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69782: HENDERSON, J. - The Globalization of High Technology Production Society, Space and Semiconductors in the Restructuring of the Modern World
70436: HENDERSON, ARCHIBALD - The Twenty-Seven Lines Upon the Cubic Surface
62297: HENDERSON, JOHN - Blue Diesels and Black Diamonds the Operation of the West End of the Cumberland Division in the Baltimore and Ohio's Diesel Era
62678: HENDERSON, JOHN - Classic Freight Cars: The Series, Eleven Volume Set
69298: HENDRY, DAVID F. - Econometrics and Quantitative Economics
64366: HENDRY, DAVID F. - Econometrics Alchemy or Science? : Essays in Econometric Methodology
72315: HENDY, PHILIP - Catalogue of the Exhibited Paintings and Drawings
69693: HENIN, PIERRE-YVES - Macrodynamics Fluctuations and Growth - Study of the Economy in Equilibrium and Disequilibrium
73218: HENLEY, WILLIAM ERNEST - The Complete Works of Henry Fielding: Amelia
64649: HENLEY, ANDREW - Corporatism and Economic Performance a Comparative Analysis of Market Economies
69643: HENN, R. - Mathematical Economics and Game Theory Essays in Honor of Oskar Morgenstern
62470: HENNECH, MICHAEL C. - Beer Trucks a Photographic Salute
51590: HENREY, BLANCHE - No Ordinary Gardener Thomas Knowlton 1691-1781
75321: HENRY, O - The Stories of o. Henry
69812: HENRY, CLAUDE - Microeconomics for Public Policy Helping the Invisible Hand
73738: D'HENRY, A. MILLION - Triomphes Du Baroque Architecture en Europe 1600-1750
73361: HENRY, DESMOND PAUL - The Degrammatico of St. Anselm the Theory of Paronymy
57025: HENRY, ALAN - Williams the Business of Grand Prix Racing
69221: HEON, LAURA - Hans Schabus Deserted Conquest
71876: HERBERG, HORST & NGO VAN LONG - Trade, Welfare, and Economic Policies Essays in Honor of Murray C. Kemp
74974: HERBERT, T. WALTER - Oberon's Mazed World a Judicious Young Elizabethan Contemplates a Midsummer Night's Dream
53695: ED. HERFORD, C. H. - Ben Johnson: The Man and His Work
67991: HERMAN, MICHAEL - Intelligence Power in Peace and War
69089: HERMANN, ARMIN - The Genesis of Quantum Theory
51378: HEROLD, INGE - Turner on Tour
73884: HERR, KINCAID A. - The Louisville & Nashville Railroad, 1850-1942
74710: HERRERA, HAYDEN - Frida Kahlo the Paintings
51462: HERRERA, HAYDEN - Matisse a Portrait
70028: HERRICK, ROBERT - The Poems of Robert Herrick
68531: HERRING, RICHARD J. - National Monetary Policies and International Financial Markets
73553: HERRING, JOSEPH B. - Enduring Indians of Kansas Century and a Half of Acculturation
69627: HERRING, RICHARD J. - Managing International Risk Essays Commissioned in Honor of the Centenary of the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
70543: HERRING, RICHARD J. - Financial Regulation in the Global Economy
70268: HERSTEIN, I. N. - Matters Mathematical
76854: HERSTEIN, I. N. - Some Mathematical Methods and Techniques in Economics
65579: HERZEL, LEO - Bidders and Targets Mergers and Acquisitions in the U.S.
