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071110: ELY, RICHARD T. - Monopolies and Trusts (The Citizen's Library)
069261: JELLIFFE, SMITH ELY (MD) AND WHITE, WILLIAM A. (MD) - Diseases of the Nervous System - A Textbook of Neurology and Psychiatry
030778: STEIN, EMANUEL ET AL - Labor Problems in America
042730: STEIN, EMANUEL ET AL - The Labor Boycott - A Bibliography
061055: TOLLEY, EMELIE AND MEAD, CHRIS - Gifts from the Herb Garden
037640: LOON, JOANNIS VAN; PROVIDED WITH AS FEW NOTES, EMENDATIONS AND CRITICAL OBSERVATIONS AS POSSIBLE BY LOON, HENDRIK WILLEM - R.v.R. Being an Account of the Last Years and the Death of One Rembrandt Harmenszoon Can Rijn
038134: EMERICK, LUCILLE - The City Beyond
001511: EMERSON, L. O. - The Choral Tribute
084296: EMERSON, RALPH WALDO - Essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson (First and Second Series)
070502: EMERSON, RALPH WALDO; NOTES BY WILBUR, EARL MORSE - The Divinity School Address: Delivered at Cambridge, July 15, 1838
084489: EMERSON, RALPH WALDO - Essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson: First Series and Second Series, Two Volumes in One
017585: EMERSON, B. D. - The National Spelling-Book, and Pronouncing Tutor
042016: EMERSON, JAMES G. (JR.) - The Dynamics of Forgiveness
077017: EMERSON, L.O. - The Coronet of Song: Designed for the Use of Singing Schools, Musical Conventions, Institutions, Etc.
064264: EMERSON, EVERETT (EDITOR) - Early American Literature - Volume XIII (13) Number 1, Spring 1978
065393: EMERSON, RALPH WALDO - Poems By Ralph Waldo Emerson
075653: EMERSON, RALPH WALDO - Spiritual Laws
011931: EMERSON, HAVEN (MD) - Selected Papers of Haven Emerson
011824: EMERSON, WALTER - The Latchstring to Maine Woods and Waters
036403: EMERSON, WILLIAM A. JR. - Sin and the New American Conscience
010126: EMERSON, FORREST E - Clairevie
065192: EMERSON, FREDERICK - The North American Arithmetic. Part Third, for Advanced Scholars. (Emerson's Third Part) New Edition - Enlarged
064270: EMERSON, R.W. - Essays. By R.W. Emerson. Second Series.
001526: O'DONNELL, WALTER E.; DAY, EMERSON; AND VENET, LOUIS (MD'S) - Early Detection and Diagnosis of Cancer
037176: EMERSON, FREDERICK - A Key to The North American Arithmetic. Part Third. (Third-Part Key)
082129: EMERSON, CAROLINE D. - The Magic Tunnel
084371: EMERSON, RALPH WALDO - Miscellanies
073762: EMERSON, ALICE B. - Ruth Fielding on Cliff Island or The Old Hunter's Treasure Box
051463: EMERSON, RALPH WALDO - Essays. By Ralph Waldo Emerson. First and Second Series, Complete in One Volume
051413: EMERSON, RALPH WALDO - Essays - Second (2nd) Series
Pb3943: EMERT, PHYLLIS RAYBIN - The Book of Nightmares: A Fiendish Guide to Your Scary Dreams
071855: EMERTON, EPHRAIM - The Beginnings of Modern Europe
033260: EMERY, HENRY CROSBY - Politician, Party and People
074930: MURDOCH, JOHN EMERY AND SYLLA, EDITH DUDLEY (EDITORS) - The Cultural Context of Medieval Learning - Proceedings of the First International Colloquium on Philosophy, Science, and Theology in the Middle Ages, September 1973
Pa576: EMERY, KEVIN ROSS - Combing the Mirror: (And Other Steps in Your Spiritual Path)
070573: ECKHOFF, EMIL AND CURMAN, SIGURD - Fornvannen Meddelanden Fran K. Vitterhets Historie Och Antikvitets Akademien 1923 and 1924
038404: OSTY, CHANOINE EMILE AND TRINQUET, ABBE JOSEPH - La Bible - Premier et Deuxieme Livre De Samuel
080013: FORGUE, EMILE ET RECLUS, PAUL - Traite De Therapeutique Chirurgicale, Tome Second
049357: BARNES, EMILIE WITH BUCHANAN, ANNE CHRISTIAN - Fill My Cup, Lord (...With the Peace of Your Presence): A Teatime Devotional (Signed By Author)
026868: KIESLINGER, EMILIE AND WIRTH, DR. KARL - Die Krankenkost
078297: EMINYAN, MAURICE - The Theology of Salvation
031267: RIVA, EMMA AND HEARSE, DAVID J. - The Developing Myocardium
015765: EMMANUEL, PIERRE - Saint-John Perse: Praise and Presence
013144: EMMEL, VICTOR E. - The BNA Arranged as an Outline of Regional and Systematic Anatomy
012198: EMMENS, C. W. (EDITOR) - Hormone Assay
070279: BETTS, EMMETT AND WELCH, CAROLYN M. - Adventures Now and Then
P000575: DEBI EMMONS - The Night of the Tiger
Pb4899: SCOTT EMMONS - A New Friend for Lillie a story of Friendship
071024: EMSWILER, TOM NEUFER - The Click in the Clock: Meditations for Junior Highs
085599: ENCARNACACION, JESUS F. - Souvenir: Nurses and Nursing on Postage Stamps
Pb847: JOHN J. ENCK - Jonson and the Comic Truth
054625: VAN ENDERT, CARL - Der Gottesbeweis in Der Patristischen Zeit Mit Besonderer Berucksichtigung Augustins
002119: ENELOW, ALLEN J. (MD) (ED) - Depression in Medical Practice
047175: ENFIELD, GERTRUDE DIXON - Holiday Book for Verse Choirs
020798: ENGBERG, EDWARD - The Spy in the Corporate structure and the Right to Privacy
066284: ENGEL, MARIAN - The Glassy Sea
077815: ENGEL, LEHMAN - The American Musical Theater
066732: ENGEL, CARL - The Literature of National Music
084821: ENGEL, STEVEN - EDITOR - The Catcher in the Rye (Literary Companion (Greenhaven Paperback))
010545: ENGELBERG, HYMAN (MD) - Heparin: Metabolism, Physiology and Clinical Application
061871: ENGELBREIT, MARY - Another Birthday?
