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186517: VERNE R. ALBRIGHT,WILLIAM E. JONES - The Long Way to Los Gatos.
67525: VERNE CLEMENCE - David M. Baltzan.
179061: VERNEY LOVETT CAMERON - Across Africa.
166564: VERNON C. FOWKE - National Policy and the Wheat Economy.
182262: VERNON FROLICK - Fire into Ice : Charles Fipke and the Great Diamond Hunt.
186097: VERNON FROLICK - Descent into Madness Diary of a Killer.
184323: VERNON R. WISHART - What Lies Behind the Picture?: A Personal Journey into Cree Ancestry.
128797: VERNON A. M. KEMP - Without Fear, Favour or Affection Thirty-Five Years with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
121145: VERONICA ROSS - Millicent.
158377: VERONICA CUSACK - The Invisible Soldier.
121137: VERONICA ROSS - Order in the Universe : And Other Stories.
121138: VERONICA ROSS - Homecoming.
121146: VERONICA ROSS - Millicent.
175114: VERONICA BAKER-SMITH - Wellington's Hidden Heroes: The Dutch and the Belgians at Waterloo.
152981: VERONIQUE GARROS - Intimacy and Terror: Soviet Diaries of the 1930s.
130700: VERONIQUE VIENNE - Chip Kidd.
169626: VETERAN REGIONAL HISTORY - Where the prairie meets the hills: Veteran, Loyalist, and Hemaruka districts.
151046: VI DAVISON - Spirit and Trails of St. Anne.
164430: VIC GATRELL - City of Laughter: Sex And Satire in Eighteenth-Century London.
183535: VIC ELIAS - Drinking With Old Men.
167262: VIC MCCRISTAL - Top End Safari.
92152: VICKI PARSONS - Simple Expressions: Creative and Therapeutic Arts for the Elderly in Long-Term Care Facilities.
109532: VICKI LILEY - Sushi.
181486: VICKI GOLDBERG - Margaret Bourke-White: A Biography (Radcliffe Biography Series).
195368: VICKI CROKE - Elephant Company.
174995: VICKI MACKENZIE - Why Buddhism: Westerners in Search of Wisdom.
169250: VICKI CROKE - Elephant Company: The Inspiring Story of an Unlikely Hero and the Animals Who Helped Him Save Lives in World War II.
70664: VICKIE JENSEN - The Totem Poles Of Stanley Park.
135104: VICKY PHARES,WILEY - Fathers and Developmental Psychopathology.
174593: VICKY METCALF - Journey Fantastic : with the Overlanders to the Cariboo.
123291: VICTOR KLEMPERER - I Shall Bear Witness: The Diaries of Victor Klemperer.
183952: VICTOR CHAN - William Hayley and His Circle, Leader of My Angels.
104391: VICTOR G. DOERKSEN - A Path for Freedom: The Liberal Project of the Swabian School in Wurttemberg, 1806-1848.
124277: VICTOR PETERS - All Things Common the Hutterian Way of Life.
63671: VICTOR BOCKRIS - Warhol : The Biography.
100657: VICTOR SERGE - Year One of the Russian Revolution.
170043: VICTOR SUTHREN - The Sea Has No End: The Life of Louis-Antoine de Bougainville.
184888: VICTOR J STENGER - The New Atheism: Taking a Stand for Science and Reason.
183295: VICTOR SUTHREN - The Oxford Book of Canadian Military Anecdotes.
135108: VICTOR J. H. SUTHREN - To Go upon Discovery: James Cook and Canada, 1758-1767.
124505: VICTOR HUGO - Les Miserables.
188529: VICTOR CHA - The Impossible State: North Korea, Past and Future.
169073: VICTOR CARL FRIESEN PH.D. - Forever Home: Good Old Days on the Farm.
142295: VICTOR G. HOPWOOD - David Thompson Travels in Western North America 1784-1812.
155977: VICTOR J STENGER - God and the Multiverse: Humanity's Expanding View of the Cosmos.
165612: VICTOR SOGEN HORI - Zen Sand: The Book of Capping Phrases for Koan Practice (Nanzan Library of Asian Religion and Culture) (Multilingual Edition).
119807: VICTOR B. SCHEFFER - The Year of the Seal.
104716: VICTOR BROMBERT - Victor Hugo and the Visionary Novel.
