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41520: RANDALL, MARGARET - Part of the Solution: Portrait of a Revolutionary
43188: RANDALL, MARGARET - 'You Can't Make a Revolution without Them !'
20959: RANKE, HEINRICH VON, PROFESSOR DR. - Ueber Hochäcker. Sonderabdruck Aus "Beiträge Zur Anthropologie Und Urgeschichte Bayerns. " Mit 2 Tafeln Und 13 Karten.
41836: RANKIN, IAN - The Falls (Signed)
46441: RANKIN, IAN - Saints of the Shadow Bible
31670: RANKIN, JENNIFER - Ritual Shift
30104: RANKIN, IAN - A Question of Blood (Inscribed Proof)
25603: RANNIE, WILLIAM F. - The Lady and the Manor. Stories About the Town of Lincoln and a 100-Question Trivia Quiz
46383: RANNIE, W.F. - Paths to Union. With Sketches By Kathleen E. Rannie
45290: RANNIE, WILLIAM F. - Lincoln. The Story of an Ontario Town.
17315: RANSOME, ARTHUR (EDGAR ALLAN POE]) - Edgar Allan Poe. A Critical Study.
13930: RAPHAEL, FREDERIC - A Wild Surmise.
11814: RAPHAEL, FREDERIC - Two for the Road (Proof)
3536: RASCOVICH, MARK - The Bedford Incident
41627: RATCLIFFE, DOROTHY UNA - Nightlights. Illustrated By Cecile Walton
21089: RATCLIFFE, DOROTHY UNA - Fairings. A Yorkshire Miscellany.
21090: RATCLIFFE, DOROTHY UNA - The Gone Away. A Romance of the Dales in Three Acts
38937: RATTRAY, R.S. (CAPT. R. SUTHERLAND RATTRAY) - Ashanti Proverbs (the Primitive Ethics of a Savage People). Translated from the Original with Grammatical and Anthroplogical Notes. With a Preface By Sir Hugh Clifford
38938: RATTRAY, R.S. (CAPT. R. SUTHERLAND RATTRAY) - Religion & Art in Ashanti. With Chapters By G.T. Bennett, Vernon Blake, H. Dudley Buxton, R.R. Marett, C.G. Seligman
38936: RATTRAY, R. SUTHERLAND - Ashanti Proverbs (the Primitive Ethics of a Savage People). Translated from the Original with Grammatical and Anthroplogical Notes. With a Preface By Sir Hugh Clifford
38939: RATTRAY, R.SUTHERLAND - Hausa Folk- Lore, Customs, Proverbs, Etc. Collected and Transliterated with English Translation and Notes. With a Preface By R.R. Marett. In Two Volumes
40111: RAVEN, SIMON - The Feathers of Death
40109: RAVEN, SIMON - The Sabre Squadron
40107: RAVEN, SIMON - The Feathers of Death
40112: RAVEN, SIMON - Brother Cain
14783: RAWLENCE, GUY - The Clock.
8654: RAWNSLEY, (MRS. WILLINGHAM) [ALICE JULIA RAWNSLEY]. - Country Sketches for City Dwellers.
18333: RAWSON, GEOFFREY - Sea Prelude
29503: RAY, GEORGE R. - Kasba (White Partridge): A Story of Hudson Bay. Author's Edition.
42739: VAN RAY, RICHARD W.G. - Modern Miracles in Magic
30378: RAYBURN, WALLACE - The Steet That Died
45470: RAYBURN, ALAN - Naming Canada: Stories About Canadian Place Names
42426: KNISTER. RAYMOND - Wandfalls for Cider
42460: SOUSTER, RAYMOND AND BILL BROOKS - Queen City. Poems By Raymond Souster. Photographs By Bill Brooks (Scarce First State)
43600: RAYNES, J.R. - Engines and Men: The History of the Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Fireman : A Survey of Organisation of Railways and Railyway Locomotive Men
39725: (READ, OPIE, 1852-1939) - Confessions of a Negro Preacher
44497: READ, DAPHNE, EDITOR - The Great War and Canadian Society: An Oral History
24717: READ, MISS (PSEUDONYM OF DORA SAINT) - Fairacre Festival. Illustrated By J.S. Goodall
38089: READE, CHARLES - The Cloister and the Hearth: A Tale of the Middle Ages. A New Edition, with Eight Illlustrations By Charles Keene
42716: READE, CHARLES - Good Stories
42715: READE, CHARLES - A Woman-Hater: A Novel. Household Edition
12613: READE, CHARLES (LYND WARD) - The Cloister and the Hearth. A Tale of the Middle Ages. With an Introduction By Hendrik Willem Van Loon and Illustrations in Photogravure By Lynd Ward.
45436: REAMAN, G. ELMORE - A History of Agriculture in Ontario (2 Volumes)
36577: REAMAN, G. ELMORE - A History of Vaughan Township. Two Centuries of Life in the Township.
46436: REANEY, JAMES - Sticks and Stones: The Donnellys Part One
42499: REANEY, JAMES - Colours in the Dark
42081: REANEY, JAMES - The Dance of Death at London, Ontario. Drawings By Jack Chambers
46787: RECHY, JOHN - This Day's Death: A Novel
13144: RECKFORD, BARRY - Does Fidel Eat More Than Your Father? Cuban Opinion.
26240: REDGROVE, PETER - The Collector and Other Poems
26242: REDGROVE, PETER - The Force and Other Poems
34181: REDI, FRANCESCO, 1626-98 - Opere DI Francesco Redi E Accadedmico Della Crusca. Seconda Edizione Napoletana Corrette E Migliorata ( Volume One Only) (Esperienze Intorno All Generazione de Gl' Insetti)
41470: REED, ISHMAEL - The Free-Lance Pallbearers
28861: REED, A.H. - An Autobiography
45194: REED, J. NEWTON - The History of Llewellyn Hall: : 138 King Street East Oshawa, Ontario 1919 -1948
11936: REEMAN, DOUGLAS - Badge of Glory
30530: REES, L.E. RUUTZ - A Personal Narrative of the Siege of Lucknow from Its Commencement to Its Relief By Sir Colin Campbell. With a Plan of Lucknow and the Residency and a Portrait By Sir Henry Lawrence. Third Edition
46022: REEVE, CLARA. WALPOLE, HORACE - The Old English Baron: A Gothic Story. By Clara Reeve [Bound with] the Castle of Otranto, By Horace Walpole, Earl of Orford. With a Biographical Preface
33889: REEVE, HAROLD - The History of the Township of Hope
31274: REGAN, JOHN W. - Sketches and Traditions of the Northwest Arm. . .
