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163477: MAZO DE LA ROCHE - Low Life A Comedy in One Act.
42160: MCCABE SHAUNA - Littoral Documents.
195498: MCCLURE UNITED CHURCH - McClure Memoirs 25th Anniversary 1970 1995.
182643: MCCORD HISTORY BOOK COMMITTEE - From Prairie Grass to Wheat Fields.
84812: MCINNIS,STELLA THOMPSON - After the Lights go on Again Growing Up in War Time Britain.
145161: MCKENZIE FUNK - Windfall: The Booming Business of Global Warming.
84270: MCLENNAN,ROB - White.
195556: ME BERRY - Hideyoshi (Paper) (Harvard East Asian Monographs).
75965: MEDDELSSOHN - Mendelssohn Piano Works Volume 1.
153132: MEGHAN POWER - The History of Jasper.
102225: MEGHAN MCCAIN - Dirty Sexy Politics.
170550: MEGUMI KATO - Narrating the Other: Australian Literary Perceptions of Japan (Japanese Studies Centre Monographs).
169855: MEI-CHUN SAWYER,RALPH D SAWYER,SUN TZU - The Art of War: Sunzi Bing Fa.
194098: MEI-CHUN SAWYER,RALPH D SAWYER,SUN TZU - The Art of War: Sunzi Bing Fa.
193796: MEIC PEARSE - Why the Rest Hates the West: Understanding the Roots of Global Rage.
125028: MEIRION HARRIES - Sheathing the Sword : Demilitarization of Japan.
176272: MEL HURTIG - The Truth About Canada: Some Important, Some Astonishing, and Some Truly Appalling Things All Canadians Should Know About Our Country.
126228: MEL THISTLE - The Inner Ring : The Early History of the National Research Council of Canada.
185901: MEL BAGSHAW - The Art of Italian Film Posters.
94819: MEL CURTIS - Every Part of This Earth Is Sacred: Native American Voices in Praise of Nature.
139323: MEL HURTIG - Pay the Rent or Feed the Kids The Tragedy and Disgrace of Poverty in Canada.
127792: MEL (EDITOR) WATKINS - Madness and Ruin: Politics and the Economy in the Neoconservative Age.
144556: MEL ROLFE - Looking Into Hell: Experiences Of The Bomber Command War.
182570: MEL HURTIG - At Twilight in the Country: Memoirs of a Canadian Nationalist.
171433: MEL ROTHENBURGER - Friend o' Mine : The Phil Gagliardi Story.
183000: MEL GUSSOW - Edward Albee: A Singular Journey: A Biography.
36874: MEL THISTLE - The Inner Ring : The Early History of the National Research Council of Canada.
183692: MELA CONSTANTINIDI - The Laurentians: Painters in a landscape.
127754: MELANIE G. WIBER - Erect Men/Undulating Women: The Visual Imagery of Gender, "Race" and Progress in Reconstructive Illustrations of Human Evolution.
133044: MELANIE GOLD,ROB KRUYT - Great Work!: An Overview of Contemporary British Columbia Artists.
106621: MELANIE A. TOWNSEND - Beyond the Box: Diverging Curatorial Practices.
117404: MELANIE MCGRATH,NOTES BY E.G.R.TAYLOR,WITH AN INTRODUCTION - Motel Nirvana: Dreaming of the New Age in the American Desert.
176047: MELANIE MCGRATH - The Long Exile: A true story of deception and survival amongst the Inuit of the Canadian Arctic.
194077: MELANIE LITTLE - Confidence: Stories.
161776: MELANIE KLEIN - The Psycho-analysis of Children.
131395: MELANIE KIRKPATRICK - Escape from North Korea: The Untold Story of Asia's Underground Railroad.
194218: MELANIE YAP - Colour, Confusion and Concessions: History of the Chinese in South Africa.
139583: MELANIE LITTLE - Confidence: Stories.
187070: MELFORD E. SPIRO - Buddhism and Society: A Great Tradition and Its Burmese Vicissitudes.
190402: MELINDA COSS - Needlework Masterpieces, 20 Projects From the World's Great Museums.
100605: MELINDA CODLING - Horse Sense for the Trail Rider.
126612: MELISSA CLARK-JONES - A Staple State: Canadian Industrial Resources in Cold War.
81362: MELISSA GILBERT - Prairie Tale.
86220: MELISSA CHIU - One Way or Another: Asian American Art Now.
184889: MELISSA STEELE - Beautiful Girl Thumb.
117266: MELISSA HARRIS - Aperture 186 spring 2007.
165848: MELISSA MULLER - Anne Frank: The Biography.
