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102103: ROSTHERN - A Historical Review of Rosthern Superintendency
102104: ROSTHERN - Old & New Furrows; The Story of Rosthern
118431: ROTH, PHILIP - Exit Ghost
119668: ROTH, PHILIP - The Ghost Writer
115371: ROTH, ED - Giver Me a Bid to Go; An Auctioneer's Story
113918: ROTHKO, MARK - Mark Rothko 1970
107800: ROTTIERS, RENE - Soixante-Cinq Annees de Luttes... Equisse historique de l'oeuvre de l'A.C.F.C
102106: ROULEAU - A Record of Activities and Reminiscences of Rouleau and District
117827: ROUNTREE, G.M. (AUTHOR); HEMMEON, J.C. (COLLAB.); MARSH, L.C. (COLLAB.) - The Railway Worker; A Study of the Employment and Unemployment Problems of the Canadian Railways
107154: O'ROURKE, PATRICK; FORRIE, ALLAN (EDITOR) - Dancing Visions
114998: ROUTLEDGE, MARIE - Pudlo: Thirty Years of Drawing
117325: ROUX, JEAN-LOUIS (CHAIR); HOBDAY, JOHN (DIRECTOR) - The Governor General's Awards in Visual and Media Arts 2003; Les Prix Du Gouverneur Général En Arts Visuels Et En Arts Médiatiques 2003
113942: ROW, DOROTHY - Van de Vogel Die Alleen Maar Kon Schelden (Of the Bird Which Could Scold Only: Seven Tales Concerning Japanese Children
115887: MACINNIS JEFF; ROWLANDS, WADE - Polar Passage; The Historic Frist Sail Through the Northwest Passage
115888: MACINNIS JEFF; ROWLANDS, WADE - Polar Passage; The Historic Frist Sail Through the Northwest Passage
113833: ROWLANDSON, THOMAS - The Amorous Illustrations of Thomas Rowlandson
115062: ROWLES, EDITH - Saskatchewan Honey Cook Book
115819: ROWLEY, GRAHAM W. - Cold Comfort; My Love Affair with the Arctic
116537: RUMSEY-ROWLEY - Pioneer Days; Rumsey-Rowley; Book Two
118365: ROWLING, J.K. - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
107815: ROY, GABRIELLE - Where Nests the Water Hen
111764: ROY, HENRIETTA; ROY, ELSIE; SHEFFIELD, P.H.; BOLLERT, GRACE - Highroads to Reading; Jerry and Jane
109751: ROY, CARMEN - Saint-Pierre Et Miquelon; Une Mission Folklorique Aux Iles
107826: ROY, GABRIELLE. - Children of My Heart
107825: ROY, GABRIELLE - Enchantment and Sorrow; the Autobiography of Gabrielle Roy
107824: ROY, GABRIELLE - The Fragile Lights of Earth; Articles and Memories 1942-1970
107820: ROY, GABRIELLE - Windflower
107817: ROY, GABRIELLE - Street of Riches
107819: ROY, GABRIELLE - The Road Past Altamont
107816: ROY, GABRIELLE - The Cashier
107812: ROY, GABRIELLE - The Tin Flute
107814: ROY, GABRIELLE - Dead Leaves
117218: NORTH-WEST TERRITORIES. LAW. ORDINANCES; JOSEPH ROYAL (LT. GOV.) - The Revised Ordinances of the North-West Territories and Other Ordinances Passed by the Legislative Assembly
102110: ROYCROFT, EDITH M. (ED.) - Poems from Southern Saskatchewan
107832: ROZUMNYJ, JAROSLAV - New Soil - Old Roots; the Ukrainian Experience in Canada
115608: RUARK, ROBERT - Something of Value: A Novel
116454: RUBENS, PETER PAUL - The Letters of Peter Paul Rubens; Translated and Edited by Ruth Saunders Magurn
114664: PICASSO; RUBIN, WILLIAM (EDITOR) - Pablo Picasso; A Retrospective
112786: RUBIN, DANIEL; ROGER J.M. MAROIS - Panama 1978; Cultural Heritage
109521: RUBIN, DON (EDITOR) - The World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theatre; Volume 1, Europe
114010: RUDDELL, NANCY - Raven's Village
109404: RUDIN, RONALD - Banking En Francais: The French Banks of Quebec, 1835-1925
109405: RUDIN, RONALD - In Whose Interest? Quebec's Caisses Populaires 1900-1945
112360: RUDNYCKYJ, J.B. - Ukrainian-Canadian Folklore and Dialectological Texts 4
110426: RUDNYCKYJ, J.B. - Canadian Place Names of Ukrainian Origin
107836: RUDNYCKYJ, J.B. - Ukrainian-Canadian Folklore; Texts in English Translation
119980: RUDOFSKY, BERNARD - Streets for People; A Primer for Americans
107837: RUEST, AGNES - A Pictorial History of the Metis and Non-Status Indian in Saskatchewan
118262: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - The Jaguar Smile
116542: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - The Enchantress of Florence
102913: RUSHFORTH, SCOTT - Bear Lake Athapaskan Kinship and Task Group Formation
116563: RUSKIN, JOHN; RACKHAM, ARTHUR - The King of the Golden River
119697: RUSKIN, JOHN - Of Queens' Gardens
119106: RUSNAK, TANYA (ARTIST); GRENVILLE, BRUCE (CURATOR) - Tanya Rusnak: O Emigratsii (On Emigration)
119987: RUSS, THOMAS H. - Site Planning and Design Handbook
115647: RUSSEL, CHARLES M. - More Rawhides
118032: RUSSELL, KATHY; LASALLE, JEANINE - Recipes from a Mad Cow: A Collection of Recipes and Cowboy Poetry in Support of Canadian Beef
114507: RUSSELL, DALE R - Eighteenth-Century Western Cree and Their Neighbours
113125: RUSSELL, ANDY - Adventures with Wild Animals
112505: RUSSELL, E.T. PETE (EDITOR) - The History of North Park; Circuses, Railways and the Vanishing Prairie
109562: RUSSELL, WILLIAM HOWARD - My Diary North and South
107852: RUSSELL, R.C. - Field Studies of Take-All in Saskatchewan
118340: RUSSELL, E.T. - What's in a Name? The Story Behind Saskatchewan Place Names
114221: HARDING-RUSSELL, GILLIAN - Candles in My Head
111035: RUSSELL, RAYMOND - The Harpsichord and Clavichord; an Introductory Study
110941: RUSSELL, FRANK; SWANTON, JOHN R. - Pima Indians; Social Condition, Beliefs, and Linguistic Relationship of the Tlingit Indians [In] Twenty-Sixth Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution 1904-1905
109406: RUSSELL, DAVE - Popular Music in England, 1840-1914: A Social History
107854: RUSSELL, R.C. - The Carlton Trail; the Broad Highway into the Saskatchewan Country from the Red River Settlement, 1840-1880
107849: RUSSELL, LORIS S. - Fauna and Correlation of the Ravenscrag Formation (Paleocene) of Southwestern Saskatchewan
107847: RUSSELL, E.T. - What's in a Name? The Story Behind Saskatchewan Place Names
119464: RUSSELL, JOHN S. (CHIEF LIBRARIAN) - Winnipeg in Print, a Bibliography; Books About Winnipeg or by Winnipegers in the St. James-Assiniboia Public Library
119424: RUSSELL, CHARLES M.; CHAPIN, LOUIS (INTRODUCTION AND COMMENTARIES) - Charles M. Russell: Paintings of the Old American West
119878: RUSSELL, E.T. - What's in a Name? The Story Behind Saskatchewan Place Names
112727: RUSSENHOLT, E.S. - The Heart of the Continent; Being the History of Assiniboia - the Truly Typical Canadian Community
107856: RUSSENHOLT, E.S. - The Heart of the Continent; Being the History of Assiniboia - the Truly Typical Canadian Community
100522: ASSINIBOIA. RUSSENHOLT, E. S. - The Heart of the Continent; Being the History of Assiniboia -- the Truly Typical Canadian Community
100635: CRANBERRY PORTAGE. PATERSON, RUTH AND J - Cranberry Portage: Frontier Life at the Crossroads of the North
114753: RUTLEDGE, REVEREND THOMAS - Practical Sermons on Select Passages of Scripture
118014: RUTZEBECK, HJALMAR - Alaska's Man of Luck and Other Works
109407: RUUD, CHARLES A. - Russian Entrepreneur: Publisher Ivan Sytin of Moscow 1851-1934
118899: RUURS, MARGRIET; GIBSON, KATHERINE - A Brush Full of Colour; The World of Ted Harrison
102914: RYAN, JOAN (EDITOR) - Canadian Ethnology Society: Papers from the Fifth Annual Congress, 1978
118399: RYBCZYNSKI, WITOLD - A Place for Art; The Architecture of the National Gallery of Canada / Un Lieu Pour L'art; L'architecture Du Musée Des Beaux-Arts Du Canada
113053: RYDBERG, PER AXEL - Flora of the Prairies and Plains of Central North America
107861: RYERSON, JOHN - Hudson's Bay; Or, A Missionary Tour in the Territory of the Hudson's Bay Company...
