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68439: TSURU, SHIGETO - Human Resources, Employment, and Development the Issues
64094: TSURU, SHIGETO - Institutional Economics Revisited
70406: TSYPKIN, YA. Z. - Sampling Systems Theory and Its Application
73545: TUCK, JAMES A - Onondaga Iroquois Prehistory; a Study in Settlement Archaeology
77437: TUCKER, PAUL HAYES - Monet at Argenteuil
51084: TUCKER, EDWARD L. - The Shaping of Longfellow's John Endicott
59091: TUCKER, WALLACE - Cosmic Inquirers Modern Telescopes and Their Makers
71109: TUGAN-BARANOVSKY, M. I. - The Russian Factory in the 19th Century
71282: TUGWELL, REXFORD G. - The Industrial Discipline and Governmental Arts
64681: TULLOCK, GORDON - The Economics of Wealth and Poverty
61151: TULLY, WILLIAM - The Journal of William Tully, Medical Student at Dartmouth, 1808-1809
44139: TUOHY, STEVEN - James Mosley a Checklist of the Published Writings, 1958-1995
50244: TUOMELA, RAIMO - The Philosophy of Sociality the Shared Point of View
75328: TURGENEV, IVAN - The Torrents of Spring
52666: TURGENEV, IVAN - Fathers and Sons
54999: TURGENEV, IVAN - The Torrents of Spring
64042: TURNBULL, STEPHEN & WAYNE REYNOLDS - Siege Weapons of the Far East Ad 612-1300 (New Vanguard) (V. 1)
72328: TURNBULL, HERBERT WESTREN - The Great Mathematicians
63843: TURNBULL, STEPHEN - Samurai Armies 1550-1615
74971: TURNER, B. L. , II - Pulltrouser Swamp Ancient Maya Habitat, Agriculture, and Settlement in Northern Belize
53715: TURNER, PAUL - Selected Lives from the Lives of the Noble Grecian and Romans
67910: TURNER, CARL - An Analysis of Soviet Views on John Maynard Keynes
70555: TURNER, R. KERRY - The Economics of Planning
50155: TURNER, ROGER - Capability Brown and the Eighteenth-Century English Landscape
69035: TURNER, MARJORIE S. - Nicholas Kaldor and the Real World
60027: TURNER, NICHOLAS - European Drawings
72585: TURNER, SUSAN - A History Fo the Freeman Literary Landmark of the Early Twenties
65199: TURNOVSKY, STEPHEN J. - International Macroeconomic Stabilization Policy (Uncertainty & Expectations in
71821: TURNOVSKY, STEPHEN J - Methods of Macroeconomics Dynamics
62446: TURPEN, CAROL - Baby Boomer Toys and Collectibles with Price Guide
73239: TURVEY, RALPH - Optimal Pricing and Investment in Electricity Supply an Essay in Applied Welfare Economics
71050: TUSTIN, ARNOLD - The Mechanism of Economic Systems an Approach to the Problem of Economic Stabilisation from the Point of View of Control-System Engineering
51161: TUVE, ROSEMOND - Elizabethan and Metaphysical Imagery
69571: TVEDE, LARS - Business Cycles from John Law to Chaos Theory
68257: TVEDE, LARS - Business Cycles
71328: TWAIN, MARK - The Prince and the Pauper
44096: TWAIN, MARK - Fireside Conversation in 1601 at Ye Time of Queen Elizabeth
77198: TWAIN, MARK - Autobiography of Mark Twain the Complete and Authoritative Edition, Vol. 1
44738: TWAIN, MARK - Jim Wolf & the Cats
53213: TWAIN, MARK - Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
72614: TWAIN, MARK & BERNARD L. STEIN & HENRY NASH SMITH - A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
73847: TWOHIG, SARAH O'BRIEN - Beckmann Carnival
64967: TYE, WILLIAM - The Theory of Contestable Markets Applications to Regulatory and Antitrust Problems in the Rail Industry
69780: TYLECOTE, ANDREW - The Long Wave in the World Economy the Current Crisis in Historical Perspective
44305: TYLER, ROYALL - Convivial Song, Sung at Windsor, Vermont on the Evening of the Fourth of July, 1799
51955: TYNAN, KATHERINE - Twenty One Poems by Katharine Tynan , Selected by W.B. Yeats
74508: TYNDALL, JOHN - The Forms of Water in Clouds and Rivers Ice and Glaciers
59036: TYNE, CLAUDE HALSTEAD VAN - The Loyalists in the American Revolution
72001: TYRNER-TYRNAUER, A. R. - Lincoln and the Emperors
77071: CROISET VAN UCHELEN - Theatrum Orbis Librorum
59827: UDEN, GRANT - Understanding Book-Collecting
69611: UEBERHUBER, CHRISTOPH W. - Numerical Computation 1 Methods, Software, and Analysis
69694: UEBERHUBER, CHRISTOPH W. - Numerical Computation 2 Methods, Software, and Analysis
75211: UECKER, WOLF - Art Nouveau and Art Deco Lamps and Candlesticks
75205: UECKER, WOLF - Lampen Und Leuchter Art Nouveau, Art Deco - Lampes Et Bougeoirs = Lamps and Candlesticks
75028: UEDA, ATSUSHI - The Inner Harmony of the Japanese House
66137: UHLANER, LORRAINE - Dynamic Management of Growing Firms a Strategic Approach
