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175429: HANLON, MICHAEL - The Worlds of Galileo
132711: FENICHEL, HANNA AND RAPAPORT, DAVID - The Collected Papers of Otto Fenichel First Series and Second Series
U01340: HANNA, MARGARET G. - Approaches to Algonquian Archaeology
133765: HANNA, JONATHAN;LACOURTE, CAROL;KENNELL, ROBERT C. - Portraits of Canada: Photographic Treasures of the CPR
169599: HANNA, MARGARET G. - Approaches to Algonquian Archaeology
182581: HANNAH, MARTHA; SCOTT, KITTY; DERKSEN, JEFF - Ken Lum Works with Photography
070565: HANNAH, DON - Ragged Islands
138226: HANNAH, DON - The Wise and Foolish Virgins
171517: HANNAM, KEVIN; KNOX, DAN - Understanding Tourism: A Critical Introduction
181823: HANNAVY, JOHN - The Victorians and Edwardians at Play (Shire Library)
088081: HANNAY, JAMES - The History of Acadia from Its First Discovery to Its Surrender to England By the Treaty of Paris
145069: HANON, STEVE - The Devil's Breath : The Story of the Hillcrest Mine Disaster of 1914
118836: HANRAHAN, MAURA - Tsunami : The Newfoundland Tidal Wave Disaster
150112: HANSARD, GEORGE AGAR - The Book of Archery, Being the Complete History and Practice of the Art, ANcient and Modern, Interspersed with Numerous Interesting Anecdotes, and an Account of the Existing Toxophilite Societies
158501: HANSBERRY, WILLIAM LEO - Pillars in Ethiopian History (William Leo Hansberry African History Notebook)
179383: HANSEL, C. E. M. - The Search for Psychic Power
137554: HANSEN, RICK ;TAYLOR JIM - Rick Hansen : Man in Motion
178465: HANSEN, RANDALL - Fire and Fury: The Allied Bombing of Germany, 1942-45
141411: HANSEN, MOGENS HERMAN - The Athenian Democracy in the Age of Demosthenes: Structure, Principles, and Ideology
132532: HANSEN, SIG;SUNDEEN, MARK - North by Northwestern: A Seafaring Family in Deadly Alaskan Waters
092068: HANSEN, JAMES - Storms Of My Grandchildren
094306: HANSEN, RANDALL - Fire and Fury: The Allied Bombing of Germany, 1942-45
157131: HANSEN, LAWRENCE - Easy Scale Modeling (FineScale Modeler Books)
157232: HANSEN, RANDALL - Disobeying Hitler: German Resistance After Operation Valkyrie
122819: HANSEN, JAMES - Storms Of My Grandchildren
166869: HANSEN, JIM; BURNS, JOHN - Drawing Dragons
171387: HANSEN, HANS V., EDITOR - Riel's Defence: Perspectives on His Speeches
170928: HANSEN, RANDALL - Disobeying Hitler: German Resistance After Operation Valkyrie
U01363: HANSFORD, J.E. - The Business Guide; or, Safe Methods of Business
182112: HANSHEW, ANNIE - Border to Border: Quilts and Quiltmakers of Montana
101181: HANSON, NEIL - The Custom of the Sea : A Shocking True Tale of Shipwreck, Murder and the Last Taboo
144932: HANSON, VICTOR DAVIS - The Father of Us All: War and History, Ancient and Modern
181196: HANSON, ELIZABETH - Animal Attractions: Nature on Display in American Zoos
126067: HANSON, NEIL - First Blitz
162161: HANSON, VICTOR - Ripples of Battle: How Wars of the Past Still Determine How We Fight, How We Live, and How We Think
166226: HANSON, CHARLES E - The Hawken Rifle: Its Place in History
156284: HANSSON, HEIDI, EDITOR - New Contexts: Re-Framing Nineteenth-Century Irish Women's Prose
88305: HAPCHYN, PETER - the concise bohemian Philosophy
109431: HAPGOOD, FRED - Up the Infinite Corridor: Mit and the Technical Imagination
187909: HAPPER, RICHARD - Abandoned Places: 60 stories of places where time stopped
167677: HAQQANI, HUSAIN - Magnificent Delusions: Pakistan, the United States, and an Epic History of Misunderstanding
180776: HARA, TOMIO - Japanese Combat Cars, Light Tanks and Tankettes
125052: O'HARA, JOHN - Sermons and Soda-Water
111455: O'HARA, JOHN - Sermons and Soda-Water
154984: HARA, TOMIO - Japanese Medium Tanks
153607: HARALSON, DORIS NEELEY - Northland echoes
124456: HARASYMIW, BOHDAN - Post-Communist Ukraine
188381: HARAWAY, DONNA J. - Modest_Witness@Second_Millennium.FemaleMan_Meets_OncoMouse: Feminism and Technoscience
120405: HARBACK, HORACE R - My Labor of Love Poems
178673: HARBEL, JIM - Risking Adventure Mountaineering Journey
