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54466: KEYNES, SIR GEOFFREY - Blake Studies Essays on His Life and Work
56339: KEYNES, GEOFFREY - William Blake Poet Printer Prophet
71441: KEYNES, JOHN MAYNARD - The Collected Writings of John Maynard Keynes Volume 30
71442: KEYNES, JOHN MAYNARD - Collected Works of Keynes, Volume 15 Activities, 1906-1914 - India and Cambridge
71439: KEYNES, JOHN MAYNARD - The Collected Writings of John Maynard Keynes. Volume 29, the General Theory and After: A Supplement
70140: KEYNES, GEOFFREY - Bibliography of William Hazlit
73786: KEZYS, ALGIMANTAS - Kezys a Retrospective
68461: KHACATUROV, T. S. & P. B. GOODWIN - The Economics of Long-Distance Transportation Proceedings of a Conference Held by the International Economic Association in Moscow
71814: KHAZANIE, RAMAKANT - Basic Probability Theory and Applications
44791: KHERDIAN, DAVID - Poetry Post Cards Series No. 1
68964: KIEL, L. DOUGLAS & EUEL ELLIOTT - Chaos Theory in the Social Sciences Foundations and Applications
72901: KIELL, NORMAN ED. - Psychoanalysis Psychology and Literature a Bibliography
78001: KIELMAN, CHESTER - The University of Texas Archives: A Guide to the Historical Manuscripts Collections in the University of Texas Library
65572: KIJIMA, MASAAKI - Markov Processes for Stochastic Modeling
64064: KILBY, PETER - Quantity & Quiddity Essays in U.S. Economic History
76733: KILLOUGH, HUGH - What Makes the Price of Oats
75560: KIMBALL, DEXTER S. - Principles of Industrial Organization
72996: KINAL, DR. FURUZAN - Eski Andolu Tarihi
44239: KINDERSLEY, DAVID - Variations on the Theme of Twenty-Six Letters
69042: KINDLEBERGER, CHARLES P. & GUIDO DI TELLA - Economics in the Long View Vol. I: Models and Methodology Vol. II: Applications and Cases Pt. 1
64089: KINDLEBERGER, CHARLES P. - Economic Laws and Economic History
64067: KINDLEBERGER, CHARLES P. - Historical Economics Art or Science?
44202: KINERT, REED - Racing Planes and the Air Races a Complete History
71903: KING, WILLFORD I. - The Elements of Statistical Method
67748: KING, MERVYN A - Public Policy and the Corporation
53708: KING, WILLIAMS - An Historical Account of the Heathen Gods and Heros
66445: KING, MERVYN - The Taxation of Income from Capital a Comparative Study of the United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and West Germany
77869: KING, BLANCHE - Under Your Feet
68246: KING, RONALD F. - Money, Time, and Politics Investment Tax Subsidies and American Democracy
73548: KING, DUANE H. - The Cherokee Indian Nation a Troubled History
71604: KING, WILLFORD ISBELL - Employment Hours and Earnings in Prosperity and Depression United States 1920-1922
64124: KING, J. E. - The Elgar Companion to Post Keynesian Economics
74656: KING, DAVID - H.C. Westermann - West
75515: KING, WILLFORD I. - Index Numbers Elucidated
56761: KING, BRUCE - The Oxford English Literary History Volume 13: 1948-2000: The Internationalization of English Literature
69067: KINGSFORD, P. W. - Engineers, Inventors and Workers
59501: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - The Water Babies
71317: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - Westward Ho!
77530: KINGSTON, BEVERLEY - The Oxford History of Australia Volume 3: 1860-1900 Glad, Confident Morning
53716: KINKEAD-WEEKES, MARK - Samuel Richardson Dramatic Novelist
48537: LORD KINROSS - Within the Taurus
54063: KIRBY, JACK - Challengers of the Unknown Archives, Vol. 2
54064: KIRBY, JACK - Challengers of the Unknown Archives, Vol. 1
61567: KIRBY-SMITH, H. T. - United States Observatories Directory and Travel Guide
70989: KIRK, JOHN H. - Agriculture and the Trade Cycle
52380: KIRKALDY, ANDRA - Fifty Years of Golf: My Memories
67712: KIRMAN, ALAN P. - Economics Beyond the Millennium
73271: KIRSCH, JONATHAN - God Against the Gods the History of the War between Monotheism and Polytheism
50828: KIRSCHBAUM, GABRIELLE - Picnics for Lovers
71433: KIRSCHEN, E. S. ET AL - Economic Policy in Our Time
69124: KIRWAN, C. A. - Logic and Argument
69072: KISACANIN, BRANISLAV - Mathematical Problems and Proofs Combinatorics, Number Theory, and Geometry
74110: KISMARIC, CAROLE - Andre Kertesz
74745: KISMARIC, SUSAN - Manuel Alvarez Bravo
54472: KISSINGER, HENRY - Years of Upheaval
77388: KITTREDGE, GEORGE LYMAN - Witchcraft in Old and New England
74680: KJELLBERG, PIERRE - Art Deco Les Maitres Du Mobilier, le Decor Des Paquebots
70934: KLAASSEN, LEO H - Integration of Socio-Economic and Physical Planning Report Prepared for the United Nations Centre for Housing, Building and Planning for Expert Group Meeting, September 9-14, 1973, New York
70897: KLAASSEN, L. H. , ED. - Jan Tinbergen Selected Papers
71419: KLAMAN, SAUL B. - The Postwar Residential Mortgage Market
57953: KLEE, PAUL - Opere 1900-1940 Dalla Collezione Felix Klee
64371: KLEIN, PETER D. - Certainty; a Refutation of Scepticism
75232: KLEIN, DAN - In the Deco Style
64979: KLEIN, LAWRENCE R. - Lectures in Econometrics
68218: KLEIN, PHILIP A. - Analyzing Modern Business Cycles Essays Honoring Geoffrey H. Moore
75164: KLEIN, DAN - Decorative Art 1880-1980
69814: KLEIN, DANIEL B. - What Do Economists Contribute?