182764: VICTOR SOTO - An Illustrated Field Guide to the Birds of Costa Rica / Illustrations, Victor Esquivel Soto =: Guia de Campo Ilustrada de Las Aves de Costa Rica.
188682: VICTOR DAVIS HANSON - The Father of Us All: War and History, Ancient and Modern.
191463: VICTOR L. WOOTEN - The Music Lesson: A Spiritual Search for Growth Through Music.
149194: VICTOR SARIANIDI - Golden Hoard of Bactria: From the Excavation of the Tillya-tepe Necropolis in Northern Afghanistan.
171844: VICTOR HUGO - The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
121572: VICTOR KLEMPERER - The Diaries of Victor Klemperer: I Shall Bear Witness 1933-1941, To the Bitter End 1942-1945..
190697: VICTOR CARL FRIESEN - The Windmill Turning: Nursery Rhymes, Maxims, and Other Expressions of Western Canadian Mennonites.
188676: VICTOR MURAVIN - The Diary of Vikenty Angarov.
172262: VICTOR APPLETON - TOM SWIFT and His Motor Cycle + His Motor Boat + His Airship + His Submarine Boat + His Electric Runabout + His Wireless Message - 6 Volume Matched Set.
173370: VICTOR BROMBERT - Victor Hugo and the Visionary Novel.
148616: VICTOR STEVENSON - World of Words.
188897: VICTOR MALAREK - The Johns: Sex for Sale and the Men Who Buy It.
185319: VICTOR SHIM - The Secrets of Eternal Life Toa Teh Ching Volume 1.
94741: VICTOR H. BROMBERT - The Romantic Prison: The French Tradition.
132333: VICTOR APPLETON - Tom Swift and His Motor Boat.
130703: VICTOR K. MCELHENY - Insisting on the Impossible : The Life of Edwin Land.
U00064: VICTOR P. LYTWYN - The Fur Trade of the Little North, Indians, Pedlars, and Englishmen East of Lake Winnipeg, 1760-1821.
193916: VICTOR LAURISTON - Lambton County's Hundred Years 1849-1949.
162161: VICTOR HANSON - Ripples of Battle: How Wars of the Past Still Determine How We Fight, How We Live, and How We Think.
135533: VICTOR SUTHREN - The Black Cockade: Paul Gallant's Louisbourg Command.
163776: VICTOR RIPP - Turgenev's Russia: From Notes of a Hunter to Fathers and Sons.
194076: VICTOR MALAREK|VIKING CANADA - The Natashas: The New Global Sex Trade.
170318: VICTOR CHAN - Rubens to Picasso: Four Centuries of Master Drawings.
161828: VICTORIA DICKENSON - First Impressions European Views of the Natural History of Canada from the 16th to the 19th Century.
127154: VICTORIA GLENDINNING - Leonard Woolf : A Biography.
173510: VICTORIA BAKER - Crosscups Painted Parlour.
170964: VICTORIA CUNNINGHAM - Justice Achieved: the Political Struggle of Independent Schools in British Columbia.
164069: VICTORIA FINLAY - Jewels: A Secret History.
A00687: VICTORIA REDEL - Where the Road Bottoms Out: A Collection of Stories.
121061: VICTORIA CLARK - The Far-Farers: A Journey from Viking Iceland to Crusader Jerusalem.
114251: VICTORIA SCHOFIELD - Wavell.
24246: VICTORIA BROOKS - Literary Trips Following in the Footsteps of Fame.
155856: VICTORIA COULSON - Henry James, Women and Realism.
149236: VICTORIA BROOKS PAUL ROSENBERG - Literary Trips: Following in the Footsteps of Fame.
76159: VICTORIA BROOKS - Famous Faces Famous Places Famous Food.
87516: VICTORIA CLARK - The Far Farers A Journaey from Viking Iceland to Crusader Jerusalem.
182088: VICTORIA NEWHOUSE - Art and the Power of Placement.
176501: VICTORIA SYMCHYCH - The Flying Ship and Other Ukrainian Folk Tales.
165158: VICTORIA STARR - K.D.Lang All You Get is Me.
174903: VICTORIA BOUTENKO - Green for Life.
136980: VIDIADHAR SURAJPRASAD NAIPAUL - Guerrillas : A Novel.
179130: VIGEN GUROIAN - Ethics After Christendom: Toward an Ecclesial Christian Ethic.
