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048015: PEALE, NORMAN VINCENT - Enthusiasm Makes the Difference
036818: PEALE, NORMAN VINCENT - Jesus of Nazareth: A Dramatic Interpretation of His Life from Bethlehem to Calvary
073821: PEARCE, DICK - The Impudent Rifle
055171: PEARCE, DONALD - Para/Worlds: Entanglements of Art and Art History
045006: PEARCE, DR. R. MAPLESDEN - Deplorable Doctors
P000613: PEARCE, DAVID W.; TURNER, R. KERRY - The Economics of Natural Resources and the Environment
073208: PEARCE, RICHARD - William Styron (University of Minnesota Pamphlets on American Writers - Number 98) COLLECTIBLE GIFT QUALITY
084089: A. PHILIPPA PEARCE - The Minnow Leads to Treasure
074364: PEARKES, GILLIAN - Vinegrowing in Britain
085778: PEARL, CHAIM - Theology in Rabbinic Stories
019160: PEARLSTONE, ZENA - Ethnic L.A.
083201: PEARMAN, PHIL (EDITOR) - Dear Editor: Letters to Time Magazine, 1923-1984
064299: PEARS, D.F. - Bertrand Russell and the British Tradition in Philosophy
037971: PEARSALL, PAUL - Super Immunity
081822: PEARSE, A. G. EVERSON - Histochemistry - Theoretical and Applied
008702: PEARSON, R. S. - Commercial Guide to the Forest Economic Products of India
010156: PEARSON, JOAN MIDDLETON - Organizational Entry in a Hospital Setting: Tasks, Problems and Outcomes
032997: SELECTED AND ARRANGED BY ROBERT EMMONS ROGERS, WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY HENRY GREENLEAF PEARSON - The Voice of Science In Nineteenth-Century Literature: Representative Prose and Verse
Pa199: PEARSON, WILLIAM - Chessplayer
046955: PEARSON, MICHAEL - Imagined Places: Journeys Into Latin America
071120: PEARSON, HESKETH (AN EX-DIPLOMAT) - The Whispering Gallery: Being Leaves from the Diary of an Ex-Diplomat
081018: PEARSON, T. GILBERT (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Birds of America (Nature Lovers Library Volume III, 3)
081016: PEARSON, T. GILBERT (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Birds of America (Nature Lovers Library Volume I, 1)
081017: PEARSON, T. GILBERT (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Birds of America (Nature Lovers Library Volume II, 2)
047110: PEARSON, JAMES LARKIN - Pearson's Poems (Signed by the Author)
027351: PEARSON, HESKETH - G.B.S. - A Full Length Portrait
070275: PEARSON, HENRY GREENLEAF - Son of New England: James Jackson Storrow, 1864-1926
069395: PEARSON, HESKETH - Hesketh Pearson By Himself
017027: PEARSON, HESKETH - By Himself
025360: PEARSON, S. VERE (MD) - Men, Medicine and Myself
Pb3953: PEARSON, RIDLEY - Peter And The Starcatchers
080047: PEARSON, DIANE - The Summer of the Barshinskeys
058201: PEARSON, DREW; EDITED BY ABELL, TYLER - Drew Pearson Diaries: 1949-1959
057895: PEARSON, HAYDN S. - Sea Flavor
051636: PEARSON, CAROL LYNN - The Growing Season
029966: PEARSON, KEITH L. - The Indian in American History
052035: PEARSON, T.R. - Gospel Hour
065376: PEARY, MARIE AHNIGHITO - The Snowbaby's Own Story SIGNED
050721: CHOCK, PHYLLIS PEASE AND WYMAN, JUNE R. (EDITOR) - Discourse and the Social Life of Meaning
011522: PEASE, CHARLES N. - The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Instructional Course Lectures Volume X, 1953
009388: PEASE, KENNETH - Communication With and Without Words
006956: PEASE, MARSHALL CARLETON (MD - American Academy of Pediatrics
052581: PEASE, JOSEPHINE VAN DOLZEN - One, Two, Cock-A-Doodle-Doo
001196: PEASE, MARSHALL CARLETON (MD - American Academy of Pediatrics
000344: PEASE, MARSHALL CARLETON (MD - American Academy of Pediatrics
011524: PEASE, CHARLES N. - The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Instructional Course Lectures Volume IX, 1952
052597: PEASE, JOSEPHINE VAN DOLZEN - Fun with Letters from A to Z: An Alphabet Book
Pb3993: ALLEN PEASE, ETC / EDITOR - Maine Fifty Years of Change 1940 - 1990
022220: PEATTIE, DONALD CULROSS - Green Laurels
065919: PEATTIE, DONALD CULROSS - American Heartwood
Pa1433: PECAR, JOSEPH A.; O'CONNOR, ROGER J.; GARBIN, DAVID A. - The McGraw-Hill Telecommunications Factbook
