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033453: RUBINSTEIN, AMNON - The Zionist Dream Revisited: From Herzl to Gush Emunim and Back
043296: RUBINSTEIN, LUCIEN J. (MD) - Atlas of Tumor Pathology - Tumors of the Central Nervous System
043297: RUBINSTEIN, LUCIEN J. (MD) - Atlas of Tumor Pathology - Tumors of the Central Nervous System, Supplement
Pb1551: RUBINSTEIN, ALVIN Z. - Soviet Foreign Policy Since World War II: Imperial and Global
Pa874: RUBINSTEIN, JOSEPH; SLIFE, BRENT D. - Clashing Views on Controversial Psychological Issues
Pb3833: RUBRIGHT, ROBERT; BACKCOUNTRY PUBLICATIONS - Walks and Rambles in and Around St. Louis
074233: RUBY, LOIS - What Do You Do In Quicksand? A Novel
Pb6762: RUBY, GLENDA - The Beverly Hillbillies Diet: Welcome to the World of the Golden Grit
068388: RUCKMAN, IVY - No Way Out
083711: RUCKMAN, IVY - Encounter
Pb5596: AZAR-RUCQUOI, ADELE - Money As Sacrament: Finding the Sacred in Money
086112: RUDASHEVSKI, YITSKHOK - The Diary of the Vilna Ghetto
077467: RUDDY, REV. JAMES - The Apostolic Constitution: Christus Dominus (The Catholic University of American Canon Law Studies No. 390)
049104: RUDE, GEORGE; CANTOR, NORMAN F. (SERIES EDITOR) - The Crowd in History: A Study of Popular Disturbances in France and England, 1730-1848 (New Dimensions in History - Essays in Comparative History)
071618: RUDICK, ELEANOR - Pediatric Nursing - SIGNED
045732: RUDMAN, MARK - The Nowhere Steps
071245: RUDNER, RUTH - Greetings from Wisdom, Montana (Signed By Author)
016517: RUDNICK, DOROTHEA (ED) - Embryonic Nutrition
049642: RUDNIK, RAPHAEL - Frank 207
043100: POTZL, OTTO; ALLERS, RUDOLF AND TELER, JAKOB - Preconscious Stimulation in Dreams, Associations and Images
081029: KILIANI, DR. OTTO; DENIG, DR. RUDOLF AND PEISER, DR. LOUIS - Festschrift Zur Vierzigjahrigen Stiftungsfeier des Deutschen Hospitals
014977: RUDOLPH, MARGUERITA - From Hand to Head
058268: RUDOLPH, DR. T. M. - Banish Arthritis!
029849: RUDORFF, RAYMOND - The Myth of France
051173: VALLEE, RUDY WITH MCKEAN, GIL - My Time Is Your Time: The Story of Rudy Vallee
014157: RUDY, ABRAHAM (MD) - Simplified Diabetic Manual
053411: KIPLING, RUDYARD AND BALESTIER, WOLCOTT - The Naulahka: A Story of West and East
012386: RUEBEN, DR. DAVID - Dr. David Rueben's Mental First- Aid Manual
007163: RUEDIGER, WILLIAM CARL - The Field of Distinct Vision
043563: RUEHLMANN, WILLIAM - Stalking the Feature Story
044902: RUESCH, HANS - Top of the World
Pa72: RUETHER, ROSEMARY RADFORD - New Woman, New Earth : Sexist Ideologies and Human Liberation
045657: RUETHER, ROSEMARY RADFORD (ED) - Religion and Sexism
Pb3414: RUETHER, ROSEMARY RADFORD - Womanguides: Readings Toward a Feminist Theology
063453: RUFFIN, C. BERNARD - Padre Pio: The True Story
043154: RUGE, DANIEL (MD), EDITOR - Spinal Cord Injuries - SIGNED
068783: FISHER-RUGE, LOIS - Nadezhda Means Hope - Views from Inside the Soviet Union
068837: FISHER-RUGE, LOIS - Nadezhda Means Hope: Views from Inside the Soviet Union
051350: RUGG, HAROLD - Foundations for American Education
003396: RUGG, HENRY W. (ED) - In Memoriam. John B. Whitaker, MD
044644: DE RUGGIERI, LUISA (RECIPE CONTRIBUTIONS) - 'Round the World Cooking Library: Italian Cooking - A Treasury of Italian Dishes for Every Occasion
Pb5909: RUGGIERO, VINCENT RYAN - Beyond Feelings: A Guide to Critical Thinking
081702: RUGGLES, ELEANOR - The West-Going Heart: A Life of Vachel Lindsay
048047: RUGOFF, MILTON - Prudery and Passion: Sexuality in Victorian America - A Study That Ranges from Our Puritan Roots to the Freedoms of Today.
