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1044: MARTIN, JOHN. - Bibliographical Catalogue of Privately Printed Books.
2006: MARTIN, MANUEL. - Exercicio Quotidiano Con Diferentes Oraciones, Y Devociones Para Antes Y Despues de la Confession, Y Sagrada Comunion: Se Ha Anadido El Exercicio Christiano, Oraciones Para El Santo Sacrificio de la Missa, Con Estampas.
2007: MARTIN, MARTIN [+ ONE MORE WORK]. - A Voyage to Shetland, the Orkneys, and the Western Isles of Scotland. Giving an Account, of the Laws, Customs, Antiquities, Natural Curiosities, Fisheries, &C. Of Those Places;...
2008: MARTIN, MARTIN [+ ONE MORE WORK]. - A Voyage to St. Kilda: The Remotest of All the Hebrides; or, Western Isles of Scotland.
1654: MARTYN, THOMAS. - Thirty-Eight Plates with Explanations; Intended to Illustrate Linnaeus’S System of Vegetables, and Particularly Adapted to the Letters on the Elements of Botany.
1273: MASEFIELD, JOHN. - John Ruskin.
111: MASEFIELD, JOHN. - Lollingdon Down and Other Poems.
1349: MASEFIELD, JOHN. - Martin Hyde: The Duke's Messenger.
1309: MASEFIELD, JOHN. - Salt-Water Ballads.
221: MASEFIELD, JOHN. - Shakespeare & Spiritual Life.
395: MASEFIELD, JOHN. - Lollingdon Downs and Other Poems, with Sonnets.
396: MASEFIELD, JOHN. - Sonnets and Poems.
59: MASEFIELD, JOHN. - Right Royal.
598: MASEFIELD, JOHN. - The Dream.
60: MASEFIELD, JOHN. - A King's Daughter. A Tragedy in Verse.
61: MASEFIELD, JOHN. - Philip the King and Other Poems.
62: MASEFIELD, JOHN. - Reynard the Fox or the Ghost Heath Run.
63: MASEFIELD, JOHN. - Dauber. A Poem.
65: MASEFIELD, JOHN. - Good Friday. A Play in Verse.
1489: MASLENITSYN, S. I. - Yaroslavian Icon Painting.
1819: MASON, WILLIAM. - Caractacus, a Dramatic Poem: Written on the Model of the Ancient Greek Tragedy; by the Author of Elfrida.
2342: MASSEY, WILLIAM. - Corruptae Latinitatis Index: Or, a Collection of Barbarous Words and Phrases, Which Are Found in the Works of the Most Celebrated Modern Writers in Latin.
1393: MATASEK, RAY J. - Drawing for Zinc Etching.
2009: MATTHEWS, JOHN. - Voyage à la Rivière de Sierra-Leone, Sur la Cote D'Afrique, Contenant Une Relation Du Commerce, Des Productions, Des Coutumes, Tout Civiles Que Religieuses, Et Des Moeurs.
865: MAUNDRELL, HENRY. - A Journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem, at Easter, A.D. 1697. The Sixth Edition; to Which Is Now Added an Account of the Author's Journey to the Banks of the Euphrates.
1154: MAURINA, ZENTA. - Sieben Gäste: Die Geschichte Einer Woche.
1155: MAUROIS, ANDRÉ. - Destins Exemplaires.
1159: MAURON, MARIE. - Une Reine de Tragédie: Jeanne Ire de Naples Et de Provence.
1158: MAURON, MARIE. - A L'Ombre Soleilleuse.
1157: MAURON, MARIE. - Le Quartier Mortisson.
1156: MAURON, MARIE. - Le Solitaire Enchantée.
1459: MAXIMUS, TYRIUS. - Sermones Sive Disputationes XLI.
705: MAYHEW, HORACE, EDITOR [+ FIVE MORE WORKS]. - The Comic Almanack for 1849.
871: MAZZINGHI, JOHN [GIOVANNI]. - Histoire de L’Antiquité Et de L’Etat Présent de Londres, de Westminster, Et Du Bourg de Southwark, Contenant Un Guide Pour Les Bâtimens Publics Et Particuliers de la Metropole.
2090: MCALLISTER, CALLISTA. - Pornella.
938: MCCLENNAN, ELIZABETH. - History of American Costume.
1484: JONES, DIANA MCCLURE & ROSEMARY JONES. - Collector's Guide to Children's Books 1850 to 1950. Identification & Values.
1326: MCCORD, HOWARD. - Bone/Hueso.
373: MCDOWALL, ARTHUR. - Peaks and Frescoes: A Study of the Dolomites.
83: MCVICKAR, HENRY W. - The Evolution of Woman.
2321: MEDE, JOSEPH. - The Reverence of Gods House. A Sermon Preached at St. Maries in Cambridge, Before the Universitie on St. Mattheis Day, Anno 1635/6.
2179: MEDE, JOSEPH. [ONE OTHER COPY KNOWN]. - A Discourse Upon I. Tim. 5. 17. Concerning Preaching and Ruling Elders. Taken from the Works of the Pious and Profoundly Learned Joseph Mede, B.D. For the Use of Such As Have Not His Large Volume.
1852: MEHRING, FRANZ. - Die Lessing Legende.
1031: MELLOWN, ELGIN W. - Bibliography of the Writings of Edwin Muir.
2081: MELTZER, DAVID. - Bark, a Polemic.