062663: ENGELHARDT, ALICIA - Where Danger Stalks
018453: ENGELHARDT, TOM - Beyond Our Control: America in the Mid Seventies
078009: ENGELMANN, RICHARD - Otto Seemann - Mythologie Der Griechen Und Romer
P000497: ENGER, LEIF - Peace Like a River
Pa126: ENGH, ROHN - Sell and Re-Sell Your Photos
Pb335: ENGHOLM, EVA - Bird Infirmary
053208: BALLET NEW ENGLAND - Ballet New England's Cookbook
036319: ENGLAND, CANON H.G. (M.A.) - The Revelation of the Word: A Reconstructive Outline of Christian Theology
025469: ENGLE, BERNARD F - The Achievement of Richard Eberhart: A Comprehensive Selection of His Poems with a Critical Introduction (The Modern Poets Series)
028739: ENGLE, EARL T. (ED) - Pregnancy Wastage
Pb1759: L'ENGLE, MADELEINE - A Swiftly Tilting Planet
052058: L'ENGLE, MADELEINE - The Crosswicks Journal, Book 1, Circle of Quiet
080126: ENGLE, EARL T. (EDITOR) - Studies on Testis and Ovary: Eggs and Sperm, Proceedings of a Conference Sponsored By the Committee on Human Reproduction, National Research Council in Behalf of the National Committee on Maternal Health, Inc.
079087: L'ENGLE, MADELEINE - Camilla
013600: ENGLE, EARL T. (ED) - Menstruation and its Disorders
025895: DUNPHY, J. ENGLEBERT AND VAN WINKLE, WALTON JR. (MD'S), EDITORS - Repair and Regeneration - The Scientific Basis for Surgical Practice
006628: ENGLEMAN, ROSE C (EDITOR) - A Decade of Progress: The United States Army Medical Department 1959-1969
039832: ENGLISH, HORACE B. (THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY) - Dynamics of Child Development
075182: ENGSTROM, BARBIE; FOREWORD BY SMITH, RON - Kenya Safari: A Guide to a Travel Experience (Engstrom's Travel Experience Guides)
035492: ENGSTROM, TED W. - What in the World is God Doing? The New Face of Missions
065013: ENRICK, NORBERT L. - Quality Control: A Manual of Quality Control Procedure Based Upon Scientific Principles and Simplified for Practical Application in Various Types of Manufacturing Plants - First Edition
007066: CARUSI, ENRICO ET AL - Leonardo Da Vinci
041234: ENROTH, RONALD - The Lure of the Cults & New Religions: Why They Attract & What We Can Do
P000041: EVE ENSLER - The Vagina Monologues
035657: ENSLEY, FRANCIS GERALD; BULLOCK, HENRY M. (GEN. ED.) - Persons Can Change
024457: ENSLIN, THEODORE - Tailings
081020: ENTERS, AGNA - First Person Plural
063911: ENTWISTLE, MARY - The Call Drum: Forest Adventures in Africa ('Round the World' Series, No. 3)
Pb7530: SHERMAN H. EOFF - A review of Spanish
011718: EPARVIER, JEAN - Miracles of Modern Surgery
068870: EPHRAIM, JEROME W. - Daily Guide to Beauty
047529: EPHRON, BEULAH KANTER (ED.D.) - Emotional Difficulties in Reading
009503: EPLER, PERCY H - Master Minds at the Commonwealth's Heart
059578: EPP, THEODORE H. - The God of Jacob
070165: EPSTEIN, J. N. - Prolegomena Ad Litteras Amoraiticas
009492: LEVIN-EPSTEIN, MICHAEL - Older Americans in the Workforce: Challenges and Solutions
000142: EPSTEIN, GEORGE J. (MD) - Strabismus: A Clinical Handbook (GIFT QUALITY)
061718: EPSTEIN, SEYMOUR - Light
052911: EPSTEIN, DANIEL MARK - Star of Wonder: American Stories & Memoirs
071264: EPSTEIN, CHARLOTTE - Effective Interaction in Contemporary Nursing
042781: EPSTEIN, HELEN - Joe Papp: An American Life (Inscribed & Signed)
015119: EPSTEIN, MURRAY (ED) - The Kidney in Liver Disease
Pb6865: SAM AND BERYL EPSTEIN - The Game of Baseball
Pb6827: EPSTEIN, ELLIOTT M.; SHOSTAK, JEROME; TROY, LAWRENCE M. - Barron's Guide to Law Schools
031325: EPSTEIN, ABRAHAM - Facing Old Age
Pb3588: H. T. EPSTIEN - Elementary Biophysics Selected Topics
034215: BLAKESLEE, REV. ERASTUS AND NORDELL, PROF. PHILIP A. (OFFICE EDITORS); BURTON, ERNEST DEWITT (SP. ED.) - The Bible Study Union Graded Lesson System (Formerly Called the Blakeslee Graded Lesson System): Outline Historical Course - The History of the Apostolic Church - In Five Parts - Progressive Grade, with Written-Answer Questions, for the Older Classes
072958: ERDAHL, LOWELL O. - Authentic Living
058465: ERDAL, BRUCE R. - Workshop on Fundamental Geochemistry Needs for Nuclear Waste Isolation
061867: ERDMAN, LOULA GRACE - Many a Voyage
Pb563: ERDMAN, PAUL - What's Next: How to Prepare Yourself for the Crash of 89 and Profit in the 1990s
016700: ERDMANN, JOHN F. (MD), EDITED BY J. WILLIAM HINTON (MD) - Erdmann's Clinics
074546: ERDOES, RICHARD - Ireland: Bewitching Wonderland
Pb986: ERDRICH, LOUISE - Love Medicine
068996: ERGANG, ROBERT - Europe In Our Time: 1914 to the Present
052909: ERHART, MARGARET - Old Love
072103: HODGINS, ERIC AND MAGOUN, F. ALEXANDER - Sky High: The Story of Aviation
075370: NICOL, ERIC AND WHALLEY, PETER - Say, Uncle: A Completely Uncalled-For History of the U.S.