53653: HERZFELD, GEORGE ED. - An Old English Martyrology
45366: HERZOG, CARL - Carl Hertzog & "Humbert the Lion"
74090: HESLER, L. R. - North American Species of Hygrophorus
65168: HESS, J.D. - Economics of Organization
75363: HESS, F. SCOTT - F. Scott Hess the Hours of the Day
50149: HESSAYON, DR. D. G. - The Gold-Plated House Plant Expert
48085: VON HESSE-WARTEGG, ERNST - Travels on the Lower Mississippi 1879-1880
50965: HESSE, HERMANN - Briefe
67766: HESSION - John Maynard Keynes
68023: HESTON, ALAN & ROBERT E. LIPSEY - International and Interarea Comparisons of Income, Output, and Prices
53630: HEUSER, WILHELM ED. - The Northern Passion
67726: HEWINGS, GEOFFREY J. D. - Social and Demographic Accounting
49369: HEWISON, ROBERT - Under Siege Literary Life in London, 1939-1945
69816: HEWITT, PATRICIA - About Time the Revolution in Work and Family Life
73217: HEXTER, MAURICE BECK - Social Consequences of Business Cycles
76022: HEY, JOHN D. - Uncertainty in Microeconomics
64703: HEY, JOHN D. - A Century of Economics 100 Years of the Royal Economic Society and the Economic Journal
64960: HEY, JOHN - Economics in Disequilibrium
65025: HEY, JOHN D. - Data in Doubt
68654: HEY, JOHN D. - The Future of Economics
66647: HEY, JOHN D. - Surveys in the Economics of Uncertainty
68401: HEYER, H. - Theory of Statistical Experiments
73681: HEYERDAHL, THOR - Pyramids of Tucume the Quest for Peru's Forgotten City
73071: HIBBARD, GEORGE ED. - The Elizabethan Theatre IV
73072: HIBBARD, G. R. - The Elizabethan Theatre V
44992: HICKEY, OWEN - Highgate
58962: HICKEY, D. J - A Dictionary of Irish History Since 1800
74937: HICKEY, WILLIAM & PETER QUENNELL - Memoirs of William Hickey
68610: HICKMAN, BERT G - An Annual Growth Model of the U.S. Economy
66863: HICKMAN, BERT G. - International Productivity and Competitiveness
70315: HICKS, JOHN - A Market Theory of Money
70316: HICKS, JOHN - Critical Essays in Monetary Theory
70321: HICKS, JOHN - Casuality in Economics
67837: HICKS, DONALD A. - Automation Technology and Industrial Renewal Adjustment Dynamics in the U.S. Metal Working Sector
77623: HICKS, J. R. - Value and Capital an Inquiry Into Some Fundamental Principles of Economic Theory
70224: HICKS, JOHN - Collected Essays on Economic Theory
68742: HICKS, JOHN - The Economics of John Hicks
70423: HICKS, J. R. - A Contribution to the Theory of the Trade Cycle
68723: HICKS, JOHN - Methods of Dynamic Economics
66098: HIDANO, NOBORU - The Economic Valuation of the Environment and Public Policy a Hedonic Approach
75196: HIESINGER, KATHYRN BLOOM - Art Nouveau in Munich Masters of the Jugendstil
48712: HIGGINBOTHAM, JOHN - Cicero on Moral Obligation a New Translation of Cicero's de Officiis
70857: HIGGINS, BENJAMIN - What Do Economists Know? Six Lectures on Economics in the Crisis of Democracy
40982: HIGGINSON, THOMAS - Cheerful Yesterdays
68902: HIGH, JACK C. - Regulation Economic Theory and History
68640: HIGHT, DONALD W. - A Concept of Limits
76862: HILDRETH, CLIFFORD - Alternative Conditions for Social Orderings
77172: HILE, STEVE - Rock Island Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment
59826: HILER, HILAIRE AND MEYER - Bibliography of Costume a Dictionary Catalog of About Eight Thousand Books and Periodicals
70209: HILL, CONSTANCE - The House in St. Martin's Street
