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44942: CHRISTIE, WILLIAM WALLACE - Chimney Design and Theory: A Book for Engineers and Architects
6513: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The Mirror Crack'D from Side to Side.
11795: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The Labors of Hercules. New Adventures in Crime By Hercule Poirot.
156: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Partners in Crime
1619: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - At Bertram's Hotel
14579: CHRISTIE, ELIZABETH, 1824-1904 - Fragments
242: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Cat Among the Pigeons
40278: CAMERON, CHRISTINA AND JEAN TRUDEL - The Drawings of James Cockburn: A Visit Through Quebec's Past
47321: CHRISTODOULOU, DEMETRIOS; SERGIU KLAINERMAN - The Global Nonlinear Stability of the Minkowski Space.
42796: CHRISTOPHER, MILBOURNE - Conjuring with Christopher: A Choice Collection of Magic with Coins, Cards, Thimbles, Silks, Ropes, Etc. , Plus a Chapter on Mental Magic, and a Variety of Feats for the Stage. Introduction By Jean Hugard. Illustrations By Dr. Jaks
44304: CHRISTY, JIM - The Long Slow Death of Jack Kerouac
879: CHURCH, SAMUEL HARDEN - John Marmaduke. A Romance of the English Invasion of Ireland in 1649. Illus. By Albert Grantley Rinehart.
10430: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - Marlborough. His Life and Times. (Volume I Only).
28403: CHURCHILL, WINSTON SPENCER - London to Ladysmith Via Pretoria
47671: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - Marlborough: His Life and Times
47661: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - Thoughts and Adventures
23680: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - Victory. War Speeches. . . Compiled By Charles Eade
24860: CHURCHILL, CARYL - Softcops
43862: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - The World Crisis 1911-1918 (2 Volume Set, Complete)
13435: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - Marlborough, His Life and Times. (Volume II Only)
44784: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - Marlborough. His Life and Times (Volume I Only)
36153: (CHURCHILL, WINSTON S.) - Canada's Tribute to Sir Winston Churchill on the Eve of His Eightieth Birthday. The Canadian Club of Toronto Dinner Meeting Royal York Hotel November 29th, 1954
43282: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - Blood Sweat and Tears. Speeches. . . Compiled By Randolph S. Churchill, M.P.
44789: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - Marlborough, His Life and Times. (Volume II Only)
47716: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - The Aftermath. The World Crisis 1918-1928.
47660: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - The World Crisis (6 Volume Set, 2 Are First Printings)
281: CHUTE, CAROLYN - The Beans
46336: CHUTE, B.J. (BEATRICE JOY CHUTE, 1913-87) - The Fields Are White
24858: CIARDI, JOHN - Other Skies
33641: CICELLIS, KAY - The Easy Way. With Foreword By V. Sackville-West
47158: CIROCCO, WILLIAM L. - The Rain
14987: CIZEVSKIJ, DMITRIJ - Comparative History of Slavic Literatures. Translated By Richard Noel Porter and Martin P. Price. Edited, with a Foreword, By George A. Zenkovsky.
11065: ST. CLAIR, SANDY [ALEXANDER DAVID ST. CLAIR]. - The Endless War Or 1000 Days "in the Bag".
43375: EMERY, CLAIRE AND BARBARA FORD - From Pathway to Skyway: A History of Burlington
42862: EMERY, CLAIRE AND BARBARA FORD - From Pathway to Skyway: A History of Burlington
9125: CLAMPITT, AMY - The Collected Poems (Proof Copy)
44342: MIDDLETON, CLARA AND J.E. - Green Fields Afar. Memories of Alberta Days
46534: CLARESON, THOMAS D. - Sf: A Dream of Other Worlds
41160: CLARK, TOM, EDITOR - All Stars
18010: CLARK, TOM - John's Heart
24881: CLARK, S.D. - Movement of Political Protest in Canada 1640-1840
29877: CLARK, ROBERT - Thrusting Into Darkness
41415: CLARK, J.P. - Ozidi: A Play
25025: HOWELL, F. CLARK AND FRANÇOIS BOURLIÈRE, EDITORS - African Ecology and Human Evolution
16359: BINNIE-CLARK, GEORGINA - Wheat & Woman
34652: CLARK, ANDREW HILL - Acadia: The Geography of Early Nova Scotia to 1760
41414: CLARK, J.P. - Three Plays: Song of a Goat, the Masquerade, the Ratt
16943: CLARK, TOM - The No Book
47155: CLARK, TOM - Chicago
30601: CLARK, JOHN WILLIS - Fasciculus Ioanni Willis Clark Dicatus
42623: CLARK, BETTY, EDITOR - 'Shall We Join the Ladies ?': Wood Engravings By Women Artists of the Twentieth Century
36565: CLARK, MAVIS THORPE - The Hundred Islands
27318: CLARK, JAMES L. - Trails of the Hunted
44938: CLARK, MARY HIGGINS - A Stranger Is Watching
37778: CLARKE, AUSTIN - Nine Men Who Laughed
44634: CLARKE, GEORGE FREDERICK - Someone Before Us: Our Maritime Indians
42650: CLARKE, AUSTIN - The Prime Minister
42649: CLARKE, AUSTIN - The Prime Minister. A Novel
37828: CLARKE, AUSTIN - In This City
38233: CLARKE, AUSTIN - The Polished Hoe
41976: CLARKE, J. ERSKINE, EDITOR - Chatterbox
42521: CLARKE, GEORGE ELLIOTT - Whylah Falls
8590: CLARKE, LINDSAY - Alice's Masque (Proof Copy)
40307: CLARKE, MARCUS - For the Term of His Natural Life. Unabridged Edition, with Introduction By Hilary Lofting and 45 Full-Page Illustrations
8136: CLARKE, LINDSAY - Sunday Whiteman
30644: CLARKE, MARCUS - For the Term of His Natural Life
30846: CLARKE, MRS. HENRY (AMY KEY CLARKE) - The Bushranger's Secret. Illustrated By W.S. Stacey
32907: CLARKE, GEORGE ELLIOTT - Saltwater Spirituals and Deeper Blues.
