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011672: E.W.HEATON - Everyday Life in Old Testament Times Hardcover
008121: WILLIAM S. HECKSCHER - Art and Literature Studies in Relationship Edited by Egon Verheyen
005901: THOMAS FAREL HEFFERNAN - Wood Quay the Clash over Dublin's Viking Past Hardcover
005158: THOMAS J.HEFFERNAN - Sacred Biography Saints and Their Biographers in the Middle Ages
016937: GORDON W. MACLENNAN EDITED PROINSIAS MACCANA ANN MARTIN BRENDAN O' HEHIR - Proceedings of the First North American Congress of Celtic Studies Manuscript Sources of the Gododdin Brendan O' Hehir
011511: WILLIAM HEIDT, JR - O-We-Nah a Legend of Lake Eldridge and 16 Other Iroquois Indian Legends
015516: GERARD HELFERICH - Stone of Kings in Seach of the Lost Jade of the Mayas Hardcover
009128: PIERRE JAKEZ HELIAS - L'Herbe D'or
016259: CORINE HELINE - Mysteries of the Holy Grail
016248: HELEN FULTON FIONA TOLHURST NEUENDORF RUTHMARIE H. MITSCH ALEXANDRA STERLING HELLENBRAND - A Woman's Place: Guinevere in the Welsh and French Romances Quuondam Et Futurus a Journal of Arthurian Interpretations Volume 3 Number 2 Summer 1993
012965: MILDRED LEAKE DAY RAYMOND H.THOMPSON HELMUT NICKEL KEVEIN HARTY ALEXANDRA STERLING HELLENBRAND - Quondam Et Futurus a Journal of Arthurian Interpretations Volume 3 Number 1 Spring 1993 and Volume 3 Number 2 Two Complete Issues
007033: JULEK HELLER AND DEIRDRE HEADON - King Arthur and His Knights Color Illustrations Julek Heller Hardcover
558: JOSEPH HELLER - Something Happened First Edition Hardcover
008005: VIRGIL B.HELTZEL - Fair Rosamond a Study of the Development of a Literary Theme (Original Hardcover)
015903: GEORGE HENDERSON ISABEL HENDERSON - The Art of the Picts Hardcover Sculpture And Metal In Early Medieval Scotland Hardcover
015769: REV.GILBERT H.DOBLE CHARLES HENDERSON - Saint Petroc a Cornish Saint
010093: S.K.HENINGER,JR. GUIDO KISCH JAMES HUTTON - Some Renaissance Versions of the Pythagorean Tetrad Studies in the Renaissance Volume VIII 1961
014671: T.R.HENN - The Lonely Tower Studies in the Poetry of W.B. Yeats
015200: WILHELM SCHNEEMELCHER EDITED EDGAR HENNECKE - New Testament Apocrypha Volume Two: Writings Relating to the Apostles Apocalypses and Related Subjects Edgar Hennecke Hardcover
008055: VAN COURTLANDT ELLIOTT EDITOR ARMAND O.CITARELLA DANIEL V.THOMPSON JOHN B HENNEMAN JR - Speculum Volume XLII Number 2 April 1967 the Relations of Amalfi with the Arab World Before the Crusades
017246: KAYE D.HENNIG PHOTOGRAPHY TERRANCE HENNIG - King Arthur Lord of the Grail Hardcover Signed and Inscribed by the Author and Photographer
007679: MICHAEL HENRITY AND GEORGE EOGAN - Ireland in Prehistory
596: JEFFREY MAX HENRY - The Signpost: The Evolution 0f the Westford Knight
671: HENRY AND KATHARINE JENNER EDITED DEREK R. WILLIAMS - Bards, Druids and the Gorsedd Henry and Katharine Jenner: A Celebration of Cornwall's Culture Language and Identity
005971: PATRICE HENRY - Les Enfances Guillaume Chanson de Geste Du XIII Siècle Société Des Anciens Textes Français Original 1935 Hardcover
012337: GILLES HENRY - Bretagne Et Bretons
013035: FRANCOISE HENRY - Early Christian Irish Art Three Candles
011422: FRANCOISE HENRY - Irish Art in the Early Christian Period Original Hardcover
015203: FRANCOISE HENRY - Hanging Bowls by Francoise Henry the Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries Volume LXVI December 1936
015658: D.B. HARDIN EDITOR FRANCOISE HENRY, J.N.L.MYRES, C.A.RALEIGH RADFORD, T.C. LETHBRIDGE, R.L.S. BRUCE-MITFORD - Dark-Age Britain Studies Presented to E.T. Leeds Hardcover
011113: KATHLEEN HERBERT - Ghost in the Sunlight Hardcover
005808: KATHLEEN HERBERT - Bride of the Spear Hardcover
005453: KATHLEEN HERBERT - Queen of the Lightning Hardcover
014732: MICHAEL HERITY AND GEORGE EOGAN - Ireland in Prehistory Hardcover
008100: EDITED DAVID HERLIHY - Medieval Culture and Society
017063: GERHARD HERM - The Celts the People Who Came out
013574: HALLDOR HERMANNSSON - The Holar Cato an Icelandic Schoolbook of the Seventeenth Century Volume XXXIX
016642: ROBIM HERNE - Bard Song
SKU1000037: HERNE, ROBIN - Bard Song
006369: LEO HERSHKOWITZ AND ISODORE S.MEYER - The Lee Max Friedman Collection of American Jewish Colonial Correspondence Letters of the Franks Family (1738-1748) Hardcover
005303: GERARD HERZHAFT, - Thorvald, Viking Des Orcades Hardcover
016526: ANASTAIJA LUDMILLIA KRASNOVOLKOV EDITOR LLAMREI Y HETHNEN - Tourney Dogs Revisited Tournament Illuminated Spring XXIV 90 the Society for Creative Anachronism
005699: SARAH HEWETT - The Peasant Speech of Devon Original Edition
012739: SHLOMO S.GAFNI A.VAN DER HEYDEN - The Glory of Jerusalem an Explorer's Guide
012068: FRANK C. HIBBEN - Kiva Art of the Anasazi at Pottery Mound
014900: ELIZABETH HICKEY - The Legend of Tara Dundalgan Press
016783: HELEN HICKEY - Images of Stone Figure Sculpture of the Lough Erne Basin
015015: ROBERT M.HICKMAN - The Numismatist August 1969 Roman Conquest of Britain and the Coinage
013945: WILLIAM ANDERSON CLIVE HICKS - Green Man the Archetype of Our Oneness with the Earth
017132: JOHN TAYLOR RANULF HIGDEN - The Universal Chronicle of Ranulf Higden Hardcover
013167: N.J. HIGHAM - King Arthur Myth Making and History Hardcover
011154: JAMES ROBERT HIGHTOWER - Topics in Chinese Literature Revised Editon Harvard-Yenching Institute Studies Volume III
009039: JAMAKE HIGHWATER - Ritual of the Wind Signed and Inscribed by the Author
009540: SARAH LYNN HIGLEY - Between Languages the Uncooperative Text in Early Welsh and Old English Nature Poetry Hardcover
ABE-244068: RITA & TIM HILDEBRANDT - Merlin and the Dragons of Atlantis Rita & Tim Hildebrandt Hardcover
009909: M. INEZ HILGER - Chippewa Child Life and Its Cultural Background
675: WILLIAM H. HILL - Old Fort Edward Before 1800 an Account of the Historic Ground Now Occupied by the Village of Fort Edward Original Signed Limited Edition Hardcover
380: WILLIAM THOMSON HILL - Buried London First Edition Hardcover and Dust Jacket
015884: FRANCES HILL - Hunting for Witches a Visitor's Guide to the Salem Witch Trials
355: TONY HILL - The Glastonbury Spirit and Other Tales of the Supernatural
015824: JEAN ANOUILH TRANSLATED LUCIENNE HILL - Becket or the Honor of God Jean Anouilh Hardcover
