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151518: WHITEFORD, SCOTT - Workers from the North: Plantations, Bolivian Labor, and the City in the Northwest Argentina (Latin American monographs ; no. 54)
128471: WHITEHEAD, WILLIAM - Words to Live By A Memoir
153113: WHITEHILL, WALTER MUIR - Boston: Distinguished buildings & sites within the city and its orbit as engraved on wood by Rudolph Ruzicka
147416: WHITELEY, MARILYN FARDIG - The Life and Letters of Annie Leake Tuttle: Working for the Best
177816: WHITELEY, NIGEL - Reyner Banham: Historian of the Immediate Future
184792: WHITELOCK, ANNA - The Queen's Bed: An Intimate History of Elizabeth's Court
100982: WHITEMAN, KATE; WRIGHT, JENI; BOGGIANO, ANGELA - The Italian Kitchen Bible
183539: WHITEMAN, BRUCE; STEWART, CHARLOTTE; FUNNELL, CATHERINE - A Bibliography of Macmillan of Canada Imprints, 1906-1980 (Dundurn Canadian Historical Document Series)
132543: WHITEMAN, ROBIN - The Cadfael Companion : The World of Brother Cadfael
114555: WHITEMAN, BRUCE - J.E.H. Macdonald
R02131: WHITER, WALTER - A Specimen of a Commentary on Shakespeare. Being the Text of the First (1794) Edition Revisewd By the Author and Never Previously Published
099133: WHITESIDE, W. CARLETON - The Nomadic Life of a Surgeon
142591: WHITESIDE, LESLEY;WHITESIDE, DR. ANDREW - Where Swift and Berkeley Learnt: A History of Kilkenny College
099213: WHITEWAY, R S - The Rise of Portuguese Power in India 1497 - 1550
128543: WHITFIELD, RODERICK, WITH AN ADDENDUM BY WEN FONG - In Pursuit of Antiquity Chinese Paintings of the Ming and Ch'Ing Dynasties from the Collection of Mr. And Mrs. Earl Morse
185895: WHITFIELD, PETER - Landmarks in Western Science: From Prehistory to the Atomic Age
178516: WHITFIELD, PETER - Mapping the World
179853: WHITHORN, BILL; WHITHORN, DORIS - Montana in the Good Old Days No.2
179851: WHITHORN, BILL; WHITHORN, DORIS - Photo History of Shields Valley
179852: WHITHORN, BILL; WHITHORN, DORIS - Photo History from Yellowstone Park
051469: WHITING, CHARLES - Massacre at Malmedy: The Story of Jochen Peiper's Battle Group Ardennes, December, 1944
169849: WHITING, CHARLES - Ghost Front: The Ardennes Before the Battle of the Bulge
162226: WHITING, CHARLES;WHITING, CHARES - The Search for Gestapo Muller: The Man Without a Shadow
182520: WHITING, CHARLES - Battle of Hurtgen Forest
171053: CHARLES WHITING - The Hunt for Martin Bormann: The Truth (Pen & Sword Paperback)
175635: WHITING, CHARLES - Jochen Peiper: Battle Commander, Ss Liebstandardte Adolf Hitler
084193: WHITLAM, ROBERT G. - Archaeological Invesitgations at Cache Creek (EeRh3), with a Matrix Analysis Report by A. Neal Crozier
170498: WHITLOCK, FLINT - The Fighting First: The Untold Story Of The Big Red One On D-day
118778: WHITLOCK, NATHAN - A Week of This: (A Novel in Seven Days)
175278: WHITMONT, EDWARD C. - The Symbolic Quest
185653: WHITMORE, KINGSLEY; HART, HILARY; WILLEMS, GUY - A Neurodevelopmental Approach to Specific Learning Disorders
133723: WHITNEY, ARHTUR H. - Colloquial Hungarian
118866: WHITNEY, CASPAR - The Flowing Road, Adventures on the Great Rivers of South America
163768: WHITNEY, WILLIAM DWIGHT - The Roots, Verb-Forms, and Primary Derivatives of the Sanskrit Language, A Supplement to His Sanskrit Gramma
