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021492: THAKUR, MATHEW L. AND GOTTSCHALK, ALEXANDER (EDS) - Indium-111 Labeled Neutrophils, Platelets, and Lymphocytes
019673: GANTT, W. H.; PICKENHAIN, L.; AND ZAINGMANN, CH. (EDS) - Pavlovian Approach to Psychopathology
082625: WILLKIE, WENDELL L. ET AL - Prefaces to Peace - A Symposium
049941: BENDER, DAVID L. AND LEONE, BRUNO (SERIES EDITORS) - Central America: Opposing Viewpoints (Opposing Viewpoints Series)
083232: MILLIKEN, WILLIAM F.; WHITCOMB, DAVID W.; SEGEL, LEONARD; CLOSE, WILLIAM; MUZZEY, CLIFFORD L.; AND FONDA, ALBERT G. - Research in Automobile Stability and Control and in Tyre Performance: Five Papers (The Institution of Mechanical Engineers Automobile Division)
047872: THORNDIKE, ROBERT L. AND HAGEN, ELIZABETH - Measurement and Evaluation in Psychology and Education
015651: STEINBACH, HOWARD L. AND MINAGI, HIDEYO (MD'S) - Atlas of Tumor Radiology - The Endocrines
072605: PASCAL, BLAISE; TRANSLATED BY TROTTER, W.F.; BOOTH, M.L.; AND WIGHT, O.W. - Blaise Pascal: Thoughts, Letters, Minor Works (The Harvard Classics, Volume 48)
010013: DUTHIE, H. L. AND WORMSLEY, K. G. (EDS) - Scientific Basis of Gastroenterology
080009: MEDEIROS, VINCENT L. (JR) AND BOETTCHER, DIANA B. - The Drinking Gourd (The Voices of Man Literature Series)
074325: BURKARD, WILLIAM E.; CHAMBERS, RAYMOND L.; AND MARONEY, FREDERICK W. - Health Stories and Practice: A Health Reader for Third Grade
077127: FEIRER, JOHN L. AND HUTCHINGS, GILBERT R. - Advanced Woodwork and Furniture Making (Fourth Edition, Revised)
039658: THOMSON, D. L. ET AL - Basic Science Notes - Army Medical Department Research and Graduate School, Volume No. IV (4)
014094: BUGBEE, WILLIS N.; WOOD, FRANK O., PETERS, I. L. ET AL - Just Stunts for Every Occasion
066261: GOYVAERTS, DIDIER L. AND PULLUM, GEOFFREY K. (EDITORS) - Essays on the Sound Pattern of English
060653: BAUM, GERALD L. AND WOLINSKY, EMANUEL (MD'S), EDITORS - Textbook of Pulmonary Diseases - Third Edition
035446: OPIE, EUGENE L. (MD) AND FURTH, J. (MD) - Anaphylactic Shock Caused by Antibody in Animals Sensitized by Antigen-Reversed Passive Anaphylaxis
010701: BAIN, ALAN L. ET AL - Guide to the Smithsonian Archives, 1996
029334: BARR, MURRAY L. (MD) AND KIERNAN, JOHN A. - The Human Nervous System: An Anatomical Viewpoint
075618: CHINN, PEGGY L. AND LEITCH, CYNTHIA J. - Child Health Maintenance - A Guide to Clinical Assessment
019793: DELHERM, L. AND LAQUERRIERE, A. - Electrotherapie Gynecologique
085280: FUNKHOUSER, WILLIAM L. AND MCALILEY, ROBERT GEORGE (MD'S) - Diseases of The Respiratory System in Infants and Children
006281: SUMNER, HELEN L. AND MERRITT, ELLA A. - Child Labor Legislation in the United States - California
006304: SUMNER, HELEN L. AND MERRITT, ELLA A. - Child Labor Legislation in the United States - Kansas
035238: DIAMOND, MALCOLM L. AND LITZENBURG, THOMAS V. JR. (EDITORS); INTRODUCTION BY DIAMOND, MALCOLM L. - The Logic of God/Theology and Verification (Introduction/The Challenge of Contemporary Empiricism)
068654: ROTHWEILER, ELLA L. AND WHITE, JEAN MARTIN - The Art and Science of Nursing
006513: JOHNSON, CHARLES W. L. AND YOUNG, THOMAS G. JR. - The University Club of Baltimore City - Handbook, 1952
062845: HAMMOND, J.L. AND HAMMOND, BARBARA - The Skilled Labourer: 1760-1832
042137: FOGG, WALTER L. AND RICHTER, PEYTON E. - Philosophy Looks to the Future: Confrontation, Commutment, and Utopia
057101: BULLOUGH, BONNIE, BULLOUGH, VERN L. AND SOUKUP, MARY CLAIRE - Nursing Issues and Nursing Strategies for the Eighties
009177: SUMNER, HELEN L. AND MERRITT, ELLA A. - Child Labor Legislation in the United States
081654: NICHOLS, PROF. J.L. AND GOODRICH, H.H. - The Busy Man's Friend; or Guide to Success By Facts and Figures
037953: GELLER, JEFFREY L. AND HARRIS, MAXINE (EDS) - Women of the Asylum
008822: BITONTE, JOSEPH L. AND KEATES, RICHARD H. (MD), EDITORS - Symposium on the Flexible Lens
071088: BOYER, JOHN M.; WESTERHAUS, CARL L. AND COGGESHALL, JOHN H. - Employee Relations and Collective Bargaining in Health Care Facilities
008946: GRUEHN, HERMAN L. ET AL - Report of the State of Maryland Commission to Study Hospital Costs - SIGNED
072290: BROWNING, ROBERT L. AND REED, ROY A. - The Sacraments in Religious Education and Liturgy: An Ecumenical Model
061455: DRESSEL, PAUL L. AND DELISLE, FRANCES H. - Undergraduate Curriculum Trends (American Council on Education Monograph)
