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036513: MASON, DOROTHY E. - Music in Elizabethan England
032488: MASON, MOREY - Mason's Fancy Drills and Marches for Young People
042609: MASON, TODD - Perot: An Unauthorized Biography
079136: MASON, PHILIP - A Shaft of Sunlight: Memories of a Varied Life
064942: MASON, LUTHER WHITING - Second Music Reader: A Course of Exercises in the Elements of Vocal Music and Sight-Singing. With Choice Rote Songs for the Use of Schools and Families
038287: MASON, MICHAEL - Willie
008189: MASON, AMELIA GERE - Woman in the Golden Ages
062747: MASON, LUCILE MYERS - Moorings and Sails
081247: MASON, EDWARD T. (EDITOR) - Humorous Masterpieces from American Literature - Three Volumes (1, 2, 3, I, II, III)
066174: MASON, A.E.W. - The Prisoner in the Opal
Pb7448: MASON, EMANUEL J. - Research in Education and the Behavioral Sciences
069381: MASON, HENRY L. (EDITOR) - Opera Stories (Enlarged Edition)
080902: MASON, ROBERT L. (MD) - Preoperative and Postoperative Treatment
Pb4915: MASON, DAVID - Raid on St Nazaire
Pb3998: F. VAN WYCK MASON - Blue Hurricane
082343: MASON, W. P. - Notes on Qualitative Analysis Arranged for the Use of Engineering Students of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
084899: MASSA, ALDO - The World of Pompeii
040257: MASSABKI, CHARLES; TRANSLATED BY MESCALL, SR. SLOISE THERESE - Christ: Liberation of the World Today
000073: COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS - First Annual Report of the State Board of Health, Lunacy, and Charity - 1879
063511: MASSE, REV. BENJAMIN - Justive For All: An Introduction to the Social Teaching of the Catholic Church
049788: MASSE, LE DOCTEUR JULES - Cours D'Hygiene Populaire (Encyclopedie De la Sante) - Tome I
038813: MASSE, H.J.L.J. (M.A.) - Chats on Old Pewter (With Ninety-One Illustrations)
044743: MASSEE, WILLIAM E. - McCall's Guide to Wines of America
050802: MASSEE, WILLIAM E. - Wines and Spirits: A Complete Buying Guide
012344: MASSENGILL, R. K. (MD) - Supersight: The Lens Implant Miracle
013919: MASSERMAN, JULES H. (MD) - EDITOR - Communication and Community
013921: MASSERMAN, JULES H. (MD) - EDITOR - Development and Research
077248: MASSERMAN, JULES H. (MD) - A Psychiatric Odyssey
023636: MASSEY, GERALD - A Tale of Eternity and Other Poems
P000522: MASSEY, GARTH (EDITOR) - Introdution to Sociology
Pa1291: DON MASSEY - How to Start And Operate a Profitable Homemade Booklet Business
Pb6596: BYRON G. MASSIALAS - Creative encounters in the Classroom: Teaching and Learning Through Discovery
Pb1389: ROBERT K. MASSIE - Nicholas and Alexandra
067402: MASSIE, ROBERT K. - Nicholas and Alexandria
027158: MASSIE, GRANT - Surgical Anatomy
061105: MONTGOMERY-MASSINGBERD, HUGH - Diana: The Princess of Wales
065324: MASSINGHAM, H.J. - In Praise of England
051032: MASSINGHAM, H.J. - Chiltern Country: The Face of Britain - Second (2nd) Edition, Revised
056360: MASSON, GUSTAVE - A Compendious Dictionary of the French Language (French-English + English-French). Adapted from the Dictionaries of Prof. Alfred Elwall. - New Edition
072548: MASSON, THOMAS L. (EDITOR) - Tom Masson's Annual for 1924
063855: MASSON, ROSALINE - The Life of Robert Louis Stevenson
043927: MASSON, JEFFREY MOUSSAIEFF (TRANSLATOR, INTRODUCTION) - Lost Prince: The Unsolved Mystery of Kaspar Hauser
063499: MAST, SISTER M. DOLORITA - Through Caroline's Consent: Life of Mother Teresa of Jesus Gerhardinger, Foundress of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, 1797-1879 (SIGNED)
Pb134: MAST, GERALD; BRAUDY, LEO; COHEN, MARSHALL - Film Theory and Criticism: Introductory Readings
016688: MASTER, ARTHUR M. (MD) - The Electrocardiogram and X-Ray Configuration of the Heart
058583: MASTERMAN, J.C. - To Teach the Senators Wisdom or An Oxford Guide-Book (Signed By Author)
036847: MASTERS, EDGAR LEE - Domesday Book
042815: MASTERS, HILARY - Last Stands: Notes From Memory
