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10500: GORDON, GEORGE BYRON, - Rambles in Old London.
10502: GORDON, GEORGE BYRON, - Rambles in Old London.
12118: GORDON-BROWN, A., - The Year Book and Guide to East Africa.
417: GORDON, GEORGE BYRON, - Rambles in Old London.
2381: GORDON, JAN AND CORA, - Two Vagabonds in a French Village a Portrait Group in Prose.
10290: GORE, AL; GORE TIPPER, - Joined at the Heart the Transformation of the American Family.
15814: GORE, AL, - The Assault on Reason.
1897: GORGOLINI, PIETRO (DOTT. ), - The Fascist Movement in Italian Life.
6418: GORKY, MAXIM, - Mother.
15108: GORSKY, BERNARD, - Island at the End of the World.
4714: GOSLING, CECIL, - Travel and Adventure in Many Lands.
17110: GRAETZ, H., - Popular History of the Jews Volume 5: From the Reigh of Stephenbathory of Poland (1575- 1586 C.E. ) to the Present Time (1873 C.E. ).
13531: GRAHAM, STEPHEN, - Peter the Great.
5548: GRAHAM, STEPHEN, - In Quest of El Dorado.
12900: GRAHAM, R. B. CUNNINGHAME, - Jose Antonio Paez.
11860: GRAHAM JR. , FRANK, - Since Silent Spring.
6432: GRAHAM, R. B. CUNNINGHAME, - Hope.
7417: GRAHAM, R. B. CUNNINGHAME, - A Hatchment.
15947: GRANET, MARCEL, - Festivals and Songs of Ancient China.
15593: GRANT, REV. GEORGE M., - Ocean to Ocean Sandford Fleming's Expedition Through Canada in 1872.
13021: GRANT, BRUCE, - Fight for a City the Story of the Union League Club of Chicago and Its Times. 1880- 1955.
13020: GRANT, BRUCE, - Fight for a City the Story of the Union League Club of Chicago and Its Times. 1880- 1955.
12508: GRAVES, RALPH H., - The Triumph of an Idea the Story of Henry Ford.
5943: GRAVES, CHARLES, - The Big Gamble the Story of Monte Carlo.
320: GRAY, THOMAS, - An Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard.
8457: GREEN, PETER, - The Parthenon.
13175: GREEN, JANE, - Dune Road.
16356: GREENBERG, WILLIAM, - The Flags of the Forgotten Nationalism on the Celtic Fringe.
1533: GREENBIE, MARJORIE BARSTOW, - In the Eyes of the East.
10289: GREENE, BOB; WINFREY, OPRAH, - Make the Connection Ten Steps to a Better Body - And a Better Life.
15913: GREENER, LESLIE, - The Discovery of Egypt.
3759: GREENER, LESLIE, - High Dam over Nubia.
13706: GREENSPAN, BUD, - 100 Greatest Moments in Olympic History.
2109: GREER, CARL RICHARD, - The Glories of Greece.
14622: GREGO, JOSEPH (INTRODUCTION), - Cruikshank's Water Colours.
2196: GREGO, JOSEPH (INTRODUCTION), - Cruikshank's Water Colours.
13781: GREGORY, DICKSON, - Australian Steamships Past and Present.
6449: GRENFELL, WILFRED THOMASON, - Labrador Looks at the Orient.
3428: GRENFELL, WILFRED T., - A Voyage on a Pan of Ice.
15585: GRENFELL, WILFRED THOMASON, - A Labrador Doctor the Autobiography of Wilfrid Thomason Grenfell.
17377: GRENFELL, WILFRED T. (SIR), - Forty Years for Labrador.
17193: GRENFELL, WILFRED T., - Labrador the Country and the People.
1156: GRENFELL, WILFRED THOMASON, - Labrador Looks at the Orient Notes of Travel in the Near and the Far East.
11703: GRENFELL, WILFRED THOMASON, - Labrador Looks at the Orient Notes of Travel in the Near and the Far East.
13727: GRENFELL, WILFRED T., - Adrift on an Ice- Pan.
15587: GRENFELL, WILFRED THOMASON, - A Labrador Doctor the Autobiography of Wilfrid Thomason Grenfell.
