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68289: BRYAN PERRETT - Gunboat: Small Ship at War.
126805: BRYAN MOON - Union Day.
193996: BRYAN MAGEE - Ultimate Questions.
157164: BRYAN SENTES - March End Prill.
173310: BRYAN NOLAN,SCOTT TAYLOR - Tarnished Brass: Crime and Corruption in the Canadian Military.
181889: BRYAN PHILPOTT - World War II Photo Album: German Fighters Over the Med v. 6.
187014: BRYAN MAGEE - Confessions of a Philosopher: A Personal Journey Through Western Philosophy from Plato to Popper.
120855: BRYAN N.S. GOOCH - The Emergence of the Muse Major Canadian Poets from Crawford to Pratt.
161261: BRYAN PERRETT - Last Stand!: Famous Battles Against the Odds.
67179: BRYAN W MONAHAN - Freedom And Inflation.
194115: BRYAN PERRETT - Iron Fist: Classic Armoured Warfare Case Studies.
153929: BRYAN O'CONNOR - A Lonely Tear.
129959: BRYAN SYKES - Adam's Curse: A Future Without Men.
136156: BRYAN PERRETT - Against All Odds!: More Dramatic 'last Stand' Actions.
196810: BRYAN PERRETT - North Sea Battleground: The War and Sea 1914-1918.
102860: BRYAN PERRETT - German Light Panzers: 1932-1942.
178070: BRYAN MAGEE - Ultimate Questions.
135939: BRYAN DEMCHINSKY,ELAINE KALMAN NAVES - Storied Streets : Montreal in the Literary Imagination.
188903: BRYAN PERRETT - The Taste of Battle: Front Line Action 1914-1991.
93949: BRYAN S. RENNIE - Reconstructing Eliade: Making Sense of Religion.
190091: BRYAN PERRETT - Sturmartillerie & Panzerjager 1939-1945.
180330: BRYAN PHILPOTT - RAF Combat Units, SEAC, 1941-45.
164853: BRYAN PERRETT - Knights of the Black Cross: Hitler's Panzerwaffe and its Leaders.
184051: BRYAN H.C. GORDON - Of Men and Herds in Barrenland Prehistory, Archaeological Survey of Canada, Paper No 28.
184580: BRYAN P. MELNYK - Calgary Builds: The Emergence of an Urban Landscape, 1905-1914.
181567: BRYCE WILSON - Stromness, a History.
161830: BRYCE COURTENAY - Jack of Diamonds.
123434: BRYDON SMITH - M.C. Escher: Landscapes to Mindscapes.
139585: BRYNA WASSERMAN - The Naked Island.
R01506: BRYONY ORME - Anthropology of Archaeologists.
183471: BRYONY SUTHERLAND,LUCY ELLIS - Tom Jones: Close Up.
139057: BUCK,FLAM - Robert Motherwell.
124282: BUCK O'NEIL - I Was Right on Time.
177498: BUCK CLAYTON - Buck Clayton's Jazz World.
97403: BUCKSKIN BRADY - Stories and Sermons.
168974: BUDDY LEVY,MIKE LEACH - Geronimo: Leadership Strategies of an American Warrior.
184392: BUDGE WILSON - Before Green Gables.
180175: BURKE M. SMITH,CHARLES E. STUART,J. G. PRATT,J.B. RHINE - Extra-Sensory Perception After Sixty Years: A Critical Appraisal of the Research in Extra-Sensory Perception..
183510: BURLEIGH TAYLOR WILKINS - The Problem of Burke's Political Philosophy.
180302: BURLING HULL - Expert Billiard Ball Manipulation. An Accurate and Comprehensive Technical Treatise on the Expert Manipulation of Miniature Billiard Balls. Parts 1 and 2..
183795: BURNE HOGARTH - Dynamic Anatomy (Practical Art Books).
152602: BURNS LAKE HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Burns Lake & District: A History Formal & Informal.
165388: BURT HOPKINS,STEVEN CROWELL - The New Yearbook for Phenomenology and Phenomenological Philosophy Volume I.
155838: BURT CHERNOW - Christo and Jeane-Claude : A Biography.
114777: BURTON O. KURTH - Milton and Christian Heroism Biblical Epic Themes and Forms in Seventeenth-Century England.
176868: BURTON WATSON - Chinese Rhyme-Prose.
158302: BURTON L. MACK - The Lost Gospel: The Book of Q & Christian Origins.
122596: BURTON WATSON - The Tso Chuan: Selections from China's Oldest Narrative History.
121569: BURTON FELDMAN,LAURIE LEE - As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning.
195058: BURTON WATSON - Ssu-Ma Ch'ien: Grand Historian of China.
196355: BUS GRIFFITHS - Now You're Logging.
177473: BUS GRIFFITHS - Now You're Logging.
194109: BUS GRIFFITHS - Now You're Logging.
193949: BUS GRIFFITHS - Now You're Logging.
