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8361: GROVE, FREDERICK PHILIP - The Turn of the Year. Illustrated By C.M. Manly.
43019: GROVE, FREDERICK PHILIP - Settlers of the Marsh
18916: GROVE, (FREDERICK PHILIP) [FELIX PAUL GREVE]. - The Master Mason's House.
36585: GROVE, FREDERICK PHILIP - Consider Her Ways
19191: GROVES, P.R.C., BRIGADIER-GENERAL - Behind the Smoke Screen. With a Preface By Major-General Sir Ernest Swinton.
28052: GRUMBACH, DORIS - The Magician's Girl (Proof)
46717: GRUMBACH, DORIS - Chamber Music
46598: GRUNWALD, MICHAEL - The Swamp: The Everglades, Florida, and the Politics of Paradise
22003: GUDYNAS, PRANAS - Lietuvos Tapyba
37961: GUERIN, THOMAS - Feudal Canada: The Story of the Seigniories of New France
30619: GUEVARA, CHE - Notes on Socialism and Man (Cover Title: Socialism & Man)
32731: GUEVARA, CHE - "the Diary of Che Guevara"
46111: LECOINTRE, GUILLAUME AND HERVÉ LE GUYADER - The Tree of Life: A Phylogenetic Classification
36864: GUILLEMARD, F.H.H. - The Cruise of the Marchesa to Kamschatka & New Guinea, with Notices of Formose, Liu-Kiu, and Various Islands of the Malay Archipelago. . . Second Edition
47214: GUILLEMIN, JEANNE - Anthrax: The Investigation of a Deadly Outbreak
38425: GUILLET, EDWIN C. - This Man Hanged Himself ! a Study of the Evidence in the King Versus Newell. Twenty Illustrations
29502: GUILLET, EDWIN C. - The Pioneer Farmer and Backwoodsman.
35380: GUILLET, EDWIN C., EDITOR - The Valley of the Trent
32357: GUILLET, EDWIN C. - Cobourg 1798-1948
45798: GUILLET, EDWIN C. - The Story of Canadian Roads
45756: GUILLET, EDWIN C. - The Great Migration. The Atlantic Crossing By Sailing-Ship Since 1770.
45759: GUILLET, EDWIN C. - Pioneer Settlements
35119: GUILLET, EDWIN C. - The Lives and Times of the Patriots: An Account of the Rebellion in Upper Canada, 1837-1838, and the Patriot Agitation in the United States, 1837-1842
7798: GUILLET, EDWIN C., EDITOR - The Valley of the Trent.
35357: LE GUIN, URSULA - Tehanu: The Last Book of Earthsea
43147: LE GUIN, URSULA K. - Wild Oats and Fireweed. New Poems.
41602: VAN GULIK, ROBERT - Poets and Murder. A Chinese Detective Story. With Eight Illustrations By the Author in Chinese Style.
43762: VAN GULIK, ROBERT - Murder in Canton. A Chinese Detective Story.
46129: GULLBERG, JAN - Mathematics: From the Birth of Numbers
35925: GULLÉN, JORGE - Cántico: A Selection. Edited By Norman Thomas DI Giovanni
42080: GULVIN, CLIFFORD - The Scottish Hosiery and Knitwear Industry 1680-1980
7944: GUNN, J.J. - Echoes of the Red. A Reprint of Some of the Early Writings of the Author Depicting Pioneer Days in the Red River Settlements. Illustrated By Herbert Joseph.
42061: GUNN, GERTUDE E. - The Political History of Newfoundland 1832-1864
43369: GUNN, TOM - The Sheriff of Painted Post
35928: GUNN, THOM - Jack Straw's Castle
44065: GUNN, J.J. - Echoes of the Red. A Reprint of Some of the Early Writings of the Author Depicting Pioneer Days in the Red River Settlements. Illustrated By Herbert Joseph.
35927: GUNN, THOM - My Sad Captains and Other Poems.
26321: GUNTHER, JOHN - The Golden Fleece
44883: GUPTILL, ARTHUR L. - Norman Rockwell Illustrator. Preface By Dorothy Canfield Fisher. Biographical Introduction By Jack Alexander
42355: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - Landscape with Rain
42505: GUSTAFSON, RALPH, EDITOR - A Little Anthology of Canadian Poets
42356: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - Theme and Variations for Sounding Brass
42440: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - Flight Into Darkness
41878: GUSTAFSON, LILLIAN, COMPILER - Memories of the Chemanius Valley: A History of People
42399: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - Solidarnosc: Prelude
41900: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - The Golden Chalice
42455: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - Flight Into Darkness
41899: GUSTAFSON, RALPH, EDITOR - A Little Anthology of Canadian Poets (Inscribed By Raymond Souster)
42342: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - Sift in an Hourglass
42341: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - Winter Prophecies
42400: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - Fire on Stone
17474: GUSTAFSSON, LARS - Bernard Foy's Third Castling. Translated By Yvonne L Sandstroem.
46743: GUSTAFSSON, LARS - Stories of Happy People. Translated from the Swedish By Yvonne L. Sandstroem and John Weinstock
31513: GUTHRIE, ARLO - Alice's Restaurant. Drawings By Marvin Glass
43168: GUTHRIE, A.B., JR. - These Thousand Hills
6623: GUTHRIE, A.B., JR. - The Big It and Other Stories
40554: GUTMAN, WALTER (JACK KEROUAC) - The Gutman Letter
39766: GUTTERY, D.R. - From Broad-Glass to Cut Crystal: A History of the Stourbridge Glass Industry
43955: GUTTMAN, JOHN - Bristol F 2 Fighter Aces of World War I
45463: GUTTMAN, JOHN - Balloon-Busting Aces of World War I
43954: GUTTMAN, JOHN - Bristol F 2 Fighter Aces of World War I
47312: GUTTORP, PETER - Statistical Inference for Branching Processes
46180: ROBERT S. RIDGELY; GUY, TUDOR - The Birds of South America: Volume 1: The Oscine Passerines
47367: GUYON, XAVIER - Random Fields on a Network: Modeling, Statistics, and Applications
44979: GWYN, SANDRA - Tapestry of War: A Private View of Canadians in the Great War
45385: GWYN, SANDRA - The Private Capital: Ambition and Love in the Age of Macdonald and Laurier
23689: ROBERTS, (HELEN H. AND D. JENNESS). - Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-18. Volume XIV: Eskimo Songs. Songs of the Copper Eskimos. Southern Party 1913-16.