173052: VIGUE MARTIN - Atlas of the Human Body.
139266: VIKRAM SETH - An Equal Music.
125270: VIKRAM SETH - Two Lives.
144722: VIKRAM SETH - An Equal Music.
129747: VIKRAM SETH - A Suitable Boy.
122465: VIKTOR ULLRICH - Geburtstagsparade.
166805: VIKTOR NIKITICH LAZAREV - The Double Faced Tablets from the St. Sophia Cathedral in Novgorod.
173386: VILHELM MOBERG - A History of the Swedish People: Volume I: From Prehistory to the RenaissanceVolume II: From Renaissance to Revolution.
180432: VILHJALMUR STEFANSSON - The Northward Course of Empire.
185067: VILHJALMUR STEFANSSON - My Life with the Eskimo.
185068: VILHJALMUR STEFANSSON - The Friendly Arctic The Story of Five Years in Polar Regions.
118318: VILHJALMUR STEFANSSON - The Three Voyages of Martin Frobisher.
188200: VILNA AND DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Voices of Yesteryears: Vilna and District History (Alberta) Volume 1 and Volume 2.
136988: VINCENT LAM - Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures.
162566: VINCENT LAM - Extraordinary Canadians Tommy Douglas.
157381: VINCENT CARRETTA - George III and the Satirists from Hogarth to Byron.
183958: VINCENT VARGA - Aspects of Contemporary Painting in Alberta.
104493: VINCENT J. MCNALLY - The Lord's Distant Vineyard: A History of the Oblates and the Catholic Community in British Columbia.
118392: VINCENT VAN GOGH - Van Gogh in Arles.
177622: VINCENT JAMES STANZIONE - Mayan Gods and Goddesses.
163377: VINCENT BROME - Havelock Ellis: Philosopher of Sex - A Biography.
109402: VINCENT VARGA - Aspects of Contemporary Painting in Alberta.
188261: VINCENT LAM - Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures.
178523: VINCENZINA KRYMOW - Mary's Flowers: Gardens, Legends & Meditations.
190681: VINCENZO FERRONE - The Enlightenment: History of an Idea.
182453: VINCENZO ALBANESE - Slow Mist.
R02013: VINE DELORIA - The Metaphysics of Modern Existence.
185374: VINE DELORIA - Red Earth, White Lies: Native Americans and the Myth of Scientific Fact.
118605: VINSON BROWN - Voices of earth and Sky: The Vision Life of Native Americans and Their Culture Heroes.
148304: VINSON BROWN,WILLIAM WILLOYA - Warriors of the Rainbow : strange and prophetic dreams of the Indian Peoples.
119613: VINSON BROWN - Voices of earth and Sky: The Vision Life of Native Americans and Their Culture Heroes.
68869: VIOLET CLIFTON - The Book of Talbot.
143626: VIOLET BONHAM CARTER - Winston Churchill : An Intimate Portrait.
128851: VIOLET LOSCOMBE - Pursuit of Peace : Historic Tales of Battleford.
187751: VIRGIIA COLE TRENHOLM - The Shoshonis, Sentinels of Rockies.
47466: VIRGIL J. VOGEL - This Country Was Ours; A Documentary History of the American Indian,.
163274: VIRGIL - Virgil: Georgics I and IV (Bcp Latin Texts) (Bk. 1 & 4).
174610: VIRGIL - The Aeneid.
155969: VIRGINIA MORELL - Ancestral Passions: The Leakey Family and the Quest for Humankind's Beginnings.
183422: VIRGINIA BUTTON - The Turner Prize: 2005.
188386: VIRGINIA WOOLF - Mrs. Dalloway.
183924: VIRGINIA WOOLF - The Letters of Virginia Woolf: 1932-1935 Vol 5.
183234: VIRGINIA WOOLF - The Letters of Virginia Woolf, Volume 1: 1888-1912.
183235: VIRGINIA WOOLF - The Letters of Virginia Woolf: Reflection of the Other Person, 1929-31 v. 4 (The Letters of Virginia Woolf ; v. 4, 1929-1931).
174175: VIRGINIA CHIEFFO RAGUIN - Artistic Integration in Gothic Buildings.
183204: VIRGINIA WOOLF - The Diary of Virginia Woolf, Volume II: 1920-1924.
R02205: VIRGINIA FELLOWS - The Shakespeare Code.
