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12797: LAURENCE, ALFRED D. - Hub-Dir-in-Budt. The Mad Magic of Miami Beach.
25109: LAURENCE, DAN H. [GEORGE BERNARD SHAW] - The Shaw Festival Production Record 1962-1989
43102: LAURENCE, MARGARET - The Stone Angel
43943: LAURENCE, MARGARET - The Christmas Birthday Story. Pictures By Helen Lucas (Inscribed)
43697: LAURENCE, JOHN - The Secret of Sheen
33997: LAURENCE, MARGARET - Dance on the Earth. A Memoir (Proof Copy)
33920: LAURENCE, MARGARET - The Stone Angel
43114: LAURENCE, MARGARET - The Tomorrow-Tamer and Other Stories.
43807: LAURENCE, MARGARET - A Bird in the House: Stories.
43808: LAURENCE, MARGARET - The Fire-Dwellers
43809: LAURENCE, MARGARET - Heart of a Stranger
33003: LAURENCE, MARGARET - Long Drums and Cannons: Nigerian Dramatists and Novelists, 1952-1966
33922: LAURENCE, MARGARET - Jason's Quest. Illustrated By Staffan Torell.
7706: LAURENTS, ARTHUR - West Side Story. A Musical Based on a Conception of Jerome Robbins. Book By Arthur Laurents. Music By Leonard Bernstein. Lyrics By Stephen Sondheim. Entire Production Directed and Choreographed By Jerome Robbins. . .
45337: LAURIER, WILFRID, SIR - La Réciprocité Entre le Canada Et Les états-Unis : Discours de Sir Wilfrid Laurier Prononcé à la Cham-Bre Des Communes le 7 Mars, 1911
45271: LAURISTON, VICTOR - Lambton's Hundred Years 1849-1949.
40569: LAURISTON, VICTOR (N. WILLIAM EDWARD PARK, 1881-1973) - The Twenty-First Burr
41100: LAURISTON, VICTOR - Romantic Kent. More Than Three Centuries of History 1626-1952.
45160: LAURISTON, VICTOR - Romantic Kent. More Than Three Centuries of History 1626-1952 (with Index Booklet)
29548: LAUT, AGNES C. - The Conquest of the Great Northwest: Being the Story of the Adventurers of England Known As the Hudson's Bay Company. New Pages in the History of the Canadian Northwest and Western States (2 Volumes)
44890: LAUT, AGNES C. - The Conquest of the Great Northwest. Being the Story of the Adventurers of England Known As the Hudson's Bay Company. New Pages in the History of the Canadian Northwest and Western States
39998: LAWLER, RAY - Summer of the Seventeenth Doll
28064: LAWLER, RAY - Summer of the Seventeenth Doll
34998: LAWLER, RAY - Summer of the Seventeenth Doll
35548: LAWRENCE, D.H. - England, My England
27284: LAWRENCE, D.H. - The Collected Letters. Volume One. Edited with and Introduction By Harry T. Moore (Proof Copy)
41731: LAWRENCE, FRIEDA (D.H. LAWRENCE) - "Not I, But the Wind. . . "
5612: LAWRENCE, D.H. - Birds, Beasts and Flowers: Poems.
45036: LAWRENCE, HAL - Tales of the North Atlantic
22672: HANSON, LAWRENCE & ELISABETH [GEORGE ELIOT] - Marian Evans & George Eliot. A Biography
30501: FERLINGHETTI, LAWRENCE AND NANCY J. PETERS - Literary San Francisco: A Pictorial History from the Beginnings to the Present Day
28518: LAWRENCE, D.H. - The Virgin and the Gypsy
39762: LAWRENCE, D. H. - Letters from D.H. Lawrence to Martin Secker 1911-1930
45970: LAWRENCE, T.E. - The Seven Pillars of Wisdom: A Triumps
46071: LAWRENCE, D.H. - Touch and Go: A Play in Three Acts
46621: LAWRENCE, D. H. - Love Poems and Others
41979: LAWSON, WILLIAM, MRS. (MARY JANE KATZMANN) - History of Townships of Dartmouth, Preston and Lawrencetown; Halifax County, N.S. . . . Edited By Harry Piers. . .
36805: LAWSON, HENRY - Henry Lawson's Humorous Stories. Chosen By Cecil Mann
28464: LAWSON, HENRY - Popular Verses
27951: LAWSON, HENRY - On the Track and over the Sliprails
27974: LAWSON, HENRY - While the Billy Boils
36804: LAWSON, HENRY - Henry Lawson: Twenty Stories and Seven Poems. With Observations By His Friends and Critics. Selected By Colin Roderick
28037: LAWSON, HENRY - Humorous Verses
28038: LAWSON, HENRY - When I Was King and Other Verses
34735: LAWSON, HENRY - Recollections: A Selection of Autobiographical Works Edited By Leonard Cronin
36568: LAWSON, HENRY - Autobiographical and Other Writings 1887-1922: Volume Two of Collected Prose. Edited By Colin Roderick
34209: LAYNE, MCAVOY - How Audie Murphy Died in Vietnam
44925: LAYTON, IRVING - Lovers and Lesser Men
44921: LAYTON, IRVING - For My Brother Jesus
44924: LAYTON, IRVING - The Gucci Bag
42522: LAYTON, IRVING - The Selected Poems
37094: LAYTON, IRVING - In the Midst of My Fever
37799: LAYTON, IRVING - The Cold Green Element
42083: LAYTON, IRVING - A Spider Danced a Cosy Jig. Illustrated By Milo Malish. Edited By Elspeth Cameron
42093: LAYTON, IRVING - The Gucci Bag
42436: LAYTON, IRVING - Periods of the Moon: Poems
42202: LAYTON, IRVING - Dance with Desire: Selected Love Poems. Drawings By Richard Gorman
44918: LAYTON, IRVING - The Covenant
44922: LAYTON, IRVING - Nail Polish
42506: LAYTON, IRVING - New Holes in the Wall. Foreword By Irving Layton
44923: LAYTON, IRVING - The Gucci Bag
44917: LAYTON, IRVING - The Laughing Rooster
44919: LAYTON, IRVING - Droppings from Heaven
42217: LAYTON, IRVING - The Tightrope Dancer
39939: LAYTON, IRVING - Balls for a One-Armed Juggler
42163: LAYTON, IRVING, EDITOR (LEONARD COHEN) - Pan- IC: A Selection of Canadian Poems.