162311: HARBERD, NICHOLAS - Seed to Seed: The Secret Life of Plants
181482: HARBO, RICK M. - Whelks to Whales: Coastal Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest
148615: HARBOUR, DANIEL - An Intelligent Persons Guide to Atheism
161838: HARBRON, JOHN D. - Trafalgar and the Spanish Navy: The Spanish Experience of Sea Power
149505: HARBRON, JOHN D. - Longest Battle: The Rcn in the Atlantic 1939-1945
174047: HARDCASTLE, NATE - Survive: Stories of Castaways and Cannibals (Adrenaline)
165350: HARDEN, BLAINE - The Great Leader and the Fighter Pilot: The True Story of the Tyrant Who Created North Korea and The Young Lieutenant Who Stole His Way to Freedom
185145: HARDEN, JOEL D. - Quiet No More: New Political Activism in Canada and Around the Globe
177413: HARDEN, BLAINE - Escape from Camp 14 : One Man's Remarkable Odyssey from North Korea to Freedom in the West
096518: HARDER, LOIS - State of Struggle: Feminism and Politics in Alberta
188163: HARDGRAVE, ROBERT L. - A Portrait of the Hindus: Balthazar Solvyns & the European Image of India, 1760-1824
185225: HARDIE, TITANIA - Hocus Pocus: Titania's Book of Spells
183252: HARDIE, W.F.R. - Aristotle's Ethical Theory
167379: HARDIE, MARTIN - English Coloured Books
178633: HARDIE, NORMAN - In Highest Nepal
174576: HARDIN, SAMUEL H - History of Greater Vegreville
183837: HARDIN, TERRI - Pre-Raphaelites: Inspiration from the Past (Art Movements)
187376: HARDING, THOMAS - Hanns and Rudolf: The German Jew and the Hunt for the Kommandant of Auschwitz
182604: HARDING, DANIEL RADCLIFFE ADESOLA - Poems for the World
143111: DAVIS RICHARD HARDING - The Bar Sinister
170099: HARDING, DOUGLAS E. - On Having No Head: Zen and the Rediscovery of the Obvious
165613: MACHIK LABDRON; HARDING, SARAH - Machik's Complete Explanation: Clarifying the Meaning of Chod (Tsadra Foundation)
164394: HARDING , ANDREW J - 50 Years of Malaysia: Federalism Revisited
185850: HARDING, THOMAS - Hanns and Rudolf: The True Story of the German Jew Who Tracked Down and Caught the Kommandant of Auschwitz
144907: HARDING, LUKE - The Snowden Files: The Inside Story of the World s Most Wanted Man
167104: HARDING, STEPHEN - The Last Battle: When U.S. and German Soldiers Joined Forces in the Waning Hours of World War II in Europe
176076: CAMPBELL-HARDING, VALERIE; GREY, MAGGIE - Celtic Inspirations for Machine Embroiderers
135478: HARDMAN, RIC - The Virgin War
022292: HARDOY, JORGE - Urban Planning in Pre-Columbian America
106592: HARDSTAFF, R E ; PHILIP, LYTH - Georgian Southwell as seen in the journals of George Hodgkinson, Attorneys-at-Law, 1770-81
147906: HARDT, MICHAEL - The Jameson Reader
132802: HARDWICK, ELIZABETH - Herman Melville
156291: HARDWICK, LORNA, ET AL, EDITORS - Classics in Post-Colonial Worlds (Classical Presences)
161090: HARDY, MICHELE - Patterned Pleasure Introducing the Jean and Marie Erikson Collection
092710: HARDY, W.G. - The Unfulfilled
163209: HARDY, THOMAS - Wessex Tales
073163: HARDY, W.G. - The Greek and Roman World
172607: HARDY, THOMAS - The Return of the Native
155626: HARDY,WILLIAM - A Guide To Art Nouveau Style
165180: HARDY, HENRY; BERLIN, ISAIAH - Letters 1928-1946
171674: HARDY, ALISTER - Great Waters
114421: HARDY, THOMAS - The Trumpet Major
165073: HARDY, G. H. - A Mathematician's Apology (Canto)
188313: HARDY, GEORGE A., : HARDY, WINIFRED V - Wild Flowers in the Rockies
R01178: HARDY, W.G. - The Scarlet Mantle
187619: HARDY, CLIVE - South Tyneside in Focus
181334: HARDYMENT, CHRISTINA - Malory: The Knight Who Became King Arthur's Chronicler
186030: HARDYMENT, CHRISTINA - Malory: The Knight Who Became King Arthur's Chronicler
179186: HARE, WILLIAM - In defence of open-mindedness
121174: HARE, R. M. - Essays on the Moral Concepts
119456: HARE, R. M. - Practical Inferences
175650: HARE, ROBERT D. - Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us
041125: THE EARL OF HAREWOOD (EDITED AND REVISED) - The New Kobbe's Complete Opera Book
155376: HARGREAVES, J D - Prelude To The Partition Of West Africa