116756: RYERSON,STANLEY B. - French Canada; A Study in Canadian Democracy
116757: RYERSON,STANLEY B. - French Canada; A Study in Canadian Democracy
107865: RYGA, GEORGE - Two Plays: Paracelsus and Prometheus Bound
113068: A.C.S. - American College of Surgeons: Twenty-Second Year Book 1935
113042: MCKEARIN, GEO. S AND HELEN - American Glass; The Fine Art of Glassmaking in America
116607: SABIN, ROGER - Comics, Comix & Graphic Novels; A History of Comic Art
118984: SABINE, LORENZO - An Address Before the New England Historic-Genealogical Society, in the Hall of the House of Representatives of Massachusetts, Tuesday, Sept. 13th, 1859.; The Hundredth Anniversary of the Death of Major General James Wolf, with Passages Omitted in the Delivery, and Illustrative Notes and Documents:
107869: SABOURIN, JOSEPH ADONIAS - L'Apostolat chez les Ruthenes au Manitoba
102786: SACK, BENJAMIN G. - History of the Jews in Canada: From the Earliest Beginnings to the Present Day
110611: SACK, BENJAMIN G. - History of the Jews in Canada: From the Earliest Beginnings to the Present Day
102115: SADLER, JAMES H. - The Hard Way to Goshen
114833: SADLKER, BARRY (EDITOR) - Water Policy for Western Canada: The Issues of the Eighties
114884: SAFARIK, ALLAN - Notes from the Outsie: Episodes from an Unconventional Life
119412: SALINGER, J.D. - The Catcher in the Rye
118003: SALISBURY,GAY, SLAISBURY, LANEY - The Cruelest Miles
114535: SALISBURY, RICHARD F. - A Homeland for the Cree; Regional Development in James Bay, 1971 - 1981
118130: SALO, LEO JUHANI - A Comparison of Managenet Practices and Economic Importance of Moose, Muskrat, Hare and Ptarmigan in Alaska and Finland
107887: SALT, W. RAY - Alberta Vireos and Wood Warblers; Families Vireonidae and Parulidae
107886: SALT, W. RAY (WITH .L. WILK REVISED BY W. RAY SALT.) - The Birds of Alberta
107890: SALVERSON, LAURA GOODMAN - Confessions of an Immigrant's Daughter
102215: SASKATOON; SANCHE, MARGARET - Heartwood: A History of St. Thomas More College and Newman Centre at the University of Saskatchewan
118886: SANDEMOSE, AKSEL; HALE, CHRISTOPHER S. (EDITOR / TRANS.) - Anksel Sandemose and Canada; A Scandinavian Writer's Perception of the Canadian Prairies in the 1920s
107894: SANDERCOCK, W. CLARK - The Dance in the Buffalo Skull and Other Poems
119713: SANDERS, WILFRID - Jack & Jacques; A Scientific Approach to the Study of French and Non-French Thought in Canada
114547: SANDERS, DOUGLAS (BACKGROUND PAPER) - Family Law and Native People
116950: SANDERS, HARRY M. - The Story Behind Alberta Names; How Cities, Towns, Villages and Hamlets Got Their Names
116714: SANDERSON, KAY - 200 Remarkable Alberta Women
107899: SANDILANDS, JOHN - Western Canadian Dictionary and Phrase Book; Picturesque Language of the Cowboy and the Broncho-Buster
107897: SANDILANDS, JOHN - Western Canadian Dictionary and Phrase-Book Explaining in Plain English, for the Special Benefit of Newcomers, the Meaning of the Most Common Canadianisms, Colloquialisms and Slang, Added to Which Is a Selection of Items of General Information Immediately
119644: VAN SANDWYK, CHARLES - How to See Fairies
114607: SANGER, DAVID - The Texas Creek Burial Site Assemblage, British Columbia
109408: SANGER, CLYDE - Ordering the Oceans; the Making of the Law of the Sea
116430: SANGORSKI, ALBERTO - The Sermon on the Mount
114692: DE SANTANA, HUBERT - Danby; Images of Sport
119429: DE SANTANA, HUBERT - Danby; Images of Sport
112642: SANTAYANA, GEORGE; BUCHLER, JUSTUS; SCHWARTZ, BENJAMIN (EDITOR) - Obiter Scripta; Lectures, Essays and Reviews
116235: DOS SANTOS, JOYCE AUDY - The Diviner
107901: SAPERGIA, BARBARA - Foreigners
116083: SAPERGIA, BARBARA - Roundup
117822: SAPP, ALLEN - I Heard the Drums
113648: SAPP, ALLEN; TEXT BY W.P. KINSELLA - Two Spirits Soar; The Art of Allen Sapp
112050: SAPP, ALLEN; BOYER, BOB - Kiskayetum; A Retrospective
113748: SARG, TONY - Tony Sarg's Magic Movie Book
115496: SARS, G.O. - Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-18, Volume VII: Crustacea: Part I: Ostracoda; Freshwater Ostracoda from Canada and Alaska
117561: SARTELL, DON (EDITOR) - Who's Who in Baton Twirling; 1960 Edition
115526: SASAKI, JON; MACDONALD, ANN; MOWRY, CRYSTAL; PORTIS, BEN - Good Intentions; Jon Sasaki
119022: WHEAT POOL ORGANIZATIONS OF MANITOBA, SASKATCHEWAN AND ALBERTA - The Canadian Wheat Pools on the Air; A Series of Radio Messages Broadcast by Officials and Supporters of the Wheat Pools of Western Canada [Second Series]
119021: WHEAT POOL ORGANIZATIONS OF MANITOBA, SASKATCHEWAN AND ALBERTA - The Canadian Wheat Pools on the Air; A Series of Radio Messages Broadcast by Officials and Supporters of the Wheat Pools of Western Canada [First Series]
117519: GOVERNMENT OF SASKATCHEWAN - Submission of the Province of Saskatchewan to the Prime Minister and Government of Canada Against the Imposition of Tolls on the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Welland Canal
117744: PROVINCE OF SASKATCHEWAN - Twenty-Second General Election, October 21, 1991; Report of the Chief Electoral Officer
117743: PROVINCE OF SASKATCHEWAN - Twentieth General Election, 1982; Report of the Chief Electoral Officer
117746: PROVINCE OF SASKATCHEWAN - Provincial Elections in Saskatchewan, 1905-1986
117742: PROVINCE OF SASKATCHEWAN - Nineteenth General Election, 1978; Report of the Chief Electoral Officer
118981: SASKATCHEWAN - Sessional Papers: Fourth Session of the Sixth Legislative Assembly of the Province of Saskatchewan; Session 1928-29
107943: SASKATCHEWAN - The Report of the Advisory Planning Committee on Medical Care to the Government of Saskatchewan Interim Report, 1961; Final Report, 1962
114634: UKRAINIAN CATHOLIC COUNCIL OF SASKATCHEWAN - Jubilee Book; Ukrainian Catholics of Saskatchewan 1905 - 1955
113243: UNIVERSITY OF SASKATCHEWAN - Soil Survey of Saskatchewan No's 1 -9
113175: UNIVERSITY OF SASKATCHEWAN - Lights to Each Other
112191: SASKATCHEWAN - Propamyatna Kniha Z Nahodi Zolotoho Yuvileyu Poselennya Ukrayinskoho Narodu V Kanadi: Ulozhena Ukrayinskimi Katolitskimi Svyashchenikami Pid Provodom Svoho Episkopa [Commemorative Book on the Occasion of the Golden Jubilee of the Settlement of the Ukrainian People in Canada: Compiled by the Ukrainian Catholic Priests Under the Direction of Their Bishop]
102316: UNIVERSITY OF SASKATCHEWAN - The University of Saskatchewan 1909-1959; the First 50 Years
107946: SASKATCHEWAN - Towards a New Past; Volume I - the Sweet Grass Transcripts
107945: SASKATCHEWAN - Directory of Members of Parliament and Federal Elections for the North-West Territories and Saskatchewan 1887-1966
119640: SASKATCHEWAN. - Report of the Saskatchewan Royal Commission on Immigration and Settlement, 1930.
114412: INDIAN GOVERNMENTS OF SASKATCHEWAN - Saskatchewan Treaty Land Entitlement Framework Agreement 1992
113619: GOVERNMENT OF SASKATCHEWAN - La Loi Des Ecoles, Loi SE L'assitance Scolaire, Loi Des Cotisations Scolaires, Loi Des Subventions Aux Ecoles and Loi Des Manuels Scolaires Gratuits. (The School Law, School Law Assistance, School Contributions Act, Grant to Schools Act and Free Textbooks Law)
112874: UNIVERSITY OF SASKATCHEWAN - Soil Survey of the Rosetown Area, Including the Municipalities of St Andrews, Pleasant Valley, Marriott and Mountain View.
