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68931: MCCULLOCH, J. R. - Early English Tracts on Commerce
69518: MCDANIELS, TIMOTHY - Risk Analysis and Society an Interdisciplinary Characterization of the Field
73491: MCDERMOTT, JOHN FRANCIS - Frenchmen and French Ways in the Mississippi Valley
48521: MCDERMOTT, BRIDGET - Death in Ancient Egypt
74391: MCDONALD, ROGER - Mr. Darwin's Shooter
67730: MCDONALD, IAN MARTIN - Inflation and Unemployment Macroeconomics with a Range of Equilibria
77012: MCDONALD, STERLING - Color Harmony with the Mcdonald Calibrator
64436: MCDONALD, IAN MARTIN - Inflation and Unemployment Macroeconomics with a Range of Equilibria
64692: MCDONALD, JOHN - Domesday Economy a New Approach to Anglo-Norman History
65642: MCDONALD, IAN MARTIN - Inflation and Unemployment Macroeconomics with a Range of Equilibria
63311: MCDOWELL, COLIN - Shoes
77528: MCEACHERN, CLAIRE - Religion and Culture in Renaissance England
59200: MCELWEE, WILLIAM - Art of War Waterloo to Mons
61967: MCFADDEN, DAVID - Changing Hands Art without Reservation, 1
65583: MCFARLANE, BRUCE - Radical Economics
55707: MCFARLANE, K. B. - Hans Memling
66873: MCGEE, SUZANNE - Chasing Goldman Sachs How the Masters of the Universe Melted Wall Street Down... And Why They'LL Take Us to the Brink Again
48641: MCGHEE, ROBERT - The Arctic Voyages of Martin Frobisher: An Elizabethan Venture
72319: MCGILLIGAN, PATRICK - Yankee Doodle Dandy
73106: MCGINN, DONALD - John Perry and the Marprelate Controversy
66518: MCGINNIS, MICHAEL DEAN - Polycentricity and Local Public Economies Readings from the Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis
48593: MCGOOGAN, KEN - Fatal Passage the True Story of John Rae, the Arctic Hero Time Forgot
50364: MCGOURTY, FREDERICK - Perennial Gardener
68544: MCGUIRE, C B & ROY RADNER - Decision and Organization
67236: MCGUIRE, JOSEPH - Theories of Business Behavior
60848: MCGUIRE, JUDITH - Diary of a Southern Refugee
73716: MCHUGH, TOM - The Time of the Buffalo
74770: MCINTYRE, ROBERT G. - Martin Johnson Heade
71669: MCKEAN, ROLAND N. - Efficiency in Government Through Systems Analysis with Emphasis on Water Resources Development
73690: MCKELVEY, WILLIAM J - Champlain to Chesapeake a Canal Era Pictorial Cruise
74989: MCKELVEY, BLAKE - The Urbanization of America 1860-1915
64842: MCKENNA, C. J. - Economics a Mathematical Introduction
65194: MCKENZIE, RICHARD B. - Quicksilver Capital How the Rapid Movement of Wealth Has Changed the World
68446: MCKENZIE, LIONEL W. - Value and Capital Fifty Years Later
66335: MCKENZIE, RICHARD B. - Why Popcorn Costs So Much at the Movies and Other Pricing Puzzles
64466: MCKENZIE, RICHARD B. - Competing Visions the Political Conflict over America's Economic Future
77597: MCKEON, PROFESSOR MICHAEL - The Origins of the English Novel, 1600-1740
50318: MCKEOWN, DENNY - Denny Mckeown's Complete Guide to Midwest Gardening
77550: MCKIBBEN, HEATHER ELKO - State Strategies in International Bargaining Play by the Rules or Change Them?
65926: MCKINNON, RONALD I. - Dollar and Yen Resolving Economic Conflict between the United States and Japan
71172: MCKINNON, RONALD I. - Money and Finance in Economic Growth and Development Essays in Honor of Edward S. Shaw : Proceedings of the Conference Held at Stanford University
75732: MCKINSEY, J. C. C. - Introduction to the Theory of Games
50223: MCLAREN, DR. ALFRED - Unknown Waters a First-Hand Account of the Historic Under-Ice Survey of the Siberian Continental Shelf by Uss Queenfish
48959: MCLAUGHLIN, R.EMMET - Caspar Schwenckfeld, Reluctant Radical His Life to 1540
71581: MCLEAN, JOHN - The Growth of Integrated Oil Companies
73178: MCLELLAND, JOSEPH - The Visual Words of God a Study in the Theology of Peter Martyr 1500-1562
75265: MCLUHAN, MARSHALL - War and Peace in the Global Village
51184: MCMANAWAY, JAMES G. - A Selective Bibliography of Shakespeare
73265: MCMANNERS, JOHN - The Oxford Illustrated History of Christianity
65909: MCMEEKIN, ANDREW - Innovation by Demand an Interdisciplinary Approach to the Study of Demand and Its Role in Innovation
72655: MCMICHAEL, JAMES - Ulysses and Justice
75987: MCMILLIAN, ELIZABETH - Living on the Water
44278: MCMURTIE, DOUGLAS C. - The First Swedish Type Specimen
44281: MCMURTIE, DOUGLAS C. - A Mysterious Type Specimen
45002: MCMURTIE, DOUGLAS C. - A Typographer's View of the Photo-Engraving Industry
45360: MCMURTIE, DOUGLAS C. - An Early Tennessee Paper MILL
44913: MCMURTRIE, DOUGLAS - The First Typographic Printing
60788: MCNALL, SCOTT G. - The Road to Rebellion Class Formation and Kansas Populism, 1865-1900
58508: MCNAMARA, JO ANN - Gilles Aycelin the Servant of Two Masters
58928: MCNAMEE, COLM - The Wars of the Bruces Scotland, England and Ireland, 1306-1328
62719: MCNEIL, DAVID - Cincinnati and Columbus Traction Co. Hillsboro Short Line the Swing Line
68633: MCNEIL PHD, KEITH - Testing Research Hypotheses Using Multiple Linear Regression
67492: MCNUTT, PADDY - The Economics of Public Choice
73624: MCNUTT, CHARLES H. - Prehistory of the Central Mississippi Valley
75640: MCPHERSON, MICHAEL - Paying the Piper Productivity, Incentives, and Financing in U.S. Higher Education
50819: MCPHERSON, EDWARD - The Backwash Squeeze
54235: MCSPADDEN, J. WALKER - Famous Psychic and Ghost Stories,
70782: MEAD, WALTER J. - Competition and Oligopoly in the Douglas Fir Lumber Industry
70882: MEADE, J. E. - A Neo-Classical Theory of Economic Growth
70305: MEADE, JAMES EDWARD - Planning and the Price Mechanism the Liberal-Socialist Solution
71497: MEADE, J. E. - Principles of Political Economy Controlled Economy
68947: MEADE, J. E. - The Stationary Economy
70770: MEADE, J. E. - Efficiency, Equality and the Ownership of Property
70780: MEADE, J. E. - Case Studies in European Economic Union the Mechanics of Integration
71427: MEADE, J. E. - The Theory of International Economic Policy Vol. 1 & 2
75723: MEADE, JAMES E. - Liberty, Equality, and Efficiency
67022: MEADE, JAMES E. - The Theory of Economic Externalities the Control of Environmental Pollution and Similar Social Costs
68632: MEADE, J. E. - Theory of Indicative Planning
68743: MEADE, J. E. - The Growing Economy Principles of Political Economy
76012: MEADE, J. E. - The Just Economy Principles of Political Economy
77608: MEADE, J. E. - Trade and Welfare Mathematical Supplement
45209: MEADOWS, DON - Proclamation Santo Tomas, Baja California, January 1852
73060: MEADOWS, THOMAS T. - The Chinese and Their Rebellion
48450: MEANDRI - Dyscolus Scriptorum Classicorum Bibliotheca Oxoniensis
71014: O'MEARA, O. T. - Introduction to Quadratic Forms
58224: MEASELL, JAMES - Greentown Glass the Indiana Tumbler & Goblet Company
68254: MEDEMA, STEVEN G - Historians of Economics and Economic Thought
70585: MEDFORD, DEREK - Environmental Harassment or Technology Assessment?