019354: MASTERS, HILARY - Last Stands - Notes from Memory
Pb5059: MASTERS, PETER - Healing Epidemic
064246: MASTERS, JOHN - Coromandel! - An Abridgement
068071: MASTROIANNI, LUIGI, JR. (MD), GUEST EDITOR - Clinician - Male and Female: An Endocrine Update
086478: MASUR, LOUIS P. - Lincoln's Hundred Days
Pb374: JAMA MATAKATA - Hills of Hope
064828: MATAS, CAROL - Daniel's Story
024471: MATCHETT, WILLIAM H - Water Ouzel and Other Poems
Pb3688: MATH, IRWIN - Wires and Watts: Understanding and Using Electricity
050918: MATHER, R.H. - Selections from Herodotus and Thucydides: With Notes - Seventh (7th) Edition
034728: MATHER, THOMAS BRADLEY (COMPILED BY) - Voices of Living Prophets: A Symposium of Present-Day Preaching
Pb7691: FRANK JEWETT MATHER - The Knight's tale, and the Nun's Priest's Tale
053512: MATHER, FRANK JEWETT JR. - Ulysses in Ithaca
032953: MATHERS, LAWRENCE H. - The Peripheral Nervous System - Structure, Function, and Clinical Correlations
013065: MATHESON, MAUREEN - Woman Alive - Guide to Travel and Recreation
001942: ARMSTRONG, MATHEW AND MCCRACKEN, CHAS. D. - Proceedings of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of the State of New Jersey
034026: MATHEWS, W.R. (DEAN OF ST. PAUL'S) - The Search For Perfection
033884: MATHEWS, BASIL - The Clash of World Forces: Nationalism, Bolshevism and Christianity
071701: MATHEWS, W. S. B. - Mathews' Graded Materials for the Pianoforte , Grade Three (3)
071702: MATHEWS, BLANCHE DINGLEY - The Child's Second Grade - The Young Pianist
047538: MATHEWS, ARTHUR GUY - Take It Easy: The Art of Conquering Your Nerves
078804: MATHEWS, BASIL - The Splendid Quest: Stories of Knights on Pilgrim's Way
061578: MATHEWS, BASIL - The Splendid Quest: Stories of Knights on the Pilgrim's Way
069344: MATHEWS, J.M. - The Bible and Men of Learning; in a Course of Lectures
082711: MATHEWS, ALBERT P. - Physiological Chemistry - A Textbook and Manual for Students
040481: MATHEWS, JAMES K.; JONES, E. STANLEY (INTRODUCTION) - South of the Himalayas: One Hundred Years of Methodism in India and Pakistan
040469: MATHEWS, W.R. - The Hope of Immortality
029829: MATHEWS, RONALD - The Death of the Fourth Republic
036461: MATHEWS, W.R. - The Purpose of God
036184: MATHEWS, JAMES K. - To the End of the Earth: A Study in Luke-Acts on the Life and Mission of the Church
032091: MATHEWS, W. S. B. - Music - Its Ideals and Methods
001153: MATHEWS, ALBERT P. - Vitamins, Minerals and Hormones
034339: MATHEWS, JOHN L. - A Layman Looks at the Gods of the Bible
048415: MATHEWS, BASIL - Consider Africa
030060: MATHIASEN, GENEVA (ED) - Criteria For Retirement: A Report of a National Conference on Retirement of Older Workers
018530: MATHIEU, ALBERT - Traite Des Maladies De L'estomac et De L'intestin
085403: MATHIEWS, FRANKLIN K. (EDITOR) - The Boy Scouts Book of Adventurous Youth
062470: MATHIS, SHARON BELL - Listen for the Fig Tree
082262: DONDO, MATHURIN AND PERLEY, M. ELIZABETH - French Fairy Plays (Oxford French Series By American Scholars)
082356: MATONTI, REV. CHARLES J. - Celebrate with Song ...Every Parish Can
029153: MATSCHAT, CECILE HULSE - Seven Grass Huts: An Engineer's Wife in Central-and-South America
049905: MATSCHAT, CECILE HULSE - Seven Grass Huts: An Engineer's Wife in Central-and-South America
016863: MATSCHAT, CECILE HULSE - Seven Grass Huts: An Engineer's Wife in Central and South America
077279: MATSCHAT, CECILE HULSE - Preacher On Horseback
069262: MATSON, DONALD D. (MD) - The Treatment of Acute Craniocerebral Injuries Due to Missiles
055044: MATSON, C.E. - 30 Instruction Units in Basic Electricity
Pb1060: LOUISE MATTEONI, ETC. - Thundercover the Keytext Program
Pb1061: LOUISE MATTEONI, ETC. - Look Away Keys to Reading
041023: MATTER, JOSEPH ALLEN - Love, Altruism, and World Crisis: The Challenge of Pitirim Sorokin
078554: MATTHAEI, KARL - Vom Orgelspiel: Eine Kurzgefaste Wurdigung Der Kunstlerisch Orgelgemasen Interpretationsweise Und Ihrer Klanglichen Ausdrucksmittel