51605: KLEIN, MELANIE - Narrative of a Child Analysis the Conduct of the Psycho-Analysis of Children As Seen in the Treatement of a Ten Year Old Boy
71023: KLEIN, LAWRENCE R. - Econometric Model Performance Comparative Simulation Studies of the U.S. Economy
50802: KLEIN, BRADLEY - Rough Meditations
75661: KLEIN, LAWRENCE ROBERT - Economic Theory and Econometrics
68231: KLEIN, PHILIP A - The Cyclical Timing of Consumer Credit, 1920-67
71216: KLEIN, L. R. ET AL - An Econometric Model of the United Kingdom
68945: KLEIN, PROFESSOR LAWRENCE R. - The Economics of Supply and Demand
66508: KLEIN, LAWRENCE R. - Long-Run Growth and Short-Run Stabilization Essays in Memory of Albert Ando
76861: KLEIN, LAWRENCE R. - On the Inerpretation of Professor Leontief's System
76871: KLEIN, LAWRENCE R. - Estimating Patterns of Savings Behavior from Sample Survey Data
76899: KLEIN, LAWRENCE R. - The Use of Econometric Models As a Guide to Economic Policy
65932: KLEINKNECHT, ALFRED - Innovation and Firm Performance Econometric Explorations of Survey Data
67632: KLEINKNECHT, ALFRED - New Concepts in Innovation Output Measurement
72481: KLEMENT, FRANK L. - The Limits of Dissent Clement L Vallandigham and the CIVIL War
77217: KLESSE, BRIGITTE - European Glass from 1500-1800 the Ernesto Wolf Collection
74010: KLETT, MARK - Traces of Eden Travels in the Desert Southwest
72395: KLIMKEIT, HANS-JOACHIM - Gnosis on the Silk Road Gnostic Parables, Hymns & Prayers from Central Asia
76433: KLINE, K & POSNER, H. - Ann Hamilon Myein
60916: KLINKOWITZ, JEROME - Their Finest Hours R.A. F and the Luftwaffe in World War Two
61630: KLUDAS, ARNOLD - Great Passenger Ships of the World Six Volume Set
59045: KNECHT, R.J. - Richelieu Profiles in Power
77109: MADAM KNIGHT - The Journals of Madam Knight, and Rev. Mr. Buckinham from the Original Manuscripts
48408: KNIGHT, RALPH VERNEY - Verney Papers Notes of Proceedings in the Long Parliament, Temp. Charles I.