034721: PECK, MARTIN W. (MD) - The Meaning of Psychoanalysis
044761: PECK, JOHN - The Broken Blockhouse Wall
022104: PECK, HARRIS B. (EDITOR) - International Journal of Group Psychiatry - Vol. XVIII, No. 3, July 1968
055854: PECK, WILLIAM T. - The High School and High School Programs
049847: PECK, ROBERT NEWTON - Trig Sees Red
066752: PECK, SYLVIA - Seal Child
Pb5433: PECK, RICHARD - Dreamland Lake
029469: PECK, ANNIE S. - Industrial and Commercial South America
022103: PECK, HARRIS B. (EDITOR) - International Journal of Group Psychiatry - Vol. XVIII, No. 1, January 1968
022102: PECK, HARRIS B. (EDITOR) - International Journal of Group Psychiatry - Vol. XVII, No. 1, January 1967
031448: PECK, WALLACE - The Story of the Puritans
022100: PECK, HARRIS B. (EDITOR) - International Journal of Group Psychiatry - Vol. XVIII, No. 2, April 1968
022098: PECK, HARRIS B. (EDITOR) - International Journal of Group Psychiatry - Vol. XVIII, No. 4, October 1968
022099: PECK, HARRIS B. (EDITOR) - International Journal of Group Psychiatry - Vol. XVII, No. 4, October 1967
024338: PECK, ALEX - Antique Scientifica - Catalogue No. 1
026135: PECK, M. SCOTT - The Road Less Traveled
042606: PECK, SCOTT - All-American Boy: A Memoir (Signed)
008855: PECK, HENRY AUSTIN - Seaports in Maine: An Economic Study
085507: PECK, JOSEPH - American In Our Day: Recent Developments and Problems with Supplement
059957: PECK, ROBERT NEWTON - Jo Silver
069766: PECK, ROBERT NEWTON - Eagle Fur
Pb7: PECK, M. SCOTT; VON WALDNER, MARILYN; KAY, PATRICIA - The Road Less Traveled and Beyond: Spiritual Growth in an Age of Anxiety
022101: PECK, HARRIS B. (EDITOR) - International Journal of Group Psychiatry - Vol. XVII, No. 3, July 1967
084851: PECKHAM, MORSE - EDITOR - Romanticism: The Culture of the Nineteenth Century
080583: PECKWORTH, HOWARD F. - Birds and Bird Watching and Some Common Summer Birds of the Grove (Inscribed & Signed First Edition)
065746: PEDERSEN, STEPHANIE - Vitamin E - Anti-Aging, Anti-Oxidant
070874: PEDERSON, CLIFF - Christians Alive: Handbook for Spiritual Growth
084654: AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS - Pediatric Nutrition Handbook
073675: AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS - Adoption of Children
069043: AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS - A Gift of Love - Breast Feeding
077149: PEDLER, MARGARET - Yesterday's Harvest
069769: PEDLER, MARGARET - Then Came the Test
067191: PEDLER, MARGARET - Bitter Heritage
081596: PEDLER, MARGARET - The Splendid Folly
072754: PEEBLES, ALLON - A Survey of the Medical Facilities of Shelby County, Indiana: 1929
046200: PEEK, HEDLEY (FRANK LEYTON) - Skeleton Leaves - With a Dedicatory Poem to the Late Hon. Rodel Noel - New Edition
048622: PEEL, ROBERT - Mary Baker Eddy - The Years of Discovery
046046: PEELE, GEORGE - Plays and Poems
005889: PEELE, TALMAGE L. (MD) - The Neuroanatomic Basis for Clinical Neurology
074990: PEER, LYNDON A. (MD) - Transplantation of Tissues - Volume I: Cartilage, Bone, Fascia, Tendon, Muscle
074144: PEER, LYNDON A. (MD) - Transplantation of Tissues - Volumes I and II Complete (1,2)
036057: PEERMAN, DEAN (ED.) - Frontline Theology
050924: PEERY, NELSON - Black Fire: The Making of an American Revolution
063032: PEGIS, ANTON C. - Christian Philosophy and Intellectual Freedom (The Gabriel Richard Lecture)
056340: PEGUY, CHARLES - Notre Dame
044055: PEGUY, CHARLES - Les Mysteres De Jeanne D'Arc - Le Mystere Des Saints Innocents
058739: PEI, MARIO - The Story of English
052171: PEIRCE, LINCOLN C. (M.D.) - This Enchanted Journey
067660: PEIRCE, MRS. FAY (EDITOR) - Music-Study in Germany: From the Home Correspondence of Amy Fay (Signed)
051648: PEIRCE, DR. C.N. - Sanitary Disposal of the Dead. A Lecture Delivered By Dr. C.N. Peirce, at St. George's Hall, Sunday, October 11, 1891
035222: PEITHMANN, IRVIN M. - The Unconquered Seminole Indians
026972: PEKKANEN, JOHN - The Best Doctors in the U.S.