42130: LAYTON, IRVING - Music on a Kazoo
45501: LAYTON, IRVING - The Long Pea-Shooter (Inscribed By George Johnston)
43081: LAYTON, IRVING - The Bull Calf and Other Poems (Inscribed to Northrop Frye)
42218: LAYTON, IRVING - The Pole Vaulter
45111: LAYTON, IRVING - The Unwavering Eye. Selected Poems 1969-1975. With a Foreword By Eli Mandel.
42308: LAYTON, IRVING - There Were No Signs. Fifteen Etchings By Aligi Sassu
42429: LAYTON, IRVING - Irving Layton, Carlo Mattioli : Quattordici Poesie E Sette Disegni
42424: LAYTON, IRVING - The Shattered Plinths
42180: LAYTON, IRVING - For My Neighbours in Hell
42273: LAYTON, IRVING - Dance with Desire: Selected Love Poems. Drawings By Richard Gorman
42421: LAYTON, IRVING - The Shattered Plinths
42430: LAYTON, IRVING - Selected Poems. Edited with a Preface By Wynne Francis
44920: LAYTON, IRVING - Taking Sides: The Collected Social and Political Writings. Edited and Introduced By Howard Aster
42411: LAYTON, IRVING - The Improved Binoculars. Selected Poems, with an Introduction By William Carlos Williams.
42409: LAYTON, IRVING - A Red Carpet for the Sun
42271: LAYTON, IRVING - The Blue Propeller
42125: LAYTON, IRVING - A Selection of Poems
42219: LAYTON, IRVING - The Whole Bloody Bird (Obs, Aphs & Pomes).
42395: LAYTON, IRVING - The Collected Poems of Irving Layton.
45530: CRAIG, BARBARA LAZENBY AND RONALD K. MACLEOD - A Separate and Special Place: An Appreciative History of Toronto's Queen Elizabeth Hospital on the Occasion of Its 110th Anniversary
45445: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - All Right, Mr. Roosevelt (Canada and the United States).
28081: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - All Right, Mr. Roosevelt (Canada and the United States).
42879: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - The Unsolved Riddle of Social Justice
42876: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town
23553: CANADIAN NATIONAL LEAGUE - Campaign of 1911 Against Reciprocity with the United States of America
30847: LEARY, TIMOTHY - Supreme Court of the United States / Timothy Leary Appellant V State of California Appellee. Memorandum of the Appellant Timothy Leary [the Eagle Brief]
31130: LEARY, TIMOTHY - Jail Notes. Introduction By Allen Ginsberg
10728: O'LEARY, (PETER). - Travels and Experiences in Canada, the Red River Territory, and the United States.
30855: LEARY, TIMOTHY - Neurologic. Transmitted By Joanna and Timothy
33467: LEARY, TIMOTHY - The Intelligence Agents
33468: LEARY, TIMOTHY - The Intelligence Agents
33469: LEARY, TIMOTHY - Exo-Psychology: A Manual on the Use of the Human Nervous System According to the Instructions of the Manufacurers
33876: LEARY, TIMOTHY - The Politics of Ecstasy
34225: LEARY, TIMOTHY, EDITOR - Spit in the Ocean. "Communication with Higher Intelligence"
46115: LEARY, TIMOTHY - Jail Notes. Introduction By Allen Ginsberg
42903: LEATHER, EDWIN, 1919-2005 - The Vienna Elephant
39845: LEAVITT, THAD. W.H. - History of Leeds and Grenville. With a New Introduction By William F.E. Morley
32906: LEAVITT, ALBERT P., EDITOR - Whisker Technology
12653: LEAVITT, DAVID. - Martin Bauman; Or, a Sure Thing.
15093: LEAVITT, LYDIA - Bohemian Society
45703: LEBOURDAIS, (D. M. - Sudbury Basin. The Story of Nickel.
45886: LEBRECHT, SUE - Toronto Parks. Introduction By Wayne Grady
44134: LÉCLUSE, HENRI DE; SANDSTROM, ROY E. (EDITOR) - Comrades-in-Arms : The World War I Memoir of Captain Henri de Lécluse, Count de TréVöedal
42298: LEDEN, CHRISTIAN - Across the Keewatin Icefields: Three Years Among the Canadian Eskimoes 1913-1916. Edited and with an Introduction By Shirlee Anne Smith. Translation By Dr. Leslie Neatby
22893: LEDERER, R. [RICHARD LEDERER] - Lederer Bids Two Clubs
46382: LEDOUX, FLORENCE B. - Sketches of Niagara: "Where Yesterday Greets to-Day"
46240: LEDUC, VIOLETTE - The Woman with the Little Fox
42349: LEE, DENNIS - The Gods
42091: LEE, DENNIS - Civil Elegies and Other Poems
42194: LEE, DENNIS - Nicholas Knock and Other People. Poems. Pictures By Frank Newfeld.