50142: HILL, LEWIS - Bulbs Four Seasons of Beautiful Blooms
49444: HILL, C. - A Nation of Change and Novelty Politics, Religion and Literature in Seventeenth Century England
51677: HILL, W. DOUGLAS P. - The Idylls of Theocritus in English Verse
74255: HILL, TOM - Painting Watercolors on Location with Tom Hill
72254: HILLABY, JOHN D - A Walk Through Europe
64132: HILLE, EINAR & ROBERT R. KALLMAN - Einar Hille Selected Papers: Classical Analysis and Functional Analysis
72959: HILLERBRAND, H. J. - Die Politische Ethik Des Oberdeutschen Taufertums
64951: HILLIER, BRIAN - The Macroeconomic Debate Models of the Closed and Open Economy
55572: HILLIER, JACK - Suzuki Harunobu a Selection of His Color Prints and Illustrated Books
55592: HILLIER, JACK - Suzuki Harunobu a Selection of His Color Prints and Illustrated Books
55601: HILLIER, JACK - The Japanese Picture Book: A Selection from the Ravicz Collection
68551: HILLIER, F. S. - The Evaluation of Risky Interrelated Investments
55574: HILLIER, JACK - The Japanese Picture Book: A Selection from the Ravicz Collection
44444: HILLIS, JOSEPH - Festival of Poems
60604: HILPRECHT, H. V. (ED. ) - The Babylonian Expedition of the University of Pennsylvania
71894: HILTON, KENNETH (ED) - The Econometric Study of the United Kingdom Proceedings of the 1969 Southampton Conference on Short-Run Econometric Models of the U.K. Economy
70501: HILTON, GORDON - Intermediate Politometircs
62710: HILTON, GEORGE - The Toledo, Port Clinton and Lakeside Railway
56639: HILTON, GEORGE W. - The Ma & Pa a History of the Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad
49621: HIMMELFARB, GERTRUDE - Marriage and Morals Among the Victorians
73163: HINCKELDEY - Strafjustiz in Alter Zeit
44739: HINES, LAURENCE - A Pilgrimage to Hingham
67897: HINICH, MELVIN J. - Ideology and the Theory of Political Choice
55800: HINKLE, WILLIAM - The Portal of the Saints of Reims Cathedral: A Study in Mediaeval Iconography
67127: HINKLE, ROSCOE C. - Founding Theory of American Sociology, 1881-1915
64133: HIRONAKA, H. & D. MUMFORD - Oscar Zariski Collected Papers
63292: HIRSCH, DAVID - Moosewood Restaurant Kitchen Garden
69651: HIRSCH, BARRY T. - The Economic Analysis of Unions New Approaches and Evidence
64615: HIRSCH, ABRAHAM - Milton Friedman Economics in Theory and Practice
71696: HIRSCH, LEON V. - Marketing in an Underdeveloped Economy the North Indian Sugar Industry
70801: HIRSHLEIFER, JACK - The Dark Side of the Force Economic Foundations of Conflict Theory
75511: HIRSHMAN, ALBERT O. - The Passions and the Interests Political Arguments for Capitalism Before Its Triumph
64663: HIRST, KEITH EDWIN - Conceptual Models in Mathematics
53668: HITCHCOCK, ELSIE ED. - The Lyfe of Sir Thomas Moore, Knighte
73783: HITCHCOCK, PHIL - Jian Wang: Two Decades in America
51596: HITSCHMANN, EDUARD - Freud's Theories of the Neuroses
51114: HLLIWELL-PHILLIPPS, J. O. F. R. S. - Memoranda on All's Well That Ends Well, the Two Gentlemen of Verona, Much Ado About Nothing, and on Titus Andronicus
74150: HOARE, F. E. (ED. ) - Experimental Cryophysics
58131: HOBBS, ROBERT - Robert Smithon Sculpture
66750: HOBBS, JILL E - The Economics of Biotechnology
56005: HOBBS, ROBERT - Richard Pousette-Dart
74125: HOBERG, ANNEGRET - Wassily Kandinsky and Gabriele Munter