121379: BUZZ CURRIE,KLAUS MARTENS - Translated Lives: F. P. Grove in Europe and Canada.
194334: BUZZY JACKSON - The Inspirational Atheist: Wise Words on the Wonder and Meaning of Life.
178525: BYRD BAYLOR - I'm in Charge of Celebrations.
151192: BYRD BAYLOR - And It Is Still That Way: Legends Told By Arizona Indian Children.
174083: BYRNA BARCLAY - Summer of the Hungry Pup.
183397: BYRNA BARCLAY - Last Echo.
A01375: BYRNA BARCLAY - From the Belly of a Flying Whale.
183646: BYRNA BARCLAY - Summer of the hungry pup.
A01255: BYRNA BARCLAY - The Last Echo.
182413: BYRNE HOPE SANDERS - Emily Murphy Crusader (Janey Canuck").
139153: BYRON FISH - Eskimo Boy Today.
139493: BYRON FARWELL - Queen Victoria's Little Wars.
158738: BYRON E. SHAFER,DAVID SILVERMAN,JOHN R. BAINES,LEONARD H. LESKO - Religion in Ancient Egypt: Gods, Myths, and Personal Practice.
176430: BYRON OUSEY,TIM BOUQUET - Cold Steel: The Multi-billion-dollar Battle for a Global Industry.
129850: BYRON HOLLINSHEAD,THEODORE K. RABB - I Wish I'd Been There: European History.
171357: BYRON E. SHAFER - Temples of Ancient Egypt.
117362: C J HOUSTON,C. STUART HOUSTON - Pioneer of Vision: The Reminiscences of T.A. Patrick, M.D..
109837: C H W JOHNS - Babylonian and Assyrian Laws, Contracts and letters.
193401: C. JURADO,NIGEL THOMAS - Wehrmacht Auxiliary Forces (Men-at-Arms).
195657: C. P. STACEY - Arms, Men and Governments The War Policies of Canada 1939-1945.
154966: C.B. MACPHERSON - Democracy in Alberta Social Credit and the Party System.
187302: C. LILLIAN TEMKIN,LUDWIG EDELSTEIN - Ancient Medicine, Selected Papers of Ludwig Edelstein.
135214: C. DAVID NAYLOR - Private Practice, Public Payment: Canadian Medicine and the Politics of Health Insurance, 1911-1966.
169346: C. FRANK TURNER - Across the Medicine Line.
190408: C W KEYES,MARCUS TULLIUS CICERO - Cicero De Re Publica - De Legibus.
163326: C. P. STACEY - A Date with History : Memories of a Canadian Historian.
170210: C. FRANK TURNER - Across the Medicine Line.
165875: C.MARY TURNBULL - Straits Settlements, 1826-67: Indian Presidency to Crown Colony (University London Historical Study).
179679: C.M. BOYLAN - The Little Book of Ireland.
169698: C.S. RICHARDSON - The End of the Alphabet.
142962: C.L. SONNICHSEN - Outlaw, Bill Mitchell alias Baldy Russell.
162841: C. NORMAN KRAUS - God Our Savior: Theology in a Christological Mode.
186155: C. S. LEWIS - Letters of C.S.Lewis.
174097: C. KERENYI - Asklepios Archetypal Image of the Physician's Existence.
188740: C. P. STACEY,PALMIRO CAMPAGNA - Storms of Controversy : The Secret Avro Arrow Files Revealed.
116263: C. C. MCLAURIN - Pioneering in Western Canada.
174532: C. A. PHILLIPS - Early Domestic Architecture in Regina: Presentation Drawings and Plans.
180651: C.W. HUNT - Whisky and Ice: The Saga of Ben Kerr, Canada's Most Daring Rumrunner.
133237: C. E. W. BEAN - The Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-18: The Australian Imperial Force in France, 1917.
128651: C.M. YONGE,F.S. RUSSELL - The Seas, Our Knowledge of Life in the Sea and How it is Gained.
177850: C. STUART HOUSTON - Arctic Ordeal: The Journal of John Richardson Surgeon-Naturalist With Franklin 1820-1822.
196697: C. S. LEWIS - The Collected Letters of C.S. Lewis, Volume 3: Narnia, Cambridge, and Joy, 1950 - 1963.
54875: C.B. MARTIN - Religious Belief.
185956: C. HENDRIKA WOODWARD - Alaska Highway Two-step: A Travel-mystery Novel.
172258: C COLLODI - Pinocchio, The Story of a Puppet..
110824: C. G. JUNG - Psyche and Symbol: A Selection from the Writings of C.G.Jung.
103101: C. S. KNIGHTON,DAVID LOADES - Letters from the Mary Rose.
110388: C.A. BURLAND,WERNER FORMAN - Feathered Serpent and SMoking Mirror.
U01289: C J LOWE - Salisbury and the Mediterranean 1886-1896.
