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037149: SELBY, JOHN - Starbuck (Armed Services Edition, No. 732)
077979: SELBY, JOHN - Starbuck
Pa692: GEORGE SELDEN - The Cricket in Times Square
076129: SELDES, GEORGE - You Can't Do That: A Survey of the Forces Attempting, in the Name of Patriotism, to Make a Desert of the Bill of Rights
060130: TALMAGE, REV. T. DE WITT; SELECTED AND EDITED BY MORRIS, PROF. CHAS. AND RAMEY, W. SANFORD - Headlights On the Highway. A Glittering Array of Sparkling Electrical Gleams of Eloquence of Rev. T. De Witt Talmage, D.D.
049677: MOZART; SELECTED AND EDITED BY HIGHES, EDWIN - Mozart (Master Series for the Young - Compositions for Piano in Their Original Versions)
065653: BUNYAN, JOHN; SELECTED AND ARRANGED WITH INTRODUCTIONS BY STANLEY, ARTHUR - The Bedside Bunyan: An Anthology of the Writings of John Bunyan, Selected and Arranged with Introductions
059700: BASIC TEXTS SELECTED AND EDITED WITH PREFACES BY KAUFMANN, WALTER - Philosophic Classics: Volume II: Bacon to Kant - Second Edition
054843: ARION; SELECTED WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY RUDD, NIALL - Essays on Classical Literature: Selected from Arion
032676: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, SELECTED AND EDITED BY JULIUS GOEBEL - Little Blue Book No. 201 - Goethe's Conversations With Eckermann
079213: SELF, WILL - Tough, Tough Toys for Tough, Tough Boys
025230: HECHT, DR. SELIG ET AL - The Harvey Lectures - 1937-1938, Series XXXIII
067280: SELIGMAN, BEN B.; FOREWORD BY HEILBRONER, ROBERT L. - Most Notorious Victory: Man in an Age of Automation
009392: SELIGMAN, BEN B - Aspects of Poverty - SIGNED
057451: SELIGSON, MARCIA - The Eternal Bliss Machine: America's Way of Wedding
040288: SELINCOURT, BERYL D. DE - Homes of the First Franciscans in Umbria, the Borders of Tuscany and the Northern Marches (With 13 Illustrations from Photographs)
076036: SELKURT, EWALD E. (EDITOR) - Basic Physiology for the Health Sciences
042060: SELL, HENRY T. (D.D.) - Studies in Early Church History
035791: SELL, HENRY T. (D.D.) - Sell's Bible Study Text Books: Studies of the Parables of Our Lord
082524: SELLARDS, ANDREW WATSON - Insusceptibility of Man to Inoculation with Blood from Measles Patients
003561: SELLARDS, ANDREW WATSON - Bonds of Union Between Tropical Medicine and General Medicine
071796: SELLASSIE, B.M. SAHLE - The Afersata (African Writers Series 52)
034205: SELLECK, WILLARD CHAMBERLAIN - The New Appreciation of the Bible: A Study of the Spiritual Outcome of Biblical Criticism
040197: SELLERS, JAMES - Theological Ethics
060428: SELLERS, CHARLES GRIER - Jacksonian Democracy
078795: SELLEW, GLADYS - Pediatric Nursing, Including the Nursing Care of the Well Infant and Child
070497: SELLIN, THORSTEN (EDITOR); BRESSLER, MARVIN (SPECIAL EDITOR THIS VOLUME) - The Annals of The American Academy of Political and Social Science, Volume 337 - Meeting Health Needs by Social Action
063974: SELLIN, ERIC (EDITOR) - Africana Journal: A Bibliographic Library Guide and Review Forum - Volume XV (15)
082187: SELLMAN, R.R. - The Crusades (Methuen's Outlines)
071153: SELLS, S. B. (GENERAL CHAIRMAN) - Rehabilitating the Narcotic Addict
083753: SELSAM, MILLICENT E. - Seeds and More Seeds (A Science I Can Read Book)
050695: SELSAM, MILLICENT E. - When An Animal Grows (A Science I CAN READ Book)
Pb7017: MILLICENT E. SELSAM - When an Animal Grows
050008: SELTMAN, CHARLES - Approach to Greek Art
036300: SELVAGGI, SUZANNE M. (MD) - Female Pelvic Organs
051902: GUMMER, REV. SELWYN (B.A.); WITH A SERMON OUTLINE ON EACH SUBJECT PREPARED BY COLQUHOUN, REV. FRANK (M.A.) - Bible Themes from Matthew Henry: Passages Selected from Matthew Henry's Commentary arranged and Edited Under Doctrinal Subjects
055212: SELZ, IRMA - The Curious Tourists
067100: SELZER, RICHARD - Down From Troy: A Doctor Comes of Age
084637: SELZER, RICHARD - Mortal Lessons: Notes on the Art of Surgery
014221: SELZER, ARTHUR (MD) - Principles of Clinical Cardiology: An Analytical Approach
Pa652: SEMCHYSHYN, STEFAN; COLMAN, CAROL - How to Prevent Miscarriage and Other Crisis of Pregnancy
003512: SEN, KSHITISH CHANDRA - The Sensitisation of Red Blood Corpuscles in Haemolysis
019318: US SENATE - The Speeches, Remarks, Press Conferences, and Study Papers of Vice President Richard M. Nixon, August 17 Through November 7, 1960 (Freedom of Communication Part II)
019320: US SENATE - The Joint Appearances of Senator John F. Kennedy and Vice President Richard M. Nixon and Other 1960 Campaign Presentations (Freedom of Communication Part III)
073236: SENCOURT, ROBERT ESMONDE - The Life of George Meredith
054386: SENDER, RAMON J. - Before Noon: A Novel in Three Parts
013062: SENECHAL, MARY - Woman Alive - Guarding Your Family's Health
