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137625: THUBRON, COLIN - Mirror to Damascus
156490: THUBRON, COLIN - Behind the Wall: A Journey Through China
166661: THUNDER, JOHN - Buffalo Point rising to a higher Level
172787: THURBER, JAMES; THURBER, HELEN; WEEKS, EDWARD - Selected Letters of James Thurber
179504: THURBER, JAMES - Thurber's Dogs
174195: THURGOOD, JAMES - Icemen/stoneghosts (Penumbra Press poetry series)
167248: THURLEY, SIMON - Lost Buildings of Britain
115147: THURMAN, ROBERT A. F. - Essential Tibetan Buddhism
116797: THURMAN, JUDITH - Isak Dinesen: The Life of a Storyteller
119611: THURO, CATHERINE M.V. - Oil Lamps: The Kerosene Era in North America
164401: THURSTON, TOM - Strongman
129362: THURSTON, HARRY - Island of the Blessed : The Secrets of Egypt's Everlasting Oasis
181020: THWAITE, ANN - The Brilliant Career of Winnie-the-Pooh,: The Story of A.A.Milne and His Writing for Children
123105: THWAITE, ANTHONY - Beyond the Inhabited World, Roman Britain
147242: THWE, PASCAL KHOO - From the Land of Green Ghosts: A Burmese Odyssey
182388: TIBBITS, ETHEL BURNETT - On to the Sunset
170046: TIBBLES, THOMAS HENRY - Buckskin And Blanket Days
132599: PEREZ-TIBI, DORA - Dufy
117892: TICHY, NOEL M., BENNIS, WARREN G. - Judgment: How Winning Leaders Make Great Calls
176764: TIDRIDGE, NATHAN - The Queen at the Council Fire: The Treaty of Niagara, Reconciliation, and the Dignified Crown in Canada (Institute for the Study of the Crown in Canada)
152160: TIDWELL, ROBERT - Boeing 737 At The Gate
118730: TIEFENBACH, ARNIE, WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY BOB HUGHES - Say it Again! Sam Ife in and Beyond the Richardson Curling Dynasty
174953: TIEFENBACH, ARNIE - Say it Again Sam!, Life in and Beyond the Richardson Curling Dynasty
101745: TIEMANN, RALF - Die Leibstandarte. Band III
101747: TIEMANN, RALF - Die Leibstandarte. Band I
101743: TIEMANN, RALF - Die Leibstandarte. Band IV /2.
101744: TIEMANN, RALF - Die Leibstandarte. Band IV /1
038028: TIERNEY, LUKE - Lisp Stat: An Object Oriented Environment for Statistical Computing and Dynamic Graphics
105401: OHNUKI-TIERNEY, EMIKO - The Monkey As Mirror: Symbolic Transformations in Japanese History and Ritual
168456: TIERRA, LESLEY - Kid's Herb Book, A: For Children of All Ages
156261: TIETCHEN, TODD F. - The Cubalogues, Beat Writers in Revoultionary Havana
100844: TIFFANY, ORRIN EDWARD - The Canadian Rebellion of 1837 - 38
169092: VAN TIGHEM, KEVIN - Wild Animals of Western Canada
142906: TIGHEM, KEVIN VAN - Birding in Jasper National Park
176277: VAN TIGHEM, KEVIN; TIGHEM, KEVIN - Coming West: A Natural History of Home
105364: VAN TIGHEM, PATRICIA - The Bear's Embrace : A True Story of Survival
184755: TIGHEM, KEVIN VAN - Home Range: Writings on Conservation And Restoration  
185922: VAN TIGHEM, PATRICIA - The Bear's Embrace: A True Story of a Grizzly Bear Attack
098977: TIIHONEN, SEPPO - The History of Corruption in Central Government: L'Histoire De LA Corruption Au Niveau Du Pouvoir Central
161990: TIKHMENEV, P A - A History of the Russian American Company, Vol. 2: Documents (Materials for the Study of Alaska History, No. 13)
149124: TILL, GEOFFREY - Seapower: A Guide for the Twenty-First Century (Cass Series: Naval Policy and History)
U01114: TILL, BARRY;SWART, PAULA;ART GALLERY OF GREATER VICTORIA - The Legacy of Japanese Printmaking: Le Rayonnement De L'estampe Japonaise
110161: TILL, BARRY - Edo: Arts of Japan's Last Shogun Age