48179: KNIGHT, IAN - Marching to the Drums Eyewitness Accounts of War from the Charge of the Light Brigade to the Siege of Ladysmith
63758: KNIGHT, IAN - Queen Victoria's Enemies Southern Africa (Men at Arms Series, 212)
73445: KNIGHT, ALAN - The Mexican Revolution
52270: KNIGHT, SARAH KEMBLE - The Journal of Madam Knight
44249: KNOEPFLE, JOHN - After Gray Days and Other Poems
73971: KNOEPFLE, JOHN - After Gray Days and Other Poems
72837: KNOEPPEL, C. E. - Managing for Profit Working Methods for Profit Planning and Control
76095: KNOTEL, RICHARD - Uniformenkunde Lose Blatter Zur Geschichte Der Entwicklung Der Militarischen Tracht
74786: KNOTT, CARGILL GILSTON - Life and Scientific Work of Peter Guthrie Tait Supplementing the Two Volumes of Scientific Papers Published in 1898 and 1900
70957: KNOWLES, K. G. J . C. - Strikes--a Study in Industrial Conflict
51692: KNOX, MALCOLM - A Layman's Quest
48719: KNOX, T. M. - Hegel's Political Writings
74601: KOBAYASHI, TADASHI - An Enduring Vision 17th- to 20th-Century Japanese Painting from the Gitter-Yelen Collection
75837: KOBRINKSII, N. E. - Introduction to the Theory of Finite Automata
77337: KOCH, THEODORE - Tales for Bibliophiles
68548: KOEHLER, G.J. & ETC. - Optimization over Leontief Substitution Systems
78129: KOENIG, HARRY C. , ED - Caritas Christi Urget Nos a History of the Offices, Agencies, and Institutions of the Archdiocese of Chicago
72558: KOESTLER, ARTHUR - The Gladiators
72557: KOESTLER, ARTHUR - Arrival and Departure
71638: KOGBETLIANTZ, E. G. - Fundamentals of Mathematics from an Advanced Viewpoint
71639: KOGBETLIANTZ, E. G. - Fundamentals of Mathematics from an Advanced Viewpoint Algebra and Analysis: Evolution of the Number Concept and Determinants - Equations - Logarithms
75549: KOHLI, ULRICH - Technology, Duality, and Foreign Trade the Gnp Function Approach to Modeling Imports and Exports
64881: KOHN, MICHAEL - Practical Numerical Methods Algorithms and Programmes
65648: KOHN, MEIR - Finance Constraints, Expectations, and Macroeconomics
49355: KOJECKY, ROGER - T.S. Eliot's Social Criticism
77316: KOLIN, PHILIP C. - Shakespeare in the South Essays on Performance
44773: KOLLMAR, RICHARD - Vapor & Voice
65800: KOMIYA, PROFESSOR RYUTARO - The Japanese Economy Trade, Industry, and Government
75691: KOMPANEYETS, A. S. - Theoretical Physics
76917: KONIJN, H. S. - Non-Existence of Consistent Estimator Sequences and Unbiased Estimators: A Practical Example
76932: KONIJN, H. S. - Note on the Non-Existence of a Maximum Likelihood Estimate
66746: KONTOLEON, ANDREAS - Biodiversity Economics Principles, Methods and Applications
70226: KOOPMANS, TJALLING - Scientific Papers of Tjalling C. Koopmans
76969: KOOPMANS, TJALLING - Systems of Linear Production Discussion
76874: KOOPMANS, TJALLING - Efficient Allocation of Resources
76889: KOOPMANS, TJALLING - Optimum Utilization of the Transportation System
76891: KOOPMANS, TJALLING - Identification Problems in Economic Model Construction
76893: RUTLEDGE VINING BY TJALLING C KOOPMANS - Methodological Issues in Quantitative Economics
76906: KOOPMANS, TJALLING - Statistical Estimation of Simultaneous Economic Relations
76930: KOOPMANS, TJALLING - On Flexibility of Future Preference
76931: KOOPMANS, TJALLING - Economic Growth at a Maximal Rate
76527: FANTASTIC KORAN - Lecture Notes of Fantastic Koran
66936: KORDIG, CARL - The Justification of Scientific Change
68579: KORNAI, J. - Non-Price Control
64742: KORNAI, JÁNOS - Contradictions and Dilemmas Studies on the Socialist Economy and Society
75685: KORNAI, JANOS - Growth, Shortage and Efficiency a Macrodynamic Model of the Socialist Economy
72987: KOSAK, SILVIN - Konkordanz Der Keilschrifttafeln II: Die Texte Der Grabung 1932
73002: KOSAK, SILVIN - Konkordanz Der Keilschrifttafeln: Die Texte Der Grabung 1931
73008: KOSAK, SILVIN - Konkordanz Der Keilschrifttafeln III: Die Texte Der Grabung 1933: 1301/C-2809/C
73000: KOSAK, SILVIN - Konkordanz Der Keilschrifttafeln III/1: Die Texte Der Grabung 1933: 1/C-1300/C
68119: KOSHALEK, RICHARD - At the End of the Century One Hundred Years of Architecture
55907: KOSHKIN-YOURITZIN, VICTOR - American Watercolors from the Metropolitan Museum of Art
64515: KOSKO, BART - Fuzzy Thinking the New Science of Fuzzy Logic
75007: KOSS, STEPHEN - Lord Haldane Scapegoat for Liberalism
73996: KOSTENEVICH, ALBERT - Hidden Treasures Revealed
69175: KOSTKA, WILLIAM - The Pre-Prohibition History of Adolph Coors Company 1873-1933
66829: KOTLIKOFF, LAURENCE J. - What Determines Savings?