008241: RALPH NADING HILL - Lake Champlain Key to Liberty Hardcover
007469: JAMES MICHAEL HILL - Celtic Warfare 1595 -1763
738: WILLIAM THOMSON HILL - Buried London: Mithras to the Middle Ages
954: SANDRA HINDMAN - Sealed in Parchment Rereadings of Knighthood in the Illuminated Manuscripts of Chretien de Troyes
016950: RICHARD HINGLEY AND CHRISTINA UNWIN - Boudica Iron Age Warrior Queen
008985: ROGER HINKS - Carolingian Art a Study of Early Medieval Painting and Sculpture in Western Europe
012166: MARJORY BARNUM HINMAN - Onaquaga: Hub of the Border Wars of the American Revolution in New York State with Foldout Captain Gray's Map of Butler Expedition
015216: FRANCIS HITCHING - Earth Magic Hardcover
016823: CARLO GINZBURG TRANSLATED JOHN & ANNE TEDESCHI FOREWORD ERIC HOBSBAWN - The Night Battles Witchcraft & Agrarian Agrarian Cults in the Sixteenth & Seventeenth Centuries Hardcover
014752: ENRIQUE FLORESCANO LYSA HOCHROTH - The Myth of Quetzalcoatl Hardcover
011147: MARGARET HODGES AND MARGERY EVERNDEN - Of Swords and Sorcerers the Adventures of King Arthur and His Knights
008612: CYRIL HODGES - Coming of Age Hardcover Limited Numbered Edition Signed by the Author
008071: ALICE S.HOFFMAN - The Book of the Sagas Original Illustrated 1926 Hardcover
013422: ALICE HOFFMAN - Turtle Moon
005820: DANIEL HOFFMAN - Paul Bunyan Last of the Frontier Demigods
009600: DR DAITHI O HOGAIN - Myth, Legend and Romance an Encyclopedia of the Irish Folk Tradition Hardcover
015998: DAITHI O HOGAIN - The Sacred Isle Belief and Religion in Pre-Christian Ireland Hardcover
013771: M.D. O'SULLIVAN WILLIAM J.HOGAN - Old Galway Hardcover
ABE-261971: JAMES HOGAN - Ireland in the European System Vol. I 1550-1557 First Edition Hardcover
007583: ROBERT HOGAN - Eimar O'Duffy Irish Writers Series Hardcover
010879: ROBERT HOGAN - Dictionary of Irish Literature Hardcover
016112: A.H.A.HOGG - Hill-Forts of Britain Hardcover
013674: HJALMAR R.HOLAND - America 1355-1364 a New Chapter in Pre-Columbian History Hardcover
010134: HJALMAR R.HOLAND - Explorations in America Before Columbus First American Edition
016419: SABRA HOLBROOK - Sir Tristan of All Time Hardcover
016406: CHRISTINA HOLE - Witchcraft in England Hardcover
010985: CHRISTINA HOLE - The Encyclopedia of Superstitions
010456: F.W. HOLIDAY - The Dragon and the Disc "Explorer's Club Bookplate
792: KEVIN CROSSLEY-HOLLAND - Storm and Other Old English Riddles Hardcover
010372: KEVIN CROSSLEY HOLLAND. - Arthur the Seeing Stone
012961: C.H. HOLLAND - Irish Scenery Irish Heritage Series 59
009372: KEVIN CROSSLEY HOLLAND - Arthur the Seeing Stone Hardcover
008970: KEVIN CROSSLEY-HOLLAND AND BRUCE MITCHELL - The Battle of Maldon and Other Old English Poems
006795: RUPERT S.HOLLAND, - King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table Illustrated by Lancelot Speed
790: CECELIA HOLLAND - The Kings in Winter Hardcover
005170: PAUL SCHACH LEE M.HOLLANDER - Eyrbyggja Saga Translated Fron the Old Icelandic by Paul Schach and Lee M. Hollander Hardcover
007051: HELEN HOLLICK - Pendragon's Banner First Edition Hardcover the Kingmaking
007468: CARRIE ELLEN HOLMAN - Our Island Story Broadcasts Given over Cfcy Charlottetown in the Winter of 1948 (Prince Edward Island)
012259: C. GEOFFREY HOLME - Modern Book-Illustration in Great Britain & America Analysed by F.J. Harvey Darton Special Winter Number "the Studio
015163: URBAN TIGNER HOLMES - Chretien de Troyes Hardcover
014080: TRANSLATED PETER HOLMES - Anti-Pelagian Works of Saint Augustine, Bishop of Hippo Volume I Original 1872 Hardcover
011522: MICHAEL HOLMES - King Arthur a Military History Hardcover
016224: MICHAEL HOLROYD - Bernard Shaw the Pursuit of Power Volume II 1898-1918 Hardcover Signed by Author
005260: MICHAEL HOOK AND WALTER ROSS - The Forty-Five the Last Jacobite Rebellion
010436: NINA WARNER HOOKE - The Seal Summer
007147: BRIAN HOOKER - Fairyland an Opera in Three Acts Original Hardcover
016839: MARK T. HOOKER - Tolkien and Welsh Tolkien a Chymraeg Essays on J.R. R. Tolkien's Use of Welsh in His Legendarium
014125: C.S LEWIS EDITED WALTER HOOPER - Of Otherworlds Essays and Stories First American Edition
013272: C.S LEWIS COLLECTED BY WALTER HOOPER - Studies in Medieval & Renaissance Literature by C.S. Lewis Hardcover
015677: ORVILLE L. HOPE - 6000 Years of Seafaring the Irish, Incas, King Solomon's Ophir in New Mexico Raleigh's Roanoke Signed by Author with Original Letter
980: ALANNAH HOPKIN - The Living Legend of Saint Patrick
014255: TIM WALLACE-MURPHY MARILYN HOPKINS - Custodians of Truth the Continuance of Rex Deus
013145: ANDREA HOPKINS - Chronicles of King Arthur
007139: ANDREA HOPKINS - The Book of Guinevere Legendary Queen of Camelot Hardcover
009913: ZINKEN HOPP - Norwegian Folklore Simplified
009512: DR.JOSEPH SMITH EDITOR STEPHEN CONWAY NEIL YORK GIDON COHEN ANDREW JAMES HOPPER - 'a Joy Unknowh for Years Past' : The American War, Britishness and the Celrbration of Rodney's Victory at the Saints Journal of the Historical Association Volume 86, No. 282 April 2001
017136: STANLEY M. HORDES - To the End of the Earth
012901: EBEN NORTON HORSFORD - The Landfall of Leif Erikson A.D. 1000 and the Site of His House in Vineland Inscribed by Author Original 1892 Hardcover
1080: RICHARD HOSKINS - Westward to Arthur Dark Ages Truth Not Medieval Fantasy
015697: ALFRED CARL HOTTES - One Thousand and One Christmas Facts and Fictions Hardcover Christmas Folklore
011698: ROMEYN BECK HOUGH - Handbook of the Trees of the Northern States and Canada East of the Rocky Mountains
007530: DENISE HOULE - Contes Quebecois Hardcover Illustrations Katherine Sapon
015633: PAUL SIMPSON-HOUSLEY - The Arctic Enigmas and Myths Original First Edition
SKU1000125: SIMPSON-HOUSLEY; SIMPSON-HOUSLEY, PAUL - The Arctic: Enigmas and Myths
015447: LAURENCE HOUSMAN - Victoria Regina a Dramatic Biography First Edition Hardcover
015064: CLEMENCE HOUSMAN - The Life of Sir Aglovale de Galis
006628: RICHARD HOVEY EDITED MRS. RICHARD HOVEY - The Holy Graal and Other Fragments by Richard Hovey Being the Uncompleted Parts of the Arthurian Dramas Original 1907 Hardcover
014437: ROBERT WEST HOWARD - Thundergate the Forts of Niagra Hardcover
010661: DUNCAN HOWLETT - The Essenes and Christianity an Interpretation of the Dead Sea Scrolls Hardcover