094107: TILLEMA, H. F. - A Journey Among the Peoples of Central Borneo in Word and Picture
111090: TILLENIUS, CLARENCE - Clarence Tillenius Presented By Agassiz Galleries Winnipeg November 4 - 17 1984
116127: TILLENIUS, CLARENCE - Clarence Tillenius
099654: TILLEY, ROGER - A History of Playing Cards
180545: TILLMAN, BARRETT - U.S. Navy Fighter Squadrons in World War II
154077: TILLMAN, BARRETT - US Marine Corps Fighter Squadrons of World War II (General Aviation)
149541: TILLMAN, BARRETT;TILLMAN, BARRET - Sbd Dauntless Units of World War 2
180486: BARRETT TILLMAN - Clash of the Carriers: The True Story of the Marianas Turkey Shoot of World War II
166250: TILLMAN, BARRETT - Corsair: The F4U in World War II and Korea
127932: TILLOTSON, ALAN KEITH;ABEL, ROBERT;TILLOTSON, NAI-SHING HU - The One Earth Herbal Sourcebook: Everything You Need to Know About Chinese, Western, and Ayurvedic Herbal Treatments
117056: TILLYARD, STELLA - A Royal Affair: George III And His Scandalous Siblings
097237: TILLYARD, STELLA - Citizen Lord : The Life of Edward Fitzgerald, Irish Revolutionary
124666: TILLYARD, STELLA - Citizen Lord : The Life of Edward Fitzgerald, Irish Revolutionary
178679: TILMAN, H W - Snow on the Equator
168756: TILMAN, H. W. - Nepal Himalaya
121930: TILNEY, PHIL - This Other Eden : Canadian Folk Art Outdoors
169097: TILTON, BILL - First Steps Drawing and Painting Animals
158690: COPE. TIM - On the Trail of Genghis Khan An Epic Journey Through the Land of the Nomads
183417: TIMERMAN, JACOBO, TRANSLATED FROM THE SPANISH BY TOBY TALBOT - Prisoner Without a Name, Cell Without a Number
148784: TIMM, UWE - In My Brother's Shadow : A Life and Death in the SS
169243: TIMONEY, KEVIN P. - The Peace-Athabasca Delta: Portrait of a Dynamic Ecosystem
096459: TIMPSON, JOHN - Timpson's Country Churches
049281: TINBERGEN, NIKO - The Animal in Its World; Explorations of an Ethologist, 1932-1972
154830: TINGLEY, KEN - The Calgary Stampede, A Collection of Vintage Postcards
113025: TINGLEY, KEN - The Best of the Strathcona Plaindealer
100264: TINGLEY, KEN - For King and Country Alberta in the Second World War
180229: TINGLEY, KEN - Building a Legacy Edmonton's Architectural History
130801: TINGLEY, KEN - The Last Best West: Glimpses of the Prairie Provinces from the Golden Age of Postcards
142861: TINGLEY, KEN - The Path of Duty, The Wartime Letters of Alwyn Bramley-Moore
147900: TINGLEY, KEN - A is Alberta : A Centennial Alphabet
185459: TINGLEY, KEN - The Best of the Strathcona Plaindealer
177764: TINGLEY,KEN ; BROWNLEE, KAREN - Alberta Remembers : Recalling Our Rural Roots
153471: TINGLEY, KEN - For King and Country Alberta in the Second World War
184253: TINGLEY,KEN ; BROWNLEE, KAREN - Alberta Remembers : Recalling Our Rural Roots
163603: TINGLEY, KEN - For King and Country Alberta in the Second World War
176542: TINGLEY, KEN - My Heart's in the Highlands the Building of a Historic Edmonton Community
188016: TINGLEY, KEN - The Path of Duty, The Wartime Letters of Alwyn Bramley-Moore
186226: TINGLEY, KEN - Ride of the Century The Story of the Edmonton Transit System
168346: TINGLEY, KEN - The Strathcona Dream, A Photographic Impression 1891-1920
118811: TINKER, SPENCER WILKIE - Fishes of Hawaii
177819: TINKLE, THERESA - Medieval Venuses and Cupids: Sexuality, Hermeneutics, and English Poetry (Figurae: Reading Medieval Culture)
099156: TINKLE, LON - 13 Days to Glory: The Siege of the Alamo
