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123773: HEINRICH FRAENKEL,LEONARD L. HESTON - The Medical Casebook of Adolf Hitler: His Illnesses, Doctors, and Drugs.
181873: HEINRICH (TRANS LOTH,SHEILA MARNIE) - Woman in Ancient Africa.
173357: HEINRICH KLOTZ - New York Architecture 1970-90.
121513: HEINRICH FICHTENAU - The Carolingian Empire.
152223: HEINZ PETERS - Mercedes-Benz LG 315 - 5-Tonner der ersten Fahrzeuggeneration in der Bundeswehr.
168583: HEINZ WESTMAN - the structure of biblical myths.
101780: HEINZ J. NOWARRA - German Guided Missiles.
177374: HEINZ GUDERIAN - Achtung-Panzer!: The Development of Tank Warfare.
103309: HEINZ J. NOWARRA - Fw 200-Condor: Battle Companion of the U-Boat.
98836: HEINZ SEELIG,SPENCER MARSH - The Beginning: A Portrayal of the Creation.
102936: HEINZ NOWARRA - Unterseeboot Typ VII..
195160: HEINZ J. NOWARRA - Focke-Wulf Fw 200 Condor.
187734: HEINZ J. NOWARRA - Focke-Wulf Fw 190 and Ta 152: Aircraft and Legend.
101880: HEINZ J. NOWARRA - Die grossen Dessauer. Ju G 38 - Ju 89 - Ju 90 - Ju 290 - Ju 390; Waffenarsenal Band 80.
104103: HEINZ J. NOWARRA - UHU He 219. Bester Nachtj?ger des zweiten Weltkrieges.
180829: HEINZ J. NOWARRA - Fieseler Fi 156 Storch: (Schiffer Military History).
180830: HEINZ J. NOWARRA - The Flying Pencil: Dornier Do 17 and Do 215.
182128: HEINZ W. PYSZCZYK,MARY MARGARET SMITH - A Selected Bibliography of Historical Artifacts, c.1760-1920 (Manuscript Series / Archaeological Survey of Alberta no. 11).
120120: HEINZ BECHERT - The World of Buddhism: Buddhist Monks and Nuns in Society and Culture.
172168: HEINZ J. NOWARRA - Fw 200 Condor: Battle Companion of the U-Boat.
170960: HELEN CASWELL - Shadows from the Singing House Eskimo Folk Tales.
U00780: HELEN WATSON-WILLIAMS - Andre Gide and the Greek Myth A Critical Study.
140172: HELEN DUNCAN - Kate Rice: Prospector.
64647: HELEN FORRESTER - Liverpool Daisy.
143248: HELEN J. NICHOLSON - Love, War and the Grail: Templars, Hospitallers and Teutonic Knights in Medieval Epic and Romance, 1150-1500.
139195: HELEN FORSEY - Eugene Forsey : Canada's Maverick Sage.
154477: HELEN KWAN YEE CHEUNG - Painted Faces on the Prairies: Cantonese Opera and the Edmonton Chinese Community.
185460: HELEN J DOW - The Art of Alex Colville.
177735: HELEN FORSEY - A People's Senate for Canada: Not a Pipe Dream!.
174746: HELEN LOWNIE,LAWRENCE JAMES - The Illustrated Rise & Fall of the British Empire.
152868: HELEN CASTOR - Blood and Roses: One Family's Struggle and Triumph During the Tumultuous Wars of the Roses.
195187: HELEN O'NEILL,RUSS RIEMANN - Florence Broadhurst: Her Secret & Extraordinary Lives.
155368: HELEN HILL MILLER - Bridge to Asia : The Greeks in the Eastern Mediterranean.
126661: HELEN FORRESTER - The Liverpool Basque.
157861: HELEN PIDDINGTON - Rumble Seat: A Victorian Childhood Remembered.
114721: HELEN VAN WYK - Welcome to My Studio.
129284: HELEN PIDDINGTON - The Inlet Memoir of a Modern Pioneer.
102359: HELEN FORRESTER - Mourning Doves.
129448: HELEN YGLESIAS - Isabel Bishop.
161893: HELEN MORTON,HELEN MORTON LEE - Becoming Tongan: An Ethnography of Childhood.
167811: HELEN D. CALHOUN HOWE - Seventy-five years along the Red Deer River.
193700: HELEN FORRESTER - The Liverpool Basque.
107994: HELEN DUNMORE - Expedition of the St. Jean-Baptiste to the Pacific.
133016: HELEN BARRETT MONTGOMERY - From Jerusalem to Jerusalem.
110278: HELEN HUMPHREYS - Afterimage.
107574: HELEN MCCORRY|NATIONAL MUSEUMS OF SCOTLAND - The Thistle at War: An Anthology of the Scottish Experience of War, in the Services, and at Home.