51716: HOBHOUSE, L. T. - Sociology and Philosophy
65046: HOBSON, JOHN ATKINSON - Confessions of an Economic Heretic the Autobiography of J.A. Hobson
71662: HOBSON, J. A. - The Industrial System an Inquiry Into Earned and Unearned Income
71090: HOBSON, E. W. - The Domain of Natural Science the Gifford Lectures Delivered in the University of Aberdeen in 1921 and 1922
68410: HOCHBERG, HERBERT IRVING - Thought, Fact, and Reference the Origins and Ontology of Logical Atomism
67440: HOCHMAN, HAROLD M. - Economic Behavior and Distributional Choice Selected Writings of Harold M. Hochman
68220: HOCKING, RONALD R. - The Analysis of Linear Models
74439: HOCKNEY, DAVID - Secret Knowledge Rediscovering the Lost Techniques of the Old Masters
39723: HODGART, P. - A Preface to Shelley
70361: HODGES, J. L. - Basic Concepts of Probability and Statistics
71027: HODGES, J. L. - Elements of Finite Probability
68795: HODGES, W. - Conference in Mathematical Logic - London '70
64891: HODGSON, GEOFFREY M. - Economics and Institutions a Manifesto for a Modern Institutional Economics
66762: HODGSON, GEOFFREY M - How Economics Forgot History the Problem of Historical Specificity in Social Science
65576: HODGSON, GEOFFREY M. - The Foundations of Evolutionary Economics, 1890-1973
64119: HODGSON, GEOFFREY M. - The Elgar Companion to Institutional and Evolutionary Economics
71840: EL-HODIRI, MOHAMED A. - Extrema of Smooth Functions with Examples from Economic Theory
52036: HODNETT, EDWARD - English Woodcuts 1480-1535
50690: HODSDON, JAMES D. - The Court Books of the Manor of Cheltenham, 1692-1803
64675: HODSON, F. R. - Mathematics in the Archaeological and Historical Sciences
65789: HOEL, MICHAEL - Recent Developments in Environmental Economics
70833: HOFFMAN, WALTHER - British Industry 1700-1950
44844: HOFFMAN, RICHARD - Some Observations on Book Design
76316: HOFFMANN, E. T. A. - Selected Letters of E.T. A. Hoffmann
75239: HOFFMANN, E. T. A. - Nutcracker
73779: HOFFMANN, GERHARD - IM Schatten Der Sonne Zeitgenossische Kunst Der Indianer Und Eskimos in Kanada
72153: HOFFMANN, E. T. A. - Selected Writings of E.T. A. Hoffmann
77387: HOFFMANN, FRANK A. - Analytical Survey of Anglo-American Traditional Erotica.
68320: HOFFMANN, K.H. - Deutsch-Französische Konferenz ûber Optimierung /Trends in Mathematical Optimization
74616: HOFFMEISTER, ADOLF - Visages/Faces
73384: HOFMANN, GEORGE F. - Cold War Casualty the Court-Martial of Major General Robert W. Grow
62281: HOFSOMMER, DON L. - The Tootin' Louie a History of the Minneapolis and St. Louis Railway
75223: HOFSTATTER, HANS H. - Jugendstil Druckkunst
70774: HOFSTEN, ERLAND V. - Price Indexes and Quality Changes
68453: HOGAN, WILLIAM T. - The 1970s Critical Years for Steel
68452: HOGAN, WILLIAM T. - Minimills and Integrated Mills a Comparison of Steelmaking in the United States
68451: HOGAN, WILLIAM THOMAS - Global Steel in the 1990's Growth or Decline
75972: HOGBEN, LANCELOT - Political Arithmetic
70211: HOGG, JAMES - The Queen's Wake: A Legendary Poem
73272: HOGGE, ALICE - God's Secret Agents Queen Elizabeth's Forbidden Priests and the Hatching of the Gunpowder Plot
75887: HOGLUND, BENGT - The Production System of the Swedish Economy an Input-Output Study
70958: HOHENBERG, PAUL - A Primer on the Economic History of Europe