17851: REGESTER, SEELEY - The Dead Letter. With a New Introduction By Michele Slung.
46364: REHDER, HARALD A. - National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Seashells
46766: REICHLING, STEVEN B. - Tarantulas of Belize
44028: REICHMANN, EVA G. - Hostages of Civilization: The Social Sources of National Socialist Anti-Semitism
7314: REID, VICTOR STAFFORD (V.S. REID) - The Leopard.
41471: REID, VICTOR STAFFORD (V.S. REID) - The Leopard.
19202: REID, HELEN EVANS - All Silent, All Damned. The Search for Isaac Barr.
44045: REID, GORDON, EDITOR - Poor Bloody Murder: Personal Memoirs of the First World War
43467: REID, THORBURN - Some Early Traction History
30832: REID, T. WEMYSS (CHARLOTTE BRONTË) - Charlotte Brontê: A Monograph
28875: REID, J.C. (FRANCIS THOMPSON) - Francis Thompson. Man and Poet
46763: REID, FORREST - Milk of Paradise: Some Thoughts on Poetry
16172: REID, TOM, CHAIRMAN - Proceedings of the Special Committee on the Traffic in Narcotic Drugs in Canada
23289: REIK, THEODORE, 1888-1969 [SIGMUND FREUD] - From Thirty Years with Freud. Translated from the German
43572: O'REILLY, SUSAN MCLEOD - On Track: The Railway Mail Service in Canada
28340: RENAULT, MARY - Return to Night
37068: RENDELL, RUTH - The Bridesmaid
36452: RENDELL, RUTH - Master of the Moor
36879: RENDELL, RUTH (BARBARA VINE) - King Solomon's Carpet. By Barbara Vine (Pseud. )
36907: RENDELL, RUTH (BARBAR VINE) - Asta's Book
36506: RENDELL, RUTH - The Killing Doll
36505: RENDELL, RUTH - The Bridesmaid
41521: RENDELL, RUTH - The Veiled One
16109: RENDELL, RUTH - The Veiled One
12793: RENDELL, RUTH (BARBARA VINE_ - Gallowglass. By Barbara Vine (Pseud. ) (Proof Copy)
41917: RENDELL, RUTH - Going Wrong (Canadian Proof)
4752: RENDELL, RUTH - Means of Evil. Five Mystery Stories By an Edgar Award-Winning Writer.
9463: RENDELL, RUTH - The New Girl Friend and Other Stories.
40462: RENNIE, A. JAMES - Louth Township: Its People and Past (Cover Title)
31810: REPS, PAUL - Gold and Fish Signatures: Poems. Reps
44577: SOCIETY FOR ARMY HISTORICAL RESEARCH - Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research: V. 1
43728: PINIUTA, HARRY, RESEARCHER AND TRANSLATOR - Land of Pain Land of Promise First Person Accounts By Ukrainian Pioneers, 1891-1914
44732: FERNÁNDEZ RETAMAR, ROBERTO - Cuaderno Paralelo
44482: REVELL, ALEX - British Fighter Units Western Front 1917-18
44483: REVELL, ALEX - British Fighter Units Western Front 1914-16
44583: REVILLE, F. DOUGLAS - A Rebellion: A Story of the Red River Uprising. Illustrated By Paul Wickson
45702: REVILLE, F. DOUGLAS - History of the County of Brant. Illustrated with Fifty Half-Tones Taken from Miniatures and Photographs (2 Volumes)
42755: HUGARD, JEAN, REVISED AND EDITOR BY - Encyclopedia of Card Tricks. Illustrated By Nelson Hahne
17462: REXROTH, KENNETH - The Elastic Retort. Essays in Literature and Ideas.
17487: REXROTH, KENNETH - With Eye and Ear
42386: REYBURN, WALLACE - The Street That Died
36154: REYBURN, WALLACE - Follow a Shadow
46631: REYNARDSON, C.T.S. BIRCH - Sports & Anecdotes of Bygone Days: England, Scotland, Ireland, Italy and the Sunny South
22070: REYNOLDS, STEPHEN, 1881-1919 - A Poor Man's House
44311: REYNOLDS, QUENTIN - The Fiction Factory Or, from Pulp Row to Quality Street
660: REYNOLDS, TIM - Halflife. Poems 1962-64 (One of 25 Signed)
43190: REYNOLDS, TIM - Ryoanji: Poems
44811: REZNIKOFF, CHARLES - Louis Marshall: Champion of Liberty. Selected Papers and Addresses. Introduction By Oscar Handlin (2 Volumes)
27818: PARKER-RHODES, A. F. - Inferential Semantics
43193: RIBEIRO, JOÃO UBALDO - Sergeant Getúlio
45603: RICARD, FRANÇOIS - Gabrielle Roy: A Life. Translated By Patricia Claxton
43135: RICE, A. B., EDITOR - The History of the County of Welland, Ontario, Its Past and Present. . .
28090: RICE, ANNE - The Vampire Lestat
28026: RICE, ANNE - The Vampire Lestat
42756: RICE, HAROLD - Rice's More Naughty Silks: A 30 Minute Silk Routine Employing Byt One Unprepared Silk
26544: RICH, ADRIENNE - The Meaning of Our Love for Women Is What We Have Constantly to Expand
29824: RICH, E.E., WITH R. HARVEY FLEMING, EDITORS - Colin Robertson’S Correspondence Book, September 1817 to September 1822
33338: RICH, E.E., EDITOR (JOHN MCLOUGHLIN) - The Letters of John Mcloughlin from Fort Vancouver to the Governor and Committee. First Series, 1825 - 38; Second Series 1839 - 44; Third Series 1844 - 46
36303: RICH, E.E. - The Fur Trade and the Northwest to 1857
43194: RICH, ADRIENNE - On Lies, Secrets, and Silence: Selected Prose 1966-1978
45574: SCHOFIELD, RICHARD ET AL. - Scarborough Then and Now
11604: RICHARD, MARK - The Ice at the Bottom of the World. Stories.