70884: UHR, CARL G. - Economic Doctrines of Knut Wicksell
70969: ULMAN, LLOYD - The Rise of the National Trade Union
71405: ULMER, MELVILLE J. - Capital in Transportation, Communications, and Public Utilities Its Formation and Financing
72998: UNAL, AHMET - Hattusili III. Band 1: Quellen Und Indices
72974: UNAL, AHMET - Hattusili III. Band 1: Historischer Abriss
52355: UNDERWOOD, LAMAR ED. - The Deer Book
50280: UNDERWOOD, SANDRA LEE - The "Bird Girl"
72938: UNESCO, - The World's Heritage a Complete Guide to the Most Extraordinary Places
68365: UNKNOWN, AUTHOR - Art of Reckoning Analysis of Performance Criteria
57155: UPDIKE, JOHN - Memoirs of the Ford Administration
60551: UPDIKE, JOHN - Pigeon Feathers and Other Stories
50856: UPDIKE, JOHN - Golf Dreams Writings on Golf
76164: UPSTONE, ROBERT - Turner the Second Decade - Watercolours and Drawings from the Turner Bequest, 1800-10
71611: URQUIDI, VICTOR L. (ED) - Structural Change, Economic Interdependence and World Development Proceedings of the Seventh World Congress of the International Economic Associati... Association World Congress Proceedings)
68448: URQUIDI, VICTOR L. - Incomes Policies Papers Prepared for a Conference of the International Economic Association
66711: USABIAGA-IBANEZ, CARLOS - The Current State of Macroeconomics Leading Thinkers in Conversation
67884: USHER, DAN - The Economic Prerequisite to Democracy
67161: USHER, DAN - The Collected Papers of Dan Usher
67861: USHER, DAN - The Price Mechanism and the Meaning of National Income Statistics
66704: USHER, DAN - The Measurement of Capital
70314: USPENKSY, J. V. AND M. A. HEASLET - Elementary Number Theory
73560: UTLEY, ROBERT M. - The Indian Frontier of the American West, 1846-1890
76811: UTTING, J. E. G. AND DOROTHY COLE - Sampling for Social Accounts: Some Aspects of the Cambridgeshire Survey
76805: UTTING, J. E. G. - Sample Surveys for Household Income and Expenditure Information
72851: UTTON, M. A. - Profits and Stability of Monopoly
68805: UZANNE, OCTAVE - The Book-Hunter in Paris
68806: UZANNE, OCTAVE - The Book-Hunter in London
68900: VAGGI, GIANNI - The Economics of Francois Quesnay
64075: VAGGI, GIANNI - The Economics of Francois Quesnay
72709: DU VAIR, GUILLAUME - The Moral Philosophie of the Stoicks
73907: VALENTINE, ALAN - Lord North
52058: VALENTINE, W. H. - The Copper Coins of India Part I: Bengal and the United Provinces
75963: VALENTINOV, NIKOLAY - Encounters with Lenin
76184: VANCE, RAY - Investment Policies That Pay
71082: VANCE, LAWRENCE L. - Scientific Method for Auditing Applications of Statistical Sampling Theory to Auditing Procedure
75605: VANCE, RAY - Business and Investment Forecasting Forecasting Methods and Their Practical Application
72652: VANDERHAM, PAUL - James Joyce and Censorship the Trials of Ulysses
65685: VANE, HOWARD R. - Current Controversies in Economics
71296: VANEK, JAROSLAV - Maximal Economic Growth a Geometric Approach to Von Neumann's Growth Theory and the Turnpike Theorem
74822: VANING, WALKER - Sorcerer Solitaire
74262: VANMALDEREN, L. - American Architecture a Vintage Postcard Collection
67452: VARIAN, HAL R. - Variants in Economic Theory Selected Work of Hal R. Varian
64382: VARIAN, HAL R. - Microeconomic Analysis
71826: VARIAN, HAL R. - Economic and Financial Modeling with Mathematica
67090: VARIOUS - Essays in Honour of Thorkil Kritensen
75037: VARIOUS - A Faulkner Perspective a Companion-Guide to the Limited First Edition of the Selected Letters of William Faulkner
76410: VARIOUS - Brookings Papers on Economic Activity 1972-1995
67341: VARIOUS - One Hundred Years of Brewing
71590: VARIOUS - Population Redistribution and Economic Growth United States 1870-1950
76182: VARIOUS - Alphabet - Karel Teige
71428: VARIOUS - The Eighth International Management Congress Papers Submitted to the Sectional Meeting
66699: VARIOUS - Measuring the Nation's Wealth
66698: VARIOUS - Output, Employment and Productivity in the United States After 1800
71585: VARIOUS - Some Classic Contributions to Professional Managing Vol. 1: Selected Papers Vol. 2: Historical Perspectives
70301: VARIOUS - Facts and Factors in Economic History Articles by Former Students of Edwin Francis Gay
75209: VARNEDOE, KIRK - Vienna, 1900 Art, Architecture, Design
74711: VARNEDOE, KIRK - Jackson Pollock