062238: SHORRIS, EARL (EDITOR, INTRODUCTION); ETHERIDGE, ERIC AND SASSON, SYLVIA (ASSOCIATE EDITORS) - While Someone Else Is Eating: Poets and Novelists on Reaganism
059142: HOSKING, ERIC WITH LANE, FRANK W.; FOREWORD BY HRH THE PRINCE PHILIP - An Eye for a Bird: The Autobiography of a Bird Photographers
028741: HOLLANDER, ERIC AND WONG, CHERYL M. (MD'S) - (GIFT QUALITY) Contemporary Diagnosis and Management of Common Psychiatric Disorders
044822: ERICKSON, CHARLOTTE - The Freezer Cookbook (Inscribed & Signed By Author)
052906: ERICKSON, ETEVE - Arc D'X (Review Copy)
058628: ERICKSON, JAY WILLIAM - The Earth in Space: A Source Book for Elementary School Teachers
080783: ERICKSON, ARNOLD B. (EDITOR) - The Flicker - Volumes 17-20, 1945-48, Bound
Pa787: ERIKSON, ERIK H. - Young Man Luther
042612: ERIKSON, KAI (EDITOR) - Encounters
032502: ERIKSON, ERIK H. - Childhood and Society
006443: ERLEIGH, VISCOUNTEE (ED) - The Mind of the Growing Child
053487: ERMINE, WILL - Watchdog of Thunder River
069616: AEGERTER, ERNEST AND KIRKPATRICK, JOHN A. JR. (MD'S) - Orthopedic Diseases - Physiology, Pathology, Radiology
057287: SELECTED AND EDITED BY BERNBAUM, ERNEST - Selections from the Pre-Romantic Movement (Anthology of Romanticism, Volume Two)
058353: SELECTED AND EDITED BY BERNBAUM, ERNEST - Scott, Southey, Campbell, Landor, Moore and Byron (Anthology of Romanticism and Guide Through the Romantic Movement)
078881: HORN, ERNEST AND ASHBAUGH, ERNEST J. - The Horn-Ashbaugh Fundamentals of Spelling: For Grades One to Four
069561: MCCARUS, ERNEST AND RUMMUNY, RAJI - A Programmed Course in Modern Literary Arabic Phonology and Script
076210: CADY, ERNEST AND FRANCES - How To Adopt A Child
055830: HAVEMANN, ERNEST AND WEST, PATRICIA SALTER - They Went to College: The College Graduate in America Today
082956: ROBERT GRAVES; HANS ERNI - The Song of Songs
043099: ERNST, MORRIS L. - Touch Wood: A Year's Diary
060401: PRELINGER, ERNST AND ZIMET, CARL N. - An Ego-Psychological Approach to Character Assessment
065154: ERNST, FREDERIC (EDITOR) - Nouvelles Lectures Francaises
062244: ERNST, MORRIS L. - America's Primer
Pb7693: PAUL ERNST - Der Schatz Im Morgenbrotstal
027189: ERSKINE, MARGARET A. - Mechanics Hall
045612: ERSKINE, MARGARET - Esther Forbes - Worcester People and Places: IV (4)
081235: ERSKINE, JOHN - The Brief Hour of Francois Villon
073800: THE RIGHT HON. SIR THOMAS ERSKINE (LORD FARNBOROUGH) - The Constitutional History of England - Since the Accession of George the Third, 1760-1860: Vol. II. (2)
Pa500: ERSKINE, JIM - Hug a Teddy
076195: ERSKINE, JOHN - Uncle Sam: In the Eyes of His Family: A Novel
075302: EPSTEIN, ERVIN AND ERVIN JR., (MD'S), EDITORS - Skin Surgery, Volume I 1(1)
049350: ERVIN, HOWARD M. - "These Are Not Drunken, As Ye Suppose" (Acts 2:15)
018840: TOROK, ERVIN AND GROUT, GERALD H. (MD'S) - Surgery of the Eye
084917: ERVIN, JANET HALLIDAY (EDITOR) - The White House Cookbook
Pb2087: ST. JOHN ERVINE - A Journey to Jerusalem
Pb7164: ERVINE, JOHN - Bernard Shaw: His Life, Work and Friends
070581: SCHIMITSCHEK, ERWIN AND WERNER, GUNTHER T. - Malaria Fleckfieber Pest
085869: HERMAN, ERWIN AND AGNES - The Yanov Torah
Pb3420: DELL COATS ERWIN - free for Sure Book 1
059258: ERWOOD, WILL J. - The Genesis of Happiness (Inscribed & Signed By Author)
071404: D'ESAGUY, DR. AUGUSTO - Jacob De Castro Sarmento
005880: ESCAMILLA, ROBERTO F. (MD) - Laboratory Aids in Endocrine Diagnosis
065747: POZZI-ESCOT, M.-EMM - Les Toxines et Les Venins et Leurs Anti-Corps
008023: POZZI-ESCOT, EM. (TRANSLATED BY ALFRED I. COHN) - The Toxins and Venoms and Their Antibodies
046157: ESCOTT, MARGARET - Separation and/or Greeting
064116: ESDAILE, KATHARINE A.; INTRODUCTION BY SITWELL, SACHEVERELL - English Church Monuments 1510 to 1840
067958: ESENWEIN, J. BERG - Writing for the Magazines (The Writer's Library) Revised Edition
017841: ESHENFELDER, ALMA (EDITOR) - The Log of Mystic Seaport - Winter 1967
017842: ESHENFELDER, ALMA (EDITOR) - The Log of Mystic Seaport - December 1967
019808: ESHLEMAN, CLAYTON - Human Wedding
068493: ESHLEMAN, LLOYD W. - Moulders of Destiny: Renaissance Lives and Times
045858: ESHLEMAN, CLAYTON - Everwhat
053341: ESKA, KARL - The Five Seasons: A Novel
Pa256: ESKELDSON, MARK - What Car Dealers Don't Want You to Know
Pb1871: KARL ESKELUND - Vagabond Fever a Gay Journey in the Landof the Andes