153310: MELISSA MORELLI LACROIX - A Most Beautiful Deception.
152624: MELISSA MORELLI LACROIX - A Most Beautiful Deception (Robert Kroetsch).
181033: MELISSA FAY GREENE - Last Man Out: The Story of the Springhill Mine Disaster.
166699: MELISSA RIVERS - The Book of Joan: Tales of Mirth, Mischief, and Manipulation.
136410: MELLISSA FUNG - Under an Afghan Sky: a Memoir of Captivity.
131999: MELODY WEBB - The Last Frontier.
153900: MELVIN H. SMITH - Our Home or Native Land: What Government's Aboriginal Policy Is Doing to Canada.
72246: MELVIN RICHTER,MONTESQUIER - Selected Political Writings.
179464: MELVYN C. GOLDSTEIN - A History of Modern Tibet, 1913-1951: The Demise of the Lamaist State.
188373: MELVYN BRAGG - The Adventure of English : The Biography of a Language.
167250: MELVYN BRAGG - Land of the Lakes.
123097: MELVYN C. GOLDSTEIN - Nomads of Western Tibet: The Survival of a Way of Life.
183061: MENA OXFORD - Journey North.
169978: MENACHEM KELLNER - Maimonides on Judaism and the Jewish People (SUNY Series in Jewish Philosophy) (Jewish Philosophy Series).
158708: MENAS KAFATOS,ROBERT NADEAU - The Conscious Universe: Part and Whole in Modern Physical Theory.
94167: MENNO HERTZBERGER - Dictionary for the Antiquarian Booktrade in French, English, German, Swedish, Danish, Italian, Spanish and Dutch..
120738: MEREDITH BAIN WOODWARD - Land of Dreams: A History in Photographs of the British Columbia Interior.
160077: MEREDITH TROMBLE - The Art and Films of Lynn Hershman Leeson: Secret Agents, Private I.
195347: MEREDITH HALE - Home Remedies: An A-Z Guide of Quick And Easy Natural Cures.
105060: MEREDITH B. BANTING - Prairie-Tales.
155355: MEREDITH QUARTERMAIN - Nightmarker.
129294: MEREDITH SANDERSON,W.BITHREY - An Introduction to Chinyanja.
117422: MERIKAY WALDVOGEL - Soft Covers for Hard Times: Quiltmaking & the Great Depression.
111593: MERILYN MOHR,W. A. CORKILL - Railway Modelling: An Introduction.
A01539: MERILYN SIMONDS - The Holding.
A01540: MERILYN SIMONDS - The Convict Lover: A True Story.
153343: MERLE BIGNELL - Fruit of the Country.
169378: MERLE FAINSOD - Smolensk Under Soviet Rule (Classics in Russian and Soviet History).
180538: MERLE PATCHETT,ROB SHIELDS - Strip Appeal - Reinventing the Strip Mall.
109222: MERN O'BRIEN - Work, Workers, Works ; Rearranging the Land.
178100: MERNA FORSTER - 100 Canadian Heroines: Famous and Forgotten Faces.
194260: MERNA FORSTER - 100 Canadian Heroines: Famous and Forgotten Faces.
126776: MERRILL J. MATTES - The Great Platte River Road: The Covered Wagon Mainline Via Fort Kearny to Fort Laramie.
123481: MERRILL D BEAL - The Story of Man in Yellowstone.
88060: MERRILL DISTAD - The University of Alberta Library: the First Hundred Years, 1908-2008.
164780: MERRILL C. TENNEY - New Testament Survey.
34114: MERRILL H. COOK - Margaret of the Mohawks, Story and Verse.
166725: MERRILY K. AUBREY - Place Names of Alberta: Northern Alberta.
142649: MERRILY WEISBORD - The Love Queen of Malabar Memoir of a Friendship with Kamala Das.
116977: MERRILYN HEAZLEWOOD - Spring bulb sampler and hawthorn blossom silk ribbon embroidery. Sampler series. Book One..
162890: MERRY E. WIESNER-HANKS - Early Modern Europe, 1450-1789 (Cambridge History of Europe).
176896: MERTON SHILLINGLAW - The Early Devisers.
191475: MERVYN MITTON - The Policeman's Lot.
188593: MERVYN COOKE - The Cambridge Companion to Benjamin Britten.
177147: METROPOLITAN OPERA,WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART - The Metropolitan Opera Book of Mozart Operas.
116179: METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART (NEW YORK) - The Year One: Art of the Ancient World East and West.
122902: MICHAE DE MONTAIGNE - Montaigne's Essays [3 vol.].