173217: WHITNEY, HARRY - Hunting with the Eskimos
157182: WHITSON, AUDREY J. - Teaching Places
178682: WHITTAKER, JIM - A Life on the Edge: Memoirs of Everest and Beyond
158815: NICHOLAS WHITTAKER - Sweet Talk: The Secret History of Confectionery
118910: WHITTAKER, HERBERT - Whittaker's Theatricals
185307: WHITTAKER, JOHN A. - Early Land Surveyors of British Columbia (P.L.S. Group)
166364: WHITTAKER, ROBIN - Hot Thespian Action!: Ten Premier Plays from Walterdale Playhouse (Athabasca University Press)
107876: WHITTAKER, HERBERT - Whittaker's Theatricals
162481: WHITTEMORE, JOYCE - The Book Of Buttons
181733: WHITTEN, SOERIAATMADJA, AFIFF - The Ecology of Java and Bali (The Ecology of Indonesian Series,volume II)
107498: WHITTLE, TYLER - The Plant Hunters : Being an Examination of Collecting, with an Account of the Careers & the Methods of a Number of Those Who Have Searched the World for Wild Plants
177065: WHITTLE, JANET - Painting Flowers and Plants (Watercolour Painting Tips & Techniques)
170717: WHITTLE, RICHARD - The Dream Machine: The Untold History of the Notorious V-22 Osprey
170620: WHITTLE, MARK - Cosmology: The History and Nature of Our Universe
142448: WHITTLESEY, LEE H. - Ho! for Wonderland: Travelers' Accounts of Yellowstone, 1872-1914
172083: WHITTOCK, M. - A Brief History of Life in the Middle Ages
151157: WHITTON, DR. CHARLOTTE - A Hundred Years A-Fellin' 1842-1942
A01787: WHYMPER, EDWARD; TYNDALE, H. E. G. - Scrambles Amongst the Alps
114017: WHYTE, JON - The Fells of Brightness
102438: WHYTE, JACK - Standard of Honor
185607: WHYTE, JOHN; HART, E. J. - Carl Rungius : Painter of the Western Wilderness
171428: WHYTE, JON; CAVELL, EDWARD - Mountain Glory : The Art of Peter and Catharine Whyte
175563: WHYTE, JON - Indians in the Rockies
166413: WHYTE, JON - Gallimaufry
056397: WHYTE, JOHN; HART, E. J. - Carl Rungius : Painter of the Western Wilderness
076021: WHYTE, JON - Indians in the Rockies
161420: WHYTE, THOMAS - To Cure the Voices of American Women
167980: WHYTE, JACK - Jack Whyte Forty Years in Canada
113354: WHYTE, JACK - Clothar the Frank
162564: WHYTE, KENNETH - The Uncrowned King: The Sensational Rise of William Randolph Hearst
116121: WHYTE, JACK - Jack Whyte Forty Years in Canada
187186: WHYTE, JACK - The Forest Laird
150389: WHYTE, JACK - Knights of the Black and White
134606: WHYTE, JON, EDITED BY BRIAN PATTON - Mountain Chronicles : Jon Whyte
127754: WIBER, MELANIE G. - Erect Men/Undulating Women: The Visual Imagery of Gender, "Race" and Progress in Reconstructive Illustrations of Human Evolution
104199: WICKENDEN, NICHOLAS - G.J. Vossius and the Humanist Concept of History
188058: WICKERS, BRIAN - Stations of the Lost
098116: WICKERSHAM, HON. JAMES - Old Yukon Tales Trails and Trials
119101: WICKERSHAM, JAMES - Old Yukon Tails-Trails-and Trials
125347: WICKERSHAM, JAMES - Old Yukon Tails-Trails-and Trials
137107: WICKES, GEORGE - Henry Miller and the Critics
111841: WICKES, GEORGE - Lawrence Durrell and Henry Miller a Private Correspondence
147109: WICKHAM, GLYNNE WILLIAM GLADSTONE - A History of the Theatre
186311: WICKHAM, CHRIS - The Inheritance of Rome : A History of Europe from 400 to 1000
064112: WICKMAN, PERCY - Wheels in the Fast Lane
174029: WICKS, B. - When the Boys Came Marching Home : True Stories of the Men Who Went to War and the Women Who Took Them Back