8592: CLARKE, LINDSAY - The Chymical Wedding (Proof Copy)
38884: CLARKE, AUSTIN - The Prime Minister. A Novel
42523: CLARKE, GEORGE ELLIOTT - Saltwater Spirituals and Deeper Blues.
42484: CLARKE, RICHARD - Fever and the Cold Eye
44339: CLARKE, ANDY - Andy Clarke and His Neighbourly News. With an Introduction By Greg Clarke
1255: CLARKE, LINDSAY - Sunday Whiteman (Proof)
27247: CLARKSON, HELEN (PSEUD. OF HELEN WORRELL CLARKSON MCCLOY, 1904-92) - The Last Day: A Novel of the Day After Tomorrow
47280: HAUSMANN, JEAN-CLAUDE AND PIERRE VOGEL - Geometry on Poincaré Spaces
30804: CLAUSEN, ROBERT T. - Sedum of North America North of the Mexican Plateau
30885: CLAUSEN, ROBERT T. - Sedum of the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt: An Exposition of Taxonomic Methods. Drawings By Elfriede Abbe
39017: CLAVELL, JAMES - Noble House
3736: CLAVELL, JAMES - The Children's Story
16326: CLAYDEN, P.W. (SAMUEL ROGERS, 1763-1855]) - The Early Life of Samuel Rogers.
34731: CLEARY, JON - The Green Helmet
30173: CLEARY, JON - Peter's Pence
39667: CLEARY, JON - A Sound of Lightning
40677: CLEARY, JON - The Golden Sabre
30151: CLEARY, JON - Season of Doubt
29176: CLEARY, JON - A Very Private War
29878: CLEARY, JON - The Liberators
30634: CLEARY, JON - The Beaufort Sisters
31309: CLEARY, C.V.H. - About Drugs
32509: CLEARY, JON - Man’S Estate
33168: CLEARY, JON - Now and Then, Amen
34035: CLEARY, JON - The Mask of the Andes
34036: CLEARY, FRANCES - A Pocketful of Years. Another Mrs Kingi Book
34110: CLEARY, JON - Season of Doubt
24859: CLEARY, JON - The Climate of Courage
32498: CLEARY, JON - The Safe House
38757: CLELAND, JOHN - Fanny
46142: CLEMENT, PETER; HARRIS, ALAN; DAVIS, JOHN - Finches and Sparrows: An Identification Guide (Helm Field Guides)
46982: CLEMENT, JUSTIN - Philadelphia 1777: Taking the Capital
43929: CLEVERDON, CATHERINE LYLE - The Women Suffrage Movement in Canada
45575: CLEVERDON, ELSIE M. - An East Whitby Mosaic
39109: LE CLÉZIO, J.M.G. - The Book of Flights. Translated from the French By Samuel Watson Taylor
39106: LE CLÉZIO, J.M.G. - The Flood. Translated from the French By Peter Green
42052: CLIFFORD, FRANCIS - The Naked Runner
45471: CLIFT, DOMINIQUE - The Secret Kingdom: Interpretations of the Canadian Character
22738: CLIFTON, GEORGE, BRIGADIER - The Happy Hunted. With a Foreword By Lieutenant-General the Viscount Freyberg of Wellington.
41419: CLITANDRE, PIERRE - Cathedral of the August Heat. Translated By Bridget Jones
28088: MARIN, CLIVE AND FRANCES - Stormont Dundas and Glengarry 1945-1978.
20226: MARIN, CLIVE AND FRANCES - Stormont Dundas and Glengarry 1945-1978.
4324: CLOETE, STUART - Turning Wheels
46703: CLOETE, STUART - Turning Wheels
45269: CLOIE, MACK (PSEUD. OF REV. ARCHIBALD MCKIBBIN, 1863-1925) - The Pancake Preacher
36503: CLOSE, ROBERT S. - The Dupe: A Story of the Sea
47173: CLOTHIER, PETER - Aspley Guise. Introduction By Donald Davie
44381: CLOUTIER, EUGÈNE - Les Inutiles. Roman
32007: CLOW, H. MERIBETH - Leeds & Grenville Bicentennial 1984
28022: MULDREW LAKES COTTAGERS' CLUB - A History of Muldrew Lakes
35853: MULDREW LAKES COTTAGERS' CLUB - A History of Muldrew Lakes
27709: CLUBB, LOUISE GEORGE, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - I Tatti Studies: Essays in the Renaissance. Volume 2 1987
36498: CLUNE, FRANK - The Forlorn Hope: A Sea Saga of the Sixties
37856: CLUNE, FRANK - Try Anything Once: The Autobiography of a Wanderer
45164: CLUTE, KENNETH F. - The General Practitioner: A Study of Medical Education and Practice in Ontario and Nova Scotia
37073: CLUTE, JOHN - The Disinheriting Party: A Novel
45704: CLUTESI, GEORGE - Potlatch. Illustrations By the Author
46096: COMMITTEE ON COMMON NAMES OF CNIDARIA AND CTENOPHORA, S.D. CAIRNS, CHAIR - Common and Scientific Names of Aquatic Invertebrates from the United States and Canada: Cnidaria and Ctenophora
45174: COATES, KENNETH; MORRISON, WILLIAM R. - The Sinking of the Princess Sophia: Taking the North Down with Her
15371: COBB, IRVIN S. - Back Home. Being the Narrative of Judge Priest and His People.
47088: COBB, BROUGHTON; CHERYL LOWE; ELIZABETH FARNSWORTH - Peterson Field Guide to Ferns: Northeastern and Central North America, Second Edition
43408: COBB, IRVIN S. - Back Home. Being the Narrative of Judge Priest and His People.