055354: REASON, PAUL L. AND TANKARD, GEORGE G. JR. - Property Accounting for Local and State School Systems - State Educational Records and Reports Series: Handbook III, Bulletin 1959, No. 22
032104: BARR, MURRAY L. (MD) AND KIERNAN, JOHN A. - The Human Nervous System: An Anatomical Viewpoint
014951: BOND, GUY L. AND EVA BOND WAGNER - Teaching the Child to Read (Revised Edition)
006316: SUMNER, HELEN L. AND MERRITT, ELLA A. - Child Labor Legislation in the United States - Washington [state]
006315: SUMNER, HELEN L. AND MERRITT, ELLA A. - Child Labor Legislation in the United States - Wyoming
006314: SUMNER, HELEN L. AND MERRITT, ELLA A. - Child Labor Legislation in the United States - Virginia
031258: METCALF, ROBERT L. AND MCKELVEY, JOHN J., JR. (EDS) - The Future for Insecticides - Needs and Prospects
005109: OPIE, EUGENE L. ET AL - Tuberculosis in Public School Children
006306: SUMNER, HELEN L. AND MERRITT, ELLA A. - Child Labor Legislation in the United States - Kentucky
006303: SUMNER, HELEN L. AND MERRITT, ELLA A. - Child Labor Legislation in the United States - Iowa
006302: SUMNER, HELEN L. AND MERRITT, ELLA A. - Child Labor Legislation in the United States - Indiana
006299: SUMNER, HELEN L. AND MERRITT, ELLA A. - Child Labor Legislation in the United States - Hawaii
006297: SUMNER, HELEN L. AND MERRITT, ELLA A. - Child Labor Legislation in the United States - Florida
006296: SUMNER, HELEN L. AND MERRITT, ELLA A. - Child Labor Legislation in the United States - District of Columbia
006285: SUMNER, HELEN L. AND MERRITT, ELLA A. - Child Labor Legislation in the United States - Missouri
074033: CECIL, RUSSELL L. ET AL - The Medical Clinics of North America - New York Number: Rheumatic Diseases, May 1946
065316: PHIPPS, LLOYD J.; MCCOLLY, H.F.; SCRANTON, L.L.; AND THE LATE COOK, G.C. - Farm Mechanics Text and Handbook, 1959 Edition
011691: CHAMBERLAIN, JOHN L. AND MARGILETH, ANDREW M. (MD'S), EDITORS - Clinical Proceedings Children's Hospital Medical Center - Kidney Failure
067455: GIDDINGS, THADDEUS P.; EARHART, WILL; BALDWIN, RALPH L.; AND NEWTON, ELBRIDGE W. - Two-Part Music (Music Education Series)
007319: LYMAN, R. L. ET AL - Daily-Life Language Series Book One
057883: EDITED BY SCHECHTER, STEPHEN L. & TRIPP, WENDELL - World of the Founders: New York Communities in the Federal Period
071979: ALTMAN, PHILIP L. AND DITTMER, DOROTHY S. - Biology Data Book
005792: LILIENFELD, ABRAHAM, M. , LEVIN, MORTON L. AND KESSLER, IRVING I. - Cancer in the United States
022147: MARXER, WEBSTER L. (MD) AND COWGILL, GEORGE R. - The Art of Predictive Medicine
062243: GREENFIELD, EDWARD L. AND MEE, CHARLES L. JR. (TRANSLATORS) - Dear Prince: The Unexpurgated Counsels of N. Machiavelli to Richard Milhous Nixon
050497: BOND, GUY L. AND CUDDY, MARIE C. - Meeting New Friends - Classmate Edition (The Developmental Reading Series - A Basic Reading Program)
070294: LINDSAY, GEORGE L. AND SPANGLER, GEORGE P.; ARRANGED BY ROBERTS, CHARLES J. - Educational Orchestra Album: A Collection of Classic and Modern Compositions for the Orchestra of To-Day (Carl Fischer National Ensemble Series) First Trumpet in Bb (Cornet) Vol. II (2)
009844: GRIEM, M. L. ET AL (EDITORS) - Breast Cancer: A Challenging Problem
056931: ANDERSON, C. L. AND LANGTON, C. V. - Health Principles and Practice
006283: SUMNER, HELEN L. AND MERRITT, ELLA A. - Child Labor Legislation in the United States - Minnesota
054285: COMPILED AND EDITED BY NEWBILL, CAROL L. - Great American Quilts 1997
036816: GREEN, DOYLE L. AND RANDALL L. - Meet the Mormons: A Pictorial Introduction to the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints and Its People
050052: JASINSKI, JANA L. AND WILLIAMS, LINDA M. (EDITORS); STRAUS, MURRAY A. (FOREWORD) - Partner Violence: A Comprehensive Review of 20 Years of Research
012434: BURRELL, HERBERT L. AND BLAKE, JOHN BAPST (MD'S) - Case Teaching in Surgery
085001: MCQUILLILN, EUGENE; REVISED BY NELSON, DEBORAH L. AND MILLER, CHARITY R. - The Law of Municipal Corporations, Third (3rd) Edition; Volume 5
060548: LYMAN, R.L. AND JOHNSON, ROY IVAN - Directed Language Practice Grade VIII (8)
081361: RODABAUGH, E.C.; ATTERBURY, T.J.; CLOUD, R.L.; AND WITT, F.J. - Evaluation of Experimental and Theoretical Data on Radial Nozzles in Pressure Vessels (To United States Atomic Energy Commission)