177379: HARGREAVES, RICHARD - Hitler's Final Fortress: Breslau 1945 (Stackpole Military History Series)
087773: HARI, DAOUD - The Translator: A Tribesman's Memory of Darfur
119896: HARKER, DOUGLAS - More Tales from the Outer Gulf Islands An Anthology of Memories and Anecdotes
187615: HARKNESS, DEBORAH E. - The Jewel House: Elizabethan London and the Scientific Revolution
170786: HARL, KENNETH W - Great Ancient Civilizations of Asia Minor
170744: HARL, KENNETH W - Ancient & Medieval History, the World of Byzantium, Part 1 &2
108152: HARLAN, LINDSAY - Religion and Rajput Women: The Ethic of Protection in Contemporary Narratives
182714: HARLIN, JOHN - The Eiger Obsession: Facing the Mountain That Killed My Father
162337: HARLIN, JOHN - The Eiger Obsession: Facing the Mountain That Killed My Father
165084: HARMAN, GRAHAM - Quentin Meillassoux: Philosophy in the Making
137128: HARMETZ, A. - Round up the Usual Suspects
142099: LUCIAN; HARMON, A M - Lucian II
142098: LUCIAN; HARMON, A M - Lucian IV
157540: LUCIAN; HARMON, A M - Lucian V
185685: HARMON, DANIEL WILLIAMS - A Journal of Voyages and Travels in the Interiour of North America
144971: HARMON, CAROLE; ROBINSON, BART - Byron Harmon Mountain Photographer
184940: HARMON, BYRON; HARMON, CAROLE ; ROBINSON, BART - Great Days in the Rockies The Photographs of Byron Harmon 1906-1934
182524: HARMS, ALVIN - Theodore De Banville (Twayne's World Authors Series)
173282: HARMS, ALVIN - Jose-Maria De Heredia
118804: HARMSEN, W D - Patterns and Sources of Navajo Weaving
178999: HARNER, MICHAEL - The Way of the Shaman
181855: HARP, ELMER, JR.; HARP JR, ELMER - Lives and Landscapes: A Photographic Memoir of Outport Newfoundland and Labrador, 1949-1963
183002: HARP, ELMER - The Cultural Affinities of the Newfoundland Dorset Eskimo
U00117: HARPER, J. RUSSELL - Three Centuries of Canadian Painting. Trois Siecles de Peinture Canadienne
142017: HARPER, J.RUSSELL - Historical Directory of New Brunswick Newspapers and Periodicals
132505: HARPER, KENN - Give Me My Father's Body: The Life of Minik, the New York Eskimo
137877: HARPER, J. R. - A Short History of the Old 78th Regiment, or Fraser's Highlanders, 1757-1763
086917: HARPER, J. RUSSELL - William G. R. Hind 1833-1889
180333: HARPER, DAVID E - Tank Warfare on Iwo Jima
134480: HARPER,J RUSSELL - Early Painters and Engravers in Canada
000356: HARPER, FRANCIS - Land and Fresh Water Mammals of the Ungava Peninsula
179892: HARPER, J. RUSSELL - Krieghoff
110271: HARPER, FRANCIS - Okefinokee Album
105653: HARPER, J. RUSSELL ; JOAN MURRAY, RALPH PRICE, PATRICIA PRICE - 'Twas Ever Thus : A Selection of Eastern Canadian Folk Art
110383: HARPER, J. RUSSELL, AND STANLEY TRIGGS, EDITORS - Portrait of a Period A Collection of Notman Photographs, 1856-1915
085643: HARPER, J. RUSSELL - A People's Art Primitive ,naive,Provincial and Folk Painting in Canada
181411: HARPER, J. RUSSELL - Everyman's Canada Paintings and Drawings from the McCord Museum of McGill University
086561: HARPER, GLENN; MOYER, TWYLENE - A Sculpture Reader : Contemporary Sculpture Since 1980
134004: HARPER, J. RUSSELL - Paul Kane's Frontier Including "Wanderings of an Artist Among the Indians of North America" By Paul Kane
171659: HARPER, HEINRICH - Das Buch von Eiger
111916: HARPER, J RUSSELL - The Ernest E Poole Foundation Collection
155013: HARPER, KENN - Christmas in the Big Igloo True Tales from the Canadian Arctic
091584: HARPER, J. RUSSELL - Paul Kane 1810-1871
164275: HARPER, RUSSELL J - Krieghoff
125862: HARPER, J. RUSSELL - Cornelius Krieghoff The Habitant Farm
076916: HARPER, KENN - Give Me My Father's Body: The Life of Minik, the New York Eskimo
157958: HARPER, KIMBALL T.; ST. CLAIR, LARRY L. - Natural History of the Colorado Plateau and Great Basin
177956: HARPER, STEPHEN J. - A Great Game: The Forgotten Leafs & the Rise of Professional Hockey
092273: HARPHAM, ZOE - Fab Food : Retro Classics
152064: HARPHAM, SANDI - Living on Purpose
059312: HARPUR, TOM - Would You Believe?
