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26959: ROTHSCHILD, LOREN - Johnson's Dictionary: Being an Account of Certain Facts Concerning Its Author, Method of Preparation; Significance; and Containing References to Various Interesting Definitions.
20143: ROTTMAN, LARRY, ET AL, ED. - Winning Hearts & Minds: War Poems by Vietnam Veterans.
26536: ROTZER, FLORIAN - Conversations with French Philosophers.
29337: ROUMANI, MAURICE M. - The Case of the Jews From Arab Countries: A Neglected Issue: Volume I.
25848: ROUSE, IRVING - Eastern States Archeological Federation. Research Publication No. 1 an Anthropological Bibliography of the Eastern Seaboard.
31013: ROUSMANIERE, JOHN - Fastnet,Force 10.
28727: ROUSTANG, PROFESSOR FRANÇOIS - Dire Mastery Discipleship From Freud to Lacan, 1900- 1918.
14461: ROWAN, LAWRENCE C. , ET AL. - Discrimination of Rock Types and Detection of Hydrothermally Altered Areas in South- Central Nevada by the Use of Computer- Enhanced Erts Images.
26912: ROWOLD, KATHLEEN - The O'brien- Gibson Exhibition. Recent Acquisitions of the Elizabeth Sage Historic Costume Collection.
30633: ROY, MANISHA - Bengali Women.
24474: RUBATTEL, CHRISTIAN - Fonctions Sémantiques Et Fonctions Grammaticales Dans la Théorie Transformationnelle.
22246: RUBINSTEIN, W. D. - The Left, the Right and the Jews.
13342: RUDDY, WILLIAM & WILLIAM EVERSON - Braille for a Storm of Loss.
29189: RUDKIN, IAN - Evidence of Fun.
29405: RUDOLPH, EKKEHARD - Bestandsaufnahme : Kultur- Und Sozialwissenschaftliche Forschung Uber Die Muslimische Welt in Der Bundesrepublik Deutschland.
24386: RUDWICK, BRACEY MEIER - Free Blacks in America, 1800- 1860.
12789: RUEF, KERRY / MAGEE, MICHAEL / PAWL, HALINA, EDS. - The Crystal Set: Poems, Fiction, Memoirs.
29777: RUHE, ROBERT V - Quaternary Landscapes in Iowa.
25867: RULE, W. G - "the Means of Wealth, Peace, and Happiness": The Story of the Oldest Bank West of the Mississippi, 1847- 1947.
23284: RUMANES, GEORGE N. - The Man with the Black Worrybeads.
29313: RUSCONI, GIAN ENRICO - Lo Stato Secolarizzato Nell'eta Post- Secolare.
21177: RUSKIN, JOHN [COLLINGWOOD, W. G. , ED. ] - The Poems of John Ruskin with Facsimiles of Mss. And Illustrations by the Author. Vol. I. Poems Written in Boyhood: 1826- 1835; Vol. Ii. Poems Written in Youth: 1836- 1845, and Later Poems.
28103: RUSLANDER, S. LEO - The Life and Times of S. Leo Ruslander: A Quasi- Autobiography.
30748: RUSSELL, BERTRAND - An Essay on the Foundations of Geometry.
25120: RUTTER, EDWARD S - How to Install and Use Bakery Cost Control.
28892: RYCHNER, MAX - Zur Europaischen Literatur Zwischen Zwei Weltkriegen.
30452: RYCKMANS, ANDRE - Les Mouvements Prophetiques Kongo En 1958: Contribution a L'etude de L'histoire Du Congo.
19219: RYGG, PERNILLE - The Butterfly Effect, Translated From the Norwegian by Joan Tate.
30899: RYGG, PERNILLE - The Butterfly Effect, Translated From the Norwegian by Joan Tate.
29638: SOTHEBY'S, SOTHEBY -; ILLUSTRATED, - Catalogue of Important Old Master Drawings Thursday 26 November 1970: The Property of the Rt. Hon the Countess of Powis, the Moriz and Elsa Von Kuffner Stiftung, Miss S.C. Ball and Others.
25834: SOTHEBY'S - Illustrated Books and Drawings Including Children's Books and Juvenilia, Continental and English Illustrated Books, Private Press Books, Posters and the Performing Arts.
29967: SABALIAUSKAS, ALGIRDAS - Noted Scholars of the Lithuanian Language Biographical Sketches.
