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139507: BINCHY, MAEVE - The Copper Beech
139280: BINCHY, MAEVE - Tara Road
189028: BINDING, PAUL - Imagined Corners : Exploring the World's First Atlas
144919: BINDING, PAUL - Imagined Corners : Exploring the World's First Atlas
088547: BINDMAN, DAVID - William Blake: His Art and Times
155702: BINETTI, MARIANNE;BECK, ALISON - Perennials for British Columbia
161135: BINETTI, MARIANNE;BECK, ALISON - Tree And Shrub Gardening for British Columbia
179846: BINGHAM, RUSSELL - Goodridge Roberts a Selection of Works from Alberra Collections
066541: BINGHAM, JAMES - Australian Sentinel and Matildas
112698: BINGHAM, RUSSELL - The Big Picture : Large Scale Landscape Painting on the Prairies
111885: BINGHAM, RUSSELL - John Adams Griefen
185515: BINGHAM, HIRAM - Lost City of The Incas The Story of Machu Picchu and Its Builders
U00145: BINGHAM, RUSSELL - Robert Scott Paintings of the '80s
152686: BINGHAM, JAMES - Chars Hotchkiss, H35, H39 and Somua S35
053822: BINHAMMER, KATHERINE, CURATOR - She Wields a Pen An Exhibition of Women's Literary History
109192: BINHAMMER, KATHERINE,; WOOD, JEANNE - Women and Literary History: For There She Was
131895: BINION, RUDOLPH - Frau Lou. Nietzsche's Wayward Disciple
096506: BINNEMA, THEODORE (EDITOR); ENS, GERHARD J. (EDITOR); MACLEOD, R. C. (EDITOR) - From Rupert's Land to Canada : Essays in Honour of John E. Foster
063195: BINNEY, JUDITH - Redemption Songs: A Life of Te Kooti Arikirangi Te Turuki
A00989: BINNEY, JUDITH - Redemption Songs: A Life of Te Kooti Arikirangi Te Turuki
174172: BINNS, ALISON - Dedications of Monastic Houses in England and Wales, 1066-1216 (Studies in the History of Medieval Religion)
152043: BINSTOCK, JAMES - Fornillo
037016: JACKSON, MARTA, EDITED WITH A CONCISE BIOGRAPHY AND AN ACCOUNT OF REMINGTON'S WORK AND CAREER BY - The Illustrated Frederic Remington, with a Commentary By Owen Wister
157669: BIRCH, L.C.; ANDREWARTHA, H. G. - The Ecological Web: More on the Distribution and Abundance of Animals
185407: BIRCHWATER, SAGE - Ulkatcho Stories of the Grease Trail
121561: BIRD, MICHAEL S. - Ontario Fraktur A Pennsylvania - German Folk Tradition in Early Canada
120480: BIRD, JOHN - The Mark Twain Annual 2007
068845: BIRD, ANTHONY - The Horizontal-engined Wolseleys, 1900-1905
068856: BIRD, ANTHONY - The Trojan Utility Car
068860: BIRD, ANTHONY - The Lanchester 38 and 40 H.P.
130672: BIRD, RICHARD W. - Coins of New Brunswick
094730: BIRD, CHRISTIANE - The Sultan's Shadow: One Family's Rule at the Crossroads of East and West
155224: BIRD, ROGER - The End of News
085661: BIRD,MICHAEL - Canadian Folk Art - Old Ways In A New Land
147413: BIRD, KYM - Redressing the Past, The Politics of Early English-Canadian Women's Drama, 1880-1920
172347: BIRD, KAI ;SHERWIN, MARTIN J. - American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer
105041: BIRD, STEPHANIE - Women Writers and National Identity: Bachmann, Duden, Ozdamar
120481: BIRD, JOHN - The Mark Twain Annual 2006
160127: BIRD, MICHAEL S. - Canadian Country Furniture 1675-1950
170260: BIRD, ISABELLA L. - A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains
182785: BIRD, GEORGE HUBERT - Tse-Wees-Tah: One Man in a Boat
103480: BIRDSALL, STEVE - Pride of Seattle : The First 300 Boeing B-17F Flying Fortresses
103482: BIRDSALL, STEVE - Superfortress the Boeing B-29