178395: HARPUR, TOM - Life After Death
127400: HARPUR, TOM - The Uncommon Touch : An Investigation of Spiritual Healing
119362: HARPUR, TOM - Finding The Still Point: A Spiritual Response to Stress
137705: HARPUR, TOM - Would You Believe?
181432: HARPUR, TOM - There Is Life After Death
101162: HARPUT, TOM - Water Into Wine
155603: HARR, JONATHAN - The Lost Painting: The Search For A Caravaggio Masterpiece
177815: HARRE, ROM, EDITEOR - The Social Construction of Emotions
109993: HARRIES, KARSTEN - The Broken Frame: Three Lectures
125028: HARRIES, MEIRION; HARRIES, SUSIE - Sheathing the Sword : Demilitarization of Japan
085176: HARRIGAN, PATRICK J. - Mobility, Elites, and Education in French Society of the Second Empire
184136: HARRINGTON, LYN - Ootook Young Eskimo Girl
095508: HARRINGTON, WALT - The Everlasting Stream: A True Story of Rabbits, Guns, Friends, and Family
103378: HARRINGTON, PETER - Plassey 1757: Clive Of India's Finest Hour
182942: HARRINGTON, C. R. - A Postglacial Muskox (Ovibos Moschatus) from Grandview, Manitoba, and Comments on the Zoogeography of Ovibos
158950: HARRINGTON, RICHARD - Richard Harrington Canadian Photographer
179121: HARRINGTON, S.J. DANIEL J. - Invitation to the Apocrypha
163389: HARRINGTON, LYN - The Luck of the la Verendryes
164517: HARRIS, K. - Visitors Who Never Left: The Origin of the People of Damelahamid
164529: HARRIS, CAROLYN - Magna Carta and Its Gifts to Canada: Democracy, Law, and Human Rights
147745: HARRIS, MARJORIE - Pocket Gardening: A Guide to Gardening in Impossible Places
157494: HARRIS, BENJAMIN - The Compleat Rifleman Harris: The Adventures of a Soldier of the 95th (Rifles) During the Peninsular Campaign of the Napoleonic Wars
170681: HARRIS, SAM - The End of Faith : Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason
188164: HARRIS, MARJORIE; MACMILLAN, MARGARET; DESJARDINS, ANNE - Canada's House : Reflecting Our Place in the Twenty-First Century
127779: HARRIS, MICHAEL - Con Game: The Truth About Canada's Prisons
154780: HARRIS, PROFESSOR JOHN - The Palladian Revival: Lord Burlington, His Villa and Garden at Chiswick
A00270: HARRIS, MICHAEL - In Transit
108463: HARRIS, NATHANIEL - The Life and Works of Klimt : A Compilation of Works from the Bridgeman Art Library
089334: HARRIS, PAMELA - Another Way of Being Photographs of Spence Bay, NWT
166161: ALASTAIR DUNCAN; MARTIN EIDELBERG; NEIL HARRIS - Masterworks of Louis Comfort Tiffany
186003: HARRIS, ROBIN SUTTON; CHAMPLAIN SOCIETY; HARRIS, TERRY G. - The Eldon House Diaries: Five Women's Views of the 19th Century
R01253: HARRIS, ROY - Linguistic Thought in England, 1914-1945
166777: HARRIS, CHARLAINE - Dead Ever After: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood)
055527: HARRIS, MARK - Bang the Drum Slowly
15798: HARRIS, SHIRLEY - Forgotten Gardens, Abandoned Landscapes
171270: HARRIS, SAM - The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason
117266: HARRIS, MELISSA - Aperture 186 spring 2007
075622: HARRIS, SHELDON H. - Factories of Death: Japanese Biological Warfare 1932-45 and the American Cover-Up
161553: HARRIS, SAM - The End of Faith : Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason
122937: HARRIS, CHARLES HOUSTON - A Mexican Family Empire, the Latifundio of the S_Anchez Navarros, 1765-1867
186225: HARRIS, R. COLE - Historical Atlas of Canada: From the Beginning to 1800, Volume I
184021: HARRIS, CHRISTIE - Mouse Woman and the Muddleheads
158035: HARRIS, DAVID - The Canadian Alpine Journal
115010: HARRIS, JONATHAN - The New Art History: A Critical Introduction
172427: HARRIS, JOHN F - The Survivor
177609: HARRIS, RUTH - Murders and Madness: Medicine, Law, and Society in the Fin de Siècle (Oxford Historical Monographs)
171355: HARRIS, MICHAEL - The Judas Kiss: The Undercover Life of Patrick Kelly
158036: HARRIS, DAVID - The Canadian Alpine Journal
127363: HARRIS, MICHAEL - Rare Ambition, The Crosbies of Newfoundland
122420: HARRIS, A PETER; SHADBOLT, JACK - Eric Freifeld 1919 - 1984 a Tribute
114261: HARRIS, MAX - Theater And Incarnation
143076: HARRIS, MAXINE - Down from the Pedestal: Moving Beyond Idealized Images of Womanhood