21703: SABBE, MAURITS - Plantin: The Moretus and Their Work.
30375: HAGENBUCHER-SACRIPANTI, FRANK - Sante Et Redemption Par Les Genies Au Congo la "Medecine Traditionnelle" Selon le Mvulusi.
29550: SADE, A. - Sur Quelques Difficultes de la Theorie Dex Nombres Cardinaux Transfinis [on Some Problems of the Theory of Transfinite Cardinal Numbers].
23218: SADOUL, GEORGES - Rencontres 1: Chroniques Et Entretiens.
28643: SAFIRE, WILLIAM - Let a Simile Be Your Umbrella.
30559: SAGE, WALTER N. - The Historical Peculiarities of Canada with Regard to Hemisphere Defense.
29462: SAID, PROFESSOR EDWARD W. - Literature and Society: Selected Papers From the English Institute, 1978;.
29862: SAKS, STANISLAW & STEFAN BANACH - Theory of the Integral.
30675: SALIFU, ABDULAI - Names That Prick: Royal Praise Names in Dagbon, Northern Ghana.
27182: SALINAS, CARLOS PUYUELO Y - Carlos de Inglaterra En España Un Príncipe de Gales Busca Novia En Madrid.
30997: SALINGER, J. D. - The Catcher in the Rye.
28509: SALM, BRUNO & HANSUELI GUBLER, EDS. - Avalanche Formation, Movement and Effects (Iahs Publication No. 162).
23871: SALOME, EUGENE A. AND J. BICKFORD - The Advance Variation of the French Defense, Volume 2 (Second Edition).
23854: SALOME, EUGENE A. AND J. BICKFORD - The Advance Variation of the French Defense, Volume 1 (Second Edition).
26819: SALTER, JAMES - Dusk and Other Stories.
29493: SAMARIN, WILLIAM J. - Black Man's Burden African Colonial Labor on the Congo and Ubangi Rivers, 1880- 1900.
20397: SAMATAR, AHMED, ED. - After Apartheid: South Africa in the New Century (Macalester International, Vol. 9:.
24667: SANCHEZ, MANUEL SEGUNDO - Obras I. Bibliografia Venezolanista.
18707: SANDBURG, CARL - Abraham Lincoln: The War Years (4 Vols. ).
26080: SANDE, THEODORE ANTON - Industrial Archeology: A New Look at the American Heritage.
31164: SANDERS, SCOTT R - Wilderness Plots Tales About the Settlement of the American Land.
29387: SANDERS, DORI - Her Own Place.
14448: SANDERS, LLOYD - The Holland House Circle.
28238: SANDERS, SCOTT RUSSELL; MEEHAN, DENNIS B. - Wilderness Plots: Tales About the Settlement of the American Land.
29282: SANDERS, SCOTT RUSSELL - Hunting for Hope: A Father's Journeys.
23961: SANDIN, BENEDICT, ED. - The Sarawak Museum Journal (Vol. Xxi No. 42) Special Monograph No. 2. Poems of Indigenous Peoples of Sarawak: Some of the Songs and Chants (Part Ii).
23960: SANDIN, BENEDICT, ED. - The Sarawak Museum Journal (Vol. Xx Nos. 40- 41, New Series) January- December 1972.
23957: SANDIN, BENEDICT, ED. - The Sarawak Museum Journal (Vol. Xvii Nos. 34- 35, New Series) July- December 1969.
23956: SANDIN, BENEDICT, ED. - The Sarawak Museum Journal (Vol. Xvi, Nos. 32- 33, New Series) July- December 1968.
24966: SANDOR, ENDRODI - Magyar Nepballadak.
31162: VARIOUS & BETH SANDORE (ED. ) - Progress in Visual Information Access and Retrieval.
13673: SANDOZ, MARI - Old Jules Country: A Selection From Old Jules and Thirty Years of Writing Since the Book Was Published.
25731: SANGER, J.P. - Census of the Philippine Islands Taken Under the Direction of the Philippine Commission in the Year 1903, Volumes I, Ii, and Iii (First Three Volumes of Four Volume Set).
23020: SANTAYANA, GEORGE - The Realm of Essence: Book First of Realms of Being.
29474: SANTMIRE, H. PAUL - Nature Reborn.
30240: SANTOS, MARIA EMILIA MADEIRA (ED. ) - Actas Do Seminario Encontro de Povos E Culturas Em Angola: Luanda, 3 a 6 de Abril de 1995.
