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006536: LEWIS SPENCE - The Mysteries of Britain or the Secret Rites and Traditions of Ancient Britain Restored Hardcover
017236: LEWIS SPENCE - The Minor Tradition of British Mythology First English Edition Hardcover
016987: LEWIS SPENCE - The Magic Arts in Celtic Britain Rider & Company First Hardcover Edition
013621: JOHN WALLACE SPENCER - Limbo of the Lost Actual Stories of Sea Mysteries
011102: MARIANNE ROBERTSON SPENCER - Annals of South Glamorgan Historical Legendary and Descriptive Chapters on Some Leading Places of Interest
016298: DOUGLAS HILL EDMUND SPENSER - Edmund Spenser the Illustrated Faerie Queen a Modern Prose Adaptation Hardcover
ABE-261057: PIET BAKKER JO SPIER - West Met Tekst Van Piet Bakker Jo Spier Original 1948 Hardcover
006005: LOUISE S.SPINDLER - Menomini Women and Culture Change American Anthropological Association Vol. 64 No. 1 Part 2 Febuary 1962 Memoir 91
014301: NORMAN SPINRAD - The Druid King a Novel
011027: VAN WIE INGHAM EDITOR GILBERT H.AHLGREN ROBERT S.SNELL JOHN C.ANDERSON MILTON A.SPRAGUE - Practical Field Crop Production for the Northeast an Elementary Introduction to Agronomy
013731: SYLVIA SPRIGGE - Berenson a Biography Hardcover
014443: WILLIAM F.CONWAY CLAIRE K.THOLL THOMAS DEMAREST JOHN SPRING - Fort Lee the Post at Burdett's Ferry the 1776 British Landing at Closter Bergen County History 1975 Annual
010459: CHARLES SQUIRE - Celtic Myth and Legend Origina 1922 Color Illustrated Hardcover
216: EDITOR RAYMOND CARLSON JOSEPH STACEY - Southwest Indian Weaving Special Edition Arizona Highways July 1974 Vol. L No. 7
016023: ROBIN CHAPMAN STACEY - What Life Was Like Among Druids and High Kings Celtic Ireland Ad 400-1200 Hardcover
015995: ROBIN CHAPMAN STACEY - The Road to Judgment from Custom to Court in Medieval Ireland and Wales Hardcover
009643: THE WHITETHORN PRESS STAFF - Knappogue Castle
014015: EXHIBITION STAFF - Bulletin of the Wadsworth Atheneum Hartford Connecticut Spring and Fall 1968
014314: SUSAN JANE STAFFA - Colonial Schenectady in Maps
015498: KNATE STAHL - Seven Shades of Black Starlight Original Woodstock New York Small Press Science Fiction
017149: JOHN E. STALLER AND BRIAN STROSS - Lightning in the Andes and Mesoamerica Pre-Columbian, Colonial, and Contempoary Perspectives Hardcover
015300: DAVID STANDISH - Hollow Earth the Long and Curious History of Imagining Strange Lands, Below the Earth's Surface Hardcover
012499: PETER STANFORD - The Legend of Pope Joan Hardcover
013666: MARGARET STARBIRD - The Woman with the Alabaster Jar Mary Magdalen and the Holy Grail
017041: DAVID R.STARBUCK - The Great Warpath British Military Sites from Albany to Crown Point
012858: ROBERT STARER - The Music Teacher Signed by Author
007022: DINAH STARKEY - Kings Conjurors and Crocks of Gold
015492: BRIAN DANIEL STARR - Life of Saint Brychan King of Brycheiniog
010771: KARA STARR - Merlin's Journal of Time the Camelot Adventure
010629: DONALD A.STAUFFER - The Saint and the Hunchback Hardcover
015676: IAN STEAD - Celtic Art in Britain Before the Roman Conquest
011305: JOHN F.HARRIS STEPHEN K.STEARNS - Understanding Maya Inscriptions a Hieroglyph Handbook
015433: FLORA ANNIE STEEL - Tales of the Punjab Hardcover
011519: IAN K. STEELE - Warpaths Hardcover
016465: VILHJALMUR STEFANSSON - Greenland by Vilhjalmur Stefansson Hardcover
012118: VILHJALMUR STEFANSSON - Greenland Vilhjalmur Stefansson Hardcover
009369: BRAD STEIGER & SHERRY HANSEN-STEIGER - Montezuma's Serpent and Other True Supernatural Tales of the Southwest
SKU1000109: STEIN, WALTER JOHANNES - Death of Merlin: Arthurian Myth and Alchemy
013207: WALTER JOHANNES STEIN - The Death of Merlin
011025: JOHN STEINBECK - The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights Hardcover
006832: EDITED JACK STEINBRING - Rock Art Studies in the Americas Papers from the Darwin Rock Art Congress Oxbow Monographs 45
014944: RUDOLF STEINER - The Holy Grail from the Works of Rudolf Steiner
017178: RAV ADEN STEINSALTZ - Six Folio Talmud Volumes Rav Aden Steinsaltz Bavli Talmud Sanhedrin 1 & 2, Series of Blessing, Series of Mixing, Series of Fasting, Series of Passover Six Hebrew Hardcovers
014176: F.M.STENTON - The Danes in England from the Proceedings of the British Academy (Original 1927 Publication)
013083: ENNO STEPHAN - Spies in Ireland Hardcover
017146: MEIC STEPHENS - The Oxford Companion to the Literature of Wales
865: JAMES STEPHENS - Deirdre First American Edition Hardcover
012445: EDITED RICHARD J.FINNERAN JAMES STEPHENS - Letters of James Stephens First Edition Hardcover