107948: SASKATCHEWAN - Toward a New Past; Volume 3 - Toil and Trouble; an Oral History of Industrial Unrest in the Estevan-Bienfait Coalfields
107941: SASKATCHEWAN - Eight Submissions by the Province of Saskatchewan to the Federal Government Regarding Freight Rates, the Crow Agreement and Other Transportation Issues
107939: SASKATCHEWAN - Royal Commission on Agriculture and Rural Life
102173: SASKATCHEWAN - Beaver in Saskatchewan
102161: SASKATCHEWAN - Saskatchewan, Canada
102162: SASKATCHEWAN - The Saskatchewan Poetry Book
115160: LAND USE COMMITTEE OF SASKATCHEWAN - Report of the Land Use Study Made in 16 Rural Municipalities Contiguous to Swift Current, Sask. By the Land Use Committee
114657: SASKATCHEWAN - Towards a New Past. Volume III. Toil and Trouble : An Oral History of Industrial Unrest in the Estevan-Bienfait Coalfields
106460: MAP. SASKATCHEWAN - Ghost Towns in Saskatchewan
106414: MANITOBA-SASKATCHEWAN - Report of the Commission Appointed to Demarcate the Boundary Between the Province of Manitoba and the Province of Saskatchewan; Part 1: 1961-1962
119642: SASKATCHEWAN. - Further Submission of the Province of Saskatchewan to the Royal Commission on Inter-Provincial Relations
117548: GOVERNMENT OF SASKATCHEWAN - Province of Saskatchewan; In the Matter of an Application by the Railway Association of Canada Dated October 9, 1946, for a General Thirty Per Cent. Increase in Freight Rates; Brief of Argument of the Province of Saskatchewan in Opposing the Application Before the Board of Transport Commissioners for Canada
116606: PLENTY & DISTRICT AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY, SASKATCHEWAN - Prize List 21 Annual Exhibition, Thursady & Friday July 20 & 21 1933
102188: SASKATOON - What's Up? A Guide to Life and Entertainment in the City
102181: SASKATOON - Saskatoon History
106461: MAP. SASKATOON - Official Plan - City of Saskatoon - Province of Saskatchewan Western Canada
118553: LAKE SASKATOON - Lake Saskatoon Reflections; A Local History of the Lake Saskatoon District
117930: SATTERFIELD, ARCHIE - Alaska Bush Pilots in the Float Country
119290: SAUL, JOHN - The God Project
116908: SAUL, JOHN RALSTON; DUBUC, ALAIN; ERASMUS, GEORGES - The Lafontaine Baldwin Lectures, Vol. One; A Dialogue on Democracy in Canada
107966: SAULTEUX. - Bible and Gospel History, in Saulteux
119094: SAUNDERS, THOMAS - Beyond the Lakes; Selected Poems
107970: SAUNDERS, THOMAS - Beyond the Lakes; Selected Poems
114651: SAUNDERS, MARSHALL - My Pets
119089: SAUNDERS, MARSHALL - Beautiful Joe: The Autobiography of a Dog
107968: SAUNDERS, THOMAS - Horizontal World
101060: SAUNDERS, THOMAS - A Proud Heritage; a History of the St. Andrew's Society of Winnipeg 1871-1982
115533: SAUNDERS, LESLIE; MOPPETT, GEORGE; ARNOLD, GRANT - Leslie G. Saunders: A Retrospective
101061: SAUNDERSON, HUGH H. - The Saunderson Years
118954: SAVAÈTE, ARTHUR - Monseigneur Adélard Langevin, Archevêque de St-Boniface; Sa Vie, Ses Contrariétès, Ses Oeuvres
117984: SAVAGE, A.H. - Dogsled Apostles
106573: MCCLUNG. SAVAGE, CANDACE - Our Nell; a Scrapbook Biography of Nellie McClung
113934: SAVAGE, CANDACE - Foremothers
119655: SAVAGE, CANDACE - Prairie: A Natural History
118091: SAVAGE, ALMA - The Forty-Ninth Star
114946: SAVAGE, CANDACE - Prairie: A Natural History
118443: SAVAGE, CANDACE - Prairie: A Natural History Updated with a New Preface
118548: SAVAGE, CANDACE - Born to Be a Cowgirl; A Spirited Ride Through the Old West
115975: SAVILLE, MRSHALL H. - The Gold Treasure of Sigsig, Ecuador
102916: SAVISHINSKY, JOEL S.; FRIMMER, SUSAN B. - The Middle Ground: Social Change in an Arctic Community, 1967-1971
102615: SAVISHINSKY, JOEL S. - The Trail of the Hare: Life and Stress in an Arctic Community
115924: SAVOURS, ANN - The Search for the North West Passage
119953: SAWATSKY, ELIZABETH - Doodlebugging in Saskatchewan: A Wife Remembers 1950-1954
115222: SAWATSKY, ELIZABETH - Doodlebugging in Saskatchewan: A Wife Remembers 1950-1954
107975: SAWATZKY, P.J. - Das Seltene Buch; Ein Beitrag zum Sechzigjahrigen Jubilaum des Familienblattes "Der Bote"
115762: SAWATZKY, NEIL - The Lake in the Middle of Town
117642: SAWCHUK, JOE - The Dynamics of Native Peoples; The Alberta Metis Experience
117427: SAYER, CHLOË (EDITOR); ROTHENSTEIN, JULIAN (DESIGNER) - Mexico: The Day of the Dead
110134: SCAGEL, ROBERT F. (EDITOR) - Syesis
112343: SCARPA, ANTONIO; BRIGGS, JAMES - Practical Observations on the Principal Diseases of the Eyes: Illustrated with Cases. Translated from the Italian ... With Notes
107980: SCARROW, C.A.; GIBSON, JEAN - Indians of Canada and Prairie Pioneers
117112: SCHAAB, MARY (COMPILED BY) - Buchberger; 100 Years 1889-1989
111130: SCHABAS, EZRA - Sir Ernest MacMillan; the Importance of Being Canadian
118936: SCHAEFER, NICOLA - Does She Know She's There?
119456: SCHAFER, REUBEN; BORDEN, KEN; CAMERON, D. (PHOTO.); BERTON, PIERRE (INTRO.) - "...Now Show Me Your Belly-Button!"
109490: SCHAFER, R. MURRAY - The Sixteen Scribes
112943: EDITED BY PHILIP SCHAFF, D.D LL.D. - A Select Library of the Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers of the Christian Church Fist Series (Vol IX, X, XI, XII, XII and Xiv)
110902: SCHALDACH, WILLIAM J. - Upland Gunning; Collected Etchings & Watercolors of Sport in the Field and Allied Subjects
107984: SCHARF, E. FORREST - Co-Operatives in Saskatchewan
107985: SCHARF, M.P. - A Report on the Declining Rural Population and the Implications for Rural Education
117312: SCHEBITZ, H.; WILKENS, H. - Atlas of Radiographic Anatomy of Dog and Horse; Atlas Der Röntgenanatomie Von Hund Und Pferd
109827: SCHEDEL, HARTMANN - The Nuremberg Chronicle
107986: SCHEFFEL, DAVID - In the Shadow of the Antichrist: The Old Believers of Alberta
100767: HANOVER SCHOOL DISTRICT. SCHELLENBERG, JOHN K. - Schools--Our Heritage; From 46 School Districts to Hanover Unitary School Division 1878-1968
117955: SCHELLENBERGER, HENRY (PRES.); CZARTORYSKI, C. (PHOTO.); COYES, G. (PHOTO.) - Anniversary in Gold: Stony Plain, Alberta. 1908 - 1973
101869: NEW FINLAND. SCHELSTRAETE, NANCY MATTSO - Life in the New Finland Woods; a History of New Finland, Saskatchewan
116797: SCHERMAN, KATHERINE - Spring on an Arctic Island
119449: SCHETTLER, GORD - Pickings from My Word Bag
110626: SCHIELE, EGON - Egon Schiele (1890-1918); Watercolors and Drawings
110113: SCHILLING, RITA; SZUMIGALSKI, ANNE (EDITOR) (EDITOR) - Sudeten in Saskatchewan; A Way to Be Free
119340: SCHINKEL, LEAH SIEWART - Praire Pioneer Progenies
112105: HEMBROFF-SCHLEICHER, EDYTHE - Emily Carr, the Untold Story
107990: SCHMALZ, WAYNE - On Air; Radio in Saskatchewan
111236: SCHMID, ALFRED - The Marvel of Light; an Excursus
110668: SCHMIDII, ERASMI - Novi Testamenti Graeci Jesu Christi Tameion; Aliis Concordantiae
110527: SCHMIDT, JOHN (EDITOR) - An Experiment That Worked; Western Stock Growers' Association Celebrating 100 Years in 1996
114123: SCHMIDT, TOM - The Best Lack All
115994: SCHMIDT, JOHN (EDITOR) - An Experiment That Worked; Western Stock Growers' Association Celebrating 100 Years in 1996
101062: SCHMIDT, ANITA E. - On the Banks of the Assiniboine; a History of the Parish of St. James
115497: SCHMITT, WALDO - Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-18, Volume VII: Crustacea: Part B: Schizopod Crustaceans
107991: SCHMITZ, ANDY - A Functional Analysis of Agricultural Resources Utilization in Saskatchewan's Census Division Sixteen
115300: SCHNEGG, S.A. - Tausend Und Ein Schweizer Bild.