68899: HOHENBERG, PAUL M. - Making of Urban Europe, 1000-1950
65873: HOLBROOK, MORRIS - Consumer Value a Framework for Analysis and Research
64787: HOLDEN, KEN - Introductory Mathematics for Economics and Business
71697: HOLDREN, BOB R. - The Structure of a Retail Market and the Market Behavior of Retail Units
57892: HOLL, STEVEN - Pamphlet Architecture 9 Rural and Urban House Types
52284: HOLLADAY, JOAN A. - Illuminating the Epic: The Kassel "Willehalm" Codex and the Landgraves of Hesse in the Early Fourteenth Century
69630: HOLLAND, F. A. - Introduction to Process Economics
70663: HOLLAND, STUART, ED. - Beyond Capitalist Planning
50727: HOLLAND, HENRY - The Iceland Journal of Henry Holland
70296: HOLLANDER, JACOB (ED. ) - Economics Essays in Honor of John Bates Clark
75329: HOLLEIN, HANS - Vienna Dream and Reality
71043: HOLLERMAN, LEON - Japan's Dependence on the World Economy the Approach Toward Economic Liberalization
48635: HOLLETT, DAVID - The Conquest of the Niger by Land and Sea
72487: HOLLEY, MARIETTA & JANE CURRY - Samantha Rastles the Woman Question
66663: HOLLINGSWORTH, J. ROGERS - Contemporary Capitalism the Embeddedness of Institutions
67633: HOLLINGSWORTH, J. ROGERS - Governing Capitalist Economies Performance and Control of Economic Sectors
48245: HOLLISTER, C. WARREN - Anglo Saxon Military Institutions on the Eve
72873: HOLLNAGEL, ERIK - The Reliability of Expert Systems
75658: HOLLY, SEAN - Econometric Modelling Techniques and Applications
54723: HOLM, BILL - Spirit and Ancestor a Century of Northwest Coast Indian Art at the Burke Museum
48081: HOLMBERG, JAMES - Dear Brother: Letters of William Clark to Jonathan Clark
75281: HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL - The Autocrat at the Breakfast -Table
61992: HOLMES, DONALD B - Air Mail an Illustrated History 1793-1981
70492: HOLT, RICHARD P. F. - A New Guide to Post-Keynesian Economics
73264: HOLT, P. M. - The Cambridge History of Islam
76561: HOLTE, FRITZ - A Study in the Choice of Economic Shock-Models Memorandum, Institute of Economics, University of Oslo, 3, February, 1961
76263: HOLTON, GERALD - Thematic Origins of Scientific Thought Kepler to Einstein
75507: HOLTON, GERALD JAMES - The Advancement of Science, and Its Burdens the Jefferson Lecture and Other Essays
69557: HOLTON, GERALD JAMES - The Advancement of Science, and Its Burdens the Jefferson Lecture and Other Essays
51016: HOLTZ, WILLIIAM - Two Tales by Charlotte Bronte
66977: HOLTZMAN, STEVEN H. - Wittgenstein to Follow a Rule
36533: HOLUB, ROBERT - Crossing Borders: Reception Theory, Poststructuralism, Deconstruction
65834: HOLZER, HARRY J. - The Economics of Affirmative Action
76671: HOLZER, HANS - Hans Holzer's Haunted Houses
63290: HOM, KEN - Ken Hom's Chinese Kitchen with a Consumer's Guide to Essential Ingredients
70027: HOMER - The Iliad
77581: HOMER, SIDNEY - A History of Interest Rates
44875: HONDIUS, JODOCUS - The World Map of 1669
77046: HONEY, WILLIAM BOWYER - Ropean Ceramic Art: From the End of the Middle Ages to About 1815; Illustrated Historical Survey
74117: HONEYCUTT, FRED L JR. - Military Rifles of Japan 1897-1945
75771: HONIGMANN, BARBARA - Ein Kapitel Aus Meinem Leben
69625: HONKAPOHJA, SEPPO - The State of Macroeconomics Proceedings of a Symposium : "Whither Macroeconomics?"
