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007643: COTE, ARMAND H. - Manual with Rules and Orders for the Use of the General Assembly of the State of Rhode Island 1943-1944
041947: COTTERILL, THE RT. REV. HENRY (D.D.) - Revealed Religion - Expounded By Its Relations to the Moral Being of God (The Bedell Lecture for 1883)
073223: COTTIN, MADAME - Elizabeth; or, The Exiles of Siberia: A Tale.
003430: COTTING, BENJAMIN E. (MD) - The Annual Discourse Before the Massachusetts Medical Society
080207: COTTLE, BASIL - The Plight of English: Ambiguities, Cacophonies and Other Violations of Our Language
055161: COTTLE, BASIL - Names
035678: COTTON, JAMES HARRY - Christian Knowledge of God
054688: COTTON, DOROTHY WHYTE - The Case for the Working Mother
Pb6226: COTTON, NORRIS - In the Senate: Amidst the Conflict and the Turmoil
043813: COTTRELL, ROBERT C. - Izzy: A Biography of I.F. Stone
079566: COTTRELL, LEONARD - A Guide to Roman Britain (A Project of Dimension Books)
029357: COTTRELL, LEONARD - Egypt: With 100 Heliogravure Illustrations and 6 Coloured Plates; 1 Map
084772: COTTRELL, LEONARD - Land of the Pharaohs
067957: QUILLER-COUCH, SIR ARTHUR - On the Art of Writing
Pb2361: GEORGE G. COUGHLIN - Your introduction to Law
051317: COUGHLIN, JOSEPH WELTER - Jack Dawn and the Vanishing Horses
Pb5465: COULEHAN, JOHN L.; BLOCK, MARIAN R. - The Medical Interview: A Primer for Students of the Art
012022: DE COULEVAIN, PIERRE - Eve Victorieuse
086046: COULOMBE, CHARLES A. - The Pope's Legion: The Multinational Fighting Force that Defended the Vatican
062131: COULTER, E. MERTON (EDITOR) - The Georgia Historical Quarterly, Volume LII, September 1968, Number 3
Pb3906: CATHERINE COULTER - The penwyth Curse
013841: NATIONAL ADVISORY CANCER COUNCIL - Progress Against Cancer 1970
055484: PREPARED AND PRINTED BY AUTHORITY OF THE CITY COUNCIL - Memorial of the Inauguration of the Statue of Franklin
053166: AMERICAN LAMB COUNCIL - American Lamb Cookery Basics
007313: NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL - Report of Committee on Drug Addiction 1929-1941 and Collected Reprints 1930-1941
Pb3474: NATIONAL SAFETY COUNCIL - First Aid and Cpr, Standard
039731: BY ORDER OF THE PROBATE COURT OF COOK COUNTY, ILLINOIS - Paintings, Drawings and Watercolors (Modigliani, Segonzac, Matisse, Braque, Redon, Picasso, Rouault, Gauguin, Seurat, Legar, Derain, Chirico, Survage, Laurencin) Collection of the Chester H. Johnson Galleries
010298: COUPLAND, SIDNEY (MD) - The Harveian Oration 1915
052210: COURSEN, H.R. - Winter Music: New Poems By H.R. Cousen
071695: DE COURSEY, RUSSELL MYLES - The Human Organism
083031: COURT, A.N. - Colourful Britain
031709: COURT, A. N. - Dorset in Colour
Pb7200: COURT, ALEC - Netherlands
025799: COURTENAY, ASHLEY - Ashley Couretnay's Let's Halt Awhile in Britain
072584: COURTNEY, LEONARD - The Working Constitution of the United Kingdom
078611: COURTOIS, ABBE GASTON - Face Au Seigneur (3e Serie)
077571: COURTOIS, ABBE GASTON - Face Au Seigneur: Recollections Sacerdotales, 2me Serie (Collection "Vie Sacerdotale")
077572: COURTOIS, ABBE GASTON - Face Au Seigneur: Recollections Sacerdotales, 4me Serie (Collection "Vie Sacerdotale")
013702: COURVILLE, CYRIL B. (MD) - Cerebral Palsy
Pb2237: ALICE C. COUSENS & OLIVE W. HANNAFORD - Recollections of Old Buxton, Maine
053902: COUSINEAU, RUTH - Country Suppers: Simple, Hearty Fare for Family & Friends
082165: COUSINS, MARY - The Saints in History
038440: COUSINS, NORMAN - Present Tense: An American Editor's Odyssey
071332: COUSINS, NORMAN - Albert Schweitzer's Mission: Healing and Peace - With Hitherto Unpublished Letters from Schweitzer, Nehru, Eisenhower, Khrushchev, and Kennedy
045399: COUSINS, NORMAN (INTRODUCTION) - Moments Corita
Pa1177: COUSINS, NORMAN - Human Options
002393: COUSINS, NORMAN - The Healing Heart
064243: COUSINS, NORMAN - Dr. Schweitzer of Lambarene - REVIEW COPY
022960: COUSINS, NORMAN - Anatomy of an Illness
077970: COUSINS, NORMAN - Dr. Schweitzer of Lambarene
Pb1922: COUSINS, LUCY - Go, Maisy, Go! Big Flap Book
Pb5557: NORMAN COUSINS - Who Speaks for Man?
081524: COUSINS, NORMAN - Modern Man is Obsolete
053500: COVELL, REV. CHARLES H. (EDITOR) - Diamonds and Nuggets, Polished and in the Rough, Gathered from American Minds. . .