101630: BIRDSALL, STEVE - B-26 Marauder in Action
046918: BIRDSELL, SANDRA - Children of the Day
093974: BIRDSELL, SANDRA - The Two-Headed Calf
A02626: BIRDSELL, SANDRA - Night Travellers
A02642: BIRDSELL, SANDRA - The Town That Floated Away
102440: BIRDSELL, SANDRA - The Missing Child
A02645: BIRDSELL, SANDRA - Ladies of the House
112024: BIRDSELL, SANDRA - The Russlander
045618: BIRDSELL, SANDRA - Children of the Day
A01994: BIRDSELL, SANDRA - Agassiz: A Novel in Stories
181961: BIRGE, JOHN KINGSLEY - The Bektashi Order of Dervishes
071044: BIRINGUCCIO, VANNOCCIO - The Pirotechnia of Vannoccio Biringuccio
162412: BIRKETT, PATRICIA - Checklist of parish registers, 1986 =: Repertoire de registres paroissiaux, 1986
172249: BIRKETT, DEA - Serpent in Paradise
187786: BIRKIN, ANDREW - J. M. Barrie and the Lost Boys
089861: BIRKIN, ANDREW;GOODE, SHARON - J.M. Barrie and the Lost Boys
176451: BIRMINGHAM, LUCY; MCNEILL, DAVID - Strong in the Rain: Surviving Japan's Earthquake, Tsunami, and Fukushima Nuclear Disaster
115021: BIRN, JEREMY - Digital Lighting and Rendering
153673: BIRNEY, EARLE - Fall by Fury, & Other Makings
163093: BIRNEY, EARLE - The Cow Jumped over the Moon: The Writing and Reading of Poetry
098454: BIRNEY, EARLE - Trial of a City and Other Verse
186383: BIRNEY, EARLE; PURDY, AL - Last Makings
183228: BIRNEY, EARLE - Spreading Time : Remarks on Canadian Writing and Writers, 1904-1949
112349: BIRNEY, EARLE - Turvey
124835: BIRNEY, EARLE - Turvey. A Military Picaresque.
164263: BIRNEY, EARLE - Selected Poems 1940 - 1966
174257: BIRNEY, EARLE - Ghost in the Wheels: Selected Poems
154239: BIRNEY, EARLE - The Collected Poems of Earle Birney
156259: BIRNEY, EARLE - Down the Long Table
171121: BIRNEY, EARLE - Words on waves: Selected radio plays of Earle Birney
183642: BIRNEY, EARLE - Rag & bone shop
A02608: BIRNEY, EARLE - Words on Waves: Selected Radio Plays of Earle Birney
A02637: BIRNEY, EARLE - The Creative Writer
156312: BIRNS, NICHOLAS - Theory After Theory: An Intellectual History of Literary Theory From 1950 to the Early 21st Century
170240: BIRRELL, DAVE - 50 Roadside Panoramas in the Canadian Rockies
100907: BIRTLES, PHILIP, AND PAUL BEAVER - Missile Systems
103993: BIRTLES, P J - The De Havilland Comet Srs 1 -4
157742: BIRUTTA, GALE - A Guide to Raising Llamas: Care, Showing, Breeding, Packing, Profiting (Storey Animal Handbook)
130879: BIRUTTA, GALE - Storey's Guide to Raising Llamas
094317: BISHOP, EDWARD - Mosquito: The Wooden Wonder
136959: BISHOP, TED - Riding with Rilke : Reflections on Motorcycles and Books
093916: BISHOP, WILLIAM ARTHUR - True Canadian Battles That Forged a Nation
129034: BISHOP, ALAN - Gentleman Rider: A Life of Joyce Cary
099614: BISHOP, WILLIAM A. - Winged Warfare
105909: BISHOP, WILLIAM AVERY (BILLY) - Winged Peace: The Story of the Air Age
106371: BISHOP, WILLIAM ARTHUR - True Canadian Heroes in the Air
067381: BISHOP, CARROLL ATWATER - The Devil's Diamond
187788: BISHOP, TED - Riding with Rilke : Reflections on Motorcycles and Books
187787: BISHOP, TED - Riding with Rilke : Reflections on Motorcycles and Books
116208: BISHOP, BILLY - Winged Warfare & Winged Peace ( 2 Volume Boxed Set )
180172: BISHOP, IAN C. - The Gibson Guitar from 1950
187947: BISHOP, PATRICK - Target Tirpitz: X-Craft, Agents and Dambusters - the Epic Quest to Destroy Hitler's Mightiest Warship