48601: HONNYWILL, ELEANOR - The Challenge of Antarctica
64322: HOOD, NEIL - Industry Policy and the Scottish Economy
71119: HOOD, WILLIAM - Output, Labour and Capital in the Canadian Economy
72634: HOOD, THOMAS - The Letters of Thomas Hood
61822: HOOFTMAN, HUGO - Russian Aircraft
67157: HOOPER, JOHN W. - Selected Readings in Econometrics from Econometrica
77580: HOOPER, PETER & DAVID RICHARDSON - International Economic Transactions Issues in Measurement and Empirical Research
66707: HOOPER, PETER - International Economic Transactions Issues in Measurement and Empirical Research
76944: HOOPER, JOHN W. - Partial Trace Correlations
66552: HOOVER, KEVIN D. - Causality in Macroeconomics
64437: HOOVER, KEVIN D. - The New Classical Macroeconomics a Sceptical Inquiry
55025: HOPE, ANTHONY - The Prisoner of Zenda
50380: HOPE, FRANK - Turf Culture a Complete Manual for the Groundsman
44703: HOPKINS, GERARD MANLEY - Inversnaid. The Art Beyond the Word
44611: HOPKINS, RICHARD L. - Typographic Curiosities. Number Eight. Typrographic Doubletalk: Name the Face
75846: HOPKINS, MARSH - Chance and Error the Theory of Evolution
44741: HOPKINS, RICHARD L. - 27 Years in the Making. Saga of a Little Book Interrupted by a War
44686: HOPKINS, RICHARD L. - Monotype Success. A Compound of Ideas, Ideals and Work
60395: HOPKINSON, FRANCIS - Plan of an Improvement in the Art of Paper War
64978: HOPPENSTEADT, F. C. - Mathematics in Medicine and the Life Sciences
52273: HORGAN, PAUL - Under the Sangre de Cristo
56585: HORGAN, PAUL - A Writer's Eye Field Notes and Watercolors
69300: HORNE, JAMES C.VAN - Financial Market Rates and Flows
62510: HOROVITZ, MARC - Beginner's Guide to Large Scale Model Railroading
76658: HORSLER, VAL - This Spectred Isle a Journey Through Haunted England
58895: HORSPOOL, DAVID - King Alfred Burnt Cakes and Other Legends
53659: HORSTMANN, C. ED. - The Three Kings of Cologne
53660: HORSTMANN, CARL ED. - The Life of Saint Werburge of Chester
53665: HORSTMANN, JOHN ED. - The Life of St. Katharine of Alexandria
73882: HORSWELL, JANE - Bronze Sculpture of "Les Animaliers" Reference and Price Guide
68926: HORVAT, BRANKO - The Theory of Value, Capital and Interest a New Approach
71056: HORVAT, BRANKO - Business Cycles in Yugoslavia
75542: HORWICH, GEORGE - Monetary Process and Policy a Symposium
68975: HORWICH, GEORGE - Trade Stability and Macroeconomics Essays in Honour of Lloyd E. Metzler
75540: HORWICH, GEORGE - Money Capital and Prices
76526: HORWITZ, BASIL, OWEN GRIFFITHS AND MARTIN BREESE - The Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz
75992: HOSKINS, LESLEY - The Papered Wall: History, Pattern, Technique
64028: HOSMER, HOWARD - The Year of the Diamond
76592: HOTELLING, HAROLD - New Light on the Correlation Coefficient and Its Transforms
76588: HOTELLING, HAROLD - An Application Analysis Situs to Statistics
76589: HOTELLING, HAROLD - Spaces of Statistics and Their Metrization
76590: HOTELLING, HAROLD - Experimental Determination in the Maximum of a Function
76591: HOTELLING, HAROLD - Tubes and Spheres in N-Spaces, and a Class of Statistical Problems
76593: HOTELLING, HAROLD - The Impact of R.A. Fisher on Statistics
76587: HOTELLING, HAROLD - A Distribution of Correlation Ratios Calculated from Random Data
76585: HOTELLING, HAROLD - A General Mathematical Theory of Depreciation
76586: HOTELLING, HAROLD - A General Mathematical Theory of Depreciation
51186: HOTSON, LESLIE - Shakespeare by Hilliard
64431: HOULDEN, BRIAN - Understanding Company Strategy an Introduction to Thinking and Acting Strategically
70029: HOUSMAN, A. E. - A Shropshire Lad
75010: HOUSMAN, LAURENCE - Stories from the Arabian Nights
