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75839: CURRY, HASKELL - Combinatory Logic
73649: CURRY, RICHARD O. - Conspiracy the Fear of Subversion in American History
76503: CURRY, PAUL - Spaced out
76504: CURRY, PAUL - The Color Changing Effect
77227: CURTIS, CECILE - Drawing and Painting Animals
73364: CURTIS, EDITH - A Season in Utopia
76241: CURTIS, MATTOON - The Book of Snuff and Snuff Boxes
68642: CURTISS, DAVID - Analytic Functions of a Complex Variable
44586: CUSICK, RICK - Marks & Remarks: About Aspects of Graphic Design by Noted Authorities Past and Present
69578: CUTHBERTSON, KEITH - The Supply and Demand for Money
64741: CUTHBERTSON, KEITH - Applied Econometric Techniques
59769: CUTLER, WAYNE - North for Union John Appleton's Journal of a Tour to New England Made by President Polk in June and July 1847
68022: CUTLER, DAVID M. & ERNST R. BERNDT - Medical Care Output and Productivity
76031: CUTLER, ANTONY & ETC. - Marx's "Capital" and Capitalism Today V. 2
71793: CUVILLIER, ROLANDE - The Reduction of Working Time Scope and Implications in Industrialized Market Economies
64320: CYERT, RICHARD MICHAEL - The Impact of Technological Change on Employment and Economic Growth
70675: CYERT, RICHARD M. - Theory of the Firm Resource Allocation in a Market Economy
67928: CZERNIAWSKA, FIONA - Value-Based Consulting
67717: DA FONSECA, EDUARDO GIANNETTI - Beliefs in Action Economic Philosophy and Social Change
64399: VAN DAAL, J. - Aggregation in Economic Research from Individual to Macro Relations
60759: DABNEY, R. L. - The Practical Philosophy
67330: DABROWSKI, MAGDALENA - Drawings of Philip Guston
77305: DABROWSKI, MAGDALENA - Egon Schiele the Leopold Collection, Vienna
67354: DABROWSKI, MAGDALENA - Contrasts of Form. Geometric Abstract Art, 1910-1980. From the Collection of the Museum of Modern Art Including the Riklis Collection of Mccrory Corporation.
74643: DABROWSKI, MAGDALENA - Aleksandr Rodchenko
64099: DACUNHA-CASTELLE, DIDIER - Probability and Statistics
71067: DADAYAN, V. S. - Macro-Economic Models
70660: DADAYAN, V. S. - Macro-Economic Models
66732: DAEMS, H. - Strategic Groups, Strategic Moves and Performance
48602: DAGGETT, KENDRICK PRICE - Fifty Years of Fortitude
71108: DAHMEN, ERIK - Entrepreneurial Activity and the Development of Swedish Industry, 1919-1939
73056: DAICHES, DAVID - D.H. Lawrence
59782: DALESKI, H. M. - The Forked Flame a Study of D.H. Lawrence
48137: DALLAS, GREGOR - 1918 War and Peace
72360: DALTON, GEORGE - Tribal and Peasant Economics Readings in Economic Anthropology
70738: DALTON, HUGH - Principles of Public Finance
72048: DALTON, JACK - Twelve and a Tilly Essays on the Occasion of the 25th Anniversary of Finnegans Wake
59084: JR. , ROBERT F. DALZELL - George Washington's Mount Vernon at Home in Revolutionary America
74850: DALZELL JR., ROBERT F. - Enterprising Elite the Boston Associates and the World They Made
62001: DAMMANN, GEORGE H. - Fifty Years of Lincoln Mercury
50120: DAMP, PHILIP - Dahlias
50387: DAMP, PHILIP - Growing Dahlias
44550: DAMPIER, WILLIAM - A New Voyage Round the World. With an Introduction by Albert Gray
44559: DAMPIER, WILLIAM - Voyages and Discoveries with an Introduction and Notes by Clennell Wilkinson
72137: DANA, RICHARD HENRY - The Journal of Richard Henry Dana, Jr.