161981: MICHAEL FOREMAN - The Folio Book of Christmas Crime Stories.
81965: MICHAEL BEST,SHAKESPEARE - William Shakespeare on The ARt of Love, The Illustrated Edition of the Most Beautiful Love Passages in Shakespeare's Plays and Poetry.
187502: MICHAEL JERCHEL - USAREUR: United States Army in Europe (Firepower Pictorials Special).
166175: MICHAEL BAIGENT - The Inquisition.
176711: MICHAEL WINTER - Into the Blizzard: Walking the Fields of the Newfoundland Dead.
14168: MICHAEL COREN - Conan Doyle.
185752: MICHAEL WHETSTONE - Madness in Mogadishu: Commanding the 10th Mountain Division's Quick Reaction Company during Black Hawk Down.
147178: MICHAEL BRATMAN - Intention, Plans, and Practical Reason.
188226: MICHAEL HOFFMAN - Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not.
190878: MICHAEL HARNER - The Way of the Shaman.
126544: MICHAEL V. GANNON - Black May : The Epic Story of the Allies' Defeat of the German U-Boats in May 1943.
172862: MICHAEL LONGLEY - 20th Century Irish Poems (Poet to Poet).
167024: MICHAEL WILSON - Megaliths to Medicine Wheels Boulder Structures in Archaeology.
188668: MICHAEL DUFFY,NANCY GIBBS - The Presidents Club: Inside the World's Most Exclusive Fraternity.
171297: MICHAEL CARVER - Out of Step, The Memoirs of Field Marchall Lord Carver.
147219: MICHAEL HOLROYD - Basil Street Blues : A Memoir.
152377: MICHAEL NORMAN - Chieftain and Leopard ( Development).
121561: MICHAEL S. BIRD,NONIE HOULTON - Ontario Fraktur A Pennsylvania - German Folk Tradition in Early Canada.
112339: MICHAEL ONDAATJE - The English Patient.
185783: MICHAEL DOBBS - Six Months in 1945: FDR, Stalin, Churchill, and Truman--from World War to Cold War.
169597: MICHAEL G. HEAD - French Napoleonic Lancer Regiments.
111354: MICHAEL VERON - The Greatest Player Who Never Lived: A Golf Story.
139846: MICHAEL WHITE|NORMAN MCLAREN - The Drawings of Norman McLaren: Les Dessins De Norman McLaren.
188637: MICHAEL HADLEY - God's Little Ships: A History of the Columbia Coast Mission.
104219: MICHAEL SCHUMACHER - Dharma Lion: A Critical Biography of Allen Ginsberg.
156398: MICHAEL HETHERTON - Grasslands.
190740: MICHAEL O'SHAUGHNESSY - Media and Society: An Introduction.
167164: MICHAEL CROWDER - The Flogging of Phinehas McIntosh: A Tale of Colonial Folly and Injustice : Bechuanaland 1933.
164834: MICHAEL WHITBY - The Admirals: Canada's Senior Naval Leadership in the Twentieth Century.
123081: MICHAEL B. GOODMAN - William S. Burroughs: An Annotated Bibliography of His Works and Criticism.
180340: MICHAEL GRANT - Readings in the Classical Historians.
134621: MICHAEL S. KIMMEL - Absolutism and Its Discontents: State and Society in Seventeenth Century France and England.
110491: MICHAEL WOOD - In Search of the Trojan War.
172471: MICHAEL WOREK - Nobel: A Century of Prize Winners.
131236: MICHAEL D. DOUBLER - Closing With the Enemy: How GIs Fought the War in Europe, 1944-1945.
115558: MICHAEL S. GAZZANIGA - Human: The Science Behind What Makes Us Unique.
115559: MICHAEL J. DURANT - The Night Stalkers : Top Secret Missions of the U. S. Army's Special Operations Aviation Regiment.
68840: MICHAEL SEDGWICK - The Morris Eight.
165002: MICHAEL BECKERMAN - Dvor?k and His World (The Bard Music Festival).
108853: MICHAEL BANTON - West AFrican City, A Study in Tribal Life in Freetown.
110400: MICHAEL CUNNINGHAM - The Hours.
167411: MICHAEL WILLRICH - Pox: An American History (Penguin History of American Life).
170951: MICHAEL HOLROYD - A Book of Secrets.
186102: MICHAEL PALIN,MONTY PYTHON (COMEDY TROUPE),TERRY JONES - Diaries 1969-1979: The Python Years.
180945: MICHAEL GRANT - Pompeii and Herculaneum, Cities of Vesuvius.
180061: MICHAEL JERCHEL,STEPHEN SEWELL,STEVEN ZALOGA - T-72 Main Battle Tank 1974-1993.
