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179593: SMITH, SUSY - The Mediumship of Mrs. Leonard
166013: SMITH, JENNIFER - The Democratic Dilemma: Reforming the Canadian Senate
151152: SMITH, ALEXANDER MCCALL - The Kalahari Typing School for Men
094711: SMITH, ALEXANDER MCCALL - The Good Husband of Zebra Drive
188000: CLAUDIA SMITH; SMITH, CLAUDIA - Gypsies, Preachers and Big White Bears: One Hundred Years on Country Roads
133180: SMITH, SYDNEY PERCIVAL ; SMITH, DAVID SCOTT - Lifting the Silence: A World War II RCAF Bomber Pilot Reunites with his Past
127984: SMITH, SYDNEY GOODSIR - The Deevil's Waltz
180458: SMITH, ALEXANDER MCCALL - La's Orchestra Saves the World
189079: SHAW-SMITH, DAVID, EDITOR - Ireland's Traditional Crafts
180656: SMITH, ALEXANDER MCCALL - The Double Comfort Safari Club
132466: SMITH, BRENDAN POWELL - The Brick Testament : Stories from the Book of Genesis
103218: SMITH, DONALD B. - From the Land of the Shadows : The Making of Grey Owl
107511: GRAHAME-SMITH, SETH - Pardon My President: Ready-to-Mail Apologies for 8 Years of George W. Bush
123696: GIBBS SMITH - The Art of the Bookstore: The Bookstore Paintings of Gibbs M. Smith
126267: SMITH, RON - Kid Dynamite : The Gerry James Story
181659: SMITH, A. LEDYARD. - Uaxactun, Guatemala: Excavations of 1931-1937 (Carnegie Institution of Washington Publication 588)
163698: SMITH, HAROLD IVAN - Friendgrief: An Absence Called Presence (Death, Value and Meaning)
147405: SMITH, STEVEN ROSS - Celebrating Saskatchewan Artists
183349: CHARLES SMITH - Fifty Years with Mountbatten: A Personal Memoir
174065: SMITH, BLAKE - Warplanes to Alaska
124170: SMITH, W RAMSAY - In Southern Seas Wandering of a Naturalist
082306: SMITH, WM. H. - Smith's Canadian Gazetteer: Statistical and General Information Respecting All Parts of the Upper Province
171306: LLEWELLYN SMITH, JULIA - Traveling on the Edge: Journeys in the Footsteps of Graham Greene
136412: SMITH, SHIRLEEN - People of the Lakes: Stories of Our Van Tat Gwich'in Elders/Googwandak Nakhwach'ŕnjňo Van Tat Gwich'in
112902: SMITH, MAURINE - The Keen Edge
137316: CORLEY-SMITH, PETER - Barnstorming to Bushflying : British Columbia's Aviation Pioneers 1910-1930
137317: CORLEY-SMITH, PETER - Bush Flying to Blind Flying : British Columbia's Aviation Pioneers 1930-1940
083318: SMITH, R. ROGERS - Alberta Has the Sovereign Right to Issue and Use Its Own Credit: A Factual Examination of the Constitutional Problem
187141: SMITH, DONALD B. - Chief Buffalo Child Long Lance: The Glorious Impostor (Non Fiction)
164497: SMITH, DENIS - The Prisoners of Cabrera : Napoleon's Forgotten Soldiers, 1809-1814
153894: SMITH, ALEXANDER MCCALL - Dream Angus : The Celtic God of Dreams
131935: THUCYDIDES; SMITH, C. FORSTER - Thucydides IV
116489: SMITH, CYNTHIA M. ; MCLEOD, JACK - Sir John A. : An Anecdotal Life of John A. Macdonald
186099: SMITH, PAGE - American Enters the World Part One Volume XIII
179587: SMITH,FRANCES K - John Herbert Caddy 1801-1887
162413: SMITH, CLIFFORD NEAL - Mercenaries from Hessen-Hanau Who Remained in Canada and the United States After the American Revolution
A02466: SMITH, DWIGHT L. - Survival on a Westward Trek, 1858-1859: The John Jones Overlanders
149405: SMITH, COLIN - England's Last War Against France
A01755: SMITH, DOUGLAS BURNET - The Killed
172824: SMITH, PAGE - The History of America, The Nation Comes of Age, The Ante-Bellum Years, Volume VII
181654: SMITH, A LEDYARD; KIDDER, ALFRED V - Excavations at Nebaj Guatemala
166060: T.J. SMITH & NEPHEW - Gypsona Technique
184910: SMITH, JO DURDEN - Mafia the Complete History of a Criminal World
178932: SMITH, M.G. - Government in Zazzau: 1800-1950.
