proceedings: How Trees Stand Up and Fall Down
015650: SMILEY, JANE - Catskill Crafts
Pb1289: SMILEY, JANE - Moo
066502: SMILEY, SAM - The Drama of Attack: Didactic Plays of the American Depression
065216: SMILLIE, WILSON G. (MD, DPH) - Public Health Administration in the United States
003549: SMILLIE, WILSON G. (DPH) - Preventive Medicine and Public Health
Pb5367: SMITH, HENDRICK - Reagan the Man the President
045421: SMITH, BRADLEY - Une Histoire De L'Espagne (A Travers Son Art)
026529: SMITH, WALTER ROBINSON - Constructive School Discipline
Pb1859: GEROGE ADAM SMITH - Jeremiah Being the Baird lecture for 1922
040196: SMITH, GERALD BIRNEY - The Principles of Christian Living: A Handbook of Christian Ethics
078492: SMITH, GEORGE HENRY - Druids' World
053476: SMITH, J. THORNE JR. - Biltmore Oswald: The Diary of a Hapless Recruit
055595: SMITH, DODIE - The Hundred and One Dalmatians
056318: SMITH, THE REV. JOSEPH (C.P.) - Paul Mary Pakenham Passionist
083345: SMITH, H. AUGUSTINE - Lyric Religion: The Romance of Immortal Hymns - SIGNED
Pb3367: LANI SMITH - A Simple Christmas
055062: SMITH, G. KERRY (EDITOR) - In Search of Leaders (Current Issues in Higher Education)
010523: SMITH, DAVID C. - Coastal Shipping Trade on the Eve of the Railroad: Gardiner, Maine in the Early 1830's (Maine Historical Society Quarterly, Winter, 1974)
051366: SMITH, LENDON H. (M.D.) - Improving Your Child's Behavior Chemistry
045096: SMITH, J. RUSSELL - Human Geography - Book Two: Regions and Trade
071501: WOODHAM-SMITH, CECIL - Lady-in-Chief: The Story of Florence Nightingale
062795: SMITH, H. S. "SKIPPER - The Amateur Seaman
074586: SMITH, ROBERT E. - Machine Woodworking
013960: SMITH, PAUL K. - Acetophenetidin: A Critical Bibliographic Review
013046: SMITH, AUSTIN E., MD (EDITOR) - New and Nonofficial Remedies, 1942
040975: SMITH, LENDON H. (MD) - The Children's Doctor
062861: SMITH, SUMNER - The Smiths of Sandy Pond Road
040901: SMITH, BERT KRUGER - Aging In America
066692: SMITH, ELTON EDWARD - The Two Voices: A Tennyson Study
055863: SMITH, FRANK - Insult to Intelligence
058898: SMITH, WILLIAM ATMAR (MD) - Leon Banov, MD and Public Health in Charleston - SIGNED By Dr. BANOV
078015: SMITH, F. HOPKINSON - A Day at Laguerre's and Other Days: Nine Sketches
045743: SMITH, WILLIAM JAY - The Tin Can - And Other Poems
044887: SMITH, FRANCES LOWE (PREPARED BY) - Recipes and Menus for Fifty as used in the School of Domestic Science of the Boston Young Women's Christian Association
079610: SMITH, GRAHAM (EDITOR) - Military Small Arms - 200 Years of Soldiers' Firearms
078617: SMITH, LLOYD EDWIN - The Story of Jesus: Retold for Children
049518: SMITH, WILLIAM JAY - Poems, 1947-1957 By William Jay Smith
074351: SMITH, CHARLES E. - Typists' Guide: From Sight to Touch
074038: SMITH, MARY P. WELLS - A Jolly Good Summer
073482: SMITH, DOROTHY HALL - The Golden Hours Library - The Big Little Book
073666: SMITH, EMMA - Emily's Voyage
073515: SMITH, DAVID - The Leo Conversion (Signed By Author)