102322: HARRIS, WALTER - Morocco That Was
178322: HARRIS, JOHN - William Talman (Genius of Architecture)
179306: HARRIS, LAWREN - A Disquisition on Abstract Painting
173493: HARRIS, LAWREN - Lawren Harris Paintings 1910 - 1948
172442: HARRIS, JOEL CHANDLER - Uncle Remus
189022: HARRIS, STEPHEN J. - Canadian Brass : The Making of a Professional Army, 1860-1939
182399: HARRIS, W. E. - Department of Chemistry History and a Memoir 1909-2003
098555: HARRIS, WILSON - Black Marsden
090882: HARRIS, MARJORIE; MACMILLAN, MARGARET; DESJARDINS, ANNE - Canada's House : Reflecting Our Place in the Twenty-First Century
158381: HARRIS, JANA - We Never Speak of It: Idaho-Wyoming Poems, 1889-90
A01747: HARRIS, BRADLEY - Ruby Ruby
133320: HARRIS, R. COLE - Historical Atlas of Canada, All Three Volumes
082922: HARRIS, CHRISTIE - Mouse Woman And The Mischief-Makers
089907: NUTT, HANS, WITH LARRY HARRIS AND BRIAN TAYLOR - Escape to Honour, The Gripping True Story of Hans Nutt, a Young German Who Escaped from the Nazis to Join the French Resistance and Work as a British Spy
184616: HARRIS, GRAHAM - The Oak Island Treasure the Case for Sir William Phips
183183: HARRIS, R. COLE; HARRIS, RICHARD COLEBROOK - The Seigneurial System in Early Canada: A Geographical Study
184272: HARRIS, LAWREN;GLENBOW MUSEUM;JACKSON, CHRISTOPHER E. - Lawren Harris: North by West the Arctic and Rocky Mountain Paintings of Lawren Harris, 1924-1931 = Lawren Harris Le Grand Nord via L'ouest Les Tableaux De L'Archtique Et Des Rocheuses Peints Par Lawren Harris De 1924-1931
169583: HARRIS, BRIAN L. - Harris's Guide to Churches and Cathedrals: Discovering the Unique and Unusual in Over 500 Churches and Cathedrals
184662: JANE HARRIS - Stars Appearing: The Galts' Vision of Canada
099116: HARRIS, WILSON - Companions of the Day and Night
150118: HARRIS, STEVEN - Surrealist Art and Thought in the 1930's: Art, Politics, and the Psyche
154157: HARRIS, LILLIAN CRAIG - Cemeteries and Memories: The second World War in Tunisia
111161: HARRIS, RICHARD;FOX, LISA - Artisan Farming: Lessons, Lore, and Recipes
167257: HARRIS, HELEN - Grand Western Canal (Inland Waterways Histories)
110726: HARRISON, KATHRYN - The Road to Santiago
175075: HARRISON, HAZEL - Acrylic Paint School : A Practical Guide to Painting with Acrylic
A03063: HARRISON, GORDON A. - Mosquitoes, Malaria, and Man: A History of the Hostilities since 1880
019792: HARRISON, ANITA - The Tep By Step Art of Riboon Crafts How to Make Original and Innovtive Designs Using Ribbon
033013: HARRISON, DICK - Unnamed Country: The Struggle for a Canadian Prairie Fiction
125457: HARRISON, CHARLES - Since 1950: Art and Its Criticism
139233: HARRISON, JIM - Off to the Side: A Memoir
179903: HARRISON, DICK - Unnamed Country The Struggle for a Canadian Prairie Fiction
170627: HARRISON, W. A. - Gloster Gladiator in action
115374: HARRISON, T. W. - Earthworks
124484: HARRISON, JULIA D. - Being a Tourist: Finding Meaning in Pleasure Travel
181254: HARRISON, ROBERT POGUE - Gardens: An Essay on the Human Condition
127364: HARRISON, DICK - Best Mounted Police Stories
171682: HARRISON, SHIRLEY - The Diary of Jack the Ripper/the Discovery, the Investigation, the Debate
124827: HARRISON, TED - Stigmata : A Medieval Phenomenon in a Modern Age
166160: HARRISON,TED - O Canada
144943: HARRISON, TRACEY - Place Names of Alberta, Volume III Central Alberta
153591: HARRISON, KATHRYN - Joan of Arc: A Life Transfigured
131206: HARRISON, IRENE - Lure of the Homestead
053719: HARRISON, TED - The Last Horizon
166726: HARRISON, TRACEY - Place Names of Alberta, Volume III Central Alberta
115409: HARRISON, EDWARD - Darkness at Night: A Riddle of the Universe
185048: HARRISON, C.J.O. - A Field Guide to the Nests, Eggs and Nestlings of North American Birds (Collins Pocket Guide)
167718: HARRISON, TED - The Last Horizon
165295: HARRISON, EUNICE M.L.; BARMAN, JEAN - Judge's Wife, The
158734: HARRISON, MARTIN - Mountain and Plain: From the Lycian Coast to the Phrygian Plateau in the Late Roman and Early Byzantine Period
124998: HARRISON, ALFRED H - In Search of A Polar Continent, 1905-1907.