067199: PELAN, JOHN (EDITOR) - Darkside: Horror for the Next Millennium
086185: PELIKAN, JAROSLAV - The Christian Tradition: A History of the Development of Doctrine, 4 - Reformation of Church and Dogma (1300-1700)
068960: PELKIE, J.W. - Colt Law
076135: PELLEGRINI, ANGELO - American Dream: An Immigrant's Quest
Pb6752: ALDO PELLEGRINI - New Tendencies in Art
Pb4113: PELLEGRINI, NINA - Charlie Claus: Santa's Best Friend
080830: PELLETIER, JOSEPH A. - The Sun Danced at Fatima: Newly Revised and Expanded
Pa724: PELLETIER, CATHIE - Once upon a Time on the Banks
052003: PELLETIER, CATHIE - The Bubble Reputation: A Novel
022370: PELLING, HENRY - A Short History of the Labour Party
047383: PELLMAN, CHARLES; MARTIN, DR. FREDERICK (FOREWORD) - Overcoming Stammering
077239: PELLOWSKI, ANNE - Winding Valley Farm: Annie's Story
080568: PELNAR, M. U. DR. JOSEF - Das Zittern: Seine Erscheinungsformen, Seine Pathogenese Und Klinische Bedeutung (The Trembling - Its Manifestations, Its Pathogenesis and Clinical Significance)
001576: PELOUZE, P. S. (MD) - Gonococcal Urethritis in the Male for Practitioners
067177: PELTO, PERTTI J.; SPINDLER, GEORGE D. (CONSULTANT) - The Study of Anthropology
Pa1272: PELTON, ROBERT WAYNE - The Complete Book of Dream Interpretation
039001: PELTON, ALBERT LEWIS - The Creed of the Conquering Chief As Expounded By the Inspired Orator
031681: PELTON, ROBERT WAYNE - The Complete Book of Dream Interpretation
Pb3451: PELZER, DAVE - A Man Named Dave : A Story of Triumph and Forgiveness
019591: PEMBERTON, GAYLE - The Hottest Water in Chicago
023610: PEMBERTON, RALPH (MD) - Arthritis and Rheumatoid Conditions - Their Nature and Treatment
084075: LUCIEN PENARD AND GERMAIN ABELIN - Guide Pratique de L'Accoucheur et de La Sage-Femme
034961: PENDLETON, OTHNIEL A. JR.; FOREWORD BY THE RT. REV. W. APPLETON LAWRENCE - New Techniques for Church Fund Raising: A Ten-step Plan to Increase Your Pledges and Strengthen Your Church
039778: PENDLETON, SCOTT - The Ultimate Guide to Student Contests, Grades 7-12
048777: PENDLETON, LOUIS - King Tom and the Runaways: The Story of What Befell Two Boys in a Georgia Swamp (Inscribed & Signed By Author)
053994: PENDLETON, LESLIE GLOVER - One Dough Fifty Cookies: Baking Favorite and Festive Cookies in a Snap
041412: PENELHUM, TERENCE - Problems of Religious Knowledge
Pb198: PENFIELD, ELIZABETH - Short Takes: Model Essays for Composition
Pa1066: PENNEL, JOE E. - The Whisper of Christmas: Reflections for Advent and Christmas
077115: PENNELL, ELIZABETH - Self-Defense for Women: Techniques to Get You Home Safely
053472: PENNELL, MARY E. - Good Times with Beverly (The Children's Own Readers, Campanion Series)
069795: PENNELL, JOSEPH STANLEY - The History of Nora Beckham: A Museum of Home Life
055562: PENNELL, ROBERT F. - Ancient Rome from the Earliest Times Down to 476 A.D. - Revised Edition, with Plans and Colored Map
066380: PENNELL, R.F. (COMPILED) - Ancient Greece, From the Earliest Times Down to 146 B.C.
056739: PENNER, JONATHAN - Going Blind: A Novel
070872: PENNINGTON, CHESTER - God Has a Communication Problem
063449: PENNINGTON, M. BASIL - Lectio Divina: Renewing the Ancient Practice of Praying the Scriptures (GIFT QUALITY)
086177: PENNINGTON, M. BASIL - Breaking Bread: The Table Talk of Jesus
040113: PENNINGTON, CHESTER A. - Christian Counter Culture
034034: PENNINGTON, CHESTER A. - The Word Among Us
062440: PENNINGTON, JO; INTRODUCTION BY DAMROSCH, WALTER - The Importance of Being Rhythmic: A Study of the Principles of Delcroze Eurythmics Applied to General Education and to the Arts of Music, Dancing and Acting.