063692: LAAKE, DEBORAH - Secret Ceremonies: A Mormon Woman's Intimate Diary of Marriage and Beyond
Pb7457: LEONARD W. LABAREE, EDITOR - Mr Franklin a Selection from His Personal Letters
021599: LABBE, ARMAND J. - Images of Power - Masterworks of the Bowers Museum of Cultural Art
067598: LABHART, ALEXIS - Klinik Der Inneren Sekretion
010739: US DEPARTMENT OF LABOR, CHILDREN'S BUREAU - Children's Health Centers
010738: US DEPARTMENT OF LABOR, CHILDREN'S BUREAU - April and May Weighing and Measuring Test - Part I
017786: COMMITTEE ON LABOR AND PUBLIC WELFARE - Studies of the Aged and Aging - Vol. I - Federal and State Activities
017787: COMMITTEE ON LABOR AND PUBLIC WELFARE - Studies of the Aged and Aging - Vol. II - Health and Health Services
017788: COMMITTEE ON LABOR AND PUBLIC WELFARE - Studies of the Aged and Aging - Vol. V - Public and Private Services for Older People
017789: COMMITTEE ON LABOR AND PUBLIC WELFARE - Studies of the Aged and Aging - Vol. IX - Research, Demonstration and Training
017790: COMMITTEE ON LABOR AND PUBLIC WELFARE - Studies of the Aged and Aging - Vol. X - Surveys of State and Local Projects
010921: US DEPARTMENT OF LABOR, CHILDREN'S BUREAU - April and May Weighing and Measuring Test - Part 3
010740: US DEPARTMENT OF LABOR, CHILDREN'S BUREAU - April and May Weighing and Measuring Test - Part 2
074304: PROFESSIONAL STAFF AT BIO-SCIENCE LABORATORIES - Specialized Diagnostic Laboratory Tests
017103: LEDERLE LABORATORIES - The Nutritional Significance of Folic Acid
001284: LEDERLE LABORATORIES - The Fifth Year of Aureomycin
072842: ROSS LABORATORIES - Growth and Development of Dental and Skeletal Tissue - Clinical and Biological Aspects
054789: LEDERLE LABORATORIES - Aureomycin: A Review of the Clinical Literature
024608: LEDERLE LABORATORIES - The Management of Head Injuries
073078: ROCHE LABORATORIES - Roche Handbook of Differential Diagnosis - Signs and Symptoms in the Abdomen, 2: Genitourinary Disorders
054788: LEDERLE LABORATORIES - A Review of the Clinical Uses of Aureomycin
021441: ABBOTT LABORATORIES - Histopathology of Nervous Tissue Tumors
073077: ROCHE LABORATORIES - Roche Handbook of Differential Diagnosis - Signs and Symptoms in the Abdomen, 3: Cardiovascular and Related Disorders
018464: LILLY RESEARCH LABORATORIES - Diabetes Mellitus
076048: ROSS LABORATORIES - Reports of the Ross (M&R) Pediatric Research Conferences, Nos. 11-20, 1954-1956
012355: ROCHE LABORATORIES - Aspects of Anxiety
043177: LILLY RESEARCH LABORATORIES - The Use Of Insulin In Non-Diabetic Malnutrition
073079: ROCHE LABORATORIES - Roche Handbook of Differential Diagnosis - Signs and Symptoms in the Abdomen, 4: Infectious Disorders
008416: LILLY RESEARCH LABORATORIES - Diabetes Mellitus
009908: LILLY RESEARCH LABORATORIES - Diabetes Mellitus
071622: ROSS LABORATORIES - Mesenchymal Diseases in Childhood
053615: LACALAMITA, TOM - The Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook
084320: LACKNER, STEPHAN - Peaceable Nature: An Optimistic View of Life on Earth
080029: LACORDAIRE, REV. PERE - Jesus Christ. Conferences Delivered at Notre Dame in Paris, by the Rev. Pere Lacordaire
040314: LACROIX, W.J. (S.J.) - Patterns Values, and Horizon: An Ethic
Pb184: LACROIX, NITYA - Massage: 101 Essential Tips
056395: LACY, G. R. (MD) - The Bacillus Influenzae in Sinusitis and Meningitis
036410: LACY, CREIGHTON (ED.); VARIOUS AUTORS - Christianity Amid Rising Men and Nations
026227: LADD, GEORGE TRUMBULL - Essays on The Higher Education
083336: LADD, GEORGE ELDON - The New Testament and Criticism
030082: LADD, EVERETT CARLL JR. - Negro Political Leadership in the South
079699: LADD, KAREN H. (COMPILER) - State of New Hampshire Manual for the General Court, 1997, No. 55
077058: LADER, LAWRENCE - Breeding Ourselves to Death
077524: LADLEY, ANNE - Prescription for Love
082488: LAEUCHLI, SAMUEL - The Language of Faith: An Introduction to the Semantic Dilemma of the Early Church
034700: LAFARGE, JOHN; PREFACE BY PAUL HORGAN - On Turning Seventy
060278: LAFARGE, JOHN - The Manner is Ordinary
038339: LAFARGE, JOHN - Great Masters (Illustrated)
086093: LAFAVE, WAYNE R.; SCOTT, AUSTIN W. (JR.) - Criminal Law: Second Edition (Hornbook Series)
021291: LAFEBER, WALTER - America, Russia, and the Cold War 1945-1984
010671: LAFETRA, LINNAEUS EDFORD (MD) - The Development of Pediatrics in New York City
P000070: ROBERT LAFFONT - Francoise Dorinva Va Voir Maman...papa Travaille!