102600: BISHOP, CHRIS; WARMER, ADAM - German Campaigns of World War II
A02333: BISHOP, WILLIAM ARTHUR - True Canadian Heroes at Sea
122652: BISHOP, ARTHUR - Courage on the Battlefield : Canada's Military Heritage
106998: BISHOP, WILLIAM ARTHUR - True Canadian Victoria Cross Heroes
173255: BISHOP, DR. ROBERT, CURATOR - American Folk Art Expressions of a New Spirit
174966: BISHOP, ARTHUR - Our Bravest and Our Best: The Stories of Canada's Victoria Cross Winners
176122: BISHOP, CHRIS - Luftwaffe Squadrons, 1939 - 45: The Essential Aircraft Identification Guide
170488: BISHOP, JOHN R. ; G. W. STEPHEN BRODSKY - The King's Bishop: Vol. 1 of Warrior, Peacekeeper, Diplomat, Spy
183202: BISHOP, WILLIAM ARTHUR - Canada's Glory: Battles That Forged a Nation
179769: BISHOP, ARTHUR - The Splendid Hundred
101800: BISHOP, CHRIS - Ss Hitler's Foreign Divisions: Foreign Volunteers in the Waffen Ss 1940-1945
187946: BISHOP, WILLIAM ARTHUR - Winged Combat : My Story As a Spitfire Pilot in WWII
156202: BISHOP, WILLIAM ARTHUR - The Courage of the Early Morning The Story of Billy Bishop, A Son's Biography of a Famous Father
148115: BISHOP, CHRIS - Apache AH-64 Boeing (McDonnell Douglas) 1976-2005
164503: BISHOP, WILLIAM ARTHUR - Billy Bishop The Courage of the Early Morning, A Biography of the Great Ace of World War I
182114: WILLIAM H DISTIN; ROBERT BISHOP - The American Clock: A Comprehensive Pictorial Survey, 1723-1900, with a listing of 6153 Clockmakers
177710: BISHOP, PATRICK - Target Tirpitz: X-Craft, Agents and Dambusters - the Epic Quest to Destroy Hitler's Mightiest Warship
125946: BISHOP, G.W. - Barry Jackson and the London Theatre
148217: BISHOP, CHRIS - Bell Uh-1 Huey 'Slicks' 1962-1975
130991: BISHOP, WILLIAM ARTHUR - Courage in the Air, Canada's Military HeritageVolume I
187903: BISHOP, CHRIS; ROSADO, JORGE - German Panzer Divisions of WWII
132328: BISSELL, CLAUDE - Ernest Buckler Remembered
183192: BISSELL, CLAUDE T. - The Imperial Canadian : Vincent Massey in Office
183912: BISSELL, CLAUDE - Young Vincent Massey
A01981: BISSETT, BILL - B Leev Abul Char Ak TRS
154268: BISSETT, BILL - Sublingual
158443: BISSETT, BILL - Northern Birds in Color
A01985: BISSETT, BILL - Th Influenza Uv Logik
A01983: BISSETT, BILL - Canada Gees Mate for Life
104444: BISSETT, BILL - Radiant Danse Uv Being: A Poetic Portrait of Bill Bissett
A01982: BISSETT, BILL - Scars on th Seehors
174255: BISSETT, BILL - Nobody owns the earth
111902: BISSETT, BILL - Northern Wild Roses / Deth Interrupts Th Dansing
A02328: BISSOONDATH, NEIL - Doing The Heart Good
139307: BISSOONDATH, NEIL - The Worlds Within Her
A01932: BISSOONDATH, NEIL - The Innocence of Age
071583: BISSOONDATH, NEIL - The Innocence of Age
161668: BISTLINE, BENJAMIN G. - The Polygamists: A History of Colorado City, Arizona
174153: BITEL, LISA M. - Land of Women: Tales of Sex and Gender from Early Ireland
176182: BITNEY, KATHARINE - Heart and Stone
169886: BITOV, ANDREI - Pushkin House (American Literature (Dalkey Archive))
113509: BIVINS, ROBERTA - Alternative Medicine?: A History
130972: BIX, HERBERT P. - Hirohito and the Making of Modern Japan
120349: BLACK, JEREMY - Tools of War The Weapons That Changed the World
169759: BLACK, JOHN - Yachting with Models How to Build a Champion M Class Model Yacht
129385: BLACK, SIR MISHA - The Black Papers on Design: Selected Writings of the Late Sir Misha Black