7020: LAWRENCE, D.H. AND M.L. SKINNER - The Boy in the Bush
11364: COLE, G.D.H. AND MARGARET - The Corpse in the Constable's Garden.
38274: RUBY, ROBERT H. AND JOHN A BROWN (MYRON EELLS) - Myron Eells and the Puget Sound Indians
47326: SMITH, JOSEPH H. AND WILLIAM KERRIGAN, EDITORS (JACQUES DERRIDA) - Taking Chances: Derrida, Psychoanalysis, and Literature (Psychiatry and the Humanities)
24009: CLARK, GEO. H. AND M. OSCAR MALTE - Plantes Fourragères Prairies Et Pâturages. Avec Gravures a L'Aquarelle de Norman Criddle
46934: RESH, VINCENT H. AND RING T. CARDÉ, EDITORS - Encyclopedia of Insects
20762: GADDUM J. H. - Vasodilator Substances of the Tissues, with an Introduction By H.H. Dale and Notes for the Fiftieth Anniversary Edition By F.C. Macintosh.
46942: HALL, DAVID H AND ZEYNIP F. ALTUN - C. Elegans Atlas
47451: DAVIS, S.H. AND J.L. LUMLEY, EDITORS - Frontiers in Fluid Mechanics: A Collection of Research Papers Written in Commemoration of the 65th Birthday of Stanley Corrsin
36732: CLARK, GEO. H. AND M. OSCAR MALTE - Plantes Fourragères, Prairies Et Pâturages. . . Avec Gravures à L'Aquarelle de Norman Criddle (Farm Weeds of Canada)
32983: MORRISON, JAMES H. AND JAMES MOREIRA, EDITORS - Tempered By Rum: Rum in the History of the Maritime Provinces
17131: COLE, G.D.H. AND MARGARET - Dead Man's Watch
37010: AVERY, DONALD H. AND MARK EATON - The Meaning of Life: The Scientific and Social Experiences of Everitt and Robert Murray 1930-1964
44998: DEVITT, ED H. AND NILA REYNOLDS - "Echoes of the Past" Resounding in the Present. A Brief, Illustrated, General Hstory of a Central Region in Southern Ontario Formed By Two Muskoka and Ten Haliburton Townships. . . Special Maps By J. Stanley Booker
41460: PEASE, JANE H. & WILLIAM H. - They Who Would Be Free: Blacks' Search for Freedom, 1830-1861
47423: FREEDMAN, MICHAEL H. AND FRANK QUINN - Topology of 4-Manifolds
35941: H., R.G. (R.G. HOWARTH) - Involuntaries
44836: ELIAS, ROBERT H. AND EUGENE D. FINCH, EDITORS - Letters of Thomas Attwood Digges (1742-1821)
46395: THORP, JAMES H. AND ALVIN B. COVICHSA - Ecology and Classification of North American Freshwater Invertebrates. Second Edition
40552: MANSON-BAHR, PHILIP H. AND A. ALCOCK - The Life and Work of Sir Patrick Manson
41949: HAAS, ROBERT BARTLETT, EDITOR - William Grant Still and the Fusion of Cultures in American Music
20094: HAASE, JOHN - Road Show
39937: HAAVIKKO, PAAVO (ANSELM HOLLO) - Selected Poems. Edited and Translated from the Finnish By Anselm Hollo
16245: HACKER, A.E., BERT S. WEMP, AND EDMUND P. STEWART, EDITORS - Official Souvenir Program City of Toronto Diamond Jubilee of Confederation Celebration.
44310: HACKETT, ALICE PAYNE - Fifty Years of Best Sellers 1895-1945
47715: HADFIELD, JOSEPH, 1759-1851 - An Englishman in America 1785: Being the Diary of Joseph Hadfield. Edited and Annotated By Douglas S. Robertson
43167: HADOW, LYNDALL, 1903-76 - Full Cycle and Other Stories (Proof Copy)
37490: HAFEN, BRENT Q. ANED KATHRYN J. FRANDSEN - Marijuana: Facts, Figures, and Information for the 1980s
46768: HAGER, THOMAS - Force of Nature: The Life of Linus Pauling
43177: HAGGARD, H. RIDER - Ayesha: The Return of She
11: HAGGARD, H. RIDER - Lysbeth: A Tale of the Dutch
20193: HAGGARD, H. RIDER - Colonel Quaritch, V.C. A Tale of Country Life.
8809: HAGGARD, H. RIDER - The Wanderer's Necklace. With Four Illustrations By A.C. Michael.
43143: HAGGARD, H. RIDER - The Holy Flower. Illustrated By Maurice Greiffenhgen.
43851: HAHN, J.E., MAJOR...HISTORICAL RESUMÉ BY GENERAL SIR ARTHUR CURRIE. FOREWORD BY MAJOR-GENERAL J.H. MACBRIEN - The Intelligence Service Within the Canadian Corps 1914-1918.
45897: HAHN, JOSEPHINE ELIZABETH - Home of My Youth: Hanover
45228: HAIGHT, CANNIFF, 1825-1901 - Country Life in Canada Fifty Years Ago: Personal Recollections and Reminiscences of a Sexagenerian
27784: HAILMAN, JACK P. - Optical Signals. Animal Communication and Light
43486: HAINE, EDGAR A. - The Steam Locomotive
17553: HAKUSEKI, ARAI - Told Round a Brushwood Fire. The Autobiography of Arai Hakuseki. Translated and with an Introduction and Notes By Joyce Ackroyd.
