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066013: WOLF, ANNA W.M. AND STEIN, LUCILLE - The One-Parent Family (Public Affairs Pamphlet No. 287)
060992: SPENCER, FRANCIS M. AND LEE S. MONROE - The Color Atlas of Intestinal Parasites
002351: WENYON, C. M. AND O' CONNOR, F. W. - Human Intestinal Protozoa in the Near East
079874: GLAUBER, ROBERT H.; STOCKING, DAVID M.; AND STOCKING, MARION KINGSTON (EDITORIAL BOARD) - The Beloit Poetry Journal, Fall, 1975 - Volume 26, Number 1
071955: HARING, C. M. AND KOFOID, C. A. - Observations Concerning the Pathology of Roup and Chicken-Pox
017909: PRESCOTT, DAVID M. AND FLEXER, ABRAHAM S. - Cancer: The Misguided Cell
074739: MCMURRY, FRANK M. AND BENSON, C. BEVERLEY - Social Arithmetic - Book Three (3)
060303: KOVEL, RALPH M. AND TERRY H. - Dictionary of Marks - Pottery and Porcelain
006563: REX, GEORGE M. AND BURNHAM, CHARLES F. - City of Pawtucket - Reports of George M. Rex and Charles F. Burnham on the Condition of the Books and Accounts of the License Commissioners 1893
006564: BATES, FRANK M. AND BURNHAM, CHAS. F. - City of Pawtucket - Annual Reports of the City Treasurer and the City Auditor 1894
003647: GAMBILL, CARL M. (MD) ET AL - 1961-1962 (Volume 53) Collected Papers in Medicine/Surgery from the Mayo Clinic and the Mayo Foundation - 2 Volumes Complete in Box
004664: ARTHUR, P. M. ET AL - Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers Monthly Journal
032550: MCLAUGHLIN, JAMES M. AND GILCHRIST, W.W. - The New Educational Music Course: Fourth Music Reader
047513: FREEDMAN, ALFRED M. (M.D.) AND KAPLAN, HAROLD I. (M.D.) (EDITORS) - Human Behavior: Biological, Psychological, and Sociological (Studies in Human Behavior)
058365: VERVOREN, THORA M. AND OPPENEER, JOAN E. - Workbook of Solutions and Dosage of Drugs, Including Arithmetic
055433: COWAN, NEIL M. AND COWAN, RUTH SCHWARTZ - Our Parents' Lives: The Americanization of Eastern European Jews
081484: PATERNOSTER, LEWIS M. AND FRAGER, RUTH L. - Three Dimensions of Vocabulary Growth
061156: CHAMBERLAIN, LEO M. AND KINDRED, LESLIE W.; EDITED BY PAYNE, E. GEORGE - The Teacher and School Organization - Second Edition (Prentice-Hall Education Series)
012155: KENNEDY, FOSTER; FRANTZ, ANGUS M. AND HARE, CLARENCE C. (EDS) - The Inter-Relationship of Mind and Body
055151: TEUSCHER, RUTH H.; JOHNSON, ELEANOR M.; AND HOWARD, ETHEL K. - Junior Language Skills: Book Three (3)
075975: ABELSON, NEVA M. (MD) ET AL - The Medical Clinics of North America - Psychiatry in Internal Medicine, Nationwide Number - Nervous and Mental Diseases, 1953
007327: RICCARDI, VINCENT M. (MD) AND EICHNER, JUNE E. - Neurofibromatosis
015353: GOULD, GEORGE M. AND PYLE, WALTER L. (MD'S) - A Compend of the Diseases of the Eye and Refraction Including Treatment and Surgery
003646: GAMBILL, CARL M. (MD) ET AL - 1962-1963 (Volume 54) Collected Papers in Medicine/Surgery from the Mayo Clinic and the Mayo Foundation - 2 Volumes Complete in Box
064134: DESPRES, LEON M. WITH HEISE, KENAN; FOREWORD BY ROYKO, MIKE - Challenging the Daley Machine: A Chicago Alderman's Memoir
048287: LIPS, HILARY M. & COLWILL, NINA LEE - The Psychology of Sex Differences
059229: CRAMPTON, HELEN M. AND KEISER, KENNETH K. - Social Welfare: Institution and Process
080287: ANDERS, JAMES M. AND BOSTON, L. NAPOLEON (MD'S) - A Text-Book of Medical Diagnosis
030129: PRESSMAN, ROBERT M. AND SIEGLER, RODIE - The Independent Practitioner - Practice Management for the Allied Health Professional