154353: WICKS, BEN - No Time to Wave Goodbye
060621: WICKS, BEN - Master of None: The Story of Me Life
119829: WICKS, BEN - Nell's War : Rembering the Blitz
157110: WICKS, B. - When the Boys Came Marching Home : True Stories of the Men Who Went to War and the Women Who Took Them Back
166461: WICKS, ROBERT - Heathrow Airport: 1929 onwards (Airfield Operations Manual)
182931: WICKWIRE, JIM; BULLITT, DOROTHY - Addicted to Danger: A Memoir
133192: WIDTSOE, JOHN A. - Dry-farming, A System of Agriculture for Countries Under a Low Rainfall
121396: WIEBE, RUDY - Sweeter Than All the World
157741: WIEBE, RUDY - Stolen Life : The Journey of a Cree Woman
097563: WIEBE, RUDY HENRY - A Discovery of Strangers
071658: WIEBE, RUDY - Where is the Voice Coming From? Stories By Rudy Wiebe
057574: WIEBE, RUDY - First and Vital Candle
070352: WIEBE, RUDY - My Lovely Enemy
182589: WIEBE, RUDY - The Mad Trapper a Novel
184941: WIEBE, RUDY - Big Bear
089838: WIEBE, RUDY ; W.J. KEITH - Playing Dead : A Contemplation Concerning the Arctic
A01842: WIEBE, RUDY; KEITH, W J - A Voice in the Land Essays By and About Rudy Wiebe
182252: WIEBE, RUDY - The Mad Trapper
168426: WIEBE, RUDY - My Lovely Enemy
A02254: WIEBE, RUDY, EDITED BY W.J. KEITH - Playing Dead : A Contemplation Concerning the Arctic
A00602: WIEBE, RUDY - Getting Here
A02422: WIEBE, RUDY - The Blue Mountains of China
114538: WIEBE, RUDY - The Temptations of Big Bear
147533: WIEBE, M.G.;MATTHEWS, JOHN;CONACHER, J.B. - Benjamin Disraeli Letters: 1848-1851
130891: WIEBE, DONALD - The Irony of Theology and the Nature of Religious Thought (Studies in the History of Religion Ser.)
169969: WIEBE, RUDY - Chinook Christmas
136981: WIEBE, RUDY HENRY - Peace Shall Destroy Many
149835: WIEBE, RUDY, EDITED BY W.J. KEITH - Stolen Life : The Journey of a Cree Woman
111557: WIEBE, RUDY - Sweeter Than All the World
141011: WIEBE, RUDY : SAVAGE, HARRY : RADFORD, TOM - The Scorched-Wood People
U00851: WIEBE, RUDY, EDITED BY W.J. KEITH - A Voice in the Land Essays By and About Rudy Wiebe
179408: WIEBE, RUDY - The Temptations of Big Bear
188273: WIEBE, RUDY - Rudy Wiebe: Collected Stories, 1955-2010 (Currents in Canadian Literature)
123939: WIEBE, RUDY - Chinook Christmas
186325: WIEBE, RUDY - Stolen Life : The Journey of a Cree Woman
178130: WIEBE, RUDY HENRY - A Discovery of Strangers
131483: WIEBE, RUDY - Of This Earth : A Mennonite Boyhood in the Boreal Forest
147532: WIEBE, M.G.; MATTHEWS, JOHN; CONACHER, J.B. - Benjamin Disraeli Letters, 1842-1847
180787: WIECK, ROGER S. - Time Sanctified: The Book of Hours in Medieval Art and Life
127436: WIEDER, LAURENCE - King Solomon's Gardens : Poems and Art Inspired by the Old Testament
135887: WIEGER, L. - Chinese Characters
014387: WIELAND, LIZA - You Can Sleep While I Drive
166730: WIELAND, TERY - A View from a Tall Hill: Robert Ruark in Africa
100671: WIELAND, TERRY - Spanish Best: The Fine Shotguns of Spain
148564: WIELICZKO, LESZEK A.; SZEREMETA, ZYGMUNT - Nakajima Ki-27 Nate
126941: WIEN, CAROL ANNE - Turtle Drum
122077: WIENS, RANDY - Your Choice
150124: WIER, JEAN B., - The Lost Craft of Ornamented Architecture Canadian Architectural Drawings, 1850-1930