63282: VARTAN, DOT - Mad About Muffins a Cookbook for Muffin Lovers
44552: VARTHEMA, LUDOVICO DI - The Itinerary of Ludovico Di Varthema of Bologna from 1502 to 1508. As Translated from the Original Italian Edition of 1510 by John Winter Jones, in 1863 for the Hakluyt Soc. With a Discourse on Varthema and His Travels in Southern Asia
71342: VASARI, GIORGIO - Lives of the Most Eminent Painters
65792: VASQUEZ, JOHN A. - The War Puzzle
69185: VAN DER VAT, DAN - The Grand Scuttle the Sinking of the German Fleet at Scapa Flow at 1919
75676: VATTER, HAROLD G. - The Inevitability of Government Growth
77249: VEATCH, A. C. - Evolution of the Congo Basin
67082: VEBLEN, THORSTEIN - Essays, Reviews, and Reports
73618: VECSEY, CHRISTOPHER - On the Padres' Trail
72385: VELLACOTT, JO - Bertrand Russell and the Pacifists in the First World War
67680: VELUPILLAI, KUMARASWAMY - Computable Economics
75726: VELUPILLAI, K. - Nonlineal and Multi-Sectoral Macrodynamics
72191: VENEGAS, MIGUEL - A Natural and CIVIL History of California
73402: VENTURI, FRANCO - The End of the Old Regime in Europe, 1768-1776 the First Crisis
65135: VERCELLI, ALLESSANDRO - Methodological Foundations of Macroeconomics Keynes and Lucas
51482: VERDI, RICHARD - Klee and Nature
71541: VERDOORN, DR. P. J. - Grondslagen en Techniek Van de Marktanalyse
50278: VEREY, DAVID - The Diary of a Cotswold Parson Reverend F.E. Witts, 1783 - 1854
77463: VERGE, ROGER - Roger Verge's Entertaining in the French Style
77466: VERGE, ROGER - Roger Verge's New Entertaining in the French Style
72117: VERMEULE, CORNELIUS C. - Roman Imperial Art in Greece and Asia Minor
48589: VERNE, JULES - The Great Navigators of the Eighteenth Century
70569: VERNON, IVAN R. - The Pricing Function a Pragmatic Approach
63359: VERONELLI, LUIGI - The Wines of Italy
61552: VERONICO, NICHOLAS A. - Giant Cargo Planes
76329: VESELY, JIRI MARIA - Myslenky a Prsten
63307: VICAIRE, GEORGES - Bibliographie Gastronomique
64637: VICARELLI, FAUSTO - Keynes's Relevance Today
64855: VICKERS, DOUGLAS - Money Capital in the Theory of the Firm a Preliminary Analysis
73069: VIDLER, L.A. - New History of Rye
76417: VIJANDE, FERNANDO - Longobardi, Nino 15 Octubre 1982 30 Noviembre 1982
55217: VILLON, FRANCOIS - The Lyrical Poems of Francois Villon
53786: VINCENS, FRANCESC - Cathedral of Tarragona
61660: VINCENT, EDGAR - Nelson Love and Fame
70729: VINER, JACOB - The Long View and the Short Studies in Economic Theory and Policy
73687: VIOLA, HERMAN J. - After Columbus the Smithsonian Chronicle of the North American Indians
74244: VIOLA, JEROME - The Painting and Teaching of Philip Pearlstein
61030: VIRGIL - Aeneid Book VIII
61031: VIRGIL - Aeneid VI
59004: VIRGINIA, UNIVERSITY OF - The Folksongs of Virginia; a Checklist of the Wpa Holdings, Alderman Library University of Virginia
49536: VIROLI, MAURIZIO - Niccolo's Smile a Biography of Machiavelli
67388: VISCUSI, W. KIP & TED GAYER - Classics in Risk Management
76440: VISHNY, MICHELE - Maryan's Personnages Works in Chicago Collections: 1958-1975
66866: VITULLO-MARTIN, JULIA - The Executive's Book of Quotations
67140: VLADIMIROV, V. S. - Methods of the Theory of Functions of Several Complex Variables
65029: VOGEL, HAROLD L. - Entertainment Industry Economics a Guide for Financial Analysis
57938: VOGLER, RICHARD - George Cruikshank: Printmaker (1792-1878)
67372: VOIGT, STEFAN - Constitutional Political Economy 2 Volume Set
52381: VOLTAIRE, JEAN - Candide
72160: VOLTAIRE - Philosophical Dictionary
52342: VOLTAIRE, JEAN - Candide
51953: VOLTAIRE - Candide with Twenty-Six Illustrations by Paul Klee
51608: VOLTERRA, VITO, ERNEST RUTHERFORD, ROBERT WILLIAMS WOOD, AND CARL BARUS - Lectures Delivered at the Celebration of the Twentieth Anniversary of the Foundation of Clark University Under the Auspices of the Department of Physics
56334: VORAGINE, JACOBUS - In the State of Innocensye
74941: VORIS, JACQUELINE - Constance de Markievicz in the Cause of Ireland
56498: VOZNESENSKY, ANDREI - Chagall Discovered: From Russian and Private Collections
63609: VRIES, KELLY - Battles That Changed Warfare
71675: VROOM, VICTOR H. - Some Personality Determinants of the Effects of Participation
71484: VYGODSKY, M. - Mathematical Handbook Elementary Mathematics
72654: WACHTEL, ALBERT - Cracked Looking-Glass James Joyce and the Nightmare of History
68677: WACHTER, MICHAEL - Toward a New U.S. Industrial Policy?
