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027488: OLNEY, LOUIS A - Textile Chemistry and Dyeing, Part III, Instruction Paper
065436: OLNEY, ROSS R. - Winners! Super Champions of Ice Hockey
012798: OLSEN, PAUL C. - The Merchandising of Drug Products
029983: OLSEN, STANLEY J. - Papers of the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethenology, Harvard University Vol. LVI, No. 1: Mammal Remains from Archaeological Sites Part 1: Southeastern and Southwestern United States
Pa1041: OLSEN, TILLIE; OLSEN, JACK - Silences
083591: OLSEN, JACK - The Climb Up To Hell
073386: OLSEN, VIGGO (MD), WITH JEANETTE LOCKERBIE - Daktar: Diplomat in Bangladesh
057244: OLSEN, DR. PAUL - Soul Force: Releasing the Power to Make the Rest of Your Life Work
042909: OLSON, TOBY - The Life of Jesus: A Apocryphal Novel
060064: OLSON, FRED - Exciter Fishing
079747: OLSON, TOBY - Dorit in Lesbos
081192: OLSON, GENE - The Tin Goose
028908: OMOIGUI, SOTA (MD) - The Pain Drugs Handbook
027202: ONESTI, SILVIO J. JR. (MD), EDITOR - Etiologic Factors in Mental Retardation
061664: ST. ONGE, KEITH R. - Creative Speech
029465: ONIS, HARRIET DE (SELECTOR, EDITOR, AND TRANSLATER) - The Golden Land: An Anthology of Latin American Folklore in Literature
048990: DE ONIS, HARRIET (EDITOR) - Spanish Stories and Tales
056893: OPDYCKE, JOHN BAKER (LITT.D.) - Mark My Words: A Guide to Modern Usage and Expression
046868: PROTHERO, ROWLAND E. (M.A.); WITH THE CO-OPERATION AND SANCTION OF THE VERY REV. BRADLEY, G.G. (D.D.) - The Life and Correspondence of Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, Late Dean of Westminster - With Portraits and Illustrations, Vol. II (Volume 2)
046867: PROTHERO, ROWLAND E. (M.A.); WITH THE CO-OPERATION AND SANCTION OF THE VERY REV. BRADLEY, G.G. (D.D.) - The Life and Correspondence of Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, Late Dean of Westminster - With Portraits and Illustrations, Vol. I (Volume 1)
018139: AMERICAN BOARD OF OPHTHALMOLOGY - Certified Ophthalmologists Up to and Including January 1, 1939
018140: AMERICAN BOARD OF OPHTHALMOLOGY - Certified Ophthalmologists - January 1, 1936
006872: OPHULS, W. (MD) - Mixed Infection in Pulmonary Tuberculosis
006868: OPHULS, W. (MD) - Pneumonic Complications in Pulmonary Phthisis
035445: OPIE, EUGENE L. (MD) - Antibodies and Resistance in Tuberculosis
005114: OPIE, EUGENE L. - Active and Latent Tuberculosis in the Negro Race
005113: OPIE, EUGENE L. - Pathological Evidence of First Infection in Association with Active Pulmonary Tuberculosis
042501: OPPEN, BEATE RUHM VON (TRANSLATOR) - Konrad Adenauer: Memoirs, 1945-53
023896: OPPENHEIM, H. (MD) (EDWARD C. MAYER, EDITOR) - Oppenheim's Diseases of the Nervous System
071640: OPPENHEIM, E. PHILLIPS - Gabriel Samara Peacemaker
Pb4419: OPPENHEIM, JOANNE - James Will Never Die
062704: OPPENHEIMER, H. (MD) - Gonorrhoea in the Male
045705: OPPENHEIMER, GEORGE - The View from the Sixties: Memories of a Spent Life
019617: OPPENHEJM, RALPH (TRANSLATED BY K. JOHN) - Spain in the Looking-Glass
Pb7155: GREAT AMERICAN OPPORTUNITIES, INC. (NASHVILLE, TENN.) - The Great American Chocolate Cookbook
052457: BY THE AUTHOR OF "ELLEN MURRAY; OR, ONE THAT EVERYBODY LOVED. - Elsie Bailey; or, One That Loved Everybody.