183196: VIRGINIA WOOLF - The Question of Things Happening, The Letters of Virginia Woolf 1912-1922.
163269: VIRGINIA F. STERN - Gabriel Harvey: A Study of His Life, Marginalia, and Library.
137665: VIRGINIA HOPKINS - Pioneers of the Old West.
179490: VIRGINIA G. BERRY - A Boundless Horizon Visual Records of Exploration and Settlement in the Maintoba Region 1624-1874.
173036: VIRGINIA COMOLLI - Boko Haram: Nigeria's Islamist Insurgency.
185314: VIRGINIA ESSENE - What Every Human Must Know: To Survie and Thrive on Planet Earth.
181335: VIRGINIA ROUNDING - Catherine the Great: Love, Sex and Power.
145004: VIRGINIA ROUNDING - Alix and Nicky. The Passion of the Last Tsar and Tsarina.
165795: VIRGINIA WOOLF - The Letters of Virginia Woolf: Reflection of the Other Person, 1929-31 v. 4 (The Letters of Virginia Woolf ; v. 4, 1929-1931).
A01668: VISCOU HENRY DUNDAS MELVILLE - Two Views of British India: The Private Correspondence of Mr. Dundas and Lord Wellesley, 1798-1801;.
116478: VISCOUNT SANDHURST - From Day to Day 1914-1915.
93740: VITAL THOMAS - Yamozha and His Beaver Wife.
158855: VITO ACCONCI - Language to Cover a Page: The Early Writings of Vito Acconci (Writing Art).
180943: VIVIAN DE SOLA PINTO - Restoration Carnival, Five Courtier Poets Rhocester - Dorset - Sedley- Etheredge & Sheffield.
120141: VIVIAN DAVIES - Egypt Uncovered.
135539: VIVIAN HUBERT HOWARD GREEN - The Commonwealth of Lincoln College, 1427-1977.
167613: VIVIAN H GREEN - The Swiss Alps.
166753: VIVIEN GREEN FRYD - Art and the Crisis of Marriage: Edward Hopper and Georgia O'Keeffe.
167660: VIVIEN NOAKES - Edward Lear, The Life of a Wanderer.
67528: VIVIEN QUAHE-SEAH - Food for Thought.
4420: VIVIENNE POY - A River Named Lee.
193753: VLADIMIR MEGRE - The Book of Kin (The Ringing Cedars Series, Book 6).
193752: VLADIMIR MEGRE - Who Are We Book 5 of the Ringing Cedars Series.
193751: VLADIMIR MEGRE - Rites of Love (The Ringing Cedars Series, Book 8 - Part 2).
193750: VLADIMIR MEGRE - The Ringing Cedars of Russia: 2 (Ringing Cedars Series).
152939: VLADIMIR & BILY FRANCEV - Jagdpanzer 38 Hetzer - Model File.
169569: VLADIMIR MEGRE - Who Are We Book 5 of the Ringing Cedars Series.
193772: VLADIMIR MEGRE - The Space of Love: 3 (Ringing Cedars Series).
193769: VLADIMIR MEGRE - The Energy of Life: 7 (Ringing Cedars Series).
174732: VLADIMIR NABOKOV - Mary: A novel.
137215: VLADIMIR NABAKOV - Nabakov's Dozen.
193773: VLADIMIR MEGRE - Co-Creation: 4 (Ringing Cedars Series).
193771: VLADIMIR MEGRE - Anastasia: 1 (Ringing Cedars Series).
193770: VLADIMIR MEGRE - The New Civilisation: 8 (Ringing Cedars Series).
177216: VLADIMIR MEGRE - Anastasia.
186495: VLADIMIR BOGDANOV - All Music Guide to Hip-Hop: The Definitive Guide to Rap and Hip-Hop.
155831: VLADIMIR J. KAYE - Dictionary Of Ukrainian Canadian Biography Of Pioneer Settlers Of Alberta 1891-1900.
157407: VLADIMIR ALEXANDROV - The Black Russian.
143200: VLADIMIR MARKOV - The Longer Poems Of Velimir Khlebnikov.
167345: VLADIMIR SOLOUKHIN - Searching for Icons in Russia.
167326: VLADIMIR NABOKOV - The Original of Laura.
180178: VLADISLAV TRETIAK - Tretiak: The Legend.
98827: VLASTA VAN KAMPEN - Great Canadian Animal Stories.