63401: WACKERLIN, KARYL - Champaign Country Club a Century of Tradition 1904-2004
74173: WADA, YASAKU (ED. ) - Ultrasonic Spectroscopy and Its Applications to Materials Science
44958: WADE, JOHN STEVENS - Gallery
77383: WADE, ROBERT A. - Painting More Than the Eye Can See
65988: WADMAN, WILLIAM M. - Variable Quality in Consumer Theory Towards a Dynamic Microeconomic Theory of the Consumer
71776: WADSWORTH, HARRISON, M. - Handbook of Statistical Methods for Engineers and Scientists
68612: WAELBROECK, J. - Models of Project Link
73308: VAN DER WAERDEN, B. L. - Mathematical Statistics
60273: WAERDEN, B. L. VAN DER - Science Awakening
54160: WAGGONER, DIANA - The Hills of Faraway a Guide to Fantasy
75933: WAGNER JR. , F. HOL - 1974-75 Annual Burlington Northern
75934: WAGNER JR. , F. HOL - 1976-77 Annual Burlington Northern
71138: WAGNER, HARVEY M. - Statistical Management of Inventory Systems
76001: WAGNER, HARVEY M. - Principles of Operations Research with Applications to Managerial Decisions
52305: WAHSHIH, AHMAN - Ancient Alphabets and Hieroglyphic Characters Explained with an Account of the Egyptian Priests, Their Classes, Initiation, and Sacrifices
67128: WAISMANN, F. - Ludwig Wittgenstein Und Der Wiener Kreis
75581: WAITE, WARREN C. - The Consumer and the Economic Order
44541: WAKEFIELD, EDWARD J. - Adventure in New Zealand from 1839 to 1844; with Some Account of the Beginnings of the British Colonization of the Islands
54251: WAKEFIELD, HERBERT - Ghost Stories
56527: WAKEMAN, GEOFFREY - English Hand Made Papers Suitable for Bookwork
48711: WALCOTT, FRED G. - The Origins of Culture & Anarchy
71587: WALD, ABRAHAM - Selected Papers in Statistics and Probability
69236: WALDMAN, DIANE - Transformations in Sculpture Four Decades of Americana Nd European Art
69214: WALDMAN, DIANE - Transformations in Sculpture Four Decades of American and European Art
69237: WALDMAN, DIANE - Enzo Cucchi
45042: WALDSEEMULLER, MARTIN - The Oldest Map with the Name America of the Year 1507 and the Carta Marina of the Year 1516
72196: WALDSEEMULLER, MARTIN - Cosmographiae Introductio
51073: WALEY, ARTHUR - Yuan Mei, Eighteenth Century Chinese Poet
65793: WALKER, DONALD A. - Equilibrium Introduction to Equilibrium in Economics
63335: WALKER, SARA MACLEOD - The Highland Fling Cookbook the Delightful Cooking of Scotland
51503: WALKER, CHRISTOPHER ED. - Astronomy Before the Telescope
72382: WALKER, DANIEL PICKERING - Unclean Spirits Possession and Exorcism in France and England in the Late Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Centuries
67569: WALKER, HUGH D. - Market Power and Price Levels in the Ethical Drug Industry
64136: WALKER, FRANCIS A. - Discussions in Economics and Statistics
44455: WALKER, DALE L. - Jack London, Sherlock Holmes and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
44984: WALKER, FRANKLIN D. - Franklin D. Walker: A Checklist of His Writings
49196: WALKER, FRANK - John Paul Jones Maverick Hero
64750: WALKER, CHARLS EDWARD - The Consumption Tax a Better Alternative?
75970: WALL, ALEXANDER - Ratio Analysis of Financial Statements
73023: WALL, WENDY - Renaissance Drama 30 New Series XXX: Institutions of the Text
62747: WALLACE, CONLEY - The Norfolk and Western Handbook: Comprehensive Steam Era Book for Modelers and Fans
70446: WALLACE, J.P. - Econometrics Estimation of Product Attributes and Their Importances
70540: WALLACE, WILLIAM - Regional Integration the West European Experience
48747: WALLACE, KARL R. - Francis Bacon on the Nature of Man
74517: WALLER, MARTIN - Fusion Interiors the International Design of Andrew Martin
72924: WALLER, COY W. AND OTHERS - Marihuana an Annotated Bibliography
51163: WALLIS, LAWRENCE - Fletcher, Beaumont and Company
72770: WALLS, THEODORE A. - Models for Intensive Longitudinal Data
50158: WALLS, IAN G. - Complete Book of the Greenhouse
45119: WALPOLE, HORACE - A Typophiliac Exegesis or an Haecceitic Olla Podria
64143: WALRAS, LEON - Correspondence of Léon Walras and Related Papers
67681: WALSH, VIVIAN - Rationality, Allocation, and Reproduction
67520: WALSH, VIVIEN - Technology and the Market Demand, Users and Innovation
75619: WALSH, CORREA MOYLAN - The Measurement or General Exchange-Value