77488: DE'MEDICI, LORENZA - The Heritage of Italian Cooking
49934: MEDLEY, MARGARET - Chinese Potter
72519: MEDVEDEV, ROY ALEKSANDROVICH - Medvedev the October Revolution
75508: MEEKS, G. - Disappointing Marriage a Study of the Gains from Merger
75697: MEEKS, J. GAY TULIP - Thoughtful Economic Man Essays on Rationality, Moral Rules and Benevolence
70009: MEGROZ, PHYLLIS - The Silver Bride and Other Poems
75867: MEHTA, J. K. - The Elements of Economics Mathematically Interpreted
70332: MEHTA, J. K. - A Philosophical Interpretation of Economics
70294: MEHTA, J. K. - Economics of Growth
73763: MEIER, ULRICH - Moderne Holzhäuser
70726: MEIJ, J. L. , ED. - Depreciation and Replacement Policy
47996: MEIJER, BERT ED. - Italian Drawings from the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
65485: MEILAND, JACK W. - Talking About Particulars
73435: MEINIG, D. W. - The Shaping of America a Geographical Perspective on 500 Years of History
40313: MEISS, MILLARD - The Belles Heures of Jean, Duke of Berry
51416: MEISS, MILLARD - Giotto and Assisi
55344: MEISS, MILLARD - La Vie de Nostre Benoit Sauveur Ihesuscrist and la Saincte Vie de Nostre Dame Translatee a la Requeste de Tres Hault Et Puissant Prince Iehan, Duc de... And the Fine Arts) (French Edition)
55737: MEISS, MILLARD - The Great Age of Fresco
51200: MEISTER, BARBARA - Music Musique: French & American Piano Composition in the Jazz Age
72059: MELCHINGER, SIEGFRIED - The Concise Encyclopedia of Modern Drama
69645: MELITZ, JACQUES - French Economy Theory and Policy
64072: MELLOR, D. H. - Real Time
51463: MELLOW, JAMES R. - Walker Evans
65853: MELMAN, SEYMOUR - After Capitalism from Managerialism to Workplace Democracy
76651: MELMAN, SEYMOUR - Production and Administration Cost in Relation Cost in Relation to Size of Firm
69701: MELMAN, SEYMOUR - Profits without Production
64618: DE MELO, JAIME - Trade Theory and Economic Reform North, South, and East : Essays in Honor of Bela Balassa
77582: MELTZER, ALLAN H. - A History of the Federal Reserve, Vol. 1 1913-1951
65533: MELVIN, JAMES R. - Trade, Theory and Econometrics
51711: MENANDER - Works
66629: MENARD, CLAUDE - Foundations of the New Institutional Economics
76313: MENDELL, CLARENCE W. - Latin Poetry Before and After
71807: MENDELL, JAY - Nonextrapolative Methods in Business Forecasting Scenarios, Vision, and Issues Management
71071: MENDELSON, ELLIOT - Number Systems and the Foundations of Analysis
76206: MENDERSHAUSEN, HORST - Two Postwar Recoveries of the German Economy
69146: MENIL, G. DE & R. PORTES - Economic Policy the Conservative Revolution
76912: MENKE, JOHN - Nuclear Fission As a Source of Power
63171: MENNELL, STEPHEN - All Manners of Food Eating and Taste in England and France from the Middle Ages to the Present
75702: MENSCHEL, ROBERT - Markets, Mobs, and Mayhem a Modern Look at the Madness of Crowds
76534: MENTZER, JERRY - Basic Skill with Cards
69038: MEPHAM, JOHN & D-H. RUBEN - Issues in Marxist Philosophy Volume I: Dialectics and Method Vol II: Materialism
67319: MERCER, SAMUEL A. B. - The Tell el-Amarna Tablets
77461: MERCHANT, ISMAIL & DERRICK SANTINI - Ismail Merchant's Florence Filming and Feasting in Tuscany/70 Recipes
75845: MERCIER, CHARLES - A New Logic
51092: MEREDITH, WILIAM - The Cheer
75628: MERING, OTTO VON - The Shifting and Incidence of Taxation
72747: MERIVALE, PATRICIA - Pan the Goat God
74936: MERK, FREDERICK - The Oregon Question Essays in Anglo-American Diplomacy and Politics
44962: MERKEL, FRED - Chocolate Moose & Pink Lemonade
67777: MERKIES, A. H. - Selection of Models by Forecasting Intervals
70299: MERLIN, SIDNEY - The Theory of Fluctuations in Contemporary Economic Thought
66744: MERO, LASZLO & A.C. GÖSI-GREGUSS - Moral Calculations Game Theory, Logic, and Human Frailty
59837: MERRIAM, ALAN P. - A Bibliography of Jazz
72471: MERRIFIELD, RICHARD F. - Monadnock Journal
44646: MERRILL, HIRAM CAMPBELL - Wood Engraving and Wood Engravers
58424: MERRILL, L. R. - The Life and Poems of Nicholas Grimald
54152: MERRITT, ABRAHAM - Face in the Abyss
52253: MERTON, THOMAS - A Prayer of Cassiodorus
71667: MESAROVIC, MIHAJLO D. - The Control of Multivariable Systems
74154: MESHCHERSKY, I. V. - Collections of Problems in Theoretical Mechanics
76025: MESTERTON-GIBBONS, MICHAEL - An Introduction to Game-Theoretic Modelling
70943: METCALF, CHARLES E - An Econometric Model of the Income Distribution
71998: METCALF, THOMAS - The Aftermath of Revolt India, 1857-1870
64474: METZLER, LLOYD A. - Collected Papers
75613: METZLER, LLOYD A. - Income, Employment and Public Policy Essays in Honor of Alvin H. Hansen
64534: HEIMLER & MEULDERS - Empirical Approaches to Fiscal Policy Modelling
73215: MEUSER, FRED W. , EDITOR - Interpreting Luther's Legacy Essays in Honor of Edward C. Fendt
76377: MUSEO DE HISTORIA MEXICANA - Joyas de la Pintura Mexicana Exposicion Temporal Inaugural
65728: MEYER, L.H. - Improving Money Stock Control
70949: MEYER, JOHN - The Investment Decision an Empirical Study
75608: MEYER, HUGO RICHARD - Government Regulation of Railway Rates
50256: MEYER, ERNST HERMANN - Early English Chamber Music from the Middle Ages to Purcell
73686: MEYER, MICHAEL C. - The Oxford History of Mexico
74312: MEYER-VEDEN, HANS - Die Hamburger Speicherstadt
66735: MEYER, JOHN R. - Essays in Transportation Economics and Policy a Handbook in Honor of John R. Meyer
55352: MEYER, CLAUDIA - Donald Teague a Life in Color
55991: MEYER, FRANZ - Marc Chagall Life and Work
71005: MEYER, LAURENCE H. , ED. - Improving Money Stock Control Problems, Solutions, and Consequences
70288: MEYER, F. V. - Inflation and Capital
67962: MEYERS, ROY T. - Strategic Budgeting
68746: MEYERSON, EMILE - Identity & Reality Authorized Translation by Kate Loewenberg
52252: MEYNELL, FRANCIS - Poems & Pieces
70040: MEYNELL, ALICE - The Children
54119: MEYRINK, GUSTAV - The Golem
72518: MEZIERES, PHILIPPE DE - Letter to King Richard II a Plea Made in 1395 for Peace between England and France
59776: MEZIERES, PHILIPPE DE - Letter to King Richard II a Plea Made in 1395 for Peace between England and France
73746: MEZIN, A. - Francais en Russie Au Siecle Des Lumieres. Dictionnaire Des Francais, Suisses, Wallons
76210: MICHAELY, MICHAEL - Concentration in International Trade
71151: MICHAL, JAN M. - Central Planning in Czechoslovakia Organization for Growth in a Mature Economy
47957: MICHAUX, HENRI - Henri Michaux Euvres Choisies, 1927-1984 : 1er Octobre-21 Novembre 1993, Musee Cantini, Marseille [Et] 1er Decembre 1993-23 Janvier 1994, Ivam, Centre... 1994, Musee Rath, Geneve
