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100849: LOEWEN, C.T. & SONS LTD - Beekeepers Supplies; 1946 Catalogue & Price List
112934: CHEN PO-TA - Notes on Ten Years of Civil War (1927-1936)
111911: TACHE, ALEXANDRE ANTONIN - Vingt Annees de Missions dans le Nord-Ouest de l'Amerique
108560: TACHE, ALEXANDRE ANTONIN - Esquisse sur le Nord-Ouest de l'Amerique
108558: TACHE, ALEXANDRE ANTONIN - Vingt Annees de Missions dans le Nord-Ouest de l'Amerique
106390: MANITOBA SCHOOL QUESTION. TACHE, ALEXANDRE ANTONIN - Memoire de Monseigneur Tache sur la Question des Ecoles en reponse au rapport du Comite de l'Hon. Conseil Prive du Canada
106379: MANITOBA SCHOOL QUESTION. TACHE, ALEXANDRE ANTONIN - Separate Schools; Part of the Negotiations at Ottawa in 1870
113643: TAFT, MICHAEL (SOUND HERITAGE SERIES) - Tall Tales of British Columbia
108565: TAFT, MICHAEL - Discovering Saskatchewan Folklore; Three Case Studies
116569: TAFT, ROBERT T. - Fort Rouge Through the Years; Souvenir Booklet
108567: TAGG, MELVIN S. (EDITOR) - A History of Mormon Church in Canada
119029: TAGGART, J. G. - Speech Delivered by the Honourable J. G. Taggart, B.S.A., Minister of Agriculture in the Debate on the Address in Reply to the Speech from the Throne in the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan, Friday, January 28, 1938
102795: TAKASHIMA, SHIZUYE - A Child in Prison Camp
116342: TAKATA, TOYO - Nikkei Legacy; The Story of Japanese Canadian from Settlement to Today
114959: VAILL TALCOTT, DUDLEY - Report of the Company
112585: TALWANI, MANIK; HARRISON, CHRISTOPHER G.; HAYES, DENNIS E. (EDITOR) - Deep Drilling Results in the Atlantic Ocean: Ocean Crust
111659: TAMADACHI, MICHUGO - The Cult of the Koi
115058: TANGREDI, VINCENT - Fresco Paintings and Sculpture
108570: TANNAHILL, CECIL C. - An Illustrated Edition on Banking, Trade Tokens, Paper Money & Scrip Used in the Territory and Province of Saskatchewan
117006: TANTALLON - Tales of Tantallon 1903 - 1973
118055: TAPPER, LAWRENCE F. - Archival Sources for the Study of Canadian Jewry / Sources D'archives Sur Les Juifs Canadiens
110449: DORLING, CAPTAIN H. TAPRELL WITH L.F. GUILLE - Ribbons and Medals; Naval, Military, Air Force and Civil
113416: TARASOFF, KOOZMA J., LARRY A. EWASHEN - In Search of Utopia
108575: TARDIF, EMILE - Saint Albert
109739: TARG, WILLIAM (EDITOR) - Carrousel for Bibliophiles; a Treasury of Tales, Narratives, Songs, Epigrams and Sundry Curious Studies Relating to a Noble Theme
108581: TASSE, JOSEPH - Les Canadiens de l'ouest
119552: TATREAU, DOUG; TATREAU, BOBBE - The Parks of the Prairie Provinces
116402: TAYLOR, ISABEL - Kate; A Story of a Pioneer Woman with Promising Dreams and Vanished Visions
115171: TAYLOR, J. GARTH (ASSISTANT CURATOR) - The Canadian Eskimos
117998: TAYLOR,THEODORE - Ice Drift
115852: TAYLOR, WILF; FRY, ALAN - Beating Around the Bush, a Life in the Northern Forest
117434: TAYLOR, SHARON - The Amazing Story of the Engels in Canada
118953: TAYLOR, J.T. - In the Heart of India; The Work of the Canadian Presbyterian Mission
119150: TAYLOR, SHARON - The Amazing Story of the Edmunds in Canada