097988: BLACK, MARTHA FODASKI - Shaw and Joyce: The Last Word in Stolentelling
178551: BLACK, DALE - Flight to Heaven: A Plane Crash...A Lone Survivor...A Journey to Heaven--and Back
173005: BLACK, MARTHA LOUISE - Martha Black: Her Story from the Dawson Gold Fields to the Halls of Parliament
060563: BLACK, CATHY, ET AL - Commonwealth Rathletes
176619: BLACK, ARTHUR - Black Gold: Nuggets from a Lifetime of Laughs
149379: BLACK, JEREMY - Warfare in the Western World, 1882-1975
156502: BLACK, MAGGIE - The Medieval Cookbook
175270: BLACK, ROBERT; LAW, JOHN E - The Medici: Citizens and Masters (Villa I Tatti Series)
084123: BLACK, JEREMY - Warfare in the Eighteenth Century
142936: BLACK, CONRAD - A Matter of Principle
187632: BLACK, JEREMY - European Warfare, 1660-1815
181953: BLACK, MARTHA LOUISE - Martha Black
142511: BLACK, JOE - Horses, Hitches and Rocky Trails
147760: BLACK, JEREMY - The Seventy Great Battles in History
125985: BLACK, JEREMY - Warfare in the Eighteenth Century
122879: BLACK, JEREMY - Maps and History: Constructing Images of the Past
169427: BLACK, BAXTER - Horseshoes, Cowsocks & Duckfeet: More Commentary by NPR's Cowboy Poet & Former Large Animal Veterinarian
176957: BLACK, JEREMY - World War Two: A Military History (Warfare and History)
157927: BLACK, JEREMY - Culloden and the 45
124732: BLACK, JEREMY;KEEGAN, JOHN - Warfare in the Eighteenth Century
125977: BLACK, JEREMY - Tools of War The Weapons That Changed the World
139915: BLACK, HELEN C - Notable Women Authors of the Day
127920: BLACK, C. CLIFTON - Mark: Images of an Apostolic Interpreter
143356: BLACK, JOSEPH LAURENCE - G.-F. Muller and the Imperial Russian Academy
129086: BLACK, JEREMY - The Battle of Waterloo
105336: BLACKBRIDGE, PERSIMMON, AND GILHOOLY, SHEILA - Sunnybrook: A True Story With Lies
186221: BLACKBURN, JOHN H., ; ARCHER, JOHN - Land of Promise
169084: BLACKBURN, GEORGE G. - Where the Hell Are the Guns? : A Soldier's Eye View of the Anxious Years, 1939-44
167050: BLACKBURN, SIMON - Lust: The Seven Deadly Sins
154824: BLACKBURN, ROBERT H. - Against the Snow and Other Stories and Poems
175534: STONE-BLACKBURN, SUSAN - Robertson Davies, Playwright: A Search for the Self on the Canadian Stage
176991: BLACKBURN, SUSAN - Love Sex and Power: Women in Southeast Asia (Monash Papers on Southeast Asia)
084024: BLACKFORD, RUSSELL;IKIN, VAN;MCMULLEN, SEAN - Strange Constellations: A History of Australian Science Fiction
161129: BLACKMAN, MARGARET B.; FLORENCE EDENSHAW DAVIDSON - During My Time: Florence Edenshaw Davidson A Haida Woman
187948: BLACKMAN, MARGARET B.; DAVIDSON, FLORENCE EDENSHAW - During My Time: Florence Edenshaw Davidson A Haida Woman
075788: BLACKMORE, SUSAN - Consciousness: A Very Short Introduction
137892: BLACKMORE, HOWARD L. - Hunting Weapons
187950: BLACKWOOD, ALGERNON - Episodes Before Thirty
144640: BLACKWOOD, CLARA - Subway Medusa
187682: BLADES, MICHAEL - Day of Two Sunsets: Paddling Adventures on Canada's West Coast
106352: BLADES, WILLIAM - The Life and Typography of William Caxton, England's First Printer, Vol. II
173412: BLADES, WILLIAM - The Enemies of Books
130772: BLAEU, JOAN - Atlas Major Hispania Portugallia Africa and America
097383: BLAEU, JOAN - Anglia, Scotia Et Hibernia Joan Blaeu Atlas Major of 1665