158294: WARD-HARRISS, JOAN - More Than Meets the Eye : The Life and Lore of Western Wildflowers
164577: HARROD, HOWARD L. - Renewing the World: Plains Indian Religion and Morality
169225: HARROLD, MICHAEL - Comrades and Strangers: Behind the Closed Doors of North Korea
141016: HARRON, DON - Cum Buy the Farm
139335: HARROP, JOSEPHINE - Victorian Portable Theatres
139336: TRIM;SOCIETY FOR THEATRE RESEARCH;HARROP, JOSEPHINE - The Original, Complete, and Only Authentic Story of Old Wild's (the Yorkshire Richardson's, and the Pioneer of the Provincial Theatre): A Nursery of Strolling Players and the Celebrities Who Appeared There Being the Reminiscences of Its Chief and Last Pro
158958: SANFORD, HARRY & FONTANA, D. C. - The Brazos River
142453: HOIJER, HARRY AND OTHERS - Studies in the Athapaskan Languages
133257: HARS, EVA - Zsolnay Ceramics Factory, Pecs
180407: HARSHAW, WILLIAM A. - A Transforming Influence a Biographical Memoir of Archbishop Howard h Clark
107838: HART, TREVOR - Faith Thinking: The Dynamics of Christian Theology
165552: HART, CHRISTOPHER - Basic Drawing Made Amazingly Easy
100545: HART, RHONDA MASSINGHAM - Trail Riding: Train, Prepare, Pack Up & Hit the Trail
184563: HART, PETER - Fire and Movement: The British Expeditionary Force and the Campaign of 1914
188117: HART, E.J. - The Selling of Canada: The CPR and the Beginnings of Canadian Tourism
095688: HART, A. TINDAL - The Country Priest in English History
161287: HART, GERALD D. - Disease in Ancient Man: A Report of an International Symposium on Disease in Ancient Man
156242: HART, E. J. - Jimmy Simpson : Legend of the Rockies
144805: HART, MATTHEW - The Irish Game : A True Story of Crime and Art
180563: HART, JOHAN - Under the crown flag : my K.N.S.M. years 1939-1947 : an account of the time I, Johan Hart, sailed the ships of the Royal Netherlands Steamship Company, March 1939 - July 1947
184269: HART, E.J. (TED) - The Place of Bows: Exploring the Heritage of the Banff-Bow Valley. Part I to 1930
116649: HART, E. J. - Jimmy Simpson : Legend of the Rockies
164306: HART, H.L.A. - The Concept of Law
166868: HART, CHRISTOPHER - Drawing Dragons and Those Who Hunt Them
162212: HART, BRET - Hitman: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling
180902: HART, S.;HART, R. - Weapons and Fighting Tactics of the Waffen-Ss
132153: HART, MATTHEW - Diamond : A Journey to the Heart of an Obsession
181039: HART, E J - J.B. Harkin: Father of Canada's National Parks
111650: HART, CLAUDIA - Not an Angel
184498: HART, E.J. - The Brewster Story From Pack Train to Tour Bus
156283: HART, ELISA J - Reindeer Days Remembered
129264: HART, JAMES D. - The Oxford Companion to American Literature
129884: HART, ROBERT, SIR, BART;BRUNER, KATHERINE F.;FAIRBANK, JOHN KING;CAMPBELL, JAMES DUNCAN;MATHESON, ELIZABETH MACLEOD - The I. G. in Peking: Letters of Robert Hart, Chinese Maritime Customs, 1868-1907
185329: HART, HANNAH - My Drunk Kitchen: A Guide to Eating, Drinking, and Going with Your Gut
188217: HART, STEPHEN A - Sherman Firefly vs Tiger: Normandy 1944
134346: HART, MICHAEL - A Trading Nation: Canadian Trade Policy from Colonialism to Globalization
157560: HART, PETER - Gallipoli
172100: HART, E.J. - Diamond Hitch The Early Outfitters and Guides of Banff and Jasper
136327: HART, E. J. - Jimmy Simpson : Legend of the Rockies
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093068: HEYWORTH, PETER - Otto Klemperer His Life and Times Volume 1: 1885-1933
169297: HIAM, C. MICHAEL - Eddie Shore and that Old-Time Hockey
178118: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - Cities and Civilisations
178538: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - Cavaliers and Roundheads: The English Civil War, 1642-1649
120422: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - The Way Of King Arthur
131410: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - The Dragon Wakes: China and the West, 1793-1911
157873: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - Wellington: A Personal History
095493: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - The Personal History of Samuel Johnson
118838: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - The Court of St. James: The Monarch at Work from Victoria to Elizabeth II