013844: JAMES STEPHENS - In the Land of Youth Hardcover First Edition
009080: JAMES STEPHENS - Reincarnations
007512: JAMES STEPHENS - A Poetry Recital Hardcover
006659: JAMES STEPHENS - Theme and Variations Hand Numbered Limited Edition Signed by James Stephens
008327: ROBERT A.GEORGES STEPHEN STERN - American and Canadian Immigrant and Ethnic Folklore an Annotated Bibliography Hardcover
014059: ALISON ADAMS, ARMEL H. DIVERRES, KAREN STERN AND KENNETH VARTY EDITED - The Changing Face of Arthurian Romance Essays on Arthurian Prose Romances in Memory of Cedric E. Pickford (Arthurian Studies XVI) Hardcover
010604: DAVID STERN AND MARK J.MIRISKY - Rabbinic Fantasies Imaginative Narratives from Classical Hebrew Literature Sefer Zerubbabel
015193: ADRIAN STEVENS AND ROY WISBEY W.J.MCCANN SIDNEY M.JOHNSON - Gottfried Von Strassburg and the Medieval Tristan Legend Hardcover
014566: RICHARD W.BABCOCK LAUREN R.STEVENS - Old Barns in the New World Reconstructing History
016058: HENRY STEVENS - Dark Star the Hidden History of German Secret Bases, Flying Discs & U-Boats
008480: THE FORT TICONDEROGA ASSOCIATION ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON - Fort Ticonderoga Scottish Gathering a Legend of the West Highlands
013568: JOANNA CLOSE-BROOKS ROBERT B.K.STEVENSON - Dark Age Sculpture Pictish Symbol Stones
006123: ROBERT D.STEVICK - One Hundred Middle English Lyrics
016450: A.J. STEWAERT - Falcon the Autobiography of His Grace James the 4th King of Scots Hardcover
015500: MARY STEWART - The Hollow Hills Hardcover
014682: MARY STEWART - The Wicked Day Hardcover
016451: A.J.STEWART - King's Memory an Autobiography Hardcover
005630: JOHN MATTHEWS BOB STEWART - Warriors of Arthur Hardcover
005078: MARY STEWART - The Last Enchantment First Edition Hardcover
005248: MARY STEWART - The Last Enchantment Hardcover
013519: MARY STEWART - The Prince and the Pilgrim Hardcover
007367: MARIA STICCO - The Peace of St. Francis
012444: DAVID STICK - Graveyard of the Atlantic Shipwrecks of the North Carolina Coast Hardcover
009798: MARTHA BENNETT STILES - The Star in the Forest a Mystery of the Dark Ages Hardcover
014365: STUART STIRLING - The Last Conquistador Mansio Serra de Leguizamon and the Conquest of the Incas Hardcover
013218: DENISE STOBIE - Exploring King Arthur's Britain
012237: WHITLEY STOKES - On the Calendar of Oengus Leabar Brecc Original 1875 Folio Hardcover
005091: WHITLEY STOKES - The Creation of the World, Gwreans an Bys a Cornish Mystery Play Original 1864 Hardcover Edition
016817: MARGARET STOKES - Three Months in the Forests of France a Pilgrimage in Search of Vestiges of the Irish Saints in France
015881: RABBI PINCHAS STOLPER - Five Glorious Brothers the Chanukah War As Told in the Ancient Sifrei Maccabim
013280: GEORGE CAMERON STONE - A Glossary of the Construction Decoration and Use of Arms and Armor Original 1961 Hardcover
015795: MICHAEL D.COE MARK VAN STONE - Reading the Maya Glyphs Hardcover
015628: RABBI ARI STORCH - The Secrets of the Stars the Significance of the Night Sky to the Jewish People and the World Hardcover
016791: MAGDALENA STORK - La Antigua Galicia a Day in the Life of Brigo the Young Celt Who Lived in a Castro the Beginning of Christianity in Galizia English/Spanish
015756: WILLIAM STORY AND ARTHUR VENDITTI - The Witchcraft Hysteria of Salem Town and Salem Village in 1692 the Complete Touring Companion & Historical Guide Commemorative 1692-Issue-1992
017028: GORDON STRACHAN - Jesus the Master Builder Hardcover
011503: GORDON STRACHAN - Jesus the Master Builder Druid Mysteries and the Dawn of Christianity Hardcover
011418: WHITLEY STOKES JOHN STRACHAN - Thesaurus Palaeohibernicus a Collection of Old-Irish Glosses Scholia Prose and Verse Edited by Whitley Stokes and John Strachan Vol 1. Biblical Glosses and Scholia Original 1901 Hardcover
009771: TRANSLATED A.T. HATO GOTTFRIED VON STRASSBURG - Tristan Gottfried Von Strassburg with the Tristan of Thomas
015246: HENRY HALL PEYTON III SIMON J.C.WILLIAMS PATRICIA SLOANE GREGORY STRAUGHN - Arthuriana Volume 11 Number 1 Spring Special Issue Wagner and the Arthurian Legend
008122: JOSEPH R.STRAYER - Western Europe in the Middle Ages a Short History
008368: AGNES STRICKLAND - Stories from History Original 1857
014077: CLARA STRIJBOSCH - The Seafaring Saint Sources and Analogues of the Twelfth Century Voyage of Saint Brendan Hardcover
005070: AUGUST STRINDBERG - Marchen Und Fabeln
007217: DAPHNE I.STROUD - Magna Carta with English Translation from the Latin Facsimile Page and Illus.