063439: SENIOR, DONALD; KARRIS, ROBERT (GENERAL EDITOR) - Read and Pray: Daily Bible Readings, with Comments, Reflections, Prayers, One Page a Day for Three Months - Gospel of St. Matthew (Read and Pray No. 1)
047606: SENN, MILTON J.E. (M.D.) - EDITOR - Symposium on the Healthy Personality: Transactions of Special Meetings of Conference on Infancy and Childhood June 8-9 and July 3-4, 1950, New York, N.Y. Supplement II (2): Problems of Infancy and Childhood, Transactions of Fourth Conference, March, 1950
050062: SENN, ALFRED ERICH - Readings in Russian Political and Diplomatic History, Volume I (1) The Tsarist Period
006336: SENN, N. (MD) - Tuberculosis of the Genito-Urinary Organs, Male and Female
007462: SENN, MILTON J. E. (MD), EDITOR - Problems of Infancy and Childhood
013331: SENN, N. (MD) - Intestinal Surgery
054365: SENNETT, RICHARD - Authority
P000119: TED SENNETT - Warner Brothers Presents
Pa521: BOOK SENSE - Book Sense Best Books: 125 Favorite Books Recommended By Independent Booksellers
Pa1802: SENTER, SYLVIA; HOWE, MARGUERITE BEEDE; SACO, DON - Women at Work: A Psychologist's Secrets to Getting Ahead in Business
Pb2039: EVERETTE EDGAR SENTMAN - EDITOR - The Junior Instructor Book 2
015070: SEPTZ, MARSEILLE - The Tale of the Seventh Trumpet SIGNED
026679: SERBEIN, OSCAR N., JR. - Paying for Medical Care in the United States
042507: SERGEANT, PHILIP W. - My Lady Castlemaine
066525: SERGEANT, PHILIP W. - Dominant Women
073577: QUIMBY, EDITH H., FEITELBERG, SERGEI (MD) AND GROSS, WILLIAM - Radioactive Nuclides in Medicine and Biology - Two Volumes (I, II, 1, 2)
074842: SERGENT, EMILE - Traite De Pathologie Medicale et De Therapeutique Appliquee - Volume XXXII: Radiologie, I
085650: SERGIOS, PAUL A. - One Boy at War
062049: SERLING, ROBERT J. - The President's Plane is Missing
057639: SERLING, ROD; ADAPTED BY GIBSON, WALTER B. - Twilight Zone Revisited
083074: SEROFF, VICTOR I. - Rachmaninoff
081034: LAGUNA SERRANO, PROF. C. - Lecciones De Pediatria
Pa1146: SERRIN, WILLIAM - Company and the Union: The "Civilized Relationship" of the General Motors Corporation and the United Automobile Workers
061262: SERVICE, ROBERT W. - Rhymes of a Rolling Stone
064703: POPE JOHN PAUL II; EDITED BY THE NATIONAL CATHOLIC NEWS SERVICE - "Building Up the Body of Christ" Pope John Paul II (2) Pastoral Visit to the United States
021920: SERVICE, WILLIAM - Owl
014938: NATO INFORMATION SERVICE - NATO Facts and Figures
067131: COMPILED BY THE CONGRESSIONAL RESEARCH SERVICE, LIBRARY OF CONGRESS - What Should Be the Energy Policy of the United States? National Debate Topic for High Schools 1978-1979 - Pursuant to Public Law 88-246 (Senate/95th Congress/2d Session/Document No. 95-116)
058223: BY THE CONGRESSIONAL RESEARCH SERVICE, LIBRARY OF CONGRESS - Legislative Oversight and Program Evaluation: A Seminar Sponsored By Congressional Research Service, Prepared for the Subcommittee on Oversight Procedures of the Committee on Government Operations, United States Senate (94th Congress, 2d Session)
004904: US PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE - Syphilis: Modern Diagnosis and Management
046905: NATIONAL PARK SERVICE - Parks for America - A Survey
075077: SERVICE, JERRY - Essentials of Engineering Astronomy
Pb5211: STAFF OF UNITED BUSINESS SERVICE - Successful Investing an Authoritative Financial Self-help Book About Investing in the Stock Market
Pb4989: ELMAN R. SERVICE - The Hunters
004793: DIVISION OF THE COMMUNITY HEALTH SERVICES, USPHS - Medical Care in Transition - Volume 2 (II)
064567: SESBOUE, D.; EDITED BY SLOYAN, GERARD S. - The Message of Moses (The Living Word Series)
032579: COMPILED BY ORDER OF THE SESSION, REV. C. BENJAMIN SEGELKEN - The Donegal Presbyterian Church: The Donegal People, Their History, and Other Historical Documents
010690: SETH, JAMES - A Study in Ethical Principles
083825: HARMON, SETH AND SHUMWAY, HARRY I. - Sons of the Admiral: The Story of Diego and Fernando Columbus
080390: SETH, RONALD - Operation Getaway
Pb1441: MARIE SETH - Dream of the Dead
P000475: ANYA SETON - La Turquoise
068314: SETON, CYNTHIA PROPPER - The Half-Sisters (Signed By Author)
017450: SETON, NORA JANSSEN - The Road to My Farm
077991: SETON, CYNTHIA PROPPER - The Half-Sisters
Pb3297: SETON, CYNTHIA PROPPER - Sea Change of Angela Lewes
083521: SETTEL, T.S. (EDITOR); FLINT, CORT R. (INTRODUCTION) - The Faith of Billy Graham
078453: SETTLE, MARY LEE - All the Brave Promises: Memories of Aircraft Woman 2nd Class 2146391
Pb150: SETTLE, MARY LEE - Turkish Reflections : A Biography of a Place
020398: SEUFERT, EDWARD C. (MD) - Vade-Mecum of Treatment
064284: SEVERN, DAVID - Cabin for Crusoe
085455: SEVERN, BILL - John Marshall - The Man Who Made the Court Supreme
056772: SEVERN, BILL - The Long and Short of It: Five Thousand Years of Fun and Fury Over Hair
009258: SEVERO, RICHARD - Lisa H.