50254: MICHENER, JAMES - The Quality of Life
63284: MICKLER, ERNEST M. - Sinkin Spells, Hot Flashes, Fits and Cravins
72359: MIDDLETON, JOHN (ED) - Magic, Witchcraft and Curing
72358: MIDDLETON, JOHN (ED) - Gods and Rituals Readings in Religious Beliefs and Practices
44909: MIDDLETON, CHRISTOPHER - Anasphere: Le Torse Antique
61869: MIDDLETON, WILLIAM D. - Metropolitan Railways Rapid Transit in America
44727: MIDDLETON, R. HUNTER - Oswald Bruce Cooper
72335: MIDDLETON, JOHN (ED) - Myth and Cosmos Readings in Mythology and Symbolism
44655: MIDDLETON, R. HUNTER - An Essay on the Forgotten Art of the Punchcutter
58490: MIDELFORT, H. C. ERIK - Mad Princes of Renaissance Germany
69533: MIDGLEY, DAVID - Innovation and New Product Marketing
68297: MIDMORE, P. - Rural Economic Modelling an Input-Output Approach
72644: MIEDER, WOLFGANG & STEWART A. KINGSBURY - A Dictionary of Wellerisms
44333: MIEDZYRZECKI, ARTUR - 14 Poems
75758: MIKESELL, RAYMOND F. - U.S. Private and Government Investment Abroad
44500: MIKOLOWSKI, KEN - Little Mysteries
73522: MILANICH, JERALD T. - Hernando de Soto and the Indians of Florida
48146: MILEHAM, P.J.R. - Scottish Regiments a Pictorial History, 1633-1987
48740: MILES, LELAND - John Colet: And the Platonic Tradition
73062: MILFORD, HUMPHREY - Lectures on Literature
48758: MILGATE, MURRAY & SHANNON C. STIMSON - Ricardian Politics
67655: MILHAUPT, CURTIS J. - Economic Organizations and Corporate Governance in Japan the Impact of Formal and Informal Rules
71762: MILIBAND, RALPH - Capitalist Democracy in Britain
69132: MILL, JOHN STUART - John Stuart MILL a Logical Critique of Sociology;
77230: MILLARD, DAVID L. - The Joy of Watercolor
54300: MILLE, JAMES DE - A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder
55561: MILLEKER, ELIZABETH J. - The Year One : Art of the Ancient World East and West
77568: MILLER, ROY ANDREW - Japanese Ceramics
72031: MILLER, PAMELA - And the Whale Is Ours Creative Writing of American Whalemen
73176: MILLER, RANDALL M. - Catholics in the Old South Essays on Church and Culture
59773: MILLER, TOWNSEND - Henry IV of Castile
75167: MILLER, R. CRAIG - Modern Design in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1890-1990
67663: MILLER, ERVIN - Microeconomic Effects of Monetary Policy the Fallout of Severe Monetary Restraint
60738: MILLER, WILLIAM J. - The Peninsula Campaign of 1862 Yorktown to the Seven Days, Vol. 2
67338: MILLER, DANA A. - An American Legacy, a Gift to New York Recent Acquisitions from the Board of Trustees
74020: MILLER-CLARK, DENISE - Within This Garden Photographs by Ruth Thorne-Thomsen
63515: MILLER, HUGH - Koran's Legacy
71948: MILLER, WILLOUGHBY - The Micro-Organisms of the Human Mouth
73665: MILLER, MARY ELLEN - The Gods and Symbols of Ancient Mexico and the Maya an Illustrated Dictionary of Mesoamerican Religion
49661: MILLER, KARL - Cockburn's Millenium
71072: MILLER, JOHN PERRY - Pricing of Military Procurements
63210: MILLER, BERTHA MAHONY - Illustrators of Children's Books, 1946-1956
50905: MILLER, HENRY - Selected Prose
75810: MILLER, CHARLES A. - The Supreme Court and the Uses of History
45192: MILLER, JOAQUIN - How I Became Chief of the Scalplocks
58636: MILLER, HELEN HILL - Captains from Devon the Great Elizabethan Seafarers Who Won the Oceans for England
72640: MILLER, KARL - Cockburn's Millennium
70054: MILLER, FRANCESCA FALK - The Prodigal and Other Poems
61580: MILLER, ANTONY MACKAY - Type for Books a Designer's Manual
61594: MILLER, NATHAN - The Naval Air War, 1939-1945
64882: MILLIGAN, D. - Reasoning and the Explanation of Action
67244: MILLIKAN, MAX ED. - Income Stabilization for a Developing Democracy a Study of the Politics and Economics of High Employment without Inflation
71750: MILLIKEN, GEORGE A. - Analysis of Messy Data Volume I: Designed Experiments
49215: MILLINGTON, ROY - Stephenson Blake the Last of the Old English Typefounders
44750: MILLINGTON, ROY - Printing As a School Craft
63240: MILLON, MARC - The Taste of Britain
70984: MILLS, JOHN - Growth and Welfare a New Policy for Britain
67373: MILLS, TERENCE C. - Economic Forecasting
71664: MILLS, FREDERICK C. - Price-Quantity Interactions in Business Cycles
68881: MILLS, GORDON - Optimization in Economic Analysis
57806: MILLS, EV, ED. - Rail and Water a Colorful Story of Railroad Building... Central Pacific Railroad (Forerunner of the Southern Pacific Company)
53615: MILLS, M. ED. - Lybeaus Desconus
71375: MILLS, C. WRIGHT - C. Wright Mills Letters and Autobiographical Writings
69409: MILLS, TERENCE C. - The Econometric Modelling of Financial Time Series
76705: MILLS, FREDERICK C. - Industrial Change and Unemployment
67391: MILLS, TERENCE C. - Forecasting Financial Markets
71670: MILLS, EDWIN S. - Price, Output, and Inventory Policy a Study in the Economics of the Firm and Industry
65062: MILLS, GORDON - Introduction to Linear Algebra for Social Scientists
60897: MILLS, JOHN - For King and Country Letters and Diaries of John Mills, Coldstream Guards, 1811-14
64934: MILLWARD, ROBERT - Public Expenditure Economics
77033: MILNER, JOHN - A Dictionary of Russian and Soviet Artists, 1420-1970
70390: MILTON, ROY C. - Rank Order Probabilities Two-Sample Normal Shift Alternatives
77567: MILTON, JOHN - John Milton's Complete Poetical Works Volume III
49570: MILTON, JOHN - Political Writings
70203: MILTON, JOHN - The Complete Poetical Works of John Milton
72690: MILTON, JOHN - John Milton
75398: MILTON, JOHN - The Prose of John Milton
71716: MINCER, JACOB - Studies in Labor Supply
70638: MINCER, JACOB, ED. - Economic Forecasts and Expectations Analysis of Forecasting Behavior and Performance
76535: MINCH, STEPHEN - Lovecraftian Ceremonies Seven Occult Dramas for the Magickal Performer
67141: MINE, HISASHI - Markovian Decision Processes
77626: MINER, EARL ROY - Literary Uses of Typology from the Late Middle Ages to the Present
76207: MINHAS, BAGICHA SINGH - An International Comparison of Factor Costs and Factor Use
64647: MINI, PIERO V. - Keynes, Bloomsbury and the General Theory
72667: MINK, LOUIS O. - A Finnegans Wake Gazetteer
61626: MINTON, DAVID H. - The Boeing 747 - Aero Series 40
64981: MINTZ, ALEX - The Political Economy of Military Spending in the United States
68266: MINTZ, ILSE - Dating Postwar Business Cycles Methods and Their Application to Western Germany
51414: MIRO, JOAN - Creation in Space
64266: MIROWSKI, PHILIP - More Heat Than Light Economics As Social Physics, Physics As Nature's Economics
64513: MIRZAI, A. R. - Artificial Intelligence Concepts and Applications
68840: MISES, RICHARD VON - Probability, Statistics and Truth
