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8928: REICHARD, GLADYS A. - Navaho Religion: A Study of Symbolism, Volumes I & II (Bollingen Series XVIII)
9025: REILY, NANCY HOPKINS, WITH LUCILLE ENIX; JOSEPH IMHOF - Joseph Imhof: Artist of the Pueblos
9302: REMBRA, NATANIA - Surrounded by Water: Expressions of Freedom and Isolation in Contemporary Cuban Art
7971: RENAU, JOSEP - Fata Morgana Usa: The American Way of Life
6803: REVENGA, LUIS; GABRIEL CUALLADO - Gabriel Cuallado: Fotografias
7357: REZEK, JOHN - November (Broadside with Original Etching)
5655: RHEM, JAMES; WYNN BULLOCK - Wynn Bullock: Listening with the Eyes; Seeing with the Heart
7916: RICH, EDWARD P. - National Socialist Books and Documents - Summer 1971
6351: RICHARDSON, JOHN (EDITOR); BALTHUS - Balthus: Drawings from the Collection of Stanislas Klossowski de Rola
8967: RICHARDSON, CAROLINE M. - Poor Man's Crystal: Utilitarian Glass from Ancient Rome, Ca. 50 B.C. - A.D. 450
8754: RICKER, JEWETT E. (EDITOR) - Sculpture at a Century of Progress
8586: RINGELBERG, KIRSTIN - Redefining Gender in American Impressionist Studio Paintings: Work Place/Domestic Space
9368: RITTER, PAUL; FRANS MASEREEL - Frans Masereel: Une Seine Freunde.
8982: ROBB, JOHN DONALD, ET AL - Hispanic Folk Music of New Mexico and the Southwest: A Self-Portrait of a People
9032: PARKEHARRISON, ROBERT & SHANA - The Architect's Brother
8981: JULYAN, ROBERT & MARY STRUEVER - Field Guide to the Sandia Mountains
8861: ROBINS, GAY (EDITOR) - Beyond the Pyramids: Egyptian Regional Art from the Museo Egizio, Turin
5544: ROBINSON, EDWARD G. - Edward G. Robinson Film Still with Autograph
7421: ROCHE, SERGE - Miroirs: Galeries Et Cabinets de Glaces: Antiquite Et Orient France, Pays Bas Allegmagne Angleterre Italie Espagne Portugal
1095: RODCHENKO, ALEKSANDR MIKHAILOVICH - Rodcenko: Grafico, Designer, Fotografo
9307: ROETHEL, HANS KONRAD; WASSILY KANDINSKY - Kandinsky: Der Graphische Werk
166: ROLLAND, ROMAIN. - Peter Und Lutz
8700: RORSCHACH, KIMERLY; JEAN-BAPTISTE LE PRINCE - Drawings by Jean-Baptiste le Prince for the Voyage En Siberie
9470: ROSADO, JESUS; RAFAEL SORIANO - Rafael Soriano: Other Worlds Within: A Sixty Year Retrospective
7383: ROSE, INGRID; WERNER DREWES - Werner Drewes: A Catalogue Raisonne of His Prints
8671: ROSEN, SEYMOUR - I Am Alive
6520: ROSENFELD, MICHAEL; BOB THOMPSON - Bob Thompson: Heroes, Martyrs & Spectres
8254: ROSENFIELD, JAMES M., ET AL - The Courtly Tradition in Japanese Art and Literature: Selections from the Hofer and Hyde Collections
3436: ROSS, ZACHARY D.; RUTH LIGHT BRAUN - Ruth Light Braun: New York and Palestine, 1926-1933
4994: ROSSEN, SUSAN F. (EDITOR) - Inland Printers: The Fine Press Movement in Chicago, 1920-45
6306: ROTH, DAVID; DEAN DE COCKER - Dean de Cocker: Currents and Winds
5633: ROTH, ANDREW (EDITOR) - The Open Book: A History of the Photographic Book from 1878 to the Present
5640: DE ROTHSCHILD, GERMAINE - Luigi Boccherini: His Life and Work
6581: ROTZLER, WILLY - Constructivism and the Geometric Tradition: Selections from the Mccrory Corporation Collection
7350: ROWE, PATRICK M.; HONORE DAUMIER - Daumier: Art for the Masses
8971: ROWE, JEREMY - Photographers in Arizona 1850-1920: A History & Directory
9445: ROWE, D. TREVOR - The Railways of South America
8567: RUBINCAM, CAROLYN; BARCLAY RUBINCAM - Barclay Rubincam Close Up
7478: RUDA, JEFFREY - The Art of Drawing: Old Masters from the Crocker Art Museum