110095: C.M. MILLWARD - Biography of the English Language.
169297: C. MICHAEL HIAM - Eddie Shore and that Old-Time Hockey.
182471: C.J MISAK - Truth and the End of Inquiry: A Peircean Account of Truth (Oxford Philosophical Monographs).
194180: C.C.LINDSEY,J.D. MCPHAIL - The Freshwater Fishes of British Columbia.
186157: C. S. LEWIS - A Mind Awake, An Anthology of C.S.Lewis.
86154: C.W. PETERSON,DAVID C. JONES - Wake Up, Canada!: Reflections on Vital National Issues.
178036: C. J. EMLYN-JONES - The Ionians and Hellenism, a Study of the Cultural Achievements of the Early Greek Inhabitants of Asia Minor (States & Cities of Ancient Greece).
135100: C.J.S. WARRINGTON,R.V.V. NICHOLLS - A History of Chemistry in Canada.
112359: C.H.J. SNIDER - The Glorious Shannon's" Old Blue Duster and Other Faded Flags of Fadeless Fame.
186335: C. KNIGHT,R. A. LOMAS - Uriel's Machine : The Prehistoric Technology That Survived the Flood.
123420: C.E. L'AMI - The Green Madonna.
194200: C.S. RICHARDSON - The End of the Alphabet.
172621: C. NORTHCOTE PARKINSON - The Life and Times of Horatio Hornblower.
187223: C. STUART HOUSTON - Ernest Thompson Seton in Manitoba, 1882-1892.
180531: C. KNIGHT,R. A. LOMAS - Uriel's Machine : The Prehistoric Technology That Survived the Flood.
40463: C. P. STACEY - L'Armee Canadienne : 1939 - 1945 (Resume Historique Officiel).
186451: C.J. PEERS - Soldiers of the Dragon: Chinese Armies 1500 BC-AD 1840.
161257: C.P. SNOW - A Coat of Varnish.
168318: C. JAMES TAYLOR - Jasper: History of the Place and Its People.
173298: C. DAVID HEYMANN - Ezra Pound: The Last Rower : A Political Profile.
115418: C. M. H. CLARK - A History of Australia, 6 Volumes.
133425: C J HOUSTON,C. STUART HOUSTON - Pioneer of Vision: The Reminiscences of T.A. Patrick, M.D..
133238: C. E. W. BEAN - The Australian Imperial Force in France, During the Main German Offensive, 1918: The Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-1918.
183895: C.S CHURCHER - Athlone: Essays on Palaeontology in Honour of Loris Shano Russell (Life sciences miscellaneous publications).
186502: C. O. BRAWNER,NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL OF CANADA,NORMAN W. RADFORTH - Muskeg and the Northern Environment in Canada.
103949: C F ANDREWS - The Vickers Valiant.
176889: C. S. LEWIS - God In The Dock: Essays On Theology And Ethics.
193789: C M BLACKSTOCK,SANDRA ALSTON,WILLIAM ORD MACKENZIE - 'Another World': William Ord MacKenzie's Sojourn in the Canadas, 1839-1843.
142479: C. W. NICOL - The Raven's Tale.
116608: C. P. STACEY - Six Years of War The Army in Canada, Britain and the Pacific, Volume I.
151025: C.L. SONNICHSEN,WILLIAM V. MORRISON - Alias Billy the Kid.
101291: C.W. PETERSON,DAVID C. JONES - Wake Up, Canada!: Reflections on Vital National Issues.
74149: C. C. HUMPHREYS - Last Confession.
184850: C D EVANS - A Pianful Duty, 40 Years at the Criminal Bar.
122029: C.R. BOXER - Further Selections from the Tragic History of the Sea 1559-1565.
196465: C FOX SMITH - Ancient Mariners Some Salt Water Yesterdays.
131935: C. FORSTER SMITH,THUCYDIDES - Thucydides IV.
193842: C.R. BOXER - The Dutch Seaborne Empire: 1600-1800.
154599: C. S. LEWIS - All My Road Before Me: The Diary of C.S. Lewis 1922-1927.
3007: C. MEREDITH JONES - Indian, Pseudo-Indian Place Names in the Canadian West.
171168: C. STUART HOUSTON - To the Arctic By Canoe : 1819 - 1821 - The Journal and Paintings of Robert Hood, Midship with Franklin.
79239: C. RICHARD ROBINS,G. CARLETON RAY - Atlantic Coast Fishes of North America .Fiftieth Anniversary Edition..
103974: C F ANDREWS - The Vickers Wellington I & II.
104394: C. D. INNES,CHRISTOPHER INNES - Edward Gordon Craig: A Vision of Theatre.
15581: C.J. BARTLETT - Castlereagh.
130995: C.M. DONALD,KAY MACPHERSON - When in Doubt, Do Both: The Times of My Life.