016061: LAFORE, LAURENCE - In the Sticks
012734: LAFORGUE, RENE - Clinical Aspects of Psycho-Analysis
045158: LAGASSE, EMERIL - Prime Time Emeril: More ATV Dinners from America's Favorite Chef
022866: LAGOW, BETTE - MANAGER, EDITORIAL SERVICES - Physicians' Desk Reference 2005 PDR (Physician's)
044704: LAGRANGE, P. M.-J. - La Vie De Jesus D'Apres Renan
048539: LAHAYE, BEVERLY - I Am A Woman By God's Design
Pa1275: LAHAYE, TIM F.; JENKINS, JERRY B. - How to Win over Depression
P000569: LAHAYE, TIM; JENKINS, JERRY B. - Tribulation Force : The Continuing Drama of Those Left Behind (Left Behind Ser., Bk. 2)
Pb1344: LAHAYE, TIM F.; JENKINS, JERRY B. - Transformed Temperaments
Pb591: LAHAYE, TIM; JENKINS, JERRY B. - The Indwelling: The Beast Takes Possession
010433: LAHEY, FRANK HOWARD, ET AL - The Surgical Clinics of North America - Symposium on Tumors, Lahey Clinic Number, June 1947
010432: LAHEY, FRANK HOWARD, ET AL - The Surgical Clinics of North America - Symposium on Cancer, Lahey Clinic Number, June 1938
Pb7126: LAHUE, KALTON C. - Basic Automotive Tune-up & Test Equipment
045911: LAING, DILYS BENNETT - Birth Is Farewell
025855: LAING, MRS. C. H. B. - The Seven Kings of the Seven Hills
Pb7612: LAIRD, MARNIE - Water Rat
056503: LAIRD, ELIZABETH - Hymns for Children
Pb7524: JACK LAIT - The Broadway Melody
039132: LAJOIE, ERNEST P. - The Story of the Goodfellows
009542: LAJTHA, L.G - The Use of Isotopes in Haematology
056674: LAL, P. - The Man of Dharma & The Rasa of Silence
060986: LALLEMAND, A. - Traite Theorique et Pratique Des Operations Secondaires De La Guerre, Accompagne D'un Atlas in -4; Tome Second
074383: LAMAR, JAKE - The Last Integrationist
081478: LAMAR, HOWARD R. (EDITOR) - The Reader's Encyclopedia of the American West (Review Copy)
072559: LAMARQUE, JEAN-LOUIS - L'Arteriographie Hepatique
073102: LAMARSH, NORMAN (LA MARSH) - Lux Christi: A Sacred Drama
063919: DE LAMARTINE, ALPHONSE; TRANSLATED BY LADY HERBERT - Twenty-Five Years of My Life and Memoirs of My Mother - Two Volume Set
029845: LAMARTINE, ALPHONSE DE - The History of the Restoration of Monarchy in France: Volume 1
059991: DE LAMARTINE, ALPHONSE - History of the Girondists; or, Personal Memoirs of the Patriots of the French Revolution - Volume I (1, one)
070782: LAMB, CHARLES; INTRODUCTION BY JOHNSON, R. BRIMLEY - A Tale of Rosamund Gray and Old Blind Margaret
019840: LAMB, CHARLES (WITH INTRODUCTION BY R. BRIMLEY JOHNSON) - A Tale of Rosamund Gray and Old Blind Margaret
050102: FREE, JAMES LAMB; WITH SPECIAL REPORTS BY FRASER, JOHN (JR.) - Training Your Retriever - Second (2nd) Edition, Completely Revised
072601: LAMB, CHARLES; TALFOURD, SIR THOMAS NOON - The Works of Charles Lamb, with a Sketch of His Life and Final Memorials. - Vol. II. (2)
072177: LAMB, CHARLES - The Works of Charles Lamb: Vol. I. (Volume 1) New Edition
059119: LAMB, CHARLES - Essays of Elia.
071181: LAMB, LAWRENCE E. (MD) - Your Heart and How to Live With It
072457: LAMB, CHARLES - The Essays of Elia and Eliana
061138: HAYES, JOANNE LAMB AND LEBLANG, BONNIE TANDY - 365 Great Cookies and Brownies
059990: LAMB, CHARLES - The Essays of Elia (Burt's Library of the World's Best Books)
056485: LAMB, CHARLES - Essays By Charles Lamb (Maynard's English Classic Series. - No. 158-159)
060325: LAMBELET, DR. EDOUARD - Orbis Terrae Aegiptae Museum Aegiptium: Illustrated Guide of the Egyptian Museum
066086: LAMBERT, CLARA - Understand Your Child - From 6 to 12 (Public Affairs Pamphlet No. 144)
081781: LAMBERT, LOUIS C. - Chardenal: First Course
031750: JOIN-LAMBERT, MICHEL - Jerusalem - Ancient Cities and Temples
083888: LAMBERT, REITA - When Next We Meet
036175: LAMBERT, ADRIAN V. S. (MD) - A Terminology of Disease
083700: LAMBERT, REITA - Beauty Incorporated
009815: LAMBERT, RICHARD D. (ED) - The Annals - Political Consequences of Aging
060885: ROGERS, LAMBERT AND D'ABREU, A. L. - Everyday Surgery
Pb4872: LAMBERT, DAVID - The Golden Concise Encyclopedia of Mammals
086517: LAMBRECHT, JAN - Out of the Treasure: The Parables in the Gospel of Matthew
021208: LAMBRET, O. - La Maladie Post-Operatoire
062785: LAMERA, REV. STEPHEN - James Alberione - "A Marvel of Our Times"
082970: THOMAS D. WOOD, ANETTE M. PHELAN, MARION O. LERRIGO, NINA B. LAMKIN AND THURMAN B. RICE - Adventures in Living - Blazing the Trail
000255: LAMKIN, NINA B. - Health Education in Rural Schools and Communities
008060: LAMKIN, NINA B. - Play - Its Value and Fifty Games
P000428: BENJAMIN GARVER LAMME - Benfamin Garver Lamme an Autobiography
068839: LAMONT, CORLISS - Soviet Civilization
056601: LAMONT, R.P. (SECRETARY) - Fifteenth Census of the United States: 1930 - Volume I: Population - Number and Distribution on Inhabitants
029901: LAMONTAGNE, MAURICE (THE HONORABLE) [ISSUER] - National Museum of Canada Bulletin No. 194 (Anthropological Series No. 62): Contributions to Anthropology, 1961-62, Part II (2)
Pb219: LAMOTT, ANNE - Crooked Little Heart
060424: LAMPARD, ERIC E. - Industrial Revolution: Interpretations and Perspectives
036896: LAMPERT, HOPE - Behind Closed Doors - Wheeling and Dealing in the Banking World
057671: LAMPERT, NICHOLAS - Whistleblowing in the Soviet Union: A Study of Complaints and Abuses under State Socialism