70760: MISHAN, E. J. - Cost-Benefit Analysis an Informal Introduction
70637: MISHAN, E. J. - Twenty-One Popular Economic Fallacies
73349: MISHAN, EDWARD J. - Making the World Safe for Pornography
69842: MISHKIN, FREDERIC S. - A Rational Expectations Approach to Macroeconometrics Testing Policy Ineffectiveness and Efficient-Markets Models
67245: MITCHELL, WESLEY - The Economic Scientist
67178: MITCHELL, WESLEY - What Happens During Business Cycles a Progress Report
48586: MITCHELL, MAIRIN - Elcano the First Circumnavigator
76365: MITCHELL, CHARLES DEE - David Bates
71679: MITCHELL, B. R. - Second Abstract of British Historical Statistics
71680: MITCHELL, B. R. - Abstract of British Historical Statistics
72064: MITCHELL, BREON - James Joyce and the German Novel, 1922-1933
70792: MITCHELL, WESLEY C. - The Backward Art of Spending Money
71704: MITCHELL, WESLEY C. - Studies in Economics and Industrial Relations
50309: MITCHELL, ALAN - The Gardener's Book of Trees
72657: MITCHELL, BREON - James Joyce and the German Novel, 1922-1933
71174: MITRA, ASHOK - Economic Theory and Planning Essays in Honour of A.K. Das Gupta
75146: MITSCH, ERWIN - The Art of Egon Schiele
56117: MITSCH, ERWIN - The Art of Egon Schiele
55584: MIYAGAWA, TORAO - History of the Art of China: Chinese Painting
75107: MIYAKI, RIICHI - Art Nouveau and Japonisme Fin-de-Siecle Architecture Volume 1
71818: MIYAZAKI, KUMIKO - Building Competences in the Firm Lessons from Japanese and European Optoelectronics
75889: MIYAZAWA, K. - Input-Output Analysis and the Structure of Income Distribution
75924: MNORTH, DOUGLASS C. - Economics of Public Issues
72446: MOCSY, ANDRAS & S. FRERE - Pannonia and Upper Moesia History of the Middle Danube Provinces of the Roman Empire
75794: MODI, JIVANJI JAMSHEDJI - Cama Oriental Institute Papers
68459: MODIGLIANI, F. - The Determinants of National Savings and Wealth Proceedings of a Conference Held by the International Economic Association at Bergamo, Italy
64085: MODIGLIANI, FRANCO - The Debate over Stabilization Policy
55557: MODY, N. H. N. - A Collection of Nagasaki Colour Prints and Paintings: Showing the Influence of Chinese and European Art on That of Japan
74721: MOELLER, MAGDALENA M. - Erich Heckel Aquarelle, Zeichnungen, Druckgraphik Aus Dem Brucke-Museum Berlin
49000: MOFFATT, FREDERICK C. - Errant Bronzes George Grey Barnard's Statues of Abraham Lincoln
74343: MOFFETT, CHARLES S. - The New Painting Impressionism 1874-1886
68992: MOGGRIDGE, D. E. - Keynes: Aspects of the Man and His Work the First Keynes Seminar Held at the University of Kent at Canterbury, 1972
66892: MOGGRIDGE, D. E. - Harry Johnson a Life in Economics
68053: MOHR, ERNST - The Transfer of Economic Knowledge
64473: MOHRMAN JR. , ALLAN - Large-Scale Organizational Change
68234: MOKYR, JOEL - The Economics of the Industrial Revolution
66751: MOL, ARTHUR P.J. - Globalization and Environmental Reform Globalization and Environmental Reform
77242: MOLDOVEANU, MAIHAIL - Composition, Light and Color in Robert Wilson's Theatre
55184: MOLIERE - Tartuffe & the Would-Be Gentleman
56877: MOLIERE - Two Plays: Tartuffe and the Would-Be Gentleman
55104: MOLIERE - Tartuffe & the Would-Be Gentleman
74883: DE MOLINA, TIRSO - El Burlador de Sevilla y Convidado de Piedra
77191: MOLLER, EBERHARD - The Encyclopedia of U-Boats from 1904 to the Present
48909: MONAHAN, ARTHUR P. - John of Paris on Royal and Papal Power a Translation with Introduction of the de Postestate Regia Et Papali of John of Paris
55749: MONGAN, AGNES - David to Corot : French Drawings in the Fogg Art Museum
70491: MONGIOVI, GARY - Value, Distribution and Capital
66811: MONKE, ERIC A. - The Policy Analysis Matrix for Agricultural Development
61661: MONMONIER, MARK - Cartographies of Danger Mapping Hazards in America
70055: MONRO, HAROLD - Strange Meetings
68215: MONROE, KRISTEN RENWICK - Contemporary Empirical Political Theory
66394: MONROE, K. - Presidential Popularity and the Economy
45245: MONTAG, TOM - No Difference on Days Like This
76536: MONTALBANO, DEAN - Stark the Man and His Methods
76397: JAMES MONTE - Mark Di Suvero November 13, 1975 - February 8, 1976
76716: MONTGOMERY, J. K. - Is There a Theoretically Correct Price Index of a Group of Commodities?
67576: MONTIAS, JOHN MICHAEL - Structure of Economic Systems
70911: MONTIAS, JOHN MICHAEL - Central Planning in Poland
66485: MONTIEL, PETER J. - Macroeconomics in Emerging Markets
74524: MONTURE, JOEL - The Complete Guide to Traditional Native American Beadwork a Definitive Study of Authentic Tools, Materials, Techniques, and Styles
75609: MOODY, JOHN - The Truth About the Trusts a Desciption and Analysis of the American Trust Movement
76262: MOOK, DELO E. - Inside Relativity
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70510: MOON, BRUCE EDWARD - The Political Economy of Basic Human Needs
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74318: MOORE, ROWAN - Vertigo
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73201: MOORE, GEORGE - Conversations in Ebury Street
76730: MOORE, GEOFFREY - Measuring Recessions
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67177: MOORE, GEOFFREY ED. - Business Cycle Indicators
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52229: MOORE, GEORGE - Aphrodite in Aulis
51376: MOORE, LILLIAN - Images of the Dance: Historical Treasures of the Dance Collection, 1581-1861
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72224: MOORHOUSE, GEOFFREY - India Britannica
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52094: MORAN, JAMES, ED. AND WILLIAM BLADES, TRANS. - Depositio Cornuti Typographici a Mirthful Play Performed at the Confirmation of a Journeyman
60459: MORANTE, ELSA - History a Novel
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71610: MORE, CHARLES - Understanding the Industrial Revolution
62899: DE MORET, ANNE-MARIE - Les Eaux Porteuses Dessins de Rodney M. Winfield
73169: MORGAN, IRVONWY - Prince Charles's Puritan Chaplain
72508: MORGAN, KENNETH O. - The Oxford Illustrated History of Britain
75688: MORGAN, PROFESSOR MARY S. - The History of Econometric Ideas
70490: MORGAN, MARY - Empirical Models and Policy Making Interaction and Institutions
44997: MORGAN, ROBERT - For Lofthouse
45365: MORGAN, WILLIARD D. - Our Columbian Press
70646: MORGAN, E. VICTOR - The Economics of Public Policy
72092: MORGAN, LEWIS HENRY - The American Beaver a Classic of Natural History and Ecology
75347: MORGAN, HILARY & PETER NAHUM - Burne-Jones, the Pre-Raphaelites and Their Century
76756: MORGAN, TOM - Modernism Twenty-Five Years. 1979-2004.