053124: PENNOCK, GRACE L. - Refrigerators: Selection, Use and Care (Delineator Institute)
006073: PENNOCK, META RUTTER - Makers of Nursing History
044342: PENNOCK, MICHAEL FRANCIS - This Is Our Faith... A Catholic Catechism for Adults
Pb1655: PENTECOST, J. DWIGHT - Joy of Fellowship: A Study of First John
068739: PENZLER, OTTO (EDITOR) - The Great Detectives
045304: PEPIN, JACQUES - The Art of Cooking, Volume 2 (Two, II): Presented in Step-by-Step, Full-Color Photographs - Superb Recipes That Familiarize You with the Most Important Cooking Techniques. (Review Copy)
084638: PEPPARD, DR. HAROLD M. - Sight Without Glasses
086549: PEPPER, STEPHEN C. - World Hypotheses
051834: PEPPER, CURTIS G. - The Pope's Back Yard
081908: PEPPER, O. H. PERRY (MD) - Old Doc
000347: PEPPER, WILLIAM (MD) - Syllabus of Notes from Lectures on the Theory and Practice of Medicine
022222: PEPPER, CHARLES M. - Life-Work of Louis Klopsche: Romance of a Modern Knight of Mercy
011010: MACKAY, ROLAND P.; WORTIS, S. BERNARD; BAILEY, PERCIVAL AND SUGAR, OSCAR (MD'S), EDITORS - The 1955-1956 Year Book of Neurology, Psychiatry and Neurosurgery
029061: PERCIVAL, MILTON F. - The Ophthalmological Clinics of Professor [L. Webster] Fox 1904-1905
011011: MACKAY, ROLAND P.; WORTIS, S. BERNARD; BAILEY, PERCIVAL AND SUGAR, OSCAR (MD'S), EDITORS - The 1954-1955 Year Book of Neurology, Psychiatry and Neurosurgery
Pb5946: JOANNA PERCIVAL - Simple Recipes
011009: MACKAY, ROLAND P.; LEWIS, NOLAN D.C.; BAILEY, PERCIVAL AND SUGAR, OSCAR (MD'S), EDITORS - The 1953-1954 Year Book of Neurology, Psychiatry and Neurosurgery
034504: PERDUE, LEO G.; TOOMBS, LAWRENCE E.; JOHNSON, GARY L.; (EDITORS) - Archaeology and Biblical Interpretation: Essays in Memory of D. Glenn Rose
073536: DE PEREDA, JOSE MARIA - La Puchera: Novela
072423: PERELMAN, CH. - An Historical Introduction to Philosophical Thinking
073243: PERERA, DOCTOR AMBROSIO - Evolucion Historica De La Medicina En Venezuela
046707: PERES, SHIMON - The New Middle East
Pb4085: C.N. PEREZ - Tenerife Guide and Memories
026185: PERHAM, MARGERY - The Colonial Reckoning
029269: PERHAM, MARGERY - Major Dane's Garden
083891: PERIAM, HON. JONATHAN - The National Cyclopedia: A Dictionary of Useful and Practical Information for the Farm, Home and School. Vol. II. (2)
083892: PERIAM, HON. JONATHAN - The National Cyclopedia: A Dictionary of Useful and Practical Information for the Farm, Home and School. Vol. III. (3)
082502: PERIGUELL, EMILIO BALAGUER - La introduccion Del Modelo Fisico-Matematico En La Medicina Moderna
075673: PERIN, REV. GEORGE L. - The Sunny Side of Life: Sermons Preached in the Every-Day Church, Boston
035864: PERINELLO, CARLO - Giuseppe Verdi
056267: PERKINS, PHEME - What We Believe: A Biblical Catechism of the Apostles' Creed
039578: PERKINS, W. O. (MUS. DOC.) - The Temple, For Classes. Conventions, and Choirs.
Pa079: PERKINS, DOROTHY - The Encyclopedia of Japan
Pa2091: LUCY FITCH PERKINS - The Dutch Twins
035876: PERKINS, W. O. - The Peerless: For Singing-Classes, Institutes, Academies and Schools
039574: PERKINS, W. O. - The Chorister. A Collection of Music for Choirs, Schools and Conventions.
031682: PERKINS, J. R. - The Emperor's Physician - A Novel
066266: PERKINS, DEXTER - The Evolution of American Foreign Policy
013552: PERKINS, EDWARD H. - A New Graptolite Locality in Central Maine
068819: PERKINS, CLELLA LESTER - How to Teach Music to Children
016305: PERKINS, DWIGHT H. - China: Asia's Next Economic Giant?