40054: LEE, GERARD - True Love and How to Get It
42182: LEE, DENNIS - Civil Elegies and Other Poems
46494: LEE, DENNIS - Acta Victoriana, Vol. 83, No. 3, Jan. 1959
42280: LEE, DENNIS - Garbage Delight
42427: LEE, DENNIS - Descant Number 39. Winter, 1982
27076: LEE, DENNIS - Wiggle to the Laundromat. Illustrated By Charles Pachter.
22812: LEE, SIDNEY, SIR - King Edwar VII: A Biography (2 Volumes)
46199: LEE, DENNIS - Wiggle to the Laundromat. Illustrated By Charles Pachter.
30352: LEE, BETTY - Lutiapik
42410: LEE, DENNIS - Civil Elegies
42307: LEE, DENNIS - Riffs
42024: LEE, R.S. - Psychology and Worship: Being the Burroughs Memorial Lectures Delivered in the University of Leeds
40675: LEE, GERARD - True Love and How to Get It
44556: LEE, DENNIS - Civil Elegies and Other Poems
42437: (LEE, DENNIS) - Magook 1
42148: LEE, DENNIS - Kingdom of Absence
46172: LEEDALE, GORDON F. - Euglenoid Flagellates
45229: LEEDS, CHARLIE - Tillie's Punctured Romance & the Love Song of Rotten John Calabrese Plus Selected Short Subjects
46345: FERGUSON-LEES, JAMES; CHRISTIE, DAVID A. - Raptors of the World
20697: LEFEBURE, VICTOR - The Riddle of the Rhine: Chemical Strategy in Peace and War.
46144: LEFRANC, NORBERT - Shrikes: A Guide to the Shrikes of the World
45297: LEGGETT, ROBERT - Rideau Waterway
41716: LEHMAN, JOHN - The Open Night
31292: LEHMAN, WINFRED P., EDITOR - Syntactic Typology: Studies in the Phenomenology of Language
572: LEHMANN, ROSAMOND - A Note in Music
25503: LEHTO, OLLI, EDITOR - Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians. Helsinki, 1978.
38140: LEIBER, FRITZ - Gather, Darkness !
39686: LEIBER, FRITZ - A Specter Is Haunting Texas
38553: LEIBOVITZ, MAURY, EDITOR - The Prints of Leroy Neiman: A Catalogue Raisonné of Serigraphs, Lithographs, and Etchings. Volume I
29395: LEICHHARDT, F.W. LUDWIG - The Letters of F.W. Ludwig Leichhardt. Collected and Newly Translated By M. Arousseau (3 Volume Set)
42381: LEIGH, JULIA - The Hunter
45554: LEITCH, ADELAIDE - Into the High County. The Story of Dufferin, the Last 12,000 Years to 1974.
45832: LEITCH, ADELAIDE - The Visible Past: The Pictorial History of Simcoe County.
45816: LEITCH, ADELAIDE - The Visible Past: The Pictorial History of Simcoe County.
9469: LEITCH, ADELAIDE - Floodtides of Fortune: The Story of Stratford and the Progess of the City Through Two Centuries.
45695: LEITCH, ADELAIDE - Floodtides of Fortune: The Story of Stratford and the Progress of the City Through Two Centuries.
39264: LEITHAUSER, BRAD - Cats of the Temple: Poems
10130: LEITHAUSER, BRAD - Equal Distance. A Novel.
10746: LELAND, JOY - Firewater Myths. North American Indian Drinking and Alcohol Addiction.
44433: LEMELIN, ROGER - The Plouffe Family. Translated from the French By Mary Finch
44416: LEMELIN, ROGER - Les Plouffe: Roman
14125: LEMELIN, ROGER - The Town Below. Translated By Samuel Putnam.
40435: LENNON, JOHN - The Penguin John Lennon
41717: LENNON, JOHN - Skywriting By Word of Mouth
33606: (LENNON, JOHN) - Look. Vol. 30, No. 25. 13 December, 1965
30511: DE LENOIR, CECIL - The Hundredth Man: Confessions of a Drug Addict
41930: LENSEN, GEORGE ALEXANDER - Report from Hokkaido: The Remains of Russian Culture in Northern Japan
29365: M'LEOD, D. (DONALD MCLEOD, 1779-1879) - A Brief Review of the Settlement of Upper Canada. With a New Introduction By William F.E. Morley
45370: M'LEOD, D., MAJOR GENERAL (DONALD M'LEOD, 1779-1879) - A Brief Review of the Settlement of Upper Canada. With a New Introduction By William F.E. Morley
45465: M'LEOD, D., MAJOR GENERAL (DONALD M'LEOD, 1779-1879) - A Brief Review of the Settlement of Upper Canada
43211: LEONARD, ELMORE - Get Shorty
7332: LEONARD, (ELMORE). - Cat Chaser.
41718: LEONARD, ELMORE - Cat Chaser
41730: LEONARD, ELMORE - Stick
39267: LEONARD, JOHN - Crybaby of the Western World. A Novel of Petit Guignol in Long Beach, California.
41902: LEPROHON, MRS (ROSANNA LEPROPHON, 1829-79) - The Poetical Works of Mrs. Leprohon (Miss R.E. Mullins)
4966: LERANBAUM, MIRIAM (ALEXANDER POPE) - Alexander Pope's 'Opus Magnum' 1729-1744.
