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174982: LEFEBVRE, GEORGES - The Coming of the French Revolution (Princeton Classics)
178919: LEFEVER, ERNEST W. - Nairobi to Vancouver
183691: RANDY LEFFINGWELL - The Barn
179154: LEFTERI, CHRIS - Metals (Materials for Inspirational Design)
019735: LEGAL, EMILE-JOSEPH - Reglements Usages et Discipline De L'archidiocese D'edmonton
175894: LEGG, DAVID - Consolidated PBY Catalina: The Peacetime Record
173092: LEGGATT, ALEXANDER - Ben Jonson: His Vision and His Art
059430: LEGGE, PETER; HOLMES, DUNCAN - Who Dares Wins
158723: MENCIUS; LEGGE, JAMES - The Works of Mencius
171688: LEGGET, ROBERT FERGUSON - Ottawa Waterway: Gateway to a Continent
183458: LEGGET, ROBERT F. - Canadian Railways in Pictures
134141: LEGGETT, TREVOR - Encounters in Yoga and Zen
122901: LEGLER, DIXIE;WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD;KORAB, CHRISTIAN - Prairie Style: Houses and Gardens by Frank Lloyd Wright and the Prairie School
166775: LEHANE, DENNIS - Moonlight Mile (Kenzie and Gennaro)
181640: LEHANE, BRENDAN - Early Celtic Christianity (Celtic interest)
154125: LEHMAN, AARON A. - North of Dog Island
175245: LEHMAN, TIM - Bloodshed at Little Bighorn: Sitting Bull, Custer, and the Destinies of Nations (Witness to History)
100896: LEHMAN, JOHN F. - On Seas of Glory: Heroic Men, Great Ships, and Epic Battles of the American Navy
158727: LEHMANN, JOHANNES - The Hittites: People of a thousand gods
135332: LEHMANN, JOHN - Edward Lear and His World
168854: CRAIG B. SMITH; ZAHI HAWASS; MARK LEHNER - How the Great Pyramid Was Built
125543: LEHOUX, PASCALE - The Problem of Health Technology: Policy Implications for Modern Health Care Systems
176058: LEHR, JOHN - Ukrainian Vernacular Architecture in Alberta
115858: LEHRER, JONAH - Proust Was a Neuroscientist
169174: LEI LEI, QU - The Simple Art of Chinese Brush Painting
107232: LEIBEL, B.S; WRENSHALL, G.A. - Insulin
166287: LEIBEL, CRAIG HENRY - Within a Child's Heart
147111: LEIBNIZ, G.W. - Discourse on Metaphysics
054171: LEIBOVITZ, CLEMENT; FINKEL, ALVIN - In Our Time: The Chamberlain-Hitler Collusion
168721: LEIBOVITZ, CLEMENT - The Chamberlain-Hitler deal
183022: LEIDER, EMILY W. - Dark Lover: The Life and Death of Rudolph Valentino
125635: LEIDY, DENISE PATRY;THURMAN, ROBT - Mandala: The Architecture of Enlightenment
169278: LEIER, JAMES MARK; LEIER, MARK - Red Flags & Red Tape: The Making of a Labour Bureaucracy
153783: LEIGH, Z. LEWIS - And I Shall Fly : The Flying Memoirs
113423: LEIGH, WILLIAM S. - A Zen Approach to Bodytherapy: From Rolf to Feldenkrais to Tanouye Roshi
179845: LEIGHTON, A. C.; BOULET, ROGER - A.C. Leighton, a Retrospective Exhibition: A.C. Leighton, Une Exposition Retrospective
120802: LEIGHTON, ROBERT - Kiddie of the Camp
063320: LEIN, BEVERLY - An Elk in the House
178221: LEIN, BEVERLY - Wolf Spirit: The Story of Moon Beam
180956: LEISER, ERWIN - Nazi Cinema (Cinema Two)
087875: LEITCH, VINCENT B.;LEITCHZ, VINCENT B. - Postmodernism Local Effects, Global Flows: Local Effects, Global Flows
123976: LEITCH, JOHN - Man-to-Man: the Story of Industrial Democracy.