15586: GRENFELL, WILFRED THOMASON, - A Labrador Doctor the Autobiography of Wilfrid Thomason Grenfell.
16478: GRESHAM, GRITS, - Complete Book of Bass Fishing.
10187: GREW, JOSEPH C., - Report From Tokyo a Message to the American People.
16587: GREY, HOWARD & STUART, GRAHAM, - The Victorians by the Sea.
2205: GRIBBLE, FRANCIS, - Geneva.
287: GRIBBLE, FRANCIS, - Geneva.
5931: GRIBBLE, FRANCIS, - Geneva.
8090: GRIBBLE, FRANCIS, - Montreux.
8315: GRIBBLE, FRANCIS, - Geneva.
2127: GRIEBEN, - Dalmatien, Jugoslawische Adriakueste Mit Inseln Und Hinterland.
4843: GRIEBEN, - Dresden Und Umgebung Mit Angaben Für Automobilisten.
11983: GRIFFIN, HAROLD, - Alaska and the Canadian Northwest.
13870: GRIFFIN, FRANCES & ROBERTS, BRUCE, - Old Salem in Pictures a North Carolinian Moravian Town.
15879: GRIFFIS, WILLIAM ELLIOT, - The Mikado's Empire [Volume Two Only].
12010: GRIGGS, ROBERT F., - The Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes.
7360: GRIMBLE, SIR ARTHUR, - Return to the Islands Life and Legends in the Gilberts.
7458: GRIMBLE, SIR ARTHUR, - We Chose the Islands a Six- Year Adventure in the Gilberts.
11946: GRINDROD, RALPH BARNES, - Bacchus an Essay on the Nature, Causes, Effects, and Cure, of Intemperance.
14424: GRISWOLD, LAWRENCE, - Tombs, Travel, and Trouble.
10122: GROOM, G. LAURENCE (MRS. ), - The Singing Sword.
12211: GROSLIER, BERNARD & ARTHAUD, JACQUES, - Angkor Art and Civilization.
13500: GROSLIER, GEORGE, - La Culpture Khmere Ancienne.
15122: GRUBER, SAMUEL D., - American Synagogues a Century of Architecture and Jewish Community.
11982: GRUENING, ERNEST, - The State of Alaska.
5610: GRUENING, ERNEST, - Mexico and Its Heritage.
9459: GUEDALLA, PHILIP, - Independence Day a Sketchbook.
3262: GUEDALLA, PHILIP, - The Hundred Years.
4371: GUEDALLA, PHILIP, - Conquistador American Fantasia.
2786: GUERNSEY, R. S., - New York City and Vicinity During the Year 1812- 15 [Volume One Only] a Military, Civic and Financial Local History of That Period with Incidents and Anecdotes.
17137: GUIBAUT, ANDRÉ, - Tibetan Venture in the Country of the Ngolo- Setas, Second Guibaut- Liotard Expedition.
6544: GUIBAUT, ANDRÉ, - Tibetan Venture in the Country of the Ngolo- Setas, Second Guibaut- Liotard Expedition.
2646: BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE THEATRE GUILD, - The Theatre Guild Anthology.
937: GUILD, CURTIS, - Over the Ocean or Sight and Scenes in Foreign Lands.
9498: BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE THEATRE GUILD, - The Theatre Guild Anthology.
14736: GUILD, CURTIS, - Abroad Again: Or, a Fresh Foray in Foreign Fields.
16644: GUILES, FRED LAWRENCE, - Stan the Life of Stan Laurel.
7165: GUINIER, LANI, - Lift Every Voice Turning a Civil Rights Setback Into a New Vision of Social Justice.
16977: GUITON, PAUL, - Switzerland Northern and Eastern.
6679: GULLICK, J. M., - Malaysia.
6618: GULLIVER, LEMUEL [SWIFT, JONATHAN], - Volume Iii of the Author's Works. Containing Travels Into Several Remote Nations of the World [Gullivers Travels].
7428: GUNN, NEIL M., - Highland River.
13350: GUNTHER, JOHN, - Inside Asia.
12768: GUNTHER, JOHN, - Inside Latin America.
12770: GUNTHER, JOHN, - Inside Asia.