149808: WIERSCH, BERND - VW at War: Kubelwagen, Schwimmwagen : Book 2 : Development, Testing, Production (Schiffer Military)
171920: WIESEL, ELIE - The Sonderberg Case
180470: WIESEL, ELIE - Sages and Dreamers: Biblical, Talmudic, and Hasidic Portraits and Legends
171888: WIESEL, ELIE - Hostage
097215: WIESENTHAL, SIMON - Justice, Not Vengeance
166724: WIGAL, DONALD - Historic Maritime Maps
097491: WIGGINS, IRA L. ; THOMAS, JOHN HUNTER - A Flora of the Alaskan Arctic Slope
173097: WIGGINS, GLENN B. - The Caddisfly Family Phryganeidae (Trichoptera)
113713: WIGGLI, OSCAR - Corps et Signes Korper Und Zeichen Figures and Signs / Elan Du Fer Bewegung in Eisen Vigour in Iron
184224: WIGHT, DARLENE - Out of tradition: Abraham Anghik, David Ruben Piqtoukun : Winnipeg Art Gallery, January 15, 1989 to March 19, 1989
133076: WIGHT, DARLENE COWARD - Art & Expression of the Netsilik
136672: WIGHT, DARLENE C. - Rankin Inlet Ceramics
153622: WIJNSTOK, JAN COEN - German 7.5 Cm Anti - Tank Gun Pak 40 - Armor Photo Gallery # 18
161486: WILBER, KEN - A Brief History of Everything
183512: WILBER, KEN - Eye of Spirit
117317: WILBER, KEN - Integral Psychology: Conciousness, Spirit, Psychology, Therapy
144286: WILBER, RON - Domino Lady
137475: WILBER, KEN - Grace and Grit: Spirituality and Healing in the Life and Death of Treya Killam Wilber
167395: WILBER, KEN - The Holographic Paradigm and Other Paradoxes
136833: WILBERFORCE, ANNA MARIA - Private Papers of William Wilberforce : Collected and Edited with a Preface, by A.M. Wilberforce
108212: WILBORN, WILLIAM - Briefs
132495: WILBUR, RICHARD;WENTWORTH, ERNEST;WILBUR, J. R. H. - Silver Harvest: The Fundy Weirmen's Story
163398: WILCOCKS, ROBERT - Maelzel's Chess Player
101311: WILCOCKS, ROBERT - Jean-Paul Sartre : A Bibliography of International Criticism
171662: WILCOX, JOE - White Winds: America's Most Tragic Mountaineering Expedition
136609: WILCOX, WALTER DWIGHT - The Rockies of Canada, A Revised and Enlarged Edition of "Camping in the Canadian Rockies" with More Than Forty Photogravure and Other Illustrations from Original Photographs By the Author
R00898: WILDE, OSCAR; BECKSON, KARL; BECKSON, KARL E. - I Can Resist Everything Except Temptation: And Other Quotations from Oscar Wilde
183946: WILDE, OSCAR - The Ballad of Reading Gaol
178435: WILDE, STUART - Whispering Winds Of Change: Perceptions Of A New World (Volume 1)
128443: WILDENSTEIN, DANIEL - Monet's Years at Giverny: Beyond Impressionism
128472: WILDER, EDNA - Once upon an Eskimo Time
147060: WILDER, GEORGE DURAND - Analysis of Chinese Characters
100546: WILDER, JANINE M - Trail Riding
120673: WILDER, THORNTON - The Alcestiad
186029: WILDER, THORNTON - The Cabala, The Bridge of San Luis Ray, The Woman of Andros
155333: WILDER, THORNTON - Plays
154451: WILDER, CRAIG STEVEN - Ebony and Ivy: Race, Slavery, and the Troubled History of America's Universities
092313: WILDER, THORNTON - The Bridge of San Luis Rey
172800: WILDER, THORNTON - Our Town the Skin of Our Teeth
168727: WILDING, RON - Healing from the Heart and Mind
152586: NORMAN BLANCHARD; STEPHEN WILEN - Knee-Deep in Shavings: Memories of Early Yachting and Boatbuilding on the West Coast
182361: WILENTZ, AMY - The Rainy Season: Haiti Since Duvalier
183732: WILENTZ, SEAN - The Rise of American Democracy: Jefferson to Lincoln