119350: WASKESIU. TAYLOR, DORELL - Waskesiu Memories( Volume Iii) Our Last Collllection of Personal Stories About Prince Albert National Park, Saskatchewan, Canada 1920 - 2003
113216: TAYLOR, NORMAN - My Book, My People: Our Kingdom
108588: TAYLOR, DOUG - For Dignity, Equality and Justice; a History of the Saskatchewan Government Employees' Union
102931: TAYLOR, WILLIAM E.; MCGHEE, ROBERT - Archaeological Material from Creswell Bay, N.W.T., Canada
102930: TAYLOR, WILLIAM E. - An Archaeological Survey Between Cape Parry and Cambridge Bay, N.W.T., Canada, in 1963
114894: TAYLOR, GRIFFITH - Environment, Race and Migration
120034: TAYLOR, DOUG - For Dignity, Equality and Justice; A History of the Saskatchewan Government Employees' Union
111905: TAYLOR, WILLIAM E.; MCGHEE, ROBERT - Deblicquy, a Thule Culture Site on Bathurst Island, N.W.T., Canada
109498: TAYLOR, ANDREW - The Sleeping Policeman
108586: TAYLOR, ANDREW - British Parliamentary Papers on Exploration in the Canadian North
108584: TAYLOR, ANDREW - Geographical Discovery and Exploration in the Queen Elizabeth Islands
102633: TAYLOR, GRIFFITH - Canada: A Study of Cool Continental Environments and Their Effect on British and French Settlement
108594: TAYLOR, WILLIAM C. - The Snows of Yesteryear: J. Norman Collie, Mountaineer
115893: TAYLOR, WILLIAM, JR. - The Inuit Print
115906: TAYLOR, WILLIAM E. (JR.) - The Arnapik and Tyara Sites; An Archaeological Study of Dorset Culture Origins
115590: TCHERTKOFF, VLADIMIR; TOLSTOY, LEO; PEREHUDOFF, W. - Spirit Wrestlers Presents the Doukhobors: Book Two; Christian Martydom in Russia
110443: A CATHOLIC TEACHER - Sadlier's Catholic Complete Speller, Oral and Written
100589: CANADIAN COLLEGE OF TEACHERS, MANITOBA CHAPTER - Tomorrow's Past; a Century of Manitoba Teachers
113391: TEALE, EDWIN WAY - The Lost Woods
118833: NAZKO-KLUSKUS STUDY TEAM - Report to Nazko and Kluskus Bands of Carrier Indians from the Nazko-Kluskus Study Team
101947: POSTER. TECHNOCRACY - Technocracy Inc.; Presents Howard Scott, Director in Chief, Orpheum Theatre, Prince Albert,...
101946: POSTER. TECHNOCRACY - Technocracy Inc.; Presents Dr. J.N. Haldeman of Regina, Memorial Hall, Prince Albert...
102287: TEED, L. M.; ROWE, J.S. - Saskatchewan Trees
118838: TEETER, KARL V.; NICHOLS, JOHN D. - Wiyot Handbook I: Glossary and Concordance / With / Wiyot Handbook II: Interlinear Translation and English Index
106758: MENDEL ART GALLERY. TEITELBAUM, MATTHEW - The Mendel Art Gallery: Twenty-Five Years of Collecting
106757: MENDEL ART GALLERY. TEITELBAUM, MATTHEW; WHITE, PETER - Joe Fafard: Cows and Other Luminaries 1977-1987
102289: TELFER, W.P - Humboldt on the Carlton Trail
116622: TELIER, CORINNE C.; WINNIPEG - Revisiting St. Norbert; A South Winnipeg Community
110866: TEMPERANCE - Prohibition Bombs; Tracts for the Times. Issued Weekly
110650: TEMPERANCE - Centennial Temperance Volume. A Memorial of the International Temperance Conference Held in Philadelphia, June, 1876
114456: TENNANT, PAUL - Aborigial Peoples and Politics: The Indian Land Question in British Columbia, 1849 - 1989
108599: TENNANT, JOSEPH F. - Rough Times 1870-1920
117466: TENNYSON, ALFRED - The Princess: A Medley.
