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054394: CHUEN, LAM KAM - The Personal Feng Shui Manual
181198: CHUGG, ANDREW MICHAEL - The Lost Tomb of Alexander The Great, The
100200: CHUNGEN, LIU - Chinese Kite
183860: CHURCH, WILLIAM FARR - Richelieu and Reason of State (Princeton Legacy Library)
170413: CHURCH, ALDENE - Births, marriages & deaths: Abstracts from the Renfrew mercury
156326: CHURCH, STUART ROE - One Man's Journey The Life and Times of Edmund Howard Church
183895: CHURCHER, C.S, EDITOR - Athlone: Essays on Palaeontology in Honour of Loris Shano Russell (Life sciences miscellaneous publications)
153474: CHURCHILL, WINSTON - Marlborough His Life and Times Volume III
097061: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - My African Journey
097071: CHURCHILL, THE RIGHT HON. WINSTON S. CHURCHILL, COMPILED BY RANDOLPH S. CHURCHILL - Arms and the Convenant, Speeches By The Right Hon. Winston S. Churchill
187312: WINSTON CHURCHILL - Churchill by Himself: The Definitive Collection of Quotations
153476: CHURCHILL, WINSTON - Marlborough His Life and Times Volume II
139535: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S - In the Balance
119768: CHURCHILL, RANDOLPH S. - Winston S. Churchill : Young Stateman 1901-1914
126786: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - Onwards to Victory War Speeches By the Right Hon. Winston S. Churchill C.GH., M.P., 1943
166903: CHURCHILL, WARD - Fantasies of the Master Race: Literature, Cinema, and the Colonization of American Indians
153479: CHURCHILL, WINSTON - Marlborough His Life and Times Volume III
121387: CHURCHILL, RANDOLPH S. - Winston S Churchill Companion Volume II Part 1 1901-1907
153477: CHURCHILL, WINSTON - Marlborough His Life and Times Volume I
181429: CHURCHILL, WARD - A Little Matter of Genocide : Holocaust and Denial in the Americas 1492 to the Present
180821: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - Painting as a Pastime
154535: CHURCHILL, WINSTON - Marlborough His Life and Times Volume I
097064: CHURCHILL, WINSTON SPENCER - Lord Randolf Churchill (2 Volumes)
124025: CHURCHILL, PETER - Duel of Wits
164890: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S (EDITED BY DAVID CANNADINE) - Blood, Toil, Tears And Sweat. Winston Churchill's Famous Speeches. ISBN: 0304349674 / 0-304-34967-4
170459: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S., - Frontiers and Wars, His Four Early Books Covering His Life as a Soldier and War Correspondent Edited Into One Volume
157992: CHURCHILL, WINSTON - Marlborough His Life and Times Volume IV
188065: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - Never Give In! : The Best of Winston Churchill's Speeches
130967: CHURCHLAND, PAUL M. - The Engine of Reason, the Seat of the Soul: A Philosophical Journey into the Brain/Book and Stereopticon 707
127408: CHURCHLAND, PATRICIA SMITH;SEJNOWSKI, TERRENCE J. - Neurophilosophy: Toward a Unified Science of Mind-Brain
108149: CHURCHWARD, WILLIAM BROWN - My Consulate in Samoa: A Record of Four Years' Sojourn in the Navigators Islands, with Personal Experiences of King Malietoa Laupepa, His Country and His Men
166736: CHUSID, IRWIN - Songs in the Key of Z: The Curious Universe of Outsider Music
175292: CHUTE, PATRICIA - Tolstoy at Yasnaya Polyana His Life and Work in the Charmed World of his Estate
