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45794: MACEWAN, GRANT - Sitting Bull. The Years in Canada.
42132: MACEWEN, GWENDOLYN - Magic Animals: Selected Poems Old and New.
42891: MACFARLANE, ALAN - Witchcraft in Tudor and Stuart England: A Regional and Comparative Study
29321: MACFIE, JOHN - Parry Sound Logging Days
45807: MACGILL, ELSIE GREGORY - My Mother the Judge: A Biography of Judge Helen Gregory Macgill
22734: MACGILL, PATRICK - The Red Horizon, with a Foreword By Viscount Esher.
39597: MACGRATH, HAROLD - The Lure of the Mask. With Illustrations By Harrison Fisher and Karl Anderson
39573: MACGRATH, HAROLD - The Carpet from Bagdad. With Illustrations By Andre Castaigne
36445: MACGREGOR, JAMES G. - Blankets and Beads. A History of the Saskatchewan River.
47235: MACGREGOR, JAMES G. - Edmonton Trader. The Story of John A. Mcdougall.
45712: MACGREGOR, JAMES G. - Father Lacombe
30103: MACGREGOR, ALASDAIR ALPIN - Wild Drumalbain, Or, the Road to Maggernie and Glen Coe
5598: MACGREGOR, J.G. - Overland By the Yellowhead.
44547: MACHAR, AGNES MAULE, 1837-1927 - Roland Graeme, Knight: A Novel of Our Time
44603: MACHUM, LLOYD A. - A History of Moncton Town and City 1855-1965
40948: MACINNES, COLIN - To the Victor the Spoils
40946: MACINNES, COLIN - Three Years to Play (Proof)
40947: MACINNES, COLIN - Three Years to Play
44350: MACINNES, TOM - In the Old of My Age. A New Book of Rhymes.
45136: MACINNIS, JOE - The Search for the Breadalbaneda
43521: MACINTYRE, D.E. - End of Steel
953: MACK, GERSTLE - Gustave Courbet
18166: MACK, HAZEL - Historical Highlights of Wellington County. Series No. 2.
11308: MACKAY, ISABEL ECCLESTONE - The Shining Ship and Other Verse. With Illustrations By Elsie Deane
29998: MACKAY, DONALD - The Lumberjacks
30256: MACKAY, DOUGLAS - The Honourable Company. A History of the Hudson's Bay Company. Maps By R.H. H. Macaulay
44351: MACKAY, ISABEL ECCLESTONE. - Fires of Driftwood. With Decorations By J.E. H. Macdonald, A.R. C.A.
21841: MACKAY, DONALD C - Silversmiths and Related Craftsmen of the Atlantic Provinces
41985: MACKENZIE, WILLIAM LYON, CHAIRMAN - The Seventh Report from the Select Committee of the House of Assembly of Upper Canada on Grievances : To Whom Were Referred Lord Viscount Goderich's Despatch, to His Excellency Sir John Colborne, of the 8th November, 1832. . .
4081: MACKENZIE, COMPTON - Guy and Pauline (Publisher's Dummy)
10352: MACKENZIE, DAVID - The Lion of Tashkent: The Career of General M.G. Cherniaev.
43308: MACKENZIE, GARLAND (PSEUD. OF ??] - War Teaches Canada to Plan for Peace
3247: MACKENZIE, COMPTON - The Passionate Elopement
17588: MACKENZIE, COMPTON - The Stolen Soprano.
8228: MACKENZIE, DONALD - Inside the Atlantic Triangle. Canada and the Entrance of Newfoundland Into Confederation 1939-1949.
42064: MACKENZIE, DONALD - Inside the Atlantic Triangle. Canada and the Entrance of Newfoundland Into Confederation 1939-1949.
28492: MACKENZIE, COMPTON - Rich Relatives
42380: MACKERSEY, IAN - Crusader Fox King
44916: MACKIE, JOHN (1862-1939) - Hidden in Canadian Wilds. Illustrations By Arthur Twidle
43394: MACKIE, ALLAN - Building with Logs
44747: MACKIE, ALEXANDER - Facile Princeps: The Story of the Beginning of Life Insurance in America
44915: MACKIE, JOHN (1862-1939) - The Devil's Playground: A Story of the Wild North West. Second Edition
35427: MACKINNON, STUART - The Welder's Arc: Poems
368: MACKINTOSH, J. (JOHN MCINTOSH) - The Discovery of America, By Christopher Columbus; and the Origin of the North American Indians.
39551: MACLAREN, IAN (PSEUD. OF REV. JOHN WATSON) - Kate Carnegie and Those Ministers
39630: MACLAREN, IAN (PSEUD. OF REV. JOHN WATSON) - The Potter's Wheel
40400: MACLAREN, GEORGE - The Woodcarvers of Nova Scotia
45252: MACLAREN, GEORGE - Nova Scotia Glass
39526: MACLAREN, IAN (PSEUD. OF REV. JOHN WATSON) - Kate Carnegie and Those Ministers
45152: MACLEAN, HUGH D. - To Many People. . . Many Things: The Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada - Its Past, Its Present, Its Future
45858: MACLEAN, JOHN - Vanguards of Canada
37083: MACLEAN, HUGH D. - To Many People. . . Many Things. The Town of Niagara-on-the Lake, Canada, Its Past, Its Present, Its Future. With Photographs By Kenneth B. Welsh (Cover Title)
8953: MACLEISH, ARCHIBALD - Frescoes for Mr. Rockefeller's City.
17832: MACLENNAN, HUGH - Voices in Time.
40670: MACLENNAN, HUGH - Two Solitudes
44997: MACLENNAN, HUGH - Rivers of Canada. With the Camera of John de Visser.
39598: MACLEOD, NORMAN (1812-72) - The Old Lieutenant and His Son
36814: MACLEOD, MARGARET ARNETT - Bells of Red River
33331: MACLEOD, MARGARET ARNETT, EDITOR - The Letters of Letitia Hargrave
40936: MACMANUS, SEUMAS - Heavy Hangs the Golden Grain
44338: MACMECHAN, ARCHIBALD - Old Province Tales. Decorations By J.E. H. Macdonald.
44604: MACMILLAN, C. LAMONT, DR. - Memoirs of a Cape Breton Doctor.
22962: MACMILLAN, HUGH - The Highland Tay from It's Source to Dunkeld. Illustrated By the Drawings of A. Scott Rankin
36362: MACMILLAN, MIRIAM - Green Seas and White Ice
17906: MACNALTY, ARTHUR SALUSBURY, SIR - The Princes in the Tower and Other Medical Mysteries.
39541: MACNAUGHTAN, S. (SARAH BROOM MACNAUGHTAN, 1864-1916) - Peter and Jane, Or the Missing Heir
39593: MACNAUGHTON, JOHN - Essays and Addreses. Selected By D.D. Calvin
46715: MACNEICE, LOUIS - The Other Wing. Illustrated By Michael Ayrton
43903: MACPHAIL, ANDREW, SIR - The Medical Services. Official History of the Canadian Forces in the Great War 1914-19
40198: MACPHERSON, JAY - O Earth Return
43690: MACPHERSON, KENNETH - Rome 12 Noon (Advance Copy)
42265: MACPHERSON, JAY - The Four Ages of Man: The Classical Myths
39661: MACPHERSON, ETHEL, EDITOR (DAVID THOMSON) - Genealogical Chart of the Descendants of David Thomson and Mary Glendenning
42278: MACPHERSON, JAY - O Earth Return
42128: MACPHERSON, JAY - The Boatman
42127: MACPHERSON, JAY - Welcoming Disaster: Poems 1970-4
44705: MACPHERSON, DUCAN - Macpherson Editorial Cartoons 1975
46657: MACSWEENEY, BARRY - The Boy from the Green Cabaret Tells of His Mother: Poems 1965 to 1968 (Inscribed)
40773: MADAN, FALCONER, EDITOR (LEWIS CARROLL) - The Lewis Carroll Centenary in London 1932. . .
14362: MADDEN, DAVID - The New Orleans of Possibilities. Stories.
43349: MADDEN, DEIRDRE - Authenticity
47185: MADDOX, BRENDA - Rosalind Franklin: The Dark Lady of Dna
37012: MADDOX, ERNEST E. - The Clinical Use of Prisms: And the Decentring of Lenses (Spine Title: Ophthalmological Prisms)
43680: MADISON, G.B. - The Hermeneutics of Postmodernity: Figures and Themes
47412: MADSEN, IB; MILGRAM, R. JAMES - Classifying Spaces for Surgery and Corbordism of Manifolds
41859: MAETERLINCK, MAURICE - The Children's Life of the Bee. Selected and Arranged By Alfred Sutro and Herchel Williams
47042: PRESTON-MAFHAM, ROD; PRESTON-MAFHAM, KEN - The Encyclopedia of Land Invertebrate Behaviour
33578: MAGALOTTI, LORENZO (1637-1712) - Lettere Familiari. . . Divise in Due Parti
43586: MAGGS, COLIN G. - The Midland & South Western Junction Railay
39215: MAGILL, E.M. - Notes on Galvanism and Faradism. Second Edition. With 67 Illustrations
21254: MAGNAN, L'ABBÉ D.-M.-A. (DENIS MICHEL ARISTIDE MAGNAN). - Histoire de la Race Française Aux états-Unis. Ouvrage Illustré de 18 Gravures Hors Texte Et D'Une Carte Géographique.
26062: MAGNES, JUDAH H, - Russian and Germany at Brest-Litovsk. A Documentary History of the Peace Negotiations
41806: MAHY, MARGARET - Pillycock's Shop
35946: MAHY, MARGARET - Memory
31669: MAIDEN, JENNIFER - The Occupying Forces
10217: MAIENSCHEIN, JANE, EDITOR - Defining Biology. Lectures from the 1890s.
34226: MAILER, NORMAN - The White Negro
47614: MAILLET, ADRIENNE, 1885-1963 - Un Enlèvement : Roman
38442: MAILS, THOMAS E. - Fools Crow. Assisted By Dallas Chief Eagle. With Illustrations By the Author.
43466: MAIR, GEORGE R. - The Electric Locomotive
29701: MAITLAND, FRANCIS HEREWARD - Hussar of the Line. Illustrated By John Board
25823: MAJOR, HENRIETTE - Le Bout de Monde
42892: MAKOWSKI, WILLIAM BOLESLAUS - History and Integration of Poles in Canada
46650: MALAMUD, BERNARD - The Tenants
2103: MALAQUAIS, JEAN - The Joker. A Novel. Translated from the French By Herma Briffault.
43622: FLETCHER, MALCOLM AND JOHN TAYLOR, EDITORS - Railways: The Pioneer Years
45948: KNOPP, MALCOLM AND ROBERT CORMIER - Mayflies: An Angler's Study of Trout Water Ephemeroptera.
44795: O'MALLEY, ILENE V. - The Myth of Revolution: Hero Cults and the Institutionalization of the Mexican State, 1920-1940
15628: MALOUF, DAVID - Neighbours in a Thicket. Poems. Second Edition.
6942: MALOUF, DAVID - Remembering Babylon (Signed)
47607: MALOUIN, REINE, 1898-1976 - Cet Ailleurs Qui Respire : Roman
47612: MALOUIN, REINE, 1898-1976 - Inviolata : Poème Allégorique
42476: MALUS, MICHAEL - Night Is a Flaming City: Poems
18755: MAMA, RAOUF - Why Goats Smell Bad and Other Stories from Benin. Translated and Retold By Raouf Mama. Illustrated By Imna Arroyo.
43699: MAMET, DAVID - Small Archive Including a Poem "the Whale" and Two Autograph Postcards,
42511: MANDEL, ELI - Black and Secret Man
42466: MANDEL, ELI - Crusoe: Poems New and Selected
42467: MANDEL, ELI - Stony Plain
41404: MANDIELA, AHDTI ZHINA - Speshal Rikwes
43994: MANGAN, JOAN HELEN - Silver Wings
47456: MANGEL, MARC; CLARK, COLIN W. - Dynamic Modeling in Behavioral Ecology
40921: MANHOOD, H.A. - Gay Agony
33859: (MANING, FREDERICK EDWARD) - Old New Zealand: A Tale of the Good Old Times and a History of the War in the North Against Chief Heke, in the Year 1845, Told By an Old Chief of the Ngapuhi Tribe Also Maori Traditions. By a Paheka Maori. With an Introduction By Dr. Hocken
40919: MANKIEWICZ, DON M. - Trial (Signed)
45418: MANLEY, F.F. - Inaugural Address Delivered Before the University College Literary and Scientific Society
18068: MANN, CAMERON - The Longing of Circe and Other Poems.
41386: MANN, MARTY MANN - Marty Mann's New Primer on Alcoholism
9158: MANN, THOMAS - Joseph the Provider. Translated from the German for the First Time By H.T. Lowe-Porter.
35103: MANN, LEONARD - A Murder in Sydney
42063: MANN, JOHN - Travels in North America: Particularly in the Provinces of Upper & Lower Canada, and New Brunswick, and in the States of Maine, Massachusetts, and New York. . .
31990: MANNIN, ETHEL - The Road to Beersheba
31942: MANNIN, ETHEL - Ragged Banners: A Novel with an Index
31946: MANNIN, ETHEL - So Tiberius. . . Decorations By A.H. Eisner
31944: MANNIN, ETHEL - Ragged Banners: A Novel with an Index
32196: MANNIN, ETHEL - Pilgrims
24667: MANNINEN, JUHA, AND TUOMELA, RAIMO, EDITORS - Essays on Explanation and Understanding: Studies in the Foundations of Humanities and Social Sciences
46656: MANNING, OLIVIA (MAVIS GALLANT) - The Battle Lost and Won (Inscribed By Mavis Gallant)
40049: MANNING, FREDERIC - Scenes and Portraits
40824: MANNING, MARY E. - Street- the Man, the Family, the Village
14919: MANNING, OLIVIA - The Spoilt City (Proof)
29151: MANNING, FREDERIC - Scenes and Portraits
11192: MANNING, HELEN TAFT - The Revolt of French Canada 1800-1835. A Chapter in the History of the British Commonwealth.
40913: MANSFIELD, KATHERINE - Bliss & Other Stories
3198: MANSFIELD, KATHERINE - In a German Pension
614: MANSFIELD, KATHERINE - Something Childish and Other Stories.
40912: MANSFIELD, KATHERINE - Something Childish and Other Stories.
30332: MANSFIELD, KATHERINE - Dziennik. [By] Katarzyny Mansfield. Wydal J. Middleton Murry
29278: AIMSFELD (PSEUD. OF ALFRED MANSFIELD, B. 1897) - Howls of a Dingo Australian Bush Rhymes. By "Aimsfeld"
42835: MANSON, J.A., COMPILER - Indoor Amusements: Including Round Games, Toy Games and Toy-Making, Mechanical and Arithmatical Puzzles, Card Games, Magic, Fireside Fun, Etc. , Etc. New and Enlarged Edition. . .
32721: MANSON, CHARLES (NUEL EMMONS) - Manson in His Own Words. As Told to Nuel Emmons
46900: MANTLEY, JOHN - Woman Obsessed
46916: MANTLEY, JOHN (1920-2003) - The Twenty-Seventh Day (the 27th Day]
46990: MANTLEY, JOHN (1920-2003) - The Twenty-Seventh Day (the 27th Day]
40421: BERTONE, MANUELA AND ROBERT S. DOMBROWSKI, EDITORS (CARLO EMILIO GADDA] - Carlo Emilio Gadda. Contemporary Perspectives
20997: DE MAR, PAUL (PSEUD. OF PEARL FOLEY) - The Gnome Mine Mystery: A Northern Ontario Mining Story.
42115: MARA, BERNARD (BRIAN MOORE) - A Bullet for My Lady. By Bernard Mara (Pseud. Of Brian Moore)
41992: LALIQUE, MARC AND MARIE-CLAUDE. - Lalique Par Lalique
44818: MARCH, ARTHUR - Natur Und Erkenntnis. Die Welt in Der Konstruktion Des Heutigen Physikers. Mit 18 Textabbildungen
40918: MARCHMONT, ARTHUR W. (A.W. MARCHMONT) - By Right of Sword
40767: DE LA MARE, WALTER (LEWIS CARROLL) - Lewis Carroll
4210: DE LA MARE, WALTER (RUPERT BROOKE) - Rupert Brooke and the Intellectual Imagination. A Lecture.
25069: WEIS, MARGARET AND TRACY HICKMAN - Well of Darkness
15005: WEIS, MARGARET AND TRACY HICKMAN - Scugog and Its Environs.
39651: MARGUERITTE, VICTOR, 1866-1942 - The Frontiers of the Heart [Translated from the French] By Frederic Lees
46597: MARGULIS, LYNN; SAGAN, DORION - Slanted Truths: Essays on Gaia, Symbiosis and Evolution
46931: MARGULIS, LYNN; SAGAN, DORION - Acquiring Genomes: A Theory of the Origins of Species
24651: BOISSONNAUT, CHARLES-MARIE AND L. LAMONTAGNE - Histoire Du Royal 22e Régiment. . .
46859: MARINELLI, JANET - Plant
47562: MARION, SÉRAPHIN, 1896- - Tradition Du Québec : Recueil de Morceaux Choisis Dans Les œUvres Des Poètes Et Prosateurs Du Canada Français / Par Séraphin Marion . . . ; Et Traduits En Anglais Par Watson Kirkconnell . . .
44409: MARION, SÉRAPHIN - Les Origines Littéraires Du Canada Français
45605: MACRAE, MARION AND ANTHONY ADAMSON - The Ancestral Roof: Domestic Architecture of Upper Canada
44366: MARION, SÉRAPHIN - Les Lettres Canadiennes D'Autrefois. Tome 8 - Littérateurs Et Moralistes Du Canada Français D'Autrefois
44780: MACRAE, MARION AND ANTHONY ADAMSON - Hallowed Walls: Church Architecture of Upper Canada
44380: MARION, SÉRAPHIN - Les Lettres Canadiennes D'Autrefois. Tome 8 - Littérateurs Et Moralistes Du Canada Français D'Autrefois
44779: MACRAE, MARION AND ANTHONY ADAMSON - Hallowed Walls: Church Architecture of Upper Canada
47401: MARITAIN, JACQUES. JULIEN GREEN - The Story of Two Souls: The Correspondence of Jacques Maritain and Julien Green. Edited By Henry Bars & Eric Jourdan. Translated with an Introduction and Revised Notes By Bernard Doering
43355: MARKANDAYA, KAMALA - Pleasure City
40953: MARKANDAYA, KAMALA - A Handful of Rice
40954: MARKANDAYA, KAMALA - The Coffer Dams
40955: MARKANDAYA, KAMALA - Possession
38836: MARKHAM, E.A. - Love, Politics & Food
41771: MARKHAM, VIOLET R. - The South African Scene
10547: MARKIEWICZ, LILY R. - The Price of Words. Places to Remember 1-26.
34316: MARKINO, YOSHIO - When I Was a Child
46157: MARKS, JOHN - The Search for the "Manchurian Candidate": The Cia and Mind Control
47127: MARKS, J. - Rock and Other Four Letter Words: Music of the Electric Generation
40911: MARKSON, DAVID - Miss Doll, Go Home: An Original Novel
42497: MARLATT, DAPHNE - How Hug a Stone
42485: MARLATT, DAPHNE - Frames of a Story.
42230: MARLATT, DAPHNE - Vancouver
16439: MARLOWE, DEREK - The Memoirs of a Venus Lackey.
40910: MARLOWE, DEREK (BYRON, SHELLEY) - A Single Summer with L.B. : The Summer of 1816
24893: MARMIER, (X.) [XAVIER MARMIER, 1809-92] - Lettres Sur L'Amérique
47246: MARMONTEL, JEAN-FRANCOIS, 1723-99 - Belisaire. Par M. Marmontel, de L'Académie Françoise
45242: MARMONTEL, JEAN-FRANÇOIS (1723-99] - Les Incas, Ou la Destruction de L'Empire Du Pérou
13316: MARMONTEL, (JEAN-FRANÇOIS) [1723-99]. - Bélisaire
44724: MARMUR, JACLAND - Sea Duty and Other Stories of Naval Action
3902: MARQUAND, J.P. (JOHN P. MARQUAND) - The Unspeakable Gentleman. With a Frontispiece By A.I. Keller.
43213: GARCÍA MÁRQUEZ, GABRIEL - The General in His Labyrinth. Translated from the Spanish By Edith Grossman
7343: GARCIA MÁRQUEZ, GABRIEL - La Aventura de Miguel Littin Clandestino En Chile.
36927: MARRINER, WILLIAM (1791-1853). MARTIN, JOHN, M.D., COMPILER - An Account of the Natives of the Tonga Islands, in the South Pacific Ocean, Compiled and Arranged from the Extensive Communication of Mr. William Mariner, Several Years Resident in Those Islands, By John Martin
47267: (MARRYAT, FREDERICK) - Peter Simple, Or Adventures of a Midshipman. . . (Volume I Only, of 3)
17337: MARRYAT, FREDERICK, CAPTAIN - A Diary in America. With Remarks on Its Institutions. Edited, with Notes and an Introduction, By Sydney Jackman.
46220: MARSA, LINDA - Prescriptions for Profits: How the Pharmaceutical Industry Bankrolled the Unholy Marriage between Science and Business
31437: MARSDEN, KATE - On Sledge and Horseback to Outcast Siberian Lepers
44106: MARSH, PETER T. - Joseph Chamberlain: Entrepreneur in Politics
1425: MARSH, ZOE, EDITOR - East Africa Through Contemporary Records.
44152: MARSHALL, LOGAN - The Story of Europe and the Nations at War : A Graphic Narrative of the Nations Involved in the Great War, Their History and Former Wars, Their Rulers and Leaders, Their Armies and Navies, Their Resources, the Reasons for Conflict and the Issues at Stake
44860: MARSHALL, EDISON - The Sleeper of the Moonlit Ranges. A New Novel. Illustrations By Jes W. Schlaikjer
42464: MARSHALL, TOM - The Silences of Fire
23370: MARSHALL, BESS - An House for His Kingdom
42721: MARSHALL, HOWARD - Men Against Everest
9406: MARSHALL, EDISON - The Land of Forgotten Men. With Frontispiece By W. Herbert Dunton.
46653: MARSHALL, EDISON - The Light in the Jungle
43705: MCLUHAN, MARSHALL AND HARLEY PARKER - Through the Vanishing Point: Space in Poetry and Painting
42493: MARSHALL, TOM - The Earth-Book
31884: MARSHALL, JONATHAN - Drug Wars: Corruption, Counterinsurgency and Covert Operations in the Third World
29098: MARSHALL, WILLIAM LEONARD - The Middle Kingdom
11251: MARSHALL, PAULE - The Fisher King. (Proof Copy)
24888: MARSTON, ELLIS - Of the House of Chloe. A Tale of the Times
34886: MARTELL, YANN - Life of Pi
1416: MARTELLI, GEORGE - Livingstone's River. A History of the Zambezi Expedition 1858-1864.
47428: MARTIN, RAYMOND - The Past Within Us: An Empirical Approach to Philosophy of History
8478: MARTIN, PETER - The Building
46518: MARTIN, JOHN BARTLOW - Why DID They Kill?
27336: MARTIN, R.D, EDITOR - Breeding Endangered Species in Captivity
45185: MARTIN, LINDA; SEGRAVE, KERRY - City Parks of Canada
47530: MARTIN, GÉRARD, 1911-1982 - Tentations : Roman
34817: MARTIN, E.W. - The Shearers and the Shorn: A Study of Life in a Devon Community
29849: MARTIN, DAVID - The Hero of the Town
32417: MARTIN, DAVID - The Hero of the Town
32418: MARTIN, DAVID - The Hero of the Town
44861: MARTIN, WILLIAM MCCHESNEY - Shoes of Iron. A Tale of Witch Town
41772: MARTIN, GEORGE R.R. - The Armageddon Rag
46280: MARTIN, ROBERT IVAN - The Most Dangerous Branch: How the Supreme Court of Canada Has Underminded Our Law and Our Democracy
46122: MARTIN, JAMES - Masters of Disguise: A Natural History of Chameleons
25361: MARTINDALE, (FRANCES, ILLUSTRATOR) - Words of Hope & Comfort for the Sorrowful
40399: MARTN, J. LYNTON - The Ross Farm Story: A Brief History of Agriculture in Nova Scotia with Particular Emphasis on Life on the Small Upland Farm
45142: MARTYN, LUCY BOOTH - Aristocratic Toronto: 19th Century Grandeur. More Stories of the Fascinating Homes and Elegant People of Early Toronto
32468: MARTYN, NORMA - Deepwater Siding
40932: MARVEL, IK (PSEUD. OF DONALD G. MITCHELL) - Fresh Gleanings; Or, a New Sheaf from the Old Fields of Continental Europe
45715: MARWICK, ALICE - Northland Post: The Story of the Town of Cochrane
30525: MARWICK, ALICE - Northland Post
36655: MARX, HARPO, WITH ROWLAND BARBER - Harpo Skeaks. Illustrated By Susan Marx
16456: BYERS, MARY AND MARGARET MCBURNEY - The Governor's Road. Early Buildings and Families from Mississauga to London.
41128: BRIGNANO, MARY AND HAX MCCULLOUGH - The Search for Safety: A History of Railroad Signals and the People Who Make Them
19423: BYERS, MARY AND MARGARET MCBURNEY - The Governor's Road. Early Buildings and Families from Mississauga to London. Photographs By Hugh Robertson.
45251: WEEKS-MIFFLIN, MARY AND RAY MIFFLIN - Harbour Lights Burlington Bay
26728: MARZIO, PETER C. - The Democratic Art: Pictures for a 19th-Century America
12130: MASEFIELD, JOHN - With the Living Voice. An Address Given at the First General Meeting of the Scottish Association for the Speaking of Verse 24 October 1924.
46040: MASEFIELD, JOHN - The Trial of Jesus (Signed, Limited Edition)
33089: MASEFIELD, JOHN - Poems. Complete Edition with Recent Poems
14520: MASEFIELD, JOHN - Victorious Troy Or the Hurrying Angel.
3673: MASEFIELD, JOHN - A Play of St. George
9927: MASEFIELD, JOHN - The Square Peg Or the Gun Fella.
46658: MASEFIELD, JOHN - Land Workers
24501: MASEFIELD, JOHN - The Taking of the Gry
14963: MASEFIELD, JOHN - Ballads and Poems
8755: MASEFIELD, JOHN - I Want! I Want! Introduction By Geoffrey Faber.
46652: MASEFIELD, JOHN - A Letter from Pontus and Other Verse
46666: MASEFIELD, JOHN - Gautama the Enlightened and Other Verse
45823: MASI, FRANK T., EDITOR - The Typewriter Legend
37589: MASON, BOBBY ANN - With Jazz. Illustrated By Lanelle Mason
39642: MASON, CAROLINE ATWATER, 1853-1939 - The High Way
14649: MASON, GEO., REV. [GEORGE MASON, 1829-93]. - Ode on the Loss of the Steamship "Pacific," November 4th, 1875.
46718: MASSEY, (RUTH) [RUTH MASSEY TOVELL]. - The Crime in the Boulevard Raspail. A Tale for Those Who Know Nothing About Art and for Those Who Know Too Much.
38511: MASSINGHAM, H.J., EDITOR - A Treasury of Seventeenth Century English Verse from the Death of Shakespeare to the Restoration (1616-1660)
4783: MASSINGHAM, HAROLD - The Magician
43840: MASTERS, D.C. - The Winnipeg General Strike
16477: MATERER, TIMOTHY[WYNDHAM LEWIS]. - Wyndham Lewis the Novelist.
29219: MATHER, BERKELY - The Memsahib
42383: MATHER, BERKELY - The Memsahib
45497: MATHESON, JOHN ROSS - Canada's Flag: A Search for a Country
16811: MATHESON, RICHARD - Bid Time Return
27721: MATHEW, RAY - The Joys of Possession
35669: MATHEWS, JOHN JOSEPH - Wah'Kon-Tah. Illustrated By May Todd Aaron
45625: MATHEWS, HAZEL C. - Oakville and the Sixteen. The History of an Ontario Port.
45377: MATHEWS, BASIL - The Ships of Peace
17141: MATHEWS, HAZEL C. - Oakville and the Sixteen. The History of an Ontario Port.
42016: MATHIAS, THOMAS JAMES (1754-1835) - Pursuits of Literature: A Satirical Poem in Four Dialogues, with Notes. To Which Are Annexed, a Vindication of the Work, and Translations of All the Greek, Latin, Italian, and French Quotations
46413: MATSUMOTO, GARY - Vaccine a: The Covert Government Experiment That's Killing Our Soldiers, and Why Gi's Are Only the First Victims
41789: GROENING. MATT - The Simpsons Xmas Book
34199: GALANT, MATT & KATHLEEN - The New Sexual Underground
44596: BRAY, MATT AND ERNIE EPP - A Vast and Magnificent Land: An Illustrated History of Northern Ontario
47615: MATTEAU, PHILIPPE, 1920-1988 - Pour Aller Vers Toi : Poèmes
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41744: METCALF, JOHN - Kicking Against the Pricks
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42420: METCALF, JOHN - The Lady Who Sold Furniture
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17701: GRANT, (ETHEL WATTS-MUMFORD AND RICHARD BUTLER GLAENZER). - The Auto Guest Book. Being the Maxims of Punjab the Railer, Ga Raja of the Pun-Job, Vice-Roysterer of Notsopoor. Rendered Into the Vernacular and Highly Decorated By. . .
43904: MUNCY, LYSBETH WALKER - The Junker in the Prussian Administration Under William II, 1888-1914
28808: MUNDAY, ALBERT H[ENRY]., 1896-1956). - The Eyes of the Army and Navy: Practical Aviation (Inscribed By Author)
39481: MUNDY, TALBOT (PSEUD. OF WILLIAM LANCASTER GRIBBON) - "C.I. D. ": A New Chullunder Ghose Story
39359: MUNDY, TALBOT (PSEUD. OF WILLIAM LANCASTER GRIBBON) - The Ivory Trail. Illustrated By Joseph Clement Croll
40765: MUNRO, HECTOR H. ("SAKI") (LEWIS CARROLL) - The Westminster Alice. Illustrated By F. Carruthers Gould
43781: MUNRO, ALICE - Dance of the Happy Shades: Stories. Foreword By Hugh Garner [Inscribed]
36990: MUNRO, D.W. - B.S. A. Motor Cycles: A Practical Guide Covering All Models from 1931. With Fifty-Five Illustrations
43783: MUNRO, ALICE - Friend of My Youth: Stories [Inscribed]
42536: MUNRO, ALICE - The Moons of Jupiter
42133: MUNRO, ALICE - Dance of the Happy Shades: Stories. Foreword By Hugh Garner
43785: MUNRO, ALICE - The Moons of Jupiter [Signed]
20654: MUNRO, H.H. ("SAKI). - The Toys of Peace, and Other Papers. With a Portrait and a Memoir.
39622: MUNRO, NEIL (1864-1930) - Doom Castle: A Romance
9762: SAKI [H.H. MUNRO]. - The Novels and Plays of Saki (H.H. Munro). Complete in One Volume.
42142: MUNRO, ALICE - Friend of My Youth: Stories
42248: MUNRO, ALICE - Friend of My Youth. Stories (Signed Arc)
41779: MUNRO, H.H. ("SAKI") - When William Came: A Story of London Under the Hohenzollerns
43787: MUNRO, ALICE - Something I'Ve Been Meaning to Tell You. Thirteen Stories.
43782: MUNRO, ALICE - Lives of Girls & Women [Inscribed]
43786: MUNRO, ALICE - Who Do You Think You Are? Stories [Inscribed]
43784: MUNRO, ALICE - The Progress of Love [Inscribed]
42244: MUNRO, ALICE - The Progress of Love
41800: MUNSCH, ROBERT - Get Me Another One !
35535: MURA, DAVID - Turning Japanese: Memoirs of a Sansei
38915: MURDOCH, IRIS - The Green Knight
44293: MURDOCH, B.J., REV. (1886-1973) - The Red Vineyard
18116: MURDOCH, IRIS - The Book and the Brotherhood (Proof)
18114: MURDOCH, IRIS - The Good Apprentice
18117: MURDOCH, IRIS - Henry and Cato (Proof Copy)
14670: MURDOCH, BEAMISH - A History of Nova-Scotia , Or Acadie.
31289: MURDOCH, ANNA - In Her Own Image
18118: MURDOCH, IRIS - The Green Knight (Proof)
46469: MURRAY, DON (W.P. KINSELLA) - The Fiction of W.P. Kinsella: Tall Tales in Various Voices
12281: MURRAY, THOMAS BOYLES, REV. - Pitcairn: The Island, the People, and the Pastor. To Which Is Added a Short Notice of the Original Settlement and Present Conditions of Norfolk Island.
31216: MURRAY, MAX - Wait for a Corpse
38988: MURRAY, MARISCHAL - Union-Castle Chronicle 1853-1953
24568: MURRRY, JOAN - Ontario Society of Artists: 100 Years 1872-1972
41305: MURRY, JOHN MIDDLETON, EDITOR - The Adelphi (22 of First 24 Issues, 1923-1925)
42222: MUSGRAVE, SUSAN - Equinox
42221: MUSGRAVE, SUSAN - For Charlie Beaulieu in Yellowknife, Who Told Me Go Back to the South and Write Another Poem About Indians
42475: MUSGRAVE, SUSAN - Gullband Thought Measles Was a Happy Ending. Illustrations By Rikki
44258: MUSGRAVE, SUSAN - Two Poems for the Blue Moon
42232: MUSGRAVE, SUSAN - Skuld (Proof)
42473: MUSGRAVE, SUSAN - Songs of the Sea-Witch
42474: MUSGRAVE, SUSAN - The Impstone
42223: MUSGRAVE, SUSAN - Kung
47544: CLUB MUSICAL ET LITTÉRAIRE DE MONTRÉAL - Huit Conférences Sur Des Sujets Varies, Prononcees Devant Les Membres Du Club Musical Au Cours de la Saison 1948-1949
44397: CLUB MUSICAL ET LITTÉRAIRE DE MONTRÉAL - Douze Conferences Sur Des Sujets Varies, Donnees Devant Les Membres Du Club Musical Et Litteraire de Montréal Au Sours de la Saison 1944-1945
34573: MUSSET, ALFRED DE (JOHN FOWLES) - Lorenzaccio. Translated and Adapted By John Fowles
45096: MUTCHMOR, JAMES RALPH - Mutchmor: The Memoirs of James Ralph Mutchmor
46927: MARY MYCIO - Wormwood Forest: : a Natural History of Chernobyl
46165: MYERS, ROBERT MANSON, EDITOR - The Children of Pride: A True Story of Georgia and the Civil War
42987: MYERSON, JOEL [RALPH WALDO EMERSON]. - Ralph Waldo Emerson. A Descriptive Bibliography.
43985: MYERSON, JOEL (RALPH WALDO EMERSON]) - Ralph Waldo Emerson. A Descriptive Bibliography.
42578: MYERSON, JOEL [RALPH WALDO EMERSON]. - Ralph Waldo Emerson. A Descriptive Bibliography.
39498: MYLONAS, GEORGE - Ancient Mycenae, the Capital City of Agamemnon
35148: CHERNETSOV, V. N. AND MOSZYNSKA, W. EDITED BY HENRY N. MICHAEL - Prehistory of Western Siberia
40260: COHEN, MORTON N. AND EDWARD WAKELING, EDITORS (LEWIS CARROLL) - Lewis Carroll & His Illustrators: Collaborations & Correspondence, 1865-1898
47089: ESCHMEYER. WILLIAM N. AND EARL S. HERALD - A Field Guide to Pacific Coast Fishes : North America (Peterson Field Guides)
46515: NABLO, JAMES BENSON - Stories
46516: NABLO, JAMES BENSON - Stories
14260: NABOKOV, VLADIMIR - Min EuropÆIske Ungdom. Pa Dansk Ved Peter Nørgaard Og Morten Piil. (Speak Memory)
40923: NABOKOV, VLADIMIR - Glory
41893: NAGARAJAN, S. (SARA JEANNETTE DUNCAN) - The Anglo-Indian Novels of Sara Jeannette Duncan
31200: NAHAS, GABRIEL G., M.D. - Marihuana - Deceptive Weed. Foreword By W.D. M. Paton
41425: NAIDOO, BEVERLEY - Chain of Fire
46730: NAIPAUL, SHIVA - A Hot Country (Proof)
8518: NAIPAUL, V.S. - The MIMIC Men
37449: NAIPAUL, V.S. - A Way in the World: A Sequence (Signed Arc)
37435: NAIPAUL, V.S. - The Enigma of Arrival (Proof)
37450: NAIPAUL, V.S. - A Turn in the South (Proof)
8620: NAIPAUL, V.S. - A Way in the World (Arc)
16536: NAIPAUL, V.S. - Finding the Centre. Two Narratives.
46731: NAIPAUL, SHIVA - Black and White (Proof)
11483: NAIPAUL, SHIVA - Journey to Nowhere. A New World Tragedy (Proof Copy).
41741: NAIPAUL, V.S. - A Turn in the South
39719: NAIPAUL, SHIVA - The Chip-Chip Gatherers (Proof)
37436: NAIPAUL, V.S. - A Way in the World (Proof)
37448: NAIPAUL, V.S. - India. A Million Mutinies Now (Proof)
44829: NAIPAUL, SHIVA - Beyond the Dragon's Mouth (Proof Copy)
11484: NAIPAUL, SHIVA - Beyond the Dragon's Mouth (Proof Copy)
1112: NAJARIAN, PETER - Voyages.
27968: NALON, JOHN - The Story of Gananoque. Prepared for the Gananoque Museum Board
41876: NANEVESKY, PETER (1935- ) - Reason and Calm
47711: NANSEN, FRIDTJOF - Farthest North. Being the Record of a Voyage of Exploration of the Ship Fram, 1893-96, and of a Fifteen Months' Sleigh Journey By Dr. Nansen and Lieut. Johansen. With an Appendix By Otto Sverdrup, Captain of the Fram.
44411: NANTEL, ADOLPHE - La Terre Du Huitième: Roman
44418: NANTEL, ADOLPHE (1886-1954) - La Terre Du Huitième: Roman
19767: NANTON, PAUL - Arctic Breakthrough. Franklin's Expeditions 1819-1847.
47254: NAPHEYS, GEO. H. (GEORGE H. NAPHEYS) - The Physical Life of Woman: Advice to the Maiden, Wife, and Mother
35921: NARAYANA, T. V. - Lattice Path Combinatorics with Statistical Applications
39344: NATHAN, ROBERT - The Sea-Gull Cry (Arc)
13213: NATHAN, GEORGE JEAN [H.L. MENCKEN]. - Testament of a Critic
13101: MENCKEN, H. L., WITH GEORGE JEAN NATHAN AND WILLARD HUNTINGTON WRIGHT (S.S. VAN DINE) - Europe After 8: 15. With Decorations By Thomas H. Benton.
29400: CANADA. NATIONAL AND HISTORIC PARKS BRANCH - Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History No. 4
43647: NATTIEZ, JEAN-JACQUES (RICHARD WAGNER) - Wagner Androgyne. Translated By Stewart Spencer
37286: NAUGHTON, BILL - Alfie Darling
37264: NAUGHTON, BILL - Pony Boy. Illustrated By Dick de Wilde
9249: NAYLOR, (GLORIA, EDITOR). - Children of the Night. The Best Short Stories By Black Writers 1967 to the Present.
34293: NAYLOR, W.H. - History of the Church in Clarendon. With a Foreword By the Lord Bishop of Montreal, a Sketch of the Author's Life By the Rev. Canon Smith. . . And a Preface By the Editor, Rev. A.H. Moore, M.A.
41444: NDEBELE, NJABULO - Fools and Other Stories
38824: NDLOVU, DUMA, EDITOR (WOLE SOYINKA. AMIRI BARAKA) - Woza Afrika ! : An Anthology of South African Plays. Edited & Chosen By Duma Ndlovu. Foreword By Wole Soyinka. Preface By Amiri Baraka
43732: O'NEAIL, HAZEL - Doukhobor Daze
26587: ALLEN, PAUL [JOHN NEAL AND TOBIAS WATKINS] - A History of the American Revolution. . . To Which Are Added, the Most Important Resolutions of the Continental Congress, and Many of the Most Important Letters of General Washinton
41649: NEALE, ERSKINE, 1804-83 - Scenes and Recollections. By the Author of "the Gaol Chaplain. "
20935: NEATBY, LESLIE H. - The Search for Franklin.
29431: NEATBY, L.H. - Conquest of the Last Frontier
41872: HAIS-TÝNECKÝ, JOSEF (1885-1964) - Osudy Legionára / Jozef Hais-Týnecký ; Pre Slovenskú Mládez Prelozil Ján Kvietok
42004: NEEDLER, G.H. (THOMAS MOORE, 1779-1852) - Moore and His Canadian Boat Song
45912: NEEDLER, G.H. - Otonabee Pioneers. The Story of the Stewarts, the Stricklands, the Traills and the Moodies.
34052: NEIDJIE, BILL - Story About Feeling. Illustrated By Keith Taylor
45047: O'NEIL, CAROLYN - Kirkland Lake on the Mile of Gold
35685: NEIL, JOHN R. (L. FRANK BAUM) - The Scalawagons of Oz. Illustrated By John R. Neill
44396: O'NEIL, LOUIS C. - Contes de Noel (2 Volumes)
46769: O'NEILL, KEVIN M. - Solitary Wasps: Behavior and Natural History (Cornell Series in Arthropod Biology)
41346: O'NEILL, EUGENE - Mourning Becomes Electra: A Trilogy
34730: O'NEILL, EUGENE - The Last Will and Testament of Silverdene Emblem O'Neill (Blemie's Will)
35707: NEILL, JOHN R. (L. FRANK BAUM) - The Wonder City of Oz. Illustrated By John R. Neill
28586: NEILLANDS, ROBIN HUNTER - By Sea and Land: The Royal Marines Commandos, a History, 1942-1982
31276: NEILSON, JOHN, 1844-1922 - The Men of the Fifties
44401: NELLIGAN, ÉMILE - Poésies. Quatrième édition
43964: NELSON, BRYAN - Azraq: Desert Oasis. With Drawings By John Busby and Photographs By Eric Hosking and the Author
25890: NELSON, J.G. - The Last Refuge
46260: NELSON, RICHARD - Heart and Blood: Living with Deer in America
41461: NELSON, H. ARNOLD (HARRIET ARNOLD NELSON, 1870?--1930) - The Romance of the Greystones. Illustrated By J. Macfarlane
46177: NELSON, JOSEPH S. - Fishes of the World. Fourth Edition
41775: NELSON, ARTHUR C. - Wings of Danger
41426: NERN, DANIEL D. - Black As Night
42647: NERUDA, PABLO - Epic Song. Translated By Richard Schaaf
37440: NERUDA, PABLO (CLAYTON ESHLEMAN) - Residence on Earth. Translated By Clayton Eshleman
36952: NESBIT, J.C. - On Agricultural Chemistry, and the Nature and Properties of Peruvian Guano. Fifth Edition
46625: NESBIT, E. (EDITH NESBIT BLAND, 1858-1924) - Long Ago When I Was Young. Illustrated By Edward Ardizzone

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