054329: MATTHEE, DALENE - Fiela's Child (Review Copy)
082914: HUXLEY, MATTHEW AND CAPA, CORNELL - Farewell to Eden (Inscribed & Signed)
067088: MATTHEWMAN, LISLE DE VAUX - Crankisms
043620: MATTHEWS, JAMES - Voices: A Life of Frank O'Connor
022990: MATTHEWS, BRANDER - Ballads of Books - Books For the Bibliophile
066784: MATTHEWS, BRANDER - Shakspere (Shakespeare) as a Playwright
044438: MATTHEWS, BERYL - The Open Door / Wings of the Morning
057648: MATTHEWS, MERVYN - Class and Society in Soviet Russia
058127: MATTHEWS, JASON - The Big Bang: Notes from Looking Within - A Novel
052877: MATTHEWS, JACK - Dirty Tricks: Short Stories By Jack Matthews
082870: MATTHEWS, KENNETH D. JR. - Cities in the Sand: Leptis Magna and Sabratha in Roman Africa
062807: MATTHEWS, J. B. - American Opinion - Odyssey of a Fellow Traveler
067987: MATTHEWS, BRANDER - Recreations of an Anthologist
071897: MATTHEWS, JACK - An Interview with the Sphinx
062245: MATTHEWS, R.C.O. - The Trade Cycle
016590: MATTHEWS, DAVID N. (MD), EDITOR - Recent Advances in the Surgery of Trauma
027252: MATTHIAS, JOHN - Turns
046117: MATTHIESSEN, F.O. (INTRODUCTION) - The Oxford Book of American Verse
062830: MATUSOW, MARSHALL - The Art Collector's Almanac - No. 1, 1965
056313: MAUCERI, JOSEPH M. (M.D.) - The Fire of God: Forgiveness and Hope in the Poetry of John Paul II
Pa1471: MAUCH, ROBERT P. JR. - The Consumer Guide to Over-The-Counter Drugs
052368: ELLSWORTH, MAUD AND ANDREWS, MICHAEL F. - Growing With Art: Book Six (6) - Art Where We Live
058715: PETERSHAM, MAUD AND MISKA - The Story Book of Wheels
075018: BAKER, CLARA BELLE; REED, MARY MAUD; AND BAKER, EDNA DEAN - The Curriculum Readers - Third Reader, Friends Around the World
084270: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - Christmas Holiday
Pb1756: W. SOMERSET MAUGHAM - Maugham's Choice of kipling's Best
017354: MAUGHAM, ROBIN - Conversations with Willie - Recollections of W. Somerset Maugham
053028: MAUGHAM, ROBIN - Conversations with Willie: Recollections of W. Somerset Maugham
Pb5372: W. SOMERSET MAUGHAM - The Maugham Reader
Pb1272: BILL MAULDIN - Back Home
066753: MAULE, TEX - Championship Quarterback: A Novel
085391: DE MAUPASSANT, GUY; TRANSLATED BY MCMASTER, ALBERT M. C. - Monsieur Parent Timbuctoo, The False Gems, and Other Stories
069441: DE MAUPASSANT, GUY; TRANSLATED BY ERNEST BOYD - Mademoiselle Fifi and Other Stories
027842: MAUREL, ANDRE - Memoirs - 1885-1967
056184: EDITED BY MAURER, OSCAR E. (D.D.) - Manual of the Congregational Christian Churches: A Compendium of Information, Forms, and Services
027716: MAURER, A. - Les Plaies Vasculaires Recentes et Leur Traitement
086188: MAURIAC, FRANCOIS - Holy Thursday - An Intimate Remembrance
016497: ERRERA, MAURICE AND FORSSBERG, ARNE (EDS) - Mechanisms in Radiobiology - Vol. II: Multicellular Organisms
Pb3413: MAURIELLO, DAVID J. - Reminders of Home: How to Remember Who You Really Are
043002: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - Gerald: A Portrait
062459: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - The Breaking Point
079936: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - Golden Lads: Sir Francis Bacon, Anthony Bacon and Their Friends
077214: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - Daphne Du Maurier: Three Complete Novels and Five Short Stories - The King's General, The Glass Blowers, The House on the Strand, Don't Look Now, And Other Stories
Pb514: DAPHNE DU MAURIER - Mary Anne
070207: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Olympio Ou La Vie Du Victor Hugo, 2 Volumes (I, II, 1, 2)
050826: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Le Diner Sour Les Marrionniers
P000441: ANDRE MAUROIS - Lelia the life of George Sand
042630: MAUROIS, ANDRE; DENNY, NORMAN (TRANSLATOR) - Prometheus: The Life of Balzac
021050: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Fleming - The Man Who Cured Millions
