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064696: IMMERMANN, H.; VON JURGENSEN, TH.; LIEBERMEISTER, C.; LENHARTZ, H. AND STICKER, G. EDITED BY JOHN W. MOORE - Variola, Vaccination, Varicella, Cholera, Erysipelas, Whooping Cough, Hay Fever
005955: WALLACE-JONES, H. (MD) AND CHAMBERLAIN, E. NOBLE (MD) AND RUBIN, E. L. (MD) - An Elementary Atlas of Cardiography: An Introduction to Electrocardiography and X-ray Examination of the Heart
007087: GRAEFF, H. AND KUHN, W. - Coagulation Disorders in Obstetrics
004422: PAGE, IRVINE H. AND CORCORAN, ARTHUR CURTIS (MD'S) - Experimental Renal Hypertension
047630: SOULE, MALCOLM H. AND MCKINLEY, EARL B. - Cultivation of B. Leprae with Experimental Lesions in Monkeys
000446: STERNBERG, THOMAS H. AND NEWCOMER, V. D. (MD'S) - Therapy of Fungus Diseases
078976: GROOME, THOMAS H. AND CORSO, MICHAEL J. (EDITORS) - Empowering Catechetical Leaders
029550: CASSEM, NED H. ET AL - Massachusetts General Hospital Handbook of General Hospital Psychiatry - Fourth Edition
074464: DAY, LINCOLN H. AND DAY, ALICE TAYLOR - Too Many Americans
084790: REUBEN, GABRIEL H. AND SCHWARTZ, SHEILA - How People Lived in Ancient Greece and Rome
085605: FREEDMAN, RABBI DR. H. AND EPSTEIN, RABBI DR. I (EDITORS) - Hebrew-English Edition of the Babylonian Talmud: Tractate Kiddushin
073715: A.H. (EDITOR) - Lauriel: The Love Letters of an American Girl
039430: BERKOWITZ, PEARL H. AND ROTHMAN, ESTHER P. - The Disturbed Child - Recognition and Psychoeducational Therapy in the Classroom
031870: UBELAKERM DOUGLAS H. - Skeletal Biology of Human Remains from La Tolita, Esmeraldas Province, Ecuador
083679: BOWING, HARRY H. (MD) ET AL - The Medical Clinics of North America, July 1941 Mayo Clinic Number - X-Rays and Radium
006948: HOCH, PAUL H. (MD) AND ZUBIN, JOSEPH (EDS.) - Problems of Addiction and Habituation
083111: HALSEY, R.T.H. AND CORNELIUS, CHARLES O. - A Handbook of the American Wing (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)
071263: ALTMAN, STUART H. AND BLENDON, ROBERT (EDITORS) - Medical Technology: The Culprit Behind Health Care Costs?
082110: GRAHAM, CLARENCE H. AND HSIA, YUN - The Discriminations of a Normal and a Color-Blind Eye in the Same Person
026946: SPIERS, I. B. H. AND BURCHINAL, MARY C. (EDS) - Rene Bazin - Les Oberle
018049: HARGREAVES, W.H. AND R.J.G. MORRISON - The Practice of Tropical Medicine
026365: GANN, L. H. AND DUIGNAN, PETER - Burden of Empire
008817: CULLEN, J. W.; FOX, B. H.; AND ISOM, R. N. (EDITORS) - Cancer: The Behavioral Dimensions
063502: VANDERVELDT, JAMES H. AND ODENWALD, ROBERT P. - Psychiatry and Catholicism
065952: RANDALL, R.H. AND ELLSWORTH, F.W. - The American Singing Master for Wide-Awake Singing Teachers
008910: PORTER, IAN H. AND HOOK, ERNEST B. (EDS) - Service and Education in Medical Genetics
036458: MILLER, SAMUEL H. AND WRIGHT, G. ERNEST (EDITORS) - Ecumenical Dialogue at Harvard - The Roman Catholic-Protestant Colloquium
056225: BLOCK, STANLEY H. (M.D.) WITH BLOCK, CAROLYN BRYANT - Briding the I-System: Unifying Spirituality & Behavior
016686: HELFANT, RICHARD H. AND BANKA, VIDYA S. (MD'S) - A Clinical and Angiographic Approach to Coronary Heart Disease
010574: RODDIS, CAPT. LOUIS H. AND PATTON, LT. W. KENNETH (EDS) - Handbook of the Hospital Corps, United States Navy 1949
076088: MACBRIDE, THOMAS H. AND MARTIN, G. W. - The Myxomycetes - A Descriptive List
020780: SIMPSON, D. H. AND MORRIS, E. A. - Twickenham Ferries in History and Song
080846: JOHNSON, WILLIAM H. AND NEWKIRK, LOUIS V. - Home Mechanics
020685: ADAMS, J. G.; FAY, C. H. AND EATON, E. F. - Not Rich, But Generous; or Stories for Boys and Girls
018153: COMROE, JULIUS H. AND DRIPPS, ROBERT D. (MD'S) - The Physiological Basis for Oxygen Therapy
068216: SANDAGE, C.H. AND FRYBURGER, VERNON - Advertising Theory and Practice - Seventh (7th) Edition
069477: PLECK, JOSEPH H. AND BRANNON, ROBERT (ISSUE EDITORS) - Journal of Social Issues: Volume 34, Number 1, 1978
019488: EPSTEIN, PAUL H. AND FELDMAN, FRANKLIN - The Visual Artist and the Law
073177: BROWNING, MARY H. AND LEWIS, EDITH P. - The Expanded Role of the Nurse
085631: SHEPARDSON, WHITNEY H. WITH SCROGGS, WILLIAM O. - The United States in World Affiars: An Account of American Foreign Relations 1938
069365: FIELD, RICHARD H. AND KAPLAN, BENJAMIN - Materials for a Basic Course in Civil Procedure
039414: BICKEL, H. AND STERN, J. (EDS) - Inborn Errors of Calcium and Bone Metabolism
039309: GARDNER, MALCOLM H. (EDITOR) AND SUPERINTENDENT OF ADVANCED REGISTRY. - The Advance Register of the Holstein-Friesian Association of America. Volume XVIII (18). Containing All Entries Received and Accepted From May 16, 1906 to May 15, 1907.