67831: DANEKE, GREGORY A. - Systemic Choices Nonlinear Dynamics and Practical Management
48502: DANIEL, GLYN - Writing for Antiquity
75621: DANIEL, DONALD C. - Anti-Submarine Warfare and Superpower Strategic Stability
69191: DANIELS, JOHN - Affectionately H Twenty Years of Correspondence between a Bookseller and a Collector
69993: DANIELSON, HENRY - Arthur Machen a Bibiliography
76700: DANSKIN, JOHN M - A Theory of Reconnaissance
51520: DANSON, EDWIN - Weighing the World the Quest to Measure the Earth
61702: DANSON, EDWIN - Weighing the World the Quest to Measure the Earth
49311: DANSON, EDWIN - Weighing the World the Quest to Measure the Earth
75019: DANTE - The Paradiso of Dante
75018: DANTE - The Purgatorio of Dante
76962: WARREN M HIRSCH AND GEORGE B. DANTZIG - Notes on Linear Programming: Part XIX the Fixed Charge Problem
76963: SELMER JOHNSON AND GEORGE B. DANTZIG - Notes on Linear Programming: Part XXIII a Production Smoothing Problem
67378: DANTZIG, GEORGE B. - Mathematics of the Decision Sciences
44565: DANVERS, FREDERICK CHARLES - Letters Received by the East India Company from Its Servants in the East Transcribed from the 'Original Coorespondence' Series of the India Office Records
71319: DANZIGER, GUSTAV ADOLF - The Monk and the Hangman's Daughter
77504: DANZON, PATRICIA M. & SEAN NICHOLSON - The Oxford Handbook of the Economics of the Biopharmaceutical Industry
67029: DAOUDI, M. S. - Economic Sanctions Ideals and Experience
68282: DARCY, ROBERT - A Guide to Quantitative History
68262: DARK, K. R. - The Waves of Time Long-Term Change and International Relations
72354: DARLING, F. FRASER - Pelican in the Wilderness a Naturalist's Odyssey in North America
59278: DARRACOTT, JOSEPH - England's Constable: The Life and Letters of John Constable
72491: DARRAH, WILLIAM CULP - Powell of the Colorado
73822: DARRIULA, - Sebastien le Renaissant Sur le Martyre de Saint Sã©Bastien Dans la Deuxiã¨Me Moitiã© Du Quattrocento
63377: DARTON, F. J. HARVEY - Children's Books in England Five Centuries of Social Life
50800: DARVAS, ROBERT - Right Through the Pack
74362: DARWIN, CHARLES - Charles Darwin's Letters a Selection, 1825-1859
74419: DARWIN, CHARLES - The Different Forms of Flowers on Plants of the Same Species
74421: DARWIN, CHARLES - Journal of Researches Into the Geology and Natural History of the Various Countries Visited by H.M. S. Beagle
74418: DARWIN, CHARLES - The Various Contrivances by Which Orchids Are Fertilized by Insects
74409: DARWIN, CHARLES - Charles Darwin's Natural Selection Being the Second Part of His Big Species Book Written from 1856 to 1858
74412: DARWIN, CHARLES - The Variation of Animals and Plants Under Domestication, Volume 1
74407: DARWIN, CHARLES - The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals.
74364: DARWIN, CHARLES - The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals, Definitive Edition
51617: DARWIN, CHARLES - Charles Darwin's Letters: A Selection, 18251859
69032: DASGUPTA, AJIT KUMAR - Phases of Capitalism and Economic Theory and Other Essays
67746: DASGUPTA, PARTH - Issues in Contemporary Economics Policy and Development
68455: DASGUPTA, PARTHA - Issues in Contemporary Economics Policy and Development V. 3 (Vol 3)
70535: DAUENHAUER, BERNARD P. - At the Nexus of Philosophy and History
71431: DAUGHERTY, CARROLL ET AL - The Economics of the Steel and Iron Industry
76364: DAULBY, GEORGE - Morning 16th June 1904
55852: DAULTE, FRANCOIS - French Watercolours of the 19th Century
67324: DAUMIER, HONORE - Financial and Businessmen
70916: DAVENPORT, HERBERT JOSEPH - Outlines of Elementary Economics
71169: DAVENPORT, HERBERT JOSEPH - Value and Distribution a Critical and Constructive Study
75833: DAVENPORT, HERBERT JOSEPH - Outlines of Economic Theory
68169: DAVENPORT, CYRIL - Samuel Mearne Binder to King Charles II
71528: DAVENPORT, H. J. - The Economics of Alfred Marshall
75866: DAVENPORT, HERBERT JOSEPH - Outlines of Economic Theory
67490: DAVID, PAUL A. - The Economic Future in Historical Perspective
66709: DAVID, MARTIN - Horizontal Equity, Uncertainty, and Economic Well-Being
68987: DAVID, WILFRED (ED. ) - Public Finance, Planning and Economic Development Essays in Honour of Ursula Hicks
45106: DAVID, LOUIS - Louis David : Linos
76204: DAVID, MARTIN HEIDENHAIN - Family Composition and Consumption
70295: DAVID, F. N. - Probability Theory for Statistical Methods
64766: DAVIDSON, LOUISE - The Collected Writings of Paul Davidson
76771: DAVIDSON, JEAN - Calder Autobiographie
72762: DAVIDSON, PAUL - Essays in Honour of Paul Davidson Three Volumes: Keynes, Money and the Open Economy, Employment Economics, Method Theory and Policy in Keynes
69940: DAVIDSON, JOHN - New Ballads