115519: TENNYSON, ALFRED LORD - In Mememoriam & Other Poems
112572: TERHUNE, ALBERT PAYSON - The Critter and Other Dogs
107137: NORTH-WEST TERRITORIES - The Future of the Territories
118102: TESTER, FRANK JAMES; KULCHYSKI, PETER - Tammarniit, Inuit Relocations in the Eastern Arctic 1939-63
101139: TEULON - They Came for the Future
108603: THAIN, CHRIS - Cold As a Bay Street Banker's Heart; the Ultimate Prairie Phrase Book
108605: THATCHER, COLIN - Backrooms
116783: THAU, CHANA (EDITOR) (EDITOR) - Seasons of Our Lives; An Anthology by Nine Manitoba Writers
117924: THAYER, HELEN - Polar Dream
118565: THÉBERGE, PIERRE (CURATOR) - Gift from the Douglas M. Duncan Collection and the Milne-Duncan Bequest / le Don Provenant de la Collection Douglas M. Duncan Et le Legs Milne-Duncan
119425: THÉBERGE, M. PIERRE (CURATOR); DA VINCI, LEONARDO (ARTIST) - Léonard de Vinci; Ingénieur Et Architecte
101622: HEUCHERT, THERESA AND WOOD, MARY C. - Mystery of the Royal Ring: A Story of Saskatchewan's Past
114869: THERIAULT, YVES - N'tsuk
116465: THERIAULT, YVES - Agaguk
112612: THEROUX, PAUL - World's End; And Other Stories
118081: THIBERT, ARTHUR, 1898 - 1963 - English-Eskimo / Eskimo-English Dictionary
102796: THIESSEN, JACK - Yiddish in Canada. The Death of a Language
116338: THOM, IAN M. - Art B.C.
116112: THOM, IAN - David Milne
119605: THOMAS, A.; ARIMA, E.Y. - T'a:T'a:QSapa; A Practical Orthography for Nootka
117986: THOMAS,DANIELLE - A Far Distant Place
118051: THOMAS, LORENE - Whither Thou Goest
116900: THOMAS, DEBBIE; ENNS, MAUREEN - The Grizzly Kingdon; An Eartist's Encounter
119097: THOMAS, WILLIE - Third and Long; Inside the CFL
108621: THOMAS, LEWIS HERBERT - The North-West Territories. 1870-1905
111921: THOMAS, LEWIS HERBERT - The Struggle for Responsible Government in the North-West Territories 1870-97
110467: THOMAS, HON. CHARLES S. - Speech of Hon. Charles S. Thomas at a Democratic Ratification Meeting in Grand Opera House, Pueblo, Colo., October 4, 1894
109422: THOMAS, CLARA; LENNOX, JOHN - William Arthur Deacon: A Canadian Literary Life
108617: THOMAS, LEWIS G. - The Prairie West to 1905; a Canadian Sourcebook
115356: THOMAS, DORINE - Rubaboo
108620: THOMAS, LEWIS HERBERT - The Struggle for Responsible Government in the North-West Territories 1870-97
108615: THOMAS, LEWIS G. - The Liberal Party in Alberta; a History of Politics in the Province of Alberta, 1905-1921
108616: THOMAS, LEWIS G.; DUNAE, PATRICK A. - Ranchers' Legacy: Alberta Essays
101145: THOMAS, A. VERNON - Main Street: Manitoba's Historic Highway; a Panorama of Buffalo, Indians, Explorers, Missionaries, Voyageurs, Soldiers, Pioneers
100024: BANFF. THOMAS, HARRIET HARTLEY - From Barnacle to Banff
115621: SETON-THOMPSON, ERNEST - Wild Animals at Home
102955: THOMPSON, RUTH PLUMLY; BAUM, L. FRANK - Captain Salt in Oz
118259: THOMPSON, RUTH PLUMLY - The Yellow Knight of Oz
119663: THOMPSON, DAVID; MOREAU, WILLIAM E. (EDITOR) - The Writings of David Thompson, Volume 1; The Travels, 1850 Version
118528: THOMPSON, C.J.S. - Mysteries and Secrets of Magic
114813: SETON-THOMPSON, ERNEST - The Trail of the Sandhill Stag; And 60 Drawings
114632: THOMPSON, ERNEST SETON - Wild Animals I Have Known and Two Hundred Drawings.
114300: THOMPSON, LESSLIE R. - The Canadian Railway Problem: Some Economic Aspects of Canadian Transportation and a Suggested Solution for the Railway Problem
113158: THOMPSON, ERNEST SETON - Wild Animals I Have Known and Two Hundred Drawings.