008710: DINGLE, JOHN H. AND LANGMUIR, ALEXANDER D. - Epidemiology of Acute, Respiratory Disease in Military Recruits
014550: SMOLKA, H. AND SOOST, H. J. - An Outline and Atlas of Gynecological Cytodiagnosis
067869: BEIK, PAUL H. AND LAFORE, LAURENCE - Modern Europe: A History Since 1500
075976: BAGGENSTOSS, ARCHIE H. (MD) ET AL - The Medical Clinics of North America - Mayo Clinic Number, Diseases of the Kidney, July 1951
042879: KAHL, W.; LEONHARDT, H. AND PLATZER, W. - Color Atlas and Textbook of Human Anatomy - Volume 3: Nervous System and Sensory Organs
077047: DONG, COLLIN H. (MD) AND BANKS, JANE - The Arthritic's Cookbook
013987: STRUPP, HANS H. AND LUBORSKY, LESTER (EDS) - Research in Psychotherapy - 1961
076675: MEYER, DR. HANS H. AND GOTTLIEB, DR. R. - Pharmacology - Clinical and Experimental
030782: GUSTAFSON, DAVID H. ET AL - Case Studies from the Quality Improvement Support System
011750: BOTVINICK, ELIAS H. AND SHAMES, DAVID M. (MD'S) - Nuclear Cardiology: Clinical Applications
032108: HIRSCH, DAVID H. AND ASCHKENASY, NEHAMA - Biblical Patterns in Modern Literature
021402: BACH, FRITZ H. AND GOOD, ROBERT A. (MD'S), EDITORS - Clinical Immunobiology - Volume I
074772: MOYER, JOHN H. AND FUCHS, MORTON (MD'S), EDITORS - Edema - Mechanisms and Management
085009: PETERSON, WILLIAM H. AND STRONG, FRANK M. - General Biochemistry
032367: CORMIER, L. SHERILYN; CORMIER, WILLIAM H. AND WEISSER, ROLAND J., JR. - Interviewing and Helping Skills for Health Professionals
019018: WENDER, PAUL H. AND KLEIN, DONALD F. (MD'S) - Mind, Mood, and Medicine: A Guide to the New Biopsychiatry
011073: GLASS, ROBERT H. AND KASE, NATHAN G. (MD'S) - Woman's Choice
068836: PUSHKAREV, SERGEI; TRANSLATED BY MCNEAL, ROBERT H. AND YEDLIN, TOVA - The Emergence of Modern Russia, 1801-1917
085333: SHEPARDSON, WHITNEY H. WITH SCROGGS, WILLIAM O. - The United States in World Affairs: An Account of American Foreign Relations 1936
025185: NUZUM, JOHN W.; PILOT, ISADORE; STANGL, F. H. AND BONAR, B. E. (MD'S) - Pandemic Influenza and Pneumonia in a Large Civil Hospital
001946: WADE, A. T.; WHITTIER, L. H.; AND BATES, W. L. - History of Mount Kineo Lodge, No. 109; Free and Accepted Masons, Guildford, Maine
013774: STURGIS, SOMERS H. AND TAYMOR, MELVIN L. (MD'S), EDITORS - Meigs and Sturgis Progress in Gynecology Volume V
065371: DIAMOND, WILLIAM (COMPILER); EDITED BY REINSCH, F.H. AND SCHOMAKER, C.B. - Kleiner Garten: A German Literary Reader for Beginners
009514: BEER, SAMUEL H. AND BARRINGER, RICHARD E. (EDS) - The State and the Poor
029985: UBELAKERM DOUGLAS H. - The Ayalan Cemetery: A Late Integration Period Burial Site on the South Coast of Ecuador
049274: JOYCE, BRUCE R.; HERSH, RICHARD H.; AND MCKIBBIN, MICHAEL - The Structure of School Improvement
049748: KRIEGER, JOHN H. AND SHERRARD, DONALD J. (MD'S) - Practical Fluids and Electrolytes
085591: DOBREE, JOHN H. AND BOULTER, ERIC - Blindness and Visual Handicap: The Facts
007670: ALLEN, SAMUEL H. ET AL - The Cause of the Outbreak of Disease Among The Cattle at the State College Farm, Maine
047697: VAQUEZ, H. AND DONZELOT, E. - Les Troubles Du Rythme Cardiaque
034061: REDFERN, CHARLOTTE H. AND SEMPERS, CHARLES T. - The Lord's Prayer: A Paraphrase