12395: GUNTHER, JOHN, - Inside U.S. A..
10852: GUNTHER, JOHN, - Procession.
3451: GUNTHER, JOHN, - Twelve Cities.
16728: GURTEEN, S. HUMPHREYS, - The Arthurian Epic a Comparative Study of the Cambrian, Breton, and Anglo- Norman Versions of the Story and Tennyson's Idylls of the King.
3736: GURTNER, OTHMAR, - The Mountain World 1954.
3737: GURTNER, OTHMAR, - The Mountain World 1955.
3738: GURTNER, OTHMAR; KURZ, MARCEL, - The Mountain World 1956/57.
7434: GUTCHEON, BETH, - Still Missing.
16705: GUTMAN, ROBERT [EDITOR], - People and Buildings.
12577: GUY, ROSA, - Bird at My Window.
7152: GUY, ROSA, - A Measure of Time.
4296: HAARDT, GEORGES-MARIE AND AUDOUIN-DUBREUIL, LOUIS, - The Black Journey Across Central Africa with the Citroen Expedition.
16525: HAAS, KARL, - Inside Music How to Understand, Listen to, and Enjoy Good Music.
17314: HACKER, ANDREW, - The New Yorkers a Profile of an American Metropolis.
15831: HADAS, MOSES, - A History of Rome From Its Origins to A.D. 529.
8166: HADFIELD, MILES & JOHN, - Gardens of Delight.
12495: HAGEDORN, HERMANN, - The Theodore Roosevelt Treasury a Self- Portrait From His Writings.
16458: VON HAGEN, VICTOR W., - The Ancient Sun Kingdoms of the Americas Aztec Maya Inca.
14441: VON HAGEN, VICTOR WOLFGANG, - Frederick Catherwook Archt..
10651: VON HAGEN, VICTOR WOLFGANG, - South America Called Them Explorations of the Great Naturalists la Condamine, Humboldt, Darwin, Spruce.
10664: HAGEN, VON. VICTOR, - South America Called Them Explorations of the Great Naturalists: La Condamine, Humboldt, Darwin, Spruce.
1246: VON HAGEN, VICTOR WOLFGANG, - The Ancient Sun Kingdoms of the Americas Aztec, Maya, Inca.
16072: VON HAGEN, VICTOR W., - The Ancient Sun Kingdoms of the Americas Aztec Maya Inca.
10724: HAIGHT, ANNE LYON, - Portrait of Latin America As Seen by Her Print Makers.
12014: HAILE, BERARD & OAKES, MAUD, - Beautyway a Navaho Ceremonial.
12443: HAINES, CHARLES GLIDDEN, - Memoir of Thomas Addis Emmet.
16177: HALE, ORON J., - The Great Illusion 1900- 1914.
13840: HALE, LOUISE CLOSSER, - We Discover the Old Dominion.
4224: HALE, LOUISE CLOSSER, - We Discover New England.
4227: HALE, LOUISE CLOSSER, - We Discover New England.
4228: HALE, LOUISE CLOSSER, - We Discover New England.
17140: HALEY, ALEX, - Alex Haley's Queen the Story of an American Family.
2844: HALEY, JACQUETTA M., - Pleasure Grounds Andrew Jackson Downing and Montgomery Place.
871: HALL, MRS. HERMAN J., - Two Travelers in Europe a Unique Story Told by One of Them, What They Saw and How They Lived, While Traveling Among the Half- Civilized People of Morocco, the Peasants of Italy and France, As Well As the Educated Classes of Spain, Greece, and Other Countries.
12696: HALL, TREVOR, - The Golden Age of Royalty Photography From 1858- 1930.
2158: HALL, S. WARREN, - Tangier Island a Study of an Isolated Group.
13199: HALLE, LOUIS J., - The Sea and the Ice a Naturalist in Antarctica.
10449: HALLGREN, MAURITZ, - All About Stamps Their History & the Art of Collecting Them.
17290: HALLIBURTON, RICHARD, - Seven League Boots.
16937: HALLIBURTON, RICHARD, - Seven League Boots.
17270: HALLIBURTON, RICHARD, - The Royal Road to Romance.
16941: HALLIBURTON, RICHARD, - The Glorious Adventure.
