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023871: LEWISOHN, JAMES - Roslyn
078019: LEWISOHN, LUDWIG - Don Juan
062639: LEWITON, MINA - The Tough and the Tender
065561: LEWITON, MINA - Rachel and Herman
033432: LEWY, IMMANUEL; INTRODUCTION BY ROBERT H. PFEIFFER - The Growth of the Pentateuch: A Literary, Sociological and Biographical Approach
Pb1668: LEXAU, JOAN M. - Don't Be My Valentine
035266: LEXAU, JOAN M. (ED); FORWARD BY SISTER MARIA DEL RAY OF MARYKNOLL - Convent Life: Roman Catholic Religious Orders for Women in North America
066057: LEYBURN, JAMES G. - World Minority Problems (Public Affairs Pamphlet No. 132)
063951: LEYBURN, JAMES G. - Frontier Folkways
083372: DR. E. LEYDEN - Klinik der Ruckenmarks-Krankheiten
026002: LEYLAND, JOHN - The Shakespeare Country, Illustrated
045349: LEYMARIE, JEAN (TEXTE) - La Peinture Hollandaise
049402: LEYMARIE, JEAN - Van Gogh, Arles Saint-Remy
073085: LHEVINNE, JOSEF - Basic Principles in Pianoforte Playing
067764: HAO LI, CHOH (ED) - Hormonal Proteins and Peptides - Vol IX - Techniques in Protein Chemistry
011727: HAO LI, CHOH (ED) - Hormonal Proteins and Peptides - Vol VII - Hypothalamic Hormones
011729: HAO LI, CHOH (ED) - Hormonal Proteins and Peptides - Vol III
084256: LIBBY, HERBERT CARLYLE (EDITOR) - Colby Stories: As Told by Colby Men of the Classes 1832 to 1902
079212: LIBBY, RUSSELL - Balance: A Late Pastoral
053410: LIBBY, RICHARD MURRAY - The Family of Nada Ardelle (Libby) Henry McPherson At the Year 2000
013436: LIBBY, HERBERT CARLYLE (ED) - Colby Stories
012330: LIBBY, HERBERT CARLYLE (ED) - Under the Willows
041413: LIBERTY, STEPHEN (M.A.) - The Political Relations of Christ's Ministry - With a New Study of the Temptation and an Appendix on 'The Powers of the Sanhedrin'
011645: SHERT, LIBI AND NEUFELD, HENRY N. (MD'S) - The Pre-Excitation Syndrome: Facts and Theories
045251: COMPILED AND TESTED BY BETTER COOKING LIBRARY - The Complete Everyday Cookbook
030854: COMPILED BY THE ACQUISITIONS DEPARTMENT OF BELK LIBRARY, APPALACHIAN STATE UNIVERSITY - The American Indian: A Bibliography: A list of books About American indians, Located in the Belk Library, Appalachian State University
017569: THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY - Memorial Meeting in Honor of the Late Dr. John Shaw Billings, April 25, 1913
010909: AMERICAN HOSPITAL ASSOCIATION LIBRARY, ASA S. BACON MEMORIAL - Cumulative Index of Hospital Literature, 1955-1959
059831: FRIENDS OF THE EXETER PUBLIC LIBRARY - Friends of the Exeter Public Library Cookbook
Pb2573: LICHTENDORF, SUSAN S. - Eve's Journey: The Physical Experience of Being Female
008508: LICHTENSTEIN, LOUIS - Bone Tumors
072490: LICHTMAN, S. S. (MD) - Diseases of the Liver, Gall Bladder, and Bile Ducts
013943: LICHTWITZ, LEOPOLD (MD) - Nephritis
005349: LICHTWITZ, LEOPOLD (MD) - Pathology and Therapy of Rheumatic Fever
078419: LICKONA, THOMAS (EDITOR) - Moral Development and Behavior: Theory, Research, and Social Issues
045685: LIDDELL, MARK HARVEY - The Elizabethan Shakespeare - The Tragedie of MacBeth
062199: LIDDINGTON, JILL - Female Fortune: Land, Gender and Authority - The Anne Lister Diaries and Other Writings, 1833-36
Pb3337: LIDELL, LUCY - The Sensual Body: The Ultimate Guide to Body Awareness and Self-Fulfillment