46991: COBBETT, WILLIAM - The American Gardener, Or, a Treatise on the Situation, Soil, Fencing and Laying-out of Gardens on the Making and Managing of Hot-Beds and Green-Houses and on the Propagation and Cultivation of the Several Sorts of Vegetables, Herbs, Fruits and Flowers
36630: COBURN, JESSE L. - Letters of Gold: California Postal History Through 1869
28445: COCHIN, AUGUSTIN - The Results of Slavery. Translated By Mary L. Booth
45061: COCHRANE, JEAN - The One-Room School in Canada
45884: COCKLOFT, JEREMY - Cursory Observations Made in Quebec, Province of Lower Canada in the Year 1811. With a Preface By William Toye
34232: COCTEAU, JEAN. EDITED BY MARGARET CROSLAND - Cocteau's World: An Anthology of Writings
8927: COCTEAU, JEAN - Le Grand écart. Translated from the French By Lewis Galantiere.
18860: COCTEAU, JEAN - The Hand of a Stranger (Journal D'Un Inconnu). Authorized Translation By Alec Brown.
8077: CODRESCU, ANDREI - License to Carry a Gun. Volume Three in the Big Table Series of Younger Poets.
34178: CODRESCU, ANDREI - The Life and Times of an Involuntary Genius
25882: COE, MICHAEL D.; KERR, JUSTIN - Old Gods and Young Heroes: The Pearlman Collection of Maya Ceramics. Text By Michael D. Coe. Photographs By Justin Kerr
43791: COFFEE, FRANK, COMPILER - Forty Years on the Pacific. The Lure of the Great Ocean. A Book of Reference for the Traveler and Pleasure for the Stay-at-Home.
46190: COGGER, HAROLD G. - Reptiles & Amphibians of Australia
45373: COGNAC, MARCEL - Guerre Aux Loups !
42177: COGSWELL, (FRED). - The Chains of Liliput.
11666: COGSWELL, FRED, EDITOR (ALDEN NOWLAN) - Five New Brunswick Poets. Elizabeth Brewster, Fred Cogswell, Robert Gibbs, Alden Nowlan, Kay Smith.
42178: COGSWELL, FRED - Light Bird of Life: Selected Poems
42529: COHEN, MATT - The Leaves of Louise. Illustrated By Rikki
23396: COHEN, MAJORIE GRIFFIN - Women's Work, Markets, and Economic Development in Nineteenth-Century Ontario. .
6970: COHEN, EMMELINE W. - The Growth of the British Civil Service 1780-1939.
47170: COHEN, KEITH - Natural Settings
47258: COHEN, LEONARD - The Spice- Box of Earth. Drawings: Frank Newfeld (Signed)
43108: COHEN, LEONARD - The Spice- Box of Earth. Drawings: Frank Newfeld.
46676: COHEN, LEONARD - The Spice- Box of Earth. Drawings: Frank Newfeld.
42606: COHEN, LEONARD - Four Poems Contained in the Tamarack Review No. 6, Winter, 1958
30626: COHEN, SIDNEY, M.D. - Drugs of Hallucination: The Uses and Abuses of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide. Foreword By John Rowan Wilson
40023: COHEN, LEONARD - Beautiful Losers
42164: (COHEN, LEONARD) - Duel. Number One. Winter 1969.
42672: RAITAN-COHEN, ELIANE - Discovery
20755: COHEN, J. M. - The Life of Ludwig Mond
41307: COLBECK, (NORMAN, COMPILER) [TIRTHANKAR BOSE, EDITOR]. - A Bookman's Catalogue. The Norman Colbeck Collection of Nineteenth-Century and Edwardian Poetry and Belles Lettres in the Special Collections of the University of British Columbia. . .
46619: COLBURN, ZERAH, 1804-39 - A Memoir of Zerah Colburn; Written By Himself. Containing an Account of the First Discovery of His Remarkable Powers;. . .
44855: COLE, IRA A. - Ibe of Atlan. Illustrated By Ray Cornell
32562: COLE, JEAN MURRAY - Exile in the Wilderness. The Biography of Chief Factor Archibald Mcdonald 1790-1853.
34258: COLE, WILLIS S., JR. - The Last Flight of 'the Lady Jeannette'
47075: VERNON-COLE, WILLIS (WILLIS VERNON COLE, 1882-1939) - Constanza.
12061: COLE, J. A. (JOHN ALFRED COLE, 1905-) - Nobody Got Into Trouble
36803: COLEBROOK, JOAN - The Northerner
42203: COLEMAN, VICTOR - Terriffic at Both Ends
42564: COLEMAN, VICTOR - Stranger
20153: COLEMAN, FREDERIC - The Far East Unveiled. An Inner History of Events in Japan and China in the Year 1916.
44838: COLEMAN, CHARLES G. - On Sea and Prairie: A Story from Life. Illustrated By J.B. Greene. Second Edition
46885: COLERIDGE, M.E. (MARY ELIZABETH COLERIDGE, 1861-1907) - The Fiery Dawn
38445: COLERIDGE, SAMUEL TAYLOR - The Friend. Edited By Barbara E. Rooke
33339: COLERIDGE, S. T. (SAMUEL TAYLOR COLERIDGE) - The Poems of S.T. Coleridge
19364: COLES, MANNING - Not Negotiable
45511: COLES, HARRY L. - The War of 1812
28137: COLETTE - Claudine Married. Translated By Antonia White
38426: COLGATE, WILLIAM (HORACE WALPOLE, JOHN MILTON) - Horace Walpole on Milton: A Summary of His Annotations on the Work of Thomas Warton Concerning the Poems of John Milton from the London Edition of James Dodsley 1785
46440: COLGATE, WILLIAM (C.W. JEFFERYS) - C.W. Jefferys
38427: COLGATE, WILLIAM (HORACE WALPOLE, JOHN MILTON) - Horace Walpole on Milton: A Summary of His Annotations on the Work of Thomas Warton Concerning the Poems of John Milton from the London Edition of James Dodsley 1785
44059: READ, COLIN AND RONALD J. STAGG, EDITORS - The Rebellion of 1837 in Upper Canada. A Collection of Documents.