031536: LEVERMORE, CHARLES H. AND DEWEY, DAVIS R. - Political History Since 1815 (Excluding the United States)
014429: WATSON, E. H. AND LOWREY, G. H. - Growth and Development of Children
073596: HAYE, C.; JAMMET, H. AND DOLLFUS, M.-A. - L'Oeil et Les Radiations Ionisantes, Tome Premier et Tomo Seconde - SIGNED
018425: FLETCHER, GILBERT H. AND MACCOMB, WILLIAM S. (MD'S) - Radiation Therapy in the Management of Cancers of the Oral Cavity and Oropharynx
047437: OSIPOW, SAMUEL H. AND WALSH, W. BRUCE; MACCORQUODALE, KENNETH; LINDZEY, GARDNER; AND CLARK, KENNETH E. (EDITORS) - Strategies in Counseling for Behavior Change (Century Psychology Series)
004126: SIRICH, EDWARD H. AND BARTON, FRANCIS B. (ED) - Harper's French Anthology
047159: DAVIS, JED H. AND WATKINS, MARY JANE LARSON; WITH THE COLLABORATION OF BUSFIELD, ROGER M. JR. - Children's Theatre: Play Production for the Child Audience
069371: MAGUIRE, JOHN M.; WEINSTEIN, JACK B.; CHADBOURN, JAMES H.; AND MANSFIELD, JOHN H. - Cases and Materials on Evidence - Fifth Edition
045626: BROWN, THOMAS H. AND SANDBERG, KARL C. - Conversational English
060057: AARON, A.. H. (MD) ET AL (FRANK HOWARD LAHEY) - Frank Howard Lahey: Birthday Volume
030623: MILLER, MICHAEL H. AND FLYNN, BEVERLY C. - Current Perspectives in Nursing: Social Issues and Trends, Volume One
024118: MELLISH-WILSON, MAUD H. AND RICHARD M. HEWITT, EDITORS - Collected Papers of the Mayo Clinic and Mayo Foundation, Volume XXIII (23), 1931
071590: SHARP, THE LATE C. L. E. H. AND KEEN, HARRY - Presymptomatic Detection and Early Diagnosis - A Critical Appraisal
028694: WOOD, CASEY A.; SMALL, CHARLES P.; ANDREWS, ALBERT H./ AND SHAMBAUGH, GEORGE E. (MD'S) - The Practical Medical Series - Volume III: The Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat - Series 1922
048523: HATHORN, REV. RABAN (O.S.B.); GENNE, REV. WILLIAM H.; AND BRILL, RABBI MORDECAI L. (EDITORS) - Marriage: An Interfaith Guide for All Couples
016304: YOUNG, HUGH H. AND DAVID, DAVID M. - Young's Practice of Urology - Vol. I
058962: TRANSLATED BY BAKER, H. AND MILLER, J.; WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY PEYRE, HENRI - Moliere: Tartuffe & The Would-Be-Gentleman (In Slipcase)
040490: BIGNER, SANDRA H. AND JOHNSTON, WILLIAM W. (MD'S) - Cytopathology of the Central Nervous System
058841: GRIMES, WILMA H. AND MATTINGLY, ALETHEA SMITH - Interpretation: Writer, Reader, Audience
075433: ANNAS, GEORGE J.; CLANTZ, LEONARD H. AND KATZ, BARBARA F. - The Rights of Doctors, Nurses and Allied Health Professionals
075287: COLE, G.D.H. & M. - Burglars in Bucks
010983: LINGEMAN, CAROLYN H. AND GARNER, F. M. (EDITORS) - Symposium on Comparative Morphology of Hematopoietic Neoplasms
004785: KATZ, ALFRED H. AND FELTON, JEAN SPENCER (MD) - Health and the Community
039511: TALIAFERRO, W. H. AND HUMPHREY, J. H. (EDS) - Advances in Immunology - Volume 2, 1962
012433: MULHOLLAND, JOHN H.; ELLISON, EDWIN H. AND FRIESEN, STANLEY R. (MD'S), EDS - Current Surgical Management
047815: BENEDETTI, G.; BLEULER, M.; KIND, H. AND MIELKE, F. - Entwicklung der Schizophrenielehre Seit 1941
005335: SLOCUMB, CHARLES H. (MD) ET AL - Rheumatic Diseases