Pb3258: LIEB, JULIAN; SLABY, ANDREW EDMUND - Integrated Psychiatric Treatment
055290: EDITED BY LIEBERMAN, ELIAS - Poems for Enjoyment
027183: LIEBERMAN, BEN - The Black Art - Volume I, No. 2, Summer 1962 - The Liberty Bell on The Kelmscott Goudy Press
037834: LIEBERMAN, WILLIAM S. (ED.) - Modern Masters: Manet to Matisse
069745: LIEBERMAN, HERBERT - The Eighth Square
Pb7051: LIEBERMAN, J - Those Amazing Tables
020824: LIEBERMAN, LAURENCE - The Mural of Wakeful Sleep
050088: LIEBERS, ARTHUR - How to Raise and Train a Pedigreed or Mixed Breed Puppy
Pb3922: LIEBERS, ARTHUR - How to Raise and Train a Pedigreed or a Mixed breed Puppy
Pb7206: LIEBLICH, JULIA - Sisters : Lives of Devotion and Defiance
047827: LIEBMAN, JOSHUA LOTH - Peace of Mind
085514: LIEBREICH, OSCAR - Encyklopaedie Der Therapie, Erster Band
075312: LIEBREICH, OSCAR - Encyklopaedie Der Therapie, Dritter Band
075313: LIEBREICH, OSCAR - Encyklopaedie Der Therapie, Zweiter Band
041334: LIEDERMAN, DAVID - David's Delicious Weight-Loss Program
062999: LIEDKE, HERBERT R. - Literary Criticism and Romantic Theory in the Work of Achim Von Arnim
086103: LIENHARD, JOSEPH T. - The Bible, The Church, and Authority
065227: LIENHARD, MARC - Un Temps, Une Ville, Une Reforme - La Reformation a Strasbourg
026342: VAN LIERE, EDWARD J. (MD) - Medical and Other Essays
040612: LIETZMANN, HANS; WOOLF, BERTRAM LEE (TRANSLATOR) - The Beginnings of the Christian Church
Pa1134: TIME LIFE - Sky and Earth
Pb825: TIME LIFE - Best Recipes from Time-Life Books
082900: THE EDITORS OF LIFE - Project Mercury
049522: LIFSHIN, LYN (EDITOR) - Tangled Vines: A Collection of Mother and Daughter Poems
083307: LIFTON, ROBERT JAY - Home From the War: Vietnam Veterans: Neither Victims nor Executioners
Pb6613: LIFTON, WALTER M. - Groups: Facilitating Individual Growth and Social Change
043735: LIGHT, PAUL - A Delicate Balance: An Essential Introduction to American Government
073941: LIGHT, CAROLINE - A Gift in Secret
PB1404: LIGHTFOOT, PETER - Catalog of American Antiques
065336: LIGHTMAN, ALAN - A Modern Day Yankee in a Connecticut Court - And Other Essays on Science
P000336: LIGHTMAN, ALAN P. - Einstein's Dreams
085835: LIGON, ERNEST M. (PH.D.) - The Psychology of Christian Personality
086637: LIGUORI, SAINT ALPHONSUS - Visits to the Most Blessed Sacrament and the Blessed Virgin Mary
005933: LIKOFF, WILLIAM (MD), SEGAL, BERNARD L. (MD), INSULL,JR., WILLIAM (MD), EDITORS - Atherosclerosis and Coronary Heart Disease: The Twenty-Fourth Hahnemann Symposium
078261: LILE, SAMUEL (MD) - Medical and Minor Surgical Diseases of Women
077371: LILIENTHAL, ALFRED M. - What Price Israel
060176: SELECTED AND EDITED BY HOLLOWELL, LILLIAN - A Book of Children's Literature - Second Edition
014980: GRAY, LILLIAN AND REESE, DORA - Teaching Children to Read
056499: ELI LILLY AND CO. - De Re Medicina
017862: ELI LILLY AND CO. - De Re Medicina
043178: ELI LILLY AND CO. - Iletin Insulin, Lilly
010111: ELI LILLY AND CO. - De Rx
045987: LILLY, LEONARD S. (EDITOR) - Patholophysiology of Heart Disease
082487: ELI LILLY AND CO. - De Re Medicina
078855: ELI LILLY AND COMPANY - Profile of an Antibiotic - Keflin, Sodium Cephalothin
081483: LIM, SHIRLEY GEOK-LIN - Among the White Moon Faces: An Asian-American Memoir of Homelands (The Cross Cultural Memoir Series)
030090: LIMA, CLARA ROSA DE - Not Bad, Just a Little Mad