089690: LEITER, SAMUEL L. - Art of Kabuki: Famous Plays in Performance
R02427: LEITH, DICK - A Social History of English
155544: LEITH, JAMES A. - Symbols in Life and Art
161356: BRAD LEITHAUSER; MARK LEITHAUSER - Lettered Creatures
163061: LEJEUNE, JEAN-FRANCOIS, EDITOR - Modern Architecture and the Mediterranean: Vernacular Dialogues and Contested Identities
186390: LELYVELD, JOSEPH - Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle with India
104842: LEMAITRE, ALAIN J. - Florence and the Renaissance: The Quattrocento
180930: LEMAN, MARC - Music, Gestalt, and Computing: Studies in Cognitive and Systematic Musicology
129788: LEMASTER, J R - The Mark Twain Encyclopedia
157129: LEMAY, SHAWNA - Calm Things: Essays
067985: LEMAY, SHAWNA - Against Paradise: Poems
130321: LEMAY, SHAWNA - Still
177914: LEMAY, SHAWNA - Blue Feast
147030: LEMBCKE, JERRY; TATTAM, WILLIAM - One Union in Wood : A Political History of the International Woodworkers of America
136659: LEMBKE, JANET - Dangerous Birds: A Naturalist's Aviary
A00411: LEMELIN, ROGER - In Quest of Splendour
176328: LEMIRE, ELISE - "Miscegenation": Making Race in America (New Cultural Studies)
098699: LEMISH, MICHAEL G. - War Dogs: A History of Loyalty and Heroism
152670: LEMKE, DIETER - man no be God: Bushdoctor in Cameroon
181426: LEMKIN, RAPHAEL; ROMAN SERBYN; OLESIA STASIUK - Raphael Lemkin: Soviet Genocide in Ukraine, Article in 28 Languages /Rafael'; Lemkin: radians';kyi henotsyd v Ukraïni, stattia 28 Movamy
069562: LEMM, RICHARD - A Difficult Faith
R01870: LEMMI, CHARLES W. - Classic Deities in Bacon: A Study in Mythological Symbolism, 1933
014277: LEMNA, DON - A Visit from Mr. Lucifer
170337: LEMOINE, STEWART - A Teatro Trilogy: Selected Plays
179355: LEMOINE, GENEVIEVE - Carnivores, human scavengers & predators: A question of bone technology : proceedings of the Fifteenth Annual Conference, the Archaeological Association of the University of Calgary
088761: LEMOINE, STEWART - A Teatro Trilogy: Selected Plays
088439: LENCEK, LENA;BOSKER, GIDEON - The Beach: The History of Paradise of Earth
179304: LENGELLE, REINEKKE; SERVISS, SHIRLEY A. - Read Two Poems and Call Me in the Morning : An Anthology of Poetry by Artists on the Wards Reinekke Lengelle and Shirley A. Serviss and Patients, Visitors, and Staff at the University of Alberta Hospital
104323: LENMAN, BRUCE - From Esk to Tweed: Harbours, Ships, and Men of the East Coast of Scotland
184978: LENMAN, BRUCE - The Jacobite Risings in Britain, 1689-1746
120021: LENNAM, TREVOR - Sebastian Westcott, the Children of Paul's, and the Marriage of Wit and Science
096438: LENNARD, ROB - The Alberta Time Travel Adventures of Family Day Ray, Roxy & Jasper
158989: LENNON, CYNTHIA - John
112533: LENNON, THOMAS M. - The Battle of the Gods and Giants: The Legacies of Descartes and Gassendi, 1655-1715
182160: LENNOX, PAUL A - The Hood Site : A Historic Neutral Town Of 1640 A.D. / The Bogle I And Bogle II Sites : Historic Neutral Hamlets Of The Northern Tier.
137381: LENNOX, MURIEL ANNE - Northern Dancer: The Legend and His Legacy
164730: LENNOX, DEANNA - Damage Done: A Mountie's Memoir
177133: LENNOX, DR MICHAEL - Dream Sight: A Dictionary and Guide for Interpreting Any Dream
184045: LENNOX,PAUL A - The Bruner-Colasanti Site : An Early Late Woodland Component,Essex County,Ontario.