016762: DAVID HOWLETT - The Celtic Latin Tradition of Biblical Style First Edition Hardcover
016539: DAVID HOWLETT - Insular Inscriptions Hardcover
008242: GERALD HOWSON - Burgoyne of Saratoga a Biography Hardcover
015060: ARTHUR JOHN HUBBARD GEORGE HUBBARD - Neolithic Dew Ponds and Cattle Ways Original 1907 Hardcover
012270: HENRI HUBERT - The Rise of the Celts Hardcover
016456: DAFYDD AB HUGH - Arthur War Lord Book Two Far Beyond the Wave
016150: DAFYDD AB HUGH - Arthur War Lord First Edition
014085: KATHLEEN HUGHES - Early Christianity in Pictland by Kathleen Hughes Jarrow Lecture 1970 First Edition
012728: VAUGHAN H.F.J. J.ROMILLY ALLEN REV.G.HARTWELL JONES CHARLES WILKINS HAROLD HUGHES - The Family of Jenkins the Journal of the Cambrian Archaeological Association Vol. I. Sixth Series Archaeologia Cambrensis 1901 Hardcover
009517: A.J.OTWAY-RUTHVEN INTRODUCTION KATHLEEN HUGHES - A History of Medieval Ireland with an Introduction by Kathleen Hughes Hardcover
010256: BEATRICE CLAY ILLUSTRATED C.E HUGHES - Stories from le Morte Darthur and the Mabinogion by Beatrice Clay Original 1904 Hardcover
013963: KATHLEEN HUGHES - Early Christian Ireland Hardcover
005659: SIRJOHN RHYS J. E. LLOYD PROFESSOR ANWYL A.N.PALMER HAROLD HUGHES - The Capel Mair Stone Archaeologia Cambrensis Vol. VII Sixth Series 1907 Original Hardcover
011700: EDITOR BRIAN DE BREFFNY E.ESTYN EVANS KATHLEEN HUGHES - The Irish World the Art and Culture of the Irish People Hardcover
012019: LANGSTON HUGHES - The Langston Hughes Reader Hardcover
SKU1000058: HUGHES, MATT; MALICE, MICHAEL - Made in America: The Most Dominant Champion in Ufc History
015281: LEON HUHNER - The Jewish Woman in America (Address at Newport R.I. 1908) Essays and Addresses a Memorial Volume
015278: LEON HUHNER - Jews in Connection with the Colleges of the Thirteen Original States Prior to 1800 the Jews in America in Colonial and Revolutionary Times a Memorial Volume Hardcover
015898: LEON HUHNER - A Book of Songs and Sonnets and Ballads and Stories in Verse a Memorial Volume Two Hardcovers
014700: DES FEMMES D'AUJOURD 'HUI - Le Savoir-Cuisiner la Table Des Femmes D'Aujourd 'Hui Tome V Hardcover
015206: J.P.MALLORY BARRY RAFERTY M.G.I.BAILLIE C.J. LYNN RUAIRI O' HUIGINN - Emania Bulletin of the Navan Research Group Focus on Dun Ailinne and Ancient Leinster Number Seven 1990
014800: ELEANOR HULL - Cuchulain the Hound of Ulster by Eleanor Hull Original 1911 Hardcover
016441: PAUL HULTON - America 1585 the Complete Drawings of John White Hardcover
625: HENRI HUMBERT - The History of the Celtic People Two Volumes in One The Rise Of The Celts And The Greatness And Decline Of The Celts
008999: HENRY HUMBERT - The Rise of the Celts Biblio and Tannen Hardcover
5211: M.K. HUME - King Arthur Warrior of the West First Edition Hadcover
016032: AUDREY NOEL HUME - Food
014575: CHRISTMAS HUMPHREYS - A Popular Dictionary of Buddhism First English Edition Hardcover
846: GURTEEN S.HUMPHREYS - The Arthurian Epic a Comparative Study of the Cambrian Breton and Anglo-Norman Versions of the Story Hardcover
283: GANDDO EF EI HUN - Bywyd Ieuan Gwynedd Original 1900 Edition Hardcover
630: GEORGE T. HUNT - The Wars of the Iroquois a Study in Intertribal Trade Relations
015582: AUGUST HUNT - Shadows in the Mist the Life and Death of King Arthur Signed and Inscribed by Author
008098: MOLLIE HUNTER - The Haunted Mountain
272: THOMAS FORESTER EDITED.HENRY OF HUNTINGDON - Chronicle of Henry of Huntingdon Original 1853 Leather Hardcover
017209: KATHRYN HURLOCK - Wales and the Crusades 1095-1291
010445: SHAHRUKH HUSAIN - Daughters of the Moon Witch Tales from Around the World Hardcover First Edition
017084: PATRICK HUYGHE - Columbus Was Last
775: WENTWORTH HUYSHE - The Life of Saint Columba (Columb-Kille A.D. 521-597) by Saint Adamnan
014841: DOUGLAS HYDE - Religious Songs of Connacht a Collection of Poems, Stories, Prayers, Satires, Ranns, Charms Part II Original Irish Edition
014838: DOUGLAS HYDE - The Religious Songs of Connacht a Collection of Poems, Stories , Prayers, Sarires, Ranns, Charms Part V Chapter VII
014130: ANN HYLAND - The Medieval Warhorse from Byzantium to the Crusades
015830: MAVIS HYMAN - Jews of the Raj
014714: LOUIS HYMAN - The Jews of Ireland Hardcover
016269: MAIRE UI IARNAIN - An Comortas Iascaireachta Agus Scealta Eile
016267: VINCENTE BLASCO IBANEZ - Queen Calafia Original 1924 Hardcover
007553: HENRIK IBSEN - Peer Gynt Et Dramatisk Digt Original 1928 Hardcover
013531: MERRITT IERLEY - The Year That Tried Men's Souls: A Journalistic Reconstruction of the World of 1776 Original First Edition Hardcover
017211: DAFYDD A RHIANNON IFANS - Y Mabinogion Hud Yr Hen Chwedlau Celtaidd
009668: RHIANNON IFANS - Chwedlaur Brenin Arthur
008188: SANDRA NESS IHLE - Malory's Grail Quest Hardcover
009450: GEORGE W.BREWER BEDWYR LEWIS JONES J.A.W.BENNETT R.N.ILLINGWORTH - Medium Aevum Vol XLIV 1975 Nos. 1 & 2 the Composition of Graelent and Guingamor
012428: J.R.R.TOLKIEN PAULINE BAYNES COLOR ILLUSTARTIONS - Bilbo's Last Song (at the Grey Havens) J.R. R. Tolkien Illustrated by Pauline Baynes First Edition
472: JOHN MASEFIELD JACYNTH PARSONS ILLUSTRATED - South and East Original 1928 Color Illustrated Hardcover Jacynth Parsons
013047: BRYAN MACMAHON TRANSLATED CATRIONA O'CONNOR ILLUSTRATIONS - Peig the Autobiography of Peig Sayers of the Great Blasket Island Hardcover
014492: PHILIP IMBROGNO AND MARIANNE HORRIGAN - Celtic Mysteries Windows to Another Dimension in American's Northeast
227: HELGE INGSTAD - Westward to Vinland: The Discovery of Pre-Columbian Norse House-Sites in North America Hardcover
017147: WILLIAM T. INNES - Francis Lewis Signer of the Declaration of Independence and Morgan Lewis Propery Receipt from Whitestone Queens Innes & Center Real Estate Brokers C. 1885
016668: JOHN D.TYLER ROBERT W.BLASBERG EDITH GAINES LOWELL INNES - Cast-Iron Cooking Vessels the Magazine Antiques August 1971
010441: RACHEL BROMWICH INSCRIBED AND SIGNED - Eigse V Part IV Irish Offprint "the Keen for Art O' Leary It's Background and It's Place in the Tradition of Gaelic Keening" Inscribed and Signed "with Compliments" Rachel Bromwich
008207: MEDIEVAL INSTITUTE - 36th International Congress on Medieval Studies Scholarly Proceedings.