36179: LEROSSIGNOL, J.E. - The Beauport Road (Tales of Old Quebec). Decorations By Franz Johnston
35528: LESLEY, CRAIG - River Song
38296: LESLIE, KENNETH - Windward Rock: Poems
20873: LESLIE, H.W. - "the Royal Mail" War Book. Being an Account of the Operations of the Ships of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Co. , 1914-1919.
44127: LESLIE, KENNETH - The Red Judge and Other Anecdotes. Reminiscences of the Two Great Law Courts of Bengal. With a Foreword By the Hon'Ble Mr. Justice Sen
41729: LESSING,. DORIS - The Summer Before the Dark
46236: LESSING, DORIS - The Four-Gated City. Volume Five of Children of Violence.
18716: LESSING, DORIS - A Man and Two Women
45106: LESSING, GOTTHOLD EPHRAIM - Lessing's Theological Writings. Selections in Translation with an Introductory Essay By Henry Chadwick
18798: LESSING, DORIS - The Good Terrorist
7480: LESSING, DORIS - In Pursuit of the English. A Documentary.
37406: LESSING, DORIS - Briefing for a Descent Into Hell.
39266: LESSING,. DORIS - The Memoirs of a Survivor
574: LESSING, DORIS - The Story of a Non-Marrying Man and Other Stories (Proof Copy)
20665: LESSING, DORIS - A Man and Two Women.
39263: LESSING, DORIS - The Marriages between Zones Three, Four, and Five (As Narrated By the Chroniclers of Zone Three).
39265: LESSING, DORIS - Documents Relating to the Sentimental Agents in the Volyen Empire
39268: LESSING, DORIS - Briefing for a Descent Into Hell.
39269: LESSING, DORIS - The Sirian Experiments. The Report By Ambien II, of the Five.
20110: LETT, WILLIAM PITTMAN - Recollections of Bytown and Its Old Inhabitants.
43632: LEUPOLD, H.C. - Exposition of Isaiah. Volume I. Chapters 1-39. Volume II. Chapters 40-66
45118: LEUPOLD, H.C. - Exposition of Genesis (Complete in One Volume)
41643: LEVCHEV, LUBOMIR - Poems
46482: LEVENSTEIN, HARVEY A. - Revolution at the Table: The Transformation of the American Diet
25356: LEVERSON, ADA - The Limit
25358: LEVERSON, ADA - Bird of Paradise
25355: LEVERSON, (ADA) - The Limit
39054: LEVI, RISO - Billiards in a Lighter Vein
42086: LEVINE, NORMAN (1923-2005) - The Tight-Rope Walker
42220: LEVINE, NORMAN - I Walk By the Harbour
42255: LEVINE, NORMAN - Canada Made Me
42246: LEVINE, NORMAN - I Walk By the Harbour
40060: LEVIS, KEN., SELECTED BY - Coast to Coast: Australian Stories 1951-1952
40881: LEWES, G.H. (GEORGE HENRY LEWES, 1817-78) - Three Sisters and Three Fortunes; Or, Rose, Blanche and Violet
33590: DAY LEWIS, C. - Selected Poems
32846: LEWIS, JENNIE RAYCRAFT - "Llyndinshire" - London Township
46629: LEWIS, MATTHEW GREGORY (1775-1818) - The Monk: A Romance. In Three Volumes. By M.G. Lewis, Esq. , M.P.
43436: LEWIS, EDWARD A. - Arcade & Attica Railroad
6817: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - Elmer Gantry
33587: DAY LEWIS, C. - Short Is the Time, Poems 1936-1943
16381: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - Ann Vickers
33591: DAY LEWIS, C. - Country Comets
42034: LEWIS, WYNDHAM - The Wild Body: A Soldier of Humour and Other Stories.
16504: LEWIS, WYNDHAM, EDITOR - The Enemy. A Review of Art and Literature. Number 3 (1929). Contemporary Editor David Peters Corbett.
2111: DAY LEWIS, C. - Dick Willoughby
31782: LEWIS, WYNDHAM - Mrs. Duke's Million
40735: LEWIS, FLORENCE - China Painting. With Sixteen Original Coloured Plates. Second Edition
17491: LEWIS, WYNDHAM - Unlucky for Pringle: Unpublished and Other Stories. Edited and Introduced By C.J. Fox and Robert T. Chapman.
17457: LEWIS, WYNDHAM - The Revenge for Love
17442: LEWIS, WYNDHAM - The Vulgar Streak
16507: LEWIS, WYNDHAM - Snooty Baronet. Edited By Bernard Lafourcade.
16509: LEWIS, WYNDHAM - The Revenge for Love
16476: LEWIS, WYNDHAM - The Revenge for Love. With an Introduction By Julian Symons.
33584: DAY LEWIS, C. - The Friendly Tree
1673: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - The God-Seeker: A Novel.
2855: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - Babbitt
36276: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - Ann Vickers
10197: LEWIS, WYNDHAM - Self Condemned
33585: DAY LEWIS, C. - The Poet's Task: An Inaugural Lecture Delivered Before the University of Oxford on 1 June 1951
10253: LEWIS, WYNDHAM - Self Condemned
33716: LEWIS, JENNIE RAYCRAFT - Sure an' This Is Biddulph
19266: LEWISOHN, LUDWIG (THOMAS MANN) - The Case of Mr. Crump. With a Preface By Thomas Mann.
15511: LEY, WILLY - Dragons in Amber. Further Adventures of a Romantic Naturalist.
43307: LIEBERKUHN, SAMUEL, REV. (DAVID ZEISBERGER, 1721-1808) - The History of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. . . Translated Into the Delaware Indian Language By the Rev. David Zeisberger, Missionary of the United Brethren. . .