Pb7851: MARC ORAISON - The Wound of Mortality: A Meditation on the Human Condition
035535: ORAISON, MARC - Man and Wife - The Physical and Spiritual Foundations of Marriage
013375: ORBAN, BALINT, EDITOR - Oral Histology and Embryology
085522: ORCAY, BARONESS - The Honourable Jim, A Romance
039940: ORCHARD, JAN - Lighting for a Beautiful Home
053858: ORCHESTRATED BY FRIENDS OF PORTLAND SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA - Concert in the Kitchen: A Medley of Maine Recipes
053908: ORCHESTRATED BY FRIENDS OF PORTLAND SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA - Concert in the Kitchen: A Medley of Maine Recipes
048599: ORCUTT, WILLIAM DANA - Mary Baker Eddy and Her Books
032644: ORCUTT, GEORGIA (ED) - Yankee Magazine: Guide to New England, Volume V, Number 2 (Fall/Winter 1976-77)
055349: ORCUTT, HIRAM (M.A.) - The Teacher's Manual; Containing a Treatise Upon the Discipline of the School, and Other Papers Upon the Teacher's Qualifications and Work.
032874: ORDWAY, EDITH B. - Handbooks of the Operas
067682: ORDWAY, EDITH B. - 56 of the Best Operas (Handbook of the Operas) - Revised and Enlarged
034596: SMITH, LEE OREAN AND MORSE, THEODORE (EDITORS) - Good Old Timers - 75 Songs You Can't Forget
033399: ORENSTEIN, HENRY, FOREWORD BY CLAUDE LANZMANN - I Shall Live: Surviving Against All Odds, 1939-1945
053225: ORFALY, LAURIE - A Mother's Manual for the Care & Feeding of Rainbow Chasers
066121: WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION - Bulletin De L'Organisation Mondiale De La Sante / Of the World Health Organization, Volume 4, 1951
009214: WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION - Publications of the World Health Organization 1947 - 1957
011690: WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION - Maternal and Child Health in the USSR
071784: ORGANSKI, A.F.K. - The $36 Billion Bargain: Strategy and Politics in U.S. Assistance to Israel
Pb389: RAY ORKWIS, ETC. - Personnel Preparation Discretionary Projects Supported by the Office of Special Education Programs
034355: ORLANDI, ENZO (ED) - The Life & Times of Beethoven
Pb7055: ENZO ORLANDI, EDITOR - The Life & Times of Napoleon
Pb5209: ORLEN, STEVE - A Place at the Table: Poems
Pb1560: ORLICH, DONALD C. - Teaching Strategies: A Guide to Better Instruction
Pa673: ORLICK, TERRY - In Pursuit of Excellence: How to Win in Sport and Life Through Mental Training
085104: ORLINSKY, HARRY M. - Ancient Israel
084027: ORLOFF, MARSHALL J. (MD), GUEST EDITOR - The Surgical Clinics of North America - October 1973: Surgery of the Biliary Tree
051067: VAN ORMAN, RICHARD A. - A Room for the Night: Hotels of the Old West
056401: ORMAN, SUZE - The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom
Pb255: CLYDE ORMOND - Complete book of Outdoor Lore
051076: ORMSBEE, THOMAS H. - Field Guide to American Victorian Furniture
058402: ORMSBEE, DAVID - Chico Goes to the Wars: A Chronicle... 1933-1943
019665: ORNITZ, SAMUEL - Round the World with Jocko the Great
012824: ORNSTEIN, ROBERT E. - The Psychology of the Consciousness
Pa895: ORPHEE, ELVIRA - El Angel's Last Conquest
054028: ORR, H. WINNETT (MD) - Osteomyelitis and Compound Fractures and Other Infected Wounds - Treatment by the Method of Drainage and Rest
067703: ORR, JAMES L. (EDITOR) - Grange Melodies Published by the National Grange of Patrons of Husbandry, for Use in the Granges of the United States.