078998: COVENTRY, SUSAN - Images of a Nightingale
063800: DE COVERLEY, SIR ROGER - Sir Roger De Coverley: Reimprinted from The Spectator - With Illustrations
Pb1570: COVEY, STEPHEN R. - The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Restoring the Character Ethic
Pb3489: COVILLE, BRUCE - Bruce Coville's Book of Monsters II: More Tales to Give You the Creeps
002889: COWAN, M. CORDELIA (ED) - The Yearbook of Modern Nursing, 1957-58
002890: COWAN, M. CORDELIA (ED) - The Yearbook of Modern Nursing 1959
047891: COWAN, THOMAS - Gay Men & Women Who Enriched the World
059863: COWAN, RACHEL - Growing Up Yanqui
052977: COWAN, MICHAEL H. (EDITOR) - Twentieth Century Interpretations of The Sound and the Fury
039646: COWAN, EDWINA ABBOTT (PH.D.); CARLSON, AVIS D. (M.A.); DEAN, ARTHUR (SC.D.)(INTRODUCTION) - Bringing Up Your Child: A Practical Manual
Pb6060: COWAN, CONNELL; KINDER, MELVYN - Women Men Love-Women Men Leave: Why Men Are Drawn to Women-What Makes Them Want to Stay
002888: COWAN, M. CORDELIA (ED) - The Yearbook of Modern Nursing 1956
022217: COWARD, NOEL - To-Night at 8.30 - Plays, Volume I
022218: COWARD, NOEL - To-Night at 8.30 - Plays, Volume II
051191: COWDERY, M.F. - Elementary Moral Lessons, for Schools and Families.
029059: COWDRICK, ARTHUR D. - Report of Ophthalmological Clinics Given By Professor L. Webster Fox 1908-09
081828: COWDRY, E. V. - Laboratory Technique in Biology and Medicine
066982: COWELL, ADRIAN - The Heart of the Forest
015398: COWEN, DAVID L. - Medicine in Revolutionary New Jersey- SIGNED
026684: COWEN, DAVID L. - Medical Education: The Queen's-Rutgers Experience 1792-1830
028971: COWEN, P. J. - Depression and Sleep
036402: COWEN, RAY H. - His Perfect Recompense: Sermons in the Service
062391: COWEN, ROBERT C.; INTRODUCTION BY REVELLE, ROGER R. - Frontiers of the Sea: The Story of Oceanographic Exploration
Pb7921: JERRY COWHIG - Color Treasury of Herbs & Other Medicinal Plants
053922: COWIN, DANA (EDITOR IN CHIEF) - Food & Wine 1995: An Entire Year's Recipes from America's Favorite Food Magazine
080354: COWLES, REV. HENRY - The Revelation of John; with Notes, Critical, Explanatory, and Practical, Designed for Both Pastors and People.
079227: COWLES, GARDNER (EDITOR) - Venture: The Traveler's World, June 1964, Vol. 1, No. 1
072626: ANDRUS, E. COWLES (MD) AND MAXWELL, CYRUS H. - EDITORS - The Heart and Circulation - Second National Conference on Cardiovascular Diseases - 2 Volumes
026244: COWLEY, ELIZABETH BUCHANAN - Free Learning
013932: COWLEY, GAIL - Over Seventy
Pa1638: WILLIAM COWLEY, ETC. - The Amazing adventures of Dennis the Memace
041594: COWLEY, MALCOLM - -And I Worked at the Writer's Trade: Chapters of Literary History, 1918-1978
079131: COWLEY, JOY - Of Men and Angels
Pa1644: RICHARD COWPER - the Road to Corlay
072675: COWPERTHWAITE, A. C. (MD) - A Text-Book of Materia Medica: Characteristic, Analytical and Comparative
045641: ADAPTED BY COX, JAMES; KNAUTH, PERCY (EDITOR) - The Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Animal Kingdom: Volume 17 (XVII)
072608: COX, JACK - Requiem in the Tropics: Inside Central America
075928: COX, HAROLD (EDITOR) - The Edinburgh Review (or) Critical Journal, Vol. 223, No. 456, April 1916
069714: COX, CLAIRE - The New-Time Religion (Signed By Author)
017318: COX, ALFRED - Among the Doctors
068099: COX, C.B. - The Free Spirit: A Study of Liberal Humanism in the Novels of George Eliot, Henry James, E.M. Forster, Virginia Woolf, Angus Wilson
079224: COX, STEPHEN L. (EDITOR) - Historical New Hampshire, Vol. 43, No. 3 - Fall 1988
049171: COX, RACHEL TOWNSEND (EDITOR) - Vital Records of Bowdoin, Maine to the Year 1892, Volume 1: Births
046138: COX, JAMES M. (EDITOR) - Robert Frost: A Collection of Critical Essays
080162: COX, ALLAN - The Cox Report on the American Corporation
014069: COX, HAROLD E. (ED) - Pennsylvania History - July 1979
014068: COX, HAROLD E. (ED) - Pennsylvania History - October 1979
049352: COX, HARVEY - The Seduction of the Spirit: The Use and Misuse of People's Religion
084825: COX, WARREN E. - Chinese Ivory Sculpture
065923: COX, REV. SIR GEORGE W. - The Athenian Empire (Epochs of Ancient History) Ninth Edition
Pb2325: ROBERT V. COX - Missing Peson
016332: COX, NORMA (ED) - Dear Dad
057201: COX, JANE - Hatred Pursued Beyond the Grave: Tales of Our Ancestors from the London Church Courts
011616: COX, OLIVER C. (MD) - Atlas of Practical Incisions and Some Operative Procedures
058362: COXE, JOHN REDMAN (MD) - The American Dispensatory
057412: COXE, WILLIAM (F.R.S., F.A.S.) - History of the House of Austria, from the Foundation of the Monarchy By Rhodolph of Hapsburgh, to the Death of Leopold the Second: 1218 to 1792. Volume III. (3)
057410: COXE, WILLIAM (F.R.S., F.A.S.) - History of the House of Austria, from the Foundation of the Monarchy By Rhodolph of Hapsburgh, to the Death of Leopold the Second: 1218 to 1792. Volume I. (1)
034681: COXE, A. CLEVELAND - Apollos: Or The Way of God. A Plea For the Religion of Scripture.