4659: RUGG, WHITNEY; JAN MATULKA - Jan Matulka: The Global Modernist
9488: RUPPLI, MICHEL - Atlantic Records: A Discography: Volume 1
7012: PANCZENKO, RUSSELL & LUCY LIPPARD; PETER GOURFAIN - Peter Gourfain: Clay, Wood, Bronze, and Works on Paper (Signed)
6551: RUZICKA, JOSEPH - French Posters and Prints: The Gutglass Collection
9566: KATE & D.N.S. - Adobe Notes or How to Keep the Weather out with Just Plain Mud
7672: LARSON, PAUL S. & JANICE CARTER LAWSON - Unplugged : Sculptured Music Instruments ( with One Exception)
8639: SMITH, PAMELA S. & RICHARD POLESE - Passions in Print: Private Press Artistry in New Mexico 1834 - Present
8241: BEAN, SUSAN S. & FREDERIC S. SCHARF - The Korean Collection of the Peabody Essex Museum
7473: CREATIVE ARTS LEAGUE OF SACRAMENTO - Material Witness: Masters from California Crafts : California Crafts XVII (Hardcover)
8648: SAJET, KIM - The Chemistry of Color: African-American Artists in Philadelphia, 1970-1990
8410: SALLES, EVANDRO - Grafica Utopica: Arte Grafica Russe 1904-1942 / Utopian Graphics: Russian Graphic Art 1904-1942
8329: MAIN, SALLY & TERESA PARKER FARRIS - The Alchemy of Beauty: Objects of Art from Tiffany Studios and the Newcomb Pottery
9278: SANCHEZ, A. EUGENE, ET AL; GENE KLOSS - Gene Kloss: An American Printmaker: A Raisonne, Volumes I & II
7739: SANDBERG, CURTIS N., ET AL; IVAN DJENEEF - A Russian Odyssey: The Art and Times of Ivan Djeneef
5346: SANDBERG, WILLEM (EDITOR) - '73-74': An Annual of New Art and Artists
7213: (NO AUTHOR LISTED); BIRGER SANDZEN - Sandzen and the New Land
8828: SARFATI, LISA; OLGA MEDVEDKOVA - The New Life / la Vie Nouvelle
5364: SAUDEK, JAN - Jan Saudek: Dopisy (Letters)
5255: SAYER, GEOFFREY R. - T'Ao Ya or Pottery Refinements
9343: SCALA, MARK W.; THORNTON DIAL - Creation Story: Gee's Bend Quilts and the Art of Thornton Dial
9334: SCALA, MARK W. (EDITOR) - Paint Made Flesh
9511: SCHABEL, JOHN - Passengers
5928: SCHAFFNER, WOLFGANG; DARIO VILLALBA - Dario Villalba: Bilder
5929: SCHAFFNER, WOLFGANG - Drei Spanische Maler: Eduardo Arroyo, Luis Gordillo, Dario Villalba
6365: SCHAFFNER, WOLFGANG; LUIS GORDILLO - Luis Gordillo: Gedankenstriche
8601: SCHIFRIN, DANIEL, ET AL; CONTEMPORARY JEWISH MUSEUM - New Works / Old Story: 80 Artists at the Passover Table
9309: SCHIMMEL, PAUL - California Collects: El Taller de Grafica Popular En Mexico
6836: SCHMALRIEDE, MANFRED - Absage an Das Einzelbild
6821: SCHOMMER, ALBERTO - Alberto Schommer
5862: SCHOMMER, PIERRE (INTRODUCTION ET NOTICES) - Monuments de Paris En 1810: Cinquante Aquarelles Originales Inedites de Victor Jean Nicolle
9370: SCHUMANN, WERNER; FRANS MASEREEL - Frans Masereel: Holzschnitte
8279: SCHUTTE, THOMAS - Sep 89 Notes
8896: SCHWAGER, MICHAEL - German Contemporaries
6291: SCHWARTZ, NANCY (FOREWORD); RICHARD LINDNER - Richard Lindner: Fun City: Original Watercolors (Signed)
8539: SCHWARTZ, ELLEN HALTEMAN - Northern California Art Exhibition Catalogues (1878-1915): A Descriptive Checklist & Index
9324: SCOTT, JOYCE J. - Maryland to Murano: Neckpieces & Sculptures
9371: SCOTT, SUE; OLEG KUDRYASHOV - Oleg Kudryashov: Moscow Remembered: Hand-Colored Drypoint Compositions, Reliefs and Constructions
8704: SCOTT, CLAY (EDITOR) - Mapping Our Places: Voices from the Indigenous Communities Mapping Initiative
9136: SCULLY, SEAN - Sean Scully: Bodies of Light / Cuerpos de Luz