74577: WALSH, VICTORIA - Nigel Henderson Parallel of Life and Art
57951: WALSH, JOHN - Jan Steen the Drawing Lesson
51236: WALSH, T. J. - Second Empire Opera
77196: WALTER, JOHN - The Kaiser's Pirates German Surface Raiders in World War One
71153: WALTER, JAMES E. - The Investment Process As Characterized by Leading Life Insurance Companies
70464: WALTER, JAMES E. - Dividend Policy and Enterprise Valuation
74523: WALTERS, ANNA - The Spirit of Native America Beauty and Mysticism in American Indian Art
75032: WALTERS, WILLIAM D. - The Heart of the Cornbelt an Illustrated History of Corn Farming in Mclean County
65573: WALTERS, A. A. - The Economics and Politics of Money the Selected Essays of Alan Walters
76076: WALTHERS, BILL - 1976 Decal Catalog and Railroad Lettering Manual
76077: WALTHERS, BILL - 1977 Decal Catalog and Railroad Lettering Manual
71306: WALTON, CLARENCE ED. - The Business System
48481: WALTON, J. MICHAEL - Found in Translation: Greek Drama in English
71806: WALTON, CLARENCE - Ethos and the Executive
53345: WALWORTH, ARTHUR - Woodrow Wilson: American Prophet and World Prophet
69461: WALZER, MICHAEL - Just and Unjust Wars Incorporating the Lessons of Operation Desert Storm
55807: WANGERMEE, ROBERT - Flemish Music
76682: WARBURTON, CLARK - The Secular Trend in Monetary Velocity
76683: WARBURTON, CLARK - The Theory of Turning Points in Business Fluctuations
72921: WARD, EDMUND - The Challengers a Series of Plays for Yorkshire Television;
55919: WARD, ROGER - The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art: A Handbook of the Collection
60016: WARD, A. W. - Cambridge Modern History the Age of Louis XIV
51837: WARD-THOMAS, PAT - The Lay of the Land: A Collection of the Golf Writings of Pat Ward-Thomas
77450: WARD, ALAN - American Designed Landscapes a Photographic Interpretation
60015: WARD, A. W. - Cambridge Modern History the Reformation
74074: WARD, MARTHA - Looking and Listening in Nineteenth-Century France
50168: WARNER, CHRISTOPHER - Climbing Roses.
60912: WARNER, PHILIP - British Cavalry
72238: WARNER, PHILIP - Dervish; the Rise and Fall of an African Empire
68306: WARNER, AARON W. - Commitment to Full Employment the Economics and Social Policy of William S. Vickrey
58623: WARNOCK, G. J - Berkeley
76414: WARREN, LYNNE, ED. - Gladys Nilsson: Greatest Hits from Chicago Selected Works 1967-1984
74437: WARREN, ROBERT PENN - All the King's Men
60414: WARREN, ROBERT PENN - Selected Poems, 1923-1975
53974: WARREN, ROBERT PENN - Selected Poems 1923-1975
74628: WARREN, LYNNE - Jim Nutt Coming Into Character
76061: WARREN, PHELPS - Irish Glass the Age of Exuberance
66120: WARSH, DAVID - Knowledge and the Wealth of Nations a Story of Economic Discovery
71830: WARSH, DAVID - Economic Principals Masters and Mavericks of Modern Economics
74275: WARSHAW, JOSIE - The Complete Practical Potter a Comprehesive Guide to Ceramics, with Step-by-Step Projects
63162: WASHINGTON, BOOKER T. - Up from Slavery
53683: WATERS, D. DOUGLAS - Duessa As Theological Satire
77441: WATERS, ALICE L. - Chez Panisse Café Cookbook
76482: WATERS, T. A. - 'New Thoughts for Old' T.A. Waters on Mentalism
76544: WATERS, T. A. - Cardiact
76545: WATERS, T. A. - Psychl
77478: WATERS, ALICE - 40 Years of Chez Panisse the Power of Gathering
70899: WATERSON, MICHAEL, ED. - Competition, Monopoly and Corporate Governance Essays in Honour of Keith Cowling
75892: WATERSON, MICHAEL - Economic Theory of the Industry
65894: WATSON, ROBERT - Governance and Ownership
53617: WATSON, HENRY ED. - Valentine and Orson
52119: WATSON, ANDREW G. - The Manuscripts of Henry Savile of Banke
51662: WATSON, ALAN - Legal Origins and Legal Change
63074: WATSON, J. N. P. - Collecting Sporting Art
48275: WATSON, THOMAS - Amyntas & the Lamentations of Amyntas
72700: WATT, STEPHEN - Joyce, o'Casey, and the Irish Popular Theater
68486: WATTS, NITA G. M. - Economic Relations between East and West Proceedings of a Conference Held by the International Economic Association at Dresden, Gdr
76696: WAUGH, FREDERICK V - Choice of Dependent Variable in Regression Anlysis
76688: WAUGH, FREDERICK V - What Sort of Price Policy Is Practical in the U.S. A. ?