012434: BENSON BENLEY STUART - Indian Legends of the Te-O-Ne-Sta Original 1943 Hardcover
017082: CATSILL NEW YORK STUDENTS - When the Wind Shifts You Feel the Sky Catskill High School 1999 Student Poetry
010909: THE BULLETIN OF THE BOARD OF CELTIC STUDIES - The Bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies Vol XIV Part IV 1962 the Medieval Settlement at Llantwit Major Glamorganshire
015443: ROBERT W. SUDER - Hebrew Inscriptions a Classified Bibliography Hardcover
016099: KEITH SUGDEN - Walking the Pilgrim Ways Ancient Routes to Sacred Sites Throughout Britain from Iona to St. Michael's Mount Hardcover
016724: ROBERT C.SUGGS - The Hidden Worlds of Polynesia the Chronicle of an Archaeological Expedition to Nuka Hiva in the Marquesas Islands Hardcover
016265: PADRAIG MAC SUIBHNE - An Dochtuir Agus Scealta Eile
948: JEROME MANDEL & BRUCE ROSENBERG EDITED DAG STROMBACK SEAN O'SUILLEABHAIN - Some Notes on the Nix in Older Nordic Tradition Medieval Literature and Folklore: Studies Essays in Honor of Francis Lee Utley
389: JERRY O'SULLIVAN AND TOMAS O CARRAGAIN - Inishmurray Monks and Pilgrims in an Atlantic Landscape
560: SIR EDWARD SULLIVAN - The Book of Kells with 24 Colour Reproductions from the Original Pages Hardcover
007321: KAREN SULLIVAN - The Celts Hardcover
010555: A.M.SULLIVAN - Tim Murphy Morgan Rifleman and Other Ballads Inscribed by the Author Hardcover
008719: SAM D.GILL IRENE F. SULLUVAN - Dictionary of Native American Mythology Hardcover
009209: ORDINANCE SURVEY - Ordinance Survey Ancient Britain North Sheet a Map of the Visible Antiquities of Great Britain Older Then A.D. 1066 North Sheet
017097: ORDINANCE SURVEY - Ordinance Survey Ancient Britain South Sheet and North Sheet Two Seperate Complete Survey Set
008308: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Map of Roman Britain
006426: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Field Archaeology Some Notes for Beginners
009210: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Map of Ancient Britain North Sheet and South Sheet Ordnance Survey a Map of the Major Visible Antiquities of Grear Britain Older Then A.D. 1066 Two Seperate Fold out Maps
014578: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Britain in the Dark Ages Ordnance Survey Book Only. Missing Map
011007: ELIZABETH ABBOTT RENE BEN SUSSAN - The Fifteen Joys of Marriage
011248: LINDA SUSSMAN - Speech of the Grail
017055: ROSEMARY SUTCLIFF - The Shinning Company
014945: ROSEMARY SUTCLIFF - The Shining Company Hardcover
013220: ROSEMARY SUTCLIFF - Outcast Hardcover
SKU1000135: SUTCLIFF - The Shining Company
013783: HUGH SUTHERLAND - Ireland Yesterday and Today Original 1909 Hardcover
017001: ELIZABETH SUTHERLAND - In Search of the Picts : A Celtic Dark Age Nation Hardcover First Edition
017183: LUCY ELLIS & BRYONY SUTHERLAND - Tom Jones Close Up Hardcover
012853: E.F.SUTTON - Weaving: The Irish Inheritance
013252: JULIA DRUM HARRY SUTTON - The Celts B.B. C. Watch
005732: TAKASHI SUZUKI AND TSUYOSHI MUKAI - Arthurian and Other Studies Presented to Shunichi Noguchi (Hardcover)
010332: CHARLES SWAIN - CIVIL War Memorial Service to Honor African-American Soldiers Signed by Author
016707: KAREN BASSIE-SWEET - At the Edge of the World: Caves and Late Classic Maya World View Hardcover
008504: DAVID SWEETMAN - The Medieval Castles of Ireland Hardcover
008738: HOWARD SWIGGERT - The Forgotten Leaders of the Revolution Hardcover
006511: ALGERNON CHARLES SWINBURNE - Tristram of Lyonesse and Other Poems
005696: HOMER SYKES - Mysterious Britain
015694: MARTHA I.SYMES - Collections of Seneca-Iroquois National Museum Allegany Indian Reservation Salamanca, Ny
015496: ROGER SYMONDS - King Arthur's Labyrinth Labrinth Y Brenin Arthur
014703: JOHN M.SYNGE - Deirdre of the Sorrows Original 1922 Hardcover
014460: JOHN M.SYNGE - The Aran Islands
005893: J. M. SYNGE - The Playboy of the Western World: A Comedy in Three Acts Hardcover
012675: ALICE O'LEARY JAN SYVERSEN - Trolls and Witches of Norway Hardcover
016897: MIKLOS SZABO - The Celtic Heritage in Hungary
006655: MILTON M.KLEIN, FERENC M.SZASZ AND RALPH H.BOGARDUS, N.F.DREISZIGER, ALICE P.KENNEY AND LESLIE J.WORKMAN EDITED WENDELL TRIPP - New York Lawyers and the Coming of the American Revolution New York History Volume LV Number 4 October 1974
016021: LIVERMORE S.T. - Livermore's History of Block Island Rhode Island
015474: HUDSON TALBOTT - Excalibur Tales of King Arthur Written and Illustrated Hudson Talbott Signed and Inscribed
015077: JIM MONES VIN ALABISO GAY TALESE - From the Photo Archives of the New York Times New York 365 Days Hardcover
005389: GLADYS TANTAQUIDGEON - A Study of Delaware Indian Medicine Practice and Folk Beleifs Original 1941 Edition
015577: FRANCIS R.TAORMINA - William Johnson Who He Was What He Did
014623: GUY TARADE - Les Derniers Gardiens Du Graal
260: TASCHEN - Taschen Presents the David Hockney Sumo Collector's Editions 1991-Today
013088: JANE S.DAY PAUL D.FRIEDMAN MARCIA J.TATE - Rock Art of the Western Canyons Colorado Archaeological Society Memoir Number 3
006168: JOHN M. TAYLOR - The Witchcraft Delusion: The Story of the Withcraft Persecutions in Seventeenth-Century New England Hardcover
015874: J.E.CAERWYN WILLIAMS THOMAS JONES JOHN GRIFFITHS A.J.TAYLOR - The Bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies Volume XIV Part IV May 1952 Efengyl Nicodemus
014786: THOMAS TAYLOR - The Celtic Christianity of Cornwall Divers Sketches and Studies
017284: E.G.R.TAYLOR - Tudor Geography, 1485-1583 First Edition Hardcover and Dust Jacket
016129: A.J.TAYLOR - Raglan Castle Monmouthshire Ministry of Works Official Guide Book
009523: C.J.TAYLOR - The Monster from the Swamp Native Legends of Monsters, Demons and Other Creatures Inscribed by the Author
015436: DEEMS TAYLOR - A Treasury of Gilbert & Sullivan in Slip Case
011199: ANNA TAYLOR - Drustan the Wanderer a Novel Based on the Legend of Tristan and Isolde
013848: BORIS SVIETOVSKY HERBERT A. KENNY ROBERT S.TAYLOR - The Secret of the Rocks the Boris Photographs of the Gloucester Rocks Signed by Authors
014919: MICHAEL TAYLOR - The Lewis Chessmen
017006: ALICE TAYLOR - To School Through the Fields an Irish Country Childhood
006516: A.B.TAYLOR - An Introduction to Medieval Romance Hardcover
015760: THE REV.T.TAYLOR - Saint Michael's Mount First Edition Hardcover
016991: ANDREW TAYLOR - The World of Gerard Mercator First Edition Hardcover
013180: BARBARA TEDLOCK - The Woman in the Shaman's Body
010865: BARBARA TEDLOCK - Time and the Highland Maya Hardcover
016542: TEHANETORENS - Wampum Belts by Tehanetorens
009139: TEHANETORENS, - Tales of the Iroquois Volumes I and II
379: TEHANETORENS - Wampum Belts by Te-Ha-Ne-Tor-Ens Six Nations Indian Museum
007013: MAURICE TEISSIER - Guillaume D'Orange le Marquis Au Court Nez
015124: NATIONAL SHRINE OF BLESSED KAYERI TEKAKWITHA - The Pathway to Sainthood for Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha
014649: KATE TELTSCHER - The High Road to China Hardcover
013812: ALFRED LORD TENNYSON - The Holy Grail, and Other Poems by Alfred Tennyson First American Edition Hardcover
007540: ALFRED TENNYSON - Idylls of the King Edward Moxon 1859 Raised Leather Bands
011547: YVES TESSIER - L' Affrontement Quebec-Etats-Unis Ou la Guerre Oubliee Guide Touristique Et Historique the Attack on Quebec in the American War of Independence
391: EDSIA TETLOW. - The Enigma of Hastings
016928: V.J.STANEK TRANSLATED GEORGE THEINER - Simba the Lion Cub Hardcover First English Edition
SKU1000132: THIEDE,CARSTEN PETER - The Quest for the True Cross
009115: CARSTEN PETER THIEDE AND MATTHEW D'ANCONA - The Quest for the True Cross Hardcover
015518: CHARLES THOMAS - Exploration of a Drowned Landscape Archaeology and History of the Isles of Scilly Hardcover
015209: EUGENE E.THOMAS - Brotherhood of Mt. Shasta First Edition Hardcover
017012: W. JENKYN THOMAS - More Welsh Fairy and Folk Tales Original Illustrated Hardcover
016089: LOWELL THOMAS - This Is Cinerama Plunges You Into a Startling New World of Entertainment
SKU1000050: THOMAS, CHARLES - And Shall These Mute Stones Speak?