2343: MENA, FERNANDO [SIR JAMES Y. SIMPSON'S COPY]. - Ferdinandi Mena Doctoris Et Medici Cvbicvlarii Philippi Regis Hispaniarum, Rerum Omnium Clarissimi, Ac Inuictissimi, Complutensisq[Ue] Scholæ Primarij Professoris Methodus Febrium Omnium, Et Earum Symptômatum Curatoria;...
1049: MENANDER. - Menandri Et Philomeni Reliquæ, Quotquot Reperiri Potuerunt; GræCe Et Latine, Cum Notis Hugonis Grotii Et Joannis Clerici, Qui Etiam Novam Omnium Versionem Adornavit, Indicésque Adjecit.
1235: MENHART, OLDRICH. - Abendgespräche Des Bücherfreundes Rubricius Und Des Buchdruckers Tympanus.
2011: MERCIER, LOUIS SÉBASTIEN. - Memoirs of the Year Two Thousand Five Hundred. Tr. By W. Hooper.
2333: MERO, M., PRÉTRE. - Oraison Funèbre de Très-Grand, Très-Haut, Très-Puissant: Et Très-Excellent Prince, Louis XV, le Bien-Aimé, Roi de France Et de Navarre, Prononcée Au Service, Que la Ville de Grasse a Fait CéLébrer Pour le Feu Roi,...
2082: METZ, JERRED. - The Temperate Voluptuary.
1160: MEYER, HEINRICH. - Goethe: Das Leben IM Werk.
242: MEYNELL, ALICE. - Selected Poems of Alice Meynell.
3: MICHAELIS, JOHANN DAVID. - Spicilegium Geographiae Hebraeorum Exterea Post Bochartum.
672: MIKHAIL, E.H. - A Bibliography of Modern Irish Drama: 1899-1970.
1606: MIKOLAJCZAK, MICHAEL ALLEN, EDITOR. - The Seventeenth-Century Research Collection: A Selected Catalog.
2076: DE MILLE, RICHARD. - Two Qualms & a Quirk.
2091: MILLER, HENRY. - The Waters Reglitterized.
2097: MILLER, HENRY. - First Impressions of Greece.
2187: MILLER, HENRY. - Tropic of Capricorn.
2102: MILLER, HENRY. - Henry Miller's Book of Friends.
2472: MILTON, JOHN. - Comus, a Masque. As It Is Acted at the Theatres-Royal in Drury-Lane and Covent-Garden.
2012: MILTON, JOHN. - Paradise Regain'd. A Poem, in Four Books. To Which Is Added, Samson Agonistes; and Poems Upon Several Occasions. With a Tractate of Education.
1274: MINISCHALCI, ALOYSIUS COMES DE. - Mororum Libri III. Carminum Liber.
1696: MINKOFF, GEORGE ROBERT. - Collection of 20 George Robert Minkoff Rare Books Catalogues and 4 Lists. .
834: MIRANDA, FATHER JOSEPH MERCADILLO. - The Mural Paintings of Atotonilco.
961: MIRI, ADAM ERDMANN. - Summarium Ebrææ Linguæ, Septendecim Tabulis,...
814: MITAUD, JANINE. - Hâte de Vivre.
2095: MITCHNER, STUART. - About India.
129: MITFORD, MARY RUSSELL. - Our Village.
359: MIZAULD, ANTOINE. - Centuriæ IX. Memorabilium, Utilium, Iucundorum in Aphorismos Arcanorum Omnis Generis Locupletes, Perpulcre Digestæ;...
2395: MOBERLY, GEORGE. - The Sayings of the Great Forty Days.
1455: LÉON DE MODÈNE. - Cérémonies Et Coustumes Qui S'Observent Aujourd'Huy Parmi Les Juifs, Traduites de L'Italien de Leon de Modène.
1302: MOIVRE, ABRAHAM DE. - Annuities Upon Lives: Or, the Valuation of Annuities Upon Any Number of Lives; As Also, of Reversions. To Which Is Added, an Appendix Concerning the Expectations of Life, and Probabilities of Survivorship.
907: MOLL, HERMANN. - Geographia Classica: The Geography of the Ancients, So Far Describ'd As It Is Contained in the Greek and Latin Classics, in Twenty-Nine Maps of the Old World and Its Several Kingdoms.
1817: MOLLHAUSEN, HEINRICH BALDUIN. - Diary of a Journey from the Mississippi to the Coasts of the Pacific with a United States Government Expedition.
1816: MOLLHAUSEN, HEINRICH BALDUIN. - Reisen in Die Felsengebirge Nord-Amerikas Bis Zum Hoch-Plateau Van Neu-Mexico, Unternommen Als Mitglied Der IM Auftrage Der Regierung Der Vereinigten Staaten Ausgesandten Colorado=Expedition.
1161: MOLO, WALTER VON. - Ein Deutscher Ohne Deutschland.
869: MOLO, WALTER VON. - Fugen Des Seins.
529: MONROE, ROBERT A. - Journeys out of the Body
485: MONTAIGNE, MICHEL DE. - Essays of Michael Seigneur de Montaigne. In Three Books with Marginal Notes and Quotations.
2118: MONTAIGNE, MICHEL DE. - The Essays of Montaigne. Done Into English by John Florio.
2014: MONTENARI, GIOVANNI. - Del Teatro Olimpico Di Andrea Palladio in Vicenza.
913: MOORE, JOHN HAMILTON. - A New and Complete Collection of Voyages and Travels... The Whole Describing... Europe, Asia, Africa, and America:... And Exhibiting a View of the Present State of the World.