17261: HALLIBURTON, RICHARD, - The Flying Carpet.
17277: HALLIBURTON, RICHARD, - New Worlds to Conquer.
1281: HALLIBURTON, RICHARD, - The Glorious Adventure.
1283: HALLIBURTON, RICHARD, - The Glorious Adventure.
17222: HALLIBURTON, RICHARD, - Seven League Boots.
15987: HALSE, ALBERT O., - Architectural Rendering the Techniques of Contemporary Presentation.
12247: HALSEY, FRANCIS WHITING, - Authors of Our Day in Their Homes Personal Descriptions & Interviews.
4333: HALSEY, R. T. H. ; TOWER, ELIZABETH, - The Homes of Our Ancestors As Shown in the American Wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York As Shown in the American Wing of Tlhe Metropolitan Museum of Art.
11472: HALSTEAD, MURAT, - The Story of the Philippines the Eldorado of the Orient.
14486: HALSTEAD, MURAT, - War between Russian and Japan Containing Thrilling Accounts of Fierce Battles by Sea and Land.
11670: HALTON, MATTHEW, - Ten Years to Alamein.
846: HAMILTON, CLAYTON, - On the Trail of Stevenson.
11400: HAMILTON, EDITH, - The Echo of Greece.
13782: HAMILTON, DONALD, - Donald Hamilton's Cruises with Kathleen Matt Helm's Creator Gives Up Power and Returns to Sail.
16708: HAMMER, NELSON R., - Interior Landscapes an American Design Portfolio of Green Environments.
16310: HAMMERTON, J. A. [EDITOR], - The War Illustrated a Pictorial Record of the Conflict between the Nations.
9899: HAMMETT, DASHIELL, - The Maltese Falcon.
5660: HAMMOND, ROLT; LEWIN, C. J., - The Panama Canal.
8108: HAMMOND, GERTRUDE DEMAIN (ILLUSTRATIONS), - The Beautiful Birthday Book.
15807: HANDLIN, OSCAR, - Statue of Liberty.
14230: HANDLIN, OSCAR, - Statue of Liberty.
15745: O'HANLON, REDMOND, - Into the Heart of Borneo.
6677: HANSEN, ERIC, - Stranger in the Forest on Foot Across Borneo.
15767: HANSEN, THORKILD, - Arabia Felix the Danish Expedition of 1761- 1767.
16190: HANSEN, BEN, - Newfoundland and Labrador.
7084: HANSEN, ERIK FOSNES, - Psalm at Journey's End.
7351: HANSEN, ERIC, - Stranger in the Forest on Foot Across Borneo.
15761: HANSEN, THORKILD, - Arabia Felix the Danish Expedition of 1761- 1767.
15728: HANSEN, ERIC, - Motoring with Mohammed Journeys to Yemen and the Red Sea.
11462: HANSEN, THORKILD, - Arabia Felix the Danish Expedition of 1761- 1767.
17268: HANSON, EARL PARKER, - The New World Guides to the Latin American Republics Sponsored by the Office of the Us Coordinator of Inter- American Affairs.
2535: HANSON, EARL PARKER, - New Worlds Emerging.
2023: HANSON, ED, - Motoring with Mohammed Journeys to Yemen and the Red Sea.
13895: HANZSCHE, WILLIAM THOMPSON, - Forgotten Founding Fathers of the American Church and State.
7704: O'HARA, JOHN, - Ourselves to Know.
15308: O'HARA, JOHN, - Pal Joey.
16148: O'HARA, JOHN, - The Lockwood Concern.
12553: O'HARA, JOHN, - Hellbox.
15182: O'HARA, JOHN, - The Horse Knows the Way.
11798: O'HARA, MARY, - Green Grass of Wyoming.
16508: O'HARA, JOHN, - Appointment in Samarra.
13187: O'HARA, JOHN, - The Hat on the Bed a Collection of 24 New Stories.
14786: O'HARA, JOHN, - The Big Laugh.
15366: HARBISON, PETER, - The Archaeology of Ireland.
15716: HARD, WALTER, - The Connecticut.
12745: HARDIE, NORMAN, - Highest Nepal Our Life Among the Sherpas.
298: HARDIE, MARTIN, - John Pettie.
