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69788: BRAYBROOKE, DAVID - Meeting Needs
61706: BRAYER, ELIZABETH - George Eastman a Biography
52474: BREARLEY, HARRY C. - Time Telling Through the Ages
58667: BREDIN, JEAN-DENIS - The Affair
63907: BREESE, MARTIN - Marked Manual of Marked Card Magic
75949: BREISACH, ERNST - Caterina Sforza a Renaissance Virago
65953: BREIT, WILLIAM - Lives of the Laureates, Fourth Edition Eighteen Nobel Economists
67107: BREIT, WILLIAM - Science and Ceremony Institutional Economics of C.E. Ayres
66110: BREKKE, KJELL ARNE - Status, Growth and the Environment Goods As Symbols in Applied Welfare Economics
64497: BREMS, HANS - Output, Employment, Capital, and Growth: A Quantitative Analysis
64494: BREMS, HANS - Product Equilibrium Under Monopolistic Competition
65102: BREMS, HANS - Inflation, Interest, and Growth a Synthesis
65034: BREMS, PROFESSOR HANS - Pioneering Economic Theory, 1630-1980 a Mathematical Restatement
73223: BREMS, HANS - Labor, Capital, and Growth
67096: BREMS, HANS - Quantitative Economic Theory a Synthetic Approach
64825: BRENKERT, GEORGE G. - Marx's Ethics of Freedom
72847: BRENNAN, MICHAEL J. - The Theory of Corporate Finance
74597: BRENNAN, MARCIA - A Modern Patronage de Menil Gifts to American and European Museums
65994: BRENNAN, MICHAEL J. - Project Flexibility, Agency, and Competition New Developments in the Theory and Application of Real Options
77484: BRENNAN, GEORGEANNE - Potager
65748: BRENNER, ROBERT - The Boom and the Bubble the Us in the World Economy
71193: BRENNER, Y. S. - Theories of Economic Development and Growth
69580: BRENNER, Y. S. - Looking Into the Seeds of Time the Price of Modern Development
69418: BRENNER, REUVEN - Betting on Ideas Wars, Invention, Inflation
64698: BRENNER, Y. S. - Income Distribution in Historical Perspective
50298: BRENTNALL, MARGARET - The Old Customs and Ceremonies of London
75844: BRESCIANI-TURRONI, COSTANTINO - The Economics of Inflation
75708: BRESNAHAN, TIMOTHY F. - The Empirical Renaissance in Industrial Economics
68026: BRESNAHAN, TIMOTHY F. - The Economics of New Goods
71930: BRETHERTON, R. F. - Public Investment and the Trade Cycle in Great Britain
73017: BRETHREN, HUTTERIAN - The Chronicle of the Hutterian Brethren, Volume I
65126: BRETON, ALBERT - The Logic of Bureaucratic Conduct an Economic Analysis of Competition, Exchange, and Efficiency in Private and Public Organizations
74666: BRETON, ANDRÉ - Le Surréalisme Et la Peinture
76143: BRETON ET AL - Man Ray
66710: BRETSCHGER, LUCAS - Growth Theory and Sustainable Development
55945: BRETTELL, RICHARD - Day in the Country: Impressionism and the French Landscape
44184: BREWER, FREDRIC - Scribblings Attributed to the Late Mr. Hummings
59823: BREWINGTON, DOROTHY E - Dictionary of Marine Artists
77164: BREYER, SIEGFRIED - Die Deutsche Kriegsmarine Band 4 - Die Verluste Der Deutschen Uuberwasserseestreitkrafte .