73902: KOTSCH, WILLIAM J. - Weather for the Mariner
67367: KOTZ, SAMUEL - Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences
67557: KOUTSOYIANNIS, A - Modern Microeconomics
69686: KOUTSOYIANNIS, A. - Modern Microeconomics
75499: KOVALEFF, THEODORE P. - The Antitrust Impulse an Economic, Historical, and Legal Analysis, Vol. 1
76213: KOYCK, L. M. - Distibuted Lags and Investment Analysis
63923: KOZLOWSKI, MIKE - The Hundred Dollar Bill Switch
68963: KRAINER, ROBERT E. - Finance in a Theory of the Business Cycle Production and Distribution in a Debt and Equity Economy
61097: KRAL, JON - Fast Company Motorcycle Road Racing's Pit Warriors
74668: KRÄMER, FELIX - Dark Romanticism from Goya to Max Ernst
74566: KRAMER, SIDNEY - A History of Stone & Kimball and Herbert S. Stone & Company
74623: KRAMER, LINDA - John Himmelfarb a Catalogue Raisonne
48546: KRAMERS, J. H. - Analecta Orientalia
55968: KRANE, SUSAN - Albright Knox Art Gallery: The Painting and Sculpture Collection : Acquisitions Since 1972
77055: KRANISTER, WILLIBALD - The Moneymakers International
51931: KRAPF, NORBERT - Heartwood
56615: KRATVILLE, WILLIAM W. - Steam Steel & Limiteds a Saga of the Great Varnish Era
74964: KRAUSE, DAVID J. - The Profane Book of Irish Comedy
51500: KRAUSS, ROSALIND E. - Passages in Modern Sculpture
77966: KRAZER, ADOLF - Lehrbuch Der Thetafunktionen
77716: KREBS, MARTA K. - Authentic Shirley Temple Paper Dolls and Dresses
77709: KREBS, MARTA K. - Authentic Shirley Temple Paper Dolls and Dresses
69023: KREGEL, J. A - Rate of Profit, Distribution, and Growth Two Views
64137: KREGEL, J. A. - Recollections of Eminent Economists
75195: KREKEL-AALBERSE, ANNELIES - Art Nouveau and Art Deco Silver
64083: KREPS, DAVID M. - Advances in Economics and Econometrics Theory and Applications: Seventh World Congress
74392: KRICHER, JOHN - Galapagos
67103: KRIESLER, PETER - Kalecki's Microanalysis the Development of Kalecki's Analysis of Pricing and Distribution
49048: KRILL, JOHN - English Artists' Paper Renaissance to Regency
49257: KRIWACZEK, ROHAN - An Incomplete History of the Art of Funerary Violin
68293: KRÖGER, FRED - Temporal Logic of Programs
45222: KROLL, ANTHONY - Collecting Books and Autographs: William F. Grable
45227: KROLL, ANTHONY - Descanse en Paz, Amigo Mio Carey Stanton February 1923 - December 1987
72386: KRSNALILASUKAMUNI - The Love of Krishna the Krsnakarnamrta of Lilasuka Bilvamangala
68826: KRUEGER, ANNE O. - Exchange-Rate Determination
66438: KRUEGER,ANNE O. - Trade & Employment in Developing Countries Synthesis & Conclusions
66437: KRUEGER, ANNE O. - Trade and Employment in Developing Countries, Volume 1 Individual Studies
66435: KRUEGER, ANNE O. - Trade and Employment in Developing Countries, Volume 2 Factor Supply and Substitution (V. 2)
72346: KRUEGER, HAVEN - Avicenna's Poem on Medicine
64103: KRÜGER, LORENZ - The Probabilistic Revolution Ideas in History, Ideas in Science
65538: KRUGMAN, PAUL - The Conscience of a Liberal
67934: KRUGMAN, PAUL & MARCUS MILLER - Exchange Rate Targets and Currency Bands
66389: KRUGMAN, PAUL - Trade with Japan Has the Door Opened Wider?