186171: MICHAEL J. CHRISTENSEN - C. S. Lewis on Scripture: His Thoughts on the Nature of Biblcal Inspiration, The Role of Revelation and the Question of Inerrancy.
195534: MICHAEL BARNES - Kirkland Lake.
136459: MICHAEL DAWSON - The Mountie from Dime Novel to Disney.
137608: MICHAEL HARTLEY - The Challenge of the Skies.
114774: MICHAEL POOLE - Ragged Islands a Journey by Canoe Through the Inside Passage.
149721: MICHAEL HEINE - Gwichya Gwich'in Googwandak: The History And Stories Of The Gwichya Gwich'i ; As Told By The Elders Of Tsiigehtchic.
193538: MICHAEL KLUCKNER - The Pullet Surprise : A Year on an Urban Farm.
174534: MICHAEL TOOBY - Tate St. Ives: An Illustrated Companion.
195189: MICHAEL B. STEIN - The dynamics of right-wing protest.
195491: MICHAEL UNGAR - Playing at Being Bad: The Hidden Resilience of Troubled Teens.
188380: MICHAEL J. WHITBY,ROGER FLYNN SARTY,W.A.B. DOUGLAS - No Higher Purpose: The Official Operational History of the Royal Canadian Navy in the Second World War, 1939-1943 Volume II, Part I.
169999: MICHAEL GRANT - Saint Peter: A Biography.
187054: MICHAEL NEIBERG - WESTERN FRONT 1914-1916, THE (The History of World War I).
187035: MICHAEL COOK - A Brief History of the Human Race.
127779: MICHAEL HARRIS - Con Game: The Truth About Canada's Prisons.
142438: MICHAEL MITCHELL - Ducimus : The Regiments of the Canadian Infantry.
148476: MICHAEL O'LEARY - Consolidated B-24 Liberator.
189061: MICHAEL BURLEIGH - Moral Combat: A History of World War II.
161660: MICHAEL POSLUNS - Voices From the Odeyak.
A00270: MICHAEL HARRIS - In Transit.
194038: MICHAEL R. AUSLIN - The End of the Asian Century: War, Stagnation, and the Risks to the World's Most Dynamic Region.
125150: MICHAEL H. KATER - The Nazi Party: A Social Profile of Members and Leaders, 1919-1945.
162296: MICHAEL LEVEY - World of Ottoman Art.
165866: MICHAEL BROERS - Napoleon: Volume 1: Soldier of Destiny.
A02028: MICHAEL NOLAN - Foundations: Alan Plaunt and the Early Days of the Cbc Radio.
170771: MICHAEL F. HOLT - The Political Crisis of the 1850s.
188329: MICHAEL PETERMAN - Sisters in Two Worlds: A Visual Biography of Susanna Moodie and Catharine Parr Traill.
113728: MICHAEL WOOD - In Search of the Trojan War.
68855: MICHAEL SEDGWICK - The Meadows Engined Lea Francis.
85556: MICHAEL ANTHONY - The Games Were Coming.
179719: MICHAEL MUNN - Hitler and the Nazi Cult of Film and Fame.
1081339: MICHAEL RYAN - Secret Life: An Autobiography.
116067: MICHAEL GREEN,TOM WAKEFORD - US Military Wheeled Vehicles.
80516: MICHAEL EDWARDES - East-West Passage: The Travel of Ideas, Arts and Inventions between Asia and the Western World.
151522: MICHAEL WALLIS - David Crockett The Lion of the West.
135273: MICHAEL GELFAND - Witch Doctor. Traditional Medicine Man of Rhodesia.
129648: MICHAEL FREEDLAND - Jolson.
95763: MICHAEL ALLIN - Zarafa : A Giraffe's True Story, from Deep in Africa to the Heart of Paris.
108069: MICHAEL G. BRENNAN - The Origins Of The Grand Tour: The Travels Of Robert Montagu, Lord Mandeville (16491654), William Hammond (16551658), And Banaster Maynard (16601663).
135634: MICHAEL D. COE - Breaking the Maya Code.
176569: MICHAEL WOOD - In Search of the Dark Ages.
A00643: MICHAEL CRUMMEY - River Thieves.
168411: MICHAEL GREEN - Modern U.S. Tanks and AFVs (Enthusiast Color).
68837: MICHAEL SEDGWICK - The Six - Cylinder Hotchkiss, 1929 - 1954.
156320: MICHAEL HILEY - Seeing through Photographs.
109608: MICHAEL HOLROYD - Works on Paper: The Craft of Biography and Autobiography.