057976: MUGRIDGE, DONALD H. AND MCCRUM, BLANCHE P.; PREPARED UNDER THE DIRECTION OF BASLER, ROY P. - A Guide to the Study of the United States of America: Representative Books Reflecting the Development of American Life and Thought
027613: WELLINGTON, HARRY H. AND WINTER, RALPH K., JR. - The Unions and the Cities
013690: SMITH, RICHMOND W., JR.; GAEBLER, OLIVER H. AND LONG, C. N. H. (MD'S), EDITORS - The Hypophyseal Growth Hormone, Nature and Actions
011655: SHEHADI, WILLIAM H. AND JACOX, HAROLD W. (MD'S) - Clinical Radiology of the Biliary Tract
042512: GIORDANO, JOSEPH M.; TROUT, HUGH H.; AND DEPALMA, RALPH G. (MD'S), EDITORS - The Basic Science of Vascular Surgery (GIFT QUALITY)
069346: EWING, CLAUDE H. AND HARRIS, HARRY A. - Practical Instruction for Paper Hanging
083827: LAHEY, FRANK H. ET AL - Surgical Practice of the Lahey Clinic, Boston, Massachusetts
053407: SELECTED AND EDITED BY DICKINSON, THOMAS H. - Chief Contemporary Dramatists: Twenty Plays from the Recent Drama of England, Ireland, America, Germany, France, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, and Russia (2 Volumes)
072248: FREEMAN, W. H. AND BRACEGIRDLE, BRIAN - An Atlas of Embryology
027257: KLAUS, MARSHALL H. (MD) AND FANAROFF, AVROY A. - Care of the High-Risk Neonate
075752: COLE, WARREN H. AND ELMAN, ROBERT (MD'S) - Textbook of General Surgery
059608: VANROEKEL, BYRON H. AND KLUWE, MARY JEAN - From Fins to Feathers (The Harper & Row Basic Reading Program)
053556: LAPHAM, LEWIS H. AND ROSENBUSH, ELLEN (EDITORS) - An American Album - One Hundred and Fifty Years of Harper's Magazine
011625: POOL, EUGENE H. AND STILLMAN, RALPH G. (MD'S) - Surgery of the Spleen
052614: YOE, JOHN H. (PH.D.) AND BURGER, ALFRED - German for Chemists
061071: ELLIOTT, K. A. C.; PAGE, IRVINE H. AND QUASTEL, J. H. (EDITORS) - Neurochemistry - The Chemistry of Brain and Nerve
040693: SUNDERLAND, RONALD H. AND SHELP, EARL E. - AIDS, A Manual for Pastoral Care
011261: KEAN, B. H. AND BRESLAU, ROGER C. (MD'S) - Parasites of the Human Heart
007331: HAAB, PROF. O. (MD); DE SCHWEINITZ, G. E. (MD) EDITOR - Atlas and Epitome of Ophthalmoscopy and Ophthalmoscopic Diagnosis
075998: HAAB, PROF. DR. O. - Atlas und Grundriss Der Ophthalmoskopie Und Ophthalmoskopischen Diagnostik
007167: HAAB, PROF. O. (MD) (ERNEST CLARKE, MD - TRANSLATOR) - Wood's Medical Hand Atlases: Ophthalmoscopy
065815: HAAG, JESSIE HELEN - School Health Program
066379: HAAG, EARL C. (EDITOR) - A Pennsylvania German Anthology
009861: HAAGENSEN, C. D. (MD) - Carcinoma of the Breast
054049: HAAKE, KATHARINE - No Reason On Earth: A Short Story Collection By Katharine Haake
073135: DE HAAN, VICI - Bike Rides of the Colorado Front Range
066581: HAAS, JESSIE - Shaper
085923: HAAS, ALBERT (MD) - The Doctor and the Damned
064832: HAAS, GERDA - These I Do Remember: Fragments from the Holocaust (Signed By Author)
034194: HAAS, GERDA - These I Do Remember: Fragments from the Holocaust
Pb3291: VICTOR E. HAAS. - The Magic Numerals of Ali Khayyam
Pb797: HAAS, RUDI; BLOHM, HANS - The Egg-Carton Zoo
Pb6683: HAASSE, HELLA S. - The Scarlet City: A Novel of 16th Century Italy
053447: HABE, HANS - Christopher and His Father
Pb456: NORMAN C. HABEL - Youth Asks is God a Game?