1638: MOORE, EDWARD. - Fables for the Female Sex.
694: MOORE, T. STURGE. - Roderigo of Bivar.
416: MOORHOUSE, ALFRED C. - The Triumph of the Alphabet: A History of Writing.
680: MORE, HANNAH. - The History of Tom White, the Postilion. And the Way to Plenty: Or, the Second Part of Tom White.
768: MORGAN, JOSEPH, COMPILER. - Phoenix Britannicus: Being a Miscellaneous Collection of Scarce and Curious Tracts, Historical, Political, Biographical, Satirical, Critical, Characteristical, &C. Prose and Verse.
2473: MORGAN, MCNAMARA. - Philoclea. A Tragedy. As It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Covent Garden.
1026: MORRIS, BRIAN. - John Cleveland (1613-1658). A Bibliography of His Poems.
633: BELLEGARDE, ABBÉ DE [JEAN BAPTISTE MORVAN]. [WITH MANUSCRIPT POEM BY HILARIUS ON ‘RIDICULE’]. - Reflexions Upon Ridicule; or, What It Is That Makes a Man Ridiculous; and the Means to Avoid It.
1639: MOSCHOPOULOS, EMANUEL. - [Tou Sopho¯Tatou Kai Logio¯Tarou Manoue¯Lou Tou Moschopoulou Peri Schedo¯N]. Manuelis Moschopuli de Ratione Examinandæ Orationis Libellus. Ex Bibliotheca Regia.
1685: HOWARD S. MOTT. - Collection of 16 Catalogues, Plus 1 Duplicate, for a Total of 17 Items.
1327: MOUSSINAC, LÉON. - Jean Picart le Doux.
1162: MUNTEANO, B. - Littérature Roumaine.
2194: MURET, PIERRE. - Rites of Funeral Ancient and Modern, in Use Through the Known World. Written Originally in French by the Ingenious Monsieur Muret. To Which Is Added, a Vindication of Christianity Against Paganism. All Translated Into English by P. Lorrain.
1301: MURET, MARC-ANTOINE. - M. Antonii Mvreti, Presbyteri I.C. Et Civis Rom. Orationvm Volvmina Dvo: Qvorvm Primvm Ante Aliqvot Annos in Lucem Prodijt, Secundum Vero Recens Est Editum... ; Adiunximus Etiam Caroli Sigonii Oratoris Disertissimi Orationes VII,...
927: MURET, MARC-ANTOINE. - M. Antonii Mvreti Presbyteri, I.C. Et Civis Romani, Oratoris Ac Poetæ Clarissimi, Epistolae, Hymni Sacri, Et Poemata Omnia. Editio Ultima, Ab Authore Emendata.
1523: MURPHY, ARTHUR. - The Desert Island, a Dramatic Poem, As It Is Acted at the Theatreroyal in Drury-Lane.
1460: NAKHSHABI, ZIYA' AL DIN. - The Tooti Nameh, or Tales of a Parrot, in the Persian Language.
2074: NATHAN, ROBERT. - Evening Song: Selected Poems 1950-1973.
2015: NAVE, JOSEPH [FRANÇOIS TIROLI]. - Le Véritable Guide Des Voyageurs En Italie Avec la Description Des Routes & Des Postes.
2085: NEAGOE, PETER. - Storm.
283: NEBENZAHL, KENNETH. - Collection of 5 Bulletins, 4 Compasses, and 17 Catalogues.
621: NEBENZAHL, KENNETH. - Collection of 4 Catalogues.
963: NEGUSANTIUS, ANTONIO. - Tractatus de Pignoribus Et Hypothecis, Autore D. Antonio Negusantio, F. Balduino, Et H. Donello Jureconsult... Tractatum, de Privilegiis Creditorum...
277: NESBITT, ALEXANDER, EDITOR. - 200 Decorative Title-Pages.
543: AGRIPPA VON NETTESHEIM, HEINRICH CORNELIUS. - Henrici Cornelii Agrippae de Nobilitate & Praecelentia Foeminei Sexus. Libellus, Cum Orationibus Epistolis & Aliis Quibusdam Eiusdem Authoris...
1739: MAURICE F. NEVILLE. - Catalogue 8: Fine First Editions & Literary Autographs.
1718: NEWNHAM, ANTHONY. - Collection of 8 Anthony Newnham Catalogues.
597: NEWTON, A. EDWARD. - Newton on Blackstone.
1371: PARTHENIUS OF NICAEA & PLUTARCH. - Les Affections de Divers Amans. Les Narrations D'Amour de Plutarche.
2213: NORDEN, FREDERICK LEWIS. - Travels in Egypt and Nubia.
1163: NOSSACK, HANS ERICH. - Der Jüngere Bruder.
1571: NOSSACK, HANS ERICH. - Die Rotte Kain. Schauspiel in Drei Akten.
1165: NOSSACK, HANS ERICH. - Gedichte.
1166: NOURISSIER, FRANÇOIS. - L'Eau Grise.
1095: NOZIÈRE, FERNAND. - Trois Pièces Galantes.
2017: OLDYS, WILLIAM. - The British Librarian: Exhibiting a Compendious Review or Abstract of Our Most Scarce, Useful, and Valuable Books in All Sciences, As Well in Manuscript As in Print:...
1683: OLSEN, DON. - The Last Hole. Epitaphs for Golfers by the Old Nerwegian.