183953: MICHAEL TOOBY - Our home and native land: Sheffield's Canadian artists : Arthur Lismer, Elizabeth Nutt, Stanley Royle, Frederick H. Varley and their contempories.
103603: MICHAEL J. H. TAYLOR - Missiles.
179117: MICHAEL GRAY - Song and Dance Man III: The Art of Bob Dylan.
186384: MICHAEL POSNER - The Last Honest Man: Mordecai Richler: An Oral Biography.
187682: MICHAEL BLADES - Day of Two Sunsets: Paddling Adventures on Canada's West Coast.
117621: MICHAEL WHELAN - The Art of Michael Whelan.
178330: MICHAEL ONDAATJE - The Cat's Table.
188068: MICHAEL PALIN - Michael Palin's Hemingway Adventure.
173304: MICHAEL BENDER - Waiting for Filippo : Life and Work of Renaissance Architect Filippo Brunelleschi.
188234: MICHAEL OREN - Six Days of War: June 1967 and the Making of the Modern Middle East.
A02149: MICHAEL REDHILL - Martin Sloane: A Novel.
127363: MICHAEL HARRIS - Rare Ambition, The Crosbies of Newfoundland.
127693: MICHAEL ROSBERG - The Power Of Greed: Collective Action In International Development.
121135: MICHAEL SCOTT HORTON - We Believe: Recovering the Essentials of the Apostles' Creed.
98382: MICHAEL IGNATIEFF - Blood and Belonging : Journeys into the New Nationalism.
185943: MICHAEL SWANSON - The War State: The Cold War Origins Of The Military-Industrial Complex And The Power Elite, 1945-1963.
103587: MICHAEL J. H. TAYLOR - Strategic Bombers, 1945-1985.
1679878: MICHAEL ONDAATJE - Handwriting : Poems.
149706: MICHAEL ONDAATJE - Anil's Ghost.
163163: MICHAEL D. COE,RICHARD A. DIEHL - In the Land of the Olmec (The Dan Danciger Publication Series).
162762: MICHAEL CRUMMEY - The Wreckage.
187313: MICHAEL BURLEIGH - Sacred Causes: The Clash of Religion and Politics, from the Great War to the War on Terror.
183848: MICHAEL TEITELBAUM - The Mendel Art Gallery: Twenty-five Years of Collecting.
147649: MICHAEL DENNING,MICHAEL SPRINKLER - Mechanic Accents: Dime Novels and Working Class Culture.
126598: MICHAEL GREENSTEIN - Third Solitudes: Tradition and Discontinuity in Jewish-Canadian Literature.
119664: MICHAEL BONACINI,NONIE HOULTON - 3 Chefs: The Kitchen Men.
169565: MICHAEL BAR-ZOHAR - Mossad: The Greatest Missions of the Israeli Secret Service.
160159: MICHAEL JOHNSTONE - The Freemasons the Illustrated Book of an Ancient Brotherhood.
168311: MICHAEL CURTIS - Verdict on Vichy: Power and Prejudice in the Vichy France Regime.
190534: MICHAEL CHABON - The Yiddish Policemen's Union.
167804: MICHAEL KORDA - With Wings Like Eagles a History of the Battle of Britain.
165796: MICHAEL MACLAGAN - Clemency Canning.
185267: MICHAEL RAMPINO,ROBERT JASTROW - Origins of Life in the Universe.
170556: MICHAEL GRAVES - Adam and Cain.
110637: MICHAEL WOOD - The Road to Delphi: Scenes from the History of Oracles.
187513: MICHAEL GREEN - M2/M3 Bradley.
169077: MICHAEL HARTLEY - The Challenge of the Skies.
103640: MICHAEL WOOD - In Search of Myths And Heroes: Exploring Four Epic Legends of the World.
175621: MICHAEL ALEKSIUK - Power Therapy: Maximizing Health Through Self-Efficacy.
A02450: MICHAEL KENYON - Pinocchio's Wife.
171273: MICHAEL P. MALONE - The Battle for Butte : Mining and Politics on the Northern Frontier, 1864-1906.
153469: MICHAEL F. WAGNER - An Historical Introduction to Moral Philosophy.
186554: MICHAEL FRIED - Why Photography Matters as Art as Never Before.
181894: MICHAEL OLIVE - Operation Barbarossa 1941.
171932: MICHAEL LANG - The Road to Woodstock.
187181: MICHAEL BACHELARD - Behind the Exclusive Brethren.
188276: MICHAEL WINTER - The Big Why.
190508: MICHAEL DAWE - Red Deer : An Illustrated History.