085007: MAUROIS, ANDRE (TRANSLATED BY GERARD HOPKINS) - The Life of Sir Alexander Fleming: Discoverer of Penicillin
084809: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Napoleon and His World: A Pictorial Biography
Pb567: MAUROIS, ANDRE - The Art of Happiness: Selected Writings of Andre Maurois
041162: MAUS, CYNTHIA PEARL - The Church and the Fine Arts: An Anthology of Pictures, Poetry, Music, and Stories Portraying the Growth and Development of the Church through the Centuries (Inscribed and Signed)
058635: MAUTNER, H. ERIC (MD) - Doctor in Bolivia
059631: EDITED BY MAVRODES, GEORGE I. - The Rationality of Belief in God
025479: BERGMANN, DR. MAX ET AL - The Harvey Lectures - 1935-1936, Series XXXI
059530: SAMTER, MAX AND ALEXANDER, HARRY L. (MD'S), EDITORS - Immunological Diseases
083413: HARRIS, MAX & FORBES, ALISON - The Land that Waited
063342: MCMURRY, RUTH EMILY; MUELLER, MAX AND ALEXANDER, THOMAS - Modern Foreign Languages in France and Germany
055223: FRISCH, MAX ET AL - Fiction
006858: PINNER, MAX AND KASPER, JOSEPH A. - Pathological Peculiarities of Tuberculosis in the American Negro
015165: MAXCY, KENNETH F. (MD), EDITOR - Papers of Wade Hampton Frost, MD - A Contribution to Epidemiological Method
010219: MAXEY, CHARLES THOMAS, JR. - The Structure of Collective Bargaining: An Assessment of Its Development and Impact in Metropolitan Hospital Bargaining
076562: MAXIM, LOUISE (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - The Sokokis Warrior 1935: Limington Academy, Limington, Maine
085792: MAXIMON, SAADYAH (TRANSLATOR) - The Passover Haggadah
054307: MAXIMOV, VLADIMIR - The Seven Days of Creation
069541: MAXMEN, JERROLD S. - The Post-Physician Era - Medicine in the 21st Century
Pb3259: MAXNER, JOYCE - Lady Bugatti
069076: MAXON, HAZEL CARTER - Parties: The Complete Party Book from Invitation to Good-bye
008884: MAXSON, CHARLES W. (MD) - Maryland Physicians in Peace and War
084151: G. M. MAXWELL - Principles of Pediatrics
048108: MAXWELL, KATIE - No Lifetime Guarantee: Dealing with the Details of Death (Signed By Author)
077876: STILLMAN, IRWIN MAXWELL (MD) WITH BAKER, SAMM SINCLAIR - The Doctor's Quick Weight Loss Diet, Medically Proven
Pb2118: ARTHUR S.MAXWELL - The Bible Story
016944: MAXWELL, JAMES T. (MD) - Outline of Ocular Refraction
Pb1462: MAXWELL, JOHN C. - Developing the Leaders Around You: How to Help Others Reach Their Full Potential
051915: MAXWELL, ARTHUR S. - Your Bible and Your: Priceless Treasures in the Holy Scriptures
Pa1520: MAXWELL, MARION - The Egg Cookbook
082666: MAXWELL, JAMES A. - America's Fascinating Indian Heritage
059761: MAXWELL, C.R.; EDITED BY SUZZALLO, HENRY - The Selection of Textbooks (Riverside Educational Monographs)
077107: MAXWELL, ARTHUR S. - The Story Book: Character Building Stories for Children
006106: MAXWELL, JAMES T. (MD) - Outline of Ocular Refraction - SIGNED
Pb1460: JOHN C. MAXWELL - Developing the Leader Within You
064769: MAXWELL, ARTHUR S. - Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories (Fourth Series)
Pb5773: W. B. MAXWELL - The Guarded Flame
Pb4207: FLORIDA SCOTT MAXWELL - The measure of my Days
062741: MAY, SOPHIE - Little Prudy's Cousin Grace (Little Prudy Series)
014635: MAY, WILLIAM F. - The Physician's Covenant
060627: MAY, ROBERT - Sex and Fantasy: Patterns of Male and Female Development
085525: MAY, SOPHIE (REBECCA SOPHIA CLARKE) - Little Prudy's Sister Susy (Suzy)
053029: MAY, HELEN - The Swan: The Story of Anna Pavlova
057271: MAY, JULIA HARRIS - Pictures Framed in Song
067571: MAY, SOPHIE - Little Prudy's Fairy Book (Little Prudy Series)
031025: MAY, JULIAN - Show Me The World of Modern Airplanes
079101: MAY, JULIAN - Millions of Years of Eggs
Pa2032: MAY, PETER - The Last Banner: The Story of the 1985-86 Celtics, the Nba's Greatest Team of All Time
067727: MAY, GERALD G. - The Open Way: A Meditation Handbook
027509: MAY, E.J - Mortimer's College Life
063407: MAY, J. LEWIS - Cardinal Newman