057527: DE SEVERSKY, MAJOR ALEXANDER P. - Victory Through Air Power
052778: SEVITT, SIMON (MD) - Fat Embolism
006257: SEVRINGHAUS, ELMER L. (MD) - The Management of the Climacteric Male or Female
005699: SEVRINGHAUS, ELMER L. (MD) - Endocrine Therapy In General Practice
Pb2498: FLORENCE S. SEWARD - gold For the Caesars
070424: SEWARD, THEODORE F. - Don't Worry or Spiritual Emancipation - The Scientific Law of Happiness
048497: SEWARD, INGRID - Royal Children
010629: SEWARD, WILLIAM H. - Speech of William H. Seward on the Resolutions Concerning the Removal of the Government Deposites
034341: SEWARD, THEODORE F. - Spiritual Knowing or Bible Sunshine: The Spiritual Gospel of Jesus the Christ
025288: SEWARD, PROFESSOR A.F - The Art of Crystal Gazing or Secrets of the Crystal Revealed
078875: SEWELL, ANNA - Black Beauty: The Autobiography of a Horse (Illustrated Junior Library)
023695: FURST, MAI SEWELL AND KERR, FINN R. - Norway To-Day
Pa1475: SEWELL, CARL; BROWN, PAUL - Customers for Life: How to Turn That One-Time Buyer into a Customer for Life
069106: SEWELL, ANNA - Black Beauty
055289: SEWELL, ANNA - Black Beauty
080375: SEWELL, HAMP - Hymns of Glory for Sunday School, Church, and Revival Meetings
Pb7968: SEXTON, LINDA GRAY - Rituals
080632: SEYBOLD, DAVID (EDITOR) - Fathers and Sons: An Anthology
027578: ISENBERG, DR. SEYMOUR AND ELTING, DR. L. M. - The Consumer's Guide to Successful Surgery
076698: SEYMOUR, THOMAS D. - Bulletin of the School of Classical Studies at Athens V: The First Twenty Years of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens (Archaeological Institute of America)
063684: VAN DYKEN, SEYMOUR WITH VAN DYKEN, BARBARA M. - Becoming Like Jesus: Nurturing the Virtues of Christ - The Fruit of the Spirit in Human Experience
052093: SEYMOUR, FLORA WARREN (EDITOR) - The Step Ladder, Vol. III, No. 3 August, 1921
045969: SEYMOUR, WILLIAN KEAN (EDITOR) - A Miscellany of Poetry, 1920-1922
078545: SEYMOUR, TOM - The Hiker's Guide to Maine
060877: SEYMOUR, FLORA WARREN (EDITOR) - The Step Ladder, Vol. IV, No. 6, May 1922
052095: SEYMOUR, FLORA WARREN (EDITOR) - The Step Ladder, Vol. III, No. 5 October, 1921
078888: SEYMOUR, DOROTHY Z. - Bill and the Fish
060875: SEYMOUR, FLORA WARREN (EDITOR) - The Step Ladder, Vol. IV, No. 4, March 1922
058143: SEYMOUR, PAUL H. - Bibliography of Aceto Acetic Ester and Its Derivatives (Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections 970)
060881: SEYMOUR, FLORA WARREN (EDITOR) - The Step Ladder, Vol. V, No. 5, October 1922
060882: SEYMOUR, FLORA WARREN (EDITOR) - The Step Ladder, Vol. V, No. 6, November 1922
060879: SEYMOUR, FLORA WARREN (EDITOR) - The Step Ladder, Vol. V, No. 2, July 1922
060880: SEYMOUR, FLORA WARREN (EDITOR) - The Step Ladder, Vol. V, No. 3, August 1922
060883: SEYMOUR, FLORA WARREN (EDITOR) - The Step Ladder, Vol. VI, No. 1, December 1922
060876: SEYMOUR, FLORA WARREN (EDITOR) - The Step Ladder, Vol. IV, No. 5, April 1922
060878: SEYMOUR, FLORA WARREN (EDITOR) - The Step Ladder, Vol. V, No. 1, June 1922
060874: SEYMOUR, FLORA WARREN (EDITOR) - The Step Ladder, Vol. IV, No. 3 February 1922
074081: SEYMOUR, FLORA WARREN - Pochahontas: Brave Girl
073998: SEYMOUR, GERALD - Archangel
032120: SEYMOUR, FLORA WARREN - Little Blue Book No. 756 - The Story of Sioux Indians
Pb7267: SEYMOUR, PETER S.; DODI, EMILY - Friends Forever: A Pop-Up Book of Quotes
052091: SEYMOUR, FLORA WARREN (EDITOR) - The Step Ladder, Vol. III, No. 1 June, 1921
052092: SEYMOUR, FLORA WARREN (EDITOR) - The Step Ladder, Vol. III, No. 2 July, 1921
052096: SEYMOUR, FLORA WARREN (EDITOR) - The Step Ladder, Vol. II, No. 6 May, 1921
052097: SEYMOUR, FLORA WARREN (EDITOR) - The Step Ladder, Vol. III, No. 6 November, 1921
052098: SEYMOUR, FLORA WARREN (EDITOR) - The Step Ladder, Vol. IV, No. 1 December, 1921
052094: SEYMOUR, FLORA WARREN (EDITOR) - The Step Ladder, Vol. III, No. 4 September, 1921
052082: SEYMOUR, FLORA WARREN (EDITOR) - The Step Ladder, Vol. II, No. 5 April, 1921
052081: SEYMOUR, FLORA WARREN (EDITOR) - The Step Ladder, Vol. II, No. 4 March, 1921
072226: SGROI, SUZANNE M. - Vulnerable Populations: Evaluation and Treatment of Sexually Abused Children and Adult Survivors, Volume 1
016122: SHAABAN, BOUTHAINA - Both Right and Left Handed (Rare Collectible Advance Uncorrected Proof)
Pa1833: ROBERT & ELIZABETH SHACKLETON - The Book of Antiques