9543: SEATON, ELIZABETH - Federal Prints and Democratic Culture: The Graphic Arts Division of the Works Progress Administration Federal Art Project, 1935-1943
9250: EDITRICE ABITARE SEGESTA - Zodiac 18: International Review of Architecture
9247: EDITRICE ABITARE SEGESTA - Zodiac 15: International Review of Architecture
9248: EDITRICE ABITARE SEGESTA - Zodiac 16: International Review of Architecture
9249: EDITRICE ABITARE SEGESTA - Zodiac 17: International Review of Architecture
6610: SERRA, JOSELITA RASPI (EDITOR) - Paestum and the Doric Revival 1750-1830: Essential Outlines of an Approach
8392: QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE - Unreleased Quicksilver Messenger Service: Lost Gold and Silver (Cd)
6887: SEWELL, DARREL; JOHN SINGLETON COPLEY - Copley from Boston: Paintings by John Singleton Copley, Furniture and Silver from His Time from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
9227: SHAPIRO, BARBARA STERN; BLANCH LAZZELL - Blanche Lazzell and the Color Woodcut: From Paris to Provincetown
9244: SHARF, FREDERIC A. - The Art of Propaganda: Lithographs Published During the Russo-Japan War, 1904-1905
6106: HANES, SHARON & RICHARD HANES - Great Depression and New Deal: Primary Sources
8756: SHAW, ROBERT, ET AL - The Birth of the Banjo
9394: SHERMETA, MARGO - Meeting Ground: Basketry Traditions and Sculptural Forms
9274: KHAN, LIN SHI & TONY PEREZ - Scottsboro Alabama: A Story in Linoleum Cuts
8331: SHINN, DEBORAH SAMPSON - Revolution, Life and Labor: Soviet Porcelains (1918-1985)
9297: SICHEL, KIM - To Fly: Contemporary Aerial Photography
7512: SILBERMAN, ROBERT; WARREN MACKENZIE - Warren Mackenzie: Legacy of an American Potter
9471: SILVERMAN, ROBERT; GENDRON JENSEN - Gendron Jensen: Stone Lithography
8405: SIMLER, BARBARA - Illustrated British Novels 1800-1899
9200: SIMMONS, MARK - Albuquerque: A Narrative History (Signed/Limited Edition)
9443: SIMMS, WILFRID F. - The Railways of Chile: Volume I - Northern Chile : La Calera-Copiapo
8921: SIMS, PATTERSON; PHILIP PEARLSTEIN - Philip Pearlstein's People, Places, Things
7817: SIMS, PATTERSON - Representing America 1900-1940: Paintings from the Permanent Collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art
9522: SIMS, LOWERY STOKES, ET AL - New Territories: Laboratories for Design, Craft and Art in Latin America
5503: SINISI, SILVANA - La Costellazione Del Segno
5504: SINISI, SILVANA - IL Passo Dell'Acrobatta
8876: SINKEVIC, IDA - Knights in Shining Armor: Myth and Reality 1450-1650
6245: SIRMANS, FRANKLIN; DAVID HAMMONS - David Hammons: Selected Works
9306: SLIPP, NAOMI - Teaching the Body: Artistic Anatomy in the American Academy from Copley, Rimmer, and Eakins to Contemporary Artists
9513: SMALLEY, LUKE - Gymnasium
6303: SMITH, CHARLES - Experiments in Relief Print Making
4392: SMITH, CHARLES - Abstractions
6157: SMITH, MICHAEL P. - Spirit World: A Pattern in the Expressive Folk Culture of Afro-American New Orleans (Signed)
6644: (VARIOUS AUTHORS); WILLIAM A. SMITH - William A. Smith: A Retrospective
8937: SNAY, CHERYL K. - Storied Past: Four Centuries of French Drawings from the Blanton Art Museum (Hardcover)
8931: SNODGRASS, O.T. - Realistic Art and Times of the Mimbres Indians (Signed)
6635: SOBEL, DEAN - Abstract Expressionism: Works on Paper from the Permanent Collection
6137: SOBEL, DEAN - From Pollock to Marden: Post-War Works on Paper from the Collection of Susan and Larry Marx