52107: MORGAN, GUY - Off the Record [Six Publications in Slipcase]
67164: MORGANSTERN, OSKAR - International Financial Transactions and Business Cycles
74233: MORGENSTERN, DAN - Jazz People
76570: MORGENSTERN, OSKAR - Demand Theory Reconsidered
71057: MORGENSTERN, OSKAR - Mathematical Theory of Expanding and Contracting Economies
70610: MORIGUCHI, CHIKASHI - Business Cycles and Manufacturers' Short-Term Production Decisions
69152: MORISHIMA, MICHIO - Capital and Credit a New Formulation of General Equilibrium Theory
71201: MORISHIMA, MICHIO - Theory of Economic Growth
70935: MORISHIMA, MICHIO - Equilibrium, Stability and Growth a Multi-Sectoral Analysis
64449: MORISHIMA, MICHIO - Theory of Demand Real and Monetary
75645: MORISHIMA, MICHIO - Ricardo's Economics a General Equilibrium Theory of Distribution and Growth
49329: MORITZ, LA - Grain-Mills and Flour in Classical Antiquity
65740: MORLEY, RICHARD - The Macroeconomics of Open Economies an Introduction to Aggregate Behaviour and Policy
63345: MORNEWECK, EVELYN FOSTER - Chronicles of Stephen Foster's Family
50782: MORRAYE, CLEMENT - Les Propos de Table Et Les Poèmes Bachiques de Monsieur de Grandcru
69911: MORRIS, WILLIAM - News from Nowhere
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69162: MORRIS, D. J. - Strategic Behaviour and Industrial Competition
57255: MORRIS, RICHARD - Early English Alliterative Poems in the West-Midland Dialect of the Fourteenth Century, Edited from the Unique Manuscript British Museum Ms. Cotton Nero A. X
65072: MORRIS, DEREK J. - The Economic System in the U. K
48242: MORRIS, RICHARD - Early English Alliterative Poems in the West-Midla
53654: MORRIS, RICHARD ED. - Cursor Mundi
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73045: MORRIS, RICHARD - Chaucer's Translation of Boethius's "de Consolatione Philosophiae. "
66756: MORRIS, CHRISTOPHER W. - Practical Rationality and Preference Essays for David Gauthier
73450: MORRISON, JOHN H. - History of American Steam Navigation
58548: MORRISON, SIMON - The People's Artist Prokofiev's Soviet Years
64536: MORRISON, FOSTER - The Art of Modeling Dynamic Systems Forecasting for Chaos, Randomness, and Determinism
59824: MORROW, BRADFORD - A Bibliography of the Black Sparrow Press 1966-1978
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73508: MORSE, ERIC WILTON - Fur Trade Canoe Routes of Canada Then and Now
44536: MORTIMER, GEORGE - Observations and Remarks Made During a Voyage to the Islands of Teneriffe, Amsterdam, Maria's Island Near Van Diemen's Land; Otaheite, Sandwich Islands; Owyhee, the Fox Islands on the North-West Coast of America, Tiniam, and from Thence to Canton
58640: MORTIMER, RICHARD - Angevin England 1154-1258
66942: MORTON, ADAM - Frames of Mind Constraints on the Common-Sense Conception of the Mental
68765: MORTON, B. R. - Numerical Approximation
76348: MORTON, EDWARD PAYSON - Lake Huron and the Country of the Algonquins
61474: MORTON, JOHN K. - Faded Glory Airline Colour Schemes of the Past
59589: MOSCOW, ALVIN - Collision Course the Andrea Doria and the Stockholm
67685: MOSELEY, FRED - Heterodox Economic Theories True or False?
73685: MOSELEY, MICHAEL E. - The Incas and Their Ancestors the Archaeology of Peru
65983: MOSK, CARL - Japanese Industrial History Technology, Urbanization, and Economic Growth
67849: MOSS, SCOTT J. - Economic Theory of Business Strategy an Essay in Dynamics without Equilibrium
56402: MOSS, ROGER W. - Century of Color Exterior Decoration for American Buildings, 1820-1920
77363: MOSS, CHARLOTTE - Charlotte Moss a Flair for Living
24321: MOSSNER, ERNEST CAMPELL - The Correspondence of Adam Smith
64709: MOST, BENJAMIN A. - Inquiry, Logic and International Politics
66494: DE LA MOTHE, JOHN - Innovation Strategies in Interdependent States Essays on Smaller Nations, Regions and Cities in a Globalized World
57396: MOTT, N. F. - Wave Mechanics and Its Applications
71417: MOULTON, HAROLD G. - Capital Expansion, Employment, and Economic Stability
70425: MOULTON, HAROLD G. - Income and Economic Progress
70309: MOULTON, HAROLD G. - The Formation of Capital
75834: MOULTON, FOREST RAY - Differential Equations
71078: MOULTON, HAROLD G. - Japan an Economic and Financial Appraisal
66773: MOUNT, KENNETH - Computation and Complexity in Economic Behavior and Organization
67792: MOURATO, SUSANA - The Price of Virtue the Economic Value of the Charitable Sector
73645: MOUSNIER, ROLAND - Peasant Uprisings in Seventeenth-Century France, Russia and China
64792: MOWERY, DAVID C. - Technology and the Pursuit of Economic Growth
73053: MOWRER, O. HOBART - Learning Theory and the Symbolic Processes
44581: MOXON, JOSEPH - On the Printers' Chapel: Being Some Random Notes & an Excerpt from the Book , Mechanick Exercises.