Pb5152: SHACOCHIS, BOB - The Next New World: Stories by the Winner of the American Book Award
082850: SHADBOLT, MAURICE - New Zealand: Gift of the Sea
076159: SHADEGG, STEPHEN C. - The Remnant
035320: SHAFER, MELVILLE ARTHUR - Reveries of a Parson: Visions of the Ideal Life
079297: SHAFER, ROBERT - From Beowulf to Thomas Hardy, Volume 4 (War Department Education Manual - EM 109)
005181: SHAFFER, THOMAS, E. (MD) - Fundamentals of Athletic Training
062914: SHAFFER, JIM - Peterbilt to Laredo
022331: SHAFFER, LAURANCE FREDERIC - The Psychology of Adjustment
026009: SHAHA, RISHIKESH - An Introduction to Nepal
043690: SHAINBERG, LAWRENCE - Brain Surgeon: An Intimate View of his World
048261: SHAINESS, NATALIE (M.D.) - Sweet Suffering: Woman As Victim
050745: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Shakespeare's Comedies
070843: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Works of William Shakespeare - Gathered Into One Volume
080117: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; TEXT OF WRIGHT, WILLIAM ALDIS - Julius Caesar (Shakespeare Select Plays, Small's Series)
070851: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; URE, PETER (EDITOR) - King Richard II (The Arden Edition of the Works of William Shakespeare)
070399: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; COLLIER, J. PAYNE - The Complete Works of William Shakespeare with Notes and Comments - Volume II (2)
P000265: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; SALGADO, GAMINI (EDITOR) - Othello : New Swan Shakespeare Advanced Series (New Swan Shakespeare Ser.)
024446: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM (W.G. BOSWELL-STONE, EDITOR) - The Two Gentlemen of Verona (The Shakespeare Library)
070842: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Merry Wives of Windsor
077220: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; EDITED BY CHURCHILL, GEORGE B. - The Tragedy of Richard the Third (The Tudor Shakespeare)
080304: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; WHITE, RICHARD GRANT - The Works of William Shakespeare, Vol. I. (1)
073080: SHAKESPEARE, EDWARD O. (MD) - Report on Cholera in Europe and India
084223: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - As You Like It, with The Tale of Gamelyn - Cassell's National Library Series
060500: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; EDITED BY SHOWER, ALBERT E. - Shakespeare's Hamlet (Eclectic English Classics)
070752: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; EDITED BY FURNESS, HORACE HOWARD - As You Like It (A New Variorum Edition of Shakespeare, Vol. VIII)
Pb767: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE - Two gentlemen of Verona
056475: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Shakespeare's Historical Plays, Poems & Sonnets
056472: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; LYDE, LIONEL W. (M.A.) EDITOR - Hamlet, Prince of Denmark (Popular Educator Library)
085661: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; ROLFE, WILLIAM J. - Shakespeare's Comedy of The Merchant of Venice
076775: SHALLENBERGER, ROBERT J. (EDITOR) - Hawaii's Birds
011475: SHALLER, JOHN M. (MD) - A Therapeutic Guide to Alkaloidal - Dosimetric - Medication
014780: SHALLER, JOHN M. (MD) - A Therapeutic Guide to Alkaloidal - Dosimetric - Medication
Pb305: LE SHAN, EDA J. - It's Better to Be over the Hill Than Under It: Thoughts on Life over Sixty
024835: SHAND, ALEXANDER INNES - Old Time Travel
084580: SHANDS, ALFRED RIVES (MD), WITH RANEY, RICHARD BEVERLY (MD) - Handbook of Orthopaedic Surgery (Orthopedic)
058432: SHANDS, ALFRED RIVES; RANEY, R. BEVERLY; BRASHEAR, H. ROBERT (MD'S) - Shand's Handbook of Orthopaedic Surgery
Pb1948: SHANGE, NTOZAKE - Sassafrass, Cypress & Indigo
Pb7158: SHANGE, NTOZAKE - Sassafrass
051403: SHANGE, NTOZAKE - A Daughter's Geography
026257: SHANKLAND, WILBUR MORSE, WITH POLLOCK, HARVEY CARLYLE - The American Association of Orthodontists
017633: SHANLEY, ROBERT A. - The Problem of Simplifying the Massachusetts Constitution
006514: SHANNON, YVONNE, RN - "Just Between Us Preemies"
071869: SHANNON, DAVID T. - The Old Testament Experience of Faith
043052: SHANNON, ELIZABETH - Up In the Park: The Diary of the Wife of the American Ambassador to Ireland
049266: SHANNON, DAVID A. - Between the Wars: America, 1919-1941