061098: ESKELUND, KARL - Sun, Slaves and Sinners: Travels in the Philippines
Pb6849: ESKENAZI, GERALD - A Thinking Man's Guide to Pro Hockey
Pb5762: ESKENAZI, GERALD - A Thinking Man's Guide to Pro Hockey
001099: ESKEW, G. L. - Guinea Pigs and Bugbears
Pa1269: ESLER, ANTHONY; PRENTICE HALL - The Human Venture: The Great Enterprise A World History to 1500
047425: ESON, MORRIS E. - Psychological Foundations of Education
070292: ESPELAND, PAMELA - The Story of Baucis and Philemon
015019: L'ESPERANCE, FRANCIS A., JR. (MD) - Ocular Photocoagulation - A Stereoscopic Atlas with View Master
067143: ESPY, WILLARD R. - The Word's Gotten Out
008007: ESPY, HERBERT G. - The Public Secondary School - SIGNED
037235: ESQUITH, STEPHEN L.; CONNOLLY, WILLIAM E. (SERIES EDITOR) - Intimacy and Spectacle: Liberal Theory as Political Education (Contestations)
081097: SCOTT, SIR WALTER; INTRODUCTORY ESSAY AND NOTES BY LANG, ANDREW - Kenilworth: Vol. I. (1) The New Abbotsford Edition
024847: ESSER, GRACE DENTON - Madame Impresario - A Personal Chronicle of an Epoch
009046: ESSIG, NORMAN S. - Prosthetic Dentistry
054120: ESSLEMONT, PETER; FOREWORD BY SIMPSON, PROFESSOR J.Y. - Brithers A' - A Minute a Day with Burns: Poet, Lover and Prophet of Brotherhood
003632: ESTABROOK, GREGG - Surgeon Koop: Medicine and the Politics of Change
003631: ESTABROOK, GREGG - Surgeon Koop: Medicine and the Politics of Change
Pa802: HELEN SLOCUM ESTABROOK - Old Testament Stories in Woodcut
049180: CHANCELLOR, WILLIAM ESTABROOK AND HEWES, FLETCHER WILLIS - The United States - A History of Three Centuries, 1607-1904
Pb3225: ESTALL, ROBERT C.; BUCHANAN, ROBERT OGILVIE - Industrial Activity and Economic Geography: A Study of the Forces behind the Geographical Location of Productive Activity in Manufacturing Industry
081279: BRODMAN, ESTELLE ET AL - EDITORS - Bulletin of the Medical Library Association, Volume 43, No. 2 - April 1955
064781: ESTEP, IRENE - Seminoles
001957: ESTES, WILLIAM R. G. - History of Somerset Chapter No. 15 Royal Arch Masons, Skowhegan, Maine
070150: KEFAUVER, ESTES; WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF TILL, IRENE - In a Few Hands: Monopoly Power in America (Complimentary Copy)
077552: ESTES, WINSTON M. - Homefront: A Novel
055210: ESTES, HARLOW - The Inconstant Flame
Pb3392: ESTES, WILLIAM K. - Handbook of Learning and Cognitive Processes
Pb5700: ESTES, BILL - The Rv Handbook
047589: ESTEVE, SIRIO - The Experience: A Celebration of Being
Pb7370: ESTLEMAN, LOREN D. - The Witchfinder
Pb7620: ESTLEMAN, LOREN D. - The Hours of the Virgin
Pb7621: ESTLEMAN, LOREN D.; ST MARTINS PR FORGE - Jitterbug: A Novel of Detroit
050183: ESTORICK, ERIC - Changing Empire: Churchill to Nehru
083790: ESTORICK, ERIC - Stafford Cripps: Prophetic Rebel
015123: ESTRIN, NORMAN F. - EDITOR - CTFA Cosmetic Ingredient Directory 1973
Pa002: MERRIE BERGMANN ETC. - Solutions to selected exercises in The Logic Book
Pb6466: BIRDIE L. ETCHISON - Oregon
073926: LOEB, ETHEL AND BYRON, MARTHA S. (EDITORS) - The National League of American Pen Women, Inc. Roster 1986-1988
085414: ETNIER, ELIZABETH - On Gilbert Head - Maine Days
Pb2150: ETS, MARIE HALL; ETS, MARIE H. - Gilberto and the Wind
056431: ETTER, LEWIS E. (MD), EDITOR - The Science of Ionizing Radiation - Modes of Application
081067: ETZIONI, AMITAI - The Moral Dimension: Toward a New Economics
047617: EUCKEN, RUDOLF - Die Lebensanschauungen Der grossen Denker
064895: EHRLICH, EUGENE AND SCOTT, DAVID H. - Mene, Mene, Tekel (Signed By Author)
029633: FODOR, EUGENE AND FISHER, ROBERT C - Fodor's Mexico: 1977
029467: FODOR, EUGENE AND LOCKETT, MARJORIE (EDITOR AND AREA EDITOR) - Fodor's Mexico 1972: A Definitive Guidebook of the United States of Mexico
068000: BROOKS, KEITH; BAHM, EUGENE; AND OKEY, L. LAMONT - The Communicative Act of Oral Interpretation
077653: SERAPHIN, EUGENE AND KELLY, JEROME A. - Maps of the Land of Christ: The Holy Places of Scripture
007305: HEWITT, LESTER EUGENE AND JENKINS, RICHARD L. (MD) - Fundamental Patterns of Maladjustment - The Dynamics of Their Origin
066811: DE BENKO, EUGENE AND BUTTS, PATRICIA L. - Research Sources for African Studies: A Checklist of Relevant Serial Publications Based on Library Collections at Michigan State University