44609: LIETZMANN, HANS - A History of the Early Church. Translated By Bertram Lee Woolf (Complete Work
44595: LIHN, ENRIQUE - The Dark Room and Other Poems.
43187: LILLEY, GEORGE P. (JOHN MIDDLETON MURRY) - A Bibliography of John Middleton Murry 1889-1957.
45520: CRAVEN, EDNA LILLIAN AND NORA E. CRAVEN - In the Beginning: The Story of New Liskeard By Edna Lillian Craven and Now By Nora E. Craven
45725: LINDAL, WALTER (VALDIMAR) JACOBSON - The Saskatchewan Icelanders: A Strand of the Canadian Fabric
28036: LINDALL, EDWARD - The Fires of Kiwai
42382: LINDALL, EDWARD - A Gathering of Eagles
44877: LINDBERGH, CHARLES A. - The Spirit of St. Louis
24769: LINDLEY, AUGUSTUS CAPTAIN [AUGUSTUS F. LINDLEY] - After Ophir; Or, a Search for the South African Gold Fields.
35529: LINDNER, VICKI - Outlaw Games
27619: LINDSAY, JACK - Faces and Places, with Drawings By Norman Lindsay
42376: LINDSAY, NORMAN - Cousin from Fiji
40690: LINDSAY, JACK - Last Days with Cleopatra
41275: LINDSAY, JACK - William Blake: Creative Will and the Poetic Image
27736: LINDSAY, JACK (HOMER) - Homer's Hymns to Aphrodite. Translated By Jack Lindsay
42374: LINDSAY, NORMAN - Rooms and Houses: An Autobiographical Novel
42375: LINDSAY, JACK - The Great Oak: A Story of 1549
20259: LINDSAY, NICHOLAS VACHEL - Adventures While Preaching the Gospel of Beauty
43555: LINECAR, HOWARD W.A. - British Electric Trains
28880: DER LING, PRINCESS - Two Years in the Forbidden City
43788: LING, SU HUA (SU HUA LING CHEN) - Ancient Melodies. With an Introduction By V. Sackville-West
34973: LINKLATER, ERIC - Position at Noon: A Novel. Decorations By Hans Tisdall
34295: LINKLETTER, EVE - B-Girl Decoy
25881: LINNÉ, S. - Zapotecan Antiquities and the Paulson Collection in the Ethnographical Museum of Sweden. With 27 Text Figures and 32 Plates
32010: SHAW- CULLEN, LISBETH AND ALISSA LEE - Changing Lives in Changing Times: Peterborough, Women and the Ywca 1891-1991
8018: LISH, GORDON - Peru: A Novel (Inscribed)
8017: LISH, GORDON - My Romance: A Novel (Inscribed)
8019: LISH, GORDON - Dear Mr. Capote: A Novel (Inscribed)
46465: LISTER, JOSEPH - The Collected Papers of Joseph, Baron Lister
40965: LITTLE, CAROLINE FRANCES - The Three Vocations
46366: LITTLE, ELBERT L. - National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Trees. Eastern Region
42019: CHURCH OF ENGLAND. LITURGY AND RITUAL. BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER. ENGLISH AND MOHAWK, 1842 (PETER JONES) - The Book of Common Prayer, According to the Use of the Church of England, Translated Into the Mohawk Language, Compiled from Various Translations, Revised, Corrected, and Prepared for the Press, Under the Direction of the Rev. Abraham Nelles. . .
35555: LIVELY, PENELOPE - Moon Tiger
37207: LIVELY, JACK - The Palette and Other Verses
42088: LIVESAY, DOROTHY - Nine Poems of Farewell 1972-1973
44926: LIVESAY, DOROTHY - Signpost
42310: LIVESAY, DOROTHY - Selected Poems of Dorothy Livesay [1926-1956]. With an Introduction By Desmond Pacey
42428: LIVESAY, DOROTHY - The Documentaries
42263: LIVESAY, DOROTHY - The Raw Edges: Voices from Our Time
44961: LIVESAY, DOROTHY - Plainsongs
44962: LIVESAY, DOROTHY - Poems for People
44960: LIVESAY, DOROTHY - Plainsongs
44955: LIVESAY, DOROTHY - Signpost
44956: LIVESAY, DOROTHY - Ice Age
44957: LIVESAY, DOROTHY - The Colour of God's Face
44958: LIVESAY, DOROTHY - Ice Age
44959: LIVESAY, DOROTHY - Plainsongs
44041: LIVIE, R. BRUCE - Auch Kleine Dinge: Durer and the Decorative Tradition
41462: LIYONG, TABAN LO - Ballads of Under-Development (Poems and Thoughts)
45325: LIZARS, K.M. - The Valley of the Humber 1615-1913
8632: VARGAS LLOSA, MARIO - The Time of the Hero. Translated By Lysander Kemp.
34320: VARGAS LLOSA, MARIO - The Green House. Translated from the Spanish By Gregory Rabassa
45: LLOYD, JOHN URI - Scroggins
40741: LLOYDS, F. - Practical Guide to Scene Painting and Painting in Distemper
33419: DE LOACH, ALLEN - The Buffalo Cold Springs Precinct 23 Bulletin
46680: DE LOACH, ALLEN, EDITOR - Intrepid #21-22, Winter-Spring 1971-1972
46094: LOBO, JEROME, FATHER (JERÓNIMO LOBO (1595-1687) (SAMUEL JOHNSON) - A Voyage to Abyssinia. . . Containing the History, Natural, Civil, and Ecclesiastical, of That Remote and Unrequited Country, Continued Down to the Beginning of the Eighteenth Century. . .