8244: HARDIE, MARTIN, - John Pettie.
10708: HARDING, BERTITA, - Amazon Throne the Story of the Braganzas of Brazil.
12026: HARDING, PETER, - The Corner of Harley Street Being Some Familiar Correspondence of Peter Harding, M.D..
9686: HARDING, BERTITA, - Phantom Crown the Story of Maximilian & Carlota of Mexico.
14198: LE HARDOUIN, MARIA, - Colette a Biographical Study.
1084: HARDY, ARTHUR SHERBURNE, - Life and Letters of Joseph Hardy Neesima.
16616: HARDY, ALISTER; HARVIE, ROBERT; & KOESTLER, ARTHUR, - The Challenge of Chance a Mass Experiment in Telepathy and Its Unexpected Outcome.
6393: HARE, AUGUSTUS J. C., - Studies in Russia.
16052: HARE, AUGUSTUS J. C. & BADDELEY, ST. CLAIR, - Florence.
4389: HARK, ANN, - Hex Marks the Spot in the Pennsylvania Dutch Country.
10546: HARPER, CHARLES G., - Wessex.
3224: HARPER, HENRY HOWARD, - Highlights of Foreign Travel a Memorable Journey to Palestine, Egypt, Italy, and the Battle Front in France.
12509: HARRIMAN, W. AVERELL & ELIE ABEL, - Special Envoy to Churchill and Stalin 1941- 1946.
6336: HARRIMAN, J. BORDEN, - From Pinafores to Politics.
10008: HARRIS, FRANK, - My Life and Loves.
17144: HARRIS, BILL, - Manhattan.
12574: HARRIS, J. R., - Egyptian Art.
6389: HARRIS, LIS, - Holy Days the World of a Hasidic Family.
15278: HARRIS, WARREN G., - Gable & Lombard.
8020: HARRISON, REX, - Rex an Autobiography.
16031: HARRISON, MOLLY, - People and Furniture a Social Background to the English Home.
8941: HARROLD, STANLEY, - Gamaliel Bailey and Antislavery Union.
6183: HARTMAN, MYRON, - The New York Red Book 1966- 1967.
3094: DE HARTOG, JAN, - Waters of the New World.
3328: HARWELL, RICHARD B, - The War They Fought.
4473: HARWELL, RICHARD [ED. ], - Gone with the Wind As Book and Film.
4524: HASKELL, HENRY C. ; FOWLER, RICHARD B., - City of the Future a Narrative History of Kansas City, 1850- 1950.
10818: HASKINS, CARYL P., - The Amazon the Life History of a Mighty River.
14435: HASS, HANS, - Men Beneath the Sea Man's Conquest of the Underwater World.
2780: HASTINGS, HUGH, - Annual Report of the State Historian War of the Rebellion Series.
12995: HATCH, ALDEN, - American Express a Century of Service.
11566: HATCH, ALDEN, - A Man Named John the Life of Pope John Xxiii.
13863: HATCHER, HARLAN, - The Western Reserve the Story of New Connecticut in Ohio.
5804: HAUCKE, KURT, - Bulgarien Land, Volk, Geschichte, Kultur, Wirtschaft.
3406: HAVIGHURST, WALTER, - Land of Promise the Story of the Northwest Territory.
5130: DE HAVILLAND, OLIVIA, - Typed Letter, Signed.
8456: HAWKES, JACQUETTA, - Dawn of the Gods.
11213: HAWKES, JACQUETTA, - A Land.
514: HAWKINS, GERALD S. ; WHITE JOHN B., - Stonehenge Decoded.
9463: HAWTHORNE, HILDEGARDE, - Williamsburg Old and New.
15259: HAWTHORNE, HILDEGARDE, - Old Seaport Towns of New England.
2350: HAWTHORNE, HILDEGARDE, - Corsica, the Surprising Island.
4230: HAWTHORNE, HILDEGARDE, - Old Seaport Towns of New England.
10156: HAY, JOHN (THE HONBLE. ), - Castilian Days.
13897: HAY, JOHN, - The Great Beach.
17007: HAY, JOHN; FARB, PETER, - The Atlantic Shore Human and Natural History From Long Island to Labrador.