30552: SANTOS, MARTINS DOS - A História de Angola Através Dos Seus Personagens Principais.
30908: SARGEANT, WINTHROP - In Spite of Myself: A Personal Memoir.
22620: SARNOFF, BRIG. GENERAL DAVID - A Business Based on Research.
21292: SAROYAN, WILLIAM - The Assyrian and Other Stories.
30754: SARPONG, PETER - Ghana in Retrospect Some Aspects of Ghanaian Culture.
30511: SARPONG, PETER. - Girls' Nubility Rites in Ashanti.
30391: SARTON, MAY & KAZUE MIZUMURA - A Walk Through the Woods.
24265: SARWAR, HAFIZ GHULAM - Philosophy of the Qur- An [Koran].
24131: SAUD, MAHMOUD ABU - Sex Roles in Muslim Families of the Usa.
24190: SAUR - Allgemeines Künstlerlexikon Band 47 Gabor - Gallardus.
25157: SAVIGNEAU, JOSYANE - Carson Mccullers: A Life.
29071: SAWER, MARIAN & MARIAN SIMMS - A Woman's Place: Women and Politics in Australia.
30957: SAXENA, SUBHASH CHANDRA & S. M. SHAW - Introduction to Real Variable Theory.
30252: SAXTON, MATTHEW LOCKE & JOHN V. RICHARDSON - Understanding Reference Transactions: Transforming an Art Into a Science.
25603: SAYRE, NORA - Previous Convictions: A Journey Through the 1950s.
15458: SCHAEFER, VINCENT J. / DAY, JOHN A. - The Atmosphere.
29701: SCHAFFT, GRETCHEN E. - From Racism to Genocide: Anthropology in the Third Reich.
21044: SCHEER, ROBERT - How the United States Got Involved in Vietnam.
26566: SCHEMAN, NAOMI - Engenderings: Constructions of Knowledge, Authority, and Privilege.
25233: SCHIAVELLI, VINCENT - Bruculinu, America: Remembrances of Sicilian- American Brooklyn, Told in Stories and Recipes.
28940: SCHILLER, JUSTIN G - Digging for Treasure: An Adventure in Appraising Rare and Collectible Children's Books.
26881: SCHLESINGER, STEVEN R - Federalism and Criminal Justice: The Case of the Exclusionary Rule.
26509: SCHMIDT, AUGUST F. - Fra Djurslands Gamle Landsbyer: Folkeliv Og Folkeskikke.
17593: SCHMIDT, EMERSON P. & CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OF THE UNITED STATES - The American Competitive Enterprise Economy.
28376: SCHMIED, WIELAND - Tobey.
26682: SCHMITZ, JOHN - The Viet Cong Front in the United States.
22245: SCHNEIDER, BARRY R. , ET AL, EDS. - Missiles for the Nineties: Icbms and Strategic Policy.
21203: SCHOCH, EUGENE P. - Special Experiments and Discussions in Introductory Chemistry / a Plan for the Organization of the Subject Matter.
30824: SCHOLZ, CHRISTOPH - El Descubrimiento Del Rey Tut.
26951: ALBERS-SCHÖNBERG, ERNST, ED. - Margarethe Albers- Schonberg: Eine Brieffolge 1902- 1919.
27529: WILLIAM PENN CHARTER SCHOOL - Better Than Riches, a Tricentennial History of the William Penn Charter School 1689 - 1989.
27668: ZEELAND HIGH SCHOOL - Stepping Stone: Zeeland High School [Yearbook] 1998 (Vol. Lxi).
27842: THE SENIOR CLASS OF MORTON HIGH SCHOOL - The Pierian. Morton High School [Annual/Yearbook], Richmond Indiana (1935).
27841: THE SENIOR CLASS OF GREENFIELD HIGH SCHOOL - Camraderie: Greenfield Indiana High School Annual 1916.
27328: SHORTRIDGE HIGH SCHOOL - Shortridge High School Annual (Yearbook) (Indianapolis, Indiana) 1943.
24482: VAN SCHOONEVELD, C. H. - Semantic Transmutations: Prolegomena to a Calculus of Meaning: Volume 1. The Cardinal Semantic Structure of Prepositions, Cases, and Paratactic Conjunctions in Contemporary Standard Russian.
22956: SCHRADER, ROBERT FAY - The Indian Arts and Crafts Board: An Aspect of New Deal Indian Policy.