080019: ORR, JAMES - The Resurrection of Jesus (Library of Standard Religious Authors)
054065: ORR, H. WINNETT (MD) - Wounds and Fractures - A Clinical Guide to Civil and Military Practice
041855: ORR, JAMES (D.D.) - Sin as a Problem of To-Day
082225: ORR, THOMAS G. (MD) - Operations of General Surgery
079922: DEFOREST, ORRIN AND CHANOFF, DAVID - Slow Burn: The Rise and Bitter Fall of American Intelligence in Vietnam
042484: , CAROL ORSAG AND ELWOOD, ANN - When They Were Kids: Over 400 Sketches of Famous Childhoods
075750: ORTH, DR. JOHANNES - Lehrbuch Der Speciellen Pathologischen Anatomie, II Band: Erste Lieferung
078395: ORTH, SAMUEL P.; SERIES EDITED BY JOHNSON, ALLEN - The Boss and the Machine: A Chronicle of the Politicians and Party Organization (The Chronicles of America Series Volume 43, Roosevelt Edition)
078387: ORTH, SAMUEL P.; SERIES EDITED BY JOHNSON, ALLEN - Our Foreigners: A Chronicle of Americans in the Making (The Chronicles of America Series Volume 35, Roosevelt Edition)
038886: ORTIZ, OCTAVIO GORDILLO Y - Diccionario Biografico De Chiapas
082944: ORTIZ, RENE G. (FOREWORD) - Not Oil Alone: A Cultural History of OPEC Member Countries
071341: ORTLUND, ANNE - Disciplines of the Heart: Tuning Your Inner Life to God
074534: ORTNER, DR. NORBERT - Treatment of Internal Diseases for Physicians and Students
008168: ORTON, VREST - Mary Fletcher Comes Back
083200: ORTON, VREST (EDITOR); HOGAN, CHARLES BEECHER (FOREWORD) - And So Goes Vermont: A Picture Book of Vermont As It Is
072528: ORTZEN, LEN; FOREWORD BY KENNEDY, LUDOVIC - Guns at Sea: The World's Great Naval Battles
072260: OSAWA, SYOZO - Embryologia, Vol. 2, No. 1 (Pages 1-20) - Histochemical Studies. . .
016830: OSBERG, PHILIP H. - Stratigraphy, Structural Geology, and Metamorphism of the Waterville-Vassalboro Area, Maine
022997: OSBORN, FREDERICK - The Human Condition
026103: OSBORN, ANDREW D. - Serial Publications - Their Place and Treatment in Libraries
064575: OSBORN, FREDERICK - Voyage to a New World, 1889-1979, A Personal Narrative
066645: OSBORN, FAIRFIELD (EDITOR) - The Pacific World: Its Vast Distances, Its Lands and the Life Upon Them, and Its Peoples
037615: OSBORN - The Vulgarians
039669: OSBORN, MAX - Geschichte Der Kunst - Eine kurzgefaßte Darstellung ihrer Hauptepochen
Pb6829: DAISY WASHBURN OSBORN - The Woman Believer
013785: OSBORN, M. ELIZABETH (ED) - The Way We Live Now: American Plays & the AIDS Crisis
066012: OSBORNE, ERNEST - When You Lose a Loved One (Public Affairs Pamphlet No. 269)
043677: OSBORNE, JOHN - A Better Class of Person: John Osborne, An Autobiography
080455: OSBORNE, WALTER D. - The Quarter Horse
083101: OSBORNE, ANGELA - Miss America: The Dream Lives On: A 75-Year Celebration
068758: OSBORNE, HARRY - The Deacon Entangled: A Comedy (Denison's Select Plays)
068606: OSBORNE, RICHARD - Bound in Shells
017266: OSBORNE, HAROLD - Bolivia: A Land Divided
069066: OSBORNE, OLIVER T. (MD) - The Principles of Therapeutics
072063: VAN WYCK OSBORNE, JAMES - The Greatest Norman Conquest (Presentation Copy from the Author with Copied Letter from General Patton)
080262: OSBORNE, ALBERT B. - As It Is In England
066696: OSBORNE, ALBERT B. - As It Is In England
043583: OSBORNE, CHARLES - W.H. Auden: The Life of a Poet
059965: OSBORNE, LAWRENCE - Ania Malina
071589: OSBORNE, OLIVER T. (MD) - The Evaluation of Symptoms Offered After Fifty Years in Medicine
016119: OSBORNE, JOHN - The Last Nixon Watch (Rare Collectible Advance Uncorrected Proof)
057202: OSBORNE, LINDA BARRETT - Song of the Harp: Old Welsh Folktales
062241: OSBORNE, JOHN; INTRODUCTION BY WICKER, TOM - The Nixon Watch (Signed By Author)
062242: OSBORNE, JOHN - The Fifth Year of the Nixon Watch (Signed by Author)
076128: HANDLIN, OSCAR AND MARY - The Dimensions of Liberty
004853: OSCHINSKY, LAWRENCE - The Radial Afficities of the Baganda and Other Bantu Tribes of British East Africa
084348: OSGOOD, WILLIAM E. - How to Make a Living in the Country
068383: OSGOOD, CHARLES E. - An Alternative to War or Surrender
066088: NICHOLS, OSGOOD AND CARSKADON, T.R. - Can Labor and Management Work Together? (Public Affairs Pamphlet No. 151)
065662: OSGOOD, CARL - The Travels of Frank Forrester (Signed By Author)
058035: OSGOOD, CHARLES GROSVENOR - The Voice of England - A History of English Literature
025217: KLOTZ, OSKAR AND HOLMAN, W. L. (MD'S) - Studies on Influenza
085676: OSLER, SIR WILLIAM - Aequanimitas with Other Addresses
083640: OSLER, SIR WILLIAM - Aequanimitas with Other Addresses
068747: OSMOND, EDWARD - Animals of the World: Llamas, Pandas, Chamois, Lions - Volume III (3)
Pb2240: MARTHA OSTENSO - O River Remember!