007429: SEAMUS ENNIS TRANSLATED W.R. RODGERS INTRODUCED - Peig Sayers an Old Woman's Reflections Hardcover Translated From The Irish
597: ERNEST RHYS EDITED LUCY ALLEN PATON INTRODUCTION - Morte Arthur Two Early English Romances with an Introduction by Lucy Allen Paton First Everyman Hardcover Edition with Dust Jacket
013534: DEBORAH WEBSTER ROGERS TRANSLATED W. T. H. JACKSON INTRODUCTION - Lancelot the Knight of the Cart Chretien de Troyes Translated Deborah Webster Rogers
590: J.NEALE CARMAN TRANSLATION NORRIS LACY INTRODUCTION - From Camelot to Joyous Guard the Old French la Mort le Roi Artu Hardcover
015569: GABRIEL BISE TEXT DAGMAR THOSS INTRODUCTION - Tristan and Isolde Illuminated Manuscripts from a Manuscript of the Romance of Tristan (15th Century) Hardcover
016608: MICHA JOSEPH BIN GORION (BERDYCZEWSKI) EDITED I.M.LASK TRANSLATED DAN BEN-AMOS INTRODUCTION - Mimekor Yisrael Classical Jewish Folktales Three Volume Hardcover Boxed Set Book I National Tales Book II Religious Tales Book III Folktales
007627: JOHN INGAMELLS H.N.SAVORY GEORGE C.BOON GLANMOR WILLIAMS ESSAYS GWYN JONES INTRODUCTION - Art in Wales a Survey of Four Thousand Years to Ad 1850 an Exhibition Arranged by the Welsh Committee of the Arts Council in Co-Operation with the Swansea Borough Council
017266: CYRIL EDWARDS TRANSLATED RICHARD BARBER INTRODUCTION - Parzival and Titurel Wolfram Von Eschenbach
012312: MUSEE CONDE CHANTILLY INTRODUCTION AND LEGENDS JEAN LONGNON AND RAYMOND CAZELLES - The Tres Riches Heures of Jean, Duke of Berry Full Color and Exact Scale
017165: ERNEST RHYS EDITED LUCY ALLEN PATON INTRODUCTION - Arthurian Chronicles Represented by Wace and Layamon with an Introduction Lucy Allen Paton
013729: W. B. YEATS BENEDICT KIELY INTRODUCTION - Fairy and Folk Tales of Ireland Edited by W.B. Yeats Hardcover
007268: EUGENE MASON TRANSLATED GWYN JONES INTRODUCTION. - Arthurian Chronicles Wace and Layamon Gwyn Jones Introduction Hardcover
015838: ROBERT HANNING & JOAN FERRANTE TRANSLATED WITH AN INTRODUCTION AND NOTES - The Lais of Marie de France Translated with an Introduction Robert Hanning
176: THOMAS JONES TRANSLATED WITH INTRODUCTION AND NOTES - Brut Y Tywysogyon or the Chronicle of the Princes Peniarth Ms. 20 Version Original First 1952 Edition
016927: VERONICA IONS - Indian Mythology Hardcover
016473: ORDINANCE SURVEY OF IRELAND - Galway Offaly Ordnace Survey Map 1976 Color Fold out
015102: THE CAMPAIGN FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE IN NORTHERN IRELAND - Northern Ireland the Plain Truth (Second Edition) the Campaign for Social Justice in Northern Ireland
009592: JOSEPH RAFTERY ETIENNE RYNNE JOURNAL OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF IRELAND - The Cuillard and Other Unpublished Hanging Bowls Joseph Raftery Bronze Age Cemetary at Scarawalsh Co. Wexford Etienne Rynne National Museum of Ireland: Archaeological Acquisitions in 1963
014133: STANLEY IRELAND - Roman Britain a Sourcebook
008682: MYRTLE IRELAND - The Legend of Knocksheegowna (the Hill of the Fairy Calf)
016953: JOHN DE COURCY IRELAND AND DAVID C.SHEEHY EDITED PROINSIAS MAC CANA, SEAN MCGRAIL, TOMAS O' CAOIMH, CLAUDE EVANS, ROBERT GRENIER - Atlantic Visions: 1st International Conference Proceedings of the Society of St. Brendan the Navigator
015265: THE JOURNAL OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF IRELAND - The Journal of Antiquaries of Ireland Part 1. Vol. XXXV March Original 1905 Edition on a Prehistoric Burial in a Cairn Near Knockma County Galway
013183: ARTS COUNCIL OF IRELAND, WALES, SCOTLAND - Celtic Triangle an Exhibition of Works by Young Artists from Ireland, Scotland and Wales
014753: PIERRE M.IRVING WASHINGTON IRVING - The Life and Letters of Washington Irving Volume One Original John Vanderlyn Frontis Hardcover
016660: WASHINGTON IRVING - The Sketch-Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent. The Author's Revised Edition ( F.S. Coburn Frontis Illustration)
015746: WASHINGTON IRVING - Diedrich Knickerbocker's History of New York Hardcover
006775: REV.D. FALLOON EDITED REV.JOHN IRWIN - History of Ireland CIVIL and Ecclesiastical from the Earliest Times Till the Death of Henry II Original First 1863 Montreal Edition Hardcover
016106: WALTER ISAACSON - Benjamin Franklin an American Life Hardcover
017102: MAIRE MACNEILL RICHARD M.DORSON SPECIAL EDITOR FOR THIS ISSUE - Irish Folklore As a Source for Research Maire Macneill Journal of the Folklore Institute Volume II Number 3 1965
015173: VERNON IVES - Jaufry the Knight and the Fair Brunissende an Original Twelfth Century Tale of King Arthur's Day
012497: ROBERT H. IVY - The Manuscript Relations of Manessier's Continuation of the French Perceval
015914: T.J,RHYS JONRS - Teach Yourself Welsh a Complete Guide for Beginners
017282: COATMAN J. - Magna Britannia Hardcover
006923: ROBERT I. BURNS S.J. - Jews in the Notarial Culture Latinate Wills in Mediterranean Spain, 1250-1350
015039: WINIFRED WULFF EDITED J.FRASER P.GROSJEAN S.J. AND J.G.O' KEEFFE - A Mediaeval Handbook of Gynecology and Midwifery Irish Texts Fasciculus V Original 1934 Edition
007135: R.D.S.JACK - The Italian Influence on Scottish Literature Hardcover
009818: R.IAN JACK - Medieval Wales Hardcover
006172: R.I.JACK - The Grey of Ruthin Valor Hardcover
610: KENNETH HURLSTONE JACKSON. - A Celtic Miscellany Hardcover
65: W.T.H. JACKSON. - The Anatomy of Love the Tristan of Gottfried Von Strassburg
014801: KENNETH JACKSON - The Gaelic Notes in the Book of Deer Hardcover
012802: ANTHONY JACKSON - In Search of Arthurian Kings an Attempt at Finding the Historical Truth About the Collapse of the Roman Empire and the Beginnings of the Saxon Kingdoms
016152: K. H.JACKSON - Studies in Early Celtic Nature Poetry