175787: SMITH, WM. H. - Smith's Canadian Gazetteer: Statistical and General Information Respecting All Parts of the Upper Province
183385: SMITH, DAVID E. M.D. - The Regional Decline of a National Party: Liberals on the Prairies
185405: SMITH, R A ; SMITH, J W - Early Man and Environments in Northwest North America
172825: SMITH, PAGE - The History of America, The Shaping of America the Young Republic VI
166851: SMITH, GIBBS - Joe Hill
161916: SMITH, ALEXANDER MCCALL - Friends, Lovers, Chocolate
094801: SMITH, PETER. B - CSI Alberta: The Secrets of Skulls and Skeletons
172620: SMITH, ALEXANDER MCCALL - At the Villa of Reduced Circumstances
185069: MICHAEL SMITH - Captain Francis Crozier: Last Man Standing?
180252: SMITH, PAGE - The History of America, Trial By Fire, The Civil War and Reconstruction, Part Two, Volume X
174249: SMITH, RON - A Buddha Named Baudelaire
064625: SMITH, BARBARA SWEETLAND; GOA, DAVID J - Ghost Stories of the Rocky Mountains
139469: SMITH, JAMES L - Victorian Melodramas : Seven English, French and American Melodramas
124140: SMITH, ALEXANDER MCCALL - The Good Husband of Zebra Drive
157410: SMITH, LARRY - Iwo Jima World War II Veterans Remember the Greatest Battle of the Pacific
152154: SMITH, G. REX - A Traveller in Thirteenth-Century Arabia: Ibn Al-Mujawir's Tarikh Al-Mustabsir
122227: SMITH, THOMAS C. - Native Sources of Japanese Industrialization, 1750-1920
187801: SMITH, D B - Centennial City : Calgary, 1894-1994
182003: SMITH, CARL - Pearl Harbor 1941: The Day of Infamy - Revised Edition (Campaign)
101496: SMITH, HELMUT WALSER - The Butcher's Tale: Murder and Anti-Semitism in a German Town
165725: SMITH, P J ; JOHNSON, DENIS B - The Edmonton-calgary Corridor
140268: SMITH, CYRIL STANLEY - A History of Metallography: The Development of Ideas on the Structure of Metals Before 1890
169889: SMITH, RAY C. - The Art of Watercolor : A Guide to the Skills and Techniques
179263: SMITH, S.L. - Blinded by the Sight
104095: SMITH, J R - The Focke Wulf Fw 200
185665: SMITH, GRAEME - The Dogs Are Eating Them Now: Our War in Afghanistan
156441: ROBERT SMITH - MacArthur in Korea. The Naked Emperor.
124582: SMITH, GRANT F.O. - The Man Robert Burns
184867: SMITH, PAGE - The Rise of Industrial America, The Post-Reconstruction Era, Part One, Volume XI
110017: SMITH, CYNDI - Jasper Park Lodge : In the Heart of the Canadian Rockies
185031: SMITH, ALEXANDER MCCALL - Tea Time For The Traditionally Built
178993: SMITH, TONY - The French Stake in Algeria, 1945-1962
152318: SMITH, PAGE - The History of America, Trial By Fire, The Civil War and Reconstruction, Part One, Volume IX
152313: SMITH, PAGE - American Enters the World Redeeming the Time, Part Two, Volume 16
152315: SMITH, PAGE - American Enters the World The Progressive Era and World War I, Part Two, Volume 14
188293: MCCALL SMITH, ALEXANDER - The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection: More from the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency
164737: SMITH, R J - The One: The Life and Music of James Brown
170399: SMITH, CYNDI - Off the Beaten Track : Women Adventureres and Mountaineers in Western Canada
112152: SMITH, ALEXANDER MCCALL - The Forgotten Affairs of Youth
154833: SMITH, AMANDA - Newspaper Titan, The Infamous Life and Monumental Times of Cissy Patterson
172791: SMITH, PAGE - The History of America, a New Age Now Begins Volume I
162217: SMITH, EDWIN W., AND ANDREW MRRAY DALE - The Ila-Speaking Peoples of Northern Rhodesia
166107: SMITH, LAURA ROUNTREE - The Fairy Babies
180285: SMITH, JENNIE ERIN - Stolen World A Tale of Reptiles Smugglers and Skulduggery
154368: SMITH, ADAM; CAMPBELL, R. H.; RAPHAEL, D. D.; SKINNER, A. S. - Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres (Glasgow Edition of the Works and Correspondence of Adam Smith) (v. 4)
