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39345: DURANT, WILL AND ARIEL - A Dual Autobiography (Proof Copy)
23362: WILLCOCKS, M.P. - A Man of Genius. A Story of the Judgment of Paris. With Ten Illustrations By W. Story
1404: WILLEFORD, CHARLES - The Outcast Poets. P.K. Thomajan, Miriam Allan Deford, Robert Anthony, Charles Willeford, F.H. Kaler.
44151: WILLETS, GILSON, COMPILER - Rulers of the World at Home: How They Look and How They Live
2005: WILLEY, ELIZABETH - The Price of Blood and Honor (Proof)
44983: FRISCHAUER, WILLI AND ROBERT JACKSON - "the Navy's Here !": The Altmark Affair
44486: RAYNSFORD, WILLIAM AND JEANNETTE - Silent Casualties: Veterans' Families in the Aftermath of the Great War
43438: JAMES, WILLIAMD AND EVELYN M. - "a Sufficient Quantity of Pure and Wholesome Water": The Story of Hamilton's Old Pumphouse
21347: WILLIAMS, EMMETT - Selected Shorter Poems 1950-1970.
10143: WILLIAMS, CHARLES - Shadows of Ecstasy
43473: WILLIAMS, GEORGE H. - Life on a Locomotive: The Story of Buddy Williams, C. & Nw Engineer
14731: WILLIAMS, (REV. J.) [JOHN WILLIAMS, 1792-1858]. - The Life and Actions of Alexander the Great. First Canada Edition.
43820: WILLIAMS, FRANCIS - The Richardson Story
44227: WILLIAMS, JOHN - Mutiny 1917
44222: WILLIAMS, JOHN - The Other Battleground: The Home Fronts: Britain, France and Germany 1914-1918
44648: WILLIAMS, JOHN - The Redeemed Captive. Edited By Edward W. Clark
15487: WILLIAMS, BERT - Food for the Eagle. Study Material By Jennifer Harvey.
41856: WILLIAMS, TENNESSEE - Hard Candy: A Book of Stories
41857: WILLIAMS, TENNESSEE - Period of Adjustment. High Point over a Cavern. A Serious Comedy.
41855: WILLIAMS, TENNESSEE - The Knightly Quest. A Novella and Twelve Stories.
306: WILLIAMS, TENNESSEE - Three Players of a Summer Game and Other Stories.
32494: WILLIAMS, TENNESSEE - Sweet Bird of Youth
45904: WILLIAMS, JACK - Merritt: A Canadian Before His Time. A Biography of William Hamilton Merritt
41628: WILLIAMS, TENNESSEE - Three Players of a Summer Game and Other Stories.
33176: WILLIAMS, JEFFERY (HAMILTON GAULT) - First in the Field: Gault of the Patricias
44187: ROSALIND H. WILLIAMS - Dream Worlds: Mass Consumption in Late Nineteenth Century France
41657: WILLIAMS, TENNESSEE - Collected Stories. With an Introduction By Gore Vidal.
12323: WILLIAMS, CHARLES - The Region of the Summer Stars.
15143: WILLIAMS, TENNESSEE - Period of Adjustment. High Point over a Cavern. A Serious Comedy. (Signed)
12109: WILLIAMS, L. F. RUSHBROOK - An Empire Builder of the Sixteenth Century. A Summary Account of the Political Career of Zahir-Ud-Din Muhammad, Surnamed Babur. Being the Allahabad University Lectures for 1915-16.
44217: WILLIAMS, CHARLES - Pétain
41356: WILLIAMS, ROGER J. - Nutrition and Alcoholism
27836: WILLIAMS, JOHN (1796-1839) - A Narrative of Missionary Enterprises in the South Sea Islands. With Remarks Upon the Natural History of the Islands, Origin, Languages, Traditions and Usages of the Inhabitants. Fourth Thousand. Illustrated with Engravings on Wood By G. Baxter
2266: WILLIAMS, JOHN A. - The Berhama Account
31124: WILLIAMS, TERRY - The Cocaine Kids: The Inside Story of a Teenage Drug Ring
36948: WILLIAMS, THOMAS - Fiji and the Fijians. . . Edited By George Stringer Rowe
15155: WILLIAMS, TENNESSEE - Eight Mortal Ladies Possessed. A Book of Stories (Signed)
28459: WILLIAMS, DENIS - Icon and Image: A Study of Sacred and Secular Forms of African Classical Art
41629: WILLIAMS, TENNESSEE - The Knightly Quest. A Novella and Twelve Stories.