033691: LILIENFELD, ABRAHAM M. AND GIFFORD, ALICE J. (EDS) - Chronic Diseases and Public Health
012088: SHIBEL, ELAINE M. AND MOSER, KENNETH M. (EDS) - Respiratory Emergencies
070647: FORSTER, DR. S. V.; VERSEN, M. AND FRANKENBURGER, DR. A. - Saecular-Feier Der Naturhistorischen Gesellschaft in Nurnberg, 1801-1901. Festschrift
074912: COOPER, LENNA F.; BARBER, EDITH M. AND MITCHELL, HELEN S. - Nutrition in Health and Disease
059038: MURTAGH, JOHN M. AND HARRIS, SARA - Who Live In Shadow (Inscribed & Signed By Author)
068044: HARGRAVES, DR. MALCOLM M. ET AL - The Medical Clinics of North America, July 1946, Mayo Number - Splenomegaly
083851: FERNALD, WALTER E.; KLINE, GEORGE M. AND SOUTHARD, E. E. (MD'S), EDITORS - Bulletin of the Massachusetts Commission on Mental Diseases - Foxborough Library Opening
051406: ETHRIDGE, JAMES M. AND ETHRIDGE, KAREN (EDITORS) - Antiquarian, Specialty, and Used Book Sellers: A Subject Guide and Directory - Second (2nd) Edition, 1997-98
010428: ENZINGER, FRANZ M. AND WEISS, SHARON W. - Soft Tissue Tumors
012694: NAEYE, RICHARD L.; KISSANE, JOHN M. AND KAUFMAN, NATHAN (MD'S), EDITORS - Perinatal Diseases, By 14 Authors
024226: HEWITT, RICHARD M. AND LLOYD G. POTTER, EDITORS - Collected Papers of the Mayo Clinic and Mayo Foundation, Volume XXVI (26), 1934
009340: SCARPELLI, EMILE M. AND COSMI, ERMELANDO V. (MD'S), EDITORS - Reviews in Perinatal Medicine - Vol. 3
036782: HANRATTY, DENNIS M. AND MEDITZ, SANDRA W. (EDITORS) - Colombia: A Country Study (Area Handbook Series - Library of Congress)
056620: EDITED BY LANG, D.M. AND DUDLEY, D.R. - The Penguin Companion to Classical, Oriental & African Literature
047948: SMITH, VONCILE M. (PH.D.) AND BASS, THELMA A. (M.A.) - Communication for Health Professionals
065816: LOCK, M. AND GORDON, D. (EDITORS) - Biomedicine Examined
007058: ADAMS, WILLIAM F.; COPELAND, JUDGE A. M. AND KIRKHAM, ALBERT H. - Papers & Proceedings of the Connecticut Valley Historical Society 1882-1903, Vol. II - INSCRIBED
015042: HAIK, GEORGE M. AND COLES, WILLIAM H. - Intraocular Injuries
025158: GAMBILL, CARL M. (MD) ET AL - 1966-1967 (Volume 58) Collected Papers in Medicine/Surgery from the Mayo Clinic and the Mayo Foundation - 2 Volumes Complete (No Box)
027779: MITCHISON, N. A.; GREEP, J. M. AND VERSCHURE, J. C. M. HATTINGA (EDS) - Organ Transplantation Today
038084: ROBB, DAVID M. (M.F.A.) AND GARRISON, J.J. (M.A.) - Art in the Western World (Illustrated)
005727: FISTER, GEORGE M. (MD) ET AL - Federalized Health Care for the Aged?
040713: FROM THE WORK OF SHAW, FRANKLIN J. (DEC.); JOURARD, SIDNEY M. AND OVERLADE, DAN C. - Reconciliation: A Theory of Man Transcending
083688: SAJOUS, CHARLES E. DE M. (MD) AND ONE HUNDRED ASSOCIATE EDITORS - Sajous' Analytical Cyclopaedia of Practical Medicine - Complete, 6 Volumes
018867: HILL, JOSEPH M. AND DAMESHEK, WILLIAM (MD'S) - The Rh Factor in the Clinic and the Laboratory
034350: LIPS, HILARY M. AND COLWILL, NINA LEE - The Psychology of Sex Differences
075093: LASKIN, DANIEL M. AND STRAUSS, ROBERT A. - GUEST EDITORS - Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinics of North America - Infections of the Head and Neck
012436: HOWARD, JOHN M. AND JORDAN, GEORGE L., JR. (MD'S) - Surgical Diseases of the Pancreas
068062: ZIMMERMAN, LEO M. AND LEVINE, RACHMIEL (MD'S), EDITORS - Physiologic Principles of Surgery
034115: C. H. M. - Sanctification - What is it. . .
