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139505: ECKLER, REBECCA - The Lucky Sperm Club
179555: ECKSTEIN, BOB - The History of the Snowman: From the Ice Age to the Flea Market
170591: ECO, UMBERTO - Turning Back the Clock
185192: ECO, UMBERTO - The Infinity of Lists: An Illustrated Essay
185327: ECO, UMBERTO - The Name of the Rose
103639: ECO, UMBERTO; BROCK, GEOFFREY; BROCK, GEOFF - The Mysterious Flame Of Queen Loana
173046: ECO, UMBERTO - Kant and the Platypus: Essays on Language and Cognition
132585: EDDIE, DAVID - Chump Change
156559: EDDISON, ERIC RHUCKER - The Worm Ouroboros (Illustrated Edition) (Dodo Press)
R02413: EDDY, MARY BAKER; BRISBANE, ARTHUR - What Mrs. Eddy said to Arthur Brisbane; the celebrated interview of the eminent journalist with the discoverer and founder of Christian Science
161905: EDDY, TRISIA - Edith and Aurelia a Romantic Tragedy in Five Acts
150146: EDE, H.S. - Savage Messiah
090142: EDELSTEIN, DAVID - Occupational Hazards: Success and Failure in Military Occupation
185983: EDELSTEIN, EMMA J.; EDELSTEIN, LUDWIG - Asclepius: Collection and Interpretation of the Testimonies
162748: EDEN, PROFESSOR KATHY; EDEN, KATHY - Friends Hold All Things in Common: Tradition, Intellectual Property, and the Adages of Erasmus
089922: EDEN, STEVEN - Military Blunders: Wartime Fiascoes from the Roman Age Through World War I
171900: EDEN, BARBARA - Jeannie Out of the Bottle
179806: EDER, TAMARA - Whales and Other Marine Mammals of British Columbia and Alaska
131004: EDEY, MAITLAND A., & DONALD C. JOHANSON - Blueprints Solving the Mystery of Evolution
105333: EDGAR, PELHAM - Henry James Man and Author
121509: EDGE, MARC - Pacific Press: The Unauthorized Story of Vancouver's Newspaper Monopoly
109877: MORYS-EDGE, DEREK - Artists of British COlumbia
185167: EDGE, FRED - The Iron Rose: The Life of Dr. Charlotte Ross
165157: EDGECOMBE, RUTH; DOVERS, STEPHEN; GUEST, BILL - South Africa's Environmental History: Cases & Comparisons
165954: EDGREN, GRETCHEN - The Playboy Book: Forty Years
R01177: EDIGER, DONALD - The Well of Sacrifice : An Account of the Expedition to Recover the Lost Mayan Treasures of Chichen Itza
129728: EDINBOROUGH, ARNOLD - Arnold Edinborough: An Autobiography
137354: EDIS, TANER - The Ghost in the Universe: God in Light of Modern Science
187980: EDISON, MATTHEW - The Domino Heart
U00061: EDISON, MARGARET E. (EDITOR) - Thoreau MacDonald : A Catalogue of Design and Illustration
180038: CLARK, DOUGLAS, EDITED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY - The John Henry Hinton Photographs China 1894-1918
127239: WOLFE, GREGORY, EDITED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY - The New Religious Humanists: A Reader
185606: RICH, E.E., EDITED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY - James Isham's Observations on Hudsons Bay, 1743, and Notes and Observations on a Book Entitled A Voyage to Hudsons Bay in the Dobbs Galley, 1749
137291: DONALDSON, GORDON, EDITED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY - The Memoirs of Sir James Melville of Halhill
177970: WILLIAMS, GLYN, EDITED AND INTRODUCED BY - The Quest for the Northwest Passage
117390: BARLOW, ROGER, EDITED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION AND NOTES BY E.G.R.TAYLOR - A Brief Summe of Geographie: Works Issued By the Hakluyt Society, Second Series No. LXIX
144611: WOOD, LT.-COLONEL WILLIAM, EDITED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY - The Logs of the Conquest of Canada
170630: PRATT, E.J., EDITED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY NORTHROP FRYE - Collected Poems E.J.Pratt, Second Edition Revised and Enlarged to Include All the Poet's Major Works
110820: PATON, G. CAMPBELL H., EDITED AND ANNOTATED BY - Baron David Hume's Lectures 1786-1822, Volume 1
185941: GREER, ALLAN, EDITED WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY - Peasant, Lord, and Merchant: Rural Society in Three Quebec Parishes, 1740-1840
186004: LAJEUNESSE, ERNEST J., EDITED AND WITH AND INTRODUCTION BY - The Windsor Border Region Canada's Southernmost Frontier A Collection of Documents, Ontario Series IV
169847: VAN EMDEN, RICHARD, EDITED AND INTRODUCED BY - Sapper Martin : The Secret Great War Diary of Albert Martin
167338: ONASSIS, J., EDITED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY - The Firebird and Other Russian Fairy Tales
163938: ROLAND, CHARLES G., EDITED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY - Sir William Osler 1849-1919 : A Selection for Medical Students
163954: HODGSON, HEATHER, EDITED AND COMPILED BY - Seventh Generation Contemporary Native Writing
136505: WHITE, PATRICK C.T., EDITED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY - Lord Selkirk's Diary 1803-1804 A Journal of His Travels in British North AMerica and the Northeastern United States
132970: MORTON, W.L., EDITED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY - Alexander Begg's Red River Journal and Other Papers Relative to the Red River Resistance of 1869-1870
088282: KRYSTAL, ATHUR, EDITED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY - A Company of Readers: Uncollected Writings of W. H. Auden, Jacques Barzun, and Lionel Trilling from the Reader's Subscription and Mid-Century Book Clubs
132992: RICH, E.E., EDITED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY - Colin Robertson's Correspondence Book, September 1817 to Septemeber 1822
171317: GRANT, DOUGLAS, EDITED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY - The Poetical Works of Charles Churchill
113052: WILLIAMS, GLYNDWR, EDITED WITH INTRODUCTIONS BY - Hudson's Bay Miscellany 1670-1870
143483: SOPHOCLES, EDITED AND TRANSLATED BY HUGH LLOYD-JONES - Sophocles: Antigone, the Women of Trachis, Philoctetes Oedipus at Colonus
171241: SCHOFIELD, ROBERT E., EDITED WITH COMMENTARY BY - A Scientific Autobiography of Joseph Priestley (1733-1804), Selected Scientific Correspondence
A02016: LINDSAY, DEBRA, EDITED AND INTRODUCED BY - The Modern Beginnings of Subarctic Ornithology: Northern Correspondence With the Smithsonian Institution, 1856-68
168937: WHITE, HOWARD, EDITED WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY - Raincoast Chronicles First Five Collector's Edition
178028: DUVERNET, SYLVIA, EDITED WITH COMMENTARY BY - Portrait of a personality: Archbishop Frederick Herbert DuVernet
157276: TALBOT, C.H., EDITED AND TRANSLATED BY - The Life of Christina of Markyate: A 12th Century Recluse
130406: DONNE, JOHN, SELECTED, EDITED AND INTRODUCED BY RIVERS SCOTT - No Man is an Island A Selection from the Prose of John Donne
163961: MOSS, JOHN, EDITED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY - Future Indicative: Literary Theory and Canadian Literature (Reappraisals: Canadian Writers)
136114: GRAHAM, GERALD S., EDITED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY - The Walker Expedition to Quebec, 1711
119340: CARROLL, JOHN B., EDITED AND WITH AN INTRODUCION BY - Language, Tought, and Reality Selected Writings of Benjamin Lee Whorf
141431: KEGG, MAUDE, EDITED AND TRANSCRIBED BY JOHN D. NICHOLS - Portage Lake Memories of an Ojibwe Childhood
108178: EMMNONS, TERENCE, TRANSLTED, EDITED AND INTRODUCED BY - Time of Troubles: The Diary of Iurii Vladimirovich Got'E Moscow, July 8, 1917 to July 23, 1922
098182: MARKHAM, CLEMENTS R. EDITED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY - The Hawkins'Voyages During the Reigns of Henry VII, Queen Elizabeth, and James I
187304: BLOOM, HAROLD, EDITED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY - Samuel Richardson (Modern critical views)
155026: WHITE, HOWARD, EDITED WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY - Raincoast Chronicles First Five Collector's Edition
171351: KEENEY, BRADFORD, EDITED WITH COMMENTARY BY - Way of the Bushman: Spiritual Teachings and Practices of the Kalahari Ju/'hoansi
136296: WARD, GEOFFREY C., EDITED AND ANNOTATED BY - Closest Companion: The Unknown Story of the Intimate Relationship Between Franklin Roosevelt and Margaret Suckley
112873: STRACHEY, LYTTON, EDITED AND INTRODUCED BY MICHAEL HOLROYD - Queen Victoria : An Eminent Illustrated Biography
173421: MOYLES, R.G., EDITED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY - The Salvation Army and the Public: Historical and Descriptive Essays
132975: ROBERTSON, COLIN, EDITED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY E.E.RICH, ASSISTED BY R. HARVEY FLEMING - Colin Robertson's Correspondence Book, September 1817 to September 1822
188183: GRAHAM, HARRY ("COL. D. STREAMER), EDITED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY FRANCES BOWLES - Across Canada to the Klondyke Being the Journal of a Ten Thousand Mile Tour Through the "Great North West", July 19th - October 13th, 1900
169015: MURPHY, J., EDITOR AND PUBLISHER - Scarlet & Gold 75th Edition 1993-1994
038302: RICHARDS, J. HOWARD, EDITOR AND DIRECTOR - Atlas of Saskatchewan
136600: RICH, E.E., EDITOR AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY W. STEWART WALLACE - Part of a Dispatch from George Simpson Esq Governor of Ruperts Land To the Governor & Committee of The Hudson's Bay Company London
169016: MURPHY, J., EDITOR AND PUBLISHER - Scarlet & Gold 76th Edition 1994-1995
163221: KING, J.C.H., EDITOR WITH HENRIETTA LIDCHI - Imaging the Arctic
169017: MURPHY, J., EDITOR AND PUBLISHER - Scarlet & Gold 77th Edition 1995-1996
169014: MURPHY, J., EDITOR AND PUBLISHER - Scarlet & Gold 74th Edition 1992-1993
169018: MURPHY, J., EDITOR AND PUBLISHER - Scarlet & Gold 78th Edition 1996-1997
169019: MURPHY, J., EDITOR AND PUBLISHER - Scarlet & Gold 74th Edition 1992-1993
169020: MURPHY, J., EDITOR AND PUBLISHER - Scarlet & Gold 72nd Edition 1990-1991
108712: KASSAM, KUTUB, EDITOR AND INTRODUCED BY - Shimmering Light: An Anthology of Ismaili Poetry
142333: WHYTE, IAIN BOYD, EDITOR AND TRANSLATOR - The Crystal Chain Letters: Architectural Fantasies by Bruno Taut and His Circle
181715: ASIAPACIFIC EDITORIAL - Gateway to Eurasian Culture
157048: BENMAYOR,RINA & ANDOR SKOTNES, EDITORS - Migration and Identity (Memory and Narrative)
160065: EDMONDS, ANNA G. - Turkey's Religious Sites
158934: EDMONDS, ANNA G - Turkey's religious sites
172508: EDMONDS, DAVID; EIDINOW, JOHN - Wittgenstein's Poker : The Story of a Ten-Minute Argument Between Two Great Philosophers
148031: EDMONDS, DAVID; EIDINOW, JOHN - Wittgenstein's Poker : The Story of a Ten-Minute Argument Between Two Great Philosophers
167506: EDMONDS, MARGOT;CLARK, ELLA E. - Voices of the Winds: Native American Legends
127944: EDMONSON, MUNRO - Status Terminology and the Social Structure of North American Indians
115491: EDMONSON, MUNRO, S., EDITOR, WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF PATRICIA A. ANDREWS - Linguistics, Supplement to the Handbook of Middle American Indians, Volume Two
187353: CITY OF EDMONTON - Naming Edmonton : Ada to Zoie
143742: CITY OF EDMONTON - Naming Edmonton : Ada to Zoie
184736: EDMUNDS, LOWELL - Approaches to Greek Myth
126816: EDMUNDSON, BRUCE - Two Voices
140097: EDRIC, ROBERT - Broken Lands
126938: EDSON, JERROD - The Dirty Milkman
125636: EDUARDO, LEIGH - Mistresses: True Stories of Seduction, Power And Ambition
164721: EDUGYAN, ESI - Dreaming of Elsewhere: Observations on Home (Henry Kreisel Lecture)
A00824: EDUGYAN, ESI - The Second Life of Samuel Tyne
177173: EDUGYAN, ESI - The Second Life of Samuel Tyne
080516: EDWARDES, MICHAEL - East-West Passage: The Travel of Ideas, Arts and Inventions between Asia and the Western World
170613: EDWARDS, BERNARD - The Wolf Packs Gather: Mayhem in the Western Approaches 1940
114508: EDWARDS, CATERINA - A Whiter Shade of Pale/Becoming Emma: Two Novellas
067696: EDWARDS, JANNIE - Blood Opera : The Raven Tango Poems
105801: EDWARDS, CATERINA - The Lion's Mouth
172377: EDWARDS, FRANCIS - The Gunpowder Plot. The Narrative of Oswald Tesimond Alias Greenway
175601: LUCKE, LT. FRITZ, WITH ROBERT EDWARDS AND MICHAEL OLIVE - Panzer Wedge Volume Two: The German 3rd Panzer Division and Barbarossa's Failure at the Gates of Moscow
176429: EDWARDS, BETTY HELDSDON - Who Is Paddy Rooski? : Sayings from My Life in the Cariboo
112552: EDWARDS, ERNEST P. - Easy Access
121596: EDWARDS, PETER;AUGER, MICHEL - The Encyclopedia of Canadian Organized Crime
105701: EDWARDS, WYNNE; LINDEN, DIANNE - Running Barefoot : Women Write the Land
083302: EDWARDS, WYNNE; LINDEN, DIANNE - Running Barefoot : Women Write the Land
163295: EDWARDS, BOB ; HUGH A. DEMPSEY (EDITOR) - The Best of Bob Edwards
037009: EDWARDS, CATERINA - The Lion's Mouth
149120: EDWARDS, RALPH - The Trail to the Charmed Land
094293: EDWARDS, CATERINA - Island of the Nightingales
140298: EDWARDS, LISA J. - A Dog Named Boo : How One Dog and One Woman Rescued Each Other -- and the Lives They Transformed Along the Way
045883: EDWARDS, CATERINA - A Whiter Shade of Pale/Becoming Emma: Two Novellas
185448: EDWARDS, ISABEL - Ruffles on My Longjohns
107833: EDWARDS, CATERINA - Homeground
100784: EDWARDS, BERNARD - Donitz and the Wolf Packs
177762: EDWARDS, BETTY - The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain: A Course in Enhancing Creativity and Artistic Confidence
114646: EDWARDS, JAMES ; LAVIGNE, J P A MICHAEL - Kittyhawk Pilot
180459: EDWARDS, BETTY - Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain: A Course in Enhancing Creativity and Artistic Confidence
138222: EDWARDS, JANNIE - The Possibilities of Thirst
128014: EELLS, MYRON - The Indians of Puget Sound: The Notebooks of Myron Eells
185107: EEMEREN, FRANS H VAN - Crucial Concepts in Argumentation Theory
131355: EFFINGER, GEORGE ALEC - When Gravity Fails
155829: EGAN, TIMOTHY - Lasso the Wind: Away to the New West
151243: EGAN, VAN GORMAN - Rivers on My Mind
188143: EGERTON, CLEMENT - The Golden Lotus
173239: EGERTON, DOUGLAS R. - Year of Meteors: Stephen Douglas, Abraham Lincoln, and the Election that Brought on the Civil War
169547: EGGENBERGER, JOHN; MERRICK, BOB; MUNRO, DOUG - Night Fighters : Stories from the Flyers of Canada's All-Weather Fighter Force: Canada and Europe, 1953 to 1984
181175: EGMOND, FLORIKE; MASON, DR. PETER - The Mammoth and the Mouse: Microhistory and Morphology
165297: EGOFF, SHEILA A. - Books That Shaped Our Minds: A Bibliographical Catalogue of Selections Chiefy from Arkley Collection of Early Historical Children's Literature in the ... of British Columbia. Library), No. 3.)
157368: EHRENPREIS, IRVIN - Swift: Dean Swift Volume III: The Man, His Works and the Age (Vol 3)
087672: EHRENREICH, BARBARA - Blood Rites: Origins and History of the Passions of War
184064: EHRENREICH, BARBARA - Living with a Wild God: A Nonbeliever's Search for the Truth about Everything
181844: EHRLICH, GRETEL - The Future of Ice: A Journey into Cold
083576: EHRMAN, BART D. - Jesus Interrupted Revealing the Hidden Contradictions in the Bible
187477: EHRMAN, VLASTIMI - Grumman Wildcat Modelpres 9
180337: EHRMAN, VLASTIMIL - Curtiss P-40
136979: EHRMAN, BART D. - Jesus Interrupted Revealing the Hidden Contradictions in the Bible
170810: EHRMAN, BART D. - The New Testament (The Great Courses, Course Number 656)
162902: EHRMAN, BART D. - Did Jesus Exist?: The Historical Argument for Jesus of Nazareth
177640: EHRMAN, BART D - Peter, Paul and Mary Magdalene: The Followers of Jesus in History and Legend
131781: EHRMAN, BART D - The Lost Gospels of Judas Iscariot A New Look at Betrayer and Betrayed
170535: EIBEL, DEBORAH - Streets Too Narrow for Parades
U02238: EIBEL, DEBORAH - Kayak Sickness, Selected Poems, 1958-1971
151321: EICH, ERIC; KIHLSTROM, JOHN F.; BOWER, GORDON H.; FORGAS, JOSEPH P.; NIEDENTHAL, PAULA M. - Cognition and Emotion (Counterpoints: Cognition, Memory, and Language)
058280: EICHER, DAVID - Gettysburg Battlefield: The Definitive Illustrated History
137908: EIDE, HAROLD - The Norwegian: A Rollicking Tale of the Wild Trails and the Lure of Gold
124138: EIDE, ARTHUR HANSIN - Drums Pof Diomede, The Transformation of the Alaska Eskimo
181171: EIFERT, LARRY - Field Guide to Old-Growth Forests: Explore the Ancient Forests of California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia
185756: EIG, JONATHAN - Get Capone
187991: COLLINS, EILEEN AND THE TOURISM ADVISORY COMMITTEE OF THE TOWN OF HAY RIVER - I've Been Here Ever Since...An Informal Oral History of Hay River
170511: EIMER, DAVID - The Emperor Far Away: Travels at the Edge of China
185870: EINARSON, JOHN - Four Strong Winds : Ian and Sylvia - Their Story
179348: EINARSON, JOHN; BACHMAN, RANDY - Randy Bachman: Takin' Care of Business
173347: EINARSSON, HELGI - Helgi Einarsson, a Manitoba Fisherman
188358: EINSTEIN, ALBERT - Albert Einstein : Out of My Later Years
178863: EINSTEIN, ALBERT - Ideas and Opinions
143077: EINSTEIN, ALBERT - Relativity the Special and General Theory
185239: EINSTEIN, ALBERT - The World As I See It
129751: EINSTEIN, ALBERT;BORN, MAX;BORN, HEDWIG - The Born-Einstein Letters: Correspondence between Albert Einstein and Max and Hedwig Born from 1916 to 1955
R02430: EISELEY, LOREN - Darwin and the Mysterious Mr. X
181633: EISENBAUM, PAMELA - Paul Was Not a Christian: The Original Message of a Misunderstood Apostle
062337: EISENHAUER, JOHN, AND BOZENA KOLAR - Rivers on Borrowed Time Eight Great ALberta Waterways, and What We Must Do to Save Them
172036: EISENHOWER, JOHN S.D. - The Bitter Woods
155770: EISENMAN, ROBERT - The Dead Sea Scrolls and the First Christians: Essays and Translations
169633: EISENMAN, ROBERT H.; WISE, MICHAEL - The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered: The First Complete Translation and Interpretation of 50 Key Documents Withheld for over 35 Years
123369: EISENSTAEDT, ALFRED - Eisenstaedt's Celebrity Portraits: Fifty Years of Friends and Acquaintances
092141: EISENSTEIN, BERNICE - I Was a Child of Holocaust Survivors
141370: SCHMOLL GEN. EISENWERTH, J.A. - Auguste Rodin and Camille Claudel
100829: EISLER, RIANE - The Chalice and the Blade: Our History, Our Future
124366: EISLER, BENITA - O'Keeffe and Stieglitz: An American Romance
119060: EISLER, RIANE - The Chalice and the Blade: Our History, Our Future
119193: EISLER, BENITA - Byron: Child of Passion, Fool of Fame
157119: EISNER, PETER - The Pope's Last Crusade: How an American Jesuit Helped Pope Pius XI's Campaign to Stop Hitler
183901: EISNER, MICHAEL D., FOREWORD BY - Walt Disney Imagineering: A Behind the Dreams Look At Making the Magic Real
181849: EISNER, WILL - Last Day In Vietnam
170055: EISNER, LOTTE H. - Murnau (Cinema Two)
168755: EIZENSTAT, STUART E. - The Future of the Jews: How Global Forces are Impacting the Jewish People, Israel, and Its Relationship with the United States
110939: EKIRCH, A. ROGER - Birthright: The True Story of the Kidnapping of Jemmy Annesley
180996: EKIRCH, A. ROGER - At Day's Close: Night in Times Past
182778: EKLOW, ROBBI JOY - Free Expression
131963: DALAI LAMA;EKMAN, PAUL - Emotional Awareness: Overcoming the Obstacles to Psychological Balance and Compassion A Conversation Between The Dalai Lama and Paul Ekman, Ph.D.
179699: EKMAN, FREDRIK ; MAGNUS BÄRTÅS - All Monsters Must Die: An Excursion to North Korea
179173: HANS-GORAN EKMAN - Strindberg and the Five Senses
125797: EKSTEINS, MODRIS - Walking since Daybreak : A Story of Eastern Europe, World War II and the Heart of Our Century
130914: EKSTEINS, MODRIS - Solar Dance: Genius, Forgery and the Crisis of Truth in the Modern Age
108898: EKVALL, ROBERT B. - Fields on the Hoof: Nexus of Tibetan Nomadic Pastoralism
165064: ELDER, LINDA - The Thinker's Guide to How to Write a Paragraph
165066: ELDER, LINDA - A Miniature Guide For Those Who Teach On How to Improve Student Learning
143954: ELDER, LINDA - A Miniture Guide to Scientific Thinking
184157: ELDER, NORNNAN - Essay and Poems: Exploration and Art Series, Volume II
184470: ELDER, ALAN C; WRIGHT, VIRGINIA - Evolutionary Acts Twenty Five Years of Sheridan College School of Crafts and Design
129503: ELDERFIELD, JOHN - Morris Louis: The Museum of Modern Art, New York
118561: GWICH'IN ELDERS - Gwich'in words About the Land / nanh' Kak Geenjit Gwich'in Ginjik
173127: ELDREDGE, CHARLES - Georgia O'Keeffe (Library of American Art)
096638: ELDREDGE, NILES - Darwin : Discovering the Tree of Life
161662: ELDREDGE, JOHN; ELDREDGE, STASI - Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man's Soul
185537: ELDREDGE, WARD - Sequoia National Park (Images of America: California)
124632: ELDREDGE, NILES - Life in the Balance: Humanity and the Biodiversity Crisis
115902: ELDRIDGE, RICHARD, EDITOR - Beyond Representation: Philosophy and Poetic Imagination
176750: ELDRIDGE, NILES - The Pattern of Evolution
054566: ELEY, BEVERLEY - The Book of David
161986: ELFENBEIN, ANDREW - Romanticism and the Rise of English
184650: ELGER, DIETMAR - How to Paint Abstracts (Pocket Art Guides)
139771: ELGOOD, ROBERT - Islamic Arms and Armour
184001: ELIADE, MIRCEA - Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy
165322: ELIAS, JAMAL J. - The Throne Carrier of God: The Life and Thought of 'Ala' Ad-Dawla As-Simnani
183535: VIC ELIAS - Drinking With Old Men
170800: ELIASON, IVY - Pioneer Pathways Rural Wetaskiwin, Volume 1 and 2
185563: ELIOT, CHARLES W - English Poetry : Volume II -- from Collins to Fitzgerald
141648: ELIOT, GEORGE - The Mill on the Floss
145045: ELIOT, CHARLES W, EDITOR - Sacred Writings Volume One, Confucian, Hebrew, Christian, Part One. With Introductions, Notes and Illustrations
178550: ELIOT, T.S. - Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats
133276: ELIOT, GEORGE;THOMSON, FRED C. - Felix Holt, the Radical
145051: ELIOT, CHARLES W, EDITOR - English Poetry : Volume III -- from Tennyson to Whitman
163718: ELIOT, T.S., AND GEORGE HOELLERING - The Film of Murder in the Cathedral
133275: ELIOT, GEORGE, HAIGHT, GORDON SHERMAN - The Mill on the Floss
144375: ELIOT, CHARLES - The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
144379: ELIOT, CHARLES - English Poetry Volume 1
119581: ELIOT, T S - The Use of Poetry and the Use of Criticism: Studies in the Relation of Criticism to Poetry in England.
145043: ELIOT, CHARLES W, EDITOR - John Stuart Mill Autobiography , Essay on Liberty, Thomas Carlyle, Characteristics, Iaugural Address, Essay on Scott
079631: ELIOT, T S - The Cocktail Party
183210: ELIOT, T. S.; ELIOT, VALERIE (EDITOR) - The Letters of T. S. Eliot, 1898-1922 (Vol. 1) (Letters of T. S. Eliot, 1898-1922 Ser., Vol. 1)
137212: ELIOT, GEORGE - The Complete Novels (7 Volume set)
144382: ELIOT, CHARLES - Scientific Papers
147781: ELIOT, T.S. - The Confidential Clerk
130208: ELIOT, CHARLES - Japanese Buddhism
144495: ELIOT, CHARLES - Modern English Drama
123708: ELIOT, T S - The Cocktail Party
144203: ELIOT, GEORGE - Silas Marner The Weaver of Raveloe
107001: ELIOT, GEORGE - The Mill on the Floss
142489: ELISON, GEORGE;SMITH, BARDWELL L. - Warlords Artists and Commoners: Japan in the Sixteenth Century
147580: COLSON, ELIZABETH AND MAX GLUCKMAN, EDITORS - Seven Tribes of Central Africa
158805: BLACK ELK, WALLACE H.;LYON, WILLIAM S. - Black Elk: The Sacred Ways of a Lakota
125530: ELKHADEM, SAAD - One Night in Cairo: An Egyptian Micronovel With Footnotes
180502: ELKIN, EUGENE - The Friendship
120135: ELKINS, JAMES - Our Beautiful, Dry, and Distant Texts: Art History As Writing
124709: ELKINS, CAROLINE - Imperial Reckoning: The Untold Story of Britain's Gulag in Kenya
171966: ELKINS, CAROLINE - Imperial Reckoning: The Untold Story of Britain's Gulag in Kenya
181638: ELLEGARD, ALVAR - Jesus: One Hundred Years Before Christ
176396: ELLENBOGEN, GEORGE - The Rhino Gate Poems
179624: ELLERBY, JONATHAN H. - Return to The Sacred: Ancient Pathways to Spiritual Awakening
123993: ELLIOT, G. F. SCOTT - Chile : Its History and Development, Natural Features, Products, Commerce and Present Conditions
069737: ELLIOT, ELAINE; LEE, VIRGINIA - Lobster : Recipes from Canadian Chefs Coast to Coast
095729: ELLIOT, ROSE - The Classic Vegetarian Cookbook
142457: ELLIOT, DAVID STEWART - Last Raid of the Daltons
047063: ELLIOT, JAMES; KERR, RICHARD - Rings: Discoveries from Galileo to Voyager
162411: ELLIOTT, BRUCE S - Men of Upper Canada: Militia nominal rolls, 1828-1829
126801: ELLIOTT, HENRY W. - A Monograph of the Seal-Islands of Alaska
167293: ELLIOTT, AUDREY - And Then There Was Penny
147390: ELLIOTT, BRUCE S. - Irish Migrants in Canadas: A New Approach
050625: ELLIOTT, CLIFFORD - Apples of Gold to Gladden the Heart
172883: ELLIOTT, GORDON RAYMOND - Barkerville, Quesnel & the Cariboo Gold Rush
128644: ELLIOTT, A.J. - The Aging Nymph
174731: ELLIOTT, JAMES E. - Strange Fatality: The Battle of Stoney Creek, 1813
177087: ELLIOTT, CHARLES - Gone Fishin'
163683: ELLIOTT, ANTHONY - Psychoanalytic Theory: An Introduction
177267: ELLIOTT, JAMES E. - Strange Fatality: The Battle of Stoney Creek, 1813
108787: ELLIOTT, GEORGE - Cape Dorset 1971
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187101: FERGUSON, NIALL - The War of the World: Twentieth-Century Conflict and the Descent of the West
183819: FERGUSON, GEORGE - Signs & Symbols in Christian Art
187844: FERGUSON, WILL - Beyond Belfast
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181348: FERGUSON, NIALL - Colossus: The Price of America's Empire
183543: FERGUSON, MARY; SAUNDERS, RICHARD - Canadian Wildflowers
151421: FERGUSON, NIALL - Empire : The Rise and Demise of the British World Order and the Lessons for Global Power
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142510: FERGUSSON, BERNARD - The Trumpet in the Hall, 1930-1958
137395: FERGUSSON, CHARLES BRUCE - The Diary of Simeon Perkins 1804-1812
150157: FERLENGA, ALBERTO, EDITOR - Aldo Rossi: The Life and Works of an Architect
171738: FERLET, RENE ; POULET GUY - Aconcagua: South Face
145022: FERLING, JOHN - John Adams A Life
117628: FERLING, JOHN - The Ascent of George Washington
072252: FERLINGHETTI, LAWRENCE - Landscapes of Living and Dying
171116: FERLLINI, ROXANA - Silent Witness: How Forensic Anthropology is Used to Solve the World's Toughest Crimes
144492: FERMI, LAURA - Illustrious Immigrants: The Intellectual Migration from Europe, 1930-1941.
172662: FERMOR, PATRICK - A Time of Gifts
157970: FERMOR, PATRICK LEIGH - The Traveller's Tree: A Journey through the Carribean Islands
183282: FELIPE-FERNANDEZ, ARMESTO - 1492 The Year the World Began
076517: FERNANDEZ, CARMEN - Reiki Healing: The Art of Healing Through Universal Energy
154806: FERNIE, DONALD - The Whisper & the Vision: The Voyages of the Astronomers
129261: FERNS, S. J.;FERNS, H.S. - Eighty-Five Years in Canada
158732: FEROZ, AHMAD - The Making of Modern Turkey (Making of the Middle East)
140352: FERRANTI, SETH, EDITED BY RON CHEPESIUX - Gorila Convict The Prison Writings of Seth Ferranti
167032: FERREIRO, LARRIE D. - Measure of the Earth The Enlgihtenment That Expedition That Reshaped the World
151134: FERREIRO, LARRIE D. - Measure of the Earth The Enlgihtenment That Expedition That Reshaped the World
176356: HEPBURN FERRER, SEAN - Audrey Hepburn An Elegant Spirit
154115: FERRERO, FRANCO - White Water Safety and Rescue
094448: FERRILL, ARTHUR - Fall of the Roman Empire
153331: FERRIS, JOHN - Calgary Papers in Military and Strategic Studies
178383: FERRIS, T L - Our Treasured Heritage
129586: FERRIS, TIMOTHY - The Science of Liberty
175181: FERRIS, SHAWNA - Street Sex Work and Canadian Cities: Resisting a Dangerous Order
184249: FERRIS, KENNETH A. - The Rockies: An Artist's View
177212: FERRIS, TIMOTHY - The Whole Shebang: A State-Of-The-Universes Report
176242: FERRIS, SCOTT R. - Rockwell Kent's Forgotten Landscape
154321: FERRY, LUC - The Wisdom of the Myths: How Greek Mythology Can Change Your Life
176535: FERRY, LUC - A Brief History of Thought: A Philosophical Guide to Living (Learning to Live)
166517: FERSIN, NICHOLAS - The Florentine Fior Di Virtu of 1491 ( with Facsimiles of the Original Wood Cuts )
118892: FEST, JOACHIM C.;FEST, JOACHIM - Speer: The Final Verdict
177214: FEST, JOACHIM C.;FEST, JOACHIM - Speer: The Final Verdict
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125349: FESTING, SALLY - Gertrude Jekyll
157617: FETHERLING, GEORGE - A little bit of thunder: The strange inner life of the Kingston Whig-Standard
179697: FETHERLING, DOUG - Moving Towards the Vertical Horizon
U01006: FETHERLING, DOUGLAS - Gentle Anarchist
151266: FETHERLING, DOUGLAS - Selected Poems
158332: FETHERLING, GEORGE - Travels by Night: A Memoir of the Sixties
081053: FETTERLY, RAY V - Guardians of the Wilderness
069236: FEUTL, RITA - Rescue At Fort Edmonton
155723: FEY, MARSHALL - Slot Machines: A Pictorial History of the First 100 Years of the World's Most Popular Coin-Operated Gaming Device
122441: FEY, WILLIAM - Armor Battles of the Waffen Ss 1943-1945
124485: FEYNMAN, RICHARD P;ROBBIN S, JEFFREY - The Pleasure of Finding Things Out: The Best Short Works of Richard P. Feynman
153482: FFOULKES, CHARLES - Gunfounders of England
121513: FICHTENAU, HEINRICH - The Carolingian Empire
110324: FICKE, ARTHUR DAVISON - Sonnets of a Portrait-Painter
134119: FIDELER, DAVID, EDITOR - Alexandria 5: Cosmology, Philosophy, Myth, and Culture
134120: FIDELER, DAVID - Alexandria 4, Cosmology, Philosophy, Myth and Culture
170772: FIDLER, RICHARD - RCMP: The real subversives
081788: FIDLER, PETER - A Look at Peter Fidlers Journal: Journal of a Journey Over Land from Buckingham House to the Rocky Mountains in 1792 & 3 - Southern Alberta Bicentennial
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R02198: FIEDEL, STUART J. - Prehistory of the Americas
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A02659: FIELDING, HENRY; HENLEY, WILLIAM ERNEST - The Complete Works of Henry Fielding Complete and Unbridged: Legal Writings
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156564: FIELDS, STANLEY; JOHNSTON, MARK - Genetic Twists of Fate
093667: FIELL, CHARLOTTE;FIELL, PETER - Design of the 20th Century
168978: FIENNES, RANULPH - Ice Fall in Norway
187288: FIENNES, RANULPH - Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know the Autobiography
187224: FIENNES, RANULPH - Race to the Pole
A01443: FIENNES, CELIA;MORRIS, CHRISTOPHER - The Illustrated Journeys of Celia Fiennes, 1685-C.1712
177861: FIENNES, RANULPH - Captain Scott
180752: FIENNES, RANULPH - Atlantis of the Sands: The Search for the Lost City of Ubar
176806: FIENNES, RANULPH - To the Ends of the Earth: Transglobe Expedition 1979-82
170288: FIENNES, WILLIAM - The Snow Geese : A Story of Home
164181: FIFE, GRAEME - The Terror The Shadow of the Guillotine: France 1792-1794
180040: FIFE, CONNIE - Speaking Through Jagged Rock
154476: FIFER, BARBARA - Montana Battlefields, 1806-1877: Native Americans and the U.S. Army at War
089166: FIFFER,STEVE - Tyrannosaurus Sue: The Extraordinary Saga of the Largest, Most Fought over t Rex Ever Found
177370: FIFFER, STEVE - Tyrannosaurus Sue: The Extraordinary Saga of the Largest, Most Fought over t Rex Ever Found
098077: FIFIELD, DONNALI - Arctic Tale
184449: FIGES, ORLANDO - The Crimean War : A History
155584: FIGES, ORLANDO - Just Send Me Word: A True Story of Love and Survival in the Gulag. by Orlando Figes
185336: FIGES, ORLANDO - Revolutionary Russia, 1891-1991: A History
188588: FIGES, ORLANDO - Natasha's Dance : A Cultural History of Russia
187904: FIGES, ORLANDO - The Whisperers: Private Life in Stalin's Russia
108240: FIKE, FRANCIS - Underbrush
108213: FIKE, FRANCIS - In the Same Rivers
183433: AUSTIN E. FIFE; ALTA S. FILE - Cowboy And Western Songs: a comprehensive anthology, 200 songs with music lines and guitar chords
143058: FILENKO, TARAS, BULAT, T. P. - The World of Mykola Lysenko: Ethnic Identity, Music, and Politics in Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Ukraine
131222: FILEY, MIKE - A Toronto Album : Glimpses of the City That Was
132429: FILIPENKO, LAURA - From the Bigknife to the Battle: Gadsby and Area
147525: FILIPIUK, MARION;LAINE, MICHAEL - Additional Letters of John Stuart Mill
125285: FILLER, AARON G. - The Upright Ape: A New Origin of the Species
101814: FILLEY, BRIAN - FW190 in Action
125900: FILLION, JOHN - John Fillion Thoughts About My Sculpture
027820: FILNEN, PETER G. - Americans and the Soviet Experiment, 1917-1933
110272: FINBERG, H.P.R. - Tavistock Abbey A Study in the Social and Economic History of Devon
117134: FINCH, DAVID - R. M. Patterson : A Life of Great Adventure
139482: FINCH, ROBERT - Double Tuning
144353: FINCH, DAVID - Hell's Half Acre: Early Days In The Great Alberta Oil Patch
119451: FINCH, ROBERT - Variations & Theme: Poems
139522: FINCH, ROBERT - Twelve for Christmas
139503: FINCH, ROBERT - Miracle at the Jetty: Poems
139402: FINCH, ROBERT - Improvisations: The Last Poems of Robert Finch
118691: FINCH, DAVID - R. M. Patterson : A Life of Great Adventure
176157: FINCH, ROBERT - Silverthorn Bush and Other Poems
176158: FINCH, ROBERT - Sail-boat and Lake
169215: FINCH, DAVID; JAREMKO, GORDON; MCKENZIE-BROWN, PETER - The Great Oil Age : The Petroleum Industry in Canada
106268: FINCH, DAVID - Much Brain and Sinew : The Brooks Aqueduct Story
186108: FINCH, DAVID - R. M. Patterson : A Life of Great Adventure
139483: FINCH, ROBERT - Double Tuning
170754: FINCH, H.L. - The Vision of Wittgenstein
167688: FINCHER, SUSANNE F. - Creating Mandalas
108881: FINCKENAUER, JAMES O. - Russian Youth: Law, Deviance, and the Pursuit of Freedom
107758: FINDLAY, ARTHUR - The Unfolding Universe: The Evolution of Man's Conception of His place in Nature
101978: FINDLEY, TIMOTHY - The Piano Man's Daughter
110917: FINDLEY, TIMOTHY - Headhunter
127815: FINDLEY, TIMOTHY - The Telling of Lies A Mystery

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