36953: WILLIAMS, C.W.(WILLIAMS, CHARLES WYE, 1779-1866) - The Combustion of Coal and the Prevention of Smoke Chemically and Practically Considered
42884: MONIER-WILLIAMS, MONIER, SIR, 1819-99 - Brahmanism and Hinduism: Or, Religious Thought and Life in India, As Based on the Veda and Other Sacred Books of the Hindus. Fourth Edition, Enlarged and Improved
15149: WILLIAMS, TENNESSEE - Steps Must Be Gentle. A Dramatic Reading for Two Performers. (Signed)
45075: WILLIAMS, DAVID - The Origin of the Names of the Post Offices of Simcoe County
22774: WILLIAMSON, DAVID - The Department. Introduction By Rodney Fisher
44018: WILLIAMSON, SAMUEL R., JR. - The Politics of Grand Strategy: Britain and France Preface for War, 1904-1914
1854: WILLIAMSON, HENRY - Goodbye West Country
43513: WILLIAMSON, O.T.G. - Ontario Northland Railway: Yesterday and Tomorrow
14860: WILLIAMSON, HENRY - The Beautiful Years
17915: WILLIAMSON, (HUGH ROSS). - Historical Whodunits
14915: WILLIAMSON, HENRY - The Village Book
44020: WILLIAMSON, ANNE (HENRY WILLIAMSON) - Henry Williamson and the First World War
31909: WILLIAMSON, HENRY - A Fox Under My Cloak
3725: WILLINGHAM, CALDER - Reach to the Stars
43289: WILLINGHAM, CALDER - Reach to the Stars
43288: WILLINGHAM, CALDER - End As a Man
44252: WILLIS, J.S. - This Packing Business : The History and Development of the Use of Meat to Feed Mankind, from the Dawn of History to the Present
41630: WILLLEFORD, CHARLES - Sideswipe
45492: WILLMOT, ELIZABETH A. - Where's the Fire ?
45493: WILLMOT, ELIZABETH A. - Meet Me at the Station
45876: WILLSON, BECKLES - Nova Scotia. The Province That Has Been Passed By
45637: WILLSON, ANTHONY (PSEUDONYM OF HAROLD WILL, 1890- - La Balou. Canuckdotes. Woodcuts By Raymond Bishop
20578: EARDLEY-WILMOT, JOHN E., SIR - Reminiscences of the Late Thomas Assheton Smith, Esq. Or, the Pursuits of an English Country Gentleman.
45338: WILSON, R.N. - Our Betrayed Wards
44775: WILSON, WILLIAM R.A. - Journeys of the Kit- Kat Club: England
10182: WILSON, C. RIVERS, SIR - Chapters from My Official Life. Edited By Everilda Macalister.
46509: WILSON, MICHAEL - Microbial Inhabitants of Humans: Their Ecology and Role in Health and Disease
45639: WILSON, R.C.G. - Lloydtown : A Pioneer Hamlet in Upper Canada (Cover Title)
15227: WILSON, COLIN - Ritual in the Dark
46103: WILSON, STEVE; SWAN, GERRY - Reptiles of Australia
5326: WILSON, EDMUND - Poets, Farewell !
40015: WILSON, IAN - Steam at Allandale: The Story of a Cnr Division Point in the 1950s
45474: WILSON, GEORGE F. - The Life of Robert Baldwin: A Study in the Struggle for Responsible Government
43290: WILSON, ANGUS (ZOLA) - Emile Zola: An Introductory Study of His Novels
454: WILSON, EDMUND - The Little Blue Light. A Play in Three Acts.
41854: WILSON, COLIN - Religion and the Rebel.