3577: HAY, JOHN, - Castilian Days.
13080: HAYES, SARAH & CRAIG, HELEN, - This Is the Bear and the Scary Night.
11001: HAYES, HORACE M., - Veterinary Notes for Horse Owners an Illustrated Manual of Horse Medicine and Surgery.
5358: HAYES, HELEN (WITH FUNKE, LEWIS), - Gift of Joy.
13067: HAYS, ARTHUR GARFIELD, - Let Freedom Ring.
7144: HAYWARD, SUMNER, - Star Smash.
13835: HAYWOOD, C. ROBERT, - Trails South the Wagon- Road Economy in the Didge City- Panhandle Region.
17223: HAZARD, SAMUEL, - Santo Domingo Past & Present with a Glance at Hayti.
11978: HAZELTON JR. , GEORGE C., - The National Capitol Its Architecture Art and History.
17205: HAZEN, CHARLES DOWNER, - Fifty Years of Europe 1870- 1919.
13641: HAZLITT, WILLIAM, - Lectures on the English Comic Writers.
8085: HEADLAM, CECIL, - The Inns of Court.
16988: HEADLAM, CECIL, - The Story of Nuremberg.
10205: HEAPS, LEO, - The Evaders.
16934: HEARN, LAFACADIO, - Japan an Attempt at Interpretation.
6364: HEARN, LAFACADIO, - Japan an Attempt at Interpretation.
13221: HEARN, LAFACADIO, - The Japanese Letters of Lafcadio Hearn.
11910: HECHT, BEN, - The Sensualists.
13868: HECTOR, ROBERT [EDITOR], - Travel with Great Writers an Informal Literary Guide to Europe.
15981: HEDIN, SVEN, - The Wandering Lake.
7019: HEDIN, SVEN, - Die Seidenstrasse.
1121: HEDIN, SVEN, - The Flight of "Big Horse" the Trail of War in Central Asia.
12193: HEER, J. C., - Guide to Lucerne the Lake, and Its Environs.
15691: HEINEMANN, GUNTER, - Heidelberg.
9548: HEISE, KENAN, - Chicago. The Beautiful a City Reborn.
14677: HEISER, VICTOR, - An American Doctor's Odyssey Adventures in Forty- Five Countries.
3206: HEISER, VICTOR, - An American Doctor's Odyssey Adventures in Forty- Five Countries.
3166: HEISTAND, EMILY, - The Very Rich Hours.
12503: HELDERMAN, L. C., - George Washington Patron of Learning.
14118: HELLER, LOUIS B., - Do You Solemnly Swear?.
16421: HELLMAN, LILLIAN, - The Collected Plays.
2773: HELLMAN, GEORGE S., - Lanes of Memory.
6166: HELLMAN, GEOFFREY, - Bankers, Bones & Beetles the First Century of the American Museum of Natural History.
10103: HEMANS, FELICIA (MRS. ), - The Poetical Works of Mrs. Felicia Hemans.
16400: HEMMLEB, JOCHEN; JOHNSON, LARRY A. ; & SIMONSON, ERIC R., - Ghosts of Everest the Search for Mallory & Irvine.
12843: HENDERSON, JOHN, - The West Indies.
229: HENDERSON, JOHN, - The West Indies.
546: HENDERSON, HELEN W., - A Loiterer in London.
7466: HENDERSON, JOHN, - The West Indies.
14873: HENDERSON, MARY C., - The New Amsterdam the Biography of a Broadway Theatre.
545: HENDERSON, HELEN W., - A Loiterer in London.
9471: HENDRICK, BURTON J., - Bulwark of the Republic a Biography of the Constitution.
3287: HENDRICKSON, ROBERT, - Sumter the First Day of the Civil War.
8302: HENDY, PHILIP & GOLDSCHEIDER, LUDWIG, - Giovanni Bellini.
16260: HENNESSY, JAMES POPE, - Robert Louis Stevenson a Biography.
15887: HENRY, ROBERT SELPH, - This Fascinating Railroad Business.
16780: HENRY, O. [WILLIAM SIDNEY PORTER], - O. Henry Stories the American Scene As Depicted by the Master of Short Stories.