129103: HELEN FRANC - An Invitation to See: 150 Works from the Museum of Modern Art.
165792: HELEN MCCARTHY - Women of the World: The Rise of the Female Diplomat.
94485: HELEN FORRESTER - By the Waters of Liverpool.
170606: HELEN S. CARLSON - Nevada Place Names: A Geographical Dictionary.
147126: HELEN FRY - Freud's War.
117352: HELEN WALLIS,RICHARD BURN - Carteret's Voyage Round the World 1766-1769.
185442: HELEN SAUL - Phobias: Fighting the Fear.
137379: HELEN HUMPHREYS - Wild Dogs.
109493: HELEN FORRESTER - Lime Street at Two.
109494: HELEN FORRESTER - Minerva's Stepchild.
142394: HELEN SEARING,HENRY HOPE REED,STERLING - Speaking a New Classicism: American Architecture Now.
170309: HELEN ADDISON HOWARD - Saga of Chief Joseph.
85775: HELEN JANZEN - Memories.
110408: HELEN WESTIN - Introducing the Song Sheet: A Collector's Guide, with Current Price List.
A00674: HELEN HUMPHREYS - Ethel on Fire.
136346: HELEN DUNCAN - Kate Rice: Prospector.
175276: HELEN CRAIG MCCULLOUGH - The Taiheiki: A Chronicle of Medieval Japan (Tuttle Classics).
192347: HELEN BERLINER|PEMA CHODRON - No Time to Lose: A Timely Guide to the Way of the Bodhisattva.
126870: HELEN MCLEAN - Sketching from Memory: A Portrait of My Mother.
117002: HELEN HAWLEY - Gathering Fire: Poems.
111040: HELEN LINGAS - My olympic torch for world justice, unity and Peace.
167820: HELEN BACOVCIN - The Way of a Pilgrim and The Pilgrim Continues His Way.
144715: HELEN COLLINSON - One Man's Mountains Joe Weiss in Jasper.
132779: HELEN DORE - William Morris.
A01220: HELEN EVANS REID - All Silent, All Damned: The Search for Isaac Barr.
U00899: HELEN FOSTER SNOW - My China Years.
176730: HELEN LINGAS - My Centennial Torch for World Peace.
174958: HELEN HUMPHREYS - The Evening Chorus.
98212: HELEN COLLINSON,TOMMIE GALLIE - Tommie Gallie In Place, An Art Exhibition Catalogue.
185061: HELEN REZATTO,ROSE M. GOODSON - Tales of the Black Hills.
170179: HELEN E. LONGINO - Science as Social Knowledge: Values and Objectivity in Scientific Inquiry.
89119: HELEN FORRESTER - The Lemon Tree.
178842: HELEN SUZMAN - In No Uncertain Terms: A South African Memoir.
139915: HELEN C BLACK - Notable Women Authors of the Day.
171933: HELEN THOMAS - Listen Up Mr President.
167257: HELEN HARRIS - Grand Western Canal (Inland Waterways Histories).
178019: HELEN WADDELL - Mediaeval Latin lyrics.
126374: HELENA KATZ - The Mad Trapper: The Incredible Tale of a Famous Canadian Manhunt.
182791: HELENA CRONIN - The Ant and the Peacock: Altruism and Sexual Selection from Darwin to Today.
178010: HELENE BERR - The Journal of H?l?ne Berr.
126828: HELENE HOLDEN - Snow.
194245: HELENE M E SCHALKWYK - Mushrooms of the Edmonton Area Edible and Poisonous.
131867: HELENE GODFREY GXOUS - Vera's Room: The Art of Maria Chevska.
112887: HELENE DOBROWOLSKY - Law of the Yukon: A Pictorial History of the Mounted Police in the Yukon.
192232: HELENE M E SCHALKWYK - Mushrooms of the Edmonton Area Edible and Poisonous.
189177: HELENE BERR - The Journal of H?l?ne Berr.
126889: HELENE HOLDEN - After the Fact.
182060: HELFER - The Beauty of the Beasts, Tales of Hollywood's Wild Animal Stars.
172132: HELGA WEISS - Helga's Diary.
30639: HELGA SANDBURG - A Great and Glorious Romance : The Story of Carl Sandburg and Lilian Steichen.
154245: HELGE INGSTAD - The Land of Feast and Famine.
173347: HELGI EINARSSON - Helgi Einarsson, a Manitoba Fisherman.
131690: HELMA,NICK MIKA - Mosaic of Canada on Postage Stamps A Pictorial Glimpse at Canada's History.
127788: HELMA MIKA,NICK MIKA - Railways of Canada : a Pictorial History.
23221: HELMA MIKA,NICK MIKA - Railways of Canada A Pictorial History.