2243: OLULLUXEAN, YOVAKIM. [O'GHULLUKHEAN, HOVAKIM]. - Niwt' Bskakan Ays E Karcarot Storagrut'Iwn Amenayn Goyic', Ork' Pargeweal En Mez Yamenakarolen Ar I Gorcacelu Hanapaz T'e Ibrew Kerakur, T'e Ibrew Del, Ew Noc'a Gorcacelun Kerpe, Ksark'e Ew Amanake.
920: OSBORNE, THOMAS. - A Collection of Voyages and Travels, Consisting of Authentic Authors.
1901: OTWAY, THOMAS. - The Works.
1902: OTWAY, THOMAS. - The Orphan or, the Unhappy-Marriage: A Tragedy. As It Is Acted at His Royal Highness the Duke's Theatre.
2018: OVIDIUS, P.N. - Les Métamorphoses D'Ovide, Traduites En François, Avec Des Remarques Et Des Explications Historiques. Par M. L'Abbé Banier, de L'Académie Royale Des Inscriptions & Belles Lettres.
856: OWEN, JOHN. - Epigrammatum Ioan Oweni Cambro Britanni Oxoniensis Editio Postrema Correctissima Et Posthumis Quibusdam Adaucta.
1865: GARD, CARROLL P. & C. J. NEWCOMB, COMPILERS. - Palmer's Penmanship Budget.
2298: DELLA PAGLIA, ANTONIO. - Aonii Palearii Verulani Epistolarum Lib IIII. Orationes XIIII. De Animorum Immortalitate.
1310: PAGNINUS, SANCTUS. - Otzar Leshon Hakodesh Hoc Est, Thesaurus Linguae Sanctae. Sic Enim Inscribere Placuit Lexicon Hoc Hebraicum : Quod Quem Admodum Ex Thesauro Pretiosissima [in Fine] : Hoc Est, Finis Thesauri Linguae Sanctae.
1840: PAGNOL, MARCEL. - Marius.
1841: PAGNOL, MARCEL. - Fanny
1702: PALINURUS. - Collection of 9 Palinurus Catalogues, Plus a Duplicate for a Total of 10 Items.
2267: PALLAVICINO, SFORZA. - Vera Concilii Tridentini Historia, Contra Falsam Petri Suavis Polani Narrationem, Scripta & Asserta a P. Sfortia Pallavicino... Primum Italico Idiomate in Lucem Edita; Deinde Ab Ipso Auctore Aucta & Revisa; Ac Latine Reddita a P. Johanne Baptista Giattino.
2149: PALMER, STUART. - The Adventure of the Marked Man and One Other.
860: PANCKOUCKE, ANDRÉ-JOSEPH. - L'Art de Desoppiler la Rate, Sive de Modo C. Prudenter. En Prenant Chaque Feuillet Pour Se T. Le D. Entremele de Quelques Bonnes Choses.
2334: PAPON, JEAN PIERRE, M. L'ABBÉ, DE L'ORATOIRE. - Oraison Funèbre de Charles-Emmanuel III Roi de Sardaigne; Prononcée Dans L'Eglise Des RéVérends Pères Dominicains de Nice le VI Avril Mdcclxxiii.
767: PARISER, MAURICE, SIR. - Catalogue of the Celebrated Collection Formed by Sir Maurice Pariser, of Manchester, of the Notorious Nineteenth Century Pamphlets and Other Important Wiseiana Manuscript and Printed, Together with Properties of John Carter, Esq. , C.B. E. , Etc.
1490: PASKALEVA, KOSTADINKA. - Icons from Bulgaria.
249: PASQUIER, ESTIENNE. - Les Recherches de la France D'Estienne Pasquier, Conseiller Et Advocat General Du Roy En la Chambre Des Comptes de Paris...
2019: PATERSON, DANIEL. - Paterson's British Itinerary, Being a New and Accurate Delineation and Description of the Direct and Principal Cross Roads of Great Britain.
1800: ARMONT, PAUL & LOUIS VERNEUIL. - La Maison Du Passeur.
1169: PAULHAN, JEAN. - La Preuve Par L'Etymologie.
1168: PAULHAN, JEAN. - Petite Préface à Toute Critique.
1167: PAULHAN, JEAN. - Lettre Aux Directeurs de la Résistance.
1388: SANTA PAULINA, NICOLA. - L'Arte Del Cavallo Di Nicola E Luigi Santa Paulina; Divisa in Tre Libri; Ne Primi Due, Che Son Di Nicola, Si Tratta L'Arte Di Ridurre a Tutta Perfettione IL Cavallo; Nel Terzo, Che E Di Luigi, Al Presente Caval. Zo Della Nobil. Ma Accademia Delia Di Padova.
526: PEARSON, EDMUND. - Queer Books.
1454: PEDDIE, ROBERT ALEXANDER. - Place-Names in Imprints: An Index to Latin and Other Forms Used on Title Pages.
940: PEEL, BRUCE. - Early Printing in the Red River Settlement 1859-1870; and Its Effect on the Riel Rebellion.
1066: PEMBERTON, HENRY. - A View of Sir Isaac Newton
1071: PENN, WILLIAM, ROBERT BARCLAY, & JOSEPH PIKE. - Three Treatises, in Which the Fundamental Principle, Doctrines, Worship, Ministry and Discipline of the People Called Quakers, Are Plainly Declared. The First, by William Penn, in England; the Second, by Robert Barclay, in Scotland; the Third, by Joseph P
2068: PENNECUIK, ALEXANDER. - Streams from Helicon, or, Poems on Various Subjects: In Three Parts.