018159: MAY, CHARLES H. (MD) - Manual of the Diseases of the Eye
015894: REID, K. E. J.; ROSS, MAY AND BAMFIELD, MABEL - The Book of Wedding Days
081435: MAY, ROLLO (PHD) - Love and Will
085527: MAY, SOPHIE (REBECCA SOPHIA CLARKE) - Little Prudy's Cousin Grace
049492: MAY, JULIA HARRIS - Pictures Framed in Song
Pa1117: HENRY F. MAY - The End of American Innocence
047706: MAY, ROLLO - Psychology and the Human Dilemma
035613: MAY, EUGENE - For Better Church Members
049454: MAY, JULIA HARRIS - Pictures Framed in Song
081266: MAY, JULIAN - Jack the Bodiless, A Novel - Advance Reader's Edition
061096: MAY, JOHN (EDITOR) - The Greenpeace Book of Dolphins
Pa436: W.G.MAY - Mountainsearch And rescue Techniques
085526: MAY, SOPHIE (REBECCA SOPHIA CLARKE) - Little Prudy's Story Book
Pb7339: MAY, ALEX; MAY, NANCY - Bed Breakfast and Bike New England: A Cycling Guide to Country Inns
007426: MAY, JACQUES M. (MD) - The Ecology of Human Disease
045166: MAYALL, KENNETH L. - International Cartels - Economic and Political Aspects
084564: MAYER, D' L. - Neuvieme Congres de la Societe Internationale de Chirurgie 1932, Two Volumes (I,II,1,2)
041815: MAYER, BARBARA - Contemporary American Craft Art
071859: MAYER, MARTIN - Making News
066130: MAYER, AUGUST L. - Meisterwerke Der Gemaldesammlung Des Prado in Madrid
085377: MAYER, CHARLES F. - First Discourse Before the Maryland Historical Society
054440: MAYER, ROBERT - The Execution (Review Copy)
002086: MAYER, JEAN PHD, DSC, AM, MD - Human Nutrition: Its Physiological, Medical and Social Aspects
084275: MARTIN MAYER - The Met: One Hundred Years of Grand Opera
063918: MAYER, JOSEPH - The Impolite Mirror: Being the Thoughts and Aphorisms of Joseph Mayer (Signed By Author)
Pa289: MAYER, JEFFREY J. - If You Haven't Got the Time to Do It Right, When Will You Find the Time to Do It over
051841: MAYER, HERBERT CARLETON - The Church's Program for Young People: A Textbook of Adolescent Religious Education in the Local Church
058179: MAYER, THOMAS; THORN, RICHARD (CONSULTING EDITOR) - Monetary Policy in the United States
072516: MAYER, PETER - The Spirit of the Enterprise
063520: MAYESKI, MARIE ANNE (EDITOR) - A Rocking-Horse Catholic: A Caryll Houselander Reader
Pa193: MAYFIELD, MARLYS - Thinking for Yourself : Developing Critical Thinking Skills Through Reading and Writing (Freshman English/Advanced Writing Ser.)
069943: MAYGRIER, SIEBOLD, M. J. KEISER - Afbeeldingen Uit Den Geheelen Omvang Der Theoretisch-Practische Verloskunde.
044457: MAYNARD, JOYCE - Where Love Goes
043510: MAYNARD, NANCY - Mega Media: How Market Forces are Transforming News
016269: MAYNARD, SIR JOHN - Russia in Flux
012465: MAYNARD, C. DOUGLAS (MD) - Clinical Nuclear Medicine
077811: MAYNARD, THEODORE - The Story of American Catholicism
068272: MAYNE, PETER - The Saints of Sind
076972: MAYNE, WILLIAM - The Yellow Airplane
Pb7254: MAYNE, WILLIAM - Earthfasts
072001: ROBSON, A. W. MAYO AND DOBSON, J. F. - Diseases of the Gall-Bladder and Bile-Ducts, Including Gall-Stones
040164: MAYO, W. PORTER (MD) - Medicine in the Athens of the West - SIGNED (GIFT QUALITY)
062946: MAYOR, A. HYATT - A. Hyatt Mayor: Selected Writings and a Bibliography
082693: MAYOU, M. S. - Oxford Surgery: Ophthalmic Operations
039103: MAYR, JOANNIS BAPTISTAE - Catalogus Librorum
026960: MAYRANT, DRAYTON - The Land Beyond the Tempest
042226: MAYS, JOHN BENTLEY - Power in the Blood: Land, Memoiry, and a Southern Family
053718: MAYS, LUCINDA - The Candle and the Mirror
076976: MAZER, BILL - The Sports Answer Book: Bill Mazer's Challenge Round
Pb3136: MAZER, ANNE - Watch Me
Pb4917: MAZLISH, BRUCE; DIAMOND, EDWIN - Jimmy Carter: A Character Portrait
059396: INTRODUCTION BY MAZLISH, BRUCE - The Horizon Book of Makers of Modern Thought
041016: MAZZINI, JOSEPH; CLARKE, WILLIAM (EDITOR, INTRODUCTION) - Essays: Selected from the Writings, Literary, Political, and Religious, of Joseph Mazzini
