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67702: PETIT, MARIA LUISA - Control Theory and Dynamic Games in Economic Policy Analysis
65798: PETRAKIS, EMMANUEL - Environmental Regulation and Market Power Competition Time Consistency and International Trade
66497: PETRI, FABIO - General Equilibrium, Capital and Macroeconomics a Key to Recent Controversies in Equilibrium Theory
55095: PETRONIUS - The Satyricon of Petronius
45363: PETTIS, RUTH - The Goudy Presence at Konglomerati Press
51345: PEYSER, JOAN - To Boulez and Beyond: Music in Europe Since the Rite of Spring
73886: PEYTAVIN, MIREILLE - Visite Et Gouvernement Dans le Royaume de Naples
57785: PEYTON, E. S. - Trolly Cars of Fort Collins
71171: PFAFF, MARTIN - Frontiers in Social Thought Essays in Honour of Kenneth E. Boulding
64970: PFALTZGRAFF, ROBERT - Intelligence Policy and National Security
68122: PFEIFFER, BRUCE BROOKS - Treasures of Taliesin Seventy-Six Unbuilt Designs
70387: PFEIFFER, PAUL E. - Sets, Events, and Switching
77525: PFLANZE, OTTO - Bismarck and the Development of Germany (Three Volumes)
67168: PFOUTS, RALPH ED. - Essays in Economics and Econometrics a Colume in Honor of Harold Hotelling
70890: PFOUTS, RALPH W. , ED - Essays in Economics and Econometrics a Volume in Honor of Harold Hotelling
70952: PHELPS, EDMUND S. - Fiscal Neutrality Toward Economic Growth Analysis of a Taxation Principle
65188: PHELPS, EDMUND S. - International Economic Interdependence, Patterns of Trade Balances and Economic Policy Coordination
67662: PHELPS BROWN, HENRY - Egalitarianism and the Generation of Inequality
60042: PHILIPPE, ROBERT - Political Graphics Art As a Weapon
76050: PHILIPPE, DANIEL - France from the Air
73109: PHILIPS, C. H. - Handbook of Oriental History
44567: PHILLIPS, PHILLIP LEE - A List of Maps of America in the Library of Congress
76670: PHILLIPS, JONATHAN - Holy Warriors a Modern History of the Crusades
76063: PHILLIPS, LISA - High Styles Twentieth-Century American Design
70036: PHILLIPS, STEPHEN - Marpessa
70059: PHILLIPS, STEPHEN - Poems
67217: PHILLIPS, ALMARIN - Prices Issues in Theory, Practice and Public Policy
65677: PHILLIPS, PAUL - Marx and Engels on Law and Laws Readings in the Sociology of Law
50074: PHILLIPS, C. E. LUCAS - Ornamental Shrubs Hardy in Temperate Climates
70060: PHILLIPS, STEPHEN - Paolo & Francesca
50089: PHILLIPS, C. E. LUCAS - Rothschild Rhododendrons Record of the Gardens at Exbury
73461: PHILLIPS, KEVIN P. - The Cousins' Wars Religion, Politics, CIVIL Warfare, and the Triumph of Anglo-America
74073: PHILLIPS, SANDRA - Andre Kertesz of Paris and New York
51685: PHILOPONUS, & SIMPLICIUS - Place, Void, and Eternity
59886: PHIPPS, FRANCES - Let Me Be Los Codebook for Finnegans Wake
68516: PHLIPS, LOUIS - Effects of Industrial Concentration a Cross-Section Analysis for the Common Market
64857: PHLIPS, LOUIS - Applied Consumption Analysis
66896: PHLIPS, LOUIS - Competition Policy a Game-Theoretic Perspective
74164: AMERICAN INSITUTE OF PHYSICS - Structure and Excitations of Amorphous Solids
68375: PIATER, A. - Barriers to Innovation
72853: PIATTELLI-PALMARINI, MASSIMO - Inevitable Illusions How Mistakes of Reason Rule Our Minds
51259: PIAZZA, TOM - Blues Up and Down: Jazz in Our Time
74657: PICABIA, FRANCIS - Picabia 1922
74686: PICASSO, PABLO - Picasso Vollard Suite the Instituto de Credito Oficial Collection
41528: PICASSO, PABLO - The Sketchbooks of Picasso Je Suis Cahier
71939: PICKERING, J. F. - Resale Price Maintenance in Practice
65796: PICKOVER, CLIFFORD A. - The Mathematics of Oz Mental Gymnastics from Beyond the Edge
64660: PICKOVER, CLIFFORD A - Computers, Pattern, Chaos, and Beauty Graphics from an Unseen World
67348: PICKVANCE, RONALD - Van Gogh in Saint-Remy and Auvers
65901: PICOT, GERNARD - Handbook of International Mergers and Acquisitions
52263: PIERCE, RICHARD A. - H.M. S. Sulphur at California, 1837 and 1839 Being the Accounts of Midshipman Francis Guillemard and Simpkinson and Captain Edward Belcher
50171: PIERCE, JOHN H. - Greenhouse Grow How