113195: SCHNEIDER, RICHARD C. - Crafts of the North American Indians; A Craftsman's Manual
109595: SCHNEIDEREIT, OTTO - Operettenbuch
118127: SCHOEN, JOHN W.; KIRCHHOFF, MATTHEW D. - Seasonal Distribution Andf Habitat Use by Sitka Black-Tailed Deer in Southeastern Alaska
118016: SCHOFIELD, JANICE J. - Alaska's Wild Plants, a Guide to Alaska's Edible Harvest
107993: SCHOFIELD, F.H. - The Story of Manitoba
107994: SCHOFIELD, F.H. - Manitoba: Pictorial and Biographical. De Luxe Supplement
110554: SCHOLES, PERCY A. - Crotchets; a Few Short Musical Notes
112404: SCHOLZ, AL - Don't Turn Out the Lights: Entrepreneurship in Rural Saskatchewan
101619: HENRY KELSEY PUBLIC SCHOOL - What's in a Name? Travelling Through Saskatchewan with the Story Behind 679 Place Names
102801: WINKLER BIBLE SCHOOL - The Morning Star 1946-1947: The Winkler Bible School 1947 Year Book
118386: EAST ST. PAUL; ROBERT ANDREWS SCHOOL - Heritage...A Story of East St. Paul
116261: CALGARY NORMAL SCHOOL - The Chinook 1934-5
107997: SCHOOLING, WILLIAM - The Governor and Company of Adventurers of England Trading into Hudson's Bay During Two Hundred and Fifty Years 1670-1920
107996: SCHOOLING, WILLIAM - The Governor and Company of Adventurers of England Trading into Hudson's Bay During Two Hundred and Fifty Years 1670-1920
118949: REGINA CATHOLIC SCHOOLS - My Saskatchewan: A Hundred Years of Heart
102176: SASKATOON PUBLIC SCHOOLS & E.T. "PETE" RUSSELL - Streets and Roads of Saskatoon
118118: SCHOONOVER, FRANK E. - The Edge of the Wilderness, a Portrait of the Canadian North
116441: SCHRAGER, REISSA - Pitseolak
118888: SCHREYER, EDWARD - The Role of German Canadian Settlers in Canada - Past and Present
109409: SCHRODER, JOHAN; OVERLAND, ORM (EDITOR) - Johan Schroder's Travels in Canada, 1863
119775: SCHROEDER, JOSEPH J. (EDITOR) - Sears, Roebuck & Co.; 1908 Catalogue No.117; The Great Price Maker
107999: SCHROEDER, WILLIAM - The Bergthal Colony
115439: SCHTZ, ALFRED; PARSONS, TALCOTT; GRATHHOFF, RICHARD; NATANSON, MAURICE - The Theory of Social Action; The Correspondence of Alfred Schutz and Palcott Parsons
118276: SCHULHAUSER, L.M. - RCMP Depot Division, 1998
111297: SCHULL, JOSEPH - Ships of the Great Days; Canada's Navy in World War II
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113997: SCOBIE, STEPHEN - Mcalmon's Chinese Opera
114272: ART GALLERY OF NOVA SCOTIA - Folk Art of Nova Scotia
119137: THE NATIONAL TRUST FOR SCOTLAND - Scotland's Heritage; Some Lands and Buildings of Historic, Architectural and National Interest and Natural Beauty Preserved and Maintained by the National Trust for Scotland
119134: THE NATIONAL TRUST FOR SCOTLAND - Scotland's Heritage; Some Lands and Buildings of Historic, Architectural and National Interest and Natural Beauty Preserved and Maintained by the National Trust for Scotland
115194: SCOTT, ROBERT F. - The Voyage of the 'discovery' (Volumes I and Ii)
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115131: SCOTT, BLAINE - Beginnings
115130: SCOTT, BLAINE - The Trail
114376: SASK-ALTA SCRIBES - Prairie Whispers Anthology
119487: SCRIVER, STEPHEN - Between the Lines
108018: SCRIVER, STEPHEN - Between the Lines
108019: SCRIVER, STEPHEN - All Star Poet!
116738: SCRIVER, STEPHEN - Under the Wings
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118533: SEGNO, A. VICTOR - Thought Vibrations
111897: SEITZ, MARY ANN - Shelterbelt
108037: SEITZ, MARY ANN - Shelterbelt
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108041: SELWYN, CECIL E. - Rhyming Snapshots of an Idle Fellow
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111798: SEMMENS, JOHN - The Field and the Work; Sketches of Missionary Life in the Far North
116468: SEMPLE, ELLEN CHURCHILL - Influences of Geographic Environment
113647: SENDAK, MAURICE - Outside Over There
116673: SENDAK, MAURICE - Nutshell Library: Pierre; Alligators All Around; Chicken Soup with Rice; One Way Johnny
113646: SENDAK, MAURICE - Outside Over There
108044: SENIOR, NANCY - Poems
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115894: SENUNGETUK, JOSEPH E. - Give or Take a Century; An Eskimo Chronicle
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115877: TRADITIONAL LIFE SERIES - Denetraditional Life Series: Northwest Territories
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113734: SOUND HERITAGE SERIES (COMPILED BY DENNIS DUFFY AND CAROL CRANE) - The Magnificent Distances; Early Aviation in British Columbia 1910 - 1940
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113726: SOUND HERITAGE SERIES (COMPILED BY MARJORIE MALLOFF AND PETER OGLOFF) - Toil and Peaceful Life; Portraits of Doukhobors
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119693: SERVICE, ROBERT W. - Songs of a Sourdough
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113586: CANADIAN WILDLIFE SERVICE - Ducks at a Distance
113507: SERVICE, ROBERT W. - Ballads of a Cheechako
119738: SERVICE, ROBERT W. - Ballads of a Cheechako
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114815: SETON, ERNEST THOMPSON - Johnny Bear and Other Stories; Being the Personal Histories of Johnny Bear, Tito, Why the Chickadee Goes Crazy
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112873: SETON, ERNEST THOMPSON - Autographed Letter Signed
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108051: SETON, ERNEST THOMPSON - Studies in the Art Anatomy of Animals; Being a Brief Analysis of the Visible Forms of the More Familiar Mammals and Birds; Designed for the Use of Sculptors, Painters, Illustrators and Taxidermists
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113951: SEUSS, DR. - Horton Hears a Who!
113660: SEUSS, DR. - The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins
117386: DR. SEUSS (GEISEL, THEODOR) - You're Only Old Once!; A Book for Obsolete Children
115036: GROUP OF SEVEN - The Group of Seven: Fiftieth Anniversary, 1920 - 1970
116224: GROUP OF SEVEN - The Group of Seven and Their Contemporaries
119701: SEWELL, ANNA - Black Beauty
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119260: SEYMOUR, DAVID BREEN - Birth of a Boom: Saskatchewan's Dawning Golden Age
117606: SHACKLETON, ERNEST - South; The Story of Shackleton's Last Expedition 1914-1917
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116296: SHADBOLT, JACK; VANCOUVER ART GALLERY - Jack Shadbolt; Act of Painting
112471: SHADBOLT, DORIS - Emily Carr: A Centennial Exhibition Celebrating the One Hundredth Anniversary of Her Birth, Organized by the Vancouver Art Gallery
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107981: SHAEFFER, CLAUDE E. - Blackfoot Shaking Tent
116431: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Shakespeare's Plays in Miniature
119554: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Works of William Shakespeare in Three Volumes; The Victoria Edition
117234: SHAKESPEARE - The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
114962: SHALLOCK, JAMIE - Tea
113876: SHANOWER, ERIC - The Enchanted Apples of Oz
115566: SHANTZ, SUSAN; RUSSELL, BRUCE - Susan Shantz: Chamber
119124: SHANTZ, SUSAN - Canopy
119617: SHAPIRO, MICHAEL EDWARD; HASSRICK, PETER H. - Frederic Remington; The Masterworks
109748: SHARIK, MICHAEL - 50 Year's Perspective; Memoirs
110522: SHARIR, MICHA; AGARWAL, PANKAJ K. - Davenport-Schinzel Sequences and Their Geometric Applications
108098: SHARP, PAUL F. - The Agrarian Revolt in Western Canada; a Survey Showing American Parallels
110087: SHARP, ANDREW - Ancient Voyagers to Polynesia
110185: SHARPE, SYDNEY - The Gilded Ghetto; Women and Political Power in Canada
116967: SHARPE, SYDNEY - A Patch of Green: Canada's Oilpatch Makes Peace with the Environment
112195: SHARRARD, JAMES A. - Co-Operation in Nature
118370: SHARTSE, OLGA (EDITOR) - Ukrainian Folk Tales
113649: SHAW, E.K. - There Never Was an Arrow
119284: SHAW, ROSA L - Proud Heritage
111655: SHAW, HARRY - Dictionary of Literary Terms
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111710: SHEFFIELD, P.H.; ROY, HENRIETTA; ROY, ELSIE; BOLLERT, GRACE - Highroads to Reading; Book Two
119240: SHEHO - Sheho; Treasured Memories 1905 - 2005