69824: KRUGMAN, PAUL - The Age of Diminished Expectations
44542: KRUSENSTERN, ADAM J. VON - Atlas to Captain Krusenstern's Voyage Round the World
44518: KRUSENSTERN, ADAM J. VON - Voyage Round the World in the Years 1803, 1804, 1805 & 1806
50162: KRUSSMANN, GERD - Roses
64227: KUBONIWA, MASAAKI - Quantitative Economics of Socialism Input-Output Approaches
71719: KUEI, CHU HUA & CHRISTIAN N. MADU - Experimental Statistical Designs and Analysis in Simulation Modeling
65774: KUENNE, ROBERT E. - The Theory of General Economic Equilibrium
78042: KUENNE, ROBERT E. - The Theory of General Economic Equilibrium
67666: KUENNE, ROBERT E. - Price and Nonprice Rivalry in Oligopoly the Integrated Battleground
67955: KUENNE, ROBERT E. - Economic Justice in American Society
68582: KUH, EDWIN - Capital Stock Growth a Micro-Economic Approach
70893: KUHN, H. W. , ED. - Differential Games and Related Topics
77960: KUHN, THOMAS S. - Essential Tension Selected Studies in Scientific Tradition and Change
73005: KUHNE, CORD AND HEINRICH OTTEN - Der Sausgamuwa-Vertrag
74064: KUĚ?HN, FRITZ - Decorative Work in Wrought Iron and Other Metals
70373: KUIPER, NICOLAAS H. - Linear Algebra and Geometry
66627: KUKLA, ANDRÉ - Methods of Theoretical Psychology
77209: KUMAR, R. SIVA - Paintings of Abanindranath Tagore
66767: KUMBHAKAR, SUBAL C. - Stochastic Frontier Analysis
65824: KUNREUTHER, HOWARD - The Economics of Natural Hazards, 2 Volume Set
73593: KUPPERMAN, KAREN - Indians and English Facing Off in Early
67729: KURABAYASHI, YOSHIMASA - Studies in International Comparisons of Real Product and Prices
70926: KURIHARA, KENNETH (ED. ) - Post Keynesian Economics
70328: KURIHARA, KENNETH - Macroeconomics and Programming
70329: KURIHARA, KENNETH - Applied Dynamic Economics
70330: KURIHARA, KENNETH - National Income and Economic Growth
70331: KURIHARA, KENNETH - Essays in Macro-Dynamic Economics
71044: KURIHARA, KENNETH K. - Introduction to Keynesian Dynamics
63601: KUROWSKI, FRANZ - Infanterie Aces
59227: KURTH, GODEFROID - The Workingmen's Guilds of the Middle Ages
49237: KURTZ, MAURICE - Jacques Copeau Biography of a Theater
68368: KURZ, HEINZ D. - Piero Sraffa the Man and the Scholar: Exploring His Unpublished Papers
70370: KUSHNER, HAROLD - Introduction to Stochastic Control
70371: KUSHNER, HAROLD - Stochastic Stability and Control
76392: KUSPIT, DONALD - Vera Klement Poem Paintings
74546: KUVALAYANANDA, SWAMI - Popular Yoga Asanas
67989: KUZDRALL, PAUL J. - Price and Discount Schedule Analysis a Guide for Purchasing, Marketing, Materials, and Financial Managers
76183: KUZNETS, SIMON - Secular Movements in Production and Prices Their Nature and Their Bearing Upon Cyclical Fluctuations
76571: KUZNETS, SIMON - Equilibrium Economics and Business-Cycle Theory
75922: KUZNETS, SIMON - Uses of National Income in Peace and War
78045: KUZNETS, SIMON - National Income a Summary of Findings
70809: KUZNETS, SIMON - National Product in Wartime
71566: KUZNETS, SIMON - Commodity Flow and Capital Formation Vol. 1
71516: KUZNETS, SIMON - Shares of Upper Income Groups in Income and Savings
78046: KUZNETS, SIMON SMITH - Seasonal Variations in Industry and Trade
71406: KUZNETS, SIMON - Capital in the American Economy Its Formation and Financing
78044: KUZNETS, SIMON - Economic Growth of Nations Total Output and Production Structure
56456: KUZNETSOV, YURY - Dutch Painting in Soviet Museums
73457: KWASNY, MARK V. - Washington's Partisan War, 1775-1783
64664: KYBURG, HENRY E. - Science and Reason
67346: KYNASTON, MCSHINE - Berlinart 1961-87
68971: KYUN, KIM - Equilibrium Business Cycle Theory in Historical Perspective
44535: LABILLARDIERE, JACQUES-JULIEN - An Account of a Voyage in Search of la Pérouse, Undertaken by Order of the Constituent Assembly of France, and Performed in the Years 1791-1793, in the Recherche and Espérance, Ships of War, Under the Command of Rear-Admiral Bruni D'Entrecasteaux
64802: LABYS, WALTER C - Quantitative Models of Commodity Markets
68227: LABYS, WALTER - Speculation, Hedging and Commodity Price Forecasts
70986: LACEY, K. - Profit Measurement and Price Changes
50129: LACEY, GERALDINE - Creating Topiary
50765: LACEY, RCHARD - Hard to Swallow
48396: LACEY, ROBERT - The Year 1000
63336: LACH, ALMA - Cooking a la Cordon Bleu
58662: LACHMAN, BARBARA - Hildegard the Last Year
65665: LACHMANN, LUDWIG - Expectations and the Meaning of Institutions Essays in Economics by Ludwig M. Lachmann