008030: BRICKNER, WALTER M. AND MOSCHOCOWITZ, ELI (MD'S) - 500 Surgical Suggestions
061147: CRONAN, JOHN M. AND BROOKS, ALBERT - The Mammals of Rhode Island (Wildlife Pamphlet No. 6)
072005: BARTON, WILFRED M. AND YATER, WALLACE M. (MD'S) - Symptom Diagnosis Regional and General
018072: LANGSTON, HIRAM T.; PANTONE, ANTON M. AND MELAMED, MYRON (MD'S) - The Postoperative Chest
060234: FELMAN, YEHUDI M. AND HOKE, AXEL W. (MD'S) - Wellcome Atlas of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
001612: HOWLEY, PETER M. AND BROKER, THOMAS R. (EDS) - Papillomaviruses: Molecular and Clinical Aspects
060985: MAAR, VILHELM - Holger Jacobaeus' Rejsebog (1671-1692)
031152: MAARTENS, MAARTEN - Joost Avelingh - A Dutch Story
069001: MAARTENS, MARETHA - Paperbird: A Novel of South Africa
Pb1125: MAAS, PETER - Manhunt: The Incredible Pursuit of a CIA Agent Turned Terrorist
031218: MAASS, JOHN - The Gingerbread Age: A View of Victorian America
041771: MABBOTT, J.D. - An Introduction to Ethics
018656: MABBOTT, J.D - Oxford Memories
058958: MABIE, HAMILTON WRIGHT - American Ideals: Character and Life
038125: MABIE, HAMILTON WRIGHT - Essays on Nature and Culture
064963: MABIE, HAMILTON WRIGHT (EDITOR) - Famous Stories Every Child Should Know (What-Every-Child-Should-Know Library)
068862: MABIE, HAMILTON WRIGHT - Parables of Life
018394: MABIE, HAMILTON W. - AUTHOR AND EDITOR - The Mentor: Walter Scott, September 15 1916, Serial No. 115
034518: MABIE, HAMILTON WRIGHT - Parables of Life
012040: MABIE, HAMILTON WRIGHT - Books and Culture
061359: MABIE, HENRY C. - In Brightest Asia - Third Edition
042258: MABLEY, JACK - Halas, Hef, the Beatles, and Me
047120: MABRY, EDWARD LOUGHLIN - The Butterfly Express - Vol. 6 of Sayings
047121: MABRY, EDWARD LOUGHLIN - Petals of Sunshine - Vol. 5 of Sayings
047119: MABRY, EDWARD LOUGHLIN - Sempre Avanti - Vol. 11 of Sayings
047122: MABRY, EDWARD LOUGHLIN - Summerfest - Vol. 8 of Sayings
047123: MABRY, EDWARD LOUGHLIN - The Velvet Touch - Vol. 6 of Sayings
047116: MABRY, EDWARD LOUGHLIN - Time In Its Flight - Vol. 7 of Sayings
047117: MABRY, EDWARD LOUGHLIN - A Time to Reap - Vol. 9 of Sayings
047118: MABRY, EDWARD LOUGHLIN - Photo Finish - Vol. 10 of Sayings
047128: MABRY, EDWARD L. - Mabryana - Of Petal and Wing, Romance and Spring - - And Many a Thing
047115: MABRY, EDWARD LOUGHLIN - Spring Harvest: A Hatching of Sayings - Vol. 4 of Sayings
010272: MACAFEE, WILLIAM H. - The Choice Library of William H. MacAfee, Pittsburgh, PA
042388: MACALEER, EDWARD C. (EDITOR, INTRODUCTION) - Dearest Isa: Robert Browning's Letters to Isabella Blagden - SIGNED LETTER
084941: HAMILTON MACALLISTER - Fielding - ARCO Literary Critiques
082498: MACALLUM, A. B. - On the Distribution of Potassium in Animal and Vegetable Cells - INSCRIBED
082497: MACALLUM, A. B. - On the Inorganic Composition of the Medusae, Aurelia Flavidula and Cyanea Artica
035955: MACALPINE, ROBERT J. (M.A., D.D.) - What is True Religion? And Other Addresses
083724: MACALVAY, NORA TULLY - Cathie and the Paddy Boy
082827: MACARTHUR, ROBERT STUART - The Old Book and The Old Faith: Reviewed in a Series of Lectures
084215: MACARTHUR, DOUGLAS; EISENHOWER, DWIGHT D.; PATTON,GEORGE S. - Great American Generals of World War II
039365: MACARTHUR, WILSON - The Road from Chilanga
P000030: WILSON MACARTHUR - Traders North
040760: MACARTHUR, JOHN (JR.) - Unashamed - John MacArthur's Bible Studies
040641: MACARTHUR, JOHN JR. - Living For Christ in a Cynical World
067365: MACARTNEY, CLARENCE E. - Strange Texts but Grand Truths
012684: MACARTNEY, WILLIAM N. (MD) - Observations of a General Practitioner
068234: MACAULAY, LORD - The Workds of Lord Macaulay - Complete Twelve Volume Set
075015: MACAULAY, ROSE - Personal Pleasures
037903: MACAULAY, THOMAS BABINGTON - The History of England From The Accession of James II - Volume I
037904: MACAULAY, THOMAS BABINGTON - The History of England From The Accession of James II - Volume II
027393: DE VOLTAIRE, M.; LORD BROUGHAM; LORD MACAULAY AND THOMAS CARLYLE; EDITED BY O. W. WIGHT - History of Charles XII, with A Life of Voltaire and Critical Notices
041427: MACAULAY, THOMAS BABINGTON - The History of England From The Accession of James II - Five Volume Set, Complete
063789: ESSAY BY LORD MACAULAY - Selections from Addison's Papers in the "Spectator." - Essay on "Addison."
052115: MACAULAY, THOMAS BABINGTON - Johnson and Goldsmith - Essays
Pb5868: LORD MACAULAY - Critical, Historical, and Miscellaneous Essays.
084488: MACAULAY, THOMAS BABINGTON (WITH INTRODUCTIONS AND EXPLANATORY NOTES) - Lays of Ancient Rome, The Armada, Ivry, and the Battle of Naseby (The Riverside Literature Series)
051457: MACAULAY, THOMAS BABINGTON - Essays. (Selected.) Lord Bacon. Warren Hastings. William Pitt.