6490: SOBEL, DEAN; ROSS BLECKNER - Ross Bleckner: Currents 14
8354: SOKOL, DAVID M.; OTTO NEUMANN - Otto Neumann: His Life and Work (New in Shrink-Wrap)
9149: SOKOLOWSKI, THOMAS W.; ROSALIND SOLOMON - Rosalind Solomon: Portraits in the Time of Aids
7858: SOKOLOWSKI, THOMAS W. - Morality Tales: History Painting in the 1980s
7300: HERZ, CARY; ORI Z. SOLTES & MONA HERNANDEZ - New Mexico's Crypto-Jews: Image and Memory (Hardcover)
9357: HERZ, CARY; ORI Z. SOLTES & MONA HERNANDEZ - New Mexico's Crypto-Jews: Image and Memory (Hardcover / Signed)
6784: SOMMER, ACHIM - Sammlung Henri Nannen / Schenkung Otto Van de Loo: Meisterwerke Der Kunsthalle in Emden
6785: SOMMER, ACHIM - Sammlung Henri Nannen / Schenkung Otto Van de Loo: Meisterwerke Der Kunsthalle in Emden
9214: SPADA, VALERIO - Gomorrah Girl (New in Shrink-Wrap)
7589: SPIES, WERNER; MAX KLINGER - Max Klinger 1857-1920: Printed Graphic
6508: SPOONER, PETER F.; DENNIS OPPENHEIM - Dennis Oppenheim: Drawings and Selected Sculpture
9120: SQUEEZE - The Very Best of Squeeze No. 1: Dedicated to the Pursuit of the Sexual Lifestyle: Volume Two, Number Three
9084: STALLINGS, TYLER; PEDRO ALVAREZ - The Signs Pile Up: Paintings by Pedro Alvarez
9335: STANFILL, SONNET (EDITOR) - Italian Style: Fashion Since 1945
8902: IANCO-STARRELS, JOSINE; MARK LERE - Mark Lere: Water Suites
9018: STAVITSKY, GAIL - Reflecting Culture: The Evolution of American Comic Book Super Heroes
9057: STAVITSKY, GAIL; HANANIAH HARARI - Hananiah Harari: A Personal Synthesis
7992: STEINER, RAYMOND J.; CHEN CHI - Chen Chi Sketches Drawings
5688: FAIRCLOTH, STEPHEN & SUZAN COURTNEY - Enisled Visions: The Southern Non-Traditional Folk Artist
8510: HELLER, STEPHEN & LOUISE FILI - Streamline: American Art Deco Graphic Design
9122: STERLING, JASMINE - Bad Attitude: Lesbian Erotic Fiction, Vol. VII, Number V
9276: STERN, C. CHRISTOPHER - Calling Down the Birds: A Tale Told in Wood
8516: STERN, DAVID, ET AL - Chosen: Philadelphia's Great Hebraica
9495: FINZ, STEVEN AND IRIS - The Best Sex I Ever Had!
5867: BEYER, STEVEN & MATILDA MCQUAID; GEORGE NAKASHIMA - George Nakashima and the Modernist Moment
9402: STEVENS, ANDREW - Tandem Press: Five Years of Collaboration and Experimentation
9110: STEWART, VIRGINIA - 45 Contemporary Mexican Artists
281: STEWART, RUTH ANN - New York / Chicago: Wpa and the Black Artist
6983: STORER, RUSSELL; TIM RICHARDSON - Physical Frequencies: Tim Richardson
9239: STRAUSS, DR. WALTER - Von Eisernen Pferden Und Pfaden
9496: STREAN, HERBERT S. (EDITOR) - Inhibitions in Work and Love
9462: STRETTON, M. J. - Festiniog Railway in Camera: One Hundred Years 1871-1971
9319: STRICHERZ, GARY - Americans in Kodachrome
6310: STRINGA, NICOLA - Venezia '900 Da Boccioni a Vedova
7142: JOELSON-STROHBACH, HARRY - Frans Masereel Und Georg Reinhart
5751: STRONG, DANIEL; MARCO VAN DUYVENDIJK - Marco Van Duyvendijk: Portraits from Asia
5749: STRONG, DANIEL, ET AL; AUSTIN THOMAS - Austin Thomas: Perches and Drawings
6634: STRUVE, WILLIAM - An American Landscape: Views from the Heartland
6055: HALL, STUART & MARK SEALY - Different: A Historical Context: Contemporary Photographers and Black Identity
9382: STUHR, JOANNE (EDITOR) - Everyday Miracles: Latin American Folk Art from the Cecere Collection
8760: STURGES, JOCK - Jock Sturges: New Work 1996-2000 (Signed)
9593: SUMRALL, BRADLEY; SHARON KOPRIVA - From Terra to Verde: The Art of Sharon Kopriva