113108: THOMPSON, CHRISTIAN (EDITOR) - Saskatchewan First Nations
102932: THOMPSON, JUDY - Preliminary Study of Traditional Kutchin Clothing in Museums
116396: THOMPSON, HUNTER S. - Fear and Loathing in America; The Brutal Odyssey of an Outlaw Journalist 1968-1976 (Being Volume Two of the Gonzo Letters)
111838: SETON-THOMPSON, ERNEST - The Wild Animal Play for Children; With Alternate Reading for Very Young Children
110614: THOMPSON, STITH - Tales of the North American Indians
108642: THOMPSON, JOHN SPARROW DAVID - The Execution of Louis Riel; Speech of the Hon. John S.D. Thompson, Minister of Justice, Delivered March 22, 1886
108641: THOMPSON, JOHN SPARROW DAVID - The Execution of Louis Riel; Speech of the Hon. John S.D. Thompson, Minister of Justice, Delivered March 22, 1886
108639: THOMPSON, JOHN BESWARICK - The More Northerly Route; a Photographic Study of the 1944 Voyage of the "St. Roch" Through the Northwest Passage
108633: THOMPSON, ERNEST E. - The Birds of Manitoba
108632: THOMPSON, ELIZABETH - The Pioneer Woman; a Canadian Character Type
108089: SETON-THOMPSON, GRACE GALLATIN - A Woman Tenderfoot
108087: SETON-THOMPSON, ERNEST - Lives of the Hunted, Containing a True Account of the Doings of Five Quadrupeds and Three Birds, and, In Elucidation of the Same, Over 200 Drawings
108081: SETON-THOMPSON, ERNEST - The Trail of the Sandhill Stag; And 60 Drawings
102956: THOMPSON, RUTH PLUMLY - The Silver Princess in Oz
101150: THOMPSON - Thompson Facts; Information on the Town of Thompson, Manitoba, and the International Nickel Company of Canada Ltd
101147: THOMPSON, JOAN T. - Petit Pettitt; Biography of a Brandon Oldtimer
116000: SETON-THOMPSON, ERNEST - Wild Animals I Have Known
119626: THOMPSON, DAVID; MOREAU, WILLIAM E. (EDITOR) - The Writings of David Thompson, Volume 2; The Travels, 1848 Version, and Associated Texts
116226: THOMPSON, TOM; THOM , IAN - Tom Thompson
112221: THOMSON, DAVID CROAL - Life and Labours of Hablot Knight Browne, "Phiz"
109667: THOMSON, DON W. - Skyview Canada; a Story of Aerial Photography in Canada
108649: THOMSON, DON W. - Men and Meridians: The History of Surveying and Mapping in Canada; Volume I - Prior to 1867
120059: THOMSON, DON W. - Men and Meridians: The History of Surveying and Mapping in Canada; Volume II - 1867 to 1917
102797: THOMSON, COLIN A. - Blacks in Deep Snow: Black Pioneers in Canada
101152: THOMSON, ROBERT BURNS - The Poems of Robert Burns Thomson
117972: THORBURN, DANIEL - Seven Regina Photographers, 1985
110437: THORNBERRY, RUSSELL - Trophy Deer of Alberta
118794: THORNTON, MILDRED VALLEY - Indian Lives and Legends
117934: THORPE, NATASHA; HAKONGAK, NAIKAK; EVEGETOK, SANDRA - Thunders on the Tundra; Inuit Qaujimajatuquangit of the Bathurst Caribou
119694: THORPE, ROSA HARTWICK - Curfew Must Not Ring To-Night
110684: THORSTEINSSON, R.; FORTIER, Y.O. - Report of Progress on the Geology of Cornwallis Island, Arctic Archipelago, Northwest Territories
110682: THORSTEINSSON, R. - Cornwallis and Little Cornwallis Islands District of Franklin Northwest Territories
110683: THORSTEINSSON, R. - The History and Geology of Meighen Island, Arctic Archipelago
110685: THORSTEINSSON, R.; TOZER, E.T. - Western Queen Elizabeth Islands, District of Franklin, Northwest Territories; 78, 79, 88, 89, 99 Parts of (Descriptive Notes)
117352: THORWALD, JURGEN - The Century of the Surgeon
117170: THORWALD, JUERGEN - The Century of the Surgeon with Sixty-Six Illustrations
108657: THREINEN, NORMAN J. - A Sower Went Out; a History of the Manitoba and Saskatchewan District of Lutheran Church-Canada (Missouri Synod)
110645: THRUPP, SYLVIA L. - The Merchant Class of Medieval London [1300-1500]