1936: PENNECUIK, ALEXANDER. - A Geographical, Historical Description of the Shire of Tweeddale. With a Miscelany [Sic] and Curious Collection of Select Scotish Poems. By A.P. M.
2396: PERCIVAL, EMILY, EDITOR. - The Garland or Token of Friendship.
2397: PERCIVAL, EMILY, EDITOR. - The Garland or Token of Friendship.
1922: ANQUETIL-DU PERRON, ABRAHAM HYACINTHE. - Zend-Avesta, Ouvrage de Zoroaste: Contenant Les Idées Théologiques, Physiques & Morales de Ce Législateur,...
1172: PERRUCHOT, HENRI. - Gauguin: Sa Vie Ardente Et Misérable.
1575: PERRUCHOT, HENRI. - Les Grotesques.
1173: PERRUCHOT, HENRI. - Montherlant.
1171: PERRUCHOT, HENRI. - Introduction à L'Epiphanisme.
1170: PERRUCHOT, HENRI. - Port-Royal.
922: PERRY, CHARLES. - A View of the Levant: Particularly of Constantinople, Syria, Egypt, and Greece. In Which Their Antiquities, Government, Politics, Maxims, Manners, and Customs, (with Many Other Circumstances and Contingencies) Are Attempted to Be Described and Treated on.
1461: PERRY, WILLIAM. - The Royal Standard English Dictionary: In Which the Words Are Not Only Rationally Divided Into Syllables, Accurately Accented, Their Part of Speech Properly Distinguished, and, Their Various Significations Arranged in One Line;...
2474: PERRY, JAMES. - An Epistle from Mademoiselle D'Eon to the Right Honorable L--D M-------D, L--D C---F J-----E of the C---T of K--G's B---H, on His Determination in Regard to Her Sex.
2304: PETRARCA, FRANCESCO. - De' Rimedi Dell'Vna Et L'Altra Fortuna, Cioeì Auersa & Fauoreuole Di M. Francesco Petrarca Libri II.
1276: PETRARCA, FRANCESCO. - Le Rime Del Petrarca.
2055: PHELPS, MICHAEL. - Catalogue Forty Five: A Miscellany of Rare & Interesting Books on Medicine, Science & Allied Subjects.
49: PHILIPS, JOHN. - Bleinheim, a Poem.
1174: PICON, GAËTAN. - L'Ecrivain Et Son Ombre.
1904: PICOT, EMILE. - Bibliographie Cornélienne, Ou Description Raisonnée de Toutes Les éditions Des Oeuvres de Pierre Corneille, Des Imitations Ou Traductions Qui En Ont été Faites Et Des Ouvrages Relatifs à Corneille Et à Ses écrits.
2010: SAINT-PIERRE, BERNARDIN DE. - La Capanna Indiana,... Tradotta Dal Francese Da Ant. Bruner.
341: PILKINGTON, MATTHEW. - The Gentleman's & Connoisseur's Dictionary of Painters...
1559: PILON, FREDERICK. - Barataria: Or, Sancho Turn’D Governor; a Farce in Two Acts. As Performed at the Theatre Royal Covent-Garden.
1277: PLATO. - Parmenides Sive de Ideis Et Uno Rerum Omnium Principio Platonis Dialogus.
2476: PLUMMER, THOMAS. - The Inconsistencies of Mr. Pitt, on the Subject of the War, and the Present State of Our Commerce, Considered, and Fairly Stated.
2165: POCKLINGTON, JOHN. [ROBERT SOUTHEY'S COPY - WITH A LONG NOTE IN HIS HAND]. - Altare Christianum: Or, the Dead Vicars Plea. Wherein the Vicar of Gr. Being Dead, Yet Speaketh, and Pleadeth out of Antiquity, Against Him That Hath Broken Downe His Altar.
2020: POCKOCKE, RICHARD. - Voyages de Richard Pockocke, Member de la Société Royale, & de Celle Des Antiquités de Londres, &C. , En Orient, Dans L'Egypte, L'Arabie, la Palestine, la Syrie, la Grèce, la Thrace, &C. , &C. , &C. ,...
926: POCOCKE, RICHARD. - A Description of the East, and Some Other Countries.
1384: POINSINET, ANTOINE-ALEXANDRE-HENRI. - Le Choix Des Dieux Ou Les Fêtes de Bourgogne, Divertissement En 1 Acte à L'Occasion de L'Arrivée Se S.A. S. Monseigneur le Prince de Condé, à Dijon, Pour la Tenue Des Etats de la Province. Représenté à Dijon le Dimanche 13 Juillet 1766.
1754: LIBRAIRIE CÉLINE POISAT. - Collection of 3 Catalogues: Nos. : 1, 3, & 5.
1385: POLIZIANO, ANGELO. - Stanze Di Messer Angelo Poliziano Per la Giostra Del Magnifico Giuliano Di Piero de'Medici, Riscontrate Di Nuovo Co' Testi Migliori E Diligentemente Rivedute.
403: POLLARD, ALFRED W. - Fine Books.
1625: POPE, ALEXANDER. - Saggio Su L'Uomo. Poema Filosofico in Cinque Lingue Cioè Inglese, Latina, Italiana, Francese E Tedesca.
2477: PORTER, THOMAS. - The Villain, a Tragedy: As It Is Acted by Their Majesties Servants.
2142: POUND, EZRA. - Personae.
369: POUND, EZRA. - Thrones 96-109 de Los Cantares.