075833: SMITH, HANNAH WHITALL - Every-Day Religion (or) The Common-Sense Teaching of the Bible
075816: SMITH, HANNAH WHITALL - The Common Sense Teaching of the Bible
074855: SMITH, GEORGE ADAM - Jeremiah: Being the Baird Lecture for 1922
074813: SMITH, HANNAH WHITALL - The Common Sense Teaching of the Bible
074411: SMITH, THE REV. SYDNEY - A Letter to Archdeacon Singleton, on the Ecclesiastical Commission
072784: SMITH, EDWARD DEVEREUX - A Telephone Case
075936: SMITH, F. HOPKINSON - At Close Range
031984: SMITH, LLOYD E. - Little Blue Book No. 821 - How to Write Letters For All Occasions
031885: SMITH, WILLIAM ROY - Nationalism and Reform in India
030507: WOODHAM-SMITH, CECIL - Florence Nightingale 1820 - 1910
071830: SMITH, W. HALSEY - The Service Book
071320: SMITH, JOHN F. - The Bush Still Burns: How God Speaks to Us Today
022600: SMITH, RONALD S. - Nutrition, Hypertension & Cardiovascular Disease
031590: SMITH, HARRIETT - Indian Neighbors of Our United States Settlers
073902: GIBBS-SMITH, CHARLES H. - The Bayeux Tapestry
084535: TRANSLATED BY BENJAMIN E. SMITH - Selections From The Meditations Of Marcus Aurelius
067786: SMITH, H. AUGUSTINE - Lyric Religion: The Romance of Immortal Hymns
011828: SMITH, NORA ARCHIBALD - Black Keys and White
027479: SMITH, STEPHEN E - Cotton Yarn Manufacturing Problems: Stephen E. Smith's Answers to 200 Practical Spinning Problems
026666: SMITH, HERBERT F. - A Guide to the Manuscript Collection of the Rutgers University Library
064558: SMITH, BRADFORD; FOREWORD BY VAN DOREN, MARK - Dear Gift of Life: A Man's Encounter with Death
036030: SMITH, ROY L. - The Future is Upon Us
085135: SMITH, RONALD L. - Comic Support: Second Bananas in the Movies
007916: SMITH, J. SPEAR - Annual Report of the President of the Maryland Historical Society 1850
070265: ROYDE-SMITH, NAOMI - The Mother
Pa1429: JANET ADAM SMITH - Life Among the Scots
048920: SMITH, PHILIP E., ET AL, EDITORS - Bailey's Text-Book of Histology - Tenth Edition
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022349: STAFF - Collected Papers By the Staff of St. Mary's Hospital Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota 1910
Pb2538: SUNSET PUBLISHING STAFF - Basic Plumbing
Pb6130: OUTLET BOOK COMPANY STAFF - China : A Picture Book to Remember Her
033216: THE JERUSALEM REPORT STAFF (EDITED BY DAVID HOROVITZ) - Shalom, Friend: The Life and Legacy of Yitzhak Rabin
Pb7312: COUNCIL ON INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONAL EXCHANGE STAF; COMMISSION OF RELIGIOUS VOLUNTEER AGENCIES STAFF - Volunteer! : The Comprehensive Guide to Voluntary Service in the U. S. and Abroad (1992-1993)
Pa228: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY STAFF (EDITOR) - Florida (National Geographic Driving Guides to America)
005666: HOUGHTON RESEARCH STAFF - Causes of Skin Sores and Boils Among Metal Workers
Pa131: SOCIETY OF NEWSPAPER DESIGN STAFF - Best of Newspaper Design
P000491: RESEARCH AND EDUCATION ASSOCIATION STAFF - AP Biology : The Best Test Preparation for the Advanced Placement Exam (Test Prep Ser.)