42343: HALE, KATHERINE - The Flute and Other Poems
32236: HALES, A.G. - The Adventures of Signor Mcglusky
34737: HALES, A.G. (ALFRED GREENWOOD HALES) - The Mocking Chevalier. A Tale of the Spanish Foreign Legion
15636: HALFE, LOUISE - Bear Bones & Feathers.
41903: HALIBURTON, THOMAS CHANDLER - The Bubbles of Canada. By the Author of "Sam Slick," "the Clockmaker," &C. &C.
41904: HALIBURTON, THOMAS CHANDLER - The Attaché; Or, Sam Slick in England. By the Author of "the Clockmaker; Or, Sayings and Doings of Sam Slick" &C. &C. &C.
45483: HALIBURTON, THOMAS CHANDLER - Sam Slick in Pictures: The Best of the Humour of Thomas Chandler Haliburton. Illustrated By C.W. Jefferys. Edited with an Introduction By Lorne Pierce. Parallel Text By Malcolm Ross
24339: HALKETT, JOHN, 1768-1852 - Statement Respecting the Earl of Selkirk's Settlement of Kildonan, Upon the Red River, in North America; Its Destruction in the Years 1815 and 1816; and the Massacre of Governor Semple and His Party.
37110: HALL, RODNEY - Captivity Captive
27921: HALL, ROGER; WESTFALL, WILLIAM; MACDOWELL, LAUREL SEFTON, EDITORS - Patterns of the Past: Interpreting Ontario's History a Collection of Historical Articles Published on the Occasion of the Centenary of the Ontario Historical Society
6765: HALL, OAKLEY - So Many Doors
46872: HALL, JAMES (JAMES W. HALL) - Under Cover of Daylight
45819: HALL, ROGER - A Century to Celebrate / Un Centenaire a Feter 1893-1993 the Ontario Legislature Building / L'édifice de L'Assemblée Législative de L'Ontario
43386: HALL, S.C., MRS (ANNA MARIA HALL, 1800-81) - Popular Tales of Irish Life and Character. Illustrated By Maclise, Franklin, Brooke, Herbert, Harvey, Nicholl, Weigall and Others
43169: HALL, JAMES W. - Tropical Freeze
41069: HALL, DAVID JOHN - Economic Development in the Country of Elgin, Ontario, Canada, 1850-1880
29835: HALL, RODNEY - Kisses of the Enemy
32662: HALL, RODNEY - Just Relations
45542: HALL, ED, EDITOR - A Way of Life
31674: HALL, RODNEY, EDITOR - Australians Aware: Poems and Paintings of Today
32288: HALL, RODNEY - Eyewitness: Poems
39170: HALL, H. - History of Montrose Water Supply, from Its Commencement in 1720 to 1914
44798: HALL, LINDA B. - álvaro Obregón: Power and Revolution in Mexico, 1911-1920
7272: HALLAM, HENRY - View of the State of Europe During the Middle Ages. Tenth Edition, Including Supplemental Notes. (3 Volumes)
43850: HALLER, JOHANNES - Philip Eulenburg: The Kaiser's Friend. Translated from the German By Ethel Colburn Mayne (2 Volumes)
47295: HALLEY, J. WOODS, EDITOR - Theories of High-Temperature Superconductivity
44618: HALLIDAY, JAMES L. (THOMAS CARLYLE) - Mr. Carlyle My Patient: A Psychosomatic Biography
45440: HALLOWELL, GERALD, EDITOR - The Oxford Companion to Canadian History
29064: HALLS, GERALDINE - The Felling of Thawle
46667: HALPER, ALBERT - Union Square
43174: HALPER, ALBERT - The Fourth Horseman of Miami Beach
38482: HALPER, ALBERT (1904-84) - Atlantic Avenue
39953: HALSE, GEORGE W. - Oil and Retortable Materials: A Handbook on the Utilisation of Coal, Torbanite, Cannel, and Oil Shale
42055: HALSTEAD, MURAT - The World on Fire Including Splendors and Horrors of the Volcanic Eruptions of the Lesser Antilles. . .
20195: HAM, GEORGE H. - Reminiscences of a Raconteur between the '40s and the '20s.
45579: HAM, GEORGE H. - Reminiscences of a Raconteur between the '40s and the '20s.
33374: HAMBLETON, RONALD, EDITOR - A Master Killing
21118: HAMER, DAVID - Bombers Versus Battleships. The Struggle between Ships and Aircraft for the Control of the Surface of the Sea.
17584: HAMERTON, PHILIP GILBERT, 1834-94 - Marmorne. The Story Is Told By Adolphus Segrave, the Youngest of Three Brothers
40739: HAMERTON, PHILIP GILBERT - The Etcher's Handbook: Giving an Account of the Old Processes, and of Processes Recently Discovered. Third Edition, Revised and Augmented
29761: HAMIL, FRED COYNE - Lake Erie Baron: The Story of Colonel Thomas Talbor
5541: HAMILTON, JANE - The Short History of a Prince (Signed)
45710: HAMILTON, WILLIAM B. - Place Names of Atlantic Canada
1394: HAMILTON, JAMES H. - Western Shores. Narratives of the Pacific Coast By Capt. Kettle (James H. Hamilton).
12211: HAMILTON, ANTHONY, COUNT [PHILIBERT, COMTE DE GRAMMONT (1621 - 1707) (HORACE WALPOLE]. - Memoirs of the Count of Grammont. Translated By Horace Walpole. Wood Engravings By Wilfred Jones.
45412: HAMLYN, RUPERT G. - Bowmanville : A Retrospect
6306: HAMMERTON, J.A. (GEORGE MEREDITH) - George Meredith. His Life and Art in Anecdote and Criticism. A New and Revised Edition with Fifty-Five Illustrations.
44531: HAMMERTON, JOHN, SIR, EDITOR - The Great War: I Was There !
43159: HAMMETT, DASHIEL - Woman in the Dark. With an Introduction By Robert B. Parker
34900: HANKE, MICHAEL (ROY CAMPBELL) - Roy Campbell, Ein Solitar: Interpretationen Seiner Versdichtung
46668: HANLEY, JAMES - The Secret Journey
46675: HANLEY, JAMES - The Furys
46673: HANLEY, JAMES - Ebb and Flood
46230: HANLEY, JAMES - What Farrar Saw and Other Stories.