016865: PATRICK THOMAS - Celtic Earth, Celtic Heaven Saints & Heroes of the Powys Borderland
016491: J.W.THOMAS TRANSLATED, WITH AN INTRODUCTION - Iwein the Knight with the Lion by Hartmann Von Aue Hardcover
5233: THOMAS AND KATHARINE MACQUOID - Pictures and Legends from Normandy and Brittany Original 1881 Illustrated Hardcover
010542: WILLIAM MORRIS SOCIETY NICHOLAS SALMON HELEN THOMAS - The Journal of the William Morris Society Volume XII Number 3 Autumn 1997 a Meeting with William Morris
015615: J.W. THOMAS - Eilhart Von Oberge's Tristrant
014522: GWYN THOMAS AND KEVIN CROSSLEY HOLLAND - The Quest for Olwen First Edition Hardcover
016618: NEIL L.THOMAS - King Arthur Lives Forever
007912: PETER THOMAS - Strangers from a Secret Land the Voyages of the Brig Albion and the Foundling of the First Welsh Settlements in Canada
008571: CONCANNON MRS.THOMAS - The Queen of Ireland an Historical Account of Ireland's Blessed Virgin Original Hardcover
006945: W.JENKYN THOMAS - The Welsh Fairy Book Hardcover Illustrated Willy Pogany
009637: CHARLES THOMAS - The Principal Antiquities of the Land's End District
010518: CHARLES THOMAS - Christian Celts Messages and Images Hardcover
006347: STANLEY THOMAS - Pre-Roman Britain Hardcover
007067: CHARLES THOMAS - Britain and Ireland in Early Christian Times A.D. 400-800 First Edition Hardcover
007236: EDWARD THOMAS - The Complete Fairy Tales of Edward Thomas First Edition Hardcover
015401: STANLEY THOMAS - Pre-Roman Britain Hardcover
793: CHARLES THOMAS - Celtic Britain Hardcover
015268: PATRICK THOMAS - Llanfihangel Legends
014616: N.L.THOMAS - Irish Symbols of 3500 Bc
016489: WILLIAM IRWIN THOMPSON - Blue Jade from the Morning Star an Essay and a Cycle of Poems on Quetzalcoatl
016502: E.A.THOMPSON - Who Was Saint Patrick Hardcover
016492: R.CAMPBELL THOMPSON - Semitic Magic Hardcover
016683: R.CAMPBELL THOMPSON - Semitic Magic It's Origins and Development Hardcover
629: E.A. THOMPSON - Who Was Saint Patrick? First Edition Hardcover
010358: FRANCIS THOMPSON - Ghosts Spirits and Spectres of Scotland Hardcover
012812: HAROLD W.THOMPSON - Body Boots & Britches Original 1939 Edition
007011: C.J.S.THOMPSON - The Mysteries of Sex Hardcover
016291: GUNNAR THOMPSON - Secret Voyages to the New World
017263: DR.HUNTER S.THOMPSON - Songs of the Doomed More Notes on the Death of the American Dream Gonzo Papers Vol. 3 First Edition Hardcover
SKU1000083: THOMPSON, GUNNAR - Lions in the New Land: The Epic Adventures of Friar Nicholas in the Enchanted Isles
015935: E.A.THOMPSON - The Visigoths in the Time of Ulfila
012300: W.F.H. NICOLAISEN THOMAS JONES JOHN MACINNES DERICK S.THOMSON - Proceedings of the Third International Congress of Celtic Studies Edinburgh 23-29 July 1967 "Historical Writing in Medieval Welsh" Thomas Jones
011551: HUGH THOMSON - Highways and Byways in North Wales Hardcover
007173: LEWIS THORPE - The Lancelot in the Arthurian Prose Vulgate Hardcover with Prospectus Epemera
016328: EDITED NORMAN J.W. THROWER - Sir Frances Drake and the Famous Voyage, 1577-1580 Essays Commerorating the Quadricentennial of Drake's Circumnavigation of the Earth
012830: SYLVIA L.THRUPP - Early Medieval Society
007133: GILBERT THURLOW - All Color Book of Biblical Myths & Mysteries Hardcover
015807: TYLER R.TICHELAAR - King Arthur's Children: A Study in Fiction and Traditon Hardcover
013813: MARK TIERNEY AND MARGARET MACCURTAIN - The Birth of Modern Ireland
015712: ALAN M.TIGAY - The Jewish Traveler Hadassah Magazine's Guide to the World's Jewish Communities and Sights
013014: EDWARD LAROCQUE TINKER - Martin Fierro Don Segundo Sombra Ambassadors of the New World
009961: EDWARD LAROCQUE TINKER - Centaurs of Many Lands
010703: MARGARET TITCOMB - The Ancient Hawaiians How They Clothed Themselves Hawaii's Cultural Heritage Series
015960: 91/2 MYSTICS THE KABBALA TODAY - Herbert Weiner
016471: MALCOLM TODD - The Coritani
771: MALCOLM TODD - The Coritani Peoples of Roman Britain Hardcover First Edition
011860: RUTHVEN TODD - Tracks in the Snow William Blake and the Eighteenth Century Mythologists Hardcover
012757: COLM TOIBIN AND DIARMAID FERRITER - The Irish Famine a Documentary
015463: CHRISTOPHER TOLKIEN EDITOR J.R.R.TOLKIEN - The Treason of Isengard the History of Middle-Earth Volume VII First English Edition Hardcover
009525: HUMPHREY CARPENTER EDITED CHRISTOPHER TOLKIEN J.R.R.TOLKIEN - The Letters of J.R. R. Tolkien Hardcover First Edition
SKU1000014: TOLKIEN, J. R. R - The Letters of J.R. R. Tolkien
008260: CHARLES DIXON ADAPTED BY ILLUSTRATED DAVID WENZEL J.R.R.TOLKIEN - The Hobbit or There and Back Again Book Two of Three Adapted by Charles Dixon Illustrated David Wenzel First Edition
010849: J.R.R.TOLKIEN - The Lays of Beleriand First English Hardcover
013751: TED NASMITH J.R.R.TOLKIEN - The 1992 J.R. R. Tolkien Calendar Featuring All Original Art Ted Nasmith Tolkien the Centenary