185232: WILFORD, JOHN NOBLE - The Mapmakers, Revised Edition
131385: WILHELM, KATE - Where Late The Sweet Birds Sang
000375: WILIMOVSKY, NORMAN - Environment of the Cape Thomson Region, Alaska
093277: WILK, STEPHEN ; HAWKEY, FRANK - Pioneers of the Faith, a Brief History of the Christian Faith in Alberta and in the Pastoral Charge of the United Church of Canada
185359: WILKEN, ROBERT LOUIS - The Christians as the Romans Saw Them
068816: WILKES, PAUL - Beyond the Walls: Monastic Wisdom for Everyday Life
152335: WILKES, J P - Tankette . The Magazine of the Miniature Fighting Vehicle Association. Volume 12. 1976/77. Nos 1-6 Complete
152339: WILKES, J P - Tankette . The Magazine of the Miniature Fighting Vehicle Association. Volume 16. 1980/81. Nos 1-6 Complete
152343: WILKES, J P - Tankette . The Magazine of the Miniature Fighting Vehicle Association. Volume 20. 1984/85. Nos 1-6 Complete
152334: WILKES, J P - Tankette . The Magazine of the Miniature Fighting Vehicle Association. Volume 11. 1975/76. Nos 1-6 Complete
A01309: WILKES, JOHN - The Illyrians
185256: WILKES, JOHN - The Illyrians
152338: WILKES, J P - Tankette . The Magazine of the Miniature Fighting Vehicle Association. Volume 15. 1979/80. Nos 1-6 Complete
152336: WILKES, J P - Tankette . The Magazine of the Miniature Fighting Vehicle Association. Volume 13. 1977/78. Nos 1-6 Complete
152332: WILKES, J P - Tankette . The Magazine of the Miniature Fighting Vehicle Association. Volume 10. 1974/75. Nos 1-6 Complete
152340: WILKES, J P - Tankette . The Magazine of the Miniature Fighting Vehicle Association. Volume 17. 1981/82. Nos 1-6 Complete
152341: WILKES, J P - Tankette . The Magazine of the Miniature Fighting Vehicle Association. Volume 18. 1982/83. Nos 1-6 Complete
184156: WILKES, FRED - They Rose from the Dust
152342: WILKES, J P - Tankette . The Magazine of the Miniature Fighting Vehicle Association. Volume 19. 1983/84. Nos 1-6 Complete
165331: WILKIE, KEN - Rambling with Rembrandt: In and Around Amsterdam
182335: WILKIN, KAREN - Jack Bush
111887: WILKIN, KAREN - The Group of 7 in the Rockies
U00086: WILKIN, KAREN;SMITH, DAVID - David Smith : The Formative Years Sculptures and Drawings from the 1930s and 1940s
073528: WILKIN, KAREN - Woman as sex object : an exhibition organized by the Edmonton Art Gallery, April 22-May 23, 1976.
134304: WILKIN, KAREN - Art in Alberta Paul Kane to the Present
077554: WILKIN, KAREN - David Smith
186015: WILKIN, KAREN - Painting in Alberta An Historical Survey : Paul Kane to the Present
176734: WILKIN, KAREN - Kenneth Noland
113884: WILKINS, CHARLES - A Wilderness Called Home: Dispatches from the Wild Heart of Canada
175960: WILKINS, CHARLIE - In the Land of Long Fingernails
178201: WILKINS, CHARLES - Circus at the Edge of the Earth
U00191: WILKINS, KAREN - Kenneth Noland March 6 - April 21, 1975
083201: WILKINS, DAMIEN - Chemistry
183510: WILKINS, BURLEIGH TAYLOR - The Problem of Burke's Political Philosophy
A00580: WILKINS, CHARLES - A Wilderness Called Home: Dispatches from the Wild Heart of Canada
188121: WILKINS, CHARLES - The Wild Ride A History of the North West Mounted Police 1873-1904
187618: WILKINS, CHARLES - The Wild Ride: A History of the North-West Mounted Police 18731904
132155: WILKINSON, ANNE - Lions in the Way: A Discursive History of the Oslers.