30681: SCHREIBMAN, SUSAN & RAY SIEMENS & JOHN UNSWORTH (EDS. ) - A Companion to Digital Humanities.
31089: SCHRODT, PHILIP A. - Nebo Ridge Wilderness for Indiana.
25106: SCHULTE, RAINER - Contemporary Writing From the Continents: An Mundus Artium Retrospective.
30700: SCHULTZ, LEONARD P. WITH EDITH M. STERN - The Ways of Fishes.
30205: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - Love Is Walking Hand in Hand.
27226: SCHULZ, EDMUND - Bibliographie Der Deutschsprachigen Buchausgaben Upton Sinclair.
29887: SCHUSTER, PETER-KLAUS - Nationalsozialismus Und "Entartete Kunst" [the Nazi Regime and 'degenerate Art'].
23646: SCHUTT, ROBERT - The Corn Palace Story.
23902: SCHUTZ, ALFRED - Collected Papers Iii Studies in Phenomenological Philosophy.
30517: SCHUTZ, ALFRED - Collected Papers Iii Studies in Phenomenological Philosophy.
27152: SCHUYLENBERGH, PATRICIA VAN - La Memoire Des Belges En Afrique Centrale Vol. 8. Inventaire Des Archives Historiques Privees Du Musee Royal de L'afrique Centrale.
23445: SCHWARCZ, ERNST - Paths to Freedom Through Nonviolence: A Study of the East- West Conflict and the Methods of Nonviolent Resistance.
28888: SCHWARZ, ROBERTO; FISH, STANLEY & FREDRIC JAMESON & JOHN GLEDSON (TRANS. ) - A Master on the Periphery of Capitalism: Machado de Assis.
26148: VON SCHWEINITZ, LEWIS DAVID - The Journey of Lewis David Von Schweinitz to Goshen, Bartholomew County, in 1831.
26898: SCHWOMEYER, HERBERT FREDERIC - Hoosier Hysteria; a History of Indiana High School Basketball.
27030: SCHWOMEYER, HERB - Hoosier Hysteria: A History of Indiana High School Boys Single Class Basketball.
23845: SENATE COMMITTEE ON AERONAUTICAL AND SPACE SCIENCES - Orbital Flight of John H. Glenn, Jr. Hearing Before the Senate Committee on Aeronautical and Space Sciences.
29181: SCIULLI, DAVID & AMITAI ETZIONI - Macro Socio- Economics: From Theory to Activism.
24028: SCOBIE, INGRID WINTHER - Center Stage: Helen Gahagan Douglas: A Life.
24230: SCOBIE, INGRID WINTHER - Center Stage: Helen Gahagan Douglas: A Life.
30095: SCOTT, OTTO J. - The Other End of the Lifeboat.
29857: SCOTT, HARRIET MARIA. - Organic Education a Manual for Teachers in Primary and Grammar Grades.
29722: SCOTT, PAMELA & ANTOINETTE J. LEE - Buildings of the District of Columbia.
26054: SCOTT, JOHN - The Indiana Gazetteer 1826, or, Topographical Dictionary.
23636: SCOTT, QUINTA - Along Route 66.
25559: SCOTT, GAAR - A Blue Beyond Reach.
26427: SCOTT, JOHN - The Indiana Gazetteer; or, Topographical Dictionary.
28218: SCOTT, JOHN - The Indiana Gazetteer 1826, or, Topographical Dictionary.
29288: SCOVILLE, THOMAS W - Reorganizing for Pacification Support.
26835: LE CLUB DU LIVRE SECRET - Les Dessous de L'erotisme.
23695: SEDEN, WAYNE - Technology Transfer to Commercialization: International Symposium Proceedings of the Technology Transfer Society, 1985.
26471: SEEBER, EDWARD D - Choix de Pièces Huguenotes (1685- 1756). Publiées D'après Les Ms Originaux Recueillis Par Alex Crottet.
21381: SEEGER, HORST - Musiklexikon in Zwei Bänden (2 Vol. Set).
28335: SEGERSTAD, ULF HARD AF - Modern Finnish Design.
29162: SEGRE, EMILIO - From X- Rays to Quarks: Modern Physicists and Their Discoveries.
20933: SEHLINGER, PETER J. / HOLMAN, HAMILTON - Spokesman for Democracy: Claude G. Bowers: 1878- 1958.
26623: SEIDLER, MURRAY BENJAMIN - Norman Thomas, Respectable Rebel.