187477: VLASTIMI EHRMAN - Grumman Wildcat Modelpres 9.
180337: VLASTIMIL EHRMAN - Curtiss P-40.
188898: VOLKER WEIDERMANN - Ostend: Stefan Zweig, Joseph Roth, and the Summer Before the Dark.
142328: VOLKER ALBUS - Icons Of Design: The 20th Century.
191482: VOLKER WEIDERMANN - Ostend Stefan Zweig, Joseph Roth, and the Summer Before the Dark.
165941: VOLODYMYR OVSIICHUK - Oleksa Novakivskyi.
179019: VOLTAIRE - Candide or Optimism.
188758: VON BRASCHLER - Seven Secrets of Time Travel: Mystic Voyages of the Energy Body.
190749: VYACHESLAV L. GIRKO - Categories and Functors (Pure and Applied Mathematics, Vol. 39).
136824: W. F. BOLTON - The Middle Ages.
113985: W J BYRNE - Archaeology in Alberta 1977; Archaeological Survey of Alberta, Occasional Paper No. 5, 1978.
149310: W VICTOR MADEJ - Southeastern Europe Axis Armed Forces Handbook.
165018: W.O. MITCHELL - The Vanishing Point.
184727: W. PAUL ANDERSON - Hunger's Brides.
184445: W DOUGLAS ARMSTRONG - Giants of the Pacific Northwest the Hunt Family Totem Poles.
153925: W A CRAIGIE - Specimens of Anglo Saxon Poetry Vol.3 British and Anglo Saxon History.
153926: W A CRAIGIE - Specimens of Anglo Saxon Poetry Vol.2 Early Christian Lore and Legend.
97777: W.A. CAMPS - Propertius Elegies Book I.
164516: W.O. MITCHELL - An Evening with W. O. Mitchell.
188675: W.J. JONES - The Elizabethan Court of Chancery.
133969: W A OLMSTED - Blue Skies: The Autobiography of a Canadian Spitfire Pilot in World War II.
161531: W ADAM MANDELBAUM - The Psychic Battlefield : A History of the Military-Occult Complex.
153924: W A CRAIGIE - Specimens of Anglo Saxon Poetry Vol.1 Biblical and Classical Themes.
190916: W. E. SCARBOROUGH - F7F Tigercat in Action.
98607: W. J. KEITH - An Independent Stance: Essays on English-Canadian Criticism and Fiction.
178865: W SOMERSET MAUGHAM - A Traveller in Romance Uncollected Writings 1901-1964.
105986: W A TUTTE - Douglas Social Credit for Canada.
168621: W.W.E. ROSS - Shapes & Sounds Poems of W.W.E.Ross.
181735: W.D. VALGARDSON - Bloodflowers.
179569: W L MORTON - God's Galloping Girl: The Peace River Diaries of Monica Storrs, 1929-1931.
118193: W. ANDY KNIGHT - Adapting the United Nations to a Post Modern Era: Lessons Learned.
175722: W.P. KINSELLA - Brother Frank's Gospel Hour and Other Stories.
183700: W.D. VALGARDSON - God Is Not a Fish Inspector.
185297: W.O. MITCHELL - How I Spent My Summer Holidays.
163188: W KAYE LAMB - The Journals and Letters of Sir Alexander Mackenzie.
152874: W G BURN MURDOCH - Modern Whaling and Bear Hunting.
124512: W.H. SMITH - Canada Past, Present and Future.
195385: W PETER KISSICK - Business Ethics: Concepts, Cases, And Canadian Perspectives.
78284: W L HIGGITT - Settlers and Rebels Being the Official Reports to Parliament of the Activities of the Royal north-West Mounted Police Force from 1882 - 1885.
194190: W. A. RIDDELL - Regina, from Pile O'Bones to Queen City of the Plains: An Illustrated History.
172196: W. O. BLAKE - The History of Slavery and the Slave Trade, Ancient and Modern. (Easton Press Limited Edition).
158462: W. PAUL ANDERSON - Hunger's Brides.
152902: W. N. MARACH - A Gillnet's Drift: Tales of Fish and Freedom on the Bc Coast.
193528: W.P. KINSELLA - The Dixon Cornbelt League, and Other Baseball Stories.
188176: W. EARL GODFREY - The Birds of Canada.
181220: W. H. BELL - Beyond the Northern Lights: A Quest for the Outdoor Life.