70876: MOYER, REED - Competition in the Midwestern Coal Industry
61048: MOYLE, J. B. - Imperatoris Iustiniani Institutionum
76068: MUCHA, JIRI - Alphonse Mucha Posters and Photographs
65960: MUDAMBI, RAM - Privatization and Globalization the Changing Role of the State in Business
72502: MUDDIMAN, J.G. - King's Journalist, 1659-89
75437: MUECKE, STEPHEN - Desert Designs 26 Knits by Aboriginal Artists
51420: MUEHSAM, GERD - French Painters and Paintings from the Fourteenth Century to Post-Impressionism
65943: MUELLER, DENNIS C. - Capitalism and Democracy Challenges and Responses in an Increasingly Independent World
64529: MUELLER, JOHN - Trends in Public Opinion a Compendium of Survey Data
69488: MUELLER, DENNIS - Public Choice
66040: MUELLER, DENNIS C. - Public Choice III
64533: MUELLER, DENNIS C. - Profits in the Long Run
64395: MUELLER, DENNIS C. - Determinants and Effects of Mergers International Comparison
58477: MUELLER, MARTIN - Children of Oedipus, and Other Essays on the Imitation of Greek Tragedy, 1550-1800
73893: MUES-BARON, KLAUS - Heinrich Himmler - Aufstieg Des Reichsfuehrers Ss (1900-1933) (German Edition)
73892: MUES-BARON, KLAUS - Heinrich Himmler - Aufstieg Des Reichsfuehrers Ss (1900-1933) (German Edition)
71479: MUIR, THOMAS - The Theory of Determinants in the Historical Order of Development
63255: MUIR, PERCY - Victorian Illustrated Books
51053: MUIR, WILLA - Living with Ballads
74493: MUIR, PERCY - English Children's Books 1600 to 1900
49433: MUIRHEAD, J. H. - Bernard Bosanquet and His Friends Letters
65689: MUKHERJI, ANJAN - Walrasian and Non-Walrasian Equilibria an Introduction to General Equilibrium Analysis
69431: MULBERG, JONATHAN D - Social Limits to Economic Theory
67560: MULDER, HENK A. J. - Transition to a Sustainable Society a Backcasting Approach to Modelling Energy and Ecology
66458: MULHERIN, JOHN HAROLD - Mergers and Corporate Governance
64976: MULLARD, M. - Understanding Economic Policy
77197: VON MULLENHEIM-RECHBERG, BURKARD BARON - Battleship Bismarck a Survivor's Story
70244: MULLER, JOHANN - Regiomontanus on Triangles
73816: MULLER-KARPE, ANDREAS - Hethitische Topferei Der Oberstadt Von Hattusa Ein Beitrag Zur Kenntnis Spat-Grossreichszeitlicher Keramik Und Toperferbetriebe Unter Zugrundelegung Der... Vor- Und Fruhgeschichte) (German Edition)
66545: MULLER, CHARLOTTE - Light Metals Monopoly
44512: MULLER, S. - Voyages from Asia to America, for Completing the Discoveries of the North West Coast of America, Etc.
50126: MULLIGAN, WILLIAM C. - Adventurous Gardener's Sourcebook of Rare and Unusual Plants
72568: MULLIGAN - Lute Kao Ming's P'i-P'a Chi
75725: MULLINEAUX, A. - Business Cycles and Financial Crises
66651: MULLINEUX, A. W. - The Business Cycle After Keynes
75654: MULLINEUX, A. W. - Business Cycles Theory and Evidence
56581: MUMEY, NOLIE - The Singing Arrow: A Navaho Indian Story of Love and Truth
45112: MUMFORD, LEWIS - Architecture and Civilization
53867: MUMFORD, LEWIS - Interpretations and Forecasts
49250: MUMFORD, LEWIS - Mumford on Modern Art in the 1930s
65968: MUNASINGHE, MOHAN - The Sustainability of Long-Term Growth Socioeconomic and Ecological Perspectives
53694: MUNDAY, ANTHONY - The Downfall of Robert Earl of Huntingdon
71849: MUNDLAK, YAIR - Agriculture and Economic Growth Theory and Measurement
54238: MUNDY, TALBOT - Caves of Terror
72945: MUNN, ORSON D, ED. - Trade-Marks and Unfair Competition
73999: MUNOZ, JUAN - Juan Munoz
59089: MUNSELL, F. DARRELL - The Unfortunate Duke Henry Pelham, Fifth Duke of Newcastle, 1811-1864
55531: MUNSTERBERG, HUGO - The Arts of China
55680: MUNZ, LUDWIG - Bruegel the Drawings Complete Edition
73346: MUNZ, PETER - The Shapes of Time a New Look at the Philosophy of History
55720: MUNZ, LUDWIG - Rembrandt Harmensz Van Rijn: Rembrandt
44315: MURA, DAVID - Listening
66864: MURAKAMI, YASUSUKE - An Anticlassical Political-Economic Analysis a Vision for the Next Century
76342: MURAKAMI, Y - Logic and Social Choice
55588: MURASE, MIYEKO - Japanese Art: Selections from the Mary and Jackson Burke Collection
72405: MURAT, INES & F. FRENAYE - Napoleon and the American Dream
70592: MURATA, YASUO - Mathematics for Stability and Optimization of Economic Systems
66544: MURCHISON, CLAUDIUS TEMPLE - Resale Price Maintenance
72432: MURDOCH, JOHN - Ethnological Results of the Point Barrow Expedition
77578: MURDOCK, KENNETH - Increase Mather
75709: MURPHY, AUSTIN - Scientific Investment Analysis
71048: MURPHY, ROY E. - Adaptive Processes in Economic Systems
75827: MURPHY, ROBERT FRANCIS - Robert H. Lowie
73799: MURPHY, ROBERT CUSHMAN - Oceanic Birds of South America
50796: MURPHY, JOHN - Traditional Irish Recipes
77233: MURPHY, CHARLES F. - Working Plans for Working Decoys
64523: MURRAY, PATRICK - Marx's Theory of Scientific Knowledge
68408: MURRAY, JAMES D. - Mathematical Biology
53645: MURRAY, JAMES - The Romance and Prophecies of Thomas Erceldonne
59795: MURRAY, JAMES - The Oxford English Dictionary. Being a Corrected Re-Issue with an Introduction, Supplement, and Bibliography of a New English Dictionary on Historical Principles
50296: MURRAY, JOHN G. - A Gentleman Publisher's Commonplace Book
54289: MURRAY, GILBERT - Gobi or Shamo
66700: MURRAY BROWN, ED. - The Theory and Empirical Analysis of Production
56640: MURRAY, ROBERT A. - Fort Laramie "Visions of a Grand Old Post"
55706: MURRAY, LINDA - Michelangelo: His Life, Work, and Times
51036: MURRY, JOHN MIDDLETON - Studies in Keats
77471: MUSCATINE, DORIS - The University of California/Sotheby Book of California Wine
75926: MUSCHALEK, CHRISTIAN - Residential Districts
65032: MUSGRAVE, PETER - Economic Structure
64109: MUSGRAVE, RICHARD A. - Public Finance in a Democratic Society Social Goods, Taxation and Fiscal Policy, Fiscal Doctrine, Growth and Institutions
70487: MUSGROVE, PHILIP - U.S. Household Consumption, Income, and Demographic Changes 1975-2025
70352: MUSKHELISHVILI, N. I. - Singular Integral Equations Boundary Problems of Function Theory and Their Application to Mathematical Physics
68275: MUSSA, MICHAEL - Study in Macroeconomics
48259: MUSTACHI, MARIANNE - A Renaissance Woman: Helisenne's Personal and Invective Letters
51972: MYERS, DWIGHT AND CAROL (EDITORS) - In Celebration of the Book Literary New Mexico
72911: MYERS, MARGARET G. - Monetary Proposals for Social Reform
52120: MYERS, ROBIN ED. - Lives in Print Biography and the Book Trade from the Middle Ages to the 21st Century
75384: MYERS, TRENT - Chicago Some Other Traditions
70056: MYERS, L. H. - The Near and the Far