037966: LANARI, CASSIO / RODRIGO JOSE FERREIRA BRETAS - Rodrigo Jose Ferreira Bretas - Biografo Do Aleijadinho
066742: LANCASTER, OSBERT - The Saracen's Head (or) The Reluctant Crusader
069956: LANCE, M. - Le Traitement des Scolioses Graves Par La Methode D'Abbott
086247: LANCON, BERTRAND - Rome in Late Antiquity
076810: LAND, LORETTA CHURNEY - Hiram Hitchcock's Legacy - SIGNED
076992: LAND, CHARLES - Calling Earth
031635: LANDA, M. J. - The Jew in Drama
062337: LANDAU, RICHARD L. (EDITOR) - Perspectives in Biology and Medicine - Winter 1997
085585: LANDAU, ELAINE - Date Violence
062336: LANDAU, RICHARD L. (EDITOR) - Perspectives in Biology and Medicine - Autumn 1996
015240: LANDER, J.R. - Conflict and Stability in Fifteenth-Century England
Pb7563: LANDIS, J. D. - Daddy's Girl
Pb7422: PAUL H. LANDIS - Social Policies in the Making a Dynamic view of Social Problems
086591: LANDMAN, ISAAC (EDITOR) - Christian and Jew - A Symposium for Better Understanding
037549: LANDMAN, ISAAC; EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS - Little Blue Book No. 1607 - Einstein's New Space-Substance Theory
074391: LANDMAN, J.H. - New Outline-History of the World Since 1914 (College Outline Series) Seventh Edition, Revised and Enlarged
081027: GREATER PORTLAND LANDMARKS, INC. ADVISORY SERVICE - Some Notes on Living With Old House (Great Portland Landmarks, Inc. Advisory Service)
044844: LANDOLT, HANSPETER - Le Peinture Allemande - Le Moyen Age Tardif (1350-1500)
054749: LANDON, MICHAEL DE L. - Erin and Britannia: The Historical Background to a Modern Tragedy
062305: LANDON, EDWARD - Picture Framing: Modern Methods of Making and Finishing Picture Frames
066270: LANDRETH, HELEN - Dear Dark Head: An Intimate Story of Ireland
043006: LANDSBERG, MELVIN - Dos Passos' Path to U.S.A.: A Political Biography, 1912-1936 (Inscribed & Signed By Author)
066137: LANDSTROM, BJORN - Columbus - The Story of Don Cristobal Colon, Admiral of the Ocean
051563: LANE, NEOLA TRACY - Grasshopper Year
081642: LANE, BARRY - Writing as a Road to Self-Discovery
062810: LANE, ARTHUR BLISS - American Opinion - I Saw Poland Betrayed
041582: LANE, MARGARET - Purely for Pleasure
074003: LANE, CARL D. - The Cruiser's Manual: A Complete Handbook of Yacht Cruising Under Sail and Power
Pb2198: LANE, HANA UMLAUF - World Almanac and Book of Facts 1987
081530: LANE, FRANK W. - The Elements Rage
068766: LANE, JAMES R. - The Wendover Whale - A Nautical Tale from the Great Salt Desert
067407: LANE, JOHN V. - Rodney, The Ranger - with Daniel Morgan on Trail and Battlefield
052054: LANE, MARGARET - Purely for Pleasure - A Collection of Literary-Biographical Essays
011336: HANSON, CHARLES LANE AND GROSS, WILLIAM J. (EDS) - Short Stories of Today
P000507: LANE, MARK - Plausible Denial : Was the CIA Involved in the Assassination of JFK?
078223: LANE, THE MOST REVEREND RAYMOND A. - Ambassador in Chains: The Life of Bishop Patrick James Byrne (1888-1950), Apostolic Delegate to the Republic of Korea (Signed Presentation Copy)
078744: LANE, RAYMOND A. - The Early Days of Maryknoll (Signed with a Letter from the Author)
065831: LANE, WINTHROP D. - Military Training in Schools and Colleges of the United States - The Facts and an Interpretation
084064: LANE, CAROLYN - The Winnemah Spirit
024021: LANE, DONALD J. - Asthma - The Facts
082771: LANE, ABBY E. - Lights to Literature (By Grades): Book Three (3)
084474: LANE, DAVID H. - A Book for Music Teachers: Music, Mind and Self
Pb3223: LANE, LEA - The Unofficial Guide to Bed & Breakfast in New England
020533: LANE, DAVID - State and Politics in the USSR
053667: LANE, GEN. THOMAS A.; FOREWORD BY WEDEMEYER, GEN. A.C. - America on Trial: The War for Vietnam
013329: LANE, SIR W. ARBUTHNOT - The Operative Treatment of Chronic Intestinal Stasis
080585: LANG, MARTIN A. - Acquiring Our Image of God: The Emotional Basis for Religious Education
067712: LANG, PAUL HENRY (EDITOR) - The Musical Quarterly: Vol LVI, No. 4, October 1970 - Special Issue Celebrating the Bicentennial of the Birth of Beethoven
Pb1951: JOCHEN VON LANG - The Secretary Martin Bormann: The Man Who Manipulated Hitler
025140: LANG, JOHN (EDITOR) - The Iron Mountain Review - Denise Giardina Issue
025138: LANG, JOHN (EDITOR) - The Iron Mountain Review - Mary Lee Settle Issue
025139: LANG, JOHN (EDITOR) - The Iron Mountain Review - Gurney Norman Issue
023278: LANG, ANDREW (INTRODUCTION BY) - Social England Illustrations - A Collection of XVIIth Century Tracts
050156: LANG, JEAN - North and South of Tweed: Stories and Legends of the Borders
005241: LANG, ERICH K. (MD) - The Roentgenographic Diagnosis of Renal Mass Lesions
062462: LANG, OTHMAR FRANZ; TRANSLATED FROM THE GERMAN BY MAYER, EVA - If You Are Silenced, I Will Speak For You (Inscribed & Signed By Translator)
062540: LANG, DANIEL - A Summer's Duckling
009795: LANG, S. E. (ED) - Education and Leisure
046299: LANGBRIDGE, FREDERICK - A Cluster of Quiet Thoughts
081688: LANGE, JOSEPH - Gathered Before the Lord: The Shape of Today's Liturgy
075908: LANGE, HORST - Schwarze Weide: Roman
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035950: LESTER, MURIEL - Dare You Face Facts?