42378: LOCK, A.C.C. - Tropics and Topics
19076: LOCKLEY, RONALD [C.F. TUNNICLIFFE]. - The Island. Illustrated By C.F. Tunnicliffe Ra
33779: LOCKWOOD, LEE (ELDRIDGE CLEAVER) - Conversations with Eldridge Cleaver: Algiers
19881: LODGE, OLIVER, SIR [CHRISTOPHER TENNANT]. - Christopher. A Study in Human Personality.
44662: LODGE, TOM - Beyond the Great Slave Lake
26894: LOFARO, MICHAEL A. - Davy Crockett: The Man, the Legend, the Legacy, 1786-1986
34321: LOFTHOUSE, J. (JOSEPH LOFTHOUSE) - A Thousand Miles from a Post Office: Or, Twenty Years's Life and Travel in the Hudson's Bay Regions. With a Preface By the Archbishop of Canterbury
16601: LOFTING, HUGH - Doctor Dolittle's Puddleby Adventures. Written & Lllustrated By Hugh Lofting.
38729: ANDERSON, LOIS AND CAL CLAYTON - No Change Please
43353: LONDON, JACK - The Iron Heel.
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32417: MARTIN, DAVID - The Hero of the Town
32418: MARTIN, DAVID - The Hero of the Town
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42016: MATHIAS, THOMAS JAMES (1754-1835) - Pursuits of Literature: A Satirical Poem in Four Dialogues, with Notes. To Which Are Annexed, a Vindication of the Work, and Translations of All the Greek, Latin, Italian, and French Quotations
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42494: MAYNE, SEYMOUR - Manimals
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14317: MCCOURT, FRANK - 'Tis: A Memoir (Signed)
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46662: MCEWAN, IAN - The Child in Time
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37614: MCEWAN, IAN - The Child in Time (Inscribed Proof)
37613: MCEWAN, IAN - The Comfort of Strangers
37606: MCEWAN, IAN - Or Shall We Die?: Words for an Oratorio Set to Music By Michael Berkeley.
37605: MCEWAN, IAN - Or Shall We Die?: Words for an Oratorio Set to Music By Michael Berkeley.
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37601: MCEWAN, IAN - First Love, Last Rites
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16657: MCEWAN, IAN - Amsterdam
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2089: MCGRATH, EAMONN - The Clay Grew Tall
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40937: MCGUANE, THOMAS - Keep the Change
40892: MCHALE, TOM - A Society of Friends (Dear Friends)
28450: MCHENRY, GEORGE - The Cotton Trade; Its Bearing Upon the Prosperity of Great Britain and Commerce of the American Republics Considered in Connection with the System of Slavery in the Confederate States
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45203: MCKAY, PAUL - Electric Empire: The Inside Story of Ontario Hydro
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45030: MCKAY, WILLAM A. - The Pickering Story
40425: MCKAY, WILLAM A. - The Pickering Story
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45548: MCKENZIE, RUTH - Leeds and Grenville: Their First Two Hundred Years
45861: MCKENZIE, RUTH - Leeds and Grenville: Their First Two Hundred Years
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16078: MCKINLAY, (WILLIAM LAIRD). - Karluk. The Great Untold Story of Arctic Exploration. Foreword By Magnus Magnusson.
2079: MCKINLEY, GEORGIA - Follow the Running Grass
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45001: MCKINNON, BARRY - The Petting Zoo
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7373: MCKNIGHT, REGINALD - Moustapha's Eclipse.
41190: MCLACHLAN, (ROBERT WALLACE) - A Descriptive Catalogue of Coins, Tokens, and Medals Issued in Or Relatng to the Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland. With Notes, Giving Incidents in the History of Many of These Coins and Medals
40374: MCLACHLAN, W.W., COMPILER - Royal Canadian Air Force Personnel on Radar in Canada During World War II
45020: MCLAREN, DAVID - The Good Old Days
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43895: MCLAUGHLIN, REDMOND - The Escape of 'the Goeben': Prelude to Gallipoli
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21367: [MCLENNAN, SIR JOHN CUNNINGHAM]. - Reports on Progress in Physics.
45391: MCLENNAN, J.S. - Louisbourg: From Its Foundation to Its Fall 1713-1758
41820: MCLEOD, NORMAN - The History of the County of Bruce and the Minor Municipalities Therein 1907-1968, Province of Ontario, Canada.
43725: MCLEOD, NORMAN - The History of the County of Bruce and the Minor Municipalities Therein 1907-1968, Province of Ontario, Canada.
30331: MCLEOD, CATHERINE - Fortunately There Was a Haystack
8043: MCLEOD, NORMAN - The History of the County of Bruce and the Minor Municipalities Therein 1907-1968, Province of Ontario, Canada.
36060: MCLEOD, CATHERINE - Fortunately There Was a Haystack
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30592: MCLUHAN, MARSHALL, WITH WILFRED WATSON - From Cliché to Archetype
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46325: MCMAHAN, JEFF - The Ethics of Killing: Problems at the Margins of Life
46770: MCMINN, HOWARD E. - An Illustrated Manual of California Shrubs
1064: MCMURTRY, LARRY - Moving on
46616: MCMURTRY, LARRY - Some Can Whistle: A Novel (Signed)
46617: MCMURTRY, LARRY - Buffalo Girls: A Novel (Signed)
45472: MCNABB, JIM, CAPTAIN - Short Stories of Vessel Days on the Great Lakes Re Land and Water
43704: MCNALLY, DENNIS (JACK KEROUAC) - Desolate Angel: A Biography. Jack Kerouac, the Beat Generation, and America
28541: A CLERGYMAN (JOHN MCNAMARA) - In Perils By My Own Countrymen: Three Years on the Kansas Border
38676: MCNAMER, DEIRDRE - Rima in the Weeds (Inscribed Arc)
16006: MCNAUGHTON, ARNOLD, COMPILER) - The Book of Kings. A Royal Genealogy. Foreword By the Earl of Mountbatten of Burma. . .