064121: MAZZINI, JOSEPH - Life & Writings of Joseph Mazzini - Vol. VI. (6) Critical and Literary
081463: BROWN, ROBERT MCAFEE ET AL - Faith That Transforms: Essays in Honor of Gregory Baum
029194: MCALEER, KATHERINE - From My Window
078790: MCALEER, EDWARD C. (ED) - Learned Lady
078974: MCALESTER, A. LEE - The History of Life (Foundations of Earth Science Series)
048639: MCALL, REGINALD L. - Practical Church School Music: Methods and Training for Successful Piano, Vocal, and Platform Leadership
026879: MCALLESTER, DAVID P. - Ethnomusicology - Journal of the Society for Ethnomusicology
002281: MCALLISTER, CHRIS - Military Aircraft Today
066388: MCALPINE, FRANK - Treasures from the Prose World, with Biographical Sketches
Pb1271: W.L. MCATEE - The Ring-Necked pheasant and Its Management in North America
080496: MCAULAY, SARA - In Search of the Petroglyph
081053: MCAULEY, PAUL - The Secret of Life - Advance Uncorrected Proof
078430: MCAVOY, THOMAS T. - The Great Crisis in American Catholic History, 1895-1900
Pb4869: MCBARNET, GILL - Wonderful Journey
077401: MCBRIDE, REV. ALFRED, PRAEM, O. - Saints are People: Church History Through the Saints
049900: MCBRIDE, CHRIS - The White Lions of Timbavati
077627: MCBRIDE, REV. ALFRED - Heschel: Religious Educator
083415: MCBRIDE, SIMON - The Spirit of Scotland
Pb7019: MCBRIDE, ALFRED - Celebrating the Mass: A Guide for Understanding and Loving the Mass More Deeply
080940: MCBRIDE, ALFRED; BRADLEY, JOHN P. (EDITOR) - Growing in Grace (The Catholic Layman's Library, Volume 10)
081667: MCBRIEN, PHILIP J. - Children's Catechumenate: A Catechist's Guide
080981: MCBRIEN, RICHARD P. - Ministry: A Theological, Pastoral Handbook
080635: MCBRIEN, RICHARD P. - Basic Questions for Christian Educators
079793: MCBRIEN, RICHARD P. - Catholicism: Study Edition
078842: MCBRIEN, RICHARD P. - Do We Need the Church?
086081: MCBRIEN, RICHARD P. - Catholicism - Two Volumes (I,II,1,2, One, Two) - in Slipcase
081548: MCBRIEN, RICHARD P. - Do We Need the Church?
079821: MCBRIEN, RICHARD P. - For the Inquiring Catholic: Questions and Answers for the 1970's
047379: MCCABE, ROBERT KARR - Storm Over Asia: China and Southeast Asia: Thrust and Response
Pb2425: MCCABE, PATRICK - The Dead School
037566: MCCABE, JOSEPH; EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS - Little Blue Book No. 1450 - Do We Live Forever? A Reply to Clarence True Wilson
037564: MCCABE, JOSEPH; EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS - Little Blue Book No. 1059 - The Myth of Immortality
037558: MCCABE, JOSEPH; EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS - Little Blue Book No. 1515 - The Love Affair of a Priest and a Nun (Abelard and Heloise)
017856: MCCABE, JOSEPH - The Church the Enemy of the Workers
017310: MCCABE, JOSEPH - What Sex Really Is
022407: MCCABE, JOSEPH - Masochism, and How It Manifests Itself
Pa1222: ANNE MCCAFFREY - Crystal Singer
067202: MCCAHILL, TOM - Today's Sports and Competition Cars
044669: MCCALL - McCall's Introduction to French Cooking
080963: MCCALL, FATHER JOHN R. - Grow With Your Teenagers: Practical Insights Into Religious Development for Parents and Teachers
013223: MCCALL, ROBERT B. - Infants (Rare Collectible Advance Uncorrected Proof)
059161: THE EDITORS OF MCCALL'S WITH MCCLURE, JOAN - McCall's Engagement and Wedding Guide
066641: MCCALL, EDITH - Hunters Blaze The Trails (Frontiers of America)
078274: MCCANDLESS, MARION - Family Portraits: History of the Holy Cross Alumnae Association of Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame Indiana 1879-1949 (Signed By Author)
Pa1602: MCCANN, MICHAEL - Health Hazards Manual for Artists/Augmented
007837: MCCANN, RICHARD VINCENT - Delinquency: Sickness or Sin? SIGNED
018721: MCCARRAN, MR. - Subversive Activities Control Board - Herbert Brownell, Jr., Attorney General of the United States Vs. Communist Party of the United States of America
081553: MCCARTHY, RICHARD - Does God Punish?