067355: OSTENSO, MARTHA - The Mandrake Root
034696: OSTER, HARRY - A Garland of Iowa Songs - SIGNED
069638: OSTER, JERRY - Violent Love
Pb7323: OSTER, MAGGIE - Gifts and Crafts from Your Garden: Over 100 Easy-To-Make Projects
060559: OSTERHELD, HORST - Franz Schubert, Schicksal Und Personlichkeit
002423: OSTERHOUT, W. J. V. - Experiments with Plants
053207: OSTRANDER, SHEILA - Festive Food Decoration For All Occasions
050477: OSTRANDER, SUSAN A. - Money For Change: Social Movement Philantropy at Haymarket People's Fund
051757: OSTROM, HENRY - All His Benefits
052737: OSWALD, ROY M. - New Beginnings: A Pastorate Start Up Workbook
059214: OSWALT, WENDELL H. - Life Cycles and Lifeways: An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (Instructor's Manual)
Pb2340: S. OTFINOSKI AND R. LACKMANN - Tv superstars Scrapbook
030361: KRUG, OTHILDA (MD) ET AL, EDITORS - Career Training in Child Psychiatry
050935: SELECTED AND EDITED WITH INTRODUCTION AND NOTES BY PEASE, OTIS - The Progressive Years: The Spirit and Achievement of American Reform
076911: OTIS, JAMES - Fighting for the Empire
075649: OTIS, JAMES - Stephen of Philadelphia: A Story of Penn's Colony
082749: OTIS, JAMES - Mr. Stubb's Brother: A Sequel to "Toby Tyler"
015432: OTIS, EDWARD O. (MD) - Pulmonary Tuberculosis: A Handbook for Students and Practitioners
005098: OTIS, EDWARD O. (MD) - Pulmonary Tuberculosis: A Handbook for Students
078769: D'OTRANGE, M. L. - Part 1 & 2 Melvin Gutman Collection, 15-16-17 Century Jewels
018722: OTTENBERT, MIRIAM - The Federal Investigators
030219: OTTLEY, ROI - 'New World A-Coming' - Inside Black America
050919: OTTO, REV. DR. EMIL - German Conversation-Grammar: A New and Practical Method of Learning the German Language - Twenty-Third (23rd) Edition
008825: NORDENSKJOLD, OTTO AND MECKING, LUDWIG - The Geography of the Polar Regions
070931: KAISER, OTTO AND LOHSE, EDUARD; TRANSLATED BY STEELY, JOHN E. - Death and Life (Biblical Encounter Series)
015050: VERBEEK, OTTO AND DUBBELMAN, C. P. (MD'S) - Pseudoarthrosis of the Long Bones
076910: OTTUM, BOB - The Airplane Book
041312: OTWELL, JOHN H. - Ground to Stand On
057042: DEN OUDEN, BERNARD D. - Language and Creativity: An Interdisciplinary Essay in Chomskyan Humanism (PdR Press Publications in Philosophy of Language 1)
056567: OUDES, BRUCE (EDITOR) - Richard Nixon's Secret Files
Pb3787: OUFKIR, MALIKA; FITOUSSI, MICHELE - Stolen Lives: Twenty Years in a Desert Jail
Pb3389: OUFKIR, MALIKA; FITOUSSI, MICHELE - Stolen Lives: Twenty Years in a Desert Jail
Pb1247: O'SULLIVAN, PAUL - All About the Angels
048513: OURSLER, FULTON - The Greatest Book Ever Written: The Old Testament Story
Pa484: FULTON OURSLER - The Greatest Story Every Told
036450: OURSLER, WILL - The Healing Power of Faith
034738: OURSLER, FULTON - Lights Along the Shore
061363: OURSLER, FULTON - Why I Know There Is A God
049836: OUSTON, PHILIP - France in the Twentieth Century
036097: OUTLER, ALBERT C. - The Christian Tradition and Unity We Seek: Given as Richard Lectures at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia
068809: OUTWATER, J. OGDEN JR. - Research Note: Possible Evidences of a Textile Manufacturing Center at Palenque (Reprinted from Technology and Culture, Vol. III, No. 2, Spring, 1962)
083511: OVERALL, GEORGE WHITFIELD (MD) - A Non-Surgical Treatise on Diseases of the Prostate Gland and Adnexa
030551: OVERBY, OSMUND (ED) - Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians - Vol. XXXII, No. 3, October 1973
069666: OVERHOLSER, WAYNE D. - Steel to the South
015029: OVERHOLSER, WINFRED (MD), EDITOR - Mental Hospitals 1950
061915: OVERHOLSER, STEPHEN - A Hanging in Sweetwater
069550: OVERHOLSER, WAYNE D. - The Judas Gun
012229: OVERMAN, RALPH T. ND CLARK, HERBERT M. - Radioisotope Technique
067690: OVERMYER, GRACE - Famous American Composers
059281: OVERSTREET, H.A. - The Great Enterprise: Relating Ourselves to Our World
065230: OVERTON, FRANK (MD) - General Hygiene Revised
027273: OVERTON, GRANT - Cargoes for Crusoes
080713: OVERTON, GRANT - When Winter Comes to Main Street - First Edition
046881: OVERTON, GRANT (EDITOR) - Mirrors of the Year: A National Review of the Outstanding Figures, Trends and Events of 1926-7 (Illustrated)
014092: OVERTON, GRACE SLOAN - The Home in a Changing Culture
085644: OVERTON, MARK - Jack Winters' Campmates
073950: OVERTON, GRANT - American Nights Entertainment
037165: OVINGTON, RAY - Commonsense Fly Fishing
045517: OVINK, DR. G.W. - Het Aanzien Van Een Eeuw: De Periode 1856-1956 Weerspiegeld in 950 Illustraties, Uit De Voornaamste Nederlandse Familiebladen Uitgekozen En Ingeleid Door
001734: OWEN, J. J. - "Our Little Doctor"
035124: OWEN, CHARLES A., JR. (MD) - Diagnostic Radioisotopes
083997: OWEN, FRANK (EDITOR) - Teen-Age Winter Sports Stories (The Teen-Age Library)
075219: OWEN, FRANCIS - The Germanic People: Their Origin, Expansion and Culture
007495: OWEN, HOWARD R. - Fire & You
009895: OWEN, GEORGE M. (MD) - Mechanisms of Regulation of Growth
081356: OWEN, FRANK (EDITOR) - Teen-Age Winter Sports Stories (The Teen-Age Library)
076631: A SON OF THE MARSHES; EDITED BY J. A. OWEN - Within An Hour of London Town: Among Wild Birds and Their Haunts
020725: OWENS, RACHEL - The Joe 82 Creation Poems
Pa442: OWENS, LESLIE - In a Season of Calm: A Novel
071939: OWENS, JOHN JOSEPH - Exodus: Analytical Key to the Old Testament
069903: OWENS, GARY - The (What To Do While You're Holding the) Phone Book
085638: OWINGS, RICHARD S. (MD) - Nonoperative Aspects of Pediatric Surgery
Pb3450: JOSEPH B. OXENDINE - psychology of Motor Learning
067078: OXENHAM, JOHN - Bees in Amber: A Little Book of Thoughtful Verse
036431: OXNAM, G. BROMLEY - A Testament of Faith
059171: OZAKI - Ozaki's English-Japanese Dictionary of Sea Terms
082057: OZAR, FRANCIS C. - Sacraments: A Program for Parents
059021: EDITED BY OZAWA, MARTHA N. - Women's Life Cycle and Economic Insecurity: Problems and Proposals
Pb133: OZETE, OSCAR; GUILLEN, SERGIO D. - Contigo: Essentials of Spanish
Pb5409: OZETE, OSCAR; GUILLEN, SERGIO D. - Contigo: Essentials of Spanish
069500: OZICK, CYNTHIA - The Cannibal Galaxy
Pb3077: OZICK, CYNTHIA - The Cannibal Galaxy
073213: OZICK, CYNTHIA - Fame & Folly: Essays By Cynthia Ozick