059444: MACAW, GRANT - Vigil's End: Book One of the Ninth Day of Man - SIGNED
Pb4939: DILLA MACBEAN - Picture Book Dictionary
071986: MACBRYDE, CYRIL MITCHELL (MD), EDITOR - Signs and Symptoms - Their Clinical Interpretation
055297: MACCALLAN, A. F., MD - Trachoma and Its Complications in Egypt
033618: MACCALLUM, W. G. (MD) - Pathology of the Pneumonia Following Influenza
019099: MACCALLUM, W. G. - A Text-Book of Pathology
084815: MACCANA, PROINSIAS - Celtic Mythology
042756: MACCARTHY, DESMOND - Portraits I (1)
064214: MACCARTHY, DESMOND (EDITOR) - Life and Letters, Vol. II, No. 9, 1929
057511: MACCLOSKEY, MONRO - Achieving Victory - World War II: A Behind-the-Scenes Account
028410: MACCOLL, D. S. (EDITOR) - Twenty-Five Years of The National Art-Collections Fund, 1903-1928
073826: MACCONNELL, M. F. - Some Essentials in Musical Definitions for Music Students
058625: MACCRACKEN, HELEN DOLMAN; DECKER, DONALD GILMORE; READ, JOHN GAMMONS; YARIAN, ALTON - Scientists Solve Problems (Singer Science Series 8)
018037: MACDONAGH, OLIVER - Ireland (The Modern Nations in Historical Perspective Series)
026521: MACDONALD, P. HORNE - Influenza and Air-Borne Diseases
078467: MACDONALD, WILLIAM - From Jefferson to Lincoln (Home University Library)
018128: MACDONALD, E.M - Recollections, Political and Personal
062613: MACDONALD, WILSON - A Flagon of Beauty (Inscribed & Signed By Author)
049317: MACDONALD, J. RAMSAY - Wanderings and Excursions
085559: MACDONALD, WILLIAM - The Government of Maine - Its History and Administration, 1902 First Edition
019622: MACDONALD, CYNTHIA - Alternate Means of Transport - Poems
P000341: MACDONALD, RUTH K. - Louisa May Alcott (No. 457) (United States Authors Ser.)
Pa1403: MACDONALD, ELIZABETH - Mike's Kite
003067: MACDONALD, GWENDOLINE - Development of Standards and Accreditation in Collegiate Nursing Education
081591: MACDONALD, J. RAMSAY - The Socialist Movement
079456: MACDONALD, ALICE B. - Foundation English
046057: MACDONALD, WILSON - Comber Cover
002139: MACDONALD, J. RAMSAY - Margaret Ethel MacDonald
035862: MACDONALD, ANNIE - The Gospel In Its Native Land: And There Shall Be Stability in Thy Times, Abundance of Salvation, Wisdom and Knowledge
068221: MACDONALD, J. ANGUS - Successful Advertising: How to Accomplish It
082206: MACDONALD, FRANCIS - Star of the Mohawk: Kateri Tekakwitha
079391: MACDONALD, ALEXANDER - The White Trail: A Story of the Early Days of Klondike
029184: SPINDLER, FRANK MACDONALD AND BROOKS, NANCY COOK - Selections from Juan Montalvo Translated from the Spanish: Special Studies No. 23
049415: MACDONALD, JAKE - The Bridge Out of Town
Pb3186: MACDONALD, AMY - Rachel Fister's Blister
077099: MACDONALD, GEORGE - Little Daylight (Signed By Illustrator)
080241: MACDONALD, THE RIGHT HONOURABLE MALCOLM - The Birds of Brewery Creek
079332: MACDONALD, J. RAMSAY - The Socialist Movement (The Homy University Library of Modern Knowledge)
Pb7361: JESSIE MACDONALD AND MARIAN H. SHAFER - Let's make a Patchwork Quilt
066883: MACDONALD, WILSON - Comber Cove
072170: MACDONELL, A.G. - England Their England
010230: MACDOUGAL, DANIEL TREMBLY - The Nature and Work of Plants
004494: MACDOWELL, DR. E. C. - A Geneticist Studies Leukemia
081544: MACDUFF, J. R. - The Healing Waters of Israel, or, the Story of Naaman the Syrian
079401: MACE, WILLIAM H. - A Beginner's History
066014: MACE, DAVID R. - What Makes a Marriage Happy? (Public Affairs Pamphlet No. 290)
066633: MACE, ELISABETH - Under Siege
Pb5782: KAY AND HARRY MACE - Chief Dooley's Busy Day
084199: SELECTED AND EDITED BY LEACH, MACEDWARD - The Book of Ballads (In Slipcase)
064545: MACEOIN, GARY - Father Moreau: Founder of Holy Cross
029176: MACEOIN, GARY - Agent For Change: The Story of Pablo Steele as told to Gary MacEois
038464: MACFADDEN, BERNARR - Rheumatism: Its Cause, Nature and Treatment
073436: MACFADDEN, BERNARR - Preparing for Motherhood
068293: MACFADDEN, BERNARR - MacFadden's Encyclopedia of Physical Culture - Volume IV (4)