27206: HANLEY, JAMES - Plays One. The Inner Journey. A Stone Flower
46670: HANLEY, JAMES - The Closed Harbour
43172: HANLEY, JAMES - Plays One. The Inner Journey. A Stone Flower
512: HANLEY, JAMES - Stoker Bush
46229: HANLEY, JAMES - Winter Song
43170: HANLON, EDWARD S. - A Few Days to See the World
45984: HANLON, RICHARD - What If This Friend
45451: HANN, EARL - Historical Preservation
43644: HANNAH, WALTON - Darkness Visible: A Revelation & Interpretation of Freemasonry
44301: HANNAY, JAMES - History of the War of 1812 between Great Britain and the United States of America
25828: HANNAY, JAMES (1827-73) [WILLIAM MAKEPEACE THACKERAY] - Studes on Thackeray
29612: HANNON, LESLIE F - Forts of Canada. The Conflicts, Sieges and Battles That Forged a Great Nation. [an Illustrated History]
44628: HANNUM, ALBERTA - Paint the Wind: Illustrated with Paintings By Beatien Yazz
34060: HANRAHAN, BARBARA - The Albatross Muff
44234: HANSARD, BASIL - Leaders of the Empire: A Roll of Fame, Including Politicians, Ecclesiastics, Lawyers, Sailors, Soldiers, Scientists, Artists, Author, Musicians, and Others Who Are Men of the Century (6 Volume Set)
41590: HANSEN, JOSEPH - Fadeout
43160: HANSEN, JOSEPH - Brandstetter & Others: Five Fictions
28417: HANSEN, THORKILD - The Way to Hudson Bay: The Life and Times of Jens Munk. Translated By James Mcfarlane and John Lynch
43657: HANSEN, OLAF - Aesthetic Individualism and Practical Intellect: American Allegory in Emerson, Thoreau, Adams, and James
13255: O'HARA, JOHN - Sermons and Soda Water
46752: O'HARA, JOHN - The Time Element and Other Stories
46753: O'HARA, JOHN - The Lockwood Concern
46740: O'HARA, JOHN - Waiting for Winter
15301: O'HARA, KANE [HENRY FIELDING] [GEORGE CRUIKSHANK]. - Tom Thumb; a Burletta, Altered from Henry Fielding, By Kane O'Hara. With Designs By George Cruikshank.
14977: O'HARA, JOHN - The Ewings.
41726: O'HARA, JOHN - Wating for Winter
41727: O'HARA, JOHN - The Ewings
33303: HARBESON, JOHN F. - The Study of Architectural Design with Special Reference to the Program of the Beaus-Arts Institute of Design. Foreword By Lloyd Warren
44363: HARDEN, ARTHUR ROBERT, EDITOR - La Vie de Seint Aubin: An Anglo-Norman Poem of the Thirteenth Century
44277: HARDY, H. REGINALD (WILLIAM LYON MACKENZIE KING) - Mackenzie King of Canada: A Biography
19698: HARDY, THOMAS - 'Dearest Emmie' : Thomas Hardy's Letters to His First Wife. Edited By Carl J. Weber.
35976: HARDY, FRANK J. ("ROSS FRANKLYN") - Power without Glory: A Novel in Three Parts
47413: HARDY, G.H., J.E. LITTLEWOOD, G.PÓLYA - Inequalities
34916: HARDY, THOMAS - The Hand of Ethelberta
28931: HARDY, FRANK - Legends from Benson's Valley
29167: HARDY, FRANK - But the Dead Are Many
32287: HARDY, FRANK - Billy Borker Yarns Again. Illustrated By Paul Rigby
35977: HARDY, FRANK J. ("ROSS FRANKLYN") - Power without Glory: A Novel in Three Parts
20589: GATHORNE-HARDY, ROBERT, EDITOR [OTTOLINE MORRELL]. - Memoirs of Lady Ottoline Morrell. A Study in Friendship 1873-1915.
33149: HARDY, EVELYN (JOHN DONNE) - Donne: A Spirit in Conflict
4286: HARDY, RENÉ (GALWAY KINNELL) - Bitter Victory (Amere Victoire). Translated By Galway Kinnell.
730: HARDY, THOMAS - Wessex Poems and Other Verses. With 30 Illustrations By the Author.
5027: HARDY, THOMAS - Wessex Poems and Other Verses. With 30 Illustrations By the Author.
35271: HARGRAVE, JOHN, 1894-1982 - Harbottle: A Modern Pilgrim's Progress from This World to That Which Is to Come
21738: HARGREAVES, REGINALD - The Bloodybacks. The British Serviceman in North America and the Caribbean 1655-1783.
45699: HARKNESS, JOHN GRAHAM - Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry. A History 1784-1945.
35778: HARKNESS, JOHN GRAHAM - Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry. A History 1784-1945.
46909: ELLISON, HARLAN AND LIN CARTER - Doomsman / the Thief of Thoth
43596: HARLOW, ALVIN H. - Steelways of New England
44703: HARMER, - It's a Joke, Joyce: Australia's Funny Women
46206: HAROLD, FRANKLIN M. - The Way of the Cell: Molecules, Organisms, and the Order of Life
42904: HARPE, GERHARD - Human Chrysalis
44369: HARPE, CHARLES- E. - Le Jongleur Aux étoiles
44627: HARPER, KENN - Give Me My Father's Body: The Life of Minik, the New York Eskimo
14804: HARPER, MICHAEL S. - Healing Song for the Inner Ear. Poems.