192207: MICHAEL HOLMES - King Arthur: A Military History.
143583: MICHAEL ADAMS - C Suetonius Tranquillus Divi Augusti Vita.
186538: MICHAEL BROWNING,WILLIAM R. MAPLES - Dead Men Do Tell Tales: The Strange and Fascinating Cases of a Forensic Anthropologist.
183362: MICHAEL BLISS - Banting : A Biography.
108361: MICHAEL ADAMS - Fire and Ice the United States Canada and the Myth of Converging Values.
183991: MICHAEL BLAKE - Archaeological Investigation at the Wild Horse River (DjPv14).
105505: MICHAEL J. GREEN,PATRICK M. CRONIN - The U.S.-Japan Alliance: Past, Present, and Future.
173502: MICHAEL BRACEWELL - London-A Modern Project.
181065: MICHAEL GLOVER - Wellington's Peninsular Victories.
187599: MICHAEL WOLOSCHUK - Family ties: The real story of the McCain feud.
167017: MICHAEL MUCZ - Baba's Kitchen Medicines: Folk Remedies of Ukrainian Settlers in Western Canada.
171627: MICHAEL RUTTER - Genes and Behavior: Nature-Nurture Interplay Explained.
171355: MICHAEL HARRIS - The Judas Kiss: The Undercover Life of Patrick Kelly.
181751: MICHAEL DAVITT - The Boer fight for freedom (Scripta Africana series).
183392: MICHAEL RUSE - The Darwinian Revolution: Science Red in Tooth and Claw.
178540: MICHAEL POMEDLI - Living with Animals: Ojibwe Spirit Powers.
122603: MICHAEL GANNON - Operation Drumbeat: The Dramatic True Story of Germany's First U-Boat Attacks Along the American Coast in World War II.
13988: MICHAEL L. MILLENSON - Demanding Medical Excellence : Doctors & Accountability in the Information Age.
A01597: MICHAEL ENGEL,STANLEY H. FROST - Reefs and Related Carbonates- Ecology and Sedimentology.
177880: MICHAEL POLLAN - In Defense of Food.
118510: MICHAEL BARTHORP - Slogging over Africa: The Boer Wars 1815-1902.
166242: MICHAEL NEIBERG - Potsdam: The End of World War II and the Remaking of Europe.
139411: MICHAEL R. BOOTH - Victorian Spectacular Theatre, 1850-1910.
138230: MICHAEL TURNER - The Pornographer's Poem.
182769: MICHAEL GLADSTONE WHITE - War Drums Along The River.
166015: MICHAEL ROSBERG - The Power of Greed: Collective Action in International Development.
161332: MICHAEL E. STONE - Jewish Writings of the Second Temple Period (Compendia Rerum Iudaicarum Ad Novum Testamentum).
103607: MICHAEL J. GETHING - Warsaw Pact Air Power in the 1980s : Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Soviet Union.
167816: MICHAEL SHERMER - The Believing Brain: From Ghosts and Gods to Politics and Conspiracies---How We Construct Beliefs and Reinforce Them as Truths.
190628: MICHAEL CORBETT - Learning to Leave: The Irony of Schooling in a Coastal Community.
152574: MICHAEL GRAY - Blood Relative.
183364: MICHAEL BLISS - The discovery of insulin.
113865: MICHAEL MARSHALL - Top Hat & Tails: The Story of Jack Buchanan.
131042: MICHAEL JUDGE - The Dance Of Time: The Origins of the Calendar A Miscellany of History and Myth, Religion and Astronomy, Festivals and Feast Days.
113270: MICHAEL MANDELBAUM,SHARON WEINBERGER - Imaginary Weapons : A Journey Through the Pentagon's Scientific Underworld.
190454: MICHAEL GROSS - Model: The Ugly Business of Beautiful Women.
183516: MICHAEL BULLOCK - Poems on green paper.
188392: MICHAEL OLIVE - First Winter on the Eastern Front: 1941-1942 (Stackpole Military Photo Series).
113785: MICHAEL W. FOX - Beyond Evolution: The Genetically Altered Future of Plants, Animals, the Earth.and Humans.
153593: MICHAEL JOHNSON - Encyclopedia of Native Tribes of North America.
U00654: MICHAEL J. H. TAYLOR - Military Prototypes of the 1980s.
124661: MICHAEL HOLROYD - A Strange Eventful History: The Dramatic Lives of Ellen Terry, Henry Irving and their Remarkable Families.
149216: MICHAEL BENEDICT - On the Battlefields: Two World Wars That Shaped a Nation.
177982: MICHAEL GRANT - The Antonines the Roman Empire In Transition.