077070: LIMARZI, LOUIS (MD), GUEST EDITOR - The Medical Clinics of North America - Spleen and Blood, January 1962
073186: LIMBROUGH, EMILY - Pleasure by the Busload
027255: PUBLISHERS OF THE ART TRADE PRESS LIMITED, EDITORS - Art Prices Current: A Record of Sale Prices at the Principal London and Other Auction Rooms September 1930 to July 1931 with Indexes to the Artists, Engravers and Collectors, New Series, Volume X, Part B Only, Engravings and Etchings
079218: PARDEY, LIN WITH PARDEY, LARRY - The Care and Feeding of the Offshore Crew
044064: LIN, JAIN I. (MD) - Death of a Kaiser - A Medical Historical Narrative
083969: LINAKIS, STEVEN - The Killing Ground
051214: LINCOLN, C. ERIC - The Avenue, Clayton City
084134: LINCOLN, JOSEPH C. - Shavings
078564: BOUSCAREN, T. LINCOLN AND ELLIS, ADAM C. - Canon Law: A Text and Commentary
079339: LINCOLN, JOSEPH C. - Shavings: A Novel
068188: LINCOLN, C. ERIC - Sounds of the Struggle: Persons and Perspectives in Civil Rights
058952: LINCOLN, JOSEPH C. - The Bradshaws of Harniss
058957: LINCOLN, JOSEPH C. - Cy Whittaker's Place
062310: LINCOLN, EDWARD A. - Beginnings in Educational Measurement (Lippincott's Educational Guides)
064052: LINCOLN, MRS. ALMIRA H. - Familiar Lectures on Botany, Practical, Elementary, and Physiological. With an Appendix, Containing Descriptions of the Plants of the United States and Exotics, &c. Seventh Edition, Revised and Enlarged
061324: LINCOLN, JOSEPH C. - Storm Signals
082754: LINCOLN, JOSEPH C. - Cy Whittaker's Place
058091: LINCOLN, W. BRUCE - In War's Dark Shadow: The Russians Before the Great War
038505: LINCOLN, WALDO - Checklist of the Portraits in the American Antiquarian Society
054571: COMPILED UNDER THE DIRECTION OF LINCOLN, CHARLES HENRY (PH.D.) - A Calendar of John Paul Jones Manuscripts in the Library of Congress
060091: LIND, MICHAEL - Powertown
053799: FISHER, LINDA WITH MARTON, ANDREW - The Muffin Lady: Muffins, Cupcakes, and Quick Breads for the Happy Soul
008539: SUNSHINE, LINDA AND WRIGHT, JOHN W. - The Best Hospitals in America
060465: BIDABE, LINDA WITH VOLL, CHRIS - No Ordinary Move, A Memoir - Uncorrected Proof
060359: LINDALL, EDWARD - The Killers of Karawala
057804: LINDAMAN, EDWARD B. - Space: A New Direction for Mankind
058623: LINDAMAN, EDWARD B. - Space: A New Direction for Mankind
070037: LINDAUER, MARTIN S. - The Psychological Study of Literature: Limitations, Possibilities, and Accomplishments
072396: LINDBERGH, ANNE MORROW - North to the Orient (Rare Review Copy)
067483: LINDBERGH, ANNE MORROW - Gift From the Sea
068140: LINDBERGH, ANNE MORROW - The Steep Ascent
041877: STOTTS, JACK L.; SAWYERS, LINDELL AND WOODS, RAY T. (EDITORS) - Believing, Deciding, Acting
041505: LINDEN, JOHN - Manual of the Exanthematic Method of Cure, Also Known as Baunscheidtism
069876: LINDEN, HAL - FYI For Your Information: Unexpected Answers to Everyday Questions, Based on the Award-Winning ABC-TV Program with Hal Linden
067401: LINDEN, MILLICENT - S-t-r-e-t-c-h (Stretch) For Life
068418: LINDEN, FRANK - The Secret of a Long and Active Life and How to Enjoy It
040658: LINDENBUSCH, JOHN (EDITOR) - Journal Kept By John H. Steele on a Journey from Peterborough, N.H. To Salisbury, North Carolina in the Months of November & December 1838