P000280: KODAK STAFF - More Joy of Photography
Pa182: TIME OUT GUIDES STAFF - The Time Out Amsterdam Guide
Pb1085: SUNSET PUBLISHING STAFF - Kitchen Storage
074718: YALE UNIVERSITY LIBRARY STAFF - The Yale University Library Gazette October 1941, Volume 16 Number 2
P000543: FAMILY HANDYMAN MAGAZINE STAFF - Build-It-Better-Yourself Country Furniture
Pb1317: SESAME STREET STAFF - Counting Book
065050: THE STAFF - Presenting Annals to the Senior Class, 1959 (Bradford Junior College)
Pa059: RUNNING PRESS STAFF (EDITOR) - Motherhood : A Keepsake Book with Illustrations and Quotes
Pb3564: RAINTREE STECK-VAUGHN STAFF - Writing Dictionary
024741: STAFF - Collected Papers By the Staff of St. Mary's Hospital Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota 1905-1909
058666: HAWKINS AND STAFF - Hawkins Electrical Guide Number Six (6) Questions, Answers & Illustrations
Pb7062: COLLEGE BOARD STAFF - Meeting College Costs : What You Need to Know Before Your Child and Your Money Leave Home Revised 2001 Edition
Pb5295: BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA STAFF - Photography (Merit Badge Ser.)
Pb7689: NATIONAL AUDUBON SOCIETY STAFF - Planets and Their Moons
Pb744: BERLITZ EDITORS STAFF - Ireland Travellers Guide, 1993
Pb7042: GOLDEN BOOKS STAFF - The Happy Times
Pb6139: TIME-LIFE BOOKS EDITORS; CULINARY ARTS INSTITUTE STAFF - Chicken : Over 60 Simple Recipes for Elegant Home Cooking
Pb5238: MCGRAW-HILL STAFF - Math Activities
Pb4996: DISNEY STAFF - Parents' Guide - Volume 19
Pb4865: GIRL SCOUTS OF THE U. S. A. STAFF - Girl Scout Badges and Signs
Pb4071: LUCASFILM LTD. STAFF - Star Wars Movie Storybook
Pb3470: REGINA PRESS STAFF - Precious Moments: My First Book of Prayers
010793: STAFFORD, KATHRYN - An Economic Analysis of Employed Wives' Time Allocation Decisions
Pb3284: STAFFORD, A. TIM - A Love Story
009727: TOWN OF STAFFORD, CONNECTICUT - Annual Report of the Town of Stafford, Connecticut for the Fiscal Year Ended August 31, 1945
009732: TOWN OF STAFFORD, CONNECTICUT - Annual Report of the Selectmen and Treasurer of the Town of Stafford, Connecticut for the Year Ending September 20, 1892. Report of the Town Deposit and Standish Funds. Report of the Board of School Visitors, School Year 1891-92
009734: TOWN OF STAFFORD, CONNECTICUT - Annual Report of the Selectmen and Treasurer of the Town of Stafford, Connecticut for the Year Ending September 22, 1890. Report of the Town Deposit and Standish Funds. List of Abatements. Report of the Board of School Visitors, School Year 1889-90
009735: TOWN OF STAFFORD, CONNECTICUT - Annual Report of the Selectmen and Treasurer of the Town of Stafford, Connecticut for the Year Ending September 23, 1889. Also Report of the Town Deposit and Standish Fund, Including List of Abatements.
009736: TOWN OF STAFFORD, CONNECTICUT - Annual Report of the Selectmen and Treasurer of the Town of Stafford, Connecticut for the Year Ending September 20, 1888. Also Report of the Town Deposit and Standish Fund, Including List of Abatements.