069806: COXHEAD, NONA - The Monkey-Puzzle Tree
Pb6967: COYLE, RENA - My First Cookbook
060811: COYNE, PATRICK (EDITOR AND DESIGNER) - Communication Arts: January/February 2009, Volume 50, Number 8
054818: COYNE, PATRICK (EDITOR AND DESIGNER) - Communication Arts - Design Annual 47 - August 2006, Volume 48, Number 6
060815: COYNE, PATRICK (EDITOR AND DESIGNER) - Communication Arts Interactive Annual 12: September/October 2006, Volume 48, Number 5
057335: COYNE, PATRICK (EDITOR AND DESIGNER) - Communication Arts - Photography Annual 42, August 2001, Volume 43, Number 4
054825: COYNE, PATRICK (EDITOR AND DESIGNER) - Communication Arts - Design Annual 41 - November 2000, Volume 42, Number 6
054811: COYNE, PATRICK (EDITOR AND DESIGNER) - Communication Arts - May/June 2008, Volume 50, Number 2
054816: COYNE, PATRICK (EDITOR AND DESIGNER) - Communication Arts - July 2008, Volume 49, Number 8
060807: COYNE, PATRICK (EDITOR AND DESIGNER) - Communication Arts: January/February 2006, Volume 47, Number 8
060808: COYNE, PATRICK (EDITOR AND DESIGNER) - Communication Arts: March/April 2007, Volume 49, Number 1
060816: COYNE, PATRICK (EDITOR AND DESIGNER) - Communication Arts Interactive Annual 10: September/October 2004, Volume 46, Number 5
057336: COYNE, PATRICK (EDITOR AND DESIGNER) - Communication Arts - Photography Annual 41, August 2000, Volume 42, Number 4
054821: COYNE, PATRICK (EDITOR AND DESIGNER) - Communication Arts - September/October 2001, Volume 43, Number 5
054820: COYNE, PATRICK (EDITOR AND DESIGNER) - Communication Arts - 50th Anniversary Issue - March/April 2009, Volume 51, Number 1
054828: COYNE, PATRICK (EDITOR AND DESIGNER) - Communication Arts - March/April 2001, Volume 43, Number 1
060796: COYNE, PATRICK (EDITOR AND DESIGNER) - Communication Arts Advertising Annual 49: December 2008, Volume 50, Number 7
060799: COYNE, PATRICK (EDITOR AND DESIGNER) - Communication Arts Design Annual 49: November 2008, Volume 50, Number 6
060805: COYNE, PATRICK (EDITOR AND DESIGNER) - Communication Arts: March/April 2005, Volume 47, Number 1
054814: COYNE, PATRICK (EDITOR AND DESIGNER) - Communication Arts - Design Annual 42 - November 2001, Volume 43, Number 6
054813: COYNE, PATRICK (EDITOR AND DESIGNER) - Communication Arts - Interactive Annual 15 - May/June 2009, Volume 51, Number 2
054830: COYNE, PATRICK (EDITOR AND DESIGNER) - Communication Arts - January/February 2002, Volume 43, Number 8
054827: COYNE, PATRICK (EDITOR AND DESIGNER) - Communication Arts - May/June 2000, Volume 42, Number 2
054826: COYNE, PATRICK (EDITOR AND DESIGNER) - Communication Arts - March/April 2000, Volume 42, Number 1
060812: COYNE, PATRICK (EDITOR AND DESIGNER) - Communication Arts: March/April 2004, Volume 46, Number 1
060806: COYNE, PATRICK (EDITOR AND DESIGNER) - Communication Arts: May/June 2005, Volume 47, Number 2
057334: COYNE, PATRICK (EDITOR AND DESIGNER) - Communication Arts - May/June 2001, Volume 43, Number 2
057333: COYNE, PATRICK (EDITOR AND DESIGNER) - Communication Arts - Advertising Annual 42 - December 2001, Volume 43, Number 7
054823: COYNE, PATRICK (EDITOR AND DESIGNER) - Communication Arts - May/June 2006, Volume 48, Number 2
060809: COYNE, PATRICK (EDITOR AND DESIGNER) - Communication Arts: March/April 2006, Volume 48, Number 1
060810: COYNE, PATRICK (EDITOR AND DESIGNER) - Communication Arts: January/February 2005, Volume 46, Number 8
054822: COYNE, PATRICK (EDITOR AND DESIGNER) - Communication Arts - September/October 2000, Volume 42, Number 5
057337: COYNE, PATRICK (EDITOR AND DESIGNER) - Communication Arts - Advertising Annual 41 - December 2000, Volume 42, Number 7
060813: COYNE, PATRICK (EDITOR AND DESIGNER) - Communication Arts: January/February 2001, Volume 42, Number 8
060814: COYNE, PATRICK (EDITOR AND DESIGNER) - Communication Arts Interactive Annual 11: September/October 2005, Volume 47, Number 5
Pb6218: PATRICK COYNE, EDITOR - Communication Arts Photography Annual 39
013833: COZEN, LEWIS MD - Office Orthopedics
060773: CRABB, GEORGE; INTRODUCTION BY FINLEY, JOHN H. - Crabb's English Synonyms - Revised and Enlarged Edition
013805: CRABTREE, E. GRANVILLE (MD) - Urological Diseases of Pregnancy
041741: CRABTREE, ARTHUR B. - The Restored Relationship: A Study in Justification and Reconciliation: W.T. Whitley Lectures for 1961
071964: CRADDOCK, FRED B. - Overhearing the Gospel
027139: CRADDOCK, DENIS (MD) - Obesity and Its Management
037951: CRADDOCK, FRED B. - Preaching
060279: CRAGG, KENNETH - The House of Islam - Second Edition (The Religious Life of Man Series)
082204: CRAGHAN, JOHN - Lenten Guide for Parish Leaders: To Enrich the Liturgy of the Word (Year B)
070914: CRAGHAN, JOHN F. - Love and Thunder: A Spirituality of the Old Testament
072395: CRAIG, GORDON A. - The Politics of the Prussian Army 1640-1945
013258: CRAIG, RUTH B. (ED) - Mental Health in Schools
078212: DYKSTRA, CRAIG AND PARKS, SHARON (EDITORS) - Faith Development and Fowler
073110: MASSEY, CRAIG AND LOUISE - I Love You, I Hear You