7608: STRICKLER, SUSAN & ELAINE GUSTAFSON - The Second Wave: American Abstraction of the 1930s and 1940s: Selections from the Penny and Elton Yasuna Collection
6625: SUSSMAN, ELISABETH, ET AL - Remote Viewing: Invented Worlds in Recent Painting and Drawing (New in Shrink Wrap)
9423: SWETT, IRA L. - Sacramento Northern
8576: SZEWCZYK, DAVID M. - A Calendar of the Peruvian and Other South American Manuscripts in the Philip & A.S. W. Rosenbach Foundation
9544: SZUKALSKI, STANISLAUS - Lot of 15 Szukalski Postcards
9617: TABOR, JUNE - Aleyn (Signed by June Tabor)
6769: ANDO, TADAO & MICHAEL WEBB - Stone Hill Center: Tadao Ando at the Clark
6824: TAL, BOAZ - Contacts: Transparent Sea
8735: TANGUY, SARAH - Mapping: Memory and Motion in Contemporary Art
9166: TANKARD, JUDITH B. - A Legacy in Bloom: Celebrating a Century of Gardens at the Cummer
9167: TANKARD, JUDITH B. - A Legacy in Bloom: Celebrating a Century of Gardens at the Cummer
9137: TANNENBAUM, JUDITH - Concept Narrative Document: Recent Photographic Works from the Morton Neumann Family Collection
5612: TARBELL, ROBERTA K.; ROBERT LAURENT - Robert Laurent and American Figurative Sculpture 1910-1960
8000: TATE, CAROLYN E. (EDITOR) - Human Body, Human Spirit: A Portrait of Ancient Mexico
6906: TATIOS, ACHILLES (FREDERICK AST) - Leukippe: Ein Roman Aus Dem Grieschischen Des Achilles Tatios
8912: TAYLOR, JOHN H. - Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb
7105: TEATHER, LOUISE - Discovering Marin: Historical Tour by Cities and Towns
8873: LINDBLOOM, TERRI & CRAIG ADCOCK - Running Around the Pool: Contemporary Drawing
8309: BOYD, VIRGINIA TERRY & BRUCE BROOK PFEIFFER; FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT - Frank Lloyd Wright & the House Beautiful: Designing an American Way of Living
9019: TESKE, EDMUND - Edmund Teske: Chicago / Remembrances
7113: THIEME, OTTO CHARLES - A Catalogue of Berlin Wool Work in the Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection
8613: THISTLETHWAITE, MARK; PETER FREDERICK ROTHERMEL - Painting in the Grand Manner: Peter Frederick Rothermel (1812-1895)
9453: THOMPSON, MALCOLM - Rails Through Swamp & Sand: A History of the Port Adelaide Railway
8430: THOMSON, FRANK E. - Dancing in a Garden of Light: Contemporary Glass from the Collection of Isaac and Sonia Lusky
9567: TICE, HENRY ALLEN - Early Railroad Days in New Mexico
4693: THE CHICAGO SUN-TIMES & THE CHICAGO DAILY NEWS - Specimen Book of Type Designs
7198: BLANKENSHIP, TISKA & ED GARMAN - Vision and Spirit: The Transcendental Painting Group
7515: (VARIOUS AUTHORS); FRANCISCO TOLEDO - Francisco Toledo: Recent Works on Paper - Etchings, Lithographs, Xylographs from 1999-2000
7602: TOLSTOI, ALEXEJ N. - IM Nebel
9345: TOMLINSON, JANIS A.; FRANCISCO GOYA - Goya's War: Los Desastres de la Guerra
8989: TRAUGOTT, JOSEPH - O'Keeffe's New Mexico
9385: TRAVIS, WILLIAM BARRET - The Travis Letter: Official Exhibition Guide
8890: TRICOT, XAVIER; JAMES ENSOR - James Ensor: The Complete Paintings (New in Shrink-Wrap)
9609: YUHO, TSENG & HOWARD A. LINK - The Art of Tseng Yuho
8134: TUENER, GEORGE; STEFAN KRAMAR - Stefan Kramar's Panhandle Portrait
6904: VON TURK, WILHELM - Leitfaden Zur Behandlung Des Unterrichts in Der Formen- Und Groschen-Lehre
7046: TURNER, ALAN - Marked Woods: Alan Turner
8333: TURNER, RICHARD - Contempt Mandala
9290: TURZAK, CHARLES - Catalogue of Signed Original Prints by Charles Turzak