48288: BRICE, MARSHALL - The Stonewall Brigade Band
77576: BRICKELL, CHRISTOPHER - The American Horticultural Society Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers
65804: BRICKER, PHILLIP - Philosophical Perspectives on Newtonian Science
75330: BRIDGES, ANN - Alphonse Mucha: The Complete Graphic Works
74332: BRIDGES, ANN - Alphonse Mucha the Complete Graphic Works
74132: BRIDGMEN, RICHARD - Gertrude Stein in Pieces
55738: BRIDSON, GAVIN - Plant, Animal and Anatomical Illustration in Art and Science: A Bibliographical Guide from the 16th Century to the Present Day
68901: O'BRIEN, D.P. - Classical Economists
62411: O'BRIEN, RICHARD - The Story of American Toys from the Puritans to the Present
55876: BRIGANTI, GIULIANO - The View Painters of Europe
62773: BRIGGS, DAVID - Private Passenger Car Annual 1980 Volume 1
64755: BRIGGS, VERNON M. - Mass Immigration and the National Interest
73644: BRIGGS, ASA - Fabian Essays
51601: BRIGGS, L. VERNON - History of the Psychopathic Hospital Boston, Massachusetts
76830: BRIGGS, F. E. A. - On Problems of Estimation in Leontief Models
51651: BRINTON, DANIEL G. - Essays of an Americanist
66635: BRINTON, MARY C. - The New Institutionalism in Sociology
75153: LE BRIS, MICHEL - Romantics and Romanticism
69743: BRITTAN, SAMUEL - A Restatement of Economic Liberalism
67922: BRITTAN, SAMUEL - Capitalism with a Human Face
72187: BRITTAN, HARRIETTE - Scenes and Incidents of Every-Day Life in Africa
59844: BRITTEN, JAMES AND BOULGER, GEORGE S. - A Biographical Index of Deceased British and Irish Botanists
65862: BRITTON, ANDREW - Monetary Regimes of the Twentieth Century
67742: BRITTON, ANDREW J. C. - Macroeconomic Policy in Britain 1974-1987
67903: BRITTON, ANDREW - The Trade Cycle in Britain 1958-1982
45118: BRITTON, CLARK - Raymond F. Deboll: A Biographical Sketch
72659: BRIVIC, SHELDON - Joyce the Creator
64761: BROCK, JAMES W. - Antitrust, the Market, and the State the Contributions of Walter Adams
51640: BROCKETT, PAUL - Bibliography of Aeronautics
65820: BRODY, JACOB - Epidemiology and Aging an International Perspective
51328: BRODY, ELAINE - Paris: The Musical Kaleidoscope, 1870-1925
74967: BRODY, ERVIN C. - Demetrius Legend Its Literary Treatmen
67753: BRODY, ANDRAS - Prices, Growth, and Cycles Essays in Honour of Andras Brody
72034: BRODY, ERVIN C. - The Demetrius Legend Its Literary Treatment in the Age of Baroque
54458: BRODY, J. J. - Anasazi and Pueblo Painting
70494: BRODY, A. - Input-Output Techniques
73463: BROGAN, HUGH - Alexis de Tocqueville a Life
74586: BROHAN, TORSTEN - Glass of the Avant-Garde Cristal de Vanguardia
76333: BROME, VINCENT - H.G. Wells a Biography by Vincent Brome
72349: BROME, VINCENT - Ernest Jones Freud's Alter Ego
52226: BROMER, ANNE C. - Strings Attached Dorothy Abbe, Her Work and Wad
65175: BROMILEY, PHILIP - Corporate Capital Investment a Behavioral Approach
64612: BROMLEY, DANIEL W. - Economic Interests and Institutions the Conceptual Foundations of Public Policy
66845: BROMWICH, MICHAEL - Following the Money the Enron Failure and the State of Corporate Disclosure
71895: BRONFENBRENNER, MARTIN (ED) - Is the Business Cycle Obsolete? Based on a Conference of the Social Science Research Council Committee on Economic Stability
71615: BRONSHTEIN, I. N - Handbook of Mathematics
55285: BRONSTEIN, LEO - El Greco
71613: BRONSTEIN, I. N. - Taschenbuch Der Mathematik Fur Ingenieure Und Studenten Der Technischen Hochschulen