024472: HABERLY, LOYD - Highlights: A Book of Verse
081653: HABERSTROH, E.F. - How to Speak Good English
084757: HACHTEN, HARVA - Kitchen Safari - A Gourmet's Tour of Africa
026869: HACKEL, EDUARDO - Monographia Festucarum Europaearum
Pb7993: ANDREW HACKER - The New Yorkers a Profile of an American Metropolis
Pb6205: HACKER, DIANA - Rules for Writers: A Concise Handbook
019791: HACKETT, ALICE PAYNE - 50 Years of Best Sellers 1895-1945
061188: HACKETT, FRANCIS - Francis the First
048475: HACKETT, FRANCIS - Francis the First
062407: HACKETT, LT. GENERAL SIR JOHN WINTHROP - The Profession of Arms: The 1962 Lees Knowles Lectures Given at Trinity College, Cambridge
055771: HACKLEMAN, WAUNETA - A Lump of Sugar and a Dash of Spice: Poems By Wauneta Hackleman
030172: HACKMAN, RAY C. - The Motivated Working Adult
078485: ET HADAMARD, DESANDRE - Fables De La Fontaine
051711: HADAS, PAMELA WHITE - Marianne Moore: Poet of Affection
067385: HADDAD, C.A. - The Moroccan
016085: HADDAWAY, RICHARD - Our Island Home
043894: HADFIELD, ANNA - A Peacock on the Lawn
071890: HADFIELD, JOHN (EDITOR) - The Saturday Book - 16
066706: HADFIELD, JOHN (EDITOR) - The Saturday Book (Twelfth Issue)
067507: EDITED BY HADFIELD, JOHN; FOUNDED BY RUSSELL, LEONARD - The Thirteenth Annual Issue of The Saturday Book (13)
058930: EDITED BY HADFIELD, JOHN - The Saturday Book: Twelfth Issue
083294: HADLEY, JAMES - A Greek Grammar for Schools and Colleges
042486: HADLEY, MORRIS - Arthur Twining Hadley (Signed)
078186: HAFFERT, JOHN M. - The World's Greatest Secret (Signed Presentation Copy)
075822: HAFFNER, KATHERINE NEUHAUS - Does Your Wife Like You?
085731: HAGAN, HENRY ENOCH - Six Who Changed the World: Moses, Jesus, Paul, Marx, Freud, Einstein - SIGNED
076930: VARIOUS CONTRIBUTORS; EDITED BY JOSEPH C. HAGAR - The Apothecary and New England Druggist, March 1920
011469: HAGBARD, LARS (MD) - Pregnancy and Diabetes Mellitus
065282: HAGEDORN, HERMANN - Prophet in the Wilderness: The Story of Albert Schweitzer
040292: HAGEMAN, G.E. - Sketches from the History of the Church
073550: VON HAGEN, V. WOLFGANG - Riches of South America
061648: VON HAGEN, VICTOR W. - The Incas - People of the Sun
035829: HAGEN, F.F. - Old Landmarks: Or Faith and Practice of the Moravian Church, at the Time of Its Revival and Restoration in 1727, and Twenty Years After.
056707: VON HAGEN, VICTOR WOLFGANG - Jungle in the Clouds: A Naturalist's Explorations in the Republic of Honduras
081386: HAGER, DR. HERMANN - Botanischer Unterricht in 160 Lectionen Fur Angehende Pharmaceuten Und Studirende Mediciner
069864: HAGERDORN, HERMANN - The Great Maze and the Heart of Youth: A Poem and a Play
084685: HAGGARD, HOWARD W. (MD) - Man and His Body
074979: HAGGARD, WILLIAM - The Mischief Makers
084020: HAGGARD, HOWARD W. (MD) - Mystery, Magic and Medicine
075867: HAGGARD, H. RIDER - Child of Storm (The Works of H. Rider Haggard)
074789: HAGGARD, H. RIDER - Heart of the World (The Works of H. Rider Haggard)
085774: HAGGARD, HOWARD W. - Van Medicijnman tot Geneesheer
073165: HAGGARD, HOWARD W. - Devils, Drugs and Doctors
058705: HAGGARD, WILLIAM - The Mischief Makers
084686: HAGGARD, HOWARD W., MD - The Lame, The Halt, and The Blind
072241: HAGGARD, HOWARD W., MD - The Lame, The Halt, and The Blind - SIGNED
011485: HAGGARD, WILLIAM D. (MD) - Surgery Queen of the Arts and Other Papers and Addresses
036784: HAGGERTY, RICHARD A. (ED.) - El Salvador: A Country Study (Area Handbook Series - Library of Congress)
Pa1313: HAGIN, KENNETH, JR. - Listen to Your Heart
056934: HAGMAN, E. PATRICIA, EDITOR - Good Health for You and Your Family
049817: HAGMAN, HARLAN L. - September Campus
Pb695: HAGSTROM, ROBERT G. JR. - The Warren Buffett Way: Investment Strategies of the World's Greatest Investor
Pb5359: HAGUE, MICHAEL - Michael Hague's Family Christmas Treasury
P000514: HAGUE - An Introduction to Political Science (GE)