71656: PIERCE, JOHN F. - Some Large-Scale Production Scheduling Problems in the Paper Industry
74531: PIERPONT, JAMES - Functions of a Complex Variable
74530: PIERPONT, JAMES - The Theory of Functions of Real Variables
63456: PIERRE, ROGER - The Magic of Francis Carlyle
70891: PIERSON, JOHN H. G. - Full Employment
56409: PIGAFETTA, ANTONIO - Magellan's Voyage a Narrative Account of the First Circumnavigation
65747: PIGGOTT, JOHN - New Developments in Applied General Equilibrium Analysis
55697: PIGNATTI, TERISIO - Giorgione Complete Edition
75480: PIGOU, A. C. - A Study in Public Finance
75521: PIGOU, A. C. - The Political Economy of War
71522: PIGOU, ARTHUR C. - Keynes's General Theory a Retrospective View
64800: PILLING, GEOFFREY - The Crisis of Keynesian Economics a Marxist View
68512: PINDYCK, ROBERT S. - Optimal Planning for Economic Stabilization the Application of Control Theory to Stabilization Policy
68778: PINES, DAVID - Emerging Syntheses in Science
61955: PINETTE, MATTHIEU - From the Sun King to the Royal Twilight Painting in Eighteenth-Century France from the Musee de Picardie, Amiens
70724: PINSKER, M. S. - Information and Information Stability of Random Variables and Processes
72534: PIOZZI, HESTER - Observations and Reflections
51002: PIOZZI, HESTHER LYNCH - Anecdotes of Samuel Johnson
31749: PIPER, DAVID - Artists' London
59728: PIRANDELLO, LUIGI - Stories
73309: PISIER, GILLES - The Volume of Convex Bodies and Banach Space Geometry
68613: PITCHFORD, JOHN DAVID - Applications of Control Theory to Economic Analysis
68581: PITCHFORD, JOHN DAVID - A Study of Cost and Demand Inflation
68513: PITCHFORD, JOHN DAVID - Population in Economic Growth
68148: PITELIS, CHRISTOS - Corporate Capital Control, Ownership, Saving and Crisis
64987: PITELIS, CHRISTOS - Transaction Costs, Markets and Hierarchies
67605: PITELIS, CHRISTOS - On Economic Institutions Theory and Applications
68727: PITT, JOSEPH C. (ED. ) - Philosophy in Economics
75655: PITTEL, KAREN - Sustainability and Endogenous Growth
68775: PLAMENATZ, JOHN PETROV - Karl Marx's Philosophy of Man
75489: PLASSCHAERT, SYLVAIN R. F. - Transnational Corporations Transfer Pricing and Taxation
71325: PLATO - Lysis, or Friendship; the Symposium; Phaedrus
75314: PLATO - The Republic
75268: PLATO - The Sophist & the Statesman
48461: PLATO - Philebus & Epinomis
56739: PLATO - Sophistes and Politicus of Plato
68769: PLATTS, MARK DE BRETTON - Reference, Truth and Reality Essays on the Philosophy of Language
66642: PLOTKIN, HENRY - Darwin Machines and the Nature of Knowledge
67377: PLOTT, CHARLES R. - Information, Finance and General Equilibrium Collected Papers on the Experimental Foundations of Economics and Political Science
67375: PLOTT, CHARLES R. - Public Economics Political Process and Policy Applications Collected Papers on the Experimental Foundations of Economics and Politicalscience
67376: PLOTT, CHARLES R. - Market Institutions and Price Discovery Collected Papers on the Experimental Foundations of Economics and Political Science
67154: PLUM, LESTER - Investment Analysis and Management
73906: PLUMB, J. H. - The American Experience the Collected Essays of J.H. Plumb
60810: PLUMB, J. H. - The American Experience the Collected Essays of J.H. Plumb
51963: PLUMMER, JOHN - The Hours of Catherine of Cleves
52910: PLUMMER, JOHN - The Hours of Catherine of Cleves
50125: PLUMPTRE, GEORGE - Garden Ornament Five Hundred Years of History and Practice
72323: POCCI, FRANS GRAF VON - Die Gesamte Druckgraphik
44765: PODA, JOHN - Proverbs and Maxims
74256: POE, EDGAR ALLAN - The Works of Edgar Allan Poe
68176: POE, EDGAR ALLAN - The Poetical Works of Edgar Allen Poe
75671: POGORELOV A. - Geomtery
73765: POHLER, ALFRED - Alte Sudtiroler Bergbauernhofe
57529: POHREN, D. E. - Adventures in Taste: The Wines and Folk Food of Spain
75224: POIANI, MARIO - Art Deco Objects of Virtu
68614: POIRIER, DALE J. - Econometrics of Structural Change
76624: POIRIER, RENE - Science Et Action Economique