061757: SHANNON, WILLIAM V. - The Heir Apparent: Robert Kennedy and the Struggle for Power
Pb6602: SHANNON, DELL - Sorrow to the Grave: A Novel
Pa647: SHAPARD, ROBERT - Sudden Fiction
045792: SHAPIRO, DAVID - To An Idea: A Book of Poems
085183: SHAPIRO, IRWIN - John Henry and the Double Jointed Steam Drill
055929: SHAPIRO, IRA (PRESIDENT AND PUBLISHER) - Klik Showcase Photography Volume 6
Pb1611: SHAPIRO, JANE - The Dangerous Husband
074519: SHAPIRO, DAVID (COMPILER) - A Select Bibliography of Works in English on Russian History, 1801-1917
080080: SHAPIRO, JULIUS - Electrolysis: Beauty and Confidence Through Permanent Hair Removal
040730: SHAPIRO, DAVID S. (PH.D.); MAHOLICK, LEONARD T. (M.D.); BREWER, EARL D.C. (PH.D.); ROBERTSON, RICHARD N. (B.D.); LEIGHTON, ALEXANDER H. (FOREWORD) - The Mental Health Counselor in the Community: Training of Physicians and Ministers
052325: SHAPIRO, KARL - Karl Shapiro - Selected Poems
Pb2242: UNITED STATES; SHAPIRO, MARTIN M.; UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION - Constitution of the Us and Related Documents
074102: THE STAFF OF CBS NEWS; SHAPIRO, WILLIAM E. (PROJECT EDITOR) - Admiral Byrd (The Twentieth Century)
Pb6429: SHAPIRO, BARRY - Baseball Contest 1990: National League Players
Pb3419: SHAPIRO, IRVING J. - Dictionary of Marketing Terms
024054: SHAPIRO, KARL - Poetry: A Magazine of Verse Volume 81, Number 3, December 1952
Pb4281: SHAPIRO, ANDREW L. - We're Number One!: Where America Stands-And Falls-In the New World Order
062253: SHAPLEN, ROBERT - Time Out of Hand: Revolution and Reaction in Southeast Asia
017602: SHAPLEN, ROBERT - Toward the Well-Being of Mankind
074824: SHARBER, KATE TRIMBLE - At the Age of Eve
082291: SHARKANSKY, IRA - The Maligned States - Policy Accomplishments, Problems, and Opportunities
022195: SHARKEY, ROBERT P. - Johns Hopkins: Centennial Portrait of a University - SIGNED
017314: SHARKEY, ROBERT P. - Johns Hopkins: Centennial Portrait of a University
068067: SHARLIP, IRA D. (MD), ET AL - Infertility - Report on Varicocele and Infertility
068066: SHARLIP, IRA D. (MD), ET AL - Infertility - Report on Optimal Evaluation of the Infertile Male
068065: SHARLIP, IRA D. (MD), ET AL - Infertility - Report on Evaluation of the Azoospermic Male
069735: STICHTER, SHARON AND PARPART, JANE L. (EDITORS) - Women, Employment and the Family in the International Division of Labour
041606: SHARP, FRANK CHAMPMAN (PH.DR.) - The Aesthetic Element in Morality, and Its Place in a Utilitarian Theory of Morals
075057: SHARP, DANIEL A. (EDITOR) - U.S. Foreign Policy and Peru
037996: SHARP, WILLIAM (ARRANGED AND EDITED WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY) - Great English Painters (The Evergreen Library)
Pb3605: SHARP, MARILYN - Masterstroke
069877: SHARP, MARY - Point and Pillow Lace: A Short Account of Various Kinds Ancient and Modern, and How to Recognise Them
016476: SHARP, WILLIAM - Life of Robert Browning
069679: SHARP, MARILYN - Falseface
021809: SHARP, HAROLD S. - Handbook of Pseudonyms and Personal Nicknames - Volume I: A-J
021808: SHARP, HAROLD S. - Handbook of Pseudonyms and Personal Nicknames - First Supplement, Volume I: A-J
021807: SHARP, HAROLD S. - Handbook of Pseudonyms and Personal Nicknames - Volume II: K-Z
021806: SHARP, HAROLD S. - Handbook of Pseudonyms and Personal Nicknames - First Supplement, Volume II: K-Z
077165: MERCK, SHARP & DOHME - A Capsule Look at Loop Diuretics
075215: SHARP, SAMUEL L. - New Constitutions in the Soviet Sphere
053149: SHARP, R. FARQUHARSON - A Dictionary of English Authors, Biographical and Bibliographical
051520: SHARP, MARY - Point and Pillow Lace: A Short Account of Various Kinds Ancient and Modern, and How to Recognize Them
005200: MERCK SHARPE & DOHME - Ganglionic Blockade in the Management of Hypertension
060058: MERRITT, SHARYNE AND STEINER, LINDA - And Baby Makes Two: Motherhood Without Marriage
042549: SHATTUCK, HARRIETTE R. - The Woman's Manual of Parliamentary Law
055966: SHATTUCK, FREDERICK C. (MD) - The Treatment of Pneumonia
022291: SHATTUCK, GEORGE CHEEVER (MD) - Principles of Medical Treatment
066354: SHATTUCK, LEMUEL - Report of the Sanitary Commission of Massachusetts: 1850
038960: SHATTUCK, L.A. (PROPERTY OF) - Catalogue of the Choice Collection of Engravings, Etchings, Lithographs, Etc. The Property of L.A. Shattuck, Esq., Of Boston. To Be Sold at Auction