52601: BRONTE, EMILY - Wuthering Heights
74912: BROOKE, RUPERT - The Collected Poems of Rupert Brooke
74910: BROOKE, RUPERT - The Collected Poems of Rupert Brooke
73260: BROOKE, ROSALIND - Popular Religion in the Middle Ages Western Europe 1000 - 1300
63372: BROOKE, HENRY - Leslie Brooke and Johnny Crow
72705: BROOKER, JOSEPH - Joyce's Critics Transitions in Reading and Culture
76298: BROOKES, GERRY H. - Rhetorical Form of Carlyle's Sartor Resartus
48232: BROOKS, KENNETH R. - Andreas and the Fates of the Apostles
48188: BROOKS, KENNETH R. - Andreas and the Fate of the Apostles
65682: BROOME, JOHN - Weighing Goods Equality, Uncertainty and Time
54050: BROOME, JOHN - The Flash Archives, Vol. 4
68434: BROOME, JOHN - Ethics out of Economics
52020: BROOMHEAD, FRANK - The Book Illustrations of Orlando Jewitt
74264: BROSENS, KOENRAAD - European Tapestries in the Art Institute of Chicago
44502: DE BROSSES, CHARLES - Histoire Des Navigations Aux Terres Australes. Contenant Ce Que L'on Fcait Des Moeurs & Des Productions Des Contrees Decouvertes Jusqua Ce Jour; & Ou IL Est Traite de L'Utilite D'y Faire de Plus Amples Decouvertes, & Des Moyens D'y Former Un Etablissement
64717: BROUWER, MARIA - Schumpeterian Puzzles Technological Competition and Economic Evolution
47999: BROUWER, ADRIAEN - David Teniers the Younger
57839: BROUWS, JEFFREY T. - Railroading West a Contemporary Glimpse
70945: BROWN, ERNEST HENRY PHELPS - The Growth of British Industrial Relations a Study from the Standpoint of 1906-14
67167: BROWN, MICHAEL B. - Models in Political Economy a Guide to the Arguments
68616: BROWN, MURRAY & ETC. - Essays in Modern Capital Theory
70983: BROWN, E. H. PHELPS - The Framework of the Pricing System
71232: BROWN, DAVID - Tchaikovsky a Biographical and Critical Study, Vol. 1: The Early Years, 1840-1874
64961: BROWN, C. V. - Public Sector Economics
67876: BROWN, A. J. - World Inflation Since 1950 an International Comparative Study
75015: BROWN, LLOYD ED. - Revolutionary War Journals of Henry Dearborn, 1775-1783
70095: BROWN, WILLIAM EDWARD - A History of Russian Literature of the Romantic Period Vol. II
51464: BROWN, JONATHAN - Picasso and the Spanish Tradition
52707: BROWN, THADDEUS C. S. - Behind the Guns
72185: BROWN, WILLIAM HARVEY - On the South African Frontier
70786: BROWN, ROBERT - Explanation in Social Science
70097: BROWN, WILLIAM EDWARD - A History of Russian Literature of the Romantic Period Vol. III
70096: BROWN, WILLIAM EDWARD - A History of Russian Literature of the Romantic Period Vol. IV
50201: BROWN, JANE - English Garden Through the Twentieth Century
71150: BROWN, HARRY GUNNISON - The Economics of Taxation
66550: BROWN, A. J. - The Framework of Regional Economics in the United Kingdom
64995: BROWN, HAROLD I. - Observation and Objectivity
50046: BROWN, EMILY - Landscaping with Perennials
76799: BROWN, J. A. C. - Electronic Computation in Economic Statistics
69015: BROWN, HENRY PHELPS - Perspective of Wages and Prices
50363: BROWN, JANE - Eminent Gardeners Some People of Influence and Their Gardens, 1880-1980
66724: BROWN, JOHN SEELY - The Social Life of Information
65074: BROWN, A. - Creating a Business-Based It Strategy
73020: BROWN, HILDA M. - E.T. A. Hoffmann and the Serapiontic Principle Critique and Creativity
71234: BROWN, DAVID - Tchaikovsky Volume the Years of Wandering
76813: BROWN, J. A. C. - Economics, Nutrition and Family Budgets