085989: PERL, JOSEPH - Revealer of Secrets: The First Hebrew Novel
P000145: LILA PERL, ILLUSTRATED BY ERIKA WEIHS - Mummies, Tombs, and Treasure Secrets of Ancient Egypt
085177: PERL, LILA - Fat Glenda's Summer romance
Pb4029: RUTH LERNER PERLE - Emmy, You're the Greatest
026452: PERLMAN, HENRY H. (MD) - Pediatric Dermatology
054129: PERLMAN, HELEN HARRIS - Social Casework: A Problem-Solving Process
067438: PERLMUTTER, AMOS - The Military and Politics in Modern Times: On Professionals, Praetorians, and Revolutionary Soldiers
073820: PERNA, SHARON - Love & Friendship Samplers
Pa1508: PERNA, SHARON - Treasury of Cross-Stitch Samplers
Pb4402: PERRAULT - Little Red Riding Hood
081961: PERRAULT, ARTHUR (EDITOR) - Servant to the Faith Community, October 1978, Vol. 7 No. 11
Pb7097: CHARLES PERRAULT - Sleeping Beuty
078454: PERRICHE, MARLENE - A Heart Triumphant
044501: EXPLORERS LTD.; PERRIN, ALWYN T. (EDITOR) - The Explorers Ltd. Source Book, Second (2nd) Edition
061092: PERRIN, CARL - RFD 1, Grangely
035406: PERRIN, NOEL - A Noel Perrin Sampler
056732: PERRIN, URSULA - Unheard Music: A Novel (Review Copy)
Pa150: PERROTTA, LOUISE - All You Need to Know about Prayer, You Can Learn from the Poor
083853: BLISS PERRY, EDITOR - Little Masterpieces - W. M. Thackeray
076824: PERRY, ANNE - Brunswick Gardens
035996: PERRY, CHARLES M. (ED) - The St. Louis Movement in Philosophy - Some Source Material, First Edition
073735: PERRY, RITCHIE - Your Money and Your Wife
029688: PERRY, GREG - Open Office org: All In One
070118: PERRY, RITCHIE - Holiday with a Vengeance
076098: PERRY, RICHARD - The Unknown Ocean - Volume I (1): The Many Worlds of Wildlife Series
068858: PERRY, ARTHUR LATHAM - Principles of Political Economy
059429: CHITWOOD, OLIVER PERRY AND OWSLEY, FRANK LAWRENCE - A Short History of the Americal People: Volume I (1) (1492-1865)
054223: PERRY, BLISS (EDITOR) - Little Masterpieces - Lord Macaulay
055548: PERRY, EDWARD BAXTER - Stories of Standard Teaching Pieces for the Piano-Forte
009409: PERRY, GEORGE S., JR. (EDITOR) - Our Massachusetts State Government: A Collection of Essays
083709: PERRY, RITCHIE - Your Money And Your Wife
081584: PERRY, THOMAS - Dance for the Dead: Advance Reader's Edition
080199: BRIGHAM, ALBERT PERRY AND MCFARLANE, CHARLES T. - Essentials of Geography: First Book (Revised Edition)
083854: BLISS PERRY, EDITOR - Little Masterpieces - Benjamin Franklin
083855: BLISS PERRY, EDITOR - Little Masterpieces - Daniel Webster
064711: PERRY, AAREN YEATTS - Open Fire: Poems By Aaren Yeatts Perry (Signed By Author)
Pb7764: PERRY, DAVID - The Grox and Eugene
Pb4043: PERRY, MARVIN; PEDEN, JOSEPH R. - Sources of the Western Tradition: From the Scientific Revolution to the Present
045805: PERSE, ST.-JOHN; HOWARD, RICHARD (TRANSLATOR) - Song for an Equinox (Bollingen Series LXIX:2)
040955: PERSSON, PER ERIK; MACKENZIE, ROSS (TRANSLATER) - Sacra Doctrina: Reason and Revelation in Aquinas
052004: PERUTZ, LEO; BROWNJOHN, JOHN (TRANSLATOR) - The Marquis of Bolibar
052009: PESETSKY, BETTE - Author From A Savage People (Review Copy)
051993: PESETSKY, BETTE - The Late Night Muse
025569: PESETSKY, BETTE - Author From A Savage People - A Novel
072153: PESMEN, CURTIS - How A Man Ages
Pb7373: EDWARD PESSEN - New Perspectives on Jacksonian parties and Polotics
Pa918: PESSEY, CHRISTIAN; SAMSON, REMY - Bonsai Basics: A Step-By-Step Guide to Growing, Training & General Care
002544: PESSIN, DEBORAH - History of the Jews in America
047476: PESTALOZZA, LUIGI - La Scuola Nazionale Russa
078012: HAGBOLDT, PETER AND KAUFMANN, F. W. - Duetsch Fur Unfanger / An Inductive Presentation of Minimum Essentials
050253: COLLIER, PETER AND HOROWITZ, DAVID - The Kennedys: An American Drama
Pb6030: PETER, JOHN - My Clock Book
034633: COLLIER, PETER AND HOROWITZ, DAVID - The Kennedys - An American Drama
002578: SAMMARTINO, PETER AND TOMPKINS, ELLSWORTH - Community College in Action - SIGNED
068721: JAY, PETER AND STEWART, MICHAEL - Apocalypse 2000: Economic Breakdown and the Suicide of Democracy 1989-2000
011290: PETER, GEORGES (MD), EDITOR - Report of the Committee on Infectious Diseases - 1986
004575: DUIGNAN, PETER AND RABUSHKA, ALVIN (EDS) - The United States in the 1980's
019667: SPACKMAN, PETER AND AMBROSE, LEE (EDS) - The Columbia University Forum Anthology