029060: LINDENMUTH, O. - Report of Ophthalmological Clinics Held By Professor L. Webster Fox 1905-6
022321: MULLER, GULLI LINDH (MD) AND DAWES, DOROTHY E. (RN) - Introduction of Medical Science
013389: LINDLAHR, VICTOR H. - Special Notes on Chronic Arthritis
013495: LINDLAHR, VICTOR H. - Special Notes on Preventing Colds
Pb1270: AUDREY ERSKINE LINDOP - The Singer Not the Song
Pb2647: LINDOW, WESLEY - Inside the Money Market
062986: LINDQUIST, WILLIS - The Universal History of the World - The Age of Revolution, Volume XI
067685: LINDQUIST, RAYMOND IRVING - Notes for Living
052564: TOLD BY LINDQUIST, WILLIS - Walt Disney's Old Yeller: Based on Old Yeller By Fred Gipson
037016: LINDSAY, B. - The Story of Animal Life (Library of Valuable Information)
031980: ROWLAND, MICHELLE LINDSAY AND HALL, GWEN E. - The Ship's Log - The 175-Year Voyage of The National State Bank
020770: LINDSAY, NINA LIFTON - Facets
068165: LINDSAY, MAURICE M. (CPA) - Probate Accounting According to Massachusetts Law
019601: LINDSAY, VACHEL - Going-to-the-Sun
059034: LINDSAY, JOHN V. - The Edge: A Novel
051626: LINDSAY, VACHEL - The Litany of Washington Street
053710: RIVER, LINDSAY AND GILLESPIE, SALLY - The Knot of Time: Astrology and the Female Experience
030613: LINDSEY, JOHN - Wren: His Work and Times
029455: LINDSEY, ARTHUR WARD - Principles of Organic Evolution
056419: LINDSEY, DAVID - Requiem for a Glass Heart
025438: LINDSLEY, MARY F - Grand Tour and Other Poems
003439: LINDSLY, HARVEY - Address of Harvey Lindsly, President of the Association
080086: LINDSTROM, ELIZABETH E. (EDITOR) - Odyssey: Science That's Out of This World - April 1995, Volume 4, Number 4
037406: LINDUSKA, JOSEPH P. (ED) - Waterfowl Tomorrow
023345: SWEDISH AMERICAN LINE - Memories of the Cruise to the North Cape, Lands of the Vikings, Russia and Northern Europe, June 25 - August 11, 1965, M.S. Gripsholm
003693: LINEAWEAVER, MARION - Let's Ski
003053: LINEBACH, LAURA M - From Lily to Lanie. . . The History of the VNA of Greater Kansas City
019760: LINEBARGER, PAUL M. A. - La Guerra Psicologica
051794: LINEBERRY, JOHN (B.A.) - Vital Word Studies in I Thessalonians: A Sound Scriptural Presentation Based Upon the Original Greek Text
025456: LINEN, JAMES - The Poetical and Prose Writings of James Linen
064320: LINES, KATHLEEN M. (COMPILER); INTRODUCTION BY DE LA MARE, WALTER - Four to Fourteen: A Library of Books for Children
026827: COHN AND LINGG - The Burden of Diseases in the United States - Charts 9, 10, 11, 12, and 39
047480: LINGJAERDE, OTTAR - Leberuntersuchungen Bei Geisteskranken
Pa1953: ELIZABETH LININGTON - Skeletons in the Closet
019035: LININGTON, ELIZABETH - Come to Think of It
Pb4797: ELIZABETH LININGTON - Practice to Deceive
081550: LINK, MARK - Advent Christmas 2000, Year C
072952: LINK, JOHN R. - You Can Understand the Bible
039805: LINK, ARTHUR S. - Wilson - The Road to the Whitehouse
017553: LINK, WILLIAM A. - William Friday - Power, Purpose & American Higher Education
030295: LINK, HENRY C. - The Rediscovery of Man
073407: LINKLATER, J. LANE - Black Opal: A Silas Booth Mystery
054508: LINKLATER, ERIC - Cities of Enchantment - Edinburgh
048006: LINN, LOUIS (M.D.) - A Handbook of Hospital Psychiatry: A Practical Guide to Therapy
081534: LINN, REV. S. POLLOCK - Living Thoughts of Leading Thinkers. A Thesaurus.