41778: HARPER, VINCENT - The Mortgage on the Brain, Being the Confessions of the Late Ethelbert Croft, M.D. Illustrated By Charles Raymond Macauley
45666: HARPER, J. RUSSELL - Painting in Canada: A History
31433: HARRIMAN, FLORENCE JAFFRAY - Mission to the North
43164: HARRINGTON, ALAN - The Revelations of Dr. Modesto
47010: HARRINGTON, LYN - Syllables of Recorded Time: The Story of the Canadian Authors Association, 1921-1981
37466: HARRIS, WILSON - The Palace of the Peacock
41109: HARRIS, FRANK - Unpath'D Waters
44772: HARRIS, CHRISTIE - Mouse Woman and the Vanished Princess. Drawings By Douglas Tait
27819: HARRIS, ERROL - Hypothesis and Perception: The Roots of Scientific Method
527: HARRIS, WILLAM R., RT. REV. - By Path and Trail. By Dean Harris
44638: HARRIS, CHRISTIE - Raven's Cry. Illustrated By Bill Reid
28333: HARRIS, FRANK - The Bomb
3381: HARRIS, FRANK (OSCAR WILDE) - Oscar Wilde. Including My Memories of Oscar Wilde By George Bernard Shaw. An an Introductory Note By Lyle Blair.
9654: HARRIS, HERBERT, EDITOR (JOHN CREASEY) - John Creasey's Mystery Bedside Book. Founded By John Creasey and Now Incorporating the Anthology of the Crime Writers Association.
25098: HARRIS, FRANK - Elder Conklin and Other Stories
40833: HARRIS, WILSON - Palace of the Peacock
33842: HARRIS, WALTER KILROY - Outback in Australia, Or Three Australian Overlanders: Being an Account of the Longest Overlanding Journey Ever Attempted in Australia with a Single Horse, and Including Chapters on Various Phases of Outback Life
43163: HARRIS, DALE, 1928-1996 - Home Fires Burning
37469: HARRIS, WILSON - Palace of the Peacock
14975: HARRIS, CLAIRE - The Conception of Winter.
41098: HARRIS, FRANK - Unpath'D Waters
37457: HARRIS, WILSON - The Palace of the Peacock
40834: HARRIS, WILSON - The Far Journey of Oudin
23763: HARRIS, REGINALD V. - The Church of Saint Paul in Halifax, Nova Scotia: 1749-1949.
41110: HARRIS, FRANK - The Veils of Isis and Other Stories
41402: HARRIS, WILSON - The Age of the Rainmakers
41114: HARRIS, FRANK - Unpath'D Waters
43534: HARRIS, KEN, EDITOR - World Electric Locomotives
37441: HARRIS, WILSON - The Guyana Quartet
41107: HARRISON, WILLIAM - Lessons in Paradise
34430: HARRISON, T.W. (TONY HARRISON) - Earthworks
44765: HARRISON, E.J. - The Thrilling, Startling and Wonderful Narrative of Lieutenant Harrison. . .
45708: O'CONNOR. NANCY HARRISON - Old Times in the out Islands
44175: HARRISON, MICHAEL (ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE) - In the Footsteps of Sherlock Holmes
45982: HARRISON, JIM - The Shape of the Journey. New and Collected Poems.
42274: HARRISON, CHARLES YALE - Generals Die in Bed
44337: HARRISON, CHARLES YALE - Generals Die in Bed
29101: HARRISON, KEITH - Songs from the Drifting House
42664: HARRISON, EDITH OGDEN, 1862-1955 - The Lady of the Snows: A Novel. With Illustrations and Decorations By J. Allen St. John
47215: HARRISON, GORDON - Mosquitoes, Malaria, and Man: A History of the Hostilities Since 1880
44663: MACFIE, HARRY AND HANS G. WESTERLUND - Wasa-Wasa: A Tale of Trails and Treasure. Translated from the Swedish By F.H. Lyon
41127: HARRY, BILL - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. The Souvenir Photo Book
45777: WALKER, HARRY AND OLIVE - Carleton Saga
27578: HART, GERALD D., EDITOR - Disease in Ancient Man: An International Symposium
41319: HART, GEORGE - The Violin: Its Famous Makers and Their Imitators
41537: HART, GEORGE L. - Taffy and Waggy
45763: HART, PATRICIA W. - Pioneering in North York: A History of the Borough.
30951: HART, PATRICIA W. - Pioneering in North York: A History of the Borough.
45891: HART, E.J. - Diamond Hitch: The Early Outfitters and Guides of Banff and Jasper
13553: HARTE, BRET - The Poetical Works
3974: HARTE, BRET - Poems
15114: HARTE, FRANCIS BRET - The Luck of Roaring Camp, and Other Sketches.
20844: HARTE, BRET - The Complete Poetical Works of Bret Harte. Author's Copyright Issue, Including "Some Later Verses".
43151: HARTE, BRET - Gabriel Conroy: A Novel
47540: HARTEX, PIERRE (PSEUD. OF DAVIAULT, PIERRE, 1899-1964) - Nora L'Enigmatique
16916: HARTING, JAMES EDMUND - Recreations of a Naturalist. With Eighty-One Illustrations.
6223: HARTLEY, L.P. - The Will and the Way
7187: HARTLEY, L.P. - The Hireling
19045: HARTLEY, (L.P. - The Brickfield. A Novel. (Proof Copy)
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45732: JACKMAN, SYDNEY, EDITOR [THOMAS ANBUREY] - With Burgoyne from Quebec. An Account of the Life a Quebec and of the Famous Battle at Saratoga. . . With Illustrations from the First Edition and a Map Specially Drawn By C.C. J. Bond
19618: JACKSON, A. J. - Blackburn Aircraft Since 1909.
44061: JACKSON, C. IAN, EDITOR - Letters from the 49th Parallel, 1857-1873: Selected Correspondence of Joseph Harris and Samuel Anderson.