190695: HELMUT ERFURTH - Junkers Ju-87 Black Cross V5 (Luftwaffe Colours).
173473: HELMUT BLANKE,MARKUS BARTH - Colossians: A New Translation With Introduction and Commentary (Anchor Bible).
94022: HELMUT NEWTON - Big Nudes.
101496: HELMUT WALSER SMITH - The Butcher's Tale: Murder and Anti-Semitism in a German Town.
183852: HELMUT RICHTER,WALTER M. CHRAMOSTA - Helmut Richter: Buildings and Projects = Bauten Und Projekte.
135121: HENDRIK HERTZBERG - Politics: Observations & Arguments, 1966-2003.
190136: HENDRIK HERTZBERG - Politics: Obsevations & Arguments; 1966-2004.
135402: HENDRIK D. VERVLIET - Annual Bibliography of the History of the Printed Book and Libraries, Vol. 4 : Publications of 1973 and Additions from the Preceding Years.
123430: HENDRIK HERTZBERG - Obamanos: The Birth of a New Political Era.
158818: HENNING MANKELL - The Man from Beijing.
162363: HENRI STIERLIN - Greece: From Mycenae to the Parthenon (Taschen's World Architecture).
170687: HENRI DE TOULOUSE-LAUTREC - Unpublished Correspondence of Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec: 273 Letters by and about Lautrec Written to His Family and Friends in the Collection of Herbert Schimmel.
112574: HENRI VAN DER ZEE - A Sweet and Alien Land: The Story of Dutch New York.
152911: HENRI CHATENAY - The Country Doctors.
166865: HENRI MATISSE,JEAN MCKEAN FISHER - MATISSE AS PRINTMAKER: Works from the Pierre and Tana Matisse Foundation.
172636: HENRI ALAIN-FOURNIER - Le Grand Meaulnes: The Land of Lost Content.
170552: HENRI PIRENNE - Medieval Cities: Their Origins and the Revival of Trade (Princeton Classic Editions).
136033: HENRI TROYAT - Alexander of Russia Napoleon's Conquerer.
180422: HENRI (ALEXANDER TEIXEIRA DE MATTO) FABRE - Fabre's Book of Insects Retold from Alexander Teixeira De Mattos' Translation of Fabre's "Souvenirs Entomologiques" ByMRs. Rodolph Stawell.
188126: HENRI MATISSE,SOPHIE HAWKES - Henri Matisse's Jazz.
102271: HENRIETTA SPENCER-CHURCHILL - Classic Georgian Style.
82873: HENRIETTA GREEN - Fresh from the Garden: The Royal Horticultural Society.
125445: HENRIETTA MCBURNEY,L.D. (EDITOR) FRENZEL - Mark Catesby's Natural History of America: The Watercolors from the Royal Library Windsor Castle.
156128: HENRIETTE DESSAULLES - Hopes and Dreams: The Diary of Henriette Dessaulles, 1874-1881.
153991: HENRIETTE D' ANGEVILL - My Ascent of Mont Blanc.
194136: HENRIK EBERLE - Was Hitler Ill?: A Final Diagnosis.
172609: HENRIK IBSEN - Four Plays.
183004: HENRIK RINK - Tales and Traditions of the Eskimo.
161835: HENRIKA KUKLICK - Imperial Bureaucrat: Colonial Administrative Service in the Gold Coast, 1920-39 (Hoover colonial studies).
171634: HENRIKA KUKLICK - A New History of Anthropology.
155777: HENRY S. REUSS - When Government Was Good: Memories of a Life in Politics.
75921: HENRY KREISEL|SHIRLEY NEUMAN - The Almost Meeting: And Other Stories.
168995: HENRY ROTH - Mercy of a Rude Stream.
162064: HENRY ADAMS - Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres.
155243: HENRY ADAMS - The Education of Henry Adams.
114287: HENRY FESTING JONES - Mount Eryx and Other Diversions of Travel.
126801: HENRY W. ELLIOTT,WALTER CROSBY EELLS - A Monograph of the Seal-Islands of Alaska.
113966: HENRY PETROSKI - The Book on the Bookshelf.
185689: HENRY CLARK - The Faith and the Book : the unity and completeness of the Divine Library in its construction and message..
76688: HENRY MAYER,ST. MARTIN'S PRESS - All on Fire: William Lloyd Garrison and the Abolition of Slavery.
131890: HENRY R. SCHOOLCRAFT - Notes on the Iroquois.
185716: HENRY PROCTOR - Perpetual Youth.
171533: HENRY BLOFELD - Cricket's Great Entertainers.
140034: HENRY WADE - Be Kind to the Killer.
136942: HENRY KRAUS - Gold Was the Mortar: The Economics of Cathedral Building.
172172: HENRY D. THOREAU - Walden or Life in the Woods.