158395: HIBBERT, JOYCE; BIRNEY, EARLE - Fragments of War: Stories from Survivors of World War II
130532: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - Redcoats and Rebels, The War for America 1770-1781
141402: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - Cities and Civilizations
188170: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - Venice: The Biography of a City
179449: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - George III: A Personal History
170021: HICK, W. B. M. - Hays' Orphan : The Story of the Port of Prince Rupert
185518: HICKEN, SOPHI - Still Standing. The Grain Elevators of Southern Alberta
181794: HICKEY, WILLIAM - Memoirs of a Georgian Rake
072475: HICKEY, DANIEL - Local Hospitals in Ancient Regime France: Rationalization, Resistance, Renewal 1530-1789
179382: HICKS, WENDY - The All of Scotch Whisky
154440: HICKS, BRIAN - Ghost Ship: The Mysterious True Story of the Mary Celeste and Her Missing Crew
165750: HICKS, PAMELA - Daughter of Empire: Life as a Mountbatten
157608: WINDLASS; HICKS, JOHN B - With the R.N.R
182558: HICKS, BRIAN - Toward the Setting Sun: John Ross, the Cherokees and the Trail of Tears
182763: HICKSON, KEN - Flight 901 to Erebus
174753: HICOCK, LARRY - Castles Made Of Sound: The Story Of Gil Evans
118861: HIDES, J.G. - Through Wildest Papua
A01304: HIEBERT, PAUL - For the Birds
183893: HIEBERT, PAUL - Tower in Siloam
169622: HIEBERT, SUSAN - Morden Mort Cheval Pinancewaywinning Lake Agassiz
173264: HIEBERT, PAUL - Willows Revisited
185331: HIERONYMUS, STAN - For The Love of Hops: The Practical Guide to Aroma, Bitterness and the Culture of Hops (Brewing Elements)
130272: HIESINGER, KATHYRN BLOOM - Art Nouveau in Munich: Masters of the Jugendstil
R01907: HIETSCH, OTTO - From anbandeln to Zwetschkenknodel: An Austrian Lexical and Cultural Guide
188398: CARL HIGBIE - Enemies, Foreign and Domestic: A SEAL's Story
058746: HIGGINBOTTOM, HERB - Cast Iron Collectables
187145: HIGGINS, DAVID - Panzer II vs 7TP: Poland 1939 (Duel)
117524: HIGGINS, DAVID - The Roer River Battles: Germany's Stand at the Westwall, 1944-45
155195: HIGGINS, D. S. - Rider Haggard: A Biography
120966: HIGGINS, R.A. - Greek Terracotta Figures
089120: HIGGINS, D.S. - The Private Diaries of Sir H. Rider Haggard
165819: HIGGINS, MATT - Bird Dream: Adventures at the Extremes of Human Flight
170167: HIGGINS, DAVID WILLIAM - Tales of a Pioneer Journalist: From Gold Rush to Governement Street in 19th Century Victoria
132353: HIGGINS, F E - The Black Book of Secrets
157552: HIGGINS, IAN - Swift's Politics: A Study in Disaffection (Cambridge Studies in Eighteenth-Century English Literature and Thought)
126618: HIGGITT, W.L. - The New West Being the Official Reports to Parliament of the Activities of the Royal North-West Mounted Police Force from 1888-1889 by the Commissioners of the Royal North-West Mounted Police
109367: HIGGITT, W.L. - Law and Order: Being the Official Reports to Parliament of the Activities of the Royal North-West Mounted Police Force from 1886-1887
040650: HIGH, JAMES L. - Speeches of Lord Erskine While at the Bar, Volumes III & IV, Bound in One Volume
116840: HIGH, STEVEN ; LEWIS, DAVID - Corporate Wasteland: The Landscape and Memory of Deindustrialization
128495: HIGHAM, CHARLES - Howard Hughes: The Secret Life
181575: HIGHAM, JAMIE - Jasper Wanderings
124928: HIGHAM, CAROL L. - One West, Two Myths: A Comparative Reader
163778: HIGHAM, CHARLES - The Civilization of Angkor
115955: HIGHAM, CHARLES - Dark Lady: Winston Churchill's Mother and Her World
158448: HIGHET, GILBERT - The Speeches in Vergil's "Aeneid"
012565: HIGHET, GILBERT - Poets Ina Landscape
168365: HIGHWAY, TOMSON - The Rez Sisters: A Play in Two Acts
117811: HIGHWAY, TOMSON - Caribou Song
110840: HIGHWAY, TOMSON - Dry Lips Oughta Move
A01213: HIGHWAY, TOMSON - Dry Lips Oughta Move
A01293: HIGHWAY, TOMSON - The Rez Sisters: A Play in Two Acts
188062: HIGHWAY, TOMSON - Kiss of the Fur Queen
180056: HIGINBOTTOM, JOHN D. - When the West Was Young Historical Reminiscences of the Early Canadian West
183251: HIGNETT, C. - A History of the Athenian Constitution to the End of the Fifth Century B.C.