50218: LACOMBE, HERVÉ - The Keys to French Opera in the Nineteenth Century
50147: LACY, ALLEN - The Garden in Autumn
77977: LADURIE, EMMANUEL LE ROY - Territory of the Historian
77989: EMMANUEL LE ROY LADURIE - The French Peasantry, 1450-1660
63722: LAFFIN, JOHN - Arab Armies of the Middle East Wars 1948-1973
72833: LAFFONT, JEAN-JACQUES - Advances in Economic Theory Two Volumes: Sixth World Congress
66015: LAFFONT, JEAN-JACQUES - The Principal Agent Model the Economic Theory of Incentives
75649: LAFFONT, JEAN-JACQUES - Dynamics, Incomplete Information and Industrial Economics
68153: LAFFONT, JEAN-JACQUES - Advances in Economic Theory Sixth World Congress
50758: LAFFONT, ROBERT - Grande Et Petite Histoire Des Cuisiniers
77232: LAFONTAINE, GARY - Trout Flies Proven Patterns
72489: LAGUNA, FREDERICA DE - The Story of a Tlingit Community: A Problem in the Relationship between Archaeological, Ethnological, and Historical Methods
64480: LAIBMAN, DAVID - Value, Technical Change, and Crisis Explorations in Marxist Economic Theory
70454: LAIDLER, DAVID - Responses to Economic Change
65687: LAIDLER, DAVID - Monetarist Perspectives
66503: LAIDLER, DAVID - Macroeconomics in Retrospect the Selected Essays of David Laidler
73262: LAING, LLOYD ROBERT - Celtic Britain and Ireland, Ad 200-800 the Myth of the Dark Ages
60913: LAIRD, JOHN - The Australian Experience of War Illustrated Stories and Verse
72210: LAKIER, ALEKSANDR BORISOVICH - A Russian Looks at America the Journey of Aleksandr Borisovich Lakier in 1857
66009: LALL, SANJAYA - Competitiveness, Technology and Skills
70042: LAMB, CHARLES AND MARY - Poetry for Children
50783: LAMB, RICHARD B. - In Celebration of Wine and Life the Fascinating Story of Wine and Civilization
68302: LAMBERT, PETER - The Distribution and Redistribution of Income Third Edition
68305: LAMBERT, PETER J. - The Distribution and Redistribution of Income a Mathematical Analysis
70282: LAMBERTON, DONALD M. - The Theory of Profit
68331: LAMBERTON, DONALD M. - The Economics of Language
68599: LAMBIN, JEAN-JACQUES - Advertising, Competition and Market Conduct in Oligopoly over Time
75980: LAMBOURNE, LIONEL - Utopian Craftsmen the Arts and Crafts Movement from the Cotswolds to Chicago
71706: LAMPMAN, ROBERT J. - The Share of Top Wealth-Holders in National Wealth 1922-56
77542: LAMPUGNANI - L Amor Contadino
57282: DE LANCEY FERGUSON, J. ED - The Letters of Robert Burns Volumes I and II
52799: LANCISI, GIOVANNI - De Aneurysmatibus
73028: LAND, AUBREY - The Dunlanys of Maryland
44707: LANDAU, JACOB - Adlib 15 - Part One
69623: LANDAU, RALPH - The Mosaic of Economic Growth
51211: LANDON, H. C. ROBBINS - The Mozart Compendium: A Guide to Mozart's Life and Music
58638: LANDON, H. C. ROBBINS - The Mozart Compendium a Guide to Mozart's Life and Music
73787: LANDSBERGER, B. - Die Serie: Ana Ittisu
39188: LANE, PETER - Ceramic Form
73263: LANE FOX, ROBIN - The Unauthorized Version Truth and Fiction in the Bible
54195: LANE, JEREMY - Yellow Men Sleep
50173: LANE, CLIVE - Cottage Garden Annuals Grown from Seed for Summer-Long Colour
50916: LANE, DENIS - Modern Irish Literature
71961: LANE, RON - West Virginia Narrow Guage Mann's Creek Railway
51822: LANEY, AL - Following the Leaders: A Reminiscence
70192: LANG, A. - Rhymes a la Mode
77596: LANG, BERNHARD - Sacred Games a History of Christian Worship
70193: LANG, A. - Rhymes a la Mode
50175: LANGDON, BRIAN - Begonias
70905: LANGE, OSKAR, ED. - Problems of Political Economy of Socialism
44832: LANGE, GERALD - Starless & Bible Black
70678: LANGE, OSKAR - Essays on Economic Planning
76908: LANGE, OSCAR - The Stability of Economic Equilibrium
44798: LANGENDIJK, PETER - Two Dutch Poems
44284: LANGENDIJK, PETER - Two Dutch Poems
75497: LANGER, SUSANNE K. - Mind: An Essay on Human Feeling
77907: LANGER, WILLIAM - The Diplomacy of Imperialism 1890-1902
77908: LANGER, WILLIAM - European Alliances and Alignments
77909: LANGER, WILLIAM - The Undeclared War 1940-1941
77910: LANGER, WILLIAM - The Challenge to Isolation
73046: LANGLAND, WILLIAM - The Vision of William Concerning Piers the Plowman, Together with Vita de Dowel, Dobet Et Dobest
65816: LANGLOIS, RICHARD - Alternative Theories of the Firm
44519: LANGSDORFF, G. H. VON - Voyages and Travels in Various Parts of the World, During the Years 1803, 1804, 1805, 1806 and 1807
74415: LANNER, RONALD M. - Made for Each Other a Symbiosis of Birds and Pines