76721: HOUTHAKKER, H. S. - Economics and Biology: Specialization and Speciation
67234: HOUTHAKKER, H. S. - Consumer Demand in the United States, 1929-1970 Analysis and Projections
76792: HOUTHAKKER, H. S. - The Econometrics of Family Budgets
76790: HOUTHAKKER, H. S. - Compensated Changes in Quantities and Qualities Consumed
76808: HOUTHAKKER, H. S. - La Forme Es Courbes D'Engel
73810: HOVERSTEN, MORIS T. - Onwentsia Club 1895-1995. A Centennial History
71899: HOWARD, JOHN A. - Marketing Management Analysis and Planning
70892: HOWARD, NIGEL - Paradoxes of Rationality Theory of Metagames and Political Behavior
72882: HOWARD, M. C. & J. E. KING - A History of Marxian Economics
45124: HOWARD, ROBERT E. - The Road to Rome
59159: HOWARD, JAMES H. - Shawnee Ceremonialism Native American Tribe
65720: HOWARD, MICHAEL - Profits in Economic Theory
44543: HOWAY, FREDERIC W. - Voyages of the Columbia to the Northwest Coast 1787-1790 and 1790-1793
44544: HOWAY, FREDERIC W. - The Dixon-Meares Controversy
75912: HOWE, IRVING - Essential Works of Socialism
51396: HOWE, EUNICE D. - Andrea Palladio the Churches of Rome
52478: HOWE, MARK DEWOLFE, ED. - Holmes-Pollock Letters the Correspondence of Mr. Justice Holmes and Sir Frederick Pollock 1874-1932
50749: HOWE, ROBIN - Mrs Groundes-Peace's Old Cookery Notebook
76128: HOWE, MARK DEWOLFE, ED. - Holmes-Pollock Letters the Correspondence of Mr. Justice Holmes and Sir Frederick Pollock 1874-1932
70212: HOWELL, JAMES - Epistolae Ho- Elianae Familiar Letters Domestick and Foreignfamiliar Letters Domestick and Foreign
75251: HOWELLS, WILLIAM DEAN - The Kentons
70927: HOWEY, R. S. - The Rise of the Marginal Utility School
71004: HOWEY, R. S. - The Rise of the Marginal Utility School 1870-1889
65870: HOWITT, PETER - Money, Markets and Method Essays in Honour of Robert W. Clower
63373: HOWLAND, WILLIAM - The Howlands in America
75643: HOWSON, SUSAN - The Wartime Diaries of Lionel Robbins and James Meade, 1943-45
64082: HOWSON, SUE - The Collected Papers of James Meade Employment and Inflation, Value Distribution and Growth
68244: HOX, JOOP - Multilevel Analysis Techniques and Applications
73562: HOXIE, FREDERICK E. - Parading Through History the Making of the Crow Nation in America 1805-1935
45331: HOYEM, ANDREW - The Arab and His Donkey. Combining Two Literary Forms, the Rebus and Cumulative Verse
50077: HRDLICKA, ZDENEK - The Art of Japanese Gardening
75959: HSIA, CHIH-TSING - Twentieth-Century Chinese Stories
64421: HSIAO, CHENG - Analysis of Panel Data
65559: HSIAO, CHENG - Analysis of Panels and Limited Dependent Variable Models
77606: HSIAO, CHENG - Analysis of Panel Data
69735: HSIEH, CHING-YAO - A Search for Synthesis in Economic Theory
69843: HSIEH, CHING-YAO - Economics, Philosophy, and Physics
74872: HSIN-NUNG, YAO & JEREMY INGALLS - The Malice of Empire a Play by Yao Hsin-Nung, Translated from the Chinese
65863: HUBBARD, NANCY - Acquisition Strategy and Implementation
73246: HUBBARD, LEONARD - Soviet Trade and Distribution
66355: HUBBARD, R. GLENN - Asymmetric Information, Corporate Finance, and Investment
62714: HUBLER, ROBERT - B & o Diagram Book
69438: HÜBNER, KURT - The Critique of Scientific Reason
67888: HUCZYNSKI, ANDRZEJ A. - Management Gurus What Makes Them and How to Become One
77178: HUDDLESTON, DR EUGENE L - Appalachian Conquest
62207: HUDDLESTON, GENE - Trackside in Appalachia with Gene Huddleston
62753: HUDDLESTON, DR EUGENE L - Appalachian Cross the Pocohontas Roads
69977: HUDSON, W. H. - A Sheperd's Life
59403: HUDSON, ROGER - London: Portrait of a City
75324: HUDSON, W. H. - Green Mansions a Romance of the Tropical Forest
69979: HUEFFER, FORD MADOX - Henry James: A Critical Study