68006: DAVIDSON, PAUL - The Keynes Solution the Path to Global Economic Prosperity
69941: DAVIDSON, JOHN - Godfrida
48757: DAVIE, DONALD - A Gathered Church the Literature of the English Dissenting Interest, 1700-1930
71906: DAVIES, GEORGE R. - Methods of Statistical Analysis in the Social Sciences
59335: DAVIES, LYN - A Is for Ox a Short History of the Alphabet
64317: DAVIES, STEPHEN & RICHARD E. CAVES - Britain's Productivity Gap
74507: DAVIES, MERTON - Atlas of Mercury
60875: DAVIES, DAVID - Nelson's Navy
69936: DAVIES, W. H. - Songs of Joy and Others
51152: DAVIES, THOMAS - Dramatic Miscellanies
70763: DAVIES, MAX, ED. - Operational Research in Practice Report of a Nato Conference
71001: DAVIES, R. W. - The Development of the Soviet Budgetary System
73670: DAVIES, NIGEL - The Toltecs Until the Fall of Tula
73662: DAVIES, NIGEL - The Incas
73168: DAVIES, STEVIE - Images of Kingship in Paradise Lost Milton's Politics and Christian Liberty
64190: DAVIES, MARTIN - Meaning, Quantification, Necessity Themes in Philosophical Logic
48404: DAVIES, ROBERT ED. - The Life of Marmaduke Rawdon of York, or, Marmaduke Rawdon the Second of That Name
67016: DAVIES, MARTIN - Meaning, Quantification, Necessity Themes in Philosophical Logic
69938: DAVIES, W. H. - The Autobiography of a Super-Tramp
44607: DAVIES, JAMIE - Schramsberg the Second Epoch 1965-1985
70142: DAVIES, WILLIAM H. - Farewell to Poesy and Other Poems
69935: DAVIES, WILLIAM H. - The Hour of Magic and Other Poems
72247: DAVIES, DAVID MICHAEL - The Last of the Tasmanians
66151: DAVIS, E. PHILIP - Institutional Investors
58137: DAVIS, STUART - Motifs and Versions
58202: DAVIS, JAMES EDWARD - Frontier Illinois
67470: DAVIS, TIMOTHY - Ricardo's Macroeconomics Money, Trade Cycles, and Growth
69837: DAVIS, STEVEN - Connectionism Theory and Practice
65071: DAVIS, PHILIP J. - Descartes' Dream the World According to Mathematics
51644: DAVIS, TENNEY L. - The Chemistry of Powder and Explosives Complete in One Volume
67611: DAVIS, JOHN - Greening Business Managing for Sustainable Development
66645: DAVIS, JOHN - Greening Business Managing for Sustainable Development
76259: DAVIS, PHILIP J. - Interpolation and Approximation
64651: DAVIS, JOHN B. - The Economic Surplus in Advanced Economies
66875: DAVIS, MORTON D. - The Math of Money Making Mathematical Sense of Your Personal Finances
75964: DAVIS, HAROLD T. - The Theory of Linear Operators from the Standpoint of Differential Equations of Infinite Order
48107: DAVIS, R. H. C. - From Alfred the Great to Stephen
64397: DAVIS, C. M. - Models of Disequilibrium and Shortage in Centrally Planned Economies
71051: DAVIS, MORTON D. - Game Theory a Nontechnical Introduction
77585: DAVY, M. J. B. - Handbook of the Collections Illustrating Aeronautics : Heavier-Than-Air Craft. A Brief Outline of the History and Development of Mechanical Flight with Reference to the National Aeronautical Collection, and a Catalogue of the Exhibits
69639: DAWSON, ANTHONY - The Two Faces of Economics
71058: DAY, JOHN S. - Subcontracting Policy in the Airframe Industry
71907: DAY, EDMUND E. - The Growth of Manufactures 1899 to 1923 a Study of Indexes of Increase in the Volume of Manufactured Products
76208: DAY, RICHARD H. - Recursive Programming and Production Response
72396: DAY, A. COLIN - Roget's Thesaurus of the Bible
53677: DAY, MABEL - Mum and the Sothsegger
72931: DAY, RICHARD S - The Divergent Dynamics of Economic Growth
39042: DAY, CYRUS - The Songs of Thomas D'Urfey
48241: DAY, MABEL - The English Text of the Ancrene Riwle
75585: DAY, A. C. L. - Outline of Monetary Economics
63241: DAY-LEWIS, TAMASIN - Tarts with Tops on or How to Make the Perfect Pie
75504: DAYAL, RAM - An Integrated System of World Models Volume 2
70844: DEAKIN, B. M. - Productivity in Transport a Study of Employment Capital, Output Productivity and Technical Change
67439: DEAKIN, B. M. - Productivity in Transport a Study of Employment Capital, Output Productivity and Technical Change
68563: DEAN, EDWIN - The Supply Responses of African Farmers Theory and Measurement in Malawi
76650: DEAN, JOEL - Capital Budgeting and the Firm's Demand for Capital
76626: DEAN, ARTHUR - An Inquiry Into the Nature of Business Income Under Present Price Levels
76796: DEANE, PHYLLIS - Regional Variations in United Kingdom Incomes from Employment, 1948
76822: DEANE, PHYLLIS - Contemporary Estimates of National Income in Thesecond Half of the Nineteenth Century
76833: DEANE, PHYLLIS - The Output of the British Woolen Industry in the Eighteenth Century
76836: DEANE, PHYLLIS - The Industrial Revolution and Economic Growth
76844: DEANE, PHYLLIS - Contemporary Estimates of National Income in Teh First Half of the Nineteenth Century
65914: DEARDORFF, ALAN VERNE - Measurement of Nontariff Barriers