169264: HENRY C. KLASSEN - Luther H. Holton: A Founding Canadian Intrepreneur.
140331: HENRY REID - Fidel And Che A Revolutionary Friendship.
119712: HENRY N STEVENS - New Light on the Discovery of Australia.
101962: HENRY BRETT - White Wings Fifty Years of Sail in the New Zealand Trade, 1850-1900, 2 Volumes.
97586: HENRY H. BAUER - Science Or Pseudoscience: Magnetic Healing, Psychic Phenomena, And Other Heterodoxies.
187156: HENRY JAMES - The Portrait of a Lady.
162784: HENRY REMPEL - High Price For Abundant Living.
161521: HENRY FIELDING,WILLIAM FIELDING - Miscellanies by Henry Fielding, Esq. (Wesleyan Edition of the Works of Henry Fielding) (Vol 1).
161522: HENRY FIELDING,WILLIAM FIELDING - The Wesleyan Edition of the Works of Henry Fielding: Volumes I and II: The History of Tom Jones: A Foundling v. 1.
99158: HENRY Y. HIND - Narrative of the Canadian Red River Exploring Expedition of 1857.
89921: HENRY C. DENNIS - The American Indian, 1492-1970;: A Chronology & Fact Book.
180043: HENRY BIESSEL - Inuk.
105429: HENRY A. GIROUX - Between Borders: Pedagogy and the Politics of Cultural Studies.
66111: HENRY BUCKTON - Artists and Authors at War.
U01115: HENRY BEISSEL - New Wings for Icarus.
104453: HENRY SHUKMAN - Sons of the Moon.
118708: HENRY L. MINTON - Lewis M. Terman: Pioneer in Educational Testing.
A02659: HENRY FIELDING,WILLIAM ERNEST HENLEY - The Complete Works of Henry Fielding Complete and Unbridged: Legal Writings.
179668: HENRY BEISSEL - Season of blood: A suite of poems.
97668: HENRY HAINWORTH - A Collector's Dictionary.
183382: HENRY MARVIN BELDEN - Ballads and Songs: Collected by the Missouri Folk-Lore Society.
188360: HENRY PETROSKI - The Essential Engineer: Why Science Alone Will Not Solve Our Global Problems.
140233: HENRY BUSHKIN - Johnny Carson.
179498: HENRY A. LARSEN - The Big Ship.
161523: HENRY FIELDING,WILLIAM FIELDING - The Jacobite's Journal and Related Writings (The Wesleyan Edition of the Works of Henry Fielding).
101109: HENRY METELMANN - Through Hell for Hitler: A Dramatic First-Hand Account of Fighting With the Wehrmacht.
178015: HENRY HOBHOUSE - Seeds of Wealth, Four Plants That Made Men Rich.
92472: HENRY FIELDING - The History of Tom Jones a Foundling.
141637: HENRY KLUMPENHOUWER - Music/Ideology: Resisting the Aesthetic.
104970: HENRY D. JANZEN,RICHARD BRATHWAITE - The Two Lancashire Lovers, Or, The Excellent History of Philocles and Doriclea.
176770: HENRY MAYHEW - London Characters and Crooks.
183233: HENRY MORTON ROBINSON,JOSEPH CAMPBELL - The Way of the Seeded Earth: Mythologies of the Primitive Planters The Middle and Southern Amer/Part 3.
153115: HENRY H. BAUER - Beyond Velikovsky: The History of a Public Controversy.
75320: HENRY H. TRIVICK - The Craft and Design of Monumental Brasses.
169481: HENRY VICTOR - mongoose in chicken house & other poems.
188072: HENRY SHAW - Dress and Decoration of the Middle Ages.
181089: HENRY METELMANN - Through Hell for Hitler: A Dramatic First-Hand Account of Fighting on the Eastern Front With the Wehrmacht.
165180: HENRY HARDY,ISAIAH BERLIN - Letters 1928-1946.
172487: HENRY JAMES - The Portrait of a Lady.
180199: HENRY PETROSKI - Engineers Of Dreams: Great Bridge Builders and the Spanning of America.
185717: HENRY PROCTOR - The Evolution of Culture.
139199: HENRY WILKINSON - Engines of War.
171281: HENRY JACOBY - House And Philosophy: Everybody Lies.
179066: HENRY DUFTON - Narrative of a Journey Through Abyssinia in 1862-63.
181946: HENRY T. PRINSEP - History of the Political and Military Transactions in India During the Administration of the Marquess of Hastings: 1813-23 v. 1.
85736: HENRY HOLT & CO,MICHAEL HERR - Walter Winchell.
184652: HENRY N GERAEDTS - The Peoples Republic of China : foreign economic relations and technology acquisition 1972-1981 (Lund political studies).
78566: HENRY VICTOR - Stinging of the Scorpion and Other Poems.