A00678: LENT, JEFFREY - Lost Nation
080783: LENT, JOHN - Wood Lake Music
064869: LENTON, H.T. - Navies of the Second World War American Fleet and Escort Destroyers
115620: DI LEO, JEFFREY R. - Affiliations: Identity in Academic Culture
178419: LEONARD, DAVID W. - The Trail to Assumption : A Story From the Peace River Country
162596: LEONARD, DAVID W. - The Last Great West: The Agricultural Settlement of the Peace River Country to 1914
131869: LEONARD, DAVID W.; LEMIEUX, VICTORIA L. - The Lure of the Peace River Country: A Fostered Dream
185357: FEDDEMA-LEONARD, SUSAN; CHEVERIE, ESTELLA - People and Peaks of Willmore Wilderness Park, 1800s to Mid 1900s
132972: LEONARD, DAVID W - The Grand Prairie of the Great Northland Part Two 1951-1990
153169: LEONARD, DAVID W - The Grand Prairie of the Great Northland: The Evolution of a County, 1805-1951
187117: LEONARD, DAVID - Delayed Frontier : The Peace River Country to 1909
099024: LEONARD, DAVID W. - Delayed Frontier: The Peace River Country to 1909
164259: LEONARD, DAVID; MCISAAC, JOHN E.; JAMESON, SHEILAGH - A Builder of the Northwest : The Life & Times of Richard Secord - 1860 - 1935
141346: LEONARD, DAVID W. - Delayed Frontier : The Peace River Country to 1909
129759: LEONARD, JOHN W. - The Gold Fields of the Klondike : Fortune Seeker's Guide to the Yukon Region of Alaska and British America
147610: LEONARD, DAVID W.; LEMIEUX, VICTORIA L. - The Lure of the Peace River Country: A Fostered Dream
133713: LEONARD, FRANK - A Thousand Blunders: The Grand Trunk Pacific Railway and Northern British Columbia
120069: LEONARD, ZENAS - Adventures of a Mountain Man: The Narrative of Zenas Leonard
088767: LEONE, DIANA - Attic Windows: A Contemporary View
161747: LEONG, LESLIE - Our Forgotten North : A Glimpse of the Subarctic in Canada's North
181604: LEONG, LESLIE - Our Forgotten North : A Glimpse of the Subarctic in Canada's North
129682: LEONG, LESLIE - Canada's Northwest Territories: A Land of Diversity
097914: LEONHARD, ROBERT R. - The Art of Maneuver: Maneuver-Warfare Theory and Airland Battle
179891: LEONHARDT, JURGEN - Latin Story of a World Language
181123: LEONHARDT, JURGEN - Latin Story of a World Language
132021: LEONOFF, CYRIL E.;LANDAUER, OTTO;LEONARD FRANK PHOTOS - Bridges of Light: Otto Landauer of Leonard Frank Photos 1945-1980
167495: LEPAN, DOUGLAS - Bright glass of memory: A set of four memoirs
080228: LEPAN, DOUGLAS - Weathering It: Complete Poems, 1948-1987
142437: LEPLEY, JOHN G. - Birthplace Of Montana: A History Of Fort Benton
097887: LEPORE, ERNEST - John Searle and His Critics
123463: LEPPARD, JOHN - So?
109606: LERER, SETH - Inventing English : a Portable History of the Language
101062: LERNER, GERDA - Why History Matters: Life and Thought
090004: LERNER, FRED - The Story of Libraries: From the Invention of Writing to the Computer Age
174043: LERNER, GERDA - The Creation of Feminist Consciousness: From the Middle Ages to Eighteen-seventy (Women and History)
120847: LERNER, GERDA - Why History Matters: Life and Thought
103066: LERNER, MICHAEL - Choices in Healing: Integrating the Best of Conventional and Complementary Approaches to Cancer
111391: LERNER, BETSY - The Forest for the Trees: An Editor's Advice to Writers
176404: LERNOUT, GEERT - Help My Unbelief: James Joyce and Religion
096079: LEROUX, ODETTE - Inuit Women Artists : Voices from Cape Dorset
185147: LEROYER, MARIE-FRANCE - Le Petrole: Humanity in Canada's Drilling Camps
184833: LESAFFER, RANDALL - Peace Treaties and International Law in European History: From the Late Middle Ages to World War One
157125: LESCH, DAVID W. - Syria: The Fall of the House of Assad
135904: LESCOURRET, MARIE-ANNE - Rubens : A Double Life
104485: LESHAN, LAWRENCE;MARGENAU, HENRY - Einstein's Space and Van Gogh's Sky: Physical Reality and Beyond
158738: BYRON E. SHAFER; JOHN R. BAINES; DAVID SILVERMAN; LEONARD H. LESKO - Religion in Ancient Egypt: Gods, Myths, and Personal Practice
158496: LESLAU, WOLF - Ethiopian Argots
084310: LESLEY, CRAIG - Talking Leaves: Contemporary Native American Short Stories
172150: ADKINS, LESLEY & ROY - Empires Of The Plain: Henry Rawlinson And The Lost Languages Of Babylon
059228: LESLIE, JEAN - Three Rivers Beckoned : Life and Times with My Husband, Calgary Mayor Jack Leslie
147452: LESLIE, SUSAN - In the Western Mountians Early Mountaineering in British Columbia
170601: LESLIE, THOMAS W - The Legislative Building of Manitoba. TheKeystone Province of the Dominion of Canada. Situated in the Capital City- Winnipeg - Illustrated and Described.