43566: PALMER, RICHARD AND HARVEY ROEHL - Railroads in Early Postcards: Volume One, Upstate New York
33695: DAVIS, RICHARD AND JEFF STONE - Treasures of the Aquarians: The Complete Exhibit Catalog of the Berkeley Dig
43939: RICHARDS, DAVID ADAMS - Evening Snow Will Bring Such Peace. A Novel. (Signed)
42082: RICHARDS, DAVID ADAMS - Small Heroics
43938: RICHARDS, DAVID ADAMS - Nights Below Station Street (Inscribed)
43934: RICHARDS, DAVID ADAMS - The Coming of Winter (Signed)
325: RICHARDS, GRANT - Author Hunting. Memoirs of Years Spent Mainly in Publishing. With an Intro. By Alec Waugh.
37654: RICHARDS, DAVID ADAMS - The Friends of Meager Fortune [Us Arc)
43684: RICHARDS, DAVID ADAMS - Road to the Stilt House
40750: RICHARDS, FRANK - The Black Sheep of Greyfriars
40757: RICHARDS, FRANK - The Downfall of Harry Wharton
33006: RICHARDS, DAVID ADAMS - Blood Ties
40749: RICHARDS, FRANK - The Rebellion of Harry Wharton
17855: RICHARDSON, OTIS DUNBAR - Sagebrush Campfire over Selah.
42569: RICHARDSON, KEITH - Poetry and the Colonized Mind: Tish
38666: RICHARDSON, HUMPHREY (PSEUD. OF ??) - The Sexual Life of Robinson Crusoe
45906: RICHARDSON, A.H. - A Report on the Ganaraska Watershed. A Study in Land Use with Plans for the Rehabilitation of the Area in the Post-War Period. With an Introduction By Dr. R.C. Wallace.
41262: RICHARDSON, JOHN - Westbrook the Outlaw; Or, the Avenging Wolf. An American Border Tale.
32053: RICHARDSON, JOHN, EDITOR - In the Garden of Delight: A Nature Anthology in Prose and Verse
28864: RICHARDSON, HENRY HANDEL (PSEUD. OF ETHEL FLORENCE LINDESAY RICHARDSON) - Myself When Young. Together with an Essay on the Art of Henry Handel Richardon By J.G. Robertson
28933: RICHARDSON, HENRY HANDEL (PSEUD. OF ETHEL FLORENCE LINDESAY RICHARDSON) - Ultima Thule: Being the Third Part of the Chronicle of the Fortunes of Richard Mahony
33427: RICHARDSON, P. MICK - Flowering Plants: Magic in Bloom
2437: RICHARDSON, HENRY HANDEL (SINCLAIR LEWIS) - The Fortunes of Richard Mahony. . . With a Foreword By Sinclair Lewis.
38990: RICHARDSON, A. E. - Robert Mylne, Architect and Engineer 1733 to 1811
30238: RICHLER, MORDECAI - The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz
42131: RICHLER, MORDECAI - Son of a Smaller Hero
43935: RICHLER, MORDECAI - St. Urbain's Horseman (Signed)
35161: RICHLER, MORDECAI - Oh Canada ! Oh Quebec ! Requiem for a Divided Country
43937: RICHLER, MORDECAI - This Year in Jerusalem (Signed)
43749: RICHLER, MORDECAI - Solomon Gursky Was Here
7905: RICHMOND, J.L. - The Game of Draughts. Over 150 Games and Variations of the "Single Corner" and "Alma" Openings. Second Edition (with Corrections).
42209: RIDDELL, JOHN - Criss-Cross: A Text Book of Modern Composition
33383: RIDDELL, WALTER - Diary of Voyage from Scotland to Canada in 1833 and Story of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Cobourg, Ontario. With Occasional Notes By. . . William Renwick Riddell
45375: RIDDELL, HON. MR. JUSTICE (WILLIAM RIDDELL) - The Courts and the People: An Address Delivered to the Eastern Ontario Live Stock and Poultry Show, at Ottawa, Jan. 18th, 1910
33213: RIDINGS, EUGENE - Business Interest Groups in Nineteenth-Century Brazil
19185: RIDOUT, (THOMAS). - Ten Years of Upper Canada in Peace and War, 1805-1815; Being the Ridout Letters, with Annotations By Matilda Edgar. Also, an Appendix. . .
17043: RIEGERT, PAUL W. - From Arsenic to Ddt: A History of Entomology in Western Canada.
20573: RILEY, JAMES WHITCOMB - The Girl I Loved. Drawings By Howard Chandler Christy. Decorations By Margaret Armstrong.
30373: RILEY, ELIZABETH - All That False Instruction: A Novel of Lesbian Love
46784: RILKE, RAINER MARIA - Sonnets to Orpheus. Translated By M.D. Herter Norton
41255: RIMBAUD, ARTHUR - Travels in Abyssinia and the Harar. Translated By Scott Bell
41834: RIMEL, DUANE W. - The Curse of Cain
33184: RIMEL, DUANE W. - The Jury Is out
24564: RINEHART, (MARY ROBERTS) - Long Live the King ! with Illustrations By Arthur E. Becher
22192: RINEHART, MARY ROBERTS - The Man in Lower Ten. With Illustrations By Howard Chandler Christy
20140: RINGELNATZ, JOACHIM [PSEUD. OF HANS BOTTICHER, 1883-1934]. - Kuttel Daddeldu the Sailor. Translated By Frank E. Thomas & Norman C. Marshall. Original Illustrations By Karl Arnold.
4298: O'RIORDAN, CONAL (1874-1948) - Young Lady Dazincourt
45849: RITCHIE, MARY HOUSTON - A Township on the Lake: Beaverton and Thorah 1820-1952 (Author's Own Copy)
15116: RITCHIE, LEITCH - Travelling Sketches in the North of Italy, the Tyrol, and on the Rhine. With Twenty-Six Beautifully Finished Engravings from Drawings By Clarkson Stanfield.