012193: DOUGLAS A. ANDERSON EDITOR J.R.R.TOLKIEN - The Annotated Hobbit J.R. R. Tolkien First American Edition Hardcover
014451: RICHARD C.WEST J.R.R.TOLKIEN - Tolkien Criticism an Annotated Checklist Hardcover
010921: J.R.R. TOLKIEN - The Two Towers Early Ballantine Book
016002: J.R.R.TOLKIEN - Smith of Wootton Major First Houghton Mifflin Hardcover Edition
012235: J.R.R. TOLKIEN - Bilbo's Last Song Illustrated by Pauline Baynes
015475: J.R.R.TOLKIEN - The Silmarillion First Edition Boxed Folio Society
016500: JOHN HOWE J.R.R. TOLKIEN - The 1991 J.R. R. Tolkien Calendar Featuring All New Original Art by John Howe
017014: J.R.R.TOLKIEN EDITOR CHRISTOPHER TOLKIEN - The Treason of Isengard the History of the Lord of the Rings Part Two Hardcover
432: NIKOLAI TOLSTOY - The Coming of the King Hardcover First American Edition
016221: NIKOLAI TOLSTOY - The Oldest British Prose Literature
014535: CHARLES F.REED IRVING E.ALEXANDER SILVAN S.TOMKINS - Psychopathology a Source Book
016568: PETER TOMPKINS - Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids Hardcover
014506: ROBERT GRAVES EDITOR JOHN CORCORAN F.GUIRAND G.ALEXINSKY E.TONNELAT - Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology with an Introduction by Robert Graves Celtic German Norse Slavonic Finnish Egyptian Chinese Persia Native America Hardcover
015586: ELISABETH TOOKER - Lewis H. Morgan on Iroquois Material Culture Hardcover
014410: FINTAN O'TOOLE - White Savage William Johnson and the Invention of America Hardcover First Edition
016647: J.KR.TORNOE - Columbus in the Arctic and the Vineland Literature Part I Notes on the Literature of the Vineland Voyages Part II Subequent Voyages with Refrence to Columbus
007839: COLOR PHOTO TOUR - Ireland It's Beauty and Splendor Hardcover Color Photos
016011: TOURE - Who's Afraid of Post-Blackness What It Means to Be Black Now Hardcover
013801: MIDLANDS-EAST TOURISM - Newgrange Co. Meath... A Step Back in Time
014754: EDWARD D. HERBERT EMANUEL TOV - The Bible As Book the Hebrew Bible and the Judean Desert Discoveries Hardcover
010410: JOHN ROWE TOWNSEND - The Fortunate Isles
015967: WILLIAM TOYE - Cartier Discovers the St. Lawrence
005598: HONOR TRACY - Mind You I'Ve Said Nothing! Forays Into the Irish Republic
250: ACTON GRISCOM EDIT GEOFFREY OF MONMOUTH ROBERT ELLIS JONES (TRANSLATE) - The Historia Regum Britanniae of Geoffrey of Monmouth with Contributions to the Study of Its Place in Early British History Together with a Literal Translation of the Welsh Manuscript LXI of Jesus College, Oxford by Robert Ellis Jones Original 1929 Hardcover
268: J.W.THOMAS TRANSLATED WITH INTRODUCTION HEINRICH VON DEM TURLIN - The Crown a Tale of Sir Gawain and King Arthur's Court by Heinrich Von Dem Turlin Hardcover
016639: FORREST SMITH EDITOR MASTER THICH THIEN TAM TRANSLATED - Pure-Land Zen Letters from Patriarch Yim Kuang
016015: RAPHAEL PATAI SELECTED & TRANSLATED - Gates to the Old City: A Book of Jewish Legends
015930: GWYNETH LEWIS TRANSLATED AND INTRODUCED - Arthur's Talk with the Eagle Ymddiddan Arthur a'r Eryr Limited Numbered Signed Edition and Separate Broadside
015648: RICHARD LATTIMORE TRANSLATED - Hesiod Translated by Richmond Lattimoire the Works and Days, Theogony, the Shields of Herakles Hardcover
5210: O.M. DALTON TRANSLATED WITH AN INTRODUCTION GREGORY OF TOURS - The History of the Franks by Gregory of Tours Volume II Text Original 1927 Hardcover
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009970: GWYN WILLIAMS - Welsh Poems Sixth Century to 1600 Hardcover
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015652: RICHARD BAXTER PETER BAYLEY WILLIAMS - Galwad I'r Annychweledig; Yn Cynnwys Cyfarwyddiadau Annogaethau Wir Ddychweliad Rybudd Prydlawn and Tragywyddol Orphwysfarn Saint Hardcover
016218: ANDREW FRANKLIN & PAUL WILLIAMS - Cornwall Golden Hart Guides
584: REV. THOMAS PRICE EDITED JANE WILLIAMS - The Literary Remains of the Rev. Thomas Price, Carnhuanawr Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 Original 1854 Two Volume Hardcover Set
008677: THOMAS DICK RICHARD PARRY OWEN WILLIAMS - Anianyddiaeth Sefyllfa Ddyfodol Pregeth Ar Malachi III. 18 and 1835 Traethawd Ar Matthew XXVI Yn Yr Hwn Y Dangosir Annghymharol Werthfawrogrwydd Gwaed Crist
015013: GWYN A.WILLIAMS - Madoc the Making of a Myth the Legend of the Welsh Discovery of America Hardcover
009428: GEOFFREY WILLIAMS - Stronghold Britain Four Thousand Years of British Fortifications Hardcover
012182: ROGER THOMAS GLANMOR WILLIAMS - Castles in Wales Wales Through the Ages Full Colour Atlas & Touring Information Hardcover
010615: J.H. WILLIAMS - The Saints of the Province of North Wales
008728: GLANMNOR WILLIAMS AND ROBERT OWEN JONES EDITED - The Celts and the Renaisance Tradition and Innovation Hardcover
011234: IFOR WILLIAMS - Canu Taliesin Hardcover