072082: HEUVEL, JOHN VANDEN; EDITED BY LAMAY, CRAIG AND FITZSIMON, MARTHA - Untapped Sources: America's Newspaper Archives and Histories
040743: CRAIG, HARDIN - Woodrow Wilson at Princeton
068900: CRAIG, W. S. - Care of The Newly Born Infant
065973: CRAIG, MARY - Blessings - An Autobiographical Fragment (Uncorrected Advance Proof)
067960: CRAIG, ALICE EVELYN - The Speech Arts: A Textbook of Oral English
Pa2096: GERALD S. CRAIG & KATHERINE HILL - Working with Science Volume I
008641: CRAIG, JOHN - A Short History of the Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital
064055: CRAIG, W. S. - John Thomson - Pioneer and Father of Scottish Paediatrics 1856-1926
040789: CRAIG, CLARENCE TUCKER - The Beginning of Christianity
062053: CRAIG, JOHN - Zach
043487: CRAIG, ELEANOR - The Moon is Broken: A Mother's True Story
068555: CRAIG, ARCHIBALD - Notes on Chemical Analysis
007352: CRAIG, W. S. - Child and Adolescent Life in Health and Disease: A Study in Social Paediatrics
077175: CRAIG, DAVID - Contact Lost
Pb5341: W.J. CRAIG, M.A., EDITOR - The complete works of William Shakespeare
067968: CRAIK, GEORGE L. - A Compendious History of English Literature, and of the English Language, from the Norman Conquest. With Numerous Specimens. Vol. I (Volume 1)
067969: CRAIK, GEORGE L. - A Compendious History of English Literature, and of the English Language, from the Norman Conquest. With Numerous Specimens. Vol. II (Volume 2)
085401: CRAINE, E. J. - Airplane Boys at Belize
067645: CRAINE, E.J. - Airplane Boys with the Revolutionists in Bolivia
Pb7136: CRAIS, ROBERT - Hostage : A Novel
071612: CRAM - Cram's Outer Space and World Globe Handbook
032513: CRAM, WILLIAM EVERETT - Time and Change
066084: CRAMPTON, C. WARD - Live Long and Like It (Public Affairs Pamphlet No. 139)
068826: CRANCH, CHRISTOPHER PEARSE - The Last of the Huggermuggers, A Giant Story.
021746: CRANDALL, FLOYD M. (MD) - Practical Food Prescribing
049037: CRANE, DR. GEORGE W. (PH.D., M.D.) - Dr. Crane's Radio Talks (Volume 1)
079194: CRANE, LUCY (TRANSLATOR) - Household Stories from the Collection of Grimm Brothers
061452: CRANE, FRANCES - The Cinnamon Murder
027844: CRANE, MRS. B. H. - Life Letters, and Wayside Gleanings, For the Folks at Home
039941: CRANE, GEORGE W. (MD) - Psychology Applied
063762: CRANE, DR. FRANK - It Can Be Done
060017: CRANE, CAROLINE - Stranger on the Road
Pa999: STEPHEN CRANE - The red Badge of Courage
076305: CRANFORD, E. WADE - Second Awakening
063165: CRANNY, TITUS - Is Mary Relevant? A Commentary on Chapter 8 of Lumen Gentium - The Constitution on the Church from Vatican Council II (Signed By Author)
010349: CRAVEN, ROBERT H. (EDITED BY JOHN FRANCIS MARION) - F. A. Davis Company, 1879 - 1979
030724: CRAVEN, THOMAS - The Story of Painting from Cave Pictures to Modern Art
009863: CRAVER, LLOYD F. (MD) - Value of Early Diagnosis of Malignant Lymphomas and Leukemias
066181: CRAVERS, P.L. - Mary Poppins in the Park
032736: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, NELSON ANTRIM CRAWFORD AND DAVID O'NEIL - Little Blue Book No. 298 - Today's Poetry: An Anthology
035387: CRAWFORD, REV. GEO. A. (PH.D.) (EDITOR) - The Centennial of New England Methodism. A Full Report of the Services Held in People's Church, Boston, Mass., October 21-23, 1890, with Additional Historical Material
025800: CRAWFORD, T. C. - English Life
029637: CRAWFORD, WILLIAM REX - A Century of Latin-American Thought
060846: CRAWFORD, F. MARION - A Roman Singer (The Complete Works of F. Marion Crawford)
006160: CRAWFORD, M. MACDERMOT - The Wife of Lafayette
055148: CRAWFORD, JACK R. - What to Read in English Literature
061083: CRAWFORD, D. (KONGA VANTU) - Thinking Black - SIGNED
080907: CRAWFORD, F. MARION - Marion Darche: A Story Without Comment
061295: CRAWFORD, NELSON ANTRIM - A Man of Learning: A Half Century of Educational Service as Exemplified By Arthur Patrick Redfield, Ph.D., LL.D.
060844: CRAWFORD, F. MARION - The Ralstons - Vol. II (Volume 2)
060845: CRAWFORD, F. MARION - Don Orsino
038106: CRAWFORD, WILLIAM R. - Bibliography of Chaucer, 1954-63 (Signed)
060144: CRAWFORD, LINDA - Vanishing Act
081522: CRAWFORD, FRANCIS MARION - The Heart of Rome: A Tale of the "Lost Water"
074784: CRAWFORD, F. MARION - A Roman Singer
076952: CRAWFORD, DEAN - The Lay of the Land
083262: CRAWLEY, STELLA TOGO - In Honor of Women - SIGNED
075308: CRAY, ED - In Failing Health - The Medical Crisis and the A.M.A.
045431: CRAZE, SOPHIA - Charles Russell
P000478: CREAGH, CARSON; ATKINSON, MIKE; ELLYARD, DAVID (EDITOR) - Our Amazing Planet (The Nature Company Discoveries Library)
004400: CREAMER, BRIAN (MD) (ED) - The Small Intestine
057439: CREASEY, JOHN - So Young to Burn
079556: CREASON, JOE; INTRODUCTION BY CREASON, BILL - Crossroads and Coffee Trees: A Legacy of Joe Creason - A Collection of Kentucky Anecdotes
057228: CREASY, E.S. (M.A.) - The Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World From Marathon to Waterloo.