8927: TWITCHELL, RALPH EMERSON - The Leading Facts of New Mexican History, Vol. II
8547: TYLER, KENNETH E.; HELEN FRANKENTHALER - Helen Frankenthaler: Reflections: A Series of Twelve Color Lithographs
9338: UDALL, SHARYN R.; VICTOR HIGGINS - Victor Higgins in New Mexico
6890: UDALL, SHARYN R. - Arsuna: The Culmination of an Ideal, 1937-1942
4490: UMBERGER, LESLIE; ALBERT ZAHN - Albert Zahn: I'LL Fly Away
8737: ILSE-NEUMAN, URSULA & JANET KARDON - Conversations in Clay
9518: ILSE-NEUMAN, URSULA & JULIE M. MUNIZ; MARGARET DE PATTA - Space Light Structure: The Jewelry of Margaret de Patta
7120: OBEIR, UWE & OTTO E. WEIGHARDT; PAUL WIEGHARDT - Paul Wieghardt: Olbilder - Aquarelle - Zeichnungen - Radierungen
9015: BENDAVID-VAL, LEAH; SAM ABELL - Sam Abell Library: The Photography of Places (Signed)
8398: VALDES, REYNA MARIA - Cuba En la Grafica
5956: TVRDIK, VALERIE & NAOMI GILMAN - American Chairs: Form, Function and Fantasy
9283: VARNEDOE, KIRK, ET AL - Modern Contemporary: Art at Moma Since 1980
9235: VERHAGEN, ERIK; JAN DIBBETS - Jan Dibbets: Perspective Collection
8204: VERMEYLEN, AUGUST - Der Ewige Jude
8464: VETARE, MARGARET L. - Philipsburg Manor: Upper Mills
9459: MITCHELL, VIC & KEITH SMITH - Ashford to Dover Including the Hythe and Sandgate Branch
8761: VICARIO, GILBERT; MIGUEL ANGEL RIOS - Miguel Angel Rios: Walkabout
9246: ALLEN, VIDA & FEBE VAN NIEKIRK - Experiences of a Siege: A Diary of the Siege of Kimberley, 21 September 1899 to 16 February 1900
5966: VIGNA, LENA - Masquerade
5560: VILLA, EMILIO; GIULIO TURCATO - Giulio Turcato
7661: VIRCH, CLAUS - The Circle of Canaletto
7222: FAGONE, VITTORIO & ARMIN ZWEITE; RAINER WITTENBORN - Rainer Wittenborn: De Finibus Terrae (Signed)
4770: VUKIC, FEDA; VELIMIR NEIDHARDT - Velimir Neidhardt
3071: PEPICH, BRUCE W. & CAREN HEFT - Wisconsin Wpa Art in the Permanent Collection of the Charles A. Wustum Museum of Fine Arts
9293: SCALA, MARK W. & SUSAN EDWARDS; JACK SPENCER - Jack Spencer: Beyond the Surface
9413: DEMORO, HARRE W. & VERNON J. SAPPERS - Rails to San Francisco Bay
9448: WAGLI, HANS G., ET AL - Schienennetz Schweiz / Reseau Ferre Suisse
6316: WAGNER, HANS-JOACHIM; CHRISTINA FEUSER - Christina Feuser: La Mort Subite
6826: WAINWRIGHT, CHRIS - Solid State
9052: WALCH, PETER; CLINTON ADAMS - Clinton Adams: Paintings and Watercolors 1945-1987
8687: WALFORD, JONATHAN - Ready to Tear: Paper Fashions of the 60s
9427: WALKER, MIKE - Steam Powered Video's Comprehensive Railroad Atlas of North America: California and Nevada
7104: WALKER, FRED - Destination Unknown: Running Away to Danger
8050: WALKER, CELIA (EDITOR) - Cheekwood Museum of Art: Permanent Collection
9412: RICE, WALTER & EMILIANO ECHEVERRIA - San Francisco's California Street Cable Car: Celebrating a Century and a Quarter of Service
9479: WARD, LYND - Bibliognost, Volume II, Number II: Special Lynd Ward Issue
8251: FAQUIN, JANE WARD & MAIA JALENAK; HELEN TURNER - Helen M. Turner: The Woman's Point of View
7783: WARD, LYND - Original Signed Wood Engraving from Madman's Drum
9273: WARD, LYND; BARBARA HENRY - Prospectus for Lynd Ward's Last Unfinished Wordless Novel
8696: WARE, CHRIS - Uninked: Paintings, Sculpture and Graphic Work by Five Contemporary Cartoonists: Kim Deitch, Jerry Moriarty, Gary Panter, Ron Rege, Jr. , Seth
5838: WARREN, LYNNE; TONY FITZPATRICK - Tony Fitzpatrick : The City Etchings 1993-2003
5736: WARREN, LYNNE - Dogs!