182128: SMITH, MARY MARGARET; PYSZCZYK, HEINZ W. - A selected bibliography of historical artifacts, c.1760-1920 (Manuscript series / Archaeological Survey of Alberta no. 11)
170568: SMITH, JOHN - Midnight Found You Dancing
124155: SMITH, ALEXANDER MCCALL - Tears of the Giraffe
180139: SMITH, ART - Pavement's End
116529: SMITH, ARCHIBALD WILLIAM;SMITH, A. W.;SMITH, ARCHIBALD WILLIAM A GARDENERS BOOK OF PLANT NAMES - A Gardener's Handbook of Plant Names: Their Meanings and Origins
116082: SMITH, BARRY D. - Uss Abraham Lincoln
111791: SMITH, FRANCIS K. - Andre Bieler in Rural Quebec
113031: SMITH, DONALD - Honore Jaxon: Prairie Visionary
184708: FELICIA NORTON; CHARLES SMITH - An Emerald Earth
112237: SMITH, COLIN - Carlos: Portrait of a Terrorist
175114: BAKER-SMITH, VERONICA - Wellington's Hidden Heroes: The Dutch and the Belgians at Waterloo
178774: SMITH, MOYRA - Investigating the Human Genome: Insights into Human Variation and Disease Susceptibility (FT Press Science)
168173: SMITH, DOUGLAS - Former People : The Final Days of the Russian Aristocracy
183554: SMITH, DOROTHY CAMERON - Cameos (A Trillium book)
R02238: SMITH, GOLDWIN - Shakespeare: The Man An Attempt to Find Traces of the Dramatist's Personal Character in His Dramas
114977: MCCALL SMITH, ALEXANDER - The Careful Use of Compliments, An Isabel Dalhousie Novel
182163: SMITH, DONALD B. - Le Sauvage The Native People in Quebec Historical Writing on the Heroic Period (1534-1663) of New France
123434: SMITH, BRYDON;ESCHER, M.C - M.C. Escher: Landscapes to Mindscapes
189017: SMITH, P. D. - Doomsday Men : The Real Dr Strangelove and the Dream of the Superweapon
178567: SMITH, KATHRYN A. - Art, Identity, and Devotion in Fourteenth Century England: Three Women Patrons and their Books of Hours (British Library Studies in Medieval Culture)
174734: SMITH, LACEY BALDWIN - Fools, Martyrs, Traitors: The Story of Martyrdom in the Western World (CUSA)
169054: PETER CORLEY-SMITH - 10,000 Hours, A Helicopter Pilot in the North
130898: SMITH, ANTHONY - The Lost Lady of the Amazon: The Story of Isabela Godin and Her Epic Journey
122337: SMITHERS, A. J. - Taranto, 1940 : "A Glorious Episode"
158114: SMITHSON, ALISON; SMITHSON, PETER - Ordinariness and Light: Urban Theories 1952-1960 and their Application in a Building Project 1963-1970
124820: SMOLE, WILLIAM J. - The Yanoama Indians: A Cultural Geography
133078: SMOLIN, LEE - The Trouble With Physics: The Rise of String Theory, the Fall of a Science, And What Comes Next
A01697: SMOUT, T. CHRISTOPHER - A Century of the Scottish People, 1830-1950
177401: SMULLYAN, RAYMOND M. - Who Knows?: A Study of Religious Consciousness
120990: SMURTHWAITE, DAVID; NICHOLLS, MARE; WASHINGTON, LINDA - Against All Odds : The British Army of 1939-40
116181: SMURTHWAITE, DAVID - Boer War: 1899-1902
096481: SMUSKIEWICZ, TED - Oil Painting Step by Step
162960: SMUTYLO, ALLEN - The Memory of Water (Life Writing)
171064: SMYLY, JOHN; SMYLY, CAROLYN - Those Born at Koona
140264: SMYSER, W.R. - From Yalta to Berlin : The Cold War Stuggle over Germany
163050: ELIZABETH M. SMYTH - Changing Habits, WOmen's Religious Orders in Canada
150171: SMYTH, STEPHEN - The Yukon's Constitutional Foundations, Volume I: The Yulon CHronology, and Volume II: A COmpendium of Documents Relating to the Constitutional Development of the Yukon Territory
092622: SMYTH, DENIS - Deathly Deception: The Real Story of Operation Mincemeat
084492: SMYTHE, PAT - Jacqueline Rides for a Fall
166372: SNAITH, SKIP - Canoes and Kayaks for the Backyard Builder
182073: SNEATH, ALLEN WINN - Brewed in Canada: The Untold Story of Canada's 350-Year-Old Brewing Industry
133233: BLASHFORD-SNELL, JOHN - Where the Trails Run Out
178152: SNELL, DANIEL C. - Life in the Ancient Near East
165171: SNELLING, JOHN - The Buddhist Handbook : A Complete Guide to Teaching and Practice