017783: SLEIGHT, PETER AND SOBEL, BURTON (EDS) - The Pathophysiology and Management of Heart Disease - 1. Ischemic Heart Disease
048037: BASSOE, PETER (M.D.) AND EBAUGH, FRANKLIN G. (A.B., M.D.) - EDITORS - The 1933 Year Book of Neurology and Psychiatry
017784: SLEIGHT, PETER AND SOBEL, BURTON (EDS) - The Pathophysiology and Management of Heart Disease - 2. Myocardial Infarction
050791: COLLIER, PETER AND HOROWITZ, DAVID - Destruction Generation: Second Thoughts About the Sixties (Review Copy)
014173: PETER, LUTHER C. (MD) - The Extra-Ocular Muscles
043013: COLLIER, PETER WITH HOROWITZ, DAVID - The Roosevelts: An American Saga
083408: SCOBLIC, J. PETER AND SMULDERS, PIER (EDITORS-IN-CHIEF) - The Brown Journal of World Affairs: Summer 1995
006562: CHILVER, PETER AND JONES, ERIC - Designing a School Play
072816: SPACKMAN, PETER AND AMBROSE, LEE (EDITORS) - The Columbia University Forum: A Quarterly Journal of Fact and Opinion - Tenth Anniversary Issue: Winter 1967, Vol. X, No. 4
060516: FREUCHEN, PETER WITH LOTH, DAVID - Peter Freuchen's Book of the Seven Seas
043516: RAYNER, PHILIP; WALL, PETER; AND KRUGER, STEPHEN - Media Studies: The Essential Resource
009865: DOLL, RICHARD; PAYNE, PETER; AND WATERHOUSE, JOHN (EDS) - Cancer Incidence in Five Continents
011668: PETER, GEORGES (MD), EDITOR - Report of the Committee on Infectious Diseases - 1988
011669: PETER, GEORGES (MD), EDITOR - 1994 Red Book: Report of the Committee on Infectious Diseases
052361: DAY, PETER AND LEWIS, LINDA - Art in Everyday Life: Observations on Contemporary Canadian Design
057835: FARAGO, PETER AND LAGNADO, JOHN - Life in Action - Biochemistry Explained
057043: EDITED BY BURKE, PETER AND PORTER, ROY; AFTERWORD BY HYMES, DELL - Language, Self, and Society: A Social History of Language
012286: PETERMAN, CY - The Seventy-Fifth Anniversary History of Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
004068: PETERS, TOM - Liberation Management (GIFT QUALITY)
064811: PETERS, RICHARD - Hobbes (Peregrine Books Y66)
028283: PETERS, GEORGE - Hooked! Cartoon Therapy for the Fishing Afflicted
080826: PETERS, CAROLINE - Saint Michael: God's Warrior Angel
077033: PETERS, LULU HUNT (MD) - Diet and Health with Key to the Calories
043303: PETERS, MARGOT - Bernard Shaw and the Actresses
031754: PETERS, JOHN P. (EDITOR) - Labor and Capital - A Discussion of the Relations of Employer and Employed
062982: PETERS, THE REV. SAMUEL - A History of the Rev. Hugh Peters, A.M.
P000159: TOM PETERS - Liberation Management
P000097: TOM PETERS - The Pursuit of WOW!
Pa207: MIKE PETERS - Grimmy and the Temple of Groom
Pa1457: PETERS, B. GUY - American Public Policy: Promise and Performance
037334: PETERS, SUSAN DODGE (ED.) - Memorial Art Gallery: An Introduction to the Collection
077151: PETERS, LUDOVIC - Tarakian
Pb1658: PETERS, THOMAS J.; PETERS, TOM - Liberation Management: Necessary Disorganization for the Nanosecond Nineties
084447: PETERS, HARRY T. - Currier & Ives - Printmakers to the American People - Special Edition
Pb5075: PETERS, JENS - Lonely Planet Philippines
Pb2557: PETERSEN, RANDY; HANCOCK, JIM; VANDER VORST, MITCHELL - In the House : Turning Your Church Inside Out
040523: PETERSEN, ARNOLD - Constitution of the United States - Founding of the Bourgeois Republic, SIGNED
010710: PETERSEN, RONALD WAYNE - Behavioral Design Criteria for A Hospital Emergency Department Waiting Room
Pb4822: PETERSEN, RICHARD - Santa's Prayer
046743: PETERSON, WILLIAM S. (EDITOR) - Browning Institute Studies: An Annual of Victorian Literary and Cultural History - Volume 8
052899: PETERSON, BRENDA - Becoming the Enemy: A Novel
015553: HORVATH-PETERSON, SANDRA - Victor Duruy & French Education
032463: PETERSON, FLORA CULP - Life and She
059395: PETERSON, HOUSTON - Havelock Ellis: Philosopher of Love
036555: PETERSON, VIRGILIA - A Matter of Life and Death
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010467: POYNTER, F. N. L. (EDITOR) - Libri: International Library Review - Vol. 3, 1954
030745: POYNTER, SIR EDWARD J. - National Gallery - Volume I
019324: POZZI, S. (MD) - Treatise on Gynaecology, Medical And Surgical, Volume II
078258: POZZI, S. (MD) - A Treatise on Gynaecology, Clinical and Operative - Volume III (3)
Pa1343: WESTERN PUB GROUP GOLDEN PR - One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