040058: ALSTON, WILLIAM P. AND BRANDT, RICHARD B. (EDITORS) - The Problems of Philosophy: Introductory Readings
050737: KEASBEY, WILLIAM P. AND BONITA - The Do You Know Book: 208 Pages of Strange and Interesting Facts
067284: FOSTER, FRANK P. (MD) ET AL - An Illustrated Encyclopaedic Medical Dictionary - 12 Volumes Complete
081222: STRAND, HAROLD P. WITH WINTER, GARRY - The Popular Mechanics Home Book of Electrical Wiring and Repair (A Popular Mechanics Press Book)
014133: GROVE, W. P. ET AL - The Radiochemical Manual
017714: FEDERLE, MICHAEL P. AND BRANT-ZAWADZKI, MICHAEL (MD'S), EDITORS - Computed Tomography in the Evaluation of Trauma
005804: ROSEMOND, GEORGE P. (MD) ET AL - Sixth National Cancer Conference Proceedings, Denver, Colorado: September 18, 19, and 20, 1968
082273: KILLGALLON, REV. JAMES J.; WEBER, REV. GERARD P. AND GUSTAFSON, JANIE - Communion: A Catechesis for First Eucharist
082047: KILLGALLON, REV. JAMES J.; WEBER, REV. GERARD P.; AND GUSTAFSON, JANIE - Peace: A Catechesis for the Sacrament of Reconciliation
073489: CHAPMAN, N.; DEWEES, W. P. AND GODMAN, JOHN D. (MD'S) - The Philadelphia Journal of the Medical and Physical Sciences, Vol. XI (1825-26)
077613: DAVIDSON, SIR STANLEY; MEIKLEJOHN, A. P. AND PASSMORE, R. - Human Nutrition and Dietetics
080932: BRADLEY, JOHN P. AND QUINLAN, JOHN (EDITORS) - Understanding the Bible: The Old Testament (The Catholic Layman's Library, Volume 1)
080933: BRADLEY, JOHN P. AND QUINLAN, JOHN (EDITORS) - Understanding the Bible: The New Testament (The Catholic Layman's Library, Volume 2)
069249: SEAVER, EDWIN P. AND WALTON, GEORGE A. - The Franklin Written Arithmetic - With Examples for Oral Practice
056930: POIRIER, P. ET CHARPY. A. - Traite D'Anatomie Humaine - Tome Cinquieme - Fascicule II: Les Organes Des Sens
055288: SIMPSON, LEWIS P. AND STANFORD, DONALD E. (CO EDITORS) - The Southern Review - Robert Frost Section, Autumn 1966 (Volume II, New Series, October, Number 4)
011008: MACKAY, ROLAND P. AND LEWIS, NOLAN D.C. (MD'S), EDITORS - The 1951 Year Book of Neurology and Psychiatry
022830: LEWIS, EDITH P. AND BROWNING, MARY H. - The Nurse in Community Mental Health
073348: WALTERS, THOMAS P. AND KUBICK, ARTHUR J. - DRE: Yesterday Today Tomorrow
000620: CUNNINGHAM, RUSSELL D.; FRIEDMAN, CHARLES P. AND WEAVER, BILL (EDS.) - Medical Education: Making the Grade in Cost Containment
064815: SCHULTZ, LEONARD P. AND COLLABORATORS - Fishes of the Marshall and Marianas Islands (Smithsonian Institution United States National Museum, Bulletin 202) Volume 2: Families from Mullidae Through Stromateidae
005230: SHEPARD, WILLIAM P. (MD) ET AL - Essentials of Public Health
032884: ELLYSON, E.P. AND WILEY, H.O. - Leadership Training Course: The Principles of Teaching
023206: ALLEN, T.P. AND W.F - A hand-Book of Classical Geography, Chronology, Mythology, and Antiquities, Prepared for the Use of Schools
058662: GENERAL AND CHAPTER INTRODUCTIONS BY BEACH, HARLAN P. - The Findings of the Continuation Committee Conferences Held in Asia, 1912-1913 Arranged By Topics
019256: DEPASQUALE, NICHOLAS P. AND BRUNO, MICHAEL S. (MD'S) - Cardiology Case Studies
053184: H.F.P. - Frank's Search for Sea-Shells.