173260: BLAEU, JOAN - Atlas Major Of 1665 Gallia (Francia) France Frankreich Joan Blaeu Atlas Major Of 1665
130792: BLAEU, JOAN - Atlas Major of 1665
088384: BLAGRAVE, MARK - Silver Salts
166977: BLAICHMAN, FRANK - Rather Die Fighting
093908: BLAIKIE, WALTER BIGGAR - Origins of the 'Forty-Five and Other Papers Relating to That Rising
052125: BLAINE, DAVID - Mysterious Stranger: A Book of Magic
099147: BLAINEY, GEOFFREY - Triumph of the Nomads: A History of Ancient Australia
172864: BLAIR, DAVID; MCNAMARA, GEOFF - Ripples on a Cosmic Sea: The Search for Gravitational Waves
090449: BLAIR, CLAY - Hitler's U-Boat War: The Hunters, 1939-1942
098633: BLAIS, MARIE-CLAIRE - Tete Blanche
A02497: BLAIS, MARIE-CLAIRE - Deaf to the City
A02307: BLAIS, MARIE-CLAIRE - These Festive Nights
A02306: BLAIS, MARIE-CLAIRE - Pierre: La Guerre Du Printemps 81 Roman
A01947: BLAIS, MARIE-CLAIRE - A Literary Affair
A02498: BLAIS, MARIE-CLAIRE - Thunder and Light
A01945: BLAIS, MARIE-CLAIRE - Durer's Angel
A01946: BLAIS, MARIE-CLAIRE - The Angel of Solitude
A00863: BLAIS, MARIE-CLAIRE - A Season in the Life of Emmanuel
A01578: BLAIS, MARIE-CLAIRE ;MEIGS, MARY - Illustrations for Two Novels By Marie-Claire Blais: The Manuscripts of Pauline Archange and St. Lawrence Blues
A00895: BLAIS, MARIE-CLAIRE - Nights in the Underground: An Exploration of Love
108995: BLAIS, JEAN-CHARLES;GAROUSTE, GERARD;MUSEE D'ART CONTEMPORAIN DE MONTREAL - Jean-Charles Blais, Gerard Garouste, Peintures Et Dessins: 29 Mars-18 Mai 1986, Musee D'art Contemporain De Montreal
131745: BLAIS, MARIE-CLAIRE - Thunder and Light
A02326: BLAIS, MARIE-CLAIRE;SPENCER, NIGEL - The Exile and the Sacred Travellers
061407: BLAIS, MARIE-CLAIRE - Deaf to the City
A01158: BLAIS, MARIE-CLAIRE - Anna's World
A01159: BLAIS, MARIE-CLAIRE - David Sterne
161154: BLAISE, CLARK - Time Lord : The Remarkable Canadian Who Missed his Train and Changed the World
187949: BLAISE, CLARK - Tribal Justice
115384: BLAISE, CLARK - Tribal Justice
186181: BLAKE, STEVE;BALDOCK, JOHN;LLOYD, SCOTT - The Keys to Avalon: The True Location of Arthur's Kingdom Revealed
155906: BLAKE, WENDON - The Watercolor Painting Book
129801: BLAKE, WILLIAM - The Prophetic Writings of William Blake
129795: BLAKE, WILLIAM;ERDMAN, DAVID V. - The Illuminated Blake: All of William Blake's Illuminated Works with a Plate-By-Plate Commentary
183991: BLAKE, MICHAEL - Archaeological Investigation at the Wild Horse River (DjPv14)
109768: BLAKE - Black Sculpture
125503: BLAKE, PETER;SEFTON, ALAN - Blake's Odyssey: The Round the World Race With Ceramco New Zealand
127636: BLAKE, N. F. - Caxton: England's First Publisher
172196: BLAKE, W. O. - The History of Slavery and the Slave Trade, Ancient and Modern. (Easton Press Limited Edition)
145165: BLAKE, PETER - Master Builders: Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, and Frank Lloyd Wright (The Norton Library)
085627: BLAKER, LISA - Heart of Darfur
171080: V. S. RAMACHANDRAN; SANDRA BLAKESLEE - Phantoms in the Brain: Probing the Mysteries of the Human Mind
128504: BLAKEY, JANIS ; MACDONALD, MURRAY - Watercolor Painting: A Dialogue
133349: BLAMIRES, HARRY - The New Bloomsday Book: A Guide Through Ulysses/Keyed to the Corrected Text
184657: BLANC, JEANDAVID - Three Days In Nepal
171750: BLANC, RAYMOND JOSEPH LE - The Rat Indian Creek Site And The Late Prehistoric Period in The Interior Northern Yukon.