164329: HENRY SUMNER MAINE - Ancient Law: Its Connection with the Early History of Society, and Its Relation to Modern Ideas.
186568: HENRY KISSINGER - On China.
108508: HENRY CHARLES BAINBRIDGE - Peter Carl Faberge, Goldsmith and Jeweller to the Russian Imperial Court.
174737: HENRY MILLER - Remember to Remember.
69594: HENRY BULLER - The soldiers' english-German Conversation Book for the Man at the Front.
124573: HENRY CLAY BARNABEE - Reminiscences of Henry Clay Barnabee, Being an Attempt to Account for His Life, with Some Excuses for His Professional Career.
80757: HENRY B. MARTIN - Friendly Spies on the Northern Tour, 1815-1837.
183602: HENRY WYNMALEN - Equitation.
92460: HENRY JAMES - The Ambassadors.
184289: HENRY EPP - Three Hundred Prairie Years: Henry Kelsey's "Inland Country of Good Report" (Canadian Plains Reports(CPR)).
186317: HENRY PETROSKI - The Book on the Bookshelf.
144400: HENRY MAUDSLEY - Life in Mind and Conduct: Studies of Organic in Human Nature.
164145: HENRY CLAY ALLEN - The Materia Medica of Nosodes: Proving of the X-ray.
181541: HENRY PETROSKI - Paperboy: Confessions of a Future Engineer.
155356: HENRY PLEASANTS - Great Singers : from the Dawn of Opera to Our Own Time.
189018: HENRY KREISEL,SHIRLEY NEUMAN - Another Country: Writings by and about Henry Kreisel.
78104: HENRY JOHNSON - From Scrooby to Plymouth Rock.
162974: HENRY BROMLEY - Fire in the Blood: A History of British Columbia and Alberta Foundries.
169138: HENRY SCHLESINGER - The Battery: How Portable Power Sparked a Technological Revolution.
152837: HENRY BESTON - The St. Lawrence (Reissue).
187987: HENRY JAY ENNS - Beckoning Horizons : Teacher, Pilot, Trader, Developer - 20th Century Adventure in Alberta's Outback.
83229: HENRY MOORE - Die Shelterzeichnungen des Henry Moore (Henry Moore's Shelter Drawings).
183907: HENRY MOORE,KENNETH CLARK - Henry Moore's Sheep Sketchbook.
149239: HENRY ROTH - Shifting Landscape.
122432: HENRY CORBIN - Temple and Contemplation.
183071: HENRY FIELDING - The History of Tom Jones a Foundling.
184143: HENRY M. HOLDEN - The Boeing 247: The First Modern Commercial Airplane (Flying Classics Series).
127235: HENRY JOHN DREWAL - Yoruba: Nine Centuries of African Art and Thought.
183232: HENRY MORTON ROBINSON,JOSEPH CAMPBELL - The Way of the Seeded Earth Vol. 2, Pt. 2 : Mythologies of the Primitive Planters.
114149: HENRY LUNN - The Philadelphia Convention of 1787 and Its Lessons for Today.
85127: HENRY LOUIS GATES - Wonders of the African World.
136407: HENRY W. ELLIOTT - An Arctic Province Alaska and the Seal Islands.
192052: HENRY HITCHINGS - Defining the World: The Extraordinary Story of Dr. Johnson's Dictionary.
42700: HENRY EDWARD ALTENBERG - Holistic Medicine: A Meeting of East and West.
187242: HENRY ASHBY TURNER - Hitler's Thirty Days to Power: January 1933.
170587: HENRY MORTON ROBINSON,JOSEPH CAMPBELL - The Way of the Animal Powers Pt. 2 : Mythologies of the Great Hunt.
160015: HENRY FIELDING - Tom Jones.
173068: HENRY FIELDING - The History of Tom Jones : A Foundling.
192260: HENRY C. KLAUSEN - Pearl Harbor - Final Judgement.
176622: HENRY REYNOLDS - Black Pioneers: How Aboriginal and Islander People Helped Build Australia.
92750: HENRY M PAULSON - On the Brink: Inside the Race to Stop the Collapse of the Global Financial System.
182082: HENRY FURNEAUX - The Annals of Tacitus.
104946: HENRY VICTOR - Three Faces & Other Poems.
176287: HENRY SAKAIDA - Imperial Japanese Navy Aces 1937-45.
180921: HENRY NIELD,IAN LOGAN - Classy Chassy.
167208: HENRY FAULKNER - Elephant Haunts.
151372: HENRY C. KLASSEN - Eye on the Future: Business People in Calgary and the Bow Valley, 1870-1900.
163552: HENRY FIELDING,WILLIAM FIELDING - The Wesleyan Edition of the Works of Henry Fielding: Volumes I and II: The History of Tom Jones: A Foundling v. 1.