71123: LANSING, JOHN - An Investigation of Response Error
76442: LANYON, ELLEN - Ellen Lanyon Transformations : Selected Works from 1971-1999
73762: LAPP, GUNTHER - Die Opferformel Des Alten Reiches: Unter Berücksichtigung Einiger Späterer Formen
77369: LAPRADE, ALBERT - Les Rues de Paris a Travers Les Croquis D'Albert Laprade
48519: LARDINOIS, ANDRE ED. - Land of Dreams: Greek and Latin Studies in Honour of A.H. M. Kessels
53828: LARDNER, RING - Round Up
58002: LARSEN, STEPHEN - Hans Van de Bovenkamp
74366: LARSON, EDWARD J. - Evolution's Workshop God and Science on the Galapagos Islands
49236: LARSON - Theatrical Writings of Fabrizio Carini Motta
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72073: MAGALANER, MARVIN ED. - A James Joyce Miscellany
72675: MAGALANER, MARVIN ED. - A James Joyce Miscellany
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61562: MAHONEY, LAWRENCE - The Early Birds a History of Pan Am's Clipper Ships
56522: MAHR, KARL - Printing Types: Their Birth in the Typefoundry Depicted in Woodcut and Verse
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57545: MAJUMDAR, R. C. - An Andvanced History of India
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73230: MALCOLM, NORMAN - Thought and Knowledge Essays
75714: MALER, KARL-GORAN - Economic Theory for the Environment Essays in Honour of Karl-Goran Maler
63297: MALGIERI, NICK - Perfect Cakes
63301: MALGIERI, NICK - A Baker's Tour Nick Malgieri's Favorite Baking Recipes from Around the World
75694: MALGRANGE, PIERRE - Contemporary Macroeconomic Modelling
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69071: MALIK, S. C - Introduction to Convergence
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67005: MANDEL, ERNEST - From Stalinism to Eurocommunism
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61713: MANLY, PETER L. - The 20-CM Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope a Practical Observing Guide
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73969: MANN, CHARLES - The Chicago Common Council and the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850
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61653: MAOR, ELI - June 8, 2004--Venus in Transit
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76209: MARGLIN, STEPHEN A. - Approaches to Dynamic Investment Planning
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76878: MARSCHAK, JACOB - The Rationale of the Demand for Money and of "Money Illusion"
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73112: MARTIN, H. DESMOND - The Rise of Chingis Khan and His Conquest of North China
63596: MARTIN, H. B. - Fifty Years of American Golf
51928: MARTIN, PHILIP - Earnest-Pennies: An Anthology of Prayers and Meditations on the Holy Eucharist. Compiled by Philip Martin, Chancellor of Wells
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69012: MARX, KARL - Karl Marx Economy, Class and Social Revolution;
70005: MASEFIELD, JOHN - Poems
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66476: MASKELL, PETER - The Industrial Dynamics of the New Digital Economy
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75455: MATELA, BOBBIE - Warm & Fuzzy Crochet
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55050: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - The Moon and Sixpence
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72595: MAURICE, ARTHUR BARTLETT & FREDERICK T. COOPER - History of the Nineteenth Century in Caricature
52379: MAURIER, GEORGE DU - Peter Ibbetson
48549: MAVROGORDATO, JOHN ED - Digenes Akrites
48843: MAWDSLEY, W. N. HARGREAVES- - Oxford in the Age of John Locke
76283: MAWDSLEY, W. N. HARGREAVES - Oxford in the Age of John Locke
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77397: MAXWELL, SAMUEL - Plenocracy the Science of Creating Abundance for All
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73026: MAYNARD, JOHN - Victorian Literature and Culture
73132: MAYNARD, JOHN - Victorian Literature and Culture
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55407: MAYOUX, JEAN-JACQUES - English Painting: From Hogarth to the Pre-Raphaelites
76834: MAYWALD, K. - The Best and the Average in Productivity Studies and in Long-Term Forecasting
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76848: MAYWALD, K - The Construction Costs and the Value of the British Merchant Fleet, 1850-1938