053900: LESTER, COLIN (EDITOR) - The International Science Fiction Yearbook 1979
Pb6956: RICHARD LETOURNEAU - Keeping Your Cool in a World of Tension
075791: LETTON, H. P. - Rat Proofing the Public Docks of New Orleans
051328: LETTON, MILDRED CELIA - Hello From Alaska: A Story of Dairying In Alaska
044479: LETTS, BILLIE - Shoot the Moon
Pb3603: LETTS, BILLIE - Where the Heart Is: A Novel
042228: LETTS, ELIZABETH - Quality of Care
037182: LETWIN, WILLIAM (ED.) - A Documentary History of American Economic Policy Since 1789
013053: LETWIN, WILLIAM (ED) - A Documentary History of American Economic Policy Since 1789
040178: LEUBA, JEAN-LOUIS; TRANSLATED BY KNIGHT, HAROLD - New Testament Pattern: An Exegetical Enquiry into the "Catholic" and "Protestant" Dualism (Lutterworth Studies in Church and Bible)
060042: LEUBE, DR. WILHELM V. - Specielle Diagnose Der Inneren Krankheiten Ein Handbuch Fur Arzte Und Studirende Nach vorlesungen Bearbeitet - I. Band: Vierte Umgearbeitete Auflage
013012: LEUCHTENBURG, WILLIAM E. - In the Shadow of FDR: From Harry Truman to Ronald Reagan
043214: LEUCHTENBURG, WILLIAM E.; BOORSTIN, DANIEL J. (EDITOR) - The Perils of Prosperity, 1914-32 (The Chicago History of American Civilization)
010782: LEUF, A. H. P. (MD) - Gynecology Obstetrics Menopause
057887: LEUPP, FRANCIS E. - Walks About Washington
044480: LEUZZI, LINDA - A Creative Life: The Young Person's Guide (Signed Presentation Copy)
056938: LEVADITI, C. - Ectodermoses Neurotropes Poliomyelite Encephalite Herpes
Pb199: LEVASSEUR, ROBERT - Breakthrough Business Meetings: Shared Leadership in Action
046572: LEVENSTEIN, HARVEY A. - Communism, Anticommunism, and the CIO
Pb3727: J.P. LEVENTHAL - From then to Now
068787: LEVER, DR. RUTH - The Consumer's Guide to Treating Common Illnesses
021592: LEVER, CHARLES - Rolandn Cashel - Complete Two Volume Set
074770: LEVER, CHARLES - The Knight of Gwynne; A Tale of the Time of the Union
073266: LEVERETT, F. P. (EDITOR) - A New And Copious Lexicon of the Latin Language
Pa722: LEVETT, CARL DAVID - Crossings, a Transpersonal Approach
073682: LEVI, LEONE - International Law with Materials for a Code of International Law - The International Scientific Series, Vol. LX
031172: LEVI, AVRAHAM - 1984-85 Bazak Guide to Israel - City and Touring Maps
013504: LEVI, LENNART (MD), EDITOR - Society, Stress and Disease, Volume 2: Childhood and Adolescence
085864: LEVIANT, C URT (EDITOR) - Sholom Aleichem, Happy New Year! and Other Stories
026164: LEVIKOV, ALEXANDER - To Discover Yourself - Soviet Workers Talk About Themselves
085466: LEVIN, MILTON - Noel Coward
027013: LEVIN, MURRAY B. - The Alienated Voter - Politics in Boston
025146: LEVIN, BERNARD - Hannibal's Footsteps
069940: LEVIN, MURRAY B. - Kennedy Campaigning: The System and the Style as Practiced By Senator Edward Kennedy
042069: LEVIN, GERALD - Sigmund Freud
052870: LEVIN, MEYER - The Stronghold: A Novel (Inscribed & Signed By Author)
070490: LEVIN, ARTHUR (MD) - Regulating Health Care: The Struggle for Control
065630: LEVIN, ARTHUR - The Satisficers
Pb3836: LEVIN, KAREN A. - Twenty-Minute Chicken Dishes: Delicious, Easy-To-Prepare Meals Everyone Will Love
053786: LEVIN, ALEXANDRA LEE - Vision: A Biography of Harry Friedenwald
008370: LEVIN, A KATHERINE - Cerebral Palsy: The Pioneer Years of Occupational Therapy in Scotland
067973: LEVIN, MARTIN (EDITOR) - The Saturday Review Sampler of Wit and Wisdom
Pa633: LEVIN, GERALD - Prose Models
085654: LEVINE, S. Z. (EDITOR) - Advances in Pediatrics, Volume IX, 1957
073457: LEVINE, S. Z., EDITOR - Advances in Pediatrics, Volume XV (15)
085725: LEVINE, BARBARA HOBERMAN - Your Body Believes Every Word You Say - SIGNED
084639: LEVINE, SAMUEL A. (MD) - Clinical Heart Disease
Pb3761: LEVINE, DEB; BALLANTINE BOOKS - The Joy of Cybersex: A Guide for Creative Lovers
Pb15: LEVINE, ROBERT - Culture, Behavior and Personality
Pb1320: LEVINE, MICHAEL - The Address Book : How to Reach Anyone Who Is Anyone
081396: LEVINE, I.E. - Champion of World Peace: Dag Hammarskjold
069484: LEVINE, I.E. - Lenin: The Man Who Made a Revolution
003592: LEVINE, EUGENE - A Comparative Analysis of the Administration of Nursing
065696: LEVINE, STEPHEN - A Year to Live: How to Live This Year as if it Were Your Last
008977: LEVINE, LOUIS - Biology of the Gene