185770: SNETHUN, DONNA - Collections & Recollections: "2nd Edition"
183552: SNEYD, LOLA - Classy Cats
098202: SNICKET, LEMONY - Lemony Snicket : The Unauthorized Autobiography
112359: SNIDER, C.H.J. - The Glorious "Shannon's" Old Blue Duster and Other Faded Flags of Fadeless Fame
165903: SNIDER, C.H.J. - Tarry Breeks & Velvet Garters, Sail on the Great Lakes of America, in War, Discovery, and the Fur Trade, Under the Lfeur-de-Lys
170339: SNIDER, DUKE - The Duke Of Flatbush
175063: SNODIN, MICHAEL, ET AL, EDITORS - Carl and Karin Larsson Creators of the Swedish Style
157750: SNOW, HANK;OWNBEY, JACK;BURRIS, BOB - The Hank Snow Story
124319: SNOW, DAN - Death or Victory: The Battle of Quebec and the Birth of Empire: Wolfe, Quebec and the Birth of Empire
089796: SNOW, JOHN VANCE - These Mountains are Our Sacred Places
161257: SNOW, C.P. - A Coat of Varnish
187652: SNOW, CHIEF JOHN - These Mountains are Our Sacred Places, The Story of the Stoney People
174519: C. P. SNOW - Trollope: His Life and Art
129181: SNOW, KATHLEEN M. - Maxwell Bates: Biography of an Artist
U00899: SNOW, HELEN FOSTER - My China Years
181983: SNOWDEN, RUTH - Jung--The Key Ideas: A Teach Yourself Guide (Teach Yourself: Reference)
152652: SNOWSELL, COLIN - The Frollett Homestead
103672: SNYDER, PETER ETRIL - Picture Maker
100901: SNYDER, GERALD S. - The Royal Oak Disaster
170793: SNYDER, TIMOTHY - Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin
005848: SNYDER, L.L. - On a Unnamed Population of the Great Horned Owl Life Sciences Division Contribution 54
173173: SNYDER, GERTRUDE; PECKOLICK, ALAN - Herb Lubalin: Art Director, Graphic Designer and Typographer
097947: SNYDER, GARY - Left Out in the Rain: New Poems 1947-1985
180116: SNYDER, SOLOMON H. - Drugs and the Brain (Scientific American Library Series)
138186: SNYDER, JANE MCINTOSH - Lesbian Desire in the Lyrics of Sappho
100151: SNYDER, PETER - A Painter's Harvest, The Works of Peter Etril Snyder
185015: SNYDER, GORDON - Drawn from the Past : Drawn from the Past : Nicholas de Grandmaison
171049: SNYDER, JANE MCINTOSH - The Woman and The Lyre, Women Writers in Classical Greece and Rome
106527: SNYDER, LAURA J. - The Philosophical Breakfast Club: Four Remarkable Friends Who Transformed Science and Changed the World
173109: SNYDER, TIMOTHY - Black Earth: The Holocaust as History and Warning
183457: SNYDER, GORDON - Through Alberta Eyes, The Photographs of Orest Smechishen
158121: SOAMES, MARY - Speaking for Themselves : The Personal Letters fo Winston and Clementine Churchill
121593: SOAMES, MARY - The Profligate Duke: George Spencer-Churchill, Fifth Duke of Marlborough, and His Duchess
144092: SOAMES, MARY - Clementine Churchill
177407: SOAMES, MARY - `A Daughter's Tale The Memoir of Winston Chusrchill's Youngest Daughter
114029: SOAMES, MARY - Winston Churchill, His Life as a Painter, A Memoir By His Daughter
156124: SOAMES, SCOTT - Reference and Description: The Case against Two-Dimensionalism
122175: SOBEL, DAVA - The Planets
154000: SOBEL, DAVA - Galileo's Daughter : A Historical Memoir of Science, Faith and Love
096276: SOBEL, DAVA - The Planets
126568: SOBEL, DAVA - Galileo's Daughter : A Historical Memoir of Science, Faith and Love
158119: SOBER, ELLIOTT; WILSON, PROF. DAVID SLOAN; WILSON, DAVID SLOAN - Unto Others: The Evolution and Psychology of Unselfish Behavior
086131: SOBER, ELLIOTT - From a Biological Point of View: Essays in Evolutionary Philosophy
106618: SOBOL, JOHN - Digitopia Blues : Race, Technology, and the American Voice
178440: PORT HARDY HERITAGE SOCIETY - A Dream Come True: Port Hardy, 1904-2004
142407: SUNNIEBEND HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Memories of Pibroch, Sunniebend, Linaria, Shoal Creek, Alberta, 1900-1984 : people sharing life's success.