187272: WILKINSON, LES ;CANADIAN AVIATION HISTORICAL SOCIETY - I'll Never Forget: Canadian Aviation in the Second World War
161054: WILKINSON, JOHN - Jerusalem Pilgrims Before the Crusades
183840: WILKINSON, ANNE - Counterpoint to Sleep Poems
171302: WILKINSON, ALEC - My Mentor: A Young Man's Friendship with William Maxwell
108832: WILKINSON, RICHARD - Unhealthy Societies: The Afflictions of Inequality
068575: WILKINSON, ALAN G.;MOORE, HENRY;ART GALLERY OF ONTARIO - Henry Moore Remembered: The Collection at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto
139160: WILKINSON, DOUG - Land of the Long Day
112610: WILKINSON, TOBY - The Thames & Hudson Dictionary of Ancient Egypt
139139: WILKINSON, LYNN R.;STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK PRESS - The Dream of an Absolute Language : Emanuel Swedenborg and French Literary Culture
187219: WILKINSON, FREDDIE - One Mountain Thousand Summits: The Untold Story Tragedy and True Heroism on K2
108061: WILKINSON, JOHN - Jerusalem Pilgrimage 1099-1185
165739: WILKINSON, TOBY - The Nile Travelling Downriver Through Egypts Past And Present
163658: WILKINSON, ALAN G. - Gauguin To Moore Primitivism in Modern Sculpture
139199: WILKINSON, HENRY - Engines of War
178044: WILKINSON, WARREN - Mother, May You Never See the Sights I Have Seen: The 57th Massachusetts Veteran Volunteers in the Last Year of the Civil War
127986: WILKINSON, ANNE - The Hangman Ties The Holly
163709: WILKINSON, KATHLEEN - Trees and Shrubs of Alberta
158850: WILKINSON, TOBY - Lives of the Ancient Egyptians
164811: WILKINSON, DANIEL - Silence on the Mountain: Stories of Terror, Betrayal, and Forgetting in Guatemala
157140: WILKINSON, PHILIP - Myths and Legends an Illustrated Guide to Their Origins and Meanings
134615: WILKINSON, CHARLES F. - The Eagle Bird: Mapping a New West
188536: WILKINSON, TOBY A. H. - The Rise and Fall of Ancient Egypt
033571: WILKS, CLAIRE WEISSMAN - Magic Box, The Eccentric Genius of Hannah Maynard Photographer 1834-1918 Canada
114644: WILKS, CLAIRE WEISSMAN - Magic Box The Eccentric Genius of Hannah Maynard Photographer 1834-1918 Canada
149710: WILL, GEORGE S. - Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature. Winnipeg. Inuit.
167350: HARRI WILLAMO - Venäläiset kansanikonit =: Russian folk-icons = Russkie narodnye ikony
157430: WILLANS, AMY - Haunted By Blue
100217: WILLARD, DALLAS - The Great Omission: Rediscovering Jesus' Essential Teachings on Discipleship
173482: WILLBANKS, JAMES H. - The Battle of An Loc (Twentieth-Century Battles)
180171: WILLCUTT, ROBERT - Musical Instrument Collector
152676: WILLERTON, JEFF - Time's Up! Fix Canada or Lose it
097798: WILLETT, JOHN - Bertolt Brecht Journals
126053: GOETZMANN, WILLIAM & SLOAN, KAY;SLOAN, KAY - Looking Far North: The Harriman Expedition to Alaska, 1899
118137: GOETZMANN, WILLIAM & SLOAN, KAY;SLOAN, KAY - Looking Far North: The Harriman Expedition to Alaska, 1899
185000: O'CONNOR, WILLIAM (ZEKE) AND CHRISTOPHER SHULGAN - Journey with the Sherpas
123155: PLATT, WILLIAMD AND BARBARA BURTON - 100 Masterpieces of Australian Painting
U00780: WATSON-WILLIAMS, HELEN - Andre Gide and the Greek Myth A Critical Study
175869: WILLIAMS, GLYNDWR; COOK, CAPT. JAMES - Captain Cook's Voyages 1768 - 1779
186246: WILLIAMS, BERNARD - Shame and Necessity
174617: WILLIAMS, JEFFERY - The Long Left Flank: The Hard Fought Way to the Reich, 1944-1945
132059: WILLIAMS, OTIS - Temptations
140045: WILLIAMS, FRED C. - The Fifth Horseman
111142: WILLIAMS, JEFFREY - First in the Field : Gault of the Patricia's
R00643: HAMILTON-WILLIAMS, DAVID - The Fall of Napoleon : The Final Betrayal
164879: WILLIAMS, DAVID R. - The Man for a New Country Sir Matthew Baillie Begbie
181872: WILLIAMS, TENNESSEE - Selected Plays
069756: WILLIAMS, JOHN - Sex: Portraits of Passion
162200: WILLIAMS, BRUCE BEYER - Excavations Between Abu Simbel & the Sudan Frontier: Volume VIII: Meroitic Remains from Qustul. (Vol. 1-Text & Figures, Vol. II-Registers & Plates)