8935: WATERS, FRANK - Brave Are My People: Indian Heroes Not Forgotten (Signed Limited Edition)
9049: WATSON, NEIL; LILLY WEI; LESLIE LERNER - Under the Radar: Leslie Lerner
7807: WATTENMAKER, RICHARD J.; SAMUEL YELLIN - Samuel Yellin in Context
1093: WAYNE, CYNTHIA - Dreams, Lies, and Exaggerations: Photomontage in America
5897: WECHSLER, JAMES - Surrealism Embodied: The Figure in American Art 1933-1953
8652: WEGNER, SUSAN E. - Beauty & Duty: The Art and Business of Renaissance Marriage
8564: WEIDNER, RUTH IRWIN; GEORGE COCHRAN LAMBDIN - George Cochran Lambdin 1830-1896
9528: WEININGER, SUSAN; GERTRUDE ABERCROMBIE - Gertrude Abercrombie and Friends
3973: WEININGER, SUSAN S., ET AL; TUNIS PONSEN - The Lost Paintings of Tunis Ponsen (1891-1969)
9336: WEINSTEIN, LAURA - Ink Silk & Gold: Islamic Art from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
9551: WEISBERG, GABRIEL (INTRODUCTION). - Rediscovered Printmakers of the 19th Century
8877: WEISBERG, GABRIEL; MANUEL ROBBE - Manuel Robbe 1872-1936: 100 Color Aquatints
9456: WELCH, MICHAEL S. - Branch Lines to Horsted Keynes
8893: SMITH, DR. WELDON & BOB NUGENT - African Pragmatism
6344: EWALD, WENDY & RAY WILLIAMS - Visions of Faith: Wendy Ewald and Children
7450: WESLEY, REV. JOHN - A Plain Account of Christian Perfection
9119: WEST, RICHARD; XAVIERA LOPEZ - Love for Life: Richard West's Best Naturist Images (Amer la Vie / Amar la Vida / Liebe Zum Leben)
8956: WESTON, EDWARD; HARRY CALLAHAN - Edward Weston & Harry Callahan: He, She, It
7517: WHITE, MARK ANDREW; TOBI KAHN - Tobi Kahn: Correspondence
9104: WHITEHOUSE, DAVID - Roman Glass in the Corning Museum of Glass, Volumes I, II and III (New in Shrink-Wrap)
9105: WHITEHOUSE, DAVID - Roman Glass in the Corning Museum of Glass, Volumes I, II and III (New in Shrink-Wrap)
7961: WHITEHOUSE, DAVID - Roman Glass in the Corning Museum of Glass, Volumes I, II and III (New in Shrink-Wrap)
8570: WHITELY, STARK; PAUL WESCOTT - Paul Wescott: Landscape and Marine Painter
8219: VON WICHT, JOHN - Harbor Spring (Original Signed Color Woodcut)
9199: WIGGINS, WALT; WILLIAM LUMPKINS - William Lumpkins: Pioneer Abstract Expressionist
7278: WIGGINS, WALT; EMIL BISTTRAM - The Transcendental Art of Emil Bisttram
7089: WILDE, OSCAR - The Ballad of Reading Gaol (in Dust Jacket)
6615: JEFFETT, WILLIAM & MARTICA SAWIN - Surrealism in America During the 1930s and 1940s: Selections from the Penny and Elton Yasuna Collection
9560: SALLOCH, WILLIAM & MARIANNE - By Study and by Watchfulness: An Exhibition of Illustrated Exhibitions of Ovid and Artists' Depictions of People with Books... .