011493: J.E.CAERWYN WILLIAMS, COLIN MATHESON, MELVILLE RICHARDS, J.E. LLOYD - Gwaith Guto'r Glyn the Bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies Vol. X Part II May 1940
011203: DAVID WILLIAMS - A History of Modern Wales Hardcover
013597: GLANMOR WILLIAMS - Welsh Reformation Essays Hardcover
013118: PHILIP RAHTZ M.A. ASTON E.H.D.WILLIAMS AND R.G.GILSON - Somerset Archaeology and Natural History Base Crucks in Somerset a Shiela-Na-Gig at Fiddington
013934: IFOR WILLIAMS - Canu Taliesin Hardcover
014791: GEORGE DEE WILLIAMS - Maya-Spanish Crosses in Yucatan Papers of the Peabody Museum of American Archaeology
008713: JAY WILLIAMS - The Witches the Conspiracy Against the Throne of James VI of Scotland Hardcover
015777: SIR IFOR WILLIAMS - Lectures on Early Welsh Poetry
008720: DAVID WILLIAMS - History of Wales 1485-1931 Hardcover
015680: BILL WILLIAMS - Time Was Time Is Welsh Science Fiction
012227: HARRY F. WILLIAMS - An Index of Medieval Studies Published in Festschriften 1865-1946 with Special Reference to Romantic Material
013259: JEAN WEBB WILLIAMS - A Bright New Story on Tim Murphy Schoharie's Man of Might As Told by Jean Webb Williams Schoharie County Historical Society
016352: PATRICK SIMS-WILLIAMS - Britain and Early Christian Europe Studies in Early Medieval History and Culture
016114: TONY WILLIAMS - The Forgotten People Prince Madoc Among the Mandan
017127: MARY WILLIAMS AND JAMES A. DE ROTHSCHILD EDITED ROGER SHERMAN LOOMIS, W.A. NITZE, J.J.PARRY, MARY WILLIAMS, A.C.L.BROWN - A Miscellany of Studies in Romance Languages & Literatures Presented to Leon E. Kastner Hardcover A Variant Version Of Geoffrey Of Monmouth's Historia J.J. Parry
5232: JOHN GODFREY WILLIAMS - Arthur Prehistoric Sites & Place-Names a Comprehensive List by John Godfrey Williams
SKU1000126: TONY WILLIAMS - The Forgotten People
017167: EDITIORS OREN LYONS DONALD L.TUTTLE RIICHARD CHRISJOHN MARY WILLIAMS DALE WHITE PHILLIP H.TARBELL THEODORE C.WILLIAMS - The Iroquois of New York-Their Past and Present the Conservationist Volume 30, Number 4 January- Febuary 1976
010803: GLANMOR WILLIAMS - Religion and Welsh Literature in the Age of the Reformation
015812: GLANMOR WILLIAMS - Religion Language and Nationality in Wales Historical Essays by Glanmor Williams Prophecy, Poetry, and Politics in Medieval and Tudor Wales
015805: PATRICK SIMS-WILLIAMS - The Celtic Inscriptions of Britain: Phonology and Chronology C. 400-1200
016726: DUNCAN WILLIAMSON - Tales of the Seal Folk Scottish Folk Tales Hardcover
5221: EUSEBIUS TRANSLATED G.A. WILLIAMSON - The History of the Church from Christ to Constantine Eusebius
014727: ROBIN WILLIAMSON - The Penny Whistle Book a Complete Instruction Guide to Penny Whistle Robin Williamson
005927: ROY WILLIS - World Mythology Hardcover
010599: GEORGE WILLISON - Behold Virginia the Fifth Crown
014765: JACK H.WILMORE - Training for Sport and Activity the Physiological Basis of the Conditioning Process Muscular Edurance Hardcover
015367: IAN WILSON - The Columbus Myth Did Men of Bristol Reach America Before Columbus Hardcover
014161: DANIEL WILSON - The Archaeology and Prehistoric Annals of Scotland Original Edition
017094: DEREK WILSON - The World Encompassed Drake's Great Voyage 1577-1580 Hardcover
016557: MRS ANNE GRANT JAMES GRANT WILSON - Memoirs of an American Lady with Sketches of Manners and Scenes in America As They Existed Previous to the Revolution with Unpublished Letters and a Memoir of Mrs. Grant Two Hardcover Volumes Limited Numbered Edition
011492: ANNE WILSON - The Magical Quest the Use of Magic in Arthurian Romance Hardcover
017218: ROB WILSON AND DAVID CLARKE EDITED MATTHEW ATHA, DAVID CLARKE, J.J.GODDARD, IAN TAYLOR - Northern Earth Mysteries No. 34 Winter Solstice 1987 Possible Midwinter Sunrise Alignment in the Yorkshire Dales
014991: ERMILO ABREU GOMEZ MARIO L.DAVILA CARTER WILSON - Canek History and Legend of a Mayan Hero
007046: DAVID M.WILSON - The Vikings and Their Origins Hardcover
016699: PETER LAMBORN WILSON - Angels Hardcover First Edition
006989: DAVID WILSON - The Vikings and Their Origins Hardcover
006467: F.A.C. WILSON - W.B. Yeats and Tradition Hardcover
013585: LEWIS CARROLL F.W.WILSON - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Through the Looking Glass the Hunting of the Snark Hardcover
013549: DAVID M.WILSON - The Northern World the History and Heritage of Northern Europe Hardcover
SKU1000030: WIMBERLY, LOWRY C - Folklore in the English and Scottish Ballads Hardcover by Lowry C. Wimberly by Lowry C. Wimberly by Lowry C. Wimberly
014418: GEORGE S. MCKEARIN ALICE WINCHESTER - Antiques Vol. XXXVI No. 2 August 1939 American Glass
007065: BLANCHE WINDER - King Arthur and His Knights Original 1923 Hardcover
015523: MICHAEL BASTINE MASON WINFIELD - Iroquois Supernatural
010804: JANET WINN - Home in Flames a Novel of the Irish Struggle Hardcover Signed by Author