055466: CREATORE, LUIGI - This World Is Mine: A Novel
Pa1642: SHARON CREECH - Walk Two Moons
058868: CREEDY, F.; FOREWORD BY MALINOWSKI, BRONISLAW - Human Nature Writ Large: A Social Psychology Survey and Western Anthropology
026152: CREEDY, F. - Human Nature Writ Large
045036: CREEK, VALERIE (EDITOR) - Cooking For One
050595: CREEKMORE, BETSEY B. - Making Gifts from Oddments & Outdoor Materials
085199: CREEKMORE, HUBERT - Daffodils are Dangerous - The Poisonous Plants in Your Garden
078609: CREEL, RICHARD E. - Religion and Doubt: Toward a Faith of Your Own
017716: CREELEY, ROBERT - Origin II: A Quarterly for the Creative
061783: CREIGHTON, DONALD - The Story of Canada
068634: CRELIN, EDMUND S. - Clinical Symposia - Development of the Upper Respiratory System
037128: CRELY, THE REV. GEORGE - The Beauties of the British Poets, with a Few Introductory Observations
069215: CRENSHAW, A. H. (EDITOR) - Operative Orthopaedics - Two Volumes Complete, Fifth Edition
084824: CRESPELLE, JEAN-PAUL - The Fauves
068236: CRESPI, CAMILLA T. - The Trouble with a Bad Fit: A Novel of Food, Fashion, and Mystery
059963: CRESSWELL, HELEN - The Piemakers
006912: CREW, F. A. E. (MD) - Genetics in Relation to Clinical Medicine
080777: CRICHTON, J. D. - Christian Celebration The Mass
075426: CRICHTON, MICHAEL - Five Patients: The Hospital Explained
086288: CRICHTON, J. D. - The Once and the Future Liturgy
086289: CRICHTON, J. D. - Changes in the Liturgy
043148: CRICKMAY, MARIE - Description and Orientation of the Bobath Method with Reference to Speech Rehabilitation in Cerebral Palsy
084044: CRIDER, JOHN H. - The Bureaucrat
009319: CRIDLAND, MARION D. - Fundamentals of Cancer Chemotherapy
036340: CRIEP, LEO H. (MD) - Clinical Immunology and Allergy
020878: CRIEP, LEO H. (MD) - Clinical Immunology and Allergy
056270: CRILE, GEORGE; JR. MD - Practical Aspects of Thyroid Disease
065231: CRILE, GEORGE, JR. (MD) - What Women Should Know About the Breast Cancer Controversy
082443: CRILLY, OLIVER (EDITOR) - Penitential Services
070210: CRIPPA, PROF. BICE OCCHETTI - Stenografia Ad Uso Dei Ciechi
056167: CRIPPS, HARRISON - The Passage of Air and Faeces from the Urethra
Pb4411: CRISCI, ELIZABETH - Five Minute Bible Fun, Closing Activities
076994: CRISFIELD, DEBORAH - An Air Show Adventure (Let's Take a Trip)
025459: CRISLER, EDGAR T., JR - The Molten Phrase: A Collection of Verse and Essays
021171: CRISPEN, RAY G. (EDITOR) - Neoplasm Immunity: Mechanisms
008776: CRISPENS, CHARLES G., JR. - Essentials of Medical Genetics
083486: CRISTIANI, MSGR. LEON; TRANSLATED FROM THE FRENCH BY PONTIFEX, DOM MARK - Why We Believe (The Twentieth Century Encyclopedia of Catholicism, Volume 107)
084697: CRISTIANI, MSGR. LEON - Saint Francis of Assisi (1182-1226)
083216: MAURO CRISTOFANI - The Etruscans - A New Investigation
034958: CRISTY, REV. A.B. (EDITOR) - Cleveland Congregationalists: Historical Sketches of Our Twenty-Five Churches and Missions and Their Work In Missions-Local Growth and Social Life with Full Directories of Members to January 1, 1896
042500: CRITCHFIELD, RICHARD - Those Days: An American Album
014803: CRITTENDEN, JOHN JORDAN (COMPILED BY C.N. FEAMSTER) - Library of Congress - Calendar of the Papers of John Jordan Crittenden (Prepared from Original Manuscripts)
049668: CROASDALE, HANNAH - As a Pup Grows Up: An Album of Poems
Pb6826: CROCETTI, GINO; CLARKE, B. M. - LSAT, Law School Admission Test: Complete Preparation for the New Test
057656: CROCKER, LESTER G. - Jean-Jacques Rousseau: The Prophetic Voice (1758-1778) Volume II (2)
Pb7644: BETTY CROCKER - Betty Crocker's Show-Off Desserts
069300: CROCKETT, WALTER H. - Vermont: Its Resources and Opportunities
061553: CROCKETT, JAMES UNDERWOOD - Greenhouse Gardening as a Hobby
084656: S. R. CROCKETT - The Play=Actress
075678: CROLY, REV. GEORGE - Salathiel; (The Wandering Jew.) A Story of the Past, Present, and the Future.