108103: SHEILS, JEAN EVANS; SWANKEY, BEN - Work and Wages! Semi-Documentary Account to the Life and Times of Arthur H. (Slim) Evans
100414: SHELL, HARRY - An Alberta Pilgrimage: A Worthwhile Journey
108108: SHEPARD, R. BRUCE - Deemed Unsuitable: Blacks from Oklahoma Move to the Canadian Prairies in Search of Equality in the Early 20th Century Only to Find Racism in Their New Home
115515: SHEPHERD, GEORGE; ARCHER, JOHN - West of Yesterday
111800: SHEPHERD, PETER (PSEUD.) - With Glowing Hearts; True Stories of Canadians in the Making
108110: SHEPHERD, GEORGE - Brave Heritage
108109: SHEPHERD, GEORGE; ARCHER, JOHN (EDITOR) - West of Yesterday
115514: SHEPHERD, GEORGE; ARCHER, JOHN - West of Yesterday
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115099: SHEPPE, WALTER (EDITOR) - First Man West: Alexander Mackenzie's Account of His Expedition Across North America to the Pacific in 1793
102789: SHEPPERSON, WILBUR S. - British Emigration to North America. Projects and Opinions in the Early Victorian Period
102077: REGINA. SHERICK, DOROTHY - The Assiniboia Club; 1882-1982
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102621: SHERWOOD, MORGAN B. - Exploration of Alaska 1865-1900
119815: SHEWELL, HUGH - 'enough to Keep Them Alive': Indian Welfare in Canada, 1873-1965
118349: SHIELDS, CAROL - Collected Stories
111894: SHIELDS, CAROL - Happenstance
109934: SHIELDS, JAMES - Monozygotic Twins; Brought Up Apart and Brought Up Together; an Investigation into the Genetic and Environmental Causes of Variation in Personality
109892: SHIELDS, CAROL - Larry's Party
108131: SHIELDS, CAROL. PRAIRIE FIRE - Carol Shields Issue
108123: SHIELDS, CAROL - The Box Garden
108129: SHIELDS, CAROL - The Stone Diaries
108121: SHIELDS, CAROL - Susanna Moodie: Voice and Vision
108118: SHIELDS, CAROL - Intersect
108120: SHIELDS, CAROL - Small Ceremonies
108117: SHIELDS, CAROL - Others
108116: SHIELDS, CAROL; HOWARD, BLANCHE - A Celibate Season
116927: SHILLIDAY, JIM - Canada's Wheat King; The Life and Times Seager Wheeler
101337: AVONDALE. SHILLINGTON, C. HOWARD - Return to Avondale
108142: SHIPLEY, NAN - Churchill: Canada's Northern Gateway
108139: SHIPLEY, NAN - Almighty Voice and the Red Coats
108140: SHIPLEY, NAN - Road to the Forks; a History of the Community of Fort Garry
108138: SHIPLEY, NAN - The James Evans Story
108137: SHIPLEY, NAN - Return to the River
108136: SHIPLEY, NAN - Whistle on the Wind
101160: TRANSCONA-SPRINGFIELD AREA. SHIPLEY, NAN - From Slate to Computer; in the Transcona-Springfield Area 1873-1983
101076: SHIPLEY, H. R. - The Lengthening Shadow
116014: SHIPLEY, NAN - Return to the River
119328: SMEATON, SHIPMAN AND DISTRICTS - North to New Beginnings
116907: SHIRLEY, ANNA - Inspiration
115494: SHOEMAKER, CLARENCE R. - Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-18; Volume VII: Crustacea; Part E: Amphipods
115435: SHOHAM, S. GIORA - Salvation Through the Gutters: Deviance and Transcendence
115821: SHOMON, JOSEPH JAMES - Beyond the North Wind; The Arctic Tundra
110409: GRAND WESTERN CANADIAN SCREEN SHOP - A Fifteen Year Survey 1968-1983
118493: HOCUS POCUS MAGIC SHOP - Catalog of Magic
109412: SHORE, MARLENE - The Science of Social Redemption: McGill, the Chicago School, and the Origins of Social Research in Canada
116528: SHORTT, ADAM; DOUGHTY, ARTHUR G. (EDITORS) - Documents Relating to the Constitutional History of Canada, 1759-1791
118912: SHORTT, ADAM - History of Canadian Metallic Currency
119098: SHORTT, ADAM; DOUGHTY, ARTHUR G. (EDITORS) - Documents Relating to the Constitutional History of Canada, 1759-1791
113937: SHORTT, S.E.D. (EDITED BY) - Medicine in Canadian Society
114951: SHOSTAK, PETER - Hockey - Under Winter Skies
106327: MAIR. SHRIVE, NORMAN - Charles Mair: Literary Nationalist
115598: SHTOHRYN, DMYTRO M. (EDITOR) - Ukrainians in North America; a Biographical Directory of Noteworthy Men and Women of Ukrainian Origin in the United States and Canada
109720: SHTOHRYN, DMYTRO M. (EDITOR) - Ukrainians in North America; a Biographical Directory of Noteworthy Men and Women of Ukrainian Origin in the United States and Canada
118664: SHUMIATCHER, MORRIS C. - Man of Law: A Model
108146: SHUMIATCHER, MORRIS C. - Assault on Freedom; Reflections on Saskatchewan's Medical Care Crisis
102230: SHURY, DAVE (EDITOR) - Saskatchewan Historical Baseball Review
108150: SHYKULA, MICHAEL; KORCHINSKI, BERNARD (EDITOR) - Pioneer Bishop; the Story of Bishop Nicetas Budka's Fifteen Years in Canada
100416: SIBBALD - Sibbald Community History 1908-1980
113184: WEBB, SIDNEY AND BEATRICE - The History of Trade Unionism
119905: SIEBER, S.A. - The Saulteaux Indians
114360: SIEGEL, CURT - Structure and Form in Modern Architecture
111256: SIEGELE, H.H. - Quick Construction; Practical Building Problems for Carpenters and Other Building Tradesmen, a Book of Practical Instruction Covering Hundreds of Practical Building Problems, That Will Help Building Tradesmen, Especially Carpenters, Because It Was Written and Illustrated by a Practical Man, Who Made His Living As a Building Tradesman
114957: SIENKIEWICZ, HENRYK - With Fire and Swoard: An Historical Novel of Poland and Russia
119069: SIGGINS, MAGGIE - Riel; A Life of Revolution
114729: SIGGINS, MAGGIE - Revenge of the Land; A Century of Greed, Tragedy, and Murder on a Saskatchewan Farm
113397: SIGGINS, MAGGIE - Bitter Embrace; White Society's Assault on the Woodland Cree
112361: SIGGINS, MAGGIE - Riel; A Life of Revolution
108154: SIGGINS, MAGGIE - Revenge of the Land; a Century of Greed, Tragedy, and Murder on a Saskatchewan Farm
101081: SIGURDSON, GUS - The Canadian in Me: The Complete Verse of Gus Sigurdson
101082: SIGURDSON, GUS - Pencil-Stub Stanzas
108156: SILVER, JAMES; HULL, JEREMY (EDITOR) - The Political Economy of Manitoba
108157: SILVERMAN, ELIANE LESLAU - The Last Best West: Women on the Alberta Frontier 1880-1930
108158: SILVERSIDES, BROCK V. - Gateway to the North; a Pictorial History of Prince Albert
113538: SILVERSIDES, BROCK V. - Looking West; Photographing the Canadian Prairies
110884: SILVERSTEIN, ARTHUR M. - A History of Immunology
113134: SILVERTHORNE, JUDITH - Made in Saskatchewan: Peter Rupchan, Ukrainian Pioneer and Potter; A Biography
113896: SILVESTER, REG - Fish-Hooks: 13 Stories
108162: SILVESTER, REG - Fish-Hooks: 13 Stories
118829: SILVEY, DIANNE; MUMFORD, DIANA - De Temps Immémorial; Les Premiers Habitants de la Cote Nord-Ouest Du Pacifique
117762: SIMAK, CLIFFORD D. - The Creator; Special Commemorative Issue
113863: SIMMIE, LOIS - What Holds Up the Moon?
108166: SIMMIE, LOIS - Ghost House
111802: SIMMIE, LOIS - Pictures
108167: SIMMIE, LOIS - Pictures
119417: SIMMIE - Simmie Saga
116443: SIMMONDS, DAVID S. - Turn Aside and See; Commemorating the Tenth Anniversary of Lenbrook Inc.
119445: IVASCU, SIMON AND WESLEY POP - The Price of Freedom
102919: SIMONSEN, BJORN O. - Archaeological Investigations in the Hecate Strait-Milbanke Sound Area of British Columbia.
108169: SIMPKINS, BILL - Chinook Country: Alberta South
118313: SIMPSON, GEORGE; RICH E. E. (EDITOR); MARTIN, CHESTER (INTRO.) (EDITOR) - Journal of Occurrences in the Athabasca Department by George Simpson, 1820 and 1821, and Report
112234: SIMPSON, J.H.; RICHARDS, R.S. - Physical Principles and Applications of Junction Transistors
119932: SIMPSON, ANNE - Canterbury Beach
108176: SIMPSON, THOMAS - Narrative of the Discoveries on the North Coast of America: Effected by the Officers of the Hudson's Bay Company During the Years 1836-39
108174: SIMPSON, GEORGE; MERK, FREDERICK (EDITOR) - Fur Trade and Empire: George Simpson's Journal. Remarks Connected with the Fur Trade in the Course of a Voyage from York Factory to Fort George and Back ... 1824-1825; Together with Accompanying Documents
108177: SIMUNDSSON, ELVA - Icelandic Settlers in America
112202: SINCLAIR, UPTON - The Flivver King; A Story of Ford-America
102790: SINCLAIR, GERRI; WOLFE, MORRIS (EDITOR) - The Spice Box: An Anthology of Jewish Canadian Writing
109616: SINCLAIR, UPTON (EDITOR) - The Cry for Justice; an Anthology of the Literature of Social Protest. The Writings of Philosophers, Poets, Novelists, Social Reformers, and Others Who Have Voiced the Struggle Against Social Injustice.