117310: EDMONTON ART GALLERY; THURBER, KATHLEEN (EDITOR) - Three Alberta Sculptors: Ken Macklin, Isla Burns, Clay Ellis
113177: THURBER, JAMES - The Thurber Carnival
113176: THURBER, JAMES - The Thurber Album
112716: THURBER, JAMES - Fables for Our Time and Famous Poems Illustrated
116626: THURBER, JAMES; BERNSTEIN, BURTON - Thurber; A Biography
116445: THURBER, JAMES - Credos and Curios
113993: THURSTON, HARRY - Barefaced Stone
116360: THWING, WILLIAM C. - Ralph Connor Memorial United Church, 1891-1981
108659: TIBBITS, ETHEL BURNETT - On to the Sunset
118090: TICASUK, BROWN EMILY IVANOFF - The Roots of Ticasuk, an Eskimo Woman's Family Story
108660: TIEFENBACH, ARNIE - Say It Again, Sam!; Life in and Beyond the Richardson Curling Dynasty
100512: ALTONA. EPP-TIESSEN, ESTHER - Altona: The Story of a Prairie Town
108661: TIHANYI, EVA - An Approach to the Study of Regional Labour Absorption, the Case of Saskatchewan, 1941-61
107462: TILDEN, FREEMAN - Following the Frontier with F. Jay Haynes; Pioneer Photographer of the Old West
113029: TILLENIUS, CLARENCE, LOCH ART GALLERY - Paintings from the Wild
116151: TILLENIUS, CLARENCE - Clarence Tillenius
112542: TILLY, CHARLES (EDITOR) - Historical Studies of Changing Fertility
117515: TIMLIN, MABEL F. - The British Economy in the World of Today
117513: TIMLIN, MABEL F. - Recent Changes in Government Attitudes Towards Immigration
108666: TIMOTHY, H.B. - The Galts: A Canadian Odyssey; John Galt 1779-1839
108667: TIMOTHY, H.B. - The Galts: A Canadian Odyssey; Volume 2 - Alexander Tilloch Galt 1817-1893, Elliott Torrance Galt 1850-1928
103341: BLACKFOOT. TIMS, JOHN WILLIAM - Grammar and Dictionary of the Blackfoot Language in the Dominion of Canada
112181: TINLINE, M.J. - Hay and Hay Making in the Prairie Provinces
109425: TIPPETT, MARIA - By a Lady; Celebrating Three Centuries of Art by Canadian Women
116114: TIPPETT, MARIA - Stormy Weather, F.H. Varley, a Biography
108669: TISDALE, MARY ANN; JAMIESON, S.M. - Investigations at Wapisu Lake: 1972 to 1976
117536: TISDALLE, JOHN D. - Rhymes of Time
114614: TITLEY, BRIAN - The Frontier World of Edgar Dewdney
108675: TODD, W.E. CLYDE - Notes on the Birds of Southern Saskatchewan
100458: TODD, BEATRICE (ED.) - Alberta Writers Speak: Overland to the Klondike and Other Human Interest Stories
116028: TOEWS, MIRIAM - A Complicated Kindness: A Novel
116029: TOEWS, MIRIAM - A Complicated Kindness: A Novel
112618: TOIBIN, COLM - The Story of the Night
117766: TOLKIEN, J.R.R. - Roverandom
113321: TOLKIEN, J.R.R.; TOLKIEN, CHRISTOPHER (EDITOR) - The Silmarillion
119475: TOLKIEN, J.R.R.; TOLKIEN, CHRISTOPHER (EDITOR) - The Silmarillion
108679: TOLLEFSON, E.A. - Bitter Medicine: The Saskatchewan Medicare Feud
109872: TOLSTOY, ALEXEI - Road to Calvary
117750: TOMBS, LAURENCE CHALMERS - National Problems of Canada: The Port of Montreal
117693: TOMISON, WILLIAM; HUCK, BARBARA (EDITOR) - Kisiskatchewan; The Great River Road
102297: TOMPKINS - Tompkins: Trials and Triumphs; Tompkins and Its Early Trading Area
116610: TOONDER, MARTEN - Tom Poes En de Laarzenreuzen
115576: TOOTOOSIS, KEVIN - Profiles: Professional Aboriginal Peoples of Saskatchewanrica
111167: TOPHAM, W.F. - The Lakes of England
116293: A G O; ART GALLERY OF TORONTO - Dutch Painting of the Golden Age; An Exhibition of Dutch Pictures of the Seventeenth Century
113968: ART GALLERY OF TORONTO - Loan Exhibition of Great Paintings in Aid of Allied Merchant Seamen
116660: SOTHEBY'S TORONTO - Canadian Art Addendum [Auction Catalogue] November 11th & 12th 1980
116659: SOTHEBY'S TORONTO - Canadian Art Addendum [Auction Catalogue] May 3rd and 4th, 1983