061201: CROLY, GEORGE; INTRODUCTORY LETTER BY WALLACE, GEN. LEWIS - Tarry Thou Till I Come (or) Salathiel, The Wandering Jew
056663: CROMIE, WILLIAM J. - Exploring the Secrets of the Sea
068393: CROMPTON, JOHN - The Living Sea
061260: CROMWELL, GLADYS; INTRODUCTION BY COLUM, PADRAIC - Poems By Gladys Cromwell (Advance Review Copy)
086419: CRONBACH, ABRAHAM - The Bible and Our Social Outlook
077486: CRONER, HELGA (EDITOR) - More Stepping Stones to Jewish-Christian Relations: An Unabridged Collection of Christian Documents, 1975-1983 (Studies in Judaism and Christianity)
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050314: DASH, JOAN - A Life of One's Own: Three Gifted Women and the Men They Married - Margaret Sanger, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Maria Goeppert-Mayer
Pb4855: DASILVA, ZENIA SACKS - Beginning Spanish: A Concept Approach
065938: DASKAM, JOSEPHINE DODGE - The Madness of Philip and Other Tales of Childhood
064631: DASKAM, JOSEPHINE DODGE - Fables for the Fair
069702: DASQUE, M.L. PASCAL - Lucinie: A Novel
061689: SELECTED BY DATE, HENRY - Pentecostal Hymns: A Winnowed Collection for Evangelistic Services, Young People's Societies and Sunday Schools
082847: DATE, HENRY (COMPILER) - Pentecostal Hymns, Nos. 5 and 6 Combined
062013: DATTA, SANJAY (MD) - The Obstetric Anesthesia Handbook
Pb7089: I M DATZ - Power Transmission and Automation for Ships and Submersibles
026198: DAUDET, ALPHONSE - Tartarin sur les Alpes
073138: DAUDET, ALPHONSE - Roman Contemporain Realists, Vol. V (5): Sapho - Parisian Customs
079190: DAUDET, LEON; ADDITION BY DAUDET, ERNEST; TRANSLATED BY DE KAY, CHARLES - Alphonse Daudet (By Leon Daudet) To Which Is Added The Daudet Family ("Mon Frer et Moi")
011213: DAUDET, ALPHONSE - La Belle Nivernaise
P000547: ALPHONSE DAUDET - Le Petit Chose
039877: DAUGHERTY, R.L. (A.B., M.E.) - Hydraulics: A Text on Practical Fluid Mechanics
069361: DAUGHERTY, CARROLL R. - Labor Problems in American Industry - Revised Edition
050341: CONTINUATION BY LORD CAMPELL'S DAUGHTER, THE HON. MRS. HARDCASTLE - Lives of the Lord Chancellors and Keepers of the Great Seal of England. American Edition. Vol. XI. (12)
050340: CONTINUATION BY LORD CAMPELL'S DAUGHTER, THE HON. MRS. HARDCASTLE - Lives of the Lord Chancellors and Keepers of the Great Seal of England. American Edition - With Portrait. Vol. XI. (11)
043622: DAUMER, CLAUDIA RAWLINS (PH.D.) - Introduction to Management (HarperCollins College Outline)
012913: SOBEL, DAVA AND KLEIN, ARTHUR C. - Arthritis: What Works
046608: HAGE, DAVE AND KLAUDA, PAUL - No Retreat, No Surrender: Labor's War at Hormel (Review Copy)
069485: DAVENPORT, GWEN - Return Engagement
079947: DAVENPORT, HOMER - The Country Boy: The Story of His Own Early Life
073711: DAVENPORT, HAROLD T. - Paediatric Anaesthesia (Pediatric Anesthesia)
050193: DAVENPORT, RUSSELL W. - My Country
050544: DAVENPORT, HORACE W. - Physiology of the Digestive Tract: An Introductory Text
045872: DAVENPORT, RUSSELL W. - My Country
072546: DAVEY, KEITH - Australian Desert Life
070966: DAVEY, CYRIL - Fifty Lives for God
008144: RANSOME, F. L.; BURCHARD, E. F., WHITE, DAVID; AND ASHLEY - Contributions to Economic Geology 1919 - Two Volumes, Bulletin 710 and 711
029381: WILEY, DAVID AND CROFTS, MARYLEE - The Third World Series: Africa
046906: GIBBON, DAVID AND SMART, TED - U.S.A. - A Picture Book to Remember Her By
078475: STEVENS, DAVID AND DYKEMA, PETER W. (EDITORS) - Sing! The All-Purpose Song Book for Home; School; Community Choruses; Social Meetings and Festivities
039719: LANDRETH, CATHERINE; KRECH, DAVID AND CRUTCHFIELD, RICHARD S. (CONSULTING EDITORS) - Early Childhood Behavior and Learning - Second Edition of The Psychology of Early Childhood
081538: FAIRHALL, DAVID AND JORDAN, PHILIP - The Wreck of the Amoco Cadiz
013944: DAVID, DAVID S. (MD), EDITOR - Calcium Metabolism in Renal Failure and Nephrolithiasis
033366: MACKENZIE, DAVID AND CURRAN, MICHAEL W. - A History of Russia and the Soviet Union, Revised Edition
072933: STOOP, DAVID AND ARTERBURN, STEPHEN - The War is Over But Children Still Have Questions
074811: DUNN, DAVID AND BACH, MARCUS - Try Giving Yourself Away (and) The Will to Believe
033004: DAVID, JAY (ED) - Growing Up Jewish - An Anthology
035017: POTTER, DAVID AND THOMAS, GORDON L. - The Colonial Idiom
069635: KOSKOFF, YALE DAVID AND GOLDHURST, RICHARD - The Dark Side of the House
086452: GRUPPER, DAVID AND KLEIN, DAVID G. - The Paper Shtetl - A Complete Model of an East European Jewish Town
052838: KINNAMAN, DAVID AND LYONS, GABE - Un Christian: What a New Generation Really Thinks About Christianity ...And Why It Matters
008227: TALBOT, DAVID AND MORGAN, RICHARD E. - Power & Light: Political Strategies for the Solar Transition
018620: CHANDLER, DAVID AND NEUHAUSER, CHARLES E. - An Antique Drum: Some Poems
022319: HORROBIN, DAVID AND GUNN, ALEXANDER (EDS) - The International Handbook of Medical Science