038953: RUHE, EDWARD L. (ORGANIZER, UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS) - Masterpieces of Australian Bark Painting: An Exhibition of Aboriginal Art from Arnhem Land (April 2 Through 29, 1973)
068879: RUHRAH, JOHN (MD) - A Manual of the Diseases of Infants and Children
049092: RUITENBEEK, HENDRIK M. - The Individual and the Crowd: A Study of Identity in America
039294: RUMBOLD, THOS. R. (MD) - Hygienic and Sanative Measures for Chronic Catarrhal Inflammation of the Nose, Throat, and Ears
009822: TOWN OF RUMFORD, MAINE - Annual Report of the Municipal Officers of the Town of Rumford [Maine] for the Year Ending December 31, 1937
079264: RUMILLY, ROBERT - Histoire De La Province De Quebec XII: Les Ecoles Du Nord-Ouest
079265: RUMILLY, ROBERT - Histoire De La Province De Quebec XV: Mgr Bruchesi
049146: RUMMEL, JACK; HUGGINS, NATHAN IRVIN (SENIOR CONSULTING EDITOR) - Malcolm X (Black Americans of Achievement)
079009: RUMMERY, R.M.; PREFACE BY SMART, NINIAN - Catechesis and Religious Education in a Pluralist Society
069118: RUMSEY, MARIAN - Lion on the Run
054648: RUNCIE, ROBERT - Seasons of the Spirit - The Archbishop of Canterbury at Home and Abroad
068894: RUNDLE, CLAUDE (MD) - Ker's Infectious Diseases - A Practical Textbook
046716: RUNES, DAGOBERT D. - Letters to My Son
060004: RUNNING, CORINNE - These Married People
Pb7093: A. MILTON RUNYON AND VILMA F. BERGANE - Around the U.S. A. In 1,000 Pictures
052679: BERGER, RUPERT AND HOLLERWEGER, HANS (EDITORS) - Celebrating the Easter Vigil
020657: PICOTT, J. RUPERT AND RIDLEY, WALTER N. - History of the Restitution Fund Commission of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania: A Challenge
019792: RUPPEL, K. H. - Music in Germany
073112: RUSBULDT, RICHARD E. - Planning Your Life: Understanding Yourself and the Person You Want to Become
073025: RUSBULDT, RICHARD E. - Planning Your Life: Understanding Yourself and the Person You Want To Become
073302: RUSCH, KRISTINE KATHRYN (EDITOR) - The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction: July 1993, Volume 85, No. 1, Whole No. 506
073303: RUSCH, KRISTINE KATHRYN (EDITOR) - The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction: January 1993, Volume 84, No. 1, Whole No. 500
073304: RUSCH, KRISTINE KATHRYN (EDITOR) - The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction: August 1992, Volume 83, No. 2, Whole No. 495
073306: RUSCH, KRISTINE KATHRYN (EDITOR) - The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction: January 1992, Volume 82, No. 2, Whole No. 487
073307: RUSCH, KRISTINE KATHRYN (EDITOR) - The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction: Oct./Nov. 1991, Volume 81, No. 4-5, Whole No. 484-85
073312: RUSCH, KRISTINE KATHRYN (EDITOR) - The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction: May 1991, Volume 80, No. 5, Whole No. 480
073313: RUSCH, KRISTINE KATHRYN (EDITOR) - The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction: Jan. 1991, Volume 80, No. 1, Whole No. 476
073308: RUSCH, KRISTINE KATHRYN (EDITOR) - The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction: Sept. 1991, Volume 81, No. 3, Whole No. 484
073309: RUSCH, KRISTINE KATHRYN (EDITOR) - The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction: Aug. 1991, Volume 81, No. 2, Whole No. 483
073310: RUSCH, KRISTINE KATHRYN (EDITOR) - The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction: July 1991, Volume 81, No. 1, Whole No. 482
073311: RUSCH, KRISTINE KATHRYN (EDITOR) - The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction: June 1991, Volume 80, No. 6, Whole No. 481
073305: RUSCH, KRISTINE KATHRYN (EDITOR) - The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction: June 1992, Volume 82, No. 6, Whole No. 493
073300: RUSCH, KRISTINE KATHRYN (EDITOR) - The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction: February 1994, Volume 86, No. 2, Whole No. 513
073301: RUSCH, KRISTINE KATHRYN (EDITOR) - The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction: August 1993, Volume 85, No. 2, Whole No. 507
073299: RUSCH, KRISTINE KATHRYN (EDITOR) - The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction: July 1994, Volume 87, No. 1, Whole No. 518
073297: RUSCH, KRISTINE KATHRYN (EDITOR) - The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction: May 1995, Volume 88, No. 5, Whole No. 528
073298: RUSCH, KRISTINE KATHRYN (EDITOR) - The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction: August 1994, Volume 87, No. 2, Whole No. 519
063465: RUSCHE, HELGA; TRANSLATED BY WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH - They Lived By Faith: Women in the Bible
Pb3229: PHILIP RUSH - The Ministrel Knight
057728: RUSH, MYRON - Political Succession in the USSR
Pb6113: RUSH, JOHN - Beating Depression
054369: RUSHFORTH, PETER - Kindergarten
066654: RUSK, REV. JOHN; INTRODUCTION BY CONWELL, REV. RUSSELL H. - The Authentic Life of T. DeWitt Talmage: The Greatly Beloved Divine
060757: RUSK, HOWARD A. (MD) - Living with a Disability At Home, At Work, At Play
054983: RUSKIN, JOHN - Ruskin's Works XII - Modern Painters, Volume IV: Mountain Beauty and Volume V: Of Leaf Beauty, Of Cloud Beauty, Of Ideas of Relation
076443: RUSKIN, JOHN - Precious Thoughts: Moral and Religious. Gathered from the Works of John Ruskin, A.M.
054979: RUSKIN, JOHN - Ruskin's Works XI - Volume II: Of Truth and Theoretic Faculties; Volume III: Of Many Things
068050: RUSKIN, JOHN - Modern Painters Of Truth and Theoretic Faculties, Volume II, Part II.-III.