053361: SHATTUCK, KATHARINE - The Narrowest Circle: A Novel
077454: SHAUGHNESSY, GERALDO - Statuta Dioecesis Seattlensis
P000090: JOHN J. SHAUGHNESSY & EUGENE B. ZECHMEISTER - Research Methods in Psychology
080825: SHAUGHNESSY, MARY ANGELA - Religious Education and the Law: A Catechist Handbook
Pb4188: SHAUGHNESSY, DAN - The Curse of the Bambino
049053: SHAVER, ERWIN L. - Present-Day Trends in Religious Education: Lectures on the Earl Foundation and Other Papers
029393: SHAW, GERALD - Some Beginnings: The Cape Times (1876-1910)
074018: SHAW, IRWIN - Bread Upon the Waters
078946: SHAW, HENRY B. - In the Shadow of Peter
047545: SCHUSTER, CLARA SHAW (PH.D., R.N.) AND ASHBURN, SHIRLEY SMITH (M.S., R.N.) - The Process of Human Development: A Holistic Life-Span Approach - Second (2nd) Edition
059405: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD; INTRODUCTION BY CASSON, LEWIS - Man and Superman (In Slipcase)
069879: SHAW, BERNARD - Plays Pleasant and Unpleasant: The First Volume, Containing the Three Unpleasant Plays
069880: SHAW, BERNARD - Plays Pleasant and Unpleasant: The Second Volume, Containing the Four Pleasant Plays
085025: SHAW, HENRY LARNED (MD) - Infectious Diseases of Infancy and Childhood
Pb5815: SHAW, HARRY - Spell It Right!
021072: SHAW, (GEORGE) BERNARD - Three Plays for Puritans
051484: SHAW, BERNARD - Translations and Tomfooleries.
017880: SHAW, G. BERNARD - The Irrational Knot
040199: SHAW, CHARLES GRAY - The Road to Happiness
078947: SHAW, J.G.; FOREWORD BY BRADY, MATTHEW F. - Edwin Vincent O'Hara: American Prelate
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049527: SHULTAS, LOUISE - The Sampler - And Other Poems (Inscribed & Signed By Author)
049536: SHULTAS, LOUISE - The Sampler - And Other Poems
021315: SHUMACKER, HARRIS B., JR. (MD) - CHAIRMAN - Surgical Forum - Volume V
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056260: SHUTE, WILLIAM G. - A Modern View of the Old Testament
064962: SHUTE, HENRY A. - The Real Diary of a Real Boy
035415: SHUTE, J. RAY - The Quest: A Questioning Quintology
041138: SHUTE, WILFRID E. (MD) - Health Preserver - Defining the Versatility of Vitamin E
016378: SHUTES, MILTON HENRY (MD) - A History of the Alameda County Medical Association
060952: SHUTTLEWORTH, WILLIAM - Murder in Portland
073405: SHWADRAN, BENJAMIN - Jordan: A State of Tension
001905: SHWARTZMAN, GREGORY (MD) - Phenomenon of Local Tissue Reactivity
Pb5043: SHYER, MARLENE FANTA - Welcome Home, Jellybean
075567: SIBELIUS - Sibelius Concerto in D Minor - Opus 47 for Violin and Piano
Pa1529: ANNE SIBERGUES - Savoir Decorer
014597: SIBLEY, KATHARINE - Elementary Human Anatomy based on Laboratory Studies
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074057: SIBLEY, WILLIAM A. (MD) - Therapeutic Claims in Multiple Sclerosis: A Guide to Treatments
013244: ESCALONA, SIBYLLE AND HEIDER, GRACE MOORE - Prediction and Outcome: A Study in Child Development
066827: SICHERMAN, BARBARA - Alice Hamilton: A Life in Letters
044034: SICHERMAN, HARVEY - The Yom Kippur War: End of Illusion (Foreign Policy Papers)
056275: SICKERT, ADOLF; WOTSCHITZKY, ALFONS - Rom - Portrat Einer Stadt
Pb2578: C. E. VAN SICKLE - History of the world from Prehistoric Times to the dissolution of the Roman Empire in The West
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071244: SIDEBOTHAM, HERBERT - Political Profiles: From British Public Life
028627: SIDEL, RUTH - Battling Bias: The Struggle for Identity and Community on College Campuses
078076: SIDGWICK, MRS. ALFRED - Salt of the Earth
Pa1469: MARGARET SIDNEY - The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew
074781: SIDNEY, MARGARET - Our Town
Pb164: MARGARET SIDNEY - Five Little Peppers the Stories Polly Pepper Told
085000: KESS, SIDNEY AND WELTMAN, BARBARA E. - CCH Guide to Tax Planning for Individuals and Small Businesses
064429: COX, SIDNEY AND FREEMAN, EDMUND - Prose Preferences, Selected and Edited
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014294: BURWELL, C. SIDNEY AND METCALFE, JAMES (MD'S) - Heart Disease and Pregnancy: Physiology and Management
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Pb165: MARGARET SIDNEY - Five Little Peppers Midway
055431: SIDNEY, PHILIP - Memoirs of the Sidney Family
Pb6962: HUGH SIDNEY - John F. Kennedy, President
016734: KURLBAUM-SIEBERT, MARGARETE - Mary Queen of Scots