012153: DAVIDOFF, EUGENE AND NOETZEL, ELINOR S. - The Child Guidance Approach to Juvenile Delinquency
057206: FODOR, EUGENE AND BIRNBAUM, STEPHEN (EDITORS) - Fodor's Caribbean, Bahamas and Bermuda, 1974
077691: EUSTACE, C.J.; PREFACE BY KEATING, REV. J.A. - Catholicism, Communism and Dictatorship: A Short Study of the Problems Confronting Catholics Under Totalitarian Forms of Government
075980: KAIGH-EUSTACE, EDYTH - Jungle Babies
048372: CHESSER, EUSTACE (M.D.) AND DAWE, ZOE - The Practice of Sex Education: A Plain Guide for Parents and Teachers
081541: EUSTACE, MAY - A Hundred Years of Siamese Cats
070695: EUSTIS, MORTON; CHAPTER ON SINGING ACTOR BY LEHMANN, LOTTE - Players At Work: Acting According to the Actors (Signed Presentation Copy)
053577: EUSTIS, MORTON; LEHMANN, LOTTE - Players at Work: Acting According to the Actors
003406: EVANGELINE - The New Acadians - SIGNED
068336: EVANS, ELIZABETH - Weathering the Storm: Women of the American Revolution
068467: EVANS, SIMON - The Penetration of Exiles (A Wake Newslitter Monograph No. 9)
042089: EVANS, WILLMONTT (MD) - Medical Science of To-Day
011754: EVANS, E. ANTHONY - Tritium and its Compounds
079341: EVANS, KEN - The Young Cyclist's Handbook
076954: EVANS, RICHARD PAUL - The First Gift of Christmas
055390: EVANS, E. A., JR. - Biochemical Studies of Bacterial Viruses
032499: EVANS, MICHAEL - Claude Simon and the Transgressions of Modern Art
063724: ROGERS, DALE EVANS WITH MEAD, FRANK S. - Let Freedom Ring!
073765: EVANS, RICHARD I. - Dialogue with Erik Erikson
041455: EVANS, RICHARD I. - Dialogue with Erik Erikson
057812: EVANS, WILLIAM DAVIES - Dros Gyfanfor A Chyfandir: Sef Hanes Taith Gymru At Lanau Y Mor Tawelog Ac Yn Ol, Trwy Brif Dalaethau a Thiriogaethau Vr Undeb Americanaidd
045764: EVANS, MARIAN M. - Selected Poems
010761: EVANS, GEORGE HEBERTON, JR. - Recollections of the Johns Hopkins University, 1916-1970 - SIGNED
077285: EVANS, KATHERINE - One Good Deed Deserves Another
044855: EVANS, JOAN - The Victorians
019682: EVANS, OLIVER - The Ballad of Carson McCullers: A Biography
039376: EVANS, WILLIAM H. (EDITOR) - Testing in English - Illinois English Bulletin, Vol. 52, No. 5, February, 1965
080356: EVANS, MIKE - Let My People Go
027451: EVANS, MRS. REBEKAH - Memoirs of Mrs. Rebekah Evans of South Reading, Mass.
016892: EVANS, COLIN - The New Waite's Compendium of Natal Astrology
066272: EVANS, JOHN G. - An Introduction to Environmental Archaeology
074966: EVANS, CONSTANCE M. - The Secret River
Pa613: EVANS, CHARLES M. - New Plants from Old: Pruning and Propagating for the Indoor Gardener
056507: EVANS, MIKE - Jerusalem D.C.
083930: EVANS, FRANCES MONET CARTER - Psychosocial Nursing - Theory and Practice in Hospital and Community Mental Health
063258: EVANS, JOHN HOWARD - Vignettes of New England: The Musings of a Country Music Parson (Signed By Author)
Pa1739: H. R. EVANS - Forest Friends
075500: EVANS, LARRY - Winner Take All
Pb7804: EVANS, DEBRA - Beauty and the Best
012670: EVANS, RICHARD I. - Dialogue with Erich Fromm
055516: EVANS, LIONEL - Total Communication: Structure and Strategy
083414: EVANS, EVA KNOX - The Adventure Book of Forest Wonders
051359: EVANS, EVA KNOX - Coins (Question and Answer Adventures)
011176: EVARTS, CHARLES M. (MD), GUEST EDITOR - Reconstructive Surgery of the Hip and Knee (The Orthopedic Clinics of North America 1971)
083803: EVARTS, HAL G. - Smuggler's Road
013407: EVCO - Computer Systems Fundamentals - Techniques
067439: STWERTKA, EVE AND ALBERT - Industrial Pollution: Poisoning Our Planet
044719: EVE, PAUL - The European's Cook Book: A Country-by-Country Guide to Common Market Cookery
081799: EVELEIGH, VIRGIL W. - Adaptive Control Systems (Electro-Technology Science & Engineering Series)
081925: EVELY, LOUIS; TRANSLATED BY BONIN, EDMOND - Training Children for Maturity
061914: EATON, EVELYN AND MOORE, EDWARD ROBERTS - Heart in Pilgrimage
048719: CHRISTENSON, EVELYN WITH BLAKE, VIOLA - What Happens When Women Pray
066022: DUVALL, EVELYN AND SYLVANUS - Saving Your Marriage (Public Affairs Pamphlet No. 213)
069786: EGAN, EVELYN AND HURLBURT, DELPHA - Adventures Fishing
071538: EVERETT, C.C. - Poetry, Comedy, and Duty
047126: EVERETT, ERASTUS (A.M.) - A System of English Versification; Containing Rules for the Structure of the Different Kinds of Verse; Illustrated By Numerous Examples from the Best Poets.