75931: POLANO, SERGIO - Santiago Calatrava Complete Works
70502: POLENSKE, KAREN R. - Advances in Input-Output Analysis
66815: POLLAK, ROBERT A. - Demand System Specification and Estimation
68162: POLLARD, ALFRED - An Essay on Colophons
53656: POLLARD, ALFRED ED. - The Towneley Plays
67892: POLLIN, ROBERT - New Perspectives in Monetary Macroeconomics Explorations in the Tradition of Hyman P. Minsky
48143: POLLOCK, JOHN - Kitchener Architect of Victory, Artisan of Peace
44554: POLO, MARCO - The Most Noble and Famous Travels of Marco Polo, Together with the Travels of Nicolò de'Conti
44326: POLSCHER, ANDREW A. - The Evolution of Printing Presses from Wood to Metal, an Essay in Tribute to Paul A. Bennett
72650: POLWHELE, ELIZABETH - The Frolicks, or the Lawyer Cheated
51006: POLWHELE, RICHARD - The English Orator a Diadactic Poem
72627: POLWHELE, ELIZABETH - The Frolicks, or the Lawyer Cheated
76337: POLYA, G. - Induction and Analogy in Mathematics
70355: POLYA, GEORGE - Appljed Combinatorial Mathematics
64130: POLYA, GEORGE - Collected Papers
72863: POLYA, GEORGE - Patters of Plausible Inference
68538: POMPER, CLAUDE L - International Investment Planning an Integrated Approach
77431: PONS, BRUNO - French Period Rooms 1650-1800 Rebuilt in England, France, and the Americas
67165: PONTECORBO, GIULIO - Issues in Banking and Monetary Analysis
70972: POOL, A. G. - Wage Policy in Relation to Industrial Fluctuations
62745: POOLE, DERRELL - Narrow Gauge Pictorial Volume VIII
48588: POOLMAN, KENNETH - The Speedwell Voyage
51409: POPE, ARTHUR - Titian's Rape of Europa
73415: POPE, HUGH - Sons of the Conquerors the Rise of the Turkic World
77615: HENRI LANCELOT VOISIN DE LA POPELINIÈRE - L'Histoire de France : Tome 2, 1558-1560
67155: POPPER, KARL - Postscript to the Logic of Scientific Discovery the Open Universe, Quantum Theory and the Schism in Physics and Realism and the Aim of Science
67521: PORKET, J.L. - Modern Economic Systems and Their Transformation
57619: PORTER, JENNY LIND - The Siege of the Alamo a Poem
73543: PORTER, H. C. - Inconstant Savage England and the North American Indian, 1500-1660
51155: PORTER, SUSAN L. - With an Air Debonair
52690: PORTER, TRACY - The Scottish Chiefs
77145: PORTER, ELIOT - Eliot Porter
71796: PORTES, RICHARD - Threats to International Financial Stability
44521: PORTLOCK, NATHANIEL - A Voyage Round the World; But More Particularly to the North-West Coasts of America
69934: LUIGI DA PORTO - Giulietta and Romeo
62019: POSEY, SAM - Playing with Trains a Passion Beyond Scale
66652: POSNER, RICHARD A. - The Crisis of Capitalist Democracy
66679: POSNER, RICHARD A. - A Failure of Capitalism the Crisis of '08 and the Descent Into Depression
63172: POST, EMILY - We Dine on Linen Damask
67058: POSTNIKOV, M. M. - Fundamentals of Galois Theory
66031: POTERBA, JAMES M. - Tax Policy and the Economy, Vol. 14
52217: POTOCKI, COUNT OF MONTALK - Meillerie
52830: POTT, PERCIVAL - The Chirurgical Works of Percival Pott
63368: POTTER, BEATRIX & LESLIE LINDER - A History of the Writings of Beatrix Potter Including Unpublished Work
44792: POTTER, ROBERT A. - Lawrence Durrell: A Checklist
63181: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Journal of Beatrix Potter from 1881 to 189
48595: POTTERFIELD, PETER - In the Zone: Epic Survival Stories from the Mountaineering World
76318: POUND, EZRA - Confucius the Unwobbling Pivot & the Great Digest
74562: POUND, EZRA - Ta Hio the Great Learning of Confucius
57688: POUND, EZRA - The Cantos (121-150)
52109: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - The Blue Train
52123: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - Life Goes on Twenty More Years of Fortune and Friendship
44176: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - A Tale of Lissadell
44319: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - Return to the Heartland, Reminiscences of Texas Books & Book People
45296: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - Giacomo Giralamo Casanova; Chevalier de Seingalt, 1725-1798