41401: JACKSON, BLYDEN - Totem
30341: JACKSON, GRAHAM - The Decline of Western Hill
42057: JACKSON, H.M., EDITOR - The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada (Princess Louise's) 1928-1953
47322: JACKSON, E. ATLEE - Perspectives of Nonlinear Dynamics: Volume 1
38539: JACOB, NAOMI - Me - in the Kitchen
44723: JACOBS, W.W. - Sea Whispers. Illustrated By Bert Thomas
44725: JACOBS, W.W. - Sailors' Knots
44722: JACOBS, W.W. - Captains All
37906: JACOBSON, HOWARD - Redback (Signed)
37898: JACOBSON, HOWARD - The Very Model of a Man (Proof Copy Signed)
37907: JACOBSON, HOWARD - Redback (Signed)
47301: JACOBSON, NATHAN - Collected Mathematical Papers Volume 3 (1965-1988)
46792: JACOBSON, DAN - The Zulu and the Zeide: Short Stories
37911: JACOBSON, HOWARD - Peeping Tom (Signed)
37900: JACOBSON, HOWARD - Roots Schmoots: Journeys Among Jews (Signed)
37910: JACOBSON, HOWARD - The Very Model of a Man (Proof Copy Signed)
22654: GOUIN, JACQUES & LUCIEN BRAULT - Legacy of Honour. The Panets, Canada's Foremost Military Family.
46393: JAFFE, MARK - And No Birds Sing: The Story of an Ecological Disaster in a Tropical Paradise
41807: JAM, TEDDY (PSEUD. OF MATT COHEN) - The Year of Fire. Pictures By Ian Wallace
40416: JAMES, WILLIAM - The Moral Philosophy of William James. Edited and with an Introduction By John K. Roth
43263: JAMES, P.D. - Innocent Blood
911: JAMES, MONTAGUE R., INTRODUCTION - The Book of Tobit and the History of Susanna. Reprinted from the Revised Version of the Apocrypha with an Introduction By Dr. Montague R. James. . . And Four Colour-Plates After Drawings By W. Russell Flint. . .
35090: JAMES, P.D. - Innocent Blood (Proof Copy)
3609: JAMES, P.D. - A Taste for Death (Canadian Proof)
43264: JAMES, P.D. - A Taste for Death (Canadian Proof)
46917: JAMES, HENRY - A Little Tour in France. With Illustrations By Joseph Pennell
44742: JAMES, F. CYRIL - The Growth of Chicago Banks (2 Volumes)
33244: JAMES, F. TREVE - Hespeler 1947 : Old Boys' Re-Union, June 30th - July 6th (Cover Title)
43269: JAMES, BUSHROD WASHINGTON (1836-1903) - The Political Freshman
47334: JAMES, I.M. - General Topology and Homotopy Theory
47648: JAMES, EDWARD - Britain in the First Millennium
42757: JAMES, STEWART, COMPILER - Abbott's Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks. Illustrated By Sid Lorraine and Howard Melson
36931: JAMES, HENRY - The Spoils of Poynton
30343: JAMES, BRIAN - The Big Burn: Short Stories. With Introduction By Norman Lindsay
25506: JAMES, RALPH D., EDITOR - Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians. Vancouver, 1974.
9953: JAMES, G.P.R. - The Brigand: Or, Corse de Leon
43173: HANLEY JAMES - A Dream Journey
34931: JAMES, CLIVE (MARTIN AMIS) - Peregrine Prykke’S Pilgrimage Through the London Literary World: A Tragedy in Heroic Couplets. Recited By Russell Davies, Martin Amis, and the Author. At the Ica on the Night of June 3rd 1974 Under the Auspices of the Poetry International Festival
31905: JAMES, GRACE - John and Mary Detectives. Illustrated By Mary Gardiner
41646: JAMES, HENRY - "Guy de Maupassant", an Essay Contained on Pp 364-86 of "the Fortnightly Review" for March, 1888
10232: JAMES, HENRY - William Wetmore Story and His Friends. From Letters, Diaries, and Recollections.
40279: BRAIDE, JANET AND NANCY PARKE-TAYLOR - Caroline and Frank Armington: Canadian Painter-Etchers in Paris
47658: JANNAWAY, FRANK G. - Without the Camp: Being the Story of Why and How the Christadelphians Were Exempted from Military Service
43577: JANSON, LONE E. - The Copper Spike
46949: JANZEN, DAVID H., EDITOR - Costa Rican Natural History
39894: JARMAIN, JOHN - Priddy Barrows
43261: JARRELL, RANDALL - Fly By Night. Pictures By Maurice Sendak.
44399: JASMIN, DAMIEN - Les Témoins de Jéhovah. Fauteurs de Séditions, Ennemis Acharnés de la Religion
43643: JASPERS, KARL (MAX WEBER) - Kark Jaspers on Max Weber. Edited with Introduction and Notes By John Dreijmanis. Translated from the German By Robert J. Whelan
11457: JAVELLE, EMILE - Souvenirs D'Un Apliniste. Préface de M. Henry Bordeaux. . .
46935: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY AND ROSAMOND WOLFF PURCELL - Crossing over: Where Art and Science Meet
47178: JAY, PETER - Lifelines: Poems
39298: THE WELLAND JAYCETTS, COMPILERS - Centennial Cook Book
43986: JEAFFRESON, JOHN CORDY - A Book About the Table
40272: CHUBB, JEAN AND HILDA MILLIGAN, COMPILERS - Leaves of Yesteryear: A History of the Bon Accord Distrrict and the Biographies of the Men and Women Who Pioneered the Area
16044: NATHAN, GEORGE JEAN AND H.L. MENCKEN - The American Credo. A Contribution Toward the Interpretation of the National Mind.
43426: BROUWS, JEFF AND ED DELVERS - Starlight on the Rails
41928: JEFFERIES, RICHARD - The Story of My Heart: My Autobiography
43844: JEFFERIES, MATTHEW - Politics and Culture in Wilhelmine Germany: The Case of Industrial Architecture
46155: JEFFERS, ROBINSON - Medea - Freely Adapted from the Medea of Euripides
18693: JEFFERS, ROBINSON - Give Your Heart to the Hawks and Other Poems.