171323: LESNIKOWSKI, WOJCIECH - New French Architecture
A00541: LESSA, WILLIAM ARMAND - Drake's Island of Thieves: Ethnological Sleuthing
153370: LESSARD, MICHEL - Complete guide to French-Canadian antiques
106914: LESSER, WENDY - His Other Half: Men Looking at Women Through Art
132852: LESSING, DORIS - Time Bites: Views And Reviews
187971: LESSING, DORIS MAY - The Fifth Child
188081: LESSING, DORIS MAY - The Good Terrorist
120049: LESSING, DORIS MAY - Ben, in the World: The Sequel to the Fifth Child
120050: LESSING, DORIS - The Grandmothers: Four Short Novels
179572: LESSING, DORIS MAY - African Laughter: Four Visits to Zimbabwe
164817: LESSING, DORIS - The Doris Lessing Reader
132851: LESSING, DORIS - The Story of General Dann and Mara's Daughter, Griot and the Snow Dog
068404: SEEREY-LESTER, JOHN - Face to Face With Nature: The Art of John Seerey-Lester
186149: LESTER, TOBY - Da Vinci's Ghost : The Untold Story of the World's Most Famous Drawing
187062: LESTER, ROBERT C. - Theravada Buddhism in Southeast Asia (Ann Arbor Paperbacks)
086697: LESTER, JULIUS - Revolutionary Notes
103097: LESTER, TOBY - The Fourth Part of the World: The Race to the Ends of the Earth, and the Epic Story of the Map That Gave America Its Name
110443: LETOCHA, LOUISE - Esthetiques Actuelles De La Photographie Au Quebec
111009: LETOCHA, LOUISE - Dix Ans De Propositions Geometriques: Le Quebec, 1955-1965 Exposition
154039: LETOURNEAU, ROGER; LETOURNEAU, DENNIS - Operation KE: The Cactus Air Force and the Japanese Withdrawal from Guadalcanal
170611: LETT, GORDON - ROSSANO - A VALLEY IN FLAMES: An Adventure of the Italian Resistance
134548: LEUZINGER, ELSY - Afrikanische Skulpturen: Beschreibender Katalog / African Sculpture: A Descriptive Catalogue.