084962: MACFADDEN, BERNARR - Predetermine Your Baby's Sex
068292: MACFADDEN, BERNARR - MacFadden's Encyclopedia of Physical Culture - Volume I (1)
036073: MACFARLAND, CHARLES S. - The Progress of Church Federation
017249: MACFIE, J. M. - The Laws of Manu: A Summary in English - SIGNED
P000056: DON MACGILIVRAY & BRIAN TENNYSON - Cape Breton Historical Essays
040283: MACGILLIVRAY, ARTHUR (OF THE SOCIETY OF JESUS) - Sufficient Wisdom, With Other Poems (Signed)
053720: MACGRATH, HAROLD - A Splendid Hazard
071788: BURNS, JAMES MACGREGOR AND BURNS, STEWART - A People's Charter: The Pursuit of Rights in America
068127: MACGREGOR, T.D. - Bank Advertising Experience: Practical Ideas for Financial Publicity as Used By Hundreds of Banks and Trust Companies in the United States and Canada
P000405: ELLEN MACGREGOR, ILLUSTRATED BY PAUL GALDONE - Miss Pickerell Goes to The Arctic
083195: PAMELA MACGREGOR - MORRIS - The Book of the Horse
079976: MACGREGOR, ALASDAIR ALPIN - The Turbulent Years: A Portrait of Youth in Auld Reekie
026863: MACHEN, ARTHUR - The Memoirs of Jacques Casanova de Seingalt - Volume Two, To Paris and Prison
050413: MACHIAVELLI, NICCOLO - Belphagor
085360: THE DREAM MACHINE - Haining, Peter
051308: MACHT, CAROL (A.M., PH.D.) - Classical Wedgwood Designs: The Sources of Their Use and the Relationship of Wedgwood Jasper Ware to the Classical Revival of the Eighteenth Century
063864: MACHUM, LLOYD A. - A History of Moncton Town and City, 1855-1965
080139: MACINNES, HELEN - While Still We Live
073180: MACINNES, HELEN - Above Suspicion
Pb4803: MACINNES, HELEN - Prelude to Terror
061158: MACINTOSH, ARCHIBALD - Behind the Academic Curtain: A Guide to Getting the Most Out of College
082686: MACINTOSH, ROBERT BRUCE - Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinics of North America - Autogenous Grafting in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
052193: MACK, MAYNARD (GENERAL EDITOR) - The Continental Edition of World Masterpieces - Enlarged - Volume 1, Continental Literature Through the Renaissance
063821: MACK, RUTH P. - Consumption and Business Fluctuations - SIGNED
051384: MACK, GERSTLE - Toulouse-Lautrec
065134: CARTER, JOHN MACK AND FEENEY, JOAN - Starting at the Top: America's New Achievers: Twenty-Three Success Stories Told By Men and Women Whose Dreams of Being Boss Came True
013535: MACK, HAROLD C. (MD) - The Ovary
012661: MACK, JOHN E. (MD) - Nightmares and Human Conflict
046886: MACK, GERSTLE - Toulouse-Lautrec
066289: MACKAIL, J.W. - Classical Studies
Pb3305: DANDI DALEY MACKALL - Little Shepard
043944: MACKAY, AGNES ETHEL - La Fontaine and His Friends: A Biography
071343: MACKAY, JOY - Creative Counseling for Christian Camps
065325: MACKAY, CHARLES - The Poetical Works of Charles MacKay. Complete in One Volume. (The "Chandos Classics.")
Pa1450: MACKAY, HARVEY B. - Sharkproof: Get the Job You Want, Keep the Job You Love... in Today's Frenzied Job Market
Pa1451: MACKAY, HARVEY - Pushing the Envelope: All the Way to the Top
Pa992: MACKAY, SUSAN; BAKER, L. DALE - Burning Wood and Coal
027176: MACKAY, AGNES ETHEL - La Fontaine and His Friends, A Biography
058377: MACKAY, AGNES ETHEL - La Fontaine and His Friends: A Biography
Pa165: MACKAY, HARVEY - Sharkproof : Get the Job You Want, Keep the Job You Love...in Today's Frenzied Job Market
041431: MACKAY, DONALD M. - Science, Chance and Providence: The Riddell Memorial Lectures Forty-sixth Series Delivered at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne on 15, 16, and 17 March 1977
085546: MACKAY, CONSTANCE D'ARCY - Children's Theatres and Plays
075136: MACKAY, CHARLES - A Thousand and One Gems of English Poetry
073643: MACKAY, MARIANNE - Prisms (Signed Presentation Copy)
071124: MACKAY, MARGARET - Give Him My Love: A Novel
074032: MACKAY, ROLAND P. (MD), ET AL - The Medical Clinics of North America, Chicago Number, January 1945 - Neuro-Psychiatric Diseases
Pb3329: MACKAY, CLAIRE - Touching All the Bases: Baseball for Kids of All Ages
070550: MACKAY, JAMES - An Encyclopedia of Small Antiques