116906: SINCLAIR, WILLIAM A. - The Aftermath of Slavery; A Study of the Condition and Environment of the American Negro
114933: SINGH, MEERA MARGARET - You're All That I Ever Think About
114932: SINGH, MEERA MARGARET - You're All That I Ever Think About
101084: SINJUN - Poems by Sinjun
116944: SINNEMA, DONALD - The First Dutch Settlement in Alberta; Letters from the Pioneer Years 1903-14
116809: SINTON, HEATHER M. - Prairie Oil and Gas; A Lighter Footprint
119116: SISETSKI, PAUL (ARTIST); RING, DAN (CURATOR / TEXT) - Paul Sisetski: Don't Shoot the Messenger
109045: WINNIPEG ART GALLERY. SISLER, REBECCA (DIRECT.); ALLEN, KARYN (CURATOR) - Royal Canadian Academy of Arts / Académie Royale Des Arts Du Canada, 1880 - 1980
112220: SISLER, REBECCA - Passionate Spirits; A History of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, 1880-1980
108181: SISLER, W.J. - Peaceful Invasion
100744: GRASSMERE. SISSON, HELEN - For a Hundred Years; Grassmere United Church 1875-1975
108182: SISSONS, C.B. - Bi-Lingual Schools in Canada
111394: SITWELL, OSBERT - Osbert Sitwell Reading from His Poetry; Selections from Wrack at Tidesend, England Reclaimed and Other Volumes
112255: SKELTON, JAMES - Niagara Days
110595: SKELTON, RED - The Great Lazarus
108186: SKINNER, SHIRLEY; DRIEDGER, OTTO; GRAINGER, BRIAN - Corrections; an Historical Perspective of the Saskatchewan Experience
108187: SKOGSTAD, GRACE - The Politics of Agricultural Policy-Making in Canada
115425: SKOLOV, BECKY - The Kinishes Are Out and Other Sketches
108188: SKWARA, T. - Mammals of the Topham Local Fauna: Early Miocene (Hemingfordian), Cypress Hills Formation, Saskatchewan
108189: SKWARAWOOLF, T. - Mammals of the Riddell Local Fauna: (Floral Formation, Pleistocene, Late Rancholabrean), Saskatoon, Canada
108190: SKWAROK, J. - The Ukrainian Settlers in Canada and Their Schools; with Reference to Government, French Canadian, and Ukrainian Missionary Influences 1891-1921
118486: SLAIGHT, ALLAN (WITH MAX MAVEN.) - The James File
116726: SLATER, PATRICK - The Yellow Briar
118329: SLAUGHTER, FRANK G. - Sword and Scalpel
118330: SLAUGHTER, FRANK G. - The Mapmaker
100422: SLAVUTYCH, YAR - The Conquerors of the Prairies
101088: SLIMMON, DON H. - People and Progress: A Co-Op Story
119256: SLIPPERJACK, RUBY - Honor the Sun
116208: RICHARDSON ; SLOAN, PRIMROSE (EDITOR) - Richardson; Yesterday and Today
114317: SLOAN, ELINOR - The Revolution in Military Affairs; Implications for Canada and Nato
117331: SLOANE, ERIC - An Age of Barns
108194: SLOBODIAN, SOPHIA - The Glistening Furrow
102622: SLOBODIN, RICHARD - Band Organization of the Peel River Kutchin
110885: SMALL, F.L. - The Influent and the Effluent; the History of Urban Water Supply and Sanitation
109413: SMANDYCH, RUSSELL C.; MATTHEWS, CATHERINE J.; COX, SANDRA J. - Canadian Criminal Justice History: An Annotated Bibliography
116886: SMART, GORDON M. - Rhubarb Smart
111597: SMART, ELIZABETH - A Bonus
108201: SMEETON, MILES - Completely Foxed
108200: SMEETON, MILES - Moose Magic
108199: SMEETON, MILES - Moose Magic
116001: SMEETON, MILES - Completely Foxed
116090: SMEETON, MILES - Moose Magic
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117622: SMITH, LINDA TUHIWAI - Decolonizing Methodologies; Research and Indigenous Peoples
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110965: CANADIAN NORTH-WEST HISTORICAL SOCIETY; - Fifty Years on the Saskatchewan; Being a History of the Cree Indian Domestic Life and the Difficulties Which Led to Serious Agitation and Conflict of 1885 in the Battleford Locality As Written by Robert Jefferson After Fifty Years Research and Service
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114213: SOURKES, CHERYL - Public Camera / Camera Publique
114120: SOUSTER, RAYMOND - No Sad Songs Wanted Here
102227: SHAUNAVON SOUTH - Quarter Stake Echoes; Area South of Shaunavon
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101099: SPRINGFIELD - Springfield; First Rural Municipality in Manitoba, 1873- 1973
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119523: SPROXTON, BIRK (EDITOR) - Great Stories from the Prairies
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108325: SPRY, IRENE M. - The Palliser Expedition; an Account of John Palliser's British North American Exploring Expedition 1857-1860
117364: SPRY, IRENE M. - The Palliser Expedition; an Account of John Palliser's British North American Exploring Expedition 1857-1860
110514: SQUIRES, CLINT - Share My Flights
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117085: STABLER, JACK C.; OLFERT, M. ROSE - Saskatchewan's Communities in the 21st Century
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118844: STANLEY, G.F.G. - Louis Riel: Patriot or Rebel?
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108347: STANTON, JAMES B. - Impression of an Age
101858: MUSIC. STAPLES, RJ - Men of the Royal Mounted
115173: GENERAL GRAND CHAPTER ORDER OF THE EASTERN STAR - New Ritual of the Order Eastern Star
119129: REGINA DAILY STAR - Riel Rebellion, 1885
115814: STARKELL, DON - Paddle to the Arctic
111277: STARRETT, VINCENT - Born in a Bookshop; Chapters from the Chicago Renascence
115124: [NORTH-WEST TERRITORY] CANADA; DEPARTMENT OF SECRETARY OF STATE - Copies of Ordinances Passed by the Lieutenant-Governor and Council of the North-West Territories, on the 2nd August, 1878, and Laid Before the Honourable the Senate and the House of Commons...
107703: RIEL. UNITED STATES - Message from the President of the United States, Transmitting, in Response to Senate Resolution of February 11, 1889, a Report upon the Case of Louis Riel
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115612: STEGNER, WALLACE - Wolf Willow; a History, a Story, and a Memory of the Last Plains Frontier
117261: STEGNER, WALLACE - Wolf Willow; a History, a Story, and a Memory of the Last Plains Frontier
108384: STEGNER, WALLACE - Wolf Willow; a History, a Story, and a Memory of the Last Plains Frontier
108385: STEGNER, WALLACE - Wolf Willow; a History, a Story, and a Memory of the Last Plains Frontier
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108388: STEGNER, WALLACE - The Spectator Bird
108386: STEGNER, WALLACE; DEVOTO, BERNARD - Four Portraits and One Subject: Bernard de Voto. The Historian by Catherine Drinker Bowen. The Writer by Edith R. Mirrielees. The Citizen by Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. The Personality by Wallace Stegner
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108374: STEGNER, WALLACE - Two Rivers
108379: STEGNER, WALLACE - The Women on the Wall
108372: STEGNER, WALLACE - Dam Builder
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116585: STEIN,CALVERT - Practical Family and Marriage Counseling
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119852: STEINBECK, JOHN - The Winter of Our Discontent
117465: STEINBECK, JOHN - Of Mice and Men
119853: STEINBECK, JOHN - The Moon Is Down
118748: STEINBECK, JOHN - The Winter of Our Discontent
118542: STEINBECK, JOHN - The Winter of Our Discontent
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118128: STELTZER, ULLI - Building an Igloo
116875: STENSON, FRED - The Trade
119486: STENSON, FRED - Lonesome Hero
119592: STENSON, FRED - Working without a Laugh Track
116959: STENSON, FRED - Lightning
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109699: STEPHENS, HUSTCRAFT - Italian Book-Keeping, Reduced into an Art: Being an Entire New and Compleat System of Accompts in General. Demonstrated in a Chain of Consequences from Clear and Self-Evident Principles. To Which Is Added, the Greatest Variety of Merchants Accounts, with an Explanation of All the Terms of Art, Which Have Commonly Been Made Use of. Together, with Proper Reflections on the Whole
108400: STEPNEY, PHILIP H.R.; GOA, DAVID J. (EDITOR) - The Scriver Blackfoot Collection: Repatriation of Canada's Heritage
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108401: STERNBERG, C.M. - Canadian Dinosaurs
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119020: STEWART, JAMES; RIDDELL, F.W. - Report to the Government of Saskatchewan on Wheat Marketing
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118927: STEWART, HILARY - Looking at Indian Art of the Northwest Coast
119397: STEWART, WALTER - The Life and Political Times of Tommy Douglas
114825: STEWART, EDITH CAROLYN - Dad and His Six Women
113914: STEWART, JANE L. - The Camp Fire Girls on the March
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102258: STEWART, J.E - Canadian Poems
101114: STEWART, DAVID A. - Glimpses at Manitoba History; an Address to the Men's Club of the First Lutheran Church, Winnipeg
100443: STEWART, NORMAN - Children of the Pioneers
117885: STEWART, IRENE - These Were Our Yesterdays; A History of District Nursing in Alberta
113425: STILBORN, MYRA - Sonnets from Saskatchewan
119113: STIMSON, ADRIAN A. (CURATOR); RING, DAN (FOREWORD) - Articulation: Conex-Us; Express; Joined
108415: STINSON, LLOYD - Political Warriors; Recollections of a Social Democrat
117301: STIRK, RUTH (EDITOR) - Carvings on the Main Entrance Doors; The Parish Church of St. George, Crescentwood, Winnipeg
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111899: STOCKEN, CANON H.W. GIBBON - Among the Blackfoot and Sarcee
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118987: STOCKING, LEONA - Next-Door Neighbors to the Klondike Trail; Travellers and Settlers
109995: STOCQUELER, J.H. - A Personal History of the Horse-Guards from 1750 to 1872
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113112: STOFFEL, HOLDEN - Saskatchewan Sports
108425: STOKES, WILLIAM EDWARD HERBERT - The Red Man's Religion and Five True Tales of My Happy Career
113126: STOLL, JERRY - I Am a Lover; With Comment from Various Sources Selected by Evan S. Connell, Jr.