011938: KENNETH HURLSTONE JACKSON - Cath Maighe Lena Hardcover
005212: KENNETH JACKSON - Early Celtic Nature Poetry
012156: STEPHEN JACKSON - The Magic Mantle and Other Stories Original 1903 Hardcover
016179: JOHN C.JACKSON - By Honor and Right How One Man Boldly Defined the Destiny of a Nation Hardcover
016980: MARK JACOB AND STEPHEN H.CASE - Treacherous Beauty Peggy Shippen, the Woman Behind Benedict Arnold's Plot to Betray America (Hardcover)
015134: JACOB AND JANE ZOOK - Hexology the History and Meaning of the Hex Symbols
196: JOSEPH JACOBS - Celtic Fairy Tales & More Celtic Fairy Tales Collected and Annotated by Joseph Jacobs the Complete Edition of Forty- Six Stories Hardcover
014502: EDITED JOSEPH F.ESKA R.GERAINT GRUFFYDD NICOLAS JACOBS - Hispano-Gallo-Brittonica Essays in Honour of Professor D. Ellis Evans on the Occasion of His Sixty-Fifth Birthday Hardcover
009968: KATHLEEN JACOBY - Vision of the Grail
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016811: ARTHUR S.LEFKOWITZ - Benedict Arnold in the Company of Heroes Hardcover
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015476: BODLEIAN LIBRARY - Bodleian Library Guided Tours Ticket Number 23952 18 August 1992 J.R. R. Tolkien Association Piece
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17: RETOLD BY ROBIN LISTER - The Legend of King Arthur
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008061: R.A.S. MACALISTER - Ancient Ireland Hardcover
012060: R.A.S. MACALISTER - Studies in Irish Epigraphy Containing the Ogham Inscriptions (Original Hardcover)
014507: WILHELM R.W. KOEHLER EDITOR ROGER SHERMAN LOOMIS ISABEL SEAVER R.A.S.MACALISTER - Medieval Studies in Memory of A. Kingsley Porter Original Two Vol. Hardcover Set
016092: EDITED ALAIN LE GARSMEUR BERNARD MACCABE - Images of Ireland W.B. Yeats First Edition Hardcover
015891: TOMAS O'NOINN PROINSIAS MACCANA - Scealaiocht Na Rithe Six Tipped in Color Plates Micheal Mac Liammoir First Edition Hardcover
013898: MICHEAL MACCARTHAIGH - Saol Imbas Phaidi Joe
008165: RENE MACCOLL - Roger Casement
005757: J.A.MACCULLOCH - The Misty Isle of Skye Its Scenery Its People Its Story Hardcover
013251: EDITED MARGARET MACCURTAIN AND MARY O'DOWD - Women in Early Modern Ireland
006186: DUNCAN GLEN HUGH MACDIARMID - Whither Scotland? a Prejudiced Look at the Future of a Nation
005568: OLIVER MACDONAGH - Ireland Hardcover
016313: COLM O'BAOILL EDITED SILEAS MACDONALD - Poems and Songs by Sileas Macdonald Bardachd Shilis Na Ceapaich Hardcover
006388: GEORGE MACDONALD - The Princess and Curdie Dorothy Lathrop Color Plate & B/W Hardcover
007463: PATRICIA MACDONALD - Shadow of Heaven Scotland from Above Hardcover
005870: NORMAN MALCOLM MACDONALD - Calum Tod Hardcover
011724: PATRICK MACDONOGH - One Landscape Still and Other Poems First English Hardcover Edition
016342: DANIEL C. SWAN TED J. BRASSER MARIANA MACE - Peyote Arts in the Collections of the Gilcrease Museum American Indian Art Magazine Vol. 24 Number 2 Spring 1999
303: BRUCE MACFARLANE - Notes on Arthurian Literature
013814: GEAROID MACGEARAILT - Celts and Normans
189: ARTHUR MACHEN. - The Shining Pyramid Numbered 1923 Hardcover Edition
006825: ARTHUR MACHEN - The Secret Glory First American Edition Hardcover
007616: C.M. MACINNES AND W.F.WHITTARD - Bristol and It's Adjoining Counties Hardcover and Dust Jacket
013809: ANGUS MACINTYRE - The Liberator Daniel O'Connell and the Irish Party 1830-1845 Hardcover
007982: ROY P.MACKAL - The Monsters of Loch Ness
013769: WALTER MACKEN - The Bogman
010781: PAUL MACKENDRICK - Roman France Hardcover Plus Roman Theatre Postcard Ephemera
009001: COMPTON MACKENZIE - Prince Charlie Hardcover
009013: R.SHELTON MACKENZIE - Bits of Blarney Original 1884 Hardcover
006318: DONALD A. MACKENZIE - Scotland the Ancient Kingdom Hardcover
014409: JAMES P. MACKEY - An Introduction to Celtic Christianity Hardcover
005380: MARY MACKEY - The Year the Horses Came Hardcover
014850: JAMES MACKILLOP - Fionn Maccumhaill Celtic Myth in English Literature Hardcover
011177: JAMES MACKILLOP - Dictionary of Celtic Myhtology Hardcover
012758: PROFESSOR MACKINNON, MISS E.C.CARMICHAEL EDITED DONALD MACKENZIE, HENRY JENNER, RICHARD HENEBRY, YVONNE JOSSE - The Celtic Review Vol. VI. No. 21 July 15, 1909 the Fians of Knockfarrel (a Ross-Shire Legend)
017110: R.C.MACLAGAN - Our Ancestors Scots, Picts, & Cymry and What Their Tradition Tell Us First Edinburgh Edition
005738: CHARLES MACLEAN - Island on the Edge of the World First Edition Hardcover
016788: KAREN RALLS-MACLEOD - Music and the Celtic Otherworld: From Ireland to Iona Hardcover
016742: CALUM I.N.MACLEOD - Stories from Nova Scotia Sgialachdan a Albainn Nuaidh
008618: MARY MACLEOD - King Arthur and His Noble Knights Stories from Sir Thomas Malory's Morte D'Arthur Hardcover
005713: FIONA MACLEOD - The Isle of Dreams by Fiona Macleod Mosher Press Limited Numbered Edition
015904: T.H. NALLY COVER ILLUSTRATION MICHEAL MACLIAMMOIR - Finn Varra Maa (the Irish Santa Claus) an Irish Fairy Pantomime in Four Acts Original 1917 Edition Cover Illustration Micheal Macliammoir
014302: SEUMAS MACMANUS - Heavy Hangs the Golden Grain Hardcover
017115: SEUMAS MACMANUS - The Story of the Irish Race Hardcover
011689: SEUMAS MACMANUS - Ireland's Case
010964: SEUMAS MACMANUS - The Well O' the World's End Hardcover
012062: SEUMAS MACMANUS - The Rocky Road to Dublin Hardcover
015554: HELEN CRIGHTON DR. THOMAS RADDALL FRANK CASSIDY RODNEY DOIRON ARCHIBALD MACMECHAN - Sojourn the Magazine for Nova Scotia March 1975 First Issue Fundy Tidal Power an Ecological View
005774: CYRUS MACMILLAN - Glooskap's Country and Other Indian Tales Fine Hardcover and Dust Jacket
005607: D.MACMILLAN - George Buchanan a Biography
015910: BRINSLEY MACNAMARA - The Valley of the Squinting Windows