182942: C. R. HARRINGTON - A Postglacial Muskox (Ovibos Moschatus) from Grandview, Manitoba, and Comments on the Zoogeography of Ovibos.
93274: C. MORLEY KNIGHT - Hints on Driving.
196068: C. J. YORATH - The Geology of Southern Vancouver Island.
83327: C H DOUGLAS - Realistic Constitutionalism.
A00544: C. C. HUMPHREYS - Blood Ties.
121495: C. BROTO,C. CASACUBERTA,CARLOS CASACUBERTA,GUIDO MISLIN - Algebraic Topology: New Trends In Localization And Periodicity Barcelona Conference On Algebraic Topology.
166064: C. P. LYONS - Wildflowers of Washington.
187306: C. DANIEL BATSON - The Altruism Question: Toward A Social-psychological Answer.
171774: C.J. CHERRYH - Conspirator.
157276: C.H. TALBOT - The Life of Christina of Markyate: A 12th Century Recluse.
A00453: C JANG - Tears of Chinese Immigrants.
187606: C.R.K. ALLEN - A Naturalist's Notebook: Yarmouth County.
122081: C. H. LITTLE - 18th Century Maritime Influences on the History and Place Names of British Columbia.
183251: C. HIGNETT - A History of the Athenian Constitution to the End of the Fifth Century B.C..
149629: C. M. REED - KC-135 Stratotanker in Action (Aircraft in Action).
133236: C. E. W. BEAN - Australian Imperial Force in France 1916.
133239: C. E. W. BEAN - The Australian Imperial Force in France; During the Allied Offensive, 1918: The Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-1918.
174519: C.P. SNOW - Trollope: His Life and Art.
175626: C ANDRUSYSHE - Ukrainian English Dictionary.
196928: C.D. BIRD,E.M. PIKE,F.A.H. SPERLING,G.J. HILCHIE,N.G. KONDLA - Alberta Butterflies.
183891: C. CECIL LINGARD - Territorial Government in Canada The AUtonomy Question in the Old North-West Territories.
118876: C. STUART HOUSTON,GEORGE BACK,I.S MACLAREN,RUPERT'S LAND RECORD SOCIETY - Arctic Artist: The Journal and Paintings of George Back, Midshipman With Franklin, 1819-1822.
133582: C P CONSTANTINE - I Was a Mountie: The Adventures of a Trooper of Canada's Famed Mounted Police.
196682: C. S. LEWIS,WALTER HOOPER - Collected Letters Vol. 1 | C.S. Lewis | Family Letters 1905-1931.
183905: C K COOKE - Guide to Rock Art of Rhodesia.
182854: C. S. NICHOLLS - Elspeth Huxley: A Biography.
158715: C. KERENYI - The Religion of the Greeks and Romans.
175608: C. N. REEVES,NICHOLAS REEVES - Ancient Egypt: The Great Discoveries.
142190: C.L. SONNICHSEN,CHARLES LELAND SONNICHSEN - The Grave of John Wesley Hardin: Three Essays on Grassroots History.
186118: C. S. LEWIS - Beyond Personality: The Christian Idea of God.
189084: C.F.J. GALLOWAY - The Call of the West-Letters from British Columbia.
166567: C. E AUDAX - Badge Backings and Special Embellishments of the British Army.
165903: C.H.J. SNIDER - Tarry Breeks & Velvet Garters, Sail on the Great Lakes of America, in War, Discovery, and the Fur Trade, Under the Lfeur-de-Lys.
105587: C. H. SISSON - In the Trojan Ditch: Collected Poems & Selected Translations.
194584: C. STUART HOUSTON,GEORGE BACK,I.S MACLAREN,RUPERT'S LAND RECORD SOCIETY - Arctic Artist: The Journal and Paintings of George Back, Midshipman with Franklin, 1819-1822 (Rupert's Land Record Society Series).
105645: C. P. STACEY - Canada and the British Army, 1845-1871, A Study in the Practice of Responsible Government.
196760: C STEPHEN EVANS - Kierkegaard: An Introduction.
196694: C. S. LEWIS,WALTER HOOPER - The Collected Letters of C.S. Lewis, Volume 2.
162214: C. BOTHA - Collected Works, 3 Volumes.
A00051: C.M. FRASER - A History of Antony Bek. Bishop of Durham 1283-1311.
119298: C. HOWARD SHILLINGTON,D WILLIAMS - Return to Avondale.
R02274: C.F. TUCKER BROOKE - The Shakespeare Apocrypha : Being A Collection of Fourteen Plays Which Have Been Ascribed to Shakespeare.
142061: C R HAINES,MARCUS CORNELIUS FRONTO - The Correspondence Of Marcus Cornelius Fronto With Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, Lucius Verus, Antoninu Volume II.
142161: C. STUART HOUSTON - R.G. Ferguson Crusader Against Tuberculosis.
162097: C. BRIAN KELLY - Best Little Stories from World War I: Nearly 100 True Stories.