71755: DEARDORFF, ALAN V. - New Directions in Trade Theory
58019: DEATS, SUZANNE - Michael Dunbar
74642: DECRON, BENOIT - Peter Saul
72504: DEFOE, DANIEL - Complete English Tradesman
63070: DEFOE, DANIEL - A Tour Through the Whole Island of Great Britain
71250: DEFOE, DANIEL - The Fortunes and Misfortunes of the Famous Moll Flanders
75287: DEFOE, DANIEL - The Life and Strange, Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
70628: DEGRAS, JANE - Soviet Planning Essays in Honour of Naum Jasny
64727: DEIACO, ENRICO - Technology and Investment Crucial Issues for the 90's
57232: DEIGHTON, LEN - The Ipcress File
72409: DEISS, JOSEPH JAY - Herculaneum Italy's Buried Treasure
55795: DEJARDIN, IANA. C. ED. - Rembrant to Gainsborough: Masterpieces from Dulwich Picture Gallery
73125: DEKKER, THOMAS - The Seven Deadly Sins of London
67930: DEL MONTE, ALFREDO - Recent Developments in the Theory of Industrial Organization
75683: DEL MONTE, ALFREDO - Recent Developments in the Theory of Industrial Organization
68646: DELACHET, ANDRE - Contemporary Geometry
52739: DELACOSTE, J. - Boerhaave's Aphorisms: Concerning the Knowledge and Cure of Diseases
72240: DELANO, ALONZO - Life on the Plains and Among the Diggings
73034: DELANO, GERARD CURTIS - Caralogue Og 106 Original Dry Brush and Pen & Ink Drawings from Story of the West
70145: DELAVIGNE, M. CASIMIR - Messeniennes Et Poesies Diverses
68590: DELEHANTY, G. E. - Nonproduction Workers in U.S. Manufacturing
75152: DELEVOY, ROBERT L. - Symbolists and Symbolism
52235: DELGADO, JAMES P. (ED. ) - The Log of Apollo Joseph Perkins Beach's Journal of the Voyage of the Ship Apollo from New York to San Francisco 1849
72947: DELITZSCH, FRIEDRICH - Sumerisches Glossar
65919: DELLINK, ROB B. - Modelling the Costs of Environmental Policy
51014: DEMARIA, ROBERT - The Life of Samuel Johnson
71467: DEMIDOVICH, B. P. - Computational Mathematics
71076: DEMING, WILLIAM EDWARDS - Some Theory of Sampling
65861: DEMIRGUC-KUNT, ASLI - Financial Structure and Economic Growth a Cross-Country Comparison of Banks, Markets, and Development
73531: DEMOS, JOHN PUTNAM - The Unredeemed Captive a Family Story from Early America
69310: DENARDO, ERIC V. - Dynamic Programming Models and Applications
72243: DENING, GREG - Mr Bligh's Bad Language Passion, Power and Theater on H.M. Armed Vessel Bounty
55854: DENISON, CARA D. - European Drawings 1375-1825
69481: DENNETT, DANIEL C. - Brainchildren Essays on Designing Minds
69480: DENNING, PETER J. - Beyond Calculation the Next Fifty Years of Computing
75716: MUELLER DENNIS - Political Economy of Growth
73708: DENNIS, MATTHEW - Cultivating a Landscape of Peace Iroquois-European Encounters in Seventeenth-Century America
62782: DENNIS, OLIVE (ED. ) - Railroad Rithmetric Book II: Supplementary Railroad Transportation Problems
75594: DENNISON, HENRY S. - Toward Full Employment
70693: DENNISON, HENRY S. - Toward Full Employment
77239: DENNY, WILLIAM - Denny Dumbarton, 1844-1932
73074: DENSON, ALAN - Printed Writings by George W. Russell
68348: DEPAMPHILIS, DONALD - Mergers, Acquisitions, and Other Restructuring Activities an Integrated Approach to Process, Tools, Cases and Solutions
74736: DEPASSE, DERREL B. - Traveling the Rainbow the Life and Art of Joseph E. Yoakum
73432: DEPEW, CHAUNCEY - One Hundred Years of American Commerce
45131: DEPOL, JOHN - Ben Franklin on Lead Hazards, Wood Engravings by John Depol
47749: DEPUE, MARK R. - Lineage and Honors of the Illinois Militia and National Guard
76687: DERKSEN, J. B. D. - Recent Experiences in Social Accountong
51694: DERRIDA, JACQUES - Spurs
65592: DESAI, MEGHNAD - Testing Monetarism
76320: DESAI, YOGI AMRIT - Guru and Disciple a Relationship of Love
64685: DESAI, PADMA - Marxism, Central Planning, and the Soviet Economy Economic Essays in Honor of Alexander Erlich
76321: DESAI, YOGI AMRIT - God Is Energy Five Articles on Kundalini Yoga
60005: DESCARTES - The Philosphical Works of Descartes
73931: DESCHNER, DONALD - How to Create a New Identity
71284: DESROUSSEAUX, J. - L'Evolution Economique Et le Comportment Industrial
60600: DESTOMBES, MARCEL - Selected Contributions to the History of Cartography and Scientific Instruments
70918: THE COMMITTEE ON PRICE DETERMINATION - Cost Behavior and Price Policy
70151: DETIENNE, P. - D'Arithmetique, D'Algebre, de Geometrie Et Autres Efpeces de Calcul
77514: DEUTSCH, HELEN - Resemblance and Disgrace Alexander Pope and the Deformation of Culture
65030: DEUTSCHER, PATRICK - R.G. Hawtrey and the Development of Macroeconomics
60075: DEVINNE, T. L. - Typophile Broadsheet Written by Theodore Low Devinne for the Typophiles
68651: DEVLIN, K. J. - Aspects of Constructibility