099509: TINNISWOOD, ADRIAN - A History of Country House Visiting: Five Centuries of Tourism and Taste
188169: TINNISWOOD, ADRIAN - The Polite Tourist : Four Centuries of Country House Visiting
178771: TINNISWOOD, ADRIAN - Pirates of Barbary: Corsairs, Conquests and Captivity in the Seventeenth-Century Mediterranean
183431: TINSLEY, JIM BOB - He Was Singin' This Song: A Collection of Forty-eight Traditional Songs of the American Cowboy, with Words, Music, Pictures, and Stories
152271: TINTNER, TANY BUCHDALH - Out of Time The Vexed Life of Georg Tintner
125200: TIPLER, FRANK J. - The Physics of Christianity
112245: TIPLER, FRANK J. - The Physics of Immortality: Modern Cosmology, God and the Resurrection of the Dead
182339: TIPPETT, MARIA - The Making of an Indian: The Making of an Indian
181022: TIPPETT, MARIA - By a Lady : Celebrating Three Centuries of Art by Canadian Women
187205: TIPPETT, MARIA - Made in British Columbia: Eight Studies in Artistic Achievement
181688: TIPPETT, MARIA - Emily Carr: A Biography
106963: TIPPETT, MARIA - Art at the Service of War: Canada, Art, and the Great War
155352: TIPPETT, MARIA - Emily Carr: A Biography
114645: TIPPETT, MARIA - Between Two Cultures : A Photographer among the Inuit, 1958-1968
184760: TIPPETT, MARIA - The Making of an Indian: The Making of an Indian
123005: TIPPETT, MARIA - The Making of an Indian: The Making of an Indian
157793: MARIA TIPPETT - Breaking The Cycle and Other Stories From a Gulf Island
181111: TIPTON, SCOTT; TIPTON, DAVID - Star Trek/Planet of the Apes: The Primate Directive
187906: TIRADO, LINDA - Hand to Mouth: Living in Bootstrap America
180671: TISE, LARRY E. - Conquering the Sky: The Secret Flights of the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk
091661: TISMA, ALEKSANDAR - The Use of Man
175661: LE TISSIER, TONY - The Siege of Kustrin, The: Gateway to Berlin, 1945 (Stackpole Military History Series)
149995: TITLEY, BRIAN - The Frontier World of Edgar Dewdney
155452: TITLEY, E. BRIAN - Dark Age: The Political Odyssey of Emperor Bokassa
096135: TITONE, NORA - My Thoughts Be Bloody: The Bitter Rivalry Between Edwin and John Wilkes Booth That Led to an American Tragedy
127637: TITTLER, ROBERT - Architecture and Power: The Town Hall and the English Urban Community, C. 1500-1640
175494: TIZZARD, AUBREY M. - On Sloping Ground
185694: TKACHYK, GEORGE - Dream to Reality
168022: TOBIAS, MICHAEL; DRASDO, H.; DRASDO, HAROLD - The Mountain Spirit
188224: TOBIEN, KARL - Dancing Under the Red Star: The Extraordinary Story of Margaret Werner, the Only American Woman to Survive Stalin's Gulag
161297: TOBIN, JACQUELINE L.; JONES, HETTIE - From Midnight to Dawn: The Last Tracks of the Underground Railroad
181002: TOBIN, JAMES - Great Projects: The Epic Story of the Building of America, from the Taming of the Mississippi to the Invention of the Internet
084056: TOBIN, JAMES - To Conquer the Air: The Wright Brothers and the Great Race for Flight
145218: TOBIN, STEPHEN - The Cistercians: Monks and Monasteries of Europe
173067: DE TOCQUEVILLE, ALEXIS - Democracy in America
184031: VERBICKY-TODD, ELEANOR - Communal Buffalo Hunting Among the Plains Indians
142887: TODD, SHARON - Learning Desire: Perspectives on Pedagogy, Culture and the Unsaid
177781: TODD, ELEANOR - Burrs and Blackberries from Goodwood, This is a Story of Uxbridge Township from the Vantage Point of Goodwood Its Largest Hamlet and Municipal Headquarters for 99 Years.