45402: RITCHIE, MARY HOUSTON - A Township on the Lake: Beaverton and Thorah 1820-1952
43763: VAN RJNDT, PHILLIPE - The Tetramachus Collection
10966: ROACH, ABBY MEGUIRE - Some Successful Marriages. Illustrated By Alice Barber Stephens.
11260: ROACH, CHARLES (1933-2012) - Root for the Ravens. Poems for Drum and Freedom. Illustrated By Hugh Williams.
17516: ROACH, AL - All Our Memories: Being a Fond Look Back at Our Yesteryears Along This Detroit River Border. Illustrations By Bert Weir
46434: ROACH, CHARLES (1933-2012) - Root for the Ravens: Poems for Drum and Freedom. Illustrated By Hugh Williams
1240: ROBBINS, TOM - Skinny Legs and All (Proof Copy)
42549: LECKER, ROBER AND JACK DAVID, EDITORS - Annotated Bibliography of Canada's Major Authors. Volume One
35422: GRAVES, ROBERT AND JOSHUA PODRO - The Nazarene Gospel: Being Part III (Text Only) of Their Nazarene Gospel Restored
659: ROBERTS, KENNETH L. - Sun Hunting. Adventures and Observations Among the Native and Migratory Tribes of Florida, Including the Stoical Time-Killers of Palm Beach. . .
42085: ROBERTS, CHARLES G. D. - The Sweet O' the Year and Other Poems
29243: ROBERTS, CHARLES G.D. - In Divers Tones
6799: ROBERTS, JOHN MADDOX - The Strayed Sheep of Charun.
44812: ROBERTS, FIELD-MARSHAL LORD, OF KANDAHAR (FREDERICK SLEIGH ROBERTS) - Forty-One Years in India from Subaltern to Commander-in Chief. . .
29923: ROBERTS, GEORGE - The Life, Progress, and Rebellion of James, Duke of Monmouth, &C. To His Capture and Execution: With a Full Account of the Bloody Assize, and Copious Biographical Notices
2934: ROBERTS, DOROTHY JAMES - Kinsmen of the Grail
42638: ROBERTS, CHARLES G. D. - Poems
31294: ROBERTS, CHARLES G. D. - Kings in Exile (Signed)
43750: ROBERTS, CHARLES G.D. - In the Morning of Time
43091: ROBERTS, CHARLES G.D. - The Iceberg and Other Poems
31024: ROBERTS, MICHAEL (T.E. HULME) - T.E. Hulme. With an Introduction By Anthony Quinton
41682: ROBERTS, CHARLES G.D. - The Vagrant of Time
44751: ROBERTS, GLYN - The Most Powerful Man in the World: The Life of Sir Henri Deterding
41750: ROBERTS, CHARLES G.D. - The Vagrant of Time
44485: ROBERTS, BARBARA - Whence They Came: Deportation from Canada 1900 - 1935 (None)
42454: ROBERTS, DOROTHY - Twice to Flame
43748: ROBERTS, CHARLES G. D. - The Feet of the Furtive. Illustrated By Paul Bransom
31301: ROBERTS, CHARLES G.D. - The Secret Trails (Inscribed By Author)
36580: ROBERTS, WILLAM (HANNAH MORE, 1745-1833) - Memoirs of the Life and Correspondence of Mrs. Hannah More (4 Volume Set)
10638: ROBERTS, DOROTHY JAMES - Kinsmen of the Grail
44353: ROBERTS, LESLIE - The Mackenzie. Illustrated By Thoreau Macdonald
46136: ROBERTS, MICHAEL J. - Spiders of Britain and Northern Europe
13035: ROBERTSON, JR., JAMES I., EDITOR [GENERAL ROBERT MCALLISTER]. - The Civil War Letters of General Robert Mcallister.
45728: ROBERTSON, HEATHER - Driving Force: The Mclaughlin Family and the Age of the Car
45870: ROBERTSON, HEATHER - The History of Port Elgin
6093: ROBERTSON, MARGARET MURRAY(1821-97). - Christie Redfern's Troubles.
45678: ROBERTSON, NORMAN - The History of the County of Bruce and of the Minor Municipalities Therein, Province of Ontario, Canada
18545: ROBERTSON, PETER - Relentless Verity: Canadian Military Photographers Since 1885.
43421: ROBERTSON, ROBERTSON - 150 Great Western Railway Years
44069: ROBIN, MARTIN - The Company Province 1934-1972
29926: ROBIN, MARTIN - The Rush for Spoils: The Company Province 1871-1933
45889: ROBINETTE, J.J. - Libel, Defamation, Contempt of Court and the Right of the People to Be Informed: Legal Seminar of Thomson Newspapers Limited Held at the Royal York Hotel, Toronto on March 27, 1962. Guest Speaker: J.J. Robinette, Q.C.
40115: ROBINS, ELIZABETH ["C.E. RAIMOND"] - A Dark Lantern: A Story with a Prologue
40086: ROBINS, ELIZABETH, 1862-1952 - My Little Sister [A.K. A. Where Are You Going to. . . ?]
46415: ROBINS, NATALIE - Copeland's Cure: Homeopathy and the War between Conventional and Alternative Medicine
43133: ROBINSON, SPIDER - Mindkiller. A Novel of the Near Future (Proof Copy)
41320: ROBINSON, DAVID - Talking out of Alcholism: The Self-Help Process of Alcoholics Anonymous
31918: ROBINSON, JOHN - The Attwood Family, with Historic Notes & Pedigrees
29127: ROBINSON, NOEL - History of the Art, Historical and Scientific Association. Vancouver’S First Cultural Association.
16010: ROBINSON, W. HEATH - Let's Laugh ! a Book of Humorous Inventions. With a Foreword By K.R. G. Browne.