76809: BROWN, J. A. C. - The Consumption of Food in Relation to Household Composition and Income
58904: BROWNE, G. LATHOM - Nelson the Public and Private Life of Horatio Viscount Nelson
67230: BROWNE, EDWARD TANKARD - Introduction to the Theory of Determinants and Matrices
40602: BROWNE, THOMAS - Religio Medici
44579: BROWNING, ROBERT - The Pied Piper of Hamelin
52546: BROWNING, ROBERT - The Poetical Works of Robert Browning
77513: BROWNING, ROBERT - Robert Browning Poems & Letters
76703: BROZEN, YALE - Studies of Technological Change
76702: BROZEN, YALE - The Value of Technological Change
76704: BROZEN, YALE - Business Leadership and Technological Change
51989: BRUCCOLI, MATTHEW ED. - Raymond Chandler: A Checklist
63599: BRUCE, ROBERT - Fighting Techniques of the Napoleonic Age 1792? - 1815 Equipment, Combat Skills, and Tactics
48416: BRUCE, JOHN ED. - Notes of the Treaty Carried on at Ripon between King Charles I
48430: BRUCE, JOHN ED. - Charles I. In 1646 Letters of King Charles the First to Queen Henrietta Maria
73465: BRUCE, ROBERT V. - Lincoln and the Tools of War
68337: GERHART BRUCKMANN - Sarum and Mri Description and Comparison of a World Model and a National Model : Proceedings of the Fourth Iiasa Symposium on Global Modelling, September 20-23, 1976
74700: BRUGGER, EVELYN ED. - Futurismus: Radikale Avantgarde
71469: BRUIJN, N. G. DE - Asymptotic Methods in Analysis
76845: BRUMBERG, R. E. - An Approximation to the Aggregate Saving Function
75589: BRUNDAGE, PERCIVAL F. - Changing Concepts of Business Income Report of Study Group on Business Income
74068: BRUNHAMMER, YVONNE - Art Nouveau Belgium-France
67456: BRUNI, LUIGINO - Vilfredo Pareto and the Birth of Modern Microeconomics
69614: BRUNN, STANLEY - Collapsing Space and Time Geographical Aspects of Communication and Information
64093: BRUNNER, KARL & ALLAN H. MELTZER - Money and the Economy Issues in Monetary Analysis
75656: BRUNO, MICHAEL - Crisis, Stabilization, and Economic Reform Therapy by Consensus
67869: BRUNS, WILLIAM J. - Performance Measurement, Evaluation, and Incentives
75529: BRUNT, DAVID - Physical & Dynamical Meteorology
51094: BRUSENDORFF, AAGE - The Chaucer Tradition
72793: BRUSH, DANIEL HARMON - Growing Up with Southern Illinois
71834: BRUYN, SEVERYN T. - The Social Economy People Transforming Modern Business
67595: BRUYN, SEVERYN T. - A Future for the American Economy the Social Market
71513: BRY, GERHARD - Wages in Germany 1871-1945
70513: BRY, GERHARD - Cyclical Analysis of Time Series Selected Procedures and Computer Programs
70558: BRYANT, RALPH C. - International Coordination of National Stabilization Policies
73025: BRYANT, JOHN - Melville Dissertations, 1924-1980 an Annotated Bibliography and Subject Index
71819: BRYANT, RALPH C. - Greeces Economic Performance and Prospects
69552: BRYANT, WILFRID KEITH - The Economic Organization of the Household
62870: BRYSON, W. H. (ED. ) - Cases Concerning Equity and the Courts of Equity 1550-1600 Volume II
62867: BRYSON, W. H. (ED. ) - Cases Concerning Equity and the Courts of Equity 1550-1600 Volume I
65927: BUBER, RENATE - Applying Qualitative Methods to Marketing Management Research
73828: BUCCELLATI, GIORGIO - Khana and the Amorites a Series of Articles, May 1997
75753: BUCHANAN, JAMES M. - Externalities and Public Expenditure Theory
75754: BUCHANAN, JAMES M. - Choice, Contract, and Constitutions
75755: BUCHANAN, JAMES M. - Federalism, Liberty and the Law (Collected Works of James M. Buchanan, the)