172000: HENRY TURTLEDOVE - The Man with the Iron Heart.
116831: HENRY BEISSEL - Edge 1: An Independent Periodical.
175418: HENRY GEE - In Search of Deep Time: Beyond the Fossil Record to a New History of Life.
116832: HENRY BEISSEL - Edge 8: An Independent Periodical.
140120: HENRY SCHOLBERG - Bibliography of Goa and the Portuguese in India.
165023: HENRY PROBERT - Bomber Harris : His Life and Times, the Biography of Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir Arthur Harris, the Wartime Chief of Bomber Command.
120265: HENRY D. THOREAU - The Journal of Henry D. Thoreau, with a Foreword By Walter Harding.
190647: HENRY SAKAIDA - Japanese Army Air Force Aces 1937-45.
177841: HENRY ARTHUR FRANCIS KAMEN - Philip of Spain.
171983: HENRYK SIENKIEWICZ - Quo Vadis ?.
128481: HERALDO MUNOZ - The Dictator's Shadow: Life Under Augusto Pinochet.
58746: HERB HIGGINBOTTOM - Cast Iron Collectables.
145214: HERB OLSON - Herb Olson's Guide to Watercolor Landscape.
168413: HERB COLLING - Ninety-nine days: The Ford strike in Windsor, 1945.
178916: HERB HAMMOND - Seeing the Forest Among the Trees: The Case for Wholistic Forest Use.
190835: HERB BELCOURT - Walking in the Woods : A Metis Journey.
190580: HERB BELCOURT - Walking in the Woods : A Metis Journey.
134637: HERBERT SPENCER - The Visible Word.
130972: HERBERT P. BIX - Hirohito and the Making of Modern Japan.
193876: HERBERT JOHN RYSER - Combinatorial Mathematics.
86140: HERBERT T. SCHWARZ - Elik, and Other Stories of the MacKenzie Eskimos.
142929: HERBERT KROSNEY - The Lost Gospel : The Quest for the Gospel of Judas Iscariot.
131679: HERBERT KROSNEY - The Lost Gospel : The Quest for the Gospel of Judas Iscariot.
186138: HERBERT R. LOTTMAN - Jules Verne: An Exploratory Biography.
A01707: HERBERT HOWARTH - Images from the Arab World Fragments of Arab Literature Translated and Paraphrased with Variations and Comments.
110982: HERBERT R CLARK - Historical review of the saskatchewan agricultural societies association.
173055: HERBERT VINCENT OLSEN - Painting the marine scene in watercolor.
175085: HERBERT T. SCHWARZ - Elik and Other Stories of the Mackenzie Eskimos.
169110: HERBERT G. KARIEL,PATRICIA E. KARIEL - Alpine Huts in the Rockies, Selkirks, and Purcells.
168722: HERBERT DAVID ALDOUS - Barns in Saskatchewan.
86966: HERBERT WESTERBY - Liszt. Composer, and his piano works. Descriptive guide and critical analysis, written in a popular and concise style..
165833: HERBERT L ALEXANDER - Putu: A fluted point site in Alaska (Publication / Department of Archaeology, Simon Fraser University).
152046: HERBERT COMPTON - A Particular Account of the European Military Adventurers of Hindustan from 1784 to 1803 (Oxford in Asia Historical Reprints).
175117: HERBERT ROMERSTEIN,M. STANTON EVANS - Stalin's Secret Agents: The Subversion of Roosevelt's Government.
188930: HERBERT T. SCHWARZ - Tales from the Smokehouse.
187631: HERBERT MOLLOY MASON - High Flew the Falcons: The French Air Aces of World War I.
97746: HERBERT SIEBNER - Color Line + Form.
183423: HERBERT ARONOFF,YEHOUDA CHAKI - Mi Makir : A Search for the Missing: An Installation of Books and Drawings by Yehouda Chaki.
168626: HERBERT T. SCHWARZ - Tuk Toyak Tuk 2-3.
187320: HERBERT G. KARIEL - Alpine huts in the Rockies, Selkirks, and Purcells.
115012: HERBERT BLAU - The Eye of Prey: Subversions of the Postmodern.
U00438: HERBERT (1925-2003) SIEBNER - Color Line + Form.
87692: HERBERT R. KOHL - She Would Not Be Moved: How We Tell the Story of Rosa Parks And the Montgomery Bus Boycott.
154923: HERBERT DAVIS,JONATHAN SWIFT - The Drapier?s Letters To The People of Ireland Against Recieving Wood?s Halfpence..
107876: HERBERT WHITTAKER - Whittaker's Theatricals.
133562: HERBERT A. WERNER - Iron Coffins: A Personal Account of the German U-Boat Battles of World War II.
108105: HERBERT K. BEALS - Four Travel Journals: The Americas, Antarctica and Africa, 17751874.