032908: EVERETT, SAMUEL (ED) - Programs for the Gifted: A Case Book in Secondary Education
054846: EVERETT, MARSHALL - Complete Life of William McKinley and Story of His Assassination: An Authentic and Official Memorial Edition, Containing Every Incident in the Career of the Immortal Statesman, Soldier, Orator and Patriot (Memorial Edition) (Collectible Salesman's Sample
006649: EVERETT, JAMES RICHARD (ED) - The Aegis - Class of 1910; Junior Annual of Dartmouth College
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073448: FIELD, PETER - Rustler's Empire: A Powder Valley Western
051659: FIELD, ANDREW (EDITOR, INTRODUCTION) - Pages from Tarusa: New Voices in Russian Writing
032629: FIELDING, HENRY - The Miscellaneous Works of Henry Fielding, In Four Volumes: Volume I. (1) Tom Jones
065322: FIELDING, HENRY - The Miscellaneous Works of Henry Fielding - In Four Volumes. - Vol. II. (2) Tom Jones.
048271: FIELDING, WILLIAM J. - Sex and the Love-Life
048357: FIELDING, WILLIAM J. - Strange Customs of Courtship and Marriage
056727: FIELDING, WILLIAM J. - The Caveman Within Us: His Peculiarities and Powers; How We Can Enlist His Aid for Health and Efficiency
053232: FIELDS, DEBBI - Debbi Fields' Great American Desserts: 100 Mouthwatering Easy-to-Prepare Recipes
024481: FIELDS, JAMES T. - Poems
085999: FIELDS, HARVEY J. - A Torah Commentary for Our Times, Volume Two: Exodus and Leviticus
059540: FIELDS, JAMES T. - Yesterdays with Authors (With Laid In ALS)
029614: FIELDS, HOWARD L. (MD) - Pain
076417: FIENNES, SIR RANULPH - To the Ends of the Earth: The Transglobe Expedition - The First Pole-to-Pole Circumnavigation of the Globe
057972: FIENNES, RANULPH - Mind Over Matter: The Epic Crossing of the Antarctic Continent
045490: FIERENS, M. PAUL (PUBLIE SOUS LA DIRECTION DE) - L'Art En Belgique: Du Moyen Age a Nos Jours
069267: FIERENS, PAUL - Peinture Hollandaise
Pb7410: FIERO, GLORIA K. - The Humanistic Tradition: Modernism Globalism and the Information Age
Pb7412: FIERO, GLORIA K. - The Humanistic Tradition: Fiath, Reason, and Power in the Early Modern World
Pb7413: FIERO, GLORIA K. - The Humanistic Tradition: Romanticism, Realism, and the Nineteenth Century World
Pb7414: FIERO, GLORIA - The Humanistic Tradition
Pb7389: FIERO, GLORIA K. - The Humanistic Tradition: Book 2 Medieval Europe and the World Beyond
047661: FIEVE, RONALD R. (M.D.) - Moodswing: The Third Revolution in Psychiatry
051023: FIGES, EVA - Sex and Subterfuge: Women Writers to 1850
052932: FIGES, EVA - The Seven Ages (Review Copy)
071802: FIGGE, FRANK H. J. - A Guide to the Dissection and Study of the Human Body
007262: FIGGINS, LORIS - Repeated Blood Transfusion in the Treatment of Bone and Joint Infections
050617: FIGUEROA, PABLO - Enrique
020024: FILATOW, W. P. - Optische Keratoplastik Und Gewebetherapie
080021: FILBY, FREDK A.; FOREWORD BY BOYD, R.L.F. - Creation Revealed: A Study of Genesis Chapter One in the Light of Modern Science
074227: FILER, TOM - The Man On Watch
008185: FILEY, MIKE - Toronto: City Life Old & New
050569: FILLER, LOUIS - Crusaders for American Liberalism
085561: FILLER, LOUIS - The Rise and Fall of Slavery in America
011400: FILLEY, GILES F. (MD) - Pulmonary Insufficiency and Respiratory Failure
058142: FILLMORE, JOHN COMFORT - Pianoforte Music: Its History, with Biographical Sketches and Critical Estimates of Its Greatest Masters.
058643: FILLMORE, CHARLES - Christian Healing - The Science of Being
036604: FILSON, FLOYD V. - Opening the New Testament
036665: FILSON, FLOYD V. - Three Crucial Decades: Studies in the Book of Acts
009718: DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE, CITY OF CHICAGO - Twenty-Second Annual Statement of the Finances of the City of Chicago from January 1 to December 31, 1878
009719: DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE, CITY OF CHICAGO - Twenty-Fifth Annual Statement of the Finances of the City of Chicago from January 1 to December 31, 1881
009720: DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE, CITY OF CHICAGO - Fortieth Annual Statement of the Finances of the City of Chicago from January 1 to December 31, 1896
052960: FINBERG, HARRIS J. (MD), EDITOR - Case Studies in Diagnostic Ultrasound
060546: FINCH, CHRISTOPHER - The Art of Walt Disney - New Concise N A L Edition
029363: FINDLATER, RICHARD - The Player Queens
003579: FINDLAY, G. M. (MD) - The Relationship of Climatic Bubo and Lymphogranuloma Inguinale
069718: FINE, DR. BENJAMIN - Your Child and School
039737: SELECTED FROM THE STOCK OF MAGGS BROS., DEALERS IN FINE & RARE PRINTS, BOOKS & AUTOGRAPHS - Portraits and Decorative Engravings (Principally by the Most Esteemed English and French Artists of the XVIIIth Century, in Monochrome and Colour). Fine Sporting Prints. No. 243, Dec. 1908.