75756: BUCHANAN, JAMES M. - Ideas, Persons & Events
75757: BUCHANAN, JAMES M. - Indexes
75750: BUCHANAN, JAMES M. - Economic Inquiry and Its Logic
75751: BUCHANAN, JAMES M. - Politics As Public Choice
75752: BUCHANAN, JAMES M. - Debt and Taxes
75749: BUCHANAN, JAMES M. - Politics by Principle, Not Interest Toward Nondiscriminatory Democracy
75208: BUCHANAN - Mackintosh's Masterwork
53711: BUCHANAN-BROWN, JOHN ED. - The Remains of Thomas Hearne
67429: BUCHANAN, JAMES M. - The Return to Increasing Returns
64598: BUCHANAN, JAMES M. - Explorations Into Constitutional Economics
65499: BUCHLER, JUSTUS - Metaphysics of Natural Complexes
65498: BUCHLER, JUSTUS - Nature and Judgment
73319: BUCK, ROGER - Psa 1970. In Memory of Rudolf Carnap
76787: BUCKATZSCH, E. J. - The Geographical Distribution of Wealth in England, 1086-1843
59618: BUCKLEY JR. , WILLIAM - Atlantic High
71085: BUCKLEY, KENNETH - Capital Formation in Canada 1896-1930
44788: BUCKLEY, CHRISTOPHER - Five Small Meditations on Summer and Birds
75490: BUCKLEY, PETER J. - Co-Operative Forms of Transnational Corporation Activity
77618: BUDRASS, LUTZ - Flugzeugindustrie Und Luftrustung in Deutschland 1918-1945 (German Edition)
77533: BUITENEN, A. V. - Mahabharata Book 1 the Book of the Beginning
77534: VAN BUITENEN, J. A. - The Mahabharata, Volume 2 Book 2: The Book of Assembly; Book 3: The Book of the Forest
69745: BUITER, WILLEM H. - International Economic Policy Coordination
66777: BUITER, WILLEM H. - Macroeconomic Theory and Stabilization Policy
67078: BUKHARIN, NICOLAI - Economics of the Transformation Period with the Critical Remarks by Lenin
73488: BULEY, R. CARLYLE - The Old Northwest Pioneer Period 1815-1840
48614: BULL, COLIN - Innocents in the Arctic: The 1951 Spitsbergen Expedition
53672: BULLEIN, WILLIAM - A Dialogue Against the Feuer Pestilence
44575: BULLEN, HENRY LEWIS - Only a Compositor!
73880: BULLINGER, HEINRICH - Theologische Schriften
60374: BULLOCK, E. POPE - The Book
60208: BULLOUGH, GEOFFREY - Narrative and Dramatic Sources of Shakespeare
45169: BULLWINKLE, BENJAMIN B. - Binding Is the Finishing Touch
67929: BULMER-THOMAS, VICTOR - The New Economic Model in Latin America and Its Impact on Income Distribution and Poverty
74005: BUMPUS, JUDITH - Impressionist Gardens
75123: BUNT, CYRIL - The Water-Colours of Sir Frank Brangywn R.A. 1867-1956
70161: BUNYAN, JOHN - The Pilgrims Progress and the Life & Death of Mr. Badman
77521: BUNYAN, JOHN - The Miscellaneous Works of John Bunyan Volume 1: Some Gospel-Truths Opened, a Vindication of Some Gospel-Truths Opened, and, a Few Sighs from Hell (Vol 1)
75294: BUNYAN, JOHN - The Pilgrim's Progress from This World to That Which Is to Come
73042: BUONO, CARMEN ED. - Rare Early Essays on the Age of Johnson
70956: BURAWAY, MICHAEL - Marxist Inquiries Studies of Labor, Class and States
52074: BURCH, R. M. - Colour Printing and Colour Printers with a Chapter on Modern Processes by W. Gamble
68965: BURDEKIN, RICHARD C. K. - Deflation Current and Historical Perspectives
63333: BURG, FAY - Fay Burg's Lake Kezar Cookbook with a Gallery of Paintings by Edna Hibel
71162: BURGER, EWALD - Introduction to the Theory of Games
75776: BURGESS, JOHN W. - Political Science and Comparative Constitutional Law Volume 1 Sovereignty and Liberty
64390: BURGSTALLER, ANDRE - Property and Prices
50806: BURK, ROBERT F. - Never Just a Game Players, Owners, and American Baseball to 1920