161105: HERBERT DAVIS,JONATHAN SWIFT - Irish Tracts 1728-1733 (Prose Writings of Jonathan Swift).
163876: HERCULINE BARBIN - Herculine Barbin: Being the Recently Discovered Memoirs of a Nineteenth-Century French Hermaphrodite.
111176: HEREWARD SENIOR - Constabulary: The Rise of Police Institutions in Britain, the Commonwealth and the United States.
165610: HERIBERT BOEDER - Topologie der Metaphysik (Orbis academicus) (German Edition).
165407: HERIBERT BOEDER - Das Bauzeug der Geschichte: Aufsatze und Vortrage zur griechischen und mittelalterlichen Philosophie (German Edition).
165611: HERIBERT BOEDER - Das Vernunft-Gefuge der Moderne (German Edition).
185540: HERITAGE SOCIETY OF PACIFIC GROVE,KENT SEAVEY - Pacific Grove (CA) (Images of America).
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190626: INGE SCHOLL - The White Rose: Munich, 1942-1943.
174234: INGE ISRAEL - Unmarked Doors.
15078: INGEBORG BOYENS - Another Season's Promise Hope and Despair in Canada's Farm Country.
92858: INGEBORG BOYENS - Unnatural Harvest: How Corporate Science Is Secretly Altering Our Food.
179441: INGEBORG BOYENS - Another Season's Promise : Hope and Despair in Canada's Farm Country.
186177: INGO F. WALTHER,NORBERT WOLF - Codices Illustres: The World's Most Famous Illuminated Manuscripts, 400 to 1600 (Jumbo).
181807: INGO F. WALTHER - Impressionism.
102785: INGOLF MEYER,MIDLAND PUBLISHING LIMITED,WALTER SCHICK - Luftwaffe Secret Projects: Fighters 1939-1945.
165201: INGRID ANAND-WHEELER - Terrestrial Mammals of Nunavut.
108985: INGRID JENKNER - The Ontario Heritage Foundation, Stewart & Letty Bennett Collection: On Loan to the University of Guelph Collection at the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, the Tom Thomson Memorial Gallery, Owen Sound.
115345: INGRID BETANCOURT - Even Silence Has an End: My Six Years of Captivity in the Colombian Jungle.
99839: INGRID SCHAFFNER - Maira Kalman: Various Illuminations (of a Crazy World).
171612: INGRID D. ROWLAND - From Pompeii The Afterlife of a Roman Town.
128537: INGRID D. ROWLAND - The Scarith Of Scornello: A Tale Of Renaissance Forgery.
132363: INGUNN EYDAL - Graphica Atlantica.
114902: INGVAR BYRKJEDAL - Tundra Plovers: The Eurasian, Pacific and American Golden Plovers and Grey Plover.
163777: INPSECTOR WALTER H. THOMPSON - Assignment Churchill.
122283: INSPECTOR W.V.C. CHISHOLM - Chsiholm's Trail Across Canada and the U.S.A..
188729: INTERCITY,M. D. WYATT - Art & Sole: Contemporary Sneaker Art & Design.
104598: INTERNATIONAL WOLF CENTER STAFF - Wolves of the High Arctic.
169847: INTRODUCED BY,RICHARD VAN EMDEN - Sapper Martin : The Secret Great War Diary of Albert Martin.
130406: INTRODUCED BY RIVERS SCOTT,JOHN DONNE - No Man is an Island A Selection from the Prose of John Donne.
108178: INTRODUCED BY,TERENCE EMMNONS - Time of Troubles: The Diary of Iurii Vladimirovich Got'E Moscow, July 8, 1917 to July 23, 1922.
108712: INTRODUCED BY,KUTUB KASSAM - Shimmering Light: An Anthology of Ismaili Poetry.
177077: IONA OPIE,PETER OPIE - The Classic Fairy Tales.
188771: IONA OPIE - The Classic Fairy Tales.
187678: IRA SPRING - Ice Axe, a Camera, and a Jar of Peanut Butter.
179415: IRA B. NADEL - Various Positions A Life of Leonard Cohen.
128432: IRA B. NADEL - Various Positions A Life of Leonard Cohen.
178539: IRA HIRSCHMANN - Obligato: Untold Tales from a Life With Music.
97491: IRA L. WIGGINS,JOHN HUNTER THOMAS - A Flora of the Alaskan Arctic Slope.
173369: IRA SPRING - High Rocks and Ice: The Classic Mountain Photographs Of Bob And Ira Spring (Falcon Guide).
178719: IRENE GAMMEL - Looking for Anne : The Life and Times of Anne of Green Gables.
190844: IRENE STEWART - These Were Our Yesterdays A History of District Nursing in ALberta.
177881: IRENE BRANIGAN - Poems from a Prairie Pen.