34711: WILSON, BARBARA M., EDITOR - Ontario and the First World War. 1914-1918. A Collection of Documents.
32617: WILSON, GEORGE EWART, F.R.C.S. (ENG.), F.A.C.S. - Fractures and Their Complications
447: WILSON, EDMUND - The Boys in the Back Room. Notes on California Novelists.
46112: WILSON, EDWARD O. - Sociobiology: The New Synthesis
42833: WILSON, A.M., EDITOR - The Sphinx. Volume VII, Number 6, August, 1908
24866: WILSON, AUGUSTA EVANS - Devota. "J'Ys Suis, J'y Reste". Illustrations By Stuart Travis
42048: WILSON, HARRY LEON - Oh, Doctor !: A Novel. With Illustrations By Henry Raleigh
45537: WILSON, GRAHAM - The Klondike Gold Rush: Photographs from 1896-1899
46326: WILSON, EDWARD O. - Nature Revealed: Selected Writings, 1949-2006
33465: LEARY, TIMOTHY, WITH ROBERT ANTON WILSON AND GEORGE A. KOOPMAN - Neuropolitics: The Sociobiology of Human Metamorphosis
34800: WILSON, EDMUND - The Fruits of the Mla
15313: WILSON, COLIN - The Outsider
15423: WILSON, LANFORD - Serenading Louis
41380: (WILSON, BILL) - The A.A. Way of Life: A Reader By Bill. Selected Writings of A.A. 's Co-Founder
43291: WILSON, ANGUS - The Old Men at the Zoo (Proof Copy)
43500: WILSON, DALE - The Algoma Central Railway Story
46314: WILSON, EDWARD O. - The Diversity of Life
4132: WILSON, ETHEL - Hetty Dorval
43492: WILSON, IAN - Steam to the Niagara Frontier: Cnr Operations in the Peninsula During the 1950s
18576: WILSON, DAVID A.[THOMAS PAINE. WILLIAM COBBETT]. - Paine and Cobbett. The Transatlantic Connection.
45293: WILSON, PAUL - Streetbeat: Not Your Everyday Stories
44203: WILSON, ROBERT A. (GERTRUDE STEIN) - Gertrude Stein: A Bibliography
13780: WINDER, ROBERT - No Admission
41963: WINKS, ROBIN W. - The Blacks in Canada: A History
46225: WINSTON, MARK L. - Nature Wars: People Vs. Pests
34260: WINTER, BRIAN - Chronicles of a County Town - Whitby Past and Present
45191: WINTER, BRIAN - A True Public Servant: John R. Frost, By Brian Winter, Archivist, Whitby Historical Society in Co-Operation with the Corporation of the Town of Whitby
44240: WINTER, J.M. - The Experience of World War I
45686: WINTER, BRIAN - A Town Called Whitby
16060: WINTER, LES - Heritage and Nelson. A Salute to Both.
45395: WINTER, BRIAN - A Town Called Whitby
44701: WINTERS, JONATHAN - After the Bee. Collected By Jim B. Smith (Proof Copy)
7417: WINTERSON, JEANETTE - Written on the Body (Canadian Proof)
28937: WINTON, TIM - Minimum of Two
29168: WINTON, TIM - The Riders
21810: WINTON, JOHN - Below the Belt. Novelty, Subterfuge and Surprise in Naval Warfare.
44014: WISE, S.F. - Canadian Airmen and the First World War. The Official History of the Royal Canadian Air Force Volume I.
43385: WISE, B.R. (BERNHARD RINGROSE WISE, 1858-1916) - Industrial Freedom: A Study in Politics
12572: WISE, JENNINGS C. - The Red Man in the New World Drama. A Politico-Legal Study with a Pageantry of American Indian History.
42730: WISEMAN, ADELE - The Sacrifice
46446: BIGG-WITHER, THOMAS P. (1845-90) - Pioneering in South Brazil. Three Years of Forest and Prairie Life in the Province of Paraná
46449: WITHERING, WILLIAM - An Account of the Foxglove, and Some of Its Medical Uses: With Practical Remarks on Dropsy, and Other Diseases
38708: WITTELS, FRITZ - Set the Children Free ! Translated By Eden & Cedar Paul
26376: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - Summer Moonshine
41691: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - The Small Bachelor.