175529: WILLIAMS, ROBLEY COOK - An electron micrographic atlas of viruses,
163084: WILLIAMS,THOMAS - Fiji and the Fijians the Islands and Their Inhabitants Volume 1
060289: CRWYS-WILLIAMS, JENNIFER - In the Words of Nelson Mandela : A Little Pocket Book
064578: HAMILTON-WILLIAMS, DAVID - Waterloos: New Perspectives - The Great Battle Reappraised
119297: WILLIAMS, MARJORIE; WILLIAMS, D - Sweet Song of Life a Prairie Lady's Proud Journey
131705: WILLIAMS, WALTER L. - The Spirit and the Flesh : Sexual Diversity in American Indian Tradition
181027: WILLIAMS, KATE; WILLIAMS, EMMA - England's Mistress : The Infamous Life of Emma Hamilton
122700: WILLIAMS, R. D. - Hebrew Syntax an Outline
174177: WILLIAMS, JANE WELCH - Bread, Wine, and Money: The Windows of the Trades at Chartres Cathedral
076612: WILLIAMS, P. P. - Chemistry in a Young Country
090650: WILLIAMS, MARY ELLEN - So, This Is Chain Lakes
123487: WILLIAMS, URSALA MORAY - The Nine Lives of Island Mackenzie
163880: WILLIAMS, GLYNDWR, EDITOR, WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY RICHARD GLOVER - Andrew Graham's Observations on Hudson's Bay 1767-91
181645: LEWIS-WILLIAMS, DAVID; PEARCE, DAVID - Inside the Neolithic Mind: Consciousness, Cosmos and the Realm of the Gods
179655: WILLIAMS, CHARLES - Witchcraft
154503: WILLIAMS, GLYN - Arctic Labyrinth
135963: WILLIAMS, EMLYN - Readings from Dickens
188594: WILLIAMS, GLYNDWR - The Great South Sea: English Voyages and Encounters 1570-1750
157689: WILLIAMS, R. D. - Hebrew Syntax an Outline
105088: WILLIAMS, DAVID R. - Confessional Fictions: A Portrait of the Artist in the Canadian Novel
177745: WILLIAMS, ROBIN - A Vancouver boyhood: Recollections of growing up in Vancouver 1925-1945
164433: WILLIAMS, BETHANY HALEY - The Color of Grace: How One Woman's Brokenness Brought Healing and Hope to Child Survivors of War
155527: WILLIAMS, O. W. ; S.D. MYRES (EDITOR) ; C.L.SONNICHSEN (INTRODUCTION) - Pioneer Surveyor, Frontier Lawyer : The Personal Narrative of O. W. Williams 1877-1902
176443: WILLIAMS, EMILY ALLEN - Beyond the Canebrakes: Caribbean Women Writers in Canada
179771: WILLIAMS, JAMES N. - The Plan: Memories of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan BCATP
161002: WILLIAMS, NEIL - Aerobatics
086012: WILLIAMS, JEFFREY - Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry
129653: WILLIAMS, MICHAEL - Massey-Ferguson Tractors
149122: WILLIAMS, M.B. - Jasper National Park, A Descriptive Guide
141644: WILLIAMS, GORDON - Change and Decline: Roman Literature in the Early Empire
163231: POWELL-WILLIAMS, CLIVE - Cold Burial: A True Story of Endurance and Disaster
050766: WILLIAMS, MARY ELLEN - So, This Is Chain Lakes
165987: POWELL-WILLIAMS, CLIVE - Cold Burial : A True Story of Endurance and Disaster
165389: WILLIAMS, M.B. - Through The Heart of the Rockies and Selkirks
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101996: WRIGHT, JONATHAN - God's Soldiers: Adventure, Politics, Intrigue, and Power--A History of the Jesuits
137956: WRIGHT, RICHARD - Barkerville, Williams Creek, Cariboo: A Gold Rush Experience
187100: WRIGHT, RONALD - Stolen Continents
171117: WRIGHT, MOORHEAD, EDITOR - Theory and practice of the balance of power, 1486-1914: Selected European Writings
184991: WRIGHT, RICHARD - A Life with Words: A Writer's Memoir
105105: WRIGHT, R. WALTER - The Dream of Columbus, A Poem
166115: WRIGHT, HAROLD BELL - Helen of the Old House
126127: WRIGHT, PETER - Spycatche, The Candid Autobiography of a Senior Intelligence Officer
184129: WRIGHT, MILTON J., AND LENNOX, PAUL ANTHONY - The Walker Site, and The Hamilton Site: A Late Historic Neutral Town
176074: WRIGHT, JEAN ANN - Jelly Roll Jambalaya Quilts
158500: WRIGHT, WILLIAM - Slavery at the Cape of Good Hope
184426: WRIGHT, DAVID H - Report of the Commision of Inquiry Into Matters Relating to the Death of Neil Stonechild