45297: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - Giacomo Giralamo Casanova; Chevalier de Seingalt, 1725-1798
44344: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - Robinson Jeffers, a Lecture to Professor James L. Wortham's Class in Narrative Poetry
45323: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - Return to France
60376: POWELL, FAY ELLEN - That Kitty Colette
45318: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - Sky Sun and Water. The Southwest of Frederick Webb Hodge
45319: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - Music Into Silence
45325: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - The Roots of Regional Literature
44140: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - The Work of Ward Ritchie
44979: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - Z to a Illyria to Cambria
51885: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - Farewell to the Encinal
52132: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - Land of Fact: A Companion to Land of Fiction: Thirty-Six Non-Fiction Books About Southern California Thirty-Six Non-Fiction Books About Southern California
44847: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - Mercurius Redivivus: Being an Occasional News-Letter from the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library
52111: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - Books Are Basic: The Essential Lawrence Clark Powell
52086: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - Landscape and Literature the Essays of Lawrence Clark Powell in the Southwest Review
44313: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - Next to Mother's Milk...
52125: POWELL, GERTRUDE - Looking Back and Remembering
45291: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - Make Mine a Small One
44837: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - Great Constellations
52134: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - Portrait of My Father
44456: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - And Brown: A Chronicle of B.F. Stevens & Brown, Ltd. , Library and Fine Arts Agents of London, with Emphasis on the Years Since 1902
51891: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - Books Are Basic: The Essential Lawrence Clark Powell
45377: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - Viva Wagner!
45379: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - Musical Blood Brothers: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Josef Haydn
52129: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - From the Heartland Profiles of People and Places of the Southwest and Beyond
45315: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - A Man Named Dobie
44171: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - The Untarnished Gold, the Immutable Treasure
66092: POWELSON, JOHN P. - Centuries of Economic Endeavor Parallel Paths in Japan and Europe and Their Contrast with the Third World
69823: POWER, THOMAS MICHAEL - Economic Pursuit of Quality
72070: POWER, ARTHUR - Conversations with James Joyce
45211: POWER, ROBERT H. - A Study of Two Historic Maps (London 1589) and Washington 1856: Xvith Century Plan of Sir Francis Drake's Port of Nova Albion Favorably Compares to Modern Chart of San Francisco Bay
48222: POWICKE, MAURICE - The Christian Life in the Middle Ages
48204: POWICKE, SIR MAURICE - The Loss of Normandy 1189-1204 Studies in the History of the Angevin Empire
48208: POWICKE, SIR MAURICE - The Loss of Normandy 1189-1204 Studies in the History of the Angevin Empire
77543: POWNALL, HENRY - Chief of Staff: The Diaries of Lieutenant-General Sir Henry Pownall (Two Volumes)
68577: VAN PRAAG, BERNARD - Individual Welfare Functions and Consumer Behavior a Theory of Rational Irrationality
70684: PRAAG, BERNARD M. S. VAN - Individual Welfare Functions and Consumer Behavior
64537: PRABHU, N. U. - Stochastic Storage Processes Queues, Insurance Risk & Dams
68533: PRACHOWNY, MARTIN F. J. - Structural Model of the United States Balance of Payments