181: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - Louder and Funnier
182: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - The Little Nugget. Illus By Will Grefe.
185: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - Quick Service
13847: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - The Luck of the Bodkins.
1508: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - Heavy Weather.
177: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - Mulliner Nights
178: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - The Heart of a Goof.
41858: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - The Luck of the Bodkins
41702: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - If I Were You.
41853: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - Money for Nothing
797: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - Sam the Sudden
1509: WODEHOUSE, P. G. - Heavy Weather
20244: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - Indiscretions of Archie
39315: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - Mike at Wrykyn
3818: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - The Little Nugget. Illustrations By Will Grefe.
41735: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - Doctor Sally
41690: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - Young Men in Spats
34655: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - If I Were You
188: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - Mr. Mulliner Speaking
7972: WODSON, HARRY M. - The Justice Shop
42066: WOITITZ, JANET GERINGER - Adult Children of Alcoholics
6803: WOIWODE, LARRY - Indian Affairs (Proof Copy)
43322: WOIWODE, LARRY - Poppa John
43295: WOIWODE, L. (LARRY WOIWODE) - What I'M Going to Do, I Think
43294: WOIWODE, LARRY - Beyond the Bedroom Wall (Inscribed)
43507: HUNGRY WOLF, ADOLF, COMPILER - Canadian Railway Scenes No. 1
43454: HUNGRY WOLF, ADOLPF - Off on a Wild Caboose Chase: True Adventures, Folklore, and a Farewell Tribute to the Old Train Caboose - By a Writer Who Lives Aboard One.
38657: HUNGRY WOLF, ADOLF - The Blood People: A Division of the Blackfoot Confederacy. An Illustrated Interpretation of the Old Ways
46319: WOLF, A. - A History of Science, Technology & Philosophy in the 16th & 17th Centuries. . . Second Edition, Prepared By Douglas Mckie
46320: WOLF, A. - A History of Science, Technology & Philosophy in the 18th Century. Second Edition, Revised By D. Mckie
35500: WOLF, MICHAEL, EDITOR - Voices from the Love Generation
43508: HUNGRY WOLF, ADOLF, COMPILER - Canadian Railway Scenes No. 2
35479: WOLFE, GENE - The Shadow of the Torturer: Volume One of the Book of the New Sun
35481: WOLFE, GENE - The Citadel of the Autarch: Volume Four of the Book of the New Sun
35482: WOLFE, GENE - The Sword of the Lictor: Volume Three of the Book of the New Sun
25026: WOLFE, RICHARD J. - Early American Music Engraving and Printing: A History of Music Publishing in America from 1787 to 1825 with Commentary on Earlier and Later Practices
35483: WOLFE, GENE - The Claw of the Conciliator: Volume Two of the Book of the New Sun
15235: WOLFF, TOBIAS - The Barracks Thief (Signed)
41725: WOLITZER, HILMA - In the Flesh
29113: WONGAR, B. (PSEUD. OF STRETEN BOZIC) - Walg: A Novel of Australia
1948: WOOD, TED - Live Bait (Signed)
45583: WOOD, WILLIAM R. - Past Years in Pickering. Sketches of the History of the Community.
1708: WOOD, TED - Snowjob (Proof Copy Signed)
17934: WOOD, W.A.R. - Consul in Paradise. Sixty-Nine Years in Paradise.
32521: WOOD, T. MARTIN - Illustrated Catalogue of Flemish and Dutch Paintings. With Introduction and Biographical Notes By T. Martin Wood (Cover Title: The Max Michaelis Gift to the Union of South Africa)
17208: FORRESTER-WOOD, W.R. - The Stamps and Postal History of Sarawak.