115459: W E JOHNS - Return to Mars, The Story of Interplanetary Flight.
107948: W. COPE DEVEREUX - A Cruise in the Gorgon,.
178884: W. GEORGE LOVELL - Conquest and survival in colonial Guatemala: A historical geography of the Cuchumatan Highlands, 1500-1821.
39271: W.T. WAUGH - James Wolfe Man and Soldier.
131086: W. H. MURRAY - Curling Companion.
107236: W. RAY STEPHENS - The Harps of War.
172759: W. ASSAF - And the Winds Blew.
103124: W. D. G. BLUNDELL - Ships of the Royal Navy.
182625: W SOMERSET MAUGHAM - Selected Stories.
109286: W.H. DAVIES - The Song of Love.
120623: W. H. AUDEN - Collected Poems.
139606: W. S. GILBERT - The "Bab" Ballads, Much Sound and Little Sense.
147576: W. J. COURTENAY - Adam Wodeham: An Introduction to His Life and Writings.
109367: W L HIGGITT - Law and Order: Being the Official Reports to Parliament of the Activities of the Royal North-West Mounted Police Force from 1886-1887.
88005: W.O. MITCHELL - Ladybug, Ladybug.
1151045: W.O. MITCHELL - According to Jake and the Kid: A Collection of New Stories.
186054: W.O. MITCHELL - Dramatic W.O. Mitchell: Back to Beulah, the Black Bonspiel of Wullie Maccrimmon, the Kite.
19914: W. GORDON COOMBS - Poems True To Life.
A00849: W. FERGUSON - Why I Hate Canadians.
124051: W.D. VALGARDSON - Gentle Sinners.
105082: W. W. HOWELLS - Skull Shapes and the Map: Craniometric Analysis in the Dispersion of Modern Homo.
126618: W L HIGGITT - The New West Being the Official Reports to Parliament of the Activities of the Royal North-West Mounted Police Force from 1888-1889 by the Commissioners of the Royal North-West Mounted Police.
87954: W.O. MITCHELL - Since Daisy Creek.
135529: W. S. A DALE - Canadian Water Colours, Drawings and Prints 1966. Aquarelles, estampes et dessins canadiens1966..
190742: W BRETT WILSON - Redefining Success: Still Making Mistakes.
177419: W. SAMPSON,WILLIAM SAMPSON - Confessions of an Innocent Man: Torture And Survival in a Saudi Prison.
101989: W. A. HAGELUND - Whalers No More: A History of Whaling on the West Coast.
118973: W. T. HORNADAY - The American Natural History. A Foundation of Useful Knowledge of the Higher Animals of North America.
151003: W.E. KOOP - Billy the Kid, The Trail of a Kansas Legend.
111642: W.O. MITCHELL - According to Jake and the Kid.
162415: W. R LAUBER - An index of the land claim certificates of Upper Canada militiamen who served in the War of 1812-1814.
A02133: W.D. VALGARDSON - In the Gutting Shed: Poems.
195231: W.O. MITCHELL - Who Has Seen the Wind.
110562: W F MILLER - Interesting Generations the Gilbertsons.
170627: W. A. HARRISON - Gloster Gladiator in action.
A01348: W. A. RIDDELL - The Mackenzie Art Gallery: Norman Mackenzie's Legacy.
190000: W. DENIS WHITAKER - Victory at Falaise: The Soldiers' Story.
152688: W J SPIELBERGER - Hanomag Sd.kfz 251/1 APC.
167770: W.O. MITCHELL - Since Daisy Creek.
187183: W. GILLIES ROSS - Arctic Whalers, Icy Seas: Narratives of the Davis Strait Whale Fishery.
73191: W.O. MITCHELL - The vanishing point.
164661: W.P. KINSELLA - Scars Stories by W.P.Kinsella.
188186: W. STANFORD REID - The Scottish Tradition in Canada.
195577: W. BERNARD CARLSON - Tesla - Inventor of the Electrical Age.
132228: W.M. FRAZER - Duncan of Liverpool An Account of the Work Of Dr. W.H. Duncan Medical Officer of Health of Liverpool, 1847-63.
195118: W. C. BEECHING - Canadian Volunteers Spain 1936 - 1939(No. 18) (Canadian Plains Studies Ser.).