017227: WILLIAM OF MALMESBURY R.A.B.MYNORS R.M.THOMSON M.WINTERBOTTOM - The Deeds of the English Kings William of Malmesbury Gesta Regum Anglorum Collectible Folio Society with Box
016702: RICHARD WIRICK - Kicking in Stories Signed and Inscribed Richard Wirick
017092: DIANE E. WIRTH - Parallels Mesoamerican and Ancient Middle East Traditions
SKU1000086: WIRTH, DIANE E - Parallels: Mesoamerican and Ancient Middle Eastern Traditions a Tradition
011798: WILLIAM WISE - Myer Myers Silversmith of Old New York Hardcover
012927: MUSIC ARRANGED BY DR.HERBERT WISEMAN - The Scottish Country Dance Book Coronation Book 17
016273: FREDERICK M WISEMAN - Champlain Tech Naval & Military Technology of the 1609 Lake Champlain Expedition a Comprehensive Guide
007018: GEORGE WITHER - 1619 a Preparation to the Psalter Hardcover
011020: LOUIS DE WOHL - The Spear
011578: AMBER WOLF - The Arthurian Quest Living the Legends of Camelot
682: HARTMAN VON AUE ALBERT LEITZMANN LUDWIG WOLFF - Erec Hartman Von Aue Altdeutsche Textbibliothek
015276: HARCOURT BROWN E.CATHERINE DUNN WILLIAM H.J.KENNEDY CHARLES TRINKAUS MARVIN E. WOLFGANG - The Renaissance and Historians of Science Studies on the Renaissance Vol. VII
015890: ELLIOT R. WOLFSON - Open Secret Post Messianic and the Mystical Revision of Menahem Mendel Schneerson Hardcover
006278: FRIEDRICH WOLFZETTEL - Artusrittertum IM Spaten Mittelalter Ethos Und Ideologie Vortrage Des Symposiums Der Deutschen Sektion Der Internationalen Artusgesellschaft Vom 10 Bis 13 Nov, 1983
624: WILLIAM F. MANN FOREWORD SCOTT F. WOLTER - Templar Sanctuaries in North America
SKU1000138: HERBERT WOOD - The Templars in Ireland Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy Vol. XXVI Section C No. 14 Original 1907 Edition by Herbert Wood
009876: GEORGE B.WOOD - A Treatise on the Practice of Medicine Vol. I. Wood's Practice of Medicine Leather Bound 1852 Hardcover
007493: WENDY WOOD - Mac's Croft Hardcover
SKU1000122: WOOD, W. RAYMOND - Prologue to Lewis and Clark: The Mackay and Evans Expedition
014256: AMALGAMATED SOCIETY OF WOODWORKERS - Russian Delegation Report Amalgamated Society of Woodworkers Visit the Soviet Union
013365: PERSIA WOOLLEY - Child of the Northern Spring, Queen of the Summer Stars, Guinevere the Legend in Autumn Arthurian Trilogy First Edition Hardcovers
011285: PERSIA WOOLLEY - Child of the Northern Spring
010716: PERSIA WOOLLEY. - Queen of the Summer Stars Hardcover
006938: PERSIA WOOLLEY - Queen of the Summer Stars
016790: JOHN H.HARVEY EDITED WILLIAM WORCESTRE - William Worcestre Itineraries Edited from the Unique Ms. Corpus Christi College Cambridge 210 Hardcover
015005: WINDISCH WORTERVERZEICHNISS - Tain Bo Cualnge Glossary Irish Gaelic German Windisch Worterverzeichniss Original 1938 Hardcover
008704: RONALD WRIGHT - Time Among the Maya Travels in Belize, Guatemala, and Mexico
011807: FRANK S.WRIGHT - Excavations at Kerry Inscribed by Frank S. Wright
009715: WYLLIS E.WRIGHT - Colonel Ephraim Williams a Documentary Life Original Hardocover
007582: LOUIS B.WRIGHT - The Atlantic Frontier Colonial American Civilization 1607-1763 Hardcover
221: CHARLES D.WRIGHT - The Irish Tradition in Old English Literature Hardcover
017025: COLM FAHY WRITTEN AND ILLUSTRATED - Galicia to Glora the Last of the Tribe of Danu and the Children of Lir
5226: PETER F. ANSON WRITTEN AND ILLUSTRATED - Mariners of Brittany Hardcover
015643: PAT VINCENT EDITED JIM FITZPATRICK WRITTEN AND ILLUSTRATED - The Book of Conquests Illustrated Jim Fitzpatrick Paper Tiger First Edition
016680: EDWIN TUNIS WRITTEN AND ILLUSTRATED - The Young United States 173 to 1830 Written and Illustrated Edwin Tunis Hardcover
006840: MAURICE DE WULF - History of Mediaeval Philosophy Vol. I from the Beginnings to Albert the Great Hardcover
656: SULAMITH WULFING - Sulamith Wulfing Knights and Chivalry Hardcover
013614: JANNY WURTS - That Way Lies Camelot First American Edition
016019: HARRY E. WWDWK - Putnam's Dark and Middle Ages Reader Selections from the 5th to 15th Centuries
012756: ISABEL WYATT - Tales the Harper Sang Medieval Stories Collected and Retold Hardcover
008008: EDWARD WARWICK HENRY C.PITZ ALEXANDER WYCKOFF - Early American Dress the Colonial and Revolutionary Periods
012833: HOWARD PYLE FRANK BENSON JOHN CARLSON MARCETTE N.C.WYETH - The International Studio an Illustrated Magazine of Fine and Applied Art Volume Fifty-Four Comprising November, December 1914, January and Febuary,1915 Numbers 213, 214, 215, 216 Original 1915 Hardcover
606: SIDNEY LANIER EDITED SIR THOMAS MALORY ILLUSTRATED N.C.WYETH - The Boy's King Arthur Sir Thomas Malory's History of King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table
006478: JONATHAN WYLIE AND DAVID MARGOLIN - The Ring of Dancers Images of Faroese Culture Hardcover
006960: PIERRE-JAKEZ HELIAS FOREWORD BY LAURENCE WYLIE - The Horse of Pride Life in a Breton Village Hardcover