008552: HAGUE, JAME E. (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Hospitals: Journal of the American Hospital Association - Guide Issue
079991: HAGUE, KATHLEEN - Alphabears: An ABC Book
Pb7972: HAGUE, MICHAEL - Magic Moments: A Book of Days
042970: HAHN, EMILY - Lorenzo: D.H. Lawrence and the Women Who Loved Him
066279: HAHN, EMILY - Francie Again
066351: HAHN, M. LE DR. F. L.; BECQUEREL - Traite Elementaire D'Hygiene Privee et Publique
064847: HAHN, EMILY - Aboab: First Rabbi of the Americas
052996: HAHN, EMILY - A Degree of Prudery: A Biography of Fanny Burney
013357: HAHN, PAUL F. (ED) - Therapeutic Use of Artificial Radioisotopes
065547: HAHN, EMILY - Purple Passage: A Novel About a Lady Both Famous and Fantastic
052179: HAHN, EMILY - Animal Gardens
012675: HAHN, MILTON E. - Psychoevaluation: Adaptation-Distribution-Adjustment
076953: HAHNEL, EUGENE S. - Down to Earth: The Pleasures & Perils of Becoming a Farmer
P000036: JEFFREY C. HAHNER, ETC - Speaking Clearly - Improving Voice Diction
064237: HAHON, NICHOLAS - Selected Papers on the Pathogenic Rickettsiae
052754: GRABNER-HAIDER, ANTON - Letters to a Young Priest from a Laicised Priest
029297: HAIG, ALEC - Flight From Montego Bay: A Red Badge Novel of Suspense
040286: HAIGHT, ROBERT S. - Saint Stephen's Church, Ridgefield, Connecticut: Its History for 250 Years - 1725 to 1975 (Signed By Author and Illustrator)
082712: GILBERT PIERCE HAIGHT, JR. - An Introduction to Physical Science, from Atoms to Galaxies
073907: HAINES, FRANCIS - The Buffalo
038097: HAINES, HELEN E. - What's In A Novel (Columbia University Studies in Library Service, Number Six, 6)
043310: HAINES, JOE - Maxwell
Pa1094: CHARLES HAINES - Charles Dickens
083878: HAINES, DONAL HAMILTON - Fighting Blood: A Tale of Kitchener's Campaign in the Soudan
030937: HAINES, FRANCIS - The Plains Indians
029037: HAINES, DUANE E. - Correlative Neuroanatomy
063584: HAINES, DUANE E. (EDITOR) - Fundamental Neuroscience (GIFT QUALITY)
043055: HAIZLIP, SHIRLEE TAYLOR - The Sweeter the Juice (Signed)
038640: HAJEK, LUBOR (TEXT) - Harunobu
031812: HAKOHEN, MORDECHAI; EDITED BY GOLDBERG, HARVEY E. - The Book of Mordechai - A Study of the Jews of Libya - First Edition
051833: HAKOWSKI, MARYANN (CONTRIBUTING AUTHOR); SAWYAER, KIERAN (GENERAL EDITOR); AMODEI, MICHAEL (SERIES EDITOR) - Decide to Forgive - Participant Book (Developing Faith: A Mini-Course Series for Teens)
038436: GOLDEN, HAL AND HANSON, KITTY - The Techniques of Working with The Working Press
079126: HALACY, D.S. JR. - Cyborg - Evolution of the Superman
Pb3590: HALACY, D.S.; HALACY, DANIEL STEPHEN - Habitat: Man's Universe and Ecology
070457: HALAMANDARIS, VAL J. - Profiles in Caring - Advocates for the Elderly
077617: HALASZ, NICHOLAS - Captain Dreyfus - The Story of a Mass Hysteria
070155: HALBERSTAM, DAVID - The Unfinished Odyssey of Robert Kennedy
050134: HALBERSTAM, JOSHUA - Everyday Ethics: Inspired Solutions to Real-Life Dilemmas
058186: HALBERSTAM, DAVID - The Powers That Be
Pb4962: HALBERSTAM, DAVID - Summer of '49
041363: HALBERT, BLANCHE - Hospitals for Rural Communities
010655: HALBUR, BERNICE T. - Structure, Control and Turnover: A Study of Nursing Personnel in Nursing Homes
P000527: ELIZABETH HALDANE - Mrs. Gskell and her Friends
077518: HALDEMAN, JOE - The Hemingway Hoax
019487: HALE, MRS. SARAH J. (ED) - Liberia; or, Mr. Peyton's Experiments
Pa659: LUCRETIA P. HALE - The Last of the Peterkins
083669: HALE, JANET CAMPBELL - The Jailing of Cecelia Capture
042972: HALE, JUDSON - The Education of a Yankee: An American Memoir
013208: HALE, PHILIP L. - Great Portraits - Women
031420: HALE, EDWARD EVERETT - James Russell Lowell and His Friends
046479: HALE, EDWARD E. (JR.) - The Life and Letters of Edward Everett Hale, Volume Two (Vol. 2, II) - With Illustrations
064247: HALE, WILLIAM HARLAN - The March of Freedom: A Layman's History of the American People
079459: SHACKFORD, MARTHA HALE AND JUDSON, MARGARET - Composition Rhetoric - Literature: A Four Years' Course for Secondary Schools