70821: DEVONS, ELY - Planning in Practice Essays in Aircraft Planning in War-Time
70297: DEVONS, ELY - Essays in Economics
69847: DEWAR, JAMES A. - Assumption-Based Planning a Tool for Reducing Avoidable Surprises
65040: DEWDNEY, A. K. - 200% of Nothing an Eye-Opening Tour Through the Twists and Turns of Math Abuse and Innumeracy
48699: DEWEY, GERORGE - Autobiography of George Dewey, Admiral of the Navy
58801: DEWEY, GEORGE - Autobiography of George Dewey, Admiral of the Navy
76138: DEWEY, TOM - Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Modernism a Guide to the Styles, 1890-1940
69154: DEWEY, JOHN - The Early Works of John Dewey, Volumes 1-5
72366: DEWHURST, KENNETH - Dr. Thomas Sydenham (1624-1689) His Life and Original Writings
71890: DEWING, ARTHUR S. - Corporate Promotions and Reorganizations
75978: DEWING, ARTHUR S. - Corporation Finance
66197: DEWING, ARTHUR STONE - The Financial Policy of Corporations
77607: DEWING, ARTHUR S. - Corporate Promotions and Reorganizations
77229: DEWS, PAT - Creative Discoveries in Watermedia
63919: DEXTER, WILL - The Uncanny Power
71810: DHOLAKIA, RAVINDRA H. - Microeconomics for Management Students
71609: DHRYMES, PHOEBUS J. - Topics in Advanced Econometrics Volume II Linear and Nonlinear Simultaneous Equations
68664: DHRYMES, PHOEBUS J. - Mathematics for Econometrics
76945: DHRYMES, PHOEBUS J - On Devising Unbiased Estimators for the Parameters of the Cobb-Dougas Production Function
76199: DIAB, MUHAMMAD AMINE - The United States Capital Position and the Structure of Its Foreign Trade
67784: DIAMOND, PETER A. - Growth / Productivity / Unemployment
72321: DICK, BERNARD F. - Dark Victory
73446: DICK, EVERETT - Conquering the Great American Desert
60141: DICKENS, CHARLES - Great Expectations
60151: DICKENS, CHARLES - The Personal History of David Copperfield
59508: DICKENS, CHARLES - Mr. Pickwick
76667: DICKENS, CEDRIC - Dining with Dickens
60122: DICKENS, CHARLES - A Tale of Two Cities
75297: DICKENS, CHARLES - The Short Stories of Charles Dickens
54465: DICKENS, CHARLES - Christmas Carol in Prose
53550: DICKENS, CHARLES - David Copperfield
75317: DICKENS, CHARLES - The Personal History of David Copperfield
44151: DICKEY, JAMES - Exchanges
52392: DICKEY, CHARLEY - Backtrack
75821: DICKIE, MARGARET - Hart Crane the Patterns of His Poetry
44473: DICKINSON, DONALD C. - Hellmut Lehmann-Haupt: A Bibliography
76675: DICKINSON, FRANK - A Balance Sheet of the Nation's Economy
75309: DICKINSON, EMILY - Poems of Emily Dickinson
51534: DICKS, D. R. - Early Greek Astronomy to Aristotle
70259: DICKSON, LEONARD EUGENE - Introduction to the Theory of Numbers
65172: DIDAY, EDWIN - Recent Developments in Clustering and Data Analysis Proceedings of the Japanese-French Scientific Seminar
49185: DIEBITSCH-PEARY, JOSEPHINE - My Arctic Journey a Year Among Ice-Fields and Eskimos
77433: DIEDRICH, RICHARD J. - Legendary Golf Clubhouses of the U.S. And Great Britain.
64861: DIEKMANN, ANDREAS (ED. ) - Paradoxical Effects of Social Behavior Essays in Honor of Anatol Rapaport
65156: DIENES, Z. P. - An Experimental Study of Mathematics Learning
70460: DIERKER, E - Topological Methods in Walrasian Economics
71795: DIESING, PAUL - Science and Ideology in the Policy Sciences
68367: DIETZENBACHER, ERIK - Wassily Leontief and Input-Output Economics
68617: DIEWERT, W. ERWIN - Price Level Measurement
51997: DIGBY, JOAN - Two Private Presses the Four Wind Press and the Stone House Press on Long Island
44452: DIGBY, KENELAM - A Relation of a Braue and Refolute Sea-Flight
73965: MUSEE DE DIJON - L'Aquarelle Contemporaine Aux Etats-Unis
70734: DILLER, STANLEY - The Seasonal Variation of Interest Rates
74284: DILLEY, ARTHUR - Oriental Rugs and Carpets a Comprehensive Study
44980: DILLION, RICHARD - Al Shumate, Bookman 1904-1998
44528: DILLON, PETER - Narrative and Successful Result of a Voyage in the South Seas, to Ascertain the Actual Fate of la Pérouse's Expedition
52044: DILLON, RICHARD H. , ED. - A Cannoneer in Navajo Country: Journal of Private Josiah M. Rice, 1851
64714: DIMAND, ROBERT W. - The Origins of the Keynesian Revolution the Development of Keynes's Theory of Employment and Output
72465: DIMSDALE, THOMAS J. - Vigilantes of Montana
72223: AL-DIN, RASHID & JOHN ANDREW BOYLE - The Successors of Genghis Khan
44458: DINGMAN, JOHN F. - A Fleuron Potpourri
75894: DINWIDDY, CAROLINE - Elementary Mathematics for Economists
70836: DIRECTOR, AARON (ED. ) - Defense, Controls and Inflation a Conference Sponsored by the University of Chicago Law School
60606: DIRINGER, DAVID - The Alphabet: A Key to the History of Mankind
48530: DISHER, M. WILLSON - Pharaoh's Fool
69902: DISRAELI, ISAAC - Curiosities of Literature
73830: DITCHFIELD, BRUCE - Santa Barbara County Bowl