130805: MILLET AND DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Tales and Trails of Millet - Volume 1 & 2
172580: DAWSON CREEK HISTORICAL SOCIETY - dawson creek past and Present
169435: FORT GARRY HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Fort Garry Remembered
094993: VULCAN & DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Wheat Country: A History of Vulcan & District
055705: NANAIMO AND DISTRICT MUSEUM SOCIETY - Nanaimo the Story of a City
178392: SEDGEWICK HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Sedgewick Sentinel. A History of Sedgewick and Surrounding Districts
147565: BROADVIEW PIONEER HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Centennial Tribute Broadview Oakshela Percival 1882-1982
182649: VANGUARD HISTORICAL SOCIETY - A Place By The Notukeu - Vanguard
155774: SHEEP RIVER HISTORICAL SOCIETY - In the Light of the Flares History of Turner Valley Oilfields
U00412: VEGREVILLE & DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Vegreville in Review: History of Vegreville and Surrounding Area, 1880-1980 2 Volumes
180378: MANYBERRIES HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Manyberries Chinook : A History of the Communities of Glassford, Manyberries, Minda, New Home, Orion, Ranchville
147973: DUCHESS AND DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Duchess and District Memories
185541: BOLINAS MUSEUM; STINSON BEACH HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Bolinas and Stinson Beach (CA) (Images of America)
164201: CROWSNEST PASS HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Crowsnest and Its People
170483: OKANAGAN HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Okanagan Historical Society: Forty-Sixth Annual Report
115229: DEVILLE-NORTH COOKING LAKE HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Land Among the Lakes - a History of the Deville and North Cooking Lake Area
188200: VILNA AND DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Voices of Yesteryears: Vilna and District History (Alberta) Volume 1 and Volume 2
185498: WILKIE HISTORY SOCIETY - Wilkie, Saskatchewan, 1908-1988. 2 Volumes
187130: ALDERGROVE HERITAGE SOCIETY - The Place Between: Aldergrove & Communities Volume 1
173325: ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY - The atlas of the World
152602: BURNS LAKE HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Burns Lake & District: A History Formal & Informal
178393: EMPRESS HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Echoes of Empress Through 75 Years
169609: ROSTHERN HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Old & new furrows: The story of Rosthern
187134: BLUCHER HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Blucher Builders : Blucher Community 1900-1982
184781: DAYSLAND HISTORY BOOK SOCIETY - Along the Crocus Trail - A History of Daysland, Alberta and Districts
175748: WARBURG AND DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Golden memories: Warburg and district
169623: MANOR & DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Memories....are forever
162511: HILLS OF HOPE HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Hills of Hope the Next Generation 1940-2000 Volume 2
188333: OGEMA AND DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Prairie Grass to Golden Grain RM 70 Ogema and Surrounding Areas
181565: VANCOUVER NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY - NATURE IN VANCOUVER a Guide to the Best Places to Find Birds, Animals, Insects, Marine Life, Plants and Flowers In and Around Vancouver
132860: NORTHWEST HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Links with the Past
172539: WAKAW HERITAGE SOCIETY - A Land Harvested By Faith 1884-1984 Wakaw
162879: WARNER AND DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Wagons to Wings - Warner, Alberta
128813: COCHRANE AND AREA HISTORICAL SOCIETY (ALTA.) - Big Hill Country: Cochrane and Area
186227: DEVILLE-NORTH COOKING LAKE HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Land Among the Lakes - a History of the Deville and North Cooking Lake Area
176464: LOMOND HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Prairie Gold R.M. Of Lomond #37