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014386: HARROWER, MOLLY - Appraising Personality
060950: HARROWER, HENRY R. (MD) - Practical Organotherapy - the Internal Secretions in General Practice
039682: BAKWIN, HARRY (M.D.) AND BAKWIN, RUTH MORRIS - Clinical Management of Behavior Disorders in Children (Illustrated)
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047932: OVERSTREET, HARRY AND BONARO - The Mind Goes Forth: The Drama of Understanding
084876: WEIL, MAX HARRY AND HENNING, ROBERT J. (MD'S) - The Handbook of Critical Care Medicine
073142: BATSFORD, HARRY AND FRY, CHARLES - The Greater English Church of the Middle Ages (Second Edition, Revised)
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079151: SPECHT, HARRY AND COURTNEY, MARK E. - Unfaithful Angels: How Social Work Has Abandoned Its Mission
008599: HARRY, DAVID P. JR. - Cost of Living of Teachers in the State of New York, SIGNED
061809: WEIL, MAX HARRY AND SHUBIN, HERBERT (MD'S) - Critical Care Medicine Handbook
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050316: HARSHA, D.A. (M.A.) - Life of the Rev. James Hervey (Inscribed By Author)
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065980: HARSTAD, DONALD - Eleven Days, A Novel of the Heartland - Bound Galley
073844: HART, ALBERT BUSHNELL - The Mentor: The Story of America in Pictures: The Revolution 1913
038498: HART, ALBERT BUSHNELL (ED) - American History Told By Contemporaries, Volume I - Era of Colonization, 1492 - 1689
045826: HART, JOSEPHINE - Damage - A Novel (GIFT QUALITY)
063625: HART, THE REV. CHARLES - The Student's Church History - Vol. I. Early Period
038855: HART, CHARLES HENRY - Memoir of George Ticknor, Historian of Spanish Literature
043228: HART, HENRY - James Dickey: The World as a Lie
078319: HART, THOMAS N. - Living Happily Ever After: Toward a Theology of Christian Marriage
072995: JAHSMANN, ALLAN HART AND GROSS, ARTHUR W. - Little Children, Sing to God!
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083715: HART, MOSS - Act One: An Autobiography
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079770: HART, ROSEMARY (EDITOR) - Children's Playmate Magazine: Good Reading for Boys and Girls - May-June 1961
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081142: HARTE, BRET - Mrs. Skagg's Husbands (Argonaut Edition, XVII)
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056497: HARTE, BRET - Poems By Bret Harte
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053428: HARTE, BRET - Cressy
053421: HARTE, BRET - The Luck of Roaring Camp and Other Sketches
014828: HARTFORD, WILLIAM F - Where is Our Responsibility? Unions and Economic Change in the New England Textile Industry, 1870-1960
028733: LAW, HARTLAND (MD) AND LAW, HERBERT E. - Viavi Hygiene
026029: HARTLEY, C. GASQUOINE (MRS. WALTER M. GALLICHAN) - The Cathedrals of Southern Spain
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070315: HARTMAN, S. B. (MD) - A Short Treatise on Pelvic Surgery
017374: HARTMAN, CHARLES O. - The Pigfoot Rebellion
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047901: HARTMANN, DR. ROB. - Handbuch Der Anatomie Des Menschen fur Studirende Und Aerzte
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Pb6230: HARTMANN, MICHAEL - The Hunted
Pb4020: HARTMANN, THOM; RATEY, JOHN J. M.D. - Add Success Stories: A Guide to Fulfillment for Families With Attention Deficit-Disorder Maps, Guidebooks, and Travelogues for Hunters in This Farmer's World
067889: HARTMANN, ALEXIS F. (MD), PROGRAM CHAIRMAN - Diabetes Mellitus in Infants and Children
081850: DE HARTOG, JAN - The Captain
059451: DE HARTOG, JAN - Waters of the New World - Houston to Nantucket
058891: HARTSHORNE, HENRY (MD) - Essentials of the Principles and Practice of Medicine - A Handbook for Students and Practitioners
049398: HARTT, FREDERICK - Sandro Botticelli (1444/5-1510)
036397: HARTT, JULIAN N. - The Restless Quest