44249: ROBINSON, JOHN H. - The Common-Sense Poultry Doctor
41542: ROBLÈS, EMMANUEL - Dawn on Our Darkness. Translated from the French By Therese Pol
41616: ROBLÈS, EMMANUEL - Vesuvius. Translated By Milton Stansbury
41617: ROBLÈS, EMMANUEL - The Angry Mountain. Translated from the French By Dorothy Bolton
25429: ROBSON, ERNEST M. - Thomas Onetwo. Illustrations By Ken Friedman
44089: ROBY, KINLEY E (ARNOLD BENNETT) - A Writer at War: Arnold Bennett, 1914-1918
45941: PINTO-DA-ROCHA, RICARDO; MACHADO, GLAUC; GIRIBET, GONZALO , EDITORS - Harvestmen: The Biology of Opiliones
42728: DE LA ROCHE, MAZO - Beside a Norman Tower. With Illustrations By A.H. Watson
23584: FRISON-ROCHE, ROGER - Hunters of the Arctic. Translated By Len Ortzen.
43479: ROCHE, FRANCIS JOSEPH, TEMPLER, G.G. - Building Model Locomotives. Revised By S.W. Stevens-Stratten
43794: DE LA ROCHE, MAZO - Jalna.
43061: LA ROCHEJAQUELEIN, MARIE-LOUISE-VICTOIRE DE DONNISSAN, MARQUISE DE, 1772-1857 - Memoirs of the Marchioness de Laroche Jaquelein. With a Map of the Theatre of War in la Vendee. Translated from the French.
46747: ROCHESTER, BISHOP OF (SAMUEL HORSLEY, 1733-1806) - Substance of the Bishop of Rochester's Speech, in the House of Peers, Friday, May the 23d, 1800, in the Debate Upon the Third Reading of the Bill for the Punishment and More Effectual Prevention of the Crime of Adultery
36487: ROCKOFF, HUGH - Drastic Measures: A History of Wage and Price Controls in the United States
44778: ROCKWELL, NORMAN - My Adventures As an Illustrator
46132: KATE BRYANT; TONY RODD - The Ultimate Plant Book
44793: RODIER, PAUL - The Romance of French Weaving. With Two Illustrations in Colour and Ninety-Nine in Black-and-White
3478: RODNEY, WILLIAM - Soldiers of the International. A History of the Communist Party of Canada 1919-1929.
33105: RODRIGO, LUIS CARLOS (PABLO PICASSO) - Picasso in His Posters: Image and Work (4 Volume Set, English Edition)
30376: RODRIGUEZ, JUDITH - Water Life. With Linocuts By the Author
28437: ROE, E.P. - A Day of Fate
43198: ROETHKE, THEODORE - Straw for the Fire. From the Notebooks of Theodore Roethke 1943-63. Selected and Arranged By David Wagoner
14128: ROETHKE, THEODORE - The Collected Poems (Review Copy
43412: JACKSON, (ROGER AND WM. E. ASHLEY) [HENRY MILLER]. - Henry Miller: A Bibliography of Primary Sources. Volume II: Addenda, Corrections and Updates.
18563: MEAR, ROGER AND ROBER SWAN - Walk to the Pole. To the Heart of Antarctica in the Footsteps of Scott. With Research and Additional Material By Lindsay Fulcher.
30598: HALL, ROGER & S.W. SHELTON - "the Rising Country": The Hale-Amherst Correspondence, 1799-1825.
41563: GÓMEZ ROGERS, JAIME - El Circo
41746: ROGERS, GRACE MCLEOD - Stories of the Land of Evangeline.
41358: ROGERS, D., REV. - The Gatling: With Ammunition for the Temperance Warfare. With an Introduction By Rev. John Potts
41647: ROGERS, BRUCE - An Account of the Making of the Oxford Lectern Bible
42250: PLOUDE, ROGET & MICHAEL TAYLOR, SELECTORS - Fiddlehead Greens: Stories from the Fiddlehead
17807: ROHMER, RICHARD, MAJOR-GENERAL - Patton's Gap. An Account of the Battle of Normandy 1944.
31265: ROHMER, SAX - Dope
45739: ROLLING, GLADYS M. - East Gwillimbury in the Nineteenth Century. A Centennial History of the Township of East Gwillimbury.
41544: RÖLVAAG, O.E. - Giants in the Earth: A Saga of the Prairie. Translated from the Norwegian
44804: ROMERO, PABLO BUSH - Under the Waters of Mexico
32770: ROMNEY, HUGH - "the Hog Farm", the Lead Ariticle in the Realist Nov. -Dec. , 1969, No. 86
32251: RONALDS, C. C. (CHARLES CORBETT) - Christmas Interludes
30374: RONAN, TOM - Vision Splendid
31860: RONELL, AVITAL - Crack Wars: Literature, Addiction, Mania
41439: HAWKINS, RONNIE AND PETER GODDARD - Ronnie Hawkins: Last of the Good Ol' Boys
27154: ROOME, WILLIAM J.W. - Tramping Through Africa. A Dozen Crossings of the Continent
38328: ROOSEVELT, KERMIT - War in the Garden of Eden. Illustrated from Photographs By the Author
36054: RORABACHER, LOUISE E., EDITOR - Two Ways Meet: Stories of Migrants in Australia
45256: ROSE, KATHLEEN M. - St. George's: Our Heritage. A History of St. George's Memorial Church (Anglican), Oshawa, Ontario
1204: ROSE, WILLIAM GANSON - Cleveland. The Making of a City.