1776: PRAETORIUS, CHARLES. - The Famous Victories of Henry the Fifth. The Earliest Known Quarto, 1598, a Facsimile in Foto-Lithography.
2021: PRATTENT, THOMAS. - The Virtuoso's Companion and Coin Collector's Guide.
1278: PRÉVERT, JACQUES. - La Pluie Et le Beau Temps.
2345: PRICE, RICHARD. - Observations on the Nature of CIVIL Liberty, the Principles of Government, and the Justice and Policy of the War with America. To Which Is Added an Appendix, Containing a State of the National Debt,...
2078: DI PRIMA, DIANE. - Loba, Part I.
1529: BOOKS-ABOUT-BOOKS. PRINTERS - TWO CONDEMNED TO GALLEYS, TWO HANGED, & TWO MORE PUT ON THE RACK & THEN HANGED. - The Present State of Europe: Or, the Historical and Political Monthly Mercury, Giving an Account of All the Publick and Private Occurrences, CIVIL, Ecclesiastical and Military, That Are Most Considerable in Every Court:...
2022: PRONTI, DOMENICO. - Nuova Raccolta Di 100 Vedutine Antiche Della Citta Di Roma E Sua Vicinanze. Incise a Bullino Da Domenici Pronti. [Vol II] Nuova Raccolta Delle Vedutine Moderne...
2169: HERREY, ROBERT F. [THE HOLY BIBLE, THE WHOLE BOOK OF PSALMES & CONCORDANCES]. - Two Right Profitable and Fruitfull Concordances, or Large and Ample Tables Alphabeticall.
1463: PUFENDORF, SAMUEL VON. - De Officio Hominis Et Civis Juxta Legem Naturalem Libri Duo, Cum Annotationibus Perpetuis... Et Monitis Apologeticis Ad Epistolam, Qua G.G. Leibnitius Principia Pufendorfii Obelo Notara Voluit...
1280: PULCI, LUIGI. - IL Morgante Maggiore, Di Messer Luigi Pulci Fiorentino, Dedicato All'Illustrissimo Signor D. Matteo Di Sarno Patrizio Della Citta Di Benevento.
2023: PULTENEY, RICHARD. [PRESENTATION COPY]. - A General View of the Writings of LinnæUs.
769: PULTENEY, WILLIAM, EARL OF BATH. - An Humble Address to the Knights, Citizens, and Burgesses, Elected to Represent the Commons of Great Britain in the Ensuing Parliament. By a Freeholder.
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1525: OXFORD UNIVERSITY. - A Complete and Faithful Collection of the Several Papers Which Have Been Published in Oxford, on the Subject of Subscription to the XXXIX Articles, Required from Young Persons at Their Matriculation.
1886: [UNRECORDED]. - "the Satchel, 'a Magazine for the Recreation of the Pupils of the Edinburgh Institution,'" Edited by D.A. M. Ross. No. 1, March 1806. Price One Penny.
2490: UPTON, JAMES. - Remarks on Three Plays of Benjamin Jonson. Viz. Volpone, or the Fox: Epicoene, or the Silent Woman: And the Alchemist.
15: D'URFEY, THOMAS. - Wit and Mirth: Or Pills to Purge Melancholy; Being a Collection of the Best Merry Ballads and Songs, Old and New. Fitted to All Humours, Having Each Their Proper Tune for Either Voice, or Instrument: Most of the Songs Being New Set.
198: URGOS, FRANCESCO. - Thrilling Incidents in the Political Life of an Italian; Including Travels in Africa & Syria.
1330: [UTRILLO]. - The Personal Collection of Mme Maurice Utrillo from the Utrillo Home, "la Bonne Lucie" le Vesinet, France.
1743: JOHN VALENTINE. - Books, Pamphlets, Autographs and Allied Material Relating to Franklin Delano Roosevelt and His Times. Lists 3-5.
2212: VALPY, RICHARD. - Poetical Chronology of Ancient & English History: With Historical & Explanatory Notes.
775: GENDT. A. L. VAN & CO. - Collection of 14 A.L. Van Gendt Auction Catalogues.
1504: VECELLIO, CESARE. - Vecellio's Renaissance Costume Book.
1965: GARCILASO DE LA VEGA. - Histoire Des Yncas, Rois Du Pérou, Contenant Leur Origine, Depuis le Premier Ynca Manco Capac, Leur Establissement, Leur Idolatrie, Leurs Sacrifices, Leurs Loix, Leurs Conquete; Les Merveilles Du Temple Du Soleil; & Tout L'Etat de Ce Grand Empire,...
1623: VENTURI, LIONELLO. - Pitture Italiane in America, Illustrate Da Lionello Venturi, CCCCXXXVIII Tavole.
2425: VERNEUIL, LOUIS. - L'Inconnu.
1831: VERNEUIL, LOUIS. - La Pomme.
1827: VERNEUIL, LOUIS. - La Jeune Fille Au Bain.
2420: VERNEUIL, LOUIS. - Daniel.
2435: VERNEUIL, LOUIS. - Le Traite D'Auteuil.
1829: VERNEUIL, LOUIS. - En Famille.
1830: VERNEUIL, LOUIS. - Pile Ou Face.
1815: VERNEUIL, LOUIS. - Le Danger de L'Autre.
2423: VERNEUIL, LOUIS. - La Course a L'Etoile.
1809: VERNEUIL, LOUIS. - L'Amant de Coeur.
1801: VERNEUIL, LOUIS. - Double Emploi.
1805: VERNEUIL, LOUIS. - Mademoiselle Ma Mere.