190319: MICHAEL KERRIGAN - Dark history of the Catholic Church.
89167: MICHAEL E. PORTER - The Competitive Advantage of Nations.
89231: MICHAEL KINSLEY - The Slate Diaries.
168254: MICHAEL ATKINSON - Tattooed: The Sociogenesis of a Body Art.
151113: MICHAEL H. CALDWELL,WILL PURCELL (FORWARD) - Gold Rush : Inspiring Stories of More Than 25 Companies in Search of the World's Most Precious Metal.
94708: MICHAEL WOLFE - Walled Towns and the Shaping of France: From the Medieval to the Early Modern Era.
175063: MICHAEL SNODIN - Carl and Karin Larsson Creators of the Swedish Style.
183221: MICHAEL R. TURNER - Parlour Poetry.
188632: MICHAEL FRIIS JOHANSEN - The Boy Who Walked: The Death of Burton Winters and the Politics of Search and Rescue.
50144: MICHAEL SEDGE - Successful Syndication: A Guide for Writers and Cartoonists.
110780: MICHAEL STAPLETON - The Illustrated Dictionary of Greek and Roman Mythology.
100524: MICHAEL FRAYN - The Human Touch : Our Part in the Creation of a Universe.
162556: MICHAEL DUMPER - Jerusalem Unbound: Geography, History, and the Future of the Holy City.
177387: MICHAEL S DURHAM - Miracles of Mary.
104507: MICHAEL ONDAATJE - From Ink Lake: Canadian Stories.
72169: MICHAEL P. ROBINSON - Sea Otter Chiefs.
181947: MICHAEL BAR-ZOHAR,NISSIM MISHAL - Mossad: The Greatest Missions of the Israeli Secret Service.
R02220: MICHAEL SCHMIDT - The Story of Poetry.
A02648: MICHAEL CARIN - The Neutron Picasso.
159033: MICHAEL ONDAATJE - Divisadero.
159030: MICHAEL JACKSON - Moon Walk.
154311: MICHAEL WHITBY - The Admirals: Canada's Senior Naval Leadership in the Twentieth Century.
153824: MICHAEL HAMISH GLEN - Once Upon a Thyme.
U00745: MICHAEL IGNATIEFF - The Russian Album.
164291: MICHAEL CONEY - Forest Ranger, Ahoy!: The Men- The Ships- The Job.
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126021: MORTON IRVING SEIDEN - The Paradox of Hate A Study in Ritual Murder.
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195598: MORTON SMITH - Jesus the Magician.
106978: MORTON BENSON - Serbo-Croatian-English Dictionary.
133512: MORTON GROSSER - Gossamer Odyssey: The Triumph of Human-Powered Flight.
131057: MOSES GASTER - Studies and Texts in Folklore Magic Medieval Romance Hebrew Apocryha and Smaritin Volume 1 ONLY.
119544: MOSES MENDELSSOHN - Moses Mendelssohn: Selections from His Writings.
143104: MOSES GASTER - Studies and Texts in Folklore Magic Medieval Romance Hebrew Apocryha and Smaritin.
169959: MOSES MAIMONIDES - Doctor Perplexorum.
163746: MOSHE GRESSER - Dual Allegiance: Freud As a Modern Jew.
177104: MOTLEY CRUE,NEIL STRAUSS,TOMMY LEE - The Dirt: Motley Crue.
190915: MOTT T. GREENE - Geology in the Nineteenth Century: Changing Views of a Changing World.
187768: MOUSTAFFA EL-ASSAD - M-50 Sherman Tanks and APCS in South Lebanon (Blue STeel IV).
182943: MOYA WRIGHT - Holman Island 1973.
139609: MR. C.L. DICK - The Mennonite Conference of Alberta A History of Its Churches and Institutions.
163889: MR. MARK GIROUARD - Sweetness and Light: The "Queen Anne" Movement, 1860-1900.
155776: MR. PETER MARTIN - A Life of James Boswell.
157815: MRS. ISABELLA BEETON - The Beeton Book of Garden Management.
193717: MRS. ANNA JAMESON - Sketches in Canada, and Rambles Among the Red Men.
193731: MRS ALGERNON ST.MAUR - Impressions of a Tenderfoot during a journey in search of sport in the far West..
187611: MRS. E. P. R. CRAFTS - Pioneer Days in the San Bernardino Valley.
139171: MRS TOM MANNING - A Summer on Hudson Bay.
182899: MRS. LAURA L COMFORT - Journey to Kokoroe (Essence of Galenia) (Volume 1).
189085: MS. PRISCILLA ROOSEVELT - Life on the Russian Country Estate: A Social and Cultural History.
