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162844: ROBERT MOORE - A Time to Die: The Untold Story of the Kursk Tragedy.
144841: ROBERT HUGHES - Goya.
176326: ROBERT J. SHILLER - Finance and the Good Society.
173340: ROBERT FRANCIS HAUCK JR. - Number Magic - A universal Presentation.
162571: ROBERT SULLIVAN - Rats Observations on the History and Habitat of the City's Most Unwanted Inhabitants.
105800: ROBERT HAY - Illustrations of Cairo.
154954: ROBERT ICKS - M.47 Patton.
155205: ROBERT J. COLLINS - A Great Way to Go: The Automobile in Canada.
114099: ROBERT FREDERICK OPIE - Guillotine : The Timbers of Justice.
183906: ROBERT E. LASSAM - Fox Talbot, Photographer.
187800: ROBERT FORCZYK - Nez Perce 1877 the Last Fight.
A02541: ROBERT WEAVER - Small Wonders.
185252: ROBERT P. CREASE - The Great Equations: Breakthroughs in Science from Pythagoras to Heisenberg.
188347: ROBERT HUTCHINSON - Thomas Cromwell : The Rise and Fall of Henry VIII's Most Notorious Minister.
153641: ROBERT TEIGROB - Warming Up to the Cold War: Canada and the United States' Coalition of the Willing, from Hiroshima to Korea.
180376: ROBERT CONQUEST - Reflections on a Ravaged Century: Reign of Rogue Ideologies.
183444: ROBERT CURRIE - Diving into fire : poems.
194379: ROBERT SCAMMELL - The Outside Story.
178598: ROBERT BARTLETT - Medieval Panorama (Getty Trust Publications: J. Paul Getty Museum).
155913: ROBERT CARLETON HOBBS - Chihuly: Alla Macchia.
194244: ROBERT SCAMMELL - The Outside Story.
A01199: ROBERT HILLES - Angel in the Works.
196725: ROBERT MALCOMSON - Lords of the Lake: The Naval War on Lake Ontario, 1812-1814.
A01196: ROBERT HILLES - Higher Ground.
132053: ROBERT LATHAM - Bombs and Bandwidth: The Emerging Relationship Between Information Technology and Security.
130413: ROBERT KANIGEL - Apprentice to Genius: The Making of a Scientific Dynasty.
131584: ROBERT ALLAN RANKIN - Down at the Shore: A History of Summerside, Prince Edward Island (1752-1945).
197162: ROBERT GRAVES - Mammon and the Black Goddess.
161021: ROBERT CHESTERMAN - Conductors in Conversation: Herbert Von Karajan, Sir Georg Solti, Carlo Maria Giulini, Claudio Abbado, Eugene Ormandy, Riccardo Muti, James Levine.
126164: ROBERT COLES - Erik H. Erikson: The Growth of His Work.
181938: ROBERT L. HEILBRONER - The Worldly Philosophers: The Lives, Times And Ideas Of The Great Economic Thinkers, Seventh Edition.
102090: ROBERT JACKSON - Kriegsmarine: The Illustrated History of the German Navy in Wwii.
161330: ROBERT CHAZAN - In the Year 1096: The First Crusade and the Jews.
132332: ROBERT S. POHL - Wicked Capitol Hill: An Unruly History of Behaving Badly.
188555: ROBERT CALDER - A Richer Dust: Family, Memory and the Second World War.
152663: ROBERT J. ADAMS - The Elephant's Trunk.
181149: ROBERT NIELD - Breaking the Shakespeare Codes: The Sensational Discovery of the Bard's True Identity.
103582: ROBERT CECIL STERN - Air War Over the Pacific.
187850: ROBERT GRAVES - The Siege and Fall of Troy.
139522: ROBERT FINCH - Twelve for Christmas.
183972: ROBERT JUDSON CLARK - The Arts and Crafts Movement in America 1876-1916.
139503: ROBERT FINCH - Miracle at the Jetty: Poems.
178402: ROBERT W. CRAIG - Storm & Sorrow in the High Pamirs.
195309: ROBERT G. HOYLAND - In God's Path.
188857: ROBERT SANDFORD - Ecology and Wonder: in the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Site.
183682: ROBERT CURRIE - Running in Darkness.
192123: ROBERT-MICHAEL KAPLAN - The Power Behind Your Eyes: Improving Your Eyesight with Integrated Vision Therapy.
181034: ROBERT REMINGTON - Runaway Devil: How Forbidden Love Drove a 12-Year-Old to Murder Her Family.
181091: ROBERT J. MILLER - Born Divine.
129070: ROBERT JACKSON - Worlds Great Fighters From 1914 to the Present Day.
178282: ROBERT PERCIVAL - Account of the Cape of Good Hope.
115733: ROBERT L. HERBERT - Seurat and the Making of LA Grande Jatte.
164612: ROBERT MOSS - Dreaming True: How to Dream Your Future and Change Your Life for the Better.
122294: ROBERT M. UTLEY - Lone Star Justice: The First Century of the Texas Rangers.
A01195: ROBERT HILLES - Raising of Voices.
105937: ROBERT HOLDSTOCK - Mythago Wood.
179557: ROBERT E HOWARD - The Howard Collector Volume 3 Number 2.
169491: ROBERT WRIGHT - The Night Canada Stood Still.
180192: ROBERT CARL HARTMAN - Guitars and mandolins in America: Featuring the Larsons' creations : histories, interviews, pictures.
171761: ROBERT CHARLES WILSON - Julian Comstock.
180222: ROBERT JAMES GORDON - Picturing Bushmen: The Denver African Expedition of 1925.
140097: ROBERT EDRIC - Broken Lands.
188221: ROBERT STEDMAN - Kampfflieger: Bomber Crewman of the Luftwaffe 1939-45 (Warrior).
168986: ROBERT J SAWYER - Calculating God.
150302: ROBERT D. TURNER - The Pacific Empresses: An Illustrated History.
170137: ROBERT K. HANDERSON - The Neighborhood Forager: A Guide for the Wild Food Gourmet.
184626: ROBERT WRIGHT - The Evolution of God.
162687: ROBERT ARTHUR GREY ROWE - Pappy: The Life Story of Canadian Hall of Fame Great Paul Rowe.
152697: ROBERT J ICKS - U S Armored Cars.
131540: ROBERT MAPPLETHORPE - Some Women.
183657: ROBERT PRIEST - Man Who Broke Out of the Letter X.
123413: ROBERT MARTIN ADAMS - Bad Mouth: Fugitive Papers on the Dark Side.
132002: ROBERT COCKBURN - Ninety Seasons, Modern Poems from the Maritimes.
170840: ROBERT GARLAND - Greece and Rome: An Integrated History of the Ancient Mediterranean.
168631: ROBERT HOGG - Standing Back.
179198: ROBERT S. DESOWITZ - New Guinea Tapeworms and Jewish Grandmothers: Tales of Parasites and People.
163510: ROBERT A. BARTLETT - The Log of Bob Bartlett : The True Story of Forty Years of Seafaring and Exploration.
193655: ROBERT MCGHEE - The Last Imaginary Place: A Human History Of The Arctic World.
97375: ROBERT J. DESMARAIS - Randolph Caldecott : His Books and Illustrations for Young Readers.
197045: ROBERT E HOWARD - The Grey God Passes.
197043: ROBERT D BURHANS - First Special Service Force: A War History of the North American.
196397: ROBERT BAILEY - Art & Language International: Conceptual Art between Art Worlds.
190736: ROBERT FRETZYNGIER,WOJTEK MATUSIAK - Polish Aces of World War 2.
187062: ROBERT C. LESTER - Theravada Buddhism in Southeast Asia (Ann Arbor Paperbacks).
162536: ROBERT L. O'CONNELL - Ride of the Second Horseman: The Birth and Death of War.
193524: ROBERT GREENE - The 48 Laws of Power.
U00274: ROBERT DARNTON - The Great Cat Massacre: And Other Episodes in French Cultural History.
127556: ROBERT JACKSON - 101 Great Fighters - Legendary Fighting Aircraft From WW! to the Present.
123626: ROBERT M. CRUNDEN - Body and Soul : The Making of American Modernism, Art, Music and Letters in the Jazz Age, 1919-1926.
163942: ROBERT G. HALFORD - The Unknown Navy: Canada's World War II Merchant Navy.
183491: ROBERT O. COLLINS - King Leopold, England and the Upper Nile, 1899-1909.
143510: ROBERT J. ADAMS - In the Shadow of the Rockies.
143512: ROBERT J. ADAMS - Horse Cop.
195185: ROBERT STEWART - Sam Steele: Lion of the Frontier.
195254: ROBERT STACEY - The View from Tabor Hill , Paintings and Drawings By Glenn Priestley.
133161: ROBERT R. TAYLOR - The Edge of the Arctic: Churchill and the Hudson Bay Region.
136303: ROBERT D. BRUCE,VICTOR PEREA - The Last Lords of Palenque: The Lacandon Mayas of the Mexican Rain Forest.
153084: ROBERT SEMENIUK - Among the Inuit.
183461: ROBERT GRAVES - Goodbye to All That.
188611: ROBERT BOTHWELL - Eldorado: Canada's National Uranium Company.
177583: ROBERT KNUCKLE - In the Line of Duty: The Honour Roll of the RCMP since 1873.
176254: ROBERT W. SERVICE - The Cremation of Sam McGee.
120073: ROBERT CHARLES PARSONS - Lost at Sea.
177529: ROBERT SILVERBERG - Letters from Atlantis (Dragonflight Books).
122225: ROBERT P. ADAMS - Identification of Essential Oils by Ion Trap Mass Spectroscopy.
83416: ROBERT M. STAMP - Royal Rebels: Princess Louise and the Marquis of Lorne.
173416: ROBERT HATCH MCNEAL - Bride of the Revolution : Krupskaya and Lenin.
165168: ROBERT B. BRANDOM - Reason in Philosophy: Animating Ideas.
181254: ROBERT POGUE HARRISON - Gardens: An Essay on the Human Condition.
185462: ROBERT SANDLER - Northrop Frye on Shakespeare.
193647: ROBERT GUTMAN - Mozart: A Cultural Biography.
166746: ROBERT DAVIDSON,ULLI STELTZER - Eagle Transforming: The Art of Robert Davidson.
180638: ROBERT MCGHEE - The Thule Village At Brooman Point, High Arctic Canada..
121243: ROBERT B REICH - Beyond Outrage: Expanded Edition: What has gone wrong with our economy and our democracy, and how to fix it.
196579: ROBERT GERWARTH - Hitler's Hangman: The Life of Heydrich.
177161: ROBERT B. KERR - History of the Medical Council of Canada.
106508: ROBERT ZUBRIN - Mars on Earth: The Adventures of Space Pioneers in the High Arctic.
134891: ROBERT E. GOODIN - A Companion to Contemporary Political Philosophy.
152665: ROBERT J. ADAMS - In the Shadow of the Rockies.
103598: ROBERT C. STERN - America's Fighters of the 1980s : F-16 and F-18.
101559: ROBERT STERN - U.S. Subs in Action.
122281: ROBERT GARDINER - Fleet Battle and Blockade: The French Revolutionary War 1793-1797.
134920: ROBERT LISTER - The Birds and Birders of Beaverhills Lake.
136400: ROBERT SERVICE - Dan McGrew, Sam McGee and Other Great Service.
188207: ROBERT KLARK GRAHAM - The future of man.
142258: ROBERT N MULLIN - A Chronology of the Lincoln County War.
153729: ROBERT ELLIS - City of Fire.
95685: ROBERT W. NERO - The Mulch Pile and Other Poems.
106025: ROBERT J SAWYER - Iterations.
184175: ROBERT CURRIE - Number one northern: Poetry from Saskatchewan.
198556: ROBERT J. CHARLESTON - World Ceramics.
190453: ROBERT TEMPLER - Shadows and Wind: A View of Modern Vietnam.
65697: ROBERT J ICKS - M47 Patton.
183190: ROBERT WRIGHT - The Evolution of God.
183785: ROBERT MACINTOSH - Boilermakers On the Prairies.
127612: ROBERT H. MCNEAL - Stalin: Man and Ruler.
126679: ROBERT GLASS CLELAND - This Reckless Breed of Men The Trappers and Fur Traders of the Southwest.
U01323: ROBERT WEST HOWARD - The Dawnseekers: The First History of American Paleontology.
R01128: ROBERT G. HOYLAND - Arabia and the Arabs: From the Bronze Age to the Coming of Islam.
115147: ROBERT A. F. THURMAN - Essential Tibetan Buddhism.
179207: ROBERT TYRE - Douglas in Saskatchewan: The Story of a Socialist Experiment.
169591: ROBERT LECKER - On the Line: Readings in the Short Fiction of Clark Blaise, John Metcalf, and Hugh Hood.
184917: ROBERT JACKSON - Combat Aircraft of World War II.
152160: ROBERT TIDWELL - Boeing 737 At The Gate.
100037: ROBERT SLATER - Siezing Power: The Grab for Global Oil Wealth.
161751: ROBERT KROETSCH - Alberta.
195422: ROBERT RHODES - Nightwatch: An Inquiry Into Solitude: Alone On The Prairie With The Hutterites.
89316: ROBERT WOZNICKI - The History of Yuma and the Territorial Prison.
194311: ROBERT S. BOYNTON - The Invitation-Only Zone.
193472: ROBERT LUDLUM - The Bourne Identity.
193848: ROBERT MCGHEE - Ancient People of the Arctic.
66344: ROBERT J ICKS - The M48 - M60 Series of Main Battle Tanks.
144635: ROBERT BALDOCK - Pablo Casals.
196324: ROBERT SHAW - Bird Decoys of North America: Nature, History, and Art.
183636: ROBERT HOGG - Standing Back.
170973: ROBERT LLOYD GEORGE - David & Winston: How a Friendship Changed History.
192095: ROBERT E. CAMPBELL - I Would Do it Again Reminiscences of the Rockies.
105202: ROBERT M. CAMPBELL - The Politics of Postal Transformation: Modernizing Postal Systems in the Electronic and Global World.
189131: ROBERT CLYDE - From Rebel to Hero: The Image of the Highlander, 1745-1830.
162738: ROBERT N. MCLAUGHLIN - On the Logic of Ordinary Conditionals (S U N Y Series in Logic and Language).
127637: ROBERT TITTLER - Architecture and Power: The Town Hall and the English Urban Community, C. 1500-1640.
184510: ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON - Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes.
104541: ROBERT M. UTLEY - High Noon in Lincoln: Violence on the Western Frontier.
168630: ROBERT ALLISON HOOD - Ballads of the Pacific Northwest, Its Discovery and Settlement.
136456: ROBERT MCGHEE - Canadian Arctic Prehistory.
A00633: ROBERT CURRIE - Night Games.
183583: ROBERT C. STERN - Battle Beneath the Waves: U-Boats at War.
135340: ROBERT VINCENT REMINI - Andrew Jackson and the Bank War: A Study in the Growth of Presidential Power.
128236: ROBERT W. GRANT - The Humboldt Story 1903-1953.
172253: ROBERT V. REMINI - The Life of Andrew Jackson.
163624: ROBERT RITCHIE - Captain Kidd and the War against the Pirates.
130282: ROBERT BRINGHURST,ULLI STELTZER - The Black Canoe : Bill Reid and the Spirit of Haida Gwaii.
186465: ROBERT COWLEY - What If? : The World's Foremost Military Historians Imagine What Might Have Been.
190018: ROBERT BLUMSTOCK - Bekevar: working Papers on a Canadian Prairie Community.
102408: ROBERT D. KAPLAN - Soldiers of God: With Islamic Warriors in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
163839: ROBERT FLAHERTY - The Story of Comock the Eskimo.
R01304: ROBERT B. BURLIN - Chaucerian Fiction.
133964: ROBERT WINDER - Bloody Foreigners : The Story of Immigration to Britain.
171241: ROBERT E. SCHOFIELD - A Scientific Autobiography of Joseph Priestley (1733-1804), Selected Scientific Correspondence.
117880: ROBERT KROETSCH - The Man from the Creeks.
123087: ROBERT C. BERWICK - The Grammatical Basis of Linguistic Performance: Language Use and Acquisition.
175737: ROBERT FORCZYK - Georgy Zhukov.
196618: ROBERT STACEY - Sir Daniel Wilson (1816 1892): Ambidextrous Polymath.
182710: ROBERT HEAL - The Danes of Send Manor: The Life, Loves and Mystery of Gordon Stewart.
181172: ROBERT STEELQUIST - Field Guide to the North American Bison (Sasquatch Field Guide Series).
148540: ROBERT MICHULEC,RONALD VOLSTAD - Waffen-SS (2) From Glory to Defeat 1943-1945.
163435: ROBERT DAVIS - The PATERNAL ROMANCE, Reading God-the-Father in Early Western Culture.
136337: ROBERT LEVERE BRUNHOUSE - Frans Blom, Maya Explorer.
176553: ROBERT S. KIDD - Fort George and the Early Fur Trade in Alberta.
87722: ROBERT BRITTAIN - The Booklover's Almanac.
193415: ROBERT A. BUTTAFUSO - Civil War Hut Digging a to Z.
163822: ROBERT SULLIVAN - Rats Observations on the History and Habitat of the City's Most Unwanted Inhabitants.
118490: ROBERT H. JR. SCALES - Certain Victory: The U.S. Army in the Gulf War.
178066: ROBERT A. GOODSIR - An Arctic Voyage to Baffin's Bay in Search of Friends with Sir John Franklin.
195991: ROBERT D. TURNER - The Pacific Princesses: An Illustrated History of Canadian Pacific Railway's Princess Fleet on the Northwest Coast.
98310: ROBERT EDGAR CONRAD - The Destruction of Brazilian Slavery 1850-1888.
139402: ROBERT FINCH - Improvisations: The Last Poems of Robert Finch.
133544: ROBERT J. DESMARAIS - Golden Cockerel's Polite Erotica A Legacy of Endurance and Distinction.
133797: ROBERT J. ADAMS - The Stump Farm.
133799: ROBERT J. ADAMS - Beyond the Stump Farm.
183726: ROBERT W. MERRY - A Country of Vast Designs, James E. Polk, The Mexican War And the Conquest of the American Continent.
161047: ROBERT IGNATIUS BURNS - Islam under the crusaders: Colonial survival in the thirteenth-century Kingdom of Valencia.
196818: ROBERT C. STERN - US Battleships in Action: Pt. 2 (Warships in Action).
66042: ROBERT ROYAL - The Virgin and the Dynamo: Use and Abuse of Religion in Environmental Debates.
163906: ROBERT BLY - Walking Swiftly: Writings & Images on the Occasion of Robert Bly's 65th Birthday.
154868: ROBERT SEDLACK - The Horn of a Lamb.
162233: ROBERT D. ROMANYSHYN - Ways of the Heart: Essays Toward an Imaginal Psychology.
186152: ROBERT BURTON - The Anatomy of Melancholy.
104505: ROBERT JACKSON - Dunkirk: The British Evacuation, 1940.
142403: ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON - Kidnapped.
162870: ROBERT CALDER - A Richer Dust : Family, Memory and the Second World War.
187726: ROBERT MICHULEC - Panzers in the East [1] the Years of Aggression 1941-1943.
177127: ROBERT SCHOCH - The Parapsychology Revolution: A Concise Anthology of Paranormal and Psychical Research.
102696: ROBERT J. CRESSMAN - A Glorious Page in Our History: The Battle of Midway, 4-6 June, 1942.
181862: ROBERT B. SEMPLE - Four Days in November: The Original Coverage of the John F. Kennedy Assassination.
173140: ROBERT JACOB ALEXANDER SKIDELSKY - John Maynard Keynes: A Biography Hope Betrayed, 1883-1920, Volume One.
155078: ROBERT WRIGHT - Our Man In Tehran : Ken Taylor, The CIA, and the Iran Hostage Crisis.
22349: ROBERT COLLINS - The Long and the Short and the Tall, An Ordinary Airman's War.
113744: ROBERT M. SAPOLSKY - A Primate's Memoir.
125639: ROBERT DEMARIA - Johnson's Dictionary and the Language of Learning.
180474: ROBERT H. BATES - Mountain Man the Story of Belmore Browne Hunter, Explorer, Artist, Naturalist and Preserver of Our Northern Wilderness.
189120: ROBERT WRIGHT - Trudeaumania: The Rise to Power of Pierre Elliott Trudeau.
166434: ROBERT I. SIMON - Assessing and Managing Suicide Risk: Guidelines for Clinically Based Risk Management.
138003: ROBERT W. BERGER - A Royal Passion : Louis XIV As Patron of Architecture.
195073: ROBERT J. MORGAN - Rise Again!: The Story of Cape Breton Island: Book 1.
98512: ROBERT S. GOTTFRIED - The Black Death: Natural and Human Disaster in Medieval Europe.
176158: ROBERT FINCH - Sail-boat and Lake.
197104: ROBERT ARMSTRONG - Structure and Change: An Economic History of Quebec.
191954: ROBERT COHEN - The Varieties of Romantic Experience: Stories.
A01198: ROBERT HILLES - Near Morning.
133023: ROBERT E. HENDERSON - Charles H. Anway: A Haines Alaskan pioneer, miner, and horticulturist, 1857-1949.
84193: ROBERT G. WHITLAM - Archaeological Investigations at Cache Creek (EeRh3), with a Matrix Analysis Report by A. Neal Crozier.
142626: ROBERT J. GIBBS - I've Always Felt Sorry for Decimals : Stories.
151550: ROBERT P. BERGMAN - The Salerno Ivories: Ars Sacra from Medieval Amalfi.
195791: ROBERT MCPHERSON - New Owners in Their Own Land: Minerals and Inuit Land Claims.
182462: ROBERT C. BELYK - Spirits of the West: Eerie Encounters from the Prairies to the Pacific.
183616: ROBERT CURRIE - Learning on the job.
125319: ROBERT LACEY - Great Tales from English History: The Truth About King Arthur, Lady Godiva, Richard the Lionheart and More.
96741: ROBERT E RITZENTHALER - The Potawatomi Indians of Wisconsin.
150306: ROBERT KIRCHUBEL - Barbarossa.
143511: ROBERT J. ADAMS - Fish Cop.
111862: ROBERT DOWNING - Robert Downing. Sculpture. 10 July-24 August 1969..
180111: ROBERT D. KAPLAN - Eastward to Tartary: Travels in the Balkans, the Middle East, and the Caucasus.
195390: ROBERT MASON LEE - Death and Deliverance, The Haunting True Story of the Hercules Crash at the North Pole.
125066: ROBERT B REICH - Supercapitalism: The Transformation of Business, Democracy, and Everyday Life.
140150: ROBERT M. BONE - The Geography of the Canadian North: Issues and Challenges.
103734: ROBERT MICHULEC,RON VOLSTAD - Waffen SS : Bk. 1.
180171: ROBERT WILLCUTT - Musical Instrument Collector.
183667: ROBERT KROETSCH - Advice to My Friends: A Continuing Poem.
154824: ROBERT H. BLACKBURN - Against the Snow and Other Stories and Poems.
99357: ROBERT BELTON - Sights of Resistance: Approaches to Canadian Visual Culture.
181756: ROBERT MOORMAN DENHARDT - Foundation Dams of the American Quarter Horse.
97914: ROBERT R. LEONHARD - The Art of Maneuver: Maneuver-Warfare Theory and Airland Battle.
182891: ROBERT MICHAEL PYLE - Chasing Monarchs: Migrating With the Butterflies of Passage.
194455: ROBERT KROETSCH - The Studhorse Man.
123272: ROBERT PACK,ROBERT PERCIVAL - An account of the island of Ceylon 1803.
169860: ROBERT J SAWYER - Wake.
173449: ROBERT KEZIERE - On Reason.
182848: ROBERT J. SHARPE - The Last Day, the Last Hour: The Currie Libel Trial.
194040: ROBERT MORTON,SELMA G. LANES,WILL BROWN - The Art of Maurice Sendak.
161402: ROBERT HILL LISTER - Chaco Canyon: Archaeology and archaeologists.
196184: ROBERT STEAD - The Smoking Flax.
186399: ROBERT HUGHES - Barcelona the Great Enchantress.
110648: ROBERT GRAMLING,WILLIAM FREUDENBURG - Blowout in the Gulf: The Bp Oil Spill Disaster and the Future of Energy in America.
108578: ROBERT STACEY - Western Sunlight : C. W. Jefferys on the Canadian Prairies.
166682: ROBERT FROST - You Come Too.
176199: ROBERT HILLES - Nothing Vanishes.
172685: ROBERT PENN WARREN - Selected Poems 1923-1975.
196613: ROBERT E. GARD - Johnny Chinook, Tall Tales and True from the Canadian West.
154765: ROBERT HALSBAND - Lord Hervey: Eighteenth-Century Courtier.
148050: ROBERT BATEMAN - The Art of Robert Bateman.
149471: ROBERT J. ADAMS - Skunks and Hound Dogs.
184405: ROBERT LISTER - The Birds and Birders of Beaverhills Lake.
134631: ROBERT FLAHERTY - Robert Flaherty, Photographer/Filmmaker. The Inuit 1910-1922.
A01758: ROBERT HAWKES - Cranmer and Pole: Archbishops.
155726: ROBERT DAVIDSON - Robert Davidson: Eagle of the Dawn.
A02410: ROBERT LECKIE - A Few Acres of Snow: The Saga of the French and Indian Wars.
101231: ROBERT BEVAN - The Destruction of Memory: Architecture at War.
100346: ROBERT J SAWYER - Watch.
89647: ROBERT GERARD HOWES - North Stars.
155764: ROBERT LEVERE BRUNHOUSE - In Search of the Maya: The First Archaeologists.
176871: ROBERT CRAWFORD - On Glasgow and Edinburgh.
196024: ROBERT E. STANLEY - North West Native Arts: Basic Forms.
161125: ROBERT KROETSCH - Alberta.
187105: ROBERT BAER - See No Evil: The True Story of a Ground Soldier in the CIA's War on Terrorism.
187106: ROBERT M. UTLEY - Sitting Bull: The Life and Times of an American Patriot.
137507: ROBERT BLOCH - Screams: Three Novels of Suspense/the Will to Kill, Firebug, the Star Stalker.
169598: ROBERT L. WOOD - Trail Country.
196737: ROBERT GENN - The Twice-Weekly Letters.
196208: ROBERT STEAD - Neighbours a Happy Novel of the North-West.
136157: ROBERT M. UTLEY - Frontier Regulars The United States Army and the Indian, 1866-1890.
190008: ROBERT CHARLES PARSONS - Salt Water Tales Volume 1.
170172: ROBERT ROACH - Alberta's Energy Legacy Ideas for the Future.
96484: ROBERT RAWDON WILSON - Boundaries, and Other Fictions (Currents).
175251: ROBERT FULFORD - Accidental City: The Transformation of Toronto.
142362: ROBERT GLASS,ROBERT L. GLASS - In the Beginning: Personal Recollections of Software Pioneers.
187149: ROBERT FORCZYK - Panzerj?er vs KV-1: Eastern Front 1941-43 (Duel).
152840: ROBERT J. COMBER - Northern Flying and Survival.
139011: ROBERT A. MACBETH - The Department of Surgery of the University of Alberta : The First Half Century, 1922-1975.
106641: ROBERT F. HEIZER - Ishi the Last Yahi: A Documentary History.
194615: ROBERT HEPENSTALL - Find the Dragon: The Canadian Army in Korea 1950-1953.
155351: ROBERT CONQUEST - Stalin and the Kirov Murder.
MD0002: ROBERT E. PEARY - The North Pole.
135537: ROBERT MANDROU - Introduction to Modern France, 1500-1640: An Essay in Historical Psychology.
152381: ROBERT BUD - The Uses of Life: A History of Biotechnology.
135212: ROBERT J. ADAMS - The Elephant's Trunk.
135213: ROBERT J. ADAMS - Fish Cop.
140008: ROBERT L. NADEAU - The Environmental Endgame : Mainstream Economics, Ecological Disaster, And Human Survival.
110675: ROBERT HENDRICKSON - More Cunning Than Man: A Social History of Rats and Man.
184040: ROBERT MCGHEE - The Palaeoeskimo Occupations At Port Refuge,High Arctic Canada ..
120209: ROBERT B. LAUGHLIN - A Different Universe: Reinventing Physics from the Bottom Down.
108813: ROBERT MEZEY - Natural Selection.
108814: ROBERT L BARTH - Z a Checklist of the Publisher's First Printings 1981-1998.
153785: ROBERT S. GRANT - Bush Flying :The Romance of the North: The Romance of the North.
A00710: ROBERT A. JONES - Confederate Corsair: The Life of Lt. Charles W. Savez" Read.
183378: ROBERT G. O'MEALLY - Lady Day: The Many Faces of Billie Holiday.
148980: ROBERT L. O'CONNELL - Ride of the Second Horseman: The Birth and Death of War.
44065: ROBERT BELTON - Sights of Resistance: Approaches to Canadian Visual Culture.
117675: ROBERT D. S. WARD - Policing in Canada's Northland.
133354: ROBERT FOWLER - The Cambridge Companion to Homer.
117856: ROBERT WILLIAM SANFORD - Water, Weather and the Mountain West.
178657: ROBERT JULYAN - Mountain Names.
181226: ROBERT C. THOMAS,WILLIAM J. FRITZ - Roadside Geology of Yellowstone Country (Roadside Geology Series).
120802: ROBERT LEIGHTON - Kiddie of the Camp.
179506: ROBERT HENDRICKSON - More Cunning Than Man: A Social History of Rats and Man.
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178227: RONNIE BURKETT - Tinka's New Dress (Memory Dress Trilogy).
178228: RONNIE BURKETT - Happy (Memory Dress Trilogy Part 3).
195821: RORY MILLER - Drills: Training for Sudden Violence.
129083: RORY STEWART - Prince of the Marshes.
72722: RORY MACLEAN - The Oatmeal Ark: Across Canada by Water.
190373: RORY MACLEAN - Berlin: City of Imagination.
95596: RORY STEWART - The Prince of the Marshes : And Other Occupational Hazards of a Year in Iraq.
179289: ROSA DAUSSET - On the Road to Scarecrows.
169415: ROSA SIGLAUG BENEDIKTSON - Looking Back Over My Shoulder : A Memoir by Rosa Siglaug Benediktson.
77610: ROSALETTE MANDRYK - Symbols in Civilizations: The Alberta Society of Artists.
104021: ROSALIE DAVID - Conversations with Mummies : New Light on the Lives of the Ancient Egyptians.
134320: ROSALIE DAVID - The Pyramid Builders of Ancient Egypt : A Modern Investigation of Pharaoh's Workforce.
163238: ROSALIE RASMUSSEN - The way of the North.
117063: ROSALIE DICKSON BOILEAU - Now That Wasn't in the Brochure.
165071: ROSALIND E. KRAUSS - The Optical Unconscious (October Books).
196179: ROSALIND KERR - Queer Theatre inCanada (Critical Perspectives on Canadian Theatre in English).
118597: ROSALIND ORMISTON - Art Deco: The Golden Age of Graphic Art and Illustration.
112511: ROSALIND GOSS - A Crossing Place.
195947: ROSAMOND MCKITTERICK - The Carolingians and the Written Word.
184151: ROSAMOND WOLFF PURCELL,STEPHEN JAY GOULD - Illuminations: A Bestiary.
175122: ROSAMUND BRYAR - Theory for Midwifery Practice.
93151: ROSCOE WILMETH - Canadian Archaeological Radiocarbon Dates (revised version).
163621: ROSCOE WILMETH - Canadian Archaeological Radiocarbon Dates (Revised Version).
176513: ROSE SEAMAN MCLAUGHLIN - Grainbuyer's Wife.
128892: ROSE VASILE - Uncooking with RawRose: Your Guide to Raw Foods.
188493: ROSE HALE - Nothing Just Happens.
106386: ROSE CAPPIELLO - Oh Lucky Country.
94163: ROSE REISMAN - Sensationally Light Pasta and Grains.
110444: ROSE MARIE ARBOUR - Art Et Feminisme: Musee D'art Contemporain, Montreal, 11 Mars-2 Mai 1982.
110018: ROSE BIBBY,THE HAYSHAKER'S WIFE - Rosebriar Ranch Ramblings.

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