65848: PRADOS, JOHN - Lost Crusader the Secret Wars of Cia Director William Colby
69151: PRAIS, S. J. - The Evolution of Giant Firms in Britain a Study of the Growth of Concentration in Manufacturing Industry in Britain 1909-70
71007: PRAIS, S. J. - Productivity and Industrial Structure a Statistical Study of Manufacturing Industry in Britain, Germany and the United States
76793: PRAIS, S. J. - Non-Linear Estimates of the Engel Curves
76798: PRAIS, S. J. - The Estimation of Equivalent-Adult Scales from Family Budgets
71143: PRAIS, S. J. - The Analysis of Family Budgets4 with an Application to Two British Surveys Conducted in 1937-9 and Their Detailed Results
76814: PRAIS, S. J. - Measuring Social Mobility
76818: PRAIS, S. J. - The Formal Theory of Social Mobility
76092: PRATER, PAUL - Maleficium
56493: PRATHER, MARLA - Gauguin: A Retrospective
66747: PRATT, SHANNON P. - The Market Approach to Valuing Businesses
69284: PRECIOUS, MARK - Rational Expectations, Non-Market Clearing, and Investment Theory
76646: PREINREICH, GABRIEL - The Economic Life of Industrial Equipment
76647: PREINREICH, GABRIEL - Annual Survey of Economic Theory: The Theory of Depreciation
71017: PREKOPA, ANDRAS, ED - Colloquium on Applications of Mathematics to Economics, Budapest, 1963
55051: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM HICKLING - History of the Reign of Ferdinand and Isabella
60321: PRESCOTT, KENNETH W. - Ben Shahn: A Retrospective, 1898-1969
64684: PRESLEY, JOHN R. - Essays on Robertsonian Economics
44189: GIRS PRESS - Girs Press Limited Edition Notifications
75993: PRESS, UNICORN - Catalogue of the Lady Ludlow Collection of English Porcelain
71558: PREST, A. R. - Consumers' Expenditure in the United Kingdom 1900-1919
68960: PRESTON, A. J. & A. R. PAGAN - The Theory of Economic Policy Statics and Dynamics
75660: PRESTON, LEE E. - Private Management and Public Policy Principle of Public Responsibility
48539: PREVAS, JOHN - Envy of the Gods: Alexander the Great's ILL-Fated Journey Across Asia
76580: PRIBRAM, K - Equilibrium Concept and Business Cycle Statistics XXII Session de L'Institut International de Statistique
50815: PRICE, PAMELA VANDYK - Dictionary of Wines and Spirits Alphabetica
73793: PRICE, B. BYRON - Lougheed a Painter's Painter: The Life and Art of Robert E. Lougheed
74661: PRICE, RENEE - New Worlds German and Austrian Art, 1890-1940.
51202: PRICE, SAMMY - What Do They Want? a Jazz Autobiography
62858: PRICHARD, M. J. AND D. E. C. YALE (EDS.) - Hale and Fleetwood on Admiralty Jurisdiction
51966: PRIDEAUX, S. T. - Catalogue of Books Bound by S.T. Prideaux between Mdcccxc and Mdcccc with Twenty-Six Illlustrations
77184: PRIEST, STEPHEN M. - Santa Fe Freight in Color, Vol. 1 Boxcars
72271: PRIESTLY, JOSEPH - A Scientific Autobiography of Joseph Priestly, 1733-1804 Selected Scientific Correspondence, with Commentary
73317: PRIMAS, HANS - Chemistry, Quantum Mechanics and Reductionism Perspectives in Theoretical Chemistry
68708: PRIMEAUX, WALTER J. - Foundations of Business Economics the Contributions of Joel Dean
54161: PRINGLE, DAVID - Modern Fantasy the Hundred Best Novels : An English-Language Selection, 1946-1987
75809: PRIOR, L. F. LOVEDAY - Punjab Prelude
59820: PRITCHARD, ALAN - Alchemy a Bibliography of English-Language Writings
73114: PRITCHETT, V. S. - The Offensive Traveller
71659: PROCHNOW, HERBERT V. - The Five-Year Outlook for Interest Rates
50153: PROCTOR, ROB - The Indoor Potted Bulb ~ Decorative Container Gardening with Flowering Bulbs
50144: PROCTOR, ROB - The Outdoor Potted Bulb New Approaches to Container Gardening with Flowering Bulbs
52231: PROIX, ROBERT (ED. ) - Albert Camus and the Men of the Stone Translated by Gregory H. Davis
71183: PROKOPCZYK, CZSLAW Z. - Truth and Reality in Marx and Hegel a Reassessment
66721: PROOPS, JOHN - Capital and Time in Ecological Economics Neo-Austrian Modelling
71688: PROSCHAN, FRANK - Polya Type Distributions in Renewal Theory with an Application to an Inventory Problem