173126: TODD, PAMELA - The Arts & Crafts Companion
161593: TODD, KIM - Tinkering With Eden: A Natural History of Exotic Species in America
154858: TODD, WILLIAM B. - A Bibliography of Edmund Burke
186148: TODD, JANET - Mary Wollstonecraft: A Revolutionary Life
154861: TODD, WILLIAM B. - Bibliography of Edmund Burke
086626: TODOROVIC, DRAGAN - The Book of Revenge : A Blues for Yugoslavia
174628: TOEDTEMEIER, TERRY - Wild Beauty: Photography of the Columbia River Gorge, 1867-1957 (Northwest Photography)
169403: TOEWS, MIRIAM - The Flying Troutmans
082759: TOEWS, MIRIAM - A Complicated Kindness
147511: TOEWS, MIRIAM - The Flying Troutmans
186353: TOEWS, MIRIAM - A Complicated Kindness
139961: TOEWS, JENNIFER - How Beautiful My Brethren and Sistren: Derek Walcott, Life and Work
153269: TOEWS, MARILEE CRANNA - Wilderness Outpost
155843: TOIBIN, COLM - The Master
119622: TOKER, FRANKLIN - The Church of Notre-Dame in Montreal: An Architectural History
179082: TOKOI, MASAMI - Tamiya News. Photographic Album No. 2. "Photographs of German Army through World War II". Photo Credits Bundes Archiv Koblenz.
105771: TOLAND, JOHN - In Mortal Combat: Korea, 1950-1953
164760: ÁLVAREZ DE TOLEDO, LUCÍA - The Story of Che Guevara
162022: ÁLVAREZ DE TOLEDO, LUCÍA - The Story of Che Guevara
187856: TOLIVER, RAYMOND; CONSTABLE, TREVOR - The Blond Knight of Germany: A biography of Erich Hartmann
089394: TOLKEIN, J R R; TOLKEIN, CHRISTOPHER - The Legend Of Sigurd And Gudrun
121240: TOLKIEN, J. R. R. - The Silmarillion
180103: TOLKIEN, J. R. R.;TOLKIEN, CHRISTOPHER - The Children of Hurin
185948: TOLKIEN, J. R. R. - The Lord of the Rings - De Luxe Edition (Boxed)
186158: SIMON TOLKIEN - Final Witness: A Novel
184942: TOLKIEN, J. R. R. - The Hobbit, Limited Edition Collectors' Box
185936: TOLKIEN, J. R. R. - The Hobbit or There and Back Again
188399: TOLKIEN, J.R.R. - The Silmarillion
177213: TOLL, IAN W. - Pacific Crucible: War at Sea in the Pacific, 1941-1942
171372: TOLLE, ECKHART - Oneness With All Life: Inspirational Selections from a New Earth Treasury Edition
176763: TOLLE, ECKHART - A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose
bruce: TOLLES, THAYER; DIMMICK, LAURETTA; HASSLER, DONNA J. - American Sculpture in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2 Volumes
139408: TOLLES, WINTON - Tom Taylor and the Victorian Drama
114907: TOLPIN, JIM - Building Traditional Kitchen Cabinets
U00721: TOLSTAYA, TATYANA - On the Golden Porch
176133: TOLSTOY, LEO - The Gospel in Tolstoy: Selections from His Short Stories, Spiritual Writings & Novels
171793: TOLSTOY, LEO - War and Peace
099853: TOLSTOY, NIKOLAI - The Minister and the Massacres
129198: TOLSTOY, LEV - Childhood Adolescence Youth
185065: TOLTON, GORD - Deep Roots. Promising Future, United Farmers of Alberta
162438: STAMP, TOM AND CORDELIA - William Scoresby - Arctic Scientist
085997: TOMALIN, CLAIRE - Thomas Hardy
112154: TOMALIN, CLAIRE - Charles Dickens : A Life
R01983: TOMASCH,SYLVIA - Text and Territory: Geographical Imagination in the European Middle Ages
181636: TOMIZZA, FULVIO - Heavenly Supper: The Story of Maria Janis
137162: TOMKINS, CALVIN - Duchamp: A Biography
161016: TOMKINS, CALVIN - Off the Wall: A Portrait of Robert Rauschenberg