085798: RUSKIN, ARIANE - Art of the High Renaissance
054981: RUSKIN, JOHN - Ruskin's Works III - The Seven Lamps of Architecture, et al
054982: RUSKIN, JOHN - Ruskin's Works X III - Hortus Inclusus; "Praeterita", et al
062931: RUSKIN, JOHN - Mornings in Florence
054986: RUSKIN, JOHN - Ruskin's Works VIII - The Crown of Wild Olive, et al
054987: RUSKIN, JOHN - Ruskin's Works II - The Stones of Venice, Volume III: The Fall et al
039447: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Lamp of Memory - The Book Word, Vol. I. (1), No. 10, April, 1885
054984: RUSKIN, JOHN - Ruskin's Works IX - Deucalion; The King of the Golden River; The Eagle's Nest; Arrows of the Chace
054985: RUSKIN, JOHN - Ruskin's Works VI - Proserpina et al
058344: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Ethics of Dust
055660: RUSKIN, JOHN; EDITED BY JAMES FUCHS - Ruskin's Views of Social Justice
054988: RUSKIN, JOHN - Ruskin's Works VII - The Two Paths - Love's Meinie, et al
Pb4954: RUSLING, ALBERT - The Mouse & Mrs Proudfoot
051162: RUSSELL, DIANA E.H. - Lives of Courage: Women for a New South Africa
040422: RUSSELL, DIANA E.H. - The Politics of Rape: The Victim's Perspective
074989: COX, H. RUSSELL AND SWETT, DAVID L. - History of Orrington, Maine: History and Genealogy
033367: RUSSELL, REV. MATTHEW - The Three Sisters of Lord Russell of Killowen and Their Convent Life
074861: RUSSELL, REVEREND CHARLES F. - The Church of the Living God: A New Year's Sermon Preached By Reverend Charles F. Russell
072091: DAVIS, RUSSELL AND ASHABRANNER, BRENT - Ten Thousand Desert Swords: The Epic Story of a Great Bedouin Tribe
042253: RUSSELL, DORA - The Tamarisk Tree: My Quest for Liberty and Love
Pb2209: PATRICK RUSSELL - The Tommy Davis Story
077312: RUSSELL, DIARMUID (EDITOR) - The Portable Irish Reader
068491: RUSSELL, PHILLIPS - The Glittering Century
Pb1648: RUSSELL, MARGO - Start Collecting Coins
070235: RUSSELL, FRANCIS - A City in Terror: 1919 - The Boston Police Strike
073589: RUSSELL, W. H. - The War: From the Landing at Gallipoli to the Death of Lord Raglan
006187: RUSSELL, FRANCIS H. - A Cobbler at his Bench: John Russell of Woburn, Massachusetts
068222: RUSSELL, EMMET - Homespun (Signed By Author)
082975: RUSSELL, GEORGE B. - Hoofprints In Time
084822: BROWN, JOHN RUSSELL AND HARRIS, BERNARD - GENERAL EDITORS - Restoration Theatre 6 - Stratford-Upon-Avon Studies
010635: RUSSELL, CHARLES THEODORE - An Oration Delivered Before the Municipal Authorities of the City of Boston, July 4, 1851
Pb1206: RUSSELL, DAVID - Every Child an Achiever: A Parent's Guide to the Kumon Method
023445: RUSSELL, NORMAN - Village Work in India
005392: RUSSELL, GEORGE R. - The Merchant. An Oration Before the Rhode Island Alpha 1849
002387: RUSSELL, ISRAEL C. - North America
061779: RUSSELL, SOLVEIG PAULSON - The Crusty Ones: A First Look at Crustaceans
059610: RUSSELL, SOLVEIG PAULSON - About Saving Wild Life for Tomorrow
059057: LOWELL, JAMES RUSSELL; WITH INTRODUCTION BY STONE, HENRY - American Ideas for English Readers
056670: RUSSELL, ISRAEL C. - North America
Pb7497: RUSSELL, MALCOLM B. - Middle East and South Asia, 1993
026434: RUSSELL, R. W. ROSS (ED) - Cerebral Arterial Disease
075889: RUSSELL, FRANKLIN - Argen the Gull
009310: RUSSFIELD, AGNES B. - Tumors of Endocrine Glands and Secondary Sex Organs
051933: RUSSO, LOUIS F. - Italian Greyhounds
Pb6996: JOSEPH LOUIS RUSSO - Elementary Italian Grammar
071367: RUST, ERIC C.; EDITED BY BALMER, KELLY H. - The Layman's Bible Commentary, Volume 6: The Book of Judges, The Book of Ruth, The First and Second Books of Samuel
040610: RUST, ERIC C. - Salvation History: A Biblical Interpretation
058878: RUSTAGI, JAGDISH S. - Solutions Manual for Introduction to Statistical Methods (Volume 1)
082631: RUTGERS, DR. J. - How to Attain and Practice the Ideal Sex Life: Ideal Sex and Love Relations for Every Married Man and Woman
004847: RUTGERS, J. (MD) - The Sexual Life
051075: ANDERSON, SHERRY RUTH AND HOPKINS, PATRICIA - The Feminine Face of God: The Unfolding of the Sacred in Women
069851: MENDENHALL, RUTH & JOHN - Introduction to Rock & Mountain Climbing
044082: FIRST, RUTH AND SCOTT, ANN - Olive Schreiner: A Biography
024269: PORTER, RUTH AND O'CONNOR, MAEVE (EDS) - The Poisoned Patient: The Role of the Laboratory (CIBA Foundation Symposium 26, New Series
066074: LERRIGO, RUTH AND BUELL, BRADLEY - Social Work and the Joneses (Public Affairs Pamphlet No. 97)
048978: HOOKER, RUTH AND SMITH, CAROLE - The Kidnapping of Anna (Inscribed & Signed By Author)
064544: SANBORN, RUTH AND ARTHAYER - Next Stop Grand Central (Signed By Author)
062593: HOLBERG, RUTH AND RICHARD - Wee Bright O'Toole
009662: PORTER, RUTH AND WILTSHAW, EVE (EDS) - Methotrexate in the Treatment of Cancer
048382: BRECHER, RUTH AND EDWARD (EDITORS) - An Analysis of Human Sexual Response (Inscribed & Signed By Editor Edward Brecher)
080724: SAWYER, RUTH AND MOLLES, EMMY - Dietrich of Berne: Hero Tales of the Austrian Tirol
086256: RUTHERFORD, H. RICHARD - Honoring the Dead: Catholics and Cremation Today - SIGNED
012342: RUTHERFORD, C. W. (MD) - The Eye
055154: RUTHERFORD, ALEXANDER - Colourful Scotland
074719: RUTSTEIN, DAVID D. (MD) - Blueprint for Medical Care
060574: RUTSTEIN, DAVID D. (MD) - The Coming Revolution in Medicine
056929: RUTTER, FRANK - Illustrated Guide to Cambridge
048257: RUTTER, PETER (M.D.) - Sex in the Forbidden Zone: When Men In Power - Therapists, Doctors, Clergy, Teachers, and Others - Betray Women's Trust