29052: SEIDLER, FRANZ W.; ZIEGERT, DIDER - Hitler's Secret Headquarters: The Fuhrer's Wartime Bases From the Invasion of France to the Berlin Bunker.
29374: SEIFFERT, HELMUT - Einfuehrung in Die Wissenschafts Theorie 1 + 2 (2 Baende) Band 1. Sprachanalyse Dektution Induktion in Natur- Und Soziealwisseschaften Band 2: Gesteswissenschaftliche Methoden: Phaenomenologie Hermeneutik Und Historische Methode Dialektik (2- Volume Set).
30042: SEIGE, CHRISTINE - Die Vute in Kamerun. Veränderungen in Der Gesellschaft Der Vute Unter Dem Einfluss Der Fulbe- Herrschaft in Südadamaua in Der Zweiten Hälfte Des 19. Jahrhunderts.
24694: SEIM, EINAR - Ordtøkje Og Herme: Volume Ii.
22328: SEITZ, WILLIAM C. - American Art at Mid- Century.
28311: SEKYI, KOBINA - The Blinkards: A Play in Four Acts.
31097: SELBY, HUBERT - The Demon.
31045: SELBY JR., HUBERT - Last Exit to Brooklyn.
25268: SELDES, GILBERT - An Hour with the Movies and the Talkies.
12038: SAINT-SIMON [SELECTED, TRANSLATED, AND EDITED BY DESMOND FLOWER] - The Memoirs of Louis de Rouvroy Duc de Saint- Simon: Covering the Years 1691- 1723.
24552: SELHUS, PROF. WILHELM - Und Sie Waren Doch Da: Wissenschaftliche Beweise Für Den Besuch Aus Dem All.
29502: SELIGSON, MITCHELL A. & JOHN A. BOOTH, ED. - Elections and Democracy in Central America, Revisited.
30321: SEMAK, MICHAEL & KWESI BREW - If This Is the Time * Tant Qu'il Y a la Vie (Image Four Ghana).
31037: SENFT, JAMES R. - Miniature Ringbom Engines.
31026: SENFT, JAMES - An Introduction to Low Temperature Differential Stirling Engines.
29960: SENGUPTA, JATI K. - Optimal Decisions Under Uncertainty.
31191: TOGOLESE INFORMATION SERVICE - Togo Achieves Sovereignty.
31108: SEVERIN, TIM - Brendan Voyage.
24962: SEWANG - Basic English (2 Volume Set).
28926: SEWARD, DORIS - The First Dozen: "Like Some of You".
21245: SEWELL, DARREL [THOMAS EAKINS] - Thomas Eakins: Artist of Philadelphia.
31129: SHACKLETON, KEITH - Wake.
19233: SHACOCHIS, BOB - The Immaculate Invasion.
28705: SHAIRP, J. C. - Poetic Interpretation of Nature.
30956: DE-SHALIT, AMOS AND IGAL TALMI - Nuclear Shell Theory Pure and Applied Physics: Volume Fourteen.
17292: SHAMOS, MORRIS H. / ROTH, SIDNEY G. , EDS. - Industrial and Safety Problems of Nuclear Technology.
31202: SHANG, HUANG - Tales From Peking Opera.
29483: SHANNON, JAMES A, ED. - Science & the Evolution of Public Policy.
31107: SHAPIRO, HERBERT - White Violence and Black Response From Reconstruction to Montgomery.
14288: SHAPIRO, SIDNEY - The Law and the Lore of China's Criminal Justice.
30897: SHAPLEN, ROBERT - Kreuger, Genius and Swindler.
29726: SHARPE, C. F. STEWART - Landslides and Related Phenomena; a Study of Mass- Movements of Soil and Rock.
29268: SHAUMYAN, SEBASTIAN - A Semiotic Theory of Language.
25476: SHAUMYAN, SEBASTIAN - A Semiotic Theory of Language.
30214: SHAW, RONALD E. - Canals for a Nation: The Canal Era in the United States, 1790- 1860.
18256: SHAW, DEBORA, ED. - Human Aspects of Library Automation: Helping Staff and Patrons Cope.
29273: SHAW, BERNARD - The Adventures of the Black Girl in Her Search for God.
30907: SHAW, ARNOLD - The Rockin' '50s: The Decade That Transformed the Pop Music Scene.
23941: JIAN HONG CHU BAN SHE - How to Master English Words & Idioms.