051804: HIS DIVINE GRACE A.C. BHAKTIVEDANTA SWAMI PRABHUPADA - Bhagavad-Gita As It Is - Complete Edition, Revised and Enlarged with the Original Sanskrit Text, Roman Transliteration, English Equivalents, Translation and Elaborate Purports
073865: PRADO, A. DE ALMEIDA - As Doencas Atraves Dos Seculors
081277: STEINER-PRAG, ELEANOR F. - American Library Directory - 25th Edition
070365: PRAGER, ARTHUR - The Mahogany Tree: An Informal History of PUNCH
044371: PRANGER, SISTER JOYCE; MALONEY, GEORGE A. (S.J., INTRODUCTION) - There Will Be Joy in the Morning
052008: PRANTERA, AMANDA - Strange Loop
018776: PRASAD, KEDAR N. - Human Radiation Biology
021069: PRAT, VERONIQUE - Douze Ans De L'Histoire D'Artcurial
024620: PRATER, GENE - Snow-Shoeing - The Mountaineers
074043: PRATESI, RICCARDO E PARDINI, CARLA - Laser Di Potenza Applicazioni Mediche
048950: PRATHER, HUGH - Spiritual Notes to Myself: Essential Wisdom for the 21st Century
061024: PRATHER, HUGH - Wipe Your Face, You Just Swalled My Soul (Inscribed & Signed By Author)
029972: PRATSON, FREDERICK JOHN - Land of the Four Directions
031820: PRATSON, FREDERICK - Guide to Cape Cod - Fourth Edition
074788: PRATT, MARA L. - American History Stories: Vol. 1
080377: PRATT, FLORENCE - History of the Village Baptist Church, Kennebunkport, Maine: 1820 - 1971
062900: PRATT, KEITH L. - Visitors to China: Eyewitness Accounts of Chinese History
066413: PRATT, JAMES BISSETT - Matter and Spirit: A Study of Mind and Body in Their Relation to the Spiritual Life
067887: PRATT, JAMES W. (EDITOR) - Proceedings Conference on Methodological Approaches to Population Studies in Diabetes
009220: PRATT, FREDERICK HAVEN - The Craigies: A Footnote to the Medical History of the Revolution
075803: PRATT, HENRY SHERRING - A Laboratory Course in General Zoology: A Guide to the Dissection and Comparative Study of Animals
022456: PRATT, WALDO SELDEN - The History of Music
Pb7341: LAWRENCE S. PRATT - How to Invest Wisely
Pb6250: JAMES MICHAEL PRATT - Paradise Bay
084758: DE PRATZ, CLAIRE - French Home Cooking
037255: A UNIVERSALIST PREACHER, GEORGE ROGERS - Memoranda of the Experience, Labors, and Travels of a Universalist Preacher
074357: PRECHTL, LOUISE BOYLSTON - Come Along to the Philippines
083352: DAVID S. PRECIOUS, GUEST EDITOR - Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinics of North America - Cleft Lip and Palate: A Physiological Approach
041535: PRECONI, HEKTOR - Lionardo. Bilder und Gedanken
Pa291: DE PREE, MAX - Leadership Is an Art
069606: JOHNSON, SAMUEL; PREFACE AND NOTES BY POTTLE, FREDERICK A. AND BENNETT, CHARLES H. - Boswell's Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides
023704: PREMSELA, BENNO - Voici Florence
072909: WHITCOMB, IDA PRENTICE AND GROSVENOR, SARA C. - The Christ Child in Legend and Art
041787: PREPARED BY A STAFF OF ARCHITECTS, CARPENTERS, CONTRACTORS, AND BUILDING EXPERTS OF THE HIGHEST PROGRESSIONAL STANDING - Carpentry and Contracting: A Practical Reference Work on Carpentry, Building Superintendence, Contracting, Specifications, Estimating, Building Laws & Code, Underwriters' Requirements, Heating, Ventilation, Pipe Fitting, Plumbing, Etc. Volume V (5)
041789: PREPARED BY A STAFF OF ARCHITECTS, CARPENTERS, CONTRACTORS, AND BUILDING EXPERTS OF THE HIGHEST PROGRESSIONAL STANDING - Carpentry and Contracting: A Practical Reference Work on Carpentry, Building Superintendence, Contracting, Specifications, Estimating, Building Laws & Code, Underwriters' Requirements, Heating, Ventilation, Pipe Fitting, Plumbing, Etc. Volume IV (4)
041790: PREPARED BY A STAFF OF ARCHITECTS, CARPENTERS, CONTRACTORS, AND BUILDING EXPERTS OF THE HIGHEST PROGRESSIONAL STANDING - Carpentry and Contracting: A Practical Reference Work on Carpentry, Building Superintendence, Contracting, Specifications, Estimating, Building Laws & Code, Underwriters' Requirements, Heating, Ventilation, Pipe Fitting, Plumbing, Etc. Volume II (2)
041788: PREPARED BY A STAFF OF ARCHITECTS, CARPENTERS, CONTRACTORS, AND BUILDING EXPERTS OF THE HIGHEST PROGRESSIONAL STANDING - Carpentry and Contracting: A Practical Reference Work on Carpentry, Building Superintendence, Contracting, Specifications, Estimating, Building Laws & Code, Underwriters' Requirements, Heating, Ventilation, Pipe Fitting, Plumbing, Etc. Volume III (3)
066713: DES PRES, TERRENCE - Praises & Dispraises: Poetry and Politics, the 20th Century