144603: C. P. STACEY - Records Of The Nile Voyageurs 1884-1885 The Canadian Voyageur Contigent in the Gordon Relief Expedition.
136569: C H DOUGLAS - The Breakdown of the Employment System.
139473: C. GERVAIS - People in Struggle : The Life and Art of Bill Stapleton.
162674: C. S. KNIGHTON,DAVID LOADES - Letters from the Mary Rose.
107006: C F CUSACK - The Illustrated History of Ireland.
178671: C. FRASER - The Avalanche Enigma.
169179: C. W BUCHHOLTZ,JIM PALMER - Man in Glacier.
108121: C. IAN JACKSON - The Arctic Whaling Journals of William Scoresby the Younger: The Voyages of 1811, 1812 and 1813, Volume One.
127876: C D ROWLEY - The New Guinea Villager - a Retrospect from 1964.
148691: C. SCHULZE - Bv 206 Husky - Hägglunds Mehrzweckgeländefahrzeuge im Dienste der Bundeswehr und anderen Armeen.
63157: C H DOUGLAS - The Policy of a Philosophy.
190277: C. NEILL - Walk Around F/A 18 Hornet.
88281: C. DAY LEWIS - The Collected Poems of C.D.Lewis.
188418: C. L. OSTBERG,MATTHEW WETSTEIN - Attitudinal Decision Making in the Supreme Court of Canada (Law and Society).
186173: C. S. LEWIS - God In The Dock: Essays On Theology And Ethics.
161079: C. S. LEWIS - The Last Battle.
115748: C.A. DAWSON - The New North-West.
135570: C H DOUGLAS - The Monopolistic Idea.
109239: C. WALTER HODGES - The Battlement Garden : Britain From the Wars of the Roses to the Age of Shakespeare (The Mirror of Britain Series).
60631: C.K. STEAD - Geographies.
56841: C. STUART HOUSTON,MARY HOUSTON,TIM BALL - Eighteenth-Century Naturalists of Hudson Bay.
173293: C. STUART HOUSTON - Arctic Ordeal: The Journal of John Richardson, Surgeon-Naturalist with Franklin, 1820-1822.
82916: C. GRANT HEAD,R. LOUIS GENTILCORE - Ontario's History in Maps.
94228: C. STUART HOUSTON - To the Arctic By Canoe The Journal and Paintings of Robert Hood Midshipman with Franklin.
185048: C.J.O. HARRISON - A Field Guide to the Nests, Eggs and Nestlings of North American Birds (Collins Pocket Guide).
87275: C.M. DONALD,J. JOSEPH FITZGERALD - Black Gold With Grit: The Alberta Oilsands.
150161: C P CAVAFY - Poems By C.P. Cavafy.
113051: C. IAN JACKSON,LOUIS M SEBERT - Letters from the 49th Parallel ,1857-1873 : Selected Corrersponce of Joseph Harris and Samual Anderson(The Publications of the Champlain Society).
105203: C. D. MAZOFF - Anxious Allegiances: Legitimizing Identity in the Early Canadian Long Poem.
182799: C D EVANS - Milt Harradence: The Western Flair.
179383: C. E. M. HANSEL - The Search for Psychic Power.
122714: C.H. PHILIPS - Historians of India, Pakistan and Ceylon.
U00673: C. P. STACEY - Historical Documents of Canada Volume V: The Arts of War and Peace, 1914-1945.
189091: C. BRUCE HUNTER - A Guide to Ancient Maya Ruins.
127920: C. CLIFTON BLACK - Mark: Images of an Apostolic Interpreter.
190443: C. WRIGHT MILLS - The Sociological Imagination.
135068: C.H. DICKINSON - Lorne Pierce A Profile.
135568: C H DOUGLAS - The Tragedy of Human Effort.
193676: C.P. SNOW - The Physicists.
184756: C L CONNELLY - Rollicking Rhymes.
125092: C. DAY LEWIS - The Buried Day.
132978: C.W.DE KIEWIET - Dufferin-Carnavon Correspondence 1874-1878.
186209: C. S. LEWIS - C. S. Lewis: Letters to Children.
181709: C. T. ETCHELLS - Repairing Repeating Watches.
167729: CADWALLADER COLDEN - The History of the Five Indian Nations of Canada.
178414: CAECILIA DAVIS-WEYER - Early Medieval Art 300-1150: Sources and Documents (MART: The Medieval Academy Reprints for Teaching).
190004: CAIT N. MURPHY - Scoundrels in Law: The Trials of Howe and Hummel, Lawyers to the Gangsters, Cops, Starlets, and Rakes Who Made the Gilded Age.
136369: CAL R. BOMBAY - A Man Worth Knowing.
190370: CALDER WALTON - Empire of Secrets: British Intelligence in the Cold War and the Twilight of Empire.
105154: CALEB CARR - The Lessons of Terror: A History of Warfare Against Civilians Why It Has Always Failed and Why It Will Fail Again.