64593: DIXIT, AVINASH K. - Optimization in Economic Theory
66567: DIXON, HUW DAVID - Controversies in Macroeconomics Growth, Trade, and Economic Policy
71770: DIXON, HUW - The New Macroeconomics Imperfect Markets and Policy Effectiveness
68526: DIXON, PETER B. - Theory of Joint Maximization
68546: I. C. W. DIXON - Towards Global Optimisation Proceedings of a Workshop at the University of Cagliari, Italy, October 1974
67597: DIXON, HUW DAVID - The New Macroeconomics Imperfect Markets and Policy Effectiveness
51054: DIXON, PETER - The World of Pope's Satires
66878: DIXON, HUGO - Finance Just in Time Understanding the Key to Business and Investment Before It?S Too Late
44517: DIXON, GEORGE - A Voyage Round the World; But More Particularly to the North-West Coast of America
51235: DIZIKES, JOHN - Opera in America: A Cultural History
68911: DMITRIEV, V.K. & D.M. NUTI - V.K. Dmitriev Economic Essays on Value, Competition and Utility
73121: DOANE, ALGER N. - Vox Intexta Orality and Textuality in the Middle Ages
73090: DOANE, A. N. - Vox Intexta: Orality and Textuality in the Middle Ages
75557: DOANE, ROBERT R. - The Measurement of American Wealth a Study of the Monetary Measures of the Total Wealth, Income, Expenditures, Profits, Losses, Debts and Savings of American Producers, Consumers and Institutions, Form 1860 to 1933
75558: DOANE, ROBERT R. - The Anatomy of American Wealth the Story of Our Physical Assets (Sometimes Called Wealth) and Their Allocation As to Form and Use Among the People
71038: DOBB, MAURICE - An Essay on Economic Growth and Planning
67057: DOBROVOLSKY, SERGEI - Corporate Income Retention
69912: DOBSON, AUSTIN - Proverbs in Porcelain
53622: DOBSON, E. J. ED. - The Phonetic Writings of Robert Robinson
72830: DODDS, J. C - Expectations, Uncertainty, and the Term Structure of Interest Rates
60593: DODGSON, J. MCN. - The Place-Names of Cheshire
51646: DODWELL, C. R. - Theophilus the Various Arts
66819: DOGRAMACI, ALI - Measurement Issues and Behavior of Productivity Variables
66575: DOLAN, EDWIN G. - The Foundations of Modern Austrian Economics
76942: JAMES TOBIN AND F. TRENERY DOLEAR - Comments on the Relevance of Psychology to Economic Theory and Research
64472: DOLLAR, DAVID - Competitiveness, Convergence, and International Specialization
70708: DOMAR, EVSEY D. - Essays in the Theory of Economic Growth
76956: DOMAR, EVSEY D. - Depreciation, Replacement and Growth
76890: DOMAR, EVSEY D. - Capital Accumulation and the End of Prosperity
49410: DOMBROWSKI, DANIEL A. - Christian Pacifism
68287: DOMINIQUE, C-RENE - Market Economies and Natural Laws
75765: DONAGAN, ALAN - Theory of Morality
70850: DONALD, D. W. A. - Compound Interest and Annuities-Certain
54182: DONALDSON, STEPHEN R. - Daughter of Regals & Other Tales
49413: DONALDSON, GORDON - The Scottish Reformation
54264: DONALDSON, STEPHEN R. - Daughter of Regals
70163: DONNE, JOHN - The Courtier's Library
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51647: DURLING, RICHARD J. - A Catalogue of Sixteenth Century Printed Books in the National Library of Medicine
72551: DURRELL, LAWRENCE - The Dark Labyrinth
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72156: DUTT, ROMESH - The Economic History of India
67513: DUTTA, BHASKAR - Theoretical Issues in Development Economics
75113: DÜTTMANN - Morris Lapidus the Architect of the American Dream
77353: DUVERNOIS, CHRISTIAN - Marie-Antoinette and the Last Garden at Versailles
76125: DYER, VICTOR - Prairie Avenue an Annotated Bibliography
66346: DYER, DAVIS - The Generations of Corning the Life and Times of a Global Corporation
71802: DYKER, DAVID A. - Restructuring the Soviet Economy
68392: EAGLY, ROBERT V. - Structure of Classical Economic Theory
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76938: PHELPS. EDMUND - Substitution, Fixed Proportions, Growth and Distribution
74963: EDMUNDS, LARRY - Cinema Catalogue
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76016: EICHER, ALFRED S. - Toward a New Economics Essays in Post-Keynesian and Institutionalist Theory
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66345: EISNER, ROBERT - The Misunderstood Economy What Counts and How to Count It
72916: EISSLER, K. R. - Sigmund Freud Und Die Wiener Universitat
72348: EKELAND, IVAR - Mathematics and the Unexpected
64270: EKELAND, IVAR & CAROL VOLK - The Broken Dice, and Other Mathematical Tales of Chance
68150: EKSTEDT, H. & L. WESTBERG - Dynamic Models for the Inter-Relations of Real and Financial Growth
53734: ELBOW, PETER - Oppositions in Chaucer
73422: ELDERFIELD, JOHN - Henri Matisse a Retrospective
35327: ELDERFIELD, JOHN - Matisse in the Collection of the Museum of Modern Art