064326: PRESCOTT, PETER S. - A World of Our Own: Notes on Life and Learning in a Boys' Preparatory School
066096: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM H. - History of the Reign of Philip the Second, King of Spain. Volume I (1)
036887: PRESCOTT, DANA E. - The Hydra Hypothesis
081506: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM H. - Biographical and Critical Miscellanies
061642: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM H. - History of the Reign of Phillip the Second, King of Spain - 3 Volumes, Complete
081552: PRESCOTT, DOROTHY M. - The Two Little Houses
051937: PRESCOTT, MARY A. - Bullmastiffs
028095: PRESKORN, SHELDON H. (MD) - Outpatient Management of Depression: A Guide for the Primary-Care Practitioner
071330: THE EDITORS OF RODALE PRESS, INC. - 20 Basics of Self-Sufficiency
006958: PRESS, EDWARD (MD) - Accidental Poisoning in Childhood
Pb6168: MENASHA RIDGE PRESS - The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2005
030155: PRESSAT, ROLAND - Demographic Analysis - Methods, Results, Applications
044388: PRESSENSE, EDMOND DE - Le Redempteur Discours
052127: DE PRESSENSE, E. - La Vraie Liberte Au Sens Chretien Quatre Discour
010825: PRESTON, RONALD PHILIP - Human Ambiguity and Nursing
085465: PRESTON, EDNA MITCHELL - Marco Polo: A Story of the Middle Ages
036574: KYES, PRESTON AND POTTER, TRUMAN S. - The Resistance of Avian Tubercle Bacilli to Low Temperatures with Especial Reference to Multiple Changes in Temperature
019423: PRESTON, LYMAN - Preston's Complete Time Table
033755: PRESTON, WHEELER - American Biographies
066541: DARGAN, E. PRESTON AND WEINBERG, BERNARD - The Evolution of Balzac's Comedie Humaine
049656: PRESTON, JAMES (EDITOR) - Harvest '63: Short Stories, Poems, Essays, Plays (The University of Houston)
Pb484: PRESTON; PRESTON, ELIZABETH - The Double Eagle Guide to Camping in Western Parksand Forests: Desert Southwest Nevada-Utah
041952: PREUS, MARY C.; RASCHKE, CARL A. (EDITOR) - Eloquence and Ignorance in Augustine's 'On the Nature and Origin of the Soul' (American Academy of Religion Academy Series, Number 51)
041549: PREVOST, ABBE - The Adventures of a French Lady; or Manon Lescaut
032256: PRICE, WILLARD - Roaming Britain: 8,000 Miles Through England Scotland and Wales
Pb3679: EUGENIA PRICE - The Burden of Light
020769: PRICE, ARTHUR B. - Through New England and Other Poems
050219: PRICE, WILLARD - Incredible Africa
051759: PRICE, HOPE - Angels: True Stories of How They Touch Our Lives
025643: PRICE, LUCIEN - All Souls, Vol. I - Hellas Regained
083882: JEAN RICHARDS; JEANIE PRICE - The Gift of Love: One Year New Testament Daily Devotional for Couples
067303: PRICE, DEBRA MULLER; FOREWORD BY SORIANO, NANCY MERNIT - Garden Decorating: Accents for Outdoors (Country Living)
042440: PRICE, REYNOLDS - Clear Pictures: First Loves, First Guides
037111: PRICE, BRUCE - American Dreams
070544: PRICE, LILLIAN L. - Stories of Heroes - Wandering Heroes
078051: PRICE, EDITH BALLINGER - The Fortune of the Indies
080734: PRICE, STEVEN D. - Get a Horse! Basics of Back-Yard Horsekeeping
025644: PRICE, LUCIEN - All Souls, Vol. VIII - October Rhapsody
016518: PRICE, DOROTHY (ED) - Dynamics of Proliferating Tissues
047232: PRICE, LUCIEN - All Souls, Volume IV (4) The Sacred Legion - Davencliffe, Book II (2) (Inscribed & Signed By Author)
047233: PRICE, LUCIEN - All Souls, Volume VIII (8) October Rhapsody (Inscribed & Signed By Author)
047230: PRICE, LUCIEN - All Souls, Volume IV (4) The Sacred Legion - Fireweed, Book I (1) (Inscribed & Signed By Author)
047228: PRICE, LUCIEN - All Souls, Volume IV (4) The Sacred Legion - Thunder Head, Book IV (Inscribed & Signed By Author)
078772: PRICE, PETTY OFFICER HARRY - The Royal Tour, 1901, or the Cruise of H.M.S. Ophir
052245: PRICE, DOROTHY (EDITOR) - Truth Is Beauty: Best-Loved Romantic Poems of Shelley, Keats, Byron, Wordsworth and Others
Pb803: PRICE, IRVING - Buying Country Property:Pitfalls and Pleasures: Pitfalls and Pleasures
Pb821: PRICE, LISA; PRICE, JONATHAN - Fun With Digital Imaging: The Official Hewlett-Packard Guide
073776: PRICHARD, HAROLD ADYE - The Minister, The Method, and the Message: Suggestions on Preaching
Pa1780: PRIDDY, ROGER - My Big Animal Book

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