75936: PROSSER, RICHARD S. - Rails to the North Star 100 Years of Railroad Evolution in Minnesota
72590: PROSSER, ELEANOR - Shakespeare's Anonymous Editors Scribe and Compositor in the Folio Text of "2 Henry IV"
75768: PROVINE, DORIS MARIE - Case Selection in the United States Supreme Court
74380: PROVINE, WILLIAM B. - Sewall Wright and Evolutionary Biology
65883: PRUITT, BETTYE H. - The Making of Harcourt General a History of Growth Through Diversification 1922-1992
50724: PRUTKY, REMEDIUS - Prutky's Travels in Ethiopia and Other Countries
65889: PRYOR, FREDERIC L. - The Future of U.S. Capitalism
66515: PRYOR, FREDERIC L. - Economic Evolution and Structure the Impact of Complexity on the U.S. Economic System
66899: PRYOR, FREDERIC L. - Economic Evolution and Structure the Impact of Complexity on the U.S. Economic System
69082: PSHENICHNY, B. N. - Numerical Methods in External Problems
51521: PUMFREY, STEPHEN - Latitude & the Magnetic Earth the True Story of Queen Elizabeth's Most Distinguished Man of Science
48228: PURDIE, RHIANNON ED. - Ipomadon
72520: PUTIATINA, OLGA EVGENEVNA - War and Revolution; Excerpts from the Letters and Diaries of the Countess Olga Poutiatine
48655: PUTNAM, WILLIAM L. - Place Names of the Canadian Alps
56375: PUTNAM, ROBERT - Early Sea Charts
68959: PUTTASWAMAIAH, K. - Paul Samuelson and the Foundations of Modern Economics
67472: PUTTERMAN, LOUIS - Dollars and Change Economics in Context
77114: PUTZAR, EDWARD - Japanese Photography, 1945-1985
71148: PYATT, F. GRAHAM - Priority Patterns and the Demand for Household Durable Goods
73244: PYTA, WOLFRAM - Das Europäische Mächtekonzert
72826: QAHNSTROM, LEIF - Economic Growth, Stagnation and the Working Population in Western Europe
76201: QAYUM, A. - Theory and Policy of Accounting Prices
71060: QAYUM, ABDUL - Techniques of National Economic Planning
64710: QIN, DUO - The Formation of Econometrics a Historical Perspective
77507: QING, GUO CHANG - Acupuncture Diagrams - [the Genuine Ten Items]
56410: QUAD, MATTHIAS - Geographisch Handtbuch Cologne 1600
71288: QUADLING, D. A. - Mathematical Analysis
70498: QUAH, EUSTON - Economics and Home Production Theory and Measurement
72002: QUAIFE, MILO MILTON, ED. - Pictures of the Gold Rush
70990: QUALEY, CARLTON - Thorstein Veblen
74383: QUAMMEN, DAVID - The Reluctant Mr. Darwin an Intimate Portrait of Charles Darwin and the Making of His Theory of Evolution
65630: QUANDT, RICHARD E. - The Collected Essays of Richard E. Quandt
68332: QUANDT, RICHARD E. - The Demand for Travel Theory and Measurement.
63710: QUARRIE, BRUCE - German Airborne Troops 1939-45
63367: QUAYLE, ERIC. - Early Children's Books a Collector's Guide
74876: QUENNELL, PETER - The Pleasures of Pope
74870: QUENNELL, PETER - The Marble Foot an Autobiography 1905-1938
71129: QUENOUILLE, M. H. - Associated Measurements
72515: QUESNE, LAURENCE LE - After Kilvert
66420: QUINN, DENNIS PATRICK - Restructuring the Automobile Industry a Study of Firms and States in Modern Capitalism
55695: QUINN, R. M. - Fernando Gallego and the Retablo of Ciudad Rodrigo
67073: QUINNEY, DOUGLAS - An Introduction to the Numerical Solution of Differential Equations
67176: QUIRK, JAMES - Introduction to General Equilibrium Theory and Welfare Economics
71305: QUIRK, ARVID M. ZARLEY - Papers in Quantitative Economics
68697: RAA, TEN - Linear Analysis of Competitive Economics
51091: RABY, F. J. E. - A History of Christian Latin Poetry
51087: RABY, F. J. E. - A History of Secular Latin Poetry
73796: RACKWITZ, WERNER - George Frideric Handel a Biography in Pictures
75097: LORD RADCLIFFE - The Law & Its Compass
64131: RADEMACHER, HANS & EMIL GROSSWALD - Collected Papers
69451: RADNER, DAISIE - Science and Unreason
65011: RADNITZKY, GERARD - Universal Economics
72266: RAE, ISOBEL - Knox: The Anatomist
73887: RAEM, ARNOLD - Immunoassays (Sav Biowissenschaften) (German Edition)
76069: RAHE, JURGEN - Atlas of Cometary Forms Structures Near the Nucleus
74810: RAHMAN, G. ARTHUR - Sea of Mystery
73784: RAI, RAGHU - India