134895: BLANCHARD, PAULA - The Life of Emily Carr
153409: BLANCHARD, J - A history of the Canadian Grain Commission
127118: BLANCHARD, JAMES J. - Behind the Embassy Door: Canada, Clinton & Quebec
099274: BLANCHARD, PAULA - The Life of Emily Carr
185583: BLANCHARD, JEAN-VINCENT - Eminence: Cardinal Richelieu and the Rise of France
178441: BLANCHET, M. WYLIE - The Curve of Time
139811: BLANCHET, GUY - Search in the North
185417: BLANCHET, M. WYLIE - The Curve of Time
187775: BLANCHOT, MAURICE - Friendship (Meridian: Crossing Aesthetics)
154034: BLANCO, TOMAS MARINO - Buques De La Armada Venezolana 1901-1950
105779: BLAND, KALMAN P. - The Artless Jew: Medieval and Modern Affirmations and Denials of the Visual
164972: BLAND, DOUGLAS L. - Time Bomb: Canada and the First Nations (Point of View)
183804: BLANFORD, EDMUND L. - SS Intelligence: The Nazi Secret Service
178925: BLASER, ROBIN - The Holy Forest
182472: BLASHILL, LORRAINE - Homestead Heritage the Story of Strongfield
123175: BLASHILL, LORRAINE - Remembering the '50s: Growing up in Western Canada
186079: BLATCHFORD, CHRISTIE - Fifteen Days: Stories of Bravery, Friendship, Life and Death from Inside the New Canadian Army
141155: BLATCHFORD, CHRISTIE - Fifteen Days: Stories of Bravery, Friendship, Life and Death from Inside the New Canadian Army
150152: BLAU, EVA;PLATZER, MONIKA - Shaping the Great City: Modern Architecture in Central Europe, 1890-1937
115012: BLAU, HERBERT - The Eye of Prey: Subversions of the Postmodern
176078: BLAYDON, JUDI WARREN - Collage+Cloth=Quilts: Create Innovative Quilts from Photo Inspirations
182743: BLAYLOCK, JOSH - Yumiko Curse of the Merch Girl
180890: BLAYNEY, PETER ; SHAKESPEARE - THE FIRST FOLIO OF SHAKESPEARE The Norton Edition Based on Folios in the Folger Shakespeare Library Collection.
154373: BLECH, BENJAMIN - If God Is Good, Why Is The World So Bad?
087045: BLECHMAN, R.O. - The Book of Jonah
120106: BLEEKER, W - International Cloud Atlas
185520: BLEILER, LYNETTE - Heart of the Yukon: A Natural and Cultural History of the Mayo Area
169828: BLENKINSOPP, JOSEPH - Sage, Priest, Prophet: Religious and Intellectual Leadership in Ancient Israel
127709: BLEWETT, JEAN - Hearts of Gold. Being Chronicles of Heroism in Canadian History.
086796: BLICKER, SEYMOUR - The Last Collection
161087: BLIGH, WILLIAM - A Voyage to the South Sea
183362: MICHAEL BLISS - Banting : A Biography
163835: BLISS, MICHAEL - The Discovery of Insulin
188110: BLISS, MICHAEL - Harvey Cushing : A Life in Surgery
158420: BLISS, MICHAEL - Right Honourable Men : The Descent of Canadian Politics
118403: BLISS, L.C - Truelove Island, Devon Island, Canada: A High Artic Ecosystem
121253: BLISS, MICHAEL - Harvey Cushing: A Life in Surgery
183364: BLISS, MICHAEL - The discovery of insulin
163271: BLIVEN, BRUCE - Under the Guns: New York, 1775-1776
173183: BLOCH, MAURICE - Prey into Hunter : The Politics of Religious Experience (Lewis Henry Morgan Lectures)
024025: BLOCH, MAURICE - Prey into Hunter : The Politics of Religious Experience (Lewis Henry Morgan Lectures)
175054: BLOCH, MAURICE - From Blessing to Violence: History and Ideology in the Circumcision Ritual of the Merina (Cambridge Studies in Social and Cultural Anthropology)
169373: BLOCH, MICHAEL - The Duchess of Windsor
137507: BLOCH, ROBERT - Screams: Three Novels of Suspense/the Will to Kill, Firebug, the Star Stalker
136211: BLOCH, KONRAD - Blondes in Venetian Paintings, the Nine-Banded Armadillo, and Other Essays in Biochemistry
112252: BLOCH, SUSI (INTRODUCTION BY) - The Book Stripped Bare The Book Stripped Bare : a Survey of Books By 20th Century Artists and Writers
147243: BLOCH, MICHAEL - Operation Willi, The Nazi Plot to Kidnap the Duke of Windsor
165650: BLOCK, DAVID - Echoes of the Soul
R02449: BLOCK, MARTIN FRIEDRICH;BLOCK, MARTIN - Gypsies: Their life and their customs
184306: BLOCK, WALTER; BRENNAN, GEOFFREY - Morality of the Market: Religious and Economic Perspectives
139527: BLOCKER, H. GENE - Metaphysics of Absurdity
044920: BLODGET, E. D. - An Ark of Koans
119673: BLODGETT, E. D. - Apostrophes Woman at a Piano
055749: BLODGETT, E.D. - Arche/elegies
161201: BLODGETT, E.D. - Beast Gate
184678: BLODGETT, JEAN - Grasp Tight the Old Ways: Selections from the Klamer Family Collection of Inuit Art
107853: BLODGETT, E. D.; HJARTARSON, PAUL - Da Capo The Selected Poems of E.D. Blodgett