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Pa1753: SIEGEL, SHELDON - Special Circumstances: A Novel
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071854: SIEGEL, MARCIA B. - Watching the Dance Go By
016410: SIEGEL, BENJAMIN M. (ED) - Modern Developments in Electron Microscopy
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081645: SLOAN, W.W. - A Survey of the New Testament
081572: SLOAN, SUSAN R. - Guilt By Association, A Novel - Advance Reading Copy
066186: SLOAN, ROBERT J. - Unf Whit Sword: More Pleasure Quizzes
036038: SLOAN, HAROLD PAUL - One Gospel for One World
Pb6521: GLADYS SLOAN - Three Nights of Love
062366: SLOANE, WILLIAM MILLIGAN - The Treaty of Ghent, An Address
048823: SLOANE, ALLAN (ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY) - Time To Run: Adapted from the Original Allan Sloane Screenplay
P000496: SLOANE, PAUL; MACHALE, DES, MILLER, MYRON (ILLUSTRATOR) - Challenging Lateral Thinking Puzzles
083743: SLOBODKIN, SALEM; PREFACE BY EBERHART, RICHARD - Meditations on a Great Man Gone - And Other Poems
085346: SLOBODY, LAWRENCE B. (MD) - Survey of Clinical Pediatrics, Third (3rd) Edition
085180: SLOBODY, LAWRENCE B. (MD) - Survey of Clinical Pediatrics, Second Edition
079614: SLOBODY, LAWRENCE B. (MD) - Survey of Clinical Pediatrics, First Edition
050539: SLOCUM, LOREN - No Greater Love, Being An Extraordinary Mom - SIGNED
080894: SLOCUM, PERRY D. - Birds of North America and How to Photograph Them: 100 Species: Volume I (1)
014976: SLOMAN, LAURA GILLMORE - Some Primary Methods
037035: SLONIMSKY, NICOLAS - Little Orchestra Society - Program Notes, 1947 1948
032413: SLONIMSKY, NICOLAS - The Road to Music
069630: SLOTE, ALFRED - My Robot Buddy
Pb887: SLOTE, ALFRED; BERSON, HAROLD - My Trip to Alpha I
Pb843: SLOTE, ALFRED - Matt Gargan's Boy
040254: SLOYAN, GERARD S. - How Do I Know I'm Doing Right? Toward the Formation of a Christian Conscience
080525: SLOYAN, GERARD S. - Speaking of Religious Education
078211: SLOYAN, GERARD S. - The Three Persons in One God (Foundations of Catholic Theology Series)
063430: SLOYAN, GERARD S. (EDITOR) - Modern Catechetics: Message and Method in Religious Formation
082011: SLOYAN, GERARD S. - Speaking of Religious Education
021285: SLUNG, MICHELE (ED) - Fever - Sensual Stories by Women Writers
058379: EDITED BY SLUNG, MICHELE - Women's Wiles: An Anthology of Mystery Stories by the Mystery Writers of America
072032: SLUNG, MICHELE (EDITOR) - Fever: Sensual Stories By Women Writers (Complimentary Copy from Author)
054948: SLUSS, JOHN W. (MD) - Emergency Surgery
Pb1366: WILLIAM J. SLY - More World stories Retold
055037: SLY, WILLIAM JAMES (PH.D.) - World Stories Retold for Modern Boys and Girls (With Practical Suggestions for Telling)
Pb7793: VAN SLYKE, HELEN - The Best Place to Be
Pb6894: VAN SLYKE, HELEN - Always Is Not Forever
010357: SMALBRAAK, J. S. (MD) - Trophoblastic Growths
Pb3647: SMALL, BERTRICE - Enchantress Mine
054336: SMALL, DAVID - Alone: A Novel
Pa372: SMALL, HOWARD I.; HENGEN, NONA L. - Monty's Pal
Pb1092: SMALL, BERTRICE - Deceived
061961: SMALL, DAVID - Almost Famous
049610: SMALL, MARIANNE B. - Through the Years in Verse
076566: SMALL, CAROLYN (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - The Sokokis Warrior 1941: Limington Academy, Limington, Maine
076567: SMALL, CAROLYN (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - The Sokokis Warrior 1941: Limington Academy, Limington, Maine
Pb7227: SMALL, TERRY - The Legend of John Henry
012897: SMALLEY, GEORGE W. - London Letters and Some Others, in Two Volumes Complete
083437: SMART, NINIAN - Philosophers and Religious Truth
077548: SMART, NINIAN - The Phenomenon of Religion
077424: SMART, NINIAN - Beyond Ideology: Religion and the Future of Western Civilization: Gifford Lectures Delivered in the University of Edinburgh, 1979-1980
P000199: SMART, WILLIAM - Eight Modern Essayists
037798: SMART, TED - Scotland Through the Looking Glass
034325: SMART, JAMES D. - The Old Testament in Dialogue with Modern Man
003946: SMEETON, MARY A. - Bacteriology for Nurses
071146: SMELLIE, K.B. - Great Britain Since 1688: A Modern History
065188: SMELLIE, WILLIAM; INTRODUCTION BY WARE, JOHN - The Philosophy of Natural History. With an Introduction and Various Additions and Alterations, Intended to Adapt it to the Present State of Knowledge.