38951: JEFFERY, R.A. - Macnab
40175: JELLISON, CHARLES A. - Besieged: The World War II Ordeal of Malta, 1940-1942
32635: JENKINS, HERBERT (GEORGE BORROW) - The Life of George Borrow
43259: JENKINS, DAN - Semi-Tough (Arc)
46428: JENNER, EDWARD - An Inquiry Into the Causes and Effects of the Variolae Vaccinae, a 'Disease Discovered in Some of the Western Counties of England, Particularly Gloucestershire, and Known By the Name of the Cow Pox
43132: JENNESS, D. (DIAMOND JENNESS) - Eskimo String Figures (Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-18, Volume XIII: Eskimo Folk-Lore, Part B. )
33830: JENNESS, DIAMOND - Eskimo Administration: III. Labrador
45714: JENNESS, DIAMOND - The Indians of Canada
41796: JENNINGS, SHARON - Sleep Tight, Mrs. Ming
29116: JENNINGS, R. G. (REGINALD GELLIBRAND), 1880-1943. - Told in the Dormitory
3246: JENSEN, JOHANNES V. - The Long Journey. Fire and Ice. Translated By A.G. Chater.
12736: JENTEL, (MARIE-ODILE). - Les Gutti Et Les Askoi à Reliefs étrusques Et Apuliens. Essai de Classification Et de Typologie.
46228: JEROME, JEROME K. - The Diary of a Pilgrimage (and Six Essays). With Upwards of One Hundred and Twenty Illustrations By G.G. Fraser.
27375: JEROME, JEROME K. - The Diary of a Pilgrimage (and Six Essays)
36846: JEROME, JEROME K. - Three Men on the Bummel. Illustrated By R. Raven Hill
42964: JEROME, V.J. (PSEUD. OF JEROME ISAAC ROMAIN), 1896-1965 - The Paper Bridge
27376: JEROME, JEROME K. - The Second Thoughts of an Idle Fellow
43255: JEROME, V.J. - A Lantern for Jeremy: A Novel
15452: JEROME, JEROME K. - A Miscellany of Sense and Nonsense from the Writings of Jerome K. Jerome. Selected By the Author. . . With Forty-Three Illustrations By Will Owen.
45354: DICK, JERRY AND MICHAEL LONGO - Heritage Driving Tour of Wellesley Township
31259: JERVIES, ANDREW (JAMES GAMMACK) - The History and Traditions of the Land of the Lindsays in Angus and Mearns. With Notices of Alyth and Meigle. . . Rewritten and Corrected By James Gammack. Second Edition, with Illustrations
35220: JESSE, F. TENNYSON, EDITOR - Trial of Madeleine Smith. New Edition.
45709: JESSE, C., REV. - Outlines of St. Lucia's History
23728: JESSUP, RICHARD - The Cincinnati Kid
3205: JETER, GOETZE - The Strikers
28949: JEVONS, W. STANLEY (1835-1882) - The Theory of Political Economy. Third Edition
37927: JILLSON, WILLARD ROUSE - The Boone Narrative: The Story of the Origin and Discovery Coupled with the Reproduction in Facsimile of a Rare Item of Early Kentuckiana to Which Is Appended a Sketch of Boone and a Bibliography of 238 Titles. . .
37939: JILLSON, WILLARD ROUSE - Big Bone Lick: An Outline of Its History Geology and Paleontology to Which Is Added an Annotated Bibliography of 207 Titles.
41709: ZACUNE, JIM AND CELIA HENSMAN, COMPILERS - Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco in Britain
40061: MURRAY-SMITH. JOANNA - Love Child
41405: JOANS, TED - Arodisia: New Poems
47546: JOBIN, ANTOINE JOSEPH, 1889- - Visages Littéraires Du Canada Français. 22 Bois Originaux de Théodore Jobin
44624: JOE, RITA - Lnu and Indians We'Re Called
31208: MYERSON, JOEL AND DANIEL SHEALY (LOUISA MAY ALCOTT) - The Selected Letters of Louisa May Alcott and the Journals of Louisa May Alcott [2 Volumes]. Intro By Madeleine B. Stern
45958: JOESTEN, JOACHIM - Dope, Inc.
46323: BOTTERWECK, G. JOHANNES AND HELMER RINGGREN - Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament (Volumes 1-5)
44090: VINTEN-JOHANSEN, PETER; HOWARD BRODY; NIGEL PANETH; STEPHEN RACHMAN; MICHAEL RUSSELL RIP - Cholera, Chloroform and the Science of Medicine: A Life of John Snow
37802: PRICE-BROWN (JOHN, 1844-1938) - In the Van, Or "the Builders" By Price-Brown. . . Illustrated By F.H. Brigden, O.S. A
41374: JOHN - Faith, Hope and Sobriety
43847: MARTEINSON, JOHN. WITH SCOTT DUNCAN - The Governor-General's Horse Guards: Second to None
33211: JOHN, A. MEREDITH - The Plantation Slaves of Trinidad 1783-1816: A Mathematical and Statistical Study
44003: BALL, JOHN AND RICHARD PLANT - A Bibliography of Canadian Theatre History 1583-1975
13675: KUEHL, JOHN & JACKSON BRYER, EDITORS (F. SCOTT FITZGERALD] - Dear Scott / Dear Max. The Fitzgerald-Perkins Correspondence.
46368: BULL, JOHN AND JOHN FARRAND, JR. - National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds. Eastern Region. Revised Edition
35564: STRAUSBAUGH, JOHN AND DONALD BLAISE, EDITORS (WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS) - The Drug User. Documents: 1840-1960. Foreword By William S. Burroughs
43437: KRAUSE, JOHN AND ED CRIST - The Final Years: New York, Ontario & Western Ry
11021: SMYLY, JOHN AND CAROLYN - Those Born at Koona
44748: PREVITS, GARY JOHN AND RICHARD F. TAYLOR - John Raymond Wildman: First President, American Accounting Association, 1917, Professor and Professional Accountant
42234: METCALF, JOHN AND JOHN NEWLOVE - Dreams Surround Us: Fiction and Poetry.