171971: CALEB CARR - The Alienist.
184351: CALLUM A. MACDONALD - The Killing of SS Obergruppenfuhrer Reinhard Heydrich.
151184: CALLUM MACDONALD - Killing of SS Obergruppenfuhrer Reinhard Heydrich.
184385: CALVIN DEMMON,TED BYFIELD - The Christians: Their First Two Thousand Years: The Veil Is Torn A.D. 30 to A.D. 70 Pentecost to the Destruction of Jerusalem.
190881: CALVIN DEMMON,TED BYFIELD - By This Sign : A. D. 250 to 350: From the Decian Persecution to the Constantine Era.
184384: CALVIN DEMMON,TED BYFIELD - A Pinch of Incense.
153794: CALVIN MOORE,JAMES M LINTON - The Story of Wild Goose Jack the Life and Work of Jack Miner.
134571: CALVIN TRILLIN - About Alice.
149380: CALVIN HELIN - Dances with Dependency: Indigenous Success Through Self-reliance.
166036: CALVIN HELIN - Dances with Dependency: Indigenous Success Through Self-reliance.
137162: CALVIN TOMKINS - Duchamp: A Biography.
161016: CALVIN TOMKINS - Off the Wall: A Portrait of Robert Rauschenberg.
166663: CALVIN EVANS - Silk Sails.
137072: CALVIN MOORE,JAMES M LINTON - The Story of Wild Goose Jack the Life and Work of Jack Miner.
U01038: CALVIN TOMKINS - Merchants and Masterpieces: The Story of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
184383: CALVIN DEMMON,TED BYFIELD - The Quest for the City : A.D. 740 to 1100: Pursuing the Next World, They Founded This One.
184382: CALVIN DEMMON,TED BYFIELD - Darkness Descends AD 350 to 565 the Fall of the Western Roman Empire.
163212: CALVIN TRILLIN - Messages from My Father.
116019: CALVIN BEDIENT - In the Heart's Last Kingdom: Robert Penn Warren's Major Poetry.
169326: CALVIN CORNISH - Gone Wild : A Collection of Pencil Art by Peace Region Artist Calvin Cornish.
89110: CAM HUBERT - Dreamspeaker and Tem Eyos Ki and the Land Claims Question.
168817: CAMERON FLEET - Native American Wisdom: The Sacred in Everday Life.
183708: CAMERON ROSS MCINTOSH - Canada Calling.
168932: CAMERON SMITH - Love and Solidarity A Pictorial History of the NDP.
68317: CAMERON SMITH - Love and Solidarity A Pictorial History of the NDP.
103500: CAMERON P. LAUGHLIN - U.S. Airborne Forces of World War Two.
196707: CAMERON FORBES - Australia on Horseback: the story of the horse and the making of the nation.
167083: CAMI OSTMAN,LEAH LAX COLLEEN HAGGERTY - Beyond Belief: The Secret Lives of Women in Extreme Religions.
93996: CAMILLA D'ERRICO - Tanpopo.
A02374: CAMILLA GIBB - The Petty Details of So-And-So's Life.
A02373: CAMILLA GIBB - Sweetness in the Belly.
93997: CAMILLA D'ERRICO - Tanpopo Volume 2.
134225: CAMILLE PAGLIA - Break, Blow, Burn.
176830: CAMILLE PAGLIA - Sex, Art, and American Culture: Essays.
142764: CAMMIE MCATEE,MAXWELL BATES - The Architecture of Maxwell Bates.
143771: CAMPBELL GRANT - Rock Art of the American Indian.
148657: CAMPBELL MUIRHEAD - Diary of a Bomb Aimer : Training in America and Flying with 12 Squadron in WWII.
4932: CAMPBELL MCLAURIN - Without Reservations Flying Around the World.
173498: CANADA POST - The Millenium Collection (La collection du millenaire).
105196: CANADA DEPARTMENT OF MINES - Living Treaties, Lasting Agreements: Report of the Task Force to Review Comprehensive Claims Policy.
126357: CANADIAN KODAK CO - Instructions for the Use of Eastman 3A Developing and Printing Outfit.
136658: CANADIAN ARCTIC RESOURCES COMMITTEE - Aboriginal Self-government and Constitutional Reform : Setbacks, Opportunities and Arctic Experiences.
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149358: CHARLES GRANT - The Coldstream Guards (Men-at-Arms).
193722: CHARLES B. REED - Four Way Lodge.
177087: CHARLES ELLIOTT - Gone Fishin'.
151172: CHARLES MADSEN - Arctic Trader.
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163545: CHARLES L. MEE - The End of Order: Versailles, 1919.
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195553: CHARLES SCRIVNER - F8F Bearcat in Action.
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175542: CHARLES SCHEIDEMAN - Policing the Fringe: The Curious Life of a Small-town Mountie.