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69187: ELDERTON, WILLIAM PALIN - Systems of Frequency Curves
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56856: ELIOT, GEORGE - The MILL on the Floss
63438: ELIOT, GEORGE - The Writings of George Eliot
59450: ELIOT, GEORGE - Complete Novels of George Eliot: Adam Bede; the MILL on the Floss; Silas Marner; Romola; Felix Holt; Middlemarch; Daniel Deronda
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60259: I, ELIZABETH; MUELLER, JANEL & JOSHUA SCODEL - Elizabeth I Translations, 1592-1598
67455: ELLIG, JERRY - Dynamic Competition and Public Policy Technology, Innovation, and Antitrust Issues
76731: ELLIOTT, F. F. - Adjusting Hog Production to Market Demand
55958: ELLIOTT, DAVID - New Worlds
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44583: ELLIS, GENE - Pensacola Poems and Others
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72879: ELLIS, CHARLIE - Expert Knowledge and Explanation the Knowledge-Language Interface
44336: ELLISON, MARGARET - Thomas Bewick Marginal Drawings & Notes
69815: ELLMAN - Socialist Planning
67741: ELLMAN, MICHAEL - Planning Problems in the Ussr the Contribution of Mathematical Economics to Their Solution 1960-1971
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74950: ELLMAN, RICHARD ED - Letters of James Joyce Volumes 2
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50676: ELSNER, HENRY - Rail Transit Philadelphia Twenty Colorful Years, 1969-1989
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64186: ELTIS, WALTER - The Classical Theory of Economic Growth
72729: ELUARD, PAUL - Selected Writings
59871: EMBODEN, WILLIAM - Narcotic Plants Hallucinogens, Stimulants, Inebriants and Hypnotics Their Origins and Uses
70831: EMENY, BROOKS - The Strategy of Raw Materials a Study of America in Peace and War
45367: EMERSON, RALPH WALDO - A Few Observations from the Pen of Rwe
75171: EMERY, MARC - Furniture by Architects 500 International Masterpieces of Twentieth-Century Design and Where to Buy Them
71179: EMMER, ROBERT - Economic Analysis and Scientific Philosophy
45357: EMMONS, EARL H. - Ballad of the Twin Buttes
45358: EMMONS, EARL H. (POEMS) - Goudy in Rhyme
45359: EMMONS, EARL H. - Reward of Virtue: A Versified Version of That Great Bed and Bar-Room Epic, Diamond LIL, Written and Played by Mae West
59075: EMMONS, TERENCE - Time of Troubles the Diary of Iurii Vladimirovich Got'e : Moscow, July 8, 1917 to July 23, 1922
72525: EMMONS, TERENCE - Time of Troubles the Diary of Iurii Vladimirovich Got'e - Moscow - July 8, 1917 to July 23, 1922
67752: ENCEL - The Art of Anticipation Values and Methods in Forecasting
68339: ENDSOMWAN, JOHNSON A. - Productivity and Quality Improvement
71929: ENGEL, JAMES F. - Promotional Strategy
75243: ENGEL, DAVID - Japanese Gardens for Today
68040: ENGEL, J. RONALD - Ethics of Environment and Development Global Challenge, International Response
68301: ENGELSON, MORRIS - Pricing Strategy an Interdisciplinary Approach
74494: ENGEN, RODNEY K. - Randolph Caldecott 'Lord of the Nursery'
63185: ENGEN, RODNEY K. - Kate Greenaway
66708: ENGERMAN, STANLEY L. - Long-Term Factors in American Economic Growth
71715: ENGERMAN, STANLEY L. - Trade and the Industrial Revolution, 1700-1850
69270: COMMITTEE ON TECHNOLOGY POLICY OPTIONS IN A GLOBAL ECONOMY & NATIONAL ACADEMY OF ENGINEERING - Mastering a New Role Shaping Technology Policy for National Economic Performance
51209: ENGLAND, MARTHA WINBURN - Hymns Unbidden
65537: ENGLE, ROBERT F. - Cointegration, Causality, and Forecasting a Festschrift in Honour of Clive W.J. Granger
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65217: ENGWALL, LARS - Models of Industrial Structure
50797: ENJALBERT, H. B. - History of Wine and the Vine
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72625: EPSTEIN, WILLIAM H. - John Cleland Images of a Life
75575: EPSTEIN, RALPH - Industrial Profits in the United States
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71215: ERDOS, PETER - Contributions to the Theory of Capitalist Money Business Fluctuations and Crises
73829: EREN, MUSTAFA - Istanbul Arkeoloji Muzelerinde Bulunan Bogazkoy Tabletleri IV Bogazkoy Tablets in the Archaeological Museums of Instanbul IV
58593: ERICKSON, CAROLLY - The Medieval Vision Esays in History and Perception
69454: ERICSSON, K. ANDERS - Protocol Analysis Verbal Reports As Data
64360: ERIKSSON, GORAN - Growth and Finance of the Firm Models of Firm Behavior Tested on Data from Swedish Industrial Firms
64911: ERMISCH, JOHN F. - Lone Parenthood an Economic Analysis
67683: ERMISCH, JOHN - The Family, the Market, and the State in Ageing Societies
66956: ERSHOW, YU. L. - Mathematical Logic
74339: ESCALLON, A. M. - Botero New Works on Canvas