017640: MACKAYE, PERCY - The Evergreen Tree
073667: MACKAYE, PERCY; FOREWORD BY COLUM, PADRAIC - Poog and the Caboose Man
079390: MACKELLAR, WILLIAM - Ghost in the Castle
077965: MACKELLAR, WILLIAM - Wee Joseph
056573: MACKENDRICK, PAUL - The Iberian Stones Speak: Archaeology in Spain and Portugal
076157: MACKENDRICK, PAUL - Roman France
080439: MACKENTHUN, CAROLE - Saints Alive: Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha
050893: MACKENZIE, RAEWYN - Menopause - A Practical, Self-Help Guide for Women
063223: FOREWORD BY MACKENZIE, R.A.F. - The Word: Readings in Theology
056046: MACKENZIE, R.A.F. (S.J.) - Faith and History in the Old Testament
067379: MACKENZIE, DONALD - Night Boat from Puerto Vedra
033823: MACKENZIE, JEAN KENYON - An African Trail
056442: MACKENZIE, RACHEL - Risk
Pb1689: MACKENZIE, JOY - A Child's Book of Bible Rhymes
P000411: G. CALVIN MACKENZIE - American Government Politics and Public Policy
036239: MACKENZIE, REV. KENNETH - Redemption: A Study
010570: MACKENZIE, ALEXANDER C. - Descriptive Analysis of the Factors That Influenced the Creation, Introduction, and Impact of Selected Television Programs of the Years 1946-1976
036087: MACKENZIE, KENNETH (ED.) - Union of Christendom
034242: MACKENZIE, W. DOUGLAS - The Christ of the Christian Faith
062235: MACKENZIE, DOUGLAS FREDERICK - The Water Gators in Hell
054941: MACKENZIE, COMPTON - The East Wind
077748: MACKEY, ERNEST - Directing Boys and Students: Retreats, Meditations, Conferences
028131: MACKEY, RICHARD A. - Ego Psychology and Clinical Practice
079424: MACKINNON, ALLAN - Cormorant's Isle
040425: MACKINNON, CATHARINE A.; EMERSON, THOMAS I. (FOREWORD) - Sexual Harassment of Working Women: A Case of Sexual Discrimination
Pb2676: CHARLES MACKINNON - Castlemore
051031: MACKINNON, BERNIE - Song for a Shadow (Inscribed & Signed by Author)
074390: MACKINNON, LILIAS - Music By Heart
041039: MACKINNON, JAMES (PH.D., D.D., D.THEOL.) - The Historic Jesus
018365: MACKINTOSH, J. M. - Housing and Family Life
060266: MACKLIN, CHARLES C. (MD) - Bronchial Length Changes and Other Movements
055019: MACKMURDO, A. H. - Pressing Questions: Profit-Sharing, Women's Suffrage, Electoral Reform
072324: MACKY, PETER - The Pursuit of the Divine Snowman
049132: MACLAINE, SHIRLEY - Dance While You Can
Pa1174: MACLAINE, SHIRLEY - My Lucky Stars: A Hollywood Memoir
059247: MACLAINE, SHIRLEY - The Camino: A Journey of the Spirit
086075: MACLAREN, IAN - A Doctor of the Old School
060869: MACLAREN, IAN - Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush
034196: MACLAUGHLIN, REV. J.; LAMBERT, REV. L.A. (ED) - Indifferentism (or) Is One Religion as Good as Another?
083692: MACLAURIN, C. - Mere Mortals: Medico-Historical Essays
Pa408: MACLAY, DAVID T. - Treatment for Children: The Work of a Child Guidance Clinic
069006: MACLEAN, RORY - Stalin's Nose: Travels Around the Bloc
062080: MACLEAN, H.S. - The High School Book-Keeping Containing Illustrations of the Latest and Best Methods of Keeping Accounts By Single and Double Entry. Business Forms, Correspondence, and Numerous Class Exercises; Also Precis-Writing and Indexing
081495: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR - South By Java Head
044201: MACLEAR, THE REV. G. F. (D.D.) - An Introduction to The Creeds (Elementary Theological Class-Books.)
056353: MACLEISH, ARCHIBALD - "The Wild Old Wicked Man" & Other Poems
020693: MACLEISH, ARCHIBALD - Poems, 1924-1933
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061717: MARTIN, JOHN BARTLOW - The Televising of Heller
013537: MARTIN, LEONIDE L. - Health Care for Women
061173: MARTIN, BILL - Sounds of Numbers (Primer - Teacher's Edition)
061382: MARTIN, RICHARD MARK - Mammals of the Oceans
060035: MARTIN, JAMES H. - National Series. The Orthoepist; Containing a Selection of All Those Words of the English Language Usually Pronounced Improperly; With a Reading Exercise Following Each Letter, Including in it All the Words to Be Found in the Preceding Vocabulary.