137395: CHARLES BRUCE FERGUSSON - The Diary of Simeon Perkins 1804-1812.
169746: CHARLES DUNN - Conversations in Paint : A Notebook of Fundamentals.
163402: CHARLES VAN DOREN,WAYNE MOQUIN - Great Documents In American Indian History.
178966: CHARLES PALLISER - Sensationist.
185531: CHARLES R. BUTCH" FARABEE JR. - National Park Ranger: An American Icon.
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143958: CHARLES D. BROWER,LYMAN ANSON - Fifty Years Below Zero A Lifetime of Adventure in the Far North.
154774: CHARLES W. WEIR - Steel and Summer Rain Poems and Projects.
153653: CHARLES JOHNSON POST - Horse Packing : A Manual of Pack Transportation.
167046: CHARLES R. PELLEGRINO - Unearthing Atlantis: An Archaeological Odyssey.
188718: CHARLES MOSLEY - Lichfield in Retrospect.
108773: CHARLES GOERG - Alexandre Perrier 1862-1936.
188814: CHARLES M. RUSSELL,PEGGY CONAWAY - Trails Plowed Under: Stories of the Old West.
144379: CHARLES ELIOT - English Poetry Volume 1.
171128: CHARLES HELM - Tumbler Ridge: Enjoying Its History, Trails and Wilderness.
106438: CHARLES BRADLEY TEMPLETON - The Kidnapping of the President: A Novel.
157069: CHARLES LACHMAN - The Ten Symbols of Longevity (Collection in Context).
158291: CHARLES P. MOUNTFORD - The Dawn of Time Australian Aboriginal Myths in Painting.
121588: CHARLES DICKENS - Dickens In Europe.
195674: CHARLES M. JOHNSTON - The Valley of the Six Nations ; A Collection of Documents on the Indian Lands of the Grand River.
195678: CHARLES M FINLAY - History of Mannville and District.
117350: CHARLES FAWCETT - The Travels of the Abbe Carre in India and the Near East 1672 to 1674 Volume 3.
99762: CHARLES BOWDEN - Some of the Dead Are Still Breathing: Living in the Future.
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165316: CHARLES W ROSS - Calgary Knox 1883-1983.
115335: CHARLES CRAIGHEAD - Images of Nature: The Photographs of Thomas D. Mangelson.
183349: CHARLES SMITH - Fifty Years with Mountbatten: A Personal Memoir.
115375: CHARLES HEAVYSEGE - Jezebel: A Poem in Three Cantos.
171708: CHARLES C. WALBRIDGE - The American Canoe Association's River Safety Anthology.
167903: CHARLES BRACELEN FLOOD - First to Fly: The Story of the Lafayette Escadrille, the American Heroes Who Flew For France in World War I.
19724: CHARLES MACMAHON SHAW - Bernard's Brethren, with Comments By Bernard SHaw.
172295: CHARLES DICKENS - David Copperfield.
A00580: CHARLES WILKINS - A Wilderness Called Home: Dispatches from the Wild Heart of Canada.
149359: CHARLES GRANT - Royal Scots Greys (Men-at-Arms).
71159: CHARLES NOBLE - Hearth Wild: Post Cardiac Banff.
102498: CHARLES MESSENGER - Hitler's Gladiator: The Life and Times of Oberstgruppenfuhrer and Panzergeneral-Oberst Der Waffen-Ss Sepp Dietrich.
104810: CHARLES UNGERLEIDER - Failing Our Kids: How We Are Ruining Our Public Schools.
111006: CHARLES FRASER COMFORT - Charles Fraser Comfort: The War Years; Les Annees De Guerre.
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163339: CHARLES OSBORNE - The Complete Operas of Richard Wagner.
183842: CHARLES SCHWARTZ - The Search for Stability, Contemporary Saskatchewan.
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178032: CHARLES KIMBERLIN BRAIN - The Hunters or the Hunted?: An Introduction to African Cave Taphonomy.
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R01912: CHARLES MUSES,SHARON BEGLEY - The Hand of God: Thoughts and Images Reflecting the Spirit of the Universe.
187231: CHARLES F LOEWEN - Fly fishing flies: A short handbook and introduction to the natural trout food of the lakes of the interior of British Columbia.
185844: CHARLES WALKER,ROBERT TAYLOR - Robert Taylor: Air Combat Paintings, Volume III.
183249: CHARLES BRACELEN FLOOD - Hitler: The Path to Power.
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135419: CHARLES DICKENS,J CUMING WALTERS - The Complete Mystery of Edwin Drood: the History, Continuation, and Solutions.
182251: CHARLES LILLARD - Warriors of the North Pacific.
195982: CHARLES BUKOWSKI - Factotum: A Novel.
118376: CHARLES MOORMAN - Editing the Middle English Manuscript.
196926: CHARLES O WILLIAMSON - Breaking and training the stock horse.