142615: READYMADE HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Readymade and District
184091: SOCKEN, PAUL - Concordance de Bonheur d'occasion de Gabrielle Roy
100451: SODEN, GARRETT - Falling: How Our Greatest Fear Became Our Greatest Thrill--A History
165609: SOFRONY, ARCHIMANDRITE; SAKHAROV - We Shall See Him as He is
165186: SOKAL, ALAN - Beyond the Hoax: Science, Philosophy and Culture
176100: SOKOL, B.J. - The Undiscover'd Country: New Essays on Psychoanalysis and Shakespeare
158694: SOKOLOFF, CAROL A - Eternal Lake O'Hara
132334: COHEN-SOLAL, ANNIE - Leo and His Circle The Life of Leo Castelli
179876: SOLARZ, JACEK - No. 230 - Tiger in Action 1942 - 1943 - Tank Power Vol. XIV
162832: AL-SOLAYLEE, KAMAL - Intolerable
179116: IRINA BOROGAN; ANDREI SOLDATOV - The New Nobility: The Restoration of Russia's Security State and the Enduring Legacy of the KGB
105381: SOLECKI, SAM (EDITED) - The Last Canadian Poet: An Essay on Al Purdy
171495: SOLNIT, REBECCA - River of Shadows: Eadweard Muybridge and the Technological Wild West
129387: SOLODKOFF, A. VON - Faberge
152134: SOLOMON, DEBORAH - Utopia Parkway: The Life And Work Of Joseph Cornell (Artworks)
175069: SOLOMON, LAWRENCE - The Deniers: The World Renowned Scientists Who Stood Up Against Global Warming Hysteria, Political Persecution, and Fraud...and Those Who Are Too Fearful to Do S
183604: SOLOMON, LAWRENCE - Toronto Sprawls: A History (U of T Centre for Public Management Series on Public Policy & Administration)
183829: SOLOMON, ANDREW - The Noonday Demon : An Atlas of Depression
063981: SOLOMON, EVAN - Crossing the Distance
179141: SOLOMON, MAYNARD - Mozart: A Life
164360: SOLOMON, ANDREW - Far from the Tree Parents Children and the Search for Identity
182739: SOLOMON, SUSAN - The Coldest March: Scott's Fatal Antarctic Expedition
167345: SOLOUKHIN, VLADIMIR - Searching for Icons in Russia
143652: SOLOVIEV, SERGEI M. - The rule of Catherine the Great: Turkey and Poland, 1768-1770
176161: SOLOVJEVA, T. A - K prichalam Angliiskoi naberezhnoi (To the Piers of the English Embankment) (English and Russian Edition)
091664: SOLOVYEV, LEONID - Adventures in Bukhara
xxx: SOLWAY, DIANE - Nureyev : His Life
135167: SOLWAY, DIANE - Nureyev : His Life
172493: SOLZHENITSYN, ALEKSANDR I. - The Oak and the Calf Memoirs of a Literary Life
168439: SOLZHENITSYN, ALEKSANDR - Apricot Jam: And Other Stories
120780: SOMBROWSKI, GORDON - What Echo Heard
154384: SOMBRUN, CORINE; GERONIMO, HARLYN - In Geronimo's Footsteps: A Journey Beyond Legend
183526: SOMERSET, ANNE - Elizabeth I
178952: SOMERSET, ANNE - Ladies-In-Waiting: From the Tudors to the Present Day
127753: SOMERSET, ALAN B., EDITOR - Shropshire, Volume I
164795: SOMERVILLE, MARGARET A. - The Ethical Canary : Science, Society and the Human Spirit
174699: SOMERVILLE, MARGARET A. - The Ethical Canary : Science, Society and the Human Spirit
165219: SOMERVILLE, MARGARET A. ; DAVID J. RAPPORT - Transdisciplinarity: Recreating Integrated Knowledge
129560: SOMERVILLE, MARGARET - The Ethical Imagination Journeys of the Human SPirit
182751: SOMMER, WARREN - The Ambitious City: A History of the City of North Vancouver
108376: SOMMERS, MARC - Fear in Bongoland: Burundi Refugees in Urban Tanzania
142866: SON, DUK SUNG - Black Belt Korean Karate
120336: SONG, CATHY - Picture Bride
126904: SONIK, MADELINE; HENDERSON, ERIC - Entering the Landscape
140295: SONNENBERG, SUSANNA - She Matters : A Life in Friendships
142962: SONNICHSEN, C.L. - Outlaw, Bill Mitchell alias Baldy Russell
151025: SONNICHSEN, C.L., AND WILLIAM V. MORRISON - Alias Billy the Kid
161455: SONNICHSEN, C.L.;SONNICHSEN, CHARLES LELAND - I'll Die Before I'll Run: The Story of the Great Feuds of Texas
142190: SONNICHSEN, C.L.;SONNICHSEN, CHARLES LELAND - The Grave of John Wesley Hardin: Three Essays on Grassroots History
122727: SONSINO, RIFAT - Motive Clauses in Hebrew Law: Biblical Forms and Near Eastern Parallels. Originally Presented As the Author's Thesis, Univ of Pennsylvania, 1975#
170357: SONSTEBY, GUNNAR - Report From #24 (No. 24)
139536: SOONG, KENNETH - Urgings of the Id
177607: LHUNDUP SOPA, GESHE; JACKSON, ROGER R. - The Wheel Of Time: Kalachakra In Context
122735: SOPER, D. ROLAND - Sword of Wood