45608: LADELL, JOHN & MONICA - A Farm in the Family: The Many Faces of Ontario Agriculture over the Centuries
41523: OSBORNE, JOHN AND ANTHONY CREIGHTON - Epitaph for George Dillon
36663: JOHNS, W.E., CAPT. - Biggles Flies to Work: Some Unusual Cases of Biggles and His Air Police
46969: JOHNSGARD, PAUL A. - The Plovers, Sandpipers, and Snipes of the World
45969: PAUL A. JOHNSGARD - The Pheasants of the World: Biology and Natural History
46925: JOHNSGARD, PAUL A. - Cormorants, Darters, and Pelicans of the World
27323: JOHNSON, LIONEL, 1867-1902 - Selections from the Poems of Lionel Johnson, Including Some Now Collected for the First Time. With a Prefatory Memoir
46125: JOHNSON, B.B. (PSEUDONYM OF JOSEPH PERKINS GREENE) - Blues for a Black Sister
7574: JOHNSON, A.E., MRS - The Hazeley Family. With an Introduction By Barbara Christian.
41070: JOHNSON, HENRY SMITH - Norfolk County Place Names
43585: JOHNSON, PETER - The British Travelling Post Office
15642: JOHNSON, BOBBY H. - The Coushatta People
46988: JOHNSON, MICHAEL G. - American Woodland Indians
25425: JOHNSON, OWEN, 1878-1952 - The Salamander. With Illustrations By Everett Shinn
17814: JOHNSON, J.K., EDITOR(SIR JOHN A. MACDONALD). - Affectionately Yours. The Letters of Sir John A. Macdonald.
3295: JOHNSON, LIONEL (THOMAS HARDY) - The Art of Thomas Hardy. To Which Is Added a Chapter on the Poetry By J.E. Barton and a Bibliography By John Lane Together with a New Portrait By Vernon Hill and the Etched Portrait By William Strang.
33455: JOHNSON, LIONEL, 1867-1902 - Post Liminium: Essays and Critical Papers. Edited By Thomas Whittemore
24789: JOHNSON, R. BRIMLEY, EDITOR (FANNY BURNEY) - Fanny Burney and the Burneys.
18537: JOHNSON, LEO A. - History of the County of Ontario 1615-1875.
36699: JOHNSON, OLIVE (A.R.D. FAIRBURN) - A.R. D. Fairburn 1904-1957: A Bibliography of His Published Work
31886: JOHNSON, RUDOLPH, JR. - Opium
32465: JOHNSON, COLIN (MUDROOROO, 1938- ) - Wild Cat Falling. Foreword By Mary Durack
43423: JOHNSON, PETER - Festiniog 150: The History of the Ffestiniog Railway
42030: JOHNSON, LEO A. - History of Guelph 1827-1927.
47000: JOHNSON, MICHAEL - Indian Tribes of the New England Frontier
46987: JOHNSON, MICHAEL - Tribes of the Iroquois Confederacy
36648: JOHNSON, B.S. - The Unfortunates
39547: JOHNSTON, MARY - To Have and to Hold
30371: JOHNSTON, GEORGE - The Far Face of the Moon
47169: JOHNSTON, LAUGHTON - Meetings: Poems
45705: JOHNSTON, WILLIAM - History of the County of Perth from 1825 to 1902
31938: JOHNSTON, CHARLES M., EDITOR - The Valley of the Six Nations. A Collection of Documents on the Indian Lands of the Grand River.
42011: JOHNSTON, H.H., F.R.G.S., F.Z.S. - The History of a Slave
35582: JOHNSTON, BASIL H. - Indian School Days
36816: JOHNSTON, ALEXANDER, COMPILER - The Battle at Belly River: Stories of the Last Great Indian Battle
29140: JOHNSTON, GEORGE - The Darkness Outside
32356: JOHNSTON, C.M. - Brant County: A History 1784-1945
17868: JOHNSTON, MARY (N.C. WYETH) - Cease Firing. With Illustrations By N.C. Wyeth.
4786: JOHNSTON, JAMES F.W. - Notes on North America, Agricultural, Economical, and Social.
30345: JOHNSTON, GEORGE - The Cyprian Woman
30370: JOHNSTON, GEORGE - Closer to the Sun
30645: JOHNSTON, GEORGE H. - Monsoon
31678: JOHNSTON, GEORGE - Clean Straw for Nothing
31679: JOHNSTON, GEORGE - Clean Straw for Nothing
32222: JOHNSTON, HUGH - Toward the Sunrise; Being Sketches of Travel in Europe & the East. To Which Is Added a Memorial Sketch of the Rev. William Morley Punshon, L.L. D.
32470: JOHNSTON, GEORGE - Clean Straw for Nothing
28833: JOHNSTON, GEORGE - The Far Face of the Moon
7980: JOHNSTON, MARY - Sir Mortimer: A Novel
45917: JOHNSTON, C.M. - Brant County: A History 1784-1945
46993: JOHNSTON, GEORGE A., Q.C. - Osgoode Hall Lore: Being an Address Given to the Lawyer's Club in Convocation Hall, Osgood Hall, Toronto, on April 14, 1955
21251: JOHNSTON, (CAROL) [THOMAS WOLFE]. - Thomas Wolfe. A Descriptive Bibliography.
39656: JOHNSTON, MARY - To Have and to Hold
6076: JOHNSTON, BASIL - Ojibway
6077: JOHNSTON, BASIL - Moose Meat & Wild Rice.
40001: JOLLEY, ELIZABETH - Miss Peabody's Inheritance
28893: JOLLEY, ELIZABETH - Milk and Honey
45324: JOLY, PHILLIPE-LOUIS - Remarques Critiques Sur le Dictionnaire de Bayle. Première Partie [&] Seconde Partie.
42350: JONAS, GEORGE - The Absolute Smile
23636: WYLIE, JONATHAN AND DAVID MARGOLIN - The Ring of Dancers: Images of Faroese Culture
33994: BEDFORD-JONES, H. - Mormon Valley
43518: JONES, A.E. - Roads and Rails of West Yorkshire 1890-1950
39682: JONES, GWYNETH - Escape Plans
41905: BEDFORD- JONES, H. - The Mission and the Man: The Story of San Juan Capistrano. Drawings By June Simonds
43038: JONES, JAMES - The Ice-Cream Headache and Other Stories

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