039285: FINEBERG, SOLOMON ANDHIL - Overcoming Anti-Semitism
085165: FINEMAN, IRVING - Ruth, A Novel
033914: FINEMORE, BRIAN - Freedom from Prejudice
083750: FINER, ALEX - Deepwater (Crime Club)
073184: FINER, ALEX - Deepwater
051251: FINGER, CHARLES J. - Seven Horizons
042482: FINGER, CHARLES J. - Romantic Rascals
008937: FINGER, STANLEY (ED) - Recovery from Brain Damage: Research and Theory
082675: FINK, STEVEN SANFORD (EDITOR) - Turning Sense Into Dollars: A Creative Analysis of Executive and Investment Decision-Making
073819: FINK, HUMBERT - Impressions of Austria
067033: FINK, FRANCES SHARF - Heads Across the Sea: An Album of Eighteenth-Century English Literary Portraits in America (Presentation Copy)
040152: FINK, GEORG - Dream Symbols from A to Z
043629: FINK, CONRAD C. - Inside the Media
047970: FINK, HAROLD KENNETH - Mind and Performance: A Comparative Study of Learning in Mammals, Birds, and Reptiles
061090: FINKELSTEIN, LOUIS (EDITOR) - The Jews: Their History - Fourth Edition
068644: FINKELSTEIN, NORMAN H. - With Heroic Truth: The Life of Edward R. Murrow
012532: FINLAY, CARLOS J. - Obras Completas - Tomo III
012531: FINLAY, CARLOS J. - Obras Completas - Tomo I
078778: FINLAYSON, W. F.; ESQUIRE - Reeves' History of English Law, from the Time of the Romans to the End of the Reign of Elizabeth - 5 Volumes Complete (1,2,3,4,5,I,II,III,IV,V)
060791: FINLAYSON, ANN - The Golden Book of Animal Habits
059607: FINLAYSON, ANN - Decathlon Men: Greatest Athletes in the World
081395: FINLEY, JAMES F. - James Gillist, Paulist: A Biography
040646: FINLEY, JOHN H. - The Debt Eternal
069280: FINLEY, DIANE E. - End of the Rainbow
079972: FINN, JAMES - Protest: Pacifism and Politics: Some Passionate Views on War and Nonviolence
005028: FINN, SIDNEY B. (DMD), ET AL - Clinical Pedodontics
079086: FINNEMORE, JOHN - England: Peeps at Many Lands
020963: FINNESON, BERNARD E. (MD) - Diagnosis and Management of Pain Syndromes
006995: FINNESON, BERNARD E. (MD) - Diagnosis and Management of Pain Syndromes
084439: FINNEY, J. M. T. (MD) - Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis
064904: FINNEY, J. M. T. (MD) - Doctor Thayer, The Man
084441: FINNEY, JOHN M. T. (MD) - Resection of the Pancreas: Report of A Case
085626: FINNEY, J. M. T. (MD) - William Stewart Halsted
085627: FINNEY, JOHN M. T. (MD) - The Halsted Surgical Clinic
084436: FINNEY, JOHN M. T. (MD) - Resection of the Pancreas
084437: FINNEY, J. M. T. (MD) - Surgery of the Bile Tracts
084438: FINNEY, J. M. T. (MD) - The Role of the Imponderables in Surgery
084443: FINNEY, J. M. T. (MD) - Papilloma of the Duodenum
084444: FINNEY, J. M. T. (MD) - The Pathogenesis of Gastric and Duodenal Ulcer with a Consideration of the General Rules of Treatment
084445: FINNEY, J. M. T. (MD) - Myositis Ossificans Traumatica
084442: FINNEY, JOHN M. T. (MD) - Choice of Operation in Pyloric Stenosis
084659: FINNEY, J. M. T. (MD) - Peptic Ulcer
084435: FINNEY, J. M. T. (MD) - The Mimicry of the Clinical Picture of Certain Extra-Abdominal Conditions by Others of Intra-Abdominal Origin
082077: FINNEY, JOHN M. T. (MD) - Pancreatic Emergencies
068692: FINNEY, J. M. T. (MD) - Cancer of the Breast
081427: FINNEY, JOHN M. T. (MD) - The Significance and Effect of Pain
055970: FINNEY, J. M. T. (MD) - American College of Surgeons - Presidential Address, 1913
084446: FINNEY, J. M. T. (MD) - Hernia
080757: FINNEY, J. M. T. (MD) - "Be Cheerful" - Address to the Graduating Class of Nurses, Union Protestant Infirmary 1910
068691: FINNEY, J. M. T. (MD) - Address on the Occasion of the Presentation of the Howell Plaque to the Johns Hopkins University, June 9, 1931
084661: FINNEY, J. M. T. (MD) - Rhinoplasty by Means of One of the Fingers
084440: FINNEY, J. M. T. (MD) - The Acute Abdomen
084658: FINNEY, J. M. T. (MD) - Charles Burnam Porter
081470: FINNEY, J. M. T. (MD) - The Development of Surgery of the Stomach
081469: FINNEY, J. M. T. (MD) - Surgery of the Digestive Organs
081468: FINNEY, J. M. T. (MD) - The Standardization of the Surgeon
081429: FINNEY, J. M. T. (MD) - A Study of Some of the Unsatisfactory Results Following Operations Upon the Biliary Tract
081430: FINNEY, J. M. T. (MD) - The Obligations and Responsibilities of the Surgeon
081428: FINNEY, J. M. T. (MD) - Surgical Judgment
Pa304: KURT FINSTERBUSCH - Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Controversial Social Issues