43738: ROSE, AL - Eubie Blake
33666: ROSE, JOHN - The History of Shelburne
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30248: MURRAY-SMITH, STEPHEN, EDITOR - The Tracks We Travel : Australian Short Stories
42257: SMITH, A.J.M. - News of the Phoenix and Other Poems
36014: KAYE-SMITH, SHEILA - The Village Doctor
36011: KAYE-SMITH, SHEILA - Starbrace
39669: SMITH, BRUCE, HON;, K.C. - The Truisms of Statecraft: An Attempt to Define, in General Terms, the Origin, Growth, Purpose, and Possibilities of Popular Government
36008: KAYE-SMITH, SHEILA - The Lardners and the Laurelwoods: A Novel
31948: KAYE-SMITH, SHEILA - Three Ways Home
36006: KAYE-SMITH, SHEILA - The Ploughman's Progress
45369: SMITH, W.H. (WILLIAM HENRY SMITH, FL. 1846-73) - Canada: Past, Present and Future. Being a Historical, Geographical, Geological and Statistical Account of Canada West. Containing Ten County Maps, and One General Map of the Province, Compiled Expressly for the Work
40041: SMITH, CHARLES EDWARD - From the Deep of the Sea: The Diary of Charles Edward Smith, Surgeon of the Whale-Ship Diana, of Hull. Edited By His Son, Chalres Edward Smith Harris
34841: SMITH, ISLA, COMPILER. RUTH BAKER, EDITOR - A Small Town Affair: A History of Wyoming, Ontario
4776: SMITH, LEE - Me and My Baby View the Eclipse: Stories (Singed)
36028: KAYE-SMITH, SHEILA - Iron and Smoke
44171: SMITH, GOLDWIN (1923-1910) - Reminiscences. Edited By Arnold Haultain
36026: KAYE-SMITH, SHEILA - Joanna Godden Married and Other Stories
42432: SMITH, A.J.M. - Poems New & Collected
45561: SMITH, ROBERT C. - Three Hundred Years in and Around Swansea School Grounds: The Story of the First White Man's Trip Down the Humber River and Historical Sketch of S.S. 22
42249: SMITH, STEVE, 1943-64 - God's Kaleidoscope
19160: SMITH, VERN E. - The Jones Men
20369: SMITH, JESSIE WILLCOX [CHARLES DICKENS]. - Dickens's Children. Ten Drawings By Jessie Wilcox Smith.
31947: KAYE-SMITH, SHEILA - Superstition Corner
10978: SMITH, C. FOX - There Was a Ship. Chapters from the History of Sail. With Eight Illustrations By Phil W. Smith.
44785: SMITH, A.E, REV., 1871-1947 - All My Life: An Autobiography
38968: SMITH, W.H. (WILLIAM HENRY SMITH, FL. 1846-73) - Canada: Past, Present and Future. Being a Historical, Geographical, Geological and Statistical Account of Canada West. Containing Ten County Maps, and One General Map of the Province, Compiled Expressly for the Work
36021: KAYE-SMITH, SHEILA - A Wedding Morn
14673: SMITH, DECOST - Martyrs of the Oblong and Little Nine.
36009: KAYE-SMITH, SHEILA - Susan Spray
37921: KAYE-SMITH, SHEILA - Saints in Sussex
36016: KAYE-SMITH, SHEILA - Ember Lane: A Winter’S Tale
46589: SMITH, A. DUNCAN, EDITOR - Trial of Madeleine Smith
36024: KAYE-SMITH, SHEILA - The Tramping Methodist
23684: CORBETT- SMITH, A. - The Retreat from Mons. By One Who Shared It.
42419: SMITH, A.J.M., GUEST EDITOR - Poetry Australia, Number Sixteen, June 1967
45558: SMITH, H.M. SCOTT - The Historic Churches of Prince Edward Island
45800: SMITH, A.J.M., EDITOR - The Colonial Century: English-Canadian Writing Before Confederation
24483: SMITH, MARY LARRATT - Young Mr. Smith in Upper Canada
42149: SMITH, RUSSELL - Girl Crazy
36029: KAYE-SMITH, SHEILA - Joanna Godden
31949: KAYE-SMITH, SHEILA - The Mirror of the Months
44211: SMITH, GENE - Still Quiet on the Western Front Fifty Years Later. Drawings By Bill Berry. Introduction By S.L. A. Marshall
35905: SMITH, JAMES REUEL - Springs and Wells of Manhattan and the Bronx New York City at the End of the Nineteenth Century. With 154 Illustrations from Photographs Taken By the Author in the Years 1897-1901
9899: SMITH, KATRINA - Quest for Evil.
41560: SMITH, JOHN THOMAS - A Book for a Rainy Day; Or, Recollections of the Events of the Last Sixty-Six Years. Second Edition
36018: KAYE-SMITH, SHEILA - Mrs. Gailey
36019: KAYE-SMITH, SHEILA - Selina
17370: SMITH, JAMES F. - The History of Pugwash
42059: CORBETT- SMITH, A. - The Marne - and After: A Companion Volume to "the Retreat from Mons"
4751: SMITH, LEE - Me and My Baby View the Eclipse. Stories (Signed)
43601: SMITH, PATSY ADAMS - The Rails Go West
36022: KAYE-SMITH, SHEILA - Kitchen Fugue
36058: MURRAY-SMITH, STEPHEN, EDITOR - An Overland Muster: Selections from Overland, 1954-1964
42491: SMITH, A.J.M. - A Sort of Ecstasy: Poerms: New and Selected
46476: SMITHERS, LEONARD C., EDITOR (SIR RICHARD F. BURTON) - The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night. Translated from the Arabic By Captain Sir R.F. Burton. Reprinted from the Original Edition and Edited By. . . (12 Volume Set)
36286: SMYTH, JOHN GEORGE, THE RT HON SIR, BT, VC, MC - Leadership in War, 1939-1945. The Generals in Victory and Defeat
41586: WARINGTON-SMYTH, E. - London Village: A Novel
42722: SMYTHE, FRANK S. - Climbs in the Canadian Rockies
4449: SMYTHE, FRANK S. - The Valley of Flowers
44039: SMYTHE, JOHN, SIR, VC - Leadership in Battle 1914-1918: Commanders in Action
44870: SNIDER, C.H.J. - The Glorious "Shannon's" Old Blue Duster and Other Faded Flags of Fadeless Fame. With a Foreword from the Rt. Hon. Sir William Thomas White. . .
44992: SNIDER, C.H.J. - The Glorious "Shannon's" Old Blue Duster and Other Faded Flags of Fadeless Fame. With a Foreword from the Rt. Hon. Sir William Thomas White. . . (with Author Tl Carbon)
7871: SNIDER, C.H.J. - Tarry Breeks and Velvet Garters. Sail on the Great Lakes of America, in War, Discovery, and the Fur Trade, Under the Fleur-de-Lys. With an Introduction By. . . Arthur W. Roebuck.
25807: SNOW, C.P. - A Coat of Varnish (Proof Copy)
34527: SNOW, JOHN - Contrasts: Poems
15002: SNOW, C.P. - The Malcontents. (Proof Copy)
25808: SNOW, C.P. - A Coat of Varnish (Proof Copy)
30451: SNYDER, SOLOMON - Drugs and the Brain
46497: AMERICAN FISHERIES SOCIETY - Common and Scientfic Names of Aquatic Invertebrates from the United States and Canada: Crustaceans (American Fisheries Society Special Publication, Vol. 31)
44279: NIAGARA HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Some Notable Results of the War. Hon. William Dickson. Original Documents [Cover Title]
35341: GLANFORD HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Glanford: Visions and Views. A Pictorial History of Glanford
45769: STREETSVILLE HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Streetsville Historical Society Papers (Vols. 1 and 2)
45398: BEAVERTON THORAH ELDON HISTORICAL SOCIETY - The Beaverton Story: Harvest of Dreams
27924: TYNEHEAD HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Tynehead Memories
23387: GUELPH HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Historic Guelph. The Royal City.
38226: SMITHS FALLS HISTORICAL SOCIETY - The History of Smiths Falls
44282: NIAGARA HISTORICAL SOCIETY - "Capt. Matthew Hamilton", "Polish Force in Niagara", "Polish Relief Work in Niagara", "Rev. Robt. Addison", "Rev. John Burns"
44283: NIAGARA HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Fifty Years of Peach Culture in Ontario, Lieutenant General John Graves Simcoe, First Governor of Upper Canada, First Bridges over the Niagara River, Mrs. John Graves Simcoe, Address By Gen. Cruikshank on the Battle of Fort George
38273: ANCASTER TOWNSHIP HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Ancaster's Heritage: A History of Ancaster Township
45469: MIDHURST HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Pioneer History of Midhurst
44040: SOCKNAT, THOMAS - Witness Against War Pacifism in Canada, 1900-1945 (Social History of Canada)
8719: SODDY, FREDERICK - Science and Life. Aberdeen Addresses.
36943: SOHAN, F.W., S.J. - The Stereographic Projection
25780: SOLDATI, MARIO - The Commander Comes to Dine. Translated from the Italian
44557: SOLOGUB, FEODOR (FYODOR KUZMICH TETERNIKOV, 1863-1927) - The Created Legend: Authorized Translation from the Russian By John Cournos
30773: SOLOMON, DAVID, EDITOR (ALLEN GINSBERG) - The Marihuana Papers
42268: SOLWAY, DAVE (DAVID SOLWAY) - In My Own Image
41573: SOLZHENITSYN, ALEXANDER - August 1914. Translated By Michael Glenny
41575: SOLZHENITSYN, ALEXANDER - Victory Celebrations: A Comedy in Four Acts. Translated from the Russian By Helen Rapp and Nancy Thomas
37174: SOMERVILLE, E. OE. - The States Through Irish Eyes: Illustrated By the Author
30899: DE' SOMMI, LEONE - The Three Sisters. Translated with an Introduction and Notes By Donald Beecher & Massimo Ciavolla
34519: SONDER, AMBROS, AND MINA GRISCH - Vocabulari Da Surmeir. Rumantsch-Tudestg, Tudestg-Rumantsch.
41491: SONNECK, OSCAR GEORGE THEODORE - A Bibliography of Early Secular American Music (18th Century). Revised and Enlarged By William Treat Upton. . .
46776: SONTAG, SUSAN - The Benefactor
40619: SOPER, J. DEWEY - The Lake Harbour Region, Baffin Island
40620: SOPER, J. DEWEY - Explorations in Foxe Peninsula and Along the West Coast of Baffin Island
43277: SOREL, JULIA (PSEUD. OF ROSALYN DREXLER) - Rocky. Based on the Screenplay By Sylvester Stallone
46526: SORFLEET, JOHN R., EDITOR (MARGARET LAURENCE) - The Work of Margaret Laurence
30819: SORKIN, BERNARD - Steel Shivs
44813: SOROKIN, PITIRIM - Leaves from a Russian Diary
46160: SORRENTINO, GILBERT - Aberration of Starlight (Inscribed)
46161: SORRENTINO, GILBERT - The Darkness Surrounds Us (Inscribed)
46158: SORRENTINO, GILBERT - Steelwork (Inscribed)
26323: SORRENTINO, GILBERT - Misterioso
46159: SORRENTINO, GILBERT - The Perfect Fiction: Poems (Inscribed)
41574: SORRENTINO, GILBERT - Mulligan Stew
14494: SOUPAULT, PHILIPPE [1897-1990]. - Poésies Complète 1917-1937
42433: SOUSTER, RAYMOND - A Local Pride: Poems
14086: SOUSTER, RAYMOND - The Selected Poems. Chosen By Louis Dudek.
42201: SOUSTER, RAYMOND - Double Header: As Is, Lost & Found
42362: SOUSTER, RAYMOND - So Far: Poems 1938/1968
42289: SOUSTER, RAYMOND, EDITOR - New Wave Canada: The New Explosion in Canadian Poetry
42447: SOUSTER, RAYMOND - The Selected Poems. Chosen By Louis Dudek.
42434: SOUSTER, RAYMOND - The Selected Poems. Chosen By Louis Dudek.
42098: SOUSTER, RAYMOND - City Hall Street
42137: SOUSTER, RAYMOND - Old Bank Notes
42448: SOUSTER, RAYMOND - Extra Innings: New Poems
42097: SOUSTER, RAYMOND - At Split Rock Falls
42204: SOUSTER, RAYMOND - Rain-Check
42101: SOUSTER, RAYMOND - Poems Selected: "Last Words with My Mother"
42483: SOUSTER, RAYMOND - Selected Poems
42117: SOUSTER, RAYMOND - Place of Meeting. Poems 1958-1960.
42686: (SOUSTER, RAYMOND) - Current Account, Volume 15, No. 1, April 1965
42502: SOUSTER, RAYMOND - The Years: Poems.
42401: SOUSTER, RAYMOND - Ten Elephants on Yonge Street. Poems.
35005: SOUTAR, WILLIAM (1898-1943) - Diaries of a Dying Man. Edited By Alexander Scott
44522: SOUTHARD, ROBERT (J.G. DROYSEN) - Droysen and the Prussian School of History
43770: SOUTHCOTT, MARY E. (BETH) - The Sound of the Drum: The Sacred Art of the Anishnabec
42313: SOUTHESK, EARL OF (JAMES CARNEGIE) - Saskatchewan and the Rocky Mountains: A Diary and Narrative of Travel, Sport, and Adventure, During a Journey Through the Hudson's Bay Company's Territories in 1859 & 1860
38929: SOUZA, MARCIO - Mad Maria. Translated By Thomas Colchie (Inscribed)
38930: SOUZA, MARCIO - The Order of the Day: An Unidentified Flying Opus. Translated By Thomas Colchie (Signed)
46638: DE SOUZA, BARETTO - Advanced Equitation
38827: SOYINKA, WOLE - The Road
38832: SOYINKA, WOLE - The Interpreters
38819: SOYINKA, WOLE - Kongi's Harvest
41572: SOYINKA, WOLE - Mandela's Earth and Other Poems.
38825: SOYINKA, WOLE - The Open Sore of a Continent: A Personal Narrative of the Nigerian Crisis
6943: SOYINKA, WOLE - Mandela's Earth and Other Poems.
38835: SOYINKA, WOLE - The Man Died: Prison Notes
30023: SPALDING, A.E. - A Grammar of the East and West Coasts of Hudson Bay
37144: SPALDING, A.E. - A Grammar of the East and West Coasts of Hudson Bay
26322: SPARK, MURIEL [JOHN MASEFIELD] - John Masefield.
38301: SPARK, MURIEL - The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
41576: SPARK, MURIEL - The Girls of Slender Means.
15703: SPARK, MURIEL - The Girls of Slender Means
41561: SPARK, MURIEL - The Mandelbaum Gate
45074: SPARKS, SUSIE, EDITOR - Calgary, a Living Heritage
3960: SPARROW, WALTER SHAW - A Book of Sporting Painters. A Companion Volume of New Research to "British Sporting Artists" and "Angling in British Art". With One Hundred and Thirty-Six Illustrations.
28498: SPARROW, W. SHAW, EDITOR - The Gospels in Art: The Life of Christ By Great Painters from Fra Angelico to Holman Hunt. The Text By Léonce Bénétie, Henry Van Dyke, R.F. Horton and the Bishop of Derry & Raphoe
46179: SPAWLS, STEPHEN; HOWELL, KIM; DREWES, ROBERT C.; ASHE, JAMES - Field Guide to the Reptiles of East Africa: All the Reptiles of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi
16568: SPEAIGHT, ROBERT [SHAKESPEARE]. - William Poel and the Elizabethan Revival. For the Society for Theatre Research.
33309: SPEARMAN, FRANK H. - Nan of Music Mountain. Illustrated By N.C. Wyeth
42481: SPEARS, HEATHER - Human Acts
42287: SPEARS, HEATHER - Asylum Poems and Others
44024: SPECTOR, IVAR - The First Russian Revolution: Its Impact on Asia
46367: SPELLENBERG, RICHARD - National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Wildflowers. Western Region. Revised Edition
35280: SPENCE, CATHERINE STAFFORD, 1823-1906 - Earl Rôgnvald and His Forebears, Or Glimpses of Life in Early Norse Times in Orkney and Shetland
46777: SPENCER, COLIN - An Absurd Affair
29762: SPENCER, JOSEPH WILLIAM WINTHROP - The Falls of Niagara: Their Evolution and Varying Relations to the Great Lakes: Characteristics of the Power, and the Effects of Its Diversion
30161: SPENCER, SYDNEY, EDITOR - Mountaineering. With One Hundred & Thirty Illustrations (Horace Westmorland's Copy)
41698: SPENCER, COLIN - Asylum
41699: SPENCER, COLIN - Poppy Mandragora and the New Sex
41580: SPENCER, ELIZABETH - The Stories of Elizabeth Spencer. With a Foreword By Eudora Welty
5734: SPENGLER, OSWALD - Der Untergang Des Abendlandes. Umrisse Einer Morphologie Der Weltgeschichte.
43078: SPENSER, EDMUND (WALTER CRANE) - Spenser's Faerie Queene: A Poem in Six Books, with the Fragment Mutabilitie. Edited By Thomas J. Wise
28216: SPERBER, MURRAY A., EDITOR - And I Remember Spain (Ted Allan's Copy)
45007: SPICER, STANLEY T. - Masters of Sail: The Era of Square-Rigged Vessels in the Maritime Provinces
44238: SPIEL, HILDE - Vienna's Golden Autumn 1866-1938
42051: SPILLANE, MICKEY - Day of the Guns
45610: SPILSBURY, JOHN R. - Cobourg, Early Days and Modern Times
25470: SPORES, RONALD - The Mixtec Kings and Their People
13417: SPRAGENS, JR., (THOMAS A.) [THOMAS HOBBES]. - The Politics of Motion. The World of Thomas Hobbes. With a Foreword By Antony Flew.
37980: DE CAMP, LYON SPRAGUE AND CATHERINE CROOK DE CAMP - Footprints on Sand: A Literary Sampler. Illustrated By C.H. Burnett
44290: SPRINGETT, EVELYN CARTIER - For My Children's Children
41379: SPRINGWATER, DOCTOR, OF NORTH AMERICA (PSEUDONYM) - The Cold-Water-Man; Or, a Pocket Companion for the Temperate
2769: SPRY, W.J.J. - The Cruise of Her Majesty's Ship "Challenger. "
32277: SPRY, W.J.J. - The Cruise of Her Majesty's Ship "Challenger. "
45121: SPURGEON, C.H. - A Treasury of Spurgeon on the Life and Work of Our Lord. Volume III: The Parables of Our Lord
45681: SQUAIR, JOHN - The Townships of Darlington and Clarke, Including Bowmanville and Newcastle, Province of Ontario, Canada
46693: SQUAROTTI, G. BARBERI. CARMASSI, ARTURO - Nove Poesie E Nove Designi
20273: SQUIRE, JACK COLLINS [J.C. SQUIRE, 1884-1958]. - Poems and Baudelaire Flowers.
21829: SRIVASTAVA, ASHIRBALDI LAL - Medieval Indian Culture
33567: STACEY, ROBERT - The Canadian Poster Book: 100 Years of the Poster in Canada
45604: STACEY, C.P., EDITOR - Historical Documents of Canada Volume V. The Arts of War and Peace 1914-1945

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