077225: MARTIN, PATRICIA MILES - The Pumpkin Patch
022112: MARTIN, GUSTAV J. (WHITELOCK, OTTO V. ST. - EDITOR IN CHIEF) - Proteolytic Enzymes and Their Clinical Application
080419: MARTIN, LEE - Murder at the Blue Owl
077768: MARTIN, WILLIAM - Harvard Yard
011702: MARTIN, EDWARD (MD) - Essentials of Minor Surgery, Bandaging and Venereal Diseases
070750: MARTIN, MILWARD W. - Was Shakespeare Shakespeare? A Lawyer Reviews the Evidence
Pb7858: MARTIN, PATRICIA STONE - Beverly Cleary: She Makes Reading Fun
083658: MARTIN, BURTON E. - A Short History of American Literature: Volume One (1) Foundations of American Literature
060102: MARTIN, RUSSELL - The Color Orange: A Super Bowl Season with the Denver Broncos
061864: MARTIN, MARCIA - Adventures from the Original Alice in Wonderland
021276: MARTIN, J. D., JR. (MD), EDITOR - Trauma to the Thorax and Abdomen
084640: MARTIN, MARIE DE SAINT JEAN - Ursuline Method of Education
085095: MARTIN, CY - The Saga of the Buffalo
Pb1080: MARTIN, NANCY - Mostly About Writing: Selected Essays of Nancy Martin
Pb4895: LOWELL A. MARTIN, EDITOR - Encyclopedia Year Book 1967
076104: MARTIN, J. D. JR. (MD), EDITOR - Transactions of the Southern Surgical Association, Volume LXX (1958)
081268: NAVRATILOVA, MARTINA AND NICKLES, LIZ - The Total Zone, A Mystery - Advance Reader's Edition
065811: MARTINDALE, C. C. - Life of Saint Camillus
037335: MARTINDALE, ANDREW - Man and the Renaissance (Landmarks of the World's Art)
040232: MARTINEAU, JAMES (D.D., D.C.L.) - Faith the Beginning, Self-Surrender the Fulfilment, Of the Spiritual Life
086162: MARTINES, LAURO - Fire in the City: Savonarola and the Struggle for the Soul of Renaissance Florence
072669: MARTINET, ALFRED (MD); TRANSLATED BY SAJOUS, LOUIS T. DE M. (MD) - Clinical Diagnosis - Case Examination and the Analysis of Symptoms, Two Volumes Complete (1,2,I, II)
076620: MARTINET, ALFRED (MD) - TRANSLATED BY LOUIS T. DEM. SAJOUS, MD - Clinical Therapeutics - Vol. II (2): Treatment of Symptoms and Diseases
022322: MARTINET, ALFRED (MD) - TRANSLATED BY LOUIS T. DEM. SAJOUS, MD - Clinical Therapeutics - Vol. I Therapeutic Agents and Procedures
022323: MARTINET, ALFRED (MD) - TRANSLATED BY LOUIS T. DEM. SAJOUS, MD - Clinical Therapeutics - Vol. II Treatment of Symptoms and Diseases
044876: MARTINEZ, LIONEL - Sensational Salads
086191: MARTINI, CARLO-MARIA - Reflections on the Church: Meditations on Vatican II
086189: MARTINI, CARLO-MARIA - In The Thick Of His Ministry
076907: MARTINI, TERI - The True Book of Cowboys
080827: MARTINI, TERI - Sandals on the Golden Highway: A Life of Junipero Serra
071080: MARTINI, ALBERTO - Monet
086190: MARTINI, CARLO-MARIA - Drawn to the Lord: Six Stories of Vocation
Pb7053: MARTINI - Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology: Application Manual
Pb7054: MARTINI - Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology: Application Manual
033908: MARTINS, JOSE MURILO (MD) - English for the Foreign Physician
016905: MARTIUS, PROF. DR. MED. HEINRICH - Gynecologic Operations and Their Topographic-Anatomic Fundamentals
073953: MARTIUS, PROF. DR. MED. HEINRICH - Lehrbuch Der Gynakologie
053332: MARTTIN, PAUL - Cocoa Blades: A Novel
085208: MARTY, MARTIN E. - Second Chance for American Protestants
P000472: M. L'ABBE J. MARTY - Recueil De Cantiques et Motets
063115: MARTY, MARTIN E. - The Public Church: Mainline-Evangelical-Catholic
035986: MARTY, MARTIN E. - The New Shape of American Religion
077275: MARTYN, SEAN - How to Start and Run a Successful Mail Order Business
026067: PAINE, MARTYN AND MARY ANN - Memoir of Robert Troup Paine
072747: MARTZ, SANDRA HALDEMAN (EDITOR) - Grow Old Along With Me - The Best is Yet To Be - LARGE PRINT EDITION
025468: MARTZ, WILLIAM J - The Achievement of Robert Lowell: A Comprehensive Selection of His Poems with a Critical Introduction (The Modern Poets Series)
046440: MARVEL, ELINORE J. - Cook it Ahead
033827: MARVEL, TOM - The New Congo
077712: MARVEL, JK. - Reveries of a Bachelor, or a Book of the Heart
075383: MARVEL, IK - Reveries of a Bachelor (or) A Book of the Heart
055035: MARVEL, IK. - Reveries of a Bachelor: Or A Book of the Heart.