74976: HUET, MARIE HELENE - Rehearsing the Revolution the Staging of Marat's Death, 1793-1797
51522: HUFBAUER, KARL - Exploring the Sun Solar Science Since Galileo
72284: REGIOMONTANUS AND BARNABAS HUGHES (TRANS) - Regiomontanus on Triangles
67774: HUGHES HALLETT, ANDREW J. - Quantitative Economic Policies and Interactive Planning a Reconstruction of the Theory of Economic Policy
70775: HUGHES HALLETT, ANDREW J. - Applied Decision Analysis and Economic Behaviour
68195: HUGHES, KIRSTY S. - European Competitiveness
44465: HUGO, VICTOR - The Alphabet Is
74358: HUISMAN, P - Lautrec by Lautrec
51426: HULL, ANTHONY H. - Goya: Man Among Kings
71210: HULL, CHARLES HENRY - The Economic Writings of Sir William Petty
48925: HULME, HAROLD - The Life of Sir John Eliot (1592-1632) Struggle for Parlimentary Freedom
55700: D'HULST, R. A. - Jacob Jordaens
66696: HULTEN, CHARLES R. - Productivity Growth in Japan and the United States
68021: HULTEN, CHARLES R. - New Developments in Productivity Analysis
76757: HULTEN, PONTUS - Futurism and Futurisms
73490: HUME, IVOR NOEL - The Virginia Adventure Roanoke to James Towne: An Archaeological and Historical Odyssey
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62330: JONES, DWIGHT - Steel Cabooses of the Chesapeake & Ohio, 1937-1987
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51367: JORDAN, RUTH - Fromental Halevy: His Life & Music, 1799-1862
73436: JORDAN, WINTHROP D. - Tumult and Silence at Second Creek an Inquiry Into a CIVIL War Slave Conspiracy
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70957: KNOWLES, K. G. J . C. - Strikes--a Study in Industrial Conflict
51692: KNOX, MALCOLM - A Layman's Quest
48719: KNOX, T. M. - Hegel's Political Writings
73848: KNUT W. - Louisiana Billedreportage Pictortial Reportage
74601: KOBAYASHI, TADASHI - An Enduring Vision 17th- to 20th-Century Japanese Painting from the Gitter-Yelen Collection
75837: KOBRINKSII, N. E. - Introduction to the Theory of Finite Automata
77337: KOCH, THEODORE - Tales for Bibliophiles
68548: KOEHLER, G.J. & ETC. - Optimization over Leontief Substitution Systems
73055: KOENIG, HARRY C. , ED - Caritas Christi Urget Nos a History of the Offices, Agencies, and Institutions of the Archdiocese of Chicago
73928: KOESTER, HELMUT - Introduction to the New Testament, Vol. 2 History and Literature of Early Christianity
72558: KOESTLER, ARTHUR - The Gladiators
72557: KOESTLER, ARTHUR - Arrival and Departure
70714: KOGANE, YOSHIHIRO - Changing Value Patterns and Their Impact on Economic Structure
71638: KOGBETLIANTZ, E. G. - Fundamentals of Mathematics from an Advanced Viewpoint
71639: KOGBETLIANTZ, E. G. - Fundamentals of Mathematics from an Advanced Viewpoint Algebra and Analysis: Evolution of the Number Concept and Determinants - Equations - Logarithms
75549: KOHLI, ULRICH - Technology, Duality, and Foreign Trade the Gnp Function Approach to Modeling Imports and Exports
64881: KOHN, MICHAEL - Practical Numerical Methods Algorithms and Programmes
65648: KOHN, MEIR - Finance Constraints, Expectations, and Macroeconomics
67814: KOHN, JORG - Sustainability in Action Sectoral and Regional Case Studies
72771: KOHN, ROBERT E. - Pollution and the Firm
49355: KOJECKY, ROGER - T.S. Eliot's Social Criticism
68255: KOLAJA, JIRI - Social System and Time and Space an Introduction to the Theory of Recurrent Behavior
77316: KOLIN, PHILIP C. - Shakespeare in the South Essays on Performance
44773: KOLLMAR, RICHARD - Vapor & Voice
66570: KOLM, SERGE-CHRISTOPHE - Justice and Equity
65800: KOMIYA, PROFESSOR RYUTARO - The Japanese Economy Trade, Industry, and Government

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