41167: READ, COLIN AND RONALD J. STAGG, EDITORS - The Rebellion of 1837 in Upper Canada. A Collection of Documents.
25968: ZILBOORG, GREGORY, M.D., IN COLLABORATION WITH GEORGE W. HENRY, M.D. - A History of Medical Psychology
45298: COLLARD, EILEEN - Early Clothing in Southern Ontario
24457: COLLARD, ELIZABETH - Nineteenth-Century Pottery and Porcelain in Canada
27385: COLLARD, ELIZABETH - The Potters' View of Canada: Canadian Scenes on Nineteenth Century Earthenware
26233: COLLIE, MICHAEL [HENRY MAUDSLEY, 1835-1918] - Henry Maudsley: Victorian Psychiatrist. A Bibliographical Study
11073: COLLIER, PRICE (1860-1913) - The West in the East from an American Point of View.
27598: COLLIER, PRICE (1860-1919) - The West in the East from and American Point of View
42671: COLLIN, W.E. - The White Savannahs
40776: COLLINGWOOD, STUART DODGSON (LEWIS CARROLL) - The Life and Letters of Lewis Carroll (Rev. C.L. Dodgson). . . Eleventh Thousand.
39999: COLLINS, DALE - Ordeal: A Novel
37225: COLLINS, ANNE M, - A History of Portage la Prairie and Surrounding District
46862: COLLINS, DALE (1897-1956) - The Haven: A Chronicle
43083: COLLINS, WILKIE - The Frozen Deep and Other Tales. Library Edition. With Nine Illustrations
43080: COLLINS, WILKIE - My Miscellanies. A New Edition, with Illustrations By Alfred Concanen
29090: COLLINS, DALE - Race the Sun
29091: COLLINS, TOM (PSEUD. OF JOSEPH FURPHY) - Such Is Life. Being Certain Extracts from the Diary of Tom Collins. With a Biographical Sketch of the Author By C. Hartley Grattan.
22177: COLLINS, DAVID, COMPILER - Gold in the Cariboo.
40052: COLLINS, DALE - Ordeal
43669: COLLINS, ARTHUR W. - Thought and Nature: Studiies in Rationalist Philosophy
35744: COLLINS, DALE - The Sentimentalists
44782: COLLIS, MAURICE - Stanley Spencer: A Biography
34231: COLLOP, JOHN - Poesis Rediviva: Or, Poesie Revived 1656
42214: COLOMBO, JOHN ROBERT - The Great Wall of China: An Entertainment. With a Drawing By Harold Town (Inscribed to Ray Souster)
42102: COLOMBO, JOHN ROBERT - Miraculous Montages: Poems By John Robert Colombo. Drawings By Don Jean-Louis
46168: COLOMBO, JOHN ROBERT - Canadian Literary Landmarks
33992: COLONY, HORATIO - The Early Land
19006: COLQUHOUN, ARCHIBALD ROSS - The Key of the Pacific. The Nicaragua Canal. . . . Cheaper Issue.
46745: COLQUHOUN, PATRICK, 1745-1820 - A Treatise on the Police of London; Containing a Detail of the Various Crimes and Misdemeanors By Which Public and Private Property and Security Are, at Present, Injured and Endangered: And Suggesting Remedies for Their Prevention. . . .
34180: COMFORT, ALEX - And All But He Departed
43186: COMFORT, ALEX - The Novel & Our Time. With an Introduction By R.D. Callaghan
42032: COMFORT, DARLENE J. - The Abasand Fiasco: The Rise and Fall of a Brave Pioneer Oil Sands Extraction Plant
4569: COMMAGER, HENRY STEELE, EDITOR - The Blue and the Gray. The Story of the Civil War As Told By Participants.
39396: TORONTO NORMAL SCHOOL. CENTENNIAL COMMITTEE - Toronto Normal School 1847-1947
45770: CENTENNIAL HISTORICAL COMMITTEE - The Story of Stayner 1867-1867
40427: CENTENNIAL BOOK COMMITTEE - Heritage Homes and History of Parrsboro
45737: CORN HILL SCHOOL REUNION COMMITTEE - Corn Hill School 1870-1962
44718: WILLOUGHBY (ONT. : TOWNSHIP). HISTORICAL COMMITTEE, CHARLES H. ORT, CHAIRMAN - Historical Writings of Willoughby Township
45672: CITY OF NIAGARA FALLS CENTENNIAL BOOK COMMITTEE - Images of a Century: The City of Niagara Falls, Canada, 1904-2004
45459: TORONTO SILVER PLATE COMPANY - The Toronto Silver Plate Company's Illustrated Catalogue and Price List of Electro Silver Plate on Nickel Silver and White Metal
36576: BAKER, NICHOLAS J., COMPILER AND EDITOR (JOHN PRENTISS BENSON) - The Artistic Legacy of John Prentiss Benson
23170: BRUNNER, (A.W., COMPILER AND EDITOR) - Cottages Or Hints on Economical Building. Containing Twenty-Four Plates of Medium and Low Cost Houses, Contribued By Different New York Architects, Together with Descriptive Letterpress, Giving Practical Suggestions for Cottage Building. . .
42670: COMSTOCK, HARRIET T. - Joyce of the North Woods
47183: COMSTOCK, JOHN HENRY - The Spider Book: A Manual for the Study of the Spiders and Their Near Relatives, the Scorpions, Pseudoscorpions, Whip-Scorpions, Harvestmen, and Other Members of the Class Arachnida, Found in America North of Mexico. . .
45626: CONANT, THOMAS (1842-1905) - Upper Canada Sketches (E.C. Guillet's Copy)
33442: CONCINA, DANIELE, 1687-1756 - De' Teatri Moderni Contrarj Alla Professione Cristiana Libri Due Del P. Daniele Concina Dell'Ordine de'Predicatori in Conferma Delle Sue Dissertazioni de Spectaculis Theatralibus
19457: CONIBEAR, KENNETH - North Land Footprints Or Lives on Little Bent Tree Lake.