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73443: MCALISTER, LYLE N. - Spain and Portugal in the New World, 1492-1700
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58280: MCCLELLAN, GEORGE B. - Mcclellan's Own Story: The War for the Union
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72543: MCCLURE, MICHAEL - Gargoyle Cartoons
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62400: MCCOMAS, TOM - Great Toy Train Layouts of America
75212: MCCONNELL, KEVIN - Collecting Art Deco
44181: MCCORD, HOWARD - Longjuanes His Periplus
75432: MCCORMICK, PATTY - Patty Mccormick's Pieces of an American Quilt Quilts, Patterns, Photos and Behind the Scenes Stories from the Movie
51579: MCCORMMACH, RUSSELL - Speculative Truth: Henry Cavendish, Natural Philosophy, and the Rise of Modern Theoretical Science
69070: MCCORMMACH, RUSSELL - Night Thoughts of a Classical Physicist
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70914: MCCULLOCH, J. R. - The Literature of Political Economy a Classified Catalogue
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48521: MCDERMOTT, BRIDGET - Death in Ancient Egypt
74391: MCDONALD, ROGER - Mr. Darwin's Shooter
67730: MCDONALD, IAN MARTIN - Inflation and Unemployment Macroeconomics with a Range of Equilibria
78113: MCDONALD, JOAN - Rousseau and the French Relolution 1762-1791
77012: MCDONALD, STERLING - Color Harmony with the Mcdonald Calibrator
64436: MCDONALD, IAN MARTIN - Inflation and Unemployment Macroeconomics with a Range of Equilibria
64692: MCDONALD, JOHN - Domesday Economy a New Approach to Anglo-Norman History
65642: MCDONALD, IAN MARTIN - Inflation and Unemployment Macroeconomics with a Range of Equilibria
77917: MCDONNELL, JOSEPH - Gold-Tooled Bookbindings Commissioned by Trinity College Dublin in the Eighteenth Century
63311: MCDOWELL, COLIN - Shoes
77528: MCEACHERN, CLAIRE - Religion and Culture in Renaissance England
59200: MCELWEE, WILLIAM - Art of War Waterloo to Mons
61967: MCFADDEN, DAVID - Changing Hands Art without Reservation, 1
65583: MCFARLANE, BRUCE - Radical Economics
55707: MCFARLANE, K. B. - Hans Memling
48641: MCGHEE, ROBERT - The Arctic Voyages of Martin Frobisher: An Elizabethan Venture
72319: MCGILLIGAN, PATRICK - Yankee Doodle Dandy
48593: MCGOOGAN, KEN - Fatal Passage the True Story of John Rae, the Arctic Hero Time Forgot
50364: MCGOURTY, FREDERICK - Perennial Gardener
68544: MCGUIRE, C B & ROY RADNER - Decision and Organization
67236: MCGUIRE, JOSEPH - Theories of Business Behavior
60848: MCGUIRE, JUDITH - Diary of a Southern Refugee
73716: MCHUGH, TOM - The Time of the Buffalo
74770: MCINTYRE, ROBERT G. - Martin Johnson Heade
73690: MCKELVEY, WILLIAM J - Champlain to Chesapeake a Canal Era Pictorial Cruise
74989: MCKELVEY, BLAKE - The Urbanization of America 1860-1915
64842: MCKENNA, C. J. - Economics a Mathematical Introduction
68446: MCKENZIE, LIONEL W. - Value and Capital Fifty Years Later
66335: MCKENZIE, RICHARD B. - Why Popcorn Costs So Much at the Movies and Other Pricing Puzzles
77597: MCKEON, PROFESSOR MICHAEL - The Origins of the English Novel, 1600-1740
77689: MCKEON, BARBARA - Madame Alexander Catalog Reprints Three Volume Ser
50318: MCKEOWN, DENNY - Denny Mckeown's Complete Guide to Midwest Gardening
78089: MCKIBBEN, HEATHER ELKO - State Strategies in International Bargaining Play by the Rules or Change Them?
65926: MCKINNON, RONALD I. - Dollar and Yen Resolving Economic Conflict between the United States and Japan
71172: MCKINNON, RONALD I. - Money and Finance in Economic Growth and Development Essays in Honor of Edward S. Shaw : Proceedings of the Conference Held at Stanford University
75732: MCKINSEY, J. C. C. - Introduction to the Theory of Games
50223: MCLAREN, DR. ALFRED - Unknown Waters a First-Hand Account of the Historic Under-Ice Survey of the Siberian Continental Shelf by Uss Queenfish
48959: MCLAUGHLIN, R.EMMET - Caspar Schwenckfeld, Reluctant Radical His Life to 1540
73178: MCLELLAND, JOSEPH - The Visual Words of God a Study in the Theology of Peter Martyr 1500-1562
75265: MCLUHAN, MARSHALL - War and Peace in the Global Village
51184: MCMANAWAY, JAMES G. - A Selective Bibliography of Shakespeare
73265: MCMANNERS, JOHN - The Oxford Illustrated History of Christianity
72655: MCMICHAEL, JAMES - Ulysses and Justice
75987: MCMILLIAN, ELIZABETH - Living on the Water

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