8995: WILMERDING, JOHN; FITZ HENRY LANE; MARY BLOOD MELLEN - Fitz Henry Lane & Mary Blood Mellen: Old Mysteries and New Discoveries
8934: WILSON, MALIN; WILLIAM LUMPKINS - William Lumpkins: Works on Paper 1930-1986
9074: WILSON, MALIN - Tamarind Impressions: Recent Lithographs
8151: WINTERS, LAURIE, ET AL - A Renaissance Treasury: The Flagg Collection of European Decorative Arts and Sculpture
7813: WISHART, ROBERT; BILL BAMBERGER - Boys Will Be Men: Photographs by Bill Bamberger
9208: WITKIN, JOEL-PETER; EUGENIA PARRY - Joel-Peter Witkin: The Bone House (Signed)
9209: WITKIN, JOEL-PETER; EUGENIA PARRY - Joel-Peter Witkin: The Bone House
9480: WITTMER, MARCILENE KEELING - Art in Real Life: Traditional African Art from the Lowe Art Museum
8662: WOELFFER, EMERSON - Untitled Original Signed Lithograph
8743: WOLF, SYLVIA, ANDY GRUNDBERG; KENNETH JOSEPHSON - Kenneth Josephson: A Retrospective (Signed)
9611: WOLFE, TOM (INTRODUCTION); ANNIE LEIBOVITZ - Annie Leibovitz: Photographs (Signed)
1060: WOODEN, HOWARD E. - American Art of the Great Depression: Two Sides of the Coin
1061: WOODEN, HOWARD E. - The Neglected Generation of American Realist Painters: 1930-1948
9484: WOODHAMS, JOHN - Funicular Railways
9093: WOODWARD, KESLER E.; EUSTACE PAUL ZIEGLER - Spirit of the North: The Art of Eustace Paul Ziegler
7907: WOODWARD, KESLER E.; FRED MACHETANZ - A Northern Adventure: The Art of Fred Machetanz (Hardcover in Dust Jacket)
8969: WOODY, JACK; GEORGE PLATT LYNES - George Platt Lynes: Photographs 1931-1955
9116: ADAM FILM WORLD - Adam Film World Guide: 1986 Directory of Adult Films, Volume 2, Number 10
8765: WORTHEN, AMY NAMOWITZ - Apocalypse: Prophecies & Visions
9033: WORTLEY, LAURA; WILFRED GABRIEL DE GLEHN - Wilfred Gabriel de Glehn: John Singer SargentíS Painting Companion (Hardcover)
8685: WRIGHT, JOHN S.; GORDON PARKS - Gordon Parks: Centennial: His Legacy at Wichita State University
8316: WRIGHT, JOHN S. - A Stronger Soul Within a Finer Frame: Portraying African-Americans in the Black Renaissance
9559: WUST, KLAUS - Folk Art in Stone: Southwest Virginia
8941: WYNN, NEIL A. (EDITOR) - Cross the Water Blues: African American Music in Europe (Hardcover)
6550: YOOD, JAMES - Death
9473: ZALCE, ALFREDO - Campanero
8102: ZEITLIN, MARILYN A.; BILL VIOLA - Bill Viola: Buried Secrets / Segreti Sepolti
9546: ZEITLIN, MARILYN A.; OSCAR OIWA - Gardening with Oscar Oiwa: New Paintings
8105: ZEITLIN, MARILYN A. (EDITOR) - Art Under Duress: El Salvador 1980-Present
9378: ZEITLIN, MARILYN A.; JORDI TEIXIDOR - Jordi Teixidor: En Lugar de la Ausencia
9390: ZEITLIN, MARILYN A. - Helme Prinzen: Sky Maps
7694: ZELLA, ROBBIN - Illustrating Connecticut: People, Places, Things
7782: ZENNER, MARTHA J. - Shelter
8423: ZERI, FEDERICO - Italian Paintings in the Walters Art Gallery, Volumes I & II
8473: ZHELEZNOVA, IRINA - Vassilisa the Beautiful
7630: ZIMMERMANN, JEAN-LOUIS - Poemes de Marbre: Sculptures Cycladiques de Musee Barbier-Muller
4718: ZUCK, VIRPI (EDITOR) - Dictionary of Scandinavian Literature
7861: TSONG-ZUNG, CHANG - Power to the Word
8373: ZURAW, SHELLEY E., ET AL - Masterpieces of Renaissance and Baroque Sculpture from the Palazzo Venezia, Rome
9143: ZWIRNER, DOROTHEA; ASTRID KLEIN - Astrid Klein: Schriftbilder 1977-2007

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