72391: MYERS, ALLEN C. - The Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
51893: MYERS, DWIGHT - Literary New Mexico Essays from Book Talk
75031: MYERSCOUGH, THOMAS - A Photographic Study Guide for Oriental Carpets
71519: MYINT, HLA - Theories of Welfare Economics
51576: MYLES, DOUGLAS - The Great Waves
73287: MYLONAS, GEORGE E. - Mycenae and the Mycenaean Age
73509: MYRES, SANDRA L. - Westering Women and the Frontier Experience, 1800-1915
44306: MYRICK, DAVID F. - Potosi' an Empire of Silver
56617: MYRICK, DAVID F. - Railroads of Nevada and Eastern California
75253: NABOKOV, VLADIMIR - The Stories of Vladimir Nabokov
65125: NABSETH, L. - The Diffusion of New Industrial Processes an International Study
66855: NADEAU, ROBERT - The Wealth of Nature How Mainstream Economics Has Failed the Environment
56008: NADEAU, MAURICE - The Drawings of Paul Delvaux
77024: NADER, HELEN - Rights of Discovery Christopher Columbus's Final Appeal to King Fernando
75078: NADLER, STEVEN - The Cambridge Companion to Malebranche
65821: NAGURNEY, ANNA - Sustainable Transportation Networks
70967: NAHI, N. E. - Estimation Theory and Applications
64674: NAHIN, PAUL J. - An Imaginary Tale the Story of [the Square Root of Minus One]
66403: NAHUIS, RICHARD - Knowledge, Inequality and Growth in the New Economy
49173: NAIDEN, F. S. - Ancient Supplication
76244: NAIRNE, D. - Memorable Floods in the Highlands During the Nineteenth Century with Some Accoutns of the Great Frost of 1895
77359: NAKAMURA, SUSUMU - Bonsai a Patient Art
64784: NAKAYAMA, SHIGERU - Science and Society in Modern Japan
67912: NAKHAEIZADEH, G. - Machine Learning and Statistics the Interface
67678: NALLARI, RAJ R. - Macroeconomic Stabilization and Adjustment
71985: NAPOLEON - Napoleon's Last Will and Testament
76198: NARASIMHAM, N. V. A. - A Short Term Planning Model for India
57571: NARAZAKI, MUNESHIGE - Studies in Nature Hiroshige and Hokusai
57566: NARAZAKI, MUNESHIGE - Early Paintings
57570: NARAZAKI, MUNISHIGE - Hokusai Sketches and Paintings
57568: NARAZAKI, MUNESHIGE - Hiroshige Famous Views
44532: NARBOROUGH, JOHN - An Account of Several Late Voyages and Discoveries to the South and North. Towards the Streights of Magellan, the South Seas, the Vast Tracts of Land Beyond Hollandia Nova
72320: NAREMORE, JAMES & JOHN HUSTON - Treasure of the Sierra Madre
44143: NASH, JOHN R. - Mr. Cobden-Sanderson's Two-Handed Engine
77238: NASH, JOSEPH - The Mansions of England in the Olden Time
44903: NASH, GEORGE H - Books and the Founding Fathers
70399: NASLIN, P. - The Dynamics of Linear and Non-Linear Systems
48040: NAVARRO, RAMON GIL - The Gold Rush Diary of Ramon Gil Navarro
65505: NAYLOR, THOMAS H. - Corporate Strategy the Integration of Corporate Planning Models and Economics
67166: NAYLOR, THOMAS AN - Optimization Models for Strategic Planning
73386: NEAL, STEVE - Miracle of '48 Harry Truman's Major Campaign Speeches & Selected Whistle -Stops
74852: NEALE, J. E. - Elizabeth I and Her Parliments 1559-1581
63518: NEALE, ROBERT E - Folding Money Fooling
64325: NEARY, J. PETER - Natural Resources and the Macroeconomy
77210: NEBEHAY, CHRISTIAN MICHAEL - Egon Schiele, 1890-1918 Leben, Briefe, Gedichte (German Edition)
77208: NEBEHAY, CHRISTIAN MICHAEL - Ver Sacrum 1898-1903
77235: NEBENZAHL, KENNETH - Mapping the Silk Road and Beyond
56373: NEBENZAHL, KENNETH - Atlas of the American Revolution
73012: NECHAS, JAMES - Synonomy, Repetition, and Restatement in the Vocabulary of Herman Melville's Moby-Dick
59790: NEEDHAM, JOSEPH - Science and Civilisation in China [Set of 14 Books, Volumes 1 Through 6]
70408: NEFF, PHILIP - Business Cycles in Selected Industrial Areas
76421: NEFF, JOHN HALLMARK - Balthus in Chicago
65693: NEGISHI, TAKASHI - Economic Theories in a Non-Walrasian Tradition
65159: NEGOITA, C. V - Simulation, Knowledge-Based Computing, and Fuzzy Statistics
71141: NEHRU, JAWAHARLAL - Nuclear Explosions and Their Effects
52376: O'NEILL, EUGENE - Ah, Wilderness!
60573: O'NEILL, EUGENE - Four Plays a Story of the Buried Life
49221: O'NEILL, JOHN - Essaying Montaigne a Study of the Renaissance Institution of Writing and Reading
68008: NEILL, ROBIN - New Theory of Value Canadian Economics of H.A. Innis
53877: O'NEILL, EUGENE - Strange Interlude
53878: O'NEILL, EUGENE - Four Plays
76635: NEISSER, HANS - The Nature of Import Propensities and the Foreign Trade Multiplier
76634: NEISSER, HANS - The Significance of Foreign Trade for Domestic Employment
76636: NEISSER, HANS - The New Economics of Spending a Theoretical Analysis
69691: NELL, EDWARD J. - Growth, Profits and Property Essays in the Revival of Political Economy
62367: NELLIGAN, TOM - Quadrant Press Review 8 - Route of the Minute Man the Boston and Maine, 1969-1979
53625: NELSON, WILLIAM ED. - The Life of St. George
70384: NELSON, R. J. - Introduction to Automata
70962: NELSON, WALTER HENRY - Small Wonder the Amazing Story of the Volkswagen
70917: NEMMERS, ERWIN ESSER - Hobson and Underconsumption
75169: NERET, GILLES - The Arts of the Twenties
73414: NETANYAHU, B. - The Origins of the Inquisition in Fifteenth Century Spain
72375: NETHERCOT, ARTHUR - The First Five Lives of Annie Besant
51884: NETHERY, WALLACE - Eliana Americana: Charles Lamb in the United States, 1849-1866
72984: NEU, ERICH - Das Hethitische Mediopassiv Und Seine Indogermanischen Grundlagen
44698: NEUERBURG, NORMAN - Agustin V. Zamorano Architect
51490: NEUMANN, ECKARD - Bauhaus and Bauhaus People Personal Opinions and Recollections of Former Bauhaus Members and Their Contemporaries
65865: NEURATH, PAUL - From Malthus to the Club of Rome and Back Problems of Limits to Growth, Population Control, and Migrations
75731: NEURATH, MARIA - Logical Empiricism at Its Peak Schlick, Carnap, and Neurath
71601: NEURATH, OTTO (ED) - Foundations of the Unity of Science Toward an International Encyclopedia of Unified Science
60991: NEVELSON, LOUISE - Dawns and Dusks Taped Conversations with Diana Mackown
73872: NEVELSON, LOUISE - Recent Works
68952: NEVETT, TERENCE - Historical Perspectives in Marketing Essays in Honor of Stanley C. Hollander
76312: NEVILLE-ROLFE, SYBIL - Social Biology and Welfare
67209: NEVILLE, ERIC HAROLD - Jacobian Elliptical Functions
65780: NEWBOLD, PAUL - Recent Developments in Time Series
56388: NEWCOMB, SIMON - Investigation of Inequalities in Motion of the Moon Produced by the Action of the Planets
61971: NEWDICK, THOMAS - Aircraft of the Cold War 1945-1991
61979: NEWDICK, THOMAS - Modern Military Airpower 1990-Present
52293: NEWDIGATE, BERNARD H. - Book Production Notes Articles Contributed to the London Mercury, 1920-1925