16765: HENRY, THOMAS R., - The White Continent the Story of Antarctica.
13860: HEPBURN, ANDREW, - Great Resorts of North America.
17165: HERBERT, THOMAS [FOSTER, WILLIAM, ED. ], - Travels in Persia 1627- 1629.
353: HERBERT, AGNES, - Northumberland.
7553: HERBERT, FRANK, - God Emperor of Dune.
17275: HERMANN, BERNARD, - New York.
2251: HERNDON, LEWIS; GIBBON, LARDNER, - Exploration of the Valley of the Amazon [Volume Two Only] Made Under Direction of the Navy Department.
10696: HERRING, HUBERT, - Good Neighbors Argentina, Brazil, Chile & Seventeen Other Countries.
15391: HERRON, DON, - Dashiell Hammett Tour.
7554: HERSEY, JOHN, - The Call.
13373: HERVEY, HARRY, - King Cobra an Autobiography of Travel in French Indo- China.
1627: HERVEY, HARRY, - Where Strange Gods Call Pages out of the East.
14176: HERZOG, CHAIM & GICHON, MORDECHAI, - Battles of the Bible.
17008: HERZOG, MAURICE, - Annapurna First Conquest of an 8000- Meter Peak [26, 493 Feet].
3169: HESBURGH, THEODORE M., - Travels with Ted & Ned.
14419: HESKETH, EVERARD, - J. & E. Hall Ltd..
16946: HESS, JOHN L., - Vanishing France.
14849: HEWETT, EDGAR L., - Ancient Life in the American Southwest with an Introduction on the General History of the Amrican Race.
15737: HEWETT, EDGAR L., - Ancient Andean Life.
5635: HEWETT, EDGAR L., - Ancient Life in Mexico and Central America.
17147: HEYERDAHL, THOR, - Aku- Aku the Secret of Easter Island.
7116: HEYERDAHL, THOR, - Aku- Aku the Secret of Easter Island.
10488: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER, - Tower of London.
14277: AN HIBERNIAN, - The Irish Emigrant [Volume Two Only] an Historical Tale Founded on Fact.
12336: HICKLIN, JOHN, - Roberts' Chester Guide.
1990: HIDALGO, FRANCISCO, - St. Marten; St. Martin.
13070: HIGHSMITH, PATRICIA, - Ripley's Game.
2303: HIGINBOTHAM, JOHN U., - Three Weeks in France.
7451: HILFIGER, TOMMY, - New England Icons and Inspirations.
13858: HILL, BOB & DRY, DAN, - Louisville a River Serenade.
556: HILLABY, JOHN, - A Walk Through Europe.
13348: HILLARY, EDMUND (SIR), - From the Ocean to the Sky.
13355: HILLARY, EDMUND (SIR), - From the Ocean to the Sky.
11958: HILLARY, EDMUND (SIR), - From the Ocean to the Sky.
14416: HILLERMAN, TONY, - The Ghostway.
10124: HILLS, GERTRUDE, - The Edwin J. Beinecke Collection of Robert Louis Stevenson.
7555: HILTON, JAMES, - Time and Time Again.
10443: HIND, C. LEWIS, - Days with Velasquez.
8201: HIND, C. LEWIS, - Adventures Among Pictures.
15598: HINES, SHERMAN, - Nova Scotia the Lighthouse Route and the Annapolis Valley.
3181: HINKS, ROGER & ROYDE-SMITH, NAOMI, - Pictures and People.
9387: HINSDALE, B. A. ; HINSDALE, MARY L., - History and Civil Government of Pennsylvania.
16692: HISCOCK, ERIC C., - Around the World in Wanderer Iii.
15711: HISLOP, CODMAN, - The Mohawk.
14289: HITCHCOCK, HENRY-RUSSELL, - In the Nature of Materials the Buildings of Frank Lloyd Wright 1887- 1941.
3792: HOAGLAND, EDWARD, - African Calliope a Journey to the Sudan.
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4104: MARKHAM, ALBERT HASTINGS, - La Mer Glacee Du Pole Souvenirs D'un Voyage Sur L'alerte (1875- 1876).
11039: MARLOWE, JOHN, - Four Aspects of Egypt.
7659: MARQUAND, JOHN P., - So Little Time.