76695: WAUGH, FREDERICK V - Inversion of the Leontief Matrix by Power Series
76693: WAUGH, FREDERICK V - A Simplified Method of Determining Multiples Regression Constants
76694: WAUGH, FREDERICK V - On Probability in Bridge
76954: PAUL S DYER AND FREDERICK V WAUGH - On Errors in Matrix Inversion
76955: WAUGH, FREDERICK V - A Note Concerneing Hotelling's Method of Inverting a Partioned Matrix
76953: WAUGH, FREDERICK V - Compact Computation of the Inverse of a Matrix
76690: WAUGH, FREDERICK V - Discussion: Reducing Price Variability Confronting Primary Producers
76691: WAUGH, FREDERICK V - The Computation of Partial Correlation Coefficients
76692: WAUGH, FREDERICK V - The Analysis of Regression in Subsets of Variables
76689: WAUGH, FREDERICK V - Excise Taxes and Economic Stability
48406: WAY, ALBERTUS - Promptorium Parvulorum Sive Clericorum, Lexicon Anglo-Latinum Princeps
49030: WAYMAN, JOHN HUDSON - A Doctor on the California Trail the Diary of Dr. John Hudson Wayman from Cambridge City, Indiana, to the Gold Fields in 1852
57257: WEATHERLY, EDWARD H. , ED - Speculum Edited from Museum Ms. Additional 36791
75386: WEBB, VIRGINIA LEE - Perfect Documents Walker Evans and African
70568: WEBBER, MICHAEL - Impact of Uncertainty on Location
76352: WEBER, FRIDOLIN - Pulsars As Astrophysical Laboratories for Nuclear and Particle Physics
75553: WEBER, HEINRICH - Gesammelte Mathematische Werke
45330: WEBER, REV. FRANCIS - The Rare Book: Some Objective Criteria
44604: WEBER, JEFF - Pow's Books
63212: WEBER, WILHELM - A History of Lithography
45405: WEBER, REV. FRANCIS - A Bibliophilic Odyssey: The Story of the Bibliotheca Montereyensis-Angelorum Dioeceseos
69013: WEBER, MAX - Max Weber the Interpretation of Social Reality;
77346: WEBER, CARL - A Thousand and One Fore-Edge Paintings
56338: WEBER, FRANCIS - Following Bernhardt Wall 1872-1956
57384: WEBSTER, ARTHUR GORDON (EDITED BY SAMUEL J. PLIMPTON) - Partial Differential Equations of Mathematical Physics Second Corrected Edition
64752: WEEKS, JOHN F. - Debt Disaster? Banks, Government and Multilaterals Confront the Crisis
77009: WEEKS, EDWARD - The Moisie Salmon Club
74346: WEGMAN, WILLIAM - William Wegman Puppies
74067: WEGMAN, WILLIAM - Cinderella
74066: WEGMAN, WILLIAM - Little Red Riding Hood Retold and Illustrated with Color Photographs by William Wegman
73819: WEGNER, ILSE AND MIRJO SALVINI - I. Abteilung Die Texte Aus Bogazkoy Band 4. Die Hethitisch-Hurritischen Ritualafeln Des (H) Isuwa-Festes
64605: WEIDENBAUM, MURRAY L. - Public Policy Toward Corporate Takeovers
70652: WEIDENBAUM, MURRAY L. - The Modern Public Sector New Ways of Doing the Government's Business
67829: WEIERMAIR, KLAUS & MARK PERLMAN - Studies in Economic Rationality X-Efficiency Examined and Extolled
44318: WEIL, JAMES L. - Portrait of the Artist Painting Her Son
44836: WEIL, JAMES L. - Jacques's Geometry
63188: WEIL, LISL - Santa Claus Around the World
71943: WEINBERGER, BERNHARD - Introduction to the History of Dentistry
51886: WEINER, ALBERT B. - Philippe de Meziere's Description of the Festum Praesentationis Beatae Mariae a Fourteenth Century Prompt Book... Translated from the Latin and Introduced by an Essay on the Birth of Modern Acting
71676: WEINGARTNER, H. MARTIN - Mathematical Programming and the Analysis of Capital Budgeting Problems
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60191: WOOSTER, JAMES W. - Bankers' Handbook of Bond Investment
72694: WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM - William Wordsworth
52366: WORDSWORTH, JONATHAN - William Wordsworth and the Age of English Romanticism
76611: WORKING, HOLBROOK - Factors Determining the Price of Potatoes in St. Paul and Minneapolis
76612: WORKING, HOLBROOK - Factors Affecting the Price of Minnesota Potatoes
76661: WORMALD, JENNY - Scotland a History
61935: WORMSER, RICHARD - Hoboes Wandering in America, 1870-1940
67098: WORSWICK, DAVID - Keynes and the Modern World
71047: WORSWICK, GEORGE DAVID NORMAN - Uses of Economics
48493: WORTHAM, JOHN DAVID - The Genesis of British Egyptology 1549-1906
71376: WOYTINSKY, W. S. - Three Aspects of Labor Dynamics
71191: WOYTINSKY, WLADIMIR - Market Prices Theory of Consumption, Market and Market Prices
51373: WRIGHT, BETH S. - The Cambridge Companion to Delacroix
55899: WRIGHT, JEAN POPESCUL - The Marine Art of J. Franklin Wright
60377: WRIGHT, SCOTT - Odd Weather Poems
74076: WRIGHT, BERYL J. - Lorna Simpson for the Sake of the Viewer