184880: W.S.B. LOOSMORE - To Trail's End : Early Settlement in Drayton Valley.
176310: W P MORRELL - The Gold Rushes.
132970: W L MORTON,WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY - Alexander Begg's Red River Journal and Other Papers Relative to the Red River Resistance of 1869-1870.
124481: W.A.C.H. DOBSON - The Language of the Book of Songs.
147732: W.E. ROSS - Meet Southern Alberta.
32225: W.P. KINSELLA - Red Wolf, Red Wolf.
78957: W.H. SMITH - Canada Past, Present and Future, 2 Volumes.
179753: W. WAYNE PATTON - Aces 2.
110561: W F MILLER - Miller Memoirs.
110293: W.H. DAVIES - The Hour of Magic and Other Poems.
173300: W Y CARMAN - A Dictionary of Military Uniform.
188720: W. R. TYMMS - The Art of illuminating as practised in Europe from the earliest times illustrated by borders, initial letters, and alphabets.
147004: W KAYE LAMB - Empress to the Orient.
167279: W HUTCHERSON - Sparks in the parks: The experiences of a Canadian radio officer while serving on the wartime built deep-sea freighters of Canada's fourth service, the Canadian Merchant Navy.
190486: W.W.E. ROSS - Shapes & Sounds Poems of W.W.E.Ross.
178340: W. D. PADEN - The Wake of the Prairie Schooner.
87082: W.A. WATERTON - The Comet Riddle.
177088: W.H. MACDONALD - Fishing in Alberta.
153814: W. H. AUDEN - Collected Longer Poems.
78655: W A ROBBINS - Memories.
111627: W. B. JORDAN - Juan Van Der Hamen Y Leon: And the Court of Madrid.
139235: W.P. KINSELLA - If Wishes Were Horses.
124170: W RAMSAY SMITH - In Southern Seas Wandering of a Naturalist.
185084: W.P. KINSELLA - Brother Frank's Gospel Hour and Other Stories.
167451: W H NEW - From a Speaking Place: Writings from the First Fifty Years of Canadian Literature.
189082: W.B.D. HEENEY - Mission to the Middle Classes (Church Historical Society).
195089: W D CHALMERS - The Conspiracy of Truth.
73163: W.G. HARDY - The Greek and Roman World.
176637: W STANLEY MOSS - Ill Met By Moonlight.
186295: W. H. MURRAY - The Story of Everest.
140264: W.R. SMYSER - From Yalta to Berlin : The Cold War Stuggle over Germany.
149854: W. E. SCARBOROUGH - Walk Around PBY Catalina.
173388: W.J. CRAWFORD - The Psychic Structures at the Goligher Circle.
183100: W.P. KINSELLA - The Winter Helen Dropped By: A Novel.
183252: W.F.R. HARDIE - Aristotle's Ethical Theory.
183606: W.J. STANKIEWICZ - Politics & Religion in Seventeenth-Century France, A Study of Political Ideas from the Monarchomachs to Bayle, as Reflected in the Toleration Controversy.
134306: W KAYE LAMB - The Voyage of George Vancouver, 4 Volumes.
46212: W.J.B. OWEN - Wordsworth as Critic.
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190598: WILLIAM PEMBER REEVES - The Long White Cloud Ao Tea Roa.
129095: WILLIAM R. SUTTON - Journeymen for Jesus: Evangelical Artisians Confront Capitalism in Jacksonian Baltimore.
175987: WILLIAM B. BREUER - Deceptions of World War II.
190138: WILLIAM HOWLAND KENNEY - Chicago Jazz: A Cultural History, 1904-1930.
157379: WILLIAM COWPER - The Letters and Prose Writings of William Cowper: Volume 2: Letters 1782-1786 (Letters & Prose Writings of William Cowper).
142898: WILLIAM H KELLY - The Mounties : As the Saw Themselves.
155548: WILLIAM H. GASS - Finding a Form: Essays.
147827: WILLIAM H. MCNEILL - The Pursuit of Power: Technology, Armed Force, and Society Since A.d. 1000.
158501: WILLIAM LEO HANSBERRY - Pillars in Ethiopian History (William Leo Hansberry African History Notebook).
130377: WILLIAM COBBETT - Rural Rides in the Counties of Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Cloucestershire, Herford Shire, Worcestershire, Somersetshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, and Hertfordshire: With Economical and Political Observations ....