118066: STONE,TED - Hailstorms & Hoop Snakes; Tall Tales from the General Store
118065: STONE,TED - It's Hardly Worth Talkin' If You're Goin' to Tell the Truth; Tall Tales from Deer River
118874: STONE, TED - The Story Behind Manitoba Place Names; How Cities, Towns, Villages and Whistle Stops Got Their Names
112900: STONE, REYNOLDS; VERSE BY SYLVIA TOWNSEND WARNER - Boxwood; Twenty-One Engravings by Reynolds Stone
112657: STONE, HAMPTON (PSEUDONYM OF AARON MARC STEIN) - The Real Serendipitous Kill
112656: STONE, HAMPTON (PSEUDONYM OF AARON MARC STEIN) - The Kid Was Last Seen Hanging Ten
108427: STONE, KAY (EDITOR) - Prairie Folklore
116629: STONE,TED - Alberta History Along the Highway; A Traveler's Guide to the Fascinating Facts, Intriguing Incidents and Lively Legends in Alberta's Past
118308: STONECHILD, BLAIR - Pursuing the New Buffalo: First Nations Higher Education Policy in Canada
108430: STONECHILD, BLAIR; WAISER, BILL - Loyal Till Death; Indians and the North-West Rebellion
113162: STONECHILD, BLAIR - Saskatchewan Indians and the Resistance of 1885
102265: STONEHENGE - Prairie Trails and Pioneer Tales: R.M. Of Stonehenge #73.
109583: STONEHENGE - A Gateway to Saskatchewan
118147: STONEHOUSE, BERNARDF - Northpole Southpole a Guide to the Ecology and Resources of Thge Arctic and Antarctic
108431: STOOCHNOFF, JOHN PHILIP - Doukhobors As They Are
102925: STORCK, P.L. - A Report on the Banting and Hussey Sites: Two Paleo-Indian Campsites in Simcoe County, Southern Ontario
108437: STORER, JOHN E. - Geological History of Saskatchewan
108434: STORER, JOHN E. - Leptomerycid Artiodactyla of the Calf Creek Local Fauna (Cypress Hills Formation, Oligocene, Chadronian), Saskatchewan
108435: STORER, JOHN E. - Lagomorphs of the Calf Creek Local Fauna (Cypress Hills Formation, Oligocene, Chadronian), Saskatchewan
108433: STORER, JOHN E. - Rodents of the Calf Creek Local Fauna: (Cypress Hills Formation, Oligocene, Chadronian), Saskatchewan
108432: STORER, JOHN E. - Tertiary Mammals of Saskatchewan. Part III: The Miocene Fauna
108438: STOREY, ARTHUR G. - Prairie Harvest
119035: STORK, CLARENCE - Irrigation and Rehabilitation of Drought Areas; Speech Delivered by Mr. Clarence Stork, M.L.A. (Shaunavon) in the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan, Thursday, February 10, 1938
112824: STORM, HYEMEYOHSTS - Seven Arrows
108439: STORRS, MONICA; MORTON, W.L. (EDITOR) - God's Galloping Girl: The Peace River Diaries of Monica Storrs, 1929-1931
108442: STORY, GERTRUDE - It Never Pays to Laugh Too Much
108444: STORY, GERTRUDE - The Need of Wanting Always
108441: STORY, GERTRUDE - The Way to Always Dance
113390: STORY, GERTRUDE - The Need of Wanting Always
112739: STORY, NORAH - The Oxford Companion to Canadian History and Literature
102267: STORY, BILL - Tumpy; Stories of Homestead Days
116707: STORY, GERTRUDE - The Way to Always Dance
116695: STORY, GERTRUDE - Black Swan
113292: STORY, GERTRUDE - The Book of Thirteen
108446: STORY, GERTRUDE - After Sixty: Going Home
116583: STORY, G.M.; KIRWIN, W.J.; WIDDOWSON, J.D.A. (EDITOR) - Dictionary of Newfoundland English; Second Edotion with Supplement
115352: STOTT, JON C.; BRUCHAC, JOSEPH (INTRODUCTION BY) - Native American in Children Literature
110680: STOTT, D.F. - Ellef Ringnes Island, Canadian Arctic Archipelago
119804: STOUT, MADELEINE DION; HARP, RICK - Lump Sum Compensation Payments Research Project: The Circle Rechecks Itself
112614: STOUT, REX - Please Pass the Guilt; A Nero Wolfe Novel
100447: STOUT, C. H. - Backtrack on Old Trails: Memoirs of an International Life of 91 Years - 79 in Alberta
109647: STOW, BARON; SMITH, S.F.; FULLER, RICHARD; JETER, J.B. - The Psalmist: A New Collection of Hymns for the Use of Baptist Churches
111900: STRANG, PETER - History of Missions in Southern Saskatchewan
113034: STRANGE, EDWARD F. - Tools and Materials Illustrating the Japanes Method of Colour-Printing; A Descriptive Catalogue of a Collection Exhibited in the Museum (Victoria & Albert Museum)
112819: STRANGE, KATHLEEN - With the West in Her Eyes
108452: STRANGE, H.G.L. - A Short History of Prairie Agriculture
111188: STRANGER, RALPH - Dictionary of Radio and Television Terms
101119: STRATHCLAIR - Our Story to 1970
111731: STRAUSS, WALTER L. - Chiaroscuro; the Clair-Obscur Woodcuts by the German and Netherlandish Masters of the XVIth and XVIIth Centuries - a Complete Catalogue with Commentary
108456: STREET, A.G. - Farmer's Glory
109069: WINNIPEG GENERAL STRIKE - Winnipeg Citizen, May 19, 1919
116194: STRINGER, ARTHUR - Heather of the Highland; A Novel of the North
116195: STRINGER, ARTHUR - The Wire Tappers
116196: STRINGER, ARTHUR - Phantom Wires
108467: STRINGER, ARTHUR - The Woman in the Rain and Other Poems
108460: STRINGER, ARTHUR - The Prairie Wife
101943: PONTEIX. LACOURSIERE-STRINGER, RACHEL - Histoire de Ponteix / History of Ponteix
108463: STRINGER, ARTHUR - The Prairie Mother
108461: STRINGER, ARTHUR - White Hands
118880: STRONG, CYRIL W.; KEALEY, GREGORY S. (EDITOR); PARSONS, WILLIAM A. (FORE.) - My Life As a Newfoundland Union Organizer
102927: STRYD, ARNOUD H.; LAWHEAD, STEPHEN (EDITOR) - Reports of the Lillooet Archaeological Project: Number 1: Introduction and Setting
108473: STUART, GLENN S.L. - The Cranford Site (Dipb-2); a Multicomponent Stone Circle Site on the Oldman River
108472: STUART, E. ROSS - The History of Prairie Theatre; the Development of Theatre in Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan 1833-1982
108471: STUART, DUNCAN - The Canadian Desert; an Attempt to Stay the Loss of the West
102928: STUART, WENDY BROSS - Gambling Music of the Coast Salish Indians
111901: STUBBS, LEWIS ST. GEORGE - A Majority of One: The Life and Times of Lewis St. George Stubbs
108489: STUBBS, ROY ST. GEORGE - Four Recorders of Rupert's Land, a Brief Survey of the Hudson's Bay Company Courts of Rupert's Land
108487: STUBBS, ROY ST. GEORGE - Prairie Portraits
108488: STUBBS, ROY ST. GEORGE - Adam Thom
108482: STUBBS, LEWIS ST. GEORGE - A Majority of One: The Life and Times of Lewis St. George Stubbs
108480: STUBBS, LEWIS ST. GEORGE - Stands for "The Square Deal"
108479: STUBBS, LEWIS ST. GEORGE - Lewis St. George Stubbs
108478: STUBBS, LEWIS ST. GEORGE - Judicial Crimes! Complaints and Charges. Attorney-General Major Et Al vs. Judge Stubbs. Important Questions for the People of Canada: Are Our Judges Free and Independent? Or Are They Bridled and Muzzled? Is Justice Administered without Fear, Affection or Favour?