43769: WOOD, TED - Live Bait
42035: WOOD, TED - Murder on Ice
43676: WOOD, NEAL - Cicero's Social & Political Thought
33178: WOOD, HERBERT FAIRLIE, LT-COL. - Singulier Champ de Bataille: Les Operations En Corée Et Leurs Effets Sur la Politique de Défense Du Canada
21494: WOOD, TED - Corkscrew: A Reid Bennet Mystery.
1698: WOOD, TED - (Proof Copy)
41909: WOOD, TED - Dead in the Water
45556: WOOD, MARY I. - Pictorial Woodbridge
40658: WOOD, W. (WILLIAM WOOD, 1774-1857) - Zoography; Or, the Beauties of Nature Displayed. With Select Descriptions of the Animal, and Vegetable, with Additions from the Mineral Kingdom. Systematically Arranged. Illustrated with Plates, Designed and Engraved By Mr. William Daniell (3 Vol. Set)
43765: WOOD, TED - Corkscrew: A Reid Bennet Mystery.
5642: WOODCOCK, GEORGE (APHRA BEHN) - The Incomparable Aphra
5643: WOODCOCK, GEORGE (APHRA BEHN) - The Incomparable Aphra
44081: WOODCOCK, GEORGE - Pierre-Joseph Proudhon: His Life and His Work (Studies in the Libertarian and Utopian Tradition)
45538: WOODCOCK, GEORGE - Gabriel Dumont. The Metis Chief and His Lost World.
8143: WOODCOCK, GEORGE - A Social History of Canada.
42726: WOODCOCK, GEORGE (OSCAR WILDE) - The Paradox of Oscar Wilde
45871: WOODEN, JOSEPH L. - Exeter: Situate on the London & Goderich Road in the Township of Stephen and Usborne, 30 Miles from London and in the County of Huron, C.W. : A History of Exeter, Ontario
5609: WOODHOUSE, MARTIN - The Tree Frog
10859: WOODLEY, E.C. - The House of Joseph in the Life of Quebec. The Record of a Century and a Half.
30585: WOODLEY, RICHARD - Dealer: Portrait of a Cocaine Merchant
41350: WOODRING, JIM - Frank's Real Pa
44824: WOODRUFF, HIRAM - The Trotting Horse of America: How to Train and Drive Him. With Reminiscences of the Trotting Turf. By Hiram Woodruff. Ed. By Charles J. Foster . Including an Introductory Notice By George Wilkes, and a Biographical Sketch By the Editor
40870: WOODS, SARA (PSEUD. OF SARA BOWEN-JUDD) - Enter Certain Murderers
22388: WOODS, (SARA) [PSEUD. OF SARA BOWEN-JUDD]. - Weep for Her.
13823: WOODS, (SARA) [PSEUD. OF SARA BOWEN-JUDD]. - Naked Villainy
9710: WOODS, (SARA) [PSEUD. OF SARA BOWEN-JUDD]. - Malice Domestic
9712: WOODS, (SARA) [PSEUD. OF SARA BOWEN-JUDD]. - Knives Have Edges.
9713: WOODS, (SARA) [PSEUD. OF SARA BOWEN-JUDD]. - Bloody Instructions
9714: WOODS, (SARA) [PSEUD. OF SARA BOWEN-JUDD]. - Call Back Yesterday.
7099: WOODS, (SARA) [PSEUD. OF SARA BOWEN-JUDD]. - Call Back Yesterday
9708: WOODS, (SARA) [PSEUD. OF SARA BOWEN-JUDD]. - Yet She Must Die.
32667: (WOODSTOCK) - American Cinematographer Magazine for October 1970
44675: WOODSWORTH, J.S. (JAMES SHAVER WOODSWORTH 1874-1942) - My Neighbor: A Study of City Conditions, a Plea for Social Service
44047: WOODWARD, E.L. - War and Peace in Europe 1815-1870 and Other Essays
45996: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - The Voyage out
45995: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - A Room of One's Own
41566: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Between the Acts. (Scarce Canadian Issue)
45992: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Granite and Rainbow: Essays
7244: WOOLLCOTT, ALEXANDER, EDITOR. - The Woollcott Reader. Bypaths in the Realms of Gold (Signed Limited Issue)
8921: WOOLLCOTT, ALEXANDER - Let's Face the Facts No. 24. Address to the Men and Women of Canada. . . Over a National Network of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Sunday Night, Dec. 29, 1940. . .