106352: WILLIAM BLADES - The Life and Typography of William Caxton, England's First Printer, Vol. II.
195234: WILLIAM LISHMAN - Father Goose.
167307: WILLIAM WAGNER - Ryan Broughmans and their builders (Aviation heritage library series).
102673: WILLIAM G. NAPHY - The Protestant Revolution : From Martin Luther to Martin Luther King Jr.
155035: WILLIAM SATCHELL - The Toll of the Bush.
151114: WILLIAM CHALMERS - George Mercer Dawson (Quest Library (Xyz Publishing)).
113104: WILLIAM W. FREEHLING - The Road to Disunion: Secessionists at Bay, 1776-1854.
177525: WILLIAM D. MOUNCE - A Graded Reader of Biblical Greek.
172154: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE - A Midsummer Nights Dream.
108209: WILLIAM CONELLY - Foothills.
169044: WILLIAM C. MCGREW - Great Ape Societies.
108527: WILLIAM ROBERTSON - Adult Language Warning.
89055: WILLIAM KEDZIE - The Elements of Agricultural Geology for the Schools of Kansas.
89173: WILLIAM KOTZWINKLE - Leopard's Tooth.
153091: WILLIAM SHAWCROSS - Deliver Us from Evil: Peacekeepers, Warlords and a World of Endless Conflict.
161007: WILLIAM L. FOX - Terra Antarctica: Looking into the Emptiest Continent.
97457: WILLIAM PLOMER - Turbott Wolfe.
125441: WILLIAM PATRICK DAY - In the Circles of Fear and Desire: A Study of Gothic Fantasy.
102763: WILLIAM N. HESS - P-47 Thunderbolt.
A01246: WILLIAM DEVERELL - Street Legal : The Betrayal.
180428: WILLIAM MICHAEL ROSSETTI - The Pre-Raphaelites & Their World A Personal View, From Some Reminiscences and Other Writings of William Micahel Rossetti, Introduction and Peiplogu By Angela Thirlwell.
186133: WILLIAM GRIFFIN - Clive Staples Lewis: A Dramatic Life.
182418: WILLIAM A. SLAUGHTER - Little Turtle of the Lenni Lenape.
153776: WILLIAM PAUL FERGUSON - The Snowbird Decades: Western Canada's Pioneer Aviation Companies.
172486: WILLIAM ALLEN WHITE - A Puritan in Babylon - the Story of Calvin Coolidge.
188664: WILLIAM JOHN JONES - Politics and the Bench: Judges and the Origins of the English Civil War (Historical Problems).
93916: WILLIAM ARTHUR BISHOP - True Canadian Battles That Forged a Nation.
184501: WILLIAM CRAIG - Enemy at the Gates : The Battle for Stalingrad.
122097: WILLIAM F. SINCLAIR,WILLIAM FOSTER - The Red Sea and Adjacent Countires.
82768: WILLIAM H NEW - A Political Art: Essays and Images in Honour George Woodcock.
187310: WILLIAM ROSEN - Justinian's Flea : Plague, Empire, and the Birth of Europe.
167538: WILLIAM C. TAYLOR - The Yellow Paint War.
112551: WILLIAM SAMPSON - Confessions of an Innocent Man: Torture And Survival in a Saudi Prison.
170768: WILLIAM CATTERMOLE - Emigration The Advantages of Emigration to Canada.
172145: WILLIAM H. IRELAND - The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte 4 Vol. Set.
123088: WILLIAM ARTHUR DEACON - The 4 Jameses.
178035: WILLIAM FONG - J.W. McConnell: Financier, Philanthropist, Patriot.
147548: WILLIAM HAZLITT - Conversations of James Northcote, R.A..
129003: WILLIAM M. BOLSTAD - Introduction to Bayesian Statistics.
180052: WILLIAM H. MCNEILL - Plagues and Peoples.
182687: WILLIAM TALBOT CHILDS - John McDonogh His Life And Work.
109707: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE - The Beauties of Shakespear, Regularly Selected from Each Play: With a General Index, Digesting Them under Proper Heads.
151328: WILLIAM COLGATE - Canadian Art Its Origins & Development.
168884: WILLIAM T. PALMER - Wanderings in Scotland.
178976: WILLIAM R. DUGGAN - Napoleon's Glance : The Genius of Stragegy.
193777: WILLIAM GRAY - Soldiers of the King.

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