016769: EOIN MACNEILL - Archaisms in the Ogham Inscriptions Eoin Macneill Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy Volume XXXIX Section C. No. 3
013389: EONA K.MACNICOL - Lamp in the Night Wind an Account of the Coming of St. Columba to Scotland in 563 Ad Hardcover
015654: ALAN MACQUARRIE - Scotland and the Crusades 1095-1560
017229: JOHN MACQUEEN - St. Nynia a Study of Literary and Linguistic Evidence Hardcover
005688: CORMAC MACRAOIS - Dance of the Midnight Fire Hardcover
005087: SARAH MACREADY AND F.H.THOMPSON EDITED - Cross-Channel Trade between Gaul and Britain in the Pre-Roman Iron Age
013569: H.H.JOHNSON W.J.WATSON DAVID MACRITCHIE - The Celtic Review Vol. III No. 11. 1907 Original Issue Submerged Cities H.H. Johnson
ABE-259763: PEADAR MACTOMAIS - Songs of the Island Queen Original Talbot Press Edition
012487: DAVID A.WILSON DEIRDRE MADDEN - Thomas D'Arcy Mcgee's Wexford Speech of 1865: Reflections on Revolutionary Republicanism and the Irish in North America Canadian Journal of Irish Studies Volume 26,27 Number 2 Number 1
013312: BRENDA MADDOX - Yeat's Ghosts the Secret Life of W.B. Yeats Hardcover
006731: O. MADSEN - The Vikings First English Edition Hardcover
014190: GIOVANNA MAGI - Masada and the Dead Sea
015363: FRIEDHOFFER THE MADMAN OF MAGIC - How to Haunt a House for Halloween
013170: MAGNUS MAGNUSSON - Viking Hammer of the North Hardcover
009851: MAGNUS MAGNUSSON AND HERMANN PALSSON - Laxdaela Saga Translated with an Introduction Folio Hardcover Slipcase
007417: MAGNUS MAGNUSSON - Vikings!
013928: REV.MICHAEL P.MAHON - Ireland in Religion and Letters
012857: ROSEMARY MAHONEY - Whoredom in Kimmage Irish Women Coming of Age Hardcover
014290: NORAH TYNAN O'MAHONY - Una's Enterprise
010362: BERNHARD MAIER - Dictionary of Celtic Religion and Culture
SKU1000016: MAIN, LAURENCE - King Arthur's Camlan
008903: PIERRE HERIBERT MADAME ALFRED MALCHELOSSE - Le Pays Laurentien Revue Mensuelle Decembre 1916 No. 12 Original Issue
016851: MATT HUGHES MICHAEL MALICE - Made in America the Most Dominant Champion in Ufc History Hardcover
010135: ARLINGTON MALLERY AND MARY ROBERTS HARRISON - The Rediscovery of Lost America the Story of the Pre-Columbian Iron Age in America
013155: PADRAIG O'MALLEY - The Uncivil Wars Ireland Today
016935: BARBARA HILLERS PAMELA HOPKINS JERRY HUNTER EDITED J.P.MALLORY - Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium Volume XIII 1999
649: J.P. MALLORY - In Search of the Irish Dreamtime Archaeology & Early Irish Literature
005520: JAMES MALLORY - Merlin the Old Magic Part 1
016341: EUGENE VINAVER EDITED SIR THOMAS MALORY - The Tale of the Death of King Arthur Hardcover First Edition
55: EUGENE VINAVER EDITED SIR THOMAS MALORY - The Works of Thomas Malory Hardcover
005980: MICHAEL FOSS EDITOR THOMAS MALORY - The World of Camelot King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table Hardcover
010983: CATHERINE DONALDSON ILLUSTRATIONS THOMAS MALORY - The Death of King Arthur Being the Twenty-First Book of Sir Thomas Malory's Book of King Arthur and of His Noble Knights of the Round Table with Illustrations Designed and Engraved on Wood by Catherine Donaldson Limited Edition Hardcover
008105: SIR THOMAS MALORY - The Romance of King Arthur Color Illustrated by Arthur Rackham Hardcover
005852: R.T.DAVIES EDITED SIR THOMAS MALORY - Sir Thomas Malory King Arthur and His Knights Hardcover
006034: CHARLES RICHARD SANDERS CHARLES WARD EDITED SIR THOMAS MALORY - The Morte Darthur by Sir Thomas Malory An Abridgment Hardcover
555: SIR THOMAS MALORY - Morte D'Arthur Hardcover Caxton
599: DORSEY ARMSTRONG SIR THOMAS MALORY - Sir Thomas Malory S Morte Darthur: A New Modern English Translation Based on the Winchester Manuscript
143: SIR THOMAS MALORY - The Noble Tale of the Sangreal by Sir Thomas Malory With Illustrations By Helen Urquhart Original 1923 Hardcover
005123: DEBRA N.MANCOFF - The Return of King Arthur the Legend Through Victorian Eyes Hardcover
016861: DEBRA MANCOFF AND BONNIE WHEELER - Arthuriana Volume 6 Number 3 October 3, Fall 1996 Special Issue on William Morris and King Arthur
016067: SEON MANLEY - My Hearts in the Heather Hardcover
biblio1: CHARLES C.MANN - 1491 New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus
016513: NICHOLAS R. MANN - The Isle of Avalon Sacred Mysteries of Arthur and Glastonbury Tor
014858: W.EDWARD MANN - Orgone Reich & Eros Wilhelm Reich's Theory of Life Energy Hardcover
014952: NICHOLAS R.MANN - The Sacred Geometry of Washington D. C the Integrity and Power of the Original Design Hardcover
331: ETHEL MANNIN - The Wild Swans and Other Tales Based on the Ancient Irish
007652: CAINNEACH O MAONAIGH - Smaointe Beatha Chriost Tomas Gruamdha O Bruchain Meditationes Vitae Christi Hardcover
012322: ERIC MAPLE - Superstition and the Superstitious Hardcover
016843: BRIAN MARACLE - Back on the Rez Finding the Way Home First Edition Hardcover
011395: BARRE TOELKEN ELLI KONGAS MARANDA - Riddles and Riddling Journal of American Folklore Vol. 89 April-June, 1976 No. 352 Original Complete Journal
012669: FELICIEN MARCEAU - Restif de la Bretonne Les Plus Belles Pages
007070: LEBEAU FRERE MARCEL - Chronologie de L'Histoire de Citeaux
016691: GREIL MARCUS - Bob Dylan by Greil Marcus Writings 1968-2010 Hardcover First Edition
013713: G.J. MARCUS - The Conquest of the North Atlantic Hardcover
013645: MARGARET AND MARY BAKER - Patsy and the Leprechauns First 1933 Hardcover Edition
016418: MARGARET - Margaret Thatcher the Path to Power
016370: EDITED MALCOLM MARGOLIN - The Way We Lived California Indian Stories, Songs & Reminiscences
013185: GEORGE MARIOREYBANKS - Annals of Scotland from the Year 1514 to the Year 1591 Original 1814 Hardcover
016482: DOUGLAS HYDE PREFACE JEAN MARKALE - Contes Gaeliques Traduit de L'Irlandais Par George Dottin