44140: WOOLLEY, CHARLES L. - Uniforms & Equipment of the Imperial German Army 1900-1918: A Study in Period Photographs (Volume Two)
44141: WOOLLEY, CHARLES L. - Uniforms & Equipment of the Imperial German Army 1900-1918: A Study in Period Photographs (Volume I)
15121: WORDSWORTH, (CHRISTOPHER). - Athens and Attica: Notes of a Tour. Fourth Edition. . .
44161: WORTHINGTON, LARRY - Amid the Guns Below. The Story of the Canadian Corps (1914-1919).
9086: WORTHINGTON, LARRY - " Worthy": A Biography of Major-General F.F. Worthington
40559: MONTAGU. MARY WORTLEY (1689-1762) - The Works of the Right Honourable Lady Mary Wortley Montague, Including Her Correspondence, Poems, and Essays. Published By Permission from Her Genuine Papers
30577: WOZENCRAFT, KIM - Rush
32359: WREN, PERCIVAL CHRISTOPHER (P.C. WREN) - Bubble Reputation
22826: WREN, (PERCIVAL CHRISTOPHER) [P.C. WREN] - The Uniform of Glory, Being the True Story of a Free Frenchman's Night out
41200: WRIGHT, GERALD - Steinbach - Is There Any Place Like It?
44176: WRIGHT, J.F.C. - Slava Bohu: The Story of the Dukhobors
18426: WRIGHT, WILLARD H. - 40 Years of Tropical Medicine Research. A History of the Gorgas Memorial Institute of Tropical and Preventative Medicine, Inc. And the Gorgas Memorial Library.
36734: WRIGHT, C.P. - The St. Lawrence Deep Waterway: A Canadian Appraisal
46212: WRIGHT, ALBERT HAZEN; WRIGHT, ANNA A. - Handbook of Frogs and Toads of the United States and Canada (Comstock Classic Handbooks)
12235: WRIGHT, RICHARD - Black Power. A Record of Reactions in a Land of Pathos.
44162: WRIGHT, PETER E., CAPTAIN - At the Supreme War Council
45684: WRIGHT, ESTHER CLARK - The Saint John River
40048: WRIGHT, JUDITH - The Other Half: Poems
46213: ALBERT HAZEN WRIGHT; ANNA ALLEN WRIGHT - Handbook of Snakes of the United States and Canada. (2 Volume Set)
44133: WRIGHT, GORDON - Raymond Poincaré and the French Presidency
43768: WRIGHT, ERIC - The Night the Gods Smiled. Introducing Inspector Charlie Salter.
36056: WRIGHT, JUDITH - Preoccupations in Australian Poetry
43767: WRIGHT, ERIC - A Single Death
7526: WRIGHT, RONALD - A Scientific Romance (Signed)
26549: WRIGHT, CHARLES - The Dream Animal
28923: WRIGHT, JUDITH - Charles Harpur
45177: WRIGHT, RICHARD THOMAS - Overlanders
29166: WRIGHT, JUDITH - The Generations of Men
46312: WRIGHT, ROBERT - Nonzero: The Logic of Human Destiny
43283: WRIGHT, RICHARD - Black Power. A Record of Reactions in a Land of Pathos.
40944: WRIGHT, MARY JEAN - Zestful Lives: The Unusual Wrights of Strathroy 1865-1995
41372: WRIGHT, JUDITH - Preoccupations in Australian Poetry
43766: WRIGHT, ERIC - Smoke Detector
46606: WRIGHT, RICHARD B. - Clara Callan
5910: WRIGHT, W.H.K., WITH ARTHUR J. JEWERS, EDITORS - Journal of the Ex Libris Society.
44159: ELLIOT-WRIGHT, PHILIPP - Gravelotte-St-Priovat 1870: End of the Second Empire
42781: WRIGHT, ALLEN A. - Prelude to Bonanza: The Discovery and Exploration of the Yukon
45587: WRIGHT, ARTHUR WALKER, EDITOR - Memories of Mount Forest and Surrounding Townships. Minto, Arthur, West Luther, Normanby, Egremont, Proton. . .