113963: TOMKINS, WILLIAM - Indian Sign Language
U01038: TOMKINS, CALVIN - Merchants and Masterpieces: The Story of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
149392: TOMLINSON, B. R - The Indian National Congress and the Raj, 1929-1942: The penultimate Phase
184805: TOMPKINS, PETER - Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids
173285: TOMPKINS, PETER; STECCHINI, LIVIO CATULLO - Secrets of the Great Pyramid
170212: TOMPKINS, PTOLEMY - This Tree Grows Out of Hell: Mesoamerica and the Search for the Magical Body
124089: TOMYN, ICHAEL H. - A Treasury of Historical Snippets Town and Country
179167: HETHERING TON, STEPHEN, EDITOR - Epistemology Futures
167494: TONE, ANDREA - The Age of Anxiety: A History of America's Turbulent Affair with Tranquilizers
188561: TONER, JERRY - The Day Commodus Killed a Rhino: Understanding the Roman Games (Witness to Ancient History)
171665: TONNESSEN, J. N. ; A. O. JOHNSEN - The History of Modern Whaling
156566: TONONI, GIULIO - Phi: A Voyage from the Brain to the Soul
116688: TOOBIN, JEFFREY - The Nine Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court
174534: TOOBY, MICHAEL - Tate St. Ives: An Illustrated Companion
183953: TOOBY, MICHAEL - Our home and native land: Sheffield's Canadian artists : Arthur Lismer, Elizabeth Nutt, Stanley Royle, Frederick H. Varley and their contempories
167260: TOOK, ROGER - Running with Reindeer : Encounters in Russian Lapland
125014: TOOK, ROGER - Running with Reindeer : Encounters in Russian Lapland
147025: TOOKER, ELISABETH - An Ethnography of The Huron Indians 1615-1649
181323: TOOLE, JOHN KENNEDY - A Confederacy Of Dunces
135326: TOOLE, K. ROSS - Probing the American West: Papers From the Santa Fe Conference
107714: O'TOOLE, ROGER - The precipitous path: Studies in political sects (Canadian experience series)
150198: TOOLEY, R,V, - English Books with Coloured Plates, 1790-1800: Bibliographical Account of the Most Important Books Illustrated by English Artists in Colour Aquatint and Colour Lithography
086465: TOOLEY, R.V. - Some English Books with Coloured Plates Their Points Collations & Values, Art, Sport, Caricature, Topography & Travel, First Half Of the Nineteenth Century
182500: TOOLEY, R. V - Maps and Map-Makers
184902: TOOP, EDGAR W.; WILLIAMS, SARA - Perennials for the Prairies
173041: TOOP, EDGAR W. - Annuals for the Prairies
176240: TOOPS, CONNIE - Owls (Voyageur Wilderness Books)
141117: VAN TOORN, PENNY - Rudy Wiebe and the Historicity of the Word
169456: TOOZE, ADAM - The Wages of Destruction
187905: TOOZE, ADAM - The Wages of Destruction: The Making and Breaking of the Nazi Economy
153941: TOPOLSKI, FELIKS - Russia in War London- Summer 1941 Russia-Bound Convoy A British Cruiser Iceland
180207: TORGOVNICK, MARIANNA - Primitive Passions: Men, Women, and the Quest for Ecstasy
148346: TORLONE, ZARA MARTIRISOVA - Russia and the Classics: Poetry's Foreign Muse
043591: TORONTO, UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO - Dictionary of Canadian Biography, Volume X: 1871-1880
110603: TORONTO, UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO - Dictionary of Canadian Biography; Preliminary Name List. Vol. C, 1871-1880.