45286: MCNEILL, LEISHMAN - The Calgary Herald's Tales of the Old Town
45730: MCNICHOL, VERA ERNST - Reveries of a Pioneer, Perth County
41811: MCPHARLIN, PAUL, EDITOR - Puppetry: A Yearbook of Puppets and Marionettes
13161: MCPHEE, JOHN - Levels of the Game
46661: MCPHEE, JOHN - Coming Into the Country
30839: MCPHERSON, FLORA - Watchman Against the World: The Story of Norman Mcleod and His People
45009: MCTAGGART, DOUGLAS - Bigwin Inn
5009: MCWATTERS, GEORGE S., EDITOR - Detectives of Europe and America, Or Life in the Secret Service. A Selection of Celebrated Cases in Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, Poland, Egypt, and America. . .
38828: MDA, ZAKES - The Whale Caller: A Novel
43573: MEAD, EDGAR T., JR. - Over the Hills to Woodstock: The Saga of the Woodstock Railroad
23378: MEDLAND, HARVEY - Minerva's Diary: A History of Jarvis Collegiate Institute.
41458: MEIER, AUGUST - A White Scholar and the Black Community, 1945-1965: Essays and Relections
34702: MEIGRET, LOUIS - Traité Touchant le Commun Usage de L’Escriture Françoise: édition Critique Par Keith Cameron
38946: MEIKLE, JAMES, 1730-99 - The Traveller; Or , Meditations on Various Subjects. Written on Board a Man of War. To Which Is Added, Converse with the World Unseen. By. . . , Late Surgeon at Carnwath. To Which Is Prefixed, the Life of the Author. Second American Edition
27829: MEILAND, JACK W. - Talking About Particulars
46374: MEINKOTH, NORMAN A. - The National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Seashore Creatures
8373: MELADY, JOHN - Korea: Canada's Forgotten War.
46424: MELMED, RAPHAEL N. - Mind, Body, and Medicine: An Integrative Text
31314: MELODY, ROLAND, FATHER, S.T. - Narco Priest
40710: WHYTE-MELVILLE, G.J. (GEORGE JOHN, 1821-78) - Katerfelto: A Story of Exmoor. Illustrated By Lucy E. Kemp-Welch
46587: MELVILLE, LEWIS, EDITOR - Trial of the Duchess of Kingston
45262: MELVILLE, F.J. (JOHN EASTON) - Postage Stamps in the Making. Rewritten and Completed By John Easton
44555: MEMBREÑO, ALBERTO - Hondureñismos: Vocabulario de Los Provincialismos de Honduras. Segunda Edicion Corregida Y Aumentada Y Con Un Apéndice Que Contiene Vocabularios de Los Idiomas Indígenas de Honduras
12964: MENCKEN, H. L. - Menckeniana. A Schimpflexikon.
13114: MENCKEN, H. L. - Three Years 1924 to 1927. The Story of a New Idea and Its Successful Adaptation. With a Postscript By H.L. Mencken.
13125: MENCKEN, H. L. - The Young Mencken. The Best of His Work. Collected By Carl Bode.
41868: (MENCKEN, H.L.) - Mencken's Baltimore
13100: MENCKEN, H. L., EDITOR - Americana 1926.
617: MENCKEN, H. L. - The American Language. Supplement I.
6768: MENCKEN, H. L. - The Diary of H.L. Mencken. Edited By Charles A. Fecher (Proof Copt)
13073: MENCKEN, H. L. - Prejudices. Fourth Series.
13066: MENCKEN, H. L. - Letters of H.L. Mencken. Selected and Annotated By Guy J. Forgue with a Personal Note By Hamitlon Owens.
12937: MENCKEN, H. L. - A Book of Prefaces
12962: MENCKEN, H. L. - Making a President. A Footnote to the Saga of Democracy.
12967: MENCKEN, H. L. - The New Mencken Letters. Edited By Carl Bode.
41869: (MENCKEN, H.L.) - Newspapers, Women, and Beer
12971: MENCKEN, H. L. (FRIEDRICH NIETZCHE) - The Gist of Nietzche
12960: MENCKEN, H. L. - James Branch Cabell
12950: MENCKEN, H. L. - The Diary of H.L. Mencken. Edited By Charles A. Fecher.
12968: MENCKEN, H. L. - Notes on Democracy
12970: MENCKEN, H. L. (FRIEDRICH NIETZCHE) - The Gist of Nietzsche. Arranged By Henry L. Mencken.
12961: MENCKEN, H. L. - James Branch Cabell.
12959: MENCKEN, H. L. - James Branch Cabell
40930: MENDELSOHN, JR., FELIX - Barney Crome
28133: MENEN, AUBREY, 1912-89 (NÉ MENON) - The Duke of Gallodoro: A Novel (Dedication Copy Inscribed to His Father)
33718: MENSER, GARRY P. - Hallucinogenic and Poisonous Mushroom Field Guide
618: MEREDITH, WILLIAM - Ships and Other Figures
41846: MEREDITH, GEORGE - Selected Poems
41929: MEREDITH, GEORGE - Ballads and Poems of Tragic Life
6305: MEREDITH, GEORGE - Letters of George Meredith. Collected By His Son.