43737: CONNELL, EVAN S., JR. - The Anatomy Lesson and Other Stories
14022: O'CONNELL, RICHARD - Terrane.
11240: CONNELL, RICHARD - Ironies
39038: CONNELL, EVAN S., JR. - The Anatomy Lesson and Other Stories
38057: CONNELLY, MICHAEL - The Black Ice
42669: CONNOR, RALPH (PSEUD. OF CHARLES W. GORDON) - Torches Through the Bush
42167: CONNOR, RALPH (PSEUD. OF CHARLES W. GORDON) - Gwen: An Idyll of the Canyon
27613: O'CONNOR, FRANK - Selected Stories
43509: CONOLLY, W. PHILIP - Southern Main Line Cameraman. Edited By Mike Esau
25523: CONRAD, JOSEPH - Letters from Joseph Conrad 1895-1924. Edited with Introduction and Notes By Edward Garnett
45809: CONRAD, MARGARET; LAIDLAW, TONI; SMYTH, DONNA - No Place Like Home: Diaries and Letters of Nova Scotia Women 1771-1938
43176: CONRAD, JOSEPH - Almayer's Folly. A Story of an Eastern River.
46020: CONRAD, JOSEPH - Laughing Anne: A Play
47683: CONRAD, JOSEPH - Victory: An Island Tale
33240: CONRAD, JOSEPH - The Arrow of Gold. A Story between Two Notes.
19511: CONRAD, JOSEPH - The Rescue. A Romance of the Shallows.
47677: CONRAD, JOSEPH - Youth and Two Other Stories [Heart of Darkness]
43927: CONROY, HILARY - The Japanese Seizure of Korea: 1868-1910. A Study of Realism and Idealism in International Relations
35088: CONSTABLE, F.C. (FRANK CHALLICE CONSTABLE), 1846-1937 - Morgan Hailsham Or a Curious Month
14115: CONSTANTINE, DAVID - Caspar Hauser. A Poem in Nine Cantos.
6581: CONSTANTINE, K.C. [PSEUD. OF CARL KOSAK]. - Upon Some Midnights Clear
46246: CONSTANTINE, DAVID - The Loss
41538: CONSTANTINEAU, CÉLINE - Olivier le Forgeron
47136: CONTOSKI, VICTOR - Broken Treaties: Drawings By Eriks Rudans
29092: CONWAY, JILL KERR - True North: A Memoir.
39367: COOK, THOMAS H. - Breakheart Hill (Arc)
44637: COOK, ROBERT ("KILTY") - Cha-Ske at the Ball: Including a Bag of Memories
39317: COOK, DAVE - From Frozen Ponds to Beehive Glory: The Story of Dixie Arena Gardens
29868: COOK, RAMSAY - The Dafoe-Sifton Correspondence 1919-1927
30147: COOK, E. THORNTON (ELSIE PRENTYS THORNTON-COOK, 1889- ) - Justly Dear: Charles and Mary Lamb. A Biographical Novel
45560: COOK, WILLIAM E. - Meadowvale & Churchville: A History
36500: COOK, KENNETH - Stormalong
11106: CROFT-COOKE, RUPERT - Three in a Cell
46318: COOLIDGE, JULIAN LOWELL - The Mathematics of Great Amateurs
45706: COOMBE, GERALDINE - Muskoka Past and Present
39146: COOPER, W. R. - Primary Batteries: Their Theory, Construction and Use
43582: COOPER, B.K. - Southern Railway Handbook
34187: COOPER, A. B. - Lost in the Arctic: A Tale of Baffin's Bay
30509: COOPER, CLARENCE L., JR. - The Scene
47465: COOPER, E.L., EDITOR - Invertebrate Immune Responses: Cell Activities and the Environment
43495: COOPER, CHARLES - Hamilton's Other Railway 1853-2000. The Hamilton and North Western Railway in Retrospect
43499: COOPER, CHARLES - Narrow Gauge for Us: The Story of the Toronto and Nipissing Railway
28218: COOPER, DIANA - Animal Hotel
45888: COOPER, CYNTHIA - Magnificent Entertainments: Fancy Dress Balls of Canada's Governors General 1876-1898
42558: COOPERMAN, STANLEY - Cannibals
43857: COOPERMAN, STANLEY - World War I and the American Novel
893: COOVER, ROBERT - The Origin of the Brunists
34408: COPE, WENDY - Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis
34449: COPE, WENDY - Hope and the 42. . .
43180: COPE, WENDY - Being Boring: Poems
34392: COPE, WENDY - Twiddling Your Thumbs: Hand Rhymes. Illustrated By Sally Kindberg`
43544: COPELAND, JOHN MORISON - The Trail of the Swinging Lanterns: A Racy, Railroading Review of Transportation Matters, Methods and Men
42196: COPITHORNE, JUDITH - Heart's Tide
28717: COPP, TERRY - The Brigade. The Fifth Canadian Infantry Brigade, 1939-1945
46488: CORBALLIS, MICHAEL C. - The Lopsided Ape: The Evolution of the Generative Mind
31907: CORBALLY, M.J.P.M, LIEUT.-COL. - The Royal Ulster Rifles 1793-1960
45206: CORBETT, GAIL, EDITOR - Portraits : Peterborough Area Women Past and Present
28440: CORBETT, JIM - Man-Eaters of Kumaon
46420: CORBETT, JIM - Tree Tops. With an Introduction By Lord Hailey. Illustrated By Raymond Sheppard
39691: CORDELL, RICHARD A. (W. SOMERSET MAUGHAM) - W. Somerset Maugham
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42973: DICKEY, JAMES - Spinning the Crystal Ball: Some Guess at the Future of American Poetry. A Lecture Delivered at the Library of Congress April 24, 1967
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15167: DONLEAVY, J.P. - A Fairy Tale of New York.