74618: ESCAMEZ CARRASCO, JULIO - Julio Escamez Pinturas, Dibujos, Grabados
51162: ESCHE, EDWARD - Shakespeare and His Contemporaries in Performance
77144: BARBARA ESS - Thought Objects
44572: ESSLEMONT, DAVID - Newcastle-Upon-Tyne a Short Account of Its Foundation
64576: ESTABROOKS, MAURICE - Programmed Capitalism a Computer-Mediated Global Society
59050: ESTERGREEN, M. MORGAN - Kit Carson a Portrait in Courage
73157: ESTES, JAMES MARTIN - Christian Magistrate and State Church the Reforming Career of Johannes Brenz
48071: ESTES, DAVID C. - A New Collection of Thomas Bangs Thorpes Sketches of the Old Southwest
67152: ESTEY, JAMES ARTHUR - Business Cycles Their Nature, Cause and Control
67604: ESTRIN, SAUL - Essential Readings in Economics
61978: ETHELL, JEFFREY - World War II Fighting Jets
73592: ETHRIDGE, ROBBIE - The Transformation of the Southeastern Indians, 1540-1760
55953: ETLIN, RICHARD A. ED. - Nationalism in the Visual Arts
69637: ETZIONI, AMITAI - Socio-Economics Toward a New Synthesis
44292: EUBANK, VICTOR - Log of an Auto Prairie Schooner
76370: EUGENIA, MARIA - Dolores Olmedo Patino (1908-2002)
66034: HEINZ EULAU ET AL. - Economic Conditions and Electoral Outcomes the United States and Western Europe
72440: EURIPIDES - Alcestis
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68472: FOLBRE, NANCY - Women's Work in the World Economy International Economic Association (Vol. 101) (an International Economic Association Books)
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74480: FOOT, MICHAEL - H.G. The History of Mr Wells
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76625: FORD, J. L - Long and Short-Term Interest Rates
70735: FORD, J. L. - Long and Short-Term Interest Rates an Econometric Study
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44491: FORGUE, NORMAN - Fwg Tributes
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68020: FOSS, MURRAY F. - Price Measurements and Their Uses
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73332: FOSTER, KENNETH R. - Judging Science Scientific Knowledge and the Federal Courts
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66509: FOSTER, JOHN - Applied Evolutionary Economics and Complex Systems
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76672: FOULKE, ROY - A Study of the Concept of National Income
73220: FOULKE, ROY - Practical Financial Statement Analysis
76674: FOULKE, ROY - Peaks and Valleys in Wholesale Prices and Business Failures
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71945: FOX, JOSEPH - The History and Treatment of the Diseases of the Teeth, the Gums and the Alveolar Processes
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72908: FRAIBERG, LOUIS - Psychoanalysis & American Criticism
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77496: FRANCE, ANATOLE - La Vie Literaire
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73704: FRANCIS, DANIEL - Partners in Furs a History of the Fur Trade in Eastern James Bay 1600-1870
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71942: FRANK, HOWARD - Communication, Transmission, and Transportation Networks
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66358: FRANKEL, JEFFREY A. - The Internationalization of Equity Markets
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64728: FRANKEL, JEFFREY - Regionalism and Rivalry Japan and the U.S. In Pacific Asia
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48013: FRANKENSTEIN, ALFRED - Painter of Rural America: William Sidney Mount
55932: FRANKENSTEIN, ALFRED - William Sidney Mount
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54993: FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN - The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
49026: FRANKLIN, COLIN - Exploring Japanese Books and Scrolls
52242: FRANKLIN, COLIN - Printing and the Mind of Morris Three Paths to the Kelmscott Press
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62012: FRANKS, NORMAN - Claims to Fame the Lancaster
68749: FRANSES, PHILIP HANS - Time Series Models for Business and Economic Forecasting
67797: FRANSMAN, MARTIN - Japan's Computer and Communications Industry the Evolution of Industrial Giants and Global Competitiveness
68903: FRANSMAN, MARTIN - Visions of Innovation the Firm and Japan
73037: FRANTZ, A DOLF INGRAM - Half a Hundred Thralls to Faust
68327: FRANZESE JR, ROBERT J. - Macroeconomic Policies of Developed Democracies
69294: FRASER, J. T. - Time, Order, Chaos Interdisciplinary Studies: Study of Time Volume IX
73943: FRASER, L. CRAIG - The Testamont of Adolf Hitler the Hitler-Bormann Documents
42645: FRASER, JAMES - John Depol a Celebration of His Work

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