65129: BURKE, TERRY - Competition in Theory and Practice
60054: BURKE, JOSEPH - Hogarth: The Complete Engravings
51428: BURKE, JOSEPH - English Art, 1714-1800
59842: BURKE, W. J. - The Literature of Slang
51945: BURKE, JACKSON - Prelum to Albion a History of the Development of the Hand Press from Gutenberg to Morris
69740: BURKE, TERRY - Competition in Theory and Practice
74758: BURKHARDT, FRANCOIS AND MILENA LAMAROVA - Cubismo Cecoslovacco Architetture E Interni
70269: BURKILL, J. C. - A First Course in Mathematical Analysis
65658: BURKITT, BRIAN - Radical Political Economy an Introduction to the Alternative Economics
65582: BURKITT, BRIAN - Radical Political Economy an Introduction to the Alternative Economics
53717: BURLIN, ROBERT B - Chaucerian Fiction
76237: BURLINGAME, ROBERT - Nine Poems
76452: BURNE-JONES, EDWARD - Burne-Jones - a Quest for Love Works by Sir Edward Burne-Jones Bt and Related Works by Contemporary Artists
52170: BURNETT, KENNETH L. - A Specimen of Printing Types
52467: BURNEY, FANNY - Evelina or the History of a Young Lady's Entrance Into the World
44525: BURNEY, JAMES - A Chronological History of the North-Eastern Voyages of Discovery; and of the Early Eastern Navigations of the Russians
58659: BURNS, THOMAS S. - A History of the Ostrogoths
70031: BURNS, ROBERT - The Poetical Works of Robert Burns
64962: BURNS, ARTHUR ROBERT - The Frontiers of Economic Knowledge
72818: BURNS, ARTHUR - Production Trends in the United States Since 1870
72825: BURNS, ARTHUR - Production Trends in the United States Since 1870
71863: BURNS, ALVIN C. - Readings and Cases in Marketing Management
77311: BURNS, EDWARD - The Letters of Gertrude Stein and Thornton Wilder
76701: BURNS, ARTHUR - Progress Towards Economic Stability
75612: BURNS, A. R. - The Decline of Competition a Study of the Evolution of American Industry
52476: BURNS, ROBERT - The Poetical Works of Robert Burns with Notes, Glossary, Index of First Lines and Chronological List
73697: BURNSIDE, MADELINE - Spirits of the Passage
68701: BURNSIDE, WILLIAM - The Theory of Equations with an Introduction to the Theory of Binary Algebraic Forms Vol I & II
57351: BURRISON, JOHN A. - Storytellers Folktales and Legends from the South
72339: BURROW, TIGRANT - A Search for Man's Sanity the Selected Letters of Tigrant Burrow
51611: BURROW, TRIGANT - Trigant Burrow Toward Social Sanity and Human Survival
70597: BURROWS, PAUL - Macroeconomic Theory a Mathematical Introduction
71070: BURSTEIN, M. - Economic Theory Equilibrium and Change
68501: BURTON, M. P. - An Agricultural Policy Model for the Uk
72150: BURTON, CAPTAIN RICHARD - Explorations of the Highlands of the Brazil; : With a Full Account of the Gold and Diamond Mines, Also Canoeing Down 1500 Miles of the Great River Sao Francisco, from Sabara to the Sea: Two Volumes
49177: BURTON, RICHARD - Goa, and the Blue Mountains; or, Six Months of Sick Leave
72188: BURTON, CAPTAIN RICHARD - Lacerda's Journey to Cazembe in 1798
45364: BURTON, KATHERINE - Henry Clay Folger: For I Am an American
66517: BURTON-JONES, ALAN - Knowledge Capitalism Business, Work, and Learning in the New Economy
72245: BURTON, SIR RICHARD (TRANS) - The Pentameron of Giambattista Basile
60757: BURWELL, LETITIA M. - A Girl's Life in Virginia Before the War
61033: BURY, ADRIAN - Richard Wilson, R.A. The Grand Classic
59436: BURY, J. B. , ET AL (EDITOR) - The Cambridge Ancient History Volume VI: Macedon, 401-301 B.C.