1806: VERNEUIL, LOUIS. - Rideau a Neuf Heures (Souvenirs de Theatre).
2424: VERNEUIL, LOUIS. - Le Mari Que J'Ai Voulu.
1813: VERNEUIL, LOUIS. - L'Amant de Madame Vidal.
1799: VERNEUIL, LOUIS. - Regine Armand.
2157: VERNEUIL, LOUIS. - Ma Cousine de Varsovie.
1802: VERNEUIL, LOUIS. - Lison.
1797: VERNEUIL, LOUIS. - Un Jeune Menage.
1811: VERNEUIL, LOUIS. - Pour Avoir Adrienne.
1812: VERNEUIL, LOUIS. - Hautes Etudes.
1837: VERNEUIL, LOUIS. - La Maitresse de Bridge.
1786: VERNEUIL, LOUIS. - Sarah Bernhardt.
1915: VERNEUIL, LOUIS. - A Collection of His Works, Manuscript Material, and His Contemporaries Works.
2065: VERNEUIL, LOUIS. - Théâtre Complet.
2066: VERNEUIL, LOUIS. - La Vie Merveilleuse de Sarah Bernhardt.
1621: VETTORI, PIETRO. - Petri Victorii Explicationes Suarum in Ciceronem Castigationum.
1788: VIÈTE, FRANÇOIS. - Opera Mathematica, in Unum Volume Congesta, Ac Recognita, Operâ Atque Studio Francisci à Schooten... .
518: VILLIERS, CHARLES. - Poems, by Mr. Villiers.
2491: VILLIERS, GEORGE, DUKE OF BUCKINGHAM. THE REHEARSAL; A COMEDY. WRITTEN BY HIS GRACE, GEORGE LATE DUKE OF BUCKINGHAM. - The Rehearsal; a Comedy. Written by His Grace, George Late Duke of Buckingham. To Expose Some Plays Then in Vogue, and Their Authors. With a Key and Remarks, Necessary to Illustrate the Most Material Passages, of This Piece, and to Point out the Authors.
2492: VILLIERS, GEORGE, DUKE OF BUCKINGHAM. - The Rehearsal; a Comedy.
2036: VINCI, LÉONARD DE. - Traité de la Peinture, Par Léonard de Vinci.
1863: DE VINNE, THEODORE L. - The Roman and Italic Printing Types in the Printing House of Theodore L. De Vinne & Co.
975: VIRGIL, P. M. - L'Eneide Di Virgilio, Del Commendatore Annibal Caro
2037: VITRUVIUS, MARCUS POLLIO. - L'Architettura Di M. Vitruvio Pollione Colla Traduzione Italiana E Comento Del Marchese Berardo Galiani...
1682: VLACHOS, GERASIMOS. - Gerasimou Vlachou Tou Kretos Metropolitou Philadelpheias, Kai Ton Enetiesi Pomaion Proedrou Thesauros Tetraglossos... Gerasimi Vlachi... Thesaurus Quatuor Linguarum, Ex Pluribus Antiquis Ac Recentioribus Dictionariis Collectus,...
1853: VOLNEY, CONSTANTIN FRANÇOIS. - Travels Through Syria and Egypt, in the Years 1783, 1784, and 1785. Containing the Present Natural and Political State of Those Countries, Their Productions, Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce; with Observations on the Manners, Customs, and Government...
2038: VOLTAIRE, FRANÇOIS MARIE AROUTÉ DE. - Memnon: Histoire Orientale.
702: VOLTAIRE, FRANÇOIS MARIE AROUTÉ DE. - The Philosophical Dictionary for the Pocket.
11: VYSE, CHARLES. - Vyse's New London Spelling Book, or, the Young Gentlemen and Ladies' Guide to the English Tongue: Containing Such a Variety of Really Useful Matter As to Enable Teachers to Instruct Their Scholars to Spell and Read the English Language...
1856: WALCH, JOHANN GEORGIUS. - Introductio in Libros Ecclesiæ Lutheranæ Symbolicos Observationibus Historicis Et Theologicis Illustrata.
1857: WALCH, JOHANN GEORGIUS. - Bibliotheca Patristica Litterariis Annotationibus Instructa. Editio Nova Emendator Et Multum Auctior Adornata Ab Io. Traug. Lebr. Danzio.
1726: WALFORD, G. W. - Collection of 2 G.W. Walford Lists.
1531: WALLER, EDMUND. - Mr. Wallers Speech in Parliament, at a Conference of Both Houses in the Painted Chamber. 6. Iuly 1641.
525: WALPOLE, HORACE. - The Works of Horatio Walpole, Earl of Orford.
1057: WARREN, JOHN BYRNE LEICESTER, LORD DE TABLEY. - A Guide to the Study of Book-Plates (Ex-Libris).
2408: WATERMAN, CATHERINE H. - Flora's Lexicon: An Interpretation of the Language and Sentiment of Flowers: With an Outline of Botany, and a Poetical Introduction.
790: WATSON, WILLIAM. - Sculpture of Japan: From the Fifth to the Fifteenth Century.
2039: WEBER, FRIEDRICH CHRISTIAN. - The Present State of Russia. In Two Volumes. Being an Account of the Government of That Country, Both CIVIL and Ecclesiastical; of the Czar's Forces by Sea and Land, the Regulation of His Finances,...
328: WEMYSS, STANLEY. - General Guide to Rare Americana.