075199: MCCARTHY, TIM - Killarney: Top of Towns
008482: MCCARTHY, DENIS FLORENCE - Dramas of Calderon, Tragic, Comic, and Legendary - Vol. I
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045843: MELILLO, MICHELLE - Death and Dying - A Night Between Two Days
081272: MELIN, GRACE HATHAWAY - Dorothea Dix, Girl Reformer
069896: MELITZ, LEO; SALINGER, RICHARD (TRANSLATOR) - The Opera Goer's Complete Guide: Comprising Two Hundred and Sixty-Eight Opera Plots with Musical Numbers and Casts
070656: MELLEN, IDA M. - A Practical Cat Book for Amateurs and Professionals
029822: MELLING, JOHN KENNEDY - Discovering London's Guilds and Liveries
014121: MELLINGER, GEORGE T. (MD), GUEST EDITOR - The Surgical Clinics of North America - Symposium on Urologic Surgery 1965
011589: MELLINKOFF, SHERMAN M. (MD), EDITOR - The Differential Diagnosis of Diarrhea
021650: MELLISH, MRS. M.H., EDITOR - Collected Papers of the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, Volume X (10), 1918
024092: MELLISH, MRS. M.H., EDITOR - Collected Papers of the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, Volume XIV (14), 1922
024114: MELLISH, MRS. M.H., H. BURTON LOGIE, EDITORS - Collected Papers of the Mayo Clinic and Mayo Foundation, Volume XIX (19), 1927
024089: MELLISH, MRS. M.H., EDITOR - Collected Papers of the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, Volume IX (9), 1917
024090: MELLISH, MRS. M.H., EDITOR - Collected Papers of the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, Volume XI (11), 1919
024111: MELLISH, MRS. M.H., EDITOR - Collected Papers of the Mayo Clinic and Mayo Foundation, Volume XVI (16), 1924
067217: DE MELLO, RAUL FRANCO - Os Hormonios Testiculares
Pa790: MELLODY, PEGGY - The Los Angeles Food Guide: The Food Lover's Ultimate Resource
011733: MELLON, RALPH R. (MD); GROSS, PAUL (MD), AND COOPER, FRANK B. - Sulfanilamide Therapy of Bacterial Infections
013149: MELNICK, JOSEPH L. (EDITOR) - Progress in Medical Virology - Volume 15
068207: MELNICOVE, MARK (EDITOR) - Inside Vacationland: New Fiction from the Real Maine
046251: MELOSH, BARBARA (EDITOR) - American Nurses in Fiction - An Anthology of Short Stories (GIFT QUALITY)
079943: MELTON, MARY (ACTING EDITOR) - The Pen Woman: Volume LVII, Number 6, March 1982 - A Family Portrait
Pa1211: MILTON MELTZER - Time of Trial, time of Hope
058562: MELTZER, MILTON - Tom Paine: Voice of Revolution
084228: MELTZER, MILTON - Remember the Days: A Short History of the Jewish American
084805: MELTZER, MILTON - In the Days of the Pharaohs: A Look at Ancient Egypt
071077: MELTZER, DAVID (EDITOR) - Death: An Anthology of Ancient Texts, Songs, Prayers, and Stories
080651: MELTZER, S. J. (MD) - Inhibitory and Anesthetic Properties of Magnesium Salts
Pb7387: MELTZER, HERBERT Y. - Psychopharmacology: The Third Generation of Progress
Pb5274: MELTZER, MILTON - Witches and Witch-Hunts: A History of Persecution
031543: MELUM, MARA MINERVA - Total Quality Outcomes Management
085511: MELVILLE, HERMAN - Typee: A Narrative of the Marquesas Islands
077100: LESLIE-MELVILLE, BETTY - Daisy Rothschild
007429: MELVILLE, NORBERT J. - Testing Juvenile Mentality
Pb1556: MELVILLE, HERMAN - Moby Dick: The Young Collectors Illustrated Classics/Ages 8-12
051634: MELVILLE, LEWIS - Some Aspects of Thackeray
009097: CALVIN, MELVIN (USA) AND GAZENKO, OLEG G. (USSR) - Foundations of Space Biology and Medicine Vol. II (2): Ecological and Physiological Bases of Space Biology and Medicine
009098: CALVIN, MELVIN (USA) AND GAZENKO, OLEG G. (USSR) - Foundations of Space Biology and Medicine, Vol. III (3): Space Medicine and Biotechnology
076225: LYNN, MELVYN AND SOLOTOROVSKY, MORRIS - Chemotherapeutic Agents for Bacterial Infections
Pb973: GRATEFUL MEMBERS - The Twelve steps for every One...
010810: MEMECAN, SALIH - A Theoretical Framework for Technology of Building
073479: MEMLING, CARL - The Golden Hours Library - Little Cottontail
077271: MEMLING, CARL - 10 (Ten) Little Animals (Little Golden Book #451)
Pb4432: CARL MEMLING - My "Magic Slate" Book
056474: MILTON, JOHN; MEMOIR AND ESSAY BY DR. CHANNING - John Milton's Poetical Works: A Memoir, and Essay on His Poetical Genius Together with Addison's Critique on the Paradise Lost.