77394: RICHARD DE BURY - The Philobiblon
48314: BUSHONG, MILLARD - General Turner Ashby and Stonewall's Valley Campaign
77017: BUSSE, JOACHIM - Internationales Handbuch Aller Maler Und Bildhauer Des 19. Jahrhunderts (German Edition)
76147: BUTERA, VIRGINIA - Jim Jacobs Screens
65892: BUTI, MARCO - The Welfare State in Europe Challenges and Reforms
75791: BUTLER, R. J. - Analytical Philosophy Second Series
69509: BUTLER, RICHARD - Designing Organizations a Decision-Making Perspective
75492: BUTLER, EAMONN - Milton Friedman a Guide to His Economic Thought
48257: BUTLER, H. E. - The Chronicle of Jocelin of Brakelond
69748: BUTLER, EAMONN - Hayek His Contribution to the Political and Economic Thought of Our Time
55827: BUTLIN, MARTIN - The Paintings of J.M. W. Turner
74541: BUTTITTA, WITHAM - Uncle Sam Presents a Memoir of the Federal Theatre 1935-1939
77549: BUTTNER, URS - Poiesis Des Sozialen Achim Von Arnims Fruhe Poetik Bis Zur Heidelberger Romantik (Studien Zur Deutschen Literatur) (German Edition)
66016: BUTTON, KENNETH - Recent Developments in Transport Economics
75670: BUTTON, KENNETH J. - The Collected Essays of Harvey Leibenstein
76309: BUTZER, KARL W. - Desert and River in Nubia Geomorphology and Prehistoric Environments at the Aswan Reservoir
77590: BUXTON, PATRICK - The Natural History of Tsetse Flies
70704: BUZUEV, A. - Transnational Corporations and Militarism
77052: BYATT, DERRICK - Promises to Pay First Three Hundred Years of Bank of England Notes
67196: BYERLY, WILLIAM - Elements of the Integral Calculus
69891: BYNUM, WILLIAM F. - Dictionary of the History of Science
77575: BYRD, ROBERT - The Senate 1789-1989. Addresses on the History of the United States Senate. Volume One Bicentennial Edition
68545: BYRNE, R. F. - Studies in Budgeting
75289: LORD BYRON - Don Juan
76978: BYRON, LORD - The Poems and Dramas of Lord Byron
54958: LORD BYRON - Don Juan
77330: BYRON, GEORGE GORDON - Byron's Letters and Journals Two Volumes
64909: CABLE, JOHN - Current Issues in Industrial Economics
68140: CABLE, GEORGE W. - Old Creole Days
69683: CABRAL, LUIS M. B. - Readings in Industrial Organization
67469: CACCIARI, MASSIMO - Posthumous People Vienna at the Turning Point
72017: CADOUX, JEAN ET AL - One Thousand Metres Down a Journey to the Starless River
71073: CADY, GEORGE J. - Economics of Business Enterprise
76719: CADY, GEORGE J. - An Approach to the Theory of Multiple Production
44766: CADY, JACK - Dear Friends, Being a Letter to the I.R. S. Wherein the Author Explicates His Non-Compliance with Certain Federal Tax Regulations and Details a Number of Inalienable Rights
62855: VAN CAENEGEM, R. C. (ED. ) - English Lawsuits from William I to Richard I Volume II, Henry II and Richard I (Nos 347-665)
62859: VAN CAENEGEM, R. C. (ED. ) - English Lawsuits from William I to Richard I Volume I, William I to Stephen (Nos 1-346)
72413: CAESAR, JULIUS - The Battle for Gaul
48536: CAESAR, JULIUS - The Battle for Gaul
48435: C. IVLI CAESARIS - Commentariorum Scriptorum Classicorum Bibliotheca Oxoniensis