44452: WUORIO, EVA-LIS - Z for Zaborra
43179: WURLITZER, RUDOLPH - The Octopus
40287: WURTS, JOHN S. - Magna Charta. Part I: The Romance of the Great Charter (1939). Part II: Pedigrees of the Barons (1941)
44863: WYATT, GERALDINE - Dawn of Peace
9330: WYLIE, JAMES (MALCOLM X) - The Lost Rebellion
5234: WYNDHAM, HORACE - Judicial Dramas. Some Society Causes Célèbres.
41940: WYNDHAM, JOHN - Chocky
19095: WYNESS, FENTON - Spots from the Leopard. Short Stories of Aberdeen and the North-East.
43952: WYNGAREN, GREG VAN - Early German Aces of World War I. Part 2
43951: WYNGAREN, GREG VAN - Albatross Aces of World War I. Part 2
43949: WYNGAREN, GREG VAN - Albatross Aces of World War I. Part 2
43953: WYNGAREN, GREG VAN - Pfalz Scout Aces of World War I. Part 2
39616: WYNNE, MAY (PSEUD. OF MABEL WINIFRED KNOWLES, 1875-1949) - The Gallant Graham
19056: WYSS, (JOHANN DAVID) [EDITH ROBARTS]. - The Swiss Family Robinson Retold for Little Folk By Edith Robarts. Illustrated By John Hassall, R.I.
15981: GAO XINGJIAN - One Man's Bible. A Novel. Translated from the Chinese By Mabel Lee (Arc)
41423: XITU, UANHENGA - The World of "Mestre" Tamoda. . . Translated By Annella Mcdermott
8493: YACINE, KATEB - Nedjma. Translated from the French By Richard Howard.
44625: YAVA, ALBERT - Big Falling Snow: A Tewa-Hopi Indian's Life and Times and the History and Traditions of His People. Edited and Annotated By Harold Courlander
46001: YEATS, W. B. (RICHARD J. FINNERAN, EDITOR) - The Collected Works of W.B. Yeats. Volume I. The Poems. Revised
43941: (YEATS, W.B.) - The Dome Number Five
18463: YEIGH, FRANK - Through the Heart of Canada. With Thirty-Eight Illustrations
42079: YONGE, CHARLOTTE MARY (JOHN COLERIDGE PATTESON, 1827-71) - Life of John Coleridge Patteson, Missionary Bishop of the Melanesian Islands (2 Volumes)
27248: YONGE, CHARLOTTE M. - Hopes and Fears; Or, Scence from the Life of a Spinster. By the Author of "the Heir of Redclyffe", "Heartsease", &C. [Volume II Only]
41877: YORDANOVA, PETJA (PETYA) - Autumn Fireplace: Lyrics
23254: YORK, JEREMY (PSEUD. OF JOHN CREASEY) - Seeds of Murder
43474: STATE OF NEW YORK, SENATE - Twentieth Annual Report of the Board of Railroad Commissioners on the Railroads of the State.
41317: YOUNG, VASH - No Thank You
45283: YOUNG, ANNA G. - Off Watch. Today and Yesterday on the Great Lakes. Foreword By Fred Landon. Introduction By C.H. J. Snider.
45455: YOUNG, JAMES - Reminiscences of the Early History of Galt and the Settlement of Dumfries in the Province of Ontario.
19433: YOUNG, ANNA G. - Off Watch. Today and Yesterday on the Great Lakes. Foreword By Fred Landon. Introduction By C.H. J. Snider.