187633: IRENE TOMASZEWSKI,TECIA WERBOWSKI - Zegota: The Council for Aid to Jews in Occupied Poland, 1942-45.
176876: IRENE E. MCCAUGHERTY - The Ladders We Climb.
123661: IRENE R. KMET,SHIRLEE SMITH MATHESON - Youngblood of the Peace, The Authorized Biography of Father Emile Jugbluth, O.M.I..
195084: IRENE HARRISON - Lure of the Homestead.
112864: IRENE SCOULOUDI - Huguenots in Britain and Their French Background 1550-1800.
131206: IRENE HARRISON - Lure of the Homestead.
184912: IRENE STEWART - These Were Our Yesterdays A History of District Nursing in Alberta.
169653: IRENE NEMIROVSKY - Suite Francaise.
177485: IRENE N. WATTS,STEVE MENNIE - The Fish Princess.
139648: IRENE GAMMEL - Baroness Elsa: Gender, Dada, and Everyday Modernity A Cultural Biography.
165873: IRENE WATTS - One for Day / One for Night.
105064: IRENE MORCK - Five Pennies: A Prairie Boy's Story.
182612: IRENE WATSON - The Sitting Swing.
187747: IRENE M. SPRY - The Palliser Expedition : The Dramatic Story of Western Canadian Exploration, 1857-1860 (Western Canadian Classics Ser.).
167648: IRINA GOLDENBERG - The defence Team Military and Civilian Partnership in the Canadian Armed Forces.
122206: IRIS MURDOCH - The Message to the Planet.
165868: IRIS CHANG - The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II.
171210: IRIS CHANG - The Chinese in America : A Narrative History.
162873: IRIS ALLAN - White Sioux the Story of Major Walsh of the Mounted Police.
185861: IRIS MURDOCH - Jackson's Dilemma.
192252: IRMA COUCILL - Founders & Guardians 72 Portraits by Irma Coucill.
158499: IRMA B. GRIGG - Three Years in Gemu Gofa.
105814: IRMENGARD RAUCH - The Old Saxon Language: Grammar, Epic Narrative, Linguistic Interference.
185491: IRON RIVER-LACOREY HISTORY COMMITTEE - Coal Oil to Crude Iron River - La Coney and Surrounding Areas.
184415: IRSHAD MANJI - Allah, Liberty & Love: The Courage to Reconcile Faith and Freedom.
142294: IRSHAD MANJI - The Trouble with Islam Today: A Wake-up Call for Honesty and Change.
108431: IRTIS ORIGO - The Vagabond Path.
157368: IRVIN EHRENPREIS - Swift: Dean Swift Volume III: The Man, His Works and the Age (Vol 3).
188902: IRVIN EDWARD TRIST,RUSSELL HILLIER - Take Cover: The Wartime Memories of a Devon Policeman, 1938-1946.
134840: IRVIN J KROEKER - The Papers of Howard W Winkler.
195429: IRVIN D YALOM - The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy: Fourth Edition.
164708: IRVING FINKEL - The Ark Before Noah: Decoding the Story of the Flood.
180455: IRVING H. BARTLETT - Daniel Webster.
144928: IRVING STONE - Lust for Life A Novel of Vincent Van Gogh.
136816: IRVING SINGER - Mozart and Beethoven : The Concept of Love in Their Operas.
A01025: IRVING LAYTON - A Red Carpet for the Sun.
157014: IRVING M. ABELLA - A Coat of Many Colours : Two Centuries of Jewish Life In Canada.
142654: IRVING LAYTON - Fortunate Exile.
186419: IRVING THALBERG - Perception, Emotion and Action: Component Approach.
183584: IRVING LAYTON - The Gucci Bag.
135311: IRVING LAYTON - The Unwavering Eye, Selected Poems 1969-1975.
68790: IRVING LAYTON - Love Poems of Irving Layton.
U01314: IRVING LAYTON - Love Poems of Irving Layton.
170566: IRVING LAYTON - Lovers and Lesser Men.
161233: IRVING STONE - The Origin, A Novel of Charles Darwin.
172013: IRVING BRANT - The Fourth President: A Life of James Madison.
170572: IRVING LAYTON - For My Neighbours in Hell.
162365: IRVING LAYTON - The Pole-Vaulter.
162364: IRVING LAYTON - For My Brother Jesus.
132879: IRVING LAYTON - The Improved Binoculars: Selected Poems.
195257: IRVING LAYTON - A Red Carpet for the Sun.
91631: IRVING PENN - Worlds in a Small Room.
82863: IRVING LAYTON - A Red Carpet for the Sun.
155235: IRWIN SHAW - Beggarman, Thief.
122185: IRWIN HUBERMAN - The Place We Call Home : A History of Fort McMurray As Its People Remember.

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