Pa1517: LINN, EDWARD - The Adversaries
Pa1288: JOHN LINNELL - A Loan Exhibition of Drawings, Watercolours, And Paintings By John Linnell and His Circle
042814: LINOWITZ, SOL M. - The Making of a Public Man: A Memoir
Pb281: LINSLEY, LESLIE - Rainbow of Afghans
004061: LINSLEY, REV. JAMES H. - Catalogue of the Fishes of Connecticut
069087: LINZEE, DAVID - Belgravia
078543: TIGER, LIONEL AND SHEPHER, JOSEPH - Women in the Kibbutz
084239: TIGER, LIONEL AND SHEPHER, JOSEPH - Women in the Kibbutz
030632: WILLIAMS, HENRY LIONEL AND OTTALIE K. - A Guide to Old American Houses, 1700-1900
059022: WILLIAMS, HENRY LIONEL AND WILLIAMS, OTTALIE K. - How to Furnish Old American Houses
082968: GOLD, LIONEL AND CLEVELAND, DEBORAH B. (DDS'S), GUEST EDITORS - Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinics of North America - Surgical Pathology: Fibro-Osseous Diseases
045458: SELECTED AND INTERPRETED BY KIMBALL, FISKE AND VENTURI, LIONELLO - Great Paintings in America: One Hundred and One Masterpieces in Color
Pb1797: LIPETZ, PHILIP PH.D.; PICHLER, MONIKA - Naturally Slim and Powerful
Pb2961: LIPINSKI, THOMAS - A Picture of Her Tombstone
Pb5564: LIPINSKI, TARA; COSTELLO, EMILY - Triumph on Ice: An Autobiography
084481: LIPMAN, SAMUEL - The House of Music: Art in an Era of Institutions
015531: LIPPARD, VERNON W. (MD), EDITOR - Macy Conference on Family Planning, Demography, & Human Sexuality in Medical Education
084266: LIPPER, ARTHUR; RYAN, GEORGE - Thriving Up and Down the Free Market Food Chain: The Unrestrained Observations (And Advice of a Business Darwinist)
Pb1066: LIPPETT, PETER E. - Estate Planning: What Anyone Who Owns Anything Must Know
076778: LIPPINCOTT, BERTRAM - A Historical Sketch of Batsto New Jersey
084311: LIPPINCOTT, ISAAC - Economic Resources and Industries of the World
047286: LIPPMAN, HYMAN (M.D.) - Treatment of the Child In Emotional Conflict
084047: LIPPMANN, WALTER - U.S. Foreign Policy - Shield of the Republic
062221: LIPPMANN, WALTER - Isolation and Alliances: An American Speaks to the British
Pb4799: ELEAZAR LIPSKY - Malpractice
058020: LIPSYTE, ROBERT - In the Country of Illness: Comfort and Advice for the Journey
048198: LIPTON, LAWRENC - The Erotic Revolution: An Affirmative View of the New Morality
084213: ROBERTSON, LISA AND DEPASQUALE, LISA (EDITORS) - Rushlight: Spring 1981
Pb3802: LISANTE, JAMES P. - Of Life and Love
067066: LISH, GORDON (EDITOR) - The Quarterly 20 / Winter 1991
054628: LISH, GORDON - Peru - A Novel
005932: LISIEWICZ, JERZY (MD) - Hemorrhage in Leukemias
020977: JARVIK, LISSY AND SMALL, GARY (MD'S) - Parentcare - A Commonsense Guide for Adult Children
067499: LIST, SHELLEY - Forgiving
076592: LIST, JACOB SAMUEL - Living One Day at a Time
Pb4791: NOT LISTED - The Three Little Pigs
014585: LISTER, BARON JOSEPH - The Collected Papers of Joseph, Baron Lister - Vol. I
054097: LISTER, JOHN - The Manufacturing Processes of Wool and Worsted
083926: LISTFIELD, EMILY - Acts of Love
042028: LISTON, ROBERT A. - Who Stole the Sunset? Dilemmas in Morality
068441: LISTON, ROBERT A. - Who Really Runs America?