013675: RYALL, E. CANNY - Operative Cystoscopy
044336: RYAN, MONSIGNOR JOHN K. - Basic Principles and Problems of Philosophy
044478: RYAN, REGINA SARA - The Woman Awake: Feminine Wisdom for Spiritual Life (Inscribed & Signed By Author)
080729: RYAN, MARY PERKINS - Christ and the Church
079811: RYAN, MARY PERKINS (EDITOR) - Helping Adolescents Grow Up In Christ
079803: RYAN, WILLIAM DENNIS ("UNCLE JEFF") - The Red Lily: St. Maria Goretti (Lumen Books, Junior Series)
086244: RYAN, JOHN BARRY - The Eucharistic Prayer: A Study in Contemporary Liturgy
027988: RYAN, W. CARSON - Mental Health Through Education
Pa113: RYAN, MICHAEL - Five Star : Celebrating Twenty-Five Years of History, Legends, and Instruction from the Nation's Premier Basketball Camp
050235: RYAN, PAUL B.; STAAR, RICHARD F. (GENERAL EDITOR) - The Panama Canal Controversy: U.S. Diplomacy and Defense Interests (Hoover International Studies)
052396: RYAN, RUTH - Covering Home: My Life with Nolan Ryan
008012: RYAN, LORNA M. - When I Was a Girl in Australia
078410: RYAN, REVEREND JAMES H. - A Catechism of Catholic Education
012964: RYAN, GEORGE M., JR. (MD), EDITOR - Ambulatory Care in Obstetrics and Gynecology
079620: RYAN, RODERICK T. - Principles of Color Sensitometry: Third (3rd) Edition
077038: RYAN, DR. FRANK - Weight Training (The Viking Library of Sports Skills)
Pb7930: RYAN, PAT - The America's Cup
Pb7388: RYAN, BOB - The Pro Game: The World of Professional Basketball
Pb7095: BOB RYAN - The Boston Celtics
Pb6823: RYAN, BOB; PLUTO, TERRY - Forty-Eight Minutes: A Night in the Life of the Nba
055544: RYCROFT, LT. COL. B. W. (MD) - A Manual of Ophthalmology for Medical Officers
083780: RYCROFT, CHARLES - The Innocence of Dreams
014108: RYCROFT, P. V. (ED) - Corneo-Plastic Surgery
075212: RYDER, A.J. - Twentieth-Century Germany: From Bismarck to Brandt
013376: RONALD A. RYDER, PETER W. POST, I.C.T. NISBET, JAMES PINSON LUDWIG - Bird-Banding: A Journal of Ornithological Investigation, Vol. XXXVIII (38), No. 4, October 1967
Pb5674: RYDZ, JOHN S. - Commonsense Manufacturing Management: Excellence from the Shop Floor to the Executive Suite
014087: OVERLY, DONALD E.; KINGHORN, JON RYE AND PRESTON, RICHARD L. - The Middle School: Humanizing Education for Youth
085655: RYERSON, FLORENCE - Star Song and Other One-Act Plays - SIGNED
071369: RYLAARSDAM, J. COERT; EDITED BY BALMER, KELLY H. - The Layman's Bible Commentary, Volume 10: The Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, The Song of Solomon
055805: RYLE, REV. J.C. (B.A.) - A Call to Prayer
003422: RYLEY, J. F. - The Mode of Action of Proguanil and Related Antimalarial Drugs
004375: RYLEY, DR. BERESFORD - Electro-Magnetism and Massage (Electromagnetism)
074478: RYNNE, STEPHEN - All Ireland
058132: NAKAZAWA-RYODI - Bibliography of Fermentation and Biological Chemistry, Volume A
042409: RYSTROM, KENNETH - The Why, Who and How of the Editorial Page
051169: ROSSI, ALICE S. AND CALDERWOOD, ANN (EDITORS) - Academic Women on the Move
050679: AUGSBURGER, MYRON S. AND CURRY, DEAN C.; GROUNDS, VERNON (GENERAL EDITOR) - Nuclear Arms: Two Views on World Peace (Issues of Christian Conscience)
012070: JACKSON, MARIANNE; BERGER, GARY S. AND KEITH, LOUIS G. (MD'S) - Vaginal Contraception
031376: BUCKLAND, H. S. AND POYNTON, J. O. (EDS) - Cambridge University Medical Society Magazine - Michaelmas Term, 1928
002431: EISSLER, RUTH S. ET AL (EDS) - The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child - Vol. XI
002436: EISSLER, RUTH S. ET AL (EDS) - The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child - Volume XVI
067938: BOSNIAK, MORTON A.; SIEGELMAN, STANLEY S.; AND EVANS, JOHN A. (MD'S) - Atlas of Tumor Radiology - The Adrenal, Retroperitoneum and Lower Urinary Tract
003706: RUHE, DAVID S. ET AL - The Protective and Therapeutic Action of SN 5241 Against St. Elizabeth Strain Vivax Malaria
083073: BENDER, HAROLD S. AND SMITH, C. HENRY - Mennonites and Their Heritage: A Handbook of Mennonite History and Beliefs
066932: CAMPBELL, ALFRED S. AND CAMPBELL, HELEN MONTEITH - Applejack for Breakfast
008727: BAILEY, DAVID S. AND DREYER, SHARON O. - Therapeutic Approaches to the Care of the Mentally Ill
010132: MILLER, E.S. AND YOUNG, H.W - Catalogue of the Phaenogamous and Acrogenous Plants of Suffolk County, Long Island
069838: CLARK, JOHN R.; OTIS, ARTHUR S.; AND HATTON, CAROLINE - First Steps in Teaching Number
061226: MAUSNER, JUDITH S. AND BAHN, ANITA K. (MD'S) - Epidemiology: An Introductory Text
077724: GOODHART, ROBERT S. AND SHILS, MAURICE E. - Modern Nutrition in Health and Disease: Dietotherapy
009063: ROSENTHAL, S. ET AL (EDITORS) - FEBS 12th Meeting Dresden 1978 - Gene Function (Federation of European Biochemical Studies)
018386: KEEFER, CHESTER S. AND HEWITT, WILLIAM L. (MD'S) - The Therapeutic Value of Streptomycin: A Study of 3000 Cases
079519: BERRES, FRANCES B.; COLEMAN, JAMES C.; BRISCOE, WILLIAM S.; AND HEWETT, FRANK M. - Danger Below (The Deep-Sea Adventure Series)
072117: VAN MIEROP, LODEWYK H. S. AND BARON, MURRAY G. (MD'S); WALTON, J. HAROLD (MD) - EDITOR - Clinical Symposia - Anatomy of the Heart / Angiocardiography
026963: HILL, DAVID S. AND KELLY, FRED J. - Economy in Higher Education
077007: ZIM, HERBERT S. AND MARTIN, ALEXANDER C. - Flowers: A Guide to Familiar American Wildflowers (A Golden Nature Guide) - 134 Paintings in Full Color
022761: RAVIN, ABE; CRADDOCK, LANE D.; WOLF, PHILLIP S. AND SHANDER, DAVID (MD'S) - Auscultation of the Heart