109426: TORRANCE, JUDY M. - Public Violence in Canada; 1867-1982
102299: TORVILLE, CHARLES - Song of My Soul
118879: TOUCHE, RODNEY - Brown Cows, Sacred Cows; A True Story of Lake Louise
110524: TOURNEUR, CYRIL; NICOLL, ALLARDYCE (EDITOR) - The Works of Cyril Tourneur
113860: REGINA'S HERITAGE TOURS - The Cathedral Area, the Warehouse District, Old Lakeview, the Crescents, General Hospital Area, the Transitional Area, Downtown, "Germantown" 11th Avenue East
117821: TOVELL, ROSEMARIE L. - David Milne; Painting Place
112816: NATIONAL GALLERY OF CANADA; TOVELL, ROSEMARIE - Reflections in a Quiet Pool; The Prints of David Milne
110200: TOWN, HAROLD; SILCOX, DAVID P. - Tom Thomson; the Silence and the Storm
120046: TOWNSEND, DOUGH (CURATOR); BUCHANAN, H. (TEXT); MILLS, J. (TEXT) - 100 Years of Homosexuality
117032: TOYE, WILLIAM - The St. Lawrence
110686: TOZER, E.T. - Geological Reconnaissance, Prince Patrick, Eglinton, and Western Melville Islands, Arctic Archipelago, Northwest Territories
115582: TRACIE, CARL J. - "Toil and Peaceful Life" Doukhobor Village Settlement in Saskatchewan 1899-1918
109427: TRACY, CLARENCE - A Portrait of Richard Graves
118088: TRACY, J.P. - Low Amn on the Gill Netter
115518: TRACY, FRANK BASIL - The Tercentenary History of Canada; From Champlain to Laurier, Mdcviii-Mcmviii
115531: MENDEL: TRAER, PATRICK; WERNER, JANET - Trance: Patrick Traer, Janet Warner
118611: TRAFFORD, TYLER - By Own Forces; The Biography of Jack Simpson, 1920-1984
118628: TRAIL. - Trail of Memories. Trail, B.C. 1895-1945
114773: TRAILL, CATHARINE PARR - The Backwoods of Canada; Letters from the Wife of an Emigrant Officer
113269: TRAILL, CATHARINE PARR - The Backwoods of Canada; Letters from the Wife of an Emigrant Officer
108686: TRAILL, WALTER; ATWOOD, MAE - In Rupert's Land; Memoirs of Walter Traill
116662: BROTHERHOOD OF RAILROAD TRAINMEN - Statistics Relating to Canadian National Railways and Canadian Pacific Railway
111942: TRANTER, G.J. - Plowing the Arctic
118683: TRAVELOG, ANN - Keystone Travel Club
109428: TRAVES, TOM - The State and Enterprise: Canadian Manufacturers and the Federal Government, 1917-1931
102302: TREGARVA - This Is Tregarva
102303: TREHAS, LUETTA - Buffalo Bean Stories
109429: TREHEARNE, BRIAN - Aestheticism and the Canadian Modernists: Aspects of a Poetic Influence
108689: TREHERNE, HAROLD - Murder, Inc.; In a Keg & Other True Stories
108691: TREMAUDAN, AUGUSTE HENRI DE - Pourquoi Nous Parlons Francais
108693: TREMAUDAN, AUGUSTE HENRI DE - Histoire de la Nation Metisse dans l'ouest Canadien
108696: TREMBLAY, EMILIAN MILTON - The Shadow of Riel
113422: TREMBLAY, EMIL - The Ukrainian Challenge
108700: TREMBLAY, L.P. - Geology of the Beaverlodge Mining Area, Saskatchewan
108699: TREMBLAY, ERNEST - Riel; Reponse a Monsieur J.A. Chapleau
108697: TREMBLAY, EMILIAN MILTON - The Epic of St. Anne in Western Canada
108698: TREMBLAY, EMILIEN MILTON - Le Pere Delaere et l'Eglise Ukrainienne du Canada
110994: TREMEARNE, MAJOR A.J.N. - The Tailed Head-Hunters of Nigeria; an Account of an Official's Seven Years' Experiences in the Northern Nigerian Pagan Belt, and a Description of the Manners, Habits, and Customs of Some of Its Native Tribes
117552: TREVELYAN, GEORGE MACAULAY - A History of England: England Under the Stuarts
112362: TREVERT, EDWARD (EDITOR) - Electro-Therapeutic Hand Book; With Full Directions for Home Treatment of Nearly All Diseases That Can Be Cured or Relieved by the Application of Electricity
108703: TROFIMENKOFF, SUSAN MANN (EDITOR) - The Twenties in Western Canada
108704: TROFIMENKOFF, SUSAN MANN - Stanley Knowles; the Man from Winnipeg North Centre