062474: LEVINE, STEPHEN - A Year to Live: How to Live This Year as if it Were Your Last
066690: LEVINE, MORTIMER - Tudor England, 1485-1603
056280: LEVINE, RACHMIEL (MD) - CIBA Clinical Symposia - Diabetes Mellitus, Vol. 15, No. 4, 1963
050767: LEVINE, GAIL CARSON - Dave at Night
013699: LEVINE, ARTHUR S. (MD), EDITOR - Cancer in the Young
005648: LEVINE, HAROLD D. (MD) - Cardiac Emergencies and Related Disorders
085613: LEVINGER, ELMA EHRLICH - With the Jewish Child in Home and Synagogue
069217: LEVINS, PETER; EDITED BY WHEATLEY, HENRY B. - Manipulus Vocabulorum: A Rhyming Dictionary of the English Language
082931: LEVINSOHN, RHODA - Basketry: A Renaissance in Southern Africa
Pb680: LEVINSON, JAY CONRAD; RUBIN, CHARLES - Guerrilla Marketing Excellence: The 50 Golden Rules for Small-Business Success
050991: LEVINSON, JAY CONRAD - The Ninety-Minute Hour
Pb5719: LEVINSON, DANIEL J. - The Seasons of a Man's Life
085754: LEVINTHAL, ISRAEL H. - Judaism Speaks to the Modern World
074037: LEVITAN, ELI L. - Animation Techniques and Commercial Film Production
030298: LEVITAN, SAR A.; TAGGART, ROBERT III; JOHNSTON, WILLIAM B. - Still a Dream: The Changing Status of Blacks Since 1960
014242: LEVITAS, G. B. (EDITOR) - The World of Psychology - Volume I
070751: LEVITH, MURRAY J. - What's in Shakespeare's Names
085861: LEVITIN, SONIA - The Singing Mountain
026659: LEVITT, MORTON P. (ED) - Journal of Modern Literature - Annual Review Number, 1987-1988
Pb3976: LEVITT, B. BLAKE - 50 Essential Things to Do When the Doctor Says It's Infertility
Pa1564: LEVITUS, BOB; BRISBIN, SHELLY - Mac Answers!: Tech Support at Your Fingertips
067746: MAGNUS-LEVY, A.; UMBER, PROF. DR. FR.; BRUGSCH, PROF. DR. THEOROR - Diabetes Melitus; Intermediare Stoffwechselstorungen; Die Gicht
084255: LEVY, ROSALIE MARIE - The Man In Chains: Saint Paul Vessel of Election
033190: LEVY, VICTOR E. - Hebrew and Solar Calendar Every Day for 200 Years
086069: LEVY, RABBI RICHARD N. (EDITOR AND TRANSLATOR) - On Wings of Light: The Hillel Siddur for Kabbalat Shabbat and Shabbat Evening
046262: LEVY, MERVYN (ED) - The Pocket Dictionary of Art Terms
Pa466: LEVY, HAROLD B. - Square Pegs, Round Holes; The Learning-Disabled Child in the Classroom and at Home,
076654: LEVY, HERBERT MONTE - How to Handle an Appeal (Personal Injury Law and Technique - Practice Handbook Series No. 1) First Edition - Inscribed & Signed By Author
086043: LEVY, LEONARD W. - Original Intent and the Framers' Constitution
P000535: LEVY, RONALD - The New Language of Psychiatry
044121: LEVY, GERALD - Ghetto School: Class Warfare in an Elementary School
Pa884: LEVY, STEVEN - Insanely Great: The Life and Times of Macintosh, the Computer That Changed Everything
055991: LEWANSKI, RICHARD C. - The Lusatians - A Bibliography of Dictionaries
Pb4295: LEWIN, ELIZABETH S. - Your Personal Financial Fitness Program, 1989-90
017251: LEWIN, JULIUS - Politics and Law in South Africa - Essays on Race Relations
077044: LEWIN, PROF. DR. L. - Die Nebenwirkungen Der Arzneimittel: Pharmakologisch-klinisches Handbuch
Pb7221: LEWIN, ROGER A. M.D.; SCHULZ, CLARENCE G. - Losing and Fusing: Borderline Transitional Object and Self Relations
082990: LEWINE, RICHARD - "A Little Theatre Music" Seven Pieces for Clarinet and Piano
080613: LEWINSKI, RON - Welcoming the New Catholic (Revised Edition)
Pb2409: LEWIS, C.S. - Magician's Nephew, The
050684: LEWIS, FLANNERY - Brooks Too Broad for Leaping: A Chronicle from Childhood
000261: LEWIS, D. SCLATER (MD) - Royal Victoria Hospital: 1887 - 1947
039705: LEWIS, M. M. - How Children Learn to Speak
Pb1905: LEWIS, MARILYN JAYE - When the Night Stood Still: An Erotic Romance
075113: LEWIS, CHARLES D. - The Waterboys and Their Cousins
075039: LEWIS, ALFRED - Behind the Scenes at the Post Office
049432: BEESLY, LEWIS AND JOHNSTON, T. B.; REVISED BY JOHN BRUCE AND ROBERT WALMSLEY - Beesly and Johnston's Manual of Surgical Anatomy
043662: LEWIS, WILMARTH SHELDON - One Man's Education
Pb3577: BERNARD LEWIS, ETC. - Facing the 90s Contemporary Issues
022829: LEWIS, EDITH P. - The Clinical Nurse Specialist
071539: LEWIS, SIR GEORGE CORNEWALL; INTRODUCTION BY SCHURMAN, JACOB GOULD - Government of Dependencies: An Essay (Revised Edition)
036241: LEWIS, EDWIN - Theology and Evangelism
084383: D. B. WYNDHAM LEWIS - King Spider: Some Aspects of Louis XI of France and His Companions