76334: CAETANI, MARGUERITE - Botteghe Oscure Quaderno XVI
72774: CAGAN, PHILIP - Essays in Contemporary Economic Problems 1987 Deficits, Taxes and Economic Adjustment
70685: CAGAN, PHILIP - Determinants and Effects of Changes in the Stock of Money, 1875-1960
63607: CAHALAN, JAMES M. - Edward Abbey a Life
75679: CAIRNCROSS, ALEC - The Economic Section 1939-1961 a Study in Economic Advising
64876: CAIRNCROSS, ALEXANDER KIRKLAND - Inflation, Growth and International Finance
68845: CAIRNCROSS, SIR ALEC - Essays in Economic Management
71773: CAIRNCROSS, ALEC - Economic Ideas and Government Policy Contributions to Contemporary Economic History
64617: CAIRNCROSS, FRANCES - The Legacy of the Golden Age the 1960s and Their Economic Consequences
72472: CAIRNES, JOHN E. - 'Slave Power Its Character, Career and Probable Designs'
71126: CAIRNS, STEWART S. (ED) - Differential and Combinatorial Topology a Symposium in Honor of Marston Morse
51321: CAIRNS, DAVID - Berlioz
51379: CAIRNS, HUNTINGTON - The Limits of Art: A Critic's Anthology of Western Literature the Best That Has Been Written and Said
75786: CAKS, ALEKSANDRS - Mana Riga Dzejoli Un Poemas
51501: CALAS, NICOLAS - Transfigurations, Art Critical Essays, on the Modern Period
66129: CALDERON-MADRID, ANGEL - The Role of Private Financial Wealth in a Portfolio Model a Study of the Effects of Fiscal Deficits on the Real Exchange Rate
69633: CALDWELL, BRUCE J. - Appraisal and Criticism in Economics a Book of Readings
76037: CALDWELL, BRUCE J. - Beyond Positivism Economic Methodology in the 20th Century
75197: CALI, FRANCOIS - L'Ordre Grec
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60886: CULL, BRIAN - With the Yanks in Korea
65555: CULLEN, MICHAEL J - Statistical Movement in Early Victorian Britain
72529: CULLWICK, HANNAH & LIZ STANLEY - The Diaries of Hannah Cullwick Victorian Maidservant
66468: CULP, CHRISTOPHER L. - The Risk Management Process Business Strategy and Tactics
68219: CULYER, A. J - The Economics of Social Policy
72943: CUMMING, IAN - Helvetius: His Life and Place in the History of Educational Thought
73344: CUMMING, ROBERT DENOON - Starting Point an Introduction to the Dialectic of Existence
77207: CUMMINGS, PAUL - Willem de Kooning Drawings, Paintings, Sculpture
74102: CUMMINGS, E. E. - Eimi
55949: CUMMINGS, PAUL - Twentieth Century Drawings from the Whitney Museum of American Art
74604: CUNNINGHAM, MICHAEL R. - Buddhist Treasures from Nara
73352: CUNNINGHAM, FRANK - Objectivity in Social Science
65851: CURRIE, DAVID - Rules, Reputation and Macroeconomic Policy Coordination
61089: CURRIE, JACK - Echoes in the Air a Chronicle of Aeronautical Ghost Stories
68213: CURRIE ET AL - Microeconomic Analysis Essays in Microeconomics and Economic Development
68179: CURRIE, MARTIN - Wrestling with Time Problems in Economic Theory
60231: CURRIE, BRAINERD - Selected Essays on the Conflict of Laws
76502: CURRY, PAUL - Never in a Lifetime

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