113768: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - An Eye for an Eye
117846: TRONCOSO, DAVID - Mystic Vibrasonics: The Technique and How to Use It for a Wondrous New Life
116203: TROPPER, HAROLD; WEINFELD, MORTON - Old Wounds; Fews, Ukrainians and the Hunt for Nazi War Criminals in Canada
102307: TROTTER, A.J - I Remember; Eighty-Five Years of Life in Canada
108707: TROTTER, BEECHAM - A Horseman and the West
119058: TROW, GEORGE W.S. - Within the Context of No Context
111753: TRUAX - Golden Memories of Truax and Districts
118990: TRUDEAU, PIERRE ELLIOTT; GRAHAM, RON (EDITOR) - The Essential Trudeau
118773: CANADIAN PRESS; TRUDEAU, PIERRE - Our Last Farewell: Pierre Elliott Trudeau, 1919-2000
119142: TRUDEAU, PIERRE-ELLIOTT - Charte Canadienne Des Droits de L'homme
118941: MUSÉE DU QUÉBEC; TRUDEL, JEAN (INTRODUCTION) - Sculpture Traditionnelle Du Québec
109075: WINNIPEG GENERAL STRIKE. TRUEMAN, W.H. - Russell Trial and Labor's Rights: Opinion: Examination and Statement of Law and Review of Mr. Justice Metcalfe's Charge to Jury, in Trial of R.B. Russell at Winnipeg, December, 1919
117477: TRUSCOTT, MYRTLE E.; TRUSCOTT, WILF (EDITOR) - Directory of Prairie Hobbyists
111844: TSUZUKI, CHUSHICHI - The Life of Eleanor Marx 1855-1898; a Socialist Tragedy
118795: TUCKER, GILBERT NORMAN - The Naval Service of Canada; Its Official History
112018: TUCKER, GILBERT NORMAN - The Naval Service of Canada; Its Official History
117815: TULURIALIK, RUTH ANNAQTUUSI; PELLY, DAVID F. - [Syllabics] Qikaaluktut; Images of Inuit Life
108714: TUREK, VICTOR - Poles in Manitoba
115260: TURGENEV, IVAN - Fathers and Sons
118001: TURK, JON - Cold Oceans, Adventures in Kayak, Rowboat and Dogsled
108718: TURNER, C. FRANK - Across the Medicine Line; The Epic Confrontation Between Sitting Bull and the North-West Mounted Police
118530: TURNER, BILL - How to Do Tricks with Cards
110738: TURNER, JOHN PETER - The North-West Mounted Police: 1873-1893
114029: TURNER, LILLIAN - The Perrygirls
113721: TURNER, ROBERT D. (SOUND HERITAGE SERIES) - Railroaders: Recollections from the Steam Era in British Columbia
113063: TURNER, A. LOGAN - Story of a Great Hospital; The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh 1729 - 1929
109922: TURNER, FREDERICK JACKSON - The Frontier in American History
108717: TURNER, C. FRANK - Across the Medicine Line; The Epic Confrontation Between Sitting Bull and the North-West Mounted Police
108720: TURNER, JOHN PETER - The North-West Mounted Police: 1873-1893
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118067: WHEELER, ARTHUR OLIVER - The Selkirk Range
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112080: WOODSWORTH, JAMES SHAVER - My Neighbor; A Study of City Conditions; A Plea for Social Service
109169: WOODSWORTH, JAMES SHAVER - Hours That Stand Apart
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119073: WOODSWORTH, JAMES SHAVER - Thirty Years in the Canadian North-West
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114400: WOODWARD, JACK (EDITOR) - Consolidated Native Law, Statues, Regulations and Treaties 1998
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109179: WOYCENKO, OL'HA - Ukrainians in Canada
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116003: WRIGHT, ALLEN A. - Prelude to Bonanza: The Discovery and Exloration of the Yukon
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119473: YANO, FIONA COLLIGAN - Dewdney Avenue
116386: YANOVSKY, ELLIAS - Food Plants of the North American Indians
112926: YARDLEY, JAMES - Kiss the Boys and Make Them Die