061385: LITCHFIELD, MICHAEL W. - Renovation: A Complete Guide
060499: LITCHFIELD, MARY E. (EDITOR) - Irving Sketch Book: Complete Edition (Standard English Classics)
Pb3295: JOHN LITHGOW - I'm a Manatee
072530: LITSCHER, E.C. - Theoretical Investigation of Very High Speed Operation of Ball Piston Constant Speed Drives. General Electric Apparatus Department Technical Information Series
023208: LITSEY, EDWIN CARLILE - The Love Story of Abner Stone
008483: LITSKY, BERTHA YANIS - Hospital Sanitation: An Administrative Program
P000436: BILL LITTELFIELD - 1998 The best american sports Writing
061575: CONDUCTED BY LITTELL, E. - Littell's Living Age. Vol. IX. April, May, June, 1846
066051: LITTLE, CLIFTON T. - Restless Americans (Public Affairs Pamphlet No. 9 Revised)
056103: LITTLE, DAVID - Religion, Order, and Law: A Study in Pre-Revolutionary England
036320: LITTLE, SARA - The Role of the Bible in Contemporary Christian Education
008995: LITTLE, ERNEST MUIRHEAD - History of the British Medical Association 1832-1932
005837: LITTLEDALE, HAROLD A. - Mastering Your Disability
074747: LITTLEFIELD, MILTON S. (EDITOR) - Hymns of the Christian Life
053533: LITTLEFIELD, WILLIAM - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
051708: LITTLEJOHN, DAVID - Interruptions (Inscribed & Signed By Author)
012301: LITTLER, T. R. - Understanding Rheumatism
077108: LITTLESUGAR, AMY - Josiah True and the Art Maker
Pb1124: LITTMAN, JONATHAN - The Fugitive Game: Online With Kevin Mitnick
062101: LITTMANN, DAVID (MD) - Examination of the Heart: Part Five - The Electrocardiogram
048782: LITVIN, MARTIN - Black Angel: A Fictional Re-Telling of Sukey Richardson's Story (Inscribed & Signed By Author)
042491: LITVINOFF, BARNET - Weizmann: Last of the Patriarchs
057649: LITVINOV, PAVEL; TRANSLATED BY HARARI, MANYA - The Demonstration in Pushkin Square: The Trial Records with Commentary and an Open Letter
021477: LITWAK, MARK - Reel Power
046916: LITWIN, MARTIN S. (MD) - Atlas of Advanced Surgery
084866: LITZ, A. WALTON - Jane Austen - A Study of Her Artistic Development
021947: LITZENBERG, JENNIGS C. (MD) - Synopsis of Obstetrics
058731: BRIGADIER THE LORD RUSSELL OF LIVERPOOL - Return of the Swastika? The Rising Threat of Resurgent Nazism in Germany (Review Copy)
024833: LORD RUSSELL OF LIVERPOOL - Return of the Swastika?
058073: LIVERSIDGE, DOUGLAS - The Last Continent
047789: LIVESEY, HERBERT B. - Second Chance: Blueprints for Life Change
068159: LIVESEY, HERBERT B. - Anyone Can Go To College
038197: THE EDITORS OF SOUTHERN LIVING - Outdoor Cookbook: Entertaining - Menus - Equipment
Pa1332: SOUTHERN LIVING - The Ultimate Southern Living Christmas Book - SIGNED
031816: LIVINGSTON, A. D. - Fishing for Bass - Modern Tactics and Tackle
055398: LIVINGSTON, MYRA COHN - A Song I Sang To You - A Selection of Poems
019444: LIVINGSTON, SAMUEL (MD) - Living with Epileptic Seizures
075756: LIVINGSTON, SAMUEL (MD) - Living with Epileptic Seizures - SIGNED
054786: LIVINGSTON, EDWARD M. - A Clinical Study of the Abdominal Cavity and Peritoneum
067384: LIVINGSTON, NANCY - The Trouble at Aquitaine
067833: LIVINGSTON, MYRA COHN - When You Are Alone/It Keeps You Capone: An Approach to Creative Writing with Children
071152: LIVINGSTON, ROBERT B. (MD), EDITOR - Narcotic Drug Addiction Problems
Pb6545: MYRA COHN LIVINGSTON - A Crazy Flight and Other Poems