447: MARRIOT, CHARLES, - The Romance of the Rhine.
9961: MARSH, RICHARD, - Who Killed Lady Poynder?.
14058: MARSHALL, ROBERT, - The Haunted Major.
2307: MARSHALL, HERBERT AND HESTER, - Cathedral Cities of France.
3173: MARSHALL, JOHN, - Vagabond de Luxe.
13056: MARTELL, RALPH G., - When Does the Fun Start.
16944: MARTIN, ROSCOE C., - Water for New York a Study in State Administration of Water Resources.
11208: MARTIN, JEAN CHIARAMONTE, - The Rockies.
14409: MARTIN, BILLY & PEPE, PHIL, - Billyball.
8092: MARTIN, LAURENCE & MARTIN, SYLVIA, - England! an Uncommon Guide.
8943: MARTIN, DAVID G., - The Shiloh Campaign March - April, 1862.
834: MARVEL, IK., - Fresh Gleanings or a New Sheaf Fromthe Old Fields of Continental Europe.
14353: MARX, SAMUEL & CLAYTON, JAN, - Rodgers & Hart Bewitched, Bothered, and Bedeviled.
7662: MASEFIELD, JOHN, - Sard Harker.
13130: MASON, HAMILTON, - French Theatre in New York a List of Plays 1899- 1939.
16037: MASON, CAROLINE ATWATER, - The Spell of France.
466: MASSE, J. L. J., - The Abbey Church of Tewkesbury with Some Account of the Priory Church of Deerhurst Gloucestershire.
16545: MASSIE, ROBERT K., - Nicholas and Alexandra an Intimate Account of the Last of the Romanovs and the Fall of Imerial Russia.
14684: MASSIE, SUZANNE, - Land of the Firebird.
15535: MASSIE, ROBERT K., - Peter the Great His Life and World.
10398: MASTEROFF, JOE, - Cabaret.
7664: MASTERS, EDGAR LEE, - Skeeters Kirby.
8970: MASTERSON, K. B., - Cushing of Gettysburg the Story of a Union Artillery Commander.
16347: MASTERTON, ELSIE, - Blueberry Hill Menu Cookbook.
9616: MATHIAS, FRED S., - The Amazing Bob Davis His Lost Vagabond Journey.
10731: MATSCHAT, CECILE HULSE, - Seven Grass Huts an Engineer's Wife in Central- And- South America.
12063: MATTERN, JIMMIE, - Cloud Country Book Two 'hawaii to Hollywood'.
6150: MATTHEW, CHRISTOPHER, - A Different World Stories of Great Hotels.
1774: MATTHEWS, J. W., - New Zealand Trees a Popular Guide to Identification of the Principal Series.
13887: MATTHEWS, T. S., - O My America! Notes on a Trip.
15577: MATTHIESSEN, PETER, - Under the Mountain Wall a Chronicle of Two Seasons in the Stone Age.
12453: MATTHIESSEN, PETER, - At Play in the Fields of the Lord.
16675: MATTHIESSEN, PETER & PORTER, ELIOT, - The Tree Where Man Was Born/the African Experience.
16674: MATTHIESSEN, PETER & PORTER, ELIOT, - The Tree Where Man Was Born/the African Experience.
17254: MATTHIESSEN, PETER, - The Snow Leopard.
3948: MATTHIESSEN, PETER, - At Play in the Fields of the Lord.
3992: MATTHIESSEN, PETER, - African Silences.
12419: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET, - Rain and Other Stories.
16275: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET, - Theatre a Novel.
12132: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET, - Ten Novels and Their Authors.
13767: DE MAUPASSANT, GUY, - Bel- Ami.
16188: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE, - The Rebecca Notebook and Other Memories.
7677: MAUROIS, ANDRÉ, - Atmosphere of Love.
9921: MAXTONE-GRAHAM, JOHN, - The Only Way to Cross.
15634: MAXTONE-GRAHAM, JOHN, - The Only Way to Cross.
551: MAXWELL, DONALD, - More Adventures Among Churches.
8126: MAXWELL, GORDON S., - The Naval Front.
12329: MAY, W. PAGE, - Helwan and the Egyptian Desert.

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