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45260: DORMER, ELINORE M. - The Sea Shell Islands. A History of Sanibel and Captiva. Illustrated By Ann Winterbotham
6646: DORMER, ELINORE M. - The Sea Shell Islands. A History of Sanibel and Captiva. Illustrated By Ann Winterbothan.
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7925: DOVE, RITA - Through the Ivory Gate (Advance Reading Copy)
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47079: DREXLER, MADELINE - Secret Agents: The Menace of Emerging Infections
43659: DREYFUS, ALFRED - Five Years of My Life 1894-1899
23270: DRIEDGER, N. N. - The Leamington United Mennonite Church. Establishment and Development 1925-1972.
11274: DRINKWATER, JOHN - Lines for the Opening of the Birmingham Repertory Theatre. Spoken By Barry V. Jackson and Written By John Drinkwater.
46704: DRINKWATER, JOHN - The Lyric: An Essay (Signed)
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27373: DRISCOLL, BERNADETTE - The Inuit Amautik: I Like My Hood to Be Full
5777: O'DRISCOLL, ROBERT - An Ascendancy of the Heart. Ferguson and the Beginnings of Modern Irish Literature in English. With an Introduction By Maire Cruise O'Brien.
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45243: DROZ, GUSTAVE, 1832-95 - Monsieur, Madame & Bébé
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45911: DRURY, E.C. - All for a Beaver Hat. A History of Early Simcoe Country. Foreword By Honourable Leslie M. Frost. . .
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42446: DUDEK, LOUIS - Laughing Stalks
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42340: DUDEK, LOUIS - Atlantis
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45815: DUFF, J. CLARENCE - Pen Sketches of Toronto
45211: DUFF, J. CLARENCE - Pen Sketches of Toronto
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29521: DUFRESNE, FRANK - My Way Was North: An Alaskan Autobiography. Introduction By Corey Ford. Illustrations By Rachel S. Horne
21211: DUGAS, G. L'ABBÉ (GEORGES DUGAS) - L'Ouest Canadien. Sa Découverte Par le Sieur de la Verendrye. Son Exploitation Par Les Compagnies de Traiteurs Jusqu'a L'Année 1822
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47575: DUGAS, MARCEL, 1883-1947 - Salve Alma Parens.
41786: DUGGAN, PAUL - Murphy the Rat: Tales of Tough City. Poems. Pictures By Daniel Sylvestre
40008: DUGO, ANDRÉ (1895-1957) - The Dogcatcher's Dog
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38357: L'ARCHEVÊQUE-DUGUAY, JEANNE - Mater. Dessins de Rodolphe Duguay
3363: DUHAMEL, GEORGES [PSEUD. OF DENISTHEVENIN]. - Cécile Among the Pasquiers. Translated By Beatrice de Holthoir.
37129: DUKE, MADELAINE - Death of a Holy Murderer
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17642: DUNCAN, DONALD - The New Legions
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39428: DUNCAN, JAMES - Exotic Moths
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5780: DUNCAN, ROBERT - Medea at Kolchis the Maiden Head
43012: DUNCAN, THOMAS W. - An Autobiography of Thomas W. Duncan, Author of "Gus the Great" [Cover Title]
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42744: DUNCAN, NORMAN - Australian Byways: The Narrative of a Sentimental Traveller. Illustrated By George Harding
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41311: DUNN, WILLIAM - The British Child's Inheritance; an Address to the Young
46701: DUNNE, JOHN GREGORY - The Studio
40867: DUNNE, FRANK - Draughts Praxis, Or Modern Match Games: A Practical Guide to Scientific Play. . . Second and Revised Edition
47446: DUNNE, GERALD - Self-Dual Chern-Simons Theories
39366: DUNNE, JOHN GREGORY - Dutch Shea, Jr. : A Novel (Proof)
27181: DUNNE, PETER MASTEN, S.J. - Early Jesuit Missions in Tarhumara
47519: DUNNING, STEPHEN NORTHRUP (KIERKEGAARD) - Kierkegaard's Dialectic of Inwardness: A Structural Analysis of the Theory of Stages
35445: DUNSANY, LORD - Unhappy Far-Off Things
5464: DUPONT, MARCEL - En Campagne (1914-1915). Impressions D'Un Officier de Legere.
3985: DURHAM, LORD (JOHN GEORGE LAMBTON, FIRST EARL OF DURHAM) - The Report of Earl of Durham, Her Majesty's High Commissioner and Governor-General of British North America. A New Edition with an Introductory Note.
6727: DURRELL, LAWRENCE - The Big Supposer. A Dialogue with Marc Alyn. Translated from the French By Francine Barker.
46702: DURRELL, LAWRENCE - Sebastian Or Ruling Passions. A Novel.
9642: DURRELL, LAWRENCE - Acte. A Play.
43013: DURRELL, LAWRENCE - Sauve Qui Peut
43014: DURRELL, LAWRENCE - Livia, Or, Buried Alive. A Novel
29114: DUSHNYCK, WALTER - 50 Years Ago: The Famine Holocaust in Ukraine. Terror and Human Misery As Instruments of Soviet Russian Imperialism. Foreword By Dana G. Dalrymple
39514: DUTTON, GEOFFREY - States of the Union
31666: DUTTON, GEOFFREY, EDITOR - The Eye Opener
31667: DUTTON, GEOFFREY, EDITOR - Modern Australian Writing
33242: DUVAL, PAUL - Four Decades: The Canadian Group of Painters and Their Contemporaries, 1930-1970: The Canadian Group of Painters and Their Contemporaries, 1930-1970
43682: DUVAL, PAUL - Group of Seven Drawings
40998: DUVAL, PAUL - Canadian Art: Vital Decades. The Mcmichael Conservation Collection
31889: HUNTER-DUVAR, (JOHN, 1830-99). (JOHN HUNTER DUVAR) - The Stone Bronze and Iron Ages. A Popular Treatise on Early Archaeology.