11878: BLODGETT, JEAN - Augustin Anaittuq
171896: BLODGETT, JEAN - The Coming and Going of the Shaman Eskimo Shamanism and Art
U00186: BLODGETT, JEAN; HOUSTON, JAMES - Port Harrison/Inoucdjouac.[Sculpture] The Winnipeg Art Gallery November 20th, 1976 - January 23rd, 1977
048935: BLODGETT, E. D. - Elegy
147819: BLODGETT, E. D. - Five-Part Invention: A History of Literary History in Canada
061123: BLODGETT, E.D. - Sounding
U00107: BLODGETT, JEAN - Looking South
059736: BLODGETT, E D - Configuration: Essays in the Canadian Literatures
125868: BLODGETT, E. D. - Apostrophes : Woman at a Piano
061133: BLODGETT, E. D. - Apostrophes II: Through you I
055746: BLODGETT, E. D.; HJARTARSON, PAUL - Da Capo The Selected Poems of E.D. Blodgett
108810: BLODGETT, JEAN - The McMichael Canadian Art Collection
183626: BLODGETT, JEAN - The McMichael Canadian Collection, Kleinburg, Ontario
171533: BLOFELD, HENRY - Cricket's Great Entertainers
153318: BLOHM, HANS - The Voice of the Natives: The Canadian North and Alaska
073336: BLOKPOEL, H. - Bird Hazards to Aircraft: Problems and Prevention of Bird/aircraft Collisions
126672: BLOM, MARGARET H.; BLOM, THOMAS - Canada Home : Juliana Horatia Ewing's Fredricton Letters, 1867-1869
184528: BLOM, PHILIPP - A Wicked Company: The Forgotten Radicalism of the European Enlightenment
158574: BLOM, FRANS, ARCHAEOLOGIST IN CHARGE - Tribes and Temples, A Record of the Expedition to Middle America Conducted By TheTulane University of Louisiana in 1925
143304: BLOMBERG, CRAIG L. - Interpreting the Parables
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A01979: BRADLEY, REBECCA - Scion's Lady
139370: BRADLEY, KIM - Quilting Designs to Stimulate and Inspire
A02646: BRADLEY, REBECCA - Hong Kong Grotesque and Other Stories
A01991: BRADLEY, REBECCA - Lady Pain
097596: BRADLEY, FRANCIS HERBERT - Appearance And Reality: A Metaphysical Essay
171330: BRADLEY, IAN C. - The Optimists: Themes and Personalities in Victorian Liberalism
184503: BRADLEY, STEVE - The Pruner's Bible: A Step-by-Step Guide to Pruning Every Plant in Your Garden
088263: BRADLEY, JAMES - The Imperial Cruise: A Secret History of Empire and War
102241: BRADLEY, JOHN R. - Saudi Arabia Exposed Inside a Kingdom in Crisis
129946: BRADLEY, MARION ZIMMER - The Mists of Avalon
114068: BRADLEY, JAMES - The Imperial Cruise : A Secret History of Empire and War
178312: BRADO, EDWARD - Cattle Kingdom : Early Ranching in Alberta
105536: BRADWIN, EDMUND W. - The bunkhouse man; a study of work and pay in the camps of Canada, 1903- 1914.
139818: BRADWIN, EDMUND W. - The bunkhouse man; a study of work and pay in the camps of Canada, 1903- 1914.
092570: BRADY, JAMES - Hero of the Pacific: The Life of Marine Legend John Basilone
152901: BRADY, NATLU - Would They Were with Us Again !
097403: BRADY, BUCKSKIN - Stories and Sermons
181761: BRADYGAMES - The Last of Us Signature Series Strategy Guide (Signature Series Guides)
158427: DE BRAGANZA, RONALD LOUIS SILVEIRA - The Hill Collection of Pacific Voyages
141015: BRAGG, RICK - All over but the Shoutin'
188373: BRAGG, MELVYN - The Adventure of English : The Biography of a Language
167250: BRAGG, MELVYN - Land of the Lakes
139269: SHARP; BRAID - Storming Babylon
102941: BRAID, PAUL - Painter's Handbook
133601: BRAID, KATE;CARR, EMILY - To This Cedar Fountain
180710: BRAID, DON : SHARPE, SYDNEY - Breakup Why the West Feels Left Out of Canada
127600: BRAID, KATE, EDITOR - Emily Carr: Rebel Artist
188014: BRAID, DON : SHARPE, SYDNEY - Breakup Why the West Feels Left Out of Canada
182904: BRAIDE, JANET - William Brymner: 1855-1925: A Retrospective
105824: BRAIDWOOD, ROBERT J, AND LINDA S. - Excavations in the Plain of Antioch I: The Earlier Assemblages Phases A-J
094102: BRAIN, ROBERT - The Decorated Body
179096: BRAIN, JOY B. - Christian Indians in Natal 1860-1911: An Historical and Statistical Study (Human Sciences Research Council Publication Series)
178032: BRAIN, CHARLES KIMBERLIN - The Hunters or the Hunted?: An Introduction to African Cave Taphonomy
060278: BRAITHWAITE, VALERIE : LEVI, MARGARET - Trust and Governance
A01076: BRAITHWAITE, MAX - All the Way Home
177898: BRAITHWAITE, JOHN - Crime, Shame and Reintegration
132550: BRAKEFIELD, TOM - Hunting Big-Game Trophies: A North American Guide
089640: BRAMBLE , TOM - Asians are Welcome here!