084988: HARTVEIT, LARS - The Art of Persuasion: A Study of Six Novels
052103: HARTZELL, R. S. - Duty and Glory; or, The Noble, The Heroic and The Inspiring in Human Conduct and Character
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063483: HASH, JOHN A. - Bible-Light on Life's Pathway
019994: HASKELL, ARNOLD L. (ED) - The Ballet Annual 1960 - A Record and Year Book of the Ballet, Fourteenth Issue
019995: HASKELL, ARNOLD L. (ED) - The Ballet Annual 1959 - A Record and Year Book of the Ballet, Thirteenth Issue
019991: HASKELL, ARNOLD L. (ED) - The Ballet Annual 1951 - A Record and Year Book of the Ballet, Fifth Issue
078114: HASKIN, FREDERIC J. - The Panama Canal
062557: HASLAM, GILLIAN - The Herbal Yearbook (GIFT QUALITY)
011068: HASLEWOOD, G. A. D. - Bile Salts
015144: HASPEL, RACHEL OESTREICHER - Raoul Wallenberg - A Hero for Our Time
068679: HASS, WILLIAM K. (MD), GUEST EDITOR - The Medical Clinics of North America, July 1979 - Clinical Neurology: New Approaches to Old Problems
070551: HASSAN, BERNARD - The American Catholic Catalog
007292: HASSANI, SAM N., WITH BARD, R. L. - Ultrasound in Gynecology and Obstetrics
063753: HASSEL, DAVID J. - City of Wisdom: A Christian Vision of the American University
084013: H. E. HASSELTINE - Public Health Laboratory Specimens: Their Preparation and Shipment
Pb1352: HASSIG, SUSAN M. - Somalia
061882: HASSLER, JON - North of Hope: A Novel
007366: HASSLER, FERD. ROD. - Standards of Liquid Capacity Measures
029447: MACGREGOR-HASTIE, ROY - Africa: Background for Today
050763: HASTINGS, VALERIE - Wendy and Jinx and the Dutch Stamp Mystery: A Girl Novel
041542: HASTINGS, WALTER SCOTT - Balzac and Souverain - An Unpublished Correspondence
077188: HASTINGS, ROBERT J. - A Nickel's Worth of Skim Milk: A Boy's View of the Great Depression
051979: HASTINGS, JAMES, WITH SELBIE, JOHN A. (EDITORS) - A Dictionary of the Bible - Four Volumes Complete
066348: HASTINGS, PAUL - Medicine - An International History
069505: HASTINGS, PHYLLIS - Dust is My Pillow
060288: HASTINGS, BROOK - The Demon Within
064075: HASTINGS, SCOTT E. - Goodbye Highland Yankee: Stories of a North Country Boyhood (Signed By Author and Illustrator)
051545: HASTINGS, HOWARD L. - Top Horses of Crescent Ranch
046227: HASTINGS, FANNY DEGROOT - One Stone Unturned - Poems By Fanny DeGroot Hastings
007409: TWEEDY, ERNEST HASTINGS AND WRENCH, G. T. - Practical Obstetrics - Second Edition
Pb245: MARY ANN HATCH - The Fun Farm
063983: HATCH, OLIVIA STOKES - Olivia's African Diary: Cape Town to Cairo - 1932
052405: HATCH, ALDEN - Franklin D. Roosevelt: An Informal Biography
048422: HATCH, OLIVIA STOKES - Olivia's African Diary: Cape Town to Cairo, 1932
048877: HATCH, JOHN - Africa Today - And Tomorrow: An Outline of Basic Facts and Major Problems
008980: HATCH, ED - Friendly Persuasion - Effectively Communicating, Motivating, and Negotiating
029273: HATCH, JOHN - A History of Postwar Africa
050638: HATCH, MARY ANN - The Fun Farm
Pb7211: HATCH, GARY L. - Arguing in Communities
007751: HATCH, FRIEDA WARDWELL - Status of the Social Sciences in Secondary Schools of Maine
Pb2499: JAMES B HATCHER - Standard postage stamp Catalogue (Scott)
061971: HATCHER, HARLAN (EDITOR) - Modern American Dramas
067729: HATER, REV. ROBERT J. - Parish Catechetical Ministry
046430: HATFIELD, ANTOINETTE KUZMANICH - Food for Fellowship Cookbook: From the Recipe Files of Mrs. Mark O. Hatfield
009217: HATFIELD, MARCUS P. (MD) - A Compend of Diseases of Children
Pb6785: ELLEN C. HATHAWAY - Your Capitol and Mine
003521: MORISHITA, KAORU; MIYAHARA, HATSUO AND ISHIOKA, HIOZO - On the Specific Effect of Various Drugs on the Parasitic Types of Malaria Based on the Occurrence of Parasitic Relapses
058681: HATTSTROM, H.A. - Golf After Forty
Pb5036: ROLLAND J. VAN HATTUM - Clinical speech in the Schools
069673: HAUCK, LOUISE PLATT - The Little Doctor

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