108477: STUBBS, LEWIS ST. GEORGE - The MacDonald Will Case
118056: PERIODICAL. CANADIAN ETHNIC STUDIES - Canadian Ethnic Studies / Études Ethniques Au Canada; Special Issue: From Russia with Love: The Doukhobors, Vol. Xxvii, No. 3, 1995
113016: BC STUDIES - BC Studies; Number 1, Winter 1968-69
103895: CENTER FOR COMMUNITY STUDIES - Developing Saskatchewan's Community Resources
103896: CENTER FOR COMMUNITY STUDIES - Center for Community Studies 4th Annual Report 1960-1961
102782: RESEARCH CENTRE FOR CANADIAN ETHNIC STUDIES - Canadian Ethnic Studies. Bulletin of the Research Centre for Canadian Ethnic Studies
115107: DEPARTMENT OF NATIVE STUDIES - Algonquian and Iroquoian Linguistics; 13:2; 1988
115012: REGINA GEOGRAPHICAL STUDIES - Saskatchewan Rural Themes
113905: STUMP, SARAIN - American Indian Graphic Symbols and Their Adaptation in Art
115359: STUPNIKOFF, SAM GEORGE - Historical Saga of the Doukhobor Faith 1750-1990's;
110509: STUPNIKOFF, SAM GEORGE - Historical Saga of the Carlton Region 1797-1920
117199: STURGIS - KAMSACK - Harvest of Memories; Sturgis & District
113720: STURSBERG, PETER (SOUND HERITAGE SERIES) - When the Papers Had the Only News
108497: STURSBERG, PETER - Diefenbaker: Leadership Gained 1956-62
108499: STUTT, R.A. (WITH . VAN VLIET.) - An Economic Study of Land Settlement in Representative Pioneer Areas of Northern Saskatchewan
113296: VAN STUYVENBERG, J.H. - Margarine; An Economic, Social and Scientific History 1869-1969
114538: STYMEIST, DAVID H. - Ethnics and Indians: Social Relations in a Northwestern Ontario Town
112330: SUGARHEAD, CECILIA; O'MEARA, JOHN (EDITOR) - Ninoontaan / I Can Hear It; Ojibwe Stories from Lansdowne House
102218: SASKATOON. SUGARMAN, HAROLD - The Blood Sedimentation Rate in Anaemia
111902: SUKNASKI, ANDREW - East of Myloona
108506: SUKNASKI, ANDREW - East of Myloona
108504: SUKNASKI, ANDREW - Octomi
119271: SULLIVAN, ROSEMARY - The Red Shoes; Margaret Atwood Starting Out.
118959: SULLIVAN, ALAN - The Training of Chiliqui
119145: SULTE, B.; CHAMPAULT, M. P.; FORAN, J. K.; BOUCHETTE, M. E. - Mémoires de la Société Royale Du Canada; Section I, 1912 (4 Parts Bound Together: La Baie Verte Et le Lac Supérieur, 1665; Les Gendron; L'oeuvre Littéraire de James Donnelly; Les Débuts D'une Industrie Et Notre Classe Bourgeoise.)
101511: DUFF. SUMNER, LEN W. - Raw Prairie to Grain Elevators. The Chronicles of a Pioneer Community - Duff, Saskatchewan
102273: SUPERB, PATRICK, SOMME, KINTAIL, NICHOL, - Prairie Tapestry - a Superb Story; A History of: Superb, Patrick, Somme, Kintail, Nichol, Ethmuir, Ruby Lake
100691: EMPIRE AUTO SUPPLY - Catalogue
118906: SURES, JACK (ARTIST); EICHHORN, VIRGINIA (CURATOR) - The Work of Jack Sures; Tactile Desires / L'œuvre de Jack Sures; Désirs Tactiles
114416: SURTEES, ROBERT J. - The Original People
109537: DE SURVILLE, JEAN; LABE, GUILLAUME; DUNMORE, JOHN (EDITOR) - The Expedition of the St Jean-Baptiste to the Pacific 1769-1770
112988: COWAN, SUSAN (ED) AND LUCI MARQUAND (INUKTITUT TEXT ED.) - We Don't Live in Snow Houses Now
112718: SUTHERLAND, FRASER - The Monthly Epic - a History of Canadian Magazines 1789-1989
111906: SUTHERLAND, ALEXANDER HUGH - The Selkirk Settlement on the Red River
108519: SUTHERLAND, ALEXANDER HUGH - The Selkirk Settlement on the Red River
108520: SUTTLES, WAYNE - Coast Salish Essays
111874: SUZUKI - Owner's Manual: Super Sport 250 Model T20
101126: SVEINBJORNSSON, HELEN - Cloth of Gold; and Other Poems
115945: SWAINE, J.M.; FALL, H.C.; LENG, C.W.; SHERMAN, J.D, JR. - Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-18, Volume III: Insects; Parte E: Coleoptera
114483: SWAINSON, J.L. - Our Ancestors Arrive in Manitoba
108521: SWAINSON, DONALD (EDITOR) - Historical Essays on the Prairie Provinces
110970: SWANN, JEFFREY - Toehold on Zen
112197: SWANSON, W.W. - Our Economic System
108524: SWANSON, JEAN - Sky Painter; the Story of Robert Newton Hurley
108523: SWANSON, CECIL - The Days of My Sojourning; a Reminiscence
109420: SWARTZ, NORMAN - Beyond Experience: Metaphysical Theories and Philosophical Constraints
110681: SWEET, WALTER C.; MILLER, A.K. - Ordovician Cephalopods from Cornwallis and Little Cornwallis Islands, District of Franklin, Northwest Territories
108748: UKRAINIAN SENIOR CITIZENS ASSOCIATION; SWENARCHUK, JANET (EDITOR) - From Dreams to Reality; a History of the Ukrainian Senior Citizens of Regina and District 1896-1976
110648: SWIFT, JONATHAN - The Works of Dr. Jonathan Swift, Dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin. Accurately Revised, in Twelve Volumes. Adorned with Copper-Plates; with Some Account of the Author's Life, and Notes Historical and Explanatory by John Hawkesworth
105271: SWIFT, HILDEGARDE H.; WARD, LYND (WITH HILDEGARDE H. SWIFT & LYND WARD.) - The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge
119967: SWINDLEHURST, E.B. - 4-H in Alberta, 1917-1967
110896: SWINTON, GEORGE - Eskimo Sculpture / Sculpture Esquimaude
116254: SWINTON, GEORGE - Sculpture of the Inuit
108533: SWYRIPA, FRANCES - Ukrainian Canadians; a Survey of Their Portrayal in English-Language Works
112412: SYDENHAM, THOMAS - The Works of Thomas Sydenham, M.D. Translated from the Latin Edition of Dr. Greenhill with a Life of the Author by R.G. Latham, M.D.
118181: SYME, RONALD - On Foot to the Arctic, the Story of Samuerl Hearne
108535: SYMINGTON, FRASER - The Canadian Indian; the Illustrated History of the Great Tribes of Canada
114737: SYMONS, R.D. - Where the Wagon Led; One Man's Memories of the Cowboy's Life in the Old West
113599: SYMONS, R.D. - North by West; Two Stories from the Frontier
111908: SYMONS, R.D. - Where the Wagon Led; One Man's Memories of the Cowboy's Life in the Old West
110425: SYMONS, R.D. - Many Patrols: Reminiscences of a Game Officer
108542: SYMONS, R.D. - Silton Seasons; from the Diary of a Countryman
108541: SYMONS, R.D. - Where the Wagon Led; One Man's Memories of the Cowboy's Life in the Old West
108540: SYMONS, R.D. - North by West; Two Stories from the Frontier
108538: SYMONS, R.D. - The Broken Snare; the Story of a Frontier Family
108539: SYMONS, R.D. - Still the Wind Blows; a Historical Novel of the Canadian Northwest 1860-1916
106241: MACKENZIE ART GALLERY. SYMONS, ROBERT - Early Building in Saskatchewan; Photographs by Olive Roberts and Terry Fenton
115990: SYMONS, R.D. - The Broken Snare; the Story of a Frontier Family
117141: SYMONS, R.D. - Many Patrols: Reminiscences of a Game Officer
116237: SYMONS, THOMAS H.B. - Meta Incognita; A Discourse of Discovery; Martin Frobisher's Arctic Expeditions, 1576-1578
116453: SZUMIGALSKI, ANNE - On Glassy Wings; Poems New & Selected
110101: SZUMIGALSKI, ANNE - Sermons on Stones; Words and Images
108552: SZUMIGALSKI, ANNE - Woman Reading in Bath
108548: SZUMIGALSKI, ANNE (ED.) (EDITOR) - Blue Streak in a Dry Year. Poems by the Saskatoon Poets Coterie
108554: SZUMIGALSKI, ANNE - Risks
108556: SZUMIGALSKI, ANNE - The Word, the Voice, the Text; the Life of a Writer
108553: SZUMIGALSKI, ANNE - Doctrine of Signatures
108549: SZUMIGALSKI, ANNE; HEATH, TERRENCE - Wild Man's Butte; a Stereophonic Poem
112730: BARNUM P.T. - Struggle and Triumphs; Or Forty Years Recollections Og P.T. Barnum
112729: BARNUM P.T. - Struggle and Triumphs; Or Forty Years Recollections Og P.T. Barnum
102145: SASKATCHEWAN GOV'T - Saskatchewan Canada; Holidays
100849: LOEWEN, C.T. & SONS LTD - Beekeepers Supplies; 1946 Catalogue & Price List
112934: CHEN PO-TA - Notes on Ten Years of Civil War (1927-1936)
111911: TACHE, ALEXANDRE ANTONIN - Vingt Annees de Missions dans le Nord-Ouest de l'Amerique

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