27317: SHEPARD, LESLIE - John Pitts: Ballad Printer of Seven Dials, London 1765- 1844; : With a Short Account of His Predecessors in the Ballad & Chapbook Trade.
25061: SHERRELL, RICHARD E. - The Human Image: Avant- Garde and Christian: New Perspectives on the Theatre of the Absurd.
15493: SHERWIN, MARK / MARKMANN, CHARLES - One Week in March.
25412: SHERWOOD, WILLIAM ROBERT - Circumference and Circumstance: Stages in the Mind and Art of Emily Dickinson.
20963: SHETTER, JANETTE - Rhythms of the Ecosystem.
20056: SHEVELOV, GEORGE Y. - Teasers and Appeasers: Essays and Studies on Themes of Slavic Philology.
26516: SHI, DAVID E. - The Simple Life: Plain Living and High Thinking in American Culture.
21223: SHINN, TERRY - L'école Polytechnique 1794- 1914.
20572: SHIRALI, VISHNUDASS - Hindu Music and Rhythm.
25898: SHLAPENTOKH, DMITRY - The French Revolution in Russian Intellectual Life: 1865- 1905.
21018: SHOGAKUKAN - The Shogakukan Dictionary of New Chinese Words.
28817: SHOPEN, TIMOTHY, ED. - Languages and Their Status.
28984: SHOTWELL, JAMES T. - The Autobiography of James T. Shotwell.
21418: SHOTWELL, JAMES T. - War As an Instrument of National Policy and Its Renunciation in the Pact of Paris.
29221: SHOUP, ELIZABETH (ED. ) - The Coshoctonian 1940 (High School Yearbook, Coshoctonian, Ohio).
29436: SHRADER, LIEUTENANT COLONEL CHARLES R. - Amicicide: The Problem of Friendly Fire in Modern War. Combat Studies Institute Research Survey No. 1..
29413: SHUEISHA - Shueisha Japanese Dictionary.
25636: SHUMAKER, WAYNE - Unpremeditated Verse; Feeling and Perception in Paradise Lost.
24093: SHUMAYKO, STEPHEN - The Ukrainian Weekly 2000: The Most Significan News Stories and Commentaries Published in the Ukrainian Weekly: Volume Ii. 1970- 1999.
25252: SIBILEV, MIKHAIL - A Safeguard of Peace: Soviet Armed Forces: History, Foundations, Mission.
28478: SIBLEY, MULFORD Q. - The Obligation to Disobey: Conscience and the Law.
29630: SICES, DAVID - Theater of Solitude: The Drama of Alfred de Musset.
29647: SIDDIQI, ASIYA - Agrarian Change in a Northern Indian State: Uttar Pradesh, 1819- 33.
22903: SIDER, E. MORRIS - The Brethren in Christ in Canada: Two Hundred Years of Tradition and Change.
19804: SIEBER, ELLEN / MUNSON, CHERYL ANN - Looking at History: Indiana's Hoosier National Forest Region, 1600 to 1950.
29134: SIEBER, ELLEN & CHERYL ANN MUNSON - Looking at History: Indiana's Hoosier National Forest Region, 1600 to 1950.
31135: SIEGEL, MARTIN A. - Design and Evaluation of Computer/Human Interfaces Issues for Librarians and Information Scientists.
28430: SIEGNER, OTTO - Greece: Tri- Lingual Edition.
29305: SIEKANOWICZ, PETER - Legal Resources and Bibliography of Poland.
22946: SIGOLOFF, MARC - The Films of the Seventies: A Filmography of American, British and Canadian Films 1970- 1979.
29552: SILBAJORIS, RIMVYDAS, ET AL - Second Conference on Baltic Studies: Summary of Proceedings.
30479: SILVA, SONIA - Along an African Border Angolan Refugees and Their Divination Baskets.
23333: SILVER, JOEL - The Bible in the Lilly Library.
30132: SILVER, JOEL - J.K. Lilly, Jr. : Bibliophile.
25296: SILVER, JOEL - The Bible in the Lilly Library.
31086: SILVER, JOEL - The Reign of Charles Ii.
20088: SILVERMAN, HUGH J. , ED. - Philosophy and Non- Philosophy Since Merleau- Ponty.
28502: SIMENON, GEORGES - African Trio: Talatala, Tropic Moon, Aboard the Aquitaine.