53675: WRIGHT, HERBERT ED. - Early English Versions of the Tales of Guiscardo and Ghismonda, and Titus and Gisippus from the Decameron
75278: WRIGHT, GEORG HENRIK VON - Varieties of Goodness
70433: WRIGHT, DAVID MCCORD - The Creation of Purchasing Power a Study in the Problem of Economic Stabilization
33198: WRIGHT, PETER - The Mural Project: Photography by Ansel Adams
70426: WRIGHT, CARROLL D. - The Industrial Evolution of the United States
75277: WRIGHT, GEORG HENRIK VON - Norm and Action
57893: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD - Desert Life Desert Foliage at Taliesin West
48405: WRIGHT, THOMAS ED. - Churchwardens' Accounts of the Town of Ludlow, in Shropshire
44481: WRIGHT, RALPH - Man of God. Three Poems
75276: WRIGHT, GEORG HENRIK VON - Logical Studies
72253: WRIGHT, THOMAS - The Life of Sir Richard Burton
60871: WRIGHT, O. D. & E. L. D. WHITE - London to Calcutta, 1938
44783: WROTH, LAWRENCE C. - A Contemplation Upon the Mystery of Man's Regeneration, an Allusion to the Mystery of Printing
67960: WU, SHIH-YEN - Production, Entrepreneurship, and Profits
64843: WU, SHIH-YEN - Production, Entrepreneurship, and Profits
65967: WUBBEN, EMIEL F. M. - The Dynamics of the Eco-Efficient Economy Environmental Regulation and Competitive Advantage
53640: WULFING, J. ERNIST - The Laud Troy Book
62556: WULLENWEBER, ERNST W - Greenberg's American Flyer Numerical Parts List
44094: WULLING, EMERSON G. - A Comp's-Eye View of Wilder Bentley and the Archetype Press
44755: WULLING, EMERSON G. - A Comp's-Eye View of Spelling
45370: WULLING, EMERSON G. - A Comp's-Eye View on... Punctuation
44957: WULLING, EMERSON G. - Too Big to Bundle. Five Apa Book Printers
44637: WULLING, EMERSON G. - Emerson G. Wulling 75 Years a Printer
44842: WULLING, EMERSON G. - A Comp's-Eye View of Paper
44843: WULLING, EMERSON G. - A Comp's-Eye View of Footnotes
66782: WYDICK, BRUCE - Games in Economic Development
70115: WYLIE, ELINOR - Angels and Earthly Creatures
70650: WYNN, R. F. - An Introduction to Applied Econometric Analysis
48302: WYNNE, LEWIS N. - This War So Horrible the CIVIL War Diary of Hiram Smith Williams
73831: GAO XINGJIAN - Gao Xingjian
76919: DAVID CASS AND MENAHEM E. YAARI - A Re-Examination of the Pure Consumption Loans Model
76923: YAARI, MENAHEM - Uncertain Lifetime, Life Insurance, and the Theory of the Consumer
76925: YAARI, MENAHEM - Convexity in the Theory of Choice Under Risk
76926: YAARI, MENAHEM - On the Consumer's Lifetime Allocation Process
48060: YACOVONE, DONALD ED. - A Voice of Thunder
76126: YAFFE, ANN G - Prints of Euge`Ne Delacroix
70252: YALE, PAUL B. - Geomtery and Symmetry
45214: YALE, RICHARD B. - A California "Chunk"
61686: YAMAMOTO, KENZO - Invitation to Kyoto Gardens
77032: YANAGI, SOETSU - Mingei Masterpieces of Japanese Folkcraft
77173: DAVID R. ; YANOSEY - Prr Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment
59784: YARWOOD, DOREEN - Robert Adam
71280: YATES, FRANK - Sampling Methods for Censuses and Surveys
58888: YAZAWA, PROFESSOR MELVIN - From Colonies to Commonwealth Familial Ideology and the Beginnings of the American Republic
62785: YEAKEL, NEVIN S. - Bethlehem Steel Railroading
59809: YEATS, W. B.; PHILLIPS, CATHERINE - The Hour-Glass Manuscript Materials
59805: YEATS, W. B.; CLARK, DAVID R. - Parnell's Funeral and Other Poems from "a Full Moon in March" Manuscript Materials
59798: YEATS, W. B.; HOLDSWORTH, CAROLYN - The Wind Among the Reeds Manuscript Materials
59810: YEATS, W. B.; ROHAN, VIRGINIA BARTHOLOME - Deirdre Manuscript Materials
72591: YEATS, JACK B. AND ROBIN SKELTON - The Collected Plays of Jack B. Yeats
74590: YELLE, RICHARD WILFRED - Glass Art from Urbanglass
50044: YEO, PETER F. - Hardy Geraniums
50353: YEO, PETER F. - Hardy Geraniums
66657: YEUNG, HENRY WAI-CHUNG - Globalization of Chinese Business Firms
72870: YIP, GEORGE S. - Barriers to Entry a Corporate-Strategy Perspective
75986: YOHE, RALPH - Turkish Rugs
60301: YONGE, ARCADIUS - Fantasma a Fairy Tale in Five Parts
76314: YORBURG, BETTY - Utopia and Reality a Collective Portrait of American Socialists
76376: CHRISTIE'S NEW YORK - An Important Collection of Art Deco May 26, 1983
51469: YORKE, MALCOLM - Eric Gill Man of Flesh and Spirit
68035: YOSHIKAWA, HIROSHI - Macroeconomics and the Japanese Economy
77562: YOSHIKAWA, KOJIRO - An Introduction to Sung Poetry
56287: YOSHINAGA, YOSHINOBU - Japanese Traditional Gardens
76915: YOTOPOULOS, PAN - Economic Analysis and Economic Policy