040846: LIVINGSTON, SAMUEL (MD) - Comprehensive Management of Epilepsy in Infancy, Childhood and Adolescence
Pb5175: SIR RICHARD LIVINGSTONE - portrait of Socrates
007082: LIVINGSTONE, ROBERT G. (MD) - Primary Carcinoma of the Vagina
053351: LLEWELLYN, RICHARD - A Few Flowers for Shiner
082533: LLEWELYN, ROBERT (EDITOR, INTRODUCTION) - The Fire of Divine Love: Readings from Jean-Pierre De Caussade
064005: LLOSA, MARIO VARGAS - The Perpetual Orgy - Flaubert & Madame Bovary
046616: LLOYD, PETER C. - Classes, Crisis and Coups: Themes in the Sociology of Developing Countries
054600: LLOYD, CLARE - The Travelling Naturalists
037145: GEORGE, RT. HON. DAVID LLOYD AND SIMONS, DR. WALTER - Addresses on German Reparation (International Conciliation, May, 1921, No. 162)
P000010: IRVING LLOYD - Irving Lloyd's the Photo and Its Use in Yearbook Journalism
084763: LLOYD, ALAN - The Scorching of Washington The War of 1812
061748: LLOYD, SYLVIA - Dr. Walker's People
080252: LLOYD, NELSON - How We Went To War
064794: LLOYD, JOHN WILLIAM - Muskmelon Production
006469: WARNER, W. LLOYD AND LOW, J. O. - The Social System of the Modern Factory
024124: LLOYD, L. J. - John Skelton - A Sketch of His Life and Writings
048707: LOANE, MARCUS L. - The Hope of Glory: An Exposition of the English Chapter in the Epistle to the Romans
054996: LOBEL, JOSEF (MD) - Medicine - A Voyage of Discovery
025924: LOBEL, DR. MED. JOSEF - Medizin Oder Dem Manne Kann Geholfen Werden Von
Pb882: ANITA LOBEL - The Troll Music
Pb4994: LOBEL, ANITA - King Rooster, Queen Hen
034901: LOBINGIER, JOHN LESLIE - The Better Church School
Pb5781: ROBERT LOBL - Tirol
055102: LOBSTEIN, P. - Die Lehre Von Der Ubernaturlichen Geburt Christi
011297: LOBUGLIO, ALBERT F. (MD), EDITOR - The Medical Clinics of North America - Hematologic Disorders, July, 1980
069897: LOCHHEAD, WILLIAM - Class Book of Economic Entomology - With Special Reference to the Economic Insects of the Northern United States and Canada
059355: LOCHTE, DICK - Blue Bayou (Review Copy)
080596: LOCHTE, DICK - Sleeping Dog
058064: LOCK, A.C.C. - Destination Barrier Reef
065641: LOCKARD, DUANE - New England State Politics
077911: LOCKE, JOHN - An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, An Abridgment
077912: LOCKE, JOHN - Two Treatises of Government
050431: LOCKE, REYNOLDS - Mayday 747 - A Novel
049643: LOCKE, DUANE (EDITOR) - Leo Connellan - Abatis Two (2)
079685: LOCKE, WILLIAM J. - The Kingdom of Theophilus
Pa238: WILLIAM J. LOCKE - Ancestor Jorico
049369: LOCKE, EDWIN A. (MD), EDITOR - Tuberculosis in Massachusetts
Pa987: WILLIAM J. LOCKE - The Red Planet
080459: LOCKE, MICHAEL (ED) - The Role of Chromosomes in Development
077983: LOCKE, WILLIAM J. - The House of Baltazar
075450: LOCKE, WILLIAM J. - Derelicts
072566: LOCKE, WILLIAM J. - Septimus
070026: LOCKHART, R.H. BRUCE - Guns or Butter
062584: LOCKHART, R. H. BRUCE - Guns or Butter
Pa331: LOCKRIDGE, KENNETH A. - A New England Town: The First Hundred Years Dedhan, Massachusetts, 1636-1736
075902: LOCKWOOD, SARAH - A Fistful of Stars
Pb2815: ETHEL LOCKWOOD - Canyon of Courage
009402: LOCKWOOD, ALLISON MCCRILLIS - No Ordinary Man: Judge Forbes and His Library, Forbes Library 1894-1994
057065: LOCKWOOD, W.B. - An Informal History of the German Language - With Chapters on Dutch and Afrikaans, Frisian and Yiddish
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