26239: SIMKHOVITCH, VLADIMIR G. & WOLF RUDOLPH, EDS. - Ancient Art From the V.G. Simkhovitch Collection.
30563: SIMMONS, RICHARD C. - Godliness, Property, and the Franchise in Puritan Massachusetts: An Interpretation.
29440: SIMMONS, ALBERT DIXON - Wing Shots.
25103: SIMMONS, JAMES STEVENS & CLEON J. GENTZKOW - Laboratory Methods of the United States Army.
28038: LUDWIG SIMON - Berchtesgaden Country [Berchtesgadener Land].
31031: SIMONS, RICHARD S - The Rivers of Indiana.
29587: SIMPSON, BLAND & ANN CARY SIMPSON - Into the Sound Country: A Carolinian's Coastal Plain.
12082: SIMPSON, KEITH - History of the German Army.
22277: SIMPSON, JAMES Y. - Man and the Attainment of Immortality.
22436: SIMS, NEWELL LEROY - Elements of Rural Sociology.
23114: SINCLAIR, UPTON - The Enemy Had It Too.
29179: SINCLAIR, JOHN - Fattening Frogs for Snakes: Delta Sound Suite.
28750: SINDEREN, ADRIAN VAN - A Yuletide Phantasmagoria.
26458: SINGH, PATWANT - The Sikhs.
29339: SINGH, KHUSHWANT - History of the Sikhs. Volume 1, 1469- 1839.
29956: SINGH, MRITYUNJAY, ET AL - Joining of Advanced and Specialty Materials Iii Conference Proceedings From Materials Solutions '00 (9- 11 October 2000, St. Louis, Missouri).
29917: SINGH, KHUSHWANT. - A History of the Sikhs. Volume 2. 1839- 1964..
25074: SINGH, ANUP - Nehru: The Rising Star of India.
18990: SINGLETON, ESTHER, ED. , TRANS. - Japan Described by Great Writers.
25975: SINGULAR, STEPHEN - Relentless Bill Daniels and the Triumph of Cable Tv.
27089: SINOR, DENIS - Tanulmanyok (Nyelvtudomanyi Ertekezesek) (Hungarian Edition).
30121: SITES, KRISTON - In and out of Africa: The Adventures of H. Rider Haggard : An Exhibition.
23255: SITES, KRISTON - In and out of Africa: The Adventures of H. Rider Haggard : An Exhibition.
29499: SITHOLE, NDABANINGI - African Nationalism.
18086: SITTON, TOM - The Haynes Foundation and Urban Reform Philanthropy in Los Angeles.
28830: SIWUNDHLA, ALICE PRINCESS - Alice Princess: An Autobiography.
25344: SLACK, JENNIFER, ED. - Animations [of Deleuze and Guattari].
30551: SLADE, RUTH M. - English- Speaking Missions in the Congo Independent State (1878- 1908).
29838: JOPE-SLADE, CHRISTINE - Life Is Such a Rush.
27553: SLANY, WILLIAM Z. - U.S. And Allied Efforts to Recover and Restore Gold and Other Assets Stolen or Hidden by Germany During World War Ii: Preliminary Study.
17275: SLATER, PETER J. B. , ET AL, EDS. - Advances in the Study of Behavior. Vol. 30.
24215: SLATER, J. - The Role of the Organization of American States in United States Foreign Policy, 1947- 1963 (Ph. D. Dissertation, Princeton University , 1965).
17260: DURNFORD-SLATER, JOHN, BRIGADIER - Commando: Memoirs of a Fighting Commando in World War Two.
21996: SLAVIN, MORRIS - The French Revolution in Miniature: Section Droits- De- L'homme, 1789- 1795.
29529: SLIZINSKI, JERZY - Sorbische Volkserzahlungen.
30014: SLOAN, IRVING J. - Our Violent Past: An American Chronicle.
28222: SLOAN, GEORGE WHITE - Fifty Years in Pharmacy.
31029: SLOCUM, CAPTAIN JOSHUA - Sailing Alone Around the World.
30781: SLOTIN, STEVE - Slotin Folk Art Auction Catalog: Delta Blues Meets Visual Blues.
29843: SMAKOV, GENNADY - Great Russian Dancers.
31065: SMALLIDGE, ALLAN - Musquito Harbor: A Narrative History of Winter Harbor, Maine, 1790- 2005.
22267: SMART, NINIAN, ED. - Historical Selections in the Philosophy of Religion.
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