082540: MENA, SANTOS G. - Generation J: 25 Gospel Meditations on Life and Vocation
036664: MENASCE, C.G. DE; TRANSLATED BY BOMMARITO, BERNARD - The Dynamics of Morality
Pb1446: H.L. MENCKEN - In Defense of Women
020312: MENCKEN, H. L. - My Life as Author and Editor (Rare Collectible Advance Uncorrected Proof) (GIFT QUALITY)
049383: MENDELL, CLARENCE W. - Latin Poetry - Before and After
049692: MENDELSSOHN, FELIZ - The Piano Music of Felix Mendelssohn: Eleven Favourite Pieces
020807: MENDENHALL, WALTER C. - Geology of the Central Copper River Region, Alaska
038881: MENDES, AFONSO - A Hila E Mocamedes - Consideracoes Sobre O Trabalho Indigena
011643: MENDLOWITZ, MILTON (MD) - Systemic Arterial Hypertension
008640: MENEFEE, ARTHUR B. - The Separation of Impurities from Sulphur
063116: MENEN, AUBREY - Upon This Rock
054303: MENEN, AUBREY - A Conspiracy of Women
053383: MENEN, AUBREY - The Duke of Gallodoro: A Novel
072050: MENETREY, W.R. - Energy Conversion Systems Reference Handbook: Volume IX (9) - Solar System Design (Wadd Technical Report 60-699 Volume IX)
057190: MENGHAM, ROD - Rod Mengham On Language: Descent from the Tower of Babel
033119: MENK, LOUIS W. - A Railroad Man Looks at America: Excerpts from the Speeches of Louis W. Menk
001370: MENKIN, VALY (MD) - Newer Concepts of Inflammation
040497: MENKING, STANLDY J. (GEN'L EDITOR), ET AL - 200 Years of United Methodism: An Illustrated History
085899: MENNAIS - A Travers La Correspondance de L'Abbe G. M. de la Mennais
Pb7586: MENNELL, ROBERT L. - Wills and Trusts in a Nutshell
006961: MENNINGER, KARL (MD) - The Crime of Punishment
Pb3758: KARL A. MENNINGER - Clues to Suicide
Pb2584: EDMUND A. MENNIS & RICHARD W. RADCLIFFE - How to Invest Wisely
011694: MENOLASCINO, FRANK J. (ED) - Psychiatric Approaches to Mental Retardation
052156: MENOUDAKOS, K. - Greece Through the Centuries
067307: HORAN, PATRICIA; MENUS AND RECIPES BY DAVIS, HILLARY; GARDEN LISTS BY GLEASON, MARIA C. - Garden Entertaining: From a Romantic Dinner for Two to an Arbor Wedding for Fifty... The Complete Guide to Entertaining Outdoors
039281: MENZ, GERHARD - Gutenberg-Fibel
081040: MENZERATH, PROF. DR. PAUL - Linguaphone Konversations-Kursus Deutsch
076172: MENZIES, SUTHERLAND - The Middle Ages: History of Europe, From the Decadence of the Western Empire to the Reformation. (Young Folks' Histories.)
026462: MERCADANTE, JAMES L. - The Sparterville Surgeon
084582: MERCER, WALTER (MD) - Orthopaedic Surgery
Pa1377: MERCER, DAVID - The Global IBM: Leadership in Multinational Management
052199: MERCER, CHARLES - Statue of Liberty
082866: MERCHANT, JAMES A. (MD) (ED) - Occupational Respiratory Diseases
061707: MERCHANT, ELIZABETH LODOR - King Arthur and His Knights - Based on Morte d'Arthur of Sir Thomas Malory
Pb7381: MERCHANT, JANE - Because It's Here
071097: MERCIER, VIVIAN - Beckett/Beckett (Review Copy)
080182: MERCIER, DR. ARMAND (EDITOR) - Visual Problems in Aviation Medicine (A Pergamon Press Book)
063345: MERCURE, DOM G. - Rythmique Gregorjenne
052659: DESIGNED AND PRINTED BY ARNOLD, FLOYD AND MEREDITH - How to Use Stone-Ground Flour - Greetings from Rydingbrook Farm, Wardsboro, Vermont
018512: MEREDITH, GEORGE (EDITED BY LANE COOPER) - An Essay on Comedy and the Uses of the Comic Spirit
041692: MEREDITH, WILLIAM HENRY - The Real John Wesley
069279: MEREDITH, LOUISE MAYERS - Poems That Make Sense (Signed By Author)
071548: MEREDITH, GEORGE; SOME NOTES BY TREVELYAN, G.M. - The Poetical Works of George Meredith
084890: MEREDITH, FLORENCE LYNDON (MD) - Hygiene - A Textbook for College Students
074367: MEREK, JACK - Blackbird: A Novel
014958: MERENDINO, K. ALVIN (MD), EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - Prosthetic Valves for Cardiac Surgery
P000471: PROSPER MERIMEE - Carmen suivi De Colomba Les Armours Celebres
069325: MERINGTON, RUTH - Object Drawing
046303: MERIVALE, PHILIP - The Wind Over the Water
042467: MERKER, HANNAH - Listening
Pa788: MERKIN, ROBERT - The South Florida Book of the Dead
077551: MERLAUD, ANDRE - Jean-Marie De La Mennais: La Renaissance D'une Chretiente
080277: MERNE, OSCAR J. - Ducks, Geese and Swans
Pb428: MADAME MERRI - The art of Entertaining for All Occasions
073916: MERRIAM, EVE - A Husband's Notes About Her (Signed by Author)
055658: MERRIAM, GEORGE S. (EDITOR) - Noah Porter - A Memorial By Friends, With Portraits
070665: MERRIAM, EVE - After Nora Slammed the Door: American Women in the 1960s: The Unfinished Revolution
Pa1506: MERRIAM, EVE - What in the World
023775: MERRIAM, HAROLD G. (EDITOR) - Northwest Verse: An Anthology

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