185639: BRAMHAM, DAPHNE - The Secret Lives of Saints: Child Brides and Lost Boys in Canada's Polygamous Mormon Sect
120887: BRAMS, STEVEN J. - Superior Beings: If They Exist, How Would We Know? Game Theoretic Implications on Omniscience, Omnipotence, Immortality and Incomprehensibility
123502: BRANCH, EDWARD DOUGLAS; DOBIE, J FRANK - The Hunting of the Buffalo
182861: BRAND, DIONNE - Land To Light On
176046: BRAND, DIONNE - No Burden to Carry: Narratives of Black Working Women in Ontario 1920S-1950s
102374: BRAND, DIONNE; SANDERS, LESLIE - At the Full and Change of the Moon
109963: BRAND, SANDRA - Roma - During two Invasions
179563: BRAND, STEWART - Whole Earth Discipline: An Ecopragmatist Manifesto
100725: BRANDEL, NAOMI - Ivon Hitchens 10 May-9 June 2000.
183600: BRANDIS, MADZY BRENDER A - The Scent of Spruce
117827: BRANDL, E.J. - Australian Aboriginal Patings in Western and Central Arnhem Land: Temporal Sequences and Elements of Style in Cadell River and Deaf Adder Creek Art
165168: BRANDOM, ROBERT B. - Reason in Philosophy: Animating Ideas
149488: BRANDON, RAPHAEL;A - The Open Timber Roofs of the Middle Ages: Illustrated by Perspective And Working Drawings of Some of the Best Varieties of Church Roofs
115585: BRANDON, LAURA - Pegi By Herself: The Life Of Pegi Nicol Macleod, Canadian Artist
178789: BRANDON, RUTH - The Life and Many Deaths of Harry Houdini
162882: BRANDS, H. W. - The Age of Gold: The California Gold Rush and the New American Dream
142149: BRANDS, H. W. - The Age of Gold: The California Gold Rush and the New American Dream
172474: BRANDS, H W - T. R. The Last Romantic
071128: BRANDSON, LORRAINE E. - Carved from the Land: The Eskimo Museum Collection
178948: BRANDSON, LORRAINE E. - Carved from the Land: The Eskimo Museum Collection
062318: BRANDT, DI - Jerusalem Beloved
112813: BRANDT, ANTHONY - The Tragic History of the Sea: Shipwrecks From The Bible to Titanic
182379: BRANDT, DI - Dancing Naked: Narrative Strategies for Writing Across Centuries
164743: BRANDT, DIANA - So This Is the World & Here I Am in It (Writer as Critic)
132138: BRANDT, ANTHONY - The Man Who Ate His Boots: The History of the Search for the Northwest Passage
174230: BRANDT, DI - Jerusalem Beloved
126098: BRANDT, E. N. - Growth Company: Dow Chemical's First Century
177881: BRANIGAN, IRENE - Poems from a Prairie Pen
121231: BRANN, DONALD R. - How to Build Bars
060359: BRANN, DONALD R. - How to Construct Built-In and Sectional Bookcases
162555: PLATO; BRANN, EVA ;KALKAVAGE, PETER ; SALEM, ERIC - Statesman (Focus Philosophical Library)
188608: OSCAR T. BRANSON - Indian Jewelry Making: Volume I
015430: BRANSTON, BARRY - Elements of Graphology (Elements of Ser.)
172013: BRANT, IRVING - The Fourth President: A Life of James Madison
169362: BRAROE, NIELS WINTHER - Indian and White: Self-Image and Interaction in a Canadian Plains Community
136084: BRASSER, TED J. - "Bo'jou, Neejee!" Profiles of Canadian Indian Art, A Travelling Exhibition of the National Museum of Man, Ottawa
180645: BRASSER, TED J - Riding on the frontier's crest : Mahican Indian culture and culture Change

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