169438: LEVANT, EZRA - Fight Kyoto : The Plan to Protect Our Economy
182314: LEVANT, EZRA - Shakedown How Our Government is Undermining Democracy in the Name of Human Rights
182315: LEVANT, EZRA - Ethical Oil: The Case for Canada's Oil Sands
145084: LEVANT, EZRA - Groundswell : The Case for Fracking
182310: LEVANT, EZRA - The Enemy Within Terror, Lies and the Whitewashing of Omar Khadr
183520: LEVENSON, CHRISTOPHER - The journey back: And other poems
062480: LEVENSON, CHRISTOPHER - Arriving at Night
182882: LEVENSON, THOMAS - Newton and the Counterfeiter
082939: LEVENSTEIN, LISA - A Movement Without Marches, Africna American Women and the Politics of Poverty in Postwar Philadelphia
142353: LEVER, JILL - Architects' Designs for Furniture
095654: LEVER, MAURICE - Sade: A Biography
183390: LEVERE, TREVOR H., EDITOR - Curious Field-book: Science and Society in Canadian History
098101: LEVERICH, LYLE - Tom: The Unknown Tennessee Williams
123872: LEVERSEDGE, LIE T. (FOREWORD) - The Arrow Pilot's Operating Instructions and Rcaf Testing/Basing Plans No Cd
053802: LEVESQUE, GERARD R - Memoirs
162296: MICHAEL LEVEY - World of Ottoman Art
172269: LEVI, PRIMO - The Truce A Survivor's Journey Home from Auschwitz
176771: LEVI, PRIMO, TRANSLATED BY STUART WOOLF, INTRODUCTION BY DAVID MENDEL - If This is a Man, with an Introduction By Frederic Raphael and an Afterword By the Author
118574: LEVI, PRIMO - The Voice of Memory: Interviews, 1961-1987
055202: LEVICK, B M - Tiberius Retirement to Rhodes in 6 B.C.
055203: LEVICK, B M - Drusus Caesar and the Adoptions of A D 4
152758: LEVIEN, MICHAEL - The Cree Journals The Voyages of Edward H. Cree, Surgeon R.N. As Related in His Private Journals 1837-1856
168926: LEVINE, AMY-JILL - Short Stories by Jesus: The Enigmatic Parables of a Controversial Rabbi
070365: LEVINE, JACK, COMMENTARY Y - Jack Levine
049431: LEVINE, KENNETH - The Social Context of Literacy
096173: LEVINE, KAREN - Hana's Suitcase: A True Story
167498: LEVINE, JOSHUA - Operation Fortitude: The True Story of the Key Spy Operation of WWII That Saved D-Day
133285: LEVINE, GEORGE - The Cambridge Companion to George Eliot
157047: LEVINE, JACOB, EDITOR - Motivation in Humor
179353: LEVINE, ETAN - The Burning Bush Jewish Symbolism and Mysticism
154289: LEVINE, ALLAN - Fugitives of the Forest: The Heroic Story Of Jewish Resistance And Survival During The Second World War
107609: LEVINE, JOSEPH; SUZUKI, DAVID - The Secret of Life : Redesigning the Living World
168901: LEVINE, ALLAN - The Exchange 100 Years of Trading Grain in Winnipeg
082796: LEVINE, ELISE - Driving Men Mad
175664: LEVINE, ALLAN - King
175178: LEVINE, JOSHUA - Fighters Heroes of WW1
181856: LEVINE, NOAH - Dharma Punx
105027: LEVINE, ALLAN - The Devil in Babylon, Fear of Progress and the Birth of Modern Life
131399: LEVINE, ALLAN - Scattered Among the Peoples: The Jewish Diaspora in Ten Portraits
133458: LEVINE, GEORGE LEWIS - Darwin Loves You: Natural Selection and the Re-enchantment of the World
160169: LEVINSON, CHARLES - Vodka Cola
122142: LEVINSON, JACK - Making Life Work : Freedom and Disability in a Community Group Home
100209: LEVITT, STEVEN; DUBNER, STEPHEN J. - SuperFreakonomics, Illustrated edition: Global Cooling, Patriotic Prostitutes, and Why Suicide Bombers Should Buy Life Insurance
129755: LEVITT, MARCUS C. - Russian Literary Politics and the Pushkin Celebration of 1880
099511: LEVITT, STEVEN; DUBNER, STEPHEN J. - Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything
168305: LEVY, ALEXANDER - The Orphaned Adult: Understanding And Coping With Grief And Change After The Death Of Our Parents
109335: LEVY, B. BARRY - Planets, Potions, and Parchments: Scientifica Hebraica from the Dead Sea Scrolls to the Eighteenth Century
173138: LEVY, ALAN - Treasures of the Vatican Collections
120366: LEVY, JACQUES E.;CHAVEZ, CESAR - Cesar Chavez: Autobiography of La Causa
184655: LEVY, BUDDY - Conquistador: Hernan Cortes, King Montezuma, and the Last Stand of the Aztecs
119309: LEVY, AZRIEL - Basic Set Theory
180980: LEVY, SHAWN - King of Comedy: The Life and Art of Jerry Lewis
173280: LEVY, BERNARD-HENRI - Who Killed Daniel Pearl?