072402: MASTER, ARTHUR M.; MOSER, MARVIN AND JAFFE, HARRY L. (MD'S) - Cardiac Emergencies and Heart Failure - Prevention and Treatment
079249: KALB, MARVIN AND HERTZBERG, HENDRIK - Candidates '88
065207: KALB, MARVIN AND BERNARD - Kissinger
005657: MOSER, MARVIN AND GOLDMAN, ARTHUR G. (MD'S) - Hypertensive Vascular Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment
083734: MARX, PEARSON - On the Way to the Venus De Milo: A Novel
084795: MARX, ROBERT F. - The Lure of Sunken Treasure: Under the Sea with Marine Archeologists and Treasure Hunters
042704: MARX, KARL - Socialist Labor Party: Value, Price and Profit
081893: MARXHAUSEN, JOANNE - See His Banners Go
072998: MARXHAUSEN, JOANNE - I Am... A Cloud
039472: KELLY, PAMELA; SPELMAN, MARY; AND COYLE, CORRINE (EDITORS) - The Favorites: A Collection of Stories and Articles Published By Leading Children's Magazines
040704: NYBERG, MARY AND ROBERT - The Call of the East: Stories of Love and Adventure - SIGNED
075865: MILLER, MARY AND ZAJAN, PAULA - Finger Play ...Songs for Little Fingers
083102: CABLE, MARY AND THE EDITORS OF AMERICAN HERITAGE - American Manners & Morals: A Picture History of How We Behaved and Misbehaved (In Slipcase)
079305: DURANT, MARY AND HARWOOD, MICHAEL - On the Road with John James Audubon
079762: ELTING, MARY AND MCKOWN, ROBIN - A Mongo Homecoming
024643: CATTERALL, MARY AND BEWLEY, DAVID K. - Fast Neutrons in the Treatment of Cancer
077128: ELTING, MARY AND STEIGLER, JUDITH - Helicopters at Work
064396: PAUL, SISTER MARY WITH FISHER, C. EDMUND - An American Nun in Taiwan
081333: RILEY, MARY AND HUMBERT, ANDRE - Petits Contes Vrais
082010: DURKIN, MARY AND GREELEY, ANDREW - A Church to Come Home To
081561: MARYANNA, SISTER - My Marybook
033860: SISTER MARIA DEL REY OF MARYKNOLL - Dust on My Toes: Stories of People Near and Far
082305: SISTER JULIANA OF MARYKNOLL - I Believe: A First Book on the Apostles' Creed for Little Catholics
005149: MARZI, ALFEO - The Park of Jonas: Poems from the Bronx - SIGNED
085501: MARZIO, PETER C - Rube Goldberg: His Life and Work
Pa092: YAZIR MARZUKL - Borobudur
052981: KAMEDA, TADASHI; WADA, MASAMI ET AL - Progress of Theoretical Physics - Volume 7, No. 1, January 1952
071624: TERADA, MASANAKA AND FUKAI, KONOSUKE - Microbes Under Electron Microscope, Atlas of Electron Micrographs, Vol. 1 (I)
017398: MASATSUGO, MITSUYUKI - The Modern Samurai Society
053576: MASCETTI, MANUELA DUNN - Goddesses: Mythology and Symbols of the Goddess
036852: MASEFIELD, JOHN - Minnie Maylow's Story and Other Tales and Scenes
023423: MASEFIELD, JOHN - Poems, Volume I (1)
Pb2611: JOHN MASEFIELD - Poems By John Masefield
020694: MASEFIELD, JOHN - Tristan and Isolt - A Play in Verse
050213: MASEFIELD, JOHN - Natalie Maisie and Pavilastukay: Two Tales in Verse
066771: MASEFIELD, JOHN - Dauber & Reynard the Fox: Two Tales in Verse
025428: MASEFIELD, JOHN - Enslaved
082894: MASEFIELD, JOHN - Tribute to Ballet: In Poems and Pictures
068506: MASEFIELD, JOHN - Grace Before Ploughing: Fragments of Autobiography
070849: MASEFIELD, JOHN - William Shakespeare
045874: MASEFIELD, JOHN - Wonderings (Between One and Six Years)
061249: MASEFIELD, JOHN - The Tragedy of Man and Other Plays
Pb963: HERMAN L. MASIN - How to Star in Basketball
084752: MASINI, LARA VINCA - Braque (20th Century Masters)
063888: ANDERSON-MASKELL, MRS. A.E. - Four Feet, Wings, and Fins.
037574: MASON, JOHN; EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS - Little Blue Book No. 467 - Evolution Made Plain
006752: MASON, A. STUART (MD) (ED) - Human Growth Hormone
085532: MASON, MIRIAM E. - Mark Twain, Boy of Old Missouri
072542: MASON, LUTHER WHITING - Second Music Reader: A Course of Exercises in the Elements of Vocal Music and Sight-Singing. With Choice Rote Songs for the Use of Schools and Families.
002379: MASON, WILLILAM P. - Examination of Water: Chemical and Bacteriological
064942: MASON, LUTHER WHITING - Second Music Reader: A Course of Exercises in the Elements of Vocal Music and Sight-Singing. With Choice Rote Songs for the Use of Schools and Families
023140: MASON, WILLIAM - Poems
015985: MASON, LOWELL B. - The Bull on the Bench - SIGNED
Pa1876: MASON, MARY ANN - Debating Children's Lives: Current Controversies on Children and Adolescents
064370: MASON, MARY GRIMLEY - Life Prints: A Memoir of Healing and Discovery
029350: MASON, PHILIP - Patterns of Dominance
036513: MASON, DOROTHY E. - Music in Elizabethan England
042609: MASON, TODD - Perot: An Unauthorized Biography
079136: MASON, PHILIP - A Shaft of Sunlight: Memories of a Varied Life
038287: MASON, MICHAEL - Willie
008189: MASON, AMELIA GERE - Woman in the Golden Ages
062747: MASON, LUCILE MYERS - Moorings and Sails

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