44153: RAINE, KATHLEEN - Hopkins-Nature and Human Nature
74636: RAINER, ARNULF - Donau Oder Rainer
76056: RAINERO, ENRICO - Gardens, Labyrinths, Paradise
67859: RAJ, BALDEV - Econometrics a Varying Coefficients Approach
65876: RAKSHIT, MIHIR - The East Asian Currency Crisis
44560: RALEIGH, SIR WALTER - Ralegh's Last Voyage Being an Account Drawn from Contemporary Letters and Narratives, Both Spanish and English, of Which the Greater Part Is Now Made Public for the First Time, Concerning the Voyage of Sir Walter Ralegh
44553: RALEIGH, SIR WALTER - The Discoverie of the Large and Bewtiful Empire of Guiana. Edited from the Original Text, with Introduction, Notes and Appendixes of Hitherto Unpublished Documents by V.T. Harlow
77518: RAMANUJAN, A. K. - Hymns for the Drowning Poems for Visnu by Nammalvar
73579: RAMENOFSKY, ANN F. - Vectors of Death the Archaeology of European Contact
70372: RAMEY, ROBERT L. - Matrices and Computers in Electronic Circuit Analysis
76381: RAMIREZ, DAN - Dan Ramirez Works 1972-1979
76657: RAMSDEN, CHARLES - Book Binders of the United Kingdom 1780-1840
51425: RAMSDEN, E. H. - Come, Take This Lute: A Quest for Identities in Italian Renaissance Portraiture
73164: RAMSEY, RICHARD DAVID - Edmund Wilson; a Bibliography (Fugitive Bibliographies)
51479: RAND, HARRY - Manet's Contemplation at the Gare Saint-Lazare
44722: RANDALL, DAVID A. - The Adventure of the Notorious Forger
67699: RANDERS, JORGEN - Elements of System Dynamics Method
68190: RANDERS, JORGEN - Elements of System Dynamics Method
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70427: RAO, K. S. - Statistical Inference and Measurement of Structural Changes in an Economy
72960: RAPAPORT, DAVID - Emotions and Memory
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56380: RAPIN, HENRI - La Sculpture Decorative Moderne 2me Serie
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71039: RAPOPORT, ANATOL - Prisoner's Dilemma a Study in Conflict and Cooperation
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68232: RASHEVSKY, N. - Looking at History Through Mathematics
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75122: RATCLIFFE, CARTER - John Singer Sargent
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76236: RATHER, LOIS - Some "Little" Magazines
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45108: RAUCHER, HERMAN - Poor Herman's Almanac
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77155: RAUSCHENBERG, ROBERT - Robert Rauschenberg Anagrams
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72239: RAWLINSON, SIR HENRY - England and Russia in the East
69472: RAWSKI, THOMAS G - Economics and the Historian
77138: RAY, MAN - Self Portrait
65139: RAY, GEORGE F. - The Diffusion of Mature Technologies
77124: RAY, MAN & JANUS - Man Ray, the Photographic Image
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68310: REES, JUDITH - Natural Resources Allocation, Economics and Policy
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71603: REEVE, W. D. (ED) - Arithmetic in General Education the Final Report of the National Council Committee on Arithmetic
30932: REEVES, JAMES - Arcadian Ballads
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48280: REID, DAVID ED. - David Hume of Godscroft's the History of the House of Angus: Volume 2
66401: REID, GAVIN CLYDESDALE - Classical Economic Growth an Analysis in the Tradition of Adam Smith
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59775: REILLY, PATRICK - Jonathan Swift the Brave Desponder
44911: REILLY, DEBRA - The Silver Buckle Press: A Short Description of the Press and Its Holdings
65099: REIMANN, BERNARD C. - Managing for Value a Guide to Value-Based Strategic Management
52059: REINACH, THEODORE - Jewish Coins
44907: REINER, IMRE - Wood Engravings
75719: REINGOLD, NATHAN - Science in America a Documentary History, 1900-1939
44700: REINHOLD, ROBERT - A Dirge for Pericles November 24, 1963
67932: REINICKE, WOLFGANG H. - Global Public Policy Governing without Government?