196924: CHARLES W. KOBURGER - Naval Expeditions: The French Return to Indochina, 1945-46.
196919: CHARLES TILLY - European Revolutions, 1492 -1992 (Making of Europe).
191464: CHARLES GORDON - The Canada Trip.
168096: CHARLES A DESNOYERS,PETER VON SIVERS - Instructor's Manual and Test Questions to Accompany Patterns of World History.
110662: CHARLES CUTLER - Tracks That Speak: The Legacy of Native American Words in North American Culture.
117505: CHARLES DARBY - Pacific Aircraft Wrecks and Where to Find Them.
93761: CHARLES-LOUIS L'HERITIER DE BRUTELLE - Sertum Anglicum 1788: Facsimile with Critical Studies and a Translation..
83605: CHARLES G. ROLAND - Clarence Hincks: Mental Health Crusader (Canadian Medical Lives Ser.).
123836: CHARLES GLASS - Americans in Paris: Life and Death Under Nazi Occupation.
188148: CHARLES ADDAMS - The World Of Charles Addams.
105047: CHARLES SIMIC,DON PATERSON - New British Poetry.
128808: CHARLES J. SHIELDS - Mockingbird : A Portrait of Harper Lee.
144375: CHARLES ELIOT - The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.
181079: CHARLES DICKENS - A Sketch Book. Containing Exact Reproductions of the Most Famous Sketches By Phiz from the Original Edition of David Copperfield By Charles Dickens.
166690: CHARLES DARWIN,DAVID QUAMMEN - On the Origin of Species: The Illustrated Edition.
54998: CHARLES TEMPLETON - Queens Secret.
100137: CHARLES R. CAWTHON - Other Clay: A Remembrance of the World War II Infantry.
21096: CHARLES KAISER - 1968 in America : Music, Politics, Chaos, Counterculture and the Shaping of a Generation.
115510: CHARLES LORING BRACE - The Dangerous Classes of New York and Twenty Years' Work AMong Them.
45289: CHARLES GOTTSHALL REIGNER - Enduring Values.
176394: CHARLES LILLARD - Shadow Weather: Poems Selected and New.
195935: CHARLES TAYLOR - Sources of the Self - The Making of the Modern Identity (Paper).
120321: CHARLES WRIGHT - The Grave of the Right Hand..
104785: CHARLES BATESON - Gold Fleet for California.
137278: CHARLES LEERHSEN - Crazy Good: The True Story of Dan Patch, the Most Famous Horse in America.
136166: CHARLES W. CALHOUN - From Bloody Shirt to Full Dinner-pail: The Transformation of Politics and Governance in the Gilded Age.
194403: CHARLES DICKENS,J CUMING WALTERS - The Complete Mystery of Edwin Drood: the History, Continuation, and Solutions.
185553: CHARLES BENN - China's Golden Age: Everyday Life in the Tang Dynasty.
54193: CHARLES WESLEY MERTA - Knights of Columbus of Alberta 1907-1980 A Dedicated History.
108812: CHARLES MARTIN - Past Closing Time.
13959: CHARLES GOODRUM,HELEN DALRYMPLE - Advertising in America : The First 200 Years.
152806: CHARLES DICKENS - David Copperfield.
133449: CHARLES ST. JOHN - A Scottish Naturalist: The Sketches and Notes of Charles St John, 1809-1856.
155979: CHARLES TRAUB - The New Vision: Forty Years of Photography at the Institute of Design.
189161: CHARLES HARTSHORNE - Born to Sing: An Interpretation and World Survey of Bird Song.
172007: CHARLES GRODIN - How I Got to be Whoever it is I Am.
187596: CHARLES BERLITZ - Native Tongues.
190215: CHARLES ROBERT DARWIN,PAUL H BARRETT - The Origin of Species.
37726: CHARLES D ARNOLD - The Lagoon Site (OjRI-3) Implications For Apleoeskimo Interactions..
112700: CHARLES F COMFORT - Second Canadian Sculpture Exhibition 1964.
108358: CHARLES B. GULLANS - Local Winds.
181455: CHARLES. STADDEN - Coldstream Guards: Dress and Appointments, 1658-1972.
195761: CHARLES BARTON - Howard Hughes and His Flying Boat.
149235: CHARLES L. GRISWOLD JR. - Adam Smith and the Virtues of Enlightenment (Modern European Philosophy).
197116: CHARLES WHITING - Ghost Front: The Ardennes Before The Battle Of The Bulge.
163778: CHARLES HIGHAM - The Civilization of Angkor.
90616: CHARLES WOHLFORTH - Fate of Nature: Rediscovering Our Ability to Rescue the Earth.
88628: CHARLES NEGRE,NANCY NEWHALL - P.H. Emerson: The Fight for Photography as a Fine Art.
116763: CHARLES ALLEN - The Buddha and Dr. Fuhrer.
112753: CHARLES WEYERHAEUSER - The Way of Tea, American Art for the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

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