73919: YOUMANS, CHARLES L. - What's in a Name
65601: YOUNG, WARREN - Harrod and His Trade Cycle Group
61101: YOUNG, KARL - The Drama of the Medieval Church
60200: YOUNG, BENJAMIN E. - Bank Cost Control
57829: YOUNG, WILLIAM S. - Short Line Odyssey Small Railroads in the Northeast from the 40's to the 70's
77236: YOUNG, ANTHONY - Camaro
50811: YOUNG, ALAN - Australian Wines & Wineries
70397: YOUNG, DAVID M. - A Survey of Numerical Mathematics
72777: YOUNG, MICHAEL K. - Metronomic Society Natural Rhythms and Human Timetables
70271: YOUNG, JOHN WESLEY - Projective Geometry
44462: YOUNG, C. J. - The Stars and Spiders Who Spin Webs in Them
70588: YOUNG, PETER - Recursive Estimation and Time-Series Analysis an Introduction
59144: YOUNG, JAMES HENRY - The Medical Messiahs: A Social History of Health Quackery in Twentieth Century America
55905: YOUNG, MAHONRI SHARP - American Realists, Homer to Hopper
67370: YOUNG, STEPHEN - Multinationals and Public Policy
50774: YOUNGE, CHARLOTTE - The Lances of Lynwood
68483: YTHIER, JEAN MERCER - The Economics of Reciprocity, Giving and Altruism
64471: YULE, ANDREW - Fast Fade David Puttnam, Columbia Pictures, and the Battle for Hollywood
55608: YUN, QIAO - Classical Chinese Gardens
66669: YUNKER, JAMES A. - Common Progress the Case for a World Economic Equalization Program
50109: ZABAR, ABBIE - Potted Herb
68648: ZACKRISSON, UNO - The Diffusion of Innovations of Time a Model Study
64455: ZADEH, LOTFI - Fuzzy Logic for the Management of Uncertainty
69705: ZAHAR, ELIE - Einstein's Revolution a Study in Heuristic
71868: ZAIRI, MOHAMED - Measuring Performance for Business Results
75576: ZALD, MAYER N. - Power in Organizations
51352: ZALUSKI, IWO - Young Liszt
67371: ZAMAGNI, STEFANO - Time in Economic Theory
61655: NEGRETTI & ZAMBRA - Standard Meteorological Instruments: Scientific Instrument Makers to the British & Foreign Goverments
77223: ZANINI, WALTER - Historia Geral Da Arte No Brasil
75114: ZANTEN, DAVID VAN - Louis Sullivan the Function of Ornament
71595: ZARNOWITZ, VICTOR - Economic Research: Retrospect and Prospect
71745: ZECKHAUSER, RICHARD (ED) - Strategy and Choice
73174: ZEEVELD, W. GORDON - Foundation of Tudor Policy
68284: ZEIGLER, BERNARD P. - Theory of Modelling and Simulation
63561: ZELDIN, THEODORE - France 1848-1945
75163: ZELLEKE, GHENETE - Against the Grain Bentwood Furniture from the Collection of Fern and Manfred Steinfeld
66770: ZELLNER, ARNOLD - Simplicity, Inference and Modelling Keeping It Sophisticatedly Simple
75139: ZERBST, RAINER - Antoni Gaudi
77193: ZETTERLLING, NIKLAS - Bismarck the Final Days of Germany's Greatest Battleship
72289: ZEUCH, LUCIUS H. - History of Medical Practice in Illinois
70862: ZEUNER, GUSTAV - Dissertation in Mathematical Statistics
70287: ZEUTHEN, F. - Economic Theory and Method
71787: ZEUTHEN, FREDERIK - Festskrift Til Frederik Zeuthen
66678: ZHANG, XIAO-GUANG - China's Trade Patterns and International Comparative Advantage
77506: ZHANG-FU, CHNAG - A Concise Illustrated Atlas of Chinese Materia Medica
73175: ZHDANOV, V. M. - Virology Reviews
74229: ZIBAWI, MAHMOUD - The Icon Its Meaning and History
73405: ZIEGLER, PHILIP - Black Death
56620: ZIEL, RON - Steam in the Sixties
66119: ZIEMBA, WILLIAM T. - Worldwide Asset and Liability Modeling
51405: ZIGROSSER, CARL - Multum in Pravo
50914: ZIGROSSER, CARL - Multum in Parvo, an Essay in Poetic Imagination
74163: ZIMAN, J. M. - Principles of the Theory of Solids
64331: ZIMAN, JOHN M. - Knowing Everything About Nothing Specialization and Change in Research Careers
74402: ZIMMER, CARL - Evolution the Triumph of an Idea
76215: ZIMMERMAN, L. J. - The Property to Monopolize
65831: ZIMMERMANN, KLAUS F. - The Economics of Migration
55085: ZOLA, EMILE - Nana
72032: ZOLONDEK, LEON - Di'Bil B. 'Ali the Life & Writings of an Early Abbasid Poet
67735: ZOLOTAS, XENOPHON - Monetary Equilibrium and Economic Development
57457: ZUCKERMAN, SOLLY,BARON - Social Life of Monkeys and Apes
48565: ZUG, JAMES - American Traveler: The Life and Adventures of John Ledyard, the Man Who Dreamed of Walking the World
44713: ZURCHER, SUZETTE - A Literary Evening: A Victorian Memento
68236: ZWASS, ADAM - Market, Plan, and State the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Two World Economic Systems
64024: ZWERIN, MICHAEL - Close Enough for Jazz
71377: ZWIKKER, C. - Advanced Plane Geometry

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