66849: REINSDORF, MARSHALL - International Trade in Services and Intangibles in the Era of Globalization
64491: REISMAN, ARNOLD - Management Science Knowledge Its Creation, Generalization, and Consolidation
66686: REISMAN, DAVID - The Political Economy of James Buchanan
68896: REISMAN, DAVID A. - Schumpeter's Market Enterprise and Evolution
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73138: REMEIKIS, THOMAS - Opposition to Soviet Rule in Lithuania 1945-1980
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73550: REMINI, ROBERT V. - Andrew Jackson and His Indian Wars
75985: REMISE, JAC - The Golden Age of Toys
67093: REMMLING, GUNTER W. - Sociology of Karl Mannheim
52513: RENAN, ERNEST - Vie de Jesus
56125: RENARD, JULES - Natural Histories
65916: RENAUT, ALAIN - The Era of the Individual
74877: RENWICK, W. L. - English Literature 1789-1815
51067: RENWICK, W. L. - Edmund Spenser an Essay on Renaissance Poetry
70706: ANNUAL STATISTICAL REPORT - American Iron and Steel Institute: 1968
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69120: RESCHER, NICHOLAS - Methodological Pragmatism a Systems-Theoretic Approach to the Theory of Knowledge
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74438: RESTON, JAMES - Collision at Home Plate
71678: REVELL, JACK - The Wealth of the Nation the National Balance Sheet of the United Kingdom, 1957-1961
73929: REVIO, ALASTAIR - The Lost Command
61964: REVRI, ERIC DENKER ANIL - In Search of Self: Paintings and Drawings by Anil Revri
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56116: REWALD, JOHN - Seurat: A Biography
70976: REWOLDT, STEWART - Economic Effects of Marketing Research
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71137: RICE, STUART A. - Quantitative Methods in Politics
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44945: RITCHIE, MALCOLM - Transmission 16469
68672: RITTER, LAWRENCE (ED. ) - Selected Papers of Allan Sproul
74414: RITVO, LUCILLE B. - Darwin's Influence on Freud a Tale of Two Sciences
65191: RIVLIN, ALICE M. - Reviving the American Dream the Economy, the States & the Federal Government
65969: RIZZELLO, SALVATORE - The Economics of the Mind
75154: RIZZOLI - Impressionists & Impressionism
75331: RIZZOLI - Century of Chair Design
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72952: ROBACK, A. A. - Behaviorism at Twenty-Five
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72678: ROBBINS, ROSSELL HOPE - Early English Christmas Carols
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71918: ROBBINS, LIONEL - An Essay on the Nature & Significance of Economic Science
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45184: ROBERTS, JANE - Fists
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44594: ROBERTS, JANE W. - Printers Formulas. 32 Formulas / Substances to Use in the Shop.
56412: ROBERTS, DAVID - The Holy Land Jerusalem
76642: ROBERTSON, ROSS - Mathematical Economics Before Cournot
76641: ROBERTSON, ROSS - Mathematical Economics Before Cournot
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67007: ROEMER, JOHN E. - Analytical Foundations of Marxian Economic Theory
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59594: ROTH, HAL - After 50,000 Miles
77472: ROTH, MICHEL - Ritz Paris Haute Cuisine
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44254: ROTHENBERG, JEROME - Brmtzvh
52277: ROTHENSTEIN, JOHN - Victor Hammer Artist and Craftsman
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73117: ROTHSCHILD, RICHARD E. - High Velocity Neutron Stars and Gamma-Ray Bursts
68888: ROTHWELL, RAY R. - Reindustrialization and Technology
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68601: ROUMASSET, JAMES A - Rice and Risk Decision-Making Among Low-Income Farmers
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68872: ROUSSEAS, STEPHEN WILLIAM - Post Keynesian Monetary Economics
65656: ROUSSEAS, STEPHEN - Capitalism and Catastrophe a Critical Appraisal of the Limits to Capitalism
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60733: ROWLAND, THOMAS J. - George B. Mcclellan and CIVIL War History
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68970: RYMES, THOMAS K. - On Concepts of Capital and Technical Change
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75677: SEDLMEIER, PETER - Improving Statistical Reasoning Theoretical Models and Practical Implications
67009: SEE, HENRI - The Economic Interpretation of History
77336: SEEGAL, DAVID - Victories & Foibles Some Western Haiku
76249: SEELER, KATHERINE - Nantucket Lightship Baskets
63251: SEELY, JAMES - Great Bordeaux Wines
73268: SEGAL, ALAN F. - Paul the Convert
74966: SEGAL, HAROLD - The Trilogy of Alexander Sukhovo-Kobylin
33746: SEGALL, JEFFREY - Joyce in America: Cultural Politics and the Trials of Ulysses

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