006893: FENTON WYNESS - Legends of Northeast Scotland Hardcover
223: ROBERT-GWYNEDDON-DAVIES TRANSLATED ELLIS WYNNE - The Vision of the Sleeping Bard, Being Ellis Wynne's "Gweledigaethaeu Y Bardd Cwsc
016803: XU XIN - The Jews of Kaifeng, China Hardcover
015856: YIGAEL YADIN - The Ben Sira Scroll from Masada with Introduction, Emendations and Commentary by Yigael Yadin
015548: YIGAEL YADIN - The Finds from the Bar Kokhba Period in the Caves of Letters Hardcover
015698: ADA YARDENI - The Book of Hebrew Script First English Language Hardcover Edition
016794: DONALD N.PANTHER-YATES - Los Lunas Decalogue Stone Eighth Century Hebrew Monument in New Mexico
006130: W.B. YEATS - Essays and Introductions Ideas of Good and Evil the Cutting of an Agate Later Essays and Introductions First Edition Hardcover
664: WILLIAM BUTLER YEATS - The Autobiography of William Butler Yeats: Consisting of Reveries over Childhood and Youth the Trembling of the Veil and Dramatis Personae First Edition Hardcover
014182: PERCY ARLAND USSHER PREFACE BY W.B.YEATS - The Midnight Court and the Adventures of a Luckless Fellow Translated from the Gaelic by Percy Arland Ussher
005773: WILLIAM BUTLER YEATS - The Land of Heart's Desire by William Butler Yeats Limited 1926 Edition Windsor Press
014051: LADY GREGORY W.B.YEATS - Irish Myth Legend and Folklore Cuchulain of Muirthemne Fairy and Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry Illustrated Hardcover
007646: W.B.YEATS - The Herne's Egg and Other Plays by W.B. Yeats
005362: W.B.YEATS - Plays in Prose and Verse Written for an Irish Theatre and Generally with the Help of a Friend
1044: W.B.YEATS - The Cutting of the Agate First American Edition
014722: W. B. YEATS AND LADY GREGORY - The Unicorn from the Stars and Other Plays
014243: TATYANA YEMELYANOVA - Khokhloma Folk Painting
009699: PETER YEOMAN - Medieval Scotland an Archaeological Perspective Hardcover
013333: JANE YOLEN - Sword of the Rightful King a Novel of King Arthur
014391: MARTIN H. GREENBERG JANE YOLEN - After the King Stories in Honor of J.R. R. Tolkien First Edition Hardcover
009716: JANE YOLEN - Merlin and the Dragons by Jane Yolen Hardcover First Edition
008681: JANE YOLEN - Camelot a Collection of Original Arthurian Stories
012626: JANE YOLEN - Merlin's Booke Hardcover Limited Edition Hardcover
017214: NEIL YORK, ANDREW JAMES HOPPER, STEPHEN CONWAY, GIDON COHEN EDITED - Federalism and the Failure of Imperial Reform, 1774-1775 History Volume 86, No 282 April 2001
009593: PERFORMING ARTS OF WOODSTOCK NEW YORK - David Mamet's American Buffalo Woodstock Town Hall Tinker Street Woodstock
014325: MICHEL-GERARLD BOUTET DONALD CYR EDITED NOBUSHIRO YOSHIDA - The Celtic Connection Celtic Inscriptions in Japan
014146: RONALD YOULTON - King Arthur Tintagel Castle and Celtic Monastery
011187: ELLA YOUNG - Recits de Mythologie Celtique Recueillis Par Ella Young Hardcover
012604: ELLA YOUNG - The Tangled-Coated Horse
017173: ALCEE FORTIER JAMES M. AUGUSTIN REV.C.M. WIDMAN WILLIAM O.HART JAMES S.ZACHARIE - Publications of the Louisiana Historical Society Vol. III Florida As Described by a Spaniard in 1568 by Rev. C.M. Widman
016105: IAIN ZACZCK - The Art of the Celts Origins History Culture Hardcover
014384: IAIN ZACZEK - Sacred Celtic Places Hardcover
010286: SUE ROSENBERG ZALK AND JANICE GORDON-KELTER EDITED - Revolutions in Knowlege Feminism in the Social Sciences
010528: ROGER ZELAZNY - The Last Defender of Camelot Hardcover
016275: ASHER WEILL EDITOR ANTHONY VAN DER HEYDEN AZA ZWI ZELDA - Monasteries of the Judean Desert Ariel Number 65 1986 a Review of Arts and Letters in Israel
017177: PAUL HUEY TAM WARD PETER HARRISON DR JOACHIM ZEUNE - The History and Archaeology of Crown Point Fortress the Castles and Fortifications Quarterly Issue No. 5 May 1990
010420: EARL F.ZIEMKE - The U.S. Army in the Occupation of Germany 1944-1946 Hardcover
016048: DAVID D.ZINK - The Ancient Stones Speak a Journey to the World's Most Mysterious Megalithic Sites
010954: MICHEL ZINK - The Enchantment of the Middle Ages Hardcover
013192: HOWARD ZINN - A People's History of the United States
011701: JACK ZIPES - Breaking the Magic Spell Radical Theories of Folk and Fairy Tales Hardcover
016760: JAMES J. BUCHANAN HAROLD T.DAVIS TRANSLA TRANSLATED ZOSIMUS - Zosimus Historia Nova the Decline of Rome Hardcover
006663: WILLIAM ZUILL - Tom Moore's Bermuda Poems
010312: EDITED WILLIAM A.DOUGLASS CARMELO URZA LINDA WHITE JOSEBA ZULAIKA - Basque Politics and Nationalism on the Eve of the Millennium Hardcover
008977: MARK ZUSS - Walking in Galilee
008986: MARK ZUSS - The Reveries of My Hand Limited Edition Letter Press Brooklyn Poetry Mark Zuss
008553: STEFAN ZWEIG - Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles Hardcover

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