P000493: FINSTERBUSCH, KURT; MCKENNA, GEORGE - Clashing Views on Controversial Social Issues
Pb7144: KURT FINSTERBUSCH & GEORGE MCKENNA - Taking Sides Clashing views on Controversial Social Issues
Pb443: FINTEL, WILLIAM A. M.D.; MCDERMOTT, GERALD R. - A Medical and Spiritual Guide to Living With Cancer: A Complete Handbook for Patients and Their Families
039097: FIOCCO, GIUSEPPE - Giorgione 150 Tavole in Rotocalco e 2 Tricromie
071509: DI FIORE, MARIANO S. H. - Atlas of Human Histology
Pa1926: FIRER, BENZION - Twins
073818: FIRESTONE, CLARK B. - Sycamore Shores (Signed By Author)
064046: FIRESTONE, JOHN M. - Federal Receipts and Expenditures During Business Cycles, 1879-1958: A Study By the National Bureau of Economic Research (Inscribed & Signed By Author)
051580: FIRESTONE, CLARK B. - Sycamore Shores
Pb5160: FIRMAN - Daughters and Mothers
070342: SCOTT, ANNE FIROR AND SCOTT, ANDREW MACKAY - One Half the People: The Fight for Woman Suffrage
Pb4861: FIRST, JULIA - I, Rebekah, Take You, the Lawrences
055683: FISCH, MAX H. - Nicolaus Pol Doctor 1494
012452: FISCH, CHARLES MD (EDITOR) - Complex Electrocardiography - Two Volumes
085595: FISCH, ARLINE M. - Textile Techniques in Metal for Jewelers, Sculptors, and Textile Artists
035235: FISCH, HAROLD - Poetry with a Purpose: Biblical Poetics and Interpretations
057706: FISCHER, LOUIS - Russia's Road from Peace to War: Soviet Foreign Relations, 1917-1941
039271: FISCHER, LOUIS (MD) - Diseases of Infancy and Childhood - Volume II
034839: FISCHER, GEORGE (EDITOR) - The Revival of American Socialism
070659: FISCHER, EDWARD - Fiji Revisited: A Columban Father's Memories of Twenty-Eight Years in the Islands
084644: CARL C. FISCHER, MD - CONSULTING EDITOR - Pediatric Clinics of North America, August 1957: Symposium on Handicaps and Their Prevention
063553: FISCHER, EDWARD - Maybe a Second Spring: The Story of the Missionary Sisters of St. Columban in China (Presentation Copy)
063552: FISCHER, EDWARD - Japan Journey: The Columban Fathers in Nippon
046350: FISCHER, EDWARD - Journeys Not Regretted: The Columban Fathers' Sixty-Five Years in the Far East
072972: FISCHER, LOUIS (MD) - Diseases of Infancy and Childhood: Their Dietetic, Hygienic and Medical Treatment - 2nd Edition
075874: FISCHER, MARKOOSHA - Reunion in Moscow: A Russian Revisits Her Country
041416: FISCHER, KATHLEEN R. - Winter Grace: Spirituality for the Later Years
Pb2364: STAN FISCHLER - Stan Fischler's Sports Stumpers
028460: FISH, FRANK L. (ED) - Horace Ward Bailey, Vermonter: A Memorial
078398: FISH, CARL RUSSELL; SERIES EDITED BY JOHNSON, ALLEN - The Path of Empire: A Chronicle of the United States as a World Power (The Chronicles of America Series Volume 46, Roosevelt Edition)
075991: FISH, DANIEL W. - The Complete Arithmetic. Oral and Written. (Robinson's Shorter Course.)
068673: FISHBEIN, MORRIS (MD) - The Modern Family Health Guide
065220: FISHBEIN, MORRIS (MD) (EDITOR) - Modern Home Medical Adviser - Your Health and How to Preserve It
046777: FISHBEIN, MORRIS (MD) - Doctors and Specialists
008403: FISHBEIN, MORRIS (MD), EDITOR - Common Ailments of Man
010342: FISHBEIN, MORRIS (MD) - Tonics and Sedatives (Inscribed & Signed By Author)
068878: FISHBEIN, MORRIS (MD) - Illustrated Medical and Health Encyclopedia - Volume 3 and 4 - Con-Hai
006233: FISHBEIN, MORRIS (MD) - An Hour on Health - Special Woman's World Edition
075798: FISHBEIN, MORRIS (MD) - Children for the Childless
080382: FISHBEIN, MORRIS, M.D. - Medical Writing
060573: FISHBEIN, MORRIS (MD) - New Advances in Medicine - And What They Mean to You
068585: FISHBEIN, MORRIS (MD) - Illustrated Medical and Health Encyclopedia - 8 Volumes Complete (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8), in 4 Books
027994: FISHBEIN, MORRIS (MD) - Modern Home Remedies and How To Use Them
068354: FISHBEIN, MORRIS (MD) - The Handy Home Medical Adviser and Concise Medical Encyclopedia
075983: FISHBEIN, MORRIS (MD) - Your Weight and How to Control It
068877: FISHBEIN, MORRIS (MD) - Illustrated Medical and Health Encyclopedia - Volume 7 and 8 - Pre-Zym
020420: FISHBEIN, MORRIS - The Popular Medical Encyclopedia
022287: FISHBEIN, MORRIS (MD) - Successful Marriage
068513: FISHBERG, ARTHUR M. (MD) - Hypertension and Nephritis
042024: FISHER, GEORGE P. (D.D.) - Faith and Rationalism with Short Supplementary Essays on Related Topics
064241: FISHER, BOYD - Mental Causes of Accidents - First Edition

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