081170: HIGONNET, ANNE - Berthe Morisot's Images of Women
153038: HIGUCHI, HIDEO - Umi no karyudo: Nihon no dento hogei (Japanese Edition) Hunters of the Sea
188275: HIJUELOS, OSCAR - Mr. Ives' Christmas
176360: HIJUELOS, OSCAR - Mr. Ives' Christmas
090830: HIJUELOS, OSCAR - A Simple Habana Melody: From When the World Was Good
172008: HIJUELOS, OSCAR - The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love
157537: HIKINS, S - Roll the union on!
153259: HILARION - Nations
179548: HILBIG, MARGITTE - Walking a Tiger's Path the Story of Canada's First Female Karate Black Belt
119294: HILDEBRAND, JOHN E. - Rappelling the Mennonite Mountain
187677: HILDEBRANDT, WALTER - The Battle of Batoche British Small Warfare and the Entrenched Metis: British Small Warfare and Entrenched Metis
137496: HILDEBRANDT, WALTER - Meeting Adorno
083965: HILDEBRANDT, WALTER;UNIVERSITY OF REGINA - Views from Fort Battleford: Constructed Visions of an Anglo-Canadian West
183923: WALTER HILDEBRANDT - Brooks: Coming Home
165088: HILDEBRANDT, WALTER ; RON A. DREWNIAK - Winnipeg From the Fringes
184345: HILDEBRANDT, STEFAN; TROMBA, ANTHONY - The Parsimonious Universe: Shape and Form in the Natural World
177656: HILDEBRANDT, WALTER - Outlier
179983: HILDEBRANDT, ALEXANDRA - The Wall: It Happened At Checkpoint Charlie
156560: GREG HILDEBRANDT; TIM HILDEBRANDT - Greg and Tim Hildebrandt: The Tolkien Years
158557: HILDEBRANDT, RAINER - German Post-War History in Selected Articles by Rainer Hildebrandt 1949-1993
A00165: HILDER, BRETT - Navigator in the South Seas
169891: HILDER, ROWLAND - Painting Landscapes in Watercolor
156320: HILEY, MICHAEL - Seeing through Photographs
186200: HILEY, MICHAEL; MUNBY, ARTHUR JOSEPH - Victorian Working Women: Portraits from Life
181618: HILL, JACK - Jack Hill's Country Chair Making
182935: HILL, DAVID - 1788: The Brutal Truth of the First Fleet
148910: HILL, JAMES R - Assault - Journal of Armoured & Heliborne Warfare Vol. 17
131459: HILL, MIRANDA - Sleeping Funny
133635: HILL, JAMES R - Assault: Journal of Armored and Heliborne Warfare Vol 5
176646: HILL, JAMES R - Journal of Armored Assault & Heliborne Warfare Vol. 7 (Concord # 7807)
133633: HILL, JAMES R - Assault: Journal of Armoured and Heliborne Warfare: v. 9
031299: HILL, TIM, AND MARIE CLAYTON, COMPILED BY - The Beatles Unseen Archives
176946: HILL, WILL R. - Old Aunt Sarah's Kitchen and Other Poems
012454: HILL, LEE - A Grand Guy The Art and Life of Terry Southern
182427: MUELLER-HILL, WERNER OTTO - The True German: The Diary of a World War II Military Judge
154387: HILL, LAWRENCE - Black Berry, Sweet Juice: On Being Black and White in Canada
177295: HILL, BETH - Sappers: The Royal Engineers in British Columbia

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