A01554: TORR, CECIL - Small Talk at Wreyland
147296: TORRANCE, ROBERT M. - Encompassing Nature: A Sourcebook
109958: DE LA TORRE, LILLIAN - The Detections of Dr. Sam: Johnson
129628: FONG-TORRES, BEN - The Complete Quincy Jones: My Journey & Passions
120265: THOREAU, HENRY D., EDITED BY BRADFORD TORREY AND FRANCIS H. ALLEN - The Journal of Henry D. Thoreau, with a Foreword By Walter Harding
068550: DE LA TORRIENTE, DONNA - Bay Is the Land
182459: BERG, TORSTEN AND PETER, TRANSLATED BY - R. R. Angerstein's Illustrated Travel Diary, 1753-1755: Industry in England and Wales from a Swedish Perspective
105546: TOSTEVIN, LOLA LEMIRE - Site-Specific Poems
067763: TOTMAN, CONRAD D. - Politics in the Tokugawa Bakufu 1600-1843
187178: TOTMAN, CONRAD - Early Modern Japan
169772: TOUCHE, RODNEY - Brown Cows, Sacred Cows A True Story of Lake Louise
154059: TOUCHIE, RODGER - Bear Child: The Life And Times Of Jerry Potts
182225: TOUCHIE, RODGER D. - Edward S. Curtis Above the Medicine Line: Portraits of Aboriginal Life in the Canadian West
154970: TOUCHIE, RODGER D. - Edward S. Curtis Above the Medicine Line : Portraits of Aboriginal Life in the Canadian West
139622: TOUCHIE, RODGER D. - Edward S. Curtis above the Medicine Line : Portraits of Aboriginal Life in the Canadian West
187295: TOURAINE, ALAIN - Critique of Modernity
179162: TOURNIER, PAUL - Tournier Companion
160048: TOURNIKIOTIS, PANAYOTIS - The Historiography of Modern Architecture
068828: TOURS, HUGH - The Leyland Eight
118309: TOUSEY, SANFORD - Northwest Mounted Police (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)
142007: TOUSIGNANT, CLAUDE ; CAMPBELL, JAMES D - Claude Tousignant Monochromes 1978-1993
173342: SERGE TOUSIGNANT - Serge Tousignant: Phases Through Photography
U00119: TOUSLEY, NANCY - Catherine Burgess
115885: TOUSLEY, NANCY;HALL, JOHN - John Hall's Imitations Still-Life of Life Portraits
183650: TOUSLEY, NANCY - David Hoffos: The Lethbridge illusionist and his cinema of attractions
180522: TOUSLEY, NANCY;ABBOTT, BERENICE - The Berenice Abbott Portfolios
066549: TOUZIN, PIERRE; GURTNER, C. - Chars D'assaut: Battle Tanks
143597: TOV, EMANUEL - Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible
083027: TOVELL, ROSEMARIE L.;MILNE, DAVID - David Milne: Painting Place = David Milne Un Coin Pour Peindre
118568: TOWARD, LILIAS M. - Mabel Bell : Alexander's Silent Partner
112701: TOWN, HAROLD - William Nathanial Bird Everton Carvings
165279: TOWN, FLORIDA - The North West Company: Frontier merchants
100856: TOWN, HAROLD ; SILCOX, DAVID P. - Enigmas
114270: TOWN, HAROLD ; SILCOX, DAVID P. - Tom Thomson The Silence and the Storm A Celebration of the Paintings of Tom Thomson 1877-1917
119376: TOWN, HAROLD - Drawings
188018: TOWN, HAROLD - Harold Town: The first exhibition of new work, 1969-1973.
162942: TOWN, HAROLD - Albert Franck: Keeper of the lanes
173436: TOWN, HAROLD; SILCOX, DAVID P - Tom Thomson The Silence and the Storm A Celebration of the Paintings of Tom Thomson 1877-1917
186307: TOWNER, DONALD C. - Creamware
121080: TOWNSEND, JANET GABRIEL - Women's Voices from the Rainforest
106621: TOWNSEND, MELANIE A. - Beyond the Box: Diverging Curatorial Practices
174525: TOWNSEND, WILLIAM, EDITOR - Canadian Art Today
151408: TOWNSEND, TIM - Mission at Nuremberg : An American Army Chaplain and the Trial of the Nazis
181704: TOWNSEND, GEORGE - Almost Everything You Wanted to Know About American Watches and Didn't Know Who to Ask.
164704: TOWNSEND, PATRICIA K. - Environmental Anthropology: From Pigs to Policies
142388: TOWNSHEND, NANCY - Maxwell Bates : Canada's Premier Expressionist of the 20th Century: His Art, Life and Prisoner of War Notebook
142254: TOWNSHEND, R. B. - The Tenderfoot in New Mexico
184284: TOWNSHEND, NANCY - Art Inspired by the Canadian Rockies, Purcell Mountains and Selkirk Mountains 1809 - 2012
189073: TOWSEN, JOHN H. - Clowns
A02007: TOYE, WILLIAM - Supplement to the Oxford Companion to Canadian History and Literature
172882: TOYE, RICHARD - The Roar of the Lion: The Untold Story of Churchill's World War II Speeches
166933: TOYE, RICHARD - The Roar of the Lion: The Untold Story of Churchill's World War II Speeches
167574: TOYNBEE, ARNOLD J. - Between Maule and Amazon
183254: TOYNBEE, ARNOLD - Some Problems of Greek History
154992: TOYNBEE, PAGET., WHIBLEY. LEONARD., STARR. H. W. - Correspondence of Thomas Gray. 3 Volumes.