009726: TOWN OF STAFFORD, CONNECTICUT - Annual Report of the Town of Stafford, Connecticut for the Fiscal Year Ended August 31, 1946
009725: TOWN OF STAFFORD, CONNECTICUT - Annual Report of the Town of Stafford, Connecticut for the Fiscal Year Ended August 31, 1947
009723: TOWN OF STAFFORD, CONNECTICUT - Annual Report of the Town of Stafford, Connecticut for the Fiscal Year Ended August 31, 1949
009724: TOWN OF STAFFORD, CONNECTICUT - Annual Report of the Town of Stafford, Connecticut for the Fiscal Year Ended August 31, 1948
034177: STAFFORD, THOMAS A. - Within the Chancel: The meaning and Use of the chancel and Its Furnishings
Pb5944: STAHL, JERRY - Perv: A Love Story
036006: STAHMER, HARTOLD (ED.) - Religion & Contemporary Society
079258: STAINBACK, BERRY - How the Pros Play Football
Pa2010: GOLDSTEIN; STAINBECK - Overcoming Agoraphobia: Conquering Fear of the Outside World
023806: STALIN, JOSEPH - The War of National Liberation - Little Lenin Library, Vol. 28
061459: STALL, SYLVANUS - What A Young Man Ought To Know - New, Up-to-Date Edition
080593: STALLONE, SYLVESTER - Paradise Alley
054646: STALLWORTHY, JON - The Anzac Sonata - New And Selected Poems
077147: STAMFORD, SARAH - The Marshal's Lady
069060: STAMM, CLAUS - The Dumplings and the Demons (A World's Work Children's Book)
018609: STAMOULIS, JAMES (ED) - The Literary Magazine of Tufts University
085108: STAMPFER, JUDAH - Jerusalem Has Many Faces - SIGNED
P000228: STAN, ADELE M. - Debating Sexual Correctness : Pornography, Sexual Harassment, Date Rape and the Politics of Sexual Equality
077117: STAND, KATHLEEN DESMOND - The Delectable Apple (Signed By Author)
079679: STANDISH, BURT L. - The Man On First
057500: STANEK, V.J.; FOREWORD BY MATTHEWS, DR. L. HARRISON - The Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Animal Kingdom
063193: STANFORD, PETER - The Legend of Pope Joan in Search of the Truth
078845: STANG, THE RT. REV. WM. - Socialism and Christianity
070215: STANGEL, JOHN J. (MD) - Fertility and Conception - An Essential Guide for Childless Couples
065599: STANHOPE, PHILIP - Philip Stanhope - Second Earl of Chesterfield: His Correspondence with Various Ladies Among Whom is Notably Barbara Villiers, Later Lady Castlemaine & Duchess of Cleveland
086106: STANIFORTH, MAXWELL - The Apostolic Fathers - Early Christian Writings
Pb5108: THERESA STANION, EDITOR - Vermont Citizens' Guide
035754: ARNOLD, STANISLAW AND ZYCHOWSKI, MARIAN - Outline History of Poland
050468: BRAHMER, MIECZSLAW; HELSZTYNSKI, STANISLAW; AND KRZYZANOWSKI, JULIAN (EDITORIAL COMMITTEE) - Studies in Language and Literature in Honour of Margaret Schlauch
Pa1976: STANKUS, JAN - How to Open and Operate a Bed & Breakfast Home
070461: STANLEY, CHUCK - The Buffalo Brigade
024740: MIRSKY, STANLEY (MD) AND HEILMAN, JOAN RATTNER - Controlling Diabetes the Easy Way
046315: STANLEY, DAVID M. (S.J.) - Boasting in the Lord: The Phenomenon of Prayer in Saint Paul
012369: FELDMAN, STANLEY AND ELLIS, HAROLD - Principles of Resuscitation
069799: STANLEY, REBA - It's A Great Life! (Review Copy)
058587: HAGGART, STANLEY AND PORTER, DARWIN - A Dollar-Wise Guide to France
Pa1736: STANLEY, CHARLES - The Source of My Strength
Pb664: STANLEY, STEVEN M. - Extinction
Pb6: STANLEY, CHARLES - Experiencing Forgiveness
Pb5: STANLEY, CHARLES - Experiencing Forgiveness
057445: STANS, MAURICE H. - The Terrors of Justice: The Untold Side of Watergate

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