017223: MULLINS, COLONEL WILLIAM S. WITH ENGELMAN, ROSE C. - UNDER THE DIRECTION OF LIEUT. GEN. HAL B. JENNINGS, JR. - A Decade of Progress - the United States Army Medical Department, 1959 - 1969 (GIFT QUALITY)
048146: FAGE, J. D.; HOPKINS, A. G.; MARKS, S. AND OLIVER, R. A. (EDS) - The Journal of African History - Volume XIII, 1972, No. 3
048147: FAGE, J. D.; HOPKINS, A. G.; MARKS, S. AND OLIVER, R. A. (EDS) - The Journal of African History - Volume XIII, 1972, No. 4
004981: DALEY, ROBERT M., GUBNER, RICHARD S. AND UNGERLEIDER, HARRY E. (MD'S) - Roentgenology of the Heart
003700: RUHE, DAVID S. ET AL - The Ineffectiveness of Colchicine
013299: HOLT, K. S. (MD) AND REYNELL, J. K. - Assessment of Cerebral Palsy - Vol. II
012139: PIERCE, DONALD S. AND NICKEL, VERNON H. (MD'S), EDITORS - The Total Care of Spinal Cord Injuries
035414: A. G. S. (ARTHUR G. STAPLE) - The Inner Man
073144: FARMER, JOHN S. & HENLEY, W.E. (COMPILERS & EDITORS); INTRODUCTIONS BY REVENS, LEE & LEGMAN, G. - Dictionary of Slang & Its Analogues: Past & Present - Volume I (1) Revised Edition
072822: GOLDBERG, GERTRUDE S. AND JOHNSON, HARRIETTE C.; EDITED BY GEISS, CAROLE - Government Money for Everday People: A Guide to Income Support Programs (Second Edition)
067302: MARSH, S.; MORAN, J.W.; NAKUI, S.; AND HOFFHER, G. - Facilitating and Training in Quality Function Deployment
020998: FRANK, RUTH S. AND WOLLHEIM, WILLIAM - The Book of Jewish Books
071793: LINK, ARTHUR S. AND COBEN, STANLEY - Instructor's Manual to Accompany The Democratic Heritage - A History of the United States
061595: CENTER, STELLA S. AND PERSONS, GLADYS L. - Practices in Reading and Thinking
016645: SJOSTRAND, F. S. AND RHODIN, J. (EDITORS) - Electron Microscopy: Proceedings of the Stockholm Conference, September, 1956
022994: FORD, W. W.; LAUBACH, C. A.; LAWRENCE, J. S. AND RICE, J. L. - Studies on Aerobic Spore-Bearing Non-Pathogenic Bacteria
003722: WILLIAMSON, J.; BERTRAM, D. S.; AND LOURIE, E. M. - Acquired Resistance to Paludrine in Plasmodium Gallinaceum
070284: CENTER, STELLA S. AND PERSONS, GLADYS L. - Problems in Reading and Thinking
025186: BRADBURY, S. AND KRUMBHAAR, E. B. - Notes on a Month of Influenza at a Base Hospital in France - SIGNED
070179: GREGORY, JAMES S. AND SHAVE, D.W. - The U.S.S.R.: A Geographical Survey
006132: LOVELACE, ARTHUR S. (MD) ET AL - Report of the Health Department of the City and County of San Francisco 1897
037213: ROBINSON, EDWARD S. AND KIRK, VIRGINIA - Introduction to Psychology with Special Applications to Nursing and Nursing Problems
005785: BLAKEMORE, WILLIAM, S. (MD) AND RAVDIN, I. S. (MD) - Current Perspectives in Cancer Therapy
044285: LARSON, ROLAND S. AND LARSON, DORIS E. - Values and Faith: Value-Clarifying Exercises for Family and Church Groups
058139: LONG, J.S.; CHAMBERLIN, D.S.; AND ANDERSON, H.V. - Qualitative Analysis
016102: FRYDMAN, ROMAN; RAPACZYNSKI, ANDRZEF, EARLE, JOHN S. ET AL - The Privatization Process in Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic States
002437: EISSLER, RUTH S. ET AL (EDS) - The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child - Volume XVII
004834: RUSS, S. AND SCOTT, G. M. - The Growth of Tumour in Tissues Exposed to X Rays and Radium
005271: LAWRENCE, JOHN S. ET AL - Production of Monocytes and Epitheloioid Cells
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086315: SCHILLEBEECKX, EDWARD (EDITOR) - The Eucharist
075840: SCHILLEBEECKX, E.H. - The Layman in the Church and Other Essays
074012: SCHILLER - Schiller's Mary Stuart (Handy Literal Translations - Translated from the German)
060085: SCHILLER - Maria Stuart Ein Trauerspiel
082332: SCHILLER, FREDERICK - The Works of Frederick Schiller. Historical and Dramatic.
082333: SCHILLER, FREDERICK; TRANSLATED BY MORRISON, THE REV. A.J.W. - The Works of Frederick Schiller. Historical.
085220: SCHILLING, SHONDA - The Best Kind of Different: Our Family's Journey with Asperger's Syndrome - SIGNED
064985: SCHILLING, BERNARD N. - The Comic Spirit: Boccaccio to Thomas Mann
045105: SCHIMMEL, WILLIAM B. - Water Color - The Happy Medium
077539: SCHINDLER, DAVID L. (EDITOR) - Communio: International Catholic Review Volume XXX, Number 3, Fall 2003 "Does God Suffer? An Exploration"
026122: SCHINZ, H. R.; BAENSCH, W. UND FRIEDL, E. - Lehrbuch der Rontgendiagnostik 3. Auflage; II. Band - Innere Organe
070261: SCHISGAL, MURRAY; INTRODUCTION BY ARLEN, M.J. - Fragments, Windows and Other Plays
035216: SCHLATTER, RICHARD B. - The Social Ideas of Religious Leaders, 1660-1688
067270: SCHLAUCH, MARGARET - The English Language in Modern Times (since 1400)
056989: SCHLAUCH, MARGARET - Language and the Study of Languages Today
083673: SCHLEE, ANN - The Vandal
083699: SCHLEE, ANN - The Strangers
080272: SCHLESINGER, STEPHEN C. - The New Reformers: Forces for Change in American Politics
Pa959: SCHLESINGER, ARTHUR MEIER - Cycles of American History
066039: SCHLESINGER, ARTHUR M. (JR.) - What About Communism? (Public Affairs Pamphlet No. 164)
084229: SCHLESINGER, BENJAMIN - Jewish Family: A Survey and Annotated Bibliography
Pb818: SCHLESINGER, ARTHUR MEIER - Cycles of American History
061614: SCHLICH, VICTOR A. (EDITOR) - Portland: The Magazine of Greater Portland, Volume XVI, Spring 1972
068831: SCHLOSS, DAVID F. - Insurance Against Unemployment
P000206: SCHLOSS, DAVID P. - Don't Tie Yourself up in Nots : How to Untie Yourself from the Can Nots and Should Nots of Life!