068730: TELLER, WILLIAM P. AND BROWN, HENRY E. - A First Book in Business Methods
019675: FORD, P. AND G. (EDS) - Luke Graves Hansard's Diary 1814-1841
019619: BELMONT, MRS. O. H. P. AND MAXWELL, ELSA - Melinda and Her Sisters
025213: PICK, DR. ERNST P. ET AL - The Harvey Lectures - 1929-1930, Series XXV
068121: BIRK, NEWMAN P. & BIRK, GENEVIEVE B. - The Odyssey Reader: Ideas and Style
068377: NEILSON, N.P. AND VAN HAGEN, WINIFRED - Physical Education for Elementary Schools - Revised Edition
017463: HOFFMANN, ERIK P. AND ROBBIN F. LAIRD - Pergamon Policy Studies on International Politics: The Scientific-Technological Revolution and Foreign Policy (GIFT QUALITY)
071737: PANCOAST, HENRY K.; PENDERGRASS, EUGENE P. AND SCHAEFFER, J. PARSONS (MD'S) - The Head and Neck in Roentgen Diagnosis
061807: WALL, FRANCIS P. AND ZEIDBERG, LOUIS D. (MD) - Health Guides and Guards
003578: BARANGER, P. AND THOMAS, P. E. - The Action on Avian Malaria of the Alkaloids of Cinchonas from the Cameroons and the Belgian Congo
050707: SELECTED AND ARRANGED BY GARTLAN, GEORGE H. AND DONNELLY, JOSEPH P. - High School Songs for Every Occasion - Student Edition, Vocal Parts Only
011327: BOAS, RALPH P. AND HAHN, BARBARA M. (EDS) - Short Stories for Class Reading
058834: COMPILED BY SAVAGE, NELLIE P. AND BLUE, WILLIAM H. - Washington Pioneers from the State of Maine, 1860-1870
047327: THORPE, LOUIS P. (PH.D.) AND KATZ, BARNEY (PH.D.) - The Psychology of Abnormal Behavior: A Dynamic Approach
075376: SORELLE, RUPERT P. AND GREGG, JOHN ROBERT - Applied Secretarial Practice
022612: RODNAN, GERALD P. AND SCHUMACHER, H. RALPH (MD'S), EDITORS - Primer on Rheumatic Diseases
035273: HIGGINS, LORETTA P. AND HAWKINS, JOELLEN W. - Human Sexuality Across the Life Span
005877: HEALD, FELIX P. (MD) AND HUNG, WELLINGTON, (MD) - Adolescent Endocrinology
037720: PAWLOW, PROF. I. P. (PAVLOV) ET AL (W. HORSLEY GANTT) - Die Methodik Der Erforschung Der Bedingten Reflexe et al - ASSOCIATION COPY
052971: POIRIER, P. ET CHARPY. A. - Traite D'Anatomie Humaine - Tome Quatrieme, Troisieme Fascicule Annexes du Tube Digestif et Peritoine
009671: JONXIS, J. H. P. AND DELAFRESNAYE, J. F. (EDS) - Abnormal Haemoglobins
039519: CRONKITE, EUGENE P. AND BOND, VICTOR P. (MD'S) - Radiation Injury in Man
085194: COFFIN, TRISTRAM P. AND COHEN, HENNIG - The Parade of Heroes - Legendary Figures in American Lore
053549: REMLINGER, P. AND BAILLY, J. - La Rage - Etudes Cliniques, Experimentales et Immunologiques
008274: DALY, CHIEF-JUSTICE CHARLES P. ET AL - Eulogies on Gulian C. Verplanck. "The Century."
009040: ADLER, P. ET AL - Fluorides and Human Health
081472: WALTERS, THOMAS P. AND RITA TYSON - Making a Difference: A Catechetist's Guide to Successful Classroom Management
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P000145: LILA PERL, ILLUSTRATED BY ERIKA WEIHS - Mummies, Tombs, and Treasure Secrets of Ancient Egypt
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Pa150: PERROTTA, LOUISE - All You Need to Know about Prayer, You Can Learn from the Poor
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