47187: DE DUVE, CHRISTIAN - Vital Dust: Life As a Cosmic Imperative
46601: DE DUVE, CHRISTIAN - Life Evolving: Molecules, Mind, and Meaning
45933: DWORKIN, MARTIN, ET AL, EDITORS - The Prokaryotes: A Handbook on the Biology of Bacteria. Third Edition (7 Volume Set)
44984: DYER, GWYNNE - War
27365: DYER, E. JEROME, F.R.G.S. - The Gold Fields of Canada and How to Reach Them. Being an Account of the Routes and Mineral Resources of North-Western Canada. Cheap Edition. . .
45544: DYER, ARIEL M. - The Laird of Woodhill
45368: (DYLAN, BOB) - Knocking on Dylan’S Door. A Rolling Stone Book
35793: DYMENT, CLIFFORD - The Axe in the Wood: Poems
25424: E., A. [GEORGE W. RUSSELL, 1867-1935) - Collected Poems. By A.E.
46783: E. , (A.) [GEORGE W. RUSSELL, 1867-1935) - The House of the Titans and Other Poems
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45352: REA. J.E. - The Winnipeg General Strike
25705: MULLER, J.E. AND M.E. ATCHISON - Geology, History and Potential of Vancouver Island Coal Deposits (Report and 17 Figures)
41433: E., J. (FULL NAME UNKNOWN) - The Old and the New Home: A Canadian Tale
47320: GOLDBERG. DAVID E. - Genetic Algorithms in Search, Optimization, and Machine Learning
44148: MOORE, WILLIAM E.AND JAMES CRUSSELL - U.S. Official Pictures of the World War Showing America's Participation. Selected from the Official Files of the War Department. With Unofficial Introductory Photographs
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10502: EARL, C.N. - An Open Letter. Los Angeles, November 29, 1887.
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46414: EASTERBROOK, GREGG - A Moment on the Earth: The Coming Age of Environmental Optimism
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35508: EASTMAN, CHARLES ALEXANDER (1858-1953) - From the Deep Woods to Civilization. Including Excerpts from Indian Boyhood
3946: EBERHART, RICHARD - Undercliff. Poems 1946-1953 (Inscribed)
20363: EBERHART, RICHARD - Collected Poems 1930-1976. Including 43 New Poems.
20511: EBERHART, RICHARD - A Bravery of Earth
20345: EBERHART, RICHARD - Collected Poems 1930-1976. Including 43 New Poems.
43866: EBERLE, MATTHIAS - World War I and the Weimar Artists: DIX, Grosz, Beckmann, Schlemmer
43863: EBY, CECIL DEGROTTE - The Road to Armageddon: The Martial Spirit in English Popular Literature, 1870&Ndash;1914
46121: ECHOLS, HARRISON - Operators and Promoters: The Story of Molecular Biology and Its Creators
43876: ECKARDSTEIN, BARON VON (HERMANN VON ECKARDSTEIN, 1864-1933) - Ten Years at the Court of St. James' 1895-1905. Translated and Edited By Prof. George Young
41410: ECKMAN, FERN MARJA (JAMES BALDWIN) - The Furious Passage of James Baldwin
39279: ECKSTEIN, GUSTAV - Hokusai: Play in Fourteen Scenes.
39103: ECO, UMBERTO - Travels in Hyperreality. Essays. Translated from the Italian By William Weaver.
43011: ECO, UMBERTO - Travels in Hyperreality. Essays. Translated from the Italian By William Weaver.
42803: JOSEPH, EDDIE AND PERCY ABBOTT - Original Tricks By Eddie Joseph. Suggested Routines By Percy Abbott. Supplement to No. 13 Catalogue
45836: MIDDLETON, JESSE EDGAR AND FRED LANDON - The Province of Ontario: A History 1615- 1927 (4 Volume Set - Dora Hood's Copy)
33158: EDGERTON, CLYDE - Killer Diller (Arc)
46655: EDGEWORTH, MARIA, 1767-1849 - Tales and Novels. In Eighteen Volumes
45073: EDINBOROUGH, ARNOLD - A History of Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. Volume IV, 1931-1973
28885: EDWARDS, R.G., EDITED AND DECORATED BY - The Overlander Songbook
29036: THOMPSON, EDWARD MAUNDE, EDITOR & TRANSLATOR - Chronicon Adae de Usk, A.D. 1377-1404. Edited with a Translation and Notes By Edward Maunde Thompson
28469: CALDWELL, ERSKINE (ROBERT CANTWELL, EDITOR AND INTRODUCTION) - The Humorous Side of Erskine Caldwell: An Anthology
31585: BOWLES, PAUL, EDITOR AND TRANSLATOR - Five Eyes: Stories By Abdeslam Boulaich, Mohamed Choukri, Larbi Layachi, Mohammed Mrabet, Ahmed Yacoubi
22546: LILLARD, CHARLES, EDITOR AND ANNOTATOR - Warriors of the North Pacific. Missionary Accounts of the Nortwest Coast, the Skeena and Stikine Rivers and the Klondike, 1829-1900
44501: RÖHL, JOHN, EDITOR AND INTRODUCTION - 1914: Delusion Or Design? the Testimony of Two German Diplomats. With a Foreword By Professor Hugh Trevor-Roper
43371: CAMPBELL, DUNCAN C., EDITOR AND CONTRIBUTOR - The Royal Montreal Golf Club 1873-1973: The Centennial of Golf in North America
36057: WRIGHT, JUDITH, EDITOR AND INTRODUCTION - A Book of Australian Verse
41518: SMITH, SYDNEY (W.H. AUDEN, EDITOR AND INTRO.) - Selected Writings
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15284: DURÁN, (CHELI, EDITOR AND TRANSLATOR). - The Yellow Canary Whose Eye Is So Black.
23962: HARRISON, PAUL CARTER, EDITOR AND INTRO. - Kuntu Drama: Plays of the African Continuum. Preface By Oliver Jackson
34754: EISEN, JONATHAN, EDITOR AND INTRODUCTION - Altamont: Death of Innocence in the Woodstock Generation
44198: TERRAINE, JOHN, EDITOR AND INTRODUCTION - General Jack's Diary, 1914-18: The Trench Diary of Brigadier-General J.L. Jack, D.S. O.