178812: TOYNBEE, MANSON; TOYNBEE, MANSON - Jungle Schools, Letters from Sarawak, 1958-1965
180540: TOYNBEE, RICHARD MOUAT - Snapshots of Early Salt Spring and Other Favoured Islands
177618: TOZZER, ALFRED - Chichen itza and its cenote of sacrifie - a comparative study of Contemporaneous Maya and Tultec - Momoirs of the Peabody Museum of Archaelogy Ethnology Harvard University Vol. XI + XII - Vol. XI: Text - Vol. XII Reference material and Illustrations
179071: TOZZER, ALFRED M - A Comparative Study of the Mayas and the Lacandones
179069: TOZZER, ALFRED M; ALLEN, GLOVER - Animal Figures in the Maya Codices Vol. IV No.3
176144: LINDALEE TRACEY - On the Edge
112624: TRACEY, LINDALEE - A Scattering of Seeds : The Creation of Canada
108007: TRACHSEL, ALBERT - Albert Trachsel, 1863-1929: Musee D'art Et D'histoire, Geneve, 6 Decembre 1984-17 Fevrier 1985, Kunstmuseum, Soleure, 9 Mars-5 Mai 1985, Stadtische Galerie Schwarzes Kloster, Fribourg-En-Brisgau, 16 Novembre-15 Decembre 1985 Exposition
124598: TRACHTENBERG, MARC - History and Strategy
131609: TRACHTENBERG, ALAN - Lincoln's Smile and Other Enigmas
180183: TRACY, DAVID F - How to Use Hypnosis
165334: TRACY, WILLIAM - In Time and Place; Master Plan 2005 for the Protection, Preservation and Presentation of Alberta's Past
158244: TRAFZER, CLIFFORD E. - Native Universe: Voices of Indian America
168528: TRAFZER, CLIFFORD E; HYER, JOEL R - Exterminate Them: Written Accounts of the Murder, Rape, and Slavery of Native Americans During the California Gold Rush, 1848-1868
093152: TRAILL, CATHERINE PARR; THOMPSON, ELIZABETH - Pearls and Pebbles: Catharine Parr Traill
171496: TRAILL, WILLIAM, EDITED BY K. DOUGLAS MUNRO - Fur Trade Letters of Willie Traill 1864-1893
179993: TRAILL, CATHARINE PARR - The Backwoods of Canada
168248: YVONNE TRAINER - Tom Three Persons
188037: TRAINER, MARY ; BRIAN ANTONSON; RICK ANTONSON - Whistle Posts West: Railway Tales from British Columbia and Alberta
166078: TRAINOR, KEVIN - Buddhism
187349: SUETONIUS TRANQUILLUS, GAIUS - The Twelve Caesars
187330: FRANKLIN, K.J., FACSIMILE EDITION WITH INTRODUCTION, TRANSALTION AND NOTES. - De Venarum Ostiolis 1603 of Hieronymus Fabricius of Aquappendente (1533? - 1619)
154544: FRANCHERE, GABRIEL, TRANSCIBED AND TRANSLATED BY WESSIE TIPPING LAMB, EDITED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION AND NOTES BY W. KAYE LAMB - Journal of a Voyage on the North West Coast of North America During the Years 1811, 1812, 1813, and 1814
184140: YULE, COLONEL SIR HENRY, TRANSLATED AND EDITED BY - Cathay and the Way Thither, Being a Collection of Medieval Notices of China
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142404: VELLACOTT, JO - From Liberal to Labour With Women's Suffrage: The Story of Catherine Marshall
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125749: VICO, GIAMBATTISTA;FISCH, MAX HAROLD;BERGIN, THOMAS GODD - Autobiography of Giambattista Vico

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