069730: SMIDDY, F. G. (MD) - The Medical Management of the Surgical Patient
058694: SMILES, SAMUEL - Self-Help: With Illustrations of Character and Conduct
075143: SMILEY, E. THOMAS - Tree Structure and Mechanics Conference Proceedings: How Trees Stand Up and Fall Down
015650: SMILEY, JANE - Catskill Crafts
Pb1289: SMILEY, JANE - Moo
066502: SMILEY, SAM - The Drama of Attack: Didactic Plays of the American Depression
003549: SMILLIE, WILSON G. (DPH) - Preventive Medicine and Public Health
065216: SMILLIE, WILSON G. (MD, DPH) - Public Health Administration in the United States
Pb5367: SMITH, HENDRICK - Reagan the Man the President
045421: SMITH, BRADLEY - Une Histoire De L'Espagne (A Travers Son Art)
Pb1859: GEROGE ADAM SMITH - Jeremiah Being the Baird lecture for 1922
040196: SMITH, GERALD BIRNEY - The Principles of Christian Living: A Handbook of Christian Ethics
078492: SMITH, GEORGE HENRY - Druids' World
053476: SMITH, J. THORNE JR. - Biltmore Oswald: The Diary of a Hapless Recruit
069547: SMITH, BEATRICE S. - The Proudest Horse on the Prairie
047956: SMITH, WALTER J. (S.J.) - Dying in the Human Life Cycle: Psychological, Biomedical, and Social Perspectives
055595: SMITH, DODIE - The Hundred and One Dalmatians
044887: SMITH, FRANCES LOWE (PREPARED BY) - Recipes and Menus for Fifty as used in the School of Domestic Science of the Boston Young Women's Christian Association
056318: SMITH, THE REV. JOSEPH (C.P.) - Paul Mary Pakenham Passionist
083345: SMITH, H. AUGUSTINE - Lyric Religion: The Romance of Immortal Hymns - SIGNED
Pb3367: LANI SMITH - A Simple Christmas
055062: SMITH, G. KERRY (EDITOR) - In Search of Leaders (Current Issues in Higher Education)
026529: SMITH, WALTER ROBINSON - Constructive School Discipline
010523: SMITH, DAVID C. - Coastal Shipping Trade on the Eve of the Railroad: Gardiner, Maine in the Early 1830's (Maine Historical Society Quarterly, Winter, 1974)
051366: SMITH, LENDON H. (M.D.) - Improving Your Child's Behavior Chemistry
045096: SMITH, J. RUSSELL - Human Geography - Book Two: Regions and Trade
071501: WOODHAM-SMITH, CECIL - Lady-in-Chief: The Story of Florence Nightingale
074586: SMITH, ROBERT E. - Machine Woodworking
013960: SMITH, PAUL K. - Acetophenetidin: A Critical Bibliographic Review
013046: SMITH, AUSTIN E., MD (EDITOR) - New and Nonofficial Remedies, 1942
040975: SMITH, LENDON H. (MD) - The Children's Doctor
062861: SMITH, SUMNER - The Smiths of Sandy Pond Road
040901: SMITH, BERT KRUGER - Aging In America
066692: SMITH, ELTON EDWARD - The Two Voices: A Tennyson Study
055863: SMITH, FRANK - Insult to Intelligence
058898: SMITH, WILLIAM ATMAR (MD) - Leon Banov, MD and Public Health in Charleston - SIGNED By Dr. BANOV
078015: SMITH, F. HOPKINSON - A Day at Laguerre's and Other Days: Nine Sketches
045743: SMITH, WILLIAM JAY - The Tin Can - And Other Poems
079610: SMITH, GRAHAM (EDITOR) - Military Small Arms - 200 Years of Soldiers' Firearms
078617: SMITH, LLOYD EDWIN - The Story of Jesus: Retold for Children
049518: SMITH, WILLIAM JAY - Poems, 1947-1957 By William Jay Smith
074351: SMITH, CHARLES E. - Typists' Guide: From Sight to Touch
074038: SMITH, MARY P. WELLS - A Jolly Good Summer
073482: SMITH, DOROTHY HALL - The Golden Hours Library - The Big Little Book
073666: SMITH, EMMA - Emily's Voyage
073515: SMITH, DAVID - The Leo Conversion (Signed By Author)
075833: SMITH, HANNAH WHITALL - Every-Day Religion (or) The Common-Sense Teaching of the Bible

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