11201: WHITE, HOWARD, EDITOR AND WITH INTRODUCTION) - Raincoast Chronicles First Five. Collector's Edition. Foreword By Bob Hunter.
45813: SHANNON, BILL, EDITOR AND AUTHOR - An Illustrated History of Collingwood Township
44809: EPSTEIN, MORRIS, EDITOR AND TRANSLATOR - Tales of Sendebar . An Edition and Translation of the Hebrew Version of the Seven Sages Based on Unpublished Manuscripts
31634: EDMOND, LARS - Summer Near the Arctic Circle
31665: EDMOND, LARS - Summer Near the Arctic Circle
45613: EDMONDS, W. EVERARD - Broad Horizons: Maple Leaf Sketches from a Private Studio
47364: EDMONDSON, AMY C. - A Fuller Explanation: The Synergetic Geometry of R. Buckminster Fuller
42951: WHITE, STEWART EDWARD AND SAMUEL HOPKINS ADAMS - The Mystery. Illustrations By Will Crawford
26601: CROFT-MURRAY, EDWARD & PAUL HULTON - Catalogue of British Drawings - Volume One: XVI & XVII Centuries. Supplemented By a List of Foreign Artists' Drawings Connected with Great Britain By Christopher White [2 Volumes]
38221: EDWARDS, RALPH - Trail to the Charmed Land
41817: EDWARDS, WILLIAM SEYMOUR - Into the Yukon. . . Second Edition
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13092: EDWARDS, HERBERT WILSON - Under Four Flags
47414: EDWARDS, JOHN - Socialism and the Art of Living
44594: EGER, ERNESTINA N. - A Bibliography of Criticism of Contemporary Chicano Literature
43967: EGOFF, SHEILA - The Republic of Childhood: A Critical Guide to Canadian Children's Literature in English
11259: EHRENBURG, ILYA - The Spring.
19573: EHRLICH, LEONARD, 1905-1984 - God's Angry Man
38434: EICHHORN, J. CHARLES - American Skat, Or, the Game of Skat Defined. . .
44177: YEO, EILEEN AND E.P. THOMPSON (HENRY MAYHEW) - The Unknown Mayhew
9776: EISENBERG, DEBORAH - Transactions in a Foreign Currency (Signed)
46950: EISENBERG, JOHN F., KENT H. REDFORD, AND OTHERS - Mammals of the Neotropics (3 Volume Set)
34974: EISL, MARIA EMANUELA (ROY CAMPBELL) - Lyrische Und Satirische Elemente in Roy Campbells Dichtung
46205: EISNER, THOMAS; EISNER, MARIA; SIEGLER, MELODY - Secret Weapons: Defenses of Insects, Spiders, Scorpions, and Other Many-Legged Creatures
43004: EKBAUM, SALME, 1912-95 - Farm in the Forest
41451: EKWENSI, CYPRIAN - Beautiful Feathers
44554: EKWENSI, CYPRIAN - An African Nights Entertainment: A Tale of Vengeance. Illustrated By Bruce Onabrakpeya
42533: ELDER, BRUCE - (Poems) [Untitled]
951: ELDER, LONNE, III - Ceremonies in Dark Old Men.
29174: ELDERSHAW, (M. BARNARD) (PSEUD. OF - Tomorrow and Tomorrow
34741: ELDERSHAW, M.BARNARD (PSEUD.) - Essays in Australian Fiction
46503: ELDREDGE, NILES - Life Pulse: Episodes from the Story of the Fossil Record
46339: ELDREDGE, NILES - Why We Do It: Rethinking Sex and the Selfish Gene
26595: KOREY, MARIE ELEANA AND OTHERS [ÉMILE ZOLA]. - Vizetelly & Compan[Ies]. A Complex Tale of Victorian Printing and Publishing. An Exhibition with Essays By Marie Elena Korey, Yannick Portebois, Dorothy E. Speirs, Richard Landon.
43872: ELEY, GEOFF - Reshaping the German Right: Radical Nationalism and Political Change After Bismarck
29305: ELFORD, JOHN TURNBULL - Canada West's Last Frontier: A History of Lambton
45764: ELFORD, JOHN TURNBULL - Canada West's Last Frontier: A History of Lambton
45965: ELIAS, THOMAS S. - Complete Trees of North America: Field Guide and Natural History
38674: (ELIOT, GEORGE; JULIAN HAWTHORNE) - Harper's New Monthly Magazine. No. 316. September, 1876
38675: (ELIOT, GEORGE; JULIAN HAWTHORNE; HARRIET MARTINEAU - Harper's New Monthly Magazine. No. 317. October, 1876
38629: ELIOT, T.S. - The Confidential Clerk
38673: (ELIOT, GEORGE; JULIAN HAWTHORNE) - Harper's New Monthly Magazine. No. 310. March, 1876
19899: ELIOT, T.S. - Poetry and Drama. The Theodore Spencer Memorial Lecture, Harvard University, November 21, 1950.
38672: (ELIOT, GEORGE; JULIAN HAWTHORNE) - Harper's New Monthly Magazine. No. 315. August, 1876
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3300: ELIOT, GEORGE - How Lisa Loved the King. With New Illustrations from Original Designs.
16388: ELIZABETH, CHARLOTTE (MRS. CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH BROWNE PHELAN TONNA, 1790-1846) - Derry; a Tale of the Revolution. New Edition.
42542: ELLENBOGEN, GEORGE - Winds of Unreason. Drawings By Peter Daglish
15166: ELLIOT, FRANCES MINTO - Old Court Life in Spain (2 Volumes)
33393: (ELLIOT, THOMAS FREDERICK, SIR, 1808-80) - The Canadian Controversy; Its Origin, Nature, and Merits
29032: ELLIOTT, ROBERTA - The Country Boy
46711: ELLIOTT, GEORGE P. - Among the Dangs. Ten Short Stories.

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