077903: STARK, DAVID AND SEYMOUR, PETER (EDITORS) - A House Divided: A Treasury of the Civil War
046026: HOOPES, DAVID & TILLION, DIANA - Alaska in Haiku
032522: PRESSMAN, DAVID AND GROSSBERG, ALLAN L. - The Structural Basis of Antibody Specificity
047537: WILKERSON, REVEREND DAVID WITH COX, CLAIRE - Parents on Trial: Why Kids Go Wrong - Or Right
014869: NACHMANSOHN, DAVID (MD) ET AL - Nerve Impulse - First Conference
045500: WALKER, JOHN (INTRODUCTION); PROWN, JULES DAVID AND ROSE, BARBARA (TEXTE) - La Peinture Americaine: De La Periode Coloniade a Nos Jours
080343: NEWMAN, DAVID (MD) AND WALKER, J. W. THOMSON - Oxford Surgery - Operations Upon the Genito-Urinary Organs, Operations Upon the Kidneys and Ureters, and Cystoscopy
009157: HENDIN, DAVID AND MARKS, JOAN - The Genetic Connection
006716: NACHMANSOHN, DAVID (MD) ET AL - Nerve Impulse - Fourth Conference
085727: BERGER, DAVID AND WYSCHOGROD, MICAHEL - Jews and "Jewish Christianity"
030394: HENDERSON, SIR DAVID AND BATCHELOR, IVOR R. C. - Henderson & Gillespie's Textbook of Psychiatry
058470: WISE, DAVID AND ROSS, THOMAS B. - The Espionage Establishment
076831: HELWIG, DAVID & HARCOURT, JOAN - 73 New Canadian Stories
013601: CHARLES, DAVID AND FINLAND, MAXWELL (MD'S), EDITORS - Obstetric and Perinatal Infections
Pb853: EVAN DAVID - As Runs the Glass
007795: RANSOME, F. L.; BURCHARD, E. F., GALE, H. S., WHITE, DAVID; AND CAMPBELL, M. R. - Contributions to Economic Geology 1920 - Two Volumes
055383: KLEIN, DAVID AND JOHNSON, MARY LOUISE - They Took to the Sea
051390: LEWIS, DAVID AND GREENE, JAMES - Thinking Better
080698: FAIRCHILD, DAVID AND MARIAN - Book of Monsters
007270: DAVIDOFF, ROBERT A. (ED) - Handbook of the Spinal Cord: Vol 4 and 5
059434: DAVIDS, RICHARD C. - Garden Wizardry
041929: DAVIDSON, ROGER H. - The Role of the Congressman
049719: DAVIDSON, BASIL - Let Freedom Come: Africa in Modern History
032584: DAVIDSON, J. MORRISON - Eminent English Liberals In and Out of Parliament
029693: DAVIDSON, JEFF - The Complete Idiot's Guide to Assertiveness
066504: DAVIDSON, JOHN - Fleet Street and Other Poems
038323: DAVIDSON, MARSHALL B. - The American Wing: A Guide (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Pb4269: DAVIDSON, MARSHALL B. - The Horizon History of The World in 1776
056480: DAVIDSON, ROBERT (D.D.) - Leaves from the Book of Nature, Interpreted By Grace.
085239: DAVIDSON, MARSHALL B. - Life in American, Bicentennial Edition, Volume I (1, One)
010248: DAVIDSON, GESTUR BRENT - Manpower Substitution and Hospital Efficiency
048876: DAVIDSON, BASIL - Let Freedom Come: Africa in Modern History
040085: DAVIDSON, JOHN (D.D.) - Belief - What Is It? Or The Nature of Faith, As Determined By the Facts of Human Nature and Sacred History (Inscribed By Author)
034016: DAVIDSON, CLARISSA START - God's Man: The Story of Pastor Niemoeller
012093: DAVIDSON, CHARLES S. (MD) - Liver Pathophysiology: Its Relevance to Human Disease
034852: DAVIDSON, J. THAIN (D.D.) - Sure to Succeed.
063794: DAVIDSON, JOHN - The Triumph of Mammon (God and Mammon - A Trilogy)
006902: DAVIDSON, ERIC H. - Gene Activity in Early Development
029844: DAVIDSON, MARSHALL B. - The Horizon Concise History of France
020858: DAVIDSON, LEVETTE J. - A Guide to American Folklore
004836: DAVIDSON, HAROLD O. - Biological Effects of Whole-Body Gamma Radiation on Human Beings
066035: DAVIE, MAURICE R. - What Shall We Do About Immigration (Public Affairs Pamphlet No. 115)
042875: DAVIES, EMILY - Thoughts on Some Questions Relating to Women, 1860-1908 (GIFT QUALITY)
Pb3560: DAVIES, DIANA - Photojourney: Photographs
080043: DAVIES, A. POWELL - America's Real Religion
079484: DAVIES, A. POWELL - The Faith of an Unrepentant Liberal
075109: DAVIES, FRANCES - Halifax, An Affectionate Portrait
026898: DAVIES, STANLEY P. - Social Control of the Feebleminded
024706: DAVIES, A. POWELL - The Urge to Prosecute
056096: DAVIES, A. POWELL - The Language of the Heart: A Book of Prayers
018967: DAVIES, HUNTER - Back in the USSR
085596: DAVIES, KEN; ELLYE BLOOM - Painting Sharp Focus Still Lifes
041957: DAVIES, RUPERT E. - Methodism
067028: DAVIES, RHYS - A Bed of Feathers & Tale
021507: DAVIES, JACK (MD) - Human Developmental Anatomy
079895: DAVIES, W.H. - My Birds
046192: BROOKS-DAVIES, DOUGLAS (SELECTOR, EDITOR) - Talking of Mothers - Poems for Every Mother (Everyman's Poetry)
055191: DAVIES, ROBERTSON - The Deptford Trilogy: Fifth Business, The Manticore, World of Wonders
034315: DAVIES, THOMAS A. - Cosmogony, or the Mysteries of Creation
083275: DAVIES, L.P. - The Lampton Dreamers (Crime Club)
058709: DAVIES, PAUL - The Fifth Miracle: The Search for the Origin and Meaning of Life
006608: DAVIES, PORTER (MD) - MOULTON, CHARLES WELLS, GENERAL EDITOR - Doctors of the Old School - The Doctor's Recreation Series, Volume Eight
056057: DAVIES, A. POWELL - Religion in the Bible
Pb6267: DAVIES, THOMAS M. - The Politics of Antipolitics: The Military in Latin America
050801: DAVIS, CLYDE BRION - The Age of Indiscretion