013599: LEWIS, DEAN (MD), EDITOR - Lewis' Practice of Surgery, Volume X: Gynaecology
085431: LEWIS, JOHN FREDERICK - Thomas Spry - Lawyer and Physician
023121: LEWIS, SIR THOMAS - Vascular Disorders of the Limbs
051771: LEWIS, EDWIN - A Philosophy of the Christian Revelation
018649: LEWIS, ARTHUR H - The Aaronsburg Story
Pa608: LEWIS, T. - The Calico Mother Goose Book of Earth Moon and Sky
009423: LEWIS, PAUL (PSEUDONYM OF NOEL B. GERSON) - The Grand Incendiary: A Biography of Samuel Adams (GIFT QUALITY), SIGNED
Pa1600: LEWIS, ROLAND - The Home Video Maker's Handbook
054777: LEWIS, DEAN (MD), EDITOR, ET AL - Practice of Surgery - Clinical, Diagnostic, Operative, Postoperative - Volume IV
024531: LEWIS, JOHN FREDERICK - Thomas Spry - Lawyer and Physician: PRESENTATION COPY
010453: LEWIS, JAMES, JR. - How I Survived Prostate Cancer. . . And So Can You
Pa143: SINCLAIR LEWIS - Ann Vickers A Novel
046998: LEWIS, M.W. ARTHUR F. (GRAND MASTER) - 1936 - Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Connecticut - Grand Lodge Records, One Hundred Forty-Eighth Annual Report
Pa388: LEWIS, DAVID - Stress for Success: Using Your Hidden Creative Energy for Health, Achievement, and Happiness
049865: LEWIS, CECIL - Gemini to Joburg: The True Story of a Flight Over Africa
039502: LEWIS, D. B. WYNDHAM - Four Favourites
064716: LEWIS, LISA - Silent Treatment
082150: LEWIS, WALTER - Reed Organ Player: A Collection of Pieces for All Occasions
084935: LEWIS, DEAN (MD), EDITOR - Lewis' Practice of Surgery, Volume I: Case Histories Etc.
079437: LEWIS, OSCAR - The Children of Sanchez - Autobiography of a Mexican Family
Pa495: LEWIS, C. S. - The Magician's Nephew
Pb1041: W.H. LEWIS - the Splendid Century
051717: LEWIS, WYNDHAM - Wyndham Lewis the Artist: From 'Blast to Burlington House'
013183: LEWIS, D. GERWYN - The University and Colleges of Education in Wales, 1925-1978
054735: LEWIS, DEAN (MD), EDITOR, ET AL - Practice of Surgery - Clinical, Diagnostic, Operative, Postoperative - Volume II: Bones, Joints
054767: LEWIS, DEAN (MD), EDITOR, ET AL - Practice of Surgery - Clinical, Diagnostic, Operative, Postoperative - Volume III: Bones and Joints, Muscles, Tendons, Nerves, Brachial Palsy, Sympathetic Nerves, Lymphatics, Amputations
036089: LEWIS, EDWIN - The Faith We Declare: The Fondren Lectures for 1939
055133: LEWIS, JAMES JR. - Administering the Individualized Instruction Program
047699: LEWIS, THOMAS (MD), EDITOR - Heart - A Journal for the Study of the Circulation, Vol. 1, No. 1-4, Bound
061769: LEWIS, ARTHUR H. - Children's Party
062039: LEWIS, ERVIN EUGENE - The Common-Word Spellers: Book Two - Revised Edition (A Course In Spelling for the Common Schools) For the Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grades
060540: LEWIS, COLBY - The TV Director/Interpreter (Communication Arts Book)
040063: LEWIS, FREDERICK W. - One Man's Philosophy
021077: LEWIS, LEO RICH (ED) - School Songs with College Flavor
080161: LEWIS, ROY HARLEY - A Pension for Death
Pa1567: ALLISON-LEWIS, LINDA - Keeping-Up-Your-Spirits Therapy
053719: LEWIS, ROY - Sierra Leone: A Modern Portrait
036885: LEWIS, JAMES JR. - Implementing Total Quality in Education to Produce Great Schools
054741: HERMAN, LEWIS AND MARGUERITE SHALLETT - American Dialects: A Manual for Actors, Directors and Writers
054775: LEWIS, DEAN (MD), EDITOR, ET AL - Practice of Surgery - Clinical, Diagnostic, Operative, Postoperative - Volume X: Gynaecology
068297: LEWIS, GARLAND K. - Nurse-Patient Communication - Foundations of Nursing Series
Pb4014: LEWIS, MATTHEW; RUGG, PAUL - Animaniacs in Sir Yaksalot and the Dragon
017973: PATTON, LEWIS AND MANN, PETER (EDS) - The Collected Works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge: Lectures 1795 on Politics and Religion
073934: LEWISOHN, LUDWIG - Mid-Channel: An American Chronicle
068821: LEWISOHN, LUDWIG (EDITOR) - The Dramatic Works of Gerhart Hauptmann (Authorized Edition) Volume One (1): Social Dramas
P000136: JAMES LEWISOHN - Rosyln
086433: LEWISOHN, LUDWIG - The American Jew: Character and Destiny
052321: LEWISOHN, JAMES - Golgotha: Letters from Prison: Poems By James Lewisohn
059036: LEWISOHN, LUDWIG - The Story of American Literature (A Modern Library Giant)

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