2070: WESCOTT, GLENWAY. - Natives of Rock: XX Poems 1921-22
1710: WHELDON & WESLEY. - Collection of 3 Wheldon & Wesley Catalogues on Natural History. .
1314: WESTWOOD, J.O. - Arcana Entomologica; or Illustrations of New, Rare, and Interesting Insects.
481: WESTWOOD, J.O. - The Art of Illuminated Manuscripts.
1714: E. WHARTON & CO. - Collection of 3 E. Wharton & Co. Lists. .
2493: WHITEHEAD, WILLIAM. - The Goat's Beard. A Fable.
2494: WHITEHEAD, PAUL. - The State Dunces. Inscribed to Mr. Pope.
2434: WHITLATCH, MARSHALL. - The Adventures of Ceresota.
94: WHITMAN, WALT. - November Boughs.
2409: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF. - The Poetical Works of John Greenleaf Whittier.
976: WHYTE, SAMUEL. - The Shamrock: Or, Hibernian Cresses. A Collection of Poems, Songs, Epigrams, &C. , Latin As Well As English, the Original Production of Ireland. To Which Are Subjoined, Thoughts on the Prevailing System of School Education,...
1640: WIELAND, CHRISTOPH MARTIN. - Briefe Von Verstorbenen an Hinterlassene Freunde.
692: WILDE, OSCAR. - Poems in Prose.
1315: WILHELM, GOTTLIEB TOBIAS. - Unterhaltungen Aus Der Naturgeschichte. Der Würmer.
1992: HUDDESFORD, WILLIAM & THOMAS WARTON, EDITORS. - The Lives of Those Eminent Antiquaries John Leland, Thomas Hearne, and Anthony à Wood:...
935: WILLIAMSON, THAMES. - Stride of Man.
2411: WILLS, W. H., EDITOR. - Poet's Wit and Humour.
2040: WINCKLEMANN, JOHANN J. - Storia Delle Arti Del Disegno Presso Gli Antichi Di Giovanni Winkelmann Tradotta Dal Tedesco E in Questa Edizione Corretta E Aumentata Dall'Abate Carlo Fea...
2041: WINDUS, JOHN. - A Journey to Mequinez; the Residence of the Present Emperor of Fez and Morocco. On the Occasion of Commodore Stewart's Embassy Thither for the Redemption of the British Captives in the Year 1721.
573: BRITTON [WINGATE, EDMUND]. - Britton. The Second Edition. Faithfully Corrected According to Divers Ancient Manuscripts of the Same Booke. By Edm. Wingate, Gent.
731: WISKEMAN, ELIZABETH. - A Great Swiss Newspaper: The Story of the Neue Zurcher Zeitung.
2496: WOLCOT, JOHN [PINDAR, PETER]. - Bozzy and Piozzi: Or, the British Biographers. A Town Eclogue.
2495: WOLCOT, JOHN [PINDAR, PETER]. - An Apologetic Postscript to Ode Upon Ode. Or a Peep at Saint James's.
2344: WOLF, HANS KASPAR, EDITOR [SIR JAMES Y. SIMPSON'S COPY]. - Gynaeciorum, Hoc Est, de Mulierum Tum Aliis, Tum Gravidarum, Parientium & Puerperarum Affectibus & Morbis:...
2044: WOOD, H. TRUEMAN, EDITOR. - The Principles of Glass-Making, by Harry J. Powell, Together with Treatises on Crown and Sheet Glass, by Henry Chance, and Plate Glass, by H.G. Harris.
950: WREDEN, WILLIAM P. - Collection of 18 Catalogues.
956: WRIGHT, JAMES. - The History and Antiquities of the County of Rutland: Collected from Records, Ancient Manuscripts, Monuments on the Place, and Other Antiquities. Illustrated with Sculptures.
2509: XAVIER, JEROME. - Historia Christi Persice Conscripta, Simulque Multis Modis Contimanata a P. Hieronymo Xavier, Soc. Jesu Latine Reddita Et Animadversionibus Notata a Ludovico de Dieu.
2510: XAVIER, JEROME. - Historia S. Petri Persice Conscripta, Simulque Multis Modis Contimanata. Latine Reddita, Et Brevibus Animadversionibus Notata a Ludovico de Dieu.
397: BENEDICT XIV. - Benedicti XIV. Pont. Opt. Max. De Synodo Dioecesana Libri Tredecim in Duos Tomos Distributi.
772: YORKE, JAMES. - The Union of Honour. Containing the Armes, Matches and Issues of the Kings, Dukes, Marquesses and Earles of England from the Conquest, Until This Present Yeere, 1640.
2043: YORKE, PHILIP, SECOND EARL OF HARDWICKE, HON. C. YORKE, G. H. ROOKE, J. GREEN, D. WRAY, J. HEATON, W. HEBERDEN, H. COVENTRY, J. LAWRY, CATHARINE TALBOT, T. BIRCH, & S. SALTER. - Athenian Letters: Or, the Epistolary Correspondence of an Agent of the King of Persia, Residing at Athens During the Peloponnesian War. Containing the History of the Times, in Despatches to the Ministers of State at the Persian Court.
1637: YOUNGE, WILLIAM. [PRESENTATION COPY]. - Dissertatio Medica Inauguralis, de Colica.
1139: GOLL, YVAN ET CLAIRE. - Zehntausend Morgenröten. Gedichte Einer Liebe.
1138: GOLL, YVAN ET CLAIRE. - Dix Mille Aubes.
411: ZABRISKIE, GEORGE A. - Proteus (a Possible Beginning).

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