155117: LEVY, ADRIAN; SCOTT-CLARK, CATHY - The Stone of Heaven: Unearthing the Secret History of Imperial Green Jade
182430: LEVY, DAVID H. - The Man Who Sold the Milky Way: A Biography of Bart BOK
122124: LEVY, JOEL - A Bee in a Cathedral : And 99 Other Scientific Analogies
174749: LEVY, M. J. - Love & Madness: The Murder of Martha Ray, Mistress of the Fourth Earl of Sandwich
142966: LEWALSKI, BARBARA KIEFER - The Life of John Milton: A Critical Biography
187379: LEWIN, ABRAHAM; POLONSKY, ANTONY - A Cup of Tears: A Diary of the Warsaw Ghetto
187820: LEWIN, ROGER; SWISHER, CARL C., III; CURTIS, GARNISS H. - Java Man : How Two Geologists Dramatic Discoveries Changed Our Understanding of the Evolutionary Path to Modern Humans
065370: LEWIN, ROGER;LEAKEY, RICHARD - Origins Reconsidered: In Search of What Makes Us Human
173048: LEWIN, RONALD - Hitler's Mistakes
112898: LEWIN, BOLESLAO - Los Leon Pinelo
092996: LEWINE, HARRIS - Good-Bye to All That
167560: LEWINGTON, PETER - Canada's Holsteins
161507: LEWIS, ARTHUR H. - Hex
108222: LEWIS, JANET - The Invention of the Flute
156350: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - Stories
144307: LEWIS, H. SPENCER - Rosicrucian Principles for the Home and Business
177109: LEWIS, PEPPER - Gaia Speaks: Wisdom for an Awakening Humanity
155905: LEWIS, ALFRED ALLAN - The Mountain Artisans Quilting Book
100618: LEWIS, ANTHONY - Freedom for the Thought That We Hate: A Biography of the First Amendment
030606: LEWIS,NAOMI - Stories from the Arabian Nights
U01049: LEWIS, BERNARD - The Muslim Discovery of Europe
126534: LEWIS, D. SCLATER - Royal Victoria Hospital 1887-1947
125070: LEWIS, BERNARD - What Went Wrong? Western Impact and Middle Eastern Response
120098: LEWIS, IVOR - Sahibs, Nabobs and Boxwallahs: A Dictionary of the Words of Anglo-India
135094: LEWIS, OSCAR - George Davidson, Pioneer West Coast Scientist
153712: LEWIS, JEREMY - Penguin Special: The Story of Allen Lane, the Founder of Penguin Books and the Man Who Changed Publishing Forever
076042: LEWIS, DAVID - Counterfactuals
186118: LEWIS, C S - Beyond Personality: The Christian Idea of God
096020: MAYBURY-LEWIS, DAVID - Millennium : Tribal Wisdom & the Modern World
154471: LEWIS, JAMES - The Dream Encyclopedia
186132: WARREN HAMILTON LEWIS - Brothers and Friends: The Diaries of Major Warren Hamilton Lewis
158007: LEWIS, LAURENCE - Echoes of Resistance: British Involvement With the Italian Partisans
139878: LEWIS, NORAH L. - I Want to Join Your Club: Letters from Rural Children 1900-1920
176889: LEWIS, C. S. - God In The Dock: Essays On Theology And Ethics
157102: LEWIS, EDMUND J. - Shadows and Reflections: Japanese lacquer art from the collection of edmund J. Lewis
093709: LEWIS, BERNARD - Islam and the West
150240: LEWIS, MICHAEL - Panic: The Story of Modern Financial Insanity
127121: LEWIS, JOHN - John Nash: The Painter as Illustrator
154599: LEWIS, C. S. - All My Road Before Me: The Diary of C.S. Lewis 1922-1927
099205: TYLER-LEWIS, KELLY - Lost Men: Shackleton's Ross Sea Party
097744: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - Arrowsmith
170701: LEWIS, BERNARD - The Assassins : A Radical Sect in Islam
086797: LEWIS, RALPH HENRY - Scene in Sussex: A Fresh Look at the County
144826: WILLIAM LEWIS AND SON - Lewis : Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass
182440: LEWIS, DAVID LEVERING - God's Crucible: Islam and the Making of Europe, 570 to 1215
162031: LEWIS, BERNARD - The Middle East
R01290: LEWIS, JOHN S. - Rain of Iron and Ice: The Very Real Threat of Comet and Asteroid Bombardment
186155: LEWIS, C.S. - Letters of C.S.Lewis
152590: LEWIS, BRENDA RALPH - Dark History of the Popes Vice, Murder and Corruption in the Vatican
088281: LEWIS, C. DAY - The Collected Poems of C.D.Lewis
170273: LEWIS, NORAH L. - I Want to Join Your Club: Letters from Rural Children 1900-1920
118909: LEWIS, J. A. C.;LEWIS, MARIAN STRIEVHEFF - Costume: The Performing Partner
180292: LEWIS, CELIA - The Illustrated Guide to Chickens: How to Choose Them, How to Keep Them
187892: LEWIS, BRENDA RALPH, AND RUPERT MATTHEWS - The Historical Atlas of Weaponry
179652: LEWIS, JON - Whom God Wishes to Destroy: Francis Coppola and the New Hollywood
147322: LEWIS, BERNARD - The Middle East: 2,000 Years of History from the Rise of Christianity to the Present Day
A02026: LEWIS, DAVID - The Good Fight: Political Memoirs 1909-1958
183788: LEWIS, LESLEY - Connoisseurs and Secret Agents In Eighteenth Century Rome
186173: LEWIS, C. S. - God In The Dock: Essays On Theology And Ethics
161079: LEWIS, C S - The Last Battle
176647: LEWIS, NAOMI - Shy: An Anthology (Robert Kroetsch Series)
162004: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - Main Street
169282: LEWIS, P. S. - Later Medieval France - the Polity
U02230: LEWIS, MICHAEL - Spithead; an Informal History
148225: LEWIS, TOM; INGMAN, PETER - Zero Hour in Broome: The Untold Story of the Attacks on Northwest Australia in 1942
170862: LEWIS, C S - The Allegory of Love A Study in Medieval Tradition
186165: C. S. LEWIS - Of This and Other Worlds
186157: LEWIS, C.S. - A Mind Awake, An Anthology of C.S.Lewis
186166: LEWIS, C.S. - Letters to An AMerican Lady
163574: LEWIS, TOM - Empire of the Air: The Men Who Made Radio
181356: LEWIS, BERNARD - What Went Wrong?: The Clash Between Islam and Modernity in the Middle East
172387: LEWIS, CECIL - Sagittarius Rising
174094: LEWIS, JON E. - London: the Autobiography
125092: LEWIS, C. DAY - The Buried Day
186209: C.S. LEWIS - C. S. Lewis: Letters to Children
187902: LEWIS, BRENDA RALPH - Churchill an ILlustrated Life
163078: LEWISOHN, LEONARD, EDITOR - 'Attar and the Persian Sufi Tradition: The Art of Spiritual Flight
139301: LEWISOHN, MARK - The Complete Beatles Chronicle
171011: LEWONTIN, RICHARD - It Ain't Necessarily So: The Dream of the Human Genome Project and Other Illusions
083137: LEWYCKA, MARINA - We Are All Made Of Glue
188248: LEWYCKA, MARINA - Strawberry Fields
A03018: LEYLAND, FRANCIS A. - Bronte Family, 2 Volumes
097089: LEYMARIE, JEAN, TEXT BY - Picasso the Artist of the century
187939: LI, YING-CHANG - Lao-Tzu's Treatise on the Response of the Tao (The Sacred Literature)
127901: LI, TANIA MURRAY - Transforming the Indonesian Uplands: Marginality, Power and Production
157576: LIBBY, TRACY J. - The Ultimate Guide to Puppy Care and Training: Housetraining, Life Skills, and Basic Care from Puppyhood to Adolescence
145063: TORONTO PUBLIC LIBRARIES - Canadian Book of Printing : How Printing Came to Canada and the Story of the Graphic Arts, Told Mainly in Pictures
187087: I.C.S. REFERNCE LIBRARY - Mine Surveying, Metal-Mine Surveying, Mineral-Land Surverying, Steam and Steam Boilers, Steam Engines, Air Compression
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