051848: FROM THE COLLECTION OF SCHLUNDT, EDNA M.; BIERBAUM, REV. RUBEN J. (EDITOR) - Favorite Prayers and Bible Verses Hymns and Poems
041459: SCHMALTZ, LEONARD W. (EDITOR) - Scientific Psychology and Social Concern
053910: SCHMEDES, CHRISTA - The Book of Garnishing
060571: CONLOS DE SCHMID - Os Ovos De Paschoa Por C. Schmid
017338: SCHMIDL, FRITZ - On Applied Psychoanalysis
073296: SCHMIDT, STANLEY (EDITOR) - Analog: Science Fiction, Science Fact: September 1986, Vol. CVI No. 9
019819: SCHMIDT, ALFRED F. W. - Library of Congress - Classification, Class D - Universal and Old World History
038887: SCHMIDT, FRED - Jagd Auf Schwarzes Elfenbein
004398: SCHMIDT, CARL L. S. (ED) - Addendum to The Chemistry of the Amino Acids and Proteins
084792: SCHMIDT, HANS - The United States Occupation of Haiti: 1915-1934
028872: SCHMIDT, MARTY J. - Understanding and Using Statistics - Basic Concepts
055101: SCHMIDT, HERMANN - Zur Christologie - Portrage Und Abhandlungen
052128: SCHMIDT, RICHARD - Die Paulinische Christologie
050131: SCHMIDT, REV. AUSTIN G. (S.J.); CHAPTER ON THE MYSTICAL BODY BY SULLIVAN, REV. LEO D. (S.J.) - Guidance (Religion Essentials Series - Book Three, 3)
Pa837: SCHMIDT, JEREMY; SCHMIDT, THOMAS; KAHN, ALISON - National Geographic's Driving Guides to America Canada
086165: SCHMIDT, HERMANO A. P. - Introductio in Liturgiam Occidentalem
041820: SCHMIDT, D. WILH. - Der Kampf der Weltaaschauungen
Pa1537: SCHMIDT, NORMAN - Super Paper Airplanes: Biplanes to Space Planes
075220: SCHMIDT, HELMUT; TRANSLATED BY THOMAS, EDWARD; FOREWORD BY HEALEY, THE RT. HON. DENIS - The Balance of Power: Germany's Peace Policy and the Super Powers
070899: SCHMIDT, JOHN C. - Johns Hopkins: Portrait of a University
Pa1386: SCHMIDT, GARY D.; SCHMIDT, GARY - The Wonders of Donal O'Donnell: A Folktale of Ireland
080878: SCHMIDT, KARL PATTERSON - Homes and Habits of Wild Animals: North American Mammals
035243: SCHMIDT, PAUL F. - Religious Knowledge
073966: SCHMIDT, CARL CHRISTIAN - Jahrbucher Der In-Und Auslandischen Gesammten Medicin Herausgegeben
073294: SCHMIDT, STANLEY (EDITOR) - Analog: Science Fiction, Science Fact: December 1986, Vol. CVI No. 12
073295: SCHMIDT, STANLEY (EDITOR) - Analog: Science Fiction, Science Fact: November 1986, Vol. CVI No. 11
073292: SCHMIDT, STANLEY (EDITOR) - Analog: Science Fiction, Science Fact: March 1991, Vol. CXI No. 4
073293: SCHMIDT, STANLEY (EDITOR) - Analog: Science Fiction, Science Fact: December 1988, Vol. CVIII No. 12
054671: SCHMIDT, SARAH LINDSAY - Shadow Over Winding Ranch
083189: SCHMIDT, KARL PATTERSON - Friendly Animals
035867: SCHMIDT, LEOPOLD - Joseph Haydn
049657: SCHMIDT, TOM (EDITOR) - Harvest '64: Short Stories, Essays, Plays, Poems (The University of Houston)
086270: SCHMIDT, HERMAN - La Costituzione Sulla Sacra Liturgia
Pb8022: FERNE F. SCHMIDTCHEN, EDITOR - The History of Londonderry Vol. 3: 1900-1976
070198: SCHMIDTMANN, WALDEMAR - Devil: The Life Story of a Chamois in the Austrian Alps
035656: SCHMITT, GLADYS - David the King: A Novel
Pa101: CONRAD SCHMITT - Bienvenue Glencoe French 1
010246: SCHMITT, JOHN P. - Patient Characteristic and Hospital Environment Factors Contributing to Patient Incidents in a Hospital
070241: SCHMITT, HANS A. - Charles Peguy: The Decline of an Idealist
068592: SCHMITT, BERNADOTTE E. (EDITOR) - Some Historians of Modern Europe: Essays in Historiography By Former Students of the Department of History of the University of Chicago
071937: SCHMITT, ABRAHAM - The Art of Listening with Love
059686: SCHMITT, GEORGE F. (MD) - Diabetes for Diabetics - A Practical Guide
Pb4980: GLADYS SCHMITT - Boris the Lopsided Bear
019698: SCHMITZ, HERMANN - Das Mobelwerk
071595: SCHMOOKLER, ANDREW BARD - Living Posthumously - Confronting the Loss of Vital Powers
070430: SCHNACK, ANTON - Franken - Land der Romantik
041339: SCHNACKENBURG, RUDOLF; QUINN, EDWARD (TRANSLATER) - Christ - Present and Coming
Pa1490: SCHNASER, GENE L. - Do-It Yourself Yearbook: Money Saving Projects
026723: SCHNEIDEMAN, T. B. (MD) - Proceedings of the Philadelphia County Medical Society, Volume XII, 1891
051040: SCHNEIDER, ALAN; ALBEE, EDWARD (PREFACE) - Entrances: An American Director's Journey
050732: SCHNEIDER, EARL (EDITOR) - Know Your Boston Terrier
050090: SCHNEIDER, EARL (EDITOR) - Know Your Lovable Mutt (No. 527)
061973: SCHNEIDER, EARL (EDITOR) - Enjoy Your Guinea Pig
084852: SCHNEIDER, ISIDOR - EDITOR - The Enlightenment: The Culture of the Eighteenth Century
011192: SCHNEIDER, HARRIET - Effective Test Construction in the Health Professions
078477: HARICH-SCHNEIDER, ETA - The Harpsichord: An Introduction to Technique, Style and the Historical Sources
066316: SCHNEIDER, HARRIET R. - I Was a Victim
Pa940: EARL SCHNEIDER - Know Your Collie
047658: SCHNEIDER, DANIEL E. (M.D.) - Psychoanalysis of Heart Attack
P000101: DAVID I SCHNEIDER - Programming and Its Applications
004418: SCHNEIDER, LEO - Microbes in Your Life