139273: WRIGHT, RICHARD B. - Adultery : A Novel
100596: WRIGHTSON, BERNI - The Reaper of Love and Other Stories
163363: WRISBERG, NIOLINE - Analytical Tools for Environmental Design and Management in a Systems Perspective: The Combined Use of Analytical Tools (Eco-Efficiency in Industry and Science)
129286: WARRENER, DON, WRITTEN AND COMPILED BY - 20th Century Samurai Richard Kim 1917-2001
085417: WALKER, J. CRAMPTON, WRITTEN AND ARRANGED BY - Irish Life & Landscape
086783: WROBLEWSKI, DAVID - The Story of Edgar Sawtelle
097404: WRONG, GEORGE M. - The fall of Canada,: A chapter in the history of the seven years' war,
111262: WRONG, GEORGE M. - The Earl of Elgin
071393: WROUGHTON, JOHN - Seventeenth-Century Britain
126097: WU, CHING-HSIUNG - The Four Seasons of Tang Poetry
152852: WUEST, DONNA YOSHITAKE - Wild Birds: Carvings by Tad Yesaki
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165804: WUORINEN, RICHARD - A History of Buffalo Narrows
108187: WURMAN, RICHARD SAUL - Information Architects the Design O
137383: WURST, SPENCER;WURST, GAYLE - Descending From The Clouds: A Memoir of Combat in the 505 Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82d Airborne Division
098029: WURTZEL, ELIZABETH - More, Now, Again: A Memoir of Addiction
135867: WYATT, GARY - Mythic Beings: Spirit Art of the Northwest Coast
137872: WYATT, COLIN - North of Sixty
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153071: WYATT, KATHARINE - Children's names and horoscopes
127811: WYATT, GARY, EDITOR - Susan Point: Coast Salish Artist
164085: WYETH, ANDREW - The Helga Pictures
114721: VAN WYK, HELEN - Welcome to My Studio
168638: WYLAND,; YOW, JOHN - Wyland: 25 Years at Sea
121148: WYLIE, BETTY JANE - The Better Half: Women's Voices
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121150: WYLIE, BETTY JANE - Something Might Happen
184109: LIZ WYLIE - Nexus: Histories & Communities
153347: WYLIE, BRAD - Qualicum Beach
149249: WYLLIE, JAMES - The Warlord and the Renegade
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130887: WYLLIE, JAMES H. - The Warlord And the Renegade: The Story of Hermann And Albert Goring
072369: WYMAN, CAROLYN - Jell-O: A Biography
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183602: WYNMALEN, HENRY - Equitation
172164: WYNN, GRAEME - Timber Colony : A Historical Geography of Early Nineteenth Century New Brunswick
167039: WYNN, JONATHAN R. ; MELISSA HOPE DITMORE - The Affective Turn: Theorizing the Social
A01949: WYNVEEN, TIM - Balloon
A00465: WYNVEEN, TIM - Angel Falls
A01977: WYNVEEN, TIM - Sweeter Life: A Novel
137497: WYSCHOGROD, EDITH;CROWNFIELD, DAVID - Lacan and Theological Discourse
158517: WYSE, AKINTOLA - The Krio of Sierra Leone: An Interpretive History
149511: WYSS, WALLACE A. - Shelby's Wildlife: The Cobras, Mustangs and Dodges
142583: WYSS, THELMA HATCH - Star Girl
182564: XIAOBIN, XU - Feathered Serpent
162627: XIAOTING, GUO - Adventures of the Mad Monk Ji Gong: The Drunken Wisdom of China's Most Famous Chan Buddhist Monk
188144: XIAOXIAOSHENG - The Golden Lotus: A Translation from the Chinese Original, of the Novel "Chin P'ing Mei", 4 Volumes
170117: XINGJIAN, GAO; LEE, MABEL - Soul Mountain
172144: XINGJIAN, GAO - Soul Mountain
155429: XINNONG, CHENG, EDITOR - Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion
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186068: XIQUES, DONEZ - Margaret Laurence: The Making of a Writer
139576: XIQUES, DONEZ - Margaret Laurence: The Making of a Writer
176378: XUE, XINRAN - Sky Burial : An Epic Love Story of Tibet
166554: YABLONSKAYA, M.N. - Women Artists of Russia's New Age
037737: YACCATO, JOANNE THOMAS - Raising Your Business : Canadian Guide
162298: YACK, BERNARD, EDITOR - Liberalism without Illusions: Essays on Liberal Theory and the Political Vision of Judith N. Shklar
109279: YACOWAR, MAURICE - The Bold Testament

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