187815: SOPHOCLES - Sophocles I: Antigone, Oedipus the King, Oedipus at Colonus (The Complete Greek Tragedies)
140361: SOPHOCLES - Trachiniae
156281: SORA, STEVEN - The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar: Solving the Oak Island Mystery
136685: SOREL, EDWARD - Unauthorized Portraits
182222: SORENSON, JOHN - Imagining Ethiopia: Struggles for History and Identity in the Horn of Africa
183677: SORESTAD, GLEN - Icons of Flesh
062289: SORESTAD, GLEN A. - Pear Seeds in My Mouth
183446: SORESTAD, GLEN - West Into Night
111652: SORESTAD, GLEN - Blood & Bones, Ice & Stones
183615: SORESTAD, GLEN - Today I Belong to Agnes
118927: SORESTAD, GLEN - Leaving Holds Me Here: Selected Poems 1975 - 2000
120338: SORESTAD, GLEN - Jan Lake Poems
183440: SORESTAD, GLENN - Air Canada Owls
163951: GLEN A. SORESTAD - Ancestral Dances
103067: SOROS, GEORGE - George Soros on Globalization
162023: SOSKICE, JANET - The Sisters of Sinai: How Two Lady Adventurers Discovered the Hidden Gospels
R01300: SOSKIN, RUPERT - Standing with Stones
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125575: STEWART, IAN MACDOUGALL GUTHRIE - The Struggle for Crete A Story of Lost Opportunity
185447: STEWART, IAN - The Mathematics of Life
136115: STEWART, GORDON - Documents Relating to The Great Awakening in Nova Scotia 1760-1791
185401: STEWART, KEN - Once We Lived
183456: STEWART, GREIG - Shutting Down the National Dream, A.V. Roe and the Tragdey of the Avro Arrow
134900: STEWART, ANDREW; HULL, WILLIAM H.N. - Canadian Television Policy and Board of Broadcast Governors, 1958-1968
170310: STEWART, RON - Gold rush the Search for the Lost Lemon Mine
180681: STEWART, SHANNON - In Every Town: An All-Ages Music Manualfesto
136300: STEWART, HILARY - Looking at Totem Poles
092865: STEWART, IAN - Freetown Ambush: A Reporter's Year in Africa
157147: STEWART, ROBERT - Sam Steele, Lion of the Frontier
185940: STEWART, TONY K - Fabulous Females and Peerless Pirs: Tales of Mad Adventure in Old Bengal (Satya Pir)
184679: STEWART, HAROLD - A Chime of Windbells: A Year of Japanese Haiku in English Verse
182131: STEWART, ALEXANDER PATRICK; JENKINS, EDWARD - The Medical and Legal Aspects of Sanitary Reform (Victorian Library)
130266: STEWART, IAN; GOLUBITSKY, MARTIN - Fearful Symmetry: Is God a Geometer?
180248: STEWART, HILARY - Looking at Indian Art of the Northwest Coast
121091: STEWART, JOHN O. - Drinkers, Drummers, and Decent Folk: Ethnographic Narratives of Village Trinidad
153367: STEWART, ROBERT ALLAN - Past Lives Recaptured: The Story of the Evolution of the Human Soul (Personal Consciousness Series)
157931: STEWART, MARTHA A.; LOWE, ALBERT G. - The Concordance to the Science of Mind
100227: STIBEL, JEFFREY M. - Wired for Thought: How the Brain is Shaping the Future of the Internet
163595: STIEGLITZ, ALFRED - Alfred Stieglitz: Camera Work: A Pictorial Guide (Dover Art Collections)
100702: STIEGLITZ, ALFRED - Georgia Okeeffe a Portrait
162363: HENRI STIERLIN - Greece: From Mycenae to the Parthenon (Taschen's World Architecture)
181651: STIFF, PETER - Tommy Goes Home
173090: JOSEPH E. STIGLITZ - Globalization and Its Discontents
187754: STILL, JAN C. - The Pistols of Germany and It's Allies in Two World Wars, Volume I
179984: STILLE, MARK - Us Navy Carrier Aircraft Vs Ijn Yamato Class Battleships
182618: STILMAN, ANNE - Grammatically Correct: The Essential Guide to Spelling, Style, Usage, Grammar, and Punctuation
057336: STIMMEL, BARRY - Pain and Its Relief Without Addiction: Clinical Issues in the Use of Opioids and Other Analgesics
175851: STINSON, MARGARET - The Wired City: A History of the Telephone in Edmonton
176838: STIPA, S.; BELSEY, R. - Medical and Surgical Problems of the Esophagus (Proceedings of the Serono Symposium, Vol. 43)
119459: STIRTON, MARGARET L. - My Spiritual Journey
106951: STITH, JOHN E. - Reckoning Infinity
187522: STITT, EDWARD A. - 100 Days, 100 Hours
168482: STOBART, TOM - Adventurer's Eye, the Autobiography of the Everest Film-Man
178566: STÖBER, KAREN - Late Medieval Monasteries and their Patrons: England and Wales, c.1300-1540 (Studies in the History of Medieval Religion)
155388: JOHN P. PAULS ; ROMAN SMAL-STOCKI (PREFACE) - Pushkin's "Poltava"
123319: STOCKLEY, STEPHANIE - Tennis Cow: A Tale of Saltspring Island
120334: STOCKS, J. L. - Morality and Purpose
163916: STOCKTON, FRANK R. - A Bicycle of Cathay
156540: STOCKTON, BOB - Counting Coup: The Odyssey of Captain Tom Adams
161901: STOCKTON, TRUITT - North and South, one nation undivided: Two decisive battles of the Civil war of 1862
139059: STODDARD, BROOKE C. - World in the Balance : The Perilous Months of June-October 1940
128657: STODDART, ANNA M. - Sir Philip Sidney Servant of God
167301: STOFER, ERIC - Growing up in Victoria
101125: STOFF, JOSHUA - The Thunder Factory: An Illustrated History of the Republic Aviation Corporation
168938: STOFFEL, HOLDEN - Saskatchewan Sports: Lives Past & Present (Trade Books based in Scholorship(TBS))
173375: STOKER, BRAM - Dracula (Broadview Literary Texts)
174005: STOKES, GALE - The Walls Came Tumbling Down: The Collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe
139524: STOKES, JOHN - Resistible Theatres:Enterprise and Experiment in the Late Nineteenth Century: Enterprise and Experiment in the Late Nineteenth Century
107963: STOLL, CLIFFORD - Silicon Snake Oil: Second Thoughts on the Information Highway
182504: STOLLER, PAUL; OLKES, CHERYL - In Sorcery's Shadow: A Memoir of Apprenticeship among the Songhay of Niger
175110: STOLZENBERG, MARK - Be a Clown
112069: STONE, CAROLINE - North Scott Goudie Gilbert Hay William B Ritchie
109054: STONE, CAROLINE - St. John's through Artist's Eyes: June 23-July 31, 1988
187175: STONE, JON R. - The Routledge Dictionary of Latin Quotations (The Illiteratti's Guide to Latin Maxims, Mottoes, Proverbs and Sayings)
144928: STONE, IRVING - Lust for Life A Novel of Vincent Van Gogh
181019: STONE, TED - Alberta History Along the Highway: A Traveler's Guide to the Fascinating Facts, Intriguing Incidents & Lively Legends in Alberta's Remarkable Past
093822: STONE, TED - Alaska and Yukon History Along the Highway: A Traveler's Guide to the Fascinating Facts, Intriguing Incidents and Lively Legends in Alaska's & Yukon's Past
049056: STONE, KAY F - Burning Brightly: New Light on Old Tales Told Today
177672: STONE, BERTHA L - Medicine Hat and Other Verse
133789: STONE, TED - The Legend of Pierre Bottineau and the Red River Valley
183720: STONE, BRAD LOWELL - Robert Nisbet: Communitarian Traditionalist (Library of Modern Thinkers)
149581: STONE, NORMAN - World War One
173180: STONE, ALEC - The Birth of Judicial Politics in France: The Constitutional Council in Comparative Perspective
161332: STONE, MICHAEL E. - Jewish Writings of the Second Temple Period (Compendia Rerum Iudaicarum Ad Novum Testamentum)
A02418: STONE, TED - It's Hardly Worth Talkin' If You're Goin' to Tell the Truth
104562: STONE, CURTIS - Cooking With Curtis: Easy, Everyday and Adventurous Recipes for the Home Cook
120888: STONE, LAWRENCE - Uncertain Unions: Marriage in England, 1660-1753
094733: STONE, BAILEY - The Genesis of the French Revolution: Global-Historical Interpretation
166581: STONE, NORMAN - World War Two: A Short History,
098895: STONE, NORMAN - The Atlantic and Its Enemies: A History of the Cold War
161233: STONE, IRVING - The Origin, A Novel of Charles Darwin
161697: STONE, NORMAN - Turkey: A Short History
154819: STONE, LAWRENCE - Family and Fortune : Studies in Aristocratic Finance in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
153225: STONE, A. DOUGLAS - Einstein and the Quantum: The Quest of the Valiant Swabian
174654: STONE, GEOFFREY R. - Perilous Times: Free Speech In Wartime From The Sedition Act Of 1798 To The War On Terrorism
129876: STONE, JON R. - More Latin for the Illiterati: A Guide to Everyday Medical, Legal, and Religious Latin
A02297: STONE, RICHARD - Mammoth : The Resurrection of an Ice Age Giant
128634: STONE, SIR BENJAMIN - Sir Benjamin Stone's Pictures: Records of National Life and History: Volume 1: Festivals, Ceremonies and Customs, and Volume 2: Parliamentary Scenes and Portraits
181233: STONEBANKS, ROGER - Fighting for Dignity: The Ginger Goodwin Story
183139: STONECHILD, BLAIR;WAISER, W. A.;STONECHILD - Loyal Till Death: Indians and the Northwest Rebellion
105879: STONEHOUSE, BERNARD - Animals of the Arctic; The Ecology of the Far North.

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