42509: YOUNG, IAN - Year of the Quiet Sun
46581: YOUNG, FILSON, EDITOR - Trial of Herbert Rowse Armstrong
23682: YOUNG, JAMES HARVEY - The Toadstool Millionaires. A Social History of Patent Medicines in America Before Federal Regulation
40259: YOUNG, DOUGLAS (ARISTOPHANES) - The Puddocks: A Verse Play in Scots from the Greek of Aristophanes
21142: YOUNG, SCOTT - Murder in a Cold Climate (Inscribed)
45042: YOUNG, SHARON - Oshawa Folk Arts Council 1961-1981
42323: YOUNG, E. RYERSON, JR. (1869-1962) - Duck Lake
30079: YOUNG, LYMAN - Tim Tyler in the Jungle. The Illustrated Pop-Up Edition
35370: YOUNG, LAWRENCE, AND OTHERS - Recreational Drugs
45101: YOUNG, EDWARD J. - The Book of Isaiah: The English Text, with Introduction, Exposition, and Notes (3 Volume Set)
29995: YOUNG, GEOGE - Manitoba Memories: Leaves from My Life in the Prairie Province, 1868-1884. With an Introduction By Rev. Alexander Sutherland
8471: YOUNG, EGERTON R. - Indian Life in the Great North-West.
44087: YOUNG, HARRY F. - Prince Lichnowsky and the Great War
42635: YOUNG, EGERTON R., 1840-1909 - The Battle of the Bears and Reminiscences of Life in the Indian Country
16940: YOUNG, EGERTON RYERSON, 1840-1909 - Stories from Indian Wigwams and Northern Camp- Fires. Twelfth Thousand.
14685: YUZYK, PAUL - Ukrainian Canadians: Their Place and Role in Canadiani Life.
43722: SAINT-YVES, CHARLES DE, 1677-1736. SLOANE, HANS, SIR, 1660-1753. - Nouveau Traité Des Maladies Des Yeux. . . . Nouvelle édition
45616: TAUSKY, NANCY Z. AND LYNNE DISTEFANO - Victorian Architecture in London and Southwestern Ontario: Symbols of Aspiration. Photographs By Ian Maceachern
44046: ZABECKI , DAVID T. - Steel Wind: Colonel Georg Bruchmuller and the Birth of Modern Artillery
32710: ZAEHNER, R.C. - Drugs, Mysticism and Make-Believe
38316: ZAMMIT, NICHOLAS, M.D. - Malta and Its Industries. Published By the Commission Appointed to Superintend in Mlta the Sending of Objects to the Exhibition of Industries of Her Majesty's Colonial and Indian Possessions to Be Held in London in 1886. . .
44180: ZAMOYSKI, ADAM - Holy Madness: Romantics, Patriots, and Revolutionaries, 1776-1871
42817: ZANDT, W.F. VAN - Paper Tearing for the Entertainer
11465: ZANGWILL, ISRAEL - The Master
35630: ZANGWILL, ISRAEL - Jinny the Carrier
44871: ZANGWILL, ISRAEL - Italian Fantasies
40655: ZARISKI, OSCAR, 1899-1986 - The Reduction of the Singularities of an Algebraic Surface
44158: ZARNOWSKI, JANUSZ - November 1918
41136: ZASLOW, MORRIS - The Opening of the Canadian North 1870-1914
38018: ZELAZNY, ROGER - The Courts of Chaos
44136: ZEMAN, Z.A.B. - The Gentleman Negotiators: A Diplomatic History of World War I
43971: ZIMMERMAN, DAVID - The Great Naval Battle of Ottawa.
42746: ZINGARA, PROFESSOR (PSEUD. OF JOSEPH LEEMING) - The Complete Magician's Manual
46038: ZOLA, ÉMILE - Savage Paris. Translated from the French By David Hughes and Marie-Jacqueline Mason. Preface By Hugh Shelley
46036: ZOLA, ÉMILE - Earth. Preface By Angus Wilson
46053: ZOLA, ÉMILE - L'Assommoir. Translated from the French and with an Introduction By Arthur Symons, and a Frontispiece After Toulouse Lautrec (Signed By Translator)
24927: ZOLA, ÉMILE - Une Page D'Amour, PréCéDée D'Une Lettre-Préface, Avec Dessins de Edouard Dantan, Gravés à L'Eau-Forte Par A. Duvivier
45133: ZUEHLKE, MARK - The Gallant Cause: Canadians in the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939

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