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111556: YELEN, ALICE RAE - Passionate Visions of the American South; Self-Taught Artists from 1940 to the Present
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112857: EL-YEZDI, HAJI ABDU - The Kasidah of Haji Abdu El-Yezdi
106238: MACKENZIE ART GALLERY. YLITALO, KATHERI - Intersecting Circles: From the John and Sandra Whittick Collection of English Studio Pottery
113966: YLITALO, KATHERINE - Ron Moppett; Painting Nature with a Mirror, 1974-1989
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118715: YOUNG, LORETTA - Exploring New Life; A History of Christopher Lake Baptist Bible Camp
101597: GRENFELL. YULE, A.I - Grit and Growth; the Story of Grenfell
116473: GRENFELL. YULE, A.I - Grit and Growth; The Story of Grenfell
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112095: YUZYK, PAUL - The Ukrainians in Manitoba: A Social History
109227: YUZYK, PAUL - The Ukrainians in Manitoba: A Social History
116716: YUZYK, PAUL - Ukrainian Canadians; Their Place and Role in Canadian Life
118952: ZACCHELLO, JOSEPH - Ins and Outs of Romanism
112096: ZAKUTA, LEO - A Protest Movement Becalmed: A Study of Change in the C C F
109231: ZAKUTA, LEO - A Protest Movement Becalmed: A Study of Change in the C C F
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116005: ZARN, GEORGE - Prairie Boys Afloat
119606: ZASLOW, MORRIS (EDITOR) - A Century of Canada's Arctic Islands, 1880-1980 / Un Siècle Des Îles Arctiques Du Canada, 1880-1980 / [2 Lines of Syllabics]
119836: ZASLOW, MORRIS - The Opening of the Canadian North, 1870-1914
109233: ZASLOW, MORRIS - The Opening of the Canadian North, 1870-1914
112376: NEW ZEALAND - Rotorua; Wonderland of the World
112317: ZELLER, KARL - Theorie der Limitierungsverfahren
109443: ZELLER, SUZANNE - Inventing Canada; Early Victorian Science and the Idea of a Transcontinental Nation
102392: YOUNG & ZELMA - Footsteps to Follow; A History of Young, Zelma and Districts
102805: ZEMAN, FERO (EDITOR) - The Slovakian
113550: DE ZEMLER, CHARLES - Once Over Lightly
110291: MACKENZIE ART GALLERY; ZEPP, NORMAN; PARKE-TAYLOR, MICHAEL - Horses Fly Too; Bob Boyer / Edward Poitras
112408: MACKENZIE ART GALLERY. ZEPP, NORMAN; PARKE-TAYLOR, MICHAEL - The Second Generation: Fourteen Saskatchewan Painters
109942: ZEUTHEN, ERIK (EDITOR) - Synchrony in Cell Division and Growth
118019: ZIBELL, AKUGLUK WILFRED - Unipchaat 2, Animal Stories of the Kobuk River Eskimos
113621: ZIEGLER, PETER A. (SHELL INTERNATIONAL) - Geological Atlas of Western and Central Europe
111149: ZIEGLER, MARY - We Serve That Men May Fly; the Story of the Women's Division Royal Canadian Air Force
116319: ZIELINSKI, JOHN M. - The Amish; A Pioneer Heritage
113805: ZIEROTH, DALE (TEXT BY) - Nipika: A Story of Radium Hot Springs
118407: ZILCZER, JUDITH - Willem de Kooning from the Hirshhorn Museum Collection
109237: ZILLER, WOLF G. - The Tree Rusts of Western Canada
102945: ZIMMERLY, DAVID W. - Museocinematography: Ethnographic Film Programs of the National Museum of Man, 1913-1973
117451: ZIMMERMAN, OLIVE - History and Folklore of the Whiteshell Park South
114072: ZINK, DAVID D. - The Ancient Stones Speak; A Journey to the World's Most Mysterious Megalithic Sites
114878: ZINK, LUBOR, J. - Under the Mushroom Cloud
115982: ZIRKEL, FERDINAND - Microscopical Petrography' Report of the Geological Explorationof the Fortieth Parallel; Volume 4
105791: KOS-RABCEWICZ-ZUBKOWSKI, LUDWIK - The Poles in Canada
117997: ZUBRIN, ROBERT - Mars on Earth
112130: ZUEHLKE, MARK - Scoundrels, Dreamers & Second Sons; British Remittance Men in the Canadian West

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