64778: NEWELL, R. W. - Objectivity, Empiricism and Truth
74030: NEWHALL, NANCY - P.H. Emerson the Fight for Photography As a Fine Art
74155: NEWKIRK, J. B AND J. H. WERNICK (EDS.) - Direct Observation of Imperfections in Crystals
70349: NEWLYN, W. T. - Theory of Money
71100: NEWMAN, PETER - The Theory of Exchange
75935: NEWMAN, CHARLES - Triquarterly Number Seventeen Winter 1970
53997: NEWMAN, PAUL - Doctor Solar Man of the Atom Volume 2
54003: NEWMAN, PAUL S. - Doctor Solar Man of the Atom Volume 3
73536: NEWMAN, PETER C. - Caesars of the Wilderness Company of Adventurers, Volume 2
70304: NEWMAN, M. H. A - Elements of the Topology of Plane Sets of Points
57288: NEWMAN, THELMA RITA - Plastics As Design Form
76565: NEYMAN, J - "Smoth Test" for Goodness of Fit
71593: NEYMAN, JERZY (ED. ) - Proceedings on the Third Berkeley Symposium on Mathematical Statistiscs and Probability Vol. 1-5
65180: NG, YEW-KWANG - Mesoeconomics a Micro-Macro Analysis
72425: NICE, MARGARET - Studies in the Life History of the Long Sparrow
75983: NICHOLAS, GOODISON - Hotspur Eighty Years of Antiques Dealing
70725: NICHOLLS, WILLIAM H. - Labor Productivity Functions in Meat Packing
72624: NICHOLS, JOHN & EDWARD L HART - Minor Lives a Collection of Biographies by John Nichols
48421: NICHOLS, JOHN GOUGH - A Descriptive Catalogue of the Works of the Camden Society
53327: NICHOLS, ROY FRANKLIN - Franklin Pierce: Young Hickory of the Granite Hills
70174: NICHOLS, ROSE STANDISH - English Pleasure Gardens
74371: NICHOLS, PETER - Evolution's Captain the Dark Fate of the Man Who Sailed Charles Darwin Around the World
75491: NICHOLSON, T. A. J - Optimization in Industry
67917: NICHOLSON, T. A. J - Optimization in Industry Vol. 1
51079: NICHOLSON, COLIN - Alexander Pope Essays for the Tercentenary
64610: NICHOLSON, MICHAEL - Formal Theories in International Relations
72868: NICHOLSON, MICHAEL - Oligopoly and Conflict; a Dynamic Approach
75374: NICKAS, BOB - Performance Anxiety
77142: NICKEL, DOUGLAS R. - Snapshots the Photography of Everyday Life, 1888 to the Present
69699: NICKELL, STEPHEN J. - The Investment Decisions of Firms
64757: NICKERSON, RAYMOND S. - Using Computers Human Factors in Information Systems
64514: NICOLIS, GREGOIRE - Exploring Complexity an Introduction
21020: NICOLL, ALLARDYCE - Chapman's Homer
59789: NICOLL, ALLARDYCE, ET AL. (EDITORS) - Shakespeare Survey [36 Volumes with Dust Jackets] an Annual Survey of Shakespearian Study & Production
73158: NICOLL, ALLARDYCE - Shakespeare in His Own Age
74123: NICOLLE, DAVID - Arms & Armour of the Crusading Era, 1050-1350 Islam, Eastern Europe and Asia
63930: NICOLLE, DAVID - Armies of the Ottoman Empire 1775-1820
71526: NIEBYL, KARL - Studies in the Theories of Money
77465: NIETO, CARLOS - Carlos' Contemporary French Cuisine
69904: NIETZSCHE, FRAU FORSTER - The Lonely Nietzsche
58625: NIETZSCHE, FRIEDRICH - On the Genealogy of Morality
50301: NIGHTINGALE, GAY - Growing Cyclamen
50292: NIGHTINGALE, GAY - Growing Cyclamen
71882: NIJKAMP, PETER - Theory and Application of Environmental Economics
68603: NIJKAMP, PETER - Information Systems for Integrated Regional Planning
66625: NIKAIDO, HUKUKANE - Prices, Cycles, and Growth
68846: NIOSI, JORGE - Technology and National Competitiveness Oligopoly, Technological Innovation, and International Competition
64354: NIOU, EMERSON M. S. - The Balance of Power Stability in International Systems
72380: NISBET, ROBERT - Prejudices a Philosophical Dictionary
64173: NISHIMURA, KIYOHIKO G. - Imperfect Competition, Differential Information, and Microfoundations of Macroeconomics
53772: NITSCHKE, GUNTER - The Architecture of the Japanese Garden Right Angle and Natural Form
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62713: NOBLE, HARRY - Glimpses of Passing Trains
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55381: PERLMAN, BARBARA H. - Allan Houser
44537: PERON, FRANCOIS - Mèmoires Du Capitaine Péron, Sur Ses Voyages Aux Côtes D'Afrique, en Arabie, à L'ïle D'Amsterdam, Aux ïles D'Anjouan Et de Mayotte, Aux Côtes Nord-Ouest de L'Amèrique, Aux ïles Sandwich, à la Chine
74471: PLUTARCH & BERNADOTTE PERRIN - Plutarch Lives, Vol. III, Pericles and Fabius Maximus. Nicias and Crassus (Volume III)
74474: PLUTARCH & BERNADOTTE PERRIN - Plutarch Lives, IX, Demetrius and Antony. Pyrrhus and Gaius Marius (Volume IX)
74473: PLUTARCH & BERNADOTTE PERRIN - Plutarch Lives, VIII, Sertorius and Eumenes. Phocion and Cato the Younger (Volume VIII)
57380: PERRON, DR. OSKAR - Algebra I: Die Grundlagen; II: Theorie Der Algebraischen Gleichungen
53616: PERRY, GEORGE ED. - Religious Pieces in Prose and Verse
73617: PERTTULA, TIMOTHY K. - The "Caddo Nation" Archaeological and Ethnohistoric Perspectives
74726: PERUGA, GEGO; IRIS - Gego, 1955-1990
68864: PESARAN, HASHEM - The Limits to Rational Expectations
65192: PESCHEL, M. - Predator-Prey Model Do We Live in a Volterra World?
67015: PESIC, PETER - Labyrinth a Search for the Hidden Meaning of Science
53329: PESKIN, ALLAN - Garfield: A Biography
70673: PESSEMIER, EDGAR A. - Experimental Methods of Analyzing Demand for Branded Consumer Goods with Applications to Problems in Marketing Strategy
50293: PESSEY, CHRISTIAN - Bonsai Basics a Step-by-Step Guide to Growing, Training & General Care
71173: PESTON, MAURICE ED. - Essays in Honour of Lord Robbins
76193: PETERKA, V. - Macrodynamics of Technological Change: Market Penetration by New Technologies
75891: PETERKA, V. - Macrodynamics of Technological Change: Market Penetration by New Technologies
71991: PETERS, F. E. - Jerusalem the Holy City in the Eyes of Chroniclers, Visitors, Pilgrims, and Prophets from the Days of Abraham to the Beginnings of Modern Times
74825: PETERS, BEAR & LIZ DANFORTH - Catacombs of the Bear Cult, Level 1
74827: PETERS, BEAR & LIZ DANFORTH - The Dungeon of the Bear Level 3
74944: PETERSEN, WILLIAM - Malthus
70867: PETERSON, RUDOLPH A. - Debt in a New Environment
67736: PETERSON, WILLIAM - Advances in Input-Output Analysis Technology, Planning, and Development
74177: PETERSON, N.L. & R. W. SIEGEL - Properties of Atomic Defects in Metals Proceedings of the International Conference on the Propoerties of Atomics Defects in Metals, Argonne, IL 18-22 October 1976
65066: PETERSON, IVARS - Islands of Truth a Mathematical Mystery Cruise
65067: PETERSON, IVARS - The Mathematical Tourist Snapshots of Modern Mathematics
75951: PETERSON, RICHARD F. - Work in Progress Joyce Centenary Essays

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