015379: JEAN MARKALE - King Arthur King of Kings Hardcover
016517: JEAN MARKALE - The Grail the Celtic Origins of the Sacred Icon
009393: JEAN MARKALE - Brittany
013599: JEAN MARKALE - Merlin Priest of Nature
1092: JEAN MARKALE - Les Celtes Et la Civilisation Celtique Mythe Et Histoire
015860: FRAN MARKOWITZ, SARA HELMAN, JONATHAN H.SHANNON - American Anthropologist Volume105 Number 2 June 2003 Soul Citizenship: The Black Hebrews and the State of Israel
016154: JEANNETTE MARKS - The Merry Merry Cuckoo and Other Welsh Plays Original Hardcover
012469: EDWARD D.MARMAN - Eire-Ireland a Comprehensive Index Issue Volumes I-XXIII 1966-1988
559: WILLIAM H. MARNELL - Light from the West the Irish Mission and the Emergence of Modern Europe Hardcover
012856: DUANE CHAMPAGNE JUDITH ST.GEORGE NATHAN E.BENDER ALAN EDWIN KILPATRICK BRYAN A. MAROZAS - American Indian Culture and Research Journal Volume 15 No. 2 and No. 3 1991 Two Seperate Issues
199: JOHN MARSDEN, - The Fury of the Northmen First Edition Hardcover
006246: HENRY MARSH - Dark Age Britain Sources of History Hardcover
008398: EDISON MARSHALL - The Pagan King Hardcover
009746: CHRISTENSEN MARTI - Witchcraft and Pre-Columbian Paper Brujerias Y Papel Precolombino
016563: JAMES KIRBY MARTIN - Benedict Arnold Revolutionary Hero an American Warrior Reconsidered
015604: W.G.WOOD MARTIN - Pagan Ireland Original 1895 Hardcover
015288: JOSEPH T. GLATTHAAR JAMES KIRBY MARTIN - Forgotten Allies the Oneida Indians and the American Revolution Hardcover
017052: W.G.WOOD-MARTIN - Traces of the Elder Faiths of Ireland a Handbook of Irish Pre-Christian Traditions Original 1902 Hardcover Vol II Only
799: W.G. WOOD-MARTIN - The Lake Dwellings of Ireland Hardcover
016813: RODERICK MARTINE - Introducing Scotland Clans and Tartans Drawings by Richard Hook
013931: VITTORIO DI MARTINO - Roman Ireland
013482: EDWARD WILLETT MARY AND JOHN HOWARD - Myrtil or the Enchanted Island a Fairy Tale Aspinax the Enchanted Dwarf
009239: SLAVES OF THE IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY - The Communion of Saints Sanctity Through the Centuries
010831: MANUELA DUNN MASCETTI - Vampire the Complete Guide to the World of the Undead
005119: JOHN MASEFIELD - Midsummer Night and Other Tales in Verse Hardcover
013697: EUGENE MASON - Lays of Marie de France and Others
015747: WILLIAM BYRON FORBUSH FRANK LINCOLN MASSECK - The Boys' Round Table a Manual of the International Order of the Knights of King Arthur
014142: ALLAN MASSIE - Arthur the King Hardcover
010769: SOPHIE MASSON - The Lady of the Flowers Book Two of the Lay Lines Trilogy
358: ANNE LAWRENCE-MATHERS - The True History of Merlin Hardcover
016717: ANNE LAWRENCE-MATHERS - The True History of Merlin the Magician Hardcover
007952: SHUSAKU ENDO FRANCIS MATHY - The Golden Country a Play About Martyrs in Japan
008860: GARY MATLOCK - Enemy Ancestors the Anasazi World with a Guide to Sites
011459: G.T.ROBERTS T.PARRY HENRY LEWIS DAVID MATTHEW - Robin Ddu Yr Ail O Fon the Bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies Vol. VI. Part I November 1931
015286: JOHN MATTHEWS - Gawain Knight of the Goddess Restoring an Archetype First English Edition Hardcover
013112: CAITLIN & JOHN MATTHEWS - The Arthurian Book of Days Hardcover
014802: JOHN MATTHEWS AND MICHAEL J.STEAD - King Arthur's Britain a Photographic Odyssey Hardcover
014430: JOHN MATTHEWS - A Glastonbury Reader Selections from the Myths, Legends and Stories of Ancient Avalon Hardcover
013717: JOHN MATTHEWS - Taliesin: Shamanism and the Bardic Mysteries in Britain and Ireland
005620: JOHN MATTHEWS - The Grail Quest for the Eternal
013824: JOHN MATTHEWS - A Celtic Reader Hardcover
009920: JOHN MATTHEWS - The Unknown Arthur Forgotten Tales of the Round Table
008004: JOHN MATTHEWS - King Arthur and the Grail Quest Myth and Vision from Celtic Times to the Present First Edition Hardcover
006425: EDITOR WILLIAM MATTHEWS - Medieval Secular Literature Four Essays
007244: JOHN MATTHEWS - Secret Camelot the Lost Legends of King Arthur Hardcover
005825: WILLIAM MATTHEWS - The ILL-Framed Knight a Skeptical Inquiry Into the Identity of Sir Thomas Malory
013711: ROSS NICHOLS FOREWORD BY PHILIP CARR-GOMM EDITED JOHN MATTHEWS - The Book of Druidry History, Sites and Wisdom Hardcover
010505: EDITED JOHN MATTHEWS - At the Table of the Grail "Glatisant and Grail: An Arthurian Fragment" Peter Lamborn Wilson
014023: K.L. MAUD - Gruffudd Ap Cynan a Collaborative Biography Studies in Celtic History XVI
015454: BILL MAULDIN - Up Front Text and Pictures by Bill Mauldin
016314: GEORGE DU MAURIER - Trilby a Novel Original 1895 Hardcover
013602: A.D.H. MAYES - Proceedings of the Irish Biblical Association the Structure and Meaning of Genesis 38 No. 5
014358: HOWARD MAYNADIER - The Arthur of the English Poets First 1907 Hardcover Edition
262: GUSTAVUS HOWARD MAYNADIER - Merlin and Ambrosius by Gustavus Howard Maynadier Anniversary Papers by Colleagues and Pupils of George Lyman Kittredge
005959: WILLIAM MAYNE - The Hill Road Hardcover First Edition
008855: DRAYTON MAYRANT - A Sword from Galway Hardcover
011831: SUSAN MAYSE - Awen: Powys/Mercia, Offa's Dyke, Canu Heledd, 793-796 Ad
010757: PATRICK MCAFEE - Irish Stone Walls History Building Conservation Hardcover
009733: TONY MCALEAVY - Life in Roman Britain
014373: KEVIN E.MCALEESE - Full Circle: First Contact Vikings and Labrador/ le Grand Cercle: Premier Contact
SKU1000159: MCARTHUR, HUGH D. P - The Arthurian Lake: A Secret History of Loch Lomond
016992: HUGH MCARTHUR - King Arthur and the Lake a Secret History of Loch Lomond
015442: L.R. MCBRIDE - Petroglyphs of Hawaii
006019: IAN MCBRIDE - The Siege of Derry in Ulster Protestant Mythology
008815: JACK MCBRIDE - Traveller in the Glens Hardcover
725: NEIL MCCALLUM. - A Small Country Scotland 1700-1830 Hardcover
016196: KATHRYN MCCAMANT AND CHARLES DURRETT FOREWORD ARCHITECT CHARLES W. MOORE - Cohousing a Contemporary Approach to Housing Ourselves Plus Cohousing Ephemera
650: DANIEL P. MCCARTHY - The Irish Annals: Their Genesis, Evolution and History (Hardback)
012326: EDITED IMELDA COLGAN MCCARTHY - Irish Family Studies: Selected Papers
016194: VILHJALMUR STEFANSSON ELOISE MCCASKILL - The Three Voyages of Martin Frobisher in Search of a Passage to Cathay and India by the North-West A.D. 1576-8 and Michael Lok's Account of the First Voyage Hardcover Argonaut Press
005687: TOM MCCAUGHREN - The Legend of the Golden Key Hardcover
013026: CHARLES MCCONNELL - The French Are Landing! the Forgotten Invasion of Carrickfergus in 1760
013633: PATRICK MCCORMACK - The Last Companion a Novel of Arthurian Britain
016954: MALACHI MCCORMICK - Brandub (Black Raven) an Old Irish Board Game of the Seventh Century
011166: MALACHI MCCORMICK - The Pleasures of Irish Nature Poetry 9th-10th Handmade Celtic Christian Poetry Book
013879: MALACHI MCCORMICK - Duanaire: An Anthology of Classic Irish Poetry Translation & Calligrarphy by Malaxhi Mccormick in Dual Language Three Handmade Books in Slipcase
015254: DAVID PRITCHARD MALACHY MCCOURT - Through Irish Eyes a Visual Companion to Angela Mccourts Ireland Hardcover
012759: FRANK MCCOURT - Tis
013728: G.A. HAYES-MCCOY - Irish Battles a Military History of Ireland Hardcover
016344: DAVID GIDMARK ZENA PEARLSTONE ALAN C. HOOVER RON MCCOY - Birchbark Canoes of the Algonquin America Indian Art Magazine Volume 20 Number 3 Summer 1995
007884: F.N.MCCOY - Robert Baillie and the Second Scots Reformation Hardcover
SKU1000131: HAYES-MCCOY, G.A - Irish Battles: A Military History of Ireland
013077: WILLIAM LYNN MCCRACKEN - The Story of John Peter Zenger Defender of Freedom of the Press
013811: IAN MACPHERSON MCCULLOCH - Sons of the Mountains the Highland Regiments in the French and Indian War 1756-1767 Two Volume Set
013998: L.E.MCCULLOUGH - The Complete Irish Tinwhistle Irish Tutor Containing 72 Tunes with Historical Notes & Discography
013983: DAVID WILLIS MCCULLOUGH - Wars of the Irish Kings First American Edition Hardcover
017104: JAMES TUTTLETON JOHN J.MCCUSKER, JR W.R.JONES EDITOR VAN COURTLANDT ELLIOTT - The Manuscript Divisions of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Speculum a Journal of Mediaeval Studies Volume XLI Number 2 April 1966
014736: JERRY N.MCDONALD AND SUSAN L.WOODWARD - Indian Mounds of the Atlantic Coast a Guide to Sites from Maine to Florida
586: MICHAEL A. MCDONNELL - Masters of Empire Great Lakes Indians and the Making of America
009760: IAN MCDOWELL - Mordred's Curse
009193: R.B. MCDOWELL - Social Life in Ireland 1800-45
009124: PATRICIA AAKHUS MCDOWELL - The Voyage of Mael Duin First Irish Hardcover Edition
005324: IAN MCDOWELL - Merlin's Gift
012028: KEVIN T. MCENEANEY - Runic Tongue Signed and Inscribed
014573: WILLIAM MCFEE - The Law of the Sea Hardcover
005661: JAMES MCGARRY - Place Names in the Writings of William Butler Yeats Hardcover
SKU1000130: MCGARRY, JAMES - Place Names in the Writings of William Butler Yeats
013846: LAURIE DOLPHIN E. ALAN MCGEE - Georgia to Georia Making Friends in the U.S. S.R.
009112: JOHN C.MCGEE - Irish Songs of Love and War Signed and Inscribed
015602: ROBERT MCGHEE - The Last Imaginary Place a Human History of the Arctic World Hardcover
5222: FRANK WILCOX EDITED WILLIAM A. MCGILL - Ohio Indian Trails a Pictorial Survey of the Indian Trails of Ohio Arranged from the Works of the Late Frank Wilcox Hardcover
012395: WILLIAM R.MCGLONE AND PHILIP M.LEONARD - Ancient Celtic America
016297: KEN MCGOOGAN - Ancient Mariner the Arctic Adventures of Samuel Hearne, the Sailor Who Inspired Coleridges's Masterpiece Hardcover
015100: PAUL JOHNSTONE SEAN MCGRAIL - The Sea-Craft of Prehistory Hardcover
005994: DESMOND MCGUIRE - History of Ireland Hardcover
014894: STUART MCHARDY - The Quest for Arthur
341: GEORGESS MCHARGUE - Elidor and the Golden Ball Hardcover
014564: CATHERINE A. MCKENNA - The Medieval Welsh Religious Lyric Poems of the Gogynfeirdd 1137-1282 Hardcover
735: MORAY MCLAREN - If Freedom Fail First Edition Hardcover
009074: SCOTT A. MCLEAN - From Lochnaw to Manitoulin a Highland Soldier's Tour Through Upper Canada
016458: EDITED ANN MCMULLEN AND RUSSELL G.HANDMAN - A Key Into the Language of Woodsplint Baskets
015749: JAMES MCMURRY - The Catskill Witch and Other Tales of the Hudson Valley Original Hardcover Signed by the Artist Jeff Jones
015505: ROBERT E. MCNALLY - The Bible in the Early Middle Ages
014766: KENNETH MCNALLY - Standing Stones and Other Monuments of Early Ireland
015099: D.R.MCNALLY - Irish Wonders Popular Tales Told by the People Ghosts, Pookas, Leprechauns, Giants, Fairies, Witches, Banshees Hardcover
008802: COLM MCNAMEE - The Wars of the Bruces Hardcover
011191: F. MARIANL MCNEILL - The Silver Bough Complete Four Volume Hardcover Set Vol. 1. Scottish Folklore and Folk Belief Vol 2. A Calendar of Scottish National Festivals Candlemas to Harvest Home Vol 3. Halloween to Yule Vol 4. The Local Festivals of Scotland
009254: F.MARIAN MCNEILL - The Scots Cellar Hardcover
007079: TOM MCNEILL - Castles in Ireland Feudal Power in a Gaelic World Hardcover
009143: RENNIE MCOWAN - Stories of the Clans
013169: BOB MCQUILLEN - Bob's 3 Note Book Jigs Reels & Other Tunes
008967: GLENNA MCREYNOLDS - Dream Stone Hardcover
006798: GEORGE TERENCE MEADEN - The Stonehenge Solution Hardcover
014896: THOMAS MEAGHER - Rebel on Two Continents Thomas Meagher Hardcover
014150: DEE MORRISON MEANY - Iseult
007645: WALTER O' MEARA - The Duke of War Hardcover First Edition

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