020690: DAVIS, W. M. - The Shaping of the Earth's Surface: A Review
057404: EDITED BY DAVIS, WATSON - The Advance of Science (Inscribed & Signed By Editor)
033602: DAVIS, MOSHE - The Emergence of Conservative Judaism: The Historical School in 19th Century America
071989: DAVIS, WILLIAM H. (MD) - Manual of Joint Causes of Death, Second Edition
049288: DAVIS, JESSE BUTTRICK (A.B., A.M., LITT.D.) - The Saga of a Schoolmaster: An Autobiography By Jesse Buttrick Davis, A.B., A.M., Litt.D., Dean Emeritus, Boston University School of Education
082482: DAVIS, GWILYM G. (MD) - The Principles and Practice of Bandaging
053925: LLOYD-DAVIS, VICTORIA - The Mushroom Cookbook
075672: DAVIS, CAROLINE E. KELLY - The Upward Path
074118: DAVIS, MARY LEE - Uncle Sam's Attic: The Intimate Story of Alaska
028993: DAVIS, MURRAY S. - Intimate Relations
074100: DAVIS, OZORA S. - Meeting the Master (Everyday Life Series)
086624: DAVIS, DAVID M. (MD) - GUEST EDITOR - The Medical Clinics of North America, Nationwide Number - November 1959: Commonly Mismanaged Urologic Problems
084346: EDITED BY DAVIS, RONALD L. - The Social and Cultural Life of the 1920s (American Problem Studies)
Pa995: DAVIS, BURKE - The Civil War: Strange and Fascinating Facts
011156: DAVIS, DAVID M. (MD) - Mechanisms of Urologic Disease
070637: DAVIS, MAC - 100 Greatest Sports Feats
063321: EDITED BY FATHERS OF THE SOCIETY OF JESUS: THURSTON N. DAVIS, DONALD R. CAMPION, L.C. MCHUGH - Between Two Cities: God and Man in America - A Commentary on Our Times
076263: DAVIS, HARRIET EAGER - World On My Doorstep: A Venture in International Living
022412: DAVIS, FRANK - The Country Life Book of Glass
083918: DAVIS, ANNE PENCE - Mimi's House Party
068482: DAVIS, FRANCES - A Fearful Innocence
Pa1088: WEINER-DAVIS, MICHELE - Fire Your Shrink!: Do-It-Yourself Strategies for Changing Your Life and Everyone in It
071459: DAVIS, RICHARD HARDING - The Lion and the Unicorn
Pb855: DAVIS, DOROTHY SALISBURY - A Death in the Life
067905: DAVIS, OLIVIA - The Scent of Apples
044952: DAVIS, WINSTON BRADLEY - Toward Modernity: A Development Typology of Popular Religious Affiliations in Japan
042052: DAVIS, HORACE - The Public Ministry of Jesus
042018: DAVIS, CHARLES - What Is Living, What Is Dead in Christianity Today? Breaking the Liberal-Conservative Deadlock
016783: DAVIS, HORACE A. - The Judicial Veto (GIFT QUALITY)
016250: DAVIS, THULANI - Maker of Saints - A Novel
Pa1578: DAVIS, GWEN - How to Survive in Suburbia When Your Heart's in the Himalayas
025200: DAVIS, DAVID JOHN (MD) - Influenzal Meningitis with Especial Reference to its Pathology and Bacteriology
083924: DAVIS, RICHARD HARDING - The Man Who Could Not Lose
004054: DAVIS, HENRY - An Inaugural Oration - 1810
038625: DAVIS, DONALD G. JR. (EDITOR) - The Journal of Library History: Philosophy & Comparative Librarianship (Volume 20/Number 1/Winter 1985)
053753: DAVIS, EUGENE N. - A Story of the Brook and Other Verse - SIGNED
053913: DAVIS, HILLARY - Celebrate: Traditional Ethnic Entertaining in America
077884: DAVIS, BURKE - Jeb Stuart - The Last Cavalier
085510: DAVIS, RICHARD HARDING - The War on Fall Fronts: With the Allies
059085: DAVIS, RICHARD HARDING - The Red Cross Girl
068916: DAVIS, RICHARD HARDING - The Deserter
082264: DAVIS, GEORGE T.B. - Jewels for Messiah's Crown
Pa1935: MARY GOULD DAVIS - Randolph Caldecott
042309: DAVIS, FRANCES - A Fearful Innocence
086420: DAVIS, MOSHE (EDITOR) - The Yom Kippur War: Israel and the Jewish People
P000240: POSTMAN/DAVIS - The Uses of Language
072045: DAVIS, JANE E. - Jamestown and Her Neighbors on Virginia's Historic Peninsula
P000526: DAVIS, CLIFF - Easy to Pronounce Spanish : Easy to Pronounce Language Symbol System
057598: RUBINSTEIN AND DAVIS - Stereoscopic Atlas of Neuro-Anatomy
P000578: DAVIS, MAGGIE S. - Choices of a Growing Woman
049491: DAVIS, ATHIE SALE (EDITOR) - Davis' Anthology of Newspaper Verse for 1939 - 21st Annual Edition
032237: DAVIS, HAROLD E. - Inter-American Bibliographical and Library Association Publications Series 1, Volume 9: Makers of Democracy in Latin America
008832: DAVIS, EUGENE N. - The Axe with Three Nicks (Vermont)
085061: DAVIS, LOYAL (MD) - J. B. Murphy: Stormy Petrel of Surgery
085321: DAVIS, LOYAL (MD) - EDITOR - Christopher's Textbook of Surgery
037654: DAVIS, FRED (ED) - The Nursing Profession: Five Sociological Essays
004673: DAVIS, ANDREW MCFARLAND - The Fund at Boston in New England
Pb5348: JOHN D. DAVIS - Davis dictionary of the Bible
026020: DAVIS, DAVID JOHN (MD) - Infections with Hemoglobinophilic Bacteria
Pb2060: DAVIS, SAMMY JR.; BOYAR, JANE; BOYAR, BURT - Why Me?: The Sammy Davis, Jr. Story
049665: DAVIS, EDWARDS - Lovers of Life: An Epic Biography of a Soul
079374: DAVIS, SIDNEY F. - Delta Air Lines: Debunking the Myth
059083: DAVIS, GEORGE B. - The Elements of International Law with An Account of Its Origin, Sources and Historical Development - A New and Revised Edition

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