079198: SCHNEIDER, EARL; CHAPTERS ON BUDGIE HEALTH BY WHITNEY, LEON F. - All About Parakeets (A Practical Science Book)
057389: SCHNEIDER, STEPHEN H. - Laboratory Earth: The Planetary Gamble We Can't Afford to Lose
053989: SCHNEIDER, MICHAEL (EDITOR-IN CHIEF) - Chocolate: Taste of the Good Life (July 1999)
024499: SCHNEIDER, ALAN - Entrances
051923: SCHNEIDER, EARL (EDITOR) - Know Your Old English Sheepdog
051709: SCHNEIDERMAN, STUART - Jacques Lacan: The Death of an Intellectual Hero
033258: SCHNITTKIND, HENRY T. (ED) - The Poets of the Future - A College Anthology for 1921 - 1922
046196: SCHNITTKIND, HENRY T. (PH.D.)(EDITOR) - The Poets of the Future: A College Anthology for 1916-1917
086030: SCHNUR, HARRY C. - Mystic Rebels - Apollonius Tyaneus, Jan Van Leyden, Sabbatai Zevi, Cagliostro
077595: ALONSO-SCHOEKEL, LUIS - Celebrating the Eucharist: Biblical Meditations
Pb1054: SCHOELL, WILLIAM F.; GUILTINAN, JOSEPH P. - Marketing: Contemporary Concepts and Practices
054366: SCHOEMAN, KAREL; TRANSLATED BY FRIEDMANN, MARION V. - Promised Land: A Novel (Review Copy)
038353: SCHOEN, MAX (ED.) - The Enjoyment of the Arts
038081: SCHOENBAUM, STEPHEN C. (MD), ET AL - Using Clinical Practice Guidelines to Evaluate Quality of Care, Volume 2: Methods (GIFT QUALITY)
070846: SCHOENBAUM, S. - Shakespeare's Lives
070825: SCHOENBAUM, S. - William Shakespeare: A Compact Documentary Life
071672: SCHOENBERG, ESTELLA - Old Tales and Talking: Quentin Compson in William Faulkner's Absalom, Absalom! And Related Works
018226: SCHOENBRUN, DAVID - The New Israelis
061416: SCHOENMACKERS, PROF. DR. J. UND VIETEN, DR. H. - Atlas Postmortaler Angiogramme
074517: SCHOENRICH, OTTO - Former Senator Burton's Trip to South America, 1915 (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Publication No. 9)
045659: SCHOFIELD, A. T. - Unconscious Therapeutics; or The Personality of the Physician
014475: SCHOFIELD, ALFRED T. (MD) - Behind the Brass Plate: Life's Little Stories
051815: SCHOKEL, LUIS ALONSO (S.J.); DRURY, JOHN (TRANSLATOR) - Journey Through the Bible Lands
086116: SCHOKEL, LUI ALONSO - Subsidia Biblica - 11: A Manual of Hebrew Poetics
036276: DESCRIBED BY CHRISTIAN SCHOLARS - The Bible Today: Historical, Social, and Literary Aspects of the Old and New Testaments
066583: SCHOLEFIELD, EDMUND O. - L'il Wildcat
083032: SCHOLES, PAUL A - Bendigo Pottery
043549: SCHOLTES, PETER R. - The Team Handbook - with Transparencies
031179: SCHOLZ, ARNO - Israel
069651: SCHOLZ, JACKSON - Hot-Corner Hank
061773: SCHOLZ, JACKSON - Spark Plug at Short
086638: SCHONER, ALFRED - A Dohany Utcai Zsinagoga / The Synagogue of Dohany Street
003544: SCHONHOFER, FRITZ (PHD) - Studies in Alkaloids of the Cinchona Series
068078: SCHONWETTER, HANS PETER - Zur Vorgeschichte Der Endokrinologie, Inaugural Dissertation
057460: PREPARED BY THE TECHNICAL STAFF OF THE COYNE ELECTRICAL SCHOOL - Coyne Practical Applied Elecricity: A Practical Book for Home Study or Field Reference on Alternating Current
080196: CHEMICAL WARFARE SCHOOL, UNITED STATES ARMY - Study Guide - Chemical Warfare: Questions, Answers and Practical Exercises
067321: THE TECHNICAL STAFF OF THE COYNE ELECTRICAL SCHOOL - Coyne Practical Applied Electricity: A Practical Book for Home Study or Field Reference - Volume 2
067318: THE TECHNICAL STAFF OF THE COYNE ELECTRICAL SCHOOL - Coyne Practical Applied Electricity: A Practical Electrical Book
067319: THE TECHNICAL STAFF OF THE COYNE ELECTRICAL SCHOOL - Coyne Practical Applied Electricity: A Practical Book on Automotive Electricity, Batteries, Diesel Electric Power, For Home Study and Field Reference
059837: AUBURN MIDDLE SCHOOL - Blackboard to Breadboard: The A.M.S. Cookbook
073035: THE CENTER SCHOOL - The Center School Cookbook
034388: BY THE AUTHOR OF "THE FIGHT AT DAME EUROPA'S SCHOOL" (ATTRIBUTED TO HENRY W.M. PULLEN) - Modern Christianity, A Civilized Heathenism
001439: PORTLAND HIGH SCHOOL - The Racquet
067320: THE TECHNICAL STAFF OF THE COYNE ELECTRICAL SCHOOL - Coyne Practical Applied Electricity: A Practical Book on Direct Current Electricity
084360: RESEARCH LABS OF THE ARMY MEDICAL SCHOOL - Immunization to Typhoid Fever with 1943 Supplement
070090: THE INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOLS - The Building Trades Pocketbook, A Handy Manual of Reference on Building Construction 1899
004237: COMMITTEE OF THE NEW YORK PUBLIC SCHOOLS - A Plan of Instruction for the New York Public Schools
056264: EDITED BY THE AUTHOR OF "CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS AND SCHOLARS," &C. WITH A PREFACE BY HIS LORDSHIP, THE BISHOP OF BIRMINGHAM - Life of Mother Margaret Mary Hallahan - Foundress of the English Congregation of St. Catherine of Sienna of the Third Order of St Dominic By Her Religious Children - Second Edition
052525: BY THE AUTHOR OF BARNES' BRIEF HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES FOR SCHOOLS. - A Popular History of the United States of America (Barnes' Popular History.)
063028: SCHOONENBERG, PIET - Covenant and Creation
044673: SCHOONMAKER, FRANK - The Wines of Germany (Frank Schoonmaker's Wine Library)
081851: SCHOONOVER, LAWRENCE - The Burnished Blade
083777: SCHOONOVER, LAWRENCE - The Revolutionary
Pb2927: LAWRENCE SCHOONOVER - The Spider King
Pb6472: LAWRENCE SCHOONOVER - The Revolutionary
037195: SCHOPENHAUER, ARTHUR - Urwille Und Welterlosung - Ausgewahlte Schriften
Pa1274: SCHOPICK, DAVID J.; BURR, SUZANNE - Safe at Last: A Handbook for Recovery from Abuse
062963: SCHOPPE, MARY COFFIN - The Schoppe Family Genealogy 1782-1932
033498: SCHORER, EDWIN HENRY (MD) - Vaccine and Serum Therapy
069545: SCHORR, DANIEL - Don't Get Sick in America
Pa510: SCHOTT, LINDA; DODSON, MARTY - Going Through the Motions
071604: SCHOUR, ISAAC - Noyes' Oral Histology and Embryology with Laboratory Directions
039268: SCHRAG, PETER - Test of Loyalty: Daniel Ellsberg and the Rituals of Secret Government
086111: SCHRAM, PENINNAH - Tales of Elijah, the Prophet
066637: SCHRAMM, ALICIA - The Secret of Ajudamo
P000322: SCHRAND, RICHARD - Canoma Visual Insight
056266: SCHRANTZ, VERY REV. CHARLES B. (S.S.) - A Study of Father Tabb - In a Few of His Unexcelled Lyrics
063428: SCHRECK, ALAN - Basics of the Faith: A Catholic Catechism
055946: JEAN-JACQUES SERVAN-SCHREIBER WITH KRIVINE, DAVID - The Chosen and the Choice: Israel at the Crossroads
013381: RALPH W. SCHREIBER, WALTER P. NICKELL, DOROTHY L. BORDNER, MERRILL WOOD, DAVID E. DAVIS, P.A. BUCKLEY, J.T. HANCOCK, JR. - Bird-Banding: A Journal of Ornithological Investigation, Vol. XXXIX (39), No. 2, April 1968
059088: SCHREINER, OLIVE - Woman and Labor
Pa1467: TOM SCHREITER - Big Al's How to Create a Recruiting Explosion
014305: SCHRIER, ROBERT W. (MD) - Geriatric Medicine
084518: SCHRIER, ROBERT W. (MD), EDITOR - Renal and Electrolyte Disorders
005150: SCHRIFTGIESSER, KARL - Families from Adams, Astor and Lee to Beecher, Barrymore and Roosevelt - SIGNED
035998: SCHRIVER, LESTER O. - The Price of Liberty - SIGNED
079648: SCHROCK, SIMON - Vow-Keepers Vow-Breakers (Biblical Heritage Series No. 5)
015801: SCHROEDER, CAROL L - A Bibliography of Danish Literature in English Translation 1950-1980 With a Selection of Books About Denmark
083121: SCHROEDER, ROGER - How to Carve Wildfowl: 9 North American Masters Reveal the Carving and Painting Techniques that Win Them International Blue Ribbons
033841: SCHROEDER, JOHN C. - Modern Man and the Cross
045749: SCHROEDER, ANDREAS - The Ozone Minotaur
085622: SCHROETER, JAMES (EDITOR) - Willa Cather and Her Critics
077774: SCHROTENBOER, PAUL G. - Roman Catholicism: A Contemporary Evangelical Perspective
008384: SCHUBERT, DELWYN G. - The Doctor Eyes the Poor Reader
075564: SCHUBERT - Sonata (Duo) in A Major, Opus 162 for Violin and Piano
059264: SCHUBERT, MARGOT; EDITED BY ELBERT, GEORGE A. - Complete Home Gardening
044576: SCHUBERT, GEORGE W. - Introduction to Clinical Supervision in Speech Pathology (GIFT QUALITY)
Pa019: CHRISTOPHER J. SCHUBERTH - New York Walk Book
020663: SCHUCHERT, CHARLES - Silurian Formations of Southeastern New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania
052551: SCHUKTZ, DR. HERMANN - Grundriss Der Evangelischen Ethik. Zum Gebrauche Bei Akademischen Vorlesungen.
071763: SCHULBERG, BUDD (EDITOR, INTRODUCTION) - From the Ashes: Voices of Watts
013217: SCHULBERG, BUDD - Across the Everglades
052965: SCHULERN, SEINEN - Festschrift Dr. Otto L. Heubner
076606: SCHULL, JOSEPH - The Salt-Water Men: Canada's Deep-Sea Sailors (Great Stories of Canada)
080035: SCHULLER, ROBERT H. - You Can Become the Person You Want to Be

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