42713: MEREDITH, GEORGE - The Tale of Chloe- the House on the Beach - the Case of General Ople and Lady Camper
20452: MERRILL, JAMES - The Changing Light at Sandover. The Changing Light at Sandover: A Poem. Including the Whole of the Book of Ephraim, Mirabell's Book of Number, Scripts for the Pageant and a New Coda, the Higher Keys (Proof Copy)
34863: MERRILL, STUART (1863-1915) - Les Quatre Saisons: Poèmes
20450: MERRILL, JAMES - Selected Poems 1946-1985 (Proof)
20506: MERRILL, JAMES - The Country of a Thousand Years of Peace and Other Poems.
14509: MERRILL, JAMES - The Fire Screen: Poems
26352: MERRIMAN, ROGER BIGELOW - The Rise of the Spanish Empire in the Old World and in the New. Volume II. The Catholic Kings [Vol. 2 Only]
34791: MERRIMAN, BRIAN (FRANK O’CONNOR) - The Midnight Court. Translated By Frank O’Connor. Illustrated By Brian Bourke
26351: MERRIMAN, ROGER BIGELOW - The Rise of the Spanish Empire in the Old World and in the New. Volume I. The Middle Ages [Vol. 1 Only]
43148: MERRITT, ABRAHAM (A. MERRITT, 1884-1943) - The Story Behind the Story
20210: MERWIN, W.S., TRANSLATOR - The CID (El Poema Del Mio CID). A Verse Translation By W.S. Merwin (the Poem of the CID) (Proof Copy)
42118: METCALF, JOHN - What Is a Canadian Literature?
41367: METCALF, JOHN - The Lady Who Sold Furniture
41745: METCALF, JOHN - Kicking Against the Pricks
41744: METCALF, JOHN - Kicking Against the Pricks
18101: METCALF, (JOHN). - Kicking Against the Pricks.
41369: METCALF, JOHN - Going Down Slow
42420: METCALF, JOHN - The Lady Who Sold Furniture
42662: METCALF, JOHN - What Is a Canadian Literature?
45882: METCALFE, WILLIS - Marine Memories
45774: METCALFE, WILLIS - Canvas & Steam on Quinte Waters II
45753: METCALFE, WILLIS - Memories of Yesteryear
45773: METCALFE, WILLIS - Canvas & Steam on Quinte Waters
45102: METZGER, BRUCE M. - The Text of the New Testament: Its Transmission, Corruption, and Restoration
30812: WEIL, GUNTHER, RALPH METZNER AND TIMOTHY LEARY, EDITORS - The Psychedelic Reader: Selected from the Psychedelic Review
20462: MEW, CHARLOTTE - The Farmer's Bride.
42054: MEYER, LORENZO - Mexico and the United States in the Oil Controversy, 1917-1942, Translated By Muriel Vasconcellos
43338: MEYER, BRUCE - The Tongues between Us
17350: MEYER, CONRAD FERDINAND, 1825-98 - The Monk's Wedding. A Novel.
41360: MEYER, LEWIS - Off the Sauce
34770: MEYNELL, ALICE - The Poems of Alice Meynell 1847-1923. Centenary Edition.
43856: DOCKRILL, MICHAEL AND DAVID FRENCH, EDITORS - Strategy and Intelligence: British Policy During the First World War
42528: MICHAELS, ANNE - Fugitive Pieces
43569: MICHAUD, WILLIAM - Pioneer Railways of Central Ontario from the Past to the Present. Rideau Area of Canadian National Railways (Cover Title)
44592: MICHELINE, JACK (CHRISTOPHER FELVER) - Glossy Photo of Jack at the Track
25599: MICHENER, JAMES A. - The Quality of Life. Paintings By James B. Wyeth. Written for Published By Girard Bank, February 1970
45947: MICHENER, CHARLES DUNCAN - The Social Behavior of the Bees: A Comparative Study
29279: MICKLE, ALAN D. - The Trio from Rio. Illustrated By Bovey
43617: MIDDLETON, WILLIAM D. - The Interurban Era
37020: MIDDLETON, THOMAS - Women Beware Women. Edited By J.R. Mulryne
43623: MIDDLETON, WILLIAM D. - The Time of the Trolley
20520: MIDDLETON, STANLEY - Ends and Means
45183: MIDDLETON, JESSE EDGAR - The Municipality of Toronto: A History (3 Volume Set)
45161: MIDDLETON, JESSE EDGAR - Toronto's 100 Years
19844: MIERTSCHING, JOHANN - Frozen Ships. The Arctic Diary of Johann Miertsching 1950-1854. Translated and with Introduction and Notes By L.H. Neatby.
36992: MIERZINSKI, S., DR. - The Waterproofing of Fabrics. Translated from the German By Arthur Morris and Herbert Robson
43730: MIKKELSEN, KAPITÄN (EJNAR MIKKLESEN, 1880-1971) - Ein Arktischer Robinson
39195: MILBERRY, LARRY, EDITOR - Sixty Years. The Rcaf and Cf Air Command 1924-1984
36216: CABLE, MILDRED WITH FRANCESCA FRENCH - The Story of Topsy: Little Lonely of Central Asia
20524: MILES, JOSEPHINE - Local Measures
33787: MILL, JOHN STUART - Considerations on Representative Government. Second Edition
35335: MILL, JOHN STUART - An Examination of Sir William Hamilton's Philosophy and of the Principal Philosophical Questions Discussed in His Writings

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