184534: MS. SUSAN DUNN - 1940: FDR, Willkie, Lindbergh, Hitler?he Election amid the Storm.
183824: MS. MARGARET MORTON - The Tunnel: The Underground Homeless of New York City (Architecture of Despair).
87970: MUHAMMAD YUNUS - Building Social Business : The New Kind of Capitalism That Serves Humanity's Most Pressing Needs.
93657: MUHAMMAD AHMAD HUSSEIN,SIDNEY GREENBAUM - Origins of the Book: Egypt's Contribution to the Development of the Book from Papyrus to Codex.
106849: MUHAMMAD BAQIR NAJM-I SANI - Advice on the Art of Governance: An Indo-Islamic Mirror for Princes Mau Izah-I Jahangiri of Muhammad Baqir Najm-I Sani.
167233: MUHAMMED ABDUL NAYEEM - Prehistory and Protohistory of the Arabian Peninsula: Volume One -- Saudi Arabia.
132108: MULTICULTURAL HISTORY SOCIETY OF ONTARIO,PAUL ROBERT MAGOCSI - Our People: Carpatho-Rusyns and Their Descendants in North America.
194167: MUNESHIGE NARAZAKI - Hiroshige: Famous Views (Masterworks of Ukiyo-E).
R02207: MUNESHIGE NARAZAKI - Hiroshige: Famous Views (Masterworks of Ukiyo-E).
185673: MUNRO PRICE - Napoleon: The End of Glory.
127944: MUNRO EDMONSON - Status Terminology and the Social Structure of North American Indians.
115491: MUNRO EDMONSON - Linguistics, Supplement to the Handbook of Middle American Indians, Volume Two.
190991: MUNROE SCOTT - McClure Years of Challenge, Volume 2 of a Biography.
165884: MURAD FYZEE - Aircraft and Engine Perfect: The Story of JRD Tata Who Opened Up Skies for His Country.
111156: MURDOCH BOOKS STAFF - Carbonara, Marinara, Napolitana : A Cook's Book of Pasta.
139830: MURIEL CORMICAN - Women in the Works of Lou Andreas-salome: Negotiating Identity.
139404: MURIEL WHITAKER - Great Canadian War Stories.
139049: MURIEL WHITAKER - Arthur's Kingdom of Adventure: The World of Malory's Morte Darthur.
137381: MURIEL ANNE LENNOX - Northern Dancer: The Legend and His Legacy.
126675: MURIEL CLEMENTS - By Their Bootstraps, A History of the Credit Union Movement in Saskatchewan.
129314: MURIEL SPARK - The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie.
86780: MURIEL ROY - The Journey.
60038: MURIEL GRIGG - The Magnetism of the West.
195540: MURIEL PORTER WEAVER - The Aztecs, Maya, and Their Predecessors, Archaeology of Mesoamerica.
163180: MURIEL P. WEAVER,MURIEL PORTER WEAVER - The Aztecs, Maya, and Their Predecessors, Third Edition: Archaeology of Mesoamerica (v. 1).
182526: MURIEL FOSTER - Muriel Foster's Fishing Diary.
166227: MURPHY SHEWCHUK - Fur, Gold and Opals.
184174: MURPHY SHEWCHUCK - Craigmont Story.
162551: MURPHY SHEWCHUK - Coquihalla Country A Guide to BC's North Cascade Mountains & Nicola Valley.
130248: MURRAY FRIEDMAN,NANCY ISSERMAN - The Tribal Basis of American Life: Racial, Religious, and Ethnic Groups in Conflict.
192091: MURRAY JOHNSTON - Canada's Craftsmen at 50! : The Story of the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering in The Canadian Forces.
143602: MURRAY MOERMAN - Discipling Our Nation : Equipping the Canadian Church for Its Mission.
178404: MURRAY PEDEN - Fall of an Arrow.
A01228: MURRAY PEDEN - Fall of an Arrow.
188082: MURRAY PEDEN - Fall of an Arrow.
180356: MURRAY HOKE - It Started in the Hayloft.
175839: MURRAY STRAKER|REGINALD STEAD - The One Hundredth Airman.
93077: MURRAY NEWMAN - Life in a Fishbowl: Confessions of an Aquarium Director.
177184: MURRAY STRAKER,REGINALD STEAD - The One Hundredth Airman: The Story of Peter John Anaka Royal Canadian Air Force World War II Bomber Pilot.
182298: MURRAY BOOKCHIN - The Philosophy of Social Ecology.
139296: MURRAY PEDEN - A Thousand Shall Fall.

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