113412: CHYI, MANTAK - Awaken Healing Energy Through Tao
183529: DI CICCO, PIER GIORGIO - Living in Paradise: New and Selected Poems
140215: CICERO, MARCUS TULLIUS:WATTS, N H - Cicero the Speeches Pro Archia Poeta
185626: CICERO, MARCUS TULLIUS; BAILEY, D R SHACKLETON - Letters to Friends Volume III
140200: CICERO, MARCUS TULLIUS; WATTS, N H - Cicero : Pro T. Annio Milone, In L. Calpurnium Pisonem, Pro M. Aemilio Scauro Etc
130462: CICERO - Cicero - The Speeches: Pro Quinctio; Pro Roscio Amerino; Pro Roscio Comoedo; De Lege Agraria I, II, III
130482: CICERO - Cicero the Speeches
185627: CICERO, MARCUS TULLIUS; BAILEY, D R SHACKLETON - Letters to Friends Volume I
145211: CICERO, MARCUS T. - Cicero: In Catilinam I-Iv, Pro Murena, Pro Sulla, Pro Flacco
140218: CICERO, MARCUS TULLIUS:GARDNER, R - Cicero the Speeches Pro Sestio and in Vatinium
185628: CICERO, MARCUS TULLIUS; BAILEY, D R SHACKLETON - Letters to Friends Volume II
142029: CICERO, MARCUS TULLIUS; GREENWOOD, L H G - Cicero: The Verrine Orations II
142028: CICERO, MARCUS TULLIUS; KER, WALTER C A - Cicero:philippics Volume XV
142030: CICERO, MARCUS TULLIUS; GREENWOOD, L H G - Cicero: The Verrine Orations I
130481: CICERO - Cicero the Verrine Orations
167098: CIENIN, PAUL - Existential Thoughts and Aphorisms
148674: CIESLAK, KRZYSZTOF; GAWRYCH, WOJCIECH; GLASS, ANDRZEJ - Samoloty Mysliwskie Wrzesnia 1939
166267: DI CINTIO, MARCELLO - Walls: Travels Along the Barricades
130616: DI CINTIO, MARCELLO - Poets and Pahlevans: A Journey into the Heart of Iran
099536: DI CINTIO, MARCELLO - Poets and Pahlevans: A Journey into the Heart of Iran
180798: DI CINTIO, MARCELLO - Poets and Pahlevans: A Journey into the Heart of Iran
142175: CIOCHON, RUSSELL; OLSEN, JOHN; JAMES, JAMIE - Other Origins : The Search for the Giant Ape in Human Prehistory
098294: CIORANESCU, GEORGE - Bessarabia, Disputed Land between East and West
142436: CIPKO, SERGE - St.Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral, Edmonton: a History
087326: CIPOLLA, CARLO M. - Cristofano and the Plague: A Study in the History of Public Health in the Age of Galileo
181503: SANDRA CISNEROS - Caramelo
178978: CITINO, ROBERT M. - Germany and the Union of South Africa in the Nazi Period: (Contributions to the Study of World History)
152990: CITULSKY, HEATHER - Coyote Lover
184016: ST. CLAIR, WILLIAM - That Greece Might Still be Free: Philhellenes in the War of Independence
142334: CLAIR, JEAN - The Great Parade: Portrait of the Artist as Clown
161167: ST CLAIR, WILLIAM - The Door of No Return: The History of Cape Coast Castle and the Atlantic Slave Trade
114294: CLAIS, ANNE-MARIE - Sergio Rossi
178782: CLAPPE, LOUISE AMELIA KNAPP SMITH ; "DAME SHIRLEY - The Shirley Letters: Being Letters Written in 1851-1852 from the California Mines
179768: CLAPTON, ERIC - Clapton: The Autobiography
127915: CLAPTON, ERIC - Clapton: The Autobiography
148877: CLARE, GERALD R - Dawson Creek An Illustrated History
155395: CLARK, BRUCE - Justice in Paradise
147227: CLARK, DAVID H. - The Historical Supernovae
176051: CLARK, GEORGE L - True Poems and Narrative Tales of a Backwoods Boy
184417: CLARK, ANNE L. - Elisabeth of Schonau: A Twelfth-Century Visionary (Middle Ages)
185689: CLARK, HENRY - The Faith and the Book : the unity and completeness of the Divine Library in its construction and message.
188033: CLARK, ELLA ELIZABETH - Indian Legends of Canada
177730: CLARK, ROBERT - Intelligence Analysis: A Target-Centric Approach
181519: CLARK, A.M. - Murder Under Trust: The Topical MacBeth and Other Jacobean Matters
110982: CLARK, HERBERT R - Historical review saskatchewan agricultural societies association
068417: CLARK, CECIL - Tales of the British Columbia Provincial Police
042325: CLARK, JOHN GRAHAME DOUGLAS - The Earlier Stone Age Settlement of Scandinavia
082075: CLARK, MARVIN H - Track of the Kodiak
060004: CLARK, PETER D. - A Treasury of New Brunswick Art and Stories
176753: CLARK, IAN - Legitimacy in International Society
100087: CLARK, JOAN - Latitudes of Melt: A Novel
174237: CLARK, HILARY ANNE - More Light
155396: BINNIE-CLARK, GEORGINA - Wheat and Woman
09254: CLARK, DAVID H.; CLARK, STEPHEN - Newton's Tyranny: The Suppressed Scientific Discoveries of Steven Gray and John Flamsteed
183972: ROBERT JUDSON CLARK - The Arts and Crafts Movement in America 1876-1916
184318: CLARK, GARTH, ESSAY BY - Viola Frey Retrospective
186110: CLARK, JOAN - Latitudes of Melt: A Novel
136361: CLARK, GREGORY - Fishing with Gregory Clark
127218: CLARK, DOUGLAS; MITCHELL, MICHAEL - Sweet Immortality : Douglas Clark
115418: CLARK, C.M.H. - A History of Australia, 6 Volumes
184082: CLARK, DONALD W. - Hahanudan Lake : An Ipiutak-Related Occupation of Western Interior Alaska (Archaeological Survey of Canada, Paper No. 71 - National Museum of Man Mercury Series)
106259: CLARK, CLAIRE - Indulge: 100 Perfect Desserts
157302: CLARK, RONALD WILLIAM - The Survival of Charles Darwin: A Biography of a Man and an Idea
148636: CLARK, WILLIAM R. - A Means to an End: The Biological Basis of Aging and Death
176708: CLARK, ANDREW - A Keen Soldier: The Execution of Second World War Private Harold Pringle
100089: CLARK, JOAN - From a High Thin Wire
144799: CLARK, ELLA ELIZABETH - Indian Legends of Canada
087677: CLARK, IAN CHRISTIE - Indian and Eskimo Art of Canada
188532: CLARK, ARTHUR - The ABCs of Human Survival: A Paradigm for Global Citizenship (Global Peace Studies)
184425: CLARK, PETER D - A treasury of New Brunswick art and stories II
166332: SCOTT-CLARK, CATHY; LEVY, ADRIAN - The Siege: 68 Hours Inside the Taj Hotel
121061: CLARK, VICTORIA - The Far-Farers: A Journey from Viking Iceland to Crusader Jerusalem
175423: CLARK, FRANCES - Questions and Answers Practical Advice for Piano Teachers
187142: BINNIE-CLARK, GEORGINA - Wheat and Woman
166357: CLARK, DONALD W. - Archaeological Reconnaissance at Great Bear Lake (Canadian Museum of Civilization Mercury Series)
115752: CLARK, DOUGLAS, AND LINDA WEDMAN, CONCEPT AND CO-ORDINATION BY - Keepsake Selections from the Archives of A Photographic Project: Alberta 1980
144972: CLARK, LEWIS J. - Wild Flowers of the Pacific Northwest
158906: CLARK, EVE V. - The Lexicon in Acquisition (Cambridge Studies in Linguistics)
102312: CLARK, JOAN - An Audience of Chairs
151302: CLARK, ROBERT - Dark Water Flood and Redemption in the City of Masterpieces
187021: CLARK, KENNETH - An Introduction to Rembrandt
144501: CLARK, KENNETH - Landscape into Art
185208: CLARK, DOUGLAS, AND LINDA WEDMAN, CONCEPT AND CO-ORDINATION BY - Keepsake Selections from the Archives of A Photographic Project: Alberta 1980
A01081: CLARK, GREGORY - Greg's Choice
117183: CLARK, SALLY;HERST, BETH - Big Time Women from Way Back When
A01967: CLARK, JOAN;CLARK, J. - Eiriksdottir: A Tale of Dreams and Luck A Novel
087516: CLARK, VICTORIA - The Far Farers A Journaey from Viking Iceland to Crusader Jerusalem
123595: CLARK, DONALD W. - Ocean Bay : An Early North Pacific Maritime Culture
176050: CLARK, GEORGE L - Ramblings of a Backwoods Boy
165871: CLARK, J. C. D. - The Dynamics of Change: The Crisis of the 1750s and English Party Systems (Cambridge Studies in the History and Theory of Politics)
148526: CLARK, ALEX - Modelling the Panzer IV in 1/72 Scale
179858: CLARK, JOE - How We Lead: Canada in a Century of Change
144430: CLARK, RONALD WILLIAM - Freud, the Man and the Cause
187866: CLARK, TAYLOR - Starbucked: A Double Tall Tale of Caffeine, Commerce, and Culture
181340: CLARK, ANDREW - A Keen Soldier : The Execution of Private Harold Joseph Pringle
111768: CLARK, JONATHAN - A World by Itself: A History of the British Isles
167089: CLARK, PETER D. - Woods, Places, Bears 'n Places
157678: CLARK, RONALD - The Victorian Mountaineers
182132: CLARK, DAVID H.; CLARK, STEPHEN - Newton's Tyranny: The Suppressed Scientific Discoveries of Steven Gray and John Flamsteed
112086: CLARK, PETER;SLACK, PAUL - Crisis and Order in English Towns, 1500-1700;: Essays in Urban History
132743: CLARK, AVA MILAM;MUNFORD, JAMES KENNETH - Adventures of a Home Economist
139928: CLARK, JOHN - Other Ramifications Paintings and Drawings
136882: CLARK, LLOYD - Anzio
120867: CLARK, WILLIAM SMITH - The Early Irish Stage The Beginnings to 1720
106531: CLARKE, JAMIE - Everest to Arabia : The Making of an Adventuresome Life
141084: CLARKE, NICK - Alistair Cooke : The Biography
093566: CLARKE, P. F. - The Last Thousand Days of the British Empire
130339: CLARKE, JOHN; ROY, SUBROTO - Margaret Thatchers Revolution : How It Happened and What It Meant
043794: CLARKE, GARRY E. - Essays on American Music
134667: CLARKE, AUSTIN - Proud Empires
177263: CLARKE, M.L. - Higher Education in the Ancient World
101242: CLARKE, DWIGHT LANCELOT - William Tecumseh Sherman: God Rush Banker, The Civil War General's Career as a Banker in San Francisco
120915: CLARKE, GEORGE ELLIOTT - Whylah Falls
129399: CLARKE, GERALD - Capote: A Biography
075138: CLARKE, TONY - Tar Sands Showdown: Canada and the New Politics of Oil in an Age of Climate Change
169185: CLARKE, JAMIE - Everest to Arabia : The Making of an Adventuresome Life
129643: CLARKE, JOHN - French Eagles, Soviet Heroes: The Normandie-Niemen' Squadrons on the Eastern Front
102269: CLARKE, SUSANNA - Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell
135267: CLARKE, THURSTON - JFKs Last Hundred Days: The Transformation of a Man and the Emergence of a Great President
187230: CLARKE, JAMIE - Everest to Arabia, The Making of an Adventuresome Life
064712: CLARKE, AUSTIN - The Polished Hoe
047621: CLARKE, CHARLES G. - The Men of the Lewis and Clark Expedition: A Biographical Roster of the Fifty-One Members and a Composite Diary of Their Activities from All Known Sources
181524: CLARKE, GERALD - Get Happy : The Life of Judy Garland
085398: CLARKE, GEORGE ELLIOTT - Eyeing the North Star: Directions in African-Canadian Literature
135669: CLARKE, AUSTIN - Question
152280: CLARKE, ERSKINE - By the Rivers of Water A Nineteenth-Century Atlantic Odyssey
153219: CLARKE, GEORGE ELLIOTT - Odysseys Home: Mapping African-Canadian Literature
171030: CLARKE, R.M. - Honda CX500 & CX650 1978-1984 Performance Portfolio
148451: CLARKE, R.M. - Plymouth Barracuda, 1964-74
A01733: CLARKE, GEORGE ELLIOTT - George & Rue
188076: CLARKE, AUSTIN - Choosing His Coffin : The Best Stories of Austin Clarke
U00910: CLARKE, AUSTIN C. - Amongst Thistles &Thorns
174722: CLARKE, ARTHUR C.; BAXTER, STEPHEN - Time's Eye (A Time Odyssey, Book 1)
175263: CLARKE, JUDE - The Language of Water: A Woman's Struggle With Systemic Lupus Erythemotosus
130010: COURTNEY-CLARKE, MARGARET - Places in the Sand
151458: CLARKE, PETER - Keynes : The Rise, Fall, and Return of the 20th Century's Most Influential Economist
167360: CLARKSON, ADRIENNE - Norman Bethune
151440: CLARKSON, ADRIAN - Belonging, The Paradox of Citizenship
095431: CLARKSON, ADRIENNE - A Lover More Condoling
167630: CLARKSON, ADRIENNE - Room for All of Us
126331: CLARKSON, EDITH MARGARET - Conversation with a Barred Owl
180593: CLARREN, STERLING - Prevention of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder FASD: Who is responsible (Health Care and Disease Management)
128694: CLAUSEWITZ, KARL VON - The Clausewitz Casyndekan
172311: CLAVELL, JAMES - King Rat
152786: CLAVIN, TOM - Halsey's Typhoon: The True Story of a Fighting Admiral, an Epic Storm, and an Untold Rescue
172860: CLAY, JOHN - Maconochie's Experiment: How One Man's Extraordinary Vision Saved Transported Convicts from Degradation and Despair
125484: CLAY, ROTHA MARY - The Hermits and anchorites of England
095553: CLAYTON, PHILIP, ET AL, EDITORS - The Re-emergence of Emergence: The Emergentist Hypothesis from Science to Religion
171538: CLAYTON, TIM ; CRAIG, PHIL - End of the Beginning
163004: CLAYTON, MARIE - Marilyn Monroe, Unseen Archives
176367: CLAYTON, MAGGIE - Create an Impression: Landscaping for Curb Appeal
143636: CLAYTON, J. DOUGLAS - Ice and Flame: Aleksandr Pushkin's Eugene Onegin
177498: CLAYTON, BUCK - Buck Clayton's Jazz World
182103: CLAYTON, ANTHONY - British Empire as a Superpower
122871: CLAYTON, TIM; CRAIG, PHIL - Finest Hour: The Battle of Britain
164288: CLAYTON, ANTHONY - Three Marshals of France: Leadership After Trauma
181083: CLEARY, THOMAS - Vitality, Energy, Spirit: A Taoist Sourcebook
137578: CLEARY, THOMAS - Zen and the Art of Insight
187089: CLEARY, THOMAS - The Essential Tao: An Initiation into the Heart of Taoism through the Authentic Tao Te Ching and the Inner Teachings of Chuang-Tzu
134116: CLEARY, THOMAS - The Essential Koran: The Heart of Islam
176864: CLEATHER, JOAN - Head, Heart and Hands: The Story of Physiotherapy in Canada
A00879: CLEAVE, CHRIS - Incendiary
089044: CLEAVE, CHRIS - Incendiary
172468: CLEAVES, FREEMAN - Old Tippecanoe
182530: CLEGG, BRIAN - A Brief History of Infinity : The Quest to Think the Unthinkable
128653: CLEGG, JOHN - The Freshwater Life of the British Isles, A Guide to the Plants and Invertebrates of Ponds, Lakes, Streams and Rivers, with an Additional Chapter on the Vertebrates
126679: CLELAND, ROBERT GLASS - This Reckless Breed of Men The Trappers and Fur Traders of the Southwest
067525: CLEMENCE, VERNE - David M. Baltzan
172548: CLEMENS, DALE P. - Advanced Custom Rod Building
123788: CLEMENS, SAMUEL LANGHORNE; TWAIN, MARK - Early Tales and Sketches: 1864-1865 Volume 2
149269: NIESNER, CLEMENS & GERT BURKERT-OPITZ - Die Fahrzeuge Der Sanitatstruppe Der Bundeswehr Vehicles of the Modern German Army Medical Service
123807: CLEMENS, SAMUEL LANGHORNE;TWAIN, MARK - Mark Twain's Notebooks and Journals, 1877-1883
170101: CLEMENT, WALLACE - The New Canadian Political Economy: Edited by Wallace Clement and Glen Williams
154389: CLEMENT, DOMINIQUE - The Search for Equality and Justice Alberta's Human Rights Story
184372: CLEMENTS, JONATHAN - A Brief History Of The Samurai
185952: CLEMENTS, JONATHAN - A Brief History of Khubilai Khan
133021: CLEMENTS, HORACE - A Little of Everything : Poems by a Teenager and More
126675: CLEMENTS, MURIEL - By Their Bootstraps, A History of the Credit Union Movement in Saskatchewan
136134: CLEMENTS, PATRICIA - Baudelaire and the English Tradition
188316: CLEMENTS, J - A Brief History of the Vikings
117410: CLEMENTS, PAUL - Jan Morris: Around the World in Eighty Years, A Tribute
082531: CLEMMONS, JANINE R ;BUCHHOLZ, RICHARD - Behavioral Approaches to Conservation in the Wild
167187: CLENDINNEN, INGA - Dancing with Strangers: Europeans and Australians at First Contact
141434: CLERICI, RICK - Sparks from the Fire of Time
151338: CLERICUZIO, ANTONIO - Elements, Principles and Corpuscles: A Study of Atomism and Chemistry in the Seventeenth Century (International Archives of the History of Ideas Archives internationales d'histoire des idťes)
183066: CLERY, VAL - Doors
153355: CLESSE, ARMAND, ET AL, EDITORS - The International System After the Collapse of the East-West Order
164018: VAN CLEVE, SPIKE - Forty Years' Gatherin's
123724: CLEVER, GLENN - Alberta Days
177574: CLIFF, NIGEL - The Last Crusade: The Epic Voyages of Vasco da Gama
183260: BENTON SEYMOUR RABINOVITCH; HELEN CLIFFORD - Contemporary Silver: Commissioning, Designing, Collecting
A00540: CLIFFORD, BARRY - The Lost Fleet: The Discovery of a Sunken Armada from the Golden Age of Piracy
139651: CLIFFORD, BARRY;BERRY, PAUL - Expedition Whydah: The Story of the World's First Excavation of a Pirate Treasure Ship and the Man Who Found Her
181970: CLIFFORD, ANN - Ann's Story - A Great Ranching Empire and the people who made it work
140346: CLIFFORD, JAMES - Person and Myth: Maurice Leenhardt in the Melanesian World
176476: CLIFTON, JAMES; SCATTONE, LESLIE - The Plains of Mars: European War Prints, 1500-1825, from the Collection of the Sarah Campbell Blaffer Foundation (Museum of Fine Arts, Houston)
068869: CLIFTON, VIOLET - The Book of Talbot
A02062: CLINE, ANN - A Hut of One's Own: Life Outside the Circle of Architecture
143599: CLINES, DAVID J.A. - The Theme of the Pentateuch
178121: M'CLINTOCK, FRANCIS L. - A Narrative of the Discovery of the Fate of Sir John Franklin and His Companions
151271: M'CLINTOCK, FRANCIS L. - A Narrative of the Discovery of the Fate of Sir John Franklin and His Compantions: The Voyage of the 'Fox' in the Arctic Seas
099267: CLINTON, CATHERINE;SILBER, NINA - Divided Houses: Gender and the Civil War
174721: CLOONEY, ROSEMARY; BARTHEL, JOAN - Girl Singer: An Autobiography
164148: CLOSE, STUART M. - The Genius of Homeopathy: Lectures and Essays on Homeopathic Philosophy With Word Index
112186: CLOSE, PATRICK, WITH HELEN MARZOLF - Meditations on Place: Photographs of Patrick Close
187625: CLOSTERMANN, PIERRE - Leo 25 Airborne
113727: CLOTTES, JEAN; LEWIS-WILLIAMS, DAVID - Shamans of Prehistory : Trance and Magic in the Painted Caves
176190: CLOUGH, ARTHUR HUGH - Bothie of Toper-Na-Fuosich. A Long Vacation Pastoral
161680: CLOUGHLEY, MAURICE R - World to the West, A
187053: CLOW, BARBARA HAND - Heart of the Christos: Starseeding from the Pleiades (Mind Chronicles)
155418: CLOW, BARBARA HAND - The Mayan Code
176385: CLOW, BARBARA HAND - Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner & Outer Planets (Llewellyn's Modern Astrology Library)
169616: LAKE ALMA OVER 50 CLUB - Settlers of the Hills
107718: EASTWAY LADIES' CLUB - Trails to Highways
130352: RAINIER-BOW CITY HISTORY BOOK CLUB - Settlers along the Bow: A History of Rainier, Bow City
094999: EAGLE VALLEY BOOK CLUB - Wagon Trails Plowed Under A History of Eagle Valley, Sundre East, and Sangro
178734: HIGHLIGHTERS ART CLUB - Highlighters Art Club Historical Cookbook
107796: MACLEOD SKETCH CLUB - The story of MacLeod
187127: WHELAN HISTORY CLUB - Trails North a History of the School Districts of Letchworth, lonsdale and Worthington Also Known as the Saskatoon Settlement and Iron Springs
108081: CLUCAS, HUMPHREY - Against the Cold
103231: M'CLURE, ROBERT LE. M.; OSBORN, COMMANDER SHERARD, EDITOR - The Discovery of the North-West Pasasge
110066: CLUTE, JOHN; GRANT, JOHN - The Encyclopedia of Fantasy
185608: CLUTESI, GEORGE - Potlatch
186380: CLUTESI, GEORGE - Son of Raven Son of Deer Fables of the Tse-shaht People
145186: CLUTESI, GEORGE - Potlatch
184688: PHOTOGELATINE ENGRAVING CO - Souvenir View Book of Ontario's Niagara Parks
184689: PHOTOGELATINE ENGRAVING CO - Souvenir Views of Quintland and Northern Ontario.
175804: PHOTOGELATINE ENGRAVING CO - Canadian Houses of Parliament
175758: PHOTOGELATINE ENGRAVING CO - Souvenir View Book of Scenic Nova Scotia
175782: PHOTOGELATINE ENGRAVING CO - Souvenir View book of Quebec
175779: PHOTOGELATINE ENGRAVING CO - Souvenir View book of Montreal
175781: PHOTOGELATINE ENGRAVING CO - Souvenir View book of Scenic Canada
175792: PHOTOGELATINE ENGRAVING CO - Minature View Album of Fort Beausejour National Historic Park
175793: PHOTOGELATINE ENGRAVING CO - Minature View Album Musee Historique Canadian Inc, Montreal
126357: CANADIAN KODAK CO - Instructions for the Use of Eastman 3A Developing and Printing Outfit
175796: PHOTOGELATINE ENGRAVING CO - Minature View Album of Moncton
175773: PHOTOGELATINE ENGRAVING CO - Souvenir Views of Scenic Nova Scotia
162451: WATERBURY CLOCK CO - Waterbury Clocks: The Complete Illustrated Catalog of 1893
175772: PHOTOGELATINE ENGRAVING CO - Souvenir Views of Quebec City Canada. a Dominion Series View Book
175799: PHOTOGELATINE ENGRAVING CO - Minature View Album of Fredericton
187795: PHOTOGELATINE ENGRAVING CO - Minature View Album of De Ste Anne De Beaupre
175800: PHOTOGELATINE ENGRAVING CO - Minature View Album of Sault Ste Marie
166116: DENNISON MANUFACTURING CO - Dennison's Bogie Book 1925, 13th Annual Edition -Suggestions for Hallowe'en and Thanksgiving -A Book of Suggestions for decorating and Entertaining at Halloween, Harvest Time and Thanksgiving / Dennison Manufacturing Company
175775: PHOTOGELATINE ENGRAVING CO - Souvenir Views of Cape Breton Island
181711: HAMILTON WATCH CO - Hamilton Watch Materials Catalog
183479: COADE, JESSIE - Collected Verse of Messdeck Annie Halifax, 1939-1945 (Messdeck News)
133538: COADY, LYNN - Mean Boy
181289: COADY, LYNN - Play the Monster Blind
U01035: COATES, KENNETH - Interpreting Canada's North: Selected Readings
158924: COATES, KEN; MORRISON, BILL - Sinking of the Princess Sophia: Taking the North Down with Her
185397: COATES, KEN S. - Best Left as Indians : Native-White Relations in the Yukon Territory, 1840-1973
184607: COATES, KEN ; ANDREW HUNTER; CATHERINE CROWSTON - The Road: Constructing the Alaska Highway
178724: COATES, KEN S. - Best Left As Indians: Native-White Relations in the Yukon Territory, 1840-1973
169688: COATES, KEN S.; MORRISON, WILLIAM R. - Land of the Midnight Sun: A History of the Yukon
135202: COATES, KEN; MCGUINNESS, FRED - Arctic Front: Defending